H istorical C anton - Canton Township

H istorical C anton - Canton Township

Canton Leisure Services presents Located at 500 N. Ridge Road, this large home was originally owned by Darius Blackman. The house might have been giv...

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Canton Leisure Services presents

Located at 500 N. Ridge Road, this large home was originally owned by Darius Blackman. The house might have been given as a gift to his daughter Maria, when she married Thomas Bartlett. In 1867, George Bartlett bought the property from his parents, and in 1908 William and Martha Travis purchased the farm from the Bartlett family. Their daughter Ella Rowe inherited the house and adjoining property around 1924, which she owned until approximately 1954. By 1959, Thomas Myers owned the house. In 1961 Mrs. Thomas Myers operated an antique shop in the home. It was then bought by John Darakijan in 1975, and in 1988 Kev Dividock, a local realtor, donated the house to Canton Township

Ford Factory

The home was moved to its present site in 1989, where it was placed on a new foundation. A new roof and chimneys were added. Rex Harvey, a local carpenter who specializes in the restoration of historic homes, was hired to restore the house. Restoration began in 1994 and was completed in the fall of 2002.

The twenty-five feet by sixty-two feet concrete block building, began life as a creamery as was renovated by Henry Ford to be used as a residence for World War II Veterans after the war. The creamery was located on S. Ridge Road near Cherry Hill Road on land originally purchased by Hugh R. Clyde in 1828. From 1900 until 1943, when Henry Ford purchased the property, the creamery supplied area residents. The wood creamery was moved south and rebuilt by Ford into a dormitory. Known as the “Residence Hall,” it housed about twenty men. Henry Ford was known to stop by with his grandsons or upper level company administrators for a visit. Many of the veterans who resided there were from Fort Custer in Battle Creek.

Historical Canton

Bartlett-Travis House

Canton Mission Statement Our mission is to provide responsive and efficient service to the Canton Community. In delivering this service, we shall be: proactive in our approach creative in our thinking innovative in our solutions fair and honest in our actions committed to a quality work environment Thus fostering pride, partnership, and a high quality of life for our community.

Many Sites are Located throughout Canton with Several at 500 N. Ridge Road Canton, MI 48188 http://leisure.canton-mi.org/bthouse

Cherry Hill was originally known as “The Ridge” because it developed at a curve in a ridge or a natural elevation of land that ran diagonally from Plymouth towards Ypsilanti. This ridge was the shoreline of an ancient lake, and its elevation made it an excellent location for a trail because it remained passable even in the rainy season. Eventually “Cherry Hill” became the name for the intersection of Ridge and Cherry Hill Roads.

Clyde Thomas House This house, located at 50325 Cherry Hill Road, was supposedly built in 1845 by Thomas Clyde, son of Canton pioneers Eliza Huston and Hugh R. Clyde, a grandson of Canton pioneers William and Mary Huston. In 1858 it was owned by John Huston II, a farmer, who was active in township government. This large family was influential in the political, architectual, and agricultural development of the township. Built in the upright and doublewing form of the Greek revival style, this house is significant architecturally, as well as an excellent preserved example of the this popular form and style.

Cherry Hill United Methodist Church This church, located at 321 S. Ridge Road, is a Gothic Revival, red brick structure with a front gabled,shingled, steeply pitched roof with a wood addition extending to the north from behind the church. A spire-tipped belfry with four gabled faces tops the front of the roof. The side elevations of the church have raised brickwork piers that divided the wall into four sections, each containing a pointed arch window supporting a raised brick frieze. A rubble stone foundation is visible below the brickwork, and evergreens, and low shrubs are planted along the foundation on the side and front elevations. There is a brick chimney at the rear of the roof.

Cherry Hill School When the Cherry Hill School was built in 1876 at 50440 Cherry Hill Road, it was a rectangular gable-ended structure. The brick schoolhouse was adorned in the Italianate style with ornate brackets under the eaves, a wooden cupola with keystone windows, and hooded, multi-paned, arched windows on each elevation. A divided semi-circle of glass and a hood with keystone topped the arched, double, wooden front door. Between the door surround and the gable peak is a semi-circular indented plaque with the inscription, “F.S.D. #1 C & S 1876”. The east and west elevations of the school display raised brickwork piers that divide the wall into three sections, each containing an arched window. A brick chimney is located on the rear. These features still exist.

Cherry Hill Inn Shortly after the Civil War, Abner Hitchcock, a veteran hotelier from New York State, built this grand hotel complex at the corner of Ridge and Cherry Hill Roads at 50545 Cherry Hill Road. Hitchcock strongly believed that the planned Chicago Turnpike, linking Chicago to Detroit, would run along Cherry Hill Road. When the turnpike was finally constructed along the old Saulk Trail, instead of Cherry Hill Road, “Hitchcock’s Folly” floundered, and Hitchcock went broke.

Cady Boyer Barn

Originally built before the Civil War, this barn was enlarged in 1908 by Aruna Cady, son of one of Canton’s first pioneering families. This barn has been moved from its original location at McClumpha and Joy Roads to its present site at 500 N. Ridge Road in 2006 thanks for a generous donation from Bob Boyer, a local businessman. Amish craftsmen were hired to dismantle the barn and rebuild it utilizing old craftsmanship and skills.

William & Jennie Oliver Hauk House Located at 50530 Cherry Hill Road, the Hauk House was the site of one of Canton’s largest commercial farms. This property serves to remind us of what was, until recently, the most common use of land and property in Canton Township. Although the barn is gone and the outbuildings have deteriorated, the remaining property is rural in aspect. The surrounding land is still in production giving the look of years past. Now, the Hauk House is The Village Dentist.

Cherry Hill Cemetery This property occupied by the cemetery, located on Ridge Road at Cherry Hill Road, is 3.07 acres of picturesque land that slopes gently downward to the east. The overall shape of the cemetery is trapezoidal, running north-northeast to south-southwest. The headstones are arranged in a linear pattern (north-south) approximately parallel to Ridge Road; the inscriptions face both east and west. The cemetery is organized into six sections indicated by small markers. Modern chain-link fencing encloses the cemetery, with four chain-link gates along Ridge Road, and two on the church parking lot (south) side. A grass-covered access “road” loops through the cemetery with entry through three of the gates on Ridge Road.

Canton Historical Society Museum Located on the corner of Canton Center Drive and Heritage Park Drive, this one room school house was built in 1884 and is still standing in its original location. Formerly known as the Canton Center School, it started out in 1840 as a log cabin school house, but burned down in 1883 and was rebuilt with bricks in 1884.