harpsliders michel lelong fred cruveiller blues band blues - bluesfr

harpsliders michel lelong fred cruveiller blues band blues - bluesfr

GLADYS AMOROS & MICHEL FOIZON Gladys AMOROS is an outstanding vocalist, made at the school of true Gospel and Blues, she sang alongside famous black ...

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Gladys AMOROS is an outstanding vocalist, made at the school of true Gospel and Blues, she sang alongside famous black artists. Her rare voice features depth, vibrato, articulation & control, worthy of her great idols. She is definitely an amazing artist, and with no complacency I want to express my admiration for her performances. Her partner, Michel FOIZON, is a great guitar player with huge technical skills and inspiration. Each chorus is perfectly cut, with lyricism and emotion. [email protected] +33 622 864 173 +33 558 792 017 www.gladys.jimdo.com Scott Production +33 603 361 231



Franco-American artist Jacques Moury Beauchamp met the Blues more than half a century ago. Today, whether he creates highly evocative photographic images or shares his music with an audience, he continues to rely heavily on the Blues as his primary source of inspiration. His “Bluescapes” photo series is in the permanent collection of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale (Mississippi). In France, he plays and sings his compositions, Classic Blues and other American Roots Music in solo and duo concerts (with violinist Jörg Petersmann) and in the richly entertaining and informative "concerferences" that he gives on the origins of the music from the Mississippi Delta.

Fred Cruveiller Blues Band are a combo which was formed in Toulouse in the tradition of the “Power Trios” and draw their originality by way of their unique interpretation of a century of Blues. From the Delta or the Bayou to the clubs of London, from sacred to pagan, from the 30s to today’s Blues these pilgrims of the blues have only one goal: To make you dance to this shared musical heritage, revisited, modernized but always with respect for the blues tradition. The Band consist of Fred Cruveiller on guitar and vocals, Eric Petznick on drums and Eric Leglise on bass. This group have also played as a backing band to some American artists playing in France, such as Troy Nahumko, Sheba The Mississippi Queen and Little Mike. They are just back from Portugal where they have been recording their first album. The trio have just created a repertoire of original compositions; this marks a new era for the group. A voyage to the heart of the blues inspired by Robert Johnson, Big Bill Bronzy, Dave Edmunds, BB King, Albert Collins, Keb’ Mo...

[email protected] www.jacques-moury-beauchamp.com

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HARPSLIDERS On the road of the Blues for 12 years, with 4 albums and more than 100 titles, the HarpSliders have been spreading their rustic blues in bars, pubs, concert halls, festivals, plus running blues workshops for young and old alike. The duo still favor obscure old blues songs that they rearrange in their own style, but now they compose a large part of their own songs. Manu Slide sings in English, French, Ch’ti (slang of Northern France), Russian… while playing guitars, dobro, the ukulele, the harmonica and the kazoo… Papy Washboard accompanies him on percussions, primitive drums, washtub bass, cigarbox guitars and the washboard. This duo, with their multitude of instruments, invite you to share their rustic blues, a blues of today, with current problems, but respectful of the old-time blues. [email protected] +33 328 484 950 bluesbox.association.free.fr www.facebook.com/HarpSliders

MICHEL LELONG Acoustic Blues & Rag (finger-picking) Influenced from his first age by Big Bill Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb, Brownie Mc Ghee, Fred Mc Dowell, John Jackson… just to name a few, Michel Lelong has been playing solo or duo and teaching acoustic blues and finger-picking since 1981 in France, England (European Blues Association), Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia (Dobrofest), the Czech Republic, sharing the stage with many US and UK Country Blues specialists such as Philadelphia Jerry Ricks (US), Bob Brozman (US), Rag Mama Rag (GB), Louisiana Red (US), Bob Hall (GB), Michael Roach (US), Sam Mitchell (GB), John Jackson (US), John Cephas (US) and Phil Wiggins (US). Phil invited Michel Lelong to the Augusta Blues Week in Elkins (WV, USA) in 2011. [email protected] www.michel-lelong.com www.myspace.com/lelongmichel www.youtube/user/lelong6strings

Their music is a cocktail of Blues, Jazz and Fusion music, entertaining and effective at the same time, mixing grooves and melodies. Blues & Beyond Quartet members are Sébastien Charlier (harmonica), Yannick Robert (guitar), Dominique Di Piazza (bass) and Yoann Schmidt (drums). Formed three years ago, Blues & Beyond Quartet recorded their first album in 2011, "La Danse du Chat" (Cat’s Dance), and a second one in 2013, "Échec et Malt" (an untranslatable play on words saying something like Checkma-l-te) recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios in England. They have already toured twice in Russia and played many shows throughout Europe. “Four very gifted musicians using the traditional blues’ codes to bring their own music somewhere else thanks to their writing quality, overall sound and individual skills... The Blues modulations and inflexions are where they should be, permanently sublimated by the band’s unbelievable musicality.” (Jake Kot - Bass Musician Magazine). [email protected] +33 609 637 353 +33 610 786 056


[email protected] +33 622 528 024 www.olrbluesband.fr facebook.com/olrbluesband



Formed in 1995 and sponsored by Chris LANCRY, the acoustic Blues group BACK TO THE ROOTS was quickly spotted with the help of socializing with many international artists such as Hans HOLSON, Peter GREEN and John HAMMOND. The release of their first album "16 BLUES" opened the door to many festivals including that of Cahors in 2000 and 2002. The same year they ended up winning the "Acoustic Prize” of the Blues sur Seine contest - national recognition! Their reputation as warm-up artists led to the recording in 2008 and 2009 of two consecutive live albums "ON THE ROAD", followed by "ON THE ROAD II - Live at the Croque- Notes"! It was not until the end of 2013 that their new studio album "THE MAN BEHIND THE GUITAR" was released including their 1st compositions of very old Blues with arrangements of which they hold the secret. Alain AUGUSTYNIAK (vocals, washboard), Dominique GREBERT (dobro and guitar) and Serge DOUAY (guitar, mandolin, vocals), joined recently by Stéphane BIHAN (bass, saxophone, harmonica) deliver a show that’s intimate but at the same time festive! [email protected] +33 321 298 817 +33 670 455 400 www.backtotherootsblues.com www.facebook.com/alain.augustyniak


"Old Lightnin’ Richard": Old Richard was struck by lightning some night at an intersection in French Vexin. Haunted by Robert Johnson’s spirit, he decided to become one of Robert’s musical heritage messengers. Later joined by a group of young "troublemakers" on the run, he founded the OLR Blues Band, revisiting in their own electrical way the blues standards from the 30s to date. The OLR Blues Band brings you down to the very south of the US, at the crossroads, where it all started, where devils & future legends do actually meet, where thunder does actually strike, where Muddy Waters’ electrical groove was induced, in the backyards of Hopkins, Broonzy and many other fellows.

Djamano are a young eclectic duo who return in the footsteps of music featuring original arrangements, ranging from classic tunes or jazz to compositions borrowing influences from Central Europe and the Mediterranean as well as from the standards of popular song . Both «gadjé» go to meet the soul of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli and seek the roots of his "French style", which was able to synthesize all forms of popular music in the best sense of the term. [email protected] +33 614 929 135 www.djamano.fr

[email protected] +33 686 807 280 Blue Box Prod +33 675 912 463 www.blues-eaters.com

BROTHER D BLUES BAND If you like jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, shuffle rhythm and Dave Bartholomew’s music, you’ll enjoy dancing to the sound of the “jump”, music that was born from the mingling of blues and big band swing music during the 30s. This style, played by African American musicians, preceded rock ’n’ roll and soul music. The repertoire of the Brother D. Blue Band borrows a lot from the blues and jump bands of the 40s and 50s, including such titles as “T-Bone Jumps Again” or “You’d be Frantic Too” by Hot Lips Page. The band swings and the musicians play remarkable solos, particularly guitarist Pierre Durand. They can be found playing with lots of passion practically every month at the “Caveau de la Huchette” in Paris and at various festivals, providing great pleasure for the dancers. Brother D. (trumpet, vocals); Jean-Pierre Miorin (tenor sax); Hugues Dieuzeide (alto and barytone sax); Pierre Durand (guitar); Frank Weisz (piano); Enzo Mucci (bass); François Réau (drums). [email protected] +33 146 702 401 +33 619 140 733

COLFAX Since the beginning of 2009, COLFAX have, during numerous rehearsals, developed a repertoire covering all the aspects of the Blues, from R. Johnson to A. Collins, from the Delta to Chicago, not forgetting the giants such as R. Charles, BB. King or E. Clapton. COLFAX take every opportunity to play in the clubs or festivals whose organizers are brave enough to feature blues and thus together contribute to its immortality. Festival “la vache qui blues”- 2nd Leon’s Blues festival- Saint Sebastien “Night of Blues” – Summer Festival of Moutiers en Retz, etc. [email protected] +33 650 778 431 www.myspace.com/groupecolfax http://reverbnation.com/colfaxblues

This combo created in July 2008 consists of five hardened musicians. Along the blues trail, they have co-headlined with Bill PERRY, Tommy CASTRO, Loonie BROOKS, Junior WATSON, John PRIMER, MAGIC SLIM, Sean COSTELLO, Johnny WINTER, and many others… Award winners of the Cognac Blues Passion Prize at the Blues sur Seine 2010 Festival, they have built up an outstanding reputation attending many festivals (Cognac, Cahors, Festi’ Jump d’Aurillac, Bay Car Blues, Beautiful Swamp Blues, Nuit du Blues d’Abbeville, Suwalski Blues Festival (Poland), etc.). Norman ROSAIA (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Thomas HIRSCH (guitar), Thomas FAYE (double bass, bass), Sébastien COURTI (drums) and Patrick PARAIN, (baritone and tenor sax), they are taking you on a journey into the forties and fifties from the West Coast to Chicago. Heavily influenced by T-Bone Walker, Eddie Jones, Bobby Blue Bland, Hollywood Fats, Muddy Waters and the CHESS artists, this quintet will make you discover or rediscover the music on which everyone has been shaking their hips for decades.


LES BLOUZAYEURS Accordion and guitar, "Blues de là !", Les Blouzayeurs definitely do awaken the blues made in France, in the wake of Benoît Blue Boy and Bill Deraime … "en voiture Simone !". Dipped into a jar of Louisiana Zydeco, Pascal Rosiak shows us that the accordion is perfectly at ease in muddy waters, for the ZU compositions actually do make you want to hop all over the place. With that particular "zuwing" of their special french blues (the language of Bashung or Fauque or Bergman...), Les Blouzayeurs have that little something that makes crowds happy... "Blues de là !" Selected by Blues Magazine. [email protected] +33 676 777 679 www.zuzine.com/lesblouzayeurs www.bluesiac.com


[email protected] +33 612 471 411 www.manulanvin.com

With four albums released as well as several decisive collaborations with big names like Calvin Russell, Neal Black & Paul Personne, Manu Lanvin has gained a major stature as a singer and guitar player in French blues rock. In 2009, he co-wrote and produced "Dawg Eat Dawg", Calvin Russell’s last album as well as part of the soundtrack for the movie "Lucky Luke". Collaborating with Calvin and his Texan roots deeply impacted Manu’s desire to return to Southern blues and American folk music. Encouraged by Calvin Russell who made him realize his legitimacy as a blues songwriter, Manu launches himself body and soul in Blues and possessed by a need that stuck with him for years, he produced "Mauvais Casting" in 2012. The success of this last album opened the doors of over 120 concerts in 2013 including some of the most prestigious venues in Europe and the States (L’Olympia, Apollo Theater, Montreux Jazz Festival, Cahors Blues Festival...) It is on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2012 that Manu Lanvin was noticed by its founder, Claude Nobs, as well as Quincy Jones who asked him to play at the Jazz Foundation of American Gala, which is held annually in New York. Appointed by the members of the France Blues’ network, in January 2014, Manu Lanvin found himself in representing his country during the International Blues Challenge. It seems Manu Lanvin is on the verge of making his place among the great names of Blues of his generation...

LUCAS’ BLUES PROJECT The Lucas’ Blues Project leader (Lucas Péaquin) grew up and lives in France. As a 14-year-old guitar prodigy, he played on stage with Ana Popovic. At 15, he joined the French National Jazz and Contemporary Music Federation. He was spotted by Robert M. Knight, the legendary rock photographer, who integrated him into the “Brotherhood of the Guitar”. At the beginning of 2013, he had the opportunity to jam with Carvin Jones. At just 16, he formed the Lucas’ Blues Project with three other young and talented musicians, who demonstrate the same passion for the Blues. From their very first performance, the audience fell under the spell of the band. Supported by France Blues, with Julian Hurst at the keyboards, Joris Corallini on drums and Ludo Perrin compositions in the famous Sun Studio. Keep an eye out for this band! playing the bass guitar, the band will have the honor to represent France at the IBC 2014 (Memphis) in the [email protected] +33 490 744 154 +33 630 763 038 Youth Showcase category, and will record their own http://lucas-blues.com

Véronique Sauriat: vocals, Philippe Floris: drums, Pascal Lefèvre: bass guitar, Manu Guillou: guitar, Bala Pradal: piano / orgue. Mama’s Biscuits play a blues tinged with rhythm ‘n’ blues, soul and swing, ombining songs and covers in a directory based on a deep and sincere approach, faithful to tradition. The group, established in 2001, recorded their first album WOMAN in 2005, as a tribute to the great singers of blues and rhythm ‘n’ blues of the 50s and 60s. The cd WOMAN was selected to represent France in the category “Best Self Produced CD” as part of the International Blues Challenge of the Memphis Blues Foundation. A new album EVIL GAL was born in 2012, acclaimed unanimously by the critics.


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and The Chicago Family Founded at the end of 2009, the band (vocal, guitar, harmonica, piano and Hammond organ, bass & drums) was part of the greatest blues happenings and festivals in the south-east of France with a Chicago blues influenced by John Prime, Magic Slim or Lurrie Bell… to which it adds a more modern aspect in live performances. Mad In Blues is a band from the south of France. Six musicians playing Chicago blues… and 2 albums which have been positively approved by the press: “Winter Soap” in 2011 and “Railway Soap” in 2013. “They all are great quality musicians perfectly fit together” (Christophe Leboeuf – Blues Magazine)... “These guys are top Guns” (Joël Bizon – BCR La Revue)... “Chicago blues and standards are played with respect with a certain modernism added. A guaranteed good time in concert” (Christophe Mourot – Soul Bag). [email protected] +33 621 714 577 www.mad-in-blues.jimdo.com

[email protected] +33 677 230 148 www.mamasbiscuits.com www.facebook.com/mamasbiscuits mamasbiscuits.believeband.com

BAD MULES First place winner at the “Rendez Vous de l’Erdre” in 2005, for 10 years the Bad Mules have treated us to more than 700 concerts and 3 albums, all of them well received by public and press. Their third album “Back in Town” solidified their combo formation of guitar, drums, sax and Hammond organ. Well trained by their experience on the French and European scene, Denis Agenet (drums/vocal), Julien Broissand (guitar/vocal), Freddy Pohardy Riteau (sax) and Philippe Gautier (organ) deliver “Jump” Blues tainted with Soul and New Orleans Rock & Roll. Touring in the US has helped them create their own style based on great energy and an innovative set list of originals and daring covers. A number of US artists (Josh Miller, Karl W. Davis, Barrelhouse Chuck, Jim Mc. Kaba, Ben Champion, Little Mike, Dr. Burt, Jimmy Burns…) call on one or more of these "Heady Dudes", who are working on their fourth opus to be released in 2014. Bad Mules' music is infectious, definitely swinging, and overly addictive! [email protected] +33 615 397 432 www.bad-mules.com

RED BEANS AND PEPPER SAUCE Finalist at the Blues sur Seine and Les Rendez-vous de l’Edre blues contests, RED BEANS picked up the first prize at the Cahors Blues Festival, which thoroughly boosted up their progression on the French blues scene. Further to their "Who made The Sauce?" CD, (French Collective Radio Blues 2013’s selection), and served by their fans community, they recently produced a new EP through the OOCTO crowd-funding portal. Founded in 2010, in the wake of the Derek Trucks Band, Gary Clark Jr, Gov’t Mule, Joe Bonamassa and John Mayer Trio, their style is easily strolling between fat blues-rock, funky rock and even jazzy tunes. RED BEANS & PEPPER SAUCE are the essence of a "brassy" tainted blues rock, vocals and guitar in front. They are here to stay and definitely don’t mean maybe!

NANTUCKET NANTUCKET is a French Rhythm ’n’ Blues band. Raphaëlle Naudin, singer and comedian, kept a taste for showmanship and American music from some early years she spent in New York. She sings, plays and dances, and got together around her three talented jazz-fed musicians (Erwan Ricordeau – acoustic bass / Nils Frechilla – guitar / Aurélien Pasquet – drums) to serve her original compositions (English lyrics). [email protected] +33 662 861 084 www.nantucketmusic.fr

BLUES SUSPECT BAND From the Old School of contemporary Blues, “The Blues Suspect Band” revives the flames of the bluesmen from Memphis to Chicago. With their music they create the torrid atmosphere of the Bayous mixed with whiskey vapors for the pleasure of your ears. Their repertoire consists of known compositions (Little Walter, Willie Cobbs…) plus other more original ones (Mark Selby, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Curtis Stingers…) [email protected] + 33 689 875 769 www.reverbnation.com/bluessuspectband

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Some have already recorded or toured in the US and European countries, some have even represented France at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis or been programmed at the Chicago Blues festival. Others are emerging talents recognized by the French media. They could all be an opportunity for your clubs and festivals. As a go-between for the French Blues community, we would be very grateful if you’d let us know if you decide to play their cds on your radios, review their cds or program them live for your events. France Blues, member of the European Blues Union and Blues Foundation, is a platform to exchange and support the international recognition and development of the French Blues community in the world. The association aims to: • promote the Blues and related music genres • promote all those involved in the French Blues community, especially the artists but also associations, festivals, media and specialized websites • encourage international exchanges and more specifically in terms of cooperation between European festivals • develop and facilitate access to information, events, all productions associated with the Blues and its related styles • interact amongst members as in a forum to exchange ideas and skills • develop actions, programs in line with the association’s goals, such as events, music awards, etc. • promote initiatives for young people (such as Blues at school)

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