Help Wanted - There are a few of

Help Wanted - There are a few of

"°Fra n kiln Twosections, 38 pages Vol. 26, No. 36 Phone: (201) 725-3300 Somethingdifferent NEWS-RECORD Thursday, September 7, 1978 Petition Al...

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"°Fra n kiln Twosections, 38 pages

Vol. 26, No. 36

Phone: (201) 725-3300



Thursday, September 7, 1978


All.night draws all

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Second class postage paid at Manville, N.J. 08835

signatures , :

customers. "Some of the people who come in here at the weird hours are very lonely," said cashier Mark Hansen, "and the cashiers, as well as other customers, provide the needed conversation." Not all nighttime shopping is bizarre. Manyof the customers work at night and come to the store before going to work. Others shop after going to a movie or after picking up a late night commuter at the bus or train station. The Shop-Rite store manager, Mike Copertino, said "the main reason for the store staying open 24 hours per day is to better serve the public...It doesn’t cost the store any additional moneyto remain open all the time, so any business done during the late night/early morninghours, not only is pure profit for the store, but also is excellent service to the shoppers." Fooderama Inc., the corporation owning43 Shop-Rite stores, instituted the 24 hour policy about two years ago. Accordingto Mr. Copertino, the policy has been very successful. Since most of the Shop-Rites require a full nighttime crew to prepare for the daytime business, the stores, by staying open all night, are utilizing no additional electricity, and for the most part, no additional staff. The average number of shoppers in Ihe Kingston Shop-Rite from midnight to 7:30 a.m. is 60. Most of the sales

Dancing in the aisles at midnight, munching peanuts with a high school buddy at 2 a.m. and finding a sympathetic listener at four in the morning -- at an all-night disco?No- at the all-night Shop-Rite in Kingston. "The early morning hours in the store," said a night crew employee, Bob Decker, "sometimes resembles a scene from ’Alice in Wonderland’ ... we keep the radio blaring, and the empty wide aisles are perfect for the stle." One customer, known as ’New Jersey Slim’, makes a monthly 3:30 a.m. visit to the ShopRite and creates his own disco scene. "He and his 10 friends," said Bob, "don’t buy much, but they really give the store a funky flavor." However,it is the junk food junkie, rather than the disco dancer, who makesup the bulk of the 12 to 7 a.m. Shop Rite customers. ¯ Having feasted on bran and buttermilk during the day, the junk food addict sneaks into the store at 2:30 a.m. to purchase peanut butter cups, marshmellow chip ice cream, corn chips and cookies. According to the night cashiers, the junk food order is frequently accompaniedby sugar-free soda. The craving for something unhealthy with 8,000 calories can be quite extreme, as illustrated by a customer, who -- during the worst

blizzard of the year -- came into the store at 4:30 a.m. to buy a box of Oreo cookies. "The snow was coming down so hard, you could hardly see the parking lot," said night cashier TomClaire, "but that guy was really obsessed with getting those cookies." The pleasure of eating a whole cookie before emerging into the blizzard was shortlived for the cookie craver. The customer’s car got stuck in the snow, and it took one hour of pushing and falling to free the car. A happier outcome of a junk food yearning has been a marriage. A woman shopper said she met her husband last year while they both were contemplating the purchase of dry roasted peanuts late one night. Now,a sentimental past time for the couple is late night shopping at the Shop-Rite. Cat food and plants are also two popular after midnight purchases. "For some reason," said night employee Larry Shalko, "people seem to buy a lot of pet food, particularly cat food...Maybe the cats are noisier at night than other animals." Noneof the night crew could figure out why plants are such a common purchase. One customer -- when asked why she was buying a cactus and an air fern at 12:45 a.m. -- said that she gets "all of her decorating brainstorms while she is lying in bed." The night cashiers frequently serve the "bartender" role of listening compassionately to the problems of


Chamberlin arrested for shootingat kin

by Pamela Hersh Staff Writer

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Shots rang out Tuesday morning in the vicinity of 67 Churchill Ave., Somerset, and a 21-year-old man is under arrest behind bars in the Somerset County Jail in Somerville. Franklin Township Ptl. Charlie Biddle arrested Ernest Levi Chainberlin Jr., of 75 Churchill Ave., for firing a small shotgun at his 17-yearold brother and hifi sister, Laurethia Chamberlin, 32. Noone was injured in the incident which occurred at 11:44 a.m. last Tuesday. Mr. Chamberlin has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, with assault with a dangerous


weaponand with threatening to take a life. Police found the gun as well as three spent shells in a field off Churchill Avenue. Yesterday detectives were still seeking to determine the Somerset man’s motive for firing the shotgun. Sgt. Jim Housell is conducting the follow-up investigation for the’ Franklin department. Due to the indictable nature of the charges, bail for Mr. Chamberlinwill probably be set by a county judge, according to a police spokesman.

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A day ahead of her deadline Township Clerk Mary Duffy completed her 20-day marathon race to validate 4,417 signatures on 213 pages of petition. Assisted by Pare Mickle, Charles Hodgin and county election board workers, the township clerk certified 3,606 names last Friday night. The Democrats, who canvassed Franklin Township from Somerset to Kingston collecting the signatures, needed3,235 approved John Hancocks to place a referendum to change the form of municipal government from Council/Manager Plan D to Plan F on the Nov. 7 ballot. Last Tuesday, Mrs. Dully informed John Shamy, chairman of the petition drive, the Democrats’ efforts were successful. She will nowsend a copy of her certification to Somerset County


MRS. DUFFYrejected 724 names on the lists. More than 500 of the signers were¯ not registered tovote in Franklin Township, she said. Other signatures were eliminated because they were illegible. Some, signed in pencil and state law requires they be disqualified too, according to Mrs. Duffy. And, a few township voters signed the petition more than once. Based on an interpretation of the law provided by Township Attorney Thomas Cafferty, the workers who screened the signatures okayed those of Franklin residents who registered to vote at the time they added their names to the Democrats’ lists. "It wasa very tedious job that took a

FTEAratification vote expected today

THE FASTFOOD section is popularwith all-night shoppers.

$4.50 a year/15 cents per copy

As school bells ushered in the first day of classes yesterday, Franklin Townshipschool district teachers and clericals returned to their classroom and administrative duties still unsure as to whether they have a contract for the 1978-79school year. Following an hour-long clarification meeting last Tuesday, membersof the Franklin Township Education Association (FTEA) were to vote yesterday and today at their school buildings, casting secret ballots on the tentative two-year agreement worked out through supermediation last month. Shortly after 4 p.m. today, whenthe last written ballots are delivered to FTEArepresentatives for tabulation, the outcome of almost nine months of negotiations will be known.Throwing the spotlight on the teachers union, the Board of Education approved the contract on Aug. 28. While she admitted "you can never please everyone," Irma Rubin, a member of the FTEA negotiating committee, said the group "highly recommendedthe pact to the teachers because it was their best option." During the heated union meeting, dissension arose surrounding the proposed 6.1 percent cost-of-living increase which would provide an average increase of $1,008 each year for each teaclier. The employeedental plan, whichwill be initiated during the

Job action effects local vo-tech pupils Franklin High School students in grades 10-12 who are attending the Somerset County Vocational High School in Bridgewater on a timesharing basis, are remindedto report to their Franklin class assignments despite the teacher strike at the votech school. According to School Superintendent Ronald Whyte, until further notice," Franklin students are to attend class at FHSand will be allowed to remain at home when they would normally report to the Bridgewater facility. Dr. Whyte noted that about 79 Franklin High students attend vo-tech on a time-sharing basis. Another 69 are full-time vo-tech students. The superintendent noted that the full-time vo-tech students should not report until the strike has ended. Negotiations with the Somerset County Vocational-Technical Education Association, which represents the 65 picketing vo-tech teachers, broke off at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday,according to school public relations coordinator Betty Sebring. "Weoffered the teachers, who have the highest pay rate in Somerset County, a substantial financial package," she said. The teachers union flatly rejected the proposed 6.6 percent salary increase and have not returned with a counterproposal, she said. Negotiations have been underway since October 1977 and have proceeded through mediation and fact finding to reach the present impasse. Approximately 900 students are effected by the strike which Mr. Sebring was hopeful would be ended prior to the start of today’s classes. The 350 students enrolled in the business and nursing health programs at the technical institute affiliated with the vocational school were not substantially effected by the strike as managers filled in as classroom instructors, according to Ms. Sebring.

second year of the contract, was attacked for not including the workers’ family. Despite the dissatisfaction expressed by some, Mrs. Rubin was optimistic the FTEAmembers will support the negotiating committee’s recommendation to approve what she called an "appropriate package to accept."

required to search throughthe county election records seekfng validation of voters’ signatures and residences. While the township clerk had tl~e option to spot check random signatures on the petition sheets, she chose to conduct the screening name by name. "Wealways had that option but I felt it wouldbe in everybody’sbest intrest to do it this way," she explained. "A thorough job can’t be challenged by

Originally the county board of elections said it would conduct the screening process but indicated its workers would only cull through the Franklin petition after hours and for time and a half pay. Mrs. Duffy opted to coordinate the validation process utilizing her staff, although the township did employ county election board workers for three evenings in order to complete the task in time.

Curie r asks court to dismiss appeal A motion for dismissal of George Eckardt’s Aug. 29 appeal of the Somerset County jury decision in the Stanley Cutler legal fees case is expeeled to be filed by today with the Appellate Division of the NewJersey Superior Court, according to Mr. Cutler. William Ozzard, who represented the former township attorney in his recent court battle with Franklin Townsbipconcerning $41,087 in legal fees Mr. Cutler was paid between 1970 and 1971, intends to complete the dismissal request today. He will support his argument from (he position that Mr. Eckardt, the former president of the Franklin Taxpayers Association, is not a party in the case. Franklin Township’s

Fenwick defends bill’s

Republican-controlled council took Mr. Cutler, a Democrat, to court in order to recoup almost $60,000in legal fees and interest the governing body maintained he did not deserve for services he allegedly did not perform in floating $4 million in bondsin 1970. "Frankly, I don’t see how Mr. Eckardt is a party to this," Mr. Cutler insisted. Due to the backlog facing the appellate court, Mr. Cutler couldn’t predict howlong it wouldtake before a ruling was delivered on the request to dismiss the appeal. However, he was confident the court wouldagain decide in his favor. "The big hurdle was the jury trial," Mr. Cutler admitted.


Stalled law would create no-fault claims procedure by Sue-AnnScopio Forte Special Writer U.S. Rep. Millicent Fenwick vehemently denied last Tuesday published reports that her bill to provide compensation to asbestos workers was written with the help of asbestos manufacturers. Mrs. Fenwick was questioned about the report at a meeting of the Committee to ImproveBenefits for Retired Disabled Workers and Their Dependents Including Those of the NewJersey Second Injury Fund. The meeting was held at Walt’s Inn on Main Street in Manville, a few yards away from Johns Manville’ sprawling plant where most of those attending had worked.

audience on the status of her Asbestos Health Hazards Compensation Act. She said the bill is stalled in a subcommittee and blamed it on organized labor. "If I could get labor support, I could have it (the bill) tomorrow,"she ¯ said. The bill wouldcreate a no-fault type of procedure for processing claims of workers who develop asbestos-related diseases. A member of the audience quoted from a column by syndicated writer Jack Anderson in which he charged that Johns Manville "persuaded the congresswomanto sponsor the timely bill ... which would prevent workers from suing their employers or their unions." The column continued, "It would provide modest federal payments instead for some disabled asbestos workers." Mrs. Fenwick responded that the

issue raised by Andersonstarted when she received a $15,008 check in Manville earmarked for retarded persons. She said she then talked to a JMunion official about the progress of her bill. "Because I’m a 68-year-old woman they (Anderson) jumped to the conclusion that I’ve taken a payment from a company. One thing no one’s ever accused me of is lying." She said her bill is the result of Work by "well-informed aides" and guidance by Dr. Irving Selikoff, an expert in asbestos-related diseases.

SHE SAID THATa union attorney had said that disabled asbestos workers had "collected $3 million in benefits last year. If the Fenwickbill had been in effect," she said, "they wouldhave collected $30 million." She said her bill wouldprovide taxMRS. FENWICKhad briefed the free benefits to disabled asbestos workers over and above Social Security and state awards. She said that under existing conditions a disabled worker must sue the company, the cost of which often eats up "40 percent of the award." \ The bill, she said, wouldprovide for individual benefits of between$6-7,000 a year or a family of four could receive up to $13,000 a year. Ted Kowalski, chairman and organizer of the benefit committee and a former union official at JM, expressed some skepticims about the Fenwickbill. "A bill is all well and good but what happens if it dies in committee -- people die with it. Our problemis right in NewJersey. Other states have changed their (workmen’s compensation) laws. We need he!p now. Wecan’t afford to wait two or three years." Mr. Kowalski, a victim of asbestosis, stated, "I can’t afford to die.... there’s no future for mywife if I die." Frank Pykon, the group’s Newark attorney, said that the group has made progress. Their plight has been brought to the attention of the media and has recently received radio and television coverage. Mr. Pykon spoke of the continuing support of Hudson County Assemblyman Tom Cowan and informed the group, "I can tell you that in October something is going to ,happen." Mr. Kowalski introduced Bill Kavanagh, Assemblyman Cowen’s aide. Mr. Kavanagh told the crowd that Mr. Cowenis drafting a bill due for October release to the NewJersey , Assembly that will addressitself to the disabled worker’s problems. Pressing for changes in the state Worker’s Compensation Laws, Mr. Kowalski asked for Mrs. Fenwick’s assistance in informing NewJersey politicians about the disabled worker’s problems. "We’d appreciate your help," he said. Mrs. Fenwickreplied, "Yousure got it! I’ll write to every U.S. REP.MILLIcENT FENWICK reacts to a statement by Ted Kowalski, organizer ~ representative in mydistrict." of a groupof disabledasbestosworkersat a meetinglast Tuesday at Walt’s Inn in "We’re not a political group," Mr. Kowalski assured her, "but we won’t Manville. Thegroupseeksto havebenefits for disabledworkersincreased. (Rich Pipeling photo) forget our friends l"




Ihe |ranklin NEWS RE:CORD


!~ I~F

Jack Dokus exhtbits crafts m Keen galleqr

MUMS $1.75 each

}g" z

874-3990 BEYERPLAZA, 254 Route 206 South, HIIIsborough,

police blotter

UNION--Jack Dokus, a’ Franklin residents and jewelry-crafts person, will be exhibiting his work in Kean College’s Vaugh-Eames Gallery at an exhibition entitled "Focus on Precious Materials." The exhibit will run from Sept. ll through Oct. 6 weekdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. A reception, open to the public, will take place in the gallery on Sunday, Sept. 10 from 3- 5 p.m. Mr. Dokusis an alumnus of Kean College.

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Thursday, September 7, 1978

N. J.

A womanwas arrested for shoplifting $284worth of meat from the Easton AvenueShopRite Supermarketon Aug. 29, according to this week’spolice report. Spotted by the store manager as she was leaving the building, the thief was confronted by Ptl. Ralph Embley who moved the lid from the garbage can which was in the shopping cart she was pushing. The can was filled with meat packages, police said. She told the officer she was with two men whotold her the meat was paid for and she could take them to the car. Assisted by Ptl. James Burke, who stayed with the woman, Ptl. Embley unsuccessfully seardhed the Shop-Rite for her companions. Police transported their supsect to headquarters and bookedher for shoplifting.



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We’re enlargin9 our ,tore to serve Youbetter.

~A’ .’~)2)

Deanne Lichtenstein of Bridgewater, told Franklin police the hubcaps were stolen from her car on Aug. 25 between9 a.m. - 7 p.m. while it was parked in the Village Plaza parking lot. The stolen property is worth $300.

JEWELERS Old fashion peace... 1H~_~, MaOt~r dWa(d i ~.056~: hur s 8"Fri.


...and quiet are reflected in the serenity of this WilsonRoadscene.



Also on Aug. 25, Howard Wade of Hamilton Street reported his automobile, worth $1,000 was stolen from its parking spot on the corner of Homeand Hamilton Streets. According to the police, the car was locked and the keys and vehicle registration were Clark’s "Civilisation" series in Mr. Wade’s possession. The car was stolen after 7 to Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat," p.m. and Mr. Wadesaid he did and from Alvin Alley’s "Memories and Visions" to not hear anything unusual during the night. Police are Dr. Frederick Lefboyer’s "Birth Without Violence," can investigating. be reserved for loan. Arrangements can be made at the Hillsborough Library AnElectrolahonic turntable, for reservations, pick-up and eight-track, AM/FMunit, a delivery. The Franklin library Regency radio turntable personnel are able to assist monitor and $40 in assorted with choices. coins were removed from the The Friends of the Library living room and bedroom at hope the newprojector will be a useful addition to the many existing services at the library. More rental information can be obtained by visiting the library.

Library has films, projector to rent


annual Perc;entageRate of only 11.00 is n0vvavailal-le. to (lualified )orrowers! When it comes to Home Improvement Loans,we’retheONE with lowratesand attractiveterms! Adda recreation room for thekids. Moderniz~ thekitchen.Expand theattic. Repaint or re-roof.Youname it. Stayright where youare andstill havethehome you need.We’ll lendyouthe money onbudgetfitting terms!So,treatyourselfto more house. Callorvisit theFirstSavings officenearest you today! (Optional CreditLife andAccident andHealth Insurance alsoavailable.) ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 11.00%

TheFranklinTownshipFree Public Library can help you turn your recreation roominto a movie theater. The two main ingredients, projector and films, are now available to library members, The Friends of the Library announced today a new 16mm sound projector has been acquired for rental u,:.’ by library membersat $7.50 per day. The availability of this projector will enable members to take advantage of the hundredsof films available for free loan through the library. In cooperation with the Morris County Library System, films ranging in content from Lord Kenneth


Henry J. McKinn0n, Minister 9:30 A.M.- Sunday School 1 ! :00 A.M. - Worship Service






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The Franklin High School Band Parents will be scheduling their paper drives monthlythis year on the Dr.William J. Prinsket twice second and fourth Saturdays Optometrist of the month. Starting Saturday, Sept. 9, Carteret Savings. Building Rt. 206 - NewAmwellRd. residems may bring their paper to the high school Hiltsborough parking lot from 9-12 noon. All 359-1210 ’paper should be tied or in brown paper bags. Donations of magazines and computer Day and Evening Hours paper will also be accepted. By Appointment A curbside pick-up will be conducted on Friday night, Sept. 8, from 7-10 p.m. in areas with established routes.


PERINI MUSIC STUDIO A unique 8 weekintroductory course starting in September. CALL(201) 725-6767 NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION



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NORTHBRUNSWICK The BrunswickShoppingCenter ¯ 249-0101 SOMERSET .............. Easton& Beverly Avenues¯ 828-5000 CHERRY HILL Plaza VhlageShoppingCenter, Route70 ¯ 428-8220

The ONE for your money.

Scott Snell of Marigold Lane told police thieves removedall four hubcaps from his automobile during the night of Aug. 27. Pal. Gary Karwoski spoke with a neighbor who stated she heard noises that sounded like metal bending and when she looked outside she observed two thieves fleeing from Mr. Snell’s vehicle towards Berger Street. The two robbers were carrying the hubcaps, she said. Value of the stolen car parts was placed at $160. Police are investigating.

Jeans Shirts Sweaters Underwear

Residenls are urged to place [heir paper on the bottom of the driveway clearly labeled "for the Franklin High School Band." This is being done in an effort to curtail the activities of local paper pirates who cominue to go out in advance of the band personnel and help . themselves to the paper. People having paper and wanting to be included in the curbside pick-up maycall 8732337 or 846-6613 and arrangements will be made for pick-up.

EAST RUTHERFORD ---Burger King, 963 Due to usual seasonal ad- Livingston Ave., North justments in recycling activity Brunswick, Thursday, Sept. 14 in certain areas during the fall and 28, from 10-11 a.m. and and winter months, the --Princeton Shopping Reynolds Aluminum Center, Princeton, Friday, Recycling Company has Sept. 8and 22, from 10:30-11:30 revised its schedule to im- a.m. prove its mobileunit service to Special pickup of aluminum customers recycling collected by individuals and aluminum during the organizations can be arranged remaining months of 1978. -- if volume is in excess of Local collection points and 1,000 pounds-- by calling (201) pick-up dates are: 935-0002.

Tay-Sachs chapter invites new members The NewJersey Chapter of the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Assoc. Inc. will hold its first general meeting of the year on Thursday, Sept. 14, in the home of Evy Heimann, 45

Lobed Drive, at 8:30 p.m. Guest speaker will be Wendy Ki n g , 1 i c e n s e d psychotherapist. Old and new members as well as those interested in our organization are welcome.


NEWBRUNSWICK 350GeorgeStreet ¯ 246-3434

Member FSLIC



Linda Smith of Phillips Road, Somerset, told police on Aug. 26 her .$300 automobile was stolen from the rear parking tot of her apartment sometime between 1:30-3 a.m. At 3 a.m. she was notified by the New Brunswick police, department that they had found her car and had apprehended one of the two juveniles that had stolen the vehicle.

Aluminumrecycling dates set for September

$3.50 per lesson


A citizens band radio, set of spare keys and an electronic door opener control were removed from the car owned by Robert Hague while it was parked in the Harrison Towers garage on Aug. 25. Police said the only access to the apartment garage is" through the building and that the stolen items were worth more than $100. An investigation is continuing.

Band parents start . fall newspapercollechon

14 EastMainSt., Somerville, N.J. 36 MONTHLOAN

the Churchill Avenue residence of Purnes Wyatt on ,. Aug. 25. Total value of the stolen items is $460, police said. Thieves entered the home through the front door by breaking out the smaller glass panels on the door and reaching in to unlatch the lock, police said. Nothingelse in the house was touched, the resident told police.





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(20 l) 725-3858 45 S. Main Street Manville, N. J.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Cocktail Ballroom and Acres of Picnic Grounds



Forbanquets, weddings, meetings, catered picnics, CallStan Labenski, Manager 359-560].

Th ursday, September 7, 1978

I he Franklin



obituaries. Memorial Park Cemetery, Piscataway.

mother, Nellie Collier of Somerset, and a granddaughter. Services were held this morning at the Quakenboss Funeral Home,156 Livingston Albert A. Collier, 51, of 870 Ave., New Brunswick. The Hamilton St., Somerset, died Rev. Johnny Alieea-Vaez Sunday at Pennsylvania officiated. Hospital, Philadelphia, after a Burial was in Van Liew long illness. Mr. Collier was Cemetery, North Brunswiek. the former fire chief of the East Franklin Fire Department. Born in NewBrunswick, he had lived in Somerset most of Services for John William his life. Lukanski, 60, of 5 Lowell Mr. Collier was a selfPlace, Somerset, were held employedretail tile and paint last Saturday at the Gowen contractor and formerly Funeral Home, 233 Somerset operated the Collier Home St., NewBrunswick. A Mass of Fashion Center. Christian Burial was An Army veteran of World celebrated at St. Joseph’s R.C. War II, he was a member of Church, NewBrunswick. the Suydam Street Reformed Burial was in St. Peter’s Church. Cemetery, New Brunswick. A memberof the Fire Chiefs Mr. Lukanski died WedAssociation of Somerset nesday, Aug. 30 at St. Peter’s County, he was a member of Medical Center, New BrunAmerican Legion Jensen swick. Scalzone P~t and of the Born in Atlas, Pa., he had Moose Lodge of New Brunlived in NewBrunswickbefore swick. moving to Somerset 20 years Surviving are his wife, ago. Helen Coleman Collier; two He was an employee of the daughters, Lauren Sutton of Metallo Gasket Co., New Somerset and Deborah Collier Brunswick. of North Brunswick; two Mr. Lukanski was a combrothers, Lawrence and municant of St. Joseph’s R.C. Richard, both of Somerset; his Church and served as vice president of its Holy Name Society. Surviving are his wife, EmmaSutkowski LuKanski; a son, John Walter of North Brunswick; a daughter, Joanne McNamara of North Brunswick; a brother, Anactivities will begin Monday, thony of Philadelphia, and six grandchildren. Spet. 11. Included in the registration program are the after-school and Saturday enrichment programs and the adult leisure activities. These activities begin the week of Annie P. Adams, 48, of 343 Sept. 25. Ralph St., Somerset, died Flyers for the enrichment Friday at St. Peter’s Medical programs are being Center, NewBrunswick, after distributed in all of the K-6 a short illness. elementary schools. They Born in NewBrunswick, she contain class offerings, course was a lifelong resident. description and registration Mrs. Adams had been information. These programs employed by the Abeel Day will be a diversified, Care Center as a teacher. educational and interesting She was a member of the addition to the new school Emanuel Baptist Church, year. Somerset section of Franklin, Registration for other ac- and a memberof the church’s tivities including the play and Pastor’s Aid. She also learn workshop, gymnastics belonged to the Missionary and the youth dance workshop Society, the Usher Board and will begin Monday,Sept. 18. Senior Choir. For further information, call Mrs. Adams was the leader 297-7330. of the church school choir.

Sarah Barney Sarah A. Roan Barney, 80, of 3 Fordham Road, Somerset, "" died Wednesday,Aug.30 at St. Michael’s Hospital, Newark. Born in Garfield, she had lived in Bound Brook and Irvington before moving to Somerset five years ago. Mrs. Barney was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Plainfield and the MooseLodge of Plainfield. Her husband,John J., died in 1955. Surviving are two sons, Charles of Piscataway and John of Seattle, Wash.; Four daughters, Dorothy Boccadutre and Bertha Bartek, both of Middlesex, Elizabeth Wippof Santa Ana, Calif., and Kay Collins, with whomshe lived; a brother, Jacob Roan of Fort St. Lucie, Fla.; two ’ sisters, Agnes McCormackof Boonton and Elizabeth Fay of Middlesex, 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Services were held Saturday at the James W. Conroy Funeral Home,2456 Plainfield Ave., South Plainfield. The Rev. Allen A. Ruscito, associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen, officiated. Burial was in Lake Nelson

Albert Collier

Surviving are her husband, George P. Adams; two sons, Wayne McClinoonandGeorge W. Adams, both of the

Somerset section of Franklin; her 3arents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders of Somerset; five brothers, Major Sanders,

Joseph Sanders, William Sanders, Nathan Sanders, and Henry Sanders Jr., all of Somerset; a sister, Mary

Youngof Virginia, and three grandchildren. Services were held Wednesday at theEmanuel Baptist


Church. Burial was in Franklin Memorial Park, North Brunswick, this morning.

Arrangements were by the Clayton E. Grant Funeral Home, 676 Franklin Boulevard, Franklin.

vet 6oo,ooo.o nzes 183,000 con Be won!

John Lukanski

$1000 WINNERS!

Mrs. Rothmier East Norwich,N.Y.

MarthaSpencer Newark

*100 ,NNERS! ~/ Lin~ Jersey CIty Maryann Slaby Manville

Registration begins for fall recreation The Franklin Township Parks and Recreation Department fall brochures are currently in circulation through the township schools and are available at the recreation office in Franlkin Park and at the municipal building in Middlebush. Included in the brochure are listings of year round activities, adult recreational leisure activities, athletic - activities and special programs. Newactivities have been added to the fall calendar of events for all residents to partici pa re. Registration for several

Annie Adams


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and Sign Up Nowfor our~4-part Ethan Allen Decorating Seminar (Sept. 12,19, 26 and Oct. 4th) Giveus 3 Tuesdays and1 Wednesday morningandwe’ll showyou howto style yourrooms to satisfy yourneeds.We’ll helpyou evaluate yourpersonality,yourfamilyinterestsandlifestyle, to determine the kind of roomsthat are mostliveable in yourhome. You’ll learnhowto usecolorfor dramatic emphasis, selectthe right fabrics, arrangepictures, mirrors,lampsandaccessories. Attendance will be limitedandregistrationsaccepted on a first come basis. Theseminars will be heldat 10 A.M.on Tuesdays -- Sept.12, 1.9, 26 and W~ East Brunswick Gallery. ’


In }llS









Hillsborough -- Hillsborough Plaza ....


Hours: Mon.-Sat.

8 a.m.-10

Rt. 206 So.


p.m. ¯ Sunday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Manville S. Main St.



Z Thursday, Sept. 7, 1978


across the nation even if most people have only a vague idea of wbat it stands for or is intended to do. It is an acronym for Comprehensive Employment and Training Act and has been occupying federal attention and funds for about five years. :Despite its vocal defenders-largely mmficipal and county officials--it hasn’t done much of i any of the things it was intended to do. ’ CETA was started to train and :employ the young, undereducated, unskilled and generally unemployable. While no restrictions were written into the law, it was aimed primarily at the non-white. But as with the federal revenue sharing plan of an earlier year, the funds just never seem to get to their intended beneficiaries. Revenue sharing was intended to help municipalities and counties to provide social service functions--primarily for the low paid, elderly, and ttnemployed. Basically it has i)urchased fire engines, police cars, bookkeeping equipment and applied to general day-to-day expenses. The argument in favor of using revenue sharing funds in tlmt manner has some basis. The municipalities argued that by so doing they could ease the burden on the home-owner and keep local taxes to a minimum. And so

But CETA ftmds have been almost completely diverted to unintended purposes. This is true throughout the state and the nation, but in a recent story in The Central Post, one of the Packet papers, it was pointed out that tim Township of South Brunswick had employed CETA funds to pay salaries for a sanitarian, cultural arts coordinator, recreation coordinator, maintenance nmn, and 1 1 school board employees. Some of the school board posts--clerks and clerk trainees--probably fall well within the intended scope of the CETA program as do maintenancejobs. But the fact remains that CETA funds have been used not primarily to get the hard-core unemployed off the streets but to help municipalities, school districts and counties meet their budgets. President Carter wants to extend the CETA program for four more years. It would be wise for Congress to first consider whether CETA should be operated as originally intended or wltether tim municipalities are providing tim best use of the funds in the diverted application now existing. There are too many federal spending programs on the books now which in operation do not resemble the intent of Congress.

Countyis testing ’aquaculture’ theory Greenhouse owners and alternate energy buffs will be interested in a hew greenhouse aquaculture project nowin the construction stages at the Somerset County Park Commission’s Environmental Education Center on Lord Stirling Road in Basking Ridge. Housedin a standard, single glazed 10 x 18 foot greenhouseattached to the west end of the EECbuilding, the aquaculture unit whencompleted, will serve in a number of experimental programs, ltopefully it will demonstrate that a healthy percentage of the dietary requirements for the average family of four can be grown right at homewith little humanlabor and little or no purchased energy. Instead of nuclear or oil generated electi-icity and fossil fuel heat, the experimental greenhouse will be poweredtotally by non-polluting solar and wind energy. The center’s demonstration unit will feature a 1,000-gallon fish pond contained in three plywoodtanks¯ These will serve the dual purposes of housing a food chain terminating in an edible species of tropical fish, and storing solar energy for heating the greenhouse in the winter. A 16-inch deep growingbed will be used to raise food plants year-rou nd. Theplants will be fertilized with pond water enriched by fish wastes. Rather than controlling plant pests with poisons, tiny insectivorous lizards and amphibians will be set loose in the greenhouseto do the job.

A SMALL WINDgenerator mounted atop a nearby building will provide electricity for pumping fish pond water through the biological filtration system where bacteria will convert fish wastes to plant nutrients. On especially cold nights in winter, pond water warmedby the day’s sun will be pumpedthrough tubing in the growing beds to keep the plants warm. Construction of the aquacul{ure system was begun during a series ot workshops for high school students and is being completed by college students, manyof whomobtain course credit for their work here. Once operational the aquaculture system will serve as a demonstration unit for aquaculture and alternate energy evening courses here at the center. An information sheet on the Greenhouse-Aquactilture unit will be available to interested visitors at the center shortly. College students and other persons interested in our aquaculture program may stop in or call the center. Leave your name, address and phone number. We will keep you informed about evening courses and other Greenhouse Aquaculture programs. The Environmental Education Center is open weekdays from 9 - 5, Saturdays from I0 -4, Sundaysfrom 1 5, and is closed holidays and holiday weekends. For more information, contact Paul Becket the center’s solar energy coordinator at 766-2489.

Adult school catalog mailed to all residents The Adult Continuing Education division of the Somerset County Technical Institute in Bridgewater has issued its comprehensive course offerings catalog listing all adult eveningschool programs for the 1978-79 school year. The catalog is distributed annually to all Somerset County residents. The 42-page catalog lists descriptions, schedules, fees and registration dates for all of the adult school’s vocational, technical and avocational pourses and programs. A mail-in registration form is provided. The adult school conducts 16 vocational and technical programs offering certification of completion, as



well as 28 one-semester nonprogram avocational courses ranging from applied physics to cake decorating and gourmet cooking to medical assistants’ training. Certificate programs include air conditioning, auto body, beauty culture, office occupations, solar energy and legal secretarial training. A state-approved apprenticeship training programin any of the school’s technical programsis also available. Anyone interested in the ¯ adult evening school program or copies of the catalog should contact the Somerset County Technical Institute, Adult Continuing Education Division, at 526-8900.




V 1

I)o you lead a pushbutton life? Do you preprogram your every act and move, destroying the sponteneity from your daily activities? "The pushbutton life" is a phrase that jumped out at me the other day, shortly after l purchased a new car radio. MYOLD CARRADIOwas equipped with five pushbuttons that could be preprogrammedto five different radio stations of your ownchoosing. Shortly after I purchased the car four years ago I had set the buttons on my five favorite stations. Therethey stayed all those years. Theonly time I’d ever listen to a new station was whenI would turn a corner and the FM-AFCwould lock in on some religious program from Zarephath, blasting my ownchoice off the dial. My new car radio has no pushbuttons. If you want to change from one station to another you have to spin the tuner by hand and search out each



hy Stuart CrumpJr. The Packet Group

in the small pieces of cancer puzzle

Cancer research takes many forms in laboratories around the world. Dr. Evelyn Witkin, a Rutgers University geneticist, is deeply involved in the international cancer research effort, although her work is with bacteria. "The overall problem I’m concerned with is how cells respond to damagein their genetic material, or DNA,"said Dr. Witkin, a professor of biological sciences at Douglass College, the State .University’s women’scollege. "Weare all exposed daily to radiation and chemicals that can cause such damage." DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules carry theogenetic code, the code by which inherited characteristics are handed from generation to generation.

responsible for all radiation-induced mutations detectable in the bacteria we work with. "Once a mistake or mutation gets into the DNA,all the DNAmade from it from then on will have the same mutation. Some mutations are relatively harmless, but others may cause serious defects or diseases. There is considerable evidence that mutations in various body cells may contribute to the origin of cancer." The distress signal that activates the SOSsystem also activates latent viruses that normally cause no damage to the host cell. For many years, Dr. Witkin said, there were two opposing theories of the causes of cancer -- the cell mutation theory and the virus theory.

A PIONEERin the study of DNA repair, Dr. Witkin has focused her research on understanding how bacterial genes, damaged by radiation, repair themselves and how mistakes in the repair process sometimes lead to mutations. Since there is a correlation of at least 90 percent between agents that cause cancer in mammalsand agents that cause mutations in baderia, she believes the results of her experiments may well have a significant impact upon human cancer research. "I believe that we cannot understand cancer until we understand the controls that govern genes and mutations," said Dr. Witkin, who was elected last year to the National Academyof Sciences in recognition of her distinguished career in research. "In my laboratory we work with bacteria, because of the ease of handling large populations and the speed of getting results and the sophisticated genetics that we can do with bacterial cells," she said. "But we do feel that what we learn is relevant to mammaliancells and to humancells, and our ultimate goal is to understand how damageto genetic material is related to cancer. "Wenex;er assume that what is true of bacteria is necessarily true of human cells, but we do know that genes are chemically very similar in all forms of life. Other scientists are nowtrying to duplicate in humancells what we are doing here in bacteria." By means of ultraviolet light, Dr. Witkin and her student assistants induce molecular damagein the genes of bacterial cells. Her workcenters on the enzyme systems that operate to repair the damaged DNAand enable the cells to survive.

HER DISCOVERYthat the same signal activates both SOSrepair and certain dormant viruses suggests the theories might not be contradictory =-that either cell mutation or viruses or both may cause the onset of cancer, and the commonsignal is related to severe DNAdamage. Her findings are presently being translated into work with humancells by scientists in other laboratories around the world, who have now reported some evidence for an SOSlike response in humancells. "I’m-working very closely with several groups who are directly dealing with cancer in humancells," she said. "It’s really been a rather fruitful collaboration. Whenwe find

THREE DIFFERENT types of enzyme repair systems, commonto bacteria and man, were identified by scientists in the late 1960s.In 1972Dr. Witkin discovered the existence of a fourth repair mechanism, which is now known as the "SOS" repair system, because it is. activated by a chemical distress signal from badly damaged DNA. The SOS mechanism, which is dormant in healthy cells, appears to be a system of last resort, activated when damage is too severe to be repaired by the other three systems But unlike the ~)ther systems, whicia repair the damaged DNAaccurately, the SOS mechanism makes many genetic mistakes in its repair work and is referred to as "error prone." Each mistake is a mutation -- a permanent change in the composition of a gene. "SOS repair is a mutagenic repair mechanism," said Dr. Witkin. "We have found that SOS repair is

out new things about how the SOS system works in bacteria, we pass the information along, which generates ideas for experiments at their level. "One interesting aspect about the way we’re operating is its international quality. I deal most frequently with a group of about six laboratories scattered around the world, whereworkof this kind is going on very intensively. "Weare usually in very close touch, sometimes by telephone, and at frequent meetings. It’s a very cooperative spirit, not at all like the competitive feeling you sometimes hear about in science, and it’s been a great deal of fun for that reason." In her own laboratory, she plans to concentrate on determining in great detail how the SOS system is controlled. She feels that any real advance in understanding gene regulation -- howgenes are turned off or on -- is relevant to the problemof what goes wrong in cancer. "Gene regulation in higher organisms is something we really knowvery little about," she said. "I am concentrating on understanding the regulation of the SOSsystem in bacteria, partly for its ownsake, but very muchmore so because I think it’s going to tell us something important about how regulation works in higher organisms. "It’s generally believed that what has gone wrong in cancer is gene regulation. Genes that control cell division, which should be turned off,

somehowget turned on, and the result is a runaway cell division that has escaped the usual normal control." DR. WITK1N.who has held a grant from the National Institutes of Health for the past 23 years, began her research at the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, and continued ~t the Downstate Medical Center of the State University of NewYork. She joined the Douglass faculty in 1971. She credits her husband, a psychologist, with supporting her career throughout their marriage. "He takes my work as seriously as he takes his own," she said. "He commutedfour hours a day for 10 years so I could keep my job." She worked part-time for many years while their two sons were small. Oneson is nowa physician, the other a graduate student in psychology. Last spring Dr. Witkin was elected to the American Academyof Arts and Sciences, and the .previous December she was awarded the Prix CharlesLeopold Mayer, the major prize in biology conferred by the Academyof Sciences of the Institute of France, for her work on DNArepair and its role in mutation. Of her collaboration with colleagues around the world, she said, "We all have pieces of the big puzzle that we try to fit together. "It’s beginningto place, but it will take a while to see the whole picture."

station caretully. Something struck me the other day while I wasfiddling aroundlooking for one of those five stations. I turned to what I thought was WPOT (naturally, I’ve changedthe call sign) and listed to it for five or l0 minutes. Then the announcer said, "This is WPAN." "That’s strange," I said to myself. "I never heard that station before." It wasinteresting so I listened for a while and discovered I like WPAN much better than WPOT. GRADUALLY TIlE lesson dawned on me. (I’m very slow at grasping morals.) I’d been letting decisions which I had made over four years ago . control me, even though I had changed. I had not allowed myself to step out of the preprogrammed, pushbutton mold and try something new. I’d felt very comfortable with nay preset ways and had never questioned them, much less madeany effort to change them. Whenan important lesson like that one hits you, you can’t help but attempt to stretch it into a full column, especially in a weekwhenthe columnidea factory is running in low gear. ALLRIGIlT, think about this one. Thenewseason is just about to start in the wonderfulworld of television. How many of the new shows will be any better or worse than the bombsthat have survived four, five or more years? They’ll be about the same, right? Well, how manyof the new shows will die before they’re four months old while equally idiotic shows that have survived for a half-decade continue to bubble on, attracting kamakazee viewers? People will continue with the old junk, overlooking the new, simply because to get up and change the channel and break a familiar pattern is a very painful process. Then there’s the case of a guy who has eaten Raisin Bran for breakfast every day for 40 years. He’ll never change. ASK ANY SMOKERwhy he continues to blacken his lungs when he knowshe really ought to be quitting? Habit. Andthen there’s this habit I have of always waiting until the absolute last minute before I knock out my column for the week. Gotta reprogram those pushbuttons.

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I he Franklin NEWS RECORD

Thursday, September 7, 1978

To the Editor: I was so happy to read in the "Franklin News-Record" that Frieda Warner is a candidate for the at-large seat on the Franklin Council in the Novemberelection. Myassociation with Frieda goes back m~ny years involving numerous community projects. Not only was she a tireless worker, but an enthusiastic one as well. This enthusiasm and her cheerful disposition made working with her a joy. As a resident of Franklin Township for more than 60 years, I can think of no better person to represent all of the people of our community. Helen Finch Grouser Road East Millstone

Flagg attacks Schnatterfor Cutler ’no’ vote To the Editor: Would you believe that a manwho admits to no political background on his first important vote in council cost this township more than $11,000? Andrew Schnatter, the newly appointed Republican member of the council, did just that on his first night as a councilman, when he voted not to appeal the legal fees in the Stanley Cutler case. In his deciding vote not to appeal he has taken away the chance for the residents of Franklin to finish this case once and for all in the courts where it belongs. After several years in the courts, and at a cost of many township tax dollars, Mr. Diamond, the council appointed attorney in the case, felt so strongly about the appeal that he stated he would

not charge anything for handling the case in court including if necessary any appeal. But Mr. Schnatter in his vote not to appeal shows me not only what seemsto be a lack of knowledge in the case, but a willingness to lose tax dollars. I am also surprised at

Mayor Durand and Councilman Merrier who, after their votes to appeal the Cutler bill for bonding and the costs until now, should stop now when it will not cost any more legal fees to appeal. I hope the council will reconsider it’s vote and change it to finish this case

Crime Prevention Bureau

for all time, and that Mr. Schnatter will also changehis vote so as not to make the taxpayers of Franklin the The Somerset-Sussex Legal loser. Services program with offices Somerset and Sussex Fred Flagg in Counties has selected a new Independentcandidate director of legal affairs. for Franklin Township Thenew director is Alberta councilman-at-large T, Foster, a 1973 graduate of Rutgers Law School, Newark. Ms. Foster takes over the directorship from S. Michael Namiaswho left the program in June.

Confront a burglar only as a last resort This is another in a series of articles prepared by the Franklin Township Police Department Crime Prevention Bureaufor Chief Pfeiffer as a public service to the residents of Franklin. Don’t go looking for confrontation with a burglar. If you come hometo find a door or windowunexpectedly open, don’t go in. Instead go quickly to a nearby homeand phone the police. If you see or hear a prowler in or around your homedon’t investigate yourself. Call the police. Meanwhile keep quiet and keep the lights off. In our communitya patrol car can reach your home in three or four minutes. Expect the police to come silently, they will be trying to cut off the intruders escape. But despite whatever precautions you might take, a situation may arise where you find yourself face to face with a burgla’. If you think about such a situation, and are aware of a few simple steps, you may save yourself or your family from serious injury. ¯ Expect that the burglar will be in a frightened state of mind, perhaps desperate. A scream maycause him to flee, but if he is armed it mayalso cause him to attack. Unless you are far enough away to have an excellent chance to escape, stand motionless. ¯ As calmly as possible say,

"Tell me what you want and I will give it to you." ¯ Never struggle with a burglar unless you are clearly in danger of serious physical harm. If you are forced to defend yourself, scream, kick or use a nearby object as a bludgeon and continue screaming throughout the struggle. But never struggle with a burglar unless it is clearly the last and only course of action.

¯ Study the burglar and try to remember what he looks like. Howtall? What color hair, eyes and clothing? How did he talk? What did he say? Seek out identifiable characteristics and remember them for the police. For further information and a free home security survey call Sgt. William Ciampa of the Crime Prevention Bureau at 297-2383.




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The program offers a wide range of legal services to county residents who are unable to afford private legal assistance. II


evenings for six consecutive J NEW BRUNSWICK-- St. Peter’s Medical Center is weeks. presenting its sixth Lost A. Topics covered at the U Spouse session beginning in meetings will include: exmid-September, periencing loneliness, money The purpose of this very and home management, popular program, which was helping children understand initiated in 1976, is to provide and cope with death, support and guidance to those relationships with family and who have experienced the friends and employment. death of a husband or wife. Other topics for discussion will Leading the group, which is be chosen by the group. limited in size to about 10 Anyone interested in parmembers, is Anne Graham, a ticipating in the program may widow and social worker who reserve a space by calling 745has conducted similar 8522. programs at Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County. Sponsored by the Medical GOT AN IDEA Center’s Social Service Department and the United FOR A PHOTO? Way of Central New Jersey, CALL US NOW. the meetings are held in the

C~rJb3rlco21or Y u

Ms. Foster has been a staff attorney, managing attorney and office director with the program in its Franklin Township office during the past five years.


St. Peter’s to host ’Lost A Spouse’ series


Needa newcar? Checkthe Classifiedpages.

Foster takes reins at Legal Services

letters to the editor Warnercalled tireless and enthusiastic


NJ 08835

Thurs gr . 9 t=l 9



Thursday,September 7, 1978

THE POLISHALL-STARSaccompanydancers at last Sunday’s polka iamboree at the Polish Falcon Campin Hillsborough. The band camefrom Pennsylvania, but the

party-goers camefrom all over the Mid-Atlantic area to celebrate FalconDay.


.. ,

, . . .~.~, ~,~.’.~N~.~.g.,..:~:..L-:-~: ..................


THE ETHNICPRIDE extends also to the very young as the T-shirts of Steve Dabrowski, 3, left, and Mark Dabrowski, 4, indicate. The brothers are from Dunellen.

Polkas, polkas at Falcon gala f Americans of Polish extraction gathered at the Falcon Camp in -the Labor Day weekend for the second annual polka


jamboree. Morethan 1,000 personsattendedSaturday’sopeningevents and lesser crowdson SundayandMonday. Bands from Pittsburgh and St. Clair, Pa., in entertaining for dancing and listening.



~ "

and Baltimore took turns A mass was sung Sunday

morning at the pavilion. Theeventwassponsored by the PolishFalconsof District 1. Stanley Jasinski of Hillsborough is president.


THELEADERS of Sunday’s celebration were, from left, Martha Piskaldo, chairperson; Stan Lebenski, campmanager; Irene Makowski, treasurer; WandaKrA POLISHDANCE,learned in one’s youth, can provide as much fun in later years. Chet Colby, 74, of Waterford, Conn., takes a turn on the dancefloor with HelenShelnutt, Oceanport.

zyston, director, andEd Kurzec,vice president.

I he frdnklinNEWS-RECORD

Thursday, September 7, 1978

Fit and Trim Club " o fie rs unique exe rci ses The Fit and Trim Club sponsored by the Franklin Township Parks and Recreation Department offers something new for area adults interested in a unique exercise program. Lee DeGennaro,coordinator and instructor of the club, has programmed the sessions to include one and a half hours of fun, exercise and relaxation. Ms. DeGennaro has had experience working for leading figuresalons for the past three years and comes to Franklin with her expertise to provide an activity you are sure to enjoy. The Phillips Community Center, 3101 Route 27, Franklin Park, is the location for the Fit and Trim Club. A wall to wall matted area will be used for the exercise surface and an expansive outdoor area is available for additional activities. Activities will include slimnastic stretching, dance exercise, vigorous LeeDeGennaro, coordinator andinstructor of the Fit and Trim calisthenics, partner exerClub sponsoredby the Franklin TownshipParks andRecreation cises, relaxation activities, Department, instructs Madeline Bruno in correct body yoga, facial exercises, jogging positioningto achievethe mostbenefit fromthe specific exercise and fast paced walking. Inat the Phillips Community Centerin Franklin Park. dividual exercise programs will also be given. In addition to exercise, nutrition guidance will be

available and weight and measurement records will be maintained. Comfortable clothing is suggested and foot covering is required for indoor activity and sneakers are recommendedfor outdoor activities. The Fit and Trim Club is a year roundactivity that will be held from 7-8:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beginning Sept. 18. A registration fee of $10for 10 weeks is required or you mayattend by the session at $1 per session. Advanced registration is currently being accepted at the recreation office or you

"Beginnerstyping class is added to fall session

To be taught by Anita Green, the 10-week class will meet Tuesdays from 4-5:30 p.m. in Franklin High School Room 329 starting on Oct. 10. Tuition for the course is $22 plus a $2 registration fee.

The Franklin Township. Adult and Community Education Programis offering an additional afternoon program as part of its fall ’ session. Typing for beginners will provide registrants with the basics of the touch system of typewriting. Participants will learnthe keyboard, tabulation and the proper form for both personal and business letters,


Townshipresidents wishing to register for the class maydo so at the high school on Francis Street on Sept. 18-21 between 4-8 p.m.

M.ED., ED.D.


GRAND OPENING SALE Through Sept.30 at the new

CONSOLATA MISSION CENTER RELIGIOUS GIFT SHOP Rt. 27 (5 Mi. So. of NewBrunswick) SUPER SAVINGS ON STEREO LP ALBUMS Large assortment of Christian booksand BIBLES.

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Group plans Sept. 24 Tay-Sachs screening

Library plans fall storytimes

II a.m., and Wednesdays I - 1:30 p.m. Storytime al Franklin Park Branchl,ibr~, Thefall series of storytimes be held on Tuesdaysfroz, always dies, usually between at the Franklin Township will 1 - 1:30 p.m. effort to identify those couples 3-5 years of age. Public Library will begit~ the Registration may be made who are normal but who may A team of physicians and weekof Oct. 9 and mnfor eight beginning Sept. 2,5 by stopping mayregister on the first night be carriers of the rare, but technicians from the New weeks. by the library between the you attend. Jersey Medical School will always fatal, Toy-Sachs One-half hour sessions for hours of 10 a.nt. - 5 p.m. For further information, call disease, a community conduct the screening children ages 3t b-5 will be held 297-7330. screening program will be procedure, whieh involves a on Tuesdays from 10:30 - ll Mondaythrough Friday or by held on Sunday, Sept. 24, from relatively simple and painless a.m. Wednesdaysfrom 10:30 - calling the library at 545-8032 during the same hours. 1:30-7:30 p.m. at the Hillel blood test. Once those couples who are Building on the Rutgers Campus opposite Sears rear carriers are identified, they REBEKAHLODGE will learn about a new parking lot. PLANS RUMMAGESALE Tay-Sachs is a degenerative technique of identifying the I, EAST MILLSTONE-- The genetic disease that most often disease in a fetus, so that the Lady Wessells Rebekah occurs in Jewish couples. One trauma of being parents of a Lodge, a branch of the In- out of 30 Jews are carriers of Tay-Sachs child will be North Branch Park, Bridgewater dependent Order of Odd the Toy-Sachs gene. The eliminated. A voluntary contribution of Fellows (IOOF) is sponsoring disease strikes babies of $7.50 for each person tested is a RummageSale at the IOOF normal but carrier parents English-Western Hall on Welsh’s Lane on during the first few months of requested in order to defray some of the expenses. Thursday, Sept. 14 from 6-8 life. It destroys nerve cells and However, no one will be p.m. The public is invited to refused testing because of manifests itself through attend the sale which will inability to make this conSomerset County Horse & Pony Assoc. muscle weakness, blindness benefit the non-profit I tribution. and paralysis. The child J organization.

FALL HORSE SHOW Sunday,Sept¯ 10

Starting 8:30 A.M.


Thursday, September 7, 1978

SuburbanTransit Corp. seeks 6 percent fare hike Suburban Transit Corp. has ¯ fileda tariff with allInterstate Commerce Commission

i( ili

Further information as to the proposed increase, including the carrier’s statement of justification percent in all existing fares thereof, will be on file at the raised when necessary to regional and district offices of make the fare end in "0" or the commission in each state iii:!:.; "5" proposing increases of 6 served by the carrier and effective Oct. 1. The bus company maintains affected by the proposal, and the fare increases are at this carrier’s stations, necessary due to increased agencies, or offices where costs for wages, employee tickets are sold and tariffs benefits, materials, supplies, containing the proposed increases are required to be posted, and at its general office at 750 SomersetSt., New Brunswick. A copy of the carrier’s proposal and statement of justification has been mailed to the governor and the state’s "AT GRANETZPLAZA" regulatory agency responsible for such matters, and to U.S. HWY. 206 SOUTH - SOMERVILLE county transportation agenONE OFTHE cies where existent; in states LARGESTSELECTIONSOF and counties served by the carrier and affected by the NURSERY 8, JUVENILEFURNITURE IN N.J. proposal. [FreeDeliver~ g SetUp1 Under the law, any interested person mayprotest to Daily10-5:30 the commission and request Men.,Thurs., Fri. Eves. til 8:30 suspension of the increased fares. The commission’s rules MILL on WestonCausewayat the Millstone River require that one copy of the THEWESTON protest shall be filed at its in Franklin Townshipwasthe sceneof muchhistory during its office in Washington, D.C. at least 12 days before the effective date of the increased fares and should indicate in what respect the fares are considered objectionable. The rules also require that a copy of the protest be by WC Ricker between 1700-1740 by Henry simultaneously mailed to the Schenck. NewBrunswick office. The Weston Mill, which was OnJan. 20, 1977, 600 British built approximately 1740, is a soldiers raided the mill and landmark in Franklin Town- surrounding area for food, but Chandeliers’i Uniqul Designs ship on the Millstone River at were repulsed after heavy the Weston Causeway. fighting by 400 N.J. militiamen ¯ Despite its age it is still in under General Dickinson. Order Earl,,’ for Christmas amazingly good shape British losses were 48 loaded structurally. wagons,104 horses, 118 head of M’S STAINED GLASS STUDIO Studio Hours SOMERVILLE It consists of three above- cattle, 70 sheep and 35 men. The Thurs12-9 ground floors, each supported Somerset Medical Center Retail Outlet - Packard’s ....... The property is now owned oat,10-5 / blood bank reports the by yellow pine and oak beams, by Wilber Smith, a lifelong " 103Rt.206S. following activity during the and columns nine feet high. resident of the area. ^~/~ 722-2591 BIdg¯#1 722-5u~ past two weeks: (Car. Brooke Blvd.) Below this is a basement and (This column is a public --146 donors were processed. wheel pit where an early 1 service of the Somerset pints of blood were used example of a turbine mill County Historical Society, Box Campier,, Line of DiscountedPrices by--92 Stock up early patients. wheel was housed. The whole 917, Somerville, 08876.) Macrame Supplies onLucite! Anyone interested in structure, execpt for recent on becoming a blood donor may repairs, is held together with it fl d Stocking Stuffers ¯ Giftware contact [he Medical Center at mortise and tenon joints, Ceramic Pots for the kids I. 725-4000,ext. 320 to set up an fastened by oak treenails. ¯ Serving Pieces ut discounted prices: appointment. The blood bank Although early records are ¯ Magazine Racks Over 2000 items htqtlirP ill)olll is open Monday, Tuesday, lost due to Colonel Simcoe’s (,llr ~,l;11’ri|lltp ( :lass{’s ( Balhtoom accessories Thursday and Friday from 4- raid on Millstone courthouse in 6:30 p.m. and on Wednesday October, 1779, the mill was carl be ordered) MACRAME DESIGNS! from 1-3:30 p.m. believed to have been built PISCATAWAY -The and SUPPLIES Friends of East Jersey Olde THELUCITE SHOPPE Townepresents its sixth anBIdg¯ #I BIdg¯#6 Bldg. 86 .4, nual Chefs Series and Cooks’ I I 4. Tour, to be held on September .4, See Marge & Norm Hats To Fit 41. 8, 14, 22 and 29 at 10 a.m. at .4, East Jersey Olde Towneis a 4, All Occasions Sunday .4, non-profit organization which is restructuring a museum lh)ly I:u(:harist 7:30a¯m. (Book of Common Prayer) ¯ SummerE~ Dress Straws village in Johnson Park, Route .4, t"amily t’ucharist 9:00 a.m. .4, 18 and Hoes Lane. There will ¯ Western Look Church School and :kduIt t"onims I 0:00 a.m. .4, THE HOMEOF $5 SLACKS "You Have the Head.. .4, be 20 buildings formingan 18th lIoly Eucharist1 l :l 5 a.m. .4, Century village of Central .4, Featuring We Have the Hat" .4, East Jersey, with one of each Nhmclav¯ tm¯()ugh Friday¯ .4, of the essential buildings in SUITS -- SHIRTS-- SLACKS Ill)Iv l’:ucharist 5:30 p.m. .4, such a village. Ten of the 20 .4, buildings are now on the site A T DISCOUNT PRICES ALL,’-;(~ir~ts’ Ro(~(b, Pr,~ir~(:(;tc)r~ and in various stages of Bldcl. #6 Bldg. #3 4. completion. +,I,÷,H,,H,,I,4. ,I,,I, + + ++ 4,+÷ ,I. 4, ÷ .I,+ ÷÷ + ÷+ ÷+÷+4,,I-1,4,4-H, ÷ The first ofthe four sessions will be Friday, Sept. 8 at the Public Service Electric & Gas Kitchen, 104 Watheung Ave., Plainfield. The guest chef will be Maria Reading, the Home


items. Suburban’s last fare increase was Oct. 31, 1977. Suburban has posted notice of the proposed increases in fares in accordance with the regulations of the Interstate Commerce Commission. The proposed6 percent hike effects all interstate passenger fares between points in Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, and Monmouth counties, New Jersey on the one hand, and,

’,L :q









approximately 240-year history. It is now ownedby Wilbur Smith,


The Weston Mill





U.S. & Foreign

COINS Purchased& Sold Free Appraisals


blood count

green thumbprints


by Judy Cohen Cedar WoodWoman’sClub. This year, take a tip from the experts and do some fall feeding. People have been discouraged from applying fertilizers to trees and shrubs in the fall or early winter because it was felt that the plant would produce soft growth that could be injured during the winter. Whenplants are fertilized in early winter the nutrients

ChefSeries to benefit local restorationvillage





have an excellent chance of being worked downto the root zone through natural freezing and thawing of the soil. Then, in very early spring, the plant will have all the necessary elements necessary for its first growth again. Finally, don’t forget the lawn areas. This is the most important feeding of the year. Grass plants are in active growth. Fall feeding will make certain that there is a supply of nutrients available throughout the garden in very early spring for the first burst of growth, which often happens before we are able to put on a spring applica tion of plant food. Fertilizing in mid-to-late fall, before the groundfreezes hard, will provide nutrients for use in early Spring when active growth begins.

Service Advisor for PSE&G. "The Food Processor & Microwave Ovens" will be featured. Recipes will he given Hint Of The Month:Place a for these two new types of piece of absorbent cotton or appliances. sponge in the drainage opening of a flower pot to Mrs. Reading, a native of prevent the soil from seeping Pennsylvania, graduated from through when the plant is Penn Slate University with a watered.This will also act as a B.S. in homeeconomics. She is wick by absorbing the water, currently the HomeService thereby keeping the plant Advisor for PSE&Gin the moist for a longer period of Plainfield and Bound Brook time. areas. An active member of [he Plainfield Chamber of BOOKSALE Commerce, she resides in Belle Mead. The Somerville Free Public Library, 35 West End Ave., The series is open to the Somerville, will hold a book public and is held to raise sale outside on Wednesday, funds for East Jersey Olde Sept. 13 from 9 to 4:30 p.m. Towne. For further inBooks to be sold are largely formation, write East Jersey gifts to the library which 01de Towne, Box 431, New cannot be used in the collecBrunswick, 08903, or call tion. Prices are unbelievably Marjorie Kler at 356-1457. low. Rain date Thursday.

The Adventures of Jeannette (Getting Readyfor Backto School)

ByJoe Locke HOUSE PLANTS: House plants enjoy renewedinterest by homegardeners brought insideby shorterevenlgns and cooler weather.MosthouBe plants are subtropical or tropical varietiesof plants either grown In local greenhouses or shipped here fromsoutherngrowers where they mayeven be grown outdoors yearround.In either case these plants mustbe "aclamated"to your home. That is they mustbe conditionedgradually to survive in an environment generally darkeranddryerthaneither the greenhouse or subtropical nursery.


Y,’//%q¢, ,..1i¢~,~~,’,,,~ YorkRoad, Rt. 529 2 mLso. of the|lght In Hlghtstown

I wantto try that Dresson, andthat Dressandthat Dress... Watch for

I’ve decided .... I’ll takethem all! the further She’ll



of Jeannette.

our new Junior We’re ready for

See her look at Dresses,~Slax,

Department Fall.

and our Student



Hightstown, N.J. 08520 CHRYSANTHEMUM:ChqcHnthemums date back as faa as 550B.C. whenthey were usedextensively In ChineseGardent. Properselection of varieties can give you bloomfrom early August through November.Manyvarieties can bloom ever~ In temperatures as low as 27 degreesF.

OpenMonday thru Saturday 5:00P.M. Open Fridaytill 7:00P.M. Open 4 P.M.

How about you?

~’en ~










Mon.-Sat. 9-5:30 (609) 924-3413

Late tummer ralnl and humidity promote fungusdeterioration of leaves on manyplants¯ The application of a fungicideQt tenday[nter~all until the end O! Septembercan help maintain healthy foliage¯

140 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON e NEW J ERSEY 08540 Park Et Shop 609-924-1952 American Express ¯ Visa¯ MasterCharge Hours: 9 AM - 5:30 PM Mon.-Fri. 9 AM- 5:00 PM Sat.

.......... i St. Matthiascut.a-then ¯ to benefit world hunger

g J ~"~<"~’:"~,. " ~.E ~ ;~ ~-’i"’~ ~¯ ~: ~: ~; ": . :-. -., ,.- " :" ~,": .~-,,~ ,L..’¯ ,.~~k



! he Eranklin NEWSR[CORD

Thursday, September 7, 1978

The Social Concerns Committee of Saint Matthias Church is planning a cut-athen to benefit world hunger on Sunday, Sept. 10 in the school auditorium on JFK Boulevard. Professional hairstylists !~: from Glemby International and Village Plaza -- Unisex are donating their services. Appointmentsare available in ~’"~ advance, although many stylists are participating and everyone should be accomodated. The professional work will be done at $6 for a cut and $10 for a cut and style¯ All proceeds will be sent to the "> ~ ,~¢’,,+ " + ,~, : ’ CROP,Church World Services JOHNMEYERHOFER of GlembyInternational and Joe Sanchez il~lli~ +~ ~l ~ (~i,"~ .,~ ~:~ . ’. and Catholic Relief Services to of Village Plaza -- Unisexreviewplans for the cut-a-then with ~: I ~ll~l~l~ -~" ~- " support their programs in Ellen Langreth, Father Nevin Kennedyand Father Edward II, ~¯ fighting world hunger. Griswold¯ ~ + ,i~lc,’..~ ~ ,- . - t ,

Shulas graduate officer school

Clip and Save

Franklin Township school phone numbers In caseof questions regarding the FranklinTown~hlp public schoolsystembelowis a list of district schoolsandphone numbers. PhoneNumber

School/Principal FranklinHighSchool/M. LeeBlaustein

873-2400, ext. 230,1,2

Sampson G¯SmithIntermediateSchool/ WilliamHoward Conedy RoadSchool/Beulah Baker grades 4-6 ElizabethAvenue School/Ralph Conti gradesK-3 FranklinParkSchool/John Florkiewicz grades 4-6 Hillcrest School/Frank MacCambridge grades 4-6 KingstonScl~ol/John Florkiewicz gradesK-3 MacAfee RoadSchool/Thomas DelCastte gradesK-3 Middlebush School/Jack Pirone grades4-6 PineGroveManor School/George Dixon gradesK-3

873-2400, ext.260,1 873-2400. ext¯280 873-2400, ext. 288 873-2400, ext¯279

SAN ANTONIO Tex. -- Somerset. He is a 1966 TimothyS. and Jill L. Shulas, graduate of Franklin High a U.S. Air Force husbandand School, and received a B.S¯ wife team, have been com- degree in engineering in 1977 missioned second lieutenants from Rutger’s College of upon graduation from Officer Engineering, NewBrunswick. Training School at Lackland Jill, a computertechnology AFB, Tex. officer, is the daughterof Mr. The lieutenants, selected and Mrs. Harold A. Weedenof through competitive examinationfor attendance at 1008 17th Ave., West Belmar. the school, nowgo to Wrigbt- She is a 1973 graduateof Wall Township High School, and Patterson AFB,Ohio. Timothy, a developmental received a B.A. degree in 1977 engineer, is the son of Stanley from Kean College of New A. Shulas Sr. of 78 HenrySt., Jersey at Union.

873-2400, ext¯ 270,1 (609)921-6431 873-2400, ext¯283

Nowr. \

( Register

873-2400, ext. 286 713 I~t

~a ~t


873-2400, ext¯275,6


.,," * ......

"" , Reynolds leads volunteers ’ .... " in Breath ot Life" "drive"


S. Anthony Angelella

Paul Reynolds has been appointed Chairman of the 1978 Breath of Life Campaign in Franklin, it was announced today by President of the Greater NewJersey Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Dr. H. Karl Springob. NEWBRUNSWICK -- Carnegie Institute. Mr. Reynolds will lead Before joining First LeRoy R. Terry, President of volunteers in informing the Savings, he served as Vice First Savings and Loan public about cystic fibrosis Branch CoorAssociation in New Brun- President, swick, Edison, North Brun- dinator and Branch Manager and in raising funds for swick, Somerset and Cherry at Valley National Bank. He research and care of children Hill, has announced that S. brings more than 17 years of and youngadults afflicted with cyslic fibrosis, severe asthma, experience in Anthony Angelella of banking chronic bronchitis, bronoperations, branch adRingwood has been elected Senior Vice President at the ministration and coordination, claiectasis and other lungbusiness development and related diseases. savings and home financing Mr. Reynolds lives with his commercial credit and ininstitution, stallment lending to First Mr. Angelella attended Rutgers Univesity, Seton Hall Savings¯ Mr. Angelella res!des with University, the American Institute of Banking, the New his wife and their three children in Ringwood,and will Jersey Bankers Public Relations School and the Dale soon be relocating to Milltown.

. Angelella is elected First Savingsveep

Paula Gerber, Kathleen Rosenthal, Lynn Salzrnan and Judy Wickersham. Women interested in joining Cedar Woodare encouraged to attend this meeting. Two CWWCdepartments will also be holding their first meetings of the year. The Community Service Department is planning to visit the Shadyrest Homeon Hamilton Street after a short business meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the homeof Carol Oakley on Sept. 14. Guests are welcome. TheSeedlings will hold their meeting on Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. at the home of Judie Putt. Suzanne Hammer will demonstrate techniques in makingpotpourri and sachets.

Changirig residences is nothing new for mobile Americanfamilies. Statistics shov,, thai one family in five moves annually. ¯ ’Professional moving companiesexperlly handle the labor and logistics of transferring households," says Mrs. Carol Sellew, direclor of Communications and Consumer Affairs for United Van Lines. "’Bul most families trading addresses musl face the challenges of the ’settling in’ process. F.remost among lhese is lhe task of imparting a degree of family personality into a new residence -making Ihe house or apartnlent

Cenacle retreat set Sept. 15-17 HIGHLAND PARK -- A general retreat will be given at The Cenacle Retreat House, 411 River Rd., over the weekendof Sept. 15 - 17. Rev. John Pesce, C.P. will be conducting the weekend. Father Pesce, who is an experienced retreat master, is v.presently assigned to the Passionist Monastery in West Hartford, Conn. The program will include conferences and time for private prayer and reflection. ~ The weekend begins at 8 p.m. on Friday and will dose on Sunday at 4 p.m. For further information,call 249-8100.

a honle."

Mrs. Sellew suggests that the best way to approach the decorating chore is to determine what can be salvaged, what can be done quickly without a great deal of expense, and what will just have to wait. She advises makinga list of priorities and needs for each room. Perhaps the priority is Ihe addition of moreelectrical outlets. Or maybethe need is as simple as a fresh coat of painl in a newcolor. Here are some "thought starlers" to help you decorate your newresidence to give it your personality: ¯ Size up your room. How much space does it have and how do you want to use it? Next, Survey the furniture you’ll be using in the roomand Ihen work out the arrangement accurately on paper. Allow for natural Iraffic patterns and conversation groupings. ¯ Usethe things which have a special meaningto you -pictures, collectibles, art objects. Display them in a conservative or unusual manner. ¯ If you brought draperies or curtains from your old homeand they are too short, convert them to cafe curtains for an impressive window

Planners sought for April craft show and sale



3330 Highway 27, Kendall Park

201-297-6066or 29%9144 Children grow in a school that develops their confidence, creativity and love of learning. A six year record for leadership in early childhood education. (:urriculumdesigned for ages2-5 yearspre-schoolandkinderga~en. Physicaleducationdaily. Arts andcrafts, music supervised outdoorplay. Certified teachers.N.J. Stateap-’ proved. Full dayor half day,8 amto 5 pm.

Tw~.rBrtg Acr°batil~s thin Fairylat~d B y


or 249-655~] 3530Rt. 27

(near Kendall Park Shopping Cfr.)

Expert Instruction * Experienced Teachers* Member N.J. Dance Theatre Guild

-- Also At The Above Location --

"Tk. Dance BoutS.." at


KATHLEEN ACADEMY OF DANCE Carryinga complete-line of dancewearfor the dancer. ,/







rain date, Oct. 21) Let us help you do your FALL CLEANING by offering you spacefor your table on our Mall for a SUPER GARAGE SALE

The elegance of Wool--the comfort of Knit As only BLEYLE does it. Also available with street length andeveningskirts. Grey, Brick, Loden, Oatmeal,Navy.


only authentic junque NO DEALERS coupon




C/O Management Office Princeton, N.J. 08540

Kendall Park, N.J.


treatment. ¯ Freshly pairited walls can be accented with such ihirlgs as large-headed brass upholstery tacks, wallpaper borders, or fabric. Remember, just plain paint can produce a room Ihat’s ar~ything but "plain." ¯ Put plants wherever you’d like to see Ihem. Unusual or Iradilional displays of greenery can do woriders for Iransforming a drab room into something exciting. ¯ If your new homedoesn’t have a room labeled ¯’family room," create ()lie. Usethe basement,an extra bedroom, an ench)sed porch or anywherethere’s potential for family fun. United Van Lines has announced a colorful booklet called "It’s Your Move"with ninny helpful ideas for making a new house or apartment oersonally yours. Prepared for United by lhe publishers of Better Homes& Gardens, the booklet includes tips and suggestions, along with lots of color photographs, for decorating every room. "Your local United agent, Bohren’s, will be glad to make ’It’s Your Move’ available without charge to anyone," Mrs. Sellew said¯ "To request it, just call him at 452-2200."

space ~ NOW!~ L

Entry fee: $5.00 for 10-tt. space. Send to: Princeton Shopping Center

Classes for Tots * Teens * Adults

¯ Tap ¯ Ballet ¯ Toe ¯ Jazz ¯ Acrobatics ¯ Baton ¯ All boys acrobaticand tap classes ¯ Adult Dance Classes Beginner, Intermediate, and AdvancedLevels Studeiats perform regularly in many shows and have been namedwinners in manystate and national dance competitions. Director: Kathleen Cirioli Dance Major at the Boston Conservatory of Music, Drama, Dance. Memberof the NewJersey Dance Theatre Guild. For Information and Registration Call: 356-8811




Montessori’s Children’s House

Classes for all ages andabilities Syllabus Method


According lo Mrs. Sellew, establishing a personality is nlosl easily accomplished through decorating -- blending family possessions into new surroundings. But she warns thai superimposing ilidividualily over the remnanls of lhe previous oecupanl’s tastes can present problems. For example, room colors may not be compatible with structional workshops on the furniture. Windowtreatments young child for parents and may not be complementary wilh anything. The others who work with preschoolers, using people. "inherited" carpeting may be who are knowledgeable in the unacceptable for your family’s fields of child development lifestyle. and early childhood education¯ Registration for the fall series of parent-child workshops may be made by speaking with Chris Wallace at the ).~brary from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondaythrough Friday beginning Sept. 25. A session for parents and TheFranklin ArtsCouncil children aged 2 1/2-3 1/2 will be held on Thursday mornings and the Hamilton Street Merchant’s Association are from 10-11:30 a.m.P.arents and children aged 3 1/2-4 1/2 planninga CraftShow and April23, mayregister for the afternoon SaleforSaturday, session to be held Thursdays 1979. from 1-2:30 p.m. Both sessions will begin Oct. 12, and run for Anyonewishing to help plan the activities for the day or six weeks. Teachers and others who wanting information about work with young children are exhibiting should write the also welcome to register for Franklin Arts Council, Box22, either of the above workshops. Middlebush, 08873.

Library opensrolls for PEPparticipants The Franklin Township Public Library has received a mini-grant from the state of NewJersey fora project in the field of early childhood education. This Preschool Education Project (PEP) will provide for a collection of materials -books, recordings, filmstrips, cassettes, toys, games and puzzles -- for children aged five and below, which will enable them to further their leart~ing experiences and aid in their mental, emotional, intellectual and physical growth prior to their entrance into kindergarten. Materials about young children, their development and how to work effectively with them will also be included. In addition, this project will provide for a series of informational and/or in-

helped with Ihe research made possible through monies raised," stated Dr. Springob. "In its relatively short history the work of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has increased the average life-span of sufferers to the late teens and increasing numbers are reaching adulthood each year with improved therapy and constant research in a nationally directed program," he commented¯ The Breath of Life Campaign is an effort to educate the public in order that such strides in improvement may continue.

Booklet offers ideas for making house home

CWWCto hear fall gift idea talk The Cedar Wood Woman’s Club will open it’s club year with it’s general meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 8:30 p.m. at Conerly Road School. President of Cedar Wood, Anne Welbywill preside over the business portion of the meeting. The program for the evening is being sponsored by the garden department. It will be "Fall and Christmas Ideas to Make and Give" presented by Stella Kurey, the proprietor of Craftique of Chester. She will be demonstrating flower arranging designs with her specially in assorted craftwork. Hospitality chairwoman Joan Woodhullwill be assisted by hostesses Kathy DeAngelis,

wife, Doris, and their two children in New Brunswick, and is very active in his community. He enjoys his calling of teaching and is highly involved in education in its manyforms. Cystic Fibrosis is a presently incurable inherited disease and it is estimated that one out of every 20 persons, on Ihe average, may be an unknowing carrier of the recessive gene for Cystic Fibrosis. "Most people do not realize there are millions of children and young adults with lungdamaging diseases who can be

Questioning and Discovering is half the fun at

of Dance

.~ )1





e lfti!tli ,l! hop NassaLi Street Princeton i#~Y

Name Address Phone Checke must accompany appltcatton. Make checks payable to Princeton Shopping Center, MerchantsAssociation







LANG’S s,, SPORT ,,,





Thursday,Sept. 7th - 12 noonto 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8th - 12 noonto 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 9th - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: See MapBelow 1600 N. OldenAve. Trenton, N.J.

SKI SALE Save up to


$100 REG. $I 20.00 185.00 120.00 165.00 195.00 200.00 210.00 170.00 190.00 198.00

Fischer Comet Fischer Futura Extreme Rossignol 404 Head Star Fischer Cut 70 Noir Fischer C4 Racing Fischer C4 Comp Olin Mark IM Olin Mark III Hexcel Bluelite Hexcel Hexcelerator (1 pair 185 cm.) Hexcel Comp Hexcel Sundance Hexcel Super Comp Hexcel Primer Cord

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Hexcel Invitation skis Salomon 444 bindings Barrecrafter Freestyle poles Installation & release check reg .......................... SALE PRICE................... Save .......................... NO.



K2 Spider J Fischer BumpBusters Sarner Hop Fischer C4 Racing Jr. Rossignol Team Rossignol Freestyle J Rossignol ST CompJ r.

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POLES Kerma Riva Kerma Freestyle Barre crafter AP-45 Barrecrafter AP-55 Barrecrafter AP-65 Scott MEF-1




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lhe Franklin NEWSRECORD

Thursday, September 7, 1978





John Bucalo’s


TOYOTA For The Best Toyota Deal Flemlngton Routes 202 and 31 (201)


½ ME. South of Flemlngton


10% DISCOUNT onService,Parts and Body Work with this ad L .......


Ports Dept. open 8-5 deity

people to enter and enjoy a sense of enclosure." His work is displayed throughout the NewYork City area and in the Teheran Museumof Contemporary Art, Teheran, Iran. He is presently designing sculptures for an abandoned island on the Upper East River off Manhattan and the State Capital in Columbus, Ohio. On Sept. 8, in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Valinski’s environmental sculpture, the Judith Scott Dance Theatre from New York City will perform a dance choreographedto fit the place in whichit is being performed. The world of Judith Scott is a total experience of sound and movementwhich releases the natural voice and frees the body to communicatewith the surrounding environment. This September performance is part of the More Streets for People series planned by New Brunswick Tomorrowin cooperation with the Cultural and Heritage Commission to enhance the downtown lunchtime atmosphere. The sculpture installation. furthers a continuing program by the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission to place art in public places. Like the murals in Piscataway, Spotswood, and on Route 18, George, and Albany Streets in New Brunswick, the art work is placed so as to provide visual enjoyment for the greatest number of people.

M, ....................... $69S

1974 TOYOTA CORONA DELUXE 4-D00R M,, ................. $239S

Cyl., S-S~*~lnull Trent, Manuel $~¢1n9 end 6rlkes, aM/FMRed,o,

,,,~MI .......... $3395

+7$ TOYOTaCOROLLA SR.$ Spl. ~J--Yellow,~-C+¥1I., $SPtedN~InUllTries., Manuel Steering end Brakes,AM/FM CasJetle,$],000

...................... $2795

Sept.16 Oct.2, 3 Oct.11 Nov.1 Nov.3 Nov.10 Nov.18 Nov.19 Nov.22 Nov.27 Dec.12 Dec.14-16 Dec.16 Dec.20 Dec.26-29 Jan.3 Jan.29 Feb.16 Feb.19

’75 ~’OYOTA HI-Lux II-Ten PickupTruck, 4.Cyl., AutOrn~ttc, Mlnull Steeringin~ Brekill, AMRadio, MIg. ’/0 VWSquare.okStell~n Wl~ on. 4.CyI., 4-Spa44Mlnull Tries., ~nuelSl~rlmrm~ lln4 Brilkes, RoofRick, ~Ri(lle, Pec.AIrCond.

,,.~M,......... $1 ~95 ’71 VWFestbilck, 4 Cyl., 4

speedManuelTriter., Man. uel Stearin9endBrikill, AM. Redlo, 69,000 4k i ~l M~................. ql l dlY=l ,MI VWBUG,4 CyI., 4‘$p~<1 MIn~l Trnnt,, Manu~1511mrll~ I

’~,...................... $695

POLICE EXAMS THE HILLSBOROUGHTOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES An examination for the posi~on of Police Of. ricer in the Hillsborough Township Police Department for individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 whomeat the following qualifications: ¯ Reaident of the State of NewJanmy ¯ High School graduate or equivalent ¯ Height proportionate to weight ¯ Goodphysical condition free of defects with a minimumof 20-40 vision without glasses and correctable to 20-20 with glasses ¯ Good moral character and temperment The examination will consist of the following: ¯ Written Examination . Physical Agility ¯ Paychological Examination ¯ Character Investigation ¯ Oral Examination , Physical Examination Each candidate must pass each phase of the examination prior to going to the next phase of the examination. In order to be a auccessful candidate for the position, the individual must passall six (6) phases. BENEFITS: Chance for advancement, vacation with pay, sick leave, paid medical and hospital plan, and retirement pension. Interested parties should make application, which shall be obtained from the Hillsborough Township Police Department at Amwell Road, ~’ Neshanic, NewJersey, phone201-369-4323.

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ELVIS DOCUMENTARY TO BE AIREDSEPT. 9 "Elvis: Love Him Tender," an hour-long documentary/ special providing insight into the man, his music and career, will air on WABCTV, Saturday, Sept. 9 in prime time, 10-11 p.m. Produced by Larry Savadove, the special program spotlights the beloved star performing. Clips of Elvis’ early performances, his wedding and his funeral; the most complete film ever seen of his famous press conference at the New York Hilton Hotel after his comeback, as well as footage illustrating his followers’ overwhelming desire for memorabilia highlight the special program.

/978-79 calendar

Sept. 9

’12 DODGE C~lh2-Dr. C;Pe,,4Cyl., 4-Sp.44Manugl "rramil., /wllnuel Stearini,%1 8rekeS~ AM/RIdl0, lO,~ I1¢ ~lP mllelk.................... ~1~1~ ’72 MERCURY Capri, 4.Spe41d MinUl~Tfl~l , 4-CyJ*l~ RI* BrIke,. 11,000

Mike McClung has joined the Somerset Marriott Hotel just off Route 287 at Davidson Avenue and Eastnn Avenue, Somerset, as controller. The newll-story, 306-roomhotel is slated to open mid-September. Mr. McClung, a native of Charleston, W.Va., comes ~o the Somerset Marriott from similar positions with the Chicago (O’Hare) Marriott and the Dulles Marriott in Washington, D.C. He also served as assistant controller with Marriott’s Key Bridge Hotel in Washington. Before joining Marriott, Mr. McClung completed Canal Zone College in the Panama Canal Zone and served in the U.S. Armyfrom 1966-69. He is married to Carol A. McClung and the couple has two boys, John and Paul.

Rutgers Prep School Date Sept. 7


EASTMILLSTONE -- On I. Casual dress is. also okay. Saturday, Sept. 9, the i Frankfurters, sauerkraut, Millstone Valley Fire stroudel, cheese snacks, Department will? hold a pretzels and free nuts will be. German "Beerfest" at Onka’s available. A variety of amCharter Service on Amwell ported wines will be served in ; Road beginning at 7:30 p.m. addition to beer and other The annual festive affair beverages. will feature German, Polish Tickets are available from and other traditional music committee chairman Bill complete with colorful dress. Kraus (874-3190) or may Prizes will be awarded for obtained at the door for a ~hose who wear the most donation of $3 per person or $5 original German costumes, per couple.

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RO~f,AMRaPJo,$,1+000MJJIll wet SI~5, .o .................. $ ! 09S ’t2 FORDPinto Runlet, 4. Cyl., AU?0,, Man.PEn steering ¯ 8rekils, AMRildlo, Stripes, bS.~MIlill. Will

Firemen plan Sept. 9 German’Beeriest’

McCiungloins Marriott as hotel controller

Environmental sculpture will be unveiled to dance NORTH BRUNSWICK’-polychrome fabrics. When The installation of an unusual suspended overhead, it unsculpture outside the Mid- du]ates with the breeze. It was dlesex County Administratoin originally designedfor the 1978 Teen Arts Building onFriday, Sept. 8will New Jersey be celebrated at noon with a Festival’s ritual event, a daily performance for the public by improvisation of music, the Judith Scott Dance dance, mime and puppetry. Theatre. An environmental artist, The sculpture by New Mr. Valinski constructs pieces Jersey artist Dennis Valinski, that create a "ritual space" entitled "Collections of the reminiscent of the skeletal Spirit," is 20 by 30 feet, and~ structures of Far Eastern made of natural rattan and shelters. The space "invites

l I-A

Feb.25-27 Feb.28 March23 March24 March30 April11 April23 April27 May5 May23 May24 May28 May30 May31 through June6 June8 June11 June13 June14 June15 July5

Event Time Firstdayof classes 8:30a.m. First practice for crosscountry 3 p.m. School workday - all parents,students andfacultyinvited 9 a.m. Schoolworkday continues 9 a.m. Rash Hashana - noclasses Yam Kippur- noclasses Fall college night 7:30p.m. First quartermarking periodends Facultyworkshop - noclasses OpenHouse 11a.m. Installationserviceof headmaster 4 p.m. Thanksgiving recess- beginsat noon Classesresume 8:30a.m. Boardof Trustees - annualmeeting 8 p.m. HolidayBook Fair GleeClubconcert 8 p.m. Christmas vacationbegins 3 p.m. County basketball andwrestling tournaments Classesresume 8:30a.m. Second semester begins Facultyworkshop - noclasses George Washington’s birthday - noclasses Senior classtrip Senior- facultybasketball game 3 p.m. Facultyworkshop -- noclasses OpenHouse 11a.m. Thirdquartermarking periodends Springvacation - begins 3 p.m. Classesresume 8:30a.m. NJAIS Conference - noclasses OpenHouse 11a.m. All seasons sportsdinnergrades 9-12 6:30p.m. Grandparents visiting day 8:30a,m. Memorial Day- noclasses Re-enrollment deadlineday for 1979-80 Final examinations begin


Seniorprom Lower School closingexercises Honors Convocation 213thCommencement exercises Faculty picnic Summer schoolbegins

8 p.m. 10:30a.m. 6:30p.m. 6:30p.m. 4:30p.m.

The older the better at Ardis Leigh Antiques by Gloria Ilalpern At more and more of the antiques shows these days and in antiques dealers shops, Victoriana and Art Deco make up most of the stock. At Ardis Leigh antiques, however, the average piece is close to 200 years old, and the past is very muchwith us. Ardis and W.Colston I,eigh have just taken up new quarters at 49 State Road and the contemporary building makesa nice foil for the Queen Anne- ChippendaleAdamHepplewhite- Sheraton furniture. The Leighs moved their antiques buisness from Basking Ridge to Beatty House on Vandeventer Avenue in 1962; it was primarily Mrs. Leigh’s operation, since her husband was busy arranging lecture tours for a variety of illustrious clients -- Art Buchwald, Alvin Toffler, Will Durant, Alex Haley, etc. Now that he has passed those responsibilities on to his son, he is able to devote himself to antiques. The number of beautiful furnishings is impressive; dealers apparently find them irresistible, too, since some70 percent of the stock is whoesaled to them. "I looked around at the Philadelphia show last year," says Mr. Leigh "and must have seen 30 or 40 of my pieces at other dealers’ booths. A dealer wants to have a nice focal piece when he’s showing," he explains. Mr. Leigh spends a great deal of time building investment collections for clients -- "just like stocks and bonds," he says. Andit is true that antiques have been appreciating at a very satisfying

new arrival


SOMERVILLE -- The Somerset Medical Center announced the following August birth to a township resident: -A girl was born to Robert and Ingrid Anzivino of 19 Buffa Drive, Middlebush,on Aug. 26.




1874-a7201 OgO Ofl


O0O 00





¯ ¯ ¯

Talk with the coaches Pass, catch, and kick with the Princeton team Try your luck at winning prizes donated by the First Bank of Princeton and Princeton Universitv


127 WoOds Rd Hlllld)oro


check withusfirst Featuring:B.F. GOODRICH * DUNLOP ¯ MICHELIN

JOSEPH J. NEMES 8, SONS,Inc. HIGHWAY206, PRINCETON (Opposite Volkswagen dealer)


D E g Sand

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rate in the last decade, Connecticut in the 1750’s of doublingin the past five years. cherry with the original "I explain to clients that I brasses. Or a Pennsylvania start on the premise that a walnut linen press with a single piece may be closed bonnet and flame speculative, but a collection is finails. an investment. Whenthe time Something smaller? A comes that you want to sell, mahogany blockfront lowboy you might have trouble getting from the Goddard-Townsend a nice profit from a single (t{hode Island ) craftsmen is piece. But if you have a perfect gem, as is the minicollection, they’ll be ham- Queen Anne round table mering on your door to buy it. standing on the daintiest spoon "I don’t buy on contract," he feet imaginable. warns. "I may buy with a Prices for these and other specificclient’s needs in mind, pieces of 18th century furbut I buy what I’d buy for my. niture are high, sometimes shop. I’m not a decorator," he very high. tIowever, whenone underscores. "People come to considers that a new piece me and say ’We’ll do ,the from the furniture store dining room.’ Well, you can’t becomes second-hand once it do that -- it takes time and crosses your threshold -- and. that room may be unfinished is priced aeeordingly -- the for a couple of years¯ No, it’s hefty price of a Queen Anne better to buy fine pieces as highboy or a Sheraton sofa they becomeavailable -- say, seems a sensible investment. a nice highboy." Mr. i,eigh urges his clients If a nice highboy is what to visit other dealers -- to anyonehas in mind, the Leighs comparisonshop, as it were. It have some heauties. For in- will not be easy to find a stance, a Queen Anne made in comparable collection.



RichardN. Davidson 3110Hwy.27, KendallPark, N.J. (201) 297-3785 or (201) 545-5428

THISSECRETARY, madein Philadelphia in 1750, is one of the moreimpressive pieces at Ardis Leigh. W.ColstonLeighkeepsan eagleeyeon the antiquestrade andstocks only the best.

Display Models reg. $100


24’ reg. $20.00

ALLWOR K POOLCOMPANY Rt. 206, Belle Mead 201-359-3000


SALE $8¯2~

e How well by Pamela ltersh Special Writer A hearing disability literally and figuratively turns people off. A 1976 report issued by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Interdepartmental Task Force on Hearing Aids states that 14.5 million persons in the U.S. suffer from some form of hearing impairment, but over 10 million have madeno effort to correct their disability¯ :Whatevertile reason for the neglect -- simme, ignorance, or a lack of G.loria Vanderbilt/Calvin Klein I~earing aids -- Penta Audiology Consultants is attempting to make a dent in the above statistics. .Penta Audiology Consultants, 10caled at 33 State Road, has been pi’oviding, since Mayof 1978, a wide r~inge of diagnostic hearing testing services to the public. "Director Emily White, and her. assislant, Robert Lucas, are makinga concerted effort to removethe "totally unrealistic stigma" associated with imaring impairment. !"WEONI,YI)0 testing, no medical Ircatmcnt," said Miss White, "and we do lhe testing regimen in a friendly and open manner, in order to alleviate the incredible fear and anxiety many persons exhibit when they come into lh.e office." .Most of Penla’s clientele are referrals from ear doctors (otologists) or ear, nose, throat doctors ttitolaryngologists), although anyone, with or without a physician referral, can receive Penta’s services. ?"We are frying to determine the e.xlenl of the hearing loss and exactly where in the auditory system the hearing problem lies," said Miss White. The auditory system includes It~e outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, plus the auditory nerve. ITiiE I’~ASIC SERVICEoffered by P.enta Audiologyis tile routine hearing lesting of children and adults. This is a painless 10 Io 15 minute regimen accomplished with a diagnostic afidiomeler, an instrument used to measure one’s ability to hear various slimuli. ~,fler a brief consultation, the client erllers a soundproof booth and puts on a Set of ear phones. Miss White tests for sensilivily to faint speech or the

do you hear? speech reception threshold, for the level of understanding words spoken at a comfortable listening volume, and for the level of hearing pure tones or the air conduction pure tone level. The client then removes the earphones, and a bone conduction oscillator is placed on the mastoid bone behind the ear. The oscillator, which picks up vibrations, gives a direct measureof inner ear function¯ "BY MEANS OF THESE simple and quick tests," said Miss White, "we can determine if. there is a hearing loss, howmuchof one, and whether it is coming from the inner ear or from the other parts of the auditory system." Miss White is "uncomfortable" using the word "test" to describe her procedure of hearing evaluation. "The word ’test’ implies a situation of passing or failing. People comeinto the office and are really afraid that they will ’fail’ the hearing test." TIlE FEAROF FAILINGa hearing test is partially the result of a person’s experience with the hearing tests given in the school or in a hearing aid dealership. "The tests frequently.administered in a school or in a hearing aid establishment are done with a screening audiometer, rather than a diagnostic audiometer," said. Miss White. "The screening audiorneter test is a pass/fail situation .. either one hears the pure tone or doesn’t hear the tone .. The diagnostic audiometer procedure is a far more sophisticated and in-depth process." Other more specialized services provided by Penta Audiology include the following: --audiologic testing of infants. This process is accomplished by means of the conditioned orienting response technique, in which a light provides additional reinforcement to the sound generated response¯ --Bekesy audiometer testing. The Bekesy audiometer can discriminate between a hearing problem originating in the organ of hearing (the ear) and a hearing problem originating in the nerve of hearing (the auditory nerve). --impedance measurement. This is a lest whichidentifies the pathologies of the middle by giving a measure of ear drum movement. --elect ronystagmography. This

Hanging out: by Stacie LynnPaulsen Special Writer : "Hey Mom,"my brother would yell every n.ight with remarkable r.egularity, "’I’m leaving." AndMom, a~lthough she knew the answer, would ¯ .a:sk like clockwork, "Whereare you going?" : Each time he answered, it was the seine: "To the shopping center." ¯ Watching him leave -- tires squealing, engine roaring and eight I~ack blaring -- I wondered why he does this every single night. I could not understand what was so attractive ~bout "hanging oul." What on earth do lhey do up there? i Silenlly I dismissed them as losers, people without enough imagination to create Iheir own fun. : Yet there .were reminders everywhere. At shopping center after shopping center I continued to see them hanging out. They would stand, Seer in hand, cigarettes dangling from lheir mouths, amongsomeof the most ’!hopped-up" cars in the world. IMY CURIOSITYlingered. I conlinued to ask myself why, until, finally, I had Io find the answer for myself. I made my decision. I, too, would start hanging out. So, on Saturday night, I cruised on up to Ihe center with my brother "Duck." As usual, there were lhree or four cars -- Camaros, Chevelles and GTO*s-parked in the lower lot. As we pulled up, I began to feel ~,aguely nervous. I chided myself, thinking, "Come on girl, you can handle these kids. After all, they’re younger than you." : But ~he feeling persisted. They .seemedso confident, so at home.I felt as comfortable as a fish out of water. : Anxiety decreased as we piled out of Ihe car. "He)’ Duck?"lhey greeted my bx-olher. "Duck"pointed out a few of ihe guys, mumbling names. "That’s !,Pelican’ by the Camaro, ’Rulley over Ihere and the guy with the beer is ~Pilgrim.’" My reception probably lvould have been cooler if I had hrrived alone. But because "Duck"is my brnlher, I.hey were friendly l~nough. I eased in with no trouble. .¯ .Excepl for one olher girl, obviously


with her boyfriend, I was the only female present. The guys all seemed nice enough. Not sure of what to expeel I had conjured up an image of greasy DA’s, leather jackets and James Dean. Probably the result of lop muchHollywood. What I saw was a group of guys wearing blue jeans, tee shirts, and cowboy hats. Each was holding a bottle of Schlitz taken from a case in the front seat of one of the cars, Country and wesie~r, music poured from the tape deck of a Camaro. AS TilEY STOOD smoking and drinking, they talked. No matter what the Iopic was, they always returned to the one that was obviously their favorite- automobiles. For me, their conversation was an education. What I knowabout cars could barely fill the eye of a needle. I found myself liking them: a definite about-face. But my original question still remained. Whydo they hang out? "There’s nothing else to do in this Iown," I was told my more than one. Whatabout movies, bowling, parties or even swimming? The answer was unanimous: too expensive. At $3.50 a head, the boys explained, a movie is not an everynighl activity. "Okay,"I said. "Yourpoint is valid.. But what about going to someone’s house?" I was bombarded.with the reasons. Manyparents are not thrilled at the prospect of having their homeinvaded by kids. And those who do permit it seem In inhibit the kids. Queries like "Does your mother knowthat you smoke?.... Oh no, Tom, not ANOTHER beer? .... Do you kids really call that noise music?" are frequent. The boys say they can’t enjoy themselves with that kind of barrage flying at them. WIIAT TIIEY WANTis somewhere In go where they will not be hampered by the restrictive presence of parents. Manyof them are not of age, so it’s hard to go Io the local bars. Theyused In hang Out in the pizza place till the patrons began to complain. St) now Ihey occupy the lower

process, also known as "ENG," is an aid to determining the cause of dizziness. The inner ear, which is an organ of balance as well as hearing, will reflect a malfunction within the movements of the eye. The ENGtest monitors the eye movements, which when analyzed, will reveal the normal or abnormal operation of the inner ear. --tinnitus testing. Tinnitus, ringing or noise in the ear, is sometingrelated to a hearing dysfunction, for which Miss Whitecan test. A UNIQUE ASPECT of Penta Audiology’s work is central auditory testing for auditory perceptual dysfunction in children and adults. By meansof a series of tests, Miss White evaluates the auditory preceptual ability, in other words, the ability of the person to perceive the sounds the ears hear. In some cases, the ear may be functioning perfectlY , but the a’uditory nerve pathways within the brain are not working properly¯ Auditory perceptual dysfunction is analogous to optical perceptual dysfunction -- the lens of the eye may be fine, but the optic nerve is perceiving incorrectly¯ Penta Audiology also does hearing aid evaluation and consultation, but no hearingaids are sold. All patients who want hearing aid evaluations must come with a medical clearance from a physician¯

"98% OF IIEARING problems not treatable by a physician can be helped by a hearing aid," according to Miss White¯ However, the hearing aid is just that -- an "aid." "They can help you to hear better, but they won’t make your hearing 100 percent normal again," said Miss White. The new hearing aids are "vastly improved instruments," both technologically and aesthetically. The more modern devices weigh a fraction of an ounce,are less than ’/4 of an inch wide, and a little more than one inch long. Miss White, who studied romance languages as an undergraduate at Smith College and then as a graduate student at Yale University, finds the field of audiology a "perfect" way to blend her interest in linguistics with her desire to help others.

kids it parking lot of the shopping center. There is another reason for hanging out at the shoppingcenter. It beats the local newspaper as a way to find out what’s happeningin town. As cars pull in plans are made for the evening¯ Wheneveryone has arrived, they take off as a group. You always have a better time if your friends are with you. The activities of these teen-agers revolve around their friends. To them, their immediate "group" is an iraP0rtant aspect of their day-to-day lives. Membersof each group stick close together. There is little intermingling with outsiders¯ A friend of mybrother’s explained. "There’s the jocks," he said. "They’re kind of all-American," he continued. "Thenthere’s the straights, they study a lot and are big in the clubs at school." He thought for a moment."I don’l knowwhat you’d call us, maybe greasers. I guess you might say we’re at the bottom of the social ladder." The kids whohang out at the ci~nter do nol consider themselves at the bollom of the barrel. They are membersof their group because they all have similar interests.

FEAR OFFALLING hearingtest isn’t what has Scott Stovall all work~up. Despite’assurances from audiologist Emily White, he just doesn’t like those big earphones and the soundsemanating from them. (Mark Czajkowski photo)

Who’s who in by Pamelallersh Special Writer

--audiologist -- a specially trained individual certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association Audiology -- the evaluation and (ASI-IAI Io les( and evaluate hearing therapy of individuals having imabilily and prescribe hearing aids. paired hearing -- is a ),oung~ postThe ASHAcertification is called "a World War If profession and is sufCertificate of Clinical Competanee" fering growing pains. ~CCC),which indicates that the inTile basic controversy surrounding dividual has fulfilled stringent the field of audiologyconcerns hearing educalional requirements and passed aids. Because many of the apa qualifying exam. proximately 600,000 Americans who The educational requirements are a buy hearing aids each year do not need bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree the aids or are not helped by them or in audiology from an accredited inwould be better served by a medical slilution, and a minimumone year doctor’s treatment, lhe term "rip-off" "internship" within an audiology has been often associated with the " practice. term audiology. An audiologist in NewJersey is not The consumer, before buying a licensed to practice independently. He hearing aid, should be familiar with or she must operate under the the definitions of the different supervision of a medical doctor. The professionals in the field: audiologist’s examination of one’s hearing ability is a thorough and --otologist -- a medical doctor sophisticated analysis of the entire specializing in the treatment of the auditory system. auditory system (the ear and the auditory nerve). --hearing aid dealer -- one who sells laearing aids for profit. The hearing --otolaryngologist -- a medical doctor aid dealer or someone who works in specializing in the treatment of the the dealership also administers a auditory system, plus the nose and the simple, screening hearing test; the troat. He is more commonlyknownas test only indicates whetherthe client an ear, nose, throat tENT)doctor. can hear a single tone and provides no

audiology in depth information about the client’s ability to hear.

A IIEARING AID DEALERshould nol dispense a hearing aid without a medical prescription¯ However, the client can sign a release whichwaives the medical requirement and allows the dealer to sell the aid without the prescription. The confusion arises because the term "audiologist" often is used to describe lhe individual who performs the simple hearing tests for the hearing aid dealer. A "Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist" does not .have to meet the same difficult educalional and training requirements of a "ccc" audiolgist, or one certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Several consumer groups through out the country have complained that a hearing aid dealer will prescribe on the basis of the superficial screening test and then will sell the hearing aid to someonewhomaynot really need it. EMILYWHITEof Penta Audiology Consullants received her master’s degree in Audiology from Temple University and then served as an audiology trainee at’ the Veterans

sure beats staying and chained it to a lamppost. Andthey makesure all the kids use it. Since then the police, who probably have yet to recover from the shock, do not hassle them. Manyadults are not sympathetic to

the needs of these teen-agers because they do not understand them. Most remember being busy as teen-agers. Time was never heavy on their hands. Bul if they look hard through the fog of passing years, they can probably

LAWENFORCEMENT authorities have differing opinions on what to do about the kids who hang out. Most communities have loitering laws similar to lhat of Franklin Township: "Loitering shall mean remaining idle in essentially one location and shall include Ihe concepts of spending time idly, loafing or walking about aimlessly and shall also include the colloquial expression ’hanging around."’ Thepolicein various communities admitthepractice causesproblems. Kidsleavebrokenbeerbottlesand other trashbehind. One of the biggest problems is the shopowners. They complain that their customers are intimidated by the groups of kids and Ihat, as a result, they are losing money. The kids I hung out with have found a way .to endear themselves to the THESHOPPING CENTER parking lot mayseeman unlikely place to gather to .police, for a little while at any rate. parentswhoremember eveningsat the drive-in hamburger joint, but it suits their Because they complained mostly about the littering, "Pelican" and "Scatter" found a large garbage can

Administration Hospital in Philadelphia. She was awarded her Certificate of Clinical Competencein Audiology from the ASHAAmerican Boards of Examiners in Speech Patliology and Audiology in January 1975. Her assistant, BobLueas, also her a master’s degree in Audiology and is now serving as an audiology inlernas part of his requirement for a CCC.Penta Audiology operates under lhe supervision of the otologic consultants of H.S. Farmer, MDand Olaf Haroldson Jr., MD. Most ASHAcertified audiolog_ists~ including Miss White, do not sell hearing aids for profit, because their professional ethics maintain that the sale would represent a conflict of interest. In summary,if you think you have a hearing problem, see an ear doctor who probably will refer you to an ASHA certified audiologist for testing. You can also go directly to an audiologist for evaluation, but make sure he or she has a "CCC," a Certificate of Clinical / Competencein Audiology, awarded by the American Speech and tlearing Association. If a medical problem is detected by the audiologisl, you then must see the doctor.


recall a number~ of wonderful times spent just sitting around talking with friends. The only difference is the setting. Instead of the l~al drive-in hamburger joint, it is a shoppingcenter.

But the result is the same. As one guy said to me, "WhenI have kids, I’ll probablyforget all about this and wonder why they’re hanging out. But for now I’m gonna enjoy it."

:! ,."

teenaged offspringjust fine.¯Above, a nearby shopping centeris the sceneof the action. (PhotosbyRichPipeling)

Thursday, September 7, 1978




MUSTSELLBRAND NEWHUGE LUXURY ABOVE GROUND "POOLS COMPLETE WITHSUN COMING EVENTS DECK,FILTER,FENCING AND FULLINSTALLATION. ASKING --Thursday, Sept. 7 - 4-H $639. FULL FINANCINGCouncil- 8 p.m. --Saturday, Sept. 9 AVAILABLE, Recycling in Somerville. CALLMIKE TOLLFREE --Saturday, Sept. 9 - State 4800.672-1158. H Fashion Revue - Seaview Mall, Ocean,5 p.m. --Monday, Sept. 11 - Teen Lounge- 4-H Center - 7:30-10 p.m. BUYIT, SELLITI --Tuesday, Sept. 12 PLACE A CLASSIFIED Leaders Meeting & Workshop 7-POWER WANT AD 4-H Center - 7:30-9 p.m.

Dead pe rform a rare concert

I Blll’c poprocks

and new clubs are starting. Time passes so quickly. We hope your youngsters are using their time in a constructive way. 4-H is a coeducational program offering new experiences and fun while making friends and building self-confidence. Anyone between the ages of 7 and 19 years old may belong to 4-H. Call the 4-HOffice 526-6644for more information.

Congratulations to Somerset County 4-H Twirling members This is the time of year when who received awards at the Flemington State Fair. 4-H Clubs are reorganizing n nn Members of the Somerset County Twirlybirds 4-H club India Discount StoreInc. [ took six of the 12 medals | 3001 RT. 27 & FINNEGANS LANE Erin Dittmar, IFilANKLIN PARK,N.J. 08823 PHONE (201) 821-7775 awarded. Bridgewater, 1st place Solo; |HOURS:Tuot.-Frl. 3:0OtoV:30p.m. Sat 10.O0a m taV:30p.m. Lori Hutchins, Bridgewater, ~up t: 40% on I sun’11:00a’m"t° 6:00p’m" lit place Fancy Marching; Samsonite Luggage, ~(~ . ~, Jocelyn Kinch, Bridgewater, lit place Fancy Marching; ../~’/ SonyCassette Tapes, T Brenda Gibb and Patricia ~,A,~LtN /.,," I c~ Parker , S haeffer & Cross ,I,.x " ,.,,., ,,]"~c Brady both of Martinsville took lit place Duet and Chris /.,,~’V ~’ ~’~"?7; ~ " 110"220V Appllan¢ose Saris Morris-Bridgewater, lit place ¯ Cameras-Film I~ ¯ Indian Groceries .~Y~. 7 .1~ HoopTwirling. j~ ~/~II1~’1.~" r ~l ~urZl" ,Sa’ORE!~

¯ SamsoniteLuggage¯ Coriander Leaves, etc * Garments * Sweets

FILM MAIL SERVICE CO. Oiler I: Xlilrl~$ A|)rd 30. 19/9. P.O. Box 419. Teaneck, New Jersey 07666 IN-9

PETERg0N’S N Landscape Gardening Maintenance ¯ Planting

* PETERSON’S * Nursery ~ Garden Market Rt. 206 betweenLawrenceville 8 Princeton OPENEVERYDAY 9-6






A new HomeEc Club under the leadership of Pat Eccleston of Piscataway and Patricia Cahill of BoundBrook will be starting soon. This new club will work on sewing, cooking and arts & crafts projects. Meetingswill be held in the South Bround Brook area. If you are between the ages of 10 and 19 you are welcometo join. Call the 4-H Office 526-6644 for further information. This Saturday I0 Somerset County 4-H members will participate in the state fashion revue that will be held at the Seaview Mall, Oeean. These 4H’ers are all winners from our county competition. The garments they made include sportswear, dresses, suits, ski outfits, coats and evening gowns. Somerset County will be represented by the following participants: Joyce Conroy and Sue Conroy, Raritan; Amy Fenwick and Cindy Homm, Neshanic; Caren ttockenbury, New Center; Nancy Margentino, Bridgewater; Carolyn Gernert, Branchburg; Cathy Mulrooney, Marianne Runco and Terry Runco, Somerville.




EAST RUTHERFORD -members thereof. second set was a complete songs. "Casey Jones," and The members of the group turnaround. 3n mostinstruments There is nothing like a their only hit single, For classes in yam town Grateful Dead concert. This are: Jerry Garcia, 36, lead The band opened this stanza ’Truckin’," Princeton were conisn’t just a cute phrase, it’s guitar and vocals; Donna with the old Young Rascals call 201757-7677. spicuously absent. Time totally true. Most people who Godchaux, 31, vocals; Keith tune, "Good loving." 609-924-8282 Inrestrictions could be partly to attend rock concerts admit Godchaux, 30, keyboards; stantly, everyone was back on blame for the omission. Hightstown defeat when confronted by Mickey Hart, 30, drums and their feet and dancing. The Although they had perfoi’med hassles just to get a ticket to percussian; Bill Kreutzmann, song just seemedto fill people for more than three hours, by Mi~l~ m~. 609-448-7170 one of the all too rare ap- 32, drums and percussian; with pure joy. Dead standards the concert = _L pearances of the Dead. Those Phil Lesh, 38, bass; and Bob The next selection was a was not a long one. who succeed are known as Weir, 30, rhythm guitar and long jam,starting out with After the show, Les Unger, a APPROVED "Dead Heads." vocals. Robert Hunter is the "Scarlet Begonia," and spokesman for the by It’s the DeadHeads that set band’s full time lyricist. eventually melding into "Fire Meadowlands complex 609-882-0213 CONSUMERS Ill CALL a Grateful Dead concert apart III On The Mountain." .The commented that due to the ForInsurance Ill for |ll from a normal show. In their middle of the jam was the best problems they had exwe insureeveryb0dy for own way, Dead Heads are example of really good Dead perienced with crowd control Ill Homeowner &hutoInsuranceIII muchmore fanatical than any The show opened about 11 music that the concert con- and drugs, a closer look would Register int eeny-bopper Kiss or a.m. when The NewRiders of lained. With Mikey Hart and have to be taken at the type of formation or for free assistance Commercial Policies Aerosmith fan could ever be. Ihe Purple Sage, a band long Bill Kruetzmann laying down bands that they would let with any local consumer For the show at Giants transaction, call 609-394-5700 associated with the Dead, took a background of ever III CAPITAL INSURANCE AGENCY III perform at Giants Stadium in and Consumer Bureau’s Staff o..,,<,, co., in<. Ill Stadium people were c~mped the stage. They played for changing, ever shifting in- the future. I outside the gates almost 24 about an hour to a very tricate rhythms, Phil Lesh, Mediator will resDond. t.,’~,P,nnin~on,=d It’s really too bad that the Ill 152Alexander St, Princeton hours in advance just to get a responsive crowd. Included in Bob Weir, Keith Godchauxand Dead show seems to have Trenton, ,.I. III III Established 196 7 a ~conn,,,cied w~h =~¢e, Co.G~. chance to stand a few feet |tJ their set were "Dead iI Jerry Garcia let the sound of upset some of the people that closer to the stage. Flowers," the dope their instruments mix, yet run the Meadowlands, It’s not really just the music smuggler’s anthem "Henry," stand alone, creating a blend because, despite some serious that causes your typical Dead "Somebody Robbed the that is totally intriguing and flaws, the Grateful Dead at Headto act this way, nor is it Glennville Train" and for the involving, a sound that is the Giants Stadium was one of the Ihe band itself. As Phil Lesh, encore, "Panama Red." Grateful Dead. best concerts that I’ve atbassist for the group said, Willie Nelson, Ihe present "Estimated Prophet," a tended. "The Dead, we all know, is day king of country music, John Barlow and Bob Weir bigger than all of us." was up next. Oneindication of tune from the group’s most Special Note: In what The very idea of a Grateful Nelson’s popularity at the recent album, "Terrapin portends to be a major Runningoff to College-Dead appearance means so moment is the recent Slation," was next up, cultural and international muchmore than just excellent "Newsweek" cover story followed by "Eyes of the relations achievement, the Whynot stop at music. It means an event will about him. Although most of World," an excerpt from the Grateful Dead will perform in lake place, something will the patrons at Giants Stadium "Wake of the Flood" album. Egypt at The Sphinx Light and happen; all the Dead Heads in had never seen Nelson live Hart and Kruetzmarm took Sound Theater later this the area assemble and before, and a substantial the spotlight with a long month, it Was announced celebrate. People scream and number had never even heard percussian interlude which Saturday. jump and dance and party and of him, he was given a warm featured them performing on At a press conference during most of them will get very, reception. not only their standard in- the Meadowlands concert, ~;~ ~ very wasted. Playing a good mix of old struments, but also the Tar Phil l.,esh, BiU Kruetzmann Yes, drugs are a large part country standards and and other Egyptian rhythm and Mikey Hart of the Dead of the Grateful Dead ex- original material, he pieces, which they have explained they didn’t see their perience. Alcohol, pot, ups and frequently had the anxious learned to play in conjunction Sept. 14, 15 and 16 appearances LeeCorduroys Et Jeans downs, peyote buttons, audience on their feet, dancing wilh the Dead’s upcomingtrip as anything political. t hashish and the grand-daddy and clapping. Nelson finished ¯ Io the Sphinx Light and Sound They asserted that what ,~ WideWale Slax of themall, acid. his portion of the show with Theatre. happens between Carter, \k/D The Dead was spawned in "Rolling in my Sweet Baby’s One of the most amazing Begin, and Sadat at the Camp FlannelShirts that great ferment of music Arms," "Will the Circle be .things about the show and David summit conference Sweaters and drugs that was the San Unbroken?" and "Amazing especially that portion, is that won’t affect their plans. Francisco Bay area in the Grace." Kreutzmann performed with a They pointed out that even mid-1960’s. Maybethat is why After Nelson’s band had left broken wrist. He has a cast on 10 years ago when relations >. so many Dead Heads feel the [he stage, producer, John his left arm from the hand to between the United States and only way to understand the Scherer took the mike to an- the elbow. The injury is a Egypt were at their nadir, group’s universe of music is to nounce that the Dead would resull of a fall from a horse. individual Americans were Irip or get stoned. "be on in about half an hour." The entire band retook the always welcome in the MidFor some of the older, more It look closer to an hour but stage after Hart and Kreutz- Eastern country. The dates in experienced fans, who have then, there they were...the Dont let your mannhad played alone for 10 mid-September were chosen to ~ss~.__ been following the band from Dead! The fans on the field, or 15 minutes. The song they coincide with the three full young manleave the beginning, perhaps this is close to 20,000 strong by this did to close out the second set nights of the moonand on the (~ true. But I saw far too many time, wenl wild. From the was "Sugar Magnolia," one of 15Ih, there will be a total lunar without stoppingat younger fans being given press box the sight looked like their most famous tracks. It eclipse. emergencyfirst aid for over- a huge animal with thousands was definitely one of their ;V~ ’~ ,, All proceeds from ticket doses, far too manyteenagers and thousands of arms best performances of the song. sales will be donated to the suddenly collapse, far too becoming aroused. Then they were gone; it was Faith, Hope and Charity many people lying unThe Grateful Dead opened already considerable past the Society. a charitable conscious on the ground, with one of their older tunes, slated 6:30 p.m. closing time, organization devoted to the unable to even hear the music, written by Bob Weir and Bob but after the crowd cheered rehabilitation of the hanco be comfortable with that Hunter, "Jack Straw." and chanted for 10 minutes, dicapped led by Mrs. Anwar thought. Following that were an they returned. The well-known’ Sadat, and to the Department Perhaps the Dead have a unusually slow version of Bob Weir composition, "One of Antiquities. responsibility to do more than "Friend of the Devil," "Don’t More Saturday Night," closed just entertain their fans. Murder Me," "Dyer Wolf," out Ihe concert. Perhaps some education is in "Looks Like Rain," "I Need a With Weir singing". order. To some that thought Miracle," "Pretty Peggy," .Temperature keeps risin’, 134Nassau St. KNOW SOMEONE may. be absurd, but then andLazy Lightning." The first everybody gettin’ high, comes again.., set lasted for more than an zherockin’strokeof midnight, WHO’S A FEATURE? Princeton, N.J. In this wild mixture of hour and a half, at whichpoint (Ihis) place is gonnafly; Hey CALL THE EDITOR Mon.-Sat.9 AM-5:30PM elements comprising a theDeadtook their traditional it’s Saturday night!" and the Gra!eful Dead concert t.he break, 609-924-3413 band playing incredibly tight, musm does play the major The first set could only be (he Grateful Dead concert at role. The band s first effort, called mediocre. Onlythe first Giants Stadium ,, 9, . ended . ¯ The Grateful Dead, was two songs are very famous, The only disappointment I released in March 1967. Since and Ihe musicianship, felt after the second set was then, there have been 25 other although competent, was that the group didn’t play albums done by the band or lackluster. Fortunately, the many of their more popular



ill III 1111 We can savey0u 20~ onIII !11 III III

Letters to the Editor always makegood reading.





..... ..~~,~:7~ ~:,:~;~,:~<~;.~ <,~..... ;~



¯ BOBWEIRand Jerry Garcia jam on guitars while Bill Kreutzmann and Mikey Hart provide the backgroundrhythm. (Bill Allenphoto)

’Who’sOnFirst’ will kick off season Eleonora Stein Ballet & Arts Academy Homeof SomersetRegionalBMletCo. 610 Hamilton Street, Somerset,N.J. Telephone:246-1132 Complete Training in Classical Russian Ballet Toe,Character, Modern Jazz,Acrobatics, Bop .Class Beginners toProfessional ¯ from age4 to adults :~lme. Eleanora Stein Trained at the Professor Troyanoff All Classes CarefullyGraded BalletAcademy, Budapest, and Professor of Ballet, OlgaPreobrajenska, GuestTeacher Serge Lifar,Paris, ,yon V. MichaelMordkin,Semyon V. G. G. Tryo~ Tryoanoff NewYorkCity. Tapwith GeorgeWarren with George Wal

For Appt. Call: 24%1893 LIMITED ENROLLMENT ! ClassesStart Sept. 1 i

PISCATAWAY-- Circle Players fall opening "Who’s On First," written hy Jack Sharkey, directed by Mary Lehne of Martinsville and produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. will open Friday, Sept. 15 at Circle Playhouse, 416 Victoria Ave. This is the

sssssssssssssssssss, ssssssssssssssss s aRT’S Once Again Shoppe 140S.OPENMainMONSt. Hightslown_FR, 10-3 ,

$’~ti.~,igg : $ S

7 p.m.-8 p,m.

Tei. 6og-,,-08’,




$ ~. 4~





CHALwK aU PoTHEe§AV! NG : I ~/~’ complete line of fall clothingfor ladies, menand children


Y0U~ I

. PiPE [

:I [John Dav, dLtd. [

I| Montgomery 0 cco# I ShoppingCente.r I



----WH~’~’ff’O~/’/;~u~;,~,~ ....

i |

~ I|

A thrift shop featuring Usedbut Not Abusedquality clothing for the family






Man. - Fri.

east coast premier of this Showdates are Sept. 15, 16, show, a riotous comedy "who- 22, 23, 29 and 30. Call g68-7555 done-it ?" for reservations and inThe play features Lisa formation. Lehne of Martinsville as Alice, Virginia Schwartz of Metuchen as Camille, Jerry Marino of Cranford as Ben and MAKE YOUR SHOP Tom Marciniak of North Plainfield as Don. KNOWNTO ALL! GO DISPLAY 7.WAYS!



Rt. 205-Rocky Hill (609)9:)4-8866 BridgeMall Lawrenceville (609) 799-8231




l 1 |

Whenyour child needs glasses, it makessense to go to HillmandKohanVision Center: With every pair of glasses you buy, you get our Great EyeglassGuarantee.For 1 year from purchase, we’ll fix or replace broken frames and lenses due to defective materials or workmanship.At back-to-school time that adds up to peace of mind.

TRENTON--2490 Brunswick Ave., Tel. 882-2020 LAWRENCEVILLE--Quaker BridgeMall, Tel. 799-2285 For other locations call toll-free 800-325-6400. "HILLMAN,’KOHAN and~v~sionCenter are Reg.U.S.Pal. & Trn. Off.

O1978 (~Ol,Ck$ In¢.Oat=as. Tesa


Ballet Society’s 25th year, offers 71 classesthis fall

& leisure

The Princeton Ballet Society, will begin classes at the Princelon and Cranbury Studios on Thursday, Sept: 14. Registration for new sludents will be held on Thursday, Sept. 7, and Friday, Sept. 8, between3:30 and 5:30 p.m., and on Saturday, Sept. 9, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at 262 Alexander St., and The Old School, Main Street, CranbuD’. The 1978-79 season marks lhe 251h year of The Princeton Ballet Society under the direction of Audree Estey, founder of the organization which has attained national recognition as a dance school

Kalen’s Arts dandifies Yankee Doodle mural It’s Norman Rockwell’s second nmst important mural, and most people don’t even realize the large piece is hanging in the tap roomof the Nassau Inn. laments the owner of Kalen’s Fine Arts gallery in Princeton. S. MKalen, whois knownas Sol ,’-;aperstein whenhe’s not working, is nov, involved in restoring "Yankee Doodle

Dandy" v‘’ith a chemical process designed to prolong its life.

mural for the Nassau Tavern. We... decided that as Princeton was much fought over around the revolution it would to do "Yankee In the book "NormanRock- be fitting Doodle." well Illustrator," the late "I looked up the costumes of artist reflected: "This is the only mural, strictly speaking. the Hessians and British who that I have ever done. Out of a fought around Princeton and clear sky. the architect of the had authentic costumes made Princeton buildings, Thomas especially for the picture." S. 3I. Kalen. who has Stapleton, asked if I woulddo a specialized in conserving art since 1949. was hired by the Nassau Inn to do the restoration work. a combination of cleaning and retouching the paint.

CLINTON,N.J. 23rd.4


Antique Show and Sale September15, 16 and 17

,t (~’)~rr~. t.". *’. " , ,,,’~...~.. -

Noonto 10, Fri. El- Sat. ¯ Noonto 6, Sun. ............

D onation$2withthisad,$l.:=


The 5th Annual

PLAINSBORO RESCUESQUADFAIR Saturday, September9th (rain

date September 16)

at the JohnWycoffSchool,10 a.m.-4 p.m. PlainsboroRd. across from LapidusMarket We will be having bigger & better events this year, moregames,morehandcrafts, morefun l l l Someof the outstandinghighlights of the day will be: Homedried apples (dried on a real wood stove); hand-madedecorative oil lamps; hand-made stools fashioned after a mushroom,a must for every household; homecanned foods; homegrownand dried herbs; candied apples; hand-knitted ski hats, many sizes and colors and much

;~f~ *’.’.


, ,


THE13-FOOT mural "YankeeDoodle," that hangsin the tap roomof the NassauInn is being cleanedand retouchedby S.M. Kalen(Sol Saperstein)an art conservatorwith Kalen’s Fine Arts gallery. (MarkCzajkowskiphoto)

Pre.class events planned Three special events are OnSunday,Sept¯ 10. Hov‘’ard planned by the Princeton Art Nathenson, a professional Association prior to the artist and teacher, will conbeginning of the fall class duct a critique for painters. season on Sept¯ 25. The workshop will be the art . ,, .,.~ ~. ,. association’s headquarters. "~ . . ,. ~,the Ettl Farm on Rosedale Sept. 13, ../Road,On Wednesday. from lto4p.m. " : ,* Joan Wortis will conduct a ’ yarn-dying workshopfrom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ms. Wortis is a craftsv‘’omanwhov‘’orks in a variety of techniques. The

a R.OKE1FL SKa’11NG :(~.

washing and skeining works’opwillconcentrateon techniques and the effects of

: :.:::-KENDALL:PARK/ROLLER RiNK : .:. , : :-):......:::.:. 355ORt, 27, . SO. .:,, . :’- BRUNSWICK, ..’. ’ .,.: ::: N.J::29723003 . :...,~......

more,Come while it lasts.


Rock£t Roll Dance Band

Fri. opentill


New in theArea TopNotch Go-Go Dancers

Tues.-Thurs. 12-12 ¯ FrL& Sot.]2-8 PM

3 a.m. -- 448-9833


Coin club hosts 2nd open house


Five concerts are anticipated by the Mercer CountyChorusthis year as the group begins its 29th season. Auditions for the chorus will be held on Monday.Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. in the War Memorial Building in Trenton. Thefirst rehearsal will be on the following Monday. Sept. 18. also at 7. Carol Dakin, chorus manager, notes that "the auditions are simple and will

Highland Farms Pottery Hopewell 609-466-013.0


not take muchof your time." The first concert will be on Nov. 19. the Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service. OnDec. 10 there will be a concert in conjunction with the Garden State Theater Organ Society and in May a variety concert will be staged. Separate concerts for Christmas and spring seasons are also being planned. For more information call Carol Dakinat ~609)883..4212.

song group performs ¯ The Garden S~a~esmen Chorus, a barbershop group, has ,wo up coming performances scheduled. On Sunday, Sept. 10, ,he singers will be on S~ate Street in conjunction with ihe commemoration of historic state capital buildings from 1 ~o 3 p.m. OnSepL17, the group will be pan of ~he Sunday Series program at the Kuser Farm Park. The Garden Statesmen are pan of ,he Princeton Chapter of ~he Society of The Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. New members are invited. The next meeting will be Sept. 19 and SepL25 a~ the Hamilton Township Library, One Municipal Drive, a~ 8 p.m. The group’s mouo is "we shall sing so lhey mayspeak." A portion of its fees is con,ribmed to The Institute of Logopedics which provides ,heraphy for children suffering from speech defects.

Choir college records disc on own label

Westminster Choir College is getting into the record business. A recording made last April will be released in the early fall under a The JKC Contemporary This first concert bv the JKC "’Westminster Choir" label. Ensemblewill be presented in Contemporary Ensemble will The choir has cut some 40 concert at Mercer County be held in the Multipurpose records, beginning for Community College’s James Room at the James Kerney "’Victor"in 1926.but this is the Kerney campus in Trenton campus, North Broad and one first under its ownlabel. Friday. Sept. 8, at 6 p.m. The release is a two.record Academy Streets, Trenton. The JKC Contemporary General admission is $I, 50 set. "’The CompleteMotets of Ensemble is a singing group cents for students with I.D. Johann Sebastian Bach," that comprised of local residents and alumni with Alumni was produced by Horace ~ 18th Annual Antique who participated in a MCCCActivities Cards, and free to Grenell and recorded by Sh°w and Sa!e non-credit course, Con- senior citizens. R.C.A. Victor in the WestIlenefH of the Hunterdon temporary Ensemble, during minster Chapel. The recording Medical Cont~r . the summer. Lee Coward and was done under conductor SQUARE DANCE CLASSES at the Flemington Fair Grounds Prince Gray taught the Wilhelm Ehmann, the founder course. Adult schools in Princeton, of Westfalishce Kantorei. /t The emphasis os fthe group East Windsor-Hightstown, Sun., Sept. 17, |0 am:Bpm European vocal ensemble. Ilah~ Dale. Oct. 1 67 Dooleru is on singing spirituals and The recording is available West Windsor and Hamilton D~,n~n $1 . gospel music. Also appearing and Ewing Township will all by mail order at a preLunchCounter&AmpleParking during the concert will be The’ offer courses in square dan- distribution price of $15. Checks or money orders Antiques¯ Collectibles¯ Crafts Good News Singers, based in cing. For information call !Newark, and the group either the adul’t schools or should be madeout and sent to Friends. instructor Fred Fields at 921- Westminster Choir Recording. Princeton. N.J. 08540. 2781.

Course group featured in MCCCfall concert



Ann Harwood’s Cooking Classes Register Nowfor FallandHoliday Classes

RAKUWORKSHOP ’~ ,,~~’ at

the Players" officer’s and directors" of the scheduled plays. "We hope anyone interested in participating in community theatre will atteud.’" saicl DianaCrane, vicepresident of membership. "’The Community Players offers a wonderful opportunity for area residents to participate in the creation of fine productions, and new members are welcome and encouraged." Further information may be obtained by calling 921-6314.

Mercer Chorusholds

Four Week StartsSept.14th


The Princeton Community Players season begins on Sunday. Sept. 10 with an opening season party for members, former members, and anyone in the community who is interested in theater. The party will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. at the homeof Karen and Leo Cohen, 443 Herrontown Road. Refreshments will be served. the Players" new season of plays will be announcedand prospective members will have an opportunity to meet

auditions in Trenton

framing techniques. There will be a separate workshop for young people. Members’ work -- from paintings to ceramic pieces -- will be for sale. Refreshments will be served. To register for the critique. the workshop or for more information call 921-9173.

The Trenton Coin Club will hold its second annual open " d~ °n different types °f valaw ~II’Z~qlEI~I. ’/~7"~ yarn. The fee is $18 and house and coin show on ¢I’I’,,. ¯ Mondaynight, Sept. 11, bet.. I +:. students should brin lunch ~ NO MUSS NO FUSS’ LEAVEEVERYTHING TO USE_ . + .~n opennouse . ~, , , ; ween 7 and 10:30 at Potters ................ , -I is¯ scne(]uLeo ..... : ¯ Admission ~ __~_i.~ ’[ .... ~, for Sunday. Sept. 24 from noon Hall, 1949 Hamilton Ave. in O,;re includes -- Mat,he ~ ~.~.a. to 5 p.m.Members will Trenton. The public is invited "~" d - q=/t~-~.’,~, ""-:-~o.’e dr,,- r Cake ¯ Soda a ice t, ream , y Skate to aHendat no charge. A $20. rt Hats ¯ Party e Poe Shoe eemo" I Roam t =-s~----~..~ ..," emonstrate watercolor, gold double eagle and a $5 gold | -’~llll~t~,o. sculpture, brass rubbing, $ .00 For a Group of Ten-"bllY’~--F-~"~m m~’;’~ /..,~’~1 -=-,m’~,"x¢,..~collography, matting and piece will be awardedas raffle ALL FOR~IUI prizes that night. L $3.00 Add.For Each Addltlona! Guest. MAKEJ . w.~.~.RESERVATIONS,’4kt. 7E~’NOW.

all to be found in the "CountryStore", all Plainshard grown and hand-made. Youwill also find homebakedgoodsat the Bake Table, hand-madecrafts at the Craft Table, Fire Enginerides, ponyrides, tractor rides for the children. As you browse around the Fair you can stop to havea bite to eat at the FoodConcession. Comeon out and ENJOY!!!!


Communityplayers start with a party

Big band, stars at N.J. Museum TRENTON -- Big band sounds will come from the New Jersey S~ate Con,emporary Orchestra on Sunday,Sept. 10 on the lawn of .he NewJersey S~ate Museum a~ 1 p.m. Inside ~he museum, at the same dme, ~he movie "Little Women," starring Elizabeth Taylor and June Allyson will be shown. The planetarium will feature "The Mysteries of S,onehenge" at 2 and 4 p.m. and m 3, Lhe "AutumnSkies of NewJersey" will be ~he show.

and last ,,’ear had almost 900 For further information and students." application forms contae~ ~ The schedule this year in- Bonnie Wagner at the Prineludes 71 classes in ballet for ceton Studio, 262 Alexander kindergarten beginners St.,Princeton, N.J. 08540, or through adult professional, ten telephone 920-7758 between 10 classes in modern dance, and a.m. and noonor 2 and 5 p.m., eight in modern jazz. Yoga, Mondays througt] Fridays. Middle East dance and For Cranbury information women’s ballet exercise contact Mahbubeh Stave, 2 classes will also again be EvansDrive, CranbuD’, N.J. offered. Newclasses this year 08512 or telephone 395-0711 include two daytime ballet between 10 a.m. and noon or 3 classes for women and a and 5 p.m.. Mondaysthrough course to teach the craft of Fridays. choreography which will follow the students’ choreographic efforts from conception through performance.

~ ~[! ~L~


! I,~i~’.-?,:::~=~ i~ ~~



Call 609-921.3060 for information brochure


Mercer SL,Hamilt~ Sq.,N.J. The Largest Ballroom intheEast With AllBi~Bands Sat. - STANMAZE


9- | 2

Sun.8-11 I - BENNYSNYDER ........


Ever~ Fri. & 8:30p.m. CAROLLER LANES IN GAZEBO LOUNGE ROUTE 1 NORTH, NORTH BRUNSWICK Adm. $3.00 (Early Adm. $2.50) Live Music ° 2Dance Floors In OurBibYear All ages, late 20’s to 60’s -l-

Public In~ited

¯ No Club to Join

HELEN (609) 6554]584 ANNETTE (201) 545-4994



Under 12

0.95 $4.95


,VlUS,C t~y

Billy 9:30


Per Person



.Tl~e 1B-Piece Orchestra with the S~unO$ of Tommy Oorsey, Benny Gooclman, A~tle Shaw, Glen Miller...


1 mile north of Lambertville on Rt. 179 (609) 397-3100

Cocktails Dinner Banquets Closed Monday

Come, I invite you to spend a relaxed evening at the Yellow t~rick Toad. You will enjoy an elegant meal in this lovely country setting. Thengorightdownstairstoournigh.tclub



Kaye Trio


To !:00

1445 WHITEHORSE - MERCERVILLE RD. (Between Klockner ¯ KuIer Rd.) Trenton, N.


[br warm, lively conversation over an afterdinner drink -- or dancing. It’s the kind of evening ! like. I think you will too. David Duthie your host



4 courses for students announced

’Inherit the Wind’ blows , in Villagers talents

:Dracula coming to George Street

............ ............. ....



fin addition to the ar y fall courses at the Somerset . ; i County Environmental ~ MIDDLEBUSH -- The Education Center in Basking calledin the play, volunteered made Darrow famous as the i Villagers have rounded up his services to prosecute a defense Ridge, are the ’Saturday lawyer in the ’ sameof their finest talents to teacher who had dared to notorious Leopold and Loeb Morning Funnies" for ~ close their 1978 summer teach Darwin’s theory of case. students in grades, four, five Mr. Jamieson .i season with an exciting evolution. Like the Tennessee masterfully exposes Drum- and six. The dates and acproduction of "Inherit the legislators who ruled it mend as well-armed for the tivities will be: Wind." It opened to a rousing unlawful forany teacher in the battle against FunSept. 9--SwampSweets: An i reception last Friday in their state’s schools to teach any damentalism on the side of old fashioned nutting party ~ , ....... barn theater, theory that denied the Bible modern skepticism-- not only which will include gathering, 7"~ i’" j,,, ~ ~,>~ ~ ~-" This courtroom drama by story of the Divine creation, he keenly astute but ! corn- hulling, and preparing candy ~~’~’ Jerome Lawrence and Robert was a firm believer in the passionate, from edible nuts. ’~’ "~" i E. Lee preserves the heat, literal interpretation of the In the courtroom, the Sept. 16- Wind Wonders: :~. tempers and emotions that Bible...Mr. Erhardt captures cynical reporter Hornbeck, Experiment with wind power. were stirred to boiling in 1925 his sincerity as well as cockily portrayed by Tom Learn about the EEC windduring the Scopes Trial, political ego. "~~’~...... Waters, sits beside Drum- mill. Create your own wind popularly known as The No fanfare greets Henry mend, cheering him on and powered crafts. !~. MonkeyTrial of Dayton, Tenn. Drummondas he arrives at taking notes for the stores he Sept. 23 -- Creative Crafts: Under the careful direction of the expense of the Baltimore telegraphs nightly to Construct an animal home, : ~ ~: C"~" Tony Adase, the Villagers Herald to defend the teacher, Baltimore. WhenBradychides shelter, or feeder. Make a except for the Herald’s him, he blithely retorts, "It’s plaster cast of a creature’s precreate the turbulance that shook the natron and provide reporter, E.K. Hornbeck, who thedutyof a newspaperman to footprint. ).,,~.,~ an understanding of the people is easily recognized as H.L. comfort the afflicted and Sept. 30 -- Magical ~, Mencken, andMrs. Brady. She afflict the comfortable." who brewed the storm. mysteries: Experience the Bob Jamieson and Warren is introduced as an old friend Joel Ellinwood makes his naturalworld by using all five i i~ "’ Erhardt are brilliant in the who still first appearance -- a highly of your sensory tools. cherishes the starring roles of Henry idealistic bond that had commendable one -- with the All classes are limited to 12 Drummond and Matthew children and meet at 10:30 shackled Drummondand her Villagers as the young man at Harrison Brady, the names of husband during Brady’s first the bottom of the controversy, a.m. - noon. The fee is $1 each the playwrights have given campaign -- before Brady Bertram Cates. He is tender in session. The address is 190 Clarence Darrow and William retreated to naive prey;nhis sceneswith Rachel Brown, Lord Stirling Road, Basking Ridge, N.J. and the telephone Jennings Bryan. Playing the cialism and Drummondforged daughter of the over zealous fading three-time candidate ahead as a radical, agnostic Fundamentalist minister and numberis (201) 766-2489if you for the nation’s presidency as and friend of the underdog, his fiancee, and is obviously need further information. The. he seeks final approbation, Center is open weekdays from Gentle, poised and pleasant tortured when she breaks Mr. Erhardt expands jovially in the role of Mrs. Brady, down in emotional despair. 9 to b, Saturdays from 10 to 4, as any experienced Terry Jamieson easily earns Joan Hinck is attract;yeas the andSundaysfroml tob, except politician might -- as the her the compliment by torn and confused Rachel who holidays and holiday townspeople welcome him Drummond that she would is publicly denounced by her weekends. exuberantly when he arrives have made an admirable first own father for defending zo champion Ihe cause of lady. IOmen, 7women ........... Cates. Fundamentalism. Bob Jamieson quietly The script is laced with needed for pkty Bryan, or Brady as he is depicts the shrewdness that colorful apothegms. It is ACOt.ORPOSTERbvTheophileAlexandreSteinlenisamongs0me200worksincludedinasho w sometimespoetie, often Auditions forthePrinceton ~eaturing French~~th~graphsattheturn~fthecentury.~t~pensSept.1~attheF~utgersUniversky epigrammatic or aphoristic. C o m m u nit y P layers Gallery and is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowmentfor the Arts. N ewe a o W Language triumphs at the production of "The Hot L ’ climax of the trial when Baltimore" will be held Sept. Drummond asksthatBrady ll,12,14atlT1Broadmeadat8 take the stand as an expert on p.m. -- 90’S the Bible and then inTheplay, written by Lanford Less than two weeks remain graphies; and sculpture, terrogateshim. Heturnshim Wilson is about a seedy hotel Theday’s events will feature into a laughing stock, for artists to enter the James and its inhabitants. It calls for Street CommonsOutdoor Art crafts demonstrations in Playing the calm and ten men and seven women. Show which will be held in ceramics and silkscreening by merciful judge, Richard Van Positions on the technical, Newark’s first National fine arts students at Zandt tel.uses to let Brady’s costume set design and NEW BRUNSWICK -- A will included author Susan Street inNewBrunswick. It is Register Historic District on Rutgers/Newark and special ordeal go a second day and publicity staff are also open. major exhibition of French Sorting, and Gabriel Weisbert, open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. events for children and adults even expunges the previous Saturday, Sept. 30. Deadline "The Hot L Baltimore" will lithographs, complementedby the curater of education and weekdays, and from noon to 5 for entries is Sept. 15. at The Newark Museum. afternoon’s testimony. When be staged in November. For a seminar and an evening of art history at the Cleveland p.m. on weekends. The show is under the Special tours of the Museum’s Cares is necessarily found more information call 921- entertainment, will open at Museumof art. Whenit leaves Rutgers, the sponsorship of the Newark .Ballantine Houseare planned, guilty of breaking the Ten- 6314. Rutgers University Gallery on On Oct. 28 a "Cafe-Concert exhibition will be displayed at Cherry Blossom Festival of alongwith face painting, talks nessee law, the judge fines Sept. 10. It will continue Parisien," will attempt to the Baltimore Museumof Fine the Greater Newark Chamber with live animals, and Jean him $100. through Oct. 29. Photos of artists recreate a cabaret evening Arts and at the Boston Public Brady is thwarted by of Commerceand will be held Rappicano’s Puppets to en"The Color Revolution: the GayNineties. It will shown at Douglass Color Lithography in France during Drummond’s tactics from on lower James Street and tertain the youngsters. be start at 7 p.m. at "The Forfurtherinformation, call ¯ presenting a prepared /~ adjoining Washington Park. NEW BRUNSWICK -1890-1900" includes works by Saloon" at 39,1 GeorgeSt. Photographs of womenartists Nearly $2,000 in prize money the Newark Cherry Blossom elaborate speech in refutation I~n~b~=k~rsll~ares some 50 avant-garde French Princeton;an Lee Dratfield of Darwin’s theories, in their studios will be artists. Amongthe the artists will be offered to artists in a Festival at (201) 624-6888. will perform as Yvette EAST WINDSOR angry and exhibited at the Douglass featured variety of media. Both write the Festival, % GNCC, Frustrated, are Bonnard, Guilbert, the 1890’s cabaret Collegelibrary from Sept. 4 to Vuillard, Denis, Toulouseprofessional and non- 50 Park Place, Newark, NJ outraged, he has a heart at~WI:D.&THURS. singer who became famous as tack...Mr. Eckhardt enacts the 29. professional artists are Latrec and Steinlen. the subject of ToulouseGINEMA I ONLYAT his death with a reality rarely They eligible to enter, regardless of have been The show’s 132 page catalog Lautrec posters. ANTIQUES FESTIVAL ,,,.,,," "0 BOTH aeheived on stage, photographed by Ellie residence. includes art critic Andre For further information or STANHOPE- Waterloo THEATRESI Thompson of New York and The panelofjudges consists Mellerio’s 1898 booklet Village, a restoration of a to schedule tours, contact The opening night perillustrates some 2O con- "Original ColorLithography." Stephanie of Samuel Miller, director of colonial mining town and formance of "Inherit Grunberg, the the temporary American women ( the Newark Museum; Zoltan Morris Canal stopover will gallery’s administrative Wind" whipped viewers into A free symposium on the including artists, Faith Buki, curator of art at the New hold its first antiques festival frenzied rounds of applause, Ringgold and Miriam Shapiro. social repercussions of the late assistant for educationat (201) Jersey State Museum in on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. CINEMA 2 Following performances on ,T,=, The library is on Chapel turn of the century art will be 932-7237. Trenton; and Robert Keen;g, 9andl0froml0a.m. to6p.m. The gallery is located in "’"==’ Friday, Saturday and Sunday, heldonOct. 8from ltoJp.m. Drive near the junction of assistant director of the each day. Some100 exhibitors ~j]~ through Sept. 2,t promise to be George Street and Nichol in the gallery. Participants Voorhees Hall on .Hamilton Montclair Art Museum. from six states are expected, no less sizzling. For resetAvenue.It is open from 8 a.m. ¯ Categories for judging are: oil The $2.50 admission price will vations call (201) 873-2710. and acrylic; pastels and be donated to educational to 11:30 p.m. Mondaythrough watercolors; mixedmedia and ,elevision station channel 13. Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5. p.m. ColleenZirnite ,.-

NEW BRUNSWICK-Jose Dracula." Play producers Greta will be the Prince of wanted to bring the show to Darkness when the George NewYork, but were unable to Street Playhouse produces obtain rights to the script and "The Passion of Dracula," on lherefore wrote their own Friday, Sept. 29 and Saturday, version. "The Passion..." Sept. 30. premiered under a full moon The show on Friday will be in New York’s Cherry Lane at 8:30 and on Saturday at 7:30 Theater at midnight in Sepand 11 p.m. The late Saturday tember, 1977and has played to showwill be a special vampire full houses since then. event with draculaphiles and Tickets for this production occultists throughout the are available in person or by theater. mail through the George The "Passion of Dracula" Street Playhouse box office, originated in NewBrunswick, located at 414 George Street, after the George Street NewBrunswick, N.J. 08901. ¯ Playhouse production in The box office phone number January 1976 of "Count is (201) 246-7717,


rk rtsh Seeks ent rants





OPENING PARTY ~]~I~T ~]rjr 3"-5 JL 1

, Orpheus Men. thru Wed. AllegroNonTropp0

by Lonford Wmon d ;rector JOHN HALLOWELL








WEt C OME ! !



171 ~:troadme~d. Princeton

FOR INFORMATION : 9 2 1" 6 3 14




ForfurtherInformation Phone609468,9048



Are You


Pre Piano Classes (Ages 5 & 6)

David Loerke & Arthur Wilson are pleasedto alulotmcc it uev.’Incation fin" tilt" KEYBOARD ARTS STUDIO of PRINCETON JUNCTI ON


¯ Group and Private Lessons For Beginners,Intermediate Advanced ¯ Piano Study for Adults


Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan.

20 17 15 19

- Katie Laur Band - Mike Seeger & Alice Oerrad - Sandy & Caroline Paten - David Jones

Join the S0eietyfor discounts,newslettersandsings. Membership: single$5,family$8,avialable at dooror from: Princeton Folk MusicSociety P. O.’ Box461 Princeton,N. J, 08540 i |ul

MercerCounty SymphonicOrchestra Matteo Giammario, Conductor Re-auditions for MCSOmembers Wed.Sept. 6, 1978 at 7-10 p.m. and Auditions for new members Men. Sept. 11, 1978at 7-11p.m. will be held at the MUSIC HOUSE TheLawrenceville School Lawrenceville, N. J.

Phone: 609-896-0400, Ext. 22



Join us


ECUMENICALWORSHIP-Sundays at 2 p.m. SOCIALA CTIVITIES- Fridays at 8:30 p. m. -- Babysitting provided -All functions at the First Presbyterian Church 320 North Main Street, Hightstown, N. J.

studios’: Unitarian Church CherryHill Road.Princeton

CALL609- 448-0302 or 448-0055 ~or more information


Sponsored by the MonmouthPresbytery of the United Presbyterian Church




Fall Term Begins Sept. 14th informationd brochure: 609-924-9406 609.695-9241



A workshop stressing: handbuilding and throwing techniques;decoratingwith clay, slips andtools; explorationsof the chemical compositionof glazes; application of glazeto bisque; explanation of the firing process. 15-weeksession beginsSeptember 18.




Course in Clay ~.d~. Raku



school $1, pre-schoot free Future ¢oncerls

1:45,3:35.5:25 1:15 ¯ 9:05

~s18 Ro¢kv Hilb , ....20e

Call now609-393-0286or 609-799-9400 for information


Paranha (R)


Pianoinstructionwill be ollercdat all It’vt’ls t’roln hcghuu’r advanced andfor all ages6’ti vcarsalld tip.

Friday, Sept. 15 8:15 p.m. All Saint’s Church (northonHarrison to Terhune; right to All Saint’sRd.) Members $2, general $3, students & st. citizens$2.50,

2:00,6 .’00,8.’05,! O:OS


PRINCE OF PEACE LUTHERANCttURCH Princeton-lfightslown Road Princeton Junction. ]VrwJerst’v beginningSeptember8th, 1978


Burr Reynolds is "HOOPER "

Call Theatre for Shows and Times




hlS, 3120.-~ ;20, 7:35, 9:S0


Chevy Chcise

Artists who want to exhibit and sell in the annual YardleyLower Makefield Art Association show, are invited to submit entries on Sept. 24. The 24th annual showwill be held from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7 in the Yardley tPa.) Community Center on South Main Street. There is a $3 entry fee. Prints, drawings, water colors, pastels and sculpture will be received Sunday, Sept. 24 from 1:30 to 5 p.m. at the Yardley Center. Further information can be obtained from Catherine Welsh, showcoordinator (215) 968-3272.



rs eSou

Artists invited to Yardley show

Animal House

Beauty and





Holt can be reached through the Council Players, Bethany Presbyterian Church, 400 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N.J. 08609 or by calling (609) 3939225.


Jean Cocteou’s

The Princeton Community Players


As its eleventh season, approaches the Council Players, a Trenton community theater group, is searching for newtalent. Planning for this year’s productions will take place at a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Hamilton and Chestnut Avenues in Trenton. Council Players was originally sponsored by the former Trenton Council of Churches, but is now an independent, interdenominational organization. It still deals in material with a spiritual theme. "We like to try to bring home some sort of message and at the same time provide entertainment appropriate for the entire family," according to Delight Holt, producer and director. Preliminary plans include production of Charles Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol," and a repeat of an earlier show, Thornton Wilder’s "Our Town." For more information Mrs.

French art of exhibHion



Z l~VI

Trenton theater group nowtalent scouting

a collegiate atmosphere.



The New

¯ Private andclass instruction in voice, piano, organ, and other instruments

School for Music Study

¯ For students of all ages and stages of development


1978-79 The country’s only research center devotedexclusively to music educationat the piano

= Faculty of artist/performer/teachers

/or piano students

¯ Classesin music theory coordinated with lessons

¯ renownedgroup/private study plan for beginnersages 7-12 ¯ innovative newprogramfor older and adult beginners ¯ limited openingsin Intermediate and advanceddepartments

¯ Private piano, classical guitar, andSuzukiviolin instruction will be available in4he Westminster Cranbury School Extension

REGISTRATIONIS NOWOPEN Lessonsbegin September 21 For catalog andinformation call: (609) 921-7104;924-6369 WestminsterChoir College ConservatoryDivision Hamilton Avenueat WalnutLane, Princeton

for piano teachers ¯ weekly seminarson the teaching methodsand materials for which the NewSchoolis nationally acclaimed

for full details, write or call: BOX407 ¯ PRINCETON,NEWJERSEY08540 ¯ (609) 921-2900


Thursday, September 7, 1978,

Educational Evaluation

andRemediation Center

ARE DEAD." New Jersey Middlesex - "THEROBBERmatinees include noon lunShakespeare Festival, Bowne BRIDEGROOM."Plays-incheon. Prices from $9.95. _~ Graduate School of Education ~ Route202-206.Luncheon and Theatre, Drew University. the-Park at Middlesex County Grouprates are available. For Dinner Theater. Lunch at Throush Sept. B in repertory. 8:30 p.m. Sept. 9-16. reservations, call 334-0058. Rutgers University noon,matineecurtainat 1:15 Monday thru Friday 8.p.m.; College. Tickets, $3.50. Call 548-6000, p.m., Monday through Friday. ~ Sunday at 7 p.m., Saturday at Ext. 350. is accepting referrals for educationa} evaluations ~ Dinner 6:30 p.m., curtain 8:40 6 and 9:30 p.m. Student, senior New Hope, Pa. -- "THE ~_~ of schoo.I age children with learning problems. For ~ p.m.,Sept.10, 13, 24, 26and27; citizen and group discounts. MUSICMAN." Bucks County others to be announced. .377-4487. Millburn -COUNT information, call 201-932-7567or 7297 Tuesday., ~ Playhouse. Brought back ,~y Through January 1979. LunDRACULA." Papermill p=~ cheon matinee $9.50, dinnerMadison -- "L()VE’S Playhouse, Brookside Drive. popular demand. Through ~] Thurs.,Sat. am. , (heater $12.50,including LABOUR’S LOST." Farley Granger. Sept. 24. Tuesday through New Starring 6:30 p.m.; Saturdays 5 gratuities and tax. Special Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Through Oct. 1. Wednesday- Friday, and 9 p.m.; Sunday 7:30 p.m. group and senior citizen Browne Theatre Drew Friday at 8:30 p.m., Sat. at 5 Wednesday and discounts. Reservations 658- University. Through Sept.19 p.m.and9:30p.m.;Sundayat Matinees Sundayat 2 p.m. Tickets $6-$8. 4020. in repertory. Mondaythrough3 p.m.and7:30p.m.Thursday Friday 8 p.m.;Sunday, 7 p.m.; matineeat 2 p.m. $7-$11 Discounts available (215) 862Saturday at 6 and 9:30p.m. dependingon performance 2041. Cranford- "PIPPIN." N.J. seniorcitizen Student,senior,groupand day.Student, Summit -- "THE RITZ." Public Theater, Celebration subscription discounts (201) and group discounts.Box The Craig Theatre, 6 Kent Playhouse, 118 South Ave., office (201)376-4343. Monday377-4487. Friday at 8:30 p.m., Saturday Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Palce Blvd., at the corner of Springfield Avenue, Friday at 7 and 10 p.m. and Sundayat Madison .... THE COUN- Sunday noon-9p.m. and Saturday at 8:40 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8-Oct. 28. 351TRY GIRL." New Jersey Tomorrow through Sept. 30. 5033or 272-5704. Shakespeare Festival, Browne Mountain Lakes -- Tickets, (201) 273-6233;dinnerTheatre, Drew University. "NORMAN, IS THAT YOU?" theatre at the NewHampshire Madison -- "HAMLET." Through Oct. 6. Monday Nell’s New Yorker Dinner House, (201)273-1513; group New Jersey Shakespeare through Friday, 8 p.m.; "YOU’VE GOT all the equipmentnecessaryin your eyes, your eye lashes andyour hair," Alicia de Theatre,Route46. Friday, sales, (201) 635-4738. Festival,Bowne Theatre, Sunday, 7 p.m.; Saturday, 6 Saturday St. Ephlam,portrayed by AnnRottman,makesa snap assessmentof her niece’s attributes as and Sundaythrough Drew University. Additionaland 9:30 p.m. Student, senior Oct.I. Fridayand Saturday Trenton- "BABES IN RoneteBransdorferin the title role of Gig[ contemplates the fact that she is growingup. Theyapperformance by popular cit/izen and group discounts. dinner at 7 p.m.,curtain at9 ARMS." The Players Com- pearin the Foothill Playhouse productionof Anita Loos’ comedy. lemandSept.9 al 9:30p.m., "(201) 377-4487. p.m.;Sunday dinner at5 p.m., pany of Trenton,700 West ’eplacing"Love Labour’s curtainat 6:30p.m.Prices StateSt. Tonight, tomorrow ,ost." Student, senior citizen Middlebush -- "INHERIT from $13.75. Weekday andSaturday at 3 p.m. andgroup discounts. (201)377THE WIND." Villagers Bar 4487. Theater, Amwell Road behind Franklin Township Municipal Madison "RosENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN Building. Friday and Saturday, 8:30 p.m.; Sunday, 7:30 Madison "ARMSANDSt. Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. and p.m. Through Sept. 24. $4- THE MAN." New Jersey Sept. 30 at 7:30 and 11 p.m. $4.50; student and senior Shakespeare Festival, Bowne Tickets, $6-$8. Call 246-7717, citizen discounts on Friday Theatre Drew University. Monday through Saturday 10 and Sunday. Reservations 873- Sept. 19-0ct. 15, in repertory. a.m.-5 p.m. Free parking at MIDDLESEX -- "Gigi" as once did (he young Charles emerald from a little king -2710. Monday through Friday, 8 Wolfson parking deck. arrived at the Foothill Boyer. Mr. Meadis a polished "great kings don’t give away p.m.; Sunday, 7 p.m.; Playhouse last Wednesday, a actor wholends suavity to the lessons with bits of philosophic Middlesex -- "GIGI." Saturday 6 and 9:30 p.m. New Brunswick -little late in the season. character of Lachaille, a advice, each one charged to Foolhill Playhouse, Beech- Student, senior citizen and "SCHOOL FOR WIVES." at a sluggish dog-days wealthy young roue. prompt a smile. "Always wood Avenue. Tonight, group discounts. (201) 377- George Street Playhouse, 414 Moving pace the production, directed Whenthe matriarchial trio protect yourself from family tommorrow and Saturday at 4487. George St. Opening Oct. 20 by Faye Matlhews, seems realize that the paternalheirlooms," she concludes her 8:40 p.m. $3.50-$4.50. Student through Nov. 11. 246-7717. somewhat out of the fraternal affection Monsieur jewelry lesson and goes on to discount except Saturday. Call Mountain Lakes -quickening tempo that stirs on Lachaille lavishes on their discuss cigars, "A womanwho 356-0462 between 2 and 5:30 "SIIENANDOAH," Neil’s Labor Day weekend. learns a man’s preferences in Gigi is blossoming into p.m. or 7:30 and 10 p.m. New Yorker Dinner Theatre, Summit -- "TILE SIIADOW The soft laughter and gentle something more, they decide everything is always well Route 46. Opens Oct. 6. For BOX." The Craig Theatre, 6 smiles thal this 1951 comedy to groom Gigi in the art of armed against him." information, call (201) 334- Kent Place Blvd., at the by Anita Loos provokes seem being a selective mistress. Gigi is excused from the 0058. corner of Springfield Avenue. lightly styled for summer,and They assign the task to Gigi’s room when Mons. Lachaille WeekendsOct. 6-29. Tickets, COLLEGE BOARDS leave nothing for lhe viewers Aunt Alicia whose lavish arrives, but she tarries to New Brunswick -- "THE (201) 273-6233; dinner-theatre to mull over during the ex- lifestyle attests to her success overhear her aunt discuss with TUTORING SCHOOL PASSION OF DRACULA." at the New Hampshire House, The Locust Trap is a unique new factory outlet shop, tended five to seven minute in the field. her beloved Gaston a contract With Jose Greco. George (201) 273-1513; group sales, featuring the natural look in lamps and home blackouts between scenes in Alicia de St. Ephlam, as that would protect her inStreet Playhouse, 414 George (201) 635-4738. the first and third acts. furnishings - rattan, bamboo,pottery and portrayed by Mrs. Rottman, is terests once he accepts her as the most vivid character in the his mistress. Appalled, she other natural materials. * Improve S.A.T.Scores Despite sparkling perplay. Stale in her luxury she runs away and returns home. Handcrafted native implements imported from the * SmallGroup Instruction formances by Ann Rottman breaks her boredom with Gaston follows, withdraws his South Pacific and transformed into stunning new lamps, * Develop Testing Skills and David Mead, a twinkling frequent feigned headaches offer and replaces it with a fixtures andaccessories- all at direct, * V0cabulary-Math one by Ronette Bransdorfer in which disappear once Gigi is proposal of marriage, and the factory to you prices. Instruction the title role, and somefleet put in her cfarge. Mrs. Rott- play ends happily. * Classes onSunday Only but flashy flickers by bit man glistens in the Miss Bransdorfer’s best MADISON- Folksinger the next attraction in the characters, the show fails to brightening glow of ex- moments as Gigi come when Oscar Brand, hailed as "one of festival’s 1978 MondayNight move.Yet, even in its lethargy citement Alicia feels. She ’she shows uncontrolled childbest" by the "New Specials series. it possesses an entertaining looks at Gigi warmly with like glee at the unexpected 14thSUCCESSFUL YEAR America’s York Times," will appear for A few tickets for the concert charm. motherly affection as she visits of her dear friend and SUNDAYS...9-12 one performance only, on remain available. Call (201) The story is about the shares the secrets of her future fiance. Monday,Sept. 11, at 8 p.m., at 377-4487or write Shakespeare, coming of age during the late success with the girl. "Gigi" closes the 1978 the NewJersey Shakespeare Madison, 07940 for tickets 191hCentury of a spirited girl First is a lesson in jewelry season at the Foothill barn Seniorspreparefor Nov:,Dec. Festival, DrewUniversity, as ranging from $2 to $7.50. who rebels when her grand- when they study the contents theater on BeechwoodAvenue. andJan.tests. mother, mother and aunt of her own jewelry box, in- It will run through Sept. 9 with prepare to launch her on a cluding a five-carat diamond the curtain going up at 8:40 Monthru Sat- 9:00 to 5:00 career as a cocolte, namely ring, a ruby ring encircled by p.m. for each performance. At the Factory Courses beginonSept.10 at The March of Dimes Bike-a- donated by International the mistress of the family one-half carat diamonds For reservations call 356-0462 Thonwill be held on Sept. 24 at Bicycles who are cotheTrenton Motor Inn. 238 A Hankins Rd, Hightstown, (Washington Twnsp), friend Gaston Lachaille. anything less than that Alicia between 2-5:30 p.m. or 7:30-10 l0:30 a.m. in Duke Island sponsoring the event. Sporting a neat French calls "a chip" -- and an p.m. Park. Prizes will be rewarded Anyone interested in parON[ HAlE MILE S(~UTH OE ROU]ES130 & 33 MERGER,TURNWESTONTO Call: (609)883-0730 for to those whocollect the most ticipating or helping with the goatee, David Mead cuts as valuable jewelry." H,\NKINS ROAD{OPPOSITEWINDSORMANOR)PROCEED ~4 MILE Fa,(TORYBUILDINGONTIt[ LEFT. Registration Information Aunt Alicia illuminates her Colleen Zirnite amount of money. A 10-speed Bike-a-Thon may call 377-3976 elegant and romantic a figure bicycle will be the grand prize, for further information.

M g.eYrhung




hTT cfl0 3 Sluggish ’Gigi’ still has entertaining charm


Oscar Brand to give Monday performance

Bike-a-thon set for Sept. 24

..---. ncetonWelcomes


CHRISTIAN (formerly





Day of Celebration SEPTEMBER 10, 1978 Everyone


3:00 P.M.

10:301A.M. 3:00 P.M.

Sacred Concert The COURIERS Dave, Duane and Nell

Soloist DAVE BOYER Speaker

Nassau and Chambers Streets


New Jersey

Courtesy PRINCETON AnnexRestaurant CallawayReal Estate Center BarberShop EldridgePontiac&Buick(Rte. 206) EnglishShop’, Edith’s Lingerie First National BankStaff Grotto


Hinkson’s Stationery Home Decor Hulit’s Shoes Kuller Travel Agency Lamplighter Bookstore LaVake Jewelers Nassau Savings and Loan New Jersey National Bank


08540 ¯ 609-921-0981 HOPEwELL Valley Oil Co.

of On Consignment Princetonian Diner PrincetonFlorist Center Stockton Real Estate Tech Hi-Fi TheLight Gallery The Rugand Furniture MartInc. Walter B. HoweRealty WelcomeAboard Travel

LAWRENCE VILLE Afternoon Delight Dunfield AutoParts HourGlass Cleaners Michaelangelo’sHairstyling ¯ TRENTON Dell Delight JohnstonJewelers

WORSHIP SUNDAY 10:30a.m...Inspired Worship andBible Study 6:30 a.m...Charismatic HealingService

Jesse Owen,Pastor

SCHEDULE THURSDAY 7:30 p.m...FamilyNight


Thursday, September 7, 1978

Musical blockbuster takes NJPT stage

N,colaTL_Shearerr ,..sparkles .., ,,,’ ,.oun,rv




MADISON- Move over, Paul Barry, and make way for a woman. For two years in a row you won top acting and directing awards, but this year you may have to share the honor with Nicola Shearer. ! Shakespeare Festival / Director Barry received the Best Director and Best Leading Actor Awards from the NewJersey DramaCritics Association for "Cyrano de Bergerac," the Best Production of the Year, in which he starred in 1977. Nicola Shearer shares top billing with Mr. Barry whois also the director, and festival favorite, Eric Tavaris, in Clifford Odets’ drama, "The ~ountry Girl," the most recent addition to this season’s festival repertory offerings. But on stage, Ms. Shearer outshines them both. Her performance as the country girl, wife of a once-great actor whohas fallen to alcoholism is brilliant. Ms. Shearer does not appear in the play until the second scene. Paul Barry who plays her husband, Frank Elgin, is the center of attention in scene one and most of the following scenes of the two-act play. q" The drama opens on Eric Tavaris in the role of a young director named Bernie Dodd. He is appealing to the producer and playwright of a newplay to let Elgin read for the main role. He believes Elgin is the man who can

makethe showa hit because of memories from his hat-check days at a theater where Elgin was heralded by critics and audiences. The young author, Paul Unger, played by Brian Lynner, is willing, but Phil Cook, the producer, has no hopes for an alcoholic. Reluctantly Cookagrees to let Elgin read. Mr. Barry’s cowed entrance and subsequent stumbled reading is beautifully done, but somewherebefore the end of the act, and before Elgin breaks his abstinence with two small bottles of beer, Mr. Barry adopts a peculiar shuffling morefitting to a man "under the influence." It mars an otherwise fine performance. Mr. Tavaris who has illumined every other role he has taken seems purposely to dim his talents for this production. Someof his lines are lost because he swallows them. Yet even so subdued he projects vigor with a large dash of glamour. Ms. Shearer, as Georgie Elgin, is wearily packing a well worn suitcase when Dodd knocks at the door to the Elgin’s furnished room seeking to tell Elgin that the role is his. Ms. Shearer’s shoulders are bent with defeat, but she straightens them in obvious resignation to stick by her husband at this opportunity and give him

:i’ another chance. She will struggle to goad Elgin to a Broadway come-back. Elgin lies to Doddblaming Georgie for his alcoholism and Georgie smarts under Dodd’s reproof although she doesn’t understand it. Still she works with him and encourages Elgin to learn his lines, master the role, and return to greatness. Onlyin the end does Doddlearn the truth. Ms. Shearer subtly and sensitively relays Georgie’s anguish, her hope, her fears, her admiration of Dodd and the dulled pain of her dead love for her husband. Georgie is loyal to Elgin because he needs her -- even after a brief joyous momentof love, only as long as a single brusque kiss. "The Country Girl" is a period piece of the 1950’s and even though what it says about the theater is as true today as it was then, what it says about human behavior properly belongs in the 1950’s. "The CountryGirl" is a tender play, unfolded by the festival players with singular compassion. LIZ QUEEN, troupe member,Judi Adams,Fastrada, and Nell Festival players will per- Cerbone,the LeadingPlayer, will be joined by the rest of the form "The Country Girl" in "Pippin" cast whenthe curtain rises tomorrowon the NewJerrepertory through Oct. 6. For ¯ sey Public Theatreproduction of the smashBroadway musical. information and reservations TheCranfordtheater will presentperformances throughOct. 28. call (201) 377-4487. Performances are Monday through Friday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 7 p.m., Saturday at 6 and 9:30 p.m.


~o~ The New Daffy News for Best ruler and discovers how his Jersey Public Theatre at Director of NewJersey Public noble principles must yield to Theatre’s Celebration Playhouse production of compromise. recently announced their "Lenny." In despair, he turns to his production of "Pippin," the TheLeading Player is a fast- boisterious old grandmother, musical blockbuster that ran talking, high-stepping master Io be played by Charlotte for a triumphant four and a ring master who steps forth Chernus m half years on Broadway. The and promises "a stunning She advises Pippin to live it of magic and up -- a course he embarks show, with a score by corn- example poser and lyricist, Stephen merriment" for the audience. upon with a vengeance. Schwartz, will open on Sept. 8 He further explains that we "Pippin" can be seen ¯will follow Pippin’s ad- Fridays at 8:30 p.m., Saturand run through Oct. 28. ~’Pippin" is the title of the ventures without worrying days at 7 and 10 p.m. and showas well as the nameof its about historical authencity. Sundays at 7:30 p.m. ReserCandide-like innocent hero, to The character having been vations may be made by suggested by Pepin, the very be played by newcomer, Cary calling (201) 272-5704or 351Tinfow of Montclair. His story little knowneldest son of the 5033. emperor Charlemagne. is conjured up by a colorful The book, written by Roger troupe of traveling circus performersled by the Leading O. Hirson, portrays Pippin’s | Player to be played by Nell search for his place in the sun. Cerbone, a favorite of He attempts soldiering for his Playhouse audiences and most father and finds there is no recently nominated by the glory in battle. He tries being a







60%924-7040 195 NassauSt.


(Thompson Court. across from Bellows)



Four SeasonsMall NewHope, Pa,






/ q/~3


i/ ~ ~" "



and Tahitian

This completely enclosed mall in the center of town has now


uance ~,ua,o

/11 /11

been attraetivelv renovated.

’ Dance ¯ I~1


,ns,oc,oOanceO __. ,o,ea.,400 o00" ,n ,rofess,ona,, awa,,/11 r


Classes Begin 45 So. MainSt. I II Call 725.7495 (2ndFk)or)--JtJ Sept. 12 All Ages Taught or 233-3 / 61 Manville




" Imormatlon, rO r ..... z 1"Ho""2 -:J"181

Colleen Zirnite

Stage offers rock films; reunited Byrds threesome MORRISTOWN -- The concert film series which began at the end of July at The -Morris Stage, 100 South St. has been expanded to three-nightruns during September, according to Barnett Lipman, producer. The movies will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings beginning on Sept. 8 with "Pink Floyd." A film entitled "Jimi Hendrix" and "Performance" starring MickJagger follow on Sept. 15, 16 and 17. Beatles’ films "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Yellow Submarine" are slated for Sept. 23 and 24 and the film which documents the historic 1969 weekend of love and peace, "Woodstock" runs on Sept. 29 and 30. Showtimefor all films is 8 p.m. and the general admission price is $2. Tickets are nowon sale for a

live concert with UFOand The Dictators on Sept. 21 and Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, and Chris Hillman on Sept. 22. UFOis one of the most innovative British high-energy rock bands to recently appear on lhe music scene. This might be, in part, because of band member Paul Raymond, previously of Savoy Brown fame. USOwill be joined by East coast new wave rockers, The Dictators. Tickets are $7.50 and $8.50. Three former members of The Byrds, McGuinn, Clark,

and Hillman, all of whomhave embarked on solo careers since the band’s break-up, will be touring this fall. In anticipation of a soon-to-bereleased album, this threesome will try-out their newmaterial at 8 and 11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 22. The Morris Stage" box office is open from noon-’/ p.m. Monday through Thursday, noon-gp.m. Friday and Saturday and 6-9 p.m. on Sunday. For further information, call (201) 540-9270.

"The Ritz" will open

Craig 78.79 season

SUMMIT-- The Craig McNally’s wild bathhouse Theatre has announced its farce, "The Ritz," directed by 1978-79season which will open Frank J. Ragazzo. "The Ritz," on Sept. 8 with Terrence will run through Sept. 30. An absorbing drama of death and dying. "The Shadow Box," will open on Oct. 6. Paul Hylant will direct the Pulitzer Prize winner. "The Shadow Box," also won the Antoinette Perry award for Best Play of "The Impossible Years," a female parts ranging in age comedy by Bob Fisher and from 18-50. All parts are open. 1977 for its author, Michael Cristofer. The drama¯ will run Arthur Marx, will be the next Interested thespians are through Oct. 28. show staged by the Franklin encouraged to audition on The highly acclaimed CommunityPlayers. Sept. 18, 19 or 20 at 8 p.m. at psycho-drama, "Equus," is Under the direction of Sandy the Franklin High School set to open Nov. 10. "Equus," Berkowitz, the play focuses on auditorium. Production is recarded as one of the finest one family’s futile effort to scheduled for the first two is -’-"~ ever written maintain balance against a weekends in December. ~"~Y~ world of contemporary social All performances are change. The Franklin Community Friday and Saturday evenings The director is seeking a Players is a newly formed at 8:30pm. Admissionis $6, $4 man and womanin their mid group sponsored by the for students and senior forties, and lwo young women Adult/Community Education citizens. . . --[o portray teenagers- for Program in Franklin TownFor reservations anal sunthe major roles. In addition, ship. For more information, scription information, (201) [here are eight male and two call 545-5914. 273-6233.



¯Franklin Players seek ’ImpossibleYears’ cast



JustS188 SIMMoNs ’ Va/ue s219.. St Udlo Couches -. !


Now$.78eaCh FULL, Reg $109each ,,,~w$ t OSeac~ $!’8 ,~ "~m QuEEN, Reg$269set .... ~6~288set



I 2


QUE~-N, u - . i KING’Reg $419set......

all, purchases

~.* .~... u_

Nursery£t Garden Market



~ ~.

2 -n _>


i[’ ;P

" ~i



Brass Pla"Ill’"ed


TwinHeadboard --


For the luxurious

FlarneSb’~"" ~_~5596 ............

,~u .... mnorar~ ...... 489 ....... [’ ’ L;°n~ ~,~.;n, Re9$



$34.~ I


N°v~--. ~.,.i’li

w~’~’~= No I


Nyl?ns::t’ ’-"Her cu’°n’ Reg$42:n’=~4.J~kL LOV~ __--~E~; ~ }rw--




{Meep you need





innerspring Hi-Riser


Savings Fantastic Valueson

Value$ 49Sa,e$ 6 9

.qPF-RIAI ,., ....




A ~gy,~BO~DS




Route206 betweenPrincetonEl’ Lawrenceville

Weekends 10 AM-5PM d

Super Special Savings




0 %-65/o I











t" ;i




99 SLE~t*EB$"" . _ ~ n$599 N°w~_~.qF, tt~ ~’~p- ~ tricH ercuiOn’’’e= Now

KiNG,Reg$379set .........

. , ,



vALU~...,.’~/~v~-5 I oozenstocho°setr°m’.$


-~. ;~ ,:?;





i~ II

~l~’~"~m-!"-’‘E~r F Now$88 each ~ $1lcJeac~.....



mA m~;;~lmmam’-

F IRMER .....




’eS299 ..... Just (completew,th mattress)

TWIN, RegSB9each

~ "!’1








C/aptain’ s Bed ~qP’~ each

TWiN, Reg$99each



:I V~/,,e Sz5 ...........~........


8each FULL, F{eg $99eaCh ...... NOW$6 N°W$88each QUEEN,Reg $249set ....

¯. ~


TWIN, Reg $79each




FULL, Reg $89each QUEEN, RegS229set ....

i ’


SAVINGS LIKE 9 Piece Corner Group

TWIN, Reg $69each


large selection of



~ ~=~ ~,~

~ ~










Value$199Sale" 1 1,1)

~,-~.;;::-:~. ,.,./.~ ~."


~~~’~’’T~’~l~l ~anddeas~ree’’’afabul°usc°mf°rt E ~~~m~



~~’~~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

~ ~








Route I at Darrah Lane, oo.-o., u Shop--Mon-Fri 10 til 9, Sat 10 ’ill 5 Sun11 ’til 5

~" t ~ {nexttoClothtngClearanceCenter




Shop-Men, Wed,Fri 12 ’ill Tues,Thurs,Sat 10’til 5 I




9 I //


Iht’ Franklin NEWS RECORD

YMCAseeks fall programparticipants

storeALL’N’GHt Classifi’ed Too Late To Classify

Too Late 1974 FORD GALAXY- 4 dr. 63,000 miles, p/b, p/s, p/seats, a/c, am radio, new brakes & exhausl system, new tires, plus 2-mounted studded snow tires. $2100 or best offer. 201359-1793 eves.

I976 BUICK REGAL COUPE a/c, power windows, door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, like new, 609-924-8347.

WANTED -HOUSEKEEPER -- 10-2pro, care of baby, Princeton area. 609-9248424.

VW1974 -- 4 spd. exc. cond. can be seen in Hopewell. 609392-7464 after 5pro. COUCH -- chair, black & white check; chair in red & white check, very good condition. $175, or best offer for all 3. Call 201-874-5388 after 6 p.m.

PISCATAWAY -The proximately 3 I/ 2 feettall.No YMCA announcesregistration bubbleswillbe used. (Continuedfrom Page One) is open for its fall programs. volume takes place on Gymnastics registration Thursday,Friday and starts Sept. 5. All skills will be Saturdaynights, and the taught on all levels, including slowest evenings are Monday beginners, intermediates, and Tuesdaynights, advanced, junior varsity, A minor, drawback to late varsity and preparatory night time trade is magazine teams. Emphasis will be on New members of the damage.Peoplewill come into four Olympicevents:balance Franklin High School Marlhe store, flip through the beam, uneven parallel bars, ching Band are anxious to pagesof the NationalEnquirervaultingand floorexercises. locate second-hand marching or People Magazine,complete Bowling registrationopens band shoes. the Readers Digest word Sept. 9 at Brookside Lanes, If former members of the puzzles, and then leave Stelton Road from 1-4 p.m and band have shoes they are without making a purchase, from 7-9 p.m. Two youth willing to donate or sell, they However, a magazine bowling leagues are planned may give them to a member of reader commentedthat the for bowlers eight years old to the Band Parents Association Shop-Riteat one in the mor- 21. or call846-6613 or 247-3905. ning was far more stimulatingLearn to swim classesstart than the Tom Snyder show. Sept. 11-15 at 3:30-4 p.m. Therefore, in an off-beat Beginners only six years old manner, the Shop-Rite is and up may register for the YOUR LETTERS serving the public by five session program. All ON TOWN ISSUES providinga new form of late participantsmust be able to ARE WELCOME! night entertainment, stand in shallow end ap-

GARAGESALE - Sat. Sept. 9th,9a.m. -5 p.m. 24 Moore St. Princeton. Large & small household items.

request old marchingshoes

GARAGESALE -- Sept. 8th & 9th, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Cranbury Manor, 5 Millstone Dr. Playpen, clothes, miscellaneous. SITTER WANTED - for 2 girls 7 & 9, after school in my Kendall Park home. Driving a plus but will consider a reliable teenager. Exact hours & duties negotiable. Call 201297-5204.


"RALEIGH ¯ SCHWINN "PEUGEOT¯ ROSS Reoairs - Plrls - Acc~lorlel

Business and Social Printing Forms-Bulletins-Flyers-Tickets Cards-EnvelopesLetterheads

lO= m .6am

Franklin Child HealthConference - 10 a.m., HealthOffice. Franklin Boardof Adjustment - 8 p.m., MunicipalBldg. HillsboroughPlanningBoard-8 p.m., MunicipalBldg. ManvillePlanningBoard- 7:30 p.m., MunicipalBldg. Manville HealthScreeningClinic - 6 p.m., Boardof HealthOffice, MunicipalBldg. annex. AI-AnonFamily GroupSession- 8 p.m., First Baptist Church YouthCenter, 128 W.High St., Somerville. Meetingsheld each Thursday.


RETAIL SALESPERSON - 40 hour week - Tues thru Sat, including some nights. Good physical condition. Salary open. Reply Box #02055, c/o Princeton Packet.


Dave’s Men’s Boys Shop

CLERK/TYPIST GAL/G FRIDAY This position is a beginning, leads to a responsible roIe once trained. Will be involved in total atmosphere assisting in all depts. $150-165. Fee Pd. Closed Man. OPEN TUES EVE TIL 8:00

41 S.,Main St.




Cut-A-Than to benefit world hunger- St. MatthlasChurch,Kennedy Blvd., Somerset.1:30 - 7 p.m. Come with hair shampooed. Cut $6. cut andstyle, $10. Information249-3106 or 246-2849. SomersetCountyHorseandPonyAssoc.fall horse show- Starts 8:30 a.m., North BranchPark, MilhownRd., Bridgewater. StampCollectors OpenHouse- All stamps,432 RydersLane, EastBrunswick.10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Information238-5639.

Oil Burners Installed 586 Hamillon St. New Brunswh:k




~’ARD SALE - 3 families, ireasures & wash, new & old, Sat, Sun. Sept. 9 & 10, 9:30 5pro, rain or shine, 63 Woods ltd. Hillsborough Twp. Come & browse. :YARD SALE - Sun. Sept. 10 only. 9-5. 406 New Center Rd. Somerville. KING SIZE BED FOR SALE -- exc. tend. 609-921-7859. STORAGE OR SHOP - near ¯ Rie.1 & 1-295interchange, no autorepair.609-896-0514.



XEROX COPIES (Quantity Prices .4railabb, I

LIFT-OFF WEEKEND! Friday, Sept. 15 8:30 pm- 1 am at the Sampson G. Smith School Cafeteria GET UP AND BOOGIE! An Adult Disco Dance hosted by our NewFranklin Follies Refreshments * Prizes * Donation $2.00 per person Sat., Sept. 18-10.-30 am at the Sampson G. Smith Auditorium and Field -- uP, UPAND AWAY! wehave;lift-offl Thedesireto fly is mankind’s oldest fascination. RichlaMichalaki,a worldfamous balloonist andT.V. performer,will begin his programindoorswith a 30 minutefilm entitled "Lighter ThanAir." Richie will havea short discussaboutBallooningandsharehis recent adventure overSouthAfrica. Then..... Weather permitting....Richieandhis flight crewwill lead the audienceoutsideandinflate a 70foot h’igh hot-air balloon.Watchit fly. UP-ANDAWAY in that beautiful balloon andGondola! Bringthe familyto this uniqueexperience. Youwon’tforget itl Freeheliumballoonsfor the kidsl Thefilm anddiscussionwill be conducted regardlessof weatherconditions. Donation for flight crewexpenses - $2.00per family.


JEWELERS Keepsake Diamond Rings Wid. ~ Selection of Wedding Bands FREE Ear Piercing with Purchase of Earrings

Some-;,et Shopping Center Bridgewater 5264}111

205 So. Main St.,

SOPKO Agents for Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. MOVING Et STORAGE, INC.

Franklin TownshipSenior Citizen’s Club Social Meeting- Birthday andanniversaryTuesday.10 a.m., East Franklin Firehouse. Franklin PapandFamilyPlanningClinic - 7 p.m, MunicipalBldg. FranklinFirst Aid Course- 3:30 p.m., MunicipalBldg. HillsborcughCommittee - 8 p.m. MunicipalBldg. Hillsborough Fire Commissioners 8 p.m., Room 12, HillsboroughSchool. Raritan Valley Meetand Mix SinglesClub - 9 p.m., Clyde’s, Rt. 22, Somerville.



Local & Long Distance 35 No. 17th Ave. Manville



PARK PLUMBING & HEATING Installation &Repaa of all your plumbing needs FREE ESTIMATES



(201) 297-7538 I




Kendall Park, N.J. I~

LUMBER CO., INC. ReadingBlvd., Belie Mead 359o5121 A Complete Line of BUILDINGMATERIALS ¯ Cook& DunnPalnt~l ¯ Comb.Ooorl g Windows * Andersen Windows " Ceilings¯ Patio Materials¯ Carpeting ¯ Vinyl Tile ¯ Bilco BasementDoors ¯ Raaroad Ties ¯ Hardwa~¯ Decorator Panels* RoofingMaterials* Insulation* Glass ¯ Panelling Plywood* Brick ¯ Mason¢~’ Materials











.Archery Arts 8- Crafts for Exceptional Teenagers& Adults Auto OpenShop Ballet Behavior Therapy Bookkeeping(Advanced) Bookkeeping (Elementary) CakeDecorating Contemporary Literature Electric Arc Welding(Basics) Electronics I EntertainmentCanBeFun Feminism in Literature Floral Arranging Flute andMusicTheory Class(Beginner) Flute andMusicTheory Class(Inte’rmediateandAdv.) Fencing FrenchCooking FrenchII GasWeldingand Burning (Basics) GettingYourLibrary’s Worth

Golf Houseplants andTheir Care Human Sexuality Independent Living Skills for ExceptionalTeenagers and Adults Investments andSecurities Jogging Metal Sculpture Parapsychology Parenting,TheArt Of Psychologyfor the SpaceAge ScienceFiction andFantasy ShorthandABCStenoscript Simple HomeDecor Standard First Aid Stenofor Beginners SlimnasticsSectionA SlimnasticsSectionB Swimnastics T’ai Chi Chuan Tap Dancing Tennis Typing(Beginner) Weatherwise Weight Watchers

ImprovingInterpersonal Archaeology Communication Auto MechanicsA Italian (Beginner) Auto MechanicsB Keypunching Section A (Beginner) Backgammon BallroomDancing(Advanced)Keypunching Section B (Beginner) Ballooning, Art of Keypunching Section C (Advanced) Macrame BusinessMachines CalligraphyI MechanicalDrawing(Introduction Memoryand Concentration Calligraphy II Needlepoint(Beginner) Ceramics Needlepoint(Intermediate) ChoraleSinging Oil Painting Clothing Construction PaintonFabric CPR Piano CreativeWriting Potpourriof Creativity Flight Instruction(Basic) Public Speaking FurnitureRefinishing Real EstateSalesperson’s Course Foster Careand Adoption SlimnasticsSection C GourmetCooking SlimnasticsSectionD GraphicArts StenoPitmanRefresher Guitar Hair Styling andHigh FashionSocketsto Circuits Trimnastic Dancing Make-Up Upholstery Health-Whys Yoga History Hungarian

Lawfor the Layperson BallroomDancing Mathand AlgebraTutoring Boating C.B. Mathfor Everyday Living RapidReading ChineseCooking Rootsof Artistic Expression CPR Disco Dance(Advanced) Sailing DiscoDance(Beginner) Seminars Exotic Dance(Beginner) SlimnasticsE SmallEngineRepair ExoticDance(Intermediate) Fencing(Intermediate) StainedGlassArtistry FrenchI Steno(Refresh) Gymnastics Stereo and Audio Home Fire Prevention Tailoring- Accessories andMillinery Hypnosisfor Self-Improvement Typing(Intermediate) I’m Ok- You’reOK Workshopto Stop Smoking Italian (Advanced) and Lose Weight Jogging

AntiquesandCollectibles Auto MechanicsC Auto MechanicsD BallroomDancing(Kingston) CLEP ComputerProgramming (Basic) CPR Disco Dancing(Advanced) (Kingston) Drawing(Beginning) Flight Instruction(Basics) Grammar HangGliding Hebrew International Folk Dancing Italian (Intermediate) Karate Keypunching Section D (Beginner) KeypunchingSection E (Advanced)

Metric ModernJazz Photography I andII Piano Plumbing Portable Shakespeare Real Estate Supplementary SculptureStudio Self-Defense Self-Defense SlimnasticsF Smokeatoppers SpanishI Spanish II StampCollecting TreasureHunting and Metal Detecting Watercolors WoodShop (Open) Yoga(Kingston)



SAT Preparation

Service Preparation Course



Program is free exceptfor materials Chineseand FrenchCooking (at the Consolata only) PhysicalEducation

Dancing Sculpture Macrame Arts andCrafts

FabricPainting Sewing Golf Woodworking

SPECIAL COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES OPEN FAMILY SWIM Starting OctoberS, continuingfor 10 consecutiveweeks "SHOWBIZ" N.Y.C.for "A ChorusLine" onOct. 21; "Annie"on Dec.9 FRANKBN COMMUNITY PLAYERS Informalseminars8- workshops - will stage2 shows FRANKBNFOLLIES A newgroupbeingformedas an outlet for community talent COMMUNITY ADULT BAND Still in needof musiciansl

WILDERNESSFAMILY A combined6 hoursclassroomcourseand supervised weekend camping trip alongthe Appalachian Trail. ASSERTIVENESS WORKSHOP Designed to assist participantsin developingassertive behaviorandto improvecommunications skills. HISTORICALSOClET3f Museum tours, films, etc.


PLUMBING & HEATING Ournewadult high school, recently adoptedby the Franklin Township Boardof Education,maybe your road to a regular Franklin High School ELECTRIC SEWER CLEANING Diploma.This uniqueapproach grantscredit basedon your life skills, job andmilitary experience,independent studyandprelects andother JOBBING &ALTERATIONS flexible means to gain a diploma. to partake in this competency-based diploma RESIDENTIAL, IDNSTURIAL, COMMERCIAL Yourpersonal programwill be designedby a counselorandyourself. Every adult is welcome program. Try itl ~. (201)725-9368 N.J.LIC.//5445 Forinformationcall 545-4229. FREE ESTIMATES ¯ WORK GUARAP, TEED


irlpool ........ ................ 388-4748 So. Brunswick sales~ service Edison



Thefollowing activities are being offered to you, our senior citizens, for 10weeksbeginningSeptember 25th throughDecember 1st. Classes will beheld everyMonday at the Bethel Temple,HamiltonSt. from9 a.m. to 2 p.m. andFriday classeswill be held at the Consolata Mission, Route27 from9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To register please contact Franklin Township Adult/Community EducationCenter; 873-2400,Ext. 221 during the monthof September from 9 1 p.m. Pleasebring a baglunch.


SeniorCitizen’s Dayat the N.J. State Fair - Freeseniorcitizen’s tickets canbeobtainedby writing: SeniorCitizen Committee, N. J. State Fair, P. O. Box8174,Trenton,N. J. 08650or calling 609-5876300. Franklin Child HealthConference - 10 a.m, MunicipalBldg. FranklinCouncil,- 8 p.m., MunicipalBldg. N. J. Chapter,National Tay-Sachs and Allied DiseasesAssoc., Inc, - Generalmeeting,8:30 p.m., homeof Evy Heimann, 45 Lebed Dr., Somerset.Guestspeaker, WendyKing, psychotherapist. New memberswelcome. Rummage Sale - I.O.O.F. Hall, Welsh’sLane,East Millstone, 6-8 p.m.




K I5-8800 T12 Hamihon St.. Somerse N( YI’AR’~ ISI:BI.I(:


Funeral Home, Inc. Adam Fucillo, Mgr. 725-1763

NOTE:Classes begin Wednesday, October 4, 1978and continue through the weekof December 4, 1978. No classes on October11 and Nbvember23.


FranklinPapDay,2 p.m., HealthOffice. Manville Senior Citizens regular meeting- 7 p.m., Christ the King Churchauditorium. Hilisborough Municipal Utilities Authority - 8:15 p.m., 344 Rt.206.


1. In-personregistration will beheld at the AdultSchoolOffice (enter mainentrance,turn right); next to MainOffice. Monday throughThursday (September 18 through21,1978)from4 P.M. to 8 P.M. 2. Mail-in registration (formson backcover)until September 29,1978.All checkspayableto "Franklin Township Boardof Education." 3. Sinceour program is self-sustaining, there will be a $2registration fee to covercosts. Persons whoenroll in morethan onecoursewill pay the $2 fee only once.SeniorCitizens will heypaythe fee. Seminars andfree courseshavenofees. 4. Noclassfeeswill berefunded after the first classmeeting. 5. If anycourseis cancelled all feeswill berefunded. 6. Mostcoursesrun for 10 weeksunlessotherwisenoted. 7. Call for information,however, nophone4n registration. 8. Courses whichhavesufficient registration will befree to seniorcitizens. Also seespecial"SeniorCitizen Program." 9. Textsandmaterialneces.4ary for certain classesare in additionto classfees, unlessotherwisenoted. 10. Theadult schoolwill be closedwhenthe regular dayschoolis closed, dueto weatherconditions. Shouldit become necessary to close the Adult Schoolduring the day, pleaselisten to WCTC between 3:00 and6:00 P.M. 11. Unlessnotified, planto attendthe first night of class. Noconfirmations are mailed. 12. All 3-HourSeminars andfree coursesrequireregistration as usual.






Franklin Dermatology Clinic - 7 p.m., MunicipalBldg. Manville WelfareBoard-7 p.m. MunicipalBldg. HillsboroughBoardof Health- 8 p.m., MunicipalAnnex. ManvilleCouncil- 8 p.m., MunicipalBldg. HillsboroughBoardof Adjustment - 8 p.m., MunicipalBldg.

’VaN -- 1976 Ford Econoline, 6 cyl., 39,000 mi. 3 spd., good cond. $2000. Call 609-737-9420.

EARN EXTRA INCOME - in cosmetic sales. No experience necessary. 609-443-1009.


Duringregistration hours,the Franklin Township Dept.of Healthwill offer free Bloo~9ssurecheck-upsandhealth literature for your well being.Pleasetake advantage of this service, heldat the registration site from6 8 .M.



g Son

GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE HELP - no experience necessary. Part time, full time & weekend positions available. Call 201521.-0070, ext. 28.

WANTED- part time electronic wire person, prefer NASA certification, nours flexible, 201-329-6000.



Spruce Run Cat Fanciers Show- Somerset County College Gym.Also Sunday. SomersetHills KennelClub Dog Show- Starts 7 a.m., North BranchPark, Milltown Rd., Bridgewater(4-H Fairgrounds). PaperDrive - Franklin HighSchoolBandParents.Dropoff bundled papersat high school parking lot, 9 a.m.-noon.(For Friday curbsidepick-up, 873-2337 or 846-6613.) German 8eerfest- Millstone Valley Fire Dept. 7:30 p.m., Onka’s CharterService,AmwellRd., EastMillstone. $3per person,$5. per couple. Advance tickets, 874-3190.


FOR SALE - G.E. Americana refrigerator;Kingsizebed, iwin bedroomset, 2 air conditioners,color TV, all excellent cond.609-799-4687.




PERSON NEEDED TO CLEAN HORSE STALLS & other stable duties. Experiencepreferred.Call 609466-1383.

EXCELLENT TYPIST -manuscripts, thesis, books, etc. FRENCH. Pickup & delivery, 609-395-0749.


CleIKI Wed.& ~dmts

Time Out Babysitting Service begins, MontgomeryUnited MethodistChurch,SunsetRd., Belle Mead.Information, 609-4661754. ChefSeries andCooks’Tour - Benefit East Jersey aide Towne. First of 4 sessions, "The FoodProcessorand Microwave Ovens." 10 a.m., Public Service Electric and GasKitchen, 104 Watchung Ave., Plainfield. Information,356-14~7.

¯ Policemen ¯ Mailmen

CAREER CENTER PERSONNEL 201-469-6100 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset (Weston Canal Exit 287)



Formal Wear For



- Invitations

PHONE: (201)


b ,,~

of Manville, Inc. 513 W. Camplain Rd. Manville, N.J. 08835

SERVICE STATION MECHANIC -- and gas attendant wanted 8-5pm MonFri. Apply in person, Griggs Corner Amoco, 66 Witherspoon St. Princeton. 609-924-7692.

GARAGE SALE -- 16 Cambridge Rd., Kendall Park. Sat & Sun, Sept 9 & 10, 10am-Spm. Miscellaneous.

7, 1978


CHILD CARE - someone to watch 8 yr. old after school. Prefer your house Woods Road area. Adult or teenager okay. Myhouse okay if you have car. 201-359-7516 after 6 pm.

WHITE-- 19" Raleigh 10 spd. bike, good cond. Asking $35. Call aher 6 p.m. 609-924-6815.


FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP adult &communil education

New members

To Classify

DRIVER--STOCKPERSON Good driving record. Tues thru Sat. Salary open. Reply Box #02056, c/o Princeton Packet.






Fall, 1978


Riding to the hounds in Central Jersey See pgs. 38, 39


Packet Magazine Is

a supplement

to The Princeton Packet and The Lawrence Ledger of Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1978, and to the Wlndsor-Hlghts The HIIIsborough Beacon and The Franklin News-Record of Thursday, Sept. 7, 1978


the Central




iml I




TrentOnState College College UnionBoord

commiffee on the performing ©N-S presentsthe 1978-79 season Tuesday, September 26, 1978

Thursday, October 12, 1978



This highly diversified companyoffers an exciting blend of contemporary American dance styles. Its repertoire is unusual and distinguished in that it includes works in moderndance, contemporary ballet and dance/theatre.

NewYork pianist, Berenice Lipson-Gruzenhas been playing the piano since the age of 4. She has performed in solo recitals end with or: chestras throughout the country. In addition, Lipson-Gruzenhas performedin a solo recital at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall and at the Carnegie Recital Hall in NewYork. Hailed for her "musical authority and emotional depth," she performs the music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others.

Monday, November 6, 1978 Sunday, February 18, 1979


THE INTIMATE P.D.Q. BACH "A glorious spoof of serious music; a hilarious showV’

Sponsoredin cooperation with the Minority ProgrammingCommittee

Philadelphia EveningBulletin Perhaps the most unique and versatile performing company in the country....Under the direction of Arthur Hall, the Ensembletraces the development of Black dance from its African origins to its contemporary expression in American and modernforms... "The evening throbs with vitality wheneverthe Afro-American Dance Ensemble takes over the stage." Time Magazine

"P.D.Q. Bachis a master not to be missed!" New York Times

Tuesday,April 24, 1979 Monday,April 2, 1979



Sponsoredin cooperation with the CUBConcerts Committee.

A wonderful Shakespearean comedy performed by the acclaimed Juilliard School of NewYork.


i :¯

John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie is a renowned figure in jazz. He revolutionized the music world of the 1940’s with the music knownas "bebop",creating an impactwhichis still felt today.

¯N¯~¯¯¯¯~¯¯~¯¯¯¯m~¯m¯¯¯m~¯¯~¯~m¯~¯~m~¯¯¯¯~¯~¯|¯~m¯¯¯!¯¯¯¯m¯’~¯¯¯~¯¯~¯¯¯¯¯~¯¯¯¯H¯¯¯¯¯¯~|¯m¯~¯m~mm~mm~¯¯mm~¯mmm~¯¯¯ mm¯¯mm¯¯¯mm[ mm COM.ITTEE






$30 for the Community-General . $15 for Senior Citizens $15 for Children under 12

Number of reservations





Enclosed is $






| i

i l¯





| ¯

For information on the subscription series or Special group rates, call (6091 771-2255. Deadline for subscription: September25, 1978.

| ¯


Please return couponwith check or moneyorder payable to: Trenton State College to the Division of Continuing and Adult Education, Trenton State College, hillwood Lakes, P.O. Box 940, Trenton, N.J. 08625. Tickets will be mailed in advancefor the ’ first performance.Pleasenote: Tickets maybe available for individual performances.


| ¯ |

: ¯a | I


All performances will be heldin KendallHall at 8 p.m.

1 ¯ ¯ | ¯


The Packet Maga=lno.

Getting a rest Maggie and Blanca are afforded a rest after towingthe bargefrom New Hopeon the DelawareCanal.

Gliding on the canal on lazy fall If you are looking for something a little different to do on a lazy fall afternoon, consider taking the family up to the quaint village of NewHope,Pa., for a day of sightseeing. Whileyou’re there, take an’hour off from seeing the sights and visit the NewHope Barge Co. on NewStreet.

Barges have been running on the Delaware Canal since it was first constructed in the late 1820s. In fact, the purpose of building the canal in the first place was to ship coal by barge from the mines down the waterway to points farther south in Bucks County and New Jersey.

aboutthe cover... It is hardly everyman’s recreation, but riding to the hounds has its adherents in Central Jersey and this is the time of the year. The cover shows a portion of the Amwell Valley Hounds Meeting grouping at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaDon in Ringoes. The horseman on the grey mount is William J. Read III, a master of the Amwell hunt. The Amweil hunt is nearly 20 years old and boasts more "than 30 families as members. To critics, who view fox hunting as inhumane, Mr. Read notes: "The fox usually outwits us. He’s a lot smarter than we are." And the object is to find the fox -- not kill it. ******

Most of the pictures in this edition m the cover excepted m are by Mark Czajkowski, staff photographer. The stories are by Susan Santangelo.


Children especially will love this ride, since before passengers get aboard a ’ barge the kids are given an opportunity to meet and pat the mules who will be hauling the barge and even, in many TIlE NEWllOPE Barge Co. has been cases, to climb on top of one for a few in existence for abotu 27 years. The minutes. present owner, George Schweickhardt, There are nine mulesin the NewHope has had the business for a year. Bargestable, but only two are usedat a "I was in the transportation business lime to pull a barge, beingled by oneof whenI lived in Germany,"said Mr. Schthe employees along the canal’s weickhardt. "I apprenticed for several towpath. years on Ihe barges and boats that run along Ihe Rhine River. TIlE TWOMULESused on the day "So when I emigrated to the United The Packet Magazine visited the barge States, this companywas naturally the company were Hans, who is 10 years sort of thing I waslooking for to invest old, and Leonard, who is 6. Leonardhas in." a few peculiarities about him, which the There are two sizes of barges; one size guide delights in pointing out. For inholds a maximumof 60 people; the stance, the walk for the mules along the larger holds up to 80 passengers. The towpath includes going under a few regular trip along the canal is about two bridges which stretch across the canal miles long all together, and takes a little for motor traffic. under an hour. Leonard is rather tall for a mule, and Prices for the trip are $2 for adults and ¯ recently on one of these trips he hit his St for children under 12. l~ead while going under one particularly Rides depart from New Hope at 1 low bridge. Ever since , whenever he p.m., 3 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 6 p.m. comes to that particular bridge, he trip is a pleasant, leisurely one, Leonard walks right into the water with a guide aboard to point out the instead of staying on the path. He sights and give a brief history of the doesn’t want to take the chance of incanal. Incidentally, the guide also juring himself again. Andif he happens doubles as a folk singer who serenades to be the lead mule, why, the other mule passengers on the way back to New Hope. Continuedon Page 4 But the mule-drawn barges running along the canal these days are strictly for recreation.


, The packet Mag~azine


A School Attentive to Individual Needs


In its 47th year, ChapinSchool continues the emphasis on the individualizationof the school experience as the basis of its educationalphilosophy.Despite the necessity to moveand enlarge because of increasing enrollment,the schoolstill retains the warm andfriendly atmosphereestablished by Francis Chapinin her own home.Currentexpansionplans will bring an addition to Chapin’sgymnasium facilities, art tacilities anddining area.

Some must work It is all pleasant funfor ridersonthe Delaware Canalat New Hope,butit is all in a day’sworkfor the mules.

Chapinaccepts students for K - 8 grade. Theschool communityof 26 faculty and 85 students continues to regardthe realization of each child’s potential as its academic ~oal. Despite its relatively small size, heterogeneityof the student bodyis looked uponas one of the keys to its special environment. Anindividualized approachallows for the design of programsto meetthe needsof andto motivateits diversestudents."Oneof the joys of the experience", said Mrs. Kanavel, Headof Chapin, "is to observe the wayin which children of various backgrounds andvarious intellectual potential can worktogether and supporteach other." "Returnto basics," is a frequently used phrase. Chapinhas the advantage of never having abandoned the basics. Oneimportantgoal of the school is to provide its studentswiththe tools necessaryfor successat other area high schools which, they usually enter after graduating: PDS, Lawrenceville, Hun, George School and Pennnington.Eventhoughmajoremphasisis on the learningof basic academicskills, there is a high regard for the social, creativeandphysicalneedsof all students. Thereis also at Chapinenoughdiversity of staff to allow for a highly structuredprogram to meetthe needs of children with some learning difficulty. These children, who are highly intelligent, despite some specific learning disability, are handledsuccessfully through a programinvolving extensive diagnostic procedures followed by individualized educational prescriptions. This diagnostic andprescriptive program is underthe direction of a State certified learning consultant, Ida Edelman,whois a member of the staff. Along with this program,the education needs of the gifted, whichare often neglected, havebeendealt with most successfully at Chapin. Participating in individualized readingand mathprograms,gifted children are allowedto progressat their ownrate of achievement while being constantly challenged. A special lower school science programhas been added to Chapin’s curriculum,not only as part of the regularprogram,but as an enrichment for these gifted youngsters. "Thereal goal os our school, ’" said Mrs. Kanavel,"is to create in childrena sense of their ownworthandtheir ownindividuality."

q :HAPIN SCHOOL 4101 Princeton Pike Princeton .(609) 924-2449

Drifting music TheUncleHarryBandof Newtown, Pa., entertainsfroma decoratedlYarg$along the Delaware Canalat NewHope.

Barges Continued from Page 3 jus{ follows himinto’ the water, too. Oneof the nice things aboutthe people at lhe NewHope Barge Co. is howaccommodating {hey are. It is possible, for example, to rent an entire barge for a private party. Rates are $190 for the 60personbarge, and $250 for the 60-person size. Barges are frequently rented for

events such as weddings, in whichcase Ihe company decorates them with hanging baskets of flowers. Catering services are available, picnic facilities can be arrangedat a site up the canal (a full-course barbecuedchicken dinner is $5.50 per person plus 15 percent gratuities), andlonger rides, up to 4~/~ hours, can be arranged for private Continuedon Page 6

y H I I II




Thi~ Is Palm¢ r Square. Not all of it, to be sure, but enough, we hope, to pique your interest and invite your presence. The shops of Palmer Square are dedicated to quality merchandise and attentive, personal service. There is variety, charmand originality, but first there is quality and service.

¯ The Nassau Inn is in the center of Palmer Square. Its three fine restaurants, each with its own ambience, welcome you. The Sunday Brunch Buffetis a family favorite. The Nassau .Inn is well recommended for meetings and conferences as well as for social events. Palmer Square -- a splendid place. When will you come?

-----Ii~. II


The Packet Magazine

Cultu ral


1978-1979 SEASON Concert Nine ALVIN ALLEY REPERTORYENSEMBLE " whips the audience into an enthusiastic frenzy the waythe first company does." Dance Magazine


EQUIS ’’This is a very fine andenthralling play. It holds you by the root of drama.

SAT.,OCT. 14

BELGRADE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA "The Yugoslavian ensemble plays with dramatic effect. Each of its membersis obviously in consummate control of his instrument." Baltimore Sun

SAT.,OCT. 21

CONCORDSTRING QUARTET "If there is a better quartet anywhere, I havenot heardit." SanFrancisco Chronicle

SAT.. NOV.4, JAN. 13, APR. 7

HORACIOGUITIERREZ, PIANIST "A newstar of the first magnitudehas risen on the pianistic firmament." Daily Telegraph, London

SAT.,JAN. 20

CHRISTOPHERPARKENING, GUITARIST "A phenomenally brilliant virtuoso; an absolutely first rate musician. Washington Star

FRI., FEB.16

JEAN-PHILLIPPE COLLARD,PIANIST "Collard may well be the most important pianist to comeout of Francein decades. The Gazette, Montreal

SAT., FEB. 24

NEW JERSEY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA "...the NewJersey SymphonyOrchestra has proved that it can stand with the best of them." Asbury Park Press

FRI., MAR.16

EARLY MUSIC CONSORT A fascinating group of musicians.

SAT., APR. 21

A free ride


NOV. 15-18 ’ MARCH7-10



For MoreInformationContact: Cultural ProgramsOffice Rider College Box 6400 Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648 Phone:(609) 896-0800,ext. 627

Duckshitchhike a ride on the rudder of a bargeon the Delaware Canalout ~of NewHope, Pa.

Gliding on the canal

on lazy hill


Continued from Page 4 parties. Live entertainment and setups for a bar can also be arranged. According to Mr. Schweickhardt, people start booking for parties as far ahead as January for the next spring and summer.

another date can be arranged. There are also special rates for parties of 30 or more people: $1.75 for adults and children under 12, 90 cents. It’s also possible to arrange for lunch or dinner at either the Centere Bridge Inn of Colligan’s StocktonInn across the bridge in NewJersey.

TRIPS CANBE arranged for day or night, including midnight cruises. It’s best to book for parties a few monthsin advance if a weekendtrip is desired. A 50 percent deposit is required on all reservations. Deposits must be received ten days from confirmation in order to guarantee reservations. Three weeks’ notice is required to cancel the trip should plans be changed. Deposits will be returned because of weather conditions, but only if it is inclement weather in New Hope. Or,

Plenty of parking space is provided. If you’re interested in taking one of Ihe hour-long trips, plan to arrive well before the scheduled departure time as the boats fill up fast, even on weekdays. For more mformahon about chartering a barge for a private party, call George Schweickhardt at the NewHope Barge Co., 215-863-2842 or write the company at P.O. Box 164, New Hope, Pa. 18938.

The Packet Magazine

Center Gifts, Jewelry, Wickerand Art

~IOH~¢ D~VID LTD. TOBACCONIST !,,;~ ,’~ Plants & FIo~vem - With Imagination


Professional Goff & Tennis Shops Only Indoor Rangein This Area

.206 Hardware

9uiid, 9ol!erLJ Fine Art, Framing,Pottery


Homeand Garden Center

c~assau ~flv!in~ MortgageLoans and HomeImprovement Loans

Dry Cleaning. With Experience





and HomeImprovementCenter Furniture and Creative HomeDecor

A t Routes206 and518 in RockyHi// Acres of Free Parking



The Packet Magazine

Oh, life

of a teacher;

she. spends summer preparing for the fall Everyoneenvies the life of a teacher. Just look at all the holidays and vacations teachers get every year. There’s Christmas and Columbus Day, Velerans Day and Washington’s Birthday, to say nothing of those blissful two months off in the summerthat they can use for travel and general lazing around.

Off to school A moped with carrying basketsserves Phyllis Kurshanwell as shespendsher summerpreparingfor her newpupils at PlainsboroElementary School.

NOTTRUE,says Phyllis Kurshan, a first-grade teacher at the Plainsboro Elementary School. "I work just as hard preparing for classes to begin as I do whenI’m actually teaching. After all, a curriculum just doesn’t magically appear; it takes a lot of hard work and careful planning." Mrs. Kurshan has been teaching in the same school for 25 years. If there’s a silver anniversary award for teachers, she would be a prime candidate. "The first 13 years I washere, I taught kindergarten," she said. "Then I decided to change to first grade and I’ve never regretted it. "I prefer working with young children," she went on. "You know, I’ve always enjoyed being with them, even when I was a child myself."

It lakes a special gift to be a really good teacher, and Mrs. Kurshan definitely has it. Her patience seemsto he endless, as is her good humor and enthusiasm for her job. "I believe in approachingchildren in a classroom situation as grownups. I try to develop independence early in the students. "Oneof the secrets to holding a child’s attention is showing them that everything is exciting. If you’re an enthusiastic teacher, you pass that enthusiasm on to your students." Whenthe newschool year starts, Mrs. Kurshanwill spend the first weekor so testing her children in a variety of ways, to. see how fluent they are in various skills already, such as arithmetic and reading. "Somechildren comeinto first grade already knowing how to read," she said, "but others don’t. Nothing turns a child off learning faster than repeating skills they have already mastered. "AFTERI determine what level each child is on. I divide the class into various groups and devise different activities Continued on Page 10

Creating a mood Phyllis Kurshan,a first-grade teacher at Plainsboro Elementary School, hangs an instructional aid as she prepares to welcome her new classes.

The Packet Magazine

Join Us for a

world premiere

A Month In The Country

Put Them All Together

No Time For Comedy by S.N.

One of the masterpieces of Russian theatre. Turgenev’s bittersweet comedy has not received a major production in the United States to over two decades. TAMMY GRIMES and PAUL HECHT. directed by MICHAEL KAHN. make their McCarter debuts in what promises to be a truly memorable theatre experience.

Seas, on

The Aspern Papers

Behrman by Michael Redgravc

by Anne Commire MeCarter rediscovers one of the most elegant and penetrating hits of the 1930"s by the American master of high comedy. Tony-award winner PATRICIA ELLIOTT returns to the McCarter stage under’the direction of GERALD GUTIERREZ, stager or last season’s New York smash. A L~e in the Tl~eatre.

by ivan Turgenev McCarter Theatre is proud to introduce an important new writer. A young woman’s helpless rage builds to thc bursting point as she struggles to be the ideal wife and mother. LOIS NETTLETON will appear as Maggie under MICHAEL KAHN’s direction.


In the tradition of The Heiress. another brilliant stage adaptation of one of Henry James" masterful tales of greed, deceit, and repressed publisher tracking down the love letters of a long-dead poet, the poet’s ancient mistress, add the old woman’s shy, spinster niece play a desperate game of cat and mouse in a decaying Venetian palace.

The White Devil by John Webster A masterpiece of Jacobean splendor, subtlety, and violence by Shakespeare’s greatest contemporary, the author of The Duchess of Ma07. MICHAEL KAHN returns to the period of "Tis Pit)’ She’s Whore to create the first professional production of this brilliant drama on the East coast in more than twenty years.

Heartbreak House by George Bernard


Shaw’s ironic comedy about the ease with which we fiddle away our lives while worlds burn around us. A brilliant cast will be directed by ALAN SCHNEIDER. one of the American theatre’s most distinguished artists.


FOR SUBSCRIBERS A New Discount Coupon Book Restaurants Special discounts have been arranged for our subscribersat 7 of the finest restaurants in the Princeton area. Your Subscriber Services & Benefits guide will include up to 6 discount couponsfor each of the restaurants with which McCarter has madearrangements for your dining pleasure:


a Friend"

Save S2.00 on weekday & Sunday evenings ($1.00 for Sundaymatinees and Friday evenings) whenpurchasing extra tickets to the dramaseries productions. You will receive 10 coupons-- a cash value of $20.00!

Playwrig hts-atMcCarter You’ll receive 6 more couponsfor admissionto the highly acclaimed Playwrights-at-McCarterseries, nowin its secondseason. Six new plays will be chosenfor staged readings followed by discussions with the playwright.




Guaranteed Seatin9 []


Renewal []

Easy Ticket Exchange [] Seminar Series []

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SECTION& PRICE McCarter 20% 50% Associates Regu)ar Studenl Weekdays& Sun Eves & NJF.A Full Price Er Ft Kr L~M N. S DiscotJnt [~scount D*scount would be OrchPstr’~A’S S38 S23 $33 46 50 , L)fCh~SIrR T-Y 36 00 28 )8 25 31 43 50 Balc[.)nyA-E 35 22 14 Balc[or~yF-J 23 20 28 50 ~-rl Eves~, SunMats B. D, G. J. O, R Orchestra A-S $46 $29 S40 57 00 " Orchestra T-Y 34 21 30 42 O0 Balc[onyA-E 39 24 34 48 00 BalconyF-J 26 t7 23 33 00 Sat Eves C. H. P $49 Orcheslra A-S $51 $29 57 00 OrebesnaT-Y 38 21 36 42 00 ~lcony A-E 43 24 41 4800 BalconyF-J 30 17 28 330(3 PrewewsPl, P2. P3 $22 $22 S22 28 50’ (all sech0ns) (OlSc[.)unts are built into all SuoscnpIIOn priceslisted

SERIES 1st Play 2nd Play 3tO PJay 4th P/ay 5th Play 6th PJay Pt Tues Prey Oct 3 Ocl 31 Nov 28 Jan 23 Mar 6 Apr 3 P2 Wed Prey Oct 4 NOv 1 ~lov 29 Jan 24 Mat 7 Aor 4 P3 Thurs Prey Oct 5, NOv 2 NOV 30 ,Jan 25 Mal 8 ADr 5 B Fr Ooenln~ OCt 6 Nov 3 Dec 1 ,Jan 26 Mat 9 Aor 6 C Sat Eve Oct 7 Nov a Dec 2 Jan 27 Mar 10 Apt 7 O Sun Mal OCt 8 Nov 5 Dec 3 Jan 28 Mat 11 Apt 8 E Sun E~,e Oct 8 Nov 5 :~ec 3 Jan 28 Mat 11 Acr 8 F Thurs Eve Oct t2 NOv 9 Dec 7 Feb ’ Mat 15 A[Jt 12 G Fr Eve Ocl 13 Nov 10 Dec 8 Feb 2 Mar 16 Apt 13 H Sat Eve Oct 14 Nov "1 Dec. 9 Feb 3 Mat 17 ADt ld J Sun Mat OCt 15 NOv 12 Dec I0 Feb 4 Mar 18 Apt 15 K Sun Eve Oct t5 Nov T2 Dec tO Feb .4 Mar t8 Aor 15 L" Tues Eve OcI 17 Nov 14 Dec 12 Feb 6 Mar 20 Apr 17 M Wed Eve Oct 18 Nov 15 Dec 13 Feb 7 Mar 21 Apr 18 N Thurs Eve Oct 19 Nov 16 Dec 14 Feb S Mar 22 Aor 19 O Ft* Eve Oc( 20 Nov 17 Oec 15 Feb 9 Mat 23 Ant 20 P Sat Eve Oct 21 Nov 18 Dec 16 Feb 10 Mat 24 ADF21 R Sun Mat Oct 22 Nov 19 Dec 17 Feb 11 Mar 2,5 Apr 22 S Sun Eve Oct 22 Nov 19 Dec 17 Feb 11 Mat 25 Apr 22 "Specral SEMINAR SERIESwdh post-performance olscuss=ons






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//This is fun


Jennifer Wilson tries out the typewriter which Mrs. Kurshanemploys in her classroomas a meansof \getting children, more interested in

Oh, life of teacher


Make it


Doit with nature’s energy-saving trees andotherliving plants. Shadetrees on the south and west sides of yourhousecan makea cooling difference up to 8° F., and that meansair conditioning energy you won’tuse, comfortyou’ll gain. Anda wind barrier of evergreens on the north and west sides can cut 10 to 40 percentoff winterfuel bills. Vines growingon the sides of the houseare naturalinsulation for even morecomfort, energy economy,and moneysaved.



Saving energy and energy dollars is anotherexpressionof GreenSurvival.

All it takesis a bit of fl planningand we can help! L. Call one of our landscape architects today.



9 Gordon Ave., Lawrenceville ¯ {609) 924-122.1

Continued from Page 8 for each group." These groups can change, however, as Ihe students progress in various areas. "Each child is an individual and should be treated as such. Myjob is to lake a child from where he is now and bring him on. ,Another thing I stress .in my classroom is howto get along with other children. For example, say there is some sort of problem in the schoolyard during recess. The children involved discuss the problemwith the rest of the class, whoact as a sort of juvenile jury. We Iry to sort out what caused the problem, and how it could be avoided in the future." One of the instruments which Mrs. Kurshan uses to leach is a tape recorder. "I have seven tape machines in the classroom which the children learn In operate themselves. Each child has certain things on a lape for himto use. I put an index card on each desk with a tape number on it. He then goes to the file of tapes, which are arranged to match the indication on the index card, selects the proper tape, and t}~en does his lesson. "I keep track of what every student has done every day, and if I think he needs reinforcement in a certain area, Ihat is what I concentrate on. I makeall lhe lapes myself. The children really enjoy it," said Mrs. Kurshan. DURING TilE SUMMER, this leacher spends a lot of time in her classroom getting the room ready for Ihe fall term. "I redo Ihe bulletin hoards, for one Ihing," she said. "AndI go over all the lapes I used last year, and make many new ones. I have two hundred tapes all h)gelher. "’Oneof the things I do at the end of a school year is ask that class what they liked and didn’t like about the year. Then, I make changes accordingly." Mrs. Kurshan also uses her summer days to make new work sheets in varying skills, such as in sentence sequence, which she has round is a real weakness among first graders. "I learned to play the guitar two years ago, so nowI use Ihat in the classroomto teach lhe alphabet, for example. I take familiar songs and write new lyrics to lhem. I’ve found that the children really remember Ihings well using this melhod. It makes learning fun. Of course, I am conslanlly writing new songs, Ioo." Phyllis Kurshan uses games in her classroom Io teach telling time, for inslance. But they are not store-boughl games. Rather, she makesIhem herself. "I can make a game from almost Continued 9a Page 12

You’ll like this one Kimberly Hoell gets a bookanda recommendation fromteacherPhyllis Kurshan at the Plainsboro Elementary School.


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She spe. nds summer

&olWenther ie Ju# Around theComer...

preparing for the fall Continued from Page 10 anything," she said. "For instance, any magazine, or even a circular from a supermarkel, can be used in some way. II seems that I can’t read or see anything without immediately seeing how ! can use it in some way in my classroom." During the summer, Mrs. Kurshan Iries to keep in Iooch with her former students, encouraging Ihem Io write to her Io lell her whai they have been doing. "N()i only is it fun for both the children and me, but ii also teaches them the proper structure for a letter," she said.’ Tile (’ONCEPTION m(~sl people have

that leaching is a 9 to 3 job is really not correct, said Mrs. Kurshan. "During a regular school day, I’m at school way before 8, and I often don’t leave for homeuntil 5. During tile summer, when I’m nol getting my classroom ready for the upcoming lerm, I’m frequently !aking summer courses to prepare myself for the fall. ¯

Save$ this Winter on Fuel and Enjoythe High-Efficiency Heat Froman Air-Tight WoodStove. Heat your workshop,den, garage, or your wholehouse!! ManymodelsB sizes to choose from. Antiqueto contemporary styling. Glassfront models. Fine EuropeanB Domestic wood-burningstoves.

"Arid rny weekends,during lhe school year, can’t be relaxing for meuntil I’ve d(me my lesson plans for the following week."

In t)elwcenall this, Mrs.v..~.,rshan does find lime Io have some fun. She rides ar¢)und town ~,n her newest acquisilion, a m.ped.

Au/tw~ed Deakr. THE EFEL



1605 N. Olden Ave., Trenton

(6o9) . 93-7s, o FALL REGISTRATION The Lewis Clinic for Educational Therapy is presently acceptingapplications for the 1978-79 school year. Classes begin on Wednesday, September13, 1978at 9 a.m. The clinic provides a comprehensiveeducational programon a full-time and part-time basis throughoutthe year for those intellectually capable students not achieving in school. The curriculum is designed, through specialized individual and small-groupinstruction, to reinforce the consistent acquisition of language ability - reading, spelling, comprehension, written expression, handwriting and study skills. Speechtherapy and math tutorials are available for students requiring intensive work in these areas.


A gym and swimming program geared to developing grossandfine motorskills is offered to fulltime studentsby instructors certified in Physical Education and/or Physical Therapy. Intensive perceptual training is undertaken initially to encouragethe developmentof auditory perception, visuo-motor skills and sensory integrative function. Other important areas coveredin the curriculum are social studies, science, geographyand art. This instruction in "content subjects" is considered as soon as the student demonstratesa consistent and appropriate languageability.

For information and appointmentsplease call the administrative


at (609)


The Lewis Clinic for Educational Therapy 621 ALEXANDER RD.,



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Soccer gaining grouJ ,:J ARDEN SPHERI:

among youth in area One sport that has been achieving belated popularity in lhe United States the past several years is soccer. And once the USAfinally discovered it, in typical fashion Americanshave gone all out to makeit a top spectator sport. Soccer now draws thousands of people to stadiums all over the country to watch teams like the Cosmos(who play in NewJersey’s Sports Complex in Haekensack), the TampaRowdies, and the Los Angeles Aztecs, all of whomare membersof the North American Soccer League(there are 24 teams in the league in all). Mostpeople maynot realize it, but the ga meof socc. er has its origins morethan 2,000 years ago, in 206 B.C. to be fairly precise, in China during the Hart Dynasty. Then the game was called "Tsu Chu," which literally meanskick the ball, and special matches were held on the emperor’s birthday with two teams competing on a pitch alongside the royal pavilion. The goals consisted of two bambooposts 30 feet high, with two silk

/2 ) C :.

goal nets attached to the bases. The players were required to kick a horsehair football towards each other’s goal in front of the Chinese emperorand his court. TIlE CIIINESEreally took their "Tsu Chu" seriously in those days. Match winners were always highly rewarded by the emperor with various food and wine delicacies, while the losers were either beheaded or flogged, depending on the moodof the Chinese sovereign at the time. Needless to say, the pressure on the two teams to win was intense. There is also evidence of soccer in ancient Japan, Greece, Rome,Brittany, and Normandy,although no one carried (he competition between the two teams to the extreme the Chinese did. Soccer has thrived since those early days all over Europe and South America, cons.tantly changed and revised until the game as it is played today was arrived at. Various clubs were formed to compete against others, there were international matches, and Continued on Page15



Any Dogwood,. Japanese Red Maple, MughoPine, Cut Leaf WeepingBirch, Azaleas (Reg. $4.99 & up), Japanese Black Pine, Wisteria, Gold Spot Euonymus, Sdver Queen Euonymus, Kwanzan Cherry. CASH ~ CARRY ONLY--Quo,,m.s U~,ed--~o

FERTILIZERS ReoNu Reg. $8.99





GREENGOLD LAWN FOOD 26-4-6 5M:Reg.$6.95 NOW $4.88 10M:Reg.$12.95

(Covers |0,000 sq. ".) SALE $12.88 mmmnmmmmnnmnmmmlmmm |lmesnumlmlalmqllBmmmslmmlm.




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n n




u | |

’: , 30% OFF ib. POTTING= I | iI ANYHOSE I ,! SOIL


U n l

NOW #8.88 m~mmmmmmlmunnmmlmnmmmmi~

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4o LB. TOPSOIL ,| or | n PEATHUMUS | ’l 99¢ ea.




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n l I

n u nmmJmmllmUnmmummmmlmmmmmm~ ~ elO mlW ell mm~1n illgl0 elo i ill RiOell gEme~ ~ noglDnUt..u

TREES ~ SHRUBBERY Reg.$10.99ea. Reg.$10.99ea. Reg.2/$12.

2 for $20. 2 for $20. 3 for $12, from$3.99

WhitePines,3’ - 4’ Hemlocks, 3’ - 4’ Rhododendrons Firethom




approx.4" x 5" x 8’





GRASS SEED5 #3- $4.99

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Flats of


IVY Tulips * Daffodils ¯ PACHYSANDRAHyacinth ¯ Crocus

Clay &Plastic Pots BIRDSEED & FEEDERS

LARGE FALLMUMS IN FULLCOLOR FieldGrown - 3 for $5.00 $2.29ea. i BUYIN BULKANDSAVE- Topsoil ¯ Mulch ¯ Stone

CARKHUFF’S GARDEN SPHERE (201)297-2626 The Fonze gets hit EvenTheFonzeon his T-shirt seems to feel the impactas a youngLawrence booter takes a header.

~ et.l,So. Hours:,Open Brunswick 7 daysa Week (Opp. 8 am’til Fnagpostlnn)j dark offers goodthru 9/13/78

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CHRISKOLODZIEJ grimaces as he attempts a header during practice drills

in the Lawrence Township youth soccer program.

AT HOME at IRIS 1. Sweatshlrt blazer...100% heavyknitted cottonin black &khakiat $35. 2. Super skinny leans ... Available in denimat $30 & babycordat $38.

a new shop in town for homewareand gifts... organize ! get your act together for school... !. Indian bedspreads, solids, and stripes $9 to $19 cotton




3. Quilted winter iacket in natural or wine herringbone cottonat $85. 4. Slimbuttonfront skirt In khaki, dark laden and henna cordat $36. S. Quilted brocadevest in black, chocolate and black olive at $32.

2. Stool, basketplanter with liner, waste paper basket, utility basket,little strawbox. $1 to$25

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4. Bookcase,beech, ..folds completelyflat, also stacks $45. Weighted shelf lamp $16.50. And mugs,glasses, din-

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arrived... Brand new 111 Just decorative mov=. quilts.


/~THE GALLERY AT HOME " |changingexhibitions of fine crafts and art.., --~currently presenting ceramics and weaving.

3 l ~"



No. sport in world grows here Continued from ’Page 13 the number of the game’s fans grew to gigantic proportions. BASICALLYSPEAKING, soccer is played on a field l10-t20 yards by 70-80 yards, although exact sizes do vary from place to place. Therule of thumbis lhal Ihe field must be longer than it is wide. A spherical ball is used which is usually made of leather, and its circumferenceis between27 and 28 inches. Most soccer balls are white and black in color. A match is played between two teams, each consisting of not more than 11 players, one of whomis the goalkeeper, or goalie, whosejob it is to prevent the opposing team from kicking the ball between the goal posts and scoring a point. Before the game begins, the two teams line up in their respective halves of the field; usually a coin is flipped to delermine whohas Ihe first kickoff. There are a number of offenses in soccer, with appropriate penalties attached to them. They include jumping at an opponent, charging in a violent or dangerous manner, charging from behind, holding, pushing, striking an opponent, handling the ball, and kicking. or tripping an opponent. Oneof the most misunderstood offense is handling the ball. A foul is usually called only if it appears that the player deliberately hit the ball with his hands; merely having it come into contact with hi~ hand accidentally is not considered a foul. The game is divided into four time quarters, including a halftime break, Continued on Page 16

~il/:: ATTEMPTING to dribble around an opponent is Jonathan "Shainheitin Lawrencedrills.



allet Society

Audree Estey, Director announces the opening of the 1978-1979season of its

School of Ballet CLASSESBEGIN SEPTEMBER 14 Newstudents should register in person at the Princeton Studio, 262 Alexander St., or at the CranburyStudio, The Old School Building, Main Street, on September7 or 8 between3:30 and 5:30 or on September9 between9:30 and 12:30. Former students should mail registration forms by September 3 to Princeton Ballet Society, 262 AlexanderSt., Princeton, N.J. 08540.

¯ JAZZ BALLET¯ MODERN MIDDLE-EASTDANCE° WOMEN’S.BALLET EXERCISE - YOGA FACULTY: Audree Estey, Alexei Yudenich, Judy Leviton, Joan Lucas, Virginia Griffee, Lila Brunner, Linda Edwards,Sally Edwards, Teresa Hoskins, Larry Clark, Heidi Bunting, Sherry Alban, David Lemberg, TommCooperman, Deshara, Merlynn Dixon. For further information andbrochurewrite: Princeton Ballet Society, 262 AlexanderSt., Princeton, N.J. 08540 or phone: Princeton Studio - 609-921-7758- 10 a.m.-12 noon; 2-5 p.m. - Mrs. Wagner CranburyStudio - 609-395-0711 - 10 a.m.-12 noon; 3-5 p.m. - Mrs. Stave ThePrincetonBallet Societyis a non-profitculturalorganization that rrmintainsa Schoolof Ballet andthe PrincetonBallet Company. ThePrincetonBallet is a member ~f the N~rtheast~egi~rtMBallet Ass~ia~i~nand the Ass~c~ati~n ~f American Dan¢eC~mpanies~ ill



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Soccer gaining ground here Continued from Page 15 similar to football. As far as uniforms are concerned, players generally wear gymshorts and cotton jerseys with their team name on them. Special soccer shoes with a fairly hard toe (to make kicking the ball easier) and rubber studs are wornto make quick movementon lhe field and Iraclion easier. Oneof the interesting sidelights to this newburst of interest in soccer is that the game is really catching on among New Jersey’s youngsters, in Mercer County particularly. Most local towns have some sort of soccer program, and when Ihe season begins -- practices start in the middle of August and games are played into November-- parents are often faced with the problem of finding proper equipment for their children.

has swelled to between 1,000 and 1,200. It is not necessary to be a Lawrence resident to play on one of the league’s teams. Signupsare in the spring, and all area boys and girls, from age 6 for boys and 8 for girls, to age 16 for girls and under 19 for boys, are eligible. Simplysigning up in Ihe spring will automatically put someoneon a team, according to Steve Groeger, one of the Hamnet" League officials and coaches. "Welimit the number on each team to 17 people," said Mr. Groeger. "And we have a rule that every child must play half lhe game. This gives everyone a chance to learn while doing, and we feel it’s the only- fair wayto do it." Birth certificates are needed as proof of age at the time of registration to be sure children are placed on the proper team.

MOSTAREA SPORT stores stock soccer shoes and shin guards (a necessary piece of equipment because, although accidents happen infrequently, they are usually the result of being inadvertently kicked by another player in the shins). One of the oldest soccer leagues in Mercer County is the Tom Hamnett Memorial Soccer League in Lawrence Township. This league actually started 30 years ago in North Trenton, and is named after the groundskeeper at Hetzel Field in North Trenton, whotook a special interest in youngsters and the game. Whenthis league started in North Trenton, there were only about 60 children involved; today, the number

LAWItENCE DIVIDES its boys league into Midget (ages 6-8), Peewee (ages 9 and 19), Little League (11 12), Litlle Bigger (13-15), and Juniors (under age 19). In 1968, a Lawrence Junior team made it to the national soccer finals in St. Louis. In order to qualify for national competition, there are various county, rcgional, and state competitions as preliminaries. "In Ihe past five years soccer has really caught on around here," said Mr. Groeger. "One of the game’s biggest attractions seemsto be that kids realize they don’t have to be extra big or extra strong to play. Also, the spotlight is not on jusl one child, the way it is when

you’re up at bat in baseball, so a child doesn’t take the chance of embarrassing himself in front of his teammates and the spectators. Soccer is really a total team effort." For lhe girls, Lawrence has three divisions: Midgets (ages 8-10), Little League (ages II and 12), and Little Bigger (ages 13-16). Thegirls’ division is relatively new, having been formed only about five years ago. Lawrence Township is fortunate to haveIhe use of five fields for playing at Ihe Eggerts Crossing Armory,as well as fields for older-aged leagues at both the Intermediate School and the town high school. TIIERE IS A REGISTRATION fee of $10 per family, no matter how many children are playing, and various stores around town provide money to the league to sponsor teams. Each player is provided with a team shirt which players get to keep at the end of the season. "One of our main problems is finding area businesses to sponsor the teams," said Steve Groeger. "We’re also having trouble finding people to coach all the learns, especially as we keep expanding, as well as getting competent referees." In addition to Lawrence, other area towns which have active soccer programs include Princeton, East Windsor and West Windsor, South Brunswick, Hamilton, and Ewing. Mercer County CommunityCollege has a big indooor soccer program in the winter as well.

] eaD s

Fair Isle Sweaters Becomea Collector l

114 Nassau Street,


N,J. (609) 924-3494

O:ald3:X)VSOUV:)11(]3t1:) ~IOrVW S’OI "4oS-uow:sJnoHeJol$

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[ ~;80 AesJel"MeN’A,nquna:) ’poo~l q§,nqulp3

":IIIOW tl0

oo’o~$ ~o]SVH~ana HnwiNIW VNO O0--T~ VUlX~ NV HO:ISIi3MSNV 133Ht103 HIIO.JL HLIM IS31SIH1NI 9NI118 *

eaHdelOSea!ad aoln6eH- Z;



EL-9 "1cl3S ~ellOp oq; qo),eJ),s ot MOH





e UlZellelN:~)lOedeq, Jl.



01 dll


The Packet Magazine....


Fast Day, R. Newton

"Fast Day at the A & B" Backin R. Newton’stime, these weightyparsons hada difficult timeresisting the temptationsof good food anddrink. Butwhatif, 200 hundred years later, they wereto see the A & B’s newmenu?Ourselections wouldbe hardfor anyoneto resist, especially whenserved in the old Europeanatmosphereof our dining roomand pub.

28 Witherspoon St..* Princeton (609) 924-5555


Ballet School Aparri


Mila Gibbons & Faculty

217Nassau St., Princeton


TheAparri Schooloffers classes for children and adults, beginners to professional, in classic ballet, from ballet fundamentalsto full pointe technique. Creative ¯ Dance, Dance Improvisation and Composition are also taught. A new division, BroadwayDance, includes jazz techniques, tap and dancesfrom the musical theatre. Producer of the Princeton Ballet Festivals, The Aparri School emphasizesindividual instruction. Somestudents are prepared for professional careers, others for dance in school, college and community,or simply for their own benefit and pleasure. A fine faculty, led by Mila Gibbons,teaches dancein the best tradition. Registrationis after Labor the school, 217 NassauStreet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 3-6 pm or by appointment 609-924-1822

Drapingthe fabric Moreand morewomen are turning to the homesewingmachinefor their fall and winter wardrobes.JohnFaberarrangesmaterial in the windowof Faber’sFabrics at the LawrenceSh~ppingCenter.

Fashionsfor fall dictate soft, fluid and natural What’s the big look in women’s fashions for this fall? Soft, fluid, and natural. Natural fibers, such as I00 percent wool, cotton, and silk, are really the thing for autumn 1978. Pure silk garments are starting to take off, and easyto-care-for Ullrasuede is still maintaining its popularity as well. In fabric textures, the cashmeres and angora blends are promising to be as popular this year as they were last year, and woolchallis -- all size prints and all different weighls -- will be seen even more. One of the newest fabrics on the women’s fashion scene is something from Burlington Industriescalled Belleseime. It is softer and more supple than Ultrasuede, and looks like a simulated antelope. Ralph Lauren has purchased a great deal of Belleseime for his Polo division. I,’()il EVENING wear, crepe de chine is popular again, but the hottest thing in fashion fabrics has Io be the return of

satin, which manydesigners attribute to I he sudden burst of disco fever. One hundred percent wools will show patterns in a tweedyvein, in particular the Harris lweeds in natural colors. Anolher fabric that is enjoying a sudden resurge of popularity is that old slandby, corduroy. But where corduroy used lobe rathered looked downupon as a poor woman’sexcuse for wool, this year American fashion designers like Calvin Klein are really using it all throughout their fall collections. Corduroy has become chic. Tl~e look of this newtype of corduroy, however, is muchsofter and richer than the fabric of old. Thewide-walestyle is definitely the look. As far as fall fashion colors are concerned,neutrals are still big, but the most apparent trend is the swing toward the purple tones, ranging from light mauvesall the wayto the deeper shades and even a sprinkling of muted burgandies. Mutedis the key word here; even the deep shades are soft in color Continued on Page 20


The Packet Magazine

Getting a better look Mrs. TheodosiaClaitt unfolds a bolt of material for a better appraisal at FabedsFabrics.

TLt, : SarmSchool


Nursery and Kindergarten Groups Est. 1938-Licensed

FAMILY BICYCLE # .HEADQUARTERS ¯.;:ill !!~....~’ ,. _~.~!~._i~~~~ " ~ ~"

’ ’ ,~

QUALITYBICYCLES ¯.. and everything in cyding Whetherit is the thrill of the first bike, a new1 O-speedlightweight for dad, or a new homeExerciser for mother, we have the best selection, and the best know-howin cycling. We’re factory franchised by Schwinn and our bike experts are factory trained to serve you better. Eve(y bike we sell is properly assembled,fitted, and ready to ride at no extra cost. Westock a complete selection of accessories,.ond parts for all popular bikes.., and when your new Schwinn needs service, our mechanicsare ready to fix it... so it will stay fixed. Whatever your hike’needs . . . drop in and let’s get acquainted.

KOPP’SCYCLE Sales - Service - Parts





~ ~’--

~. ~,:::.j,~, "i:"i:

2": :


Our Schoolis one o! the olc]est, licensed NurserySchoolsand. Kindergartens in the area. The teachers are qualified and have been with the school for a numberof years. Each child is welcomed and helped to mature in many areas Imentally, socially, emotionallyand physically), as well and as fast as he or she is able to grow. Wehave a varied programof activities in and out of doors: Reading andMath readiness arestressed.we domany types ofpainting, working with clayandwood, and crafts of manykinds. Wecookand have a great doll and dress-up corner as well as blocks, trucks and toys, and loads of books. Outsidethere is a great deal of space to run and play. Wehave a large san&yard,swings, climbers, etc. Of course, there are animals to feed and an orchard to play in, as we are situated on a farm. Wehave manycreative activites: sledding, cookouts, gardening; all this becauseof large areas for play, inside and out. Anafternoon programfor a small group of children, and transportation can be arrangedfor certain areas. For moreinformation, call Ruth Cortelyouat 1609) 921-8297. Ruth Cortelyou, Director, Owner,Teacher BetweenRt. 27 &RockyHill, R.D. #1, Princeton


The Packet Maga=ine

, framefactory" ROUTE 1 & QUAKERBRIDGE RD. (Across from Quakerbridge Mall) LA WRENCEVI LLE, N.J.08648

10 to 60%off Everythrame Everyday. When you do-it-yourself, you not only save, you have fun. And the fun is flee! Every frame is guaranteed to reflect your pride and ours. DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE ! 1. Select your mat and moulding 2. Relax with a cup of coffee while your materials are cut to size. 3. Assembleyour frame with our guidancein our fully equipped shop.

FRAME YOUR OWN... ¯ Fine Prints ¯ Needlework ¯ Documents ¯ Collections ¯ Photos ¯ Children’s Work ¯ Canvas

’ I.a Mode




OpenMon., Wed., Tues. & Sat. 10-6 Fri. & Thurs.10-8

Princeton ShoppingCenter (609)924-7755

The accessories To finish up thosenewfall duds,buttonsare alwaysnecessary.

Fall fashions dictate soft, fluid and natural Continued from Page 18 rather than elee~ruymg. The one exception to this Irend toward muted shades is in lhe satins, where bright, true colors -- red, yellow, green : really predominate¯ WOMEN WILl, STILL have to get up an hour earlier Ihan usual this fall to put themselves together, because the layered look is definitely here again. The longer vests are being shown by many fashion houses, as well as the blouson look; which does not parlicularly flatter a well-endowedfigure. Feminity seems lobe the order of the day, as the swing continues even more determinedly away from pants for women(although some designers are fealuring them, but with a slimly tapered leg) and towards skirts and dresses. One item lhat tends slightly toward Ihe masculine is the heavily featured classic blazer, although the lapels on this newest adaptation are much softer and more curved than blazers used to be. Well, now that you know what you should be wearing this fall, you’ll probably find that your wardrobe needs a bil of a sprucing up, as fashion

designers seem to dictate with each new season¯ What to do? Well, you can go to the designer department of any local department store and eat your heart out, or you can take themore sensible way out, sew your own clothes¯ Did you knowthat many of the major pattern companies feature fashions that are styles from famous fashion designers? Did you know that these patlerns sell anywhere from $2 for a John Kloss of Jones NewYork pattern from Butterick~ to $4.50 for a Vogue pattern? And did you know that Vogue nowhas mucheasier patterns from such designers as Calvin Klein, Kasper, Givenchy, Geoffrey Beene, Ann Klein, Albert Nipon (the designer whose trademark is tiny pleats), and Yves Saint Laurent? Vogueeven has a "very easy" section in its fall cataloguethat features designs by Di.~ne Von Furstenburg, including her famous wrap dress style. ALl, TilUMBS?Never sewed in your life? Well, the obvious answer is to find someone else to make the garment for you. An Ullrasuede two-piece suit can Continued on Page 22

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Lawrence struggles with

new program

for gifted, talented by Rita VanNostrand Special Writer The Lawrence Township school district has joined the fast-growing list of NewJersey systems that plan to initiate special services for their gifted and talented students this year. About 250 of the state’s 611 school districts -- than double the number supporting programs last year -- will plunge into the relatively uncharted waters of this newdiscipline, a field of education so new that no recognized certification for teachers exists. Noofficial state guidelinesfor identifying and programming these youngsters have been issued, nor have any funds been allocated, but the 1975 Public School Education Act (the "thorough and efficient" legislation) mandates educational opportunities for gifted and talented pupils. SOMEDISTRICTS have elected to wait for specific direction from the state. Guidelines are expected to be issued by Commissioner of Education Fred C. Burkeas part of his report to the state Board of Education. Dr. TheodoreJ. Gourley, coordinator of the state’s gifted and talented program, does not expect direct financial aid will be available until after fiscal 1980. "Legislation is needed," he said, "and a preliminary bill, A-502,will enable us to investigate existing programs, create new6nes and develop cost factors. But it

has just come out of the Assembly’s Education Committee." TIlE LAWRENCE DISTRICT, with encouragement and advice from Dr. Gourley, has been working on the development of a program for its exceptionally able children for more than 18 months. A grant of $1,500 from the Board of Education in the spring of 1977 funded a study carried out by a team of teachers and administrators headed by Marion C. Teller, administrator for curriculum and instruction, and Lawrence R. Ksanznak, assistant superintendent of schools. This team examined the available literature, attended conferences and seminars, participated in workshops and visited districts which had already established programs for gifted children. They presented their findings to the Board of Education last October, recommending "enrichment" rather than "aecleration." They outlined three proposals for the board’s consideration and suggested the formation of a community-school advisory group. In December Dr. Thomas F. Looby, superintendent of schools, appointed a 3g-memberAdvisory Committee for the Gifted and Talented to serve from Jan 6, 1978 Ihrough June, 1979. Nine parents, three students, four representatives of business and higher education and 13 staff members, some of whom had worked on the first study, were appointed. Mrs. Teller acts as coordinator Continued on Page 24

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Lawrence grappling


Continued from Page 23 ()f the group, and J. Evans Alloway serves as board liaison. Dr. Looby assigned specific responsibilities to this committee: To deveh)p general information and understanding of the gifted and talented through research; to react to student identification criteria proposed by school staff; to advise on the development of the emerging program and an oplimum usage of budget funds available; Io act as a major link between the schooL system and the community and develop outside resources helpful to the program; to assist in securing grants to support the program; to lend supportto useful legislation at all levels, and to report to the Board of Education on their activities in June, 1978 and November, 1978. Meanwhile, the Lawrence board membersmanagedto stretch the budget dollars to include a modest $17,635 to implement the program in September, 1978, and the administration drew up a job description. AFTERSCREENING17 applications for the position of teacher-coordinator for the gifted and talented, the administration interviewed eight and selected three to give oral presentations to a 13-memberpanel of the advisory committee. Regina Keffer, a social studies teacher at Lawrence High School, was chosen to be the district’s teachercoordinator for the gifted and talented. Her appointment was approved by the board in June. According to the official job description approved by the Lawrence Board of Education, Regina Keffer is challe.nged to: coordinate the K-12 program for gifted and talented sludents; teach id’entified students; serve as a resource person for staff by providing appropriate materials and

ideas for teachers; develop in-service programs for staff; work on curriculum ¯ developmentfox" the gifted and talented. But that’s not all. Mrs.Keffer will also be an active memberof the Gifted and Talented Advisory Council, serve as a consultant to parents, administrators and leachers; seek out persons in the community to enrich students’ experiences; contact community resources for suitable class trips; and communicatewith various agencies for

with new program knowledge and possible funding. Also she will perform "any other duties ofa gifted and talented nature which may be deemed desirable and necessary" by administrator for curriculum and instruction Marion C. Telfer, to whomshe reports. "Mrs. Keffer shows Iremendous courage in jumpinginto this situation," noted Mrs. Telfer, "this field is so new and the state has yet to give us a formal

definition of ’giftedness.’ She is very excited about this opportunity and has put in many more summer hours than her contract requires. If it’s true that one person can make a difference, the Regina Keffer is that person." Dr. Looby commented, "Mrs. Keffer is a very fine professional educator whose background, qualifications and interests are highly appropriate and relevant to this job. I have great confidence in her."

Coordinator involves district This summer Regina Keffer worked with Lawrencedistrict personnel to firm up the criteria which will determine the selection of students for gifted and talented "services." "Wearen’t calling it a program yet," she explained. The new teacher-coordihator said she has benefited enormously from the groundwork established by the subcommittees of the Advisory Committee on the Gifted and Talented. "That was a lot of work to get organized on the printed page," she noted. Although the lack of specific state guidelines has been disappointing, Mrs. Keffer said she has been in touch with Dr. Theodore J. Gourley, who heads up the state’s gifted and talented department. He has encouraged her to go ahead with the criteria being developed by the Lawrence district. "Ours are based on the U.S. Office of Education’s definition of ’giftedness’ and Dr. Gourley expects the state’s to be similar," she explained. The federal Department of Education’s definition considers such qualities as artistic ability, creativity, athletic skill and leadership, all in ad-

dition to intelligence, and generally inw)lves the top 3 to 5 percent of each student body. RE(;INA KEFFER enrolled in summer graduate seminar in "Assessments and Psychology of the Gifted and Talented" at Temple University in Philadelphia, where a master’s program in the field is being developed. "Brainstorming" (one of her favorite terms) with fellow students who are also involved in the early stages of establishing programs was helpful and stimulating, she noted, as was lot of valuable exchanges of ideas with Lawrence district teachers and administrators. The Lawrence district is cautious about establishing its criteria for the gifted and talented program, wanting to be sure they can be validated and will stand the test of time. Services will be offered to between3 and 7 percent of the student population. Mrs. Keffer said the early focus will be on the academically talented. "We just can’t get all facets of the program going at once. Children in grades three


through seven will be receiving the most attention in the beginning, but we do expect to cover the whole spectrum, K12, this year." Comprehensive guidelines for identifying students to be serviced were recommended in an Advisory Committee on the Gifted and Talented subcommittee report worked on by Lawrence teachers marjorie Wether and Naomi Long and parent Jeanne Cordery, a school psychologist in the Trenton School System. TilE BASIC FACTORSto be considered in the evaluation of each child should be specific characteristics in the areas of learning, motivation, creativity and leadership, according to the report, which cautioned, "The careful identification and selection of studens who will participate in this program cannot be over-emphasized." Lawrence’s new teacher-coodinator spent manysummerhours pouring over students’ test scores and class records, cross-referencing and re-checking. "We don’t want to miss anybody," she worried, "we are looking for youngsters Continued on Page 25

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Coordinator involves district personnel ¯ to create criter!a Continued from Page 24 wilh high potential. ,, Mrs. Keller stressed that these special children needed to interact with their intellectual and creative peers but they also need to interact with their chronological peers because often their emotional development is where it wouldbe in relation to their ages. That is why she’s happy that the Lawrence district chose "enrichment" rather than "aceleration." "The last thing we want to do is create an.elitist group, that’s one of the dangers. First and foremost these gifted students are children and we mustn’t lose sight of Ihat." Mrs. Keffer believes that all Lawrence students will benefit from programs for the gifted and talented. "An exceptional student who experiences horizontal enrichment in a specific area will be able to share some of his knowledge with other class members." She expects to work closely with classroom teachers and has developed an extensive library of source materials. She envisions manydifferent types of programs and accepts the challenge of a limited budget gracefully. She expects to use "humanresources" in the area, people who work at places such as Squibb, ETS, McGrawHill, RCA. She




h pest mach secondary students who haveoutstanding. .abilitiesin different. . areas with professionals whowtll grade Ihem on a one-to-one basis. . REGINAKEFFER LIKES the quote I requentiy used by the National/State beaaership Training Institute for the Gifted and Talented. "The guide on the siderather than the sage on the stage." She agrees, "Yousteer themin the right direction, you don’t stand up and preach at them. Theii" development is an ongoing process.


"Also, when you are dealing with exceptional children you have to be very willing to admit that in someareas they are sometimes going to be a lot more well-informed than you are," she acknowledged, "but this shouldn’t challenge your self-image."

Sunday, Sept. 24 2 to 5 P.M.

Mrs. Keffer explained that no child has been specifically chosen for the program yet. "Whenwe have all of the data on the children who could be considered for the program, the screening committee will finalize our criteria and then vote on the children." Dr. Loobywill namestaff people from the Lawrence district and community representatives to this committee sometime this month.

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for new’services’ Regina Keffer doesn’t own sevenleague boots. Nor can she conjure a 40hour day to provide enough time to accomplishall the tasks outlined in the Lawrencedistrict’s job ¯description for its leacher-coordinator of the gifted and talented. Instead, the newappointee does offer lots of enthusiasm, awesomeenergy and an intense dedication to getting this new program off to the best possible start. She has devoted many hours this summer, many of them unpaid, to learning the many facets of a demanding and exciting newdiscipline. "I like my job so muchI don’t consider i( work," she confided in a recent interview. "There is always a great deal to do, none of it routine or boring. It’s very, very stimulating ... the people you meet in planning the program, coordinating what you learn at workshops, the speakers you hear, the courses you take, the booksyou read ... putting it all together Io bear fruit."

during Christmas vacation of her last year. The president of the college, a nun with advanced ideas about women’s roles in life, scolded her for "throwing awayher potential" at the tender age of 20. During her junior year at Rosemont Mrs. Keffer had done practice teaching at the Philadelphia High School for Girls, a special place for gifted and talented pupils. Here she taught American History and ecofiomics and played piano with the school’s symphony orchestra. She had studied music for more than 15 years and was a threetime winner of National Piano Awards judged by Juilliard professors. "After graduation in 1956 I looked for a similar school around Bergen County, but none existed. I settled for teaching history and Spanish in WestwoedHigh School, but not for very long. Marriage and babies took over for almost ten years," she explained.

ONE SUSPECTSthe former Regina Scheffer of Teaneck, was herself a gifted and talented child, despite her denial of "Oh, no, just very curious and interested." A burning desire (o be a physician led to her acceptance into Cornell’s sevenyear program when she was a senior in Holy Angels Academyin Fort Lee, but she wilhdrew her application. "Born 20 years too soon," she philosophises about that. "Can you imagine, I didn’t want to take the place of a man who would practice medicine all his life whenI justknew I would be getting married and devoting my time to raising a family!" She enrolled at Rosemont College in the Philadelphia suburbs, and first majored in chemistry, then switched to elementary education, then to secondary education, finishing with 165 credits instead of the required 125. As a senior she scored in the 97th percentile in the National Teachers Examination and was nominated for a WoodrowWilson fellowship at Princeton, but withdrew from that competition when she became engaged

ANOTliER OPPORTUNITYto work with the gifted and talented came Mrs. Keffer’s wayin 1967 whenshe was living in Ewing Township. She was asked to teach a Special class of children at the Blessed Sacrament School in Trenton, where her three older children wer.e students. "These eighth graders had been identified as being gifted in English and I devoted a literaturehumanities programfor them. I did that for about seven years," she said. During that time this busy mother of five children conducted a demonstration class for a seminar on the gifted for a Pennsylvania-New Jersey group and created and directed a chorale. "This was really funny because I can’t sing a note," she confessed. All of this work, sometimes as much as 20 hours a week, was done on a voluntary basis. "Nobodybelieves I did Ihat for nothing, but I did. Thingswere a lot different then," she remembered. "Around 1972 I realized I could no longer do volunteer work ... I had to do something for profit. That’s whenI went Continued on Page 26






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key to new ’services’ Continued from Page 25 to Villa Victoria Academywhere I wore many hats during my years there. I taught world cultures, psychology, Latin and world religions, developed a literary magazine which they had never

had before, moderated the future teachers club and the booster club, acted as a judge at the National Catholic Forensic League national tournament and accompanied the choir whenever they had something particularly difficult," she recalled. "I left Villa out of financial necessity," Mrs. Keller explained. "I had two in college and that’s when I came to Lawrence to teach history and economies last year. I heard about the openingfor a gifted and talented teacher coordinator in April, and I’m very excited about the whole thing." Mrs. Keffer lives in Yardley with two daughters who attend college, Jean who is almosl 20, and Be[h, 18; 17-year-old son John, a senior at Bishop Egan High School; 13-year-old Joseph, an eighth grader, and Lara, whois 8 and a fourth grade student..Joseph and Lara attend public schools in Yardley. People are my greatest hobby," she said, but I also ski, play tennis, attend the ballet and enjoy spectator sports,

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Off-season vacations proving more popular and fall

leads the way

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deck. The price includes deluxe meals, the use of two outdoor swimmingpools and an indoor pool, sauna facilities, nightclubs, and all the other extras that make taking a cruise a truly relaxing and pampering experience. The Hollan.d America Line also features a choice of seven-day fall cruises to just Bermudaand seven-day cruises to both Nassau and Bermuda. Departures are from New York beginning Sept. 2 and running through Nov. 4 (for the Nassau-Bermudacruise} and Nov. 11 (for Bermuda-onlycruise}. The Nassau-Bermudatrip is aboard the S.S. Rotterdam and the Bermuda vacation is on the S.S. Statendam. In addition, Holland America offers a seven-day cruise to both St. George’s and Hamilton, Bermuda (most cruise ships only dock at Hamilton} aboard the SS Volendam, Sunday departures beginning Sept. 3 and running through Oct. 1. Oct. 8 features a five-day cruise BUT SEPTEMBER and October are to the sameports. Rates for this line are still warmon the island. slightly higher; from $460 for the sevenMost seven-day cruises leave from day cruise. But the five-day cruise NewYork on a Saturday, dock in Berprices begin at only 33~_~9_=_. mudaIhe following Monday, and depart By the waY, if you li-~in a 40-mile for the return trip that next Thursday for a Salurday, arrival back in New radius of NewYork City, the line will York. Some steamship companies are provide limousine service free from also featuring special five-day cruises to your hometo Ihe pier. If you live over 40 Bermuda. miles from Manhattan, you make out even belier: Holland America will give The S.S. Doric (Panamanian registery) has what it calls the you a free pre-eruise night at the glamorus Americana Hotel, with "economy season," with departures from Sept. 2 through Oct. 29. Minimum transportation provided the next day rates are $455 per person for the Continued on Page 28 Caribbean deck, the least expensive



g g sl







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Off-season vacations prove more popular, rail

leads the way

Continued from Page 27 from the hotel to the pier.



TIlE llOI,LAND AMERICALine is featuring lop-name entertainment for its fall cruises, including TonyMartin, Lionel Hamptonand his orchestra, Cab Calloway, Corbett Monica, Gordon MacRae, and Johnny Desmond. Nol everyone likes the luxury of a cruise. Somepeople don’t want to spend a [ol of time getting to their destination. These people should investigate all the bargain package deals the airlines are putting together for the upcomingfall. F~)r example, if you’ve always wanted to see Europe, KLMis offering jet charters to Amsterdam,Saturday night departures from JFK, from $299 per person for a one-week stay. Longer packages are available as well. If you wanl hotel accommodationsas well, you can get a complete package from $479. Tours, welcome party, continental breakfast, and a motorboat sightseeing cruise of Amsterdam’s canals are also included. Special car rental rates are also available for a nominal extra charge. Note, however,that the lowest-cost air and hotel accommodation rates do not begin until Oct. 7. FromSept. 2 to 30 the base price for air fare is $329and for the complete package from $509. ONAand TIA Charters are offering special seven-day trips to Paris from Sepl. 2 through Oct. 28 ISaturday night departures from NewYork) from $319 for airfare only and $499including hotel and tours. Again, the cheaper rates are available later in October. You can have two weeks in Spain, round-trip air fare from $279, allinclusive program from $479 per person, from Sept. 7 through Oct. 26 via ABCand OTC charters. This trip includes


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Sweet and tender Mrs. AnneHarmon of Lawrencevilletakes the first step in canningandfreezing -picking the produce.Her daughter, Jennifer, 6, holds the first tomatoe-- which doesnot lenditself to freezing,so is made into a sauce.

When harvest

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is good

conning or freezing

is logical solution Fall is the time for harvesting, whether you live on a large farm or have only a few square feet in the backyard for a vegetable garden. But what if the harvest is especially bounliful this year? Whatdo you do with all those extra tomatoes and squash and eggplant, to say nothing of currants and ot her fruits, after you’vegiven awaythe requested amount to family and friends? Freeze it, says Anne Harmon of Lawrenceville. Andif you can’t freeze it, preserve it. ANNEKNOWSwhat she’s talking about; she’s been freezing and preserving foods for seven years. Her "bible" is a booklet put out by the Rutgers College of Agriculture and EnvironmentalScience., which is filled with handy tips and recipes for the novice, called "Fresh Foods for the Freezer." In addition, local libraries have manybooks which offer how-los in preserving and freezing. Can a girl born and raised in the city (Ihe Bronx, NewYork, to be precise) find happiness in her kitchen putting .up fresh things from her own garden that will last Ihroughout winter’s dreary days? If she’s Anne Harmon,the answer is a resounding yes ! The Harmon gardening-preserving effort is really a cooperative one. Anne’s husband, Pete (a Lawrenceville policeman), takes care of all the chores surrounding their extensive garden -planting, weeding, harvesting. Then,

Anne takes over. ,I think it was really the interest of Pete and his family that got mestarted doing these things in the first place," said Anne. "Their Lawrenceville home actually used to be a truck farm, and so Pete naturally was interested in growing things ever since he was quite young. !’Myfirst project in homepreserving, in 1970, was makingcurrant jelly from my mother-in-law’s currant bushes. Now, we have our own." The Harmons have this preserving and freezing thing down to such a science (hat they literally buy no vegetables but potatoes through the fall, winter and spring. In their 1978 garden, they have tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, peppers, cauliflower, and eggplant. And, of course, currants. "WE DON’TGROW fresh corn," said Anne, "but we buy baskets of fresh corn from Ihe farmer’s market in Trenton and either freeze it wholeafter we take the husks off or-take if off the cob and freeze it that way. "When freezing corn, and most vegetables," Anne went on, "you have to blanch it, plunge it first into boiling water for four minutes, then cool it immediately in cold water ~ before freezing. I use ziplock plastic bags for freezing." The flavor of most vegetables, when frozen this way, lasts well. The Harmons also buy 50 pounds of fresh asparagus and, after blanching. freeze thai, too. It’s muchcheaper to Continued on Page30

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When harvest

is good

canning or freezing is logical solution Continued from Page 29 buy in large quantities -- 50 pounds of fresh asparagus this year cost the llarm(ms only about $25. When you consider the price of fresh, or even fr~*zen .r canned, asparagus, in most supermarkets, the saving is readily apparer, t. All in all, Anne Harmon estimates slm’s saved over $200 in her yearly food bill when comparing gardcn-grow|~ vegetables to supermarket ( files.

Incidentally, the oneexceptionlo the blanching before freezing rule is peppers, which can be frozen without that process. )

I)id you know that if you cut back broccoli plants once you have harvested a head, you can get more than just one head of the vegetable from a single plaat ? Anne’s melhod of preserving fruits and nmking jams and jellies from them is a very simple one. First, clean the l’ruil; then, cook it in a large pot (Anne uses only the basic pots and pans found in kitchens instead of spending money on fancy extra equipment) with sugar and a little bit of water until it jells. Titan, and this is most important, put it immediatelyinto sterilized jars. Note that the jars can be used from year to year, bul the lids must be replaced each time. 1)0 YOUKNOW the difference


ween a jam and a jelly? You probably knowthat a jam is thicker than a jelly, but do you know why? It’s because, when making a jam, you use the whole berries, while whenmakinga jelly, you ttse only the juice from the berries. Tomatoes are one vegetable that do not take well to freezing. So what Anne does is make a sauce from fresh tomatoes, cooked along with celery and .nions, and then freezes that. In addition, she has a delicious recipe for tomato jam, whichalmost tastes like (,range marmalade. You’d never know whenyou eat it that there are tomatoes in it. All you have to do is pour boiling water on fresh tomatoes to burst the skin. Then peel the tomatoes and boil in a heavy pot with somesugar and a little water and pieces of cut-up lemons. Pour into jars. That’s all there is to it. Fruits Ihal are properly preserved can last indefinitely, according to Anne llarm,n. "As long as the seal on the jar isn’l broken, they should be all right." If you did not have a backyard garden this summer,it still is not impossibleto try your hand at freezing and preserving. Simply visit the local farmer’s market in the fall and buy whatever vegetables you want. Them start blanching!

Peeling the peppers Mrs. AnneHarmon prepares peppersfor homefreezing. Peppersare one vegetable whichcan be frozen without prior preparation.




tl t

(& vegetables)

O011 S.


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Outdoor cooking

not end after The l,abor Day weekendtraditionally signifies t he end of the summervacation season, and also the end of those relaxed ouldoor barbecues Americans enjoy so much. But September nights are frequently so warm that outdoor cooking and eating can really be continued right into the fall. Here’s a menuthat offers a welcome change from the hamburger-hot dogsteak fare lhat is all too often associated with barbecuees. Its main course features a meat that is a fall and winter holiday tradition -- turkey. SMOKEDTURKEY STEAKS 1 frozen whole turkey (about 12 pounds) or frozen turkey breast 2 cups Tangy Barbecue Sauce (recipe follows) Have butcher slice frozen turkey sideways into 1-inch steaks. Either keep slices frozen until ready to use or set in refrigerator overnight to thaw. When ready to cook, cover steaks with sauce, turning to baste thorougly. Cookon a charcoal grill. If desired, sprinkle coals with moist hickory chips, cover grill with dome or heavy--duty foil, and barbecue-smoke the turkey steaks -about eight minutes per side if thawed, 12 minutes if cooked while frozen. Turn steaks and baste frequently with sauce until cooked but not dry. Makes 12 servings.




ground rind of 1 orange 1 tablespoon grated lemon rind ’~ cup crushed pinehpple 1 cup chopped celery Dissolve gelatin in ’,i cup water. Add hot juice from the pineapple, and stir to dissolve. Add sugar, lemon and orange juices. Chill until thickened. Stir in remaining ingredients, and pour into a ring or other mold. Makessix servings. RUM-PUMPKIN CREAM CUSTARDS 1 cup granulated sugar 3 cups light cream ~:~ cup granulated sugar 6 lablespoons light rum 3 cups canned pumpkin 6 eggs, slightly beaten The day before: Start heating oven to 325§° F. In small skillet, over medium heat, melt l cupsugar,stirring, till it’s a caramel-like syrup. Pour at once into buttered custard cups. Meanwhile, in saucepan, scald cream; with hand beater, beat in % cup sugar, rum, pumpkin.Beat someof this mixture into eggs; return all to saucepan; beat till blended. Then slowly pour pumpkin mixture into custard cups; set in shallow baking pan, and place on oven rack. Fill pan with hot water to within % inch of top of cups. Bake about 45 minutes. Near end of baking time, insert silver knife in center of one custard. When knife comes Jut clean, remove

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Brings you Beautiful Shoes from TANGY BARBECUESAUCE 1 can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate 1 cup chicken broth or water ,,:~ leaspoon dry mustard powder ~,:~ teaspoonchili powder 1 clove garlic, minced 1 small onion, chopped 2 tablespoons ketchup 2 tablespoons brown sugar Combineingredients; stir until evenly blended. Refrigerate until ready to use. Makes about 2 cups. VEGETABLE KEBABS corn on cob, sectioned zucchini slices, scraped eggplant slices, quartered cherry tomatoes mushrooms or onion wedges salt and pepper to taste butter, melted Onskewers, alternate vegetables. Set on foil long enoughto cover. Seasonwith salt and pepper; brush well with butter. Fold foil to enclose. Grill, turning to cook all sides, about 12 minutes or until tender. Removefoil. CRANBERRYMOLDSALAD 2 envelopes gelatin :h cup.sugar I tablespoon lemon juice juice of 1 orange I cup raw ground cranberries


custards. Cool; refrigerate. Twenty minutes before serving: Removecustards from refrigerator; let stand 15 minutes. Then run spatula all around inside of each cup. Invert on individual desert plates. If desired, pass rum at table to spoon over custards. Makes 12 servings. This menuis especially enhancedby a ¯ nice white wine. Weather permitting, this is an excellent meal to serve to guests outside. Instead of seating people at one long picnic table, consider using small tables, the card !able variety, which usually accommodate four persons. Place the fables close enough to each other so as not to inhibit inter-table conversation. Cover the tables in varying cloths featuring fall colors -- gold, rust, brown, orange. Usefall flowers, either living or dried, as centerpieces. Napkins of harmonizing colors would make the lables very attractive. Napkin rings would also be appropriate here, but it is not necessary to spend a great deal of moneyfor’them. The next lime a roll of paper towels is used up, instead of throwing the empty roll away, save it to use as a base for home-makenapkin rings. The trick is a very easy one. Simply slice the roll into sections of approximately one inch. Then cover the rings with patterned ribbon, using glue as an adhesive. Top with an appropriate decoration.




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cO~e,,~,/a~l’ s ~s~k~jp:r::;res~o~S.t ~ mecca for tourists all through the summer, after Labor Day the crowds disappear and the beaches lake on a almost-private aura. In addition, many hotels and motels stay open long after Ihe traditional season" ends, and rates are frequently cul by almost half. Asbury Park, on Route 71, is one of the lawns whose beach facilities remain open lhrough Sept. 15. The fee of $1.50 on weekends and holidays and $1 olher limes with lesser charges for children, includes locker facilities at the Fourth Avenue Bathing Pavilion or Eighth Avenue Bathhouse. In addition, special events are held in the town in the fall, suchas the Ms. Senior Citizens Pageant, the Garden State Cat Show, the annual Columbus Day Landing, and the National Ceramic Guild Buyathon. Asbury Park also boasts an Palace amusement center, Amusements, at 207 Lake Ave., which is

Labor Day OwP:~ke:~lYh;?r;~ghMaS, eptwealSer ,h:~ mitring. ATI,ANTIC CITY is doing a brisk business these days thanks to the recent opening of New Jersey’s first gambling casino, Resorts International. In ad-’" dillon to gambling, Resorts also offers lop-name entertainment such as Steve ’ Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Bicycling is allowed on the famous boardwalk from 6 Io-10 a.m. The AllanticCity Racecourse, 14 miles west of the city in McKee. Ci!y, operates Ihrough the end of SeptemBer. The Central Pier and the Steeplechase Pier, where lhere are plenty of amusements for all ages, are open through the end of September as well. Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum, at 1235 Boardwalk, is open Ihrough part of the fall; there is a small admission charge. Don’t forget thal Atlantic City is the scene of the Miss America beauty Continued on Page 34



~,;I ,:~:’t

’;4 ;


The Packet Magazine

33 :~


% . ¯





¯ o

Makingtracks. Evenmotorizedvehiclescan dasharoundon the sandsafter LaborDay,whenvacationersthoughtlesslythink the oceanhas nomoreappeal.


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=.rsey shore gains charm after Continued from Page 32 pageanl early in September. Whilein Atlantic City also plan to pay a visit to lhe historic Absecon Lighthouse on Pacific and Rhode Island Ave. The lighthouse, named for the island, was commissionedin 1857.


BAi{NICGATI,IGIlTIIOUSE State Park, on the northern tip of Island Beach, is composed of 13 unspoiled acres of primitive beach surrounding historic Barnegat Lighthouse. The park is open weekends only from Labor Day through Oct. 31. Admission, 50 cents. Parking, $3. Tour the lighthouse weekends through the end of October. Admission, 50 cents. Brigantine, accessible via Routes 30 and 9, is the home of the Brigantine Wildlife Refuge North End, where the family can spend a pleasant day observing the wonders of nature. Brielle, on Route 34, is the homeof the New Jersey Antique Auto Museum, located 2t., miles north of the junction of Routes 35 and 70. The museumis open daily 10 to 5 except for holidays; admission, $2.50 for adults, children 6-12, $1: Tile museumhouses more lhan 100 antique and classic automobiles in a changing exhibit. All cars have been fully restored and are for sale. CAPEMAY,at the tip of the New Jersey peninsula, is one of the oldest seashore resorts on the Atlantic coast, founded in 1685. Walking and riding tours of this Victorian, "gingerbread style" townare pleasant. This is also the home of the Cape May Lighthouse. There is a toll ferry which operates between Cape May and Lewes, Delaware, which makes a pleasant diversion.

Not too cold yet

.Labor Day The Iown of Cape May Court House, nol to be confused with Cape Maycity, allhough geographically they are quite close, houses Ihe County Historical and Gcneological Society Museum,on Route 9 in Ihe John Holmes House. It has collections of local Indian artifacts and. other exhibits such as whaling implements, glass, costumes, and valuable geneological material. Open MondaySaturday 10-4 through Sept. 15; Tuesday-Saturday the rest of the year. Ch)sedholidays. Adulls, $1.50; under 12, 75 cents, preschoolers, free. EGGIIAI{BORCITY, which is not on NewJersey’s coastline but is easily accessible from Atlantic City via Route 30, offers as a tourist attraction the historic Renaull Winery, right off Route 30 ()n BremanAvenue. There are tours Monday-Saturday; closed holidays. Adults, $1; under 18, free. The Gateway National Recreation Area is comprised of the Breezy Point, Jamaica Bay, and Staten Island units in New York and Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Sandy Hook, at the norlheasternmmost point of Route 36, has both nalual and historical areas. There are guided tours, and the visitors center is open daily 8-5. The Twin Lights, a brownstone structure with towers at bolh ends, has served as a beacon for ships since 1828. A marine museumis open daily except Monday,8-5, through Sept. 30. Donations accepted. The grounds are open all year. The city of Long Branch, also on Route 36, was a summerhome for U.S. Presidents Grant, Garfield, and Taft. MonmouthPark raceway there holds meets through mid-November. Margate City in Atlantic County, Continued on Page 36

For most of September the Atlantic remainswarm enoughfor swimming...


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Jersey shore becomes accessible, leisure;,fy

See OUR LargeVolume ol School Suppiiesl

Continued from Page 34 accessible via Ihe Atlantic City Expressway, and Routes 9, 30, 40, and 322, ,ffers excellent striped bass, bluefish, and flounder fishing righl up to the beginning of December. Margate also is tim homeof Lucy the Elephant, an historic landmark at Decatur and Atlantic Avenues, which is 1he st)le survivor of three built in 1881. Open daily through Sept. 15. Small admission charge.

CENTER STATIONERS the princeton shopping center northharrison street,princeton G09-924-5706

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MANYNEW ./EHSEY shore communi|ies sponsor fishing contests in the fall, such as P,int Pleasant (through Ocl. 31), Tuckerlon (through Nov. 30), Beach Haven (Striped Bass Derby October Io December), Harvey Cedars (October to December), and Surf City

(October to December). Seaside Heights in Ocean County sponsors a three-day Mardi Gras festival in September, with gigantic parades, sidewalk sales, a children’s costume parade, and a grandmothers’ beauty contest. The historic townof Smithville, at the junction of Route 9 and County561 A, 12 miles north of Atlantic City, is a restoration of an 18th-century southern NewJersey community. Amofig its 45 buildings are a gristmill, chapel, and colonial homes. Commercial shops and dining facilities. Opendaily 11-6. Free. The Old Village of Smithville recreales life in Ihe early 1800s. The village is open Tuesday through Sunday through Sept. 30. Adults, $2.50; children ages 5-11, $1.50.

Not many places OUTC0 your. library

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in all the newcolors /1111~ ust to name a few! LX~.,~2-~

As we have said so many times before, (,ne .f the best sources for relaxation and quiel enjoyment is your local branch library. There are always programs going on to please both children and adults. l,’.r example, the South Somerset library is continuing its popular el~ildren’s story hour. Times are Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., and Wednesdaysat 11 a.m. Timseries is for pre.schoolers, ages 3 to 5.

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In addition,

This is whcxtyouknow cxboutyourkxwn.

there will be a film

program Saturdays at 1 p.m. t0r elementary-school-age children. No advance registration is required. For further information, call the library at (201) 821-8224. TIlE I,AWItENCE LIBRARY,in the LawrenceShoppingCenter, is offering a film program for elementary-age youngsters on Friday afternoons from 4 it) 5 p.m., Sept. 8 through29. Noadvance registration is required. The films will be a mixture, featuring such classic Continued on Page 37

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To help you select authentic colonial colors, Martin-Senouff is offering a free Williamsburg ~ Color Folder. This deluxe folder with real paint chips ~,@ll give you a good idea of what the wam’L rich, Early American colors of Williamsburg look like. Onthe interior or exterior of your home¯ Plus, it contains some fascinating historical anecdotes about Colonial Williamsburg.


¯ MAPLE~[B" Son MORRIS 200 NassauSt. )rinceton


For quiet relaxation "he public library is ready, waiting Continued from Page 36 stories as Aesop’s Fables, Peter and the Wolf, and those of Dr. Seuss. For adults, Lawrence is holding a lecture on Thursdayevening, Sept. 14, at 7:30, by George Delanhanty, an investment counselor from Merrill Lynch. The subject of his lalk will be fixed income investment. No advance registration. OnSaturday, September16, at 2 p.m., Ihere will be a magic show for children at the Lawrence Library. Featured will be the team of Jefferson and Warner, whoare actually Paul Elliot and Chris Yecere, two students from the township. Registration is required. OnSept. 20 from 4 to 5 p.m. there will be a poetry reading for children aged 5 and older by Marjorie Turner, a published poet and a Lawrenceresident. The preschool story hours at Lawrencewill run from Sept. 14 to Oct. 2{; on Thursdays from 10:30 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 2:30 p.m. Youngsters must be between 3~/~ and 5 years old. OnOct. 30 at 4 p.m, there will be a Halloweenfilm for childrn, "Ghost of a Chance." In the planning stages at this moment is another appearance by Charles PraU, a t ravel lecturer. Theexact date has not yet been set. For further information, call 882-9246. Tile llIGIITSTOWNlibrary will be Ihe scene come mid-September for a special nursery school program for children enrolled in the Better Beginnings and Head Start programs. There will be a class for 3-year-olds and another for 4- and 5-year-olds. Hightstown is also planning story

hours, films, and craft programs. Call 448-1474for more information. TWIN RIVERS library


LargeSelectionof DutchBulbs


for adults in ballet and exercise, ~asses ught by membersof the faculty of the Mercer County Community College. Registration is going on right now through the college. Classes will be held Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m., Sept. 11 through Nov. 13. There is a $20 registration fee. The same class will be given Fridays from 10 to 11 a.m., Sept. 14-Nov.17. Also for adults, Twin Rivers is offering a series from Oct. 31-Nov. 28 on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. called "Marketing -- The Non-Profit Organization." There is a $15 fee, and the talks are geared to such topics as fund-raising events. There is another series a t TwinRivers for adults called "Effective InterPersonal Communication," which deals with both children and adults. This will be held Friday afternoons from 1 to 3 from Sept. 15 to Oct. 27. All these courses will be taught by faculty members from Mercer County. Registration forms are available at the library or through the college. Call 44318B0for more details. PRINCETON LIBRARYwill begin its popular Readings Over Coffee series Sept. 20. The group meets every third Wednesdayat 10 a.m., and once again this year Don Eckroyd will do the readings. Theadult film series will begin at the Princeton Library the second Tuesday in October at 8 p.m. and continue through until spring.

*Suppliesfor seeding,feedinglawns *Clay and CeramicPottery *Fine nurserystock *Mumsin full bloom


Everything for the Garden

AlexanderRoad, Princeton(609) 452-2401 DALLY 8-5



A quality restaurant that’spractical aboutprices.

Leather & Suede-

As SeenIn The Malls For $60. - $70."

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Our Price



Princeton,N. J. 378 AlexanderSt. (609) 921-3276

,21,9 LUNCHM0n.-Fri. I1:30-2:30 DINNER- Mon.-Thurs.5:30.10:00 Fri. & Sat.5:00-]1:00 Sunday 4:00- 9:00

DELlLUNCH ion.- Fri. ]]:30- 3:00 DELlFfi. & Sat. 5:00-]2:30


QUIET ENTERTAINMENT FrL & Sat. 9. i BankAmedcard, MasterCharge,American Expresscards honored at all RustyScupper locations


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SPECI from



~,~ ~ fii~/~"

..:~ ~

College Bound Buys Dated Materials School Supplies Desk Lamps Desk Accessories Pencil Sharpeners Desk Calendars HIGHTSTOWNSTATIONERY 118t~Atahi:Tsht:~tHeg~’t/:tF~w°:S



¯ Not just for idle rich, the fox often wins One sporl which most people know very little about is "riding to the hounds," or fox hunting. Generally misplaced in the area of sports practiced only by the so-called "idle rich," fox hunting is actually one foi’m of entertainment easily enjoyed by most horsemen if they are willing to learn its intricacies. Fox hunting as such has colorful history. It is believed that lhe sport in England dates to the 16th century. In 1512, the Duke of Northumberland had 15 Ilorses in his private stable in London, manyof wlfich were used for hunting. In lhe 17th century, organized fox Imnls really began in England, and the principal English hunts, such as the Quorn, Belvoir, Cottesmore, and Pytchley; date from that period. FOX IIUNTING came to the American colonies in the mid-18th cenlury, when the governor of Virginia eslablished a pack on his estate. Later in tim same century, hunts were established in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Hempstead, Long Island. This last ,ne had one especially noteworthy member, George Washington. New Jersey has a number of hunt clubs. There is one conveniently close to Princeton, the Amwell Valley Hounds tlunl, one of whosemasters is Bill Read of Ringoes. In fox hunting jargon, the master is Ihe person who is responsible for organizing the hunt establishment and the "field." The huntsman is the man

whoactually takes charge of the hounds at Ihe hunt. "Our hunt is a subscription organizalion," explained Mr. Read. "It is open to anyone, and memberspick up their share of expenses. Prospective membersshould own their own horses. Thoroughbreds or half-thoroughbreds are Ihe best breeds for this type of sport." The AmwellValley Hunt has been in existence since the early 1960s, and has approximately 33 families as members. The fox hunting season officially begins on Aug. 20, whichis actually the start of cub hunting. The group rides every Thursday and Sunday until midMarch. Of course, weather conditions have a IoI to do with lhe frequencyof hunting. If Ihe Icmperaiure goes under 20 degrees, or if there is too muchsnowor a fast thaw thai makes the ground dangerous for the horses, the hunt is usually called off for Ihat day. The club has permission to use some 20-odd square miles of private farms in the area. Most of lhese farms have some sort of enclosures around their land, which makes jumping fences at breakneck speed a frequent occurrence. "WE IIUNT the red fox, which is indigenous to lhis area," said Mr. Read. "NowIhere are several hundred red fox around here, which is much more than lhere used Io be. This is because Hunterdon County no longer pays to have foxes killed; they used to be considered Continued on Page 39


by !iana "Antiques for Pleazure and Inw’sbiwnt" Weare nowlocatedat 49 State Road(Route206) wherewehavemoreandlighter sPaceand betterparking facilities. Weinviteyouto see

Beatitiful, Enduring, Enigmatic

The Largest Stock oJ Fine Antiques in NewJersey andcompare the priceof 18thandearly 19thcentury furniturewithwell-made modern. Webelieveyouwill agreethat Antiques are a goodinvestment andgive much pleasure.

including some antique pieces

OpenMondays throughSaturdays - 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. at Juhana s All ThatGlitters is Genuine T 49 State Road (Rt. 206) Princeton (609) 924-9310, or 924-5411

Member: Art and Antique Dealers League of America

The Finest in: Gemstones and Jewelry You’ll Like OurOriginal Designs andPersonalizedServicet. Open10-5 ¯ Clqsed Monday¯ Thursdays Until 8 : 30

¯ 16 WitherspoonSt. (609)921-6456 ~’]lr


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Fox hunt hazardous ? No more than skiing Continued from Page 38 a pesl by lhc farmers," A special breed of dog is used in fox hunling. Tile Amwcllllunt uses Cross Bred l%x thmnds, which are part English and part American strains. They are a recognized breed and are regislered in the official canine slud book. The dogs come in a variety of colors, and can weigh as much as 70 pounds when fully grown. "F,x hunling is really more of a game lhart (he nameimplies," said Mr. Read. "Foxes are very small animals, and trying mfind Ihem is a real challenge." tl,unds are used in pairs, or couples, and lhe AmwellHunt uses 12 couples at each hunl. "The scenl the hounds are following could he several hours old," explained Mr. Read. "Frequently riders go for an Imur and a half before lhe dogs come close h)a fox, and then the chase begins. This can go anywhere from one to five miles, al which point lhe fox usually goes int()a hole in the ground. The object of Ihe gameis Io find the fox, nor shoot him. "The fox usually outwits us. tle’s a lot smarler than we are." Fromlate Augustuntil the beginning of November, during cub hunting season, fox hunters wear hacking, or .rdinary riding clothes. Ridesusually begin al sunup and end after two or three hours becauseof lhe heat. NOV.I IS the start of the formal fox hunting season¯ At this time, male hunters wear pink coats, which are actually scarlet in color, and women black coats, with white riding britches, high boots, andtall silk hats. "Thehats alone cost so muchthat if someonetumbles off his horse, he will fry In removehis hat and save it rather

Inan save his head from a fall," said Mr. Read. l%x hunls meet at a different spot each time to begin the ride. All hunts publish a fixture card about a monthin advance wilh places and times of meets. WhenIhe hunl begins, riders gather around where the hounds are, and the hunlsman starts out with Ihe dogs. Riders slay behind/he fieldmaster, who sels a trail behind the dogs so that farmers’ crops are not damaged¯ The Amwell Hun! also sponsors a "p¢~ny club," which has about 70 local youngsters as menlbers. This is a nonprofil group which leaches youngslers whoare interested in horses howto lake care of Ihem. Members are rated, similar Io Boy Scouls¯ Once someone atlains a high proficiency rating, he can hunl wi(h the group once a month.



ANYONEINTEI{ESTEI) in coming on a hunt as a guest is more Ihan welcome, said Mr. Read. "We like to know in advance so we can have one of our members watch out for them," he said. "After coming as a guest a few times, a person can apply for membership." Bill Read is responsible for breeding, raising, and training the fox hounds, and puppyshows are held at various times of Ihe year to judge the value of lhe new pups. "I’ve been riding myself since I was seven years old," said Mr. Read. "But it’s really not critical to be a superb rider¯ However, you do have to be experienced enough to be able to go over jumps." Is fox hunting a dangerous sport? "I wouldn’t say so," said Bill Read. "There are no more hazards in fox hunting than lhere are in many other, more popular sports, such as skiing¯"










precision-h aircUtting ( Women &men) hairanalYSis ¯ permanent waving °


g. aniee mesv,ant


a*e~.j ,oea /.e/,~

wn ~ med ~

Sofawith BedEt DropArms NaturalSailcloth,72"x 36"x 32" Regular Price...$750.,



6"(49-,92,~-,fN# ¢.



./ ~ ~1~



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MERCER COUNTY PUBLIC GOLF COURSES 18 Hole ChampionshipCourses Open All Year Round Daily Greens Fees PRINCETON COUNTRY CLUB


¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯

¯ Golf Outings ¯ PullCarts ¯ Power Carts ¯ PGA Golf Pro ¯ GolfLessons ¯Lockers ¯ Picnicand Banquet Facilities ¯ SnackBar

PullCarts PowerCarts PGAGolf Pro Golf Lessons Lockers SnackBar

Mountain View Bear Tavern Road WestTrenton, N.J. (609) 8824093

EmmonsDrive off Rt. 1 Princeton,N.J. (609) 452-9382


Fall gardening vital part of plant year, don’t let it slip by F’all is usually the time 0f year when people begin looking at the inside of their homes, finding do-it-yourself projects like painting or wallpapering to keep tlmmselves busy. The outdoor projects -- mowingthe lawn, trimming Ihe hedges, etc. -- often seem less pressing than riley did in Ihe summer when more time was spent enjoying the pleasures of Ihe backyard. Bul fall is the lime of year to lake important steps toward preserving the yard against the cold winter whichis not so very far away, as well as the time to lake important preliminary steps Ioward next spring’s growing season. Of course, once the calendar reaches into September, frost can strike at any time, so these fall gardening tips, compiled from suggestions by area nurseries, should be executed weather conditions permitting. FOil LAWNS, seed new areas if this has not already been done, and the earlier this is accomplishedthe better. Fertilize and repair established lawns. Mowthe grass rather high, about 2~/., inches, and water in especially dry areas. Divide and replant early-blooming spring perennials. Plant springfloweringbulbs; tulips should go in last. Harvest onions and root crops from vegetable gardens and store. Clean up beds from which dead or matured plants have been removed. Water chrysanthemums, hardy asters, and other fall bloomers, as well as newly set evergreens and recently planted shrubs and trees. Feed chrysanthemumsand asters before they

showcolor, using a low-nitrogen food to stimulate blooms rather than foliage. Evergreens can be transplanted from now unlil Ihe ground freezes. Sow completely hardy annual seeds where they are to grow, such as calliopsis. California poppy, cornflower, and larkspur. Stop fertilizing roses and shrubs; this will encourage dormancy. Tills IS TIlE TIMEto begin bringing house plants, which should have been placed outdoors in relatively shady spots for the summer, back indoors. Washthem thoroughly before bringing them indoors to get rid of any insects they might have picked up. Trim back rank growth; repot when necessary. Be sure to bring themall indoors before the first frost, which mayinjure especially tender specimens. In Oclober, have nonmatting mulch ready to mulch beds and boarders of gardens just before hard freeze. Evergreens and choice shrubs may be protected from the elements by placing stakes around them and nailing to these a screen of burlap, canvas, or heavy plastic. Inside this screen pack dry hardwood leaves, pine needles, or locally available mulch. Clean up beds and boarders of gardens, burning trash which may carry over pests or disease. Give the lawn a last mowingif grass is heavy. Applya pest killer to soil infested by ants, maggots, etc. Water deeply all newly planted or Continued on Page 41






America’sall.time favorite is nowlwrmancntlvpressed . . . this rugged, handsomecord. alwavswashable,always drval~le, alwaystmsurpassedin quality . . . nowhas a built-in secret tc~ shout about. It’s BatesNoPress finish that eliminatesironing completelyand adds to its permanentbeauty. The16 radiant colors will stay that ~s’av washingafter washing.Twin, double, bunk.



Curtains- Draperies- Bedspreads. Lampshades PrincetonShopping Center 92.1-7296


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It’s not too late to plant

somenursery stocks Continued from Page 40 ~ransplanledlrees and Shl’UbS betore hard freeze. It may not be too lale (o plant new nursery Prepare planting holes; cover prepred ground with straw, le~lves, or burlap if stock will not be delivered for a while. Hold the covering of the holes down by boards to keep ground underneath from freezing¯ Peonies and phlox may also be planted now. Mulch beds after planting. Cut back long vines which may whip in the winter wind¯ NOTEWIIlCll AREASof the yard need more colorful autumn shrubs; mark the places with stakes for late winter or early spring planting. In November, finish planting all spring-flowering bulbs: If temperatures go very low in winter, cover newly .planted bulb beds with evergreen boughs. Mulchperennial beds with compost. If temperatures go very low, cover mulch with evergreen boughs. Cut rose bushes and climbers back to’ prevent damage from whipping winds. Clean up flower beds and vegetable gardens after hard frost: Watch for poor drainage during fall rains. Few plants can survive being constantly wet; chrysanthemums are especially susceptible. Bring in soil, sand, and peatmoss to store, preferably in plastic bags, for use later in seed sowing and repotting. Water pipes and all outdoor faucets should be checked to be sure they are turned ,)ff and drained before hard freeze. In areas where snow mold is a problem, Ireat wi{h lawn fungicide to kill any surviving spores. Take extra special care of indoor¯


ROSEDALE MILLS Princeton: 274 Alexander Road 924-0134 Pennington:Rt. 31 & W. Delaware 737-2008

plants now.Theywill take time to adjust to their new environment indoors. MOSTIlOUSE plants cannot grow quickly in autumn’s short days, so too much water is bad for them. Favor keeping them on the dry side, The more artificial heat inside your home, Ihe quicker ynur house plants will dry out. This is a !ime of general slowing down in house planl growth, as they prepare for a winter dormancy.

And don’t forget tofeedthebirds!

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We willengrave your first initialandlastname FREE on any pairofplastic frame glasses purchased before September 15th.

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mecermall ¯ US I, lawrence twp. * 452-1562 308 east state st., trenton ¯ 392-6662 2562 nottinghamway, trenton ¯ 556-7945

MERCER MALL Route1 & QuakerBridge Rd. Lawrenceville

free parkingat all locations


., ¯ ’ ’ ,:..:L.

, .




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Into Fall with the look of: ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯

RobertDavidMartin HalstonV SopYungLee St. Gillian andother designers

Foliage offers chance

See Our NewLine of Belts, Jewelry, B Accessories

for great photos t.-3¢ ¯ q e~t.

if you follow tips Mostpeople will agree that fall is one (=f the prettiest times of year. If you have even the slightest interest in photography, the changing foliage and other autumn landmarks offer plenty of opportunity to practice and improve on your picture-making expertise.

Under the pmk awning 20 NassauSt. Princeton 609-921-0113





NOW EN! Become

a charter

For example, composeyour picture so that the trunk of a tree rises UPeither the left or right side of your picture. A leafy branch from the tree arching across Ihe upper left or right side of the picture will add interest. Another nice touch can be added by taking your picture so that a rock formarion or other object of interest is located in one of the lower corners.

member of the exciting NEW

Mercer Racquetball Club FEATURING: 12 Regulation air conditioned Racquetball Handball andPaddleballcourts. Fully equipped exercisearea with UniversalGym. Carpeted men’sandladies’ locker rooms with saunas. Fully equipped chltdren’splayroom with attendantandTV. Spacious loungeswith snackcenterandtournament court viewingareas. Member social events,tournaments andcompellilveladders. Complete pro shopwith member discounts. MEMBERSHIP FEES: Family ...... $50Single...... $35Junior(16andunder)...$25 m

m Illl

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NAME ~OD.ESS c,~ z,p

I mml iiim

...... m m ml







mm m Imm



mm m m mml ~lm


liERE ARE SOMEtips from local camera buffs on how to make the most of your fall pictures: I. Give the picture someperspective. A photograph taken from a hill overlooking what is a breathtaking array of red, orange, yellow, and brown maynot look like muchon film without a little attention to how the picture is composed before snapping the shutter. Y.ur picture may just look like blotches of color off in the distance unless you can also show something or someonein the foreground. A slandard photographic trick to give the picture someinterest is to frame it with an object such as a tree.

I I I I I Ilm

2. Add a person to your picture. You can composea picture so that it includes both a friendly face in the foreground and an awesomedisplay of" natural beauty in the background. Your best bet is to place the person a little off to the side, leaving a considerable amountof nature still in view. Experiment with different placement and poses of your subjects. Don’t worry about getting too close to the person in your picture before snapping Ihe shutter. The tendency of most people in laking snapshots is to place Ihe person too far away from the camera.It’s fine to get so close that you show only !he person’s upper body. Their shoes and the ground in front of Ihem rarely hold muchvisual interest. 3. Lookfor a little action. If you’re near the water, standing your subjecl at Ihe water’s edge so that you ca n caplure a boat’s billowing sail in Ihe background may make a picture you wbuld want to frame. If you’re inland, a bird or a flock of Canada geese on their way south may

add some action to your picture. palient and imaginative.


4. Try special effects. If you’ve mastered the basics, you may want to get a little more sophisticated by looking for special effects. Fall is a time whenthe early riser can take advantage of pre-dawn mist that often rises from lakes,ponds and small bays. Because the water temperature is of.ten warmer than the early morning air temperature, wisps and sometimes clouds of mist will rise above the water. An unusual shot can be taken of a sailboat, for instance, poking its mast through the haze. Perhaps a sunrise can be photographedthrough the mist, if one goes to the west bank of the water and pholographs to the east. Silhouettes also can be fun. Try photographing the kids walking on the beach just before sunset. Your subject should stand between you and the sunlight, in this case. In November, after the leaves have fallen, a bare tree silhouetted against a blue sky can make a fascinating photo. Fall also is the lime of long afternoon shadows as the sun lies lower in the southern sky. Try getting shadows into your picture by photographing late in the day. Most color film, however, will not eaplure enough light to makea clear picture at lhis time. But a new fast color film that is now widely available has greatly expanded photo possibilites indoors and in poor outdoor light. Shooting against reflected light, especially light reflected off water, adds interest and liveliness to your pictures. With an elevated camera position (on cliff or a dock, for instance) and a long telephoto lens, you can compose inleresting pictures of boats or birds passing across a stretch of water that is reflecting the sunlight. There may be more opportunities for these shots in the fall whenthe sun is at a lower angle in 1he sky. WIIATEVERTHE SEASON, there’s always the opportunity for photos of the seas pounding up on the rocks at the shore. Fall and winter storms that churn up 1be seas for.several days afterward can provide spectacular opportunities of Ihis sorl. Of course,-youcan’t put these effects in the samephoto, but nature provides an almost limitless variety of opportunities for the photographer.

"qV The Packet Magazine

Entertainment There’s entertainment a’plenty to pick from this late summer-early fall season in Central NewJersev. Although some of the major theaters have not yet decided upon a roster of plays for the fall-winter season, manyof the so-called "summer theaters" have chosen to extend their seasons into the fall. McCarter Theater completed its schedule too late for inclusion in this article, but its offerings can be foundin its advertisement on Page 9. One of these is the Villagers Barn Theatre in Middlebush. From Sept. 1 throughOct. 1, the Villagers will present the powerful drama "Inherit the Wind." Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:30 and Sundays at 7:30. Call (201) 873-2710for reservations.



Chopin Piano & Organ Co.

reservations. TilE GEORGESTREET Playhouse in NewBrunswick will open its 1978-79 season on Oct. 20 with Moliere’s comedy "School For Wives." The show will run through Nov. 11. Performances are Wednesdaysthrough Fridays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., and Sundays al 3 and 8 p.m. George Slreet will also present the national touring company of "The Passion of Dracula," which stars Jose Greco in the title role, at the State Theatre in NewBrunswick. Showtimes are Sept. 29 and 30 at 8 p.m., and a special midnight performance on the 301h. Goinginto the late fall, GeorgeStreet will he featuring Eugene O’Neill’s "Long Day’s Journey Into Night" from Nov. 24 Ihrough Dec. 16. For reservalions, call (201) 246-7717.

TIlE NEW JERSEY Shakespeare Festival on the campus of Drew University in Madison has plays in repertory through Nov. 5. "The Country Girl" will be playing there on a rotating schedule through Oct. 6. Sept.6 and 8 only, there will be performances of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead." "Love’s Labour’s Lost" will run through Sept. 17; and "Arms and the Man," which open Sept. 19, will play through Oct. 15. The Shakespeare Festival drama season will close with "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?," which runs from Oct. 17 through Nov. 5. In addition, the popular MondayNight Special series, whichfeatures one-timeonly performances by many popular artists, will continue through the month of September at the Shakespeare Festival theatre. On Sept. 11, singer Oscar Brownwill perform; Sept. 18 will feature the Garden State Ballet Caravan. On Sept. 25, there will be a performance of "The New World Consort," a play about Robin Hoodand Maid Marion. Performance times for the festival are Saturdays at 6 and 9:30 p.m., Sundays at 7 p.m., and Mondays through Fridays at 8 p.m. Call (201) 377-4487for

BUCKSCOUNTYPlayhouse in New Hope has exlended its season lhrough lhe ntiddle of November this year. "Music Man" will be at the playhouse from Sept. 6 through 16. Performances will be on Wednesdayand Thursday at 8:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. From Sept. 13-17 and 20-24, "Godspell" will return to the theater. "Jesus Christ Superstar" will be featured from Sept. 28-Oct. t andOct. 5-7. TRENTON STATE College, in cooperation with its Committeeon the Performing Arts, will open its 1978-79 season on Sept. 26 with a performance by the Connecticut Dance Theatre. On Oct. 12, Bereniee Lipson-Gruzen, pianist, will give a concert. On Monday, Nov. 6, The Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble will be performing. The series includes events through the spring, and subscription rates are available at $30 for the general public, $15 for senior citizens, and $15 for children under 12. Call 771-2255for more information.

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AI Revere Travel, "We bring the airlines to you" by emptoyinga unique computer system which is linked to all the major Domestic and International airlines. This systemprovides business travelers and vacation planners with all the information necessary to makea wise decision, Flight times, in-flight services, destination arrival times and rates; Plus national hotel chains andauto rentals are also in the computer system Now we save you time and money shoppingthe airlines.

Joyce ¯ Naturalizer ¯ Life Stride ¯ Sebago¯ Dexter Scholl - Wilbur Coon ¯ Clarks ¯ Browsabouts¯ Oomphies

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use our Q~ce. Just call and tell us whereand whenyou are gomg. Whenyou comein, your Iickets wall be waiting for you. Freeparkung.

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back to school SALE

ripetop ~d 6r~1355hell~, children5&nOe~ul~~i7.e5

?-5 -:~% of~

THE ~or

. ~


354 NassauSt.,Princeton9243001

. O.ll ,30Jes fi~o.l,_a.vo.ntities and..~ize~ii~it~.d, ~o~.~y~ways or ~olds,no,~a.i’l Ol~el~ He,~S ~U~I¢C* ~ i~’lor ~|e, prict~ sob~e¢.~"-m~e,notli~u~¢ ~r~l~OCa~i,~xt-err~",’










~onday ~eP’. I I ~ flqroo 9n

¢HILLSBOROUGH BEACON,. [he Manville News

"Seven For Central



The Franklin NEWS’RECORD



Thursday, September 7, 1978

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

ARE "~’OU LOOKINGFOR an opportunity to own your ownbusiness, but not ready to make the investment? We need someone who can work indepefidently for the area’s fastest-growing dry cleaner. You will have the responsibility of operating )’our own dry cleaning route. NOINVESTMENT- we provide a step-van and all materials you have the independence of running your own business. One area is now available to tpke over, serving existing customers & soliciting many new potentials. Call now for moredetails. 609-890-8787.

PRINTING PLANT well known, steady accounts. Established 28 years. Owner must retire. 609-392-1168. S M/k’L L PACKAGE DELIVERY ROUTE - No experience, no selling, low cash. Write Box 153, Cranbury,NJ 08512. ACCOUNTING & TAX PRACTICE WANTED - or Association with Near Retirement Practitioner. Reply Box 955, East BrunSWmK,NJ 08816.

1 FF

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

ENCYCLOPEDIAEDITORS publisher of new 4/c general encyclopedia for High School Io College level audience seeks additional editors in literature. Must have a minimum of 3 yrs. exp. editing reference works, preferably encyclopedias. Salary range $13,500 - $18,000plus generous benefits. Send resume to: Arete Publishing Co., CN28 Princeton Forrestal Center, Princeton, N.J. 08540, Attn: GemmaScherer. COUNTER SALES for plumbing supply house; experience preferred, please call Gordon & Wilson Co. Hightstown, 609.448-0514.

SECRETARY - The Gallup Organization in Princeton is seeking an experienced typist with no shor{hand required. Full time year long position, interesting work. Call 609-9249600, an equal opportunity employer. LIVE-IN HELP - woman to share child care & housekeeping responsibilities in exchange for room, board & salary. Call 609-924-6199 after 5 prr/.

LIVE-IN POSITION - in country setting, 5 miles from LICENSE - allows Princeton. Work part time, FAMILY RESTAURANT -- WINterY mostly babysitting for 3 girls, Fast Food.New equipment.for manufacturing of wine Excellent location. Good with sales & 2 other retail TELEPHONESALES - Work 8, 7, & 3. Some light outlets. Equipment part time from home by ¯ housework.Flexible free time. volume now and increasing. Phone TUSCHAK REALTY negotiable. $50,000. LOWELLtelephone. Earn $25-$100. 201- Prefer older womanwho has REALESTATE,Realtor, 609car or at least can drive. Call for details¯ (609) 921-1720. 536-1873,201-264-3244. 396-0800. 201-674-6889. EXXONSERVICE STATION SNACRBAR -Trenton Farfor rent. 3 bay Colonial mer’s Market¯ Going business, Building. NewInterstate highexcellent opportunity. No way. Hunterdon County. 201calls. Inquire 3 to 6 pro. 356-2263. TAXI" LICENSE- Princeton tBoro Taxi License & car for sale. Call 609-799-4394.

Help Wanted

ASSISTANT 2 PRINCETON BOR0 Livery DENTAL posilion open for cbairside. Licensesfor sale -- Good Experience ferred, investment. Call609-924:4478 Princeton, Men.,Ph; e Fri. Call or921-3174. 609-921-8225. DENTAL ASSISTANTS receptionist & chairside, full lime or part time for expanding multi-doctor suburban specialty practice, No evenings, excellent working conditions. Send resume to Box #01958 c/o Princeton Packet.

UNCERTAIN about your future?. Shaklee opportunity can offer your a lucrative, .independent business. Earn high commissionsplus a bonus car. Wewill help you operate your business and offer you professional training. For a better tomorrow call Kathy at 609-448-5444.

BOOKA TOY & GIFT PARTY Generous Awards DEMONSTRATORSALSO NEEDED Over 300 newest most-wanted items Call Toll Free 1-800-243-7634 Or write SANTA’SPARTIES Avon,Conn.06001 HOUSEKEEPER - widower seeks live-in housekeeper (older womanpreferred), days per week. Take care 2 boys, ages 5 &10. Cook&light housekeeping. Good salary. Please call 212-689-8700 ext. 705 days. 609-448-8246after 7:30 p.m. weekdays or anytime weekends.

BACK HOE’ OPERATOR Experienced on John Deere. To work local areas. Steady work. Call 201-922-3232. MANAGER-retail-discount dept. store, hard goodexp, rowt h opportunity, co. enefits, to $20,00O. Somerset Co. area. Days: 20]-560-0335. Even: 201.469-2447.



MONY - Sales & ManaLement. Business Insurance, Estate Planning; Complete training. Minimum raceme $1500 monthly. Call Mr. Kulp, 609896-2350. CASHIERS & USHERS LOOKINGFOR SECURITY WANTED - for movie threatre a 2nd income can provide? The in Hightstown. Must be 17 or SERVfCE STATION - main path to security is only a older. Applyin person between thoroughfare, very profitable decision &a phone call away. EARN A GOOD INCOME While you train for a 7:30 & 9 p.m. East Windsor neighborhood repair business WeIrain you. Phone or write Twin Cinema’s, Jamesway professional career in Sales. for owner/mechanic. Selling local AmwayDistributor, Shopping Plaza. due to illness. Take over with Herb Johnsen, P.O. Box 157, Call Mr. Cohen, 609-298-5852. E.O.O. m/f. all equipment for $45,000. Belle Mead, N.J. 08502, 201- . i i i | TUSCHAKREALTY,609-921359-6476. ’1720. ¯ ~ NURSES - RN’S FULL El" PARTTIME RECREATIONAL Callfor ShiftVacancies


oo.,..,o o,II public schoolteacheropenings. For information call or II write....TEACHER VACANCY I I

Rectption’~t Stan0 Oictapheme Typist

us’r, riO0, 189Clfffo~St., | | Newark, N.J. 07"105 201-589-7038 ~, e. e~o~=~,,~,~e

B°~keesl"o ;qpunch delaying & waiting thekidsateleaving and socanyoul Findgainfulmeaning for yoursparetime. Wewant you!

II II ||

~l I I




If you are interested in the ~ challenge of retailing, but don’t" like workinglong hours, we have thejobsfor youl DAYPART TIME Weare nowseeking salesmindedindividuals for PERMANENTday part time positions on the following schedules: 11 am-5pm 1:45-5:45am 11 am-4pm MONDAY-SATURDAY (With a day off during the week) PARTTIME EVES./WEEKENDS PERMANENT Sales positions areavailableon the following evening schedules: Tues.~- Thurs.Eves.5:45-9:45 SATURDAY 1:15-9:45 Sunday 11:45-5:15 Theseare excellentpositions that providea sourceof additional income for thoseindividualsinterestedin working eves.andweekends,

g & Short ...... Term Assignmenfil ’ __ I~p,l~l~

RESTAURANT HELP TheFriendlyRestaurant in the QuakerBridgeMall, Lawrencovilie,N.J. hasthefollowing parttimeandfull timepositions available: SHORT ORDER COOKS Part time days, eveningsand weekends, plus full training available. Weprovide food discounts anduniforms. WAITERS/ WAITRESSES

10openings available for full andparttimedayhours.Must beavailable for fall &"winter between the hoursof 8:30am and4:00pro. Weprovide food discounts anduniforms. Full These are NOT Summer iimebenefits include theabove, temporary positions, THEY ARE pluspaidvaca~on, retirement PERMANENTI andgroupmajormedicalinsurance. Eamlngs start at $3.80 We off,.r good startingsalaries, ¯ guaranteed perhour(includes liberal benefitsthat includea tips). Noexperience necessary. generous store wideshoppiung ,~,~ount. To interviewfor the above Y PERSONNEL positions, please call(60915859757.


QUAKER BRIDGE MALL Lawrencoville, NJ Ppponunilyeml~o~¢oe M/F

Good salaryandfringe benefits

(,91,6.23 Forextended carefacility Send ¯ Route 130,Htghtst0wn, Nl resume andsalaryaspirations

FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS KMartl~hoplp~gCenter Hamilton Town=hip, N.J. ¯ EqbalOpportunityEml:)loym,M/F

Help Wanted


Help Wanted

WRESTLING COACH TRUCK DRIVER / WARE- AFTER SCHOOL JOB -NEEDED- Princeton YMCAHOUSEPERSON - needed for Creative supervision of 8 year Wrestling Team. Evenings & plumbing supply house. Ex-old boy in his home. Prefer weekends. 609-924.4825, Don periencepreftJred, please call mature person. LawrenLarson. Gordon & Wilson Co. Hight- ceville. 609-896-0474 after 6pm. stown, 609.448-0514. LEGAL SECRETARY - Real NO "EXPERIENCE HELP WANTED -- Exestateexperience required.NECESSARY- We will train perienced Tree & Shrub you’re care for ill patients in Princeton lawoffice. Call609NURSES AIDES- all shifts, digger. Arie Peters Nursery, their own home. Work full924-0840 foraninterview. part & full time. Experience Phone 609466-2820. timeor part-time in your’ownpreferred. Contact adarea.Carnecessary. Startingministrator: S~,nnyfield salary$3.00per hour plus Nursing Home, 61 Maplewood "WE WANTAN ALICE" -- a WAITER/WAITRESS - for travel reimbursement. Call Ave, Cranbury, N.J. 08512. 609- live-in housekeeper for a evenings in restaurant & 609-924-5862. 395-0641. family of 5; 2 workingparents, cocktail-lounge. Call Coach & PCHHHAS, 2 school aged children &a cat, Four Restaurant between llam & 4pmfor interview. 609- DISHWASHER NEEDED CLERKTYPIST - neededfor for cooking, cleaning & child 448-2400. basedoffice, good care m a warm comfortable day& night.Start$3.30 r Princeton atmosphere. Owncar a plus. hourplusbenefits. CallC~J typing, manner& good self-starting pleasant phone References. Call 201-297-6284 924-0262. abilityare neededfor this after 5pm. CHILDCARE- live-in 5 daysa position. Call Carolyn week. 2 young children, GAL/GUY FRIDAY movingto Hillsborough-Belle ARE YOUR INTERESTED- Hingher,609-924-3800. MeadareainOct.References. in part time workor a full time This is really a glamour Co. $100/wk. 201-985-6482 wkdys. career? You may be the the person who seeks a after 6. special person we are looking PART TIME CLEANING& for prestige Co. and position. Will for in Lawrenceville & S. MAINTENANCE-mornings. with marketing in media Brunswick areas. Earn while Call for interview, 201-359- work adv. Exciting dept. 1 yr. 8730. you serve your community in BILINGUAL GERMAN the Welcome Wagon "hello" business exp. with typing SECRETARY/TYPIST required. $140-$160. business. Car necessary, An ~;I~.’LEPHONE SOLICITORS needed for oecassional typing E.O.E. Call 201-635-5245, _ Evenings your home or & dictation. (either Germanor Thurs. or write, Welcomemine. $2.70/hr. plus bonuses. CAREER CENTER English) Please call 609-924- Wagon, 18 Highland Ave., PERSONNEL 201-469-6100 7865. 500 Elizabeth Ave., Somerset Call 609-737-2277,9am-gpm. Chatham, NJ 07928. (Weston Canal Exit 287)

SECRETARY-- full time, Civil Engineering firm, Belle Mead area. Shorthand required. Goodbenefits. 201359-8291.

PERSON TO HOUSECLEAN -- Plainsboro area, own trans &local refs. required. Call 609799-0299eves.

TEACHERS - needed for adult evening school for Gourmet cooking, Chinese cooking, Interior Design & Basic home repair. Call East Windsor CommunityEducation Center, 609448-4783. DIVING COACH NEEDED by Princeton YMCASwim Team. Evenings & weekends. Call Bernard Hopewell, 609924-4825ext. 17. COOK, Experienced, adult family, light housekeeping. 5 days, 609-448=7129. SITTER NEEDED- for 2rid grade boy. Fri. pro, Sat. &Sun. Your house. Twin Rivers home w. children preferred but not nee.609-,H8-9181 or 448-8771. PARTTIME- Children off to school? Weare looking for an intelligent, reliable person to do part time clerical work as well as editorial proof reading. Hours can be somewhat flexible. The work can be intellectually stimulating for the right person. Call 609-3945131. MacCrellish & Quigley Printing Co., Trenton, NJ. DISHWASHER- luncheon, noon-3 pm daily. Peacock Inn, Princeton 609-924-1707.

EqualOpportunity EmployerM/W RETAIL imr







TECHNICAL TYPIST Rapidly growing centrally locatedreseach firm hasanimmediate opening onits production staff for anexperienced technicaltypist. Musttypeat least 65 wpmnet. Minimum onoyear previousexperience, ability andwillingness to work overtime,including weekends on short notioe. Excellent salary andcompany benefits. Please call Eleanor Pickens for interviews at 609-799-2600., Ext. 302. An equal opportunity employerM/F ii I In

H.S. graduate. Must bea licenseddriver. Will beresponsible for all shippingandreceiving dutieswhichincludephysical checking, packing and unpacking, writing receiving reports, Mustmakemail runs andothertasksas required.

FULLTIME SALES Interestedin a challenging position?Wearelooking for a matureindividualwhois selfmotivated to work in our beautifulQuaker Bridge storein the MillineryandWigs Dept.

Thisfull timepositionrequires 1-3 yearsretail experience preferred. Schedule is 9:40amPLEASE CALLPERSONNEL 6:10pmMon.-Frl. (609) 799-1000 Weoffer a goodstartingsalary, EMR PHOTOELECTRIC liberal company benefita and generous storewideemployee /tnequal oppodunity employer M/F discount. ._.2_ _~=’ .... APPLYPERSONNEL

LAVAKE JEWELERS 54 NassauSt. Princeton Applications being accepted for full timepositions. Salespersons, Neatdignified, wellspoken Shipping g Delivery Clerk MustbefamiliarwithPrinceton Ares. Beekeeper Experienced. Call 609-924-0624for appointment Askfor Mr. Kind. i



KITCHEN AIDE -- for Princeton eating club - to work breakfast & lunch. Weekdays, 8:30 to 12:30. Call 609-452-6119 after 5pro. COUNTER HELP CARHOPS WANTED -- Hours needed areII amto 2pro& 11 am to 5 pm. Apply Stewarts Root P~er Hxghtstown Needed vt Sept. Will start t rainingr .)w



The Princeton Packet Newspapers 300 W|therspoon St., P.O. Box 350


Somerset Newspapers

’ P.O.Box146 Somerville, N.J. (201)725-3300

¯ .Princeton, N.J. 08540 (609) 924-3244



Doyouhavea flair for make-up andenjoydealingwith people? If so,wemay havea job foryou as LeadLine Salesperson for REVLON. Schedule is full time 37½ hour work week. 2 Saturdays per month required. Theideal candidate shouldbe an experienced,aggressive salesorientedindividual who would liketo puttheir talentsto work in return for a good startingsalary,liberal company benefits and generous storewide discount, APPLYPERSONNEL



(onesquare for eachle ,tter, number space or punctuation) 4 LINES - 1 INSERTION......................................... 3 INSERTIONS, no changes, paid before billing ..................... If billed add50cbilling charge

$3.00 $4.50


QUAKERBRIDGE MALL Lawrenceville, NJ r=m~O~r,~ ~m~,~= M~


SECRETARY / RECEPTIONIST - architectural office seeking experienced individual with excellent typing, clerical, dictaphone & telephone skills. Princeton address, parking no problem. Please send resume to Box #O2043,c/o Princeton Packet.

$50 REWARD - for any person (or group) who can find us housekeeper. Moneyto be paid after person has demonstrated that she can managethe daily internal maintenance PAINTER NEEDED -- by WORKAT HOME EARNING (cleaning, washing, etc.) $250 weekly stuffin~ en- P’6i-son for NEW& USED our pleasanl Princeton home. area .contractor. Interior/ velopes. Send 25 cents, CARClean up and related exterior, experienced Successful applicant will be preferred. Call 609-924-8718. stamped, self-addressed duties. Main Line Chrysler- well paid but must have own envelooe to: Plymouth.609..448-2849. transportation &love children. If you knowof such a person, PEACtlTREE LANE please call, 609-921-7579. STUDIOS COOK W.~NTED -2 evenings EXPERIENCED LEGAL P OBox 246 a week for 2 adults. Must be SECRETARYFOR - small, Evans, Ga. 20809 pleasant, busy Princeton law PROJECT experienced,have recent SPECIAL office, 1 Palmer Square. relerences or own tran- DIRECTOR Survey orbusnearby. Call Research. Good opportunity Accuracy essential. Fast SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR - sportation, typing, shorthand, use of parl lime, Call Bernard 609-921-6760. for skilled Project Addictating equipment all ministrator who can write & Hopewell, Princeton YMCA, required. Potsed and mature: 609-924.4825, speak effectively can work ext. 17. able to deal with clients, etc. well with’people & is facile SECRETARY-BEGINNER with numbers &., ideas. Looking for top flight person with substanhal recent ex- BIJS BOYS/ BUS GIRLS Fast growing Co.,is offering a previous knowledge or exerieoce as legal secretary. Wanted. Good income. Old great beginning to fresh sec’l perience in working with enefits. Salary open. Reply Yorke Inn, Hightstown. Call schoolgrad orH.S.G, with lite Catholic School desirable, in area of P.O. Box 483, Princeton, N.J. Ms. Merkin 609.448-0287 for bus. exp. A go-getter will get particularly 08540. the posflion with this dynamic business planning. Bachelors appointment¯ Co. Earnwhileyou learn. S140. Degree or higher. Able to travelto Hugh extensively. Send Devine, Total STORECLERK-- Must be of Feepd. OPENTUESEVETIL resume BABYSITTER -- mature womanwith references & own legal age to work part time in 8:00 Research Corp., 1101 State transportation. 3pro to 10pro Somerset Farms Food Store Rd., Box 307, Princeton, NJ CAREER CENTER weekdays. Cranbury. 3 school located in Hightstown. Call 08540. aged children. Must be 609448-9673for appointment. PERSONNEL 20.1.469-6100 500 Elizabeth Ave., Somerset reliable, live-in possible. Call (WestonCanalExit 287) days before 6pm. 609-395-0852. LOWMOLDINGMACHINE LEGAL SECRETARY OPERATOR -- for expanding Princeton office, experienced plant in Princeton area. EXPERIENCED IBMEFC preferred, bat will train -PRESS OPERATOR -- AB Knowledge of Kautex & OPERATOR -- needed part conscientious & personable -Dick 360 experience. Full-time Bekum machines preferred, time days nights & Saturday. salary commensurate with for 4-8 hours evenings. Write but not necessary. Call 609-799Call 609-921-0895. ability. Call 609-924-9622. P.O. Box V, Rocky Hill, N.J. 9045. 08553. i~ i 113 .... ii

SALES HELP Leading gourmet store. Permanent position.Five dayweek.(ClosedSundays and Mondays.) Some experience preferred. Willtrain."

Help Waned

Help Wanted

Call Personnel Dept. 1201)874-4000

to Box02054 Princeton Packet, 300Witherspoon, St., Princeton,N. J. 08540.

Help Wanted

Nowhiring: ¯ Waiters/Waltresses ¯ BusHelp ¯ Host/Hostess/Cashiers ¯ Cocktail Waiters/Waitresses ¯ Bartenders Excellent workingconditions and benefits.

Applyin personto Mr. Gummay HiltonInn Exit 8, N.J. Turnpike ¯ No PhoneCoils




All Classifiedadsappear automatically in all 7 Packetnewspapers: ThePrincetonPacket;The Lawrence Ledger,TheCentralPost, WindsorH~htsHerald,TheManvilleNews,TheFranklin News-Record andthe HillsboroughBeacon. Ads maybe mailedor phoned in. Thedeadlinefor newads is 4 p.m. Monday if they are to be properly classified. Cancellationscannotbe accepted after 4 p.m.on Monday. "TooLateto Classify" ads will be accepteduntil noon Tuesday.

AMOUNT PAID weeksandthesameihereafter. Ads maybe displayedwith white spacemarginsand/or additionalcapitalletters at $3.50perinch. A specialdiscount rate is avaiMbM to advertisers runningthe same displayed classifiedad for a minimum of 13consecutiVe weeks or different displayed classifiedadstotaling20or more inchesper monthwith arrangements for monthly billing. Boxnumbers are$1.00extra.

TERMS: There is a 50cbilling¯charge if adis not RATES: AC~tassified Adcosts$3.00for ’upto 4 paidin advance. Personals, SituationsWanted, linesfor oneinsertion, or, if originally ordered, Housesitting,Apartment Sublets, Wanted .to (nochanges), $1.50additional for 2 consecutiveRentor Shareandall out of areaandmoving ads weeks or issues,andthe 3rd consecutive in- are payablewith order. Thisnewspaper is not sertionis FREE. Thereafter, eachconsecutive{epsonsible for errorsnotcorrected by the adinsertion onlycosts$1.00. Thenext incrementof _vertiser immediately ¯ foflowinqthe first upto 4 lines is 50cfor oneweekor $1.00for 3 loublicationofthead.

THEPRINCETON PJtCICET "1"1~, I,awr’c,rr~I~ger

"Seven For Central Jersey"



2 FF

Help Wanted DISHWASHER - utility, part time, Lunches,Dinner, 5 days¯ 609-924-9313. REAL ESTATE SALES Oneof the leading multi-office real estate firms in the area, is looking for an ambitious fuil time sales associate for their Princeton office. Very high earning potential for a person with a real estate license. Call Norma Greaves, Weidel Real Estate, Inc. 609-921-2700.


Help Wanted

COUPLE NEEDS a housekeeper - preferably with drivers license. Accomodationsto live in or out, references required. 609-9242866.

PART TIME HOMEMAKERto work 2pm-6pmdaily. 5 days light housekeeping, cooking, & supervision for my 9 year old daughter after school, own transportation. Call after 7" pm,609-443-3475.

PART TIME COUNTER & LAUNDERMAT Help. weekends and some evenings. No phone calls. Mr. Gus’s Laundermat, Warren Plaza West, Rt. 130 & DutchneckRd, East Windsor.

TOY COUNSELORS WANTED. Ideal for housewives & mothers. Playhouse, toy and gift companyhas openings for demonstrators. Work now till Dec. Wetrain you, must be 21. Details without obligation. (:all 201-446-3086.

DENTAL ASSISTANT - Ex- MUSICTEACHER- for preschool, part time. 201-297-9144. dPerienced orCDA preferred. 4 aysp " week, including Sat. SERVICE STATION AT~,oDlv I r letter only toDr.Dan TENDANT - Roy’s Arco. 609i-’ullen, Rt.206,BelleMead, STOCK CLERK - private 924-8288, 272 Alexander St., medical facility reqmres an Princeton. NJ08502. individual to monitor, order & dispense stock plus other RN -- HEALTH SUPPORT related Light duties. COORDINATOR - for AAMH, mechanical ability necessary, START NOW- Local Amway a social service agency experience with mail Distributor offers opportunity providing a community machineshelpful. Mon- Fri, 40 for good earnings. You pick support service for mentally hr. week. Generous benefits. the hours. Wetrain. For inhandicapped adults in Mercer Reply Box ~2025, Princeton terview, call 201-359-5476. Coun!y. Position will require Packet. nursing assessment, coordination of health care, / STOCK recruitment of medical MECHANIC- must be ex- BARTENI~ER CLERK- m/f, part or full resources for members, and perienced w/gas & diesbl time. Pleasant surroundings. development of health engines. Full time, good Will teach if necessary. In education programs. benefits. Call 201-722-8844. Hightstown call 609-448-4800. Requirements: RN with recent med-surg and/or sychiatric experience. To START NOW OR EARLY tarring date 10/1/78. Send SECRETARY/TYPIST- Small busy resume to AAMH,20 Nassau Director of growing medical SEPTEMBER St. Princeton NJ 08540. Room services, administrative of- office looking for congenial, fice. Located Route 206, Belle bright & energetic ad(htmns to 250E, Attention: Susan Mead. Must have excellent staff. Light typing, clerical Haikatis. duties & telephone reception. typing &lranscription skills along with good previous Room for your input to general office experience. Call growing company. Hours CHURCHSECRETARY- Part - days or early Institute, 201-874-3300. flexible time 9-12 weekly¯ References. Nichols An Equal Opportunity Em- evenings - full or part time. Reply Box #02020, c/o Prin- ployer. Salary very competitive. Call ceton Packet. 609-799-0321.



for engineering office. General office duties plus light bookkeeping. Exp. preferred. Please call 609-921-6754 bet. 9 & 5. Ask for Roberta.

EDITORIAL ASSISTANT at Princeton Universityto work on quarterly bibliographic journal. Dutiesincludelay-out andpaste-up, abstracting,copy editing, typing, proofingand on-line editing. Essential qualitiesareaccuracy, patience, and somefamilariW with foreign languages.Previous editorial experience desirable. Please submit resume to Princeton Packet, Box No. 02050,300Witherspoon St., Princeton, N.J. 08540.


Wetakespecialpridein placingour applicants.



Breakinto the highlylucrative field of executive search witha dynamic, growth-oriented searchfirm. If youhavea sales background andare that rare personwhois anachiever,we would like to discuss our compensation andprofessional goals with you. Call us to arrangeanappointment.

228Alexander Street Princeton, N.J. 08540 609-924-4194


BLAU, KAPTAN ASSOC. RD#4, Box447-1) NorthBrunswick, NJ 08902 201-621-7900

Secretary WORKING ELECTRONIC TESTSUPERVISOR (2-3 yearsexperience preferred)

To Key Executive at PiscatawayFacility in Centennial Industrial Park near Rt. 287

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS (1-2 yearsexperience preferred)

If youarefluent in bothFrench andEnglish,hereis anideally suitedopportunityto join one of the world’sfastest growing companies in the cosmetic industry.

ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS (2-3 yearsexperience preferred)

Excellent typing and steno skills required, withsecretarial experience preferred.

We are a leader in the rapidly expanding and dynamic micro-computer industry. Our expansion creates opportunities with tremendous career growth potential.

Attractivestarting salaryand outstandingpackageof company-paid benefits.

Informal interviews will be held from 9 a.m. on. If unable to attend our Open House, please send resumeto:

If youqualify, applyin person or sendresume to:


Personnel Department


ResearchPark Bldg. H, 1101State Rd. (Route206) Princeton, N.J. 08540

~ 09)

l~e Manville News

J tdvertising

The Franklin


Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Wanted Help

Wanted Help

Wanted Help


PROFESSIONAL FICTION ’YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Ex- NURSERYSCHOOL-- needs WRITER- Part-time STORECLERK-- must be of OR NON-FICTION WRITER perienced. To work from 4-5 part time Aide, Driver & SPORTS for weekly. 10-15 hrs. per MEDICAL SECRETARY - legal age to work part time in -- To be one, join the pro, 3 days per week, during Teacher. Call 609-448-3883. wanted for office of medical week. Coverage of leagues, Somerset Farms food store, WIGGINS’ WRITERS’ high school sports, Some specialist. Pleasant working located in Princeton. 609-924WORKSHOP and study with a the fall term. Call 609-466-3391. conditions. State previous experience preferred. Send 9877for apldt. HOUSEKEEPER/ COOKpro:. Emily Lambert, 1978 0916, experience & qualifications. we need the help of an ex- Resumes & clips to WHH Bread Loaf Scholarship 609-393-8954. ~’\ Box 146, High[stown, NJ. recipient; 1977 Bread Loaf WANTED- personalized - perienced housekeeper. Hours 1-7pm, Mon-Fri. Salary RELIABLEHELP- needed at Contributor; M.A. Columbia home owners & fire un- are Princeton Wash-O-Mat. Able University (1951): M.L. derwriter. Previous insurance $100 per week. Must have own RECEPTIONIST/TYPIST transportation. Call 609-924- full time position in convenient’ CLEANINGPERSON- 2 hrs to handle money & wait on Library Science, Drexel experience & typing skills per day in late afternoon for customers. 609-921-97.85. required. Small office at- 7500 between 9-5 pm. University (1977). Author of center city Trenton location, private school. 609-443-4877. published books and numerous mosphere & pleasant working prefer experience in dicarticles. For womenover 21 conditions. Send resume to D. YOUNG WORKING MOTHER taphone, but will train. Salary PARTTIME-- office cleaners only. Small classes (9 to 12 Merritt, PO Drawer M, Rocky -- needs part time reliable commensurate with exneeded for Manville, East sludents). A six-week series of Hill, N.J. 08553. Interview by person for child care and light perience. Excellent benefits. PARTTIME SECRETARY - Millstone area. 3-5 eves. per 2-hour sessions, $20 per appt. 609-924-1936. housework. Must have [email protected] for small, Princeton office, week. 3-4 hours nightly. Call session. Write to EMILYW. Ortation, hours flexible. Hours 11-4 pm. Call 609-924- 201-526-7000. LAMBERTfor application thusiasm & effort will be blank. Hours and dates to be WAITRESS/WAITER - part or well rewarded. 609-466-1536. LAUNDRESSWANTED- 7889 for interview. arranged. WIGGINS’ full time. Lunch and/or dinMon. & Thurs. 5 hours each WRITERS’ WORKSHOP, 45 ners. No Sundays. Will train. TYPIST/ RECEPTIONIST -- day. Please call 609-924-1820. LIVE IN -- or daily help ¯Wiggins Street, Princeton, Call 609-924-0580 Monday- needed by market research needed for general upkeep of CLERK TYPIST -- major N.J. 609-921-9454. Friday, 9-5. firm. Full time, 9-5 daily. freight carrier. Requires townhouse. Lovely separate Employeebenefits. Call Mrs. RECEPTIONIST / SECRE- room for interested person, person with good typing skills. Ringler at 609-452-8292. TARY -- varietyof secre- Twochildren in school. Hours Personable, for day work in AUTO MECHANIC - exMATURE WOMAN. tarial duties. Good flexible, day or evening if not Cranbury area. Please call perienced, American & HOUSECLEANING,Kendall mreign, permanent position. ’ i!~XPERIENCED KITCHEN typing skills necessary. live in. Recent references 609-655-2302 forinterview. Park. 201-297-9214. Full benefits. Salary based on HELP WANTED CNrd-& shorthandex- please. 609-448-7973or 609-443-- call 609- Mag pemence helpful. Greet 6426. exp. 609-924-2350. 924-5555. visitors, screencallsfile. CLEANING PERSON -- to TELEPHONE INInitiative andability to work erform office cleaning in TERVIEWERS- part time. DEADLINE FOR Windsor andlate Kingston Market Research .for The AMBITIOUS I~EOPLE - on ones own. Equal op- FORMICA FINISHER & areas. astPart-time CANCELLATIONS atGallup Organization. secondincomein yourspare portunityemployer.Good Cabinetmaker wanted - must ternoons, 4PM MONDAY Monday benefits. Call Catherine Craft, thru time.We are lookingfor 6 Weekendsfrom our office. We be experienced. Call 609-443- Friday. 201-846-9600. will train. Phone:609-924-9649 individuals or couples inex- 609-924-9767. 1422 ask for Joe. from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. An SERVICE BARTENDER - for panding ourbusiness. 201-874EOE. lunch, Mon- Fri, 12-15 hour~ 5990. BAKERY HELPER WANweekly. Peacock Inn, PrinLANI~MAILROOM CLERK for TED-- learn a trade, must be EXPERIENCED ceton. 609-924-1707. diversified mailroom duties. ALLENTOWN, N.J. - ex18 yrs. or older. 609-452-1550. SCAPE HELP - for comCLERICAL WORKER To assist in the preparation & mercial landscaping firm. Call cellent opportunity for exneeded for medical publishing shipping of computer output to 609-443-15519-6 pm. perienced sales person/realtor BASS PLAYER WANTED associate familiar with & for contemporary full time firm. Goodtyping abilitT, plus clients. Knowledgeof Bell & STABLEHAND-- part time. common sense & abihty to Howell inserter valuable. having worked in Mercer barn & farm work. Good country band. Vocals a must. compose letters. Minimum1 Must havecar. Good benefits. M.L.S. All inquiries con- Serious professionals only. working conditions. 609-448- Evenings. LPN’s- part Calltime, 609-295-0725. full time. year experience. Excellent Equal opportunity employer. fidential ask for Mr. Cinque, 609-448-2104. 9118. fringe benefits. Salary open, Call Catherine Crafts, 609-924Illmensee Agency, 609-259commensurate with ex- 9767. 7866. PRINCETON PUBLISHING CLEANING LADY WANTED perlence. Please call 609-924CO. -- seeks individual with HAIRCUTTER -- to work in - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mon, Tues, 6589. flexible schedule to type let- Hillsborough cutting salon. ’WAITRESS/WAITER - for CHILDCARE- after school & Wed. & Fri. Ple~ise call envelopes &labels. pizza place & restaurant. 609- tel’s, evenings a week, 3 hrs.3 to per5 Salary plus commission, school holidays for 2 girls in 609-924-1820. benefits: vacation, sick days, BABYSITTER - for 2 girls, 5 924-1813. Lawrence Twp. 609-883-7355 evening. Must have excellent cutting schools, hair and skin nights a week, own tranafter 6 pro. typing & spelling skills & seminars. For the stylist who sportation. 609-799-3882. R.N. DIRECTOROF NURSESability to work with minimum wants more than just a job. W~i, ITRESS / WAITER for major health care facility, supervision. Call 609-924-5338 Call 201-359-8102. PHYSICIANS OFFICE - Lunchor dinner or both. Hours 11:30-2:30 and 6-9,.no Sundays. RECEPTIONIST well located in convenient Del. for more information. Lawrence area, full time. established Princeton firm valley area. Position requires Reception, typing & PeacockInn, 609-924-1707. looking for full time recep- min. 5 yrs experience pref. in bookkeeping. Reply to Box tionist with accurate typing geriatrm setting along with ex. #02018, c/o Princeton Packet. skills, answertelephone, greet administrative skills. Ex. CLEANINGLADY-- needed, MEDICAL SECRETARY 1/2 day/week. Thurs. mor- & take payments from clients career opp. with benefit RECEPTIONIST- TYPIST -salary comning. Refs. req. Call 609-921- in pleasant workingconditions package, 4 hours daily in plush Real 3717after 5 p.m. with good¯ benefits Send mensurable with exl~.rience, Estate office. Alternating 9 to Diversified duties in pleasant Princeton surgeons’ resume to Box #02037, Prin- for immediate conslderation I & 1 to 5. Phone for apceton Packet. call 609-896-0006. EEOCM/F office. At least 2 years experiencein medicaloffice pointment. TUSCHAK required. Bachelor degree preferred. Must type 60 HELP WANTED -- individual REALTY,Rocky Hill (609) wpm. Good telephone voice and etiquette. Pento assist in marketing 921-1720. Marjorie M. Halliday promotions --.5 days a week Sales Positions sion Plan, BC/BS. Hours 9-5 Man. through Fri. trom 9am-4:30pm. Must enjoy Salary commensuratewith ability. If qualified, Open working on the telephone & send resume to Box 02040, Princeton Packet, 300 have limited secretarial exEnjoy’meeting people? erience. Position to run from WitherspoonSt., Princeton, N.J. 08540. Do you want to work 8 Like fine clothing? ept 5 - Oct 14. 609-921-7024. hrs./week,40 hrs./week,or Weare now interviewing i are youonly available on maturepersonsfor full time INDUSTRIAL Specializingin andpart timesalespositionsin weekends? If so,thenjoin the our Lingerie, Sportswear, Weneedanindividual whocan premier National Nursing Temporary Help SENIOR MARKETING RESEARCH/SURVEY DIRECTORS FabricandNeedlework Departwork a temporary 2-3 week Service, MEDICAL PERSONNEL Permanent Placements in ments. assignment located in the POOL. Yourchoice of shift and Telephone Mr. Garretson Secretarial, Clerical Princeton area.Theindividual duty.NOFEE to register. Forin609-924-3300 will be listing boxesand Executive, EDP and terview call 393-2818. operatinga hand truck.Please Weknowthe Princetonarea abounds with seniormarket Technical callorapply research directors.Butwecan’tfind enough of them. 352 NassauSt., Princeton 3131Princeton Pike (609)924.91 ~¯ Wehereat Hase-Schannen Research Associates offer youan PalmerSquare Princeton interestinggrowthopportunity.Weareanexpanding marketing ~p~jP.ERSONNELL~Lawrenceville609-896-1010 researchcompany that specialized in ~’pplyingsophisticated 2733Nottingham Way qualitativeandquantitative techniques to marketing andpublic Mercerville 609-890-8080 opinionissues. MECHANIC, GENERAL KELLY SERVICES ].873 Brunswick Ave. Stock Set-uppackaging equipment, If youarea seniorresearcher withfive or more yearsof proven EqualOpportunityEml~oyerM/F LawrencevilIe, N.J. preventivemaintenance on experience andachievement in marketingor public opinion manufacturingand plant research,enjoya smallercompany environment, wantto be operatingequipment. Plumrecognizedandrewarded for performance andwantthe opbing, electrical, carpentry, portunity to expand your professionalhorizonsthroughthe JEWELRY STORE cleanupandother dutiesas practicalapplication of new research techniques, call or write: Wehave a Special records required. Goodmechanical management project beginning PARTTIME ability. September 11. 3 Nights & Saturday HASE-SCHANNENRESEARCH Weneedseveralexperienced Reaso call 609-921-6300 clerks, preferably with a ASSOCIATES PERMANENT POSITION background to arrange interview in maintaining, updating, andpurging files. If 14 WashingtonRd., Princeton Jct, NJ 08550 WAMPOLE For a matureindividual who youhavethesequalifications, Henry A. Schannenor Paul F. Hase aredetailminded, flexible,and LABORATORIES enjoysselling andis handy with canworka temporary 2-3 week 609-799-3939 small tools. Applyin person’ Div. of Corter-W=ll=ce Inc. Part timepositionsamandpm only. assignment, locatedin- the I Cherry Hill Rood schedules for diversified stock Princeton area,pleasecall or Princeton, NJ08540 duties. For appointment call applyat: manager’s office 509-799-9500. Duke of Windsor Equal Opportunity Employer 3131Princeton Pike Male/FemaleNeteranMandicapped Jewelers Lawrenceville609-896-1010 An equal opportunity employer 2733NottinghamWay Mercerville 609-890-8080 Route130 EastWindsor Town Center Division ofKelly Semces EastWindsor, N.J. CODERS/TABULATORS









XITANhasgroundfloor opportunitiesin the micro-computer field.



Thursday, September 7, 1978

Help Wanted

Openings Available: Area * Computer Engineering * * Secretarial * Typists

i fi’ed


81 New England Ave. Plscataway,N. J. 08854

(6Attn:JoeKirsner 921-0321

EqualOpportunity Employer M/F ii

KELLY GIRL An Equal Opportunity Emp/oyl~M~


PROGRAMMER/ PROJECT ¯ ANALYST with rapidly growing business in the field of inENGINEER Firm formation management needs

people to support DRS,our proprietary data base Workin our plant engineering management system. department in the designand Responsibilities will include: installationof plantproduction * CustomerInterface facilities. * Data Base Design * Technical Support Mechanical engineering degree * System Development or equivalent experience required.Excellentsalaryand * Training fringe benefitprogram. Qualifications for these positionsincludea minimum of twoyearsdataprocessing exCALLFORAPPOINTMENT perienceandknowledge of FORTRAN. POP/11 or IBM (609)587-5100, ext. 216 360/370 experience desirable. Salaries commensurate with experience.Weprovideexcellentfringebenefits.PrinAMERICAN cipalsonly. Sendresumes to call: Ms.Beirne Donaldson


TRENTON PLANT P.O.Box 8305, Klockner Rd. Trenton, New Jersey 08605 anequal opportunity employer m/f


50 Washington Road P.O.Box2229" Princeton, New Jersey 08540


AnEqualOpportunity/ AffirmativeAction Employer M/F

Entry level position with Princeton Advertising ResearchFirm. Prior experience would be helpful. Excellent fringe benefits.

Long&Short Assignments

MAPES~ ROSS, INC. 1101 State Road, Princeton 609-924-86O0





* Typists * Stenos * MagCard * Keypunch * Secretaries

WRITERS Central Jersey.publication is seeking regular reviewers for professional theater, music--classical and populari fine arts, crafts and dining. Please send qualifications and copies of samples of writing to Box 02032, Princeton Packet, 300 WitherspoonSt., Princeton, NewJersey. 08540.

I Havea BANNER Day,Be a BANNER Temp~ ’~ BANNER BUSINESS ASSOCIATES .¯ 228Alexander Street ¯Princeton, N.J. 08540


"Seven For Central Jersey"


Help Wanted

Cla s s i fi’ed

. dver tis ing


ManvilleNews The Franklin NEWSRECORD 3 FF

Help Wanted Help Wanted FULL TIME POSITION - for mechanical artist with design experience. Book publisher, Central New Jersey. Exc. benefits. Send resume & salary requirements to Box #02027 c/o Princeton Packet.


Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

STERLING THOMPSONAND TELEPHONE ORDER CARSSERVICED- tuned-up, ASSOCIATES --are in-[ TEACHERS AIDE - preCLERK - Salary $3.25 per hr. school, 2 yrs. colIege washed and waxen. lerviewing for real estate Io start. 20 hrs. per wk. Call for guaranteed. Call sales associates. Compareour minimum,12-4:30 pm. 201-297- immediate appointment. 609- Satisfaction Tom: 201-722-2625. methods of marketing and 9144or 297-6066. 443-4767. continued followup. Newor experienced, we offer a WAITERS & WAITRESSES DELIVERY PERSON -- for BABYSITTER - for 2 lodd]ers RETIREDPERSONneeded to CODERS- part time, The continuing training and MUSIC TEACHERS- needed in myhome(Princeton). 2 half Gallup Organization experienced only.Mustbe 18 film library. Part time. Must clean school & do odd jobs. 7 Piano, in education program. If you by music studio. days per week. Flexible or older.Full & parttime YOUare br,ght, hardworking, have own vehicle. Call for Princeton is seeking part time, hrs/wk, $2.75/hr. 201-297-9144 SPEECH THERAPIST - part didn’t makeover $20,000 last drums, guitar, trumpet. Do positions available. Call201- and sales oriented. YOUenjoy information, 609-799-1727 or permanent clerical help. A or297-6066. year selling, or, you want to, not call. Send resume to schedule okay. Own trantime, C.C.C. or Clinical people and have an interest in 896-2439. Anequal opportunity sportation. Goodsalary. Start minimumof 30 hours per week 359-3115. Fellowship year required. Call call for an interview: 201-297- Novieky’sMusic Studio, 249 S. ,ow t)r after Sept. 5th. contemporary design. WEare cmpioyer. required. 609-924-9600. An 0200 or 800-392-6810. Ask for MainSt., Manville, N.J. 08835. References. 609-924-4082. 609-882-1503after 5 pm. a successful furniture retailer OFFICE CLEANING -equal opportunity employer. REAL ESTATE -- Assured Phillip Dezan. with an opening at our Prinsteady, part-time evenings. incomefor full time sales and ceton store. WE offer salary & Monday thru Friday, Hightbroker licensees with proven, EARN EXTRA INCOME DELICATESSEN CLERK - .DELIVERY/SALES -- part/ DISHWASHER - 5 lunches and WAITRESS/WAITER, incentive, benefits, fine en- SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS stown area. Car necessary. tract sales and listing ex- The AmwayWay. As little as full time. Apply after 4pro. full time. $5.11 salary/profit. full or wanted for Route openings in 3 dinners, noSundays.609-924vironment and a chance for 609-443-1033. $17 gets you started in a part time, must be 18. No pertise. Superior specialized Over 18/car. Call 201-287-0225 & Montgomery Nassau Delicatessen 1 Palmer 1707. Peacock Inn, 20 Bayard advancement. If YOUthink Princeton phone call’s please. Apply Iraining program and out- businessof-your own.Get the Square. Call 609-924-1802. bet 3:30 & 6:30pro or 609-890- Lane,Princeton. we’d be good for each other, Twp. for Sept. Will train for standing sales tools. For wholestory~609-799-0563. belween 10 & 11 a.m. 2-4 p.m. 0779bet 5-9pro. ~;pecial license. Call 201-874please call WORKBENCH at A MATURE-- responsible Jolly Ox Inn, Rt. 206, confidential discussion phone 5803. Conover Transportation. 609-924-9686. ~Derson to babysit starting Larry Huntress for apSomerville. SHARP AS A TACK -That’s MAINTENANCE HELPER immediately for two children pointment. Tuschak Realty RELIGIOUS SCHOOL and needed full or part time, in DISHWASHER/UTILITY the type of adm’nistration in Hightstown area. Own Hebrew School teachers for sorority house at ’CAFETERIA ATTENDANTS, (609) 921-1720. Reply Box PERSON- Fulltime, Monday- LIBRARY ASSISTANT/assistant I need.Excellentneeded for progressive Jewish Lawrenceville. transportation preferred. 009- COOK Rider college. Beginning Sept. Hopewell/Prineeton area. 01915, c/o The Princeton .Friday, 7 Io 3:30. Apply in BOOKMOBILEDriver Back skills are a must. Excellent 448-1220. Congregation. $10.00 per hour 11, 9:30-4:30 Mon.-Fri. Call General duties, 8 to 2:30, .CAREER, JOB SEARCH & salary& fringebenefits. and up. Inquire: Har Sinai Packet. "person, between 9 a.m. & 11 Up- part time, clerical skills 201-696-6561beg. Aug. 28 for Monday-Friday. $2.80 per. hr EDUCATIONAL a.m. Service Systems COUNPrinceton arealocation. ReplyTemple, c]o Mr. Arthur req., library exp. helpful. interview. Cafeteria, Plasma Physics to start. Meals, paid holidays, SELING--Testing & Resume to Box#01879, c/o PrincetonFinkle, 419 Bellevue Avenue, FULL & PART TIME - days, Work Tuesdays - Saturdays. BABYSITTER / LIGHT .._ Laboratory, Princeton, N.J. included. Dr. Michael L. etc. Phone 609-639-2498, Mr. nights & weekends. Apply in Packet. Trenton, New Jersey 08618. HOUSEKEEPING, my Send resume to So. Bruns. Oliver. Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. person, Princeton Exxon, 271 Public Library, Kingston Ln., Kendall Park home, 7-9 a.m. HOUSEKEEPER mature, Nassau St., Princeton. 609-921Men- Fri. Owntransportation MonmouthJunction, N.J. or fully responsible, .live-in ELECTROLUX NEEDS -9707. required. 2 girls, 7 &9. Sal. call 201-821-8224 betw. 9-5. REAL ESTATE5ALi~S - now SECRETARY- part time, motherless home, 2 girls age 7 SALES REPRESENTATIVE one person to service imTEACHER AIDE for Math neg. Start Sept. 11, 201-297interviewing for Weichert hours flexible. General -Train at $200 weekly with & 11, both in school, prefer mediate area. Call 201-75.1Company, Realtors. resource center, l~igh School. 5204. HELP WANTEDM/F-steady secretarial work. Lawren/ HOUSEsolid experience, best salary. 0080, ask for Mr. Jake Yoson over 100 yr. old highly Hillsbbrough Office. Join the Full time position. Contact work with plenty of overtime, ceville location. 609-921-3551. COMPANION KEEPER -for widow. Must drive. Call between Equal Opportunity Employer. respected life insurance Kermit Eide, Hopewell Valley winner’s circle. Submit Assemblers, shipping & company. Phone Mr. William Own room and bath. Plain MECHANIC -- MECHANICS 8:30am-9:30amonly. 609-452Regional Schools, 2 Academy resume to Box 5317. Clintou, J. Abell 609-599-3035. cooking. Sleep-in. References. 1111. HELPER,small gas & elec. St., Pennington, NJ. or call receiving, air conditioning. N.J. 08809. Good working conditions and REWARDING OP609-921-3831. " vehicles. Must have owntools, LOOKING FOR the security a 609-737-1511 for further in- company paid benefits. 609PORTUNITY Girl’s JV and be dependable. Will tra!n SECRETARY-RECEPTIONIST second income can provide? formation. 466-3403. SALES PERSON - PerREAL ESTATE -can be a ¯Soccer Coach at Princeton right person. Double Eagle The path to security is only a SECURITY GUARDS -DaySchool, call 699-448-3334 manent, part-full time, small Golf Prod. Forsgate Farms, good typing &shorthand skills Uniforms & equipment sup- rewarding, professional exdecision - and a phone call REALTYWORLD - ENGINEERS--DESIGNERS SITTER NEEDED - 4proNassau$1. office. 609-924-2040. after 6 pro. Forsgate Drive, Jamesburg needed. Thorough knowledge away. Phone 609-448-4884 for plied. Full or part time. Work perience. TtHE CHASE AGENCYoffers l:15am. WellBehaved 3 year 201-521-2500. m Central Jersey area. For appointment 7 to 10 p.m. DRAFTSMAN/W, of the English language imold girl and 2 year old boy. No appointment call weekdays, 9- an opportunity to grow with a technicians, mechanics, MATURE SALES ORIENTED perative, top benefits, no rapidly expanding office. 4. 201-329-4541.AnE.O.E. electricians, Programmers, cooking or cleaning. Please SALES/INSIDE - now inPersons (4) - Telephone for parking problem, beautiful Superb tools and materials, call 609-921-0429 before 3:30. lerviewing for day or evening executives. In all categories, appointments fromyourhome TRucK DRIVER WANTEDPHYSICAL THERAPY AIDE location. Please submit formal classroom training, an send resumes or call Kovacs, full i,r part lime. Sales exp. a within your message ,units. -- full or part time. Franklin resume in full confidence to Call 609-466-2986 bet. 1 &3 pm. excellent commission policy Inc. 609-443-6151 or 13 Conover PARTTIMEHELP- must musl. Pleasant working Park. Salary open. Start Mrs. Barbara Roudabush, The SECRETARY - part time, to and a most cooperative and Rd. Hightstown, NJ. 08520. condilions. Manynow earning Very good money paid tor have driver’s license. Apply at Institute for Advanced Study. immediately. 201-233-6060. working enbecomefull time. Office ex- congenial (,ver $6/hr. on salary and results. 1 each in East & West Community Liquors, 23 bonus basis¯ Call 609-924-3030, Windsor, Lawrenceville, Olden Lane, Princeton NJ. SECRETARY--for downtown vironment. Call Gloria Chase perience with good typing, Princeton areas. Permanant Witherspoon St., Princeton. Princeton law office. 35 hour shorthand & communications anytime at 609-737-1330. Mr. Fama. SALES-consider an insurance 08540. employerEqual M/F. opportunity part time basis 609-448-45758 week. Good grammar and PART TIME/FULL TIME skills a must. Experienced in sales career with definite ’" 12 noon or after 9 pm. Receptionist Office Manager. spelling, good typing and advertising or public relations managerial potential, with a RN’S, LPN’S -- variety, shorthand or transcribing. Evenings. Bright personable, preferred to assist PR new general agency for In- PORTERS -- part time, flexibility &bonuses. Call for responsible, individual for director. Call 609-452-8465. dianapolis Life Insurance Co. nights, owntransportation, top Must know office procedure DENTALASSISTANT - exappointment STAFF CLERICAL INDUSTRIAL but legal experience not private tenms club. Phone to perience preferred, send 201-494-33~. pay. Somerset or Hillsborough required. Call 609-924-9407for BUILDERS, 20 Nassau St., arrange interview. 201-359- resume to Box #02028 c/o area. Call 201-874-6202. Princeton. 609-924-0603. interview. 8730. Princeton Packet. BUS OR VAN DRIVER - We u will train. Hillsborough Twp. Looking for that special job but needmoneynow? SNACK BAR I-IOUSEKEEPERS Cooks. RETAIL MANAGEMENT Board of Education. 201-874Companions, Couples, Child Or can’t work 12 monthsa year? ATTENDANT AIDES El" ORDERLIES COGITO JOBHUNTING FORFALL? 3104. Care, Live-in or out. Full or RESTAURANT -M/F Part 1"aria FULLEl" PARTTIME SignUpNow art time. Hazel & Jarvis, Or thinking about going back to work? Leading ladies’ ready-to-wear needed for morning counter & Fast foodpreparation.Hrs. 2 chain is looking for a highly omestic Employment evening grill work. ExCallfor ShiftAvailability PMto closing. SIDING PERSON -ExThencall (609-771-0400)for moreinformation. Temporary workavailable to motivated aggressivb Agency, 7 E. High St., perience not necessary. 609in wood siding. you at Manpower... Workyour perienced manager for Princeton store. Somerv.ille. 201-526-5212. Weserviceall Mercer County. Good salary and fringe benefits. 924-3776. Good pay. Year round work. CallPersonnel Dept. Call Mrs. Hartman 201-325owndays,set your ownhours. Call 609-448-7707. OLSTEN (2011874-4000 Stenos,typists, clerical work 0402. ii Contact Personnel Dept. andindustrial.Calltoday. BUS DRIVER (201)874-400O TEMPORARYSERVICES An equal opponunltyemployer PARTTIME CARRIER FOUNDATION REAL ESTATE SALES INCREASE YOUR INCOME CARRIER FOUNDATION rUESDAY 11:30AMto 1:30PM MANPOWER, INC. Active and progressive offices BelleMead, N.J. NASSAU BelleMead, NJ WEDNESDAY 7:30PMto 11:00PM 20 Nassau Street ’ ’ in Belle Meadand Franklin EqualOpportunity EmployerMNV SATURDAY 7:30PMto 11:00PM Fullorparttime. Princeton, N. J. Park seeking full and .part PLACEMENTS time sales agents, exper|enee Equal Opportunity EmployerMNV 609-921-S805 salary, working conExceptionalopportunityto BeaHunt preferred, motivation and Good dit/onsandfringebenefits. TELLERS join thisverybusyoHIr.eand ability to deal with people a CALLFOR to also hovean exclusive Wespecialize in must. We are members of .... i ........ Middlesex and Somerset APPOINTMENT PERSONNEL territory. Youoweit to SALES secretariesat the yourself to find outaboutthls SECRETARY Multiple Listing Systems. And Another Teller TrainingClasswill beginthe first part of Sep201-874-4000 RETAIL SALES members of Multiple veryinterestingoppodunity. temberfor thosewith goodfigure aptitude, pleasantperexecutive level. Relocation Organizations. We CARRIER FOUNDATION sonality, a desireto servethe public, andtheir owntranPart Time Part Time also offer an interesting bonus Call609-448-881 ! askfor Mr;,. sportation. BelleMead. N. J. Days lan as incentive. For con195 NassauStreet EqualOpportunity Employer Rockwerk. Monday throughFriday, 10 am dential interview ask for Len .£hain of retail childrenwear to 3 pmonly. Mustbe ableto Cooper, MID--JERSEY 609-924-3716 Positions alsoavailable forexperienced tellers. stores seekspersonableinWewill be movingour corhandle telephone smoothly REALTY, 201-359-3444. d.ividuals for Part Time porateHQto plushnewoffices andhavesomeexperiencein PRINCETON BANK ANDTRUST offers excellent employee positions. Ideal spot for typingandfiling. Excellent pay in. l~nefitsincluding dental insurance, profitsharing andpension. someone returning to work. for thesefewhours. Liberalemployee discounts. i Call609-924-5400, Ext.261to arrange aninterview withPersonnel Office. WORK BEHIND THE SCENES APPLY IN PERSON ENTRY LEVEL Applyin person only, Saturday, SILKFLORAL ARRANGING Nights Part Time Sept. 9 between9:30 amand M OPENING IN THE CHILDREN’S 4:30 pm at HermanSpiegel PRINCETON Doyou enjoy workingwith" OUTLET Furniture,Route:#=1(nextto If youenjoythe exciting atThis interesting position, during the secondweekof yourhands andhaveanartistic Lawrence Drive In Theater), mosphere of a busyrestaurant Mm.ketpatcQ located 3t our new September... and this has flair? If so wehavea job for Lawrencevilleand see Mrs. andareinterested in goodtips Princeton, N. J. Company headquarters,calls for an created the followingpositions: Perry. CHECKERS/MARKERS youas a Silk FloralArranger in andnight part time (15 hours Equal Opportunity EmployerM/F organized individualwhoenjoys Part Time Monday-Friday our beautiful QuakerBridge perweek)schedule,wehave 76 NASSAU ST. PRINCETON, N.J, 08540 workingwith figures. Some 4 pm- 8 pmplus extra hours Mallstore. job for you at our CARRIAGE SECRETARY TO light typing is required. Member F.D.LC. HOUSE RESTAURANT. alsoavailable. Temporary position available EXECUTIVE immediatelythroughDecemWeoffer a goodstartingsalary, Wealso offer liberal shopping We offer a good salary and a ,ber 24th.Schedule is Wed. and AND C.O.d. liberal benefits including a discounts sodonot hesitateto complete fringe benefits Fri. 7 pm- 9:30pm,Sat.11amgenerous store wideshopping applyto our Personnel Departpackage, along with op5 pm,Sun.12noon- 5 pro. Positionrequires5+yearsof discount. ment! ¯ portunityfor advancement. Horn’swill beextended after executive secretarial exAPPLYPERSONNEL perience. Excellent typing Thanksgiving. Weoffer a good Toarrange for interview, starting salary. necessary; light steno please call Mrs.M.Kiefe,r preferred. Must be an APPLYPERSONNEL organized self-starter withthe 201.-548-2800 ability to deal with top management. QUAKER BRIDGE MALL LAWRENCEVILLE,N. J. industries inc. MEN/WOMEN MARKET RESEARCH coding & general office assistance neededforon call basis.PhoneJim Ruch,609452-8282.

PORTERS & MATRONS Full time 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Top pay, own transportation, Bedminster area. Call 201-2341725.

Help Wanted GIRL-GUY FRIDAY - for cleaners, 8 - 3:30, 5 days wk. Wait on customers, bag clothes. Call 201-359-8244.

REAL ESTATE "SALES PERSON -- for well established Princeton office. Excellent training program. Reply to Box #01903 c/o Princeton Packet.



SECRETARIES Grow With Gulton!







SECRETARY TO DIRECTOR OF LABOR RELATIONS Positionrequires 2 to 3 yearsof secretarialexperience. Excellenttypingnecessary; light steno preferred. Goodopportuniwto workon projects and learn AAP/EEO/OSHA/ Preventative LaborRelations.: SECRETARY TO VICE PRESIDENT Positionrequires4 plus years’ secretarial/administrative experience.Excellenttyping and stone required. Mustbe an organized self-starter. Marketing/planningresearch background highly desired. All positions offer good salaries and a completefringe benefits package. If qualified, please call MRS. M. KIEFER, at:


or sendyourresume, with salaryrequirements, to herin confidence.


an equal opportunity employer M/F



EquelOpportunityEmployer, M/F



Part Time

Tues.6" Thurs. 6 pm- 9:45pm Saturdays 1:15-9:45 pm If you have experiencein Sundays 11:45-5:15 pm selling highfashion, thenwe have a job for you in our positionthat beautiful new SIGNATURE Thisis anexcellent providesa good source of SALON. additional incomefor an individualinterested in part time Theideal candidatewill be a employment. dynamic,style consciousindividual with experiencein Put your salesexperience to Women’s Better Sportswear workin ourbeautifulfurniture andhaveanappreciation of our department. Learnto sell a customer’s needs. single chair, a wholeroomof furl. Thisis a full time(40hourweek furnitureor ahouse Mon.- Sat. with a day off during the week) schedule Weoffer a goodstartingsalary, whichoffers a goodstarting including premiumpaid for salary, liberal benefits and ,~unday hours, liberalbenefits, generousstorewideshopping and generousstore wide discount. shopping discounts. APPLYPERSONNEL APPLYPERSONNEL


Salary to $25,000 Programmer/Analysts Twoyears BAL ¯ Two year RPG Companyprovided benefits are Hospitalization, Major Medical, Life Insurance, Dental, Profit Sharing. Send resume to: 766 ShrewsburyAve. TmtonFails, NJ. 07724


You’llgreetcustomers, operate ourelectroniccashregister, handlemoney andcarry out relatedduties. Good starting salarVcommensurate with previousexperience. Build a happy futurewiththis successful, growing retailer of building materials.Phone or write: Call KenBodine MOO R E’S Rt. 130So., Box. 325, Hightstown 609448-2990 an equalopportun ty. employer M/F

EqualOpportunity EmployerM/f

QUAKER BRIDGE MALL Lawrenceville, NJ AnequalOpportunity empk)yer M/F





Landau’s NationalIcelandicWoolCatalogue Department now needs help. Position:Mail andTelephone OrderDepartment. Theidealcandidate will bebright, cheerfulandhavepleasant phoneskills. Goodpenmanship andsometypingskills are a must.Please phone for anappointment.




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LIGHTASSEMBLER 1st Shift: 7AMto 3:30 PM 2ndShift: 3:30 PMto Midnight 3rd Shift: Midnightto 7 AM NewMini-Shifts: 9 AMto 3:30 PM 6 PMto Midnight Applydaily 9 amto Noon SaturdayInterviews 9 AMto Noon PERSONNEL DEPT. Rt. 27 8- Talmadge Rd. Edison,N.J. AnEqualOpportunity Employer, M/F

Goodjobs available now, close to home. Hightstown, Princeton, Research Park, Cranbury Ef Twin Rivers. Goodpay. GoodHours. Never a Fee.


is now accepting





Equal Opportunity EmployerM/F


An 6qual opportunity employer i


FURNITURE Systems,inc. DEPARTMENT Hospital Computer

...gulton industries inc. 212 DURHAN AVENUE METUcHEN,N. J. 08840


114 Na£suu Street, Princeton,N.J. (609)924.3494 I



"Seven For Central


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

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Help Wanted

Help Wanted Help Wanted CHEM. TECH. -- Hands-on ]~wOSition, plant.chemistry. A.A.S. or o years pilot college Abilfiy to handle and build equipment. $14,000. Top benefits. Fee paid. Call Jane Rogers, 609-989-7200, Swift Personnel, 690 Whitehead Road, Lawrenceviile.

PO Box 81"/ 211 Nassau St. Princeton. NJ 08540 Wed. evenings by Apl)ointnwut PAIVI’IAI, I,IST OF ()I’ENINGS Call


Secretary/ l{ecel)tionist -8,700. Excellent typing skills and steno. Diversified. Prestige organization w/ great benefits. F/ P Circnlation Asst.- Accurate typist¯ Ability to compose business letters. One yr. exp. 150+ Secty. W/ Steno. Work exp. in data processing. Great co. Top benefits. F/ P. Programnwr Analyst -Salary onen. 2 yrs. + exD. Cobol. t)S, (71CS. Internal IBM 370/ 168. Ext. benefits. F/ P Sect.,,’. W/Steno --To 175. 1-2 yrs. exp. Top co. Benefits. FI P Sectv. No Steno - To 150. Good typing skills. Lite exp. (;real co. F~ P Insurance Rater (’ommereial policies, q’o 9K. Must have 6 mos. exp. Great co. w/ benefits. Exec. Sect) .... Exc. typing & steno skills. Knwl. of Franch. Work for key exec. To 240. l(eceptionislTo 144. Good phone manners, lite typing. Meet & (;reel. (;Lxid benefits. Sales ~.cty. - To 195. Stcno. Ext. ~,cty. skills needed. Top co. with greal benefits. I"/ P Adm. Sectv. To 195. Lite steno, typing. Perosnnel office. Weekly district reports. F/ P Secty. W/ Steno -- Planning dept¯ Diversified ~cty. duties. Exp. Prestige organization. 160+ Great benefits¯ (’terk/ Typist--To 140. FP/ . Train on payroll. Good phone voice. Industrial RN-- .Must have XRay exp. Take charge person. Exc. international co. Fantastic benefits. Night shift. To 20K. F/ P

Center - Princeton. Light steno, transcription, excellent typing & filing experience required for working in this dynamic center. Please send resume or call for applieafion. Excellent benefits. Salary range: (6,644 thru 8,975) Closing date: Sept. 15. Educational Improvement (’.enter - Central, 3864 US Rt # 1, Building # 1, Princeton 0854(I. 609-452-2258.

P.O. Box 817 20 NASSAUST., SUITE 207 I*RINCETON. 60t)-924-8064 ~,~, ( )MAN. T() II()USI,:W(H’,K ’ -- some babysitting - 2~2 days. Must have references, transp(irtation. 201-359-3093. Sh’]’:KIN(; MA’I’trRE PERS()N -- to care for infant in our home. Mon-l,’ri starting midSept¯ 201-L~.17-1962.

I’tEP()ItT WRITEI{ l~,iologieal research facility is seeking a l person with )referahlv , background in t6 assist in compiling c reports. An interest in life sciences and working with figures is helpful. Some college background or advanced training is required. Pleffsc ea II, Personnel Dept. at 201-87:t-2550. E( )E

MA’I’tTIH,: BAI’,YSITTE R NI,:I’:I)FI) WI’:EKI)AYS. l{cferences., (’all 609-771-1180. tIANIJY

MAN and day l)avh~n area, 7:30 am :1:30 pro. (;all ,Julius Kiss bin. 7:30 anl - II anl or 1:30 pm- 3 pin. 201-329-2544. I)I~KIqWASI-IEI{ WANTED ¯ full & part time positions available. Call 201-359-3115.

CI,EHK TYPISt’ Entry level, diversified duties. l~osition has good possibilities for future grw, vlh. Typing accuracy more iml~)rtant than speed. Fee will be paid bv the employer. Apply througl{BANNEI( BUSINESS ASS(ICAITES 228 Alexander Street I’rinceton, N..I. [ ) 609-.124-41 J4

IIELP WANTEI) - Shipping receiving and s,,me delivery: (;encral maintenance in small chemical plant. South S-nlt,rville area. Ask for Mr. Smith, 201-722-4550.


(609) 448-650O (609) 896-2323 Route130 Hlghtstown, N.J. 08520 Call Mrs. McCormick Secretary/ Legal $9k tlOUSEKEEPER -- wanted $8.5k for cleaning one day a week, Secretary Receptionist $7k preferably Friday. Two Customer Service $7k working adults; house gets Open little use. Some ironing. Good Teller working conditions. Must Call Mrs. Gold provide own transportation. Chemical Engineer To$24k References. Please call 609- Process Engineer/ (,121-3480 evenings, 8-10pro Ch.E. or M.E. $20k+ Project Engineer/ F.E. or M.E. INTERVIEWERS -- full and $20k+ Engineer/ Thermo-Plastic part time. Howell based company looking for people to $20k B.S.E.E./ Memory help people. No selling $18k + required. Must be neat, have Systems car and evenings free. Earn as Engineer/ Mold Process $18k much as $35/ hr to start. Call Foreman/ W Pilot Plant $15k between 9::10-11:30am only for Foreman/ W Plant app(iint ment, 201-780-9500. Maintenance $15k Manufacturing Methods Person $15k I)I{AFTSMAN/, W -- growing companv is lookin~ for Call Mrs. Kantor draftsmdn/ W and destgners, Sales/ Computers To$30k all levels. Product consists of Statistician To$30k sheet metal parts & assem- Management Consultant $28k blies. Plant location - Central Systems Analyst To$26k N.J. Good starting salary, all Systems Programmer To$26k company paid benefits. Send Programmer Analyst to$25k resume to Dept. JC1, P.O. 300, Programmer/ tlopewell N.J. 08525. Scientific . To$24k Insurance Underwriter $18k Systems Analysts/ M.B.A. To$16k ttOUSEHOI,D MANAGER -to help organize & run a Credit & Collection/ Lien Laws To$16k household consisting of a father & two children, ages 8 & Accountant/ Gen. exp. To$15k 11, living in a rural area 10 Accountant/ Bank exp.To$13k Computer Operator $13k miles outside Princeton. Position can be live-in or out. Management $8500 A driver’s license, own car & Trainee/ Sales Management references required. Salary Bank $7500 negotiable depending on your Trainee/ Computer Trainee $6k )referred arrangements for Iours. room & board. Pkmse SIIORT CUTS reply by mail giving at least the following: I. Personal TO I,()NG CAREERS information (age, sex, education, etc. ) 2. Experience, 3. l)ate on which yuu could be available. 4. Your name, NEW& USED CAR address, & phone number, to SALESPEOPLE Box # 02053 c/ o Princeton (4 needed) Packet. FOR THE I,ARGEST DATSUN DEALERSHIP ON THE At{CtlITEC’rURAI, DESIGN- EAST COAST -- We are looking for 4 aggressive ER/ I)RAFTSPERSON -key position for person with salespeople to work along with our top professionals. Our exceptional talent and dealership has had a record initiative.Established breaking year for 1978 & we growing design firm serving are looking for even greater preferred governmental insales in 1979. If you are looking stitutional and commercial clientele. Substantial ex- to be a part of our winning perience in design and con- team &want to earn top salary in the field, give us a call. struction drawings required. Submit resumeand samples of WE OFFER: working and presentation drawings. Inquiries held in A demo plan, sales incentive, aid vacation, sick days, confidence. Sussna Design and holidays. ( )ffice, Princeton, N.J. 609-924- ospitalization Ask for: Mr. Vorhees at 6611.


i llmil ]Illu*lC[li*nelrn-


201-572-0800 FIL INSPECTOR-- Full time, 40 hour week. Inspection of 16mmeducat onal films, some shipping. Mechanical ability helpful. Need own transportation. $3.25/ hr. Call 609452-1840.

ACME DATSUN Woudbridge Avenue Ilighland Park, NJ

SCHOOl, BUS DRIVER -- to drive in West Windsor ’I~,p. $4 hour. Will help obtain license. 609-896-9797.

IlOMEMAKER -Home llealth Aides, work near your home, 12-40 hrs/ wk. Hourly wage plus mileage. Free training course. (:all Visiting RN & LPN NEEDED - SMALL NURSING HOME. Call 609Homemaker Service of 448-0528. Somerset Co. 201-725-5533, Weekdays 10-4.

ENGINEER -- B.S. in electronics or physics. Design or production background. $28,000. Fee paid. Call Jane Rogers. Full benefit package. 609-989-7200. Swift Personnel, 690 Whitehead Road, Lawrenceville.

F’ItOMOTtON MANAGERBook publisher needs a highly motivated creative person to direct its direct mail& space advertising program. F’osltion requires a strong scholarly book direct mail & space advertising background, & the ability to supervise the ereatwe& administrative work of 6 people. Send resume & letter to Marketing l)irector, Princeton Univeristy Press, Princeton, NJ 08540.

I’,AI:’,YSITTER WANTED-for 3 yr. old, Saturday A.M. and some Friday eves. Dayton area. 201-329-6885. RN-- M/ F, lull time and part time. All shifts. Very good opportunity to come aboard with a highly accredited medical facility. Good working conditions. Wonderful opportunity for future advancement. Apply in person 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri., Franklin Park, N.J. ()UTI)()()I{ W()RKEI{ nursery, no experience, iust intelligence. Knowledge of machinery repair helpful. Over 18. Reply to P() P, ox 34, Im’%,stown, N,I 08526.

RUG CLEANING SERVICE -- plant & delivery work. 40 hr week. Call 609-924-0720 for appointment. AIR CONDITIONING -and/or sheet metal mechanic, at least I yr. exp. preferred. Call 201-297-6651, leave message. I,AB TECH. -AAS chemistry. Top local firm seeks individual with organic chemistry background. $12,000. Fee paid. Call Jane Rogers, 609-989-7200. Swift Personnel, 690 Whitehead Road, Lawrenceville. TEMPORARY JOBS I,ong and short


¯ Secretarial typists : Memory "& Mag Card Op. Be




ManvilleNews ]he franklin NEWSRECORD Thursday,September7, 1978

SneilingSneiliq ’ "’"Y--Educational ¯


Have a BANNER Day a BANNER TEMP Banner Business Associates 228 Alexander St. Princeton, N.J. 609-924-4194

SECHETARY -- part time, 9-2 pm, 5 days per week. Requires proficiency in typing & shorthand. Salary negotiable. Call Perosnnel Director, 609:1t14-518I. MALE / FEMALE - Tennis Club Receptionis,’. Bright, friendly, responsible. Evenings weekends. Call [email protected] Mon. - Fri. 9 In 12 N(,on.



Entrylevel, writing ability required. Type ownreports. Excellent library skills. Salary commensurate with capabilities. Good Benefits. Fee Paid by Employer. Apply through BANNER BUSINESS ASSOCIATES 228 Alexander Street Princeton, N.J. 609-924-4194 EMPLOYMENT COUNSELOR -- Leading area firm has immediate opening for individual motivated toward a successful challenging career. If you enjoy people, have some sales aptitude and desire a 5 figure income, call Mr. Lupo at Swift Personnel, 609-9897200. ALERT WOMAN--who wants to join a companythat’s on the move. When you produce here, ou can progress - in serveral irections. Solid secretarial skills, essential. Handle variety of office tasks, too. Good people relations necessary. Located Pennington area. Write General Manager, Box 1163, Princeton, N.J. 08540.


MAINTENANCE -- General building maintenance. Expereince helpful. Princeton area. Must have car. Call Sedgwick Print Out Systems. 609-452-1660. RECIiEATI()N & ACTIVITIES PERSON -- Needed for part time work in the Franklin Convalescent Center. Very rewarding job for outgoing person who has compassion for the elderly atient. Experience helpful ut not necessary. Apply in person 9am to 5pro Mon-Fri." FRANKLIN CONVALESCENTCTR., Route 27, Lincoln Highway, Franklin Park, N.J. 201-821-8000.


ENGINEER/ MICROCOMPUTER -- to develop testing procedures and manuals for micro-computer systems. Assembly language programming required. Send resume stating salary requirements to Box # 02051, c/ o Princeton Packet. SECREARY/ RECEPTIONIST -- for small accounting firm in ltighstown area. Need someone who is dependable as well as neat and accurate. Pleasant working conditions. Reply with salary requirements to : P.O. Box 808, tiightstown, N.J. 08520. HELP WANTED --full time for printing and related duties. Will train. Nassau Business Services, 1101 State Road, Bldg. J., Princeton, N.J. 609921-2233. BABYSIT--for bo~ 8, girl 9. Cook, eat dinner wflh family. 3-5 days per week 2:45-7:15. Laundry, sewing. ’Good pay. Prince(on Jet. Own transportation and references required. 609-799-3792.

BETTER PAY -better bonuses, long & short assignments. This is what we offer to fit your needs. Secretaries with/ without steno, typists, & general clerical. Work for the finest companies. Call now MaryLou, 201-545-1150, Purcell Temps, 303 George St., New Brunsw ick, N.J. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN -- $13,000. Top-notch firm seeks bright individual to trouble shoot and assist in design. Top benefits. Fee paid. Call Jane Rogers 609-989-7200, Swift Personnel, 690 Whitehead Road, Lawrenceville. HAIR STYLIST -- Part time. Experience unisex stylist. Also part time assistant. Call 609-737-3060. SALES PERSON -- Bridal shop. Full time & part time. Experience preferred. Call 201-297-3595 before 6pro, for appointment. NEED S()MEONE -- in Plainsboro to watch a 6 yr. old girl after school, M/ F, from 3:30-5:15. If you have talent in art, music, dance, that would be a real plus. Wages according to services rendered. Call days, 609-924-9100, ext. 209. eves 799-0690.

RESEARCH EDITORS -Princeton publishing firm has immediate openings for competent & responsible individuals. These positions involve the Date verification of manuscripts dealing with History & Georgraphy. Minimum qualifications include: a college degree in one of the subject areas sited & familiarity with the Princeton University Library system. Please forward your resume and/or a brief summary of your backgruond and experience to: Arete Publishing Co., CN28, Princeton Forrestal Center, Princeton, N.J. 08540. Attn: (;emma Soberer.

Help Wanted Help Wanted KEYPUNCH OPERATORS -we need you to work for our topnotch companies. We offer long & short assignments with ~reat pay & bonuses. Let us find you the job you’re looking for. Call MaryLou, 201-5451150. Purcell Temps, 303 George St., New Brunswick, N.J.

GENERAL OFFICE -publishers, importers, R&D, work for the finest companies. We’ve got them all ! Plus good pay & bonuses. Keypunch, typist, secretaries, help us to help you. Call Mary Lou, 201545-1150. Purcell Temps, 303 George St. New Brunswick, N.J.

Help Wanted

Jobs Wanted

LIVE:IN DOMESTIC-- 5’.’~ days, 44 hours p/ wk, $121.901 plus room & board. Clean nouse, dust, make beds, vacuum, mop & polish floors, wash windows, wash & iron clothes, cook & serve meals, care of 2 children. 1 year rain. exp. 609-924-4490.

TYPING EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, many years exp. Will do typing at home. 201-297-0872. TRAVELLING COMPANION to alerl lady. Will shop, cook, be your social secl. "K", Box 11533, Phila., Pa. 19116.

SECP,~ETARY- full time OSition in Title Insurance Co. tlOUSEKEEPER -- needed to CHILD CARE -- needed at my r individual with excellent meet school bus at 2:30, stay ~,FTER SCHOOL CARE typing skills. Steno not E. Windsor home. Afternoons until,5:30, watching children & alternate Mot her now has several required. Experience with Tuesdays performing household chores. openings in her small group of throughout school year & rides or knowledge of real 609-921-6356 or 924-2640. girls. Near McKnight School. desirable, but not children sick days. Call 609- estate Also room for pre-schoolers 448-8397 evenings. necessary. Call 609-924-6970. until 3 pro. 609-443-3343. SALES -- Advertising space, excellent opportunity with SECRETARY prestigious easily sellable TELEPHO’NE ORDER TWIN RIVERS Mother will magazine. Call White Eagle CLERK-- salary $3.25 per hr. ’IMMEDIATE OPENINGS -teacher assistants with Diversified position requiring care for ,,’our child while you Printing for appointment. 609- to start, 20 hrs. Hightstown autistic children. No previous firm foundation in work. Pl,qygroup atmosphere. 586-2032. area, call for immed, appt. experience necessary, will secretarial skills. Growth l,’inished Playroom. Back 609-443-4767. train in clinical teaching opportunity, pleasant yard for outdoor play. 609-443procedures. Contact Dr. David :~555. surroundings, public contact. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE L. Holmes, The Eden Institute, $150-$170. For apptmt, call 609- CLERK -- part time, hours 609-921-1198. 924-4283. flexible. Ca11609-924-8282. SECRETARY "WE ARE SEEKING A CHALLENGE. Sure, we do TYPISTS-- Full or part time. PUBLIC OPINION INREQUIRED: Excellent everything from building new Princeton area firm offers TERVIEWERS -- Needed for typing. Good command of BABYSITTER NEEDED -- in to panelling dens. Bizt excellent benefits. Immediate part time telephone in- English. 2-3 Yrs. Exp. my home on Mon, Tues & homes the real satisfaction comes opening. Call Sedgwick Print terviewing assignments. No Thurs. afternoons, for a 1 year when we meet the challenge Out Systems, 609-924-1660. selling involved. No ex-OFFERED: old girl. Must have own Intelligent cothat an older house offers perience necessary, will train, transportation, infant ex- retaining Beautiful office. the integrity of the Must be willing to work at workers. perience, & at least tolerate a Good benefits. Salary com- dog. Pleasant environment, $2 dwelling without sacrificing" central location in Princeton. PAINTERexperienced, comfort and beauty - solving l,ate afternoon, evening & mensurate with capabilities. interior & exterior. 609-448Fee Paid by Employer. Apply per hour. Cat[ 609-924-3466. problems with innovation and weekend shifts available. Call through 9014 after 8 p.m. experience - using the ex()pinion Research Corp. 609pertise and craftsmanship 924-5900, ext 233 weekdays WORK 10-2pm, WHILE THE that has made WILLIAMS BANNER from 8:30am to 5pm CHILDREN ARE IN SCHOOL BUILDER known in the BUSINESS ASSOCIATES CUSTODIAl,/ GROLI NI)S -- Three or more days per Princeton area for years. Call 228 Alexander Street KEEPING assignments. Full week. Lunch area in health 609-587-8500. Princeton, N.J. time, call for appointment the food store near Hightstown. CARPET CLEANER Hun School, Business Office, Call Fran, 609-448-4885. 609-924-4194 TRAINEE -- earn $150/ wk 609-921-7600. EOE. plus. Experience or will train. MOTHER/TEACHER -- will Must have car for Hightstown care for your children, her TECItNICIAN/ MICRO- area. 609-443-4767. HOUSEKEEPER-- Sleep-in, SECRETARYJR -- Princeton home, while you work or play. COMPLITER-- to work with 5~& days, 44 hours, $121.90 area firm offers excellent 201-821-8422. engineers. Build, test and ¯ wage & benefits. Good typing weekly plus room and board. evaluate hardware. Some house cleaning, skills required. Call Sedgwick General software experience Print Out Systems. 609-452- cooking, laundry and care of BUILDING MAINTENANCE EXPERIENCED MOTHER desirable. Send resume children. Minimum 1 year -- General building main1660. licensed teacher, former stating salary requirements to domestic experience. Wntten tenance. Experience helpful. assistant director of TR Box # 02(152~ e/ o Princeton references required. Call 609- Toddler Princeton ara. Must have car. program with Packet. (’all SedRwick Print Out WANTED - fully qualified auto 443-5936 after 6pro. eslablished Ilabvsitting , Systems. 609-452-1660. usiness has ~penings . mechanics for new car HV~AH.T TIME TYPISTS -beginning in the summer. dealership. All fringe benefits SALES HELPleading Princeton ’,rea firm h;,~- imFinished playroom, yard. including pension. Call Bill ,r mrmet store. Permanent mediate openings. Call llcarh . ¯ . \ ~, ound, (lail., IJ~N -- M/ F, full time and Diehl, 609-921-6400. osition. 5 day week (closed Sedgwick Print Out Systems, uutings, meals & snack’s part tiem. All shifts. Very good undays & Mondays). Some 609452-1660. provided. Call 609-448-0406. opportunity to come aboard WANTED - Person to work on experience desirable. Will with a highly accredited lot of new car dealership. Must train. 609-924-7755. medica’l facility. Good have valid drivers license. ASSISTANT PRE-SCIIOOI~ CHILD CARE -- experienced working conditions. Wonderful Call 609=921-6400, ask for Kim TEACHERwanted. -- for premother will care for your child opportunity for future adKopliner. school program. Weekdays weekly. 609-448-5873. vancement. Apply in person LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER 12:30-5:30 starting Sept. 18. WANTED -- help with care of $3/ hr. Call Princeton YMCA, 9am-Spm, Mon-Fri., Franklin & CAR3 young children & WELL KNOWN & Reliable Convalescent Center, Rt. 27, CARPENTERS 609-924-4825. pENTER ASST. = Hightstown Mother wishes to babysit daily’ Franklin Park, N.J. housekeeping in Princeton. area. Piece& hourly work. Driving desirable. Salary & .,ir weekly located across th~ Some roofing, aluminum ....... st. from McKnight School. 609& board for someone WAREIlOUSE ttELP -- Inbe room PROGI,IAMMER/ ANALYSTable siding, to use light powerframing. tools. Must Year who enjoys children. 609-924- 448-5338. telli~zent, ambitious oerson, (2) 3818. wanted for dental warehouse round work. 201-928-3137. GOING ON A TRIP? Why work. Opportunity for the l,’ee paid. To $21K Exclusive bother hiring a babysitter, right person to work his way listing. ,Major firm seeks TIME DENTAL when you can leave your into management. Call 6~)-448ltP(;/ sys. 3 CCP design BOOKKEEPER ASST. - PART school aged child in a family Permanenl, part-full time, ASSISTANT -- lpm-5pm, 1550 from 9-2 pm. program. Managemenf opatmosphere in our Lawrenportunity. Bette Kantor (201- small Nassau St. office. 609- Mon-Tues, Thurs. & Fri., Sat ceville home. We’ll provide AM. Modern Belle Mead of924-2040. 249-6307) lots of TLC, meals, tranrice. High School Senior StriPPING-RECEIVING sportation. For more info. considered. Experience CLERK-- recent tt.S. grad E.T. LYONS please call Marcia, 609-883preferred. 201-359-5050. 1050 George St. needed. Experience desirable. PORTERS- part time nights, 7863 ...................... uew Brunswick, NJ Immediate opening in top pay. Must know buffing, own transportation. South l,awrenceville area. Salary to BA’BYSITTING -- in mv be discussed. Excellent Branch area. 201-874-6202. home. Reliable mother. IffSALES PERSON -- Tuxedo benefit program. Call Mr. fants and toddlers. Hot lunch shop. Full time & part time. Thomas at 609-587-8000. and nap. Swimming pool for Experience preferred. Call COOK OR BROILER PERRYAN RESUME SERVICE - summer play.. Lawrenceville. 201-297-3595 before 6pro, for SON - Full time. No phone N.J. Evening ap609-882-3817. PAHT TIME ttEI,P WANTED appointment, calls please. Apply between 10 Davlon, available. (_’ai~ -- Imndscape work. Driver’s & 11 am., 2-4 p.m. Jolly OxInn, poi’nlments ............................. after 4 p.m. 201-329-2431. License required. 609-448-1962. Rt. 206, Somerville. LOOKING FOR -- sleady NURSES AIDES & ORhousework by day. Call betDERLIES -- M/ F, full time & AVON PEHSON TO WORK FUIA, ween 4 & 6. 609-448-5180. PRODUCTIVE RESUMES -part time. All shifts available. TIME -- on ground mainNEED MONEY $1 x age. Camera Ready This is a wonderful optenance. Supervisory & FOR FALL CLOTHES? Inquire of: SECONinc. Box EXPERIENCED mechanical experience portunity to enter our new Earn it sellin~ world famous 306, Trenton, NJ 08602. RELIABLE MOTHER - will educational program which Avon cosmetms part time. i~oreferred. For call further inbabysil in her home for your starts immediately after Flexible hours, good money, rmation, please 609-448infant or toddler - full time Labor Day. Our education too. For details call 609-4431639 between 8-5pro. ,nly. Weekdays for workin~ entrichment program will 5764, 609-499-1729, 609-737-2922 RESUMES UNLIMITED n{~thel’s. Experienced with start you on a career for the or 201-359-1535. Your complete one stop mlams. Located near Twin job of tomorrow. To take CI.ERICAL resume service featuring Rivers. Have 2 openings - lots advantage of this invaluable resumes professionally of TLC & most reasonable training program, apply in BABYSITTER WANTED- In International firm seeks to highlight your person: Mon. thru Fri. 9 a.m. Princelon. Two days per wk. wrilten qualified invidiual. Good with i;h~es aroun(i. Ref. 609-448expertly typed ;)q,~ I. to 5 p.m. Franklin Con- $2.50 per hr. Reply to Box qualifications, figures and typing ability, & offset printed. For personal, Spanish helpful. Excellent valescent Center, Rt. 27, ~02019, c/o Princeton Packet. Lincoln Hwy, Franklin Pk., confidential service call benefit package. Call 201-545IIONEST ItARDWORKING NJ. Tel: 201-821-8000. 4602. RESUMES UNLIMITED ht woman will do :,’our 609-448-0701. SECRETARIES housework. Will make or ch TYPISTS ange beds, elc. Call 609-605MAGCARD! & II 3226. PRODUCTIVE RESUMES -IF YOU ENJOY FINE WORK RECEPTIONIST/ PERSON KEYPUNCH OPERATORS Since’63.Willedit,revanp& -- such as needlepoint or FIRDAY Sought for new FIGURE CLERK -- child to care for upgradeyour self-generated WANTED location of established corcrocheting we need you to school in my home, near ASST. BOOKKEEPERS oration in Princeton. Typing, RESUMES/ OBJECTIVES tn after assemble small electronic Princelon YWCAand Comling, tele0hone. -~er-y Are your children ready for camera rea0y "Power Packed munity Park School. 609-924components. Full time emProfile."Send info & ck/ mo ployment and pleasant atdiversified position, school? Here is an opportunity 6381 after 4pro. Flexibility & initiative a must. to work through the year. We for $I x age to: SECONinc. mosphere 609-924-2444. Box 306, Trenton.NJ 08602. Strongly prefer experience, Princeton Advanced Comhave a wide range of temStatesalary requirements, WOMAN AVAILABLE FOR onents, Rt. 206, Research porary assignments and Office cleaning in eve, Please reply to Box # 02049 pleasant offices. Wewillplace ark, Princeton. housework daily or weekly or c/ o Princeton Packet. ’ you on a job to fit your skills, to caTe for elderly person. Ref. conveniently close to home. HAIRI)RESSER -- Full time. 609-392-8388. Assignments vary in length. Experience required. 609-924()FFICE AssignmentsKids Come in now and start im- POSITION WANTED - Ad3003. WILL BABY-SIT in my home. in school? Get back into the mediately. No. fee. ministrative assistant609-448-6891. swing of things. Assignments Secrelary.. Excellent skills, ACCOUNTANT DESIRED -J&J TEMPORARIES to fit your needs. Longor short responsible, strong by growing Princeton in2936Rt1, Lawrenceville, N.J. term, no fee. Secretaries, background. Seek position vestment firm. Must have BS MTST, Clerk Typists, 609-883-5572 exwilh growlh. Reply WHH 0915, CHILD CARE in my home for or AS in accounting. Duties cellent pay & benefits. Call working mothers. Ex- ¯ will include invoice control, tie Mary l,ou 201-545-1150. Purcell ACT N0W--Join the OLDEST Box 146, Hightstown, NJ. e.rienced. References. Train in to GL, special projects. Temps, 3o3 George St., New ivers area. 609-448-4593. Person must be very aetail Toy & Gift Party Plan in the Brunswick, N.J. ~!IXPERIENCED babysilterCountry - our 31st year! oriented & extremely acCommissions up to 30% PLUS to care for toddlers in lovely curate. Ideal entry levelspot. CAREER, JOB SEARCH & home just minutes from EXPENSES. Fantastic No experience necessary -- MOTOR ROUTE, DEALERS EDUCATIONAL COUNUniversity. Yard, playtime will train. Complete benefit Hosless Awards. Call Toll --all areas available. Ideal SELING -- Testing & Resume for homemaker, faeililies, references. Hours: package. Send resume to Box operation Free 1-800-243-7634, or write Dr. Michael L. student, shift worker, etc. 8-5, Io start Sept. Call 201-892- included; PARTIES, ~ Avon. # 02048, c/ o Princeton Must have good car. Must be SANTA’S Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. Conn. 06001. ALSO BOOKING 8,479, after 5 pm. Packet, stating salary available afternoons & early / PARTIES. requirements. mornings on weekends, liberal WOMAN- seeks day work.. SECRETARY- legal - com-’" allowances. Call 609-396-3232, Five days a week. Call Bey, mercial, experienced part ext. 257. RESTAURANT time, flexible hours. Approx. 609-394-1009. HELP RECEPTIONIST -- Princeton WANTED-- full time & part 25-30. 609-448-7514. area firm offers excellent PI~ODUCTION TESTING time positions available. wage & benefits. Good typing MII)I)I,I~3 AGED, I)EPENSUPEI~.VISOR. $16,000. Ex- Apply Treadway Inn, Rte 1, skills required. Call Sedgwick cellent I)ABIA~ W()MAN-- looking career position. CARfNG, COMPASSIONATE -Print Out Princeton. Systems. 60(,t-452 for housekeeping job. Refs. Foreman/ W w/ background, -- individual seeks work 1660. lUS understanding of elecelderly person or available. 609-448-8407. TEI,LER -- full time with assisting onics. Super benefits. Call couple, 2-5 days / week. excellent benefits. Salary Jane Rogers, 609-989-7200. Experienced nurse’s aide; will commensurate with exCI, EANIN(; I, AI) CONSTRUCTION -- subalso do housekeeping, meal Swift Personnel, 690 pereince. Centennial Savings AVAII,ABLE .-- Mondays and contractors wanted. All preparation, errands. Local Whitelmad Road. l,awren& I,oan Association, call Mrs. Thursdays. $2.5. a day. Extrades. Call 201-673-2309. references gladly provided. ceville. (:rum, 609-737-0079, cellenl references, 609-392Please call 609-924-6,349. 5380.






Jobs Wanted




"Seven For Central







i fi’ed


The Franklin NEWSRECORD 5 FF

Thursday, September 7, 1978


Jobs Wanted Announcements Announcements

Bargain Mart Bargain Mart

"SEARS-stereorecord player & radio in maple cabinet, exc. cond., $100. Pine kitchen set, table, $70; 4 Captains chairs, $50, Set $115, exc. cond. All woodSeamanschest, $60. Call 201-874-4221after 7 pm.

TENTS FOR SALE - Five REFRIGERATORelectric ..Moysannylon tents, no’longer washer & dryer, assorted odds & ends. 609-655-2514. needed. Excellentcondition. Prices range according to condition & extras. 609-737- ~ BATHROOM VANITY- new 3886anytime. 20" pecan finish, beige marble sink, Moenfaucet; Fireplace screen & tools, pewter finish; FRIGIDAIRE WASHER,$50, Small white Formica counBEAUTIFUL DREXEL gas dryer, $75. Goodworking tertop w/backsplash. 609-921OFFICEDESK- suitable for cond. 201-297-4010. 2783. POTTERS -- Clay, kilns, contemporary home use, RUBBER STAMPS THE FOURTH, WAY is a Gibson LG2 classic guitar, " PRIVATE DUTY NURSE -wheels, tools and chemicals. School or College address. method of self-development, STOVE--ELECTRIC, with h" Federal Professional care. References introduced into America by STANDARD CLAY MINES. tlome, business, zip code. 2 LOOMS - Ullman workshop metronome, Famous Artists SOFA-80 . 2cus ion, ceramic cook top & selfGreen floral fabric, Open Mon-Sat. Skillman, N.J. available. 609.921-2094. Rubber stamps of all kinds 24" both new. Regularly $201, School books, Sonotone .style? Mr. Gurdjieff. AKHALDAN I-I cleaning oven. Range hood hearing aid, chestnut mink (v/dnut trim. 1st $i00. E(,es. 609-466-2986. and sizes made to your order now $170. Mic. wool, cotton is a school in the Fourth WaySQUARE DANCF -- Sept. 17, also. included, Coppertone. 2 stole & hat, genuine petitpoint weekends best. 609-921-1068. at: led byanexperiez/ced teacher. 3-7pm. Band, caller. $3 adand synthetic yarns. 609-466- handbag, punch bowl 23 cups, years old & in excellent con609-443-1898. ’I mission - bring a picdic, free THE RESALE SHOP -- 901 1882 for appointment. dillon. $100. Call anytime608Time-Life Swing Era records, HINKSON’S beer, soda. Sponsoreo zv Clay PARTTIME OFFICE CLERK 924-6039. Camplain Rd., Manville. sterling silver teaspoons, PICK YOUR OWN 82 Nassau St. Co-op of Lambertville. Mt. -- in Princeton Jct. area. Can Buying and selling -You beautiful linens¯ All excellent POTATOES -Bring own Church Rd. (off Greenwood type. Mature woman.609-799- PERSONALIZED - Jewish condition. Call 609-448-5133 for container. 9¢ per lb. Sat, 8:30 FURNITURE -- used, New Year cards. Discount Ave.), Hopewell. Look for name it! Antiques, furniture, PINE TRESTLE- drop leat i~12. TYPEWRITERS -- Electric. dresser, cedar chest, kitchen am to 11:30 am. Grover Farm, prices! 201-821-9468,201-297- signs or cal1609-397-0001or 921- ’tools and useable items.261lable, 48x60", asking $150. appointment, 526-3761. manual, portable, office 348 Village Road, East Dutch table, 6 chairs, 3 chairs, 5228. 0522for directions. Roundpine table with one leaf, models. New. reconditioned. others, rug, mirrors, tables, Neck, NJ 609-799-1195. asking $45. Norman Rockwell ADDERS, CALCULATORS. 1972 silver Christmas plate, MAYTAGWASHER- & gas etc. 609-921-8774after 6pm. Name Brands. Rentals. asking $175.609-448-6840 or 448- dryer. Movingsale, used 6 mo. PARENTS WITHOUT FOR SALE- large selection Repairs, Trade-ins, CENTER7160. reconditioned refrigerators, then stored. $300 the pair. 609- SKIIS PARTNERSJOIN US -- on Blizzard NOW!-- Anyone can make BUSINESS MACHINES, 104 TAI KWENDO - Develope freezers, washers, dryers. 452-1163. the 4th Tuesday of the month, 8 180’s/Solomon bindings, $60 Quiche! 7 easy, different ise and self confidence. Nassau St. 609-924-2243. Guaranteed. Can deliver an0 p.m., Unitarian Church 5f and Sarner Jr. 140 Soloman recipes, only $3.00. MJF,Box aintain great physical STEIFF Silver flatware, do electrical or gas hook-up. Princeton, for program and biding, Poles, $35.609-799-0521. 56, Princeton, N.J. 08540. condition, or just get in shape. social hour. For information, 201-369-3718. Lady Claire pattern, service TONY ANTIQUE CHINA CLOSET Develope mentally and call evenings (609) 924-2872 PARENTS -DISPOSABLE for 12. Kept m tarnish proof Youare the Greatest $50. 609-448-9330. spiritually experience the 799-0458. DIAPERS BY THE. CASE, chest, never been polished. 1966 CORTINA,4 cyl wagon, FRIGIDAIRE’ REFRIGERsecrets of the martial arts. 56,818 orig. miles, $200, (1) LIVING RMFURN. -- 2 pc. ALL "SIZES, HALF PRICE, Sells for $1500. Asking $500. The Dancing Widow ATOR-- 8 cub. $50, Oster 609-695-8761. Sect. Couch Avocado on Ecru 609-890-9170. electric hair clipper, cxo, French Provincial chair $15, r~)me join Mr. Woolford and G.E. REFRIGERATOR r. Edwards. Time: Mon & w/plastic covers Mint Cond. 2 portable sewing table, $10.609- (1) plaid recliner chair $23, (1) overheadfreezer, $75. 201-782- 448-2339. Wed. evenings 7:00 p.m. to POSTSCRIPTS - Invitations. Lady Chairs Beige on Ecru w/ RCATV, $15, needs work, (1) 2396. stationery, lastic covers. Mint Cond. ,9:30 p.m. Place: Paul Robeson Personalized TWIN HEADBOARDS solid oak bed & mattresses, Community Center, 102 Substantial discounts. Call for ATTRACTIVE -- petite ntique Wht frames on both SPRING MEADOW FARM mattresses & box springs, exe. $45, rider mower- Craftsman 6 brunette from So. America in items. Best offer on ea,,h ;tt~m freezer beef, naturally raised,cond., $85 ca. set. Table top, TEXTUREDCUT VELVET- MOPED- Motobecane driven WitherspoonSt. Princeton, NJ appt. 609-924-8167,921-3854. - needs work $35. 609468-0904. mid 40’s, non-smoker, non609-924-0996. Fee: $10.00 per No steroids. Also nitrate- stainless steel range, $12. green &gold sofa, practically ’5 miles. Cost $529. First $395. call after 5 pm, 609,448-4237. drinker, business oriented, month. Registration begins nitritefree ham. bacon, Amer. Standard washbasin w. new. 2 Wymanmahogany end Call 609-682-2579. 2 RUST COLORED ARM enjoys swimming, dancing, sausage & corned beef. 609- fixtures, beige, $10. Call 609- tables, goodcondition. 201-297Sept. 4, 1978 Comejoin us. CAROL’S PLACE -- PerCHAIRS- orig. purchased. 466-2937. sonalized stationery, in- etc. Wishes to meet educated, COMPLETE BILLING 883-7233 after 6 pro. 6222. from Sloane’s, 2 Bentwood honest, neat, tinancially WINDOW FASHIONS: "vitations and gift items at SYSTEM including armchairs, convert, baby PRINCETON COOP NUR- discount prices. Call 609-443- secure gentleman to share WOVEN WOODS, MINI Burrough’s bookkeepin~ carriage, port-a-crib, infant friendship & possible SERYSCHOOL- enroll your 3141. ABOVEGROUNDPOOL - 12’ machine with stana, BLINDS BY DELMAR & EDINBURGll SPORT SHOP ORIENTAL RUGS -- Kerao_. seat, white wicker changing man, red, 9x12; 5x5. Must sell x 24’. Includes filter, deck, dressograph marriage. Reply P.O. Box942, VERTICALS ALL AT 25%. 2~-5 year old child now. We & imprinter, 1722 Old TrentonRoad moving¯Call 201-488-6441. table, all exc. cond. Please call have 3, 4 or 5 day morning NewBrunswick, N.J. 08901. OFF INSTALLED.You don’t Pool cover &vacuum¯Call 609- ledger cards &statement file. Edinburg,N.J. 609-882-7289 after 5 pro. programs. We prowde a warm 448-6426. ay my overhead because I Orig. price, $5,00}. Willing to DEADLINE FOR 609-443-1214 supportive atmosphere where SCHWINN Lady’s 26", 3-speed ave none! Call Nikki Harris sacrifice $1500. Will instruce CANCELLATIONS RIDI~ TO ANDFROM-- New for price quote, 609,443-6791. your child can learn at his own Excellent condition¯ new owner how to operate 4 PM MONDAY Guns at Dealer Wholesale. We -Yellow¯ York City or Newark conpace. Call and visit our open $75. 201-874-4790. BOHLENS750 - tractor, equipment. Inquire 609-896- 5 PIECE LIVING ROOM sell most new guns at Sugg. necling with PATHneeded GROUP - sofa love setee, 3 space facility, Rita Bernhard, mower, cultivator, snow Dealer Wholesale. Jennings from Princeton. Call 609-921chairs. Sold together or caster & util. wagon. Gas 0200or 896-0727. 609-924-0543,Elinor Williams, (78) Super "T’s," $114.95; BATTL~ CREEK EXERseparately. Call 608-695-6540 LOOK,LOOK,LOOK.There is 2306. clothes dryer & other 609-921-6585. Arrowstar Hunters (78), CYCLE -- Professional model parking at Princeton Statioo.. BOOKCASE, after 5 pro. $249.95; Rein. 11003 "Vr" 12 & -- Price $375.00. Call 609-896- household items. 609-921-2148. FRUITWOOD WAYS TO COPE-RELAXRates 50 cents per day $1.06 $225, mahogany cocktail table, 20 ga, $249.75; Rein. 870 3 VR, ()NCE AGAIN SHOPPE 1749eves. bet. 5 and 7 wkdays. ATION -" ASSERTIVENESS for overnight, by the wee.~’ "EVERYTHING YOU SHOLD SHOULDER MINK STOLE CALORIC RANGE - Caloric $75, sofa- gold 86" buttonback, 140 S. MainSt., Highstown 12 ga, $201.00. Hours: Mon., TRAINING, SELF-IMAGE $3.000, by the month $8. The KNOW ABOUT BEING . Tues.. Thurs., & Fr. 12 noon range with automatic pilotless 2 cushions, $125, Chippendale brown with black stripe, ex609-448-9849 BUILDING. Emphasized in only overnight parking in SINGLE."609-448-6463. 9pro, Wed., 12 noon-6PM.Sat. THERMOWARE Mon.-Fri. 10-3Din WALL ignition, double oven, self- desk, $250, Jacobs Ladder & cellent condition, $95, 8 fire our Training Program In Life Princeton. 609-924-0976. 9AM-6PM. Sun. 10AM- 4PM. OVEN-- with extra warming cleaning, ultra-ray broiler, other oldglass; lamps etc. 609- alarms from large home, UL Used but not abused clothing Skills & Coping Techniques approved, lifetime guarantee, oven. Price - $110.00Call 609- rotisseme, automatic meat 656-3751. for persnnal growth & COLLEGE SELECTION & for the entire family. no electric or battery needed. probe, l~,z yrs. old. Moving. 896-1749 eves. bet. 5 & 7 weekdevelopment at home, school APPLICATION COUNr~ DINING-DuncanPhyfe table, ¯ Cost$’900,will sell for $35each. FREEZER BEEF days. New $750. Will sell for $500. and/or work. 8 weekcourses in SELLING - individuals & STAINED GLASS SUPPLIES of size 9-12 girl’s clothes, 5 chairs, Sheratonbuffet, $400. Box 609-921-3190. " Princeton area. Also, in small groups. Dr. Michael L. -- Distributors & Discounters Home grown naturally exc. cond. $45.12 flood lamps, 609-882-7023. fed service, in-tact group& one-toRosenthal, 609-737-2236. Custom designs. Repair & red & green, $30, also elecTV-- $125. 609-924Cut to your own 25" COLOR one training. Contact. Theresa restoration. Lamps, mirrors, steers. trical odds & ends, bulbs. 7145 after 5 p.m. specification, wrapped and Tomarchio at 609-466-0636, lights for ceiling, electrical planters, etc. Princeton SOLID OAK TABLE - 60" PARK AVENUE -- baby frozen. Kaufman Farm. 609A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL 0644. Stained Glass, 38 Spring St., round, with exquisite carved carriage, Perego stroller. cords, ele. $100. 609-448-9412. 466-0773, Master Chg. avail. PRINCETON #38 F&AM -- single parent desires the 609-921-1311. Both in excellent condition. GIRL’S BEAUTIFUL -- pedestal base, $150. 201-359- 609-448-9022. River Road, Kingston owning of a house thereby "TIME OUT" - is sponsored School clothes at very 4251. Meetings: Mon. Sept¯ 11 & 25 forming equity, for future DIAMONDRINGS - 1 carat for Pre-School children on Secretary: DISCOUNT GUNS & AMMO BARRELS- 52 gallon oak, reasonable prices. Size6 toI0, Robert White usage. Is unfamiliar with local solitaire, white color, 14 carat Tuesdays, Wednesdays & 201-359-4460. Shotguns & rifles $12.50 each. Oak planteers. $10 new wood door, 609-799-4087. lending, real estate laws. Has white go~d$1950. Asking$1400. Fridays from 9:30 to 2:30 at SECRETARY - bookcase desk AIR CONDITIONER- 18,500 $10 over wholesale each. 609-896-1916. secure growth career path Montgomery Methodist with glass doors and 3 BTU’s,Coldspot. Will sacrifice Wedding band, round and Amino discounted with established corporation; Baguette approx¯ .75 car. white Church on Sunset Road, 10% off most hand guns i MUMS - Cushion hybred, field VELVET ARM CHAIRS - 2 drawers, mahogany, $250. 16" for $275. Call 609-921-3332,9am- color $1000. Asking $425. 18k the advice of exMontgomery Twp. (just off LEARN HOW TO SAVE an seeks girl’s Sp~’der bike, $25. 01d Reloading supplies discounted: grown, many colors. 5pro. rose velvet arm chairs. preferably yellow gold bracelet, 26 p-w 206), so mother’s can attend average of $1,400 on your next perienced, Buy Sell& Trade Wholesale & retail. Tindalls $100/ea. One antique school upright piano $25.608-737-3639. pet~/l l’lower w?pearl & tourmeetings, classes, ap- car. SendS1 to W. KINGSTON,available, investor with obMurphy’s Sportsmen’s Den Greenhouses, Sharon Rd. 609desk $15. 609-924-7042. malines. 609-298-2779 after pointments. Begins Sept. 8th. Box233, Plainsboro, N J¯ 08536. Jective of seeurinv domic.ihain 3152 Rt. 27, Kendall Park ¯ 259-2431. HEALTH SPA-~,PPLES -Pick your own Lawrenceville. Reply to Box HOLIDAY 5:30. For further information Mon & Tues closed VIP (lifetime) membership #02044, c/o Prince[on Packe[ starting Sept. 5.9 amto 6 pm contact Rulh Barry, 609-466Wed-Thur-Fri 12-9 owner. Applicable everywhere 1754. SHEEPSKINCOAT- woman’s KITCHEN SET -- Con- including Quaker Bridge Mall. every day. Forman Farms. T.A.--GESTALT GROUP Sat. 10-6, Sun.12-6 609..448-2216. temporary. Doublepedestal size 10. Excellent condition, 201-297-3357 WHIRLPOOL -washer & value, $450 or best offer. OVEREATER.S ANONYMOUS $50. Call 609-452-6023 days, 443- w/2 leaves& 6 upholstered$800 starting dryer, both need repairs. Best 609-890-8733. ~ MOTHERS! Going back to --meets Thursdayevenings, 5839 evenings. chairs. Costnew- $650. $150 or offer. Call after 4 pm.609-924ROSENTHAL "CLASSIC LEVOLORRIVIERA bestoffer. 609-890-9428 after work or school? Establiahed 201-329-2045 609-896-0303 1st Presbyterian Church, ROSE"-- 12 place settings, 0445. Nursery School provides 6:00P¯M. [Both local calls from Prin- Hightstown. For information BLINDS FRANKLIN STOVE’30" $100; 55 gal Aquarium, all call 609,448-2481or 448-5459. QUALITY DAY CARE for ceton ] VERTICAL BLINDS FURNITURE -- Cocktail equipment incl. Custom (firebox), includes hood, our preschooler or Kin30%off list delivered table gold leaf base with REFRIGERATOR/ background, $100; 29 channel HOLLYWOOD TWINS - 2 rate, grill, bean pot, screen, ergarten child. Loving Care Elenby Products marple top, $125; Louis XV FREEZER-- Side by side. & box rass accessories. $200. 201- CB$30; portable cassette tape frames, matresses in an educational setting. Call ENROLLYOUR4 year old in GAY SWITCHBOARD inCall for quote side chair, need upholstery, recorder, $15; 609-448-3807. springs, excellent condition. formation center¯ Call 609-921Green. Good working con359-8875. ¯ Busy Bee School 609-443-3683. the Rocky Hill Cooperative 201-364-4583 $100; Fr Prov. Chest on chest, dition. Call 201-297-4852after Drapes - 2 sets: gold antique 2865. Best hours 7-10 p.m. Mon. Nursery School this fall. $75; strato lounger, $50. Call 6:00 P.M. $90. or best offer. salin & olive green antique thru Thurs. Openings in our 4-day class. SPANISH LIVING RM - 2 BENNETT RESPIRATOR -- satin, both in good condition. 609-443-4366 between lpm & iece red sectional w/attached For further information call EXPERIENCES IN POOL TABLES -- used 7’ 6pm. condition -- also 609--448-4912. 201-874-3345. IJVING-LEARNING lack slate end tables, mat- Excellent table $400. 8’ & 9’ tables MAHOGANYARM CHAIRS portable oxygen equipment. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS available. Order now for in-- 2 Cane seats & backs¯ Seats ching slate octagon coffee DRYER - electric coppertone, Learn to identify and fulfill or lay-away for table, red velvet table and 609--448-8682. HELP AND INFORMATION stallation STEREO CONSOLE - Wall need repair. Circa 1920’s. Best swag excellent condition, $108. Call lamps, like new. $635. personal needs, increase self- Q holidays. (Bumperpool tables, offer. 609-924-3064.After 5:00 hung system, AM/FM, AFC 609-392-2993keep trying. esteem and improve inU E S T 10 N I N G & CALL 609-924-7592. too). Call 359-0260. Call 609-586-3720. radio & phono, hidden with P.M¯- 201-361-5422. POTTER’S WHEEL& couch terpersonal communications. DISCOVERINGIS HALF pull down louver doors. for sale. Kickwheel comes COINAGE SETS These themes and others will THEFUN. DAYCAREor half Germanspeakers, by Nu-lone. ODDS & ENDS FOR SALE; w/motor, ex. condition, call SILVER be explored in a supportive day pre-school creative exwatch, ~ORIENTAL GROCERIES & Asking$175¯ or best offer¯ 609- LIKE NEW-- contemporary man’s Accutron anytime. Keep trying 609-771nylon carpet, 2 storage chests, couch and/or 2-pc. set and stamps, first day covers, setting through group in-ChildrenHouse, perience at. Montessori KAY’S KendallPark SERVICE -- allINTRODUCTION ages. Meet a GIFTS - Trenton Farmers 259-9614. fur jacket, apt. size washing 0734. chair. 609-452-5477weekda~’s machine, luggage, sheet~ .... Minoltra-16, Instamatic teractmn. Certificated group 8-5 pro. Children grow in" partner for a friendship or lVlarket. Fri’s &Sat’s. 10-7 or 924-3029 eves & weekenus, (609-394-8887.) Columbus cameras, Hensolot binoculars, leader. Offices in Princeton (twin), file cabinet, carpet & marriage. 201-534-2726. DINING ROOMSET--walnut and Kendall Park. Contact B.develop conhdence, ask for Donna. ortable Singer machine, Farmers Market, Thurs thru love creativity of learning. sweeper, etc. 609-448-0715keep & 4 chairs, $295. Table lamp, ears air conditioner, MOVING - Baby crib, l?.iank, 201-297-9567. Sun’s.(609-298-3191). If Register now.Call 201-207-6066 trying. carriage, like new; TV, B/W & $25. 609-921-1535. BENNINGTONPINE - twin Silverplate, crystal, stemanswer 609-882-5767. or 207-9144. color; antiques, toys, old LP bed, perf. cond. $199. 201-257accessories, HIGHTSTOWN "PLANNED ware, bar records, 1951 Encyclopedia --PARENTHOOD CLINIC -0770, 7pro. stainless, copper & china. 4 PC. WATER SOFTENER, LEARNTOBEA Britannica, Korvette AM/FM PLYWOOD SHEATHING WINDOW FASHIONS: Mondayevenings. Cal1608-448- DISCOUNTLIGHTING - The Furniture. Hmr dryer, warnew, w/connections, TRAVEL AGENT ext. new4x8 - 3/8" $7.68, 1/2" almost WOVEN WOODS, MINI Roosters Coup. Lighting radio, etc. Call 201-297-3437. 3439. housewares, ready to use. 201-297-2772 aft. 4 ming trays, $9.48, 5/8" $12.18, 3/4" $14.38, BLINDS BY DELMAR & fixtures, lamps, shades, parts books & bric-a-brac. Grab bag. p.m. WHOLE EARTH CENTER Seven week evening course Kiln dried lumber lx3xA, 48 VERTICALS ALL AT 25% and repairs¯ Clocks, gift items Ladies handbags, accessories, BREAD- now available in 2x3x8$1.20, 2x4x8$1.60; begins at the Nassau Inn, OFF INSTALLED.You don’t & fireplace equipment. Huge PORTABLE - washer & dryer clothing. Some items never 32 loaf batches¯ Sample cents; Andersen windows $32% off Princeton on Sept. 12. pay my overhead because I INFORMALTALKS - on assortment ofbrand names at w/stand. 15 gallon fish tank bulk. used. Special offer on Fiat prices: Wholewheat, 1~.~ lbs, Tex. 1-R plywoodsiding 5/8" COLONIAL FURNITURE -"; have none. Call Nikki Harris, developing spiritual discount prices¯ THE w/ace. Girl’s 10 speed bicycle, $28.80/case. Raisin, lt~ lbs., t couch, $125, loveseat, $75, bicycle. Telephone & visit 4x8 $14.88 sat; 3/8", 4xa .free placement service Registered Interior Designer, i awareness. Bahai.Faith¯ Call ROOSTERS’ COUP,on Rt. 20, rug shampooer, Fender deluxe $30.40/case. Call 609-924-7429 drum& coffee table, $40. each. Sunday, 10am-8pm,sept. 3, 11, $12.88; R.R. tie, new, for price quote, 609-443-6791.609-771-0861. Lambertville, N.J. OPEN reverb amp. 201-821-7682after before 2pro for more in18 only. No early birds. 609creosoted, 8’ $7¯95. Can" 181b washer, $125, electric for information call 201-6776pro. 799-2045. 7 DAYS,609-397-0027. formation. deliver¯ 215-674-0205,eves 087- dryer, $45, milk glass lamps, 0069. $15. each. All in gd. cond. 609ESCORTS - Part time, 2313. 9 443-6527. evenings & weekends. We are NEED A BAND. . Weddin s MERIDIAN TRAVEL G.E. HEAVY DUTY Good SOAPSTONE--Green, White, LIGHT BLUE VELVET "" gCIIOOL now interviewing men bet- are our specialty! mediterranean couch & chair. WASHER& DRYER " 14.7 music for all ages - soft stone, easy to carve, 2 GOODYEAR TIRES -’ ESTABLIS-H-I~I)-1-96030 080 Teen ages 25 & 65 for a new danceable Marble top coffee table, blue AAAAA FACTORY ¯OUTLET G.E. refrigerator/freezer, reasonable ,201-359-1800. prices & we are White, pink, translucent CR13,studded snowtires $15. 2 REFRIGERATOR- Admiral ’ escort service catering to dependable. rug, 12 x 18, cane lamps, GRADUATES ..... VWti~’es $6/ea. Fuji Gaura10- 16.6cu ft, green, likenew; twin -- SALE! JUST LAMP Royal blue carpets & curtains. Alabaster, -Carrara Marble, credenza & shelves, dinette women¯ oooa cnaracter, neat . SHADES, no window shades. Reasonable. 6~-448-0554. speed bic~’cle, owned3 years, mattress &springs, like new; African Wonder-Stone, power set. Call 201-254-2888 enor 201-238- rode 7 t~mes at the most, 4Other Meridian Schools are appearance, initiative, No shades of night. Burlaps, 15" tires & spoke wheels for ’tools and ¯ accessories. ~ outgoing, p, erlocated at Red Bank, Toms mus!asm Hard Backs, Soft BacKs, purple, $75. 35mmMinolta Sculpture House Inc., Open 6582 after 5 p.m. Ford pick up. Call 009-448-2900 Silks, sonauty essenual. ~noulu nKe River , Kenilworth ’ Rochelle Wet Backs. Pleats, ParWOMAN5 tall, div. (40s) SRT200 complete with case Mon-Sat. Skillman, N.J. 609after 6:30 pm. to communicate with women. o,,t, Montvale Parsinnanv chmenls. From the biggest STEREO- Quality equipment ...... ~.~. .,, , seeks stable solvent male, 40- 466-2986. .and automatic flash, with t ran Refs Re Jersey City & Eas 0 g e" Car necessary assortmcnl in Bucks and at a reasonable price. NIKKO BLACK LACQUER CHINESE designer strap, 2 too. old, used Supplement your income c~ 47tohelp makelifeinteresting Montgomery.A1 least 20%off. 7075 receiver - 45WPC. fun. One who enjoys CABINET- w/gold accents, 5 times, will sell for $145. MOV~and -have fun. If you think you are and hand tools. Reasonablypriced. A large gaggle 30%to 40%off. PHILLIPS412 turntable. ESS Bianca NASSAU COOPERATIVE 3 to Wedding dress, rich t f or the i obp le ase send casual country living. Reply to BARN WOODFOR SALE -- $200firm. Call 609-924-9119, a few $15.00 shades at $4.95. performance 8 speakers¯ original, "78 style, worn 2 Call 609-655-3438. NURSERY SCHOOL ¯ IN D ys Hand hewn beams, 100 yr. old 9 pm. fu~l details " . A~ re l ts rictly Box #C-7, South Somerset . FURLONG LAMP FACTORY SHARPP tape deck. Call Bill, hours on July 1, 1978, original PRINCETON-has openings m confidential. Repl3/ to" Box Newspapers, 240 S. Main St., oak milled timbers, 3x7, 3x4 OUTLETlargestfor a 99 miles 609-924-I165. cost $220,willsell for $120.Call BOOKCASES FOR SALE program. ¯ #02016, c/o Princeton Packet. Manville. ns reP scnoot oak rafters. Pine shop-lap radius. 3 miles south of after 5 pro. Children 2~/, - 5 yrs. may De - birdseye maple 609-799-3158 barn siding, yellow pine VICTORIAN unfinished & finished, assorted Lahaska Peddler’s Village on ~ enrolled in NURSERY flooring, oak, chestnut barn dresser w/larg~,o mirror, $125. sizes. Call 689-924-1881. Rte. 263. Furlong, Pa. OPEN7 SOFA BED -- twin bed, SCHOOL 9 am - 12 siding. Wholesale, retail. 201- Brownvinyl sofa & chair $300. ¯ noon ’ PLAYGROUP 2/2 ~to¯ 4 39 YEAR OLD W/F -DAYS,weekdays8-8, Sat. 10-5, veneer vanity, 9x5 rug, elec. (w/afternoon o tlon) or_ vr olds, who--,s for Pair of brass lamps, $30. VAN OWNERS- Need a new CRIB W/MATTRESS,excell. 236-6690 parents wtsh professional who enjoys life, ............ ap_9 am - ~ Sun. 11-6. Micro Dot Pricing. broom.Call 609-921-7380. " ,:XT~:r~O~:O DaY -¯ ¯ m has good sense of humor, Wicker end tables and more. $90 green Captains chair? Call cond. $40. yellow wicker ........ ]~or an arhshc program (215) 794-7444-5-6. Beniamm, ..... pm.: ror............... turmer lnlormatlon ~ 201-246-7911. changer, $25, GM infant seat narmony wire nature, unaer wants to meet a sincere, 609-924-4572with best offer. Roomfeatures Spode, Ro~/m Call 609-gZq-/::l:aZor szi-Ttav, an experienced D~OF teacher honest professional who en- A $15, GM child car seat $15, Worchester, Bing& Grondall Singing, rhythmic playingl joys stimulating conversation, FURNITURE STORE -- now rains, baby items. 201-526-6389. bone china & quality brass A-1 CONDITION -Co~niai ()pen at 2000 Turk Road, ¯ painting, stories, baking, movies, tennis, swimming & THINKSNOW l - Think travel l G.E. NO-FROST home furnishings (215)794- sofa & matching chair, $300. ru,,~ ~.~,~--v Think GamesI Twoflyer sleds, REFRIGERATOR ,X,~",,~,~’~%’~ bread, feeding animals on dining out. Write to Box# 02045 Doylestown, across from 5242. Swivel highback rocker, $75. Echson Furniture. Used furPEUGEOT PXI0 racing bike ¯ . ,.nv.~n~vy~or~t,%~.~_ producing farm Emvhasis is c/o Princeton Packet: $12 each; two pairs downhill automatic ice-maker 1975, with additional touring ac609-586-0947. ;~ -.... niture, decorator items, A~, mewown nome, cnua ~.. on,~t,,~l ~-’~.~, ;.,,~o,~, skits, $8 each; one VWroof $300. Maytag washer & FINE MODERN & old hanging baskets, etc. Stop in mmumarn now .to cope wtm than TV media C~old Soil cessories & Torrot 10 speed carrier, $17; one VWhitch electronic dryer, 1971, $350for problems ar,sma~ from Ro aa,~ -t week-" semester. " ancl ask for Alice 10-5 daily, touring bike. Both in perfect master original graphics. ¯ t.., I, $16; one folding both. 609-924-6894. ¯ ¯ emottonal, hyslcal or L~mRed -- slipcovered, $50, working condition. Call 609- Dm:erto Picasso. 201-572-0324. SOFABED to 5. 201-297-0382. Pingpong table on wheels, $30. ’ELDERLY WOMAN -needs cl°sed Sunday. developmenta~ handicaps. good cond. 201-359-0365. 924-5827. Ca11609-921-6775. " Priscilla Maren, 609-466-2039. ALL~RY TE’NNIS RACQUETS -a ride from Merwick, at Princeton to Trent Center MAGICCATALOGUE - $1 CONTEMPORARY SELIG Yonex aluminum with gut SCHOOL -has o~enings for ~ Apts. in Trenton about 3 times credit of $1 with your list $5 string and Head Vilas wood Brown/- DEC~-~Eages twoto five. Toilet training a week at 7pro. Some order- Jack’s Magic Den Box TOPPS1973 MINTCard Sets: SOFA & loveseat. w~.v vtrrvu ~me ,rn rue Mac: white Herculon, exc. cond. Tables, mirrors, sofa, chairs, with gut string. 609-737-9212 diamonds & estates. ~:~2",=-~;~’~A"’=’~ ;’;; ,-~ not necessa~ Onen all year, Foolball $12; Basketball, $6; flexibility in hours and days. Donald Jewelers, Yardville, ~a~. r~r~. ~ena t0r tree dining room. Call for apafter5pm. $275. 201-297-1460. 312 Princeton Jct. ¯ .. 8am-5pm daffy.,hot lunches. Hockey $5. 609-448-4757. N.J. 608-585-4716. pointment 201-249-8514. detads.GlenmarkPubhshlng Fivemil’es NorthofPrinceton Call609-924-7255 after6pro. Co.Box 233,Plainsboro, NJ. 609-466-0805. ADMIN ASST/ EXEC. SECY RIDDERING DAY NUR- to handle projects SERY SCHOOL has several openings forchildren 2l&to 5 w/initiative & independence yrs. old. Half or all day, for top exec. Excellent w/ people.Personable& flexiblehours for working " Hwy. 27 bet. professionally competen . t mothers. Would like to travel. Reply Kingston & Kendall Park. Box # 02046, c/o Princeton State licensed. Call 201-2971956. Packet.


AFTER SCHOOL CARE -Available for children grades 1 thru 4. Mon thru Fri, 3-6, Tues., half days& school holidays¯ Fundingavailable to qualified applicants. Program meets at Kreps School. Transportation provided from other elementary schools. Call Princeton YWCA, for details. 609-924-4823, ext 25. Barbara Hulit.

CARPOOLWANTED - to join 2 FREELESSONS or form from Twin Rivers to Bush Terminal area, with purchase of a Guitar Brooklyn, N.Y. 609-448-3699. FARRINGTON’SMUSIC Princeton, 12 Spring St. and Hightstownl Rt. 33

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The ManvilleNews The Franklin NEWSRECORD Thursday, September 7, 1978


Pets g Animals Pets & Animals

Lane, HIGHTSTOWN RAISE PORTRAIT - by ’CASH for AUCTION STAMP GIBSON- LesPaul custom --LESHIN HIDEAWAYFARM offers the Street full ot Yard Sales. - dog grooming. George Romney, circa 1765. COLLECTIONS, POST ~uilar. 1974. Excellent. $425. SAT. SEPT. 9, 10 A.M. finest facilitie~ for the care ALLBREED all 609-921-3823. 9/ 9, 9:30 to 3:30, Rain Date Yourpet will ask to comeback CARDS, Old Letters, Etc. Call Lombardi Esq. 201-545-4853. and boarding of your horse, Mr. & Mrs. 9/ 10. Children’s clothing after a visit to the Pooch 609-448-0380 ...... with the largest area indoor STANELY JOIINSON sewing machine, household Parlour. Free pick-up and GEMEINHARDT-- open ring & lounge. Only a short Rt. 523, OAK-, OAK, OAK - Nannie’s record changer, delivery in the Princetonhole, silver #3SSLBflute & items, Sergeantsville, N.J. scenic drive. Most reasonable Prettiest Antiques specializing furniture, plus Hightstown area and north. Including: OAK china closet rates. Instruction, beginner, COMPONENT STEREO ORIENTALRUGS- we pay piccolo,, in oak furniture. Refinished & many other items. (near the For an appointmentcall 201with mirror, OAK bedroom hunt seat, and western. LindSYSTEM -- Kenwood,lieath, cash for antique & semiin the rough. We also do tligh School ) set-high back ornate hed, stripping by hand. Interested bergh Rd., Hopewell. 609-466- 821-9664. AR, Advent, Sharp cassette. antique oriental rugs. One or COLONIAL COUCH -- & Like new. $550. 609-448-3127. many. 609-393-6513. 1966 PRECISION BASS-washstand,chest of drawers, buying as well as selling. 2 ,3426Loveseat, blue/green print, naturalfinish, newfrets, $250. 40family garage sale 8 Oakdesk on chest, Victorian in 55 Monmouth Jet. excellent cond., asking $400. "rBCOLTS - both2.yearolds in FurmanParametric,$175. 609- WashingtonCrossing Estates, rocker, ladderback & cane locations, lid. Dayton N.J. - open 12-5 201-828-6525. training, (1) sire is winner 799-4825. seat chairs, oak washstands, pm, Fri & Sat. All other times off 546 & 579. Sept 9 & 10, 9MOVINGSALE -- Grand LIONEL & AMERICANFamilyof Ridan.(2) hat rack, oak tredle by chance or appointment. 201- 2 REGISTEL~D MORGAN$210,000. Piano, $175,storageshed8x10, FLYER 5pro, 1968 Chevyantiques, oak sire is brotherto SharpGary, ]’RAINS- Anyage or 3/4 size VIOLIN sewing machine, oak chest Mares 14 years $900, 6 years 329-2062. Tomato Factory $40, window air conditioner, furniture & everything under -- with bow TEXTURED CUT VELVET-Topcash paid for all and case. Excellent cherry work table, $1200. Onereg. quarter horse ($528,000). Familyof Prince Center, Hamilton outdoor furniture, red- gauge. condition, the sun. 609-737-0451, 737-2979, drawers, Both NJ bred. $4500 green &gold sofa, practically $35, items. 201-521-2195. Empirecherry chest drawers, Antique mare, 16 years $800. 2 paint ,John. Ave, tlopewell NJ open daily wood set $15, steel set $10, 24" $350. Call 609-921-8809. 737-1251. new. 2 Wymanmahoganyend Black&WhiteTV,$20. 201-329cottage chest of drawers,oak 10-5 pm, Sun 11-5 pm, Air ponies,3 yr. old stallion $300.7 each.201-534-2304. tables, goodcond.201-297-6222.2551eves. secretary-desk, smoking condi(io "~ yr. old mare $400. Onegrade CASH FOR YOURANTIQUE CLARINETS RUMMAGE SALE -stand, RCA color TV, horse mare,10 yrs. $500. 201- HORSE Resonite and FURNITURE-- we are a. wood&unusual metal, all in Sisterhood Temple Beth-El, FORSALE- large dun LOWREY electric organ, & 359-8385after 5 pm. large dealer specializing m Route 206 South, Somerville. lots more good used & antique DISHWASHER- Maytag SHARPt~NUP -- complete Oak.Willingto buy1 piece to goodcondition,$55anti up. 201~uarter w/papers, FINE FAMILY ANTIQUES xtremelyhorse well-trained. 609Sept. 19, 7pmto 10pro, Sept. 20, furniture. PLUS:Rayolamp, Moving. Peer mirror, built-in type. Like new$125or sharpening service at Prin- entire contents. 201-329-2062.782-0454. lg. 799-1376. 9am to lpm and Sept. 21, 9am several good hand-done quilts, trade for comparablemodel. ceton Hardware, Princeton mahogany mirror, unusual ~USTOM RIDING SHIRTS to noon and Sept. 21st, $1 per washbowl, spikes from old butlers bureau, mahogany with full stock tie and/or Call 609-924-1169 or 452-4261. Shopping Ctr, 609-924-5155. ORIENTALRUGSWANTED Rosemontcovered bridge, oil china cabinet, Jacobeantype monogram choker. Fine HORSES BOARDED- box 200 - elec. piano, bag. Beforeyousell any Chineseor WURLITZER primitive churn table, loveseat &chairs, sideboard selection of pure cottons stalls, pastures, trails, tack Persian rugs, let us makeyou exc. cond.$475. 609-466-3103. SATSEPT9th -- 10 to 5. Multi- lamp, cut Depression other pieces w. matchingbureau, reading imported from France and room, large riding ring. KAWAI -5’9" ebony tzrand a cash offer. Sell direct to the Family, something super for goodglass, lots&prints OLD "PRINCETONINN" -&pic2 beds, mantle clock, England,each fabric a limited Private farm, $80, all feed piano, almost brand new European buyers. Reapeveryone. Maple bunk beds, rares, several pieces good couch, hand carved 6’ bar, $250. moving,mustsell. $4400.609- praisals. Free. seamanstrunk, vanity table & edition. 3 weeksfor delivery, included.201-369-4357. We go complete, desks, bikes, Colonial mapletwin 4-poster WANTED TO BUY studio, Depression, hand-painted anywhere, anytime, any console or upright piano in laundrysink, clothing galore, Japan tea set, milk cans, other pieces plus bric-a-brac. from $38. Showroomopen beds, $100/pr. American 466-2786. daily til 4 pm.Alsoat. Beval place. (;09-345-8400. good condition. 609-882-9193 all sizes &styles, housewares, pewterdish, cobalt vase, some 609-921-2148. Indian, old hand carved Saddlery, Bernardsville NJ, KITTENS - born June 23. after 5 pro. odds ’n ends. 36 Valley Rd., wooden doll. 609-882-6733. pieces sterling, old iron bank TO BUY-- Scrap Wednights, DeuxChevaux2-4 Litter trained. Mother - pure KTICHEN CABINETS -- from WANTED Princeton. "State Bank," several hand Kend.Pk. house, asking $300 metal, light iron, steel, batChambersSt., Princeton 609- white. Wewill arrange to have tools, &lots morefroma well- Pets & Animals 921-8248. kit tens spayed/neutered at our teries, radiators, copper, for 5 units, very good cond. PIANO Kimball Spinet, 18 MAYTAG WASHER & Counterrap/sink also avail. brass, aluminum and used kept home. GIGANTIC GARAGE SALE -expense. 183A Blackwell Rd. mos. old, exc. cond. $750. 609DRYER $150, G.E. 201-821-9558. Lunch counter. Owner & Sat. Sept 9, 9am-4pm, ParPennington, NJ. 609-737-1014. machinery. Currently paying 799-3364. refrigerator, $30, steel bed auctioneer not responsible in Princeton FORMERINSTRUCTORat sonage of Bunker Hill the highest prices in the area. frame, $10. 609-924-4620 afcase accident or injury. Paymentat time of delivery. Lutheran Church, Bunker tlill Small AnimalRescueLeague tbe world-famousSeeing Eye ternoons. is nowconductingindividual 2 ENGLISH SETTER - male Rd. Griggstown, sponsored by DIRECTIONS:Auction is NEW-’74 Capri tailpipe & Receivinghours 12-5 p.m. Mon MASON & HAMLIN - piano, dog obediencetraining in the pups, 7 mos. old, Hunting close located2 housesNorthof light catalytic converter &2 like- thru Fri. 8 to 5 on Saturday.No 5’4’" wahm(finish, asking church young people. GO-KART WITH5 HPeng. & 1 newtires. Reasonable.609-452- quantitytoo large or too small. $3500or best offer. 201-846in Sergeantsville on Rt. 523. Princeton area. Off leash- & pointing birds. Registered voice control of your dog, the Amer. Field. Summer sale extra set of racing tires & 4761or 395-0232. JOHN HEDGEPETH GaleIndustrialScrap Iron and 0370. result of years of research at price $50. 609-466-0527. rims. Goodcond.201-297-1221. Auctioneer-Appraiser MetalCo., NorthValley Road, YARD SALE-- Sept 9 & I0, Farm & Estate Sales the Seeing Eye, can now be Roosevelt.Forinto. call (;09Moped,chairs, tables, beds & achieved m the comfort and loads of junk Corner of Ringoes, N.J. 448-2670. DESKS (2) -- single pedestal WHIRLPOOL-elec green KEYBOARD - complete setrelaxed atmosphere of your GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS 201-’782-8392 Church & Main, Windsor. Look 40" metal desk with matching dryer, $75; traverse curtain up. Port. organ, piano, ownhome.In addition, there - AKC,6 wks, BIk, tan & silver, MemberN.A.A.& N.J.S.S.A. 18" cabinet: $45. Single rods 160"+wdth. pr $20; CA.~H FOR GUNS. SWORDSspeaker, head. 609-448-1867. for signs. will be classes specializingin !bred for temperament & pedestal formica covered 42" kit/ bar stools, honey&old military, coins. Licensed ¯ teachingchildrenhowto train I trainability. 201-873-3846. woodendesk with bookshelf: padded hiback, wrought-won Collector/Dealer will pay GARAGESALE -- bed, bikes, and property care for their Antiques base, 4/ $200.201-821-7760. more.Bert, 609-924-3800 days. $30. Call 609-882-0863. furniture, rags, books, clothes, dogs. ContaCtJeffrey Lbyat other. Sat. Sept. 9th, l0 to 5. 201-889-9125 or leave your (SAVE~ FLUTE- Bundy-great for QUEENRain or shine, l0 tIowe Circle, FALLl’oR ONE()~" 0UR"name andphoneno, at609-924- ’AUSTRALIAN WANTEDTO BUY: Scrap beginner.$75. Callafter 5 pin, Princeton (at Riverside). SLAND - heeler pups. $150 TIlE SELECTIVE EYE TIlE LANTERN- ANTIQUES ADOPTABLES DRAFTING TABLE-- solid copper, leap, 201-329-2511. THIS 8094. each. Call 201-725-3799 or 201brass, Bridge&MainStreets -- Copper & Brass cleaning. S. AUTUMN 722-3981 for interview. oak. 6’x3’3", includes sliding aluminum, stainless ste:l, New Hope, Pa. 18938 Main St. (Next to Hagert;, MOVINGSALE -- everything level &lamps$125firm. 609sterling silver, etc., solids .;r PUGS puppies, 7 wks. 1 Florist), Cranbury, N.J. ’60§must go. Furniture, clothes, Female black Irish Setter type female. 799-8238. Industrial, business ........ 1 male. AKC, Howabout Lucite accessories turnings, tools, etc. Sat. Sept 9, 9-Spm. 395-07(;2. dog. private. Correct market PIANO- Story& Clark,6 mos. Sunday especially beautiful. 1st shots WILL GIVE -- beautiful 3 yr "’~ for the bath or powderroom. or Sept 10, 9-2pro. Bedens old,$I(I00, 201-685-5405, 609-799old male Siberian husky to the Male medium size rust color price, cash paid. S. Klein and wormed. 609-298-9042. 25%off any combinationof 4 ’MetalsCo., Inc. 2156Camplain4846eves. Brook Rd. Skillman. right home. Needs outdoors, CHINI£SE & TAI ANTIQUES Terrier type dog. RALEIGHRECORD24" 10space children and love. 609Somerville, N.J. 08876." --Coromandel screen, coffee Male 2-year old liver & white speed bicycle, as new. Suits ~ieces. ur 17thyearin business- call Rd., AKC English Springer CALORIC gas wall oven - & table, 448-4048. child 4’6 - 5’. Asking$95. 609- 215/862-2982 CLARINET - Bundy B flat, Prince’s chair, for informationon Phone201-722-2288. Feeds and Grains counter-stove, $200 or best Elephant Howdah.609-921-1868 Spaniel. 448-8631. $160. 609-799-3936. any homefurnishing I~roblem. for all animalsat 2V2 year old male Whippet offer. 201-359-5819. or 452-5469. Comein any day, why not REFRIGERATOR-small, BEAGLE PUPS - AKC, BOSEDALE MILLS type dog, nice temperament. champion bred. Exc.pets. Call - open 10 to 5. All compact, about 2 cu. ft. 274 Alexander St. 11 mo. old English Setter, GO-CART-- 31/shp, exc. Saturday STRING GUITAR - Har201-874-8198 after 6 pm. and fines paid with Studentwill payup to $50.Call 12 MOVING -- Odds & ends, Princeton CLOCKS--ANTIQUE black & while. running condition. $150. 609, parking mony. Excellent condition. your $25 purchase. SPECIAL609-466-1819. Sept. 9, 9:30-3, 85 Mason Dr., REPRODUCTIONS. VERY Male tri-color 609-924-0134 Collie type dog, 452-2528. Asking $75. 201-782-0454. -- burl cube table 16" square Princeton. REASONABLE.201-247-8541 nice dispostion. LABRADOR RETRIEVER -AFTER 6 PM. 3 year old Female spayed REGULATION SIZE SLATE 19"high$59reducedto $46.95. WANTED JUKEBOX AKC,beautiful, black, large MARTIN TENOR SAX for GARAGE -- Moving Sale, Beagle dog. POOL TABLE -- leather OBEDIENCE TRAINING male, 3 years, very afor not. 201-828-65~7 or sale. Goodcondition, solid Sept. 9-10,10-Spm, 3 family,44 pockets, exc. cond. all ac- NO TIME’FORREPAIR’S-- working Female spayed black German fectionate, housebroken, being 201-254-4938. Shepherd, good watchdog. cessories included. Call after boy’s 26" THumph 3 spd. bike, ill: Daniel J. Mullen deprivedof an active life. Free beginners. Must sell. $300. 609...... Brown male miniature 3:30pro, Best offer. 609-799- $20. 25" color TV, to a good home, desiring a needspic609-443-6978 924-4033 eves. DEADLINE FOR Dachsund. 0379. purebred Lab. Call 201-359ture tube, $25. 609-466-1909 WEBUY-- good used & an(’ANCELLATIONS Male 5 mo. old Yellow Lab after 6pro. 3304. tique furniture. Onepiece to UNI~ond.’ Over 30 yrs. in this area 4 PM MONDAY ,~ type pup. CONSTRUCTION ITEMS -w/ case, 2 yrs. old, nmst sell. entire estates. Call 609-393Female Grey & tan Shepherd for Sale. Table saw &many $130.609-466-3487. ~~’ "" I~ ~]~ type dog. other items. Call 609-924-3692BEDROOM SET-- 5 pc, Med. 6513. __ __ Female adult large German BOXER PUPS -- Fawn, AKC, I~’REE--MALEKITTEN, 8 (home)or 921-3654, office. Beautiful $525; blue velvet 8 wks. old. Call 201479-6497. WEEKS OLD, URGENTLY Shepherd, exc. watchdog. Couch, tufted back $250; WANT TO "BUY PIANO COUNTRY NEEDSA GOODHOME.609yellow velvet barrel chairs, studio, console or upright in Gar age Sales Rummage Sales ANTIQUE SllOP Call us about our female 448-~07. $75 ca; Dining room table & 4 good condition. 609-082-9193 SOLID OAK DINING RM chairs, dark wood, $225; after 5 pm. ATS’I~UD-- Bel Tot black spayed, altered male cats & Tables: Goodselection, round, youngcats. TABLE -- with 2 extra leaves hanginglamps,$20ca. All like standard poodle; super con- SAMOYED- snow white TV- stereo, child’s play turn., farm,incl. wal., cherry, oak & formation &disposihon. 609&4 Captain’schairs, like new, new.Alsobike, playpen,highrocking chair, bar stools, FLEA MARKET ~intiques & adorable pups. Championsire, pine drop leaf. Manysets Call Mrs. Graves for an ap- 924-4016. $650.Pleasecall 609-585-9218.chair, etc. 609-443-5689. lamps, dishes, misc. G.E. crafts. Rent a table at the &dam,top lines. 201-364-1074. chairs, wardrobes- allsizes, pointment,609-921-6122, WANTED"3x5 card files used, Americanarefrig., washer & Indian Summer Bazaar. hours full size crib - tiger maple& 8-4 p.m., Sat. 10-12. any size from single drawer " LABRADORRETRIEVERS LAHASA APSO PUPPIES -SMALLWROUGHT IRON -- REDECORATING-- ant. cabinets to large multi-drawer dryer, kingsize bed, 2 twin Benefitting the Meadows pine, early pine bookcasedesk table &2 chaim,w/ glass top, fireplace, sofa, 3 tables, club eabinetes.Alsoneedletter size beds,2 air conditioners.Starts Foundation.Sat. Oct. 14. For - glass doors. Early cup-- AKC,yellow, blacks, home AKC, excellent pets & watAug. 31, 41 Nassau spacecall 201-249-8016. white. Small Ethan Allen chair. 201-297-2788. boards, ice cream tables & HORSESHOER -file cabinets. Private party. Thurs. YES! raised, $125- $150.201-874-3231.chdogs. 201-297-3461. Place, west Windsor, 609-799chairs, hoosier cupboards, decorators desk & decorator Dependable24 hour service 7 Evenings 5:30- 9, 201-359-8480.4687. DECEMBER 3, Saturday -corner cupboard, dry sinks, days a week. All types of chair, Ethan Allen Deacons NEWFOUNDLAND PUPS -- ¯ DEN FURNITURE -/3UY AND SELL pie safes, jam cupboards, bench. Punchbowl&12 cups. SAVE THE DATE for shoeing. Specializing in WE AKC. 8 weeks, champ, line, Colonial sofas, table lamps, USED BEDROOM SETS LIVESTOCK -Kaufmm~ stack bookcases, desks & 609-771-1305. STUART COUNTRY DAY corrective standing and Farms, Skillman, NJ. 609-46~ shots, 609-386-3297. goodcondition. 609-448-3966 whole roompreferred. Can’t YARD SALE -- Clothing, swivel chairs, fireplace SCHOOL’S CHRISTMAS traveling programs.YES!will use modern.Call 609-924-1707 household items, camping BAZAAR. 0ne-stop Christmas mantels, lamps, fixtures and come out for 1 horse. Call 0773. 3 BATHROOM SINKS -- one after 5pm. REGISTERED Appaloosa eves. gear, toys. Corner of Dutch gift shopping from a accessories. ONE OF NEW anytime.Del Omdal(201) 369ceramicbathtub- $50for all 4 gelding15.2h,7yrs. old, $450-, Neck Rd & Wiltshire Drive, E. reasonably-priced JERSEY’S LARGEST AND 4967or (201)782-5775. but pieces. Old fashioned double BARGAINS! USED Eq’CHING PRESS - Windsor. Sat Sept 9 beginning fabulousselectlon of elegant, BEST OF STOCKS PERSIAN KITTENS -- CFA tack included. Ownerleaving sink wityh legs $25. 8 - 10’ wanted.Anysize. 609-924-3346. , 9 am. No early birds, please REFINISliED ANTIQUE registered, 1 male, 1 female, for school, mustsell. For increative, luxurious, flourescentfixtures plus 4 fin ¯ Furniture KITTENS -- litter trained, shaded silver $125 each. 609- formationcall 609-737-1460. imaginative and delicious FURNISIIINGS, MODESTLY flourescent 4’ fixtures -all 12 ¯ Housewares gifts. Superbitems for silent PRICED. VISA & IXIASTERmulti-colored, need good 466-3819. pieces for $50. 30-686-panel2 ¯ Antiques GARAGESALE -- Sept. 10, LIONEL TRAIN SETS - cars CilARGE! RTS. 202-206, home.609-989-8944. auction, extensive old book KITTENS-- free to good lite solid core door $15. An¯ Books or pieces. I pay up (o $1,000. 10am-3pm, 234 Western Way. sale, gourmetcasseroles and Pluckemin, N.J. 7 miles No. homes. Part long hair. Call tique stove &refrigerator, ¯ Prints &Paintings Furniture, old books, records, Call Pal. 609-587-3333. desserts, greens galore! Fun Somerville Circle 201-658-3759~PULI PUPS -AKC ch. 609-799-1980. LABRADOR RETRIEVER both for $25. Also avail. old radio ca binet, wrought iron ¯ Quilts Wed. thru Fri. 10-5, Sat. & sired/import bloodlines Exc. for everyone AT STUART shelving & bookcases for PUPS -- AKC, blacks, ¯ S ta ined Glas s WANTED’railing, bric-a-brac and toys. Sun. 10-6. w/children. Ready Aug. 20. SCHOOL, Stuart Road, sofabed in good yellows. Champion bloodlines. BEAGLEPUPS -- 9 weeks storage plus old fashioned and much more at the Princeton, 10 am to 4 pm. cond. neutral tones; also old 609-924-2983. Field & show. Good com- old, shots, wormed.Beautiful screens for windows, no Methodist Church Fair, DECEMBER 3. AN INVITATION -- For 609-921-___2783. MULTI-FAmilyGarage panions. Excellent with markings.Will makeadorable reasonable offer refused. Nassau & Vandeventer Sat. oakdresser,Cal___ll selective collectors and Sale: new mdse., picnic table, children. Wilt hold. 609-585- pets or excellent hunting Please call 609-448-0363. Sept. 9th Rainor shine. sewing ,antique lovers. A quality ofWANTTO BUY-- Upright household articles, 5151. stock. 609-924-5953. SAT. SEPT. 16th -8:30 a.m.-4 piano in good c’ondition. LITTLE VALLEY -Canal articles & many extras. Sept. i fering of cut and pressed glass p.m. Somerset Presbyterian Rd. Princeton. 1 mile from MARANTZ 2230 -- Stereo Wanted for our Pirnceton 7, 8, & 10th, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Church, JFK Blvd. off Easton china, and popular collecSET -- king size receiver, 2 yrs. old. Call 609- BEDROOM RockyHill. Boxstalls, lighted POODLES-- AKC, (perAPP-QUARTERHORSE -libles. September 9th & 10th, Education Center at Blair- 27Twin Rivers Drive, Quad II, Ave. Somerset. Dealers 448-5966between4 &11 p.m. mattress, matching twin box stown.609-452-3347. i I-trs: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. THE ring, turnout. Unlimitedtrail sonality plus pups)first shots Well mannered, 100%sound, E. Windsor. welcome. 10’ space, $8. 201-249- LANTERN ANTIQUES, rides Eng. &West. Dressage ~Purings, .headboard &frame. riding. Adjacenttow path of &clipped. 201-526-1309. S. tstanding buy at $50. 6098674 or 201-249-8143after 5 p.m. IVIain Street, Cranbury, N.J. trained. Ownerin college. D&R canal. 609-924-7012. 448-5786. CARSTEREO-- Pioneer KP GARAGE SALE -- 4 Gall Sacrifice to goodhome.$600. (next to Hagerty the Florist) USED HARP WANTED -500, super tuner w/ cassette. Court, Belle Mead, 201-674609-395.0420. condition, for Bosch power antenna, 2 OLD OAK ROLLTOP DESK playable HORSE BOARDING & BOXSTALLSAVAILABLE Sat. Sept. 9, 10am-4pm,ANTIQUE CAR SHOW -- & 609-395-0762. -- set of encyclopediabooks, Princeton area harpist. 609- 3058. Hitachi speakers, slide-in training at Molli G Ranchin Small family stable in Mon-" Sun, Sept. 10, 1-5. Furniture, Street Fair. In Historic Bormountinghrackets, best offer portable sewingmachine,cast 924-1899. Belle Mead. Large airy box tgomeryTwp.Personal care. ENGLISH SETTER PUP-. to.ys, bikes,etc. Cancelled if it dentown. Sat. Sept. 9th, 9 a.m. FOR gALE -- Antique bakers over$15o.609-921-9233. ~ron radiator, 609-737-1567, rains. stalls, training ring, many Paddock,pasture &trails. For PIES-- 3 males, 5 females, 6 rack with brass. Most unusual to 5 p.m. Flea lVlarket, Food, keeptrying. OLDLIGHTNING RODS:will addition to any interior & miles of opencountry trails. further informationcall, 201- wks. old. FDSBregistered. Fun, Baked Goods, Flowers, buy &take down.Also, buying extremely useful as well as Leather &blanket repair work 359-4207. 609-896.0393. Trash ’n Treasures & done. (201)359-2316. decorative. 609-921-9495 for VALUABLE 78 RPM -LOOKING FOR. LITTLE beer cans. 609-799-9410. GARAGESALE --Sat. Sept. 9 Bargains Galore from the classical records. Excellent THINGS? Try Pirnceton from 10 to 2. Usually good local merchants. Table appointment. cond. Collector items (in- ¯ Hardware, Princeton Shopitems. No junk. Manysmall donation$5. Reservations609HORSE SHOEING -- for PUGS- one female and one COCKER SPANIEL PUPstrumental).201-246-4148 after pingCtr, 609-924-5155. articles for decorating,using, 298-0291, 298-5133. expert protection of your .. 6p.m. ANq¢IQUE MISSIONARY horses hoofs, call Dan Smith, male. All shots, AKC,private PIES -- AKC, 2 males, 4 or giving. 309 SnowdenLane, females, black, 215-295-6408 breeder.609-298-9042. organ - mint condition $806. graduate Princeton. of . Oklahoma after 7 p.m. Call 609-882-1794. G.E. PORTABLE DISHMUZZLELOADER-- Wm. SLINGERLAND Farriers College. Hot, cold DRUMS FALL CLEANUPTIME IS WASHER -- $50, Porcelain Schaeferdoublebarrel. $600. white satin; fibes chrome and corrective shoeing. Also HERE!- Donate unwanted -- walnut setee, special shoes for racinR. Fast sink, 27", $15. Calcumatic870 609-448-6451. snare; cymbals all Zildjian; COUNTRY SALE-- mult- items (o the annual Medical VICTCiRIAN HUSKYPUPS- 8 REG. Q(JAI~T’Ei~HORSE-924-0_719: calculator (AC),$20. 609-924carvedwith brass courteous service. 609-737- SIBERIAN top of (he line Tama Hi hat family, Sat. Sept. 9th, 9-4. Center RummageSaleSept. 30 delicately -feet, 50’ long, wks., AKCreg., shots. One trained for cutting &reining.. 22 deep. 6096030evenings. 9455. 1977BRITTANNICA III -- like stand;, complete set plus ac- Petty Farm, Dey Road, and Oct. 1 at the Italian been used for roping m male, 3 females. $150 each. Has Texas stock yards, good new, $600. 201-545-3199 Sats. cessories, $750. 609-448-8941. Cranbury. 3’/2 miles from American Sportsmen’s Club, 609-392.0684. dispostion,14 yrs. old, $1350. Plainsboro Rd. 1 mile from Rt. Terhune Road, Princeton. " BELL POST ANTIQUES DOG FOOD -- Frozen meat: DINING ROOMSET -- 9 only. Ropingsaddle, $225. 609-924130. Oak roacker, old cider Anything and everything Collectibles,Furniture& beef chicken, tripe & kidney. 2 pieces, like new,china closet, 7757,or 655-0231. press, wicker, antique scale, except large appliances and 0il Lamps & 5 lb. packages. Also hanlarge table, 4 side chairs, 2 MINOLTA--SRT I01 + 58mm MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ENGLISH BULL DOGS- 2 desk fish tank, toys & baby bedding will be accepted at Manyinteresting items dlers of WAYNEJim Dandy 1.4+ 35ram1.8.Exc.cond. arm chairs, cane backs, equip. Lots more! females, all shots, AKC, FREEKITTENS Repairedat Garage27, StanworthApts., Science diet dog food. Call -- 2 males, 1 Days: 201-545-9403, Eves : elegant. Firm $1399. After 6 $200. 201-359-6730 colored, FAI~RINGTON’S MUSIC Ba}’ardLaneon Sept. 2, 9, 16, Kauffman Kennels" 609-448- private breeder. 609-298-9042. female, 2 champagne 609-799-1466. p.m. 609-655-2751. Princeton,12 SpI’ingSt. 1 ginger.201-874-6651. 3114 RI. 130, So. of Hightstown. YARD SALE -Sat, Sept 9, and 23 from 10 a.m. to noon. and OPENDAILY DateSept 10. 9 to 3, 201Also at the ClubSept. 28, 29 Hightstown,Rt 33 Rain OIL. BURNER-- used 4 FORSALE--living roomfull Mechanic St. Just 1 bl~koff of from9:30to 5. Forpick up call FREE JOURNEYMAN PALOMINO-- & Bay Gelding, west of 206, Dutchtown months,$100or best offer. 201- of furniture, wallunit, dinette N.MianSt, Hightsto~n.Look609-924.__=-2894 or 201-359-6755. Just TASIIAMA FARM Harlingen Rd., Belle Mead, MOUSERS - 2t,:, monthold $450 or best offer. 5 yrs. old. 873-2843. for signs. Clearing out 25 yrs of BRIDGEPOINT ROAD CHOPIN set, crib. Reasonable.609-443N.J. kittens, goodhuntiqg blood, For exp. rider, 15h. 201-272stored treasures. BELLE MEAD, NJ 08502 PIANO & ORGAN CO. ,-’, , splendidtraining. Please call 3472. HOT WATER HEATER -- 5811. HightstownChapter# 103 609-921-6330 days, 201-874-8578 electric, runs perfectly, 66 Complete Care FLEA MARKET Steinway, Bechstein eves. HANKIN3 ANTIQUES, 169 gallons. 201-873-2843. MOVINGSALE -- Saturday, Boarding Stable Bargains of Baldwin, Yamaha Mercer St., Hightstown, N.J. Sept9, 4 p.m. Surrey ’ AQHAPALOMINOGELDING everydescription Story & Clark, Sohmer Wanted To Buy Webuy&sell furniture, china, COLORTV -- 25" Magnavox -- wouldmakeexcellent youth Dr., Belle Mead. Hunt Seat Instruction SitOPour Sale FIRST glass, jewelry, lovely things. console,$200;tires withrims, activity horse. Gentle, Sat. Sept9 from9am-? SHELTIE pups, AKC, sired by NEW-USED-REBUILT Coinein and browse. Open11 G78x15,G78x14,,$40 ea set, pleasantdispostion,pleasures, 202 Stockton St, Hightstown Convenient Location best in show. Sable/white, 1001 N. Olden Ave. to 4: 30Tuesto Sat. 609-443-4102 YARD SALE -- Sat, Sept 9~ 9good cond; Electric Cord USEDSNOW 10yrs. old. $900.609-924-7757, BLOWER -- call Trenton (behind Heyers Funeral gold/white. 3M & 2F. 609-799609-695-7456 4pro. 14-16 Maple Ave (BehmdHome) or 448-6772. organwith 16 assorted music 201-874-3885. or 655-0231. 201-359-2660 3255. Daily9-9 Sat. 9-5 books$20. 609-448-7935. ¯ SunlawnHome)Hightstown.

2 END TABLES -- and matching coffee table, mint condition, cherrywood Colonial. New$450, yours for $150. Call after 6pm,609-4662412.

TAPE RECORDERS -Dokorder,top quality, reel to reel, $280. Sony8 track, like new,$100. TEAC 350 cassette, $150.609.466-2786.

Flea Markets &

Musical instruments

"Seven For Central Jersey"


TheI wmnc , I dgcr THE CE.NTIUtL







& Animals Autos Wanted

ANIMAL PLACEMENT AGENCY OF THE WINDSORS A.P.A.W. Personality, plus pets guaranteed to bring love into your home. CATS 2 female kittens, 9 wks., soft grey w/orange smudges. 6 too.. male kitten, very playful, white w/grey spots. DOGS 2 yr. Black Lab., AKC,spayed, female, great w/children, very gentle & housebroken. 2 yr. Eng. Springer Spaniel, AKC, male, great sporting type animal. ~, REFERRALS . Part Pekingnese 2 yr. altered real% long reddish hair, gd. w/children, 395-1540. month female, Dart Sheep ~og, very affectionate, grey & white, 395-1540. L All animals bare received their shots, many are neutered and spayed. All have complete personality histories. The above is only a partial listing.

ALL JUNK CARS and trucks wanted. Free towing $15 and up. Scarpati Auto Wrecking, 609-396-7040.



Autos For Sale ’62 BUICK Convertible Electra 225 -Asking $275. Good mechanical shape, all power, white exterior, brown interior, leather seats and very clean. 609-921-2148.

Autos For Sale ’67 VW SQBK. - 76,000 mi¯, 34,000 mi w/new eng. 2 stud snows, new brakes. Needs some work, $325. 609-921-1637 after 6 p.m.


~-IILLSDOROUGH BEACON,. TheManville News The Franklin

Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale AUST]fN AMERICA - ’70. 4 spped, front wheel dri~’e. 57 700 mi. $500 firm 201-2973029, ask for Pete.

1966 VW FASTBACK - Needs some work. Engine in good condition. $150. Call 609-8961153.

1972 PINTO - 2 dr. hatchback. exc. station car & small station wagon. New tires, 20 mpg. Engine needs minor repair. $695. 609-799-3097 after 7 pro.

1973 MGB CONVERTIBLE am/fro radio, wire wheels, ~mpletely rebuilt. $1900. 6098-1769 after 6 pm.

Autos For Sale Motorcycles 1968 COUGAR -- In good ’72 HONDA CB350 - low condition. Needs front end mileage, work. $350. Call 609-924-0633. Asking $550.excellent Must sell. condition. 609.-4483 VW BUG -- mechamcally 7365, sound. Very dependable, body needs some work. $800. 609-.1976 YAMAHA250 Enduro 466-2074. L exc. cond. $600. Call 609,443’74 GRAN TORINO Squ!re 4427. wagon -- 43,000, $3495. 77 than a LTD, 15,000 mi, $4995. Both HONDAXL75 - less year old. $375. Call 609-466have a/c, p/ s, p/ b, p/ seats, am/fro stereo, 3548. 351V8, gauges, luxury interior, many extras. Show condition. ’74 YAMAHA YZS0 Trail Bike Original owner. 201-297-5514. very good condition. $295. 201297-4820¯ ’7

1974 JEEP WAGONEER -Quadratrak, largest V8 engine, p/s, a/c, buckets, excellent condition, $4500 or best offer. 609-924-4019.

SAFARI MOPED- less than a year old, rarely used. Special price of $300 includes saddle bags & brand new helmet. Comesee & ride. Call 609.4661425.

VOLVO- 1800ES, ’73 classic. yellow, blk. leather int., air, AM/ FM, new radials, 1 owner, no accidents. Mint cond. Call 9-4, 609-392-5416, Eves & wkends: 609-882-1266.

YAMAHA--Harr Brothers-M,,lorcycle Sales - Service Parts. 1605 N. Olden Ave., Trenton. 609-393-7550.

Autos For Sale



Lost & Found

, Auto Tire/Supplies


Auto Repairs

VW CUSTOMBUG - 1885 CC, milled & balanced, 5 spd. Webers, centerline wheels, Micheli tires, Adco sway bars, Bilkstein shocks. No reasonable offer refused¯ 201359-0326.


7 FF

1973 HORNET SPORT-A1967 VWVAN-- Excellent BOUTradial tires, exc. cond. running condition. Built-in bed A/C, $1,650. 201-297-2515. CADILLAC- ’74 Coupe de ANY CONDITION & cushions, $375. Call ville, fully equip.ped, exc. weekends or Monday thru cond. Green w/white vinyl top (’~}9-448-6434 Wednesday after 7 p.m. 609&green int. Call 201-821-7900or ’75 OLDS REGENCY- 2 dr, 466-1982. exc. cond. low mileage, orig. 201-229-6430 evenings. WANTED - VW Bug, owner, $3950. 609-443-6810, 201Squareback or Karmann GAla. 536-9857. ’74 BMW 2002 exc. am/fm, any year or condition. Call ’73. TRIUMPHGT 6, am/ fm 1977 DATSUN280Z,2+2, auto. ’71 SUPER BEETLE - auto¯ sunroof, 33,000 miles, $5200. stereo, new carpet, trans. ,~ust trans.,AC, stereocassette, Bill, 609-924-1165. stick shift, only 88,000 miles¯ 609-448-4818 after 5pro. Exc. on, r. winoow Fantastic transportation, good worked AM/FM.Excellentcondition. ’76 OLDS 88 Royale, defogger, excel, interior, body Bcst offer over $6950. Call cond. a/c, pw, p/s, p/b, stereo¯ gas mileage. Very economical $4200. 609-4434290. AUTOMOBILE - private party needs minor work, hrd. top, 6 ()ffice: 609-424-9300 ext.251, car. Ask for Frank, 201-722CADILLAC- ’74, Coupe de wants to buy 4 door 1977: cyl¯ $1200 or best offer. 201-369Evenings: 609-737-9027. 1583. ville, fully equipped, exc. 3819. Buick Le Sabre, Pontiac cond. Less than 50,000 mi. 1978 CHEVY- Malibu Wagon, Catilina, or Oldsmobile Delta. Brown w/vinyl roof & saddle Standard, 11,000 miles. Owner Telephone: 609-448-3836. ’70 LEMANS SPORT PS, PB, inl. 201-821-7900or 201-359-3659 ’72 LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE 1971 DODGE TRADESMEN leaving country, must sell, 8 track, new tires¯ $900. Call -- Sta. Wgn., exc. cond., evenings. van, V8, std. shift, chrome $4000. Call 609-799-0521¯ 201-874-3843, ask for Lee. please call 201-359-6839 after 6 wheels¯ Asking $1675. 609-443p.m. 4287 after 5 pro. 1971 NOVA-p/s, auto, a/c, 1965 MERCURY CONsnows, 75,000 miles. $1175. 609- 1974 FIAT 128 WAGON 4 VERTIBLE -- ps/pb, pwr. soeed, well cared for. nifetv 448-7915. Good condition. 1960 JAGUARMark IX sedan - windows & top. Yellow w. 1971 THUNDERBIRD little yellow wagon $1595. 609- ’73 BRONZECAPRI -- 2,000 rebuilt engine, transmission white int. $495. 609-737-1327 LANDAU -- loaded, good 883-5525¯ c.c. 4 speed. Clean, new exhaust. Includes 2nd after 5pm. condition. Must sell. Received ’74 PINTO RUNABOUT- A/C, mechanically in good con- and paris car plus many extra Co. car. $1580. Call 9 to 4 ask AM/FM, ¯auto¯, very good dition. Call 609-695-4199 Body and chrome in for Dennis 609-586-7771 mornings 8 to 12 and evenings paris. condition. Asking $1800. Call SACRIFICE -- 1976 Pinto NEW HOURS good condition. Some work 1972 BUICK RIVIERA -- a/c, 6 to 11. .609-799-9723or 695-0642. Runabout automatic, looks 9-12 7 days a week needed to ps/pb, pwr, windows, am/fro complete like new. Any reasonable, 1976 CHRYSLER CORDOBA restoration. Asking $2500. A stereo, exc. cond., $2000. 201offer. 609-896-0861. -- exc. cond., full power, a/c, modern classic rarely seen on 297-9112. 609-799-1263 1955 CHEVYBELAIR -- 2 dr. elee. def., tilt-wheel, low 74 MG MIDGET - new carbs, the road. Call 609-397-0983 mileage, vinyl top, AM/FM 26,000 orig. miles, excel, cond. sedan. 6 automatic. 235cu. after 5 pro. $2000¯ 609-448-5788. stereo, leather seats, plush ¯’68 DATSUN510 - $150. Many engine, clean, needs work. ’76 DODGE COLT -- ext. carpet, $4100. 201-329-6741. cond. garaged, immaculate in newparts, including 4 brand Asking $1300. Call after 5, 201AVAILABLE FOR STUD -1968 CAMARO - 307 - w/Holley new Radials, needs clutch. 201- 359-5455. ’72 PINTO - very ]ow mileage, & out, low mileage, 609-587ellow Labrador Retriever, carb., 4 spd. Hurst, AM/FM8 297-2253. high mpg, 5 spd, sturdy car, 4339 anytime. KC reg. 19 mos. beautiful, track stereo. Runs great but new brakes, must sell, $350. JAGUAR LAND ROVER -’72 BUICK SKYLARK-- 4 dr healthy & friendly, Will Authorized dealer. T&T needs front end body work. HT, a/c, p/ s, 48,000 orig mi, 201-874-4906. deliver. 609-799-4425. $600. Call 609-921-7347. ’62 THUNDERBIRD Landau, Motors, 210 Woodbridge Ave., reg gas, ex eond. $1500. 609’72 CHEVY MALIBU, 4 dr., Classic: 39,000 original miles¯ tlighland Park, N.J. 201-572A/C, runs well, $800. 201-297448--4165. Super condition. Triple black, DOBERMAN -- male, 2577. 3240. FIAT 1973 S. -- 4 dr. sedan. all options including factory rare blue & rust. AKC, ’73 LESABRE - a/c, am/fm Maintenace receipts provided. cropped, docked, & all shots. air, AM/FM quad 8 track stereo, p/s, p/b, cruise, 2 dr. As is, best offer over $850. 1974 MAZDA RX -- 4 wagon -67CHEVY NOVA-automatic, NOMONEY??? sound system. $2500. 609-924- 4-spd, 13 mos. exc. temperament & HT, air shocks. 609-448-2189. Terms possible. Call Sat even. p/s, good running cond. $500. am/ fm, a/ c, $1800. NEED A CAR??? 5142 evenings¯ health. $250. 609-.443-.4554. Call 609-799-9200, 9-5pro or 921- & Sun 10am to 8pro. only. 609- 201-873-3059. Many makes and models 799-2045. 3549 after 6pm. available.Also trucks and ’70 OLDS 442, 455ci 4 spd. vans. We need Customerswho 1974 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE BOA CONSTRICTOR -- 5 ft. ’69 PLYMOUTH Suburban CB’Craig 8 can qualify to just make $2,000 good condition. 609-599- custom interior, Rat snake, 3 ft. 201-725-8165. wa~.on --V8, auto, p/s, p/b, 3926. track, must see, $2200. 609-799’72 OPEL 1900 light blue, ’76 SKYHAWK - 4 sp.d¯, aa~Iments on 201-725-5804 our inventory. ramo, heater, a/c. Excel¯ I151. auto. trans, good mileage, dealerat for AM/FM, PB, PS, 22,000 miles. cond, asking $800. 201-725-4476. information. moderate repairs & $3500. 201-874-2224 days or 201FOR SALE - 1970 DODGE framework needed. 39,900 874-3167 eves. WAGON,good shape. 609-452miles. $100¯ 609-921-6236. 1973 CAPRI -- 2 dr. sport MERCEDES - 280SE, 1977, MOVING? 1720 after 6 pro. 12,000 miles. Mint condition. coupe, 4 cyl. 4 spd. manual BEING TRANSFERRED? Metallic blue, leather interior, trans, sunroof, am radio, MUST SELL YOUR CAR? EL CAMINO1970 - vinyl top, FOUND--GRAY, SHAGGY ’78 FIAT -- 131 Sport, mint sunroof, A/C, Quadrophonic radial tires & snows, Ziebart We buy cars outright. Call cuslom cap, new Dunlop MALE DOG - in Hickory cond. fully loaded, call 1973 VEGA-red,. 46,000 miles, AM/FMradio. Asking $20,000. rust proofed. Call 201-874-5008 VISTA MOTORSfor details. Acres. Seems very good with radials, mags, SS396 auto. anytime. 201-359-3304. Call 609-921-3897 after 5 pro. FM, snow tires, excellent after 7pm. 201-725-5800. trans, air shocks, exc. cond. kids. 609-448-6479. condition. $600. 609-452-3903. $2600. Call after 6 pro, 609-443+ 1561. LOST-- /Vl/ Siamese cat. Mt. 1968 SAAB96 - good condition, 1967 MERCEDES 250S-$2200 1967 VOLVO - 2-dr., auto., air, ’74 VEGA HTCHBK. - 30 mpg ’71 CHRYSLER WAGON -or best reasonable offer. 609Lures Rd. near Poor Farm runs good, $400. Also, ’67 VW, good gas mileage¯ 609-466-2377. highway, auto., new radials, 70,000 miles, $850. Excellent 896.1437. Rd. Reward. 609-924-9679. $100. 609-882-8825. defogger, 2 bbl., AMradio, 8 buy. 609-896-0395. 1975 MERCURY Montego MX ^ track stereo. $1500 or best offer. 609-799-4834 after 5 pm. -- four door, AM/FMradio, ’67 VWBUG- Reliable transp. LOST-- Gold pocket .w:atch. air conditioning, rear window CADILLAC1970 coupe deVille ’76 MUSTANG,exc. cond., 2 recent inspection, $300. New LARGE Reward. Antique, defogger, radial tires. Well - white, red leather, a/c, stereo snows, 4 sp. Call aft. 5, 201-297- seats, w/shield, fr. axle beam. marked U.P. with chain. 609’70 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE -maintained. Call after 4pm. radio, good cond. Make offer. 3843. 1970 LINCOLN CONSome rust. 609-924-8347 609-896-1847. 921-3619, No question. convertible, new top, good 609-448-7905. TINENTAL A-1 condition, Charlie. body & engine, not running. extras included¯ $2000. Call Best offer over $450. ’68 after 6:30 pro. 609-448-1116. VOLVO,143 model, 2 dr. good 1974 FOUR DOOR-- sky blue CHEVELLE ’74, VS, auto. LOST -- gold charm bracelet 1973 JAGUAR X J6 Sedan, ’74 GREMLIN, standard body, not running. $300. 609- Plymouth Fury III with white pwr, air, am/fm, steel belted with graduate hat marked cocoa brown w/saddle leather transmission, good condition. 466-2672 after 5pm. PONTIAC GRAND PRIX vinyl roof. Very clean good radials, custom interior, B.E.T. Reward. No questions. auto. a/c, power Asking $1650¯ Call 201-369-3544. interior, 1975, 15,000 miles, completely car. New disc brakes. New superior cond. $2400. 201-297609-921-3619. windows, am/fm 8 trk stereo, e.quipped, $4,000. 609-921-2148. super and springuard shocks¯ 7558. 43,000 miles, very good con- FORD MAVERICK - ’70, Call after 5. 609-466-0397. dition inside & out. Asking loaded, good condition, $400. ’72 PINTOwagon - 4-cyl, 4-spd, ’68 DODGECORONET- Auto¯ $5900. will accept trade. 609- 609-448-5666. 1977 CHEVROLET IMPALA, a/c, very good condition. Best 882-5442 or 882-8221. Power, Air, first $100 eves. & exc. cond. A/C, 4-dr., PS, PB, offer. 609-448-0131. CHEVY MALIBU-auto. wknds. 609-921-1088. ’72 CHRYSLER NEW ;7-7 auto. Call 609-448-5795. a/c, p/s, p/b, am, tinted glass, YORKER Brougham¯ Runs but radials, 609-443-6537. LEAVING FOR FLORIDA 1-974 FORDMUSTANG II - one good. Fully equipped SILVER- CAPRI GHIA, 1977, Must sell. ’68 Torino GT, 351- owner, runs & looks great, red needs trans. $400. 609-448-7917. factory warranty, Michelin ’73 BMW20()2 - Excellent, one V8, automatic, nice inside & body, bik vinyl hardtop, imJENSEN - HEALEY CONramals+ am/fm stereo, 2500 NEW UNIROYAL -- steel owner, air, am/fm, snows with out, engine has 60,000 mi., miles, never snow driven. Call maculate white int. 6 cyl. p/s, VERTIBLE -Carmine-Red, good runningcondition, power auto, am radio, , belted radial tire, size 155 SR wheels, $3900. 609-466-0517 exc. tires COLLECTORS ITEM - 1960 ¯ meticulously maintained new eves. after 6:30 p.m. 609-73713, mounted on a new VW after 6pm. steering & brakes, new batincldg. 2 snows. A real beauty Corvair, 2523¯ 2-dr., auto., low top, Monza exhaust system, Rabbit rim, $35. 201-297:7295 tery, muffler & tires. Sacrifice but must sell. Asking $1700. mileage. Always garaged. Mmhelin X tires, etc., etc. after 2pro. $550 or best offer. 609-924-8094. 609-924-6944. Extra fine condition. 201-874- Must see. $4800 or best offer. 3457. Call 609-896-2097 after 7pro or LANCIA -- absolutely ’68 CHRYSLER NEW weekends, beautiful, shiny maroon, 4 dr. YORKER- 4 dr. good conVWSEARSDiehard battery - 1 dition, $2~0¯ 609-448-5756 VWRABBIT - deluxe model, 5 spd. Bet.a Sector, driven only ’74 FIAT- red cony¯ 49,000 year old, $35. Two VWstudded weekends. sun-roof AM/FM, 30,000 mi, 14,000 miles in 2 years. Henmiles, beautiful, $2500 or best snow lires, and 165R13 and mint cond. 201-725-2177 after 6 ,ffer. Days, 609-452-4381, eves. 1976 FIAT X19 -- a/c, 23,000 dles likea dream. Loaded with p.m. 175R13lire. 609-466-1938. 393-4736. radials, am/fm, must sunroof, a/c, front wheeldrive ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY’ miles $8500. sell. Asking $3200. 201-359-4725 & power everything. MOTOR CARS ’70 AUSTIN AMERICA- 2-dr, Mrs. Danielle, 609-924-3537. after 6pro. 4 spd, 30 mpg, $380. 609-924’66 CHEVY’wagon - 327 V8, 2 VW SNOW TIRES -- prac1972 DATSUN - 240Z, Michelin 9238 tarry. looks and runs good,p/s, p/b, ’56 BENTLEY, S-l, gr¯/ gr. tically new, $45. Call 609-452tires & snows, excellent 1966 VWBUS - needs starter & mechanical condition. No snow tires. $600. 609-466-1938. hides, good cond., $9,500. 5477 weekdays or 924-3029 eves BLUE SCHOOL BUS - 1961 ’58 BENTLEY L.H.D. sand loving owner. Runs well. 609dents, new shocks, 4 speed, & weekends, ask for Donna. GM, good condition, roof rack ’69CHEV.,350 hl),TI0 trans., over sable, tan hides, exc. 392-0718. 1975 FIAT - 124 Spider cony., araged, factory air confor 4 canoes, extra large Hursl4 spd.,FM, ’bestoffer. cond¯ $13,500. itioning. AM/FM radio. _. am/fro stereo, radials, 5 spd, parcel racks, good tires, Call201-329-2432. ’55 BENTLEYH.J.M. (rare} FIAT PARTS- 1400, 1600 &: 25,000 miles. $3995. 609-799Moved up to Alpha Romero. current inspection, $500. Call 1969 FORD -- wagon, new $13,500. 1800 cc engine parts. Also ’69 Phone Evenings¯ 201-463-8871. 1671. 201-369-4919 after 6 pro. battery, snow tires, good ’63 BENTELY Convertible, 124 coupe body and interior. PLYMOUTH DUSTER, 1970, !ransportation. 609-924-1876. white,red int.,exc. cond., 154 Broad St., Hightstown. good cond. 318 V8, man trans. $23,500. 1977 JEEP - Cherokee Chief, 4 One owner, $500. 201-359-8454. ’67 ROLLS ROYCE James 1973 PORSCHE- 2.0, metalic DEADLINE FOR wheel drive, 6 cyl., manual, Young Coach, full power, silver, low mileage, exc. PS, PB, 18,000 miles. Asking white w/burgundyint., exc. cond., appearance group, ’75 SCOUTIT -- 4 wd., A/C, $7200. 201-735-4092. $3999. firm. 609-883-8899. cond.$27,500. PB, PS, AM/FM, loaded. For 1955 STUDEBAKER - 4 door details, 609-883-7720 days.609RUDY’SMOTOR CAR . sedan,58,000miles,$250 or 443-3538 eves. best offer¯ 609-44.~-1 ~aQ SERVICE TRANSMISSION REPAIR -1967 TRIUMPH TR4A - IRS ’75 TOYOT0 COROLLA -- 2eves/201-874-2109 days, ask for Sales, Service & Spares Automatic and Standard. Low Targa. A rare classic. Exdoor 4 cyclinder, automatic, Fat¯ Rolls-Royce & Bentley 609-871-1685 prices,Work guaranteed. Call cellenlcondilion. a/e. Asking $2300. 609-443-1947. 1965 BUICK-- Le Sabre,$100. Exclusive 201-359-2103 after6pm. after6pro¯ 609-921-1593. YEAR END U.S. Route #130 ;68 MUSTANG coupe - $375 or MODEL CLOSE-OUT South Brunswick, N.J. better offer. Needs one brake repaired and minor work on 2 VWENGINES- 1962, 1964, 1960 MERCEDES 190B - gas, 4- Any ’78 COUNTRY -AMC Concord, 201-297-4582 Anytime 11974 PINTO -- auto¯, $1200. LEAVING bushings. Contact Tom after best offer. 609-896-2585. Karmann Ghia ’68, cyl, classic design, $500 or best Gremlin or Pacer from stock ’1968VWbus, rebuilteng.,$800. selling 4pm at 609-924-6334. dented headlight, noisy offer. 609-585-1898. to be sold at 5% over cost. 609-466-3269. exhaust, motor exch. 2 years ’67 MERCEDESBENZ 230 S, 4 DATSUN ’77, ago, good running cond, raido. F-10 HB, COLONIAL MOTORS spd., column shift, exc. cond. Best offer over $1000. AM/FM, 8 tr. Eggnog/Brw. U.S. RT. 22 $1,500. 201-297-3149. 2+2¯ PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE stripe. Ex. gas mL$3600. 201~ JAGUAR -’67 E-Type, 1969 DODGECHARGER- 3R.~ North Branch [Somerville] FM cassette, New brakes, station wagon, ’65, 85,000 strictly for track use only. 2 297-9132. 201-722-2700 Konis, chrome timing chain, A-I JUNK CARS miles, very good running cond. rear slicks includeci~$350. Cali ’72 CHRYSLER- New Yorker, many small parts. Rebuilt spacious, best offer over $200. $30 between 5 & 8 pro. 609-259-9865. Brougham. Cream w. brown Paint is IF DRIVEN IN Pleasecall 609-924-6870 eves ’67 PONTIAC CATALINA -- Servo transmission. ’75 VW RABBIT Deluxe, vinyl top, auto. a/c, ps/pb, until9pro. Class 2 & 3 for complete green, 2 dr, 44,000 mi, 4 spd, pwr. windows, brakes seats & good cond. p/s, p/ b, p/w, needed restoration¯ $3000 pernaps 201-526-6906 ’74 FORD LTDBrougham - 4 a/c, $2100. Call 609,448-2347 door locks, am/fm slereo 8 auto,95,000mi. $325 or best negotiable. Call 609-924-2120 offer. 201-369-4692. door hardtop, a/c, p/s, p/b, evenings & weekends. track, cruise control, trip Chip. radials, excellent condition¯ JUNK CARS- bought and sold. odometer, steel belted radials, STATION WAGON-- moving $1400 firm. 609-448-7644. ’]’owing. 609-259-9604. many other features. Asking overseas, mustpart with 1976 ’73 GREMLIN, r and h, EXCELLENT OPEL RALLY $1950. Call Mike at 609-9241977 OLDS DELTA ROYAL - Pontiac Safari Wagon, perfect standard shift, in good con- 1816. 1970 auto. Only 49,000 miles. USED FOREIGN CARS V8, a/c, fully loaded, like new condition, 43,000 miles, radial dition, best offer. 201-369-3374. Good acceleration, handling. WANTED, ’lop prices, any 1971 MERCEDES 280SE tuned susoension, A/ C, cond. Must see. 609-443-6043. Fun to drive. Economical. AM/ FM radio, PS, PB, push condition. CallCarl,201-249- s/pb, a/c, exc. condition. Needs no work. Tachometer, 200. 609-799-9540. button tailgate. Price $4200, 5533¯ ’76 MGB- 22,000 miles, extras¯ ’64 COMET-- 70,000 original rear-window defroster, radio, can be seen at 146 One Mile I I:/W $3200. 609-882-8785 after 11 am. miles. Runs and looks good. etc $1000. 609-921-2677. Original Owner. $325 or best GRANDPRIX --S J, ’76, full Rd., E. Windsor, call 609-443JUNK CARS WANTED-$201968 CHEVELLE MALIBU offer. Also miscellaneous power, air, cruise, buckets, 1484. $100.201-548-6582¯ Munsey 4 spd¯ Competition many extras. Low console, ’75 CHEVY MONZA - 2+2, 4 Mustang parts. See front end TR6.’71, new rubber. Abetc. Craftsman tools. 609-448plus, Hooker headers, Thrush cyl.,4 spd.,AM/FM,PS, 53,000 mileage, needs work. Sell for solutely clean. $3595. 609-4486454 after 4pro. Fenton SS chrome 6409. mi.$1900.609-737-1225. $950. 609-443-3529. WAN;rE") 4-DOOR LINCOLN sidepipes, ’68 BUICK Riviera -- Loaded, mags. Firestone Supersport CONVERTIBLE -- Give best a/ c, p/s, p/b, asking $600. tires almost new. Excellent 1975 AUDI FOX air, sunroof, price, details re-conditions, ;75 SCIROCCO -32,000 orig. FOR SALE - 1969 Ford Van & DEADLINE FOR 201-329-2712 after 7pro, all day am/fro, exc. cond. Call after 5, etc. Jake c/o K&J PO BOX shape, 89,363 miles. $1600. Call 1971 Mercury Comet. Call 609miles, 4 spd. Just got company CANCELLATIONS Sat. & Sun. 609-466-1909. 215-493-6089. car. 609-443-6673. 8368, Trenton N.J. 08650. 924.0714 after 5. 4 PM MONDAY JUNK CARS WANTED





Autos Wanted


’70 MAVERICK -- as is, 201-297-4624 anytime.

1~}77 XR75- red, in excellent cond. Call 609-466-2464.


’77 SUPERGLIDE - Harley 1974 PINTO -- 2 dr. auto. Davidson, 1200 CC, custom, trans, exc. cond. Asking $1495. 2500 miles. Price; negotiable. 201-359-0326. Call 201-359-4880. 1968 MUSTANGGT -- con- HONDA- CB 350, 1973. Exvertible, very good condition, cellent condition. Original $1800. 609-799-3227. owner. 6,000 miles, luggage rack. 609-924-57~3. ’76 MGB -- low mileage, AM/ FM tape, new radials, must sell. 201-251-6286. ’72 HONDACB 350 -- exc. cond. 6000 miles. $500, extras. 609-448-7079. 1969 FORDCUSTOM-- 6 cyl., auto., exc. 2rid car¯ $230 or make offer¯ 609-737-1992¯ ’72 HONDA500 - 9900 miles, exc. cond., best offer. Mark. 1974 PLYMOUTH VALIANT609-924-4315, bet. 4:30 & 5:30. -- 4 dr., a/ c, radial tires, am/ fm, 90,000 miles, exc. cond. except for damage to SUZUKI185 TF -- exc¯ eond. title, quick bike. 201front fenders & hood. $’700. 201- extras¯ 359-3304. 359-8458. WE BUY

RENAULT 17 Gordini Convert. - 5 spd. w/stripe & rungs. Low miles, $2600. 609452-8140.


1975 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE -exc. cond, 23,000 mi. First $2500¯ Call 609-446-3127. 914 PORSCHE1974 - am/ fm cassette, excellent condition¯ Call 609-737-0926 after 6pro.



Mon-Fri, 10-8, Sat 9-3 MOPED BATAVUS -- exe¯ cond., best offer. Call after 5pm, 609-921-2630.


1969 PLYMOUTHFURY - 4 2.50x17 MOPED tires -- new dr¯ 8 cyl. p/ s, p/ b, $450.609- $10/ ca. 3 heavy duty channels 882-5950. and ramp for motorcycle trailer, $65. 609-448-8631. ’68 PONTIAC - auto, a/ c, recently reconditioned, runs ..... great, leaving town. 609-655’74 HONDA450 -- with Farring, like new, 5200 miles, 2937. garaged, $795. 201-238-6070. FIAT - Model 124, white, ’77 BLUE SPORTSTER -exc. cond, low mileage, Call ’474,500 mi., well maintained, after 6pro, 201-572-0785. gd. gas mileage, $1260. Call after 7pro weekdays or anytime on weekends, 609-9218762¯

Trucks --

’69 FIAT 124 Sport-new top, 1968 FORDF-100, 4 whl. drive, new paint, no rustm $1300. 201- 4 spd. 360 engine,6’ bed with 356-3680 6pm. cover, new clutch, new front ¯ brakes, new front tires, lVli~RCEDES 240D 1974- air, 4- mechanically great shape. spd, am/ fm, 44,000 mi, $7950. Some body damage. $1450. 609-452-3022, 9-5pro. Call 201-359-5905. ’70 CHEVY MALIBU - 350. DUMP- Stake body, 14 feet, eng., A/C, asking $300. Call 1973 Ford F-500, never worked, 609-924-9557 after 6 p.m. less than 12,000 easy miles¯ Asking $6900. 609-924-0746. ’76 DATSUN 610- 2-dr. "Hdtp., 4spd. std. trans., AM/ FM, 31,000 mi. $3500.609-466-3268 TRUCKS after 5 p.m. ’77 CHEVETTE - perfect, must sell. Call days 201-5276685, Eves:291-359-4942. 1976 HORNET SPORTABOUT -wagon, exc. cond, 30,000 mi. select and save from our selection Pickups,Medium/HD Vans, 4Please call after 5 p.m. 609wheel of drives, 585-3782. Trucks-Used trucks and some left overs. ’68 PONTIAC TEMPEST- just COLONIAL MOTORS drove up from Miami. $275. U.S. Rt. 22 West 80,000 mi. Call 609-466-10316 to North Branch [Somerville] 10 p.m. & weekends. 201-722-2700 BUICK- 197"3 Century, 4 dr., $1000. Needs transmission repair, 102.(~0 mi¯ Otherwise fantastic car for many more miles. Call 201-g74-6561 after 4 p.m.

1973 RANCHERO- a/c, P/Sl ~ very offer. afterclean, 5 pm, best 201-359-5310.

1978 E-150 FORD VAN - 21 mpg, completely furnished, 4 spd. on floor, exc. cond., no 1976 PACERDL ~ 258 CID aw. $4900. 609-466-2786. 6-cyl, excellent condition, p/ s, p/ b, a/ c, am/ fm 1972 CHEVY STEP VAN -stereo cassette, rear rack, 73,000 mi., loading space, 10ft defog~er/wiper, roof individual reclining seats, x 7ftx 6ft High, dualrear tires, auto trans. Only 5,000 miles. ’ exc. cond., $2500. 609-896-0930. $4250. 609-924-4771.

1971 PINTO - 2 dr. sedan. 1976 FORD250 Pick-up truck, automatic. Reliable tran- with cap, 390 engine, auto. sportation, must sell, $500. trans., a/c, p/s, am/fm Call 609-924-6030 evenings, stereo, cruise control. .7800GVW, step up welded bumper, dual batteries, dual gas. tanks, 17,000 miles. $4800.


2"1978 XR75 - goodcondition. Call 609-452-8950.

291-369.~75, 201-356~86. VAN-- 1972 Ford, side windows, slandard, VS, good cond. $2050. 201-249-1485. =..


"Seven For Central




1960 FORD-- l/ 2 ton pick-up, with utility body & pipe rack. $300. or best offer. 609-924-0166, Monthru Fri, 8-4:30. ’77 FORD COURIER -engine, 4 spd, great

PIANO FOR BEGINNERS - $5 per hour; taught by award winning high school pianist staying at Westminster Choir College. Class limit (3). Call Betsy Poweli, 609-924-2909.

Boats --

TUTOR-Certified NJ teacher, will provide continuity through summer months in reading and math skills. Primary & intermediate grades. Call 609-924.4226.

24’ SLOOP -Cuddy cabin, sleeps four. Extra sails, over wood. $1800. Forced to sell. $3950 Also cap fiberglass 609-924-1161. $200. 201-469-7400.

mileage,p/b, 6’ bed. 9000mi.

Machinery g Equipment


MOBILE HOME -dlb, 24’x54’, Adult park 45 yrs & older, kit, lvrm, dnrm, 2BR, den & 2 full baths, cpt, c/a, all elec. appl, lots of extras. Call Mon-Sat after 5 & Sun all day. 609-448-3018.

3.2 gas


¢I-IILLSBOR(X~HBEACON,. Die Manville News


The Franklin NEWSRECORD Thursday, September 7, 1978

Mobile Homes

1976 MAZDA-- quarter ton pick-up. 5-speed, only 32,000 miles. Asking $3200. 609-443-

Cla ss i fi’ed


Instruction ACCORDION & PIANO lessons-- Yourhome or mine. Eveningsor Saturdays.609448-8029. S.A.T. COURSE - starting soon. Call Mrs. Levine, 215295-0374 for information. OBOE & OBOE REEDMAKINGLESSONS -- expert professional instruction. 609443-1653 eves.

Business Services


ALL TYPING WORK DONE JONJIE THE ON LATEST IBM Selectric. MAJICCLOWN Reasonablerates. Fast service. Call between5 and 10 Magic comedy & balloon p.m.201-821-6740. animals. Available for school shows, birthday parties, grand openings and fund raisings. Princeton PacketInc.* For further information call has some 201-254-6374. Press Time Available Web Offset Press HAVE MUSIC THIS YEAR Let us print your newspaper or Professional guitarist/singer. in-house organ. Camera ready Richard Winthrop will add the mechanicals or negatives right touch to make your party required. We print regular a success. 609-921-0967. standard pages or tabloids.

PIANIST AND TEACHER-- Your paper can be printed on ATCM; NJCerPa, is now regular 30# newsprint or 5o# accepting students. Beginners white offset stock. There is a to advanced. 609-655-4346. nominal extra charge for a second spot color, ff you so NATUR~, COLOR - Portraits, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddesire, dings, social events from $12~.. SQUARE DANCE LESSONS Remarque Studio. 609-448--starts Sept. 12th. Ages 12-21. Our capacity for your needs is 24 pages standard and 48 7938. Call Joan, 609-882-1638. pages for your tabloids.


14’ ALUMINUM V-BOAT running lights, swivel seats, etc. With trailer & new 7.5 hp Gamefisher motor. Call John, 609-924-2256.

Home Repairs GARAGE DOOR REPAIRS Free all points check up on cables, springs & door seetions. Automatic garage door o)eners installed. Call Carothers & Co. 609-448-3717 or 201-297-1817.

HomeServices Special Services CUSTOM WOOD WORK by expert, experienced craftsman. Woodarticles made to suit your needs. Lumber cut to size for your projects. Wood turning and shaping. Small projects preferred. 609-882-5835 after 6 p.m.


Peter Wikoff

PLUMBING- Lic #4621. Need a plumber, free estimates - all types of plumbing. Call Mike anytime day or night. Phone 609-586-0266.

AVAMIAN Appliance Repair & Service Air Conditioning Washers Refrigeration Dryers Heating Dishwashers Ranges, etc. Reasonable!??? All work Guaranteed 609-44:~-69o4or 609-443-6989

PROPER CARE -- of your trees should not be a guessing game. If your trees are showing signs of trouble or if you are considering a preventive maintenance program, call a company with an owner of over 15 years experience in the field. Tree Care, Inc., 201-297-9300.


SllOP AT IIOME CUSTOM MADE ,slipcOvers .draperies TIlE FABRIC IIUTCII 609-448-3389

CUSTOM DRESSMAKING & MASON- porches, patios, alterations. Kendall Park. 201drives. Walks, brick repairs. REPAIR PARTS -- for all Call John 609-882-1696, or 215- 297-3431. major appliances. Vacuum 493-9388. A 1968 cris craft 30-foot cabin A UNIQUE TROY BILT ROTOTILLERS APPROACH to cleaner bags, belts & repairs, Sleeps 6. Asking HOMESEAMSTltESS -- will sales and service. New and cruiser. language learning. 25 Bunce Appliance Parts, 255 do custom clothing $5,600. Phone 609-393-2273. used models available. Call languages.Native teachers No. Main St., Manville. 201alterations, mending and e CONCRETEWALKS-- Patios 609-890:0371 eves. &Sats. Call Mr. Hutchinson or Mr. and translators. Instruction 722-2922. Located in tlight& driveways. Excellent work. drapes.. ITrenton). EXPERIENCED, TRAINED Burke at (609) 924-3244 for BOAT- 19’ Mercury outboard for childrenand adults.All Reasonable. 609-448-5968 after stown. 609-443-5587. BASSIST -now accepting particulars on your printing levels. Brush-up, con85 lip motor, new canvas top, 4pm. LAWN BOY MOWERS-- year students. Beginner to Ad- needs. $3800. Call after 6:30 pm. 609- versational and literary CARPENTER -- CABINET End Clearance. Any model. vanced. All idioms Call Tim SEAMSTRESS - my home, classes. Intensive courses for MAKER -wants moonlight 448-1116. $30 off. 609-896-0200. *(We have won state Mon. Jet. Expert worktravelers and business people. 609-799-4825. work,goodquality, reasonable NOW IS THE PERFECT CHAIRS -- CANED-RUSHED national press awards for manship, pers. serv. 201-821Tutoring. Call609-921-3063 or rates. Small jobs welcome. TIME - reglued, tightened. Furniture quality press work.) TO HAVE YOUR 7167. 924-9335. 609-466-0782. refinished. Years of exWEAVI-N-G CLASSES -- for SAILBOAT ’76 -- Newport 17 FURNITURE UPHOLSTadults, now forming for Fail. ~rience. Free pick-up and with trailer. Beautiful family ERED. We do custom 9 BALESTRIERI day sailer. Gib, rig, very Small group or private lessons ~e’livery. 609-896-0057. LE JEROME SCHOOL OF work in the finest CERAMIC TILE REPAIRS -SECRETARIAL SERVICE A I. T El-t A T I O N S & stable, sleeps 2 adults plus for beginners & advanced DANCE& DISCO - Do you like tradition. I will come to your tile installed permanently with I)RESSMAKING - wedding by students. Textiles quarter berths. A tremendous to party, but don’t know the home with hundreds of 609-921-3398 CANED & RUSHED -- Make new cement board. Bathroom gowns & veils a specialty. Stephan{e, 609-799-6176. beautiful fabric samples to buy at $2900. 609-466-3145. latest dance? You wanted to remodeling, lowest prices. Day or evening an old chair better. Give ita Gretchen. 609-448-58’29. give your home a new fashion go to that big "City" disco but, MOTOR HOME RENTALS -new seat. Expertly done.609-Tile for do-it-yourselfers. Resumes, Letters, Theses, you were afraid you would trin look.. Call Becky at Rogers Sleeps6; $300- $250 weekly; Dissertations, Manuscripts, 395-0342. DELAWARE VALLEY TILE, $60daily,plus10ca mile.201- ’74 20’ SEA RAY -- V-8 188 over your feet? Learn the 29 years of experience. 609-888- Upholstery. 609-799-2807. COLLEGE SELECTION & Statistical & Techmcal w/ extras + trailer w/ elec Hustles, the Patty Duke, the 356-1380. Typing, cassette tran1067. APPLICATION COUNwinch. $5500. 201-738-1898. Freaky Deaky and numerous scription, etc. Equipment: SELLING - individuals & THATCHING-- top dressing, ’EXPANDING: DIP ’N STRIP other disco dancesteps. Fee: Selectric II & an Automatic lawn repair, reseeding, fer- small groups. Dr. Michael L. PHELAN’S MOTOR HOMI~S $5. per week. Class Time: -~s now a complete service KUNDALINIMar Card II Typewriter. HARDLY USED- (twice) tilizer & lime. Call Tree Care, Rosenthal, 609-737-2256. --,rentals in 2 sizes center for anything made of BROTHERS II - Home imTues., Thurs., Fri. 6 p.m. - 8 x new21’ & Wildflower (main sail & jib), YOGA maintenance iNc. 201-297-9300. 26 fullyself-contalned units. wood or metal that you have in nrovements p.m. Place: Le Jerome Studio, service. No job too big, no job Free insurance & travel 11’,,~’; perfect for Lake Car- Paul Robeson your home, found in your attic, Community CARPET INSTALLER -will small, Estimates. 609-448planning. Call201-329-2241 for negie. Trailer, 2adult & 2 child SNO/,V REMOVAL 102 Witherspoon St., sell carpet, do installations & bought at the flea markets & too YOGA FALL SCHEDULE life vests included. $850. Call Center 6183. circular. auctions. We do hand stripPrineeotn N.J. CLASS repairs. Licensed & bonded. 609-921-3868 late evenings. GRADUATE CONTRACTORS ALL WORKCO. ping, all types ’of repairing, BEGINS SEPTEMBER 14th Mon. eve. - heating circle 609-448-8888. - Painting, landscaping, ex- Rt.206 BeIIe Mead refinishing, caning & rushing, for further information call or Tues. eve. - beginners yoga GT. BENWARD - Painting and COLEMAN- ttardtop tent terior maintenance. Exalso, furniture bought & sold. come see Mr. Marshall 609Wed. morn. - yoga & lunch general maintenance. Gutter camper, excellent shape. New erienced. Free estimates. 201-359-3000 Try us, you won’t be sorry. TRUCK & WINDOW LETtires. Propane & elec. hookup, SAILBOAT -- 17’ Barnegat Wed. eve. - yoga for athletes work, aluminum doors and 924-0996/921-6640, 102 easonable. Charlie 609-382day sailer with tiltable trailer TERING-- show cards, paper DIP ’N STRIP, 49 Main St., Witherspoon St. Thur. eve. - open class Fri. windows. Interior & exterior $795. Evenings 609-466-2709. and 4PH motor, $1400. 609-921signs, tlerbert C. Rodgers, 201- Kingston, N.J. 609-924-5068. painting, floor refinishing and 6105;Bill896-0934. eve. - meditation course Sat. DRESSMAKING AND:’.., 7136. Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5. 297-1648. morn. - yoga for women. waxing. Free estimates. Call ALTERATIONS -- Janicc 201-359.-4455. CARPENTRY -- framing, CONVERTEDCHEV - 6 cyl. GUITAR AND BASS LESWolfe. Call 609-448-2125. sheeting, siding, inside trim. For information call step van; sleeps 4. Stove, sink, SONS - teacher with music STATISTICAL -- & technical Nojob too small. 201-329-6202. 3HO FOUNDATION college experience, cabinets, port-a-potty, opMASON -- Plastered or typing, resumes, letters, THE PROFESSIONAL 609-799-8238 tional frig. No beauty, but reasonable rates. 609-799-0132. sheetrock walls, ceilings, thesis, manuscripts, etc. Done comfortable. Cheap. Call Leo, holes, cracks repaired. Most 10% DISCOUNT ! Woven MASSAGE CENTER -- for on Seleetric II. 201-359-3673, relief of muscle strain & 201-297-9515. all masonry repairs. wood, vertical drapes and general stress. NewHope, Pa. day or eve. TUTORING - let, 2nd, 3rd year PIANO -I0 yrs. teaching Sheetrock taping, spackling, Flexalum horizontal blinds. GUITARISTS:, Tired of Aand Z PIANO TUNING AND finishing 215-862-9147. We offer gift Spanish. $4 per 1/2 hour. 609- experience. done. Call Edward Leisurely shop at home ser20 yrs. perTENT TRAILER - $500. 1965 playing the same old licks? REPAIR. Call 609-799-2477. certificates. 696-9619, Jo-Ann. After 9 p.m. formance experience. Adults, Gudat (609) 466-3437. vice and installation included Get fast relief with Pete’s TYPEWRITER RE~PAIRTradewinds, sleeps 5. 609-443childrne. Your home or mine. free. Call Rogers Upholstery, guitar lessons. All styles, all General cleaning and repairs. 6726. Call 201-782-1129. artists, reading, theory, PROFESSIONAL Teacher of ,Free estimates. Call Eu PIANO TUNING & REPAIR MASON REPAIRS -- FREE 609-799-2807. LET’S MAKE A DEAL -- will technique, improvisation ... .Radigan, 609-448-6443. Guitar & Violin Graduate of -- David Forman at 609--443ESTIMATES,609-924-6489. TENT CAMPER 1965 trade work for what have you transcriptions of any music, Berklee College of Music. Call TUTORING -- in most sub6866 or 609-767..0432. PRINCETON Tradewinds. Will accept best to sell. Styer Sales Learn only what you want, Ed Cedar. 609.443-5163. )ects, elementary through offer. 609-883-8312. DISPOSAL SERVICE Paperhangers, 609-443-3138. beginners to advanced. Best of nigh school by patient, ex- TYPIST- wisbes to work at Rt. 130 & Half Acre Rd. references. Lessons given on perienced, inventwe teacher. PIANO TUNING home. Accurate work at Cranbury, N.J. Princeton campus. 212-874Yale Cum laude. Reasonable CERAMIC CLASSES - starreasonable prices. Ringoes- Regulating TRAILER -- 18’ sleens a 609-395-1389 Repairing 6809. Keep trying! rates. 609-655-3641 (Cranbury PAINTINGS RESTORED ting Sept. 7 Openings for completely self-’con ta’ined’ Hopewell area. 609466-2615. ROBERT H. HALLIEZ ART & ESTATE area ). Monday & Thursday evenings. Excellen cond. $1800. 609-395FLOOR SANDING -hardHome and Industry Registered APPRAISALS $1.50per lesson -7 lessons. 1985. wood floors sanded and Garbage, Trash, Rubbish Member Piano Technicians KALENS FINE ARTS Includes use of supplies. Call TENNIS LESSONS-- 1 L~ hour finished. Phone 609-585-8235. Removed Guild, Inc. PALMER SQUARE TUTORING 609-395-1221 between 5 & 9 pm. small group lessons. 1 hour of Hauling of all Types 609-921-7242 PRINCETON READING ENGLISH MASTERCRAFT CAMPER instruction 1/ 2 hour of play. STUDY SKILLS Some day & evening times still KITCHEN CABINETS -- Wall pop-up, sleeps 6. Stove, sink, WRITTEN AND ORAL PIANO LESSONSin my units - fine quality, individually available. Certified-instructor. Ice box. Excellent shape. YOU A~E INVITED -- to plan SNOW-REMOVAL- All Work COMMUNICATION CLEANING home. Children & adults. S[yLeu&crattea ot walnut,CARPET Asking $1000. 201-467-0330 or Call 201-846.-4119or 201-329-2996 your next occasion with the -- Any size room Co., Rte. 206, Belie Mead. 201Adults & Children Experience certified teacher, ask for Ed. oak,cherry, butternut or SPECIAL 469-0090. MOVEABLE FEAST. From a : 59-3000. TIlE LEARNING ask for Mrs. Busch. 609-443maple. Also refinishingor steam cleaned by experts. few trays of finger foods ioa $19.95. New Dawn. 201-446EXCIIANGE 5850. resurfacing existing cabinets. complete gourmet banquet, 1977 24’ ARGOSY- trailer LEANRING PLUS -- An157 S. Main St. Hightstown PARK LANE CABINETS 201- 4313. ABC B.EPAIRS, INC. -- TV, menus can be created to fit (made by Airstream), selfnouncing S.A.T. Review MASON CONTRACTOR 609-443-4113. stereo, major appliances. 24 874.4151. any occasion. Call us for a contained, sleeps 6, rear bath, PIANO TEACHER - ConCourses for 78-79. For further hrs, 7 days a week. Free & consultation and let us share n,~|i Zip Dee awning, TV antenna, Fireplaces, stone, brickwork, CUSTOM MADE servatory Graduate. 201-297information & registration call reasonable estimates. Serving your next social triumph.~,~ stereo. Set up for winter 2322. steps, patios, concrete, SLIPCOVERS 609-448-1543or 448-3690. GUITAR LESSONS -- 6/12 East & West Windsor and~ platters also available. CARPENTRY -Expert camping. $9500. e 11 609-737- string. waterproofing, etc. Contemporary method BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME Princeton Jet. area. 609-448craftsmanship with 799-1641 or 799.4031. 1112. includes tape analysis in my DRUMLESSONS-- all styles. reasonable rates. Allphases of YEARROUND- Your fabric - 5666. WM. FISHER BUILDERS Reading, technique & constudio. Bob Korman 609-921construction. Wewill help you Labor only. Call for yardage INC. ceptual. 201-297-1754. 3669. needed. References on 1977 RANGERCAP - for 8ft design your ideas. Over 20 yrs. WE CATER ANYTHING 609-799-3818’ CUSTOM MAKE request. BOB’S SLIPCOVERS WILL bed pick-up. Used only once. Picnics to banquets. 5 to 500. experience. 201-297-7080. drapes, bedspreads pillows ... 609-655-1573. Best offer. 609-921-1277 after 5 CELLO LESSONS - with PIANO LESSONS- avail, from Special dietary platters Specializing in building & pm. concert pianist w/MM in Suzanne Smith-Mead. Peravailable.Some ChickenInc. covering cornices, lambrequin AIR CONDITIONING cenformance degree Oberlin Performance. Very reas. 609Montgomery Shopping Center. ALL TYPES ROOFING, PROFESSIONAL TYPING & headboards. Your fabric. CESSPOOLS Conservatory, Masters of 443-5673 eves, ask for Roberta. CONCRETE AND CARtral, window units, cars. 609-924-5659. Call 609-448-4642. SERVICE -- Carduner’s STARCRAFT CAMPER Reasonable rates. 201-297-4722. AND Music under Bernard PENTRY WORK. 201-521-2790 Shopping Center, Rte. 130 & sleeps 6, sink, icebox, closet & Greenhouse at University SEPTIC TANKS of Princeton-Hightstown Rd., sp. tire. 201-297-5017. CLEANED N.Y., Member of Trenton GOURMET LESSONS ON GUITAR -Hightstown, N.J. 609-448-6707. ROCHELLE’S TREE WORK -- ALL TYPES ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS -G & R BUILDERS-General 7 Trucks - No Waiting Symphony. Call Collect before Trumpet, banjo, clarinet, etc., CATER:~NG-- for cocktail, Your complete secretarial repaired & installed. Stone Pruning, Topping, Feeding, contractors. Additions & office parties, 1971 VW-- Campomobile, pop- Aug. 28th or after Sept. 6th, FARRINGTON’S MUSIC: service featuring ERROR dinner, Removal, Storm Damage, alterations. Brickwork & drives regraded & restoned. RUSSELL REID CO. Homemade soups, hors top a/c, rebuilt engine, $2150 617-332-1659. After Sept. 15th, Hightstown and Princeton. FREE AUTOMATIC TYPING by the ton. Land Clearing & Chipper fireplaces, patios, aluminum Stone delivered or best offer. 201-359-7858. 609-924-3133. quiche, dinners, - every page an original. Also, d’oeurvres, Call 201-297-9301. Service. Firewood & wood siding. Free estimates. 60920 YearsExperience pastries, ethnic letters, resumes, theses, term desserts, chips available. Competent 201-673-2534 201-356-5800 Call 609-259-9375. 799-0753, 799-1779. TRAVEL - TRAILER - 1977, work at a fair price. Fully HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE? apers, dissertations, news specialties. VIOLIN & VIOLA LESSONS DRIVEWAYS PAVED 28’ self:contained, TV hook-up, -- Expert guidance through tters, addressing & mailing, insured. Free estimates. 609with experienced, highly patched, sealed, stoned and exc. cond. Call 201-873-2217. information storage & 737-3126. Astrology & Tarot cards. qualified teacher. All ages, all ALCOA ROOFING & SIDING graded. Heavy duty snow retrieval, Xerox copies. LAMP SHADES -Lamp Private sessions or social stages. Call 609-921-7806. of all types. Shingle, slate, hot removal. John W. Hoff & mounting and repairs. Equipment: IBM Correcting Nassau 27~/.z’ MOTOR HOME -- 2 gatherings, parties, etc. For asphalt roofs & repairs. Free Associates, General ConSENIOR CITIZEN CARE in years old, has everything in it, appointment call 609-921-0694 Selectric II and an IBM Interiors, 162 Nassau St., estimates. Budget terms tractor. 609-466-3730.. zny home, Monroe/Jamesburg very low mileage. 609-597-4795. or 609-924-2719. Memory typewriter. Princeton. avail. 609-396-8041, 924-1760, area, pleasant atmosphere’& PIANO INSTRUCTION MAGICIAN -- shows for 259-3446 or collect 215-968-0793. home-cooked meals. 201-521Experienced certified teacher school, cub scouts, parties, CAMPER - 10,/~,’, sleeps 4-on DRAKE BUSINESS DECORATE YOUR HOME EXPERIENCED CHIMNEY SWEEP - 2169. now accepting students for .clubs & more. Audience Ford 3/4 ton Ranger XL 250. COLLEGE September. Call 201-359-6778. MANUSCRIPT- typist offers fireplace, wood/coal burning participation & balloon (~’ourself, with professional Orig. owner, 17,000 miles. Like ecorating consultation. I sell services in home. IBM animals. Low price! Call Ted, CARPENTRY / HOME IMstoves. Clean, efficient I. AI) IES CUSTOM new. Air, cab loaded. Must be 17 Livingston Ave. nothing but advice. 609.921Executive. Reasonable rates. vacuum system. A dirty 609-921-1549. PROV,~MENT-- any and all seen. $3990. 201-359-3296. TAILORING-- coats, suits, New Brunswick, N.J. A Picture is worth a thousand 6662. chimney is a fire hazzard. Call 609-924-9011. kinds of home improvements dresses, gowns, skirts, etc. Complete Secretarial and words. Save yourself some Robert Ackers HOME made to order. Hillside Studio,, and alterations. For free Accounting Courses talk. Take your own picture. COMFORT 609-466-3011. estimate call 609-259-9427. 609.737-0090. Day and Night Courses For just five dollars a month G.W. Jr. & ASSOC. -- ConTHE BROTHERS TREE WORK -- ALL TYPES Telephone: 201-249-0347 ou can learn how to lake DISCO ON WHEELS Pruning, Topping, Feeding, sultantsconducting se.curity eautiful oictures and how to surveys,trainingseminars, Removal, Storm Damage, SUPER HAIRCUTS - in your it0USECLEANING NOVOBILSKY & VAN develop them. " Darkroom colleges, schools,hospitals, Land Clearing & Chipper honac. Call 609-921-6662. Leave Window Cleaning DORN--HOME IM.:ii: MOBILE I-[OME - 12’ x 65’ in SCUBA DIVING -- Call for technique, black and white retail, industrial,governService. Firewood & wood nlessage on answering Floor Washing & :’" good location 2 BR, Lvrm, PROVEM:ENTS -Carpentry, mental agencies. Test & For chips available. Competent machine if not home. ~, nearest you. Scuba and color development. Waxing roofing, siding, int. & ext.¢ :ii Dnrm, kit, bath, a/c, good course call or modify present training sales,rentals,mr, service, more information al a fair price. Fully }tonest, Reliable painting, insulation & work :~)i condition. 609-443-1642. program. 609-883-1948. insured. Free estimates. 609trips. PRINCETON AQUA come see Mr. Ryder at the Experienced "Your Party is Laggin’ screenxng. 609.466-0926. Community 737-3126. Without the Disco Wagon" Call after 5 pm SIaO~TS,306 AlexanderSt., Paul Robeson );.: MASSAGE, APPOINTMENT Center 102 Witherspoon St. Princeton, 609-924-4240. 609-587-8055 ONLY.609-989-9870. wide, Princeton 609-924-0996. iili 24’MOBILE x 36’, 2HOMEBR, IgDbl Ivrm, kit, RESUMES UNLIMITED Parties or Any Occasion CARPENTRY ALTERHAULING AND MOVINC.. HURRY CLASS TIME IS Your complete one stop Free Eshmates ATIONS, ADDITIONS. done. Reasonable rates. Ca!! i,~ bath,& dnrm. A/c, washer& PIANO, FLUTE LESSONS -GOING QUICKLY! No job too large cr 201-359-4753. resume service featuring dryer.Rearenclosed Ig porch. GO-GO PRIVATE PARTIES, TOP SOIL -- fill dirt, sand, Call Don too small. Doug Renk., Builders. Experienced, certified resumes professionally J;:2Nice Indscp yd w/storage 609-989-9870. driveway, stone, firewood, teacher. All ages, all levels. PIANO INSTRUCTION - for (201) 238-5650 609-655-1221. CLEA OUT written to highlight your N junk hauled away. 609-394-5921 :~-ii: shed.$22,900. 609-758-3524 after Hillsborough. 201-674.4709. intermediate and beginning (201) 846-1208 qualifications, expertly typed :’,’. 5 pm. anytime. students. Call 201-359-5935. Attics, Basements, Garages & offset printed. For personal, PARK PLUMBING & Very Reasonably Priced confidential service call 1967 PARKWOOD- 10 x 60 HEATING -- Installation & Wealso buy IT’S MAGIC RESUMES UNLIMITED at repair of all your plumbing house trailer. Interior eom- MATH TUTORING -- by Ph. PIANO-ORGAN INCARPET INSTALLER- will used furniture D. High School & College. STRUCTION- in your home. needs. Lic# 5646. 201-297-7538. letely remodeled, $3900 609-448-0701. sell carpet, do installations & 201-466-9807 From spectacular stage shows Preparation for SAT Exams Roger P. Turney, F.A.G.O., rnished. Nice wooded lot, repairs. Licensed & bonded. 609-448-7348 to intimate close up magic. also available. 609.-446-3690. L.T.C.L. 609-921-8309. "::: ready to movein. 609-448-0849. 609-448-8888. Children’s birthday partms, NELSON C. MOUNT JR. CAPITOL PAINTING - inFUTURE INSULATIONS banquets, any event. Each BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME -terior & exterior, reaso/~abld MOBILE HOME FOR SALE COURETHANE F.OAM show personally planned to Carpentry, Int. &Ext. FLUTE LESSONS exwith an elegant fiberglass rates, fully insured. 609-883adult park, unfurnished, 12xx your needs by a professional SPRAY APPLIE -I-iUSTLE LESSONSThe way perienced, certified teacher Painting, Minor Plumbing & flagpole. From 20 to 70 feet in BII..K, CHAMBERLIN -1537. 60, 2 BR’s, wall/wall carpet, CELLULOSE BLOWN ][N magician. Reasonable rates. Electrical Repairs. taking students at all levels. you want it. In your home. height. Four standard colors PLUMBING & HEATING. extras. Very clean. 609443Solar buildings, homes, attics, Call after 6 p.m. 201-359-2847. privately or with friends, or at walls, cold storage boxes, 201-249-7462. to choose from. Installation License #5394. 609448-1848. 1079. Ask for Ed. your next party or club 609-655-2830 service available. Mainstorage tanks, roofs, trailers, INTER]0R & EXTERIOR meeting. Stop being a wall tenance of exiting flagpoles. DEADLINE FOR PAINTING-- free estimates, flower! Call Jennifer, 201-545- vans. specialties. 609-397-0132, All types ot e’mgs ann ~anSITAR LESSONS by an DEADLINE FOR DEADLINE FOR 82 Rocktown Rd. LamCANCELLATIONS reasonable rates, clean work. 4981. ners. (You name it, we have CANCELLATIONS CANCELLATIONS experl. Phone 201-297-9097. bertville, NJ. 4 PM MONDAY Call T. Laski 609-799-1462. it.) Call 201-356-2388. 4 PM MONDAY 4 PM MONDAY

Furniture Restoration





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Mobile Homes



Painting & Paperhanging

HOME Thursday,



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1978 9 FF

Eachoffice is independentlyowned andoperated.


your Home with Krol, ¯



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and ....GET




ROCKYHILL CLASSICOFFERSIMMEDIATEOCCUPANCYI With five bedrooms and two andone half baths, a family roomand sunkenliving roomthe kids can’t say there’s no placeto get that "homework" finished. Withthat out of the waytheyhavelots of propertyto run off that built-up energybeforesitting down to dinnerin a countrykitchenwith all of today’s appliances.P.S. YouandDadcanenjoya quiet "candlelight" interlude in the formal dining roomoverlookinga majesticmountainrange.Exquisiteat it’s reducedprice of $143,900.



. ~,~’~,~Olu~-’~

~ ’,





HERE’S A RECIPE FORHAPPY LIVINGJ ...... Takefive bedrooms....addtwo andonehalf baths...a full basement....two zonedair conditioning...then sprinkle in a fireplace anda self cleaningoven...just a dashof dishwasher andpourinto a moldfor a twostory traditional Colonial. Placeon ~Aof an Acre and allow 5 years to mature and WALLA!I!You have a gorgeous homethat will serve a family of six or morel....HURRY BEFORE IT’S ALL GONE .... AT $ t 45,000.

SUBTLE ELEGANCE IS THEONLYWAYto describe this CustomColonial Manorsituated ’high on a full acre lot in prestigious Montgomery Township. Aningroundheatedpool is well placedalong with an Umbrellapatio set and gas grill for those autumneveningsahead.Five bedrooms and two andone half baths. W/thin walking distance of a CountryClub that offers both golf and swimming. Just reducedto$135,000.

COMMERCIALLY SPEAKING DON’TMISS THIS OPPORTUNITY .... If you haveever beento East Windsoron Rt. 130 chancesare that you have either seen or shoppedat the "SPORTS BARN"...WelI,believe it or’s "For Sale" along with a "ranch" style homewith two bedrooms and bath and a great fireplace in the living room. The"SPORTS BARN" is 25’ x 30’ with a 10’ ceiling. Thepropertyis commercially zonedandthe houseand building can be convertedinto office spaceor possibly a "ProfessionalBuilding". $135,000.(Howabout? food?....Drive {n ?.,..SpecialtyShoppe?


;~ , ,e

M.R. TOTH DOESN’T JUST BUILD HOUSES...HE BUILDS DREAMHOMES! Only a master builder such a M.R. TOTH BUILDERS could have constructed this "one of a kind" DREAMHOUSE! "Doweled" oak’ plank flooring, carpeting and hardwood floors...take your they are all included in this four to five bedroom custom designed home with three and one half baths. Want a two car garage with electric door openers, Nutone intercom system and a "slate foyer" that is invitingly warm?...Well, all you have to do is "DREAM" and there it is...along with a GAF TIMBERLINE roof and Brick and forty year "Revere" aluminum siding. Within the realms of reality $178,000.

AFTER SCHOOL DELIGHT is ahead for the youngsters as they frolic throughthe barnsandhorsestalls on the 1.67 acres.Anauthentic three story centerhall colonial boastsfour bedrooms andtwo full baths.A large CountryKitchen with doubleself cleaning ovenfor those after school cookiesandmilk anddon’t worryif they spill their milk sincethe floor is "N o-Wax." Just Reduced to $116,500. MEMBER:MERCER,SOMERSET,HUNTERDON AND MIDDLESEX MULTIPLELISTING SERVICE




A ONEROOM SCHOOLHOUSE WASTHEORDEROF THEDAYwhen this pre-revolutionary Cranburymansionwasbeing built. Handcraftsmanship andpride are reflected in its’ sturdy brick constructioncontainingsix bedrooms and three baths and an efficiency apartment.Your homework assignment is to inspectthis gracioushistorical home andbesureto notice the shadetrees that proudlystan(i in front... $125,000. A










Route27 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd. 201 297 7900 609-585-3100






Putt around your apartment. That’s what the Apartmentpeople are doing at the Princeton Meadows Country Club, There’s a brand new clubhouse with complete pro shop, along with a championship golf course that will challenge even the most ardent duffer. Of course, tennis and swimming are a big part of the Life, too. At Princeton Meadows, distinctive one and two bedroom apartments are just minutes from prestigious Princeton and the convenience of the New York-Philadelphia trains.

In "Brookstone",one of Princeton’s mostdesirable residential areas, this gracious magnificenthomefor living, entertaining on 2.9 acres on cul-de-sac. A peaceful retreat in secluded splendor. Central air conditinning, w/wcarpet, three fireplaces, ranch closet space. Modem kitchen, breakfast nook. laundry, room,all appliances. 40-foot recreation room, panelled 30-foot billiard room,22 It. living roomopens on 15 ft. dining room,library and den 15x15,four bedrooms,2 full baths, 2 half baths. Screened sun porch overlooking expansive lawn. Blacktopdrivewayand eight-car parking area. Moregood livable space inside than can be imaginedfrom outside. See in believing! $230.000call 921-2523or 737-9113.




Painting & Paperhanging

The Apartmentpeople Lincoln Propert~ Company

CtlRISTENSEN PAINTING WE’RE PROFESSIONALS Specializing In EXTERIORS Consumer Bureau Registered Excellent References Ehristensen Painting Co. 184 Carter Road Princeton 609-921-1277 924-7737


FREE ESTIMATES DAY OR NIGHT-- B. Rich Painting Co. Residental, commercial, interior or exterior. 609-8827738.

Leasing Office is open every day. Phone(609) 799-161 I for more information. Call 799-4000 for golf starting times.




Electricians Painting & Paperhanging NANAK’s SERVICES Profvssional Painters lnteiror & Exterior Longstanding Reputation Local References Fully Insured 609-799-8238 CUSTOM PAINTING SERVICE -- Residential, comm(~cial. Interior, exterior. All ~ k guaranteed. Call now for spccial Spring rates. 10 years experience. 609-882-0891 or 9241760.

Painting & Paperhanging IIOUSEPAINTING BY DON exlerior & interior. Free estimale. Call 609-448-5782. PA~INTING paper hangingPaper removal, wall resu.facing exc. references, low rates quality work. Call 609921-0690. PROFESSIONAL PAINTING -- interior & exterior. Ed Noebels, 609-443-3559.

PRINCETON PAINTING ANDrestoration. Interior and INTERIOR, EXTERIOR exterior. Residential and Painting & paperhanging, commercial. Sheetrock, Fully insured. Free estimates, plaster and home repairs. Tom Sheeran 609-924-9219 609-924-3727 ext A-28. eves.

Painting g Paperhanging

Painting & Paperhanging

Painting & Paperhanging

PAPERHANGERS EXTERIOR/INTERIOR SPECIAL--Bedroom,10x12xS, PAINTING & WALL $25.00 in silver dollars, dated -- by two REPAIRS before 1955. Call Styer Sales, professionals. Neat, con609-443-3138. scientious, reasonably priced. Insured. References provided. Call Bob 609-921-6173. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAl, "THE PAINTERS" -- now PETER FIUMENERO, JR. available for excellent exPAINTING terior - interior work, 5 yrs. & experience. Call Bruce or PAPERllANGING Margaret, 609-921-1871. SPRAY PAINTING’ 609-799-3657 eves. PAPER HANGING SCRAPING PAINTING -- local college student. 5 years experience. Free estimate. Refs avail. Call Mike 609-396-4784.

Prompt personal service. types of wall covering. Free estimates Dan Rudenstine 609-585-9376



609-924-3308 609-921-1197 BUY IT, SELL IT! PLACE A CLASSIFIED 7-POWER WANT AD




ELECTRICIAN Residential, Commercial, Industrial Wiring Free estimates 609-443-5239 F&BElectricaICont. Industrial

Commercial Residential PAINTING--Interior, exWiring&Repairs terior, wallpapering, light carpentry. Quahty work. Call 609-448-5202 John: 609-655-1598/655-2015. Lic#4667 BOLLENTIN PAINTING


Distinctive Colonials In a Natural 5nttln 9 Twomiles from the Princeton line on RaymondRd., So. Brunswick (Princeton Address)

ALL TYPES OF ELECTRICAL WORK.Call 201-3593387. N.W. MAUL & SON U.S. Hwy. 130 & Griggs Drive 201-329-4656 Relaair Service Electrical Power & Lighting Installations Industrial Maintenance

¯ Largeliving room ¯ Separate Dining Rooms ¯ FourBedrooms

¯ Eat-inKitchens ¯ CityWater& City Sewer ¯ 2Y~Baths ¯ FamilyRooms

¯ CentralAir ¯ 2 CarGarage ¯ Underground Utilities ¯ Fireplaces

¯ ¯ ¯ ¯

Wooded %~ Acre Aluminum Siding Full Basement Excellentcommuting to NYC&Phllg.


Including all the above extras All in all hereis unusual valuefor onvof thesefive beautifulmodels. Pleasecall, andwe’ll tell youall aboutit andshow youtt~e architect’splansIn earoffice andthe model homes on thesltel .,.home of theprofesslonal, l


CHElYDER 4 Cherlton $1regl

I~RINCEI’0N,, Now Jersey 08540

N Office(609)921.2776




10 FF


Adlerman, ¯ "

HazelStix Nora WIImot Suki Lowln Dorothy Kramer Jane Lamberty AnnRaffaelll JoanAIpert BarbaraPinkham DlanneBishop KarenTrenbath MarleneHorovitz Lois Fee Jo Ellen Grossmon KathleenFee EstherPogreb|n MikePollard SarahLorach AnlutaBlanc

RealtorsandInsurors 4-6 HulfishSt., Princeton, N.J.

DonPhY’"’"vi"Faccln, RosGreenberg

(609) 5861020

Evenings (609) 924-1239 Est.

1927 Member: Princeton Real Estate Group, Multiple


Service, World Wide Relocation Service

HISTORICLAWRENCEVILLE - This Executive Colonial has a graciouscenterhall with windingstaircaseandgallery, large LR, library, DR,family roomwith stone fireplace wall, marvelous kitchen with superb storage, breakfast roomand porch, lovely private gardenwith trees, 4 corner BRs, 2½baths, and 2 car garage.Anexcellent valueat $99,800.

A BIT OF AMERICANA - Enjoy living in this beautifully maintained5 BIR colonial in charmingHopewell.Downstairsyou will enjoythe graciousliving roomwith a fireplace, a dining room anda hugeeat-in kitchen w/formicacabinetsanda two roomoffice suite whichcanbeusedas the professionaloffice it is nowor as a family roomand a study. Upstairs there is a masterB/Rwith an adjoining sewingroomandbath, 4 family B/R’s, a T.V. roomanda family bath.,Thesmall gardenis shadedby maturetrees andhasa fencedareafor Rover,goodparking, adda 2 car garage.’$89,000.

DON7LET IT GETAWAY - A lovely PRINCETON 5 bedroomeron %acrewooded lot in Little Brookarea.Perfectlyset upfor gracious entertaining in the large living anddining roomsor the panelled family room.This homehasa private suite for parents andlarge cheerful bedrooms for the children. Frenchdoorslead to a private patio and yard. Addedextras are: eat-in kitchen, 2½baths, 2 car garage,central air andfireplace. All in a primelocation. $142,500..

f.~~,~ ~ i" i

ditionined Colonial hasbeenbeautifully remodeled by one of our leading architects for his ownfamily. Downstairsyou’ll find a welcomingentry, a living room/dining roomwith built-ins, a smashingcontemporarykitchen and a newpowderroom. Upstairs is a masterbedroomwith its owndressing roomor study and 2 family bedrooms and bath. Analmost completedthird floor can be made into 1 or 2 bedrooms andbath ideal for teenagers.All this anda spaciousdeckoverlookinga lovely gardenaddupto living at its best. $117,500.



YOUNG PEOPLE’DREAMS COMETRUE, 1"OO - For $55,000. Adlerman, Click 8- Co. hasjust listed a countryhouseon2 acres. Yourfamily will enjoythis 3 bedroom ranchhousewith living room, familyroom,bath~ kitchen.A separate buildir.~j :;an beusedfor an office or barnor just for yourhobbies or dreams,




~,~;. !~,~~- ~a ..~;=~r. ~ =..~=_ -:-__-M-. ~- :~-p~..i~-~:~--~--;~.-7.-’-~-’_-_-i.:~7;:7:--~ -- --~--, , . -. - ; :% ~’ ,. ."2.,-~[~ .-


JUSTREDUCED IN HIGHTSTOWN - Our client is retiring to Florida. It’s your opportunityto buythis substantial dwelling¯ LargeLR, dining area, modernkitchen, 3 BRs(2 of which are panelled), panelled basement with anotherfully equippedkitchen, enclosed sun porch, enclosedbreezeway,and to top it all off a swimming pool and patio with shade.Lovely trees and shrubson a quiet residentialstreet.All this for $67,900.

CALL FOR DETAILS. ~~-~~’~---~~~ LAWRENCEVILLE VILLAGEVICTORIAN - Our 5 B/R village home hasbeenbeautifully restored¯ Thechestnut woodwork and beamed ceilings createanair of warmth andelegance.Thereis a living room w/a stone fireplace, a family room,an enormous dining room,a modernkitchen w/a breakfast room,4 B/R’s, a study and an upstairs play room,and2½baths. Thetwo story barnwill houseyou~ cars andcanbe made into a guest houseor office. Threeacresof trees and lawn will allow for tennis courts, swimming pool or 3 saleablebuildingIotsl $149,000.

¯ THREE APARTMENT incomeproperty on a lake. Walkingdistance to town, shopping and a NewYork bus. Twoapartments cornpletely furnished. Financing available to qualified buyer, Realisticallypricedat $52,000.


IF YOULIKE COUNTRY LIVINGour 3 bedroom ranch is perfect for you.Situatedon½acre,there is a living room,eat-in kitchen,bath andonecargarage. $34,500. COUNTRY RANCH ONFULLACRE- A good buy at


.,~,,~ :~,~_’-~,~" ,~

L~: "’.,~]~lil~=~- ......... ~ .~_ ~’~,?~- . ~.--~,~ ~d~-:2"t~i~ ~=~;..’ ........ ~....... ~:,~’;~,~~:,:,~b, ~~X,i ~’:"~’;:,~5"~:! ~.:~



HE’STRANSFERRED - You’ll Benefit. Modern4 bedroom,2 bath ranch - living room18x25with corner fireplace - manyextras, Excellent condition - beautiful backyardwith brick barbequeand ¯ exteriors ~ "ghtln " g for gr aciousoutdoorandindoorliving, P eak~rs/h $52,400. STRATEGY dictates higher usefor this unusualproperty near the newMercerCountyCollege ~ Park. Thereis a long impressive drive to the 5 bedrooms and3 car garageandparkinggalore! Fora professional, this is a winner.

OUTSTANDING KINGSTONCOLONIALand only minutes from Nassau Street. With four large bedrooms,two and one hall baths, central air, an exciting family roomwith a fireplace, built-in bookcasesand recessed lighting and a beamy1ceiling, this well cared for homeis in excellent condition. The kitchen is large, bright, and boasts a no-polish floor and upgradedappliances. The living roomand dining roomare spacious with beautiful wall to wall carpeting. Bus service to NewYorkis within walking distance. Just call a Henderson professional to make an appointment ................................... $99,500.



FLASH. Ownerhas moved- looking for offer on this 4 bedroom, 2½bath Colonial. A real buyfor the smartshopperlIt hasall the mostwantedfeatures,a fanfily roomwith a full wall brick fireplace andsliding glass doorsto the garden,a large eat-in kitchen, a first floor laundryroom,a twocar garage8- centralair. All this ona quiet Asking$79,900. side street in EastWir~dsor’sDevonshire area.

15+- ACREFARMIN MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP - Let us show you a genuine working farm in the gorgeousfoothills of the Sourlands.If youare investmentminded,youwill appreciatethe early 1800’s home,the incomeproducingcottage, the larae beef barn and numerousoutbuildings. Close to Princeton the gentlemanor workingfarmercanlook in all directions andseebeauty, Additional acreageavailable $250,000.

WOODED ANDPRIVATEwithin walking distance to schools and trains to NewYork is this Afford built raised ranch in West Windsor; with four spacious bed~mms,two and one half baths, living roomand dining roomwith wall to wall carpeting, eat-in kitchen, panelled family room, central air and two car attached garage. Freshly painted inside and ready for your inspection .................................................... $89,900.

READY IN 4 WEEKS is this 2 story colonial nowbeing built[ 4 large bedrooms,2½baths, panelledfamily roomand formal dining roommea few of its features. If you’relooking for a NEW spacious home, call us to seethis one. $79,900. find mecaughtbetweenAmwell~- NewAmwellboth under repair nestled in the far corner of DevonshireCourt, you will not be disappointed.3 BIR’s, 2½baths, 21’ x 17’ L/R-D/Rcombo,eat-in kitchen andfamily roomfinished in the basement -- manyextras, air conditior~ing,etc. Immediate occupancy. $56,900. -:- COMMERCIAL BUILDINGin Hightstown.

MONTGOMERY RANCHER ON] ’/= ACRES - 3 BRs, 2 ½ bath home with LR, DR,Family Room w/fireplace and deck, superb eat-in kitchen, full basement and2 car side-turnedgarage.Thishome is a mustseeat $92,500.

Of Course!

-:,-~. "r’.7~.--~.~.,---II


HAMILTON TOWNSHIP - Situated on a ¾ acre lot, this 2 bedroom ranchhasliving room,separatedining room,eat-in modern kitchen, ’1 ½ baths, and oversized one car garage. Also, for addedenjoyment,there is a 16’ x 32’ in-groundswimming pool. $72,000.



SUPERVALUEIN BEAUTIFUL WESTWINDSOR - JUSTREDUCEDI Smashingspacious 4 BR, 2½baths ~ only 4 years old. Loaded with extras- centralair, carpetedscreened-in porch,built-in bookcases,customfireplace, charmingeat-in countrykitchen, panelled family room,andoversized2-car garagewith storagecabinetsand workbench. Availableimmediately.Thishousesells itself at $7?,900.



’ ~’~~"~

7, 1978

& Co.

For All AreaListings

(609) 924-0401





BEAUTIFUL ROLLINGLANDWITHFRONTAGE - Zoned1 Ac. in $6,000/Ac. Montgomery - 60plus acres.Call for details. LAWRENCE BUILDINGLOT- Just listed. ½ acre in beautiful residential area off Lawrenceville-Pennington Road.City sewers andwater. $25,900. LAND - Contiguousto AmericanCyanamid, 24.43 plus acres zoned RO-1,researchandoffice. Very short distanceto Route1, Quaker Bridge Mall and MercerMall. Easyaccessto Princetonand Princeton Junction. BUILDYOUR DREAM HOUSE NOW on this prime ¾ acre building lot in lovely countrysetting. $17,900. CLOSE TOPRINCETON - Thetime to buy is now- For investors and builders: 74.5 plus acres in Montgomery Township with dual zoning (either 1 ac. residentialor office/research). Strategicallylocated,this propertyhas14 roomhistorical home,charmingcottage, large barn andoutbuildings,picturesqueandrolling land with 2 roadfrontage. Taxesandprice are low but the potential is highl We’reexcited aboutthis newlistingandyouwill be, too -- Mayweshowyouthis $550,000. lovely property? COMMERCIAL AND LIGHT INDUSTRY¯ One story masonry building, 2,200sq. ft. Has200ft. roadfrontage,goodparking. Just reducedto $65,000.

BIRCHWOOD ESTATES on a wooded lot is this outstanding Fieldstone ranch featuring three bedrooms,two full baths, living roomwith a full wall fireplace, family room, eat-in kitchen, hardwoodfloors throughout, and fantastic closet space. The basementis full land dry too! )°Twoear attached garage with automatic doors, central air conditionimz and insulated glass windows ............................................. $119,900.


i1|il I,I I.1

DELUXE COUNTRY LIVING! Within minutes of Trenton, Princeton and Hightstown is this outstanding restored farmhousesituated on 4.5 acres of plush lawn and tall shade trees. The homefeatures four bedrooms(master bedroomwith fireplace), two full baths, living roomwith a fireplace, large formal dining room,neweat-in kitchen (also a summerkitchen ), and a full basement. Two stairways, 220 volt electric service and maintenance free aluminumsiding. The outbuildings consist of two barns, twocar garage, repair shop and all new roofs and wiring. This property is suitable h,r horses and represents manyopportunities. Newto the market and ready for your inspection ................ $ I 10,900.

ROOSEVELT MARKET businessfor sale including furniture, fixtures and equipment:Also building containing 2,500sq. fro for sale. Businesmaybe purchased separately.Ownerwill help finance.

Our CompetentStaff CanShowYou AnyAndEvery Homein the Area I


Electricians Roofing 8, Siding EXPERT ELECTRICAL WORK--Free e~t., old houses welcome. No job too small. Diamond Electric, 201-7225176. JOHN CIFELLI, Electrical Contractor, residential, comntercial & industrial wiring. 609-921-3238. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION & SERVICE Wihiam F. Meighar: Electrical Contraclor, Lice~se #5703. Call after 5 pm, 609-443-3729. Free Estimates.

ASPHALT SHINGLING -- Top quality materials. Top quality workmanship. Consumer Bureau registered. All jobs fully guaranteed. CHRISTENSEN ROOFING CO., Carter Road, Princeton. 609-921-1277 & 924-7737. Whywait until the roof |eaks? Plan ahead for your roofing needs. NEW ROOFS REPAIRS COOPER & SCHAFER 63 Moran Princeton 609 -924-2063

BELLE MEAD ROOFING--28 yrs. in business. Free estimmes on all type roofing and leaders and gutters and chimney flashing. Call anytime, 609-924-2040 or 201359-5992 (local call from Princeton)

ALLIEDROOFING--New and old roofs of all types repaired, Fill and driveway stone delivered. All work guaranteed. Nojob too small. 609-4485707. Free estimates. BAUER ROOFING -- Asphalt shingle roofing. ( Kendall Park homes). Free estimates. Cad eves. 201-297-2388 or 6094483075.

ROOFING . All Kinds Free Estimates WILLIAMSON CONSTRUCTION CO. 609-921-1184

STUDENT- Light hauling in a 3/4 ton pick-up. Low rates. Local & long distance. 609-8960839, ask for Kirk. 896-0072, ask for Don, Jr.

LIGHT HAULING & MOVING -- done by experienced person ALCOA ROOFING & SIDING in Tri-State area. Free Aluminum, vinyl & steel estimates & reasonable rates. siding. Windows, gutters & 609-394-8093 & 201-297-2848. trim. Discount on all Alcoa products. Free est. Financing MOVING YOURSELF -- in a avail. 609-924-1760, 259-3446, rented truck but need another 396-8041 or collect 215-968-0793. energetic person? I’ll help load, unload, & drive truck anywhere for you. $5 per hr. ROOFING -- Kendall Park Ranches from $39.95 per 100 Bob, 201-545-5575 9 a.m. to 8 sq. feet. Call John. Eves: 201- p.m. 297-7612. Days: 201-329-6309.

Roofin3g SidingCUSTO SERVICE -- ROOFING All types of roofing done. Shingle, slate, hot tar, tin. Let us cater to your roofing needs. 10 years expertence. Call now for special spring rates. 609-882-0891 or 924-1760.

Moving & Hauling_

Fencing VINYL COATEDchain link -direct from mariufaeturer at tremendous savings - expert installation. Free estimates. R D FE NCE CO. 201-359-1276 DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS 4 PM MONDAY

WILL HAUL IT--Cellars, attics and garages cleaned. Call 609-799-1680. Consumer Bureau Registered. COLLEGE STUDENTS -.. have truck for light hauling & delivery. Call 609-924-6944 or 924-6332.

ATTICS, BASEMENTS. ~ara~es cleaned out. Light ~auli~¯ g and moving. 201-3596402.

WARRENCOUNTY RosehlllHeightsSectionNearPhlllipsburg 5 room Rancher plus family room in basement. This home must be seen to appreciate the high quality of construction. Has one car attached garage. Basement has two steel beams and equipped to be used as an additional kitchen or family room. Fenced in yard. Ideal residence area close to golf courses, lakes and mountains .......... $75,000.

KRESSLER, WOLFF & MILLER Realtors 370 Memorial Parkway 201-859-5919

Philllpsburg, NJ eves: 201-850-6324

COLONIAL -. EXCELLENT IN DECORATIONAND DESIGN. Featuring fimr bedrooms,one and one-hall bathrooms,large living room, formal dining room, large ultra modem eat-in kitchen, large family roomwith brick fireplace, laundry room, full basement, two car garage, extra large patio, small woodenbarn, large lot beautifuUy landscaped. Extras include wall to wall carpet, intercom system, above ground pool, 3" and 6" insulation in walls and ceiling, and more. Convenientlylocated for the commuterto NewYork or Phila., both trains and busesavailable. Call a Hendersonprofessional today. .................................................... Priced at only $82,900. BUILDING LOT IN CRANBURY, just under one acre, top location .......... $25,000. RENTAL: East Windsor Condominium,2 bedrooms, 2 baths, al! appliances, central air, wall to wall carpeting ......................................... $395 per month. ... home of the professionals t. JOH N T

STORE FOR RENT Prime location in Princeton Junction on heavily traveled highway. 2,100 sq. feet. Available Nov. 1. For further information call (609) 259-3316, or after 6 p.m. 259-2685.


ON, c

REALTORS Windsors Office (609) 799-4500

Hamilton Office (609) 586-1200 Hunterdon CountyMultipleListing Service PrincetonRealEstateGroup¯





Thursday, September 7, 1978


’,.... ’~.~:!~ ?L "/c..

" ..... :;’~’"~



-,,/, ;.:.:: ,.i:)l’ndlVldually il i,;:? I ¢OntempOraWh°um L :!




STATELYCOLONIAL:Located on 1.9 acres in Upper Freehold Townshipis this charmingolder homeconsisting of a nice living room, large dining room, country kitchen, utility room, four bedrooms and 1 ½ baths. An apartment was added on in 1963 and has a sun pomh, living room, large kitchen, laundry, bedroomand bath. The house sits well back from the road and is surrounded by plenty of shade trees. ........... $80,000.

BUSINESSLOCATIONIN EAST WINDSOR:Located on Rt. 130 with 200 ft. of frontage. Ranchhouse in excellent condition consisting of four rooms, bath, finished rec. roomin basement, fireplace, breezewayand a 2 car garage. ........... $59,900,


. .’:: .





~ ~ II


LOCATED ONONEOF THEFINESTSCHOOL DISTRICTSon one acre is this new two-story Colonial with living room, dining room, modernkitchen, $I 18,000. family room with fireplace, four bedroomsand 2½ baths ......



J.andscaping IS TIME OF THE ESSENCE? AREGOODSCHOOLS VITAL? Then check into this immaculate WestWindsor ranch, 3 bedrooms,1 ½ baths, living room with fireplace, dining room, family room and an unusually nice kitchen. Central air conditioning, wall to wall carpeting, central vacuum,finished basementand a woodedlot are amongsomeof the addedfeatures! $87,500. ............................. . ...................






. , ,: .-

DO YOU NEED A MAN TO SCENICCREATIONS,INC... OFRCEBUILDING + APARTMENTS:Located near downtown Hightstown, is a beautiful house which has been converted to offices and two apartments. There is a nice foyer and six large roomsall on the first floor. The older section has natural wood trim and hardwoodfloors. Over 2,000 sq. ft. office space. Call for further information and arrange a private showing. ......................................... $105,000.

END UNIT WITH VIEW OF THE tAKE: This four bedroom townhouse in Twin Rivers offers living room, dining room, kitchen with family area, 2½ baths, and a playroom in the basement. Extras include gas grill, storms and screens, humidifier on the furnace, all appliances and central vacuum.

BI-LEV~:L W/FIREPLACE: ThLs Iove,y homeoffers living room, dining room, kitchen, family room w/fireplace, 4 bedroomsand 2 baths. Manyextras including carpeting throughout, double door refrigerator-freezer. An addedfeature is the numerousfruit trees provided in the yard. Newlylisted for only ...... $59,900.

2 FAMILY IN NIGHTSTOWN: 2 apartments with four rooms and bath each. First floor apartmenthas corner fireplace and kitchen with knotty pine cabinets and refrigerator. 55 x 129 lot. 1 car garage. .................................... $49,900,

FreeD~m~gnmn!ig~n~ne~a~!i)~9086 estimates. Call 609-890-

anytime,609-924-9555. .......................................... $4S,000.

Wanted To Rent

Mat~Yallsvaa~et~l~rs?P~enr~BLOOMING MUMS PLANTS-

THREEBEDROOM RANCHER:Located on a dead end street in Hightstown, this frame rancher has a large living roomwith wall to wall carpeting, dining area with sliding glass doors to a deck, kitchen with dishwasher and no wax floor, three bedrooms, bath and basement. The exterior is asbestos with aluminum soffets .................................... $34,900.

PROFESSIONAL LOCATION W/LIVING QUARTERS: 8 rooms and powder room in office portion. Roomsare panelled and have accoustical ceilings. Separate, private entrances for both of/ice area and living quarters. The 9 roomsof the residence are bright, cheerful and spacious. Sun deck. 2 car garage. Nicely landscaped lot. Paved driveway and parking area. Excellent professional possibilities. ....................... $89,900.

L. ADLER& SONS -- SIMPLICITY--Snapper mowers tractors - tillers - Route130,N. Brunswick,201-297-2474.

GEORGE’S GREENERY 609-392-8237

HOUSE, WORKSHOP & TWO ACRES: Sitting back a short distance from the mad, this homeoffers living room, kitchen with dining area, 3 bedrooms, bath and basement. Also included is a 34 x 44 workshopwith furnace and a combination garageand storage building. Additional acreage available. Call for further information ........................ $59,900.

IMMACULATERANCHERNEAR PEDDLE SCHOOL’. This very attractive homeoffers a large living room, formal dining room, den, eat-in kitchen, three bedroomsand two baths. Half of the basementis finished off w/panelling, tile floors, bar w/cabinets, wine rack and sink. Thereis attic storage and a one car garage. .......................................... $67,S00.

sery, Rt. 206 between Princeton & Lawrenceville.


~ndthUl~ivB%’n’at ?a~l~aUmrYscorner Rd. 201-521-0271.

ia~fdi!~’ ~!al~ hue;at ~; ~5 ~_~u l.~t ~raDtac:ip~Si!~ Deductible. Call 609-44 ~t£aot~. i:!’l’ax

Leonard Van Hise Agency LARGECOLONIALNOWBEING CONSTRUCTED close to the beautiful BeechwoodManorin Plainsboro Township. Large lot with custom built 4 bedroomhouse. Living room, family room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen with eating area, laundry area, 2Vzbaths ....... $115,000.




MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTINGSERVICE Office: 609’448~4250 Hmghtstown, N.J. 160Stockton St. After Hours & Sunday Call: Richard Van nise Ernest Tur jean~Esch p

4~, -8042 q-q~-.t3I





THREE ACRES ONTOPOF A HILL sits this 5 bedroomColonial style home with a living room,dining room,kitchen with eating area. Family roomwith fireplace, 3 full baths, full basementand a 2-car garage. There are many other extras. The upstairs of this homecan be convertedto an apartmentif needed ........................................... $110,000.


cEmd~stu~ .. I~i~1~ RIl~klfl " ..... ....

_M~t!~/ ~, ~Vl(~ ~ 11~, "’~’’~

655 .O594 .iu~rrY: Ih~! ’~fuRt r~El~t !Uel ~!(i)~ 3640.




6374or 443-6344.


" ’. ",’~;LF;-~;’~’~ "" " " "" ........ --


NewLawns Installed Old Lawns Renovated




REALTORS 609~921-1550


LARGE GARAGE OR BARN -- with 12’ high door for Svte°hrclgee609.o4f52.2~::~ta; ’ ~.tnam ! APT.

M:wincgar&eMra~;;e 22c e Landscaping



iiffv~g?ai)~it sVoeb!~ :o~mqe u ~ei

609-443-4340 Rototilling Spraying Thatching

201421-8070- home.

Certified plicator


N.J. Pesticide Ap"TRY US"

sublet. Call Joni, 201-56’.}-0565.

"YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID" TREE CAREINC. -- for all your landscaping needs. 201297-9300.

BEATTHE HIGH COSTOF RENTINGwith this two family house. Uve in one apartment and let the other apartment help pay for this low maintenance, all brick, custombuilt homewith excellent location on quiet street in Highland Park. Each apt. has 2 bedrooms,fireplace on 1st floor, easy commuting ......................................... $65,000. .:~,: / :~ .

Have a Look ..............






SANDWICH AND PIZZA SHOPon a busy street ¯ volumeof business and all equipment.........

in Princeton. Large . .... ....... $29,~00.

THE LAST WOODED LOT in Beechwood Manor) Plainsboro. Privately owned1.3 acre at endof cul-desac. Build the houseof your choice. Call for details. / IF YOULIKE A COUNTRY" SETTING; COMEsee this new area in MontgomeryTownship. Large Colonials and Ranchesbeing built. Homesready by September.Prices $110,000andup. Call formore details.

M°ViHaulngin g&

open 7 days till

5 p.m.

194 Nassau St. 921-6060 Hilton Bldg., 2nd Floor

Princeton Real Estate Group Evenings and Weekends Call: William Scheussler, 921-8963 Harvey Rude, 201-259-5327 Rita Margolis Allen D’Arcy, 799-0685 Russ Edmonds,201-449.93S7 Jim AJamJan,466-IS92 .... Ala G. Mowery,395-1671




eq~;~pmPaetd~s !%ly 1~n~:.~d2.6 F~99r eas onab1erates. Fully 609-896-0800ext. 679, Mon-Fri. after 6 pm. 9-4. ¯ EXPERIENCED

Services ServicesBUildingBuilding

Building Services


LIGHT HAULING & local Ceal iwVreernYc eSvei; ~Caer eaP rJ~~:t ~al; Bob609-883-22?9. BEEHo u s e h LINEo i dEXPRESSmo v e r s. - products.~~ Free Reasonableestimates. 201.526.0646.rate.

Building Services




country with 5-6 miles of Princeton. BetweenOct. Ist & Nov. ist. Call 6(D-924-3239 evenings.

10O0 EVERGREENS - $2.95 each, 10 for $27.50. Potted flowers in bloomnow3 for $1. Manyother specials. Leyrer & Smit YOUNd-WOIVIAN SEEKS hGreenwoodPla n tAve.,Ma rket’Trenton.2020 Open7 days, 609-587-3333. 6 (keep calling) NEW HORIZON LANDSCAPING-- we do it all at


or rome, pries vary accordingly. 609-921-9558



nfaWoOaM.sA~a l ~ C?~!et~r 5~.c2it!:

HUBER’S LAWNSERVICE - APT. OR SMALLHOUSE- or aFne~ tiU~innogv’a ~i;~ninpgl’eaPJea nU;~ willanan d s h a r:mIk :r?~p ~:ge~arit after 6 pro, 609-586-4505. 609-921-0758.

TRIPLE A LAWNSERVICE, OLDER WOMAN NEEDS SLEEPING ROOM FOR d e P.e, n d2b~?dg:a~Sa ? u t ~ng~ frmee. SELF -- Hightstown area. mereial, serving So. Bruns. References available. 609-448°S~ir~salejnrge~nr°°mSBasement:BDFie~V~an~lS brick’C°ncrete w°rkQUALITyEur°pean trainedwa ter proofingCra ftsmanshiPwork area. 201-329-6471or 201-329- 8628 days. 4565. SINGLE - adult, business

:~ag~rentemrswork THE DELTA STAR .Kitchens areaarranged’f°r30CONSTRUCTION years’ServingFinancingPrincet°n CO. :iRnePull~ment doors

LAWN MAINTENANCE -Commercial and residential. Call LeRoy Diefenbach, 60~448-4757.

6N3~r.~4h~ nfMer6c ;r~°~nt ~ e.2~ls: 609-989-5960 days.

DOERLER LANDSCAPES WANTTO RENT-- 1 bedroom 609"?’99"3818 CONSTRUCTION --5053.~ 1 i ~AirW:hf~dqua~itry1~~%~mercia~~structi~nc~nditi~ningResidentia~C~~Ca~~6~9-663-339~~w~rkw~rkrnanshipA~~-Way&and~rhe ffJa.i , ~£~iesnsCiet°~/I::tPe ~’0e~ Eandsea aPe3esigning excellent references.Call 609Contracting 466-2712evenings. 609-924-1221 Free estimates. Call 201-3693128. BOARDING WANTED- for EXCAVATING NELSONGLASS &

i le~t~s::eef:c~!~!!2??6. F~NrK/~




For Houses,Land, Rentals CalmThe ImaginativeOfficel 921-1550


BUILDING LOT- ready to build on approximately 3 plus acre woodedlot in Hopewell Township .................................. $25,000.



Weoffer 1 5 acres of Prime building Landfor $3,500 per acre on VanDykeRoadin HopewellTownship- Less land available - Price negotiable.

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE OCCuPANcY- Four bedroom oversized Colonial with 2½baths, modernkitchen with breakfast area. Family room features floor to ceiling cut stone fireplace with raised hearth. Uvingroom with picture window,also a formal dining room. Central air conditioning, extra insulation and insulated two-car attached garage......... $$S,500.

MEMBER: Multiple ListingService

The Most Ideal ............


., -~=...~~ i ~ Z:,~ "..





TYPES 609 PTIC ~aci~e:Pce~b~i~i~i609.587.5456.basements. Callafter6pm, ALL~~!5 P’m’ of"443-3462&SE excavating; HI:SSERVICE ,LSIDEBACKHoESEWERcaliBuILDERS, INc General Contractors

McCLINTOCK’S LAWN SERVICE & LANDSCAPINGcommercial & residential #02022c,o accpunts wanted. 609-737-0834. pR2iPlcYetol2Packel.BOx

PLATE45SPRINGST’AuTOGLAssPRINCEToNALUMINUM609"924"2880&WINDOwGLAssMIR ’ single’ desiresBUSINESsMAN1 or 2 "bedroom

land clearing. 201-297-9224or JOEcallw°rk’201.329.2918.sidewalks’~"IDREIROpati°s’C°ncretCett’" ABARGAINBARGAINMART ISMART INA~Ie twYoP~r~. ~tS°~orYst&r:c~roa2aes SAVE RECYCLE ANEWSPAPERsBUNDLE"" 297-3091. CLASSIFIED PAGES well as repair work. 609-9219099. k


374-1068before 8 p.m.


Thursday, September 7, 1978

WeDon’t Just ShowYour House. WeShowIt Off.

We’re Here For YOU.

Weshowpolenhat htwors aH to ree~lr.;st,~IbrolL,,,, :tndruqu;d honsWh(Pn’t~;hm{?fnr yOulot;t::; the th~ngsthat make:l hou~e,~ homeL~keextrastoraqe spacu Or lhe view AI CENTURY 21 e~ch salesDerson ~sa sOoc~ally lra~m:d professional wdhknowledqeof evgryth~ngfro m showLnghous(m

Each office is independently owned and operated.


Each otfice


ts independently owned and operaled.


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KENDALL PARK- In excellent condition, this.four bedroomranch has a newinground Dreampool 16’ x 32’ and is available immediately. $57,900.

¯ ..

TOP INVESTMENT!Located on a major highway, this homefeatures manyextras all situated on plus acre - commercialzone. $89,500.

EXECUTIVE DEUGHT.This Colonial split features custominterior, central air and an in-ground pool all located on a professionally landscaped lot. $85,000. After hours call Mike, (201) 469-3623.

PLAINSBORONEW CONSTRUCTIONNEARING COMPLETION. Large country sized lots 4 bedroomcolonials with attractive brickwork, super rooms, custom features. Call for inspection now. $ 110,000/$125,000.


PRINCETON. Within biking of downtown, near Community Recreation, this Charming,CapeCod on cul-de-sac has one of the prettiest back yards in the area. $92,000.

PRINCETON JUNCTION - A Colonial with a fresh modern feeling. Five Bedrooms,walk to Station, Flagstone Patio and HeatedPool. $127,500.,

UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE! ff your lifestyle is one of quiet simplicity, surroundedby beautiful things, then this spacious ranch is worth your looking time. Three bedrooms, country kitchen, family room,all located on a heavily wooded lot. $67,990.

BRIDGEWATER COLONIALlocated in a prime area, this home features 4 bedrooms, tiled baths, natural stained woodwork and much more! $52,900. After hours call Chuck(201) 828-8581.

PRETTYAS A PICTURE- This lovely 4 bedroomranch features large living room, dining room and eat-in kitchen, covered patio all on 1 plus woodedacres. $67,900. After hours call Bruce(201) 968-0639.

BUY HER AN ESTATEI This gracious center hall colonial features 4 large bedrooms, country kitchen, beamed ceilings and 2 fireplaces. All situated on 1.37 acres, overlooking a lake. $89,900.


SPACIOUSCOLONIALIN DESIRABLEPRINCETON IVY EAST- with many extra details - electronic air cleaner, humidifier, central air plus a floor to ceiling fireplace in the family room. Immediate occupancyin time for $120,000. school opening.

FIVE BEDROOM COLONIAL- Located in a prime area this 3 year old features family roomwith fireplace, central air, central vac and manycustom extras. $76,900.

¯ :.....

PRINCETON - Riverside- An immaculateCapeCod for the smaller family, with Two Fireplaces, Breezeway, Patio. Easy to maintain aluminum $115,000. siding, andvery lovely lot. LAND Princeton Township: 8 plus acres of beautiful woodedland. 2.33 acresprivate lot - maturetrees West Windsor: 2 lots nearRoute1.

$95,00O. $60,000. $48,OOO.

Rentals: PRINCETON JCT. - 5 Bedroom,HeatedPool, all appliances including new Jenn-air range, Curtains ~ Drapes, Walkto Railroad, Wet Bar in Family $850.00. Room,2 Zone A/C Et Heat. 2 Car Garage.

,v: : ’ ~

DELIGHTFULLY MODERN AND CONVENIENTMAYBESTDESCRIBE the kitchen of this 4 bedroom home, and other features include 2 V= baths, family room, formal dining room, frost free frig, excellent carpet throughout, freshly painted interior. Comesee!! $48,500.

TWENTYACRE FARM PLUS 3 bedroom homeneeding repairs is being offered for quick sale. Property has interesting’ possibilities. Don’t drag your feet on this one... $69,900.


A GREAT EAST WINDSORFIND AND UNDERCONSTRUCTION NOW.This award winning floor plan win delight the most discriminating, and give years of pleasure to the active family. Give us a phone call and we can discuss the various options $85 000. available.

DISCRIMINATING BUYERS WHOENJOY SPORTS will love this 3/4 bedroom home with authentic Williamsburg decor on 1.5 acres with professional grade tennis court. Montgomery $109,000.


;;, ,:.:,~,~.: ;~,:. ! ~..~

PRETTY ASA PICTURE. ff you see it, you’ll wantit. Attractive, well maintainedandhas a manicured lawn. 3 large bedrooms, spacious living room, dining room and remodeledkitchen, zonedfor 2 family.

BUILDER’S HOMEWITH MANYCUSTOMFEATURES._ Mature shade trees frame this 4 bedroomhomelocated in rural WEST WINDSOR on 1 plus acre with inground pool ~ cabana...There are two functional fireplaces, country kitchen w/beamed ceiling, and soooo muchmore. Call now for information. $ i 26,000.


ENJOY HAPPY TIMESin this classic ranch featuring living room, dining room, country kitchen and 3 bedrooms- all situated on a wooded lot. $65,500.

MULTI-FAMILY ZONEDWITH 245 FRONT FEET!~! This Princeton area property is quickly being surrounded by expensive Townhouses and various mini business/office complexes. DEFINITELY FOR AN INVESTOR/BUILDER TYPE BUYER. $102,000.



List your home.with Century21, Krol and... "." GET READY TO MOVE


BEAUTIFUL BROOKTREE is the location of this lovely three bedroom,two bath ranch KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK house. It has a large living room, dining area, an eat-in kitchen, laundry room, one car garage and full basement. Very camfor[able living for only $67,500.

TWO OR THREE BEDROOM STARTER HOMEIN LOWTRAFFIC AREAOF HIGHTSTOWN.This home features aluminum siding, new roofing, modern kitchen, dining room, full basement, garage, and good access to shopping, elementary and intermediate schools. $42,500. ~ ~,~L~ %~:,~’,".,~


.~ ~J~.. ,~

134Nassau St., Princeton


Princeton Circle,Rt. 1



StationSq., Belle Mead

609-924-7575 201-874-8700 Highway 27, South Brunswick


White Horse-Mercerville

Rd. Hamilton

609-585-3 I00

EMPTYNESTEROR NEWNESTBUILDERS-This attractive Hightstown home awaits your inspection and we are ready to give you the grand tour. 2 bedrooms,kitchen, living room, down. Upstairs unfinished. $38,900.


1000State Rd., Princeton

! i




_ ::~ c. ~!~

SCS AGENCY 307 N. MainSt., Hightstown

609-448-011 3




Tlmrsday, September 7, 1978

Wanted To Rentl -pts’/H°uses To Share WANTTO RENT OR BUY Apt. in Lake Condominiumat TwinRivers. 609-921-2620.

PROFESSIONAL WOMAN-graduate student, 20’s, to share comfortable cottage homein Ewing. Conyenient to Trenton, Princeton¯ $180 includes utilities. No smokers preferred. Mornings before 9 or 5-7 p.m. 609-771-0965.

1 BRAPT- preferably Trenton suburbs. 1 adult, no pets. After 6. pm,201-545-9294.


MALE/FEMALE -- Grad professional to have ownroom GRADSTUDENT-- Working m Lawrenceville apt. w/single wife looking for house2 sit for father and 5, 7 year old 9-12 mosor more.Will care for daughters. Priced near $210; home, animals, plants, etc. negotiable. Call Aubreyafter 6 Have excel, refs. Call C. p.m. 609-896-0753. Brooks609-452-2000 ext 279, 9-5, eve 201-545-0712. PRINCETON BORO - Share great furnished house with one responsible executive. Own EXdEmENCED AGE 4] -rofessional prefers long term room. Send picture & write ousesitting position near something about yourself. Princeton. Days 609452-2300, Reply: Box #01963, c/o ext. 365 or 921-3811eves. Princeton Packet.

REAL ESTATE Electronic Realty ~1 Associates, Inc.

Hillsborough No steps to climb in this roomy Ranch just 2 years young on a large landscaped and wooded lot. Meals are easy in the eat-in kitchen. The brick patio and panelled family room invitos relaxation or recreation. The elementary school is just a short walk away. Step into something comfortable. $81,900 BELLSARERINGING


l-Ii I1=,1~

Belle Mead Outside or in - there’sroomto roam.The one-acre propertyoffers plentyof space for active children.Theroomsizes are extralarge:23.6’living room;19.7’family roomwith fireplace; 17.10’ master bedroom plus 3 other spaciousbedrooms withdouble closets.Extrasincludecentral air, doublecontinuous clean oven, dishwasher. Need moreroom? Call nowit’s priced tosellfast. $107,500.

Belle Mead


MEET JACQUELINE PETRONE Realtor Associate inthe Hillsborough Gallery, Jackie’s varied and unusualcareers as a secretary in a lawyer’s office, engineering firm, and insurance ¯ company, as a school bus driver, and as a truck dispatcher, provided excellent experience in dealing with people in all areas. She is currently active in her homeowner’s association and the PTO.Her familiarity with the area, her concern for the community, and her knowledge and experience makeJackie an agent you can rely on.

PICTUREPERFECT 1 plus acresprovidethe framefor this uniqueColonial CapeCod. Aluminum awningson eachwindow addattractive detail.Large living room boasts a fireplace andanelegantwindowed alcoverthrough whichto viewautumn’s artistry. Enticing enclosed side porchfeaturesa flagstone floor. Assumable mortgage providesan excellent extra. $64,900. CLOSEENCOUNTERS OF THE CROWDED KIND?

If you’vebeenshopping Back-to-School Specials, we’dlike to showyou this almost-new spacious Colonial.Attractive area, fine schools,friendly faces. 4 bedrooms,2½ baths, fireplace and beamed ceiling in the familyroom,central air, ingroundpool, anda sunnymodern eat-inkitchen provide all thefacilities the discriminatingbuyeris searching for. A prettier home would behardto find. $108,000. HEIRLOOMTREASURE Neshanic Historichome graciouslyset on3Aacre, restoredandremodeled. Masterbedroom is enhanced by windowseat and wide pinefloor boards.Charming family room with fireplace andwood panelling.Kitchen boasts newcabinets and dishwasher.Viewof Zion Mt. completes this treasurewhichcanbeyoursfor only. $54,900. ENJOY YOUR HOME

THEBEST OFEVERYTHING - Thistruly unique ROBBINSVILLE ranch is situatedonover anacrein a country setting nearthegolfcourse. A superb house andis only3 years old withlargeentryfoyei’,formal livingroom, gracious dining room, largeeat-inkitchen overlooking a sunken familyroom withbrickfireplace,threelargebedrooms and2 full baths. Centrally air conditioned andbeautifully decorated andmaintained. Conveniently located anda house youcantruly be proud ofl ................... Asking $1~,600. AVI’ENTION PROFESSIONALS - Youcanhaveyourplaceof business in yourownhome with 3 bedrooms, largefamilyroom withfloor to ceilingstonefireplace,living room,diningroom andscreened porch.All of this set on a beautifullylandscaped lot in PRINCETON JUNCTION........................................................... $86,900.

LOCATED IN HICKORY ACRES, EAST WINDSOR - A beautifullymaintained3-4 bedroom home, 2½baths,formalliving room,diningroom andlarge,modern eat-inkitchen.Wall-towallcarpeting andcentralair. HISTORIC LAWRENCEVILLE - Luxurious,quality built, newtownhouses featuring3 j bedrooms, full basement, ALLappliances, central air andcarpeting (fireplaces available). ................................................... $51,900and$53,900.


Hilisborough It’s easyif yourrecreation areasinclude a 21x24 familyroom withbuilt-in bar, brick patiowithstonebarbeque, largeyardwith CONTEMPORARY a newabovegroundpool. It’s easier if TOWNHOUSES your home has amplestoragespaceand is nicelydecorated. It’s easiestif stores 2 and3 bedrooms,modernkitchens, are closeenough to walkto or sendthe recreationrooms,terracesandplentyof It’s easyto buythis house - call storagespace.Some with private yards. children. todayandenjoyyourhome. Enjoythe benefitsof owning a townhouse $62,500, - lowtaxes,less work,privateswimming pool,tenniscourts,recreation area.If a Route206, Hillsborough person’shouseis his castle, heshould own it. Callus,wehaveonefor you. (201)359-4121 From $39,000 to $52,900

Route 206, Montgomery (201)874-4121

~ Martinsville


Looking for a job? Try the Classified pages.

Luxury Apartments 1 and 2 Bedrooms


Starting at $255. month

Features: Wall-to-Wall carpeting over concrete in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except Electric Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt. Laundry Rooms Superintendent on site.

Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m.

609-448-4801 ¢

Directions: From Princeton: Princeton-Hlghtstown Rd¯, turn rightonOldTrenton Rd.,%mileturnleft andfollowsigns¯

Open 7 Days a Week- 799-8181 43 Prineeton-Hightstown Rd., Princeton Junction



1725 STONECOLONIAL On almost 2 acres in the country town of Stockton. Main Street location excellent for professional use or possible an antiques business. 8 large rooms plus a 5 bedroom apartment over the garage - a barn to be restored - English boxwood, wide board floors, fan windows,4 working fireplaces, screened terrace. Priced at $129,000.

33 ACRES Beautiful land for horse farm - wooded site for lmme, percolation and soil log all approved, fine meadows and brook - on quiet country road in Kingwood. Transferred owner. Asking $129,000.

e. Route 202 and ShalebrookDrive, Bernardsvllle, N.J. call 201-766-0700

A RESPONSIBLEMALE- is ,presently housesitting and is looking to homesit for short and/or long period - periods of lime. I am 24 years old, returning to Rutgers for my degree, soon to be a real estate agent and I have been working at Nassau Broadcasting for 3 years. I love children and pets. I’ve lived in Princeton on Kingston Road for 19 years. Numerous and respected references offered. Please call 609-921-2148.

1101 State Road, Princeton, N.J.

$3.50 per square foot net, net areas up to 30,000square.feet.

427, 000 square feet in Park Occupied by approximately 50 Tenants Princeton Mailing A ddress and Phone Number CALL:Research Park 609-924-6551

YOUNG -reliabf~ rofessional man working fn rinceton seeking house sitting opportunity or apartment to share with graduate student or other young professional. 201-776.6595. :


PRIVATE UPSTAIRS SLEEPING ROOM -- for female, other females ih house. All home accommodations, 609-466-2396.

HOUSESITTING DESIRED -- super protection of your house is provided. Superb Princeton references. 3 months or longer. Write Box #02034, c/o Princeton Packet.

WOMAN -- in late 20’s seeks compatible housemate to share 8 room house behind Lawrenceville school. Avail. Nov. $147.50/ too. plus utile. Call days, Ms.O’Neil, 609-921:2021or nights 896-2788.

FEEL SECURE-- that your home and property will be cared for and properly maintained while you’re away. This experienced full time housesitter will also pamper your pets & help your plants thrive. Best of Princeton references. Phone 609924-0821.

ONEPERSON -- to share lsl: fl. of beautiful Princetdir home.$240/ moplus 1/ 3 utile! 609-921-6200.

Apts./Houses To Share

Jacqueline Petrone - Friend, Neighbor, Professional - Here To Serve YOU!

Neshanic Noneedto belike the woman wholived in the shoe- There’s plentyof room for your family in this 5 bedroom custombuilt Expanded Ranch. 24’ living room,formal diningroom,familyroom withfireplace,3 fJII baths.Treed lot withfantasticview;3 acressuitable for horses. $110.000¯


OpenHouse Sunday, September10 * 1-4 P.M. East Windsor Don’tmissseeing this - lovely3-4 BR,1 ½B home w/CA on%acre,freshlypainted, many extras,must see- transferred owner .............................. Asking $61,5~. Dir=ctlons-" FromRt. 571,Fit. 130North,left onOldCranbury Rd.(nearStatePolice Barracks), left onHolland La., right onOakBranch, left to Greenbrook. LookforERA Open House Signs.

c a i;?"ll~.

Bound Brook 201-356-8121


APT. TO SHARE-- Charmitig NassauSt. apt, 3 min. walk to Firestone Library. Tastefull~ furnished, moderate rental Sept. - Sept. Professional womanpreferred. 609-452-5273 days, Mon-Wed;924-5713 all evenings7-10, keeptrying. -::: r

MALE ROOMMATE WAN~. TED -- to share farmhougg SHARE A COMFORTABLE with 3 others in Neshanie. Non20~; country house with a swim- smoker and late ruing pool, near Princeton 609- preferred. Nodogs. $145 plds: "~ utilities. 201-369-3981. 799-1385. PROFESSIONALMAN- and part lime student seeks another professional man or grad student to share furnished apt. in Lawrenceville. Onlyapply if quiet &tidy. $125 nlonth incl. utilities. Call Dan 609-896-1052.

FEMALE -- roommate wanted to share large :.~ bedroomapt. 10 rain. froffi Princeton. $150/ mo. includ~ utilities. Call 609-448-6368 after 7 p.m. :~ -2

LARGE LOVELY HOUSE -in middle of Princeton to share with professional woman, please be warm, interesting and independent. Call 609-9249585 after 7pm.

ROOMMATENEEDED - {b share 2 bdr., 2 full batik. Hunter’s Glen apt. $169.50 -~ utilities. Call Rafael. 609-7992, 4349.

A CLEAN, WELL-LIGHTEW. PLACE - in the country fi~/q. miles from Nassau Street:HOUSEMATE WANTED- gentleman and daughtei’: seeking person to share 3 willing to share large house, bdrmhouse in Princeton area. with one or two persons. Ac-: Ownbedroom, $125/mo. 0ff- commodations flexible "7-.’ street parking. 609-452-1927 amenities numerous. Reply {0: after 5pm. Box No. 02024, Princet6~. Packet. ..

SINGLE FEMALE- collegel grad, now working, have t~:6 SEEK THIRD - person with cats, some furniture, seekg one or two womenof similiar professional / educational background to go looking for interests to share attractive country home in wooded area an apt. or house in or around,, near Hopewell. 609-466-3278. Princeton. Must say O.K. to the two cats. Call anytime,20]£462-8149ask for Julie. .2: SHARE -- 3 bedroom Colonial in Hitlsboro with two males. Woodedarea, large kitchen, 2 WANTED - Female teache’~ full baths, laundry room & inleresled in sharing 2 BP/ fireplace. Prefer non-smoker condominiumwith same. Call in 20’s. Mustbe clean, no pets. 609-448-8887evenings. .:: $175/mo+ 1/3 utilities. 201359-8977 after 6 & weekends. HOUSEMATE WANTED - fdr’: large house located on Prin-: ’ A#T FOR SHARE,2 bedroom, celon farm eslate. Share witJd~ furnished Ewing, Call anytime 2 professional woman,love!)~: rural setting close to towm: 609-882-7236. $230/ utils. 609-989~: 9499 after 6 pm. ROOMMATE WANTEDLambertville area, Guest ii house. Own room & bath. CONSIDERATE PERSON- ((~ Beautiful country living. share modern apartment. Own Please call evenings 609-397- bedroom & living roor~ 8496. $135/month includes heaE’ Electric additional. Fu/~ nished/unfurnished. Student RESPONSIHI.E.professional or professional preferred. 609~ man, non4moker, wishes to ’ 448-7331 after 6. .~1 share house with family or two women. Write your terms to .! Box # 02042 c/o Princeton Packet¯ FOURFRIENDLYPEOPLE::-’ seek fifth Io share lovely Pc[. MALE ROOMMATE WAN- house. Share meals, $120 plt~s utilities. Call Alex evemn[~s TED- to share farmhouse with 3others in Neshanic. Non- 609-924-6179or day, 609-292, .’’ 8405. smoker and late 20’s ./ preferred¯ No dogs. $145 plus utilities. 201-369-3981. THIRD PERSON- to shai~e large 3 bedroom PROF. WOMANwishes to bcauliful country surrounshare her home near high dings. Located minutes from downtown Princeton. $145. school with parent/ child, graduate students or other Plus ulilities. Security. 609responsible non-smoking, 921-0239after 6, keep trying. moderate people (2). References. 609-924-9791.

RoomsFor Renf

HOUSE TO SHARE -professional womanto share new, spacious, comfortable NEAR RIDER COLLEGE ¯ house in beautiful Princeton Large room for rent w/kitchen privileges. 609-883-6858. suburb. 609-443-3567.








14 FF


B. Howe+/the Gatter




JUSTREDUCED - IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY and all in BirchwoodEstates. This lovely four bedroom, 2½bath Colonial with manyfeatures awaitsits newfamily dueto transfer. Call 799+ 1100 .............................................................. $120,000.



BEAUTIFUL SETTING- SPECTACUt.AR HOME- Custom Contemporary Barn designed by William Thompson now under construction in Montgomery’slovely Sourland Woods.Twostory, thermopane glass wall in living roomtakes full advantageof the site. Deck,3 plus fireplaces, spaciouskitchen, pella windows, air conditioning,among extrasto be included.Call 799-1100 ........................................................... $175,000.

A VERYGOOD BUYIN WELLINGTON ESTATES is our 8 room Raised Ranch minutes from the train station ona nicely landscaped corner lot. This home featuresa supersize living room, formal dining room,anda panelledfamily roomwith sliding doors.Thereis an oversized2-car garageandcentral air. A nice family home readyfor fall occupancy. Call 799-1100 ..... 4[~1,500.

IT’S ANODDCOUPLE that wouldn’t love this 3 bedroom,2 bath Thompson designedCape. A delightful family kitchenwith fireplace, goodsize dining roomandfamily roomall situatedon a 1 ½ acre professionallylandscaped lot makes this homea neat place for a family to grow.Even your cat will purr. Call 924-0095today! .................................... $124,900.

TREESHADED PRINCETON STREET - Oneblock from the NewYork bus. A very desirable location in a quiet neighborhood is the setting for this smallolderhome. Smallyard,centralair, a living roomw/fireplaceanda detachedgarageare other features. Presentlyarrangedwith owner using two bedrooms andone bath anda small one bedroom apartmenton the secondfloor. Will converteasily to a three bedroom, two bath home.Call 924-0095 for particulars.



homes in New Jersey. HOMEOWNERS

CRANBURY - Custombuilt Ranchon ½ acre with attractive plantings and trees. Three bedrooms, onebath with additional roughed-in,living roomwith raised hearthfireplace, dining room,eat-in kitchen, foyer and hall. Call 799-1100............................. $75,900.

PRINCETON....on MooreStreet, very convenient for schools. Comfortableolder homewith three bedrooms, living roomwith fireplace, dining roomwith corner chinacloset andkitchen. Tree shadedyard and a detachedgarage. Call 924-0095_ $98,500. INCOME OR"I3NO FAMILYrecently remodeled.Walk to the Princeton Junction railroad station. Ideal for two family income,or live in part andrent part. Alsopossiblehome/business use. Call 924-0095for details ............................................ $100,000.


you close

See us for

on your

BE THEFIRSTTOINSPECT this immaculateColonial in HopewellTwp.before it’s too late. An extra large kitchenwith large eating areaplusa formaldining room,den, unusual rec roomwith wet bar anda screenedpatio for outdoorliving are just a fewof the goodiesoffered here. OhI Yesl Weforgot to mentionthe central air conditioning andmagnificentgarden.Call 737-3301. See it todayll ........................................................ *79,900.


new home."


Member of Multiple Listing Service PRINCETON One Palmer Square 609-924-0095

WEST WINDSOR PENNINGTON¯ FLEMINGTON ¯ HAMILTON Princeton-Hightstown Rd. ¯ SEA GIRT Princeton Junction 609-799-1100

RoomsFor Rent RoomsFor Rent RoomsFor Rent Apts. For Rent ROOMFOR RENT - Central Nassau St. Low rent newly decorated, friendly ne[ghbor~. 6(t9-924-2040. I,AWRENCEVILLE -- furnished room w/bath in private home. Gentleman, nonsmoker, references. 609-8830916. ROOM & SEMI - EFFICIENCIES--at weekly rate. Princeton Manor Motel, Monmouth Jet. 201-329-4555. US Hwy #1.

PRINCETON -- furnished living room, bedroom, private bath & entrance. $200/mo. and utilities. 609-924-6930.

LARGE FURNISHED ROOM -- Princeton Boro. Kitchen & parking privileges. $125/mo + 1 too. sec. 609-924-8412.

I,ARGE INTERESTING ROOM-- furnished with or withoutkitchenprivileges. I mile form Princeton Univ. Convenientlocal & New York publictransportation. Call609737-3000 ext.2507weekdays or 609-924-9174 evenings & weekends.

FUI{NISI-IED ROOM FOR RENT -- with private enFURNISHED STUDIO ROOM trance, 609448-8407 anytime. -- for rent. Private bath. private entrance, hot plate, ali ROOM FOR RENT -in utilities included. 1/4 mile central Princeton location, from Princeton Airport. $165 suitable for quiet, graduate per month. 609-924-4850. student, Call 60(3-924-7034.

I1AMILTON TWP- 3 rooms, first floor, heat paid, new decor, only $150. TOWN& COUNTRYBrkr 609-695-3100

FURNISHED ROOMS - a/c, w/wood, panelled, pvt. bath, color TV, Highlstown Windsor area. Spot. daily/weekly rates. From $70. per week. 609448-8637. ROOM& BATHavailable - for college sludent or professional female in family atmosphere in Yardley, Pa. Call 215-4932698. FOR RENT - Room in furnished house. One mile from campus. Includes use of n,,dern kitchen and all conveniences. $225. Steve at 609924-7192 or 452-4050.

ROOMFOR RENT --and full use of apt. Decorate to suit. $50/ wk. Business woman preferred. Elderly welcomed. Must be reliable w/ references. Call 609-4663798 until 3 p.m. or 466-0261 after 9:30 p.m.

ROOMFOR RENT -- 2 blocks from Campus, graduate student preferred. Use of house facilities. $150. Call 609921-2306.

AVAIl.ABLE -- large bdrm w/ bath, small study room, share kitchen use. $180/ mo incl. util. Reply Box # 02047, c/ o Princeton Packet. DESIRABI,E-- room for rent. large, 2 rains, walk to campus. Non-smoker. References, required. 609-924..4474.

l +t.


SUBLET -- beginnin~ Nov. 1st, 1 bdrm. apt., 2na floor. Fox Run. $286/ too. 609-7998616 or 452-2300 ext 264, ask for Mark. tlOPEWEIJ, -- lovenest, 2 BR, fireplace, acreage, only $275. TOWN& COUNTRYBrkr 609-695-3100

LAWRENCEVILLE . furnished room, private bath in private home. Quiet nonsmoking gentleman. Reference. Avail. Sept. 1st. 609-771-0263.

NEW LISTING - Dine in the formal dining roomor large eat-in kitchen; Relaxin the den; Entertain in the living roomor spenda dayin the yard with the manyfruit trees andvegetable garden.This large Split Levellocatedin WestWindsoroffers all this andmuchmoreat the low price of $69,900.Call 890-8800.




Apts. For Rent 6 ROOM APT. -- includes modern bath, kitchen, screened porch, garage in Pennington. $375 incls, heat. 609-737-1043 after 5 p.m. PRINCETON-- all bills paid, on13- $175, month-to-month lease, hurry ! TOWN& COUNTRY Brkr $50 6094;95-3100 SUBI,ET-- 1 BR, 2nd fir. apt. Terrace, wall/ wall, drapes, all modern conveniences. Princeton Meadows. Avail. Oct. 1st. Call 609-292-8714days. 609-799-~78 eves.

LAMBERTVILLE -- lovely first floor, heat paid, enclosed porch, only $265. + TOWN& COUNTRY Brkr 609-695-3100


PRINCETON -- Perfect for students. All private. Pays bills. Only $175. Act now. tlOME SEEKERS Realty, $40 609-394-5900 PENNINGTON -- all aid, 3 BR, panelled, ids O.K. $390.


bills garage,

TOWN & COUNTRY Brkr $50 609-695-3100 (;ARAGE APARTMENT -ideal location, Western section, $300 plus utils. 6(YJ-934-9439 days, 924-5101 nights.


"SOMETHING SPECIAL"in West Windsor. This immaculately maintained homehas 5 spaciousbedrooms,3½baths, panelledfamily room,sunnyeat-in kitchen, hugedining roomliving roomcombination,and features central air, pouredconcrete basement, attached2-car garage,ingroundpool, all on a beautifully landscaped lot. Call 799-1100 for moredetails onthis exceptional offering ................................................... $98,500.

LAND-ZonedResearch,Office, Engineering- 15 acres high ground, located on Rt. 206 in Montgomery Twp.20%coverageor 120,000sq. ft. of building space.Call 924-0095.

"We are one of the


LOOKINGFOR A REASONABLEWESTWINDSORHOME?Owner must sell this 3 bedroom, 2½bath home with extra large family roomwith fireplace, central air, 1-car garage, excellent location, maintenance free exterior, beautiful yard. Call 799-1100 ........... ,71,900,

SEEN EVERYTHING? Wait until you seethis surprise value in comfortablehousing.It’s an eyeopener...3bedroom Ranchin move-incondition, family roomwith fireplace, large living room, dining room,patio with gasgrill, large yard whichwasprofessionallylandscaped, city sewerand water, andmuchmore.Seethis home to appreciateall its extras. Ca1924-0095 ....... $94,000.

ATTENTION INVESTORSI Twoacres on Rt. 1 - ZonedGeneralBusiness. Call 924-0095.


of Homes

NEW LISTING -Center Hall Colonial in prime location of Princeton Junction. Fromthe front foyer you’ll seeformal living anddining roomsandwalkbackto family roomwith fireplace anda lovely eat-in kitchen. Off the kitchen you’ll find a ½bath, laundryroom,workroomor office. Adda large masterbedroom with private bath, plus 3 goodsized bedrooms andbath on second floor. Half acre lot hasa fenced-inrear yardwith maturelandscaping.Pricedto sell immediatelyl Call 799-1100 ........................................................ $7’9,500.

HORSE LOVERS! - East AmwellTownshipHorse Country betweenRingoes and Hopewell. Magnificent NewColonial on 14 acres. A large new four bedroomColonial that has fields, woods, stockedtrout stream...thisis truly a best buyfor $135,000. Call 737-3301or 201-782-4606.


SLIBI,ET -- 1 BR, Fox Run. Eegin Oct. 1st. 609-799-0280.




Mercer, Somersetand HunterdonCounties

ALL OFFICES OPEN SUNDAY Princeton: 11 am - 3 pm


And no Princeton price either. But this 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath Colonial is just 10 minutes from any place or anything you could want to do in Princeton. Of if you just want to stay home, you can relax in the den which decorated with real barn siding, has a brick fireplace and an enjoyable view of your very private yard. There’s also a family room, formal dining room, living room, 2 car garage and basement. Call us today and let’s get together. $117,500.





REALTY WORLD. LAURENCE MA) Incorporated 609-466-2444

NIO.V/NG? need housing information anywherein the U.S.A.? Call Toll Freeno cost or ob!igation 800-525-8910, Ext. A029



Superior energy efficient design, quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make Edgebrook at Lambertville an unparalleled investment in the good life. Sitting high on a wooded slope, overlooking Swan Creek and New Hope, Edgebrook homes have been designed with an eye to the future. Low maintenance, energy efficient design and endur n9 va ue were prime considerations. Double insulated windows, extra thick insulahon, heat pump, central airconditioning, and careful placement of doors and windows, all add to the energy-saving capabilities of these homes. Edgebrook offers the best of both worlds ... gracious country living with easy access to NewYork, Philadelphia, Princeton and a short stroll to NewHope. Elegant living at an incredibly low cost ...from $53,900. Be sure you visit us soon, or call (609) 397-0111 or (201) 828-5900; Edgebrook features. ,. Second Level: First Level: ¯ Sun deck w/sliding glass door ¯ Living Roomw/Cathedral ceiling ¯ "Heatilator" Fireplace (on someunits.) ¯ Dining Room w/Cathedral ceiling ¯ Kitchen & Family Room w/Cathedral ceiling ¯ Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven/Stove ¯ Powder Room ¯ Parking Deck r

II 20Z



And, much more.


t IlO

¯ 2 or 3 Bedrooms ¯ Two (2) tile baths ¯ Washer/Dryer Basement ¯ Full size w/extra high ceiling ¯ 200-amp electrical service ¯ Insulated Glass door to backyard ¯ City sewer, water


r ~/~ At Lombertvile ]HE CUSTOM TOWNHOUSE EOGEBROOK at Lambertvllle --__ ~ SwanSlreel, Lamberivllle, N.J.

HUN TE R ’,£



Thursday, September 7, 1978



NORTHGATE APARTMENTS One Mile Road and Princeton-HightstownRd. (opposite McGrawHill) East Windsor,N. J.

I and 2 Bedrooms from $245 per month Features:

MOUNTAIN GREENERY With spectacularscenery! StoneColonial circa 1712, serenehilltop setting. Largetastefully restored living areas, perfect for entertaining. Separate heated stone studio¯ Carriage house. Stone barn with kennel and dog run. Heatedpool and two terraces. 49 acres, or houseand less acreage at a very attractive price. Call for particulars.




. ’(609) 4411-5935 MINIHORSE FARM

" .........

Locatedin Kingston, 3 miles from the center of Princeton. Solidly built one story house;living roomwith fireplace, dining room, eat-in kitchen, large family roomwith bar and 3 bedrooms.Three stall barn with tack and feed roomsand full loft. Garage;kennel and dog runs. $115,000.



Houses For RenT’::,

SHOPSUSSMAN CRANBURYMANOR JUST LISTED. Lovely 4 bedroom Colonialon over½an acre. Excellent landscaping affords privacy to this interesting 2 story. Includes foyer,ultra kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, laundry,’1car garage, basement andcentralair. $88,800. MOVE RIGHT IN - Just listed on CanterburyCourtin Twin Rivers, 3 bedroom townhouse with 2½baths, dining room, ultra kitchen,largepatiowith gasgrill andall majorap-’ eliances. $43,900. COUNTRY SETTING ONLY2 NEWHOMESLEFT presently beingbuilt on½acre lots. Choiceof Bi-Levelsor Colonials. Hardwood floors, customcabinets, hotpoint dishwasher, driveway,graded and seeded.Readyfor Septemberpo~ession. Huny. $97,900. UNUSUAL AND OUTSTANDINGranch style contemporary with slate entrancefoyer,den,ultra kitchen with customcabinets,formal dining room20x26living room with redwoodceilings, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths,parquet floors,centralair andcarpeting. $91,~oo. EXCELLENT CONDITION typifies this 3 bedroom Ranch. Largefamily roomwith brick firep’ace,2 full baths,living room,kitchen, oversizedtwo car garage on½act9lot. ~14,000. FANTASTICBUY Just4 yearsold, this bi-level includes 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths,diningroom,ultra kitchen, family room,garage, centralair, utility room. Located on ½acrelot. $57,900. MILLSTONETOWNSHIP JUSTUSTED - 10 acre farm (ideal for horses) with bedroom rancher, full basement, eat-inkitchen,dining room, full bath. Move-in condition. Twolarge outbuildingswith cement floor and basement. Also includedis 1 car detachedgarage. Owner relocating. $97,000. BUILDING LOT-Located in Lawrence Twp.approximately 1acre. #15,000.

HIGHTSTOWN. Two family house on Mercer 3treet with two apartments each with two bedrooms,full bath, kitchen, dining room, living room with two oil tanks, electric meters, zoned residential, abovegroundpool, pine floors, wooded storms- $34,900.

BEAUTIFULLY FUR- ~: NISHED - 3-4 BR home in ;; Princeton. wooded, $650. :: ’.PRINCETON JCT. - 5 BR, ? heatedpool, walk to station, $850. Century 21, Carnegie Realtors, 609-452-2188,609-9216177. "0"

EAST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP - Four bedroom Fairfield Split with 3 A/C units, two car garage, recently painted, storms/screens, full brick wall fireplace in family room.- $7(;,500.

TWIN RIVERS CONDO- One bedroom end unit patio ranch condo with full bath, five major appliances, panelled dining roem, papered kitchen, thermal windows,central air - $27,500.

EAST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP - Four bedroom detached on corner lot with outside entrance to basement,fenced yard, recently painted interior, gas grill, immediateoccupancy- $65,900.

AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 1st ¯ ".: - Furnished modern 4 bedroom : house, 3 baths, carpeted, air 7: cond. Walking distance to :. :shopping. Express bus to ’: N.Y.C. Lease. References. ,’: $475+utilities. 609-448-4916. FURNISHED -- country house for rent, Princeton Twp. Shade trees, running brook, patio, 3 bedrooms, 1~&baths, large living room with fireplace, large kitchen with dishwasher, washer & dryer. ! : or more years lease. Rent ..i . negotiable. 609-924-6078. LOVELY LARG E>:~ LAWRENCEVILLErental: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, modern ; eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room, den, big family room with fireplace, central air, manyextras. Quiet family ¯ neighborhood, convenient dead end street. $675/mo.609924-7545,keep trying.

TWIN RIVERS - Three bedroom townhouse with panelled family room, no wax kitchen floor, oapered baths, gas grill, excellent move-in condition with 7% VA assumable mortgage with balance of $28..607. and monthly of $349. $42,900.

OPENHOUSETOUR QuadI, 20 BenningtonDr. Sunday,Sept. 10, I-5 PM Fallow DDRSigns


EASTAMWELL18th century .: Grist Mill converted to : charming 3 BR home, includes kilchen, family room, living roomw/fpl., 2 bath & attached ~arage on 4 scenic acres. ’~ease, security & references required. $490 per month. The " tlunt Agency, Licensed Real Estate Broker. 201-782-2044or .: :2045. WASHINGTONCROSSING, :: PA -- restored house with dock on canal, barn, wooded ,~’ acre, 2 bdrms, living rm :w/fireplace, kitchen, eating room, washer/dryer, c/a, all utils, included, $425per month. 215-493-5537. :.

SEE OVER200 HOMES IN ONE DAY Call or write for the latest issueof ourreal estatemagazine ’"r~dav"c~hock full of oictures,pricesanddescriotions of over 200available homes in Somerset,Mercer,Hunterdon, Middlesex,Monmouth, Ocean, MorrisandWarren Counties...The Heartland of the Garden State. Thompson& Assoc., Realtor TollFree:(800) 392.6a ! 0, ext.243 orlocally(20!)297-0200 or (201)526-8448 Callor writefor the latestissueof thereal estatemagazine "Today"

HOPEWELL TWP : executive 3 bdrm ranch, un- furnished, on lovely 2 acre wooded lot. Family room, ::fireplace, screened porch, large eat-in kitchen, in-ground pool, garage space for 5 cars, .: all appliances. Avail. Sept 1. $595 plus utils. 609-924-2608.-: after 5pm. :



Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent


Situated on 2 acres in HopewellTownship.Floor to ceiling windowsin the spacious living room create a cheerful room with a pretty view. Step-up dining room, sitting room, bedroomand bath. Kitchen, small side entry room, attic and basementfor storage or future expansion. $80,000. ..! "’k,,

A TREE LINED STREET A Private wooded lot and in convenient WEST WINDSOR what a great combination. Add to that an especially lovely 4 bedroom, 21A bath immaculately cared for and beautifully decorated Colonial and you have a home you’ll want to move $124,500. right into. Call Weidel and see ........

Weidel Real Estate



242½ NASSAU ST. PRINCETON, N.J. 609-921-2700

LAWRENCEVILLE -4 ROOM APT -- couple 4 ROOMAPARTMENT- for preferred. No pets. 201-722- rent in Manville. Nopets. 201- Comfort on 1st floor. Yard, 722-0218. paid heat, carpets, $280. Kids, 4261. pets great. PLAINSBORO-- 1st floor MANVILLE NORTH SIDE lt0ME SEEKERS comfort. Lovel# suite of 3~z room apt. upstairs, no Realty, g40 rooms,$200. 1st tloor¯ children or pets. After 5 pm, 609-394-5900 201-725-7847. tIOME SEEKERS Realty, $40 609-394-5900 -- Lavish PRINCETON -- Live on farm! LAWRENCEVILLE Pets welcome. Only ,$90. living for only $180. All bills paid. Air, carpets, and more. Ready soon. Check with.~.. PLAINSBORO -- "Pleasing" 3 rooms, no lease, only $200. IIOME SEEKERS HOME SEEKERS lsl floor, bills paid. Realty, $40 Realty, $40 609-394-5000 609-394-5900 IIOME SEEKERS Realty, $40


HousesFor Rent

COUNTRYCOTTAGE- Only F: $150. Paneled, yard, attic,-’: ready Sept.1. Hurry. : TOWN & COUNTRY, Brkr. $50 :. 609-695-3100 BIG SPACIOUS NEWLY ~ DECORATED house for rent : in West Windsor near schools :" & train.station. Has private room, bath, an entrance for mother-in-law set-up, appointments only, $750 per month. 609-799-9251. HARBOURTON HILLS -Near Washington Crossing. Charming completely renovated stone farm house on 6 acres with creek. 3 bedrooms,2 baths, kit. w. all appliances, dining rm. with fireplace, lg. living rm. w. walk-in fireplace, entrance hall, sunroom, laund, w. washer & dryer. $550/mo. plus ulils. One yr. lease, one month’s sec. Call 609-737-3548

LAMBERTVILLEAREA -- 2 rooms & bath, furnished, w/w CONVENIENT COMMUTERLOCATION TI-II~EE ROOM APT-- livin~ carpet, quiet country setting, all utilities. $250/mo. plus HOPEWELL-- Happening. Attractive frame andbrick Capesituated on 1 pretty acre in WestWindsor. rm. bdrm, kitchen & bath, suitable for quiet couple or 2 security. 609-397-0991. Under $300. Paid heat. Kids WINDSOR-- "Swank" CotLiving room with fireplace opensto a screenedporch, dining room,’kitstudents. Unfurnished, 2nd fir, OK, carpets. Act today. L~MBERTVILLE Historical tage. Wall/wall, 2 baths, chen, master bedroom,hall bath and bedroomon the 1st floor. Twolarge 36 Leigh Ave, $250incl. utils. 4 ROOM APT., furn./unfurn., appliances. Well under $400. T.wnhouse, 4 floors, 5 fpls., 609-924-0746 KEEP TRYING. bedrooms,ample storage and bath on the 2rid floor. Panelled playroom w/elec. & park., $350. me. ll0ME SEEKERS MODERN 2 bdrm apt., avail, some decorating. Call Local express to NYat door needs Realty, S40 with bar, workshopand storage in the basement. $78,800. persons only. No 9/15, security & refs. Ewing ( every ’., hr. Also A&P& Responsible 609-394-5.)00 tlOME SEEKERS. APARTMENT NEAR NEW Twp. $230/mo. Heat & hot restaurant., adults. 201-297- pc~s. $525.609-397-2168. water incl. Write Box #02035 Realty, $40 HOPE - on the Delaware. 4560. FOR RENT -- townhouse in 609-394-5900 LAND E-FFICIENCY APT FOR Superb 2 bedroom, 2’>, bath, c/o Princeton Packet. Lambertville. Central air, offliving room, .dining room, RENT - in very desirable Provinceline Roadnear Pretty Brook Road, Hopewell Township. 6 acres, street parking, all appliances. ~ SPACIOUS section of Princeton. $180/mo. entry salon, swimmingpool. 2 AREA’S MOS’I - available COLLEGE STUDENTS -heavily wooded. $75,800. 609-397-2183 after AT ROSSMOOR plus security. Refs. required. fireplaces. Private entrance. Near Trenton State. $150. 3 $360/mo. APARTMENTS October, six months. Ideally 6pro. Twoattractive building lots located on Jacobs Creek Road in Hopewel= Avail. Sept. 1/78. Call Bill 215-862-9215. In park-like setting located furnished tworooms. Furnished or not. Pets ()(lea al 201-996-2115. bedroom manor, cole[ TV. Township.Satisfactory perk and soil log tests. Eachlot is 3½acres and OK. All extras. HOUSE FOR RENT -- in Especially priced. If 48 or FRANKLIN CORNER FOUR ROOMAPT -- living priced at $38,500. Princeton Twp: 3BRs, 1 bath older call 609-655-2217. GARDENS -- Lawrenceville, rm, 2 bdrm, kitchen with llOMESEEKERS fireplace, screened-in porch, just off RI. 1, nowrenting 4 and dining area, suitable for Terry Merrick Pete Callaway Realty, S40 large lot. Parking. 609-9245 room apts, heat and hot ALL AREAS, ALL PRICES - couple or 2-3 students. UnJudy McCaughan Bill Roebling 609-394-5900 Pat Cahill 100’s & 100’s of apts. and 8437. water included. $280 and up. furnished, 2nd flooL 38 Leigh PRINCETONJCT - Lovely 4 Charlotte McLaughlin Willa Stackpole homes. 6 offices to serve you. Anne Gallagher See Dom, Apt. D-1. 609-896Ave. $265excl. all utils. 609BRcolonial, 2’.:., bath w/LR, IIOME SEEKERS Eleanor Young 0990. 924-0746, KEEPTRYING. Linda Haft HOPEWELL -Air, SMALL2 BEDROOMHOUSE ,DR, faro. rm., kit. & 2 car Realty, $4O arage on treed lot. Walk to washer/dryer, furnished, Just - in Princeton Tpw. Living 609-394-5900 room, dining roem,kit. &bath. $50 weekly. Ready today! igh school. $600.Avail. Oct. 1. PRINCETON TWP- Moore St. KENDALL PARK, 5 rm. apt., $425/mo.plt,s u:ils. 1 yr. lease, 609-799-2235. Lovely 2nd floor apartment, 2 all improvements, ideal for ...... 1 nit). security. 609-448-0079. HOME SEEKERS ONE ROOMEFFICIENCY - couple, private driveway. 201Realty, $40 . bidri~, rl,ba:h~lelriiVinkgitc~mn apl. $225/mo. t-leat & water 297-1149. 609--’194-5900 ALLENTOWN -- Available HIGHTSTOWN- House for APARTMENT AVAILABLE- w/dishwasher disposal and incl. Walking distance to ALLENTOWN, N.J. ONE & TWO BEDROOM and now. Only $300. 3 BR. Kids family of 3, attic Nassau St. Avail. imwith swimming pool near refrigerator, redwood deck, APTS -- for immediate ocbasement, yard. $350/mo. PENNINGTON BORO avail. OK. paneled, yard. "Check mediately. 609-921-0977. Princelon. Call 609-799-1385. garage, attic storage, exc. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY -plus utilities & maintenance. cupancy at WindsorCastle, E. 1 & 2 bedrooms, living room, 9/1, 3 BR’s, lge. kit., LR, it." HOME SEEKERS cond. $500/mo.Call after 6 pm, for peace & quiet lover. Inquire at 151 Wycoff Ave., Windsor Twp. From Princeton dining room, kitchen, colored laund, rm. Nice yard, porch. Realty,$4O 609-921-2863. Partially furnished 3 room Hightstown. take 571 to Old Trenton Rd. tile bath, luxury apt. 1 LAMBERTVILLE’- 1 bdrm, $390/mo. No pets. Security & FOR RENT -1/2 Duplex, 3 609-394-5900 apt. with separate entrance in makea left then proceed to the bedroom- $210. 2 bedrooms - ground floor apt. with enclosed references. 609-737-1924. bdrms, 2 baths, full basement, historic country home. first left beyond a couple $265. Immediate occupancy. N.J. - 2 bdrms. screened porch, newly Downstairs living room & porch, spacious living rm. $265 I-IOPEwELL FOR RENT- 3 or 4 BR home hundred feet f~’om Old Trenton Private entrance, private sizable Liv i’m, modernized decorated. Avail. Sept. 1. kilehen, upstairs huge 30’ 3 ROOMMANVILLE APT - PRINCETON plus electric and gas. We pay TWP. -porch, air conditioning, on woodedlot. Large family’ Road. 609-448-5995. eat-in kilchen & bath, $295/mo. $400/mo. Penns Neck, 609-799$275/month. Heat included. bedroom w/walk-in closet heat. Adults only. No pets. 609Executive home. $400. Big carpeting, thermopane~ rm. and screen p orcn 609-921-2417/2435. 1942. hand hewn beams, and ran- Avail. 9/15. Call after 6 pm. yard for kids and pets. Must w/patio. W/in 5 miffutes to screens, spacious closets and 466-2363. dora width flooring. $325,per 201"52.--6674531.. , see. cabinets. Refrigerator / Pririceton Jct. train station or TWO BEDROOM APTS - 2 monlhincludes all utilities. MERCERVILLE ’ Stylish Nassau St. Avail. end of Aug. APT -- located baths, brand new, immediate freezer, range/oven, washer llAMILTONSQ. - 2nd fir., 3 2 BEDROOM 201-782-0527 eves. IIOMEsEEKERS / dryer facilities, TV antenna, UNFURNISHED NEW rms., &bath plus fin. attic. in Convenient downtown $650/mo. Call 609-452-2755or duplex. A deal. $200. Pets OK. occupanc exclusive Realty, $40 reserved parking. Langhorne, ~’a. area. 215-949LUXURY APTS. 1 & 2 Heal &hot water pd. $290/mo. Pcnnington, avail. Sept. 1. 609-693-4084. Nolease. Call today. 609-394-5900 bedrooms. $300 and up. 2050or 752-8907. I yr. lease plus see. Avail. Oct. $350/nm. plus utils. Sec. & FOR RENT- Unfurnished 3 ’ CRESTWOOD MeadowLane Apts., 5 minutes I. 2 peopleprefer. 609-799-1147. refs. required. 201-359-3610. tlOME SEEKERS bdrm, 2 bath house in PrinCOLONIAL ARMS PLEASING PRINCETON from Princeton Jct. Call 609Realty, $40 celon Twp. Air conditioned. living -- Only$225. Near shops BREZA ROAD 452-2104. WIN~)SOR -- exceptional 609-394-5900 Counlrv surrounding but 3-ROOM COTTAG.E - 4 rm [off Yardville-AllentownRd.] 4 ROOM -1st floor apt. 2 & buses. Heat paid. Good for H’OPEwELL BORO - On commercial potential, corner, convenient. $600/mo.Call 609collage w. 2 baths, a/c, fully singles or couples. family home, conveniently Broad St., 2 bedroomapt. with 2 acres, on Route #130. Plus 9 924-0430. furnished, all elec., Hightkitchen, bath, living room, located. Avail. Sept. 25, room charming Colonial plus 2 EFFICIENCY APT. - very CLASSIFIEDS IIOMEsEEKERS stown Windsor area. Special $250/mo ]~]us util. security DEADLINEFOR dining room. $325 includes car garage for business & KENDALLPARK - near NY Realty, $40 weekly/nl,nthly rates. All private. Minutes from PrinRUN IN7 PAPERS requireo. ~o pets, possibly 1 CANCELLATIONS heat. Adults. Nopets 609-466residence. Net lease or sale. hus, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, TVDen, 609-394-5900 utililies included. From$110 eelon. Ideal for professional. child. 201-356-4922. FOR 1 LOWPRICE 4PM MONDAY 2363. 212-548-4430¯ Call 201-874-8589. $460plus security. 201-329-6309. per week. 609-448-8637.

Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent


Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts.For Rent




16 FF

Thursday, September 7, 1978


tEstate 609-924-2222 609-921-1700 ,: ~,"


Just north of Princeton in marvelous Montgome~’ Townshipwe just listed a spaeous homeon two plus acres of beautilul count~’side. Both the living roomand the family roomhavc brick fireplaces. Andthere’s four big bedroomsin all and two and one half baths. I u a beautiful woodedarea, where one season following another you’ll be glad you called first. Call our Montgome~’ Office at 92117o0. $81 ,~0.

Only Minutes from DowntownPrinceton This charmingcolonial is the historic old iM[t. RoseSchoolhouse.Veryprivate yard with beautiful mature trees¯ House is well insulated and economicalto heat. Recent renovations include new kitchen floor. First floor has living roomwith fireplace, dining room,kitchen, full bath, bedroom. Secondfloor has four bedroomsand a full bath. $125,000.

When is a Gas Station not a GasStation’ WhenIt’s a Medical Building ! CANA NEWMEDICAL OFFICEBUILDINGBE BUILTNEXTTO PRINCETON HOSPITAL? Will it be I0,000 sq. feet or 2,00 sq. feet of superbly built medicalspace? If you wouldlike to help us decide this question, call Jim Firestone at Firestone Real Estate today. We’relooking for interested parties with capital to invest. Wefeel that we’vegot the answersand a goodplan of action to get this much

Southworth 1740 Ownyour ownauthentic colonial village lovingly restored to the standards of our times. Three housesin all whereyoucan live in the mainhouse mortgagefree. 5outhworth,the main residence, dates from 1740. and features a beamedliving roomw’id~ built-in corner cupboard, a formal dining roomwith a big old fireplace, a convenient kitchen and a den overlooking the stream. Upstairs arc three comfortable bedroomsand a studio room. Southworthcottage, circa 1790. has a large living room,a dining room,and an eat-in kitchen, as well as two comfortable bedroomsand a full bath. Southworthquarters, circa 1840 has a foyer, living room, den, and kitchen witb dining area. Upstairs are two amplebedrooms,a bath, and lots of storage areas. Situated on over an acre overlookinga lovely old stream with pool and privacy¯ $139,900.

-.,i,Z’2 ,~ This Printing Businessis Alive and Well. Ownerwill Retire, but not Until he Trains Youto Do as Well or Better Twentyplus years old, this business operates on repeat orders. Currently no sales are actively solicited so muchpotential exists. Ownerwill not only train, but give youexcellent terms. Call a Firestone agent todayfor full details on this excellent business opportunity.

FIRESTONERENTALS- WE’VE GOT THEM1 PRINCETON TOWNSHIP - A LinwoodCircle contemporary with 4-5 bedrooms, three baths, and a $675 per month. super location, available immediately.

The Prettiest

Dutch Colonial

in Lawrence Township

This classic DutchColonial with slate roof is one o~ the finest offerings we’veseen in man),a month. Inside, from its gracious center hall to its living roomwith fireplace and Frenchdoors and formal dining roomwith excellent wall space, there is a most satisfying flow to the classic floor plan. The eat-in kitchen, with powderroomnearby, is completelyremodeledin excellent taste. Upstairs, are three spacious bedroomswith ample closet space and even roomoff the master for a second private bath. Whenyou cometo see it, notice the fine craftsmanship evident from the plaster walls to the finished naturul woodworkthroughout. Situated on almost an acre backing up to woodedopen space for plenty of privacy. Financingavailable to a qualified buyer. $72,0(N].

A Splendid Homein a Delightfully Wooded Neighborhood in Lawrenceville

PRINCETON TOWNSHIP - DoddsLane center hall Colonial, four bedrooms, 2~,~ baths, immaculate condition; near lake; fenced in rear yard; central air; wasber/dryer;available September15. $700 por month. PRINCETON TOWNSHIP ¯ Twobedroomhome,living roomwith fireplace, eat-in kitchen, full bath; $450 per month. park-like setting; available immediately. FORRENT IN LAWRENCEVKLE a classic 3 bedroom Dutch Colonial, living room with fireplace, center hal1, formal dining room,eat-in kitchen all in excellent shape and with extremelylow heat $550per month. bills. AvailableSeptember13. i

Prettier than a picture is this splendid colonial homewithin walkingdistance of the village of Lawrenceville.Fromthe elegant slate foyer, to the fireplace in the living roomand private warmth of a corner fireplace in the family room,youfeel a ~nse of being able to have it your way.The kitchen with eat-in area is situated conventientlh to the dinign room,laundry, powderroomand family room. Upstairs, are four marvelous bedroomsand two baths, including a master suite with a dressing area and plenty of closet space. Neat as a pin and waiting to be shownwhenyou call your Firestone agent at 609-921-1700. $118,000.


:~. c,~.::.~::~ -, :’~ ,.. ,-~[~ ~ =


a. .&, :. .

4 NASSAUSTREET " PRINCETON, NEWJERSEY 08540 609-921"1050l.,,~,, " "~g-] ’~i~i£"~

2nd Section


"JUST LISTED" -An worth seeing pronto. Stone fireplace in LR, jalousied porch, and 1 ’/2 wooded acresin Hillsborough.HB37-8.Call 874-8100. Only$77,000.

Cl3riarcrest at Ewing Township theTossible




:i.... ;ii: .........


%1I:’ ’’~11


l* i~s~;t~lt.;,~;t


Large,romantic2-story Victorian on 3 plus acres of peace and beauty. Colonial plank flooring, original moldings, Et more. In Montgomery Twp. $150,000. HB-34-8. Call 8748100.

" .~’"

Model is openfor Inspection everyday(! 2-5) (closedThursdays)



Victorianwitha youthfulflair, in a desirable Borough location.Open front porch,doubledoorentry to a crisply decorated hall whichopensonone sideto a living roomwithsunny sitting alcoveflankedby shelvesandan attractivediningroom withchairrail ontheopposite side.At theendof the hallwayis a brightly paintedkitchenwith butcherblockbreakfastbar, amplecupboards anda large family dining area with laundrytucked behindshutterdoors. Largepowder roomwith stall showeron the 1st floor. Upthe carpetedstairwayare three prettily paperedbedrooms, ample closetsandlinenstorage anda full bath. Full attic andbasement withstorageroom. In thebackyardis a brickpatiofor entertaining andrelaxingin theshade. There’sa largegarden areaanda brickpathleadsto a barnlargeenough to housetwocars witha loft for storage.Thebackof the propertyabutsa dead-end streetwherechildrenmayride bikesor playsafely. Excellentchoicefor a youngfamily! $98,500.




Welcome, We are pleased that you have steppedinto the possible dream.Come,journey with us throughacres of a country setting; witnessthe greenelegancethat addsjust the right touchof warmthandpeacefor family living. Featuring 3 and 4 bedroomhomes--ranches, colonials,multi-levelsall with 2-cargarages. Modelphone:(609) 883-4490;4494

With over 2 scenic acres of your own in Raritan Twp.Exec.Colonial offers family roomw/fireplace andbeautiful sun roomwith .views stretching to NYC. $114,900. 1-1369. Call 7828800.

ExclusiveagentIdeal RealtyCo., Inc., Realtor(201)548.6720 DIRECTIONS: (Only 30 minutes from NewBrunswick) TakeRt. 1 south to 1-95 south to Exit 71B(Federal City Rd.) Follow through to Ewingville Rd. Turn left and follow to modelson your right. FROM PRINCETON: Take 206 South to 1-95 South to Exit 71Band follow as mantioned.FROM PA.:1-95 to Rt. 31 South.Turnleft at EwingvilleRd. Modelson your right.

HO i For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Renti QUIET STREET - PenNEW QUALITY LAWRENnington. Kitchen, dinette, CEVILLE TOWNHOUSE -- 3 living room w/fpl., 2-3 bedrms bdrms, 1central ~/z baths, & bath. Business couple basement, air, ~full carHOME SEEKERS preferred¯ $475. Call evenings, peting, & all appliances. Realty, $40 609-896-0607. 609-394-5900~ ,:, Available around Oct. I. $550/ too. COUNTRY : ,:4/.~:~,~7.~;..~., . HERITAGE REAL ESTATE, li& BR -- Cottage, woods,nearRealtors, 609-799-8181. " ; ¯ ~; EIITATE IIHOPPING’S DREAMYHopewell,$~0. 609-737-2342.



TOWNHOUSE LIVING -Maybe for you, if you recognizethe economicadvantagesof owningyour own place, but love the idea of a maintenance-free complexwith pool tennis. This oneis offeredat $52,900. h. HB-27-8. Call 874-8100.


TEWKSBURY TWP. ROOMFORHORSES Over5 acres’ completew/7-stall barn, fenced pastures, a babbling brook even an ingroundpool. Homeoffers 4 bedroomsEt 2½baths. $115,000. 9-

i . .i mll

ALLAREAS,,’ ALLPRICES 100’s & 100s of apts. and homes.6 offices to serve you.

Quality builder has a nice newRanch that will fit the pocketbooks of "1st home"buyers. Offers 3 bedrooms, kitchen w/custom cabinetry, and wooded property w/city utilities. In Somerset. $45,590.Call 874-8100.




BROOKMEAD TENANTS WANTED -- that like old surroundings andtown atmosphere.6 rooms,attic, basement,no pets, adults. Available immediately$350. plusutilities. 609-395-1258.

in Montgomery Twp.

Wm. Bucci Builder, Inc. Forinformationcarl



...whotake pridein andcontributeto their profession WeichertCo., RealtorshashadmoreN.J. State "MILLIONDOLLAR CLUB" achieversthan any other firm in NewJerseyfor the past4 years.





Thursday, September 7, 1978


to OfferasanOption

LONG BEACH ISLAND Barnegal Ligltt, quiet area, duplex, near acean, Sept. Oct. $175 & $150 per week. 609-2597014.

SolarHotWater Systems

EWINGTOWNSHIP Luxuryapartments with private pools. Efflclencles to over.Mze 2 bedrooms. Large rooms. Beautifullandscaping. Conveniently located withfree,off-streetparking. HIGHGATE


Porkllde A~m0o 2.story garden al~ arab. Some with pdvoto bokonles endcompletely carpeted. I BRfor $248¯ 2 gRfor S~O0 Call Mr. Johnson d~9.883-7537



Lower Ferry mc~d S-storyelevator building. fnqulreaboutfutvrv occul~ncy. Call Mr. Laxzar1609-883-3~5

EASTWINDSOR In the Prlnceton.Hlghtstawn area. Luxury gardenapartmentsin quiet suburban settings. All haveprivate balconlos andspacious well-keptgrounds. Wall-to-wall carpeting. Freeoff.streetparking. Swim Clubs. I BRfrom$245 2 BRfrom$280 WEST

Dutch Neck Road Call Mr. & Mrl. Whitetoo9,4dl1.,13115

BROOKWOODGARDENS Hlckoq ComerRoad Call Stan609-441-5S31


1114 River Rd., Ewing Twp., N J Easy commuting to Phila. & New York DIR:FromN.Y. & No.Jersey:TakeTrpk. So. to Ex,t 9, Rt. 1 to 1-95:So.2 mi. pastMotorVeh.Insp. Sta. Continue to Exit 1 Rt. 29N (Lambertville).TakeRightFork (Rt. 29N)makeExit at 3rd. R,ght to models¯FromPa. - Rt. 1-95. AcrossScudderFalls Bridgeto Exit 29N (John Fitch Way)towardWash.Crossing directly models¯FromPrinceton- takeRt. 206,1-95So. ’continueonas above.

Open6 Daysa Week10 A.M. - 5 P.M.

___CHESTNUT WILLOW DorchesterDrive Call Mr. A.h 609-449-6960

Ruralsettingwithacresof breathing space around lovelyapartments. Extralargeroom withwall-to-wallcarpeting.Freeparking for 2 cars.Convenient to all highways.

Faekler Road, near Route 206 Just Sonth of Princeton, Lawrence Township {Princeton addressl

These magnilicent contemporaries aredesigned for the particularfamilyandfeaturelarge gracious enterlainment areastraderdrantath’cathedral ceilings,foyergalh,ries. libraries withwetbars.downstairs master suiteswithluxariousbathIstall shower amloversized tubl andIoLsof storage.All onyourownprivateroad.Tiareedifferent plansareavailableand variationsare possible. Pricesstart at $150,000. AdditionalFeaturesInclude: * Insulated(;’htss ’l’hrough,ut * ZonedHeatingandAir Conditioning *CityWateranti City Sewer ¯ * ()versized 2 Car Garagew/Automatic Doort)pener * Sk)lights AndCh’restaD’Windows * PavedDrivewa) * Clmiceof Interior Fh~ors * Fully Landscaped * Self Cleaning()vens * Homeowners Warranty Please(:all for a visit. We’lltell y()uall aboutit andshowyoutheactualhousesonthesite. JtIll >.I

q-IENDEo 8ON"’*

LONGBCH.ISL. -- new ocean front 3x executive homeavail. weekly. Sept. & Oct. 609-4943785or 235-4142.

Business Properties

SharonRoadocrosl from SharonCountryClub. Justeastof Rt. 130at Rt. 33 Northof 1-95at Exit 7A. N.J. Tpke. Call Mr. Shethon609.259-9449


KRIEGMAN AND SMITH, INC. PropertyManagement

Van Hise Realty Realtor Penning,ton, NewJersey Tel.: 609-737-3615or 609-883-2110

~~:~ " ~’~ri~ ! ;,~ ~, ., , .:,~ . ~, ....~.):¯~

Wouldn"11:it be a shame if you really could afford a home but didn’t know it? Find out today. Nowwith our exciusive HOME" or Help On Mortgage Elig;bility program you can become pre.qualifiedfor a mortgage first, Before you spend endless hours looking for that dreamhomefind out if you can afford it. Mortgage and bankingrepresentatives will .tell you if you qualify for a Conventional. VA. FHAor MGIC mortgageAre you eligible to buy a homewith no downpayment?Find out howlittle you have to put down and what your maximummonthly payments can be. Whatprice range of homescan you afford? You’ll get the informationin writing, and complete with your ownpersonalizedID card. You’reunder noobligation. For moreinformalioncall Fri. 9 a.mto 5 p.m. TOLLFREE.or write HomeProgram. P.O. Box667. Middletown.N.J. 07748

TOLL FREE 800-392-6810 KINGSTON SEE FOR YOURSELF - all this twostory Colonialhasto offer. Modern kitchen, room,3 bedrooms, onefull modern bath,basement, 1 car garage,excellentcondition, well landscaped cornerlot ona dead-end streetoffering plivacy,just minutes to Princeton plus easycommuting to all nearbycities ................................. $62,500. HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP INDUSTRIAL BUILDING - with8 acres,located onRoute 31, only minutes to all major highways, concrete block building approx. 4,000 square feet. Callusfor priceandadditional information. Formation. ’ HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP AUTO BODY REPAIR SHOP - locatedon Pennington Roadnear 1-95.Excellent property for theright person. Two storydwelling also onpropertywith twoapartments for additionalincome. Thispropertymustbe seen.................... $145,000.

Home XelpOnMortgageEligibility

Division of Sterling Thompson Associates,Realtors

Member of Multiplelisting Service Holidays Call: CathyNemoth, 737-3051 BeyWillevor,737-0462 ¯ ~Frank T. Rlckotts 586.6706 HotlyLIndeboom, 466.20~4 F)atriclaDeCamlllle, 737-0258

PRINCETON -- FULLY FURNISHED4 bedroom, 262 bath split level home with lovely fenced in yard in desirable Riverside area, $700 month. .

KINGWOOD -- 3/ 4 BR Colonial on 2 acre lot, 15 min. g’EST WINDSOR-- Walk to from Flemington Country train station. Beautiful 4 setting. $550/ mo.201-272-3472. bedroom. 2t~ bath Colonial on woodedlot. Beautiful neighborhood. Unfurnished. $700 IMMACULATE HOME-- with month. 3 bedrooms, 2Vz baths, WEIDEL REAL ESTATE beautiful living room and dining, room with cathedral 242Vz NASSAUSTREET PRINCETON, NJ ceilings, modern kitehen~ 609-921-2700 family room, newly carpeted throughout. Available Sept. 15. $675/mo+ utilities. EWING -- 3.4 bdrm duplex for WALTERB. HOWE,INC. maximum3 people, no pets. REALTORS Avail. Sept. 10. $390plus util. One Palmer Square 0O9-924-7484after 7pm. Princeton, N.J. 609-924-0095

FOR RENT - Modern 3 BR Ranch, on 175 acres, private lake, close to MohonkMinnewaska. Alternate weeks Sept. to June. Winter crosscountry skiing, ice skating; fall-spring hiking, canoeing, fishing. 609-924-8678evenings.

TOWNHOUSE -- Available Sepl. 15, 2 bedrooms, 1Vz TWOBEDROOMS-- living baths, living room,dining, eatroom, dining room, kitchen & in kitchen, full basement, all bath. Princeton Township. appliances, cenlral air, carLease for one year, Sept. 1, peting, pool, tennis, etc. 1978. $415 per month. $390/monlh. Telephone: co09-924-0o33,737RICilARDSON REALTY CO. 9377, or 201-793-7993. 609-448-500g 4-5 BEDROOMS-- family room with fireplace 3 baths: full basement, 2-ear garage DUTCH COLONIAL -- 4 and a good location for tlae bedrooms, Alexander Raod, commuter. $650/mo. Jct. Walking Princeton distance to train or Aeme. WALTERB. HOWE,INC. Avail. Sept. 15, $450/ too. Call REALTORS 609-799-0843. Princeton-Hightstown Road PrincetonJet., N.J. 609-799-1100 FOR RENT-- Twin Rivers 3 BR, 21," bath townhouse. Call 3-4 BEDROOM SPLIT -- on 201-536-4635. wooded lot, tam. re., screened porch, rain. to station or Nassau St. Available now, $600/ me. COUNTRY HERITAGE REAL ESTATE, Realtors, co0g-799-8181.

Resort Properties

POCONOS -- wooded building lot. Year round resort location. 1V2acres, $7800.Call 609-799-3046.

OCEAN FRONT -- Long Beach Island, beautiful new 3 baths. bedroom, l:& ALLENTOWN -- move now, 3 *spect~icular view, w/w car-. BR, all panelled, kids O.K. oetin~, washer/dryer, dishonly $300. washer. Sept. & Winter rentals. 201-445-5856or 609-494TOWN& COUNTRYBrkr $50 6410. 609-695-31 O0

BUYLAND:THEYDON’TMAKE IT ANYMORE Callusfor more Information ontheabove listings

$ ACRES - wooded withstream - West Amwell Twp. .......................... ¯ ................ $30,000.

Resort Properties

TOWN& COUNTRYBrkr $50 609-695-3100

EWlNG TOWNSHIP UNDER FORTY - is thisstonefrontCape Coddwelling ona large lot withmature trees.Modern kitchen,formaldiningroom, livingroom withfireplace,3 bedrooms, 1 ~ baths,screened-in sideporch.................................. $39,900.

peracre. 17.8ACRES - Hopawell Twp.,residential ...... $2500

TOWN& COUNTRY Brkr $50 609-695-3100

FLORENCE-- 3 BR, Cape Cod, 4 car garage, acreage, only $400.

EWINGTOWNSHIP ATTRACTIVE RANCHER - withentrance foyer, modern kitchen with breakfastroom.formaldiningroom,living room,panelled family room,3 bedrooms, modern dual bath plus ½ bath, basement, oversizetwocar garagewith electric dooropener, centralair conditioning, welllandscaped corner lot, immaculate condition................................... $71,900.

$1S00 peracre.

COSYCOTTAGE --Only $150, all panelled, a great deal ?

LAWRENCEVILLE FOR SALE BYOWNER Veryattractive, immaculate andnicely decorated bi-tevel, beautifully landscaped. 4 bedrooms, 1 ~,~baths, formal livingroom. Dining room, eat-inkitchan withdouble wailoven.Laundry room, panelled familyroom withbrickfireplace.Sliding glassdoors open to largepatiowithgasgrill, overlooking park-like setting.Wall-towallcarpeting, centralair. Atticstaircase, 2-cargarage, storage shed wit electficiW. Close to schools andshopping. Call 609-883-6886for appointment.

LONGBEACHISL., Attr. 3 FOR RENT -- 6 room BR, 2nd from ocean, Sept; iownhouse in Lambertville with orig. beamed ceiling & ¯ Oct. Reduced rates. 609-737wide floor boards. Washer, 1409, Wknds609-492-1422. dryer, kitchen appliances included. Small enclosed garden. $300 + utilities. Call ONTHE BEACH- Long Beach Island, t& lovely carpeted 3 609-883-9781for appt. bedrm, 1 bath. Sept, Oct, Nov. wkends,$75. $200 weekly. 609-799-2235. PENNSNECK-- 3 BR, air, 2 baths, kids & pets O.K. Just FLOI~IDA CONDO - in $400. Stewart, close to ocean. 2 BR, 2 bath, pool. $800/mo.609-737TOWN & COUNTRY Brkr $50 1409, wKnds.609-492-1422. 609-695-3100

FOR RENT-- Vermont Green Mt. Luxurious 3 bdrm fully equipped stream side townhouse, $250/week includes linens, heated pool & tennis courts, 10 miss. to golf & horseback riding. Call 201297-3485 after 6pm, for free folder. SEPT -- OCT -- Vermont lakefront cottage available for. rental by week or long weekend. Completely private on 6 mile long Lake Bomoseen near Rutland. 3 bedrooms, living room kitchen, deck and family room overlooking lake. Excellent swimming & fishing, boat included. Perfect location to enjoy fall foliage season. $150/week, $10o/long weekend. 609-448-7439 after. 6pro. Between Aug. 19-Sept. 2 call 802-273-2219.

OFFICESPACE- 2 new 1000 sq. ft. adjoining offices, each wtth lav. and independent heat and central air. Close-in hwy. 206 location with ample arking. Still time to arrange r partitions, ceiling preference, wall and floor treatment. $400/mo net. Neighboring offices leased to professional tenants. Phone Tuschak Realty, 609-921-1720 for details.


RENTSPACE-- in The Lace Works (now almost restored) A multi-use outlet center. Rt. # 29. Lambertville. 609-3972501.


II()PEWELL TOWNSIIIP Twelveclear, level acres with excellent visibility on Route 31 just outside Pennington Brough, zoned 1-300 for restaurants, light manufacturing, warehousing, automobile dealers, indoor recreation, etc. Over 600 foot OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT frontage with potential for -- central Nassau St. Small or division into two conforming large, avail, now, low rent. CallforforJim full parTelephonesecretarial services ~iarcels. culars, ask Chase available. 609-924-2040. TIlE CiIASE AGENCY 609-737-1330 RET’AIL STORE- & office space available, Rle. 206, NEW OFFICE SPACE Belle Mead.Will alter to suit. 1000 & 1500 sq.fl, gross area 201-359-3000. suites. Completewith separate entrances, heating, A/C, telephone trunks, carpeting, RETAILSTORE- with cent. partioning, lighting, parking. air plus 3 rm apt. on 2nd floor. Located on bus route, 10 Paved parking lot. Excellent minutes to Palmer Sq. 80 traffic location, next to Turn- rains, to N.Y.C. Walk to table Junction in Flemington. restaurants & shops. 15 Main Live and work in your own Street, Kingston. 609-452-8866 building. Phone Tuschak days, 921-7085evenings. Realty, 609-921-1720 for details.

Investments EAST WINDSOR OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT DON’T WAIT WARRENPLAZA WEST TO BUY REAL ESTATE Rt. 130&Dutchneck Road BUY REAL ESTATE $240/mo 2 roomsuite & WAIT $450/mo 4 roomsuite (office furniture available) Attractive prestigiousbuilding We have many farms for with ample parking in ex- apprecialion anddevelopment cellent localion. Paneled at excellent prices and terms. walls, carpeting, acoustic, Beat inflalion with the ceiling, cenfral air. 1 or 2 year alternate investment. There’s lease wilhoption. Call 609-448- a real estate investmenl in ~,our future. Let us show you 6586, 9am-lpm.

POCONO MANOR, PA. -House 7 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen sundeck, NEW MODERNOFFICE championship golf course. SPACE FOR RENT $250. per weeR. Call AC215Hightstown Area 493-3664 during day or AC2151004 sq.ft. 295-2040 after 9 P.M. and . All utilities, Ideal for professional use weekends. Call 609-448-2426 MAGNIb"ICENT VIEW -Interesting old house on bluff overlooking Ca;3e Cod Bay at FOR LEASE -COMWellfleet. Fireplace, deck, MERCIALBUILDING - 5200 sleeps 6. Birds, trails, fishing, sq. fl. for relail or bright sun, cool nights. Sept- professional. Excellent Oct. $115-$170/week.201-521- localion. Remodelingnow. 99 0229. In Aug.write Foster, Box Main SI., Highlsh)wn, N.J. 352, South Wellfleet, Mass. Call 201-297-2500,ask for hit’. L. I)ougherty. 02663,617-349-9490. LONGBEACHISLAND- Sept, Oct. shore rentals. Reduced rates. 4 bdrm. Cape Cod, 3 bdrmB Duplex 609-655-2656or 492-8259.

JUST LISTED -- Amoco Service Station on4.3 acres. 5 bays, 2 lifts. Owners relocating. Ranch house with full basement included. Asking $160,000. Terms available. Please call Sussman Realty, Realtors, 609-896-9300.

PANELLEDOFFICE SUITE 450 - 1800sq. fl. office. Ewing Twp. Modern air conditioned office building. All custodial services. Ample parking. Ideal location for professional practices. Modestrental 609771-0033.

4 Charlton StreeL Princeton, NewJersey 08540 (609) 921-2776 Mercer County Hunterdon County Multiple ListingService " Multiple ListingService Somerset County HOME~V,~.~’ Princeton RealEstateGroup Multiple Listing Service

Houses For Rent Houses For Rent


32 ACRES - Hopewell Township .............


MAGNIFICENT VIEW-- Fall on Cape Cod, warm sun, cool nights, national seashore, STOREFOR RENT-- 247 So. walk, birds, tennis, fish. Large Main St., Manville. Avail. deck, fireplace, cozy house, immediately. 201-722-0650. sleeps 6 in Wellsfleet. $115-$135 per week. Photos. Foster, 20 Half Acre Rd, Jamesburg, NJ OFFICESPACE- 780 sq. ft. 08831,201-521-0229. Princeton - Hightstown Rd Ample parking. Write Box #01813 e/o Princeton Packet. OFF SEASON RATES-- 3 BR house,w/dock,Loveladies Iiarbor, $200/wk. 609-924-WANTEDTO RENT -- 24002818.3000 sq.ft, light industrial space for workshop. Reasonablerent. 201-246-8197. VENICE,FLORIDA-- 2 BR, 2 bath Garden Condoon the Gulf w/ pool, fully equipped. NOTTINGHAM WAY --. Fishing, tennis, golf, etc. near. Hamilton Square. Store or Off season rates $540 per office space for rent. Off street month.609-466-2426. parking. 609-924-0498,7-9 p.m..

ClosedThursdays. MODEL PHONE:(609) 883-5603



a newconc,ptin,uxuryhousing~~

OFFICESPACE- in Princeton just off NassauSt., near center of town. 138 sq. feet, 1st fl., nice bay windows facing street. Ulils. included, carpeled. Call 609-921-3092.

Models From:


.o~’" , ,.¯" ,,.


onlya fewlots remain l 3 completed models tar sale ready for immediate occupancy.

220SullivanWey appetite T0~ntonCm0nh~ Club. 2.story gardenclparlmentB. Inquire abortfutore occupancy Call Mr.



NEW JERSEY’S "SNOWPLACE" I. OVERLOOKING THEDELAWARE RIVER Theincredible homes at Delaware Rise. Upto 3,000sq. ft. andover of living area, brick fronts, as shownin models,a and5 bedrooms, 2V7baths, 2-car garage.6’" x 3" of insulationin all houses. City water,city sewers, walks andcurbs Dre all included. Wooded lots available¯Hilly V2acrelots with125ft. frontage.

olden Avtnue at Parkway 5-story oluvatorbuilding. I mRfor $250¯ 2 gRfor $375 Call Mr. & Mrl. Van De Weglm~9~/.96

Business Properties

Resort Properties

We’re theFirst


ROSSETTI Realty & Land Sales 609-586-4600

Garages/Storage for Rent SO. BRUNSWICK, 40 x 80 ft. storage bldg., hot water, oil, heal. $300 month. Also, 2-car garage, insulated, heat. $60 nlonlh. (609) 655-3808, (717) 48876600.

PRII~IE’ LOCATION - Retail slore for rcnl. U.S. #130, East Windsor.Call 609-443-6906. GARAGE PARKING available. #2 NassauSt., close ARTIST INTERESTEDin pot to Bank St., Chambers St., shop wilit kiln to rent or buy. University Place $35 monthly. 609-921-2677. Nonmlds. 609-$83-0069.

CUSTOM ROUND HOUSEPOCONOS, 3 BR, fplce, elec. HOPEWELL -- 2-ear garage hi, furn. rent wkly. or wknd. OFFICE SPACE - roomy, storage space $60. (~& $30). Will consider reas. sale price. privale office w/possible 609-466-2363. 609-586-4442. hallway space. Cent. air, w/w carpi., pleasant decor, good SEASIDE HEIGHTS. Ocean loc. near Palmer Square. block apt. avail, thru Sept. 30. Avail. 10/1, rent depends on FULL BASEMENT FOR RENT- own entrance/will 609-396-3117 or 201-793-8221. space. 609-924-1977, ask for divide. 609-448-9330. Roger. .POCONOS-- Lake Wallenpaupae area. Building lots. WINDS’OR - exceptional SPACE FOR Must sacrifice at $7000. Call commercial potential, corner, STORAGE RENT -- HIGHTSTOWN 609-448-4089. 2 acres, on Route #130. Plus 9 AREA-- 609-448-0325. roomcharming Colonial plus 2 car garage for business & FOR RENT - beautiful 3 residence. Net lease or sale. bedroom house & 2 bedro6in apt. located 1 block from the 212-546-4430. beach in Beach Haven FOR RENT - 2 room office Terrace.¯ Reduced rates in suite. Newlycarpeted and air September & October. Call conditioned. All utilities 609-737-0462. furnished on 2nd floor at 40 ’WANTED-- WOODED Witherspoon St., Princeton. BLDG.LO’I -- in,West Wind: GOT A GRIPE OR Also a one room office atsame sor. Able lo perc. Call after COMPLIMENT? location. 609-924-4875or 924- 5pm,609-585-1451. 3794 evenings. --WRITE YOUR EDITORI

Real Estate Wanted





¯ 18 FF

Thursday, September 7, 1978


Specialists Since 1915

Town & Country


~’,~". ~~~~ .....



PRICED TO SELL The marvelous country kitchen in this great 3 bedroom, 2 full bath custom built ranch is but one of the outstanding features. Just to name a few others, there’s a large living room with an inviting fireplace, full dry basement, underground sprinkler system, closets galore, extra insulation and a prime HOPEWELL location. A terrific value at only ............... ,~ ...................... $76,900. r . o ; .... ~-t’ ’~" /~’:’"


REMINDER OF BYGONE ERA The "Bhckwell House", shaded by old trees and overlooking the beautiful Millstone, boasts muchhistory. Built before the Civil War, and brought up to date over the years, this charming 13 room house, sitting on 3.8 acres with its own stream, 3 working fireplaces, wide pine floorboards, very large rooms and a short walk to the lovely, old town of Millstone is a must for "Charming Old Home" huffs. Let us show you through and acquaint you with the background of this unique property. Asking ..................................... $110,000.

THAT OLD HOMESTEAD I Just listed in the hills of West AmwellTwp. on 24 acres of wooded seclusion, living room, dining room, kitchen, 5 bedrooms and bath, 24’ x 57’ garage and workshop - house needs work but look at this price - $84,900. Better hurry on this one.

" i CHWOOD THICKET" A classy Hopewell Twp. estate on just under 8 acres of. wooded splendor for this fantastic 4,300 sq. ft. contemporary so grand it was featured in several national home magazines including "Womans Day", 13 very unique rooms plus a huge redwood deck overlooking the gorgeous 22’ x 45’ free form Sylvan pool. Unbelievable in $295,000. beauty and quality for .................... "~: ,,r.~,.,~ t~;lldt~." .~.-~.~b~.~ ~ L’~

.. , ,~~,~-,"......


INDESTRUCTIBLE- _quality constructed brick and’ aluminum sided custom built ranch home boasting cleanliness and tasteful decor in every room. Three bedrooms, formal dining room, family room with fireplace, full basement, 2 car garage, situated on a lot 150x150 and drastically reduced to make this a value packed offering at.. ...................................... $69,900.

QUICK OCCUPANCY on this 3 bedroom rancher with 1 ½ baths, living room with fireplace, dining room, full hasement, comer lot, breezeway and garage. Owner must sell. Asking ............................. $49,900.

HICKORY ACRES FAIRFIELD split level on a very quiet street featuring: new no-wax floor in bright eat-in kitchen, four bedrooms, dramatic living room and dining room and family room with a fireplace. One of the garages has been converted into additional living space whleh could be turned into a second garage again. Offered at.. $76,900.

NEW LISTING -- Lovely two family home with 2 apartments in immaculate condition. Nice private lot with large trees and lovely shrubs. Can he reconverted into one family home. Just ......................... $65,900.

..... .



’,%~-,~,~--, .~,,~: :~:~.’:," .: :: ’~ ’i~ ,5’=¢,r~.:

THE AMERICAN DREAM - to own a four bedroom Colonial on a well-landscaped hail-acre lot with maintenance-free exterior and clean, comfortable iffterior- can $79,900. be realized for ........................... Comesee this lovely homeat our


~+~:i,. ~ .. .....

OPEN HOUSE A beautiful wooded lot surrounds this lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath home where all the rooms are well sized and boasts somespecial things llke piaster walls, sliding glass doors in master bedroom lead to redwood deck, 50’ dog run and more ................................... $82,900.

2421½ NASSAUST., PRINCETON 609-921-2700

PENNINGTON AREA COMMERCIAL On the north side of Route 31 at the Pennington Circle with 3 buildings nestled into a 354’ lot with off street parking. Ideal opportunity to create your own "mini mall", ....... ..... " ..................... Asking $239,000.

Interior & Exterior Color Photos

BUILDING LOT -- East Amwell or Monlgomery Twp. 3-10 acres open or wooded.Call 609-466-1693day or evenings.

LandFor Sale 2 TWOACRE LOTS -- imra.ediate vicinity of Sprucerun {ag.e. with view Pere tests and soil log. Call (609)883-6576.

LandFor Sale LandFor Sale 2~,a ACRE BUILDINGLOT -- COUNTRY ACREAGE- Just in West Windsor with pete outside Ringoes in East test. $28,500.Call 609-799-0085. Amwell. your choice of 7 beautifully woodedacres with over 2O0 foot frontage on a BUILDINGLOT-- 2.8 acres, Easl Windsor. High & dry pretty country road or 10 acres set back from the same road ground wilh manyfruit trees. Private setting. Ideal home also wooded. Each $35,000 sile. $28,000. Also - ACREAGE - 6.19 acres. East Windsor. Frontage on 2 roads IIOPEWELL TwP. -- Your Rural/residential. Minimum2 choice of perced, beautifully acre zoning, excellent wooded building lots in a location. High & dry ground. neighborhood of fine homes. $62,000.Alooft 14ealtor. 609-799- Build with a truly outstanding builder from your plans or his. 0288. As low as $25,000


BUILDERS AND INVESTORS - 12.5 acres in prime location. Suitable for residential developmentor holding.

2681 MAINST. (RT. 206) LAWRENCEVILLE 609-896-1000



International Relocation Service

BUSINESS PROPERTIES Memorial Parkway 100 feet fronting on main highway. Ideal for food franchise. Property is openon three sides. ................................ $70,000. Walnut Avenue Goodbusiness, fine location, parking for 40 cars. Building contains 1,000 sq. ft. on a lot 125 x 100. Equipment included. Owner will take back mortgage ............................ $66,01)0.

TIIE CIIASE AGENCY ELM RIDGE PARK -- 1~¢z RESIDENTIAL KRESSLER, WOLFF & MILLER LOT acrelotwithtrees: .Will finance. Lawrencia Drive, off Pen609-737-1330 $42,000net. Call 609-737-2203. nington-Lawrenceville Road. Realtors Over 20,000 sq. ft. Sewersand available. Call 609-896- HAMILTON TWP. -- 20+ 370 MemorialParkwayl Phillipsburg, NJ MONROE TWP. - 7 acres. 212 water acres zoned industrial ft. frontage, 1400’ deep 1850. located between two. ineves.:201-859-6324 wooded,$28,000 firm. 609-44821)1-859-5919 tersections of 1-195. Will 2179, 448-0254evenings. subdivide. Excellent price and LOT FORSALE- Harbour-ton terms available. Invest in area, over 1 acre building lot, land, it’s a proven $$ maker. 7 MINUTES FROM PRINReal Estate will sell, subject to all Let us showyou how. CETON- Skillman, 3 prime owner approvals at sellers expense, wooded acres cleared for $19,900.NoBrokers. 6 to 8 p.m. building & drive. Residential ROSSETTI 609-888-4585. , Realty & Land Sales zoned, fronts county road. 609-586-4600 Perc test passed, permission 1 ACRE -- building lot. 4 BEDROOM -- 2 bath Ranch to build. $25,0O0. By..owner. Hillsborough, exe. location on on 3/4 acre partially wooded 201-521-’1296. Amwell Rd. near Woods Rd. lot. Eat-in kiL, full basement 150’ frontage w/percolation & w. rec. room. patio, 16x32 DEADLINE FOR soil log permits. Asking inground pool, easy comCANCELLATIONS $26,500. Principals only. ’ 201- muting. $72,500. 201-297-3438. 4 PM MONDAY 359-5247,or 201-359-3700.

LandFor Sale

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NEWLISTING - Excellent split level with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, ready for immediate occupancy, in a very desirable area. Sehooh, shopping and transportation makes this an extremely desirable home. Call for appointment now ........................... $59,900.

ROUTE 130, EAST WINDSOR ROUTE31, PENNINGTON, N.J. 609-448-6200 609-737-1500 609-882-3804 9 Offices to Serve You and 6 Multi 9le listing Services to Serve You


Real Estate Wanted

9 Sheffield Road, East Windsor Sunday, September 10th, 2-5 P.M. Directions: Route130 to DutchNeckRoad.Weston DutchNeckRoadto OxfordDrive(approx. I~Amihs}left on OrdordDHve,right onto Sheffield.

- .......

For Sale

PROVINCE LINE ROAD Uniquely situated country property: .4+ acres, 3~ miles from Palmer Square, lA mile off Rt. 206. Carefully restored 1800/1860 farmhouse. Living, dining, family rooms, exceptional library, 4 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms, 31/~ baths, large kitchen, Modernized systems. Two room separate entry rental apartment. Two car garage. Beautiful functional 1790 barn, 5 hox stalls, ¾ acre fenced $250,000. paddock. Principals Only Call 609/924-0934

¯Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate

For Sale

1-~A, MONTGOMERY TWP-New 4 bath,7 RM. w/wRANCH carpet,- 3 BR, attached bedroom Colonial, Large rec room with raised hearth garage, newly decorated, fireplace. 2-½ baths,, full washer, dryer, oversize patio, easement, 1 acre lot. Extras. fenced-in, dead end street, Large lot.Park. Shrubs, trees, Call builder. $118,000. 201-359Kendall $52,000. Con5837. ventional. 201-297-2620.

FOR SALEBY OWNER TRADITIONAL BRICK- On % acre, 1.2 miles from NassauSt. Centrally air-conditioned, dry basement. 1st Floor: Living room,study, dining room, eat-in kitchen, large flagstone terrace 2nd Floor: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large playroom with excellent storage space 3rd Floor: 2 bedrooms,1 bath $141),1)00. PRINCIPALSONLY. Daytime: 452-6122¯ Evening921-2814

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

Twii~/’.RIVERS SPLIT -- UPPER FREEHOLDcustom move-in condition- 3 BRs, 2½ CREAM RIDGE baths, prime location, ~Oo sq.’ft. 3 BR Ranch on laA. beautiful brick patio, extra acre, lull basement, 2 car insulation, storm &screen, all garage, manyextras. Close to appliances, 7%assumable 1-195 and N.J. Turnpke, Asking mtg. $47,500. 609-448-0751. $89,900. Callafter6pm, 609-2693293.



Thursday, September 7, 1978

VALUE PLUS: Quiet OuadII Location, 3 bedrooms, 1 ½baths, modern kitchen,finishedbasement, all appliances. Seller will participatein closingcosts.Call Now $35,500. OUTSTANDING TOWNHOUSE: Lovely 3 bedroomtownhouse with professionallyfinished basement family room,picture window living room,formaldining, modern kitchenleadsto maintenance freepatioareawithgasgrill, 2½baths,all appliances, centralair, move-in conditionandjust ;educed to anunbelievable $40,500. =mJ~lmlll~m=

SUNDAY TwinRivers - 1-5 P.M. "Beginning at 908 JamestownRood. QuadIV’* Follow Mgn, Townhoutet, single family homes condominiums, staltin s at $24,900.Molt modelandfinancing availableto qualifiedbuyers.Other toursavailableuponrequest.

HELPII HELPII Seller will helpyoupurchase this immaculat,~ 4 mtownhouse by assistingwith closingcos.Sandptovidir, g 90% financingto qualifiedpurchaser. Convenient walkinglocation for shopping, pools,tennis,etc. plusslatefoyer,living room, formal dining, hugekitchen/familyroom,brick patio, 2½baths,full $45,900. basement, all appliances, centralair andmore. SPECIAL SINGLE: First class,qualitysinglefamilyhome in Ouad II. Excellentconditionandfeaturing,foyer, living/dining, family room,moderneat-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2½baths, full basement, garage,central air, all appliances plus compactor, Karastancarpetingandmore. $58,900.

ROOSEVELT RANCH: Situatedona quiet 100x 200site in quaint Roosevelt andfeaturingpicture windowed living room,dining, largeeat-in kitchen,3 bedrooms, 1½full baths,full basement, $41,900. Franklinfireplaceandmuch more. OUT-DOORENTERTAININGA BREEZE- UNIQUE MAINTENANCEFREE EXTERIOR COLONIAL on terraced 1%acres with matured trees, flowering shrubs, 3 car garage, 4 corner bedrooms, 2 full cerami~ tile baths, family room with brick wall fireplace, gameroom, 3 car garage. $103,900. GREAT VALUE

LARGE 2 STORY: Ample roomfor all in this graciousolder2 story home ona mature 50x 150site in Hightstown. Featuring a panelled living room,formaldining,eat-in kitchen,den,4 bedrooms, bath, $42,900. basement, fencedin yardandmore. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY: Largeandlovely split level homein desirableHickoryAcresin Eastwindsor.Gracious foyer, sunken living room,19’ formaldining, extra largeeat-in kitchen,26’ panelledfamily room,4 bedrooms, 2½baths, basement, 2 car garage,carpeting,centralair andmore. $75,500. LOVELY HOME ON4+ ACRES: Private park like settinq of 4.3 acresin Washington Township. Lovely,large matureshade trees, 16 x 42 in-groundpool totally surrounded by lovely deck,3 bedroom mainhome with 1 ½baths,large countrykitchen,formal dining, 28’ living roomwith fireplace overlookingthe pool, basemem with rec room,hugegaragewith cabana plus 2 bedroom guesthome at rearof property.Outstanding valueat $05,900. WINDSOR WONDERApprox.1 ½ acressurroundthis lovely and large whitestuccoandframehome. Twoliving room,with plush carpeting,2 kitchens,largeformaldining,formalbedrooms, 1½ baths,family room,enclosed porch,full basement plusdetached 4 car garageandguesthouse.Mustbeseen $95,000. FARMETTE - GOOD INVESTMENT: Unusualopportunity available withthis 10acresplus charming olderfarmhouse. Lovelyrural setting convenient to mainarteries.8 rooms, 2 full baths,fireplace. outbuildings¯ Assessed asqualifiedfarm.Potentialsub-division for $95,000. building lots. Calltodayfor additional details

BE A WALKING COMMUTER: Walk to Princeton Junctiontrain station in less than10minutes from this largecolonialhome in Benford Estates.Gracious foyer,living room,formaldining,modern eat-inkitchen,panelleddenwithfireplace,4 largebedrooms, 2½baths, full basement, 2 car garage,patio and more ’ $98,500. CALL FOR YOUR

LARGE CYCLONEFENCED LOT - FIELDS AND TREES VIEWEDFROMPRIVATE PATIO - Foyer, large living room, ultra kitchen, dining area with picture window, study, secluded family room with Andersonbay window, 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths. MANYQUALITYDETAILS $59,900.





NESTLEDAMONGTHE TREES ON A LARGELOT MAINTENANCE FREEEXTERIOR- Large screened front and back porch, living room with Picture window, dining room, eat-in kitchen with cabinets, gameroom, 3 bedrooms, new bath. YOUROWNPICNIC PARK." $42,900.

EST. 1939


/;f 1, Lc .ttctt.a R~ALTOI~

Lawrenceville, N.J.

/ , aLEt 609-896-0005


DIAL 448-0600 231 ROGERSAVE., HIGHTSTOWN A STONEFIREPLACE Gracesthe living roomof this lovely 7 roomsplit in the country; lots of matureplantings on a lot just under 1 acre. 3 bedrooms,1 ½ baths, formal dining room, panelled family room, equipped kitchen, dry basement,1 car garage. Manyother fine features. $60,990. Immaculate condition ................ LOVELY TOWNHOUSE 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2V= baths. Nicely finished basementwith family room, den or 4th bedroom, and utility room. Wall to wall carpet throughout, central air. Nicely landscapedgrounds and patio. Excellent condition in QuadIII .......... $44,900. LOVELY TOWNAREA 3 bedroom Split, living roomwith cathedral ceiling modern eat-in kitchen, rec. room, 1 ½ baths, carpeting throughout. 1 car attached garage. Mint condition ......................... $45,900. CONDOMINIUM All on first floor - 1. bedroom,living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, carpet throughout, central air, patio ........... Reducedto $25,000. Another 1 bedroomcondo - this one with formal dining room - $27,500. End unit. O This attractive first floor 2 bedroom,2 bath condominium has been uniquely decorated with customdraperies, carpeting, and mirrors. You will be impressed with how charming and comfortable it is .............................. $31,900. FOR RENT 2,500 SquareFoot Building - Near to Exit 8 and8A. This is a brandnewoffice building. Offices - downtown location. Call for particulars. EAST WINDSORTOWNSHIP- LAND 10 acre rectangular property with 5 room house. 5 acres clear - 5 acres wooded. Zoned Industrial Office ........................... $170,000.


Real Estate For Sale FOUR BEDROOMS-Mustsee this immaculate latest model ’ Quad IV Twin Rivers 2:;, bath townhouse Exterior newly painted, C/a, hmdr, s/s, upgrd cpl,oversized landscp rear yd, . new gas grl, appl, .prof. decorated, fully papered, ,cgi&ptry kit with recessed ¯ li’~h"ting, papered bathrooms, heated dry bsmt. manyextras at sameprice. (Closetpstores, tennis, schools.) By owner, ¯ $47,900. Call 609-448-6374. -~ DEADLINE FOR ¯ CANCELLATIONS 4 PM MONDAY

609-448-1934 609.448-5360

Real Estate For Sale KINGSTON--Attractive, well designed 3 bedroom ranch ideal for gracious living and entertaining. Large ceramic tile foyer, sunken living room with fireplace, separate formal dining room, beamed, cherry paneled family room with fireplace, 2 full baths, excellenl ch)set and storage space, parquet and hardwood floors throughout, patio, 2 car garage, basement, A/C. Asking $106,000. Please call evenings 609-921-2459. Principals only.

PRINCETON $82,500--10% DOWN

MANVILLE--HANDYMAN’SDELIGHT This older rancher features 3 bedrooms, cozy kitchen, living room,1 ½ baths, full basement with 120 feet of road frontage, treed lot with privacy. Call today, it will be gonetomorrow... $34,9?0.

This 3 bedroomranch on a quiet street in Princeton Townshipwithin walking distance to major shopping offers a large living room and dining area, modernkitchen, full bath, large closets, patio-porch off master bedroom, attic storage, carport with storage shed, freshly painted exterior and beautifully landscaped85 x 200 lot. Heat costs only $585/yr.



Land ]

Real Estate For Sale

Realtor ’q’he Land Broker"

Real Estate For Sale

LAWRENCE TWP. - 2 BR TWIN RIVERS - QUADIV, 3 Bungalowon quiet street of- bdrm. Townhouse. By owner. fering working fireplace in Lots of extras. Call 609-448living room, eat-in kitchen, 5619. 195 NassauSt., Princeton; N.’J. ¯ 609-921-7655 full bsmt. & more. Convenient Eves.andWknds.,JohnThompson, 609-443-3875 to bus & shopping. CALL 4 BEDiIOOM TOWNtlOUSE NOW! $44,960. HOPEWELL Good 7% Assumption TWP. - A real picturesque Extras include: setting near Hopewell Valley .Storms & screens High, featuring 3 generous .Upgraded carpets Real Estate BR’s, formal dining room, .No wax kitchen floor Real Estate Real Estate ultra-modern kitchen & bath. .Extra Ig back area Full bsmt & 2 car garage. .Patio & landscaping For Sale Extras 1oo ninny to mention. .Central vacuum CALL FOR AN AP.All appliances KENDALL PARK - 3 bdrm POINTMENT! $72,000. .Extra insulation IN PRINCETON Executive CROSSWICKS Very eomLOWELL REAL ESTATE, cush)m ranch, unlike the rest, $44,9011 1;09-448-9158 Eslale, unique opportunity to fortable Iwo story seven room Reallor, 609-396-0800. $53,900.201-297-5657. acquire magnificent home .home. Living room, modern for living, entertaining. On2.9 eat-in kitchen, den, laundry EXECUTIVE HOME - acres. room and powder room down. TWINRIVERS-- Quad III, 2 TWIN RIVERS - Quad IVr 3 Dead-end street Hillwood Lakes, Ewing Twsp. assuring no through traffic. A Three bedrooms and tile bath bdrm t.wnhse with den or 3rd BR 2:., bath twnhse, nice Beaulit’ul red brick and white peaceful retreat ]n secluded up. Hot water baseboard heat, bdrm, 1~:~ baths, c/a, w/w location, s/s, other extras. shingled 2 story Colonial on t:~ splendor. Central air-cond. - play space for the children, carpet, 5 appl. copper wiring, $42,900.609-443-1386. acre. 8 miles from Princeton. rarely needed. Modern kitdog enelosure; all surrounded attic fan, storms and screens, Wall to Wall carpels and many chert, hreakfast nook, laundry by azalea and large shade humidifier, smoke alarm, luxury feature including: ROSSMOOR ADULT CONrm., all appliances. Library & $58,500.Call 609-395-1751panelled entrance & dining DOMINIUM $10,000 custom designed kit- den 15 x 15 with fireplace. Rec. ~rees. - 2 bdrms., 2 rm., newly papered kitchen & after 6:00 PM. titan, screened porch room, 37 x 25, billiard room,30 bathroom, new floor in kit- baths, living room, dinin~ overl¢)okinglake, large living x 15.4 bedrooms,2 full baths, 2 chen, great location, 1 block room, automatic kitchen ~¢ laundry, carport. Beautiful room w/white panelled from pools & transportation half baths. All rooms large, fireplace, dining room, built-in w/w carpets, 3 fireplaces. WINDSOR-- exceptional 7~2%assumable mtge. Super location. Golf course, swimruing pool & club house, etc. cabinets, cedar recreation Buy! Call 609-443-6638. Muchcloset space. Screened commercial potential, corner, Principals only. $40,000. 609room w/cobblestone fireplace, sun porch overlooking ex- 2 acres, on Route//130. Plus 9 655-3435. finished shop, lighted seed pansive lawn. Financial help room charming Colonial plus 2 FORSALE BY OWNER East hed, exclusive college neigh- available. $230,000. Call 609- car garage for business & Windsor, 3 bdrm, 2tz bath end horhood, large lot, surrounded 921-2523or 737-9113. residence. Net lease or sale. unit Iwnhse, cathedral ceilings KENDALLPARK PRIVACY 212-548-4430. by evergreens, ~atio and in living rm, baleonied dining 8 room Ranch, 2 baths, central storage barn, pros many rm, ultra-modern kitchen, all air, many extras. By owner, refinements, low taxes. Must WEST WINDSOR-- In afappliances, c/a, w/w carpet, low $50’s. 201-297-6852. fluent Jefferson Park. be seen to be appreciated, many other extras. 609-443EXECUTIVE LIVING. $82,500 includes appliances. HOUSE FOR SALE--with 6264 for an appointment. Principals only. Phone609-882- Magnificent 4 bedroom 2/bath seclusion, wooded area, SOUTH BRUNSWICK - US Colonial on sprawling corner 1872. patio Highway 1 frontage. 1 acre. . lot. Living room, dining room, fireplace/flagstone within Lambertville city spaeiouskitehen, panelled den limits. Interested parties call 2WIN RIVERS TOWNHOUSE Lile industry zoned. Secluded TWIN RIVERS - Ideally w. fireplace, laundry room, -- Beautiful 2 bedroom con- 7 room, 4 BRhouse, 1/ baths, localed. 3 BR, townhouse, fireplace, ACA REALTY, to 3. Finished basement, concrete patio, 2 609-586-4839 between 5-9 pm. verted Quad III. Oversize yard, Broker, 201-297-1944. basement/ rec room. Ideal car garage, central air conspecial landscaping, stucco/.location, manyextras. Mint ditioning, city water &sewers. beamed faro. room. 7% VA Call 609-799-2493.Five minutes KENDALL PARK - 8 room condition. 10% down to mortgage, l~artially finished to Princeton Jet. depot & ranch on cul-de-sac, large lot," ualified buyer. Asking TWIN RIVERS - Quad IV, 3 basement. ~o-wax floor, 5 schools. $118,000. Please, no low $50’s. ACA REALTY, 39,900. Alcott Realtor, 609-799- BR end unit, exc. loc. Many appliances, central air, many brokers. 0288. extras. Upgraded carpets, Broker. 201-297-1944. other extras. Low40’s. 609-443newly painted. 609-448-6581. 4186.

For Sale

For Sale


Custombuilt cape cod featuring 4 bedrooms,living room,kitchen, full bath, full basement,2 year old steel siding, vinyl coated, 1 ½car garageon a nicely landscaped50 ft. by 150ft. parcel ....... $51,900. HISTORICALEASTMILLSTONEVILLAGE This landmark2 story commercialbuilding is in the offering. All brick, 1st floor contains center hall foyer, 4 huge rooms plus a kitchen Et full bath. Secondfloor has 2 apartments, 3 rooms each and full bath. Largewalk-in attic, basement with 4-zone hot water heating system. Ample parking area, property faces 2 streets. Fantastic us~ for Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Retail Store Outlets. Call $95,000. for details ......................... BRIDGEWATER ~ 2 STORYCOLONIAL Featuring: 5 bedrooms, nice size kitchen, huge combinationliving room/dinette, 2 full baths, full basement, enclosed breezeway. 2 car garage, shadedpatio. Freshly painted. On a treed 1 acre $84,900. parcel ........................... MANVILLE-WESTON SECTION Recently remodeledbi-level which contains fi-st floor, rec room, country style kitchen, den, bedroom,full bath, enclosed rear porch. Second floor: four nice sized bedrooms,large living room, full bath, aluminumsiding and many, manyextras on a landscaped 75 x 100’ parcel ..... $$3,000. MANVILLESOUTH SIDE -- 2 FAMILY Aluminumsiding. Kitchen, riving room, 2 bedrooms andbath on each floor. 2 car detachedgarage. 73’ x $48,500. 100’ lot ........................... MILLSTONEVALLEY AREA Five acre partially woodedparcel, high and dry $39,900. with nice view ....................

Chameski El- Bongiorno Realtor and Insurance 42 So. MainSt., Manville (201) 722-0070 Eveninghourson Tues., Thurs. 8, Friday LateEvenings 201-722-5524




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Real Estate For Sale HOME INSPECTION by licensed engineers. One day service. Call for information, Princeton Home Inspection 609-921-3775.

Thursday, ,_September 7, 1978

Real Estate For Sale SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP. --6.4 acres, mostly wooded.3 bedrm., older house, 2 full baths, fireplace, 2 car garage, breezeway, 225 ft. frontage. $55,000. Call John Crocker

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

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TOWNHOUSE --3 MOM AND TWO BOYS 2BIG YARDSALES--Sat. 9- HORTICULTURIST HARDWOOD SALE - natural SALES ItELP WANTED BEDROOMS, 2’/2 BATHS, WOULD LIKE TO MEET A 3, 58 & 47 Cedar Lane, Prin- Trained at New York bark, well seasoned. Apple, Are your children goingoff to re*on. Desk, antiques, lamps, MANY EXTRAS, EXSPECIAL MALE FRIEND. Botanical Garden offers fine Black Walnut, New Age school? Tired of being]rome? CELLENT LOCATION. TWIN We’re 36, 14 and 8. Our friend fireplace set, garden tools, gardening work, design and Market, Hwy #35, Holmdel, We’re looking for full-or part Weliterally need experienced RIVERS.609-448-7329. would be warm, caring, in- more. consulting. Also will provide a N.J. 201-671-3526. time sales help for our N.J. licensed sales persons to telligent, and down-right funmap identifying your plants children’s department store. help service the abundance of .TWIN RIVERS TOWNHOUSEloving. Welike family life, GARAGE SALE-Fri, 10amandinstrnctionfor care. $7.00 Apply in person TWINRIVERS, Quad II, Realtor, 609-5860220. clients in this new Dayton- .-2 Ige. BR’s,lt~ baths, central sports, travel, and goodtimes. 4pm, & Sat. 10-4. Interesting per hour. Call early mornings SECRETARY beautiful 2 BRtwnhse, finbALLEN’s South Brunswick office, air, fully carpeted, 5 apExcellent medium co seeks Morn especially likes good items. Sofa, chairs, rattan, or evenings. Men Johnston, smt, manymany extras. Must KENDALL 134 NassauSt., Princeton PARK -Commissionsl bonuses, ex- pliant,s, nice location, Quad conversation, responsible secretary for IP.S. books and Wellused but lots of life lett. 609-921-7058. sell. Call 609-4434542. Having beautifully decorated 3 bdrm, citing trips given to our IV, FHAassumable,by owner, honest relationships. If you’re 2557 Main St., Lawrenceville. position of authority involving requirement [children is not a 2 full baths Ranch on lovely "Producers."Pleasec;al.lfnra No agents. Bus to N.Y.C. interest,din being ourfriend, taking charge of adn. 1/ 3 landscaped acre. Wall-to- personal confidential, i $36,900.609.443-4626. please write and tell us about 1977 HONDA ministration. Must be detail CIVIC -31,000 TRENTON -- Historic Mill- wall carp,ling throughout, terview, ask for Judy Butler. yourself to Box #02059, c/o mi, excellent cond. $3200. Call GARAGE & HOUSEHOLD oriented and have good skills. TRIUMPH TR6- ’72, new Hill, 148 Jackson St., 2 large panelled family rm, SALE--clothing, kitchen set, $180-200. Fee Pd, Closed Mon. clutch, paint &inspection. A-1 FrincetonPacket. 609-924-1925, 9am-6pm. bedrm set, living rmt gas OPEN TUES EVE TIL 8:00 bedrooms, $31,900. C. E. remodeled kitchen, central mech. Asking $2500 or will bedrm architect designed Bugdal, Broker. 609-394-5039. air, many extras. Mid 50’s. stove, cabinet sink, ant|ques, negotiate. 609-587-3539. contemporary house on 1967 CHRYSLER THREE TURKISH spool beds, rush bottom chairs Principals only. Call 201-297Newport -- RUGS-$450. SMALL Call 609-921-27133 CAREER CENTER woodedlot - $79,500. Call eves. 1970 FORDMaverick. Good ~ after 6pm. 2020 for an appointment. &etc. Sept 7, 8, 9, &10, 9-5pro, PERSONNEl, 201-469-6100 REALTORS 609-771-9464for free brochure, ’ Etra Rd. across the street (201) 329-3131 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset SHERATONARM CHAIR--’~ running condition. Both $595.. from D&MGarage, HightTUDORELEGANCE- A true Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg (WestonCanal Exit 287) 201-297-9315. child’s chair, ladderback touch of class. Magnificent 5 TWIN RIVERS -- 2 BR stown. &GeorgesRd. chair z Doctors bleeding set CUSTOM COLONIAL 4 bedroom home presently Townhouse. Mint condition. 3200 SQUARE Dayton, N.J. FT. colomal canteens, document under construction on a By owner. Upgrded cpt, bdrms, 2~,2 baths, formal AVAILABLE - Princeton OPEN 7 DAYSA WEEK I HAVE the best lines of 1979 box, colonial tomahawks,Civil living rm, w/fireplace, dining beautiful two acre woodedlot garden, 5 appl, s/s, copper Junction. Zoned for office or MALE ROOMMATE WAN- calendars &Adv. specialties. IBM MEMORY Warsaddle holsters. Call 201rm, paneled family rm, light industry. Avail. Oct. ’1. TED-- to share four bedroom 609-896.1448. in the highly desireableGallop wiring, extra insulation, many KENDALL PARK RANCH -TYPIST/SECRETARY 874-8025. other extras. 820 Jamestown modern eat-in kitchen, Will rent all or part. 609-924- house in Princeton starting Road area of Princeton. management consulting firm 4 bdrms, 1% baths, paneled playroom in basement, central immediately. $135/month. 609Luxury awaits you in every Rd. 609-448-7978. 8414. in downtown Princeton seeks tam. rm., lvg. rm w/dining air, 2-car garage. Principals 921-0226. person with ’70 CHEVELLE SS 396 - grey TRAVELAID &l Pocket sized area, eat-in kit., w/ w carpet, only. East Windsor, 609443- competent detail.tertainingSpaciOUSareas, formalwarm ,n-in. knowledgeof or willingness to w/black stripes, newpaint, 4 booklet contains over I00 attached gar., fenced back LAWN SALE Sept. 9 & 10, formal family spaces, 3~/:z HANDYMAN’SSPECIAL--4 1970 FIAT 124 COUPE learn IBMMemoryautomatic immaculate rand. $3000. valuable tips and suggestions 10am- 5pro, 1140 St. John St., spd., baths, porch and a two car bedroomCape with 2baths, on yd., patio, mature trees, apcomplete service record, on travel abroad. Start your typewriter. Neatness, ac201-359-4659. , garage. Finest quality con- 5.6 acres, $4O,000.Ca11201-985- prox. 1/ 2 acre lot. move-m excellent W. Coast rand., 5 Manville. Clothes, toys, lanning with TA#I and feel curacy, sense of responsibility rand. commute to NYC & ~ spd. trans., eng. rebuilt, new games, freezer, left-hand golf struction with the newest 7850, 9-5 pm. kea pro when you get home. Pa Pro}aerties & pleasant phone manner " Phila., mid 50’s. Onwer. 201energy saving features. For a brakes, Radials, etc. 609-921- clubs, bag & cart. Small VWBUS- ’62 with factory Contains no advertising or required. Benefit package & 297-1760 eves/ 4’eekends. cement mixer, mulcher, sump rebuilt ’67 engine, 3,000 miles promotional material. TA#I is preview showing and further congenial atmosphere. Send 0834. pump, bikes, camping reformation, please call (609) LOVELY, EAST WINDSOR4 Principals only. on engine. 609-921-6173. unconditionally guaranteed. If~ resumeor letter stating prior -" LAKE VIEW LOT -private BR BI-LEVEL -- move-in equipment, tools, household 896-1325. experience not pleased simply return for & salary community, near Camelback, condition, entrance foyer, goods.201-722-3048. full refund. Price $2.50 postrequirements toP.O. Box 3131, IF YOUMISSED clubhouse with indoor pool, 1975 BULTACO 250 dirt bike, large paneled family rm with FEMALE SEEKING SAME paid. E-B Products, P.O. Box Princeton, NJ 08540. ANY OF LASTWEEK’S ext. cond., many extras. $650. saunas, gamerooms, outdoor as jogging/running .partner sliding glass doors to spacious, 277, Kingston, NJ 08528. LABORDAY SPECIAL SPECTACULAR BUYS CLEANING PERSON--lday poool, tennis & volley ball 201-359-4168. mornings or evenings m beautiful backyard. Picture DAYTONSQUARE per week for lovely Twin courts, several lakes. Priced windowed living rm, formal DON’T LET IT HAPPEN Lawreneeville/ Princeton well below market value. Call FURNITURE WAREHOUSE area. If interested please call Rivers townhouse. Children in dining rm, l J/., baths with AGAIN 2 ESTATE SIZE LOTS -Don’t miss out on this ... Just listed, custom TANDEM BICYCLE - Sch609-871-6388. -help and truck drivers. 609-896-1947 up until 8:30 pm. school. Recent references windows, carpeted over winn, like new, $130, 5 spd. Princeton address, beautifully magnificent townhouse, built brick ranch on treed lot. please. 609.-448-7973. Permanent, full time erafloors; C/ A, Cream puff! 3 bdrms living with private Immaculate condition, living hardwood BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO. wooded ployment, 5 day week, with driveway. Surrounded by rm, dining rm, den, kitchen, 3 laundry rm, storage area, rm, dining ’ ~ rm, kitchen, " en609-924-5891, LAK-EFRONT LOT2-- private many benefits. We prefer expensive homes & estates. RCA-- portable T.V., very closed breezeway& bath. Full communitynear Big Boulder, experience but will consider 1972 DODGECOLT-- $500. bdrms, 2V2 baths, full halflandscapedaCrelot, cond., $100; folding table, 8+ acres, $68,000. 11+ acres basement. Asking in the low professionallygarage’ basement cyclone fencing & swimmingpool, tennis courts, applicants without. Apply in Call after 6pm, 609443-4168. good four major appliances & other $4; ironing board, $3; record ROSENTHALCHINA - ser$79,000. Out of state owner 50’s. much more. Call today! clubhouse, stables, etc. Call person, Park Lane Furniture, attractive extras. 6~,~ miles to desires immediate sale, reply player, needs needle, $60; vice for 8; never used . 609-871-6388. Princeton Jct train station. By Alternate Rt. #1, Lawrence beautiful flowers, reasonable; woman’s golf set, like new; w/phone number & address to Call us to list your house BUS DRIVER/AIDE -needed owner. Principals only. Call us to list your house Shopping Center, Trenton. boy’s3 Slad. bike, $50.9 a.m. to piano; ~uitar; Coleman ,Box #01997 c/o Princeton for Day Care Center. Part $66,900.609-448-8616. 6 p.m. 28 Greenbriar Row, camping refrigerator. Call L-’acket. time Man.thru Vri. for after PrmcetonCommunity Village, 609-466-0639. kindergarten program. APARTMENT FOR RENT - in Spanish an asset. Hours: 10:30 Princeton Twp. FORSALE- Crystal dining rm KENDALL PARK - 7 rm REALTORS REALTORS Lawrence Twp. Near Prinam to 2:30 pm. during school chandelier, $50, Melnor ranch, 2 baths, garage, car(201) 329-3131 ceton bus and Lawrence VARIETY OF OLD HARD 4crawler sprinkler, $18, peting, near schools &walk to (201) 329-3131 year, 8 am to 12 pm during OWENSANTIQUES r Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg Shopping Center. First floor, summer & school holidays. BACKREADINGBOOKS, 50c hollywood bed w/bolster Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg NYCbus.$48,900. 201-329-6309. & Georges Rd. ach. 201-297-1735. Tables pillows, $5, 3 contemporary & Georges Rd. SMALL MORNING PAPER lge. carpeted living room & $2.88 per hour. Please call 609- Chairs Dayton, N.J. dining room, 448-6226during workinghours. China Glass tables, light wood, formica Dayton, N.J. ROUTE--- Twin Rivers, for fireplace, OPEN 7 DAYSAWEEK OPEN 7 DAYSA WEEK COLLECTABLES sale reasonable. Call 609-448- bedroom, generous closet 71 TOYOTACELICA -- one ~op, coffee &end &corner, $90, 3BEDROOM, 2 Level Ranch in space. Basement rumpus Open Tues-Saturday 2816. owner,ext. rand. asking $1295. 2-Sears snowtires with rims, room, washer/dryer, terrace, used 1 month, E78x14, $85, 6COUNTRY LIVING AT ITS Hopewell Township by owner, CLERICALHELP - for busy 10:30am - 5pm 201-297-9129. TWIN RIVERS house -3BEST-- 12 room plus split Beautiful home in excellent garage, heat & water supplied, office on Nassau St., typing Sunday 12-5pro 14" auto rims, $3 each, 7 bedroom, end unit lots of level, almost one full acre, 3 condition (15 years old), but $450/mo. References. Call necessary, 9 to 5, 5 days per 77MainSt. contour metal chairs, $1.50 extras. Mint condition. 609-443BABYSITTER / HOUSEGAL/G FRIDAY after 6 pro. 609-921-2305. bedrooms4-5 possible. 1 full too large for small family, Kingston, NJ 08528 each, typewriter table, needs week. Call 609-921-7059. 1842 or 212-391-1676. for KEEPER -Don’t pass upl Controller paint, $3. 609-448-7245. bath2halfbaths living dining Offered by owner to save you ~ 609-921-7164 school. children 8-10, after seeks assistan(who has good room, eat-in l~itchen wit[:i brokers commission. Rural Riverside area. Hours and typing &figure aptitude. Will kitchen extension. Rec room location, .70 acre with trees, ’73 MONACO CAMPER--11½ YOUNG FAMILY SECRETARY duties flexible, but must drive. YARD SALE - Furniture, work with him in general ’73 YAMAHA 100- Bassani with stone wall fireplace, bar full bath plus powder room, ft. sleeps 6. Refrig, eye level STARTING OUT? linens, atmosphere handling diverse Mukini carb. Nobbies. Good Eves, 609-921-2217or 921-0136. women’s clothes, with six stools. Laundry room pine paneled lower level Here’s just the spot for you! .Minimum.85wpm. oven, bath. 609.448-2543. power sa% twopower drills, condition. Best offer. 201-369surrounding fireplace, 2 car Six room, two story home duties. Need Nowl $160-165. with washer and dryer, ,Accurate typing abihty. woman’sbike, odds and ends. garage with storage. Many situated on just under an acre Fee Pd. Closed Man. OPEN ,,Ability with dictation. 4861. basement with attached READING & STUDY SKILLS Free grocery coupons with A BARNSALE-- Sat, Sept 9, wine/fruit cellar. Full 2 car extras since owner moving to of land in KingwoodTownship. TUES EVE TILL 8:00 aA medium of managerial - private instruction by each sale. Comeearly! Sat. garage with work bench and smaller house. Priced at Secluded, quiet location. ability required in the office 9am. Rain date g/16, Antiques, PART TIME TWIN RIVERS reading pro. 609-396-8940. Sept. 9 - 10:00 to 5:00. Half peg board wall, covered deck $68,700 for immediate sale. CAREER CENTER and on the phone, glassware, old furniture, Home is neat and clean and AREA-- early Acre Road,1st houseon left off &toys. Cr of Old HIGHTSTOWN off of dining room. Designed Call 201430-5750for appt. offers a great starting point PERSONNEL 201-469-6100 .Excellent capabilities for collectables, Route #130, Cranbury. morning work, 5-7am, YARDLEY AREA -- This Rds, patio with barbeque, shed for 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset paper work, fihn~ g, execution York, & Airport for your young family. Only superwsmg newspaper superb 4 bedroom 2~:, bath storage or horses. Hardwood (WestonCanalExit287) of procedures, ability to type Hightstown. $47,500. carriers. Excellent permanent colonial mirros the prestige of STUDENT floors, wall to wall rugs, JUSTLISTED OR figures accurately, THADS. CWIK REALTY position, for responsible its Lower Makefield setting. curtains, drapes and traverse $81,900 PROFESSIONAL WANTED.Neat appearance, front Realtors FIAT PARTS -1400, 1600 & person. Call 6:30am-2pm, 609Elegant appointments rods etc. Manymany extras, Fantastic Tri Level Colonial-SALES/INSIDE to share 2 bdrm apt in Prinoffice position. Route31 at the Circle must beseen. 5minutes to N.J. Entry foyer 16xll with 3 level 1800 engine parts, 5 spd trans, 6554260or eves. 201-877-4053. throughout include pegged ceton. Outdoor deck, a/c, .At least 5 years previous Flemington, NewJersey -floors, family roomwith stone washer/dryer, $237per month Turnpike exit gT, and highway high opening for a grand tree 1969 124 coupe for parts or 782-2590 as a secretary, 3 separate. 154 fireplace andopenbca ms. ea t- each. plus elect. Call Scott~( for the holidays. Formal #295. 30 minutes from PrinYoulike sales because it is a experience Broad St., 0penSundays in custom kitchen, screened dining room, Ultramodern people oriented business. You re**fences. re*on. 45 rain. from Hightstown. 215-299-11199-Spin. .Ability to maintain high ’69 VALIANT -runs ,xporch and 2 ear attached have the patience & enjoy tempo, Philadelphia, and 1 hr. from kitchen with dishwasher, cellent, 6-cyl. automatic, Must garage. Natural beauty of the New York City. By aprefrigerator, frostfree, solving business related ,,8:30am to 5pro, 5 days per CRANBURY MANOR -- sell, $250. 291-329-6132. VILLAGE- Condo, 1 problems. You like sales 4’ooded site enhances the PROFESSIONAL COUPLE Laundry with AVON pointment only 609-298-3376 icemaker. BR, pvt entrance end unit, week. Mother will babysit in own washer & dryer. Powder atio. Readyfor the executive seeks apt or house. Will do principals only. because it offers freedom &an ¯ $23,900. 609-448-8663 days only. .Must have home. All Day. Fenced play own tranmily anxious for a homein maintenance for part rent. room. Paneled family room opportunity limited only by sportation, SALE- Sept. 8:9-10, moce-in yard. Hot lunches. 609448- GARAGE condition. Easy New Call 201-297-7216 with red brick raised hearth your ability & ambitions. Our ,~Salary negotiable 9am-4pm.Childrens clothing, after 6pro. and 0387. or Princeton commuting. TWIN RIVERS QUADIV- 2 fireplace and sliding glass 2 BEDROOM kind of sales uses all of your commensurate -- 2 bath contoys, housewares, etc. 31 York with BR,1~..~ bath twnhse.C/A, s/s, doors to rear garden. Central dominium, 4 yrs. old, large talents & gives you the opRiverview Terrace, Belle Reduced for quick sale. 5 appls, incl. s-c oven. 609-448- Vacuum.Central air. Master rooms, total electric, main- portunity to relate to a dif- qualifications. HELP WANTED -- for REALTY, MLS GARAGESALE - Sept. 9, Mead(River Roadto Hillcrest ELLIOTT .Princeton area office. Realtor, 609-771-9133, eves. large variety of household 5099. ferent person each minute. Automatic Lawn Servicing. bedroomsuite with 3 closets, t ainence free grounds, Rd. to Riverview Ter.). .Basic major medicalpaid by Clean Driving record. Cal1609215-297-5319. items & antiques. 15 Muiford one walk in plus full bath. wall/wallshag, washer, dryer, Via phone, you live in a employer. Lane, Belle Mead,(near River Plush carpeting, 2 more dishwasher, 448-0091. market oriented world. Sales frost-free ,,2 weekspaid vacation. Rd). 9am - 6pm. EAST WINDSOR -- 3 B/R bedrooms Main Bath. Teenage refrigerator, redwood patio, offers unlimited earning 1978 GMC- 4-wheel drive .Reply Box #02058, c/o FURNISHED 1 BR APT -in Ranch, 2 full baths, full suite 22x13. Tennis & Library deck. Pool &tennis use. Many capacity-$15,000-$18,000your Princeton Packet. ick-up with cap. 3/4 ton. Call Hop,well Twp. Yard & utils. basement, oak floors, central one block. 2 car side entry extras. Must be seen. For first year, $18,080- $20,000your ANTIQUE OAK -- Dining oe, 609-466-2121or 799-9152. BUILDER NEEDS -- part No lease. $325/mo. 609air, 1/2 acre. 8 ~ears old in garage. second year - after that you roomset- 10 pieces. Excellent incl. Extensive Land- appt. call 609-448-5776. time office worker to do 394-2314. excellent cond. r~ear Kreps scaping, PI/(NO--Baby grand over 50 condition; It. Prov. sectional write your own paycheck. bookkeeping, typing, etc. MOVING SALE -Sears School. Avail. Oct. 15. $65,000 Incidentally, we work m plush years old. $600. 609-799-3462 sofa, 2 chairs, & Vinyl couch, Please call 609-921-6651leave portable washer $90, Maytag Firm. 609-448-6586 weekdays surroundings. Pick Wright. up the after 7pm. need reupholstery or slipJUSTLISTED message on machine with portable dryer $75, Black king "IWIN RIVERS 3 BR split, phone & call Florence 9am-4pm. For sale by owner covers; corner table & KENDALL PARK 3 bdrm size sofa bed $75, two room name, phone number & best $65,900 -only. Elegant Rancher. Only 4 years end unit, (~uad" II, Dec. occu-’ hexagon table. 609-448-9367 house for rent, close to school. size rugs $40, walnut end table time to call. B. Yedlin. TYPIST NEEDED:The Daily Oct. 1. $400: plus utils. 201-297Bv owner. 5 appl, after 4pro. old. Entry foyer to superiorly panty. TOWNAGENCY PERSONNEL ,.,/w cpl, ~/a, gas grl, fin$15, walnut wall unit $50. Call Princetonian needs a Prin2061. decorated living room and 609-771-9261, 5pm-9pm. ceton-area typist to work FOR SALE BY OWNER- 2 formal dining room. basra*, 7 percent assumable FINAL GARAGE SALE -101College ReadEast story all brick classic country Ultramodern kitchen with mtg. Mid$40’s. 609-448-5484. Princeton, N.J. 609452-1122 Sunday-Thursdfiy. approx. 6 Sat. 9/9/78, 9 to 12, Rain or p.m. - 1 a.m. during PrinROCKY HILL -lge. furnished home in prestigious Cream dishwasher and built-in’s, ’74 FIAT 128 -4 dr. yellow shine. Moving to Florida ’70 MAVERICK--3 spd, new ceton’s academic year. Work tires, 25 MPGr/h, excellent room private home for non- w/black interior, clean, runs middle of month. Kitchen Ridge with approx. 2t/2 acres Paneled family room with t includes some training with i:ondition. Best offer over $400. smoking female, parking & well. Asking$1100.609-924-5564.table & chaigs, sofa, misc. ot rolling lawn & huge shade sliding glass doors to ex- TWO BEDROOM SPLIT TRU~ER trees. Large center hallway cellently utilities incl. $125 month+ 1 or 448-7532eves. household items, wheel landscaped rear LEVEL TOWNHOUSE--/ Vz wanted-- to work on furniture photo-offset equipment. Call 609448-6888. w/beautiful staircase. Living ~arden with orivacy galore, monthsecurity. 609-924.0289. truck. Must have driver’s ,659-924-1858, 3-5 p.m. weekbarrow, etc. 49 Crusher Rd., baths, finished basemen’t, room has fireplace & old oar Main Bath. Master Bedroom wine cellar, all appliances, license. 20 hour/week, 609448- uays. Hopewell. (Road to Charlie’s beams. Formal dining room with full bath and huge walk in w/ w carpeting, brick patio, 5556for appointment. Brother). ,, GARAGE SALE -- Sunday 2 ROOMS & BATH -efANTIQUES& w/French doors. Recently closet. 2 morebedrooms.2 Car close to Princeton. 10 seconds Sept 10 from 9 to 5, at 2036 ficiency. 1st floor. Ideal GARAGE SALE remedeledkitchen. Verylarge attached garage. Pride of ~o NYbus, swimming,tennis. ADMIN.ASST Whitehorse/ Ham Sq Rd., DANISH TEAK WOOD Butlers bureau, peer mirror, location. $235/mo., utilities family room or mother-in-law ownership radiates here! Wallpaper throughout. IraWELCOMETO TOWN Will work directly with Ham Sq. Come see so many bureaus, air conditioners, gas included. Call after 3pm, 609- dining table & chairs, madein apartment w/adjoining full maculate. $43,000. Call eves 921-9813. President. Be responsible for items! Denmark, like new, $700 dryer, end tables, electric bath. Second floor has 4 I am happy to greet and all areasfrom setting up sales RIDOLFIREALTY 609-448-4638. value, asking $500. 609-771adjustable chair, pine furbedrooms, walk-in closets, welcomeyouto aniceplace to meetings to following up Realtor niture, cider press ANDLOTS WANTTO RENT HOUSE IN 9264. alcove & full bath. Basement live. This messageis also to let special reports. Full benefits. APT MATE-- 2 BR garden 609-890-2000 Garage Sale, Septi:t~, has been finished into adLAWRENCE, PENyou know that I desire and $200-215. Fee Pd. Closed Mon. apt in E.W. Reasonable rent, MORE. 9am - 2pro, 1000 Kingston . NINGTON, ditional rooms. All carpeting PRINCETON APARTMENT -your EWING TWIN RIVERS TOWNttOUSE would appreciate low util, furnished. M. 609448OPEN TUES EVE TIL 8:00 Princeton. 609-921-2148. AREA. Prefer unfurnished in TWP, included. Several single outbusiness. Some of your new 1 BR, - 2BR, V& baths, finished 5441 between 6 & 8 pm. buildings $86,000. Call 609-758- 3 BEDROOMTOWNHOUSE- basement, c/a with many neighbors can tell you about $400-$550 range. Management professional person wanted, CAREER CENTER 2510. Principals only. 2~ baths, all major ap- extras. professor, wife, 2 grade school no pets, $225includes heat. 609$40,900. 609-448-2239. the good quality, and service PERSONNEL 201-469-6100 TUPPERWAREOpen Hou~,e plianees, air, livin~ room, children. Nopets unless living 771-9264. GREAT DANE PUPPIESfor which I am well known. 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset -Sept 14, 10 to 12, 2-4, & 8 to formal dining room, ~ge eat in in isloateti tarmhouse. Exreally cute, no papers, $25. 609Why not visit Red Barn (Weston CanalExit 287) kitchen, lge family room, all OUTSIDE PENNINGTON 10. Drawings, gifts &prizes. 443-3875. references. Call 609Casuals soon. There is a lovely ’ cellent LAKECONDO-- beaut, end fall collection of women’s Everyone m invited 3 drapes. A-1 condition, 466-2000, Stage Depot Motel, LOTFORSALE-- wooded l~/z acre on Autumn Hill Rd. Old farmhouse with acreagein Upgraded carpet. See unit, 2br, 2 bath, lg LR/DR, fashions for you to see. FLUTE & PIANO LESSONS Primrose Lane East Windsor. ask for Dr. C.N. Aguilar. -- Bachelor Music, Music Call 609448-8618 for directions .PROFESSIONALARTIST $38,000. Owner609-921-8718. Hop,well Township. Superb anytime. Call 609-443-3008for eat-in kit,utilrm, all appl, C/a, w/w cpt, patio, decor., lag WOMAN - will care for home, old frame home with all the app,. Education. Graduate work. or information. Sincerely yours, . clsts, star., car port, pool, plants, pets; long or short more information call ’71 PONTIAC - auto,p/s, p/b, charm of several additions Kay Kontura For lennis, clbhse, heat/hot water, term. Excellent Princeton over hundreds of years. Good FOR’-S-~~ast Sharon McMichael 609-443tapedeck, nice body, high NEEDLEPOINT & references. 609-921-8300: 6532. mileage, runs well. $’750, 609- ROOMFOR RENT in Belle view, garden, pool, farm pond, Windsor, 3 BR end twnhse, extras, Prin. only. $35,000.60’JRED BARNCASUALS BARGELLO-- classes Leave message J. Wilbur. stables, just about everything, prime location, nicely land- 443-1270. 448-8613. Mead. Woman preferred. Rt.206 Bell, Mead SMALL APT --and all the starting Sept. Limited ’ Quiet area. Kitchen privileges, scaped, upgrd, carpet, ap201-359-3305 utiLities free on farm estate,.4 enrollment for individual $30 per week. 201-359-4072. pliant*s, storms & screens, PRIVATE SALE" - in RECEPTIONIST W S BOR ~[~[’i I~ miles from Princeton, m attention. Catering to people GARAGE SALEEverythin’g central vacuum, freshly Will work with exciting co University Heights, 4 bdrm return for housesitting by with beginning & a clvanced from antique flower cart to tlm painted interior, spotless Colonial with center entrance everything from YARDSALE - Sunday, Sept. "Mem’berof married couple, only’ one of skills taught b)r prolessionai kitchen sink. Furniture, handling SPEC WRITER--The Gallup Multiple Listing Service move-in condition.. Assumable hall, professionally phone to arranging aplandwhom has full time ocdesigner for major needl~raft clothing, toys, & bric a brat. Organization in Princeton is mtge. Call for appt. 609-448. scaped, completely decorated, pointments. Typing of 30 + 10 only. 9am-Spm, 406 New Realtor cupation. If desired, some company with teacMng Fri. Sept. 8th, Sat. Sept. 9th 9 609:883-1900; seeking a spec writer, t 8613. personality. Exc. raises& Center Road, Somerville. many extras. Only 1 of 13. gardening and inside work can background in art. 609-443- to 4. 6 Norchester Dr., PnnDonovan experience promotions. $150-170. FeePd. eetonJunetion. be done and will be paid extra. $85,900.609-586-3688. 6190. preferred. Full time position. References required. Closed Man. OPEN TUES YARDSALE -- Sat. Sept 9, Write TWINRIVERS-- 3 BR, 2~.~ Call TomReeder, 609-924-9600. Box #346, Princeton. 10am-4pm Girl s birdie, EVE TIt 8:00 bath Twnhse, Quad I, located EAST WINDSOR: 4 bedroom An equal opportunity eraMagnavox stereo, Calori~’" ALUMINUM SIDING- Crew LOST ALL GREY CAT by lake, 5 appl, incl slfcln Colonial in excellent location. , ,CAREER CENTER stove, cartop carrier, comneeded for work in Middlesex Kaschka, clear collar, Available Nov. 5th. $475 per BEST VALUE IN EX- player, oven, ff refng, upgrd cpt, PERSONNEL 201-469-6100 mode, housewares & other PART TIME SECRETARY-& Mercer Cos. Top rates & Cleveland Rd. vicinity. 6091 year CLUSIVEWESTWINDSORsemifin bsmt, patio bkyd, month plus utilities, 500 Elizabeth Ave: Somerset good junk. 10 Phelham St. 1V2 months security lovely4 BR, 2~/~ bath, bi-level extra insulation, attic fan, lease, typing,ExperiencedShOrthandto steadywork.Call 609.448-2753. 921-8300:Wilbur. Leavemessage John ’66 FORDF-100 half ton pick- Excellentpreferred. (WestonCanal Exit 287) Princeton, off Harrison St. required. Fully carpeted, air on large treed lot. Walk to hmdfr, many other extras, up -- 6-cyl. 240 engine, twin I- organize and run office. ExCall 609-448-7590after 6pm. No ~onditioned, 2 car garage, full schools, train, shopping, tram, R&H. ceIlent pay. Send resume to basement. Call 609-448-8586 Owner transferred. A~king beam, rebuilt Brokers. Asking mid $40’s. Goodtires, battery, radiator. Box #02057, c/o PrincetonORANGE - 1970 VWFastback, ’CONTINUED ON BACK POOL TABLE(7’x14") - used G.E. ELECTRICSTOVE week days for appt. $72,500.609-799-4263. Trailer hitch. $,350. 609..446- Packet. TVfor sale. 609-924-6035eves. double oven, 40", ext. rand. $550. Call 609-924-8089. PAGEFIRST SECTION .$6O.609-448-Z30S. 566O.






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