Help Wanted - There are a few of

Help Wanted - There are a few of

’"°Fra Vol. 26, No. 49 Twosections, 46 pages n.klin news-recorD Second class postage paid at Manville, N.J. 08835 Thursday, December 7, 1978 Phon...

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’"°Fra Vol. 26, No. 49

Twosections, 46 pages


news-recorD Second class postage paid at Manville, N.J. 08835

Thursday, December 7, 1978

Phone: (201) 725-3300


sues township


$6 per year/20 cents per copy,

$4 million

NassauWoodscounsel alleges "denial of procedural due process" by Steve Goodman Managing Editor

RACHEL HORNE and her dog Sandyare familiar faces for the thousands of peoplewhovisit the NatureCenterat Washington CrossingPark everyyear. (Mark Czajkowskiphotos)


Nature Center offers youngsters the real thing... .. ,and a devoted Rachel Horne struggles to keep it thai way by Anthony l)el’ahua Special Wrih,r He sits there and stares through you: his round, orange eyes glaring like fog lights¯ As you walk closer, the tufted horns on the sides of his head perk up and jut into the air. His neck tenses and extends a few inches until he throws his head to you in a sharp, twisting motion. His curved beak snarls open and he hisses menacinglyuntil the intruder stops advancing¯

The great horned owl sits in his cavernous cage, surrounded macabrely by tl~e half eaten carcasses of dead mice. But despite appearances and his open show of hostility, he is not a demon. He is called, innocently enough, Mr. Hoot. And he’s been a resident of the Washington Crossing Nature Center at the state park for 10 years, ever since he v;’as wounded by a hunter. (See NATURE, page 23-A)

History appears to be repeating itself...Franklin Township may be back in court concerning Nassau Woods. Last Thursday, Martin Field, builder of a 688-unit garden apartment complex proposed to be const~cted behind the Kingston Shop-Rite on Route 27, filed a $4 million complaint in federal district court in Trenton in response to Township Council’s Nov. 28 agenda session vote to deny the project a 10-month consent order extension. By a 5-4 consensus, with Dorothy Maklary, Phil Beachem, Nancy Henry and Frieda Warner in opposition, council refused to add the Nassau Woods issue to its public meeting agenda last Thursday. Although Joe Martino was absent from the room whenthe 4-4 tie vote officially killed the move, he later acknowledged his vote would have insured defeat by the identical 5-4 margin that decided the project’s fate two days earlier, Alleging Mr. Field has been "deprived of his civil rights as a property owner, Jeffrey Green, Somerset attorney representing the developer’s Kingston Land Company, explained the 19-page document seeks a court order telling the township to grant the extension and to reinstate the resolution of need for moderate income housing - adopted by council in 1975and rescinded in 1977 - that is necessary for mortgage financing of the project. In addition, Mr. Field seeks $1 million in punative damages. The suit also asks the court to consider aa alternate judgment of awarding the development company $3 million in compensatory damages plus a $1 million punative settlement. Mr. Field indicated he has invested almost $3/4 million in the Nassau Woods project: $300,000 for site

development plans and $250,000 in taxes paid on the land assessed as an apartment ratable. HOWEVER, THE COUNCIL majority appears to feel the repeatedly extended consent order originally granted in 1969 for a twoyear time limit in which to begin sl~bstantial construction on the apartments -- has outlived the township’s initial intention in approving it almost 10 years ago. In light of the 878 garden apartments approved for construction on Route 27 north of Franklin Park, the yet-to-becompleted Route 27 consultant’s (Queele and Lynch) recommendation urging a 2.25 unit per acre density along the highway and development plans recently submitted by Buffer Road resident Jack Field seeking to construct a 2,664-unit planned community development (PCD) townbouses and apartments on Route 27 south of Franklin Park, the 1978 traffic, pollution and planning situation along Route 27 is far removed from the 1969 outlook, Field and Associates, the developer’s Philadelphia-based firm initiated the court action against the township, the council collectively and each council member individually. Mr. Green said his client maintains the Nassau Woodsproject remains as viable a concept in 1978 as it was in 1969. The developer pointed out the (~ueale and Lynch study does not include the area along Route 27 south of Route 518. PRIOR TO THE expiration of the existing consent order, Mr. Field filed for a township building permit to construct one and two bedroom apartments expected to rent for $350 and $400a month.

Delays due to sewerage, planning and financial difficulties have, over the years, postponed the start of construction and Mr. Field - who sought the 10-month consent order extension to provide time for the state legislature to amend state housing authority guidelines to enable him to qualify for mortgage money for the

project - filed for the permit at 4 p.m. on Nov. 30. "Obviously 30 minutes was not sufficient time to review the plans" and compute the fee, accordng to Township Mnaager Harry Gerken. Issuance of building permits are regulated by a state enforced Uniform Construction Cede.

Party line vote okays rent law amendments by Steve Goodman Managing Editor i

A spirit of compromise filled the Township Council chamber last Thursday as the governing body agreed to adopt an amendedversion of an ordinance to include vacancy decontrol in the township rent control law while retaining the present 3~/2 percent annually permissible rent hike fortenantsrenewingtheirleases, Continuing a public hearing began in October when the proposed changes included increasing the 3½ percent figure to 5 percent, the elected officiais heard landlord Richard Segal, of Segal and Segal Realty, report he met with 60 Franklin Greens renters on Nov. 8 and "agreed with the 3~/~ percent and was j~t asking for vacancy decontrol." Ann LivingstOn, a Franklin Greens tenant, confirmed Mr. Segal’s statement, calling the plan a "fair compromise." About 30 Franklin Greens residents, as well as Harrison Towers landlord Alan Moskowitz and Easton North

In addition, the state Departmentof Community Affairs Bureau of Construction Management normally reviews a developer’s plans prior to township issuance of a building permit, he explained. Although "we are consulting with the township attorney as to what our next moveis in light of the suit," the township appears to consider construction of garden apartments on Mr. Fields’ acreage as a non-permitted use of the’ land. LATEIN THE60’s, plans for a 800unit apartment complex were reviewed by the Franklin Board of Adjustment which recommended council approve issuance of a variance. However, the governing body denied the variance and the developer

builder AI Reider, attended the continuation hearing. Mr. Moskowitz disclosed his multi-story dwelling has a 30 percent yearly turnover rate with an average vacancy rate of about 2 percent. Mr. Segal reported about 18 percent of his apartments were rented by new tenants each year. He presently has no vacancies, O "If you have vacancy decontrol you’ll have less changes," the Franklin Greens landlord told council, a

See $4 MILLION,page 24-A

Locallibrary ff ors over d.ue m n es ty per io d

HOWEVER, COUNCILMAN Jack Cullen insisted issuing an anticipated 800 certificates of occupancy each year would be too muchfor the rent leveling board to handle without hiring a full-time employee. "We’ll need a full-time clerk just to keep the records straight," maintained Mr. Cullen. He hinted the township’s 1979 budget -- under the state mandated 5 percent cap limitation -- might be stressed to accommodate a rent leveling board See EMPLOYEE,page 24-A

The Franklin Township Municipal Library has announced it will not be charging any overdue books fines for volumes returned during Decemberand January. "Fines and limits do not substitute for consideration and concern," said library director Patricia Nivison in a letter to the editor on page 5-A. The Franklin library is offering the two-monthamnesty period to allow its patrons the opportunity to assume responsibility-for returning borrowed volumes they’ve finished reading and ’have neglected to return.

Townshiptax collection nears year-end goal With less than one monthuntil 1979, Franklin Township received a giant boost towards it goal of collecting 97 percent of property taxes owed for 1978. Last Thursday, township Revenue Collector Marian Kelly received a $183,700 check representing the current taxes due on many of the Somerset Valley Office Center properties located off CampusDrive. The collection rate is now at 96 percent, according to Finance Officer Henrietta Napear who is confident the target figure will becomea reality. Delinquent property tax payers adversely effect the tax rate to be struck for the following year because the township must allocate a reserve for uncollected taxes in the next budget. Recently 3 percent of the total tax levy has amountedto more than $1 million being placed in reserve each year, according to Township Manager Harry Gerken. "It just makes good business sense to pay your property taxes on time," he explained. Mr. Gerken emphasized delinquent taxpayers also are responsible for paying the interest accumulated on the unpaid portion of their tax bill. Since it began to operate in the 1960’s, Somerset Valley Office Center has frequently been behind in paying their property taxes. Last October, as it did for three previous years, TownshipCouncil adopted an enabling resolution seeking a court order namingMs. Kelly as receiver of rents for the office complexin order to apply them against the taxes owed. However, Council has yet to pursue the legal option provided by passage of the resolution. "This is the first time such a substantial amounthas been paid for the current tax year," smiled Mr. Gerken, as he looked ahead to the next three months in which he has promised council he will prepare a no tax increase, 1979 budget. iN OTHERFRANKLINfinancial news, on Dec. 5 the township selected from seven bids the best offers to buy $1.2 million in bondanticipation notes at a collective interest rate of 6.85 percent. Prior to authorizing the permanent sale of bond notes approved by council for construction of Cottontail Lane -including water and sewerage service in the industrial area -- the township has opted to obtain ¯temporary financing while it watches the market fluctuations for a favorable interest rate. ..

An angel of a treat St. Nicholas’ helpingangelPeter rvlazar offers a special treat to 20-month-old annual Sinterclaus festival at the VanWickle Houselast Sunday.For more photos, see page 8-A. (Joni Note photo) MaggieLynchas her motherNorenelooks on. The Meadows Foundationheld its

Canal hearing Toovague, too rigid, not enough, too much: those were among the conclusions of a low-key hearing on regulations proposed by the Delaware & Raritan Canal. Commission that would for the first time take away municipal powers to totally determine development. At a hearing held Monday, nearly everyone lauded the overall goals of the commission-- to protect the canal and its adjacent state park -- they picked away at the regulations proposed by the commission to carry out its goals. Calling the proposed regulations too rigid, some critics argued that they

set tonight

should be flexible enough to conform to the varied types of development nowfound along different sections of the 66-mile-long waterway. Others called the regulations too vague, particularly regarding the presentation of the aesthetic and . visual character of the canal. FRANKLINTOWNSHIPresidents will have an opportunity to present their views when the canal commission conducts a public hearing tonight, Dec. 7, starting at 7:30 p.m. in ¯ the municipal building on DeMott Lane. Residential and commercial development in Franklin ~ a 48

square mile communityboundedon its western and northern sides by the canal- is a booming business. Some municipal officials seek to insure control of the township’s growth remains in local hands. An additional hearing has been scheduled on Dec. 14 at the South Brunswickmunicipalbuildingin MonmouthJunctionto solicitcommentfromresidents of neighboring MiddlesexCountycommunities expectedto-be effected by the canal commission’s proposed review, area. On Monday,Dec. 4, a hearing was held in Princeton for Mercer County comment.

and inside... clover c0rresp.ondence ......... 9A curibsity shop ..... .... ,.. ’. 19-A l’4-A ’franklin players ............ letters to the editor ........ . .. 5’A middhbush bypass . ......... 6-A obituaries ........ ......... 3-A police blotter ................ 2-A sports., ............. 16;A, 17-A 4-A town forum ...... .......... : T,



. ..


I h(’ franklin


Thursday, December7, 1978


police blotter


Franklinpolice endeda rash of auto break-ins almost as soon as it began when Ptl. Joseph Sierotowiczand Louis Calabrese arrested Franco Shephardof 73 WrightPlace, NewBrunswick at 5:07 a.m. on Dec.3.

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Trees, Wreaths, Grave Blankets, Poinsettias,

Driving west on Route 518, this Richardson Engineering Co. truck lost its left rear wheel as it descendedthe hill approachingCanal Road. Going out of control, it started to spin -- indicated by the light scratch markson the road surface -- until it cameto a halt without flipping over. A Franklin Police traffic safety officer arrived on the scene to assist the two menin the truck whowere uninjured but shakenby the experience. (Rich Pipeling photo)

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Franklin police madefour arrests on Dec. 1 following Stop in/or a free copy of our ChrDtmascatalogue, full of a break-in at Sharyn Auten’s ~A’rtificialH°lidayArrangementsf°rH°meandO[fiee"~t~.~), gil’e giring ideas for the holidayseason Edgemere at Somerset According to this week’s apartment on Franklin police report, Mr. Sh’ephard Boulevard. Police appehended was picked up near Somerset one adult and three juveniles. of m~aborousn Electronics on WastonAvenue ’l~ ~v,. +" 874-3990 after a witnessreportedseeing A neighbor alerted by I/C," ........BEYER PLAZA~ 254Route206 South,Hill°borough, N. J. him carrying what was hearing unusual noises coming initially describedto police as from the upstairs apartment, a portabletelevision set. saw two men leaving the carrying an AM-FM Althoughthey didn’t find a building stereo receiver, and ElecTV,the arresting officers did trophonic turntable and a discover a rectangular-camera, and called shaped box containing elec- Polaroid tronic testing ¯ equipment police. allegedly stolen from the The stereo equipment, electronics shopvan parkedin worth $140, and the camera the shopping center parking were recovered when lot¯ In addition,a searchof Mr. detective bureau members Shephard’s car turned up madethe arrests. valuablesstolen earlier in the evening from four ¯ vehicles parked in. the Easton North apartment complex. Thieves broke into An in-dash Panasonic AMFM-citizens band radio unit Dorothy Potts Main Street, wascut out of the dash board Kingston,residence and stole of honda Goldman’s 1978 $20 in cash, assorted credit _____x..__ Chevrolet. The arresting of- cards, an antique clock, a coin ficers discovered the com- bank and an unknownamount bination radio in Mr. of jewelryon Dec.3,according to police. Shephard’s possession still attached to the missingChevy An investigation is underway. dash section. A tape player was stolen from Shamasun Nair’s automobile. Both of Robert A diamondring worth $500 Lyons cars were allegedly from Tony brokeninto by Mr. Shephard. was stolen SOUTH BRUNSWICK- SOUTH FRANKLIN Amateur radio equipment DiPietro’s 10 Fulton Road home on Nov. 30 when thieves worth$95 wasstolen from Mr. LITTLE LEAGUE Lyons’ vehicle while petty brokein throughthe bathroom window, police said. cash was taken from the car his wifedrives, police said. ~ REGISTRATION ’79~L

~ fJl J.. ~.AI J.. AI ,J "r- %,l-~J;’l’ I=F’I’

Onthe Somerville Circle, Bridgewater

Prior to his apprehensionin front of the electronicsstore, Mr. Shephardalso broke into MichaelDonley’scar while it was parked in front of the Shop-Rite on Easton Avenue¯ The Jackson, NJ man lost tools and a leather jacket whichpolice later recovered.


Also on Nov. 30, police receiveda report of malicious mischief done to the Canal Road residence occupied by thestateranger whopatrols the Delaware and Raritan Canal park area. According to reports, someonedamagedthe Franklin police have furnace with a sledge hamcharged Mr. Shephard with mer. four counts of breaking,entry and larceny fromautomobiles, one charge of possession of Two juveniles were apstolen property, one chargeof prehendedby township police possession of less than 25 during an attempted break-in grams of marijuana and one at Adelade Fearson’s ,10 count of possession of a WoodlawnRoad homeon Dec. hypodermicneedle without a 1. valid prescription. Thelatter The youths unsuccessfully two charges carry attemptedto pry openthe rear misdemeanorpenalties and door, police said.

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Herb Krumich P.B.A. Member, 2 Times Somerset County Masters Champ 34 W. Somerg~t St. Raritan, N.J. 526-0781

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I hc !tanklin NFWSRECORD

Thursday, December 7, 1978

obituaries Michael Grbac

division of Johnson &Johnson, North Brunswick.

Arth ur Hayton

Arthur D. Hayton, 62, of 218 Michael J. Grbac, 33, a race driver who was seriously She was a member of SS. Lennox Place, Somerset,died injured Oct. 29 at the Reading Peter and Paul’s Byzantine last Thursday at Middlesex General Hospital, New Fairgrounds Speedway in Catholic Church. Surving are a brother, John Brunswickafter a long illness. Pennsylvania, died Nov. 29 at Born in Cheltenham, Reading Medical Center, West of Somerset; a sister, Helen Meseroll of Somerset, and England, Mr. Hayton lived in Reading, Pc., of multiple injuries suffered in that ac- several nieces and nephews. the United States since 1950. He worked for the AcmeTube cident. Services were held Wed- Co., Inc.,’ in Somerset. Born in NewBrunswick, he Surviving are his wife, Ruth had lived at 78 14th St. in nesday at the Boylan Funeral Home, 188 Easton Ave., New Cremer Hayton, and a son, Somerset for most of his life. Mr. Grbac operated the Brunswick. A requiem service RaymondA. of Somerset. Private services were under Perfect Auto Body Works. He followed at SS. Peter and the direction of the Crabiel was a memberof St. Matthias Paul’s Church. Harding and JamisonFuneral R.C. Church. Burial was in St. Peter’s Home, 239 Livingston Ave.. Surviving are his wife, June Cemetery, New Brunswick. New Brunswick. Lazoriak Grbac; two sons, Michael J. Jr. and Christopher S., both at home; a daughter, Michelle at home; his mother, Theresa Grbac at home, and Iwobrothers, ThomasA.Illof + Fort Myers, Fla., and James at home. Services were held Saturday awa|ts at the Boylan Funeral Home, 188 Easton Ave., New Bruna first degree murder. swick. Mass of Christian SOMERVILI.:E --a 17-yearThe juvenile, who was old Franklin youth was found Burialfollowed at St. Matthias defended by Depty Public guilty of voluntary manChurch. Defender Michael Shale, is Burial was in St. Peter’s slaughter in connection with liable to the same penalties as the April 12 fatal stabbing of Cemetery, New Brunswick. an adult: life for a first-degree A memorial benefit for the Alfonso Zimmerman. conviction, and 10 years for Acting as judge and jury in lale driver’s family was held the actual manslaughter the eight-day juvenile court at the Italian AmericanClub, trial, Somerset County Judge verdict. North Plainfield. Judge Leahy said that since Contributions may be made B. Thomas Leahy ruled on the youth was being tried in Nov. 29 that Zimmerman, 17, to the Grbac Memorial Fund. of New Brunswick was armed juvenile court, the verdict with a knife and that the would be based on what a "reasonable 1f-year-old"-defendant was unarmed during a confrontation at thetis, "not a mature adult" -would have done under similar Parkside and Mark streets circumstances. between Zimmerman and During the trial, the judge EdwardP. Schatkowski, 78, friends from New Brunswick and the youth on trial and his authorized a two-hour visit to of Dahmer Road, Somerset, " the scene to assist the youth died last Friday at St. Peter’s Franklin friends, "in- reconstruct what happened After citing Medical Center, New Brunswick, consistencies" in statements during the fatal confrontation. The convicted juvenile will Mr. Schatkowski was born in state witnesses made to a be sentenced in about three NcwYork City and lived in grand jury and during their Somerset for the past 40years. trial testimony, Judge Leahy weeks after the probation completes an He was employed by the E.R. rejected Assistant Prosecutor department investigation into his Squibb Corp., North Brun- Edward Coleman’s contention swick for 20 years, working as that the defendant committed background. a chemical operator. He also was a memberof the Squbb Retiree Activity Club and was a communicantof St. Joseph R.C. Church in EasL ::’,. The Newest I : i( Millstone. """ StatueNecklace Surving are his wife, ] i Margaret Schwartykopf I Schatkowski; a daughter, (’ Margaret Siliwono of South I .,. Brunswick, and three grand: i Every right now" look in t, daughters. ’t:. J : jewelry is Hghthore. In our Services were held Monday constantly revised collections of :~ ,,, at the Gleason Funeral Home, I + ¯ feshion ~welq thet stresses the I 1360 HamiltonSt., Somerset. A chic, t~e chamiag,thecurrent.,, J~ .. +::" ......... : ¯ , Mass of ChriStian Burial foll6wed at St. Joseph Church, East Millstone. . ¯ . . JF IT’S NEW, [| " EntombmentwasinFranklin ;.~.-,.-.,.... " ~ | North Memorial Park, Brunswick.


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Manslaughter. sentence

Franklin youth


Srhatkowski 7






Mary Pillar, 63, ,of 130 I died Jefferson St., Somerset Sunday at St. Peter’s Medical I Center, NewBrunswick. | Born, Ohio, she had li~edin Columbus, in Somerset since 1924. Miss Pillar was a retired employee of Permacel,








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Thursday, December 7, 1978


issues of interest

Smokinglaw dispute: Money vs. freedom?

Stalled bondissue reveals dangerslying in referenda Prop(meuts of Proposition 13 and similar measures which w,,uhl grant NewJersey citizens tile right of initiative might well consider tile current impasse over the bond issue intended to fimmce tile construction of state institutions. Last re,ruth the voters of NewJersey appr,,ved a b(,nd issue ,,f S I00 million to build new prisons and facilities for the mentally retarded. But a special interest group opposed to prison tr,,ncepts has successfully bh)cked tim inq)lementation of that mandate in the c,,urts. Tiw appeals court decision holding the bond referendmn unc~mstituti~mal will be heard by the state Stqtreme Court, but it is i ),~ssil)le that what the voters thought they had duly authorized will have to await another general election. The group whicl~ opposed the referendum did so because it feels that the prison concept is wrong, and that state money slmuht go for construction of halfway houses, pre-release centers and the like. There is much to be said for that position, but tim group is defying the will of the majority by finding a legal l.()ldl.le in tim referendum. That h~()phole, the court has ruled, is that w)tcrs were denied their rights of acting on each proposal by’h,ml)ing a nmnber of projects into one referendum. The c~,urt svggested that many people may have voted for tile referendum because they favored more facilities for the retarded and had to g~} ahmg with plans to buihl a new t)rison--even if they were against it. The h)gic is sound. It is an old custom to tie an unpol)ular project t() one with general supl)ort and the court is right in stating tiffs system slu)uhl end. But it will hold tip nmehneeded state facilities right n,,w. an(l provide a frightfully h,ng public question box on futur,, ballots. But the whole battle points up tim first statement above. Ooxernment by referenda or initiative is not only cumbersome. but unfair. For example, if Proposition 13 were to be adopted in New Jersey. tile voters might well face a question next )’ear calling for a vesor no vote on a 30 percent cut in taxes. Many l)eople might feel a tax cut is in order, but would hesitate to al)prove such a hefty slice. But with initiative--which means simply that citizens can start legislation-the traditional American concept of conH)romise is erased--only tim black and white ,f yes ~r m}is left. Few i)r.blems in the world today are so simple as can be answered with a yes or no. The United States is founded on a representative form ()f g()vernment. Legislation should be left tit(, halls of legislatures Whererite art of eonlltronfise can be emI)h)yed. B(mding issues, unfortunately, must be put to public refere,ldum i!1 tiffs state, and we now have an excellent example ~}f the (lancers of yes or no’voting.

D&R agency hailed by David F. Moore N.J. Conservation Foundation Public hearings are now under way on draft rules and regulations designed to protect the Delaware and Raritan Canal from potentially harmful developmentadjacent to its length, from Hunterdon to Middlesex counties. TheD &R Canal is nowa state park, long and skinny but jammed with recreational polential. It’s also a vital channel through which up to 100 million gallons of potable Delaware River water daily can reach more than 1.5 million persons in 60 municipalities. Fur these reasons the legislature, in creating the Delaware and R~ :Ran Canal Commissionto administer the park and canal system, acted with outstanding foresight by granting the

7he ffanklin \[ W~,R[ CORD Serving Franklin Township Published every Thursday at 300 Witherspoon St. Princeton, N.J. 08540 by The Princeton Packet, Inc. Local office: 240 South Main St., Manville, N.J. 08S35. Telephone: 201-725-3300. Mailing address: P.O. Box 5, Middlebush, N.J. 08873. Steve Goodman...... ... Managing Editor Lee Schrnittbergar . .. Advertising Manager Alice Lech .............. Office Manager Subscription rates: One year $6 ($10 out of state): Two years $9: three years $12. Newsstandprice 20 cents per copy. Secondclass postagepaid at Manville, N.J. 08853. THE PRINCETONPACKET,INC. Publisher Telephone: 609-924-3244 Central office, production plant and corporate headquarters, 300 Witherspoon St., Princeton. N.J. 08540. Mary L. Kilgote Beilman... Board Chairman Edwa:d P.~urke .... Editor& General Mgr.~ Robert P. Kelly .......... Executive Editor Robert Hutchinson .... Production Manager Raslyn Denard ....... Advertising Director JamesB. gilgore ....... Business Manager William Bennett ...... Circulation Manager

commission sweeping powers. Nobody with any environmental concern should be unhappy. WHATWE HAVE in the D & R Canal Commission is a unique instrument in NewJersey government, providing protection for a regional environment. The commission has review authority over private and public construction plans which might affect the canal, the park and streams which enter the park. Visual blight has been recognized as a threat to the park. Therefore, the commission has marked off a corridor, half a mile on either side of the park boundaries, where it will review proposed construction on the basis of visual impacts. As for impacts on streams, the review area covers watersheds of all streams which either feed the canal or pass beneath it. Andthe review power is authorized to supersede local authority. Those powers are spelled out in the draft regulations now undergoing public hearings. They involve 17 .municipalities in four counties through NewJersey’s heartland. The commission intends to leave enforcement of the regulations up to local planning agencies but will have the right to step in at will. THE DRAFT regulations make such good environmental and resource protection sense that I would like to see them adopted by other agencies. For the first time, environmental review will be focused on things which have often been poorly reviewed: Municipalroads and schools, and state park construction plans are examples. A built-in deadline limits the commissionto 45 days of study, once a plan is formally presented to it. If no actioh occurs during that time, the plan is automatically approved. These regulations are a major forward step for NewJersey, and I urge everyone to scan them. That, incidentally, is made a lot easier by the commission’s doing the best job I’ve seen of communicatingclearly. Both the draft regulations and a booklet, "Protecting the Canal Park," .are written in the clearest possible English, with nary a bit of bureaucratic gobbledeygook! A PUBLIC HEARING was held Dee. 4 in Princeton. Another will be Dec. 7 at the Franklin Township Municipal Building, 575 DeMottLane, Somerset.

by Mike Donnelly New Jersey GASP Whyall the controversy over public smoking regulations? Nonsmokers aren’t being forced to light up, are they? People do have the right to smoke, don’t they? These are some of the questions being asked by sincere people around the state -- but the answers sometimes surprise them. Nonsmokers aren’t being forced to light up, but they are being forced to smoke other peoples’ cigars and cigarettes every time they venture from their homes. People do have the right to smokeif they want, but they don’t have the right to force other people to do it if they don’t want.

April will be because of Rutgers easier

Taxpayers who this year find Internal Revenue Service form 1040 and its related schedules easier to read and fill out can thank Leo Campbell and a team of IRS writer-editors. Mr. Campbell, a doctoral candidate in reading at Rutgers Graduate School of Education, served as an IRS consultant from last Marchto September, helping that agency streamline and simplify the instructions for filing the 1978 income tax. A native of South Plainfield now living in North Brunswick, Mr. Campbell, as a reading specialist for the IRS team, rewrote the 1978 version of the instructions and tested its readibility against the 1977 instructions. BY USING SHORTERwords and sentences, employing contractions and avoiding "legalese" wherever possib’le, he changedthe instructions from an overall mid-high school reading level to a ninth-grade standard, the average reading level of an American adult. Few changes were made in the 1040 form itself since it was rewritten last year and received favorable public response. The editorial team in the Formsand Publications Division of the IRS changed the graphic design of the instructions, utilizing more white space and bolder type headings for reading ease. Other changes included placing information in a chronological, lineby-line order, eliminating the need to flip-flop betweencross references, Mr. Campbell said. For instance, 10 steps for preparing the return, which were lumped together at the beginning of the instructions, nowappear in the line-byline setup when they are needed. MR. CAMPBELL said more use has been madeof dependent clauses at the start of each instruction. "These ’if’ clauses let taxpayers knowright away

if the line applies to their circumstances," he said. Certain extraneous information also has been deleted, Mr. Campbellsaid, where it was determined that the taxpayer did not really need to know the definitions of various terms in order to accurately complete the line. Eliminatedwere numerous references to and an explanation of the term "zero bracket amount" because Mr. Campbell and his team felt that since the concept is built into the tax tables, readers need not be burdened with the term. "Zero bracket amount" replaced "standard deduction" in the 1977 tax year. Similarly, the term "Community property state" was broadly defined in the 1977 instructions, but nowhere were the eight such states listed. The newinstructions simply list the states and refer the taxpayer to another publication for details. Language alterations in the text include such changes as "in excess of" to "more than," "exclusively" to "only," "elect" to "choose," "entire" to "all." SEVERAL READABILITY formulas were applied in the project, Mr. Campbell said, including one developed by Dr. Edward Fry, director of the Reading Center at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Readability, said Mr. Campbell, measures the supposed difficulty of such language variables as word and sentence length, obscurity or clarity of terms, and the frequency with which certain words are used. ¯ Oneof the most difficult aspects of the task, Mr. Campbellsaid, wasto try to simplify certain concepts governed by strict legal guidelines. "Because of the complexity of some of the tax laws, somethings just can’t be simplified beyond a certain level," he said. "But wherever we couldn’t drop bureaucratic jargon or technical terms, we tried to explain them."

SCOREneeds counselors The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) currently seeking volunteers in the Middlesex and Somerset County areas to provide free business counseling. Jordan Bernstein, state coordinator of SCORE, has urged area business people, retired-ornot, to lend their expertise and provide the much needed counseling services to local residents. "Men and women who have owned a business or have experience in any aspect of business operations can do a great deal to further the success of this program," Mr.

Bernstein said. The Active Corps of Executives (ACE), which helps SCOREprovide the same counseling services, also needs new members. The time and effort required of volunteers is flexible and will begin after a short briefing session. SCOREis sponsored by the ¯ U.S. Small Business Administration. Chapter 14 meets at Somerset County College, weekdays, by appointment only. Those interested in volunteering or need counseling services should call Mary Garripoli at (201) 526-1200 extension 312.

letter policy All readers are encouraged’ to write letters to the editor. Letters must be signed and include the writer’s address. It is our policy to print the nameand address of the signer, but names may be withheld from print in certain circumstances upon request of the writer and approval by the editor. We reserve the right to editletters for length; 250 words is the preferred maximum. Every letter in good taste concerning a locally pertinent matter will be published.

Ill’RE ARE a couple more questions with surprising answers: Just because they’re annoyed by a little tobacco smokeis that any reason to start imposing a lot of rules and regulations on the rest of us? Isn’t that unnecessarily restricting our freedom just to avoid offending a handful of people? There really aren’t a lot of regulations. The effect of what the NewJersey Public Health Council is trying to do is to prohibit smokingin a few places and create separate smoking and non-smoking areas in others. Since the council is the governmental body whose job it is to adopt the state’s standards for public health, it is well within its right s when it does this.

As for restricting freedom because of a few nonsmokers,the reality is just the opposite. It’s more like restoring some basic civil liberties to the majority of people. Freedom of association is one of them; the right to life is another. Perhaps that sounds a bit dramatic, but consider these facts. The American Medical Association says there are some 34 million people with allergic reactions to tobacco smoke. They’re talking about more than the irritation suffered by 70 percent of the population such as headache, nausea, nasal obstruction and red, smarting eyes. And there are thousands of people ¯ who suffer from various heart and lung disorders, such as angina pectoris or emphysema,whose lives are threatened directly from their exposure to tobacco smoke. MANYOF THESE people do not venture into public places unless it can’t be helped because they knowthe discomfortand the threat to their wellbeing they’ll find. That amounts to limiting their right to moveabout in society -- in other words, their freedom to associate. If they choose to ignore the discomfort caused by the tobacco smoke all about them, they are then exposing themselves to its harmful effects and are surrendering a measureof their right to life. Those who claim that secondhand tobacco smoke has not been proven harmful to the health ignore an ever increasing amount of evidence to the

contrary, whichdoes not limit itself to people with allergies, or with heart or ~ lung problems. A recent study by five prominent physicians, including the president of the California Medical Association and two former United States surgeonsgeneral, put it bluntly "Secondhand smoke from the burning ends of cigarettes can cause disease and discomfort in healthy nonsmokers in enclosed rooms." Those who argue against separate areas for smokers and nonsmokers are usually being distracted by other matters, such as money. The tobacco industry is foremost among them. Their chief spokesman in NewJersey claims the regulations would have the effect of discouraging 100,000 people from smoking two cigarettes each evening. He, however, is upset by the loss of revenue, instead of being pleased by the beneficial effect on health, all the while ignoring the multi-milli0n dollar health-care bill" that tobacco rings up each year. SIMILARLY,some restaurant owners are concerned about the cost of bringing a little clean air into their dining rooms, instead of thinking about how much more healttfful and pleasant eating there will be. What it comes down to is an argument between a little money on the one hand and an increase in personal freedom on the other. And as recent surveys have repeatedly shown, the people of New Jersey prefer freedom.


The tie that binds by Stuart J. CrumpJr. The Packet Group I was barely half awake the other morning, rummaging through my closet looking for something intelligent to wear, whena horrible fact suddenly hit me. I only had one usable tie. It was almost enough to wake me up. My green tie had a non-matching ketchup stain on it. Mygrey wool tie had provided a tasty meal for some hardworking moth. Mydull red tie had turned brown on one end where it came in contact with a burner when I leaned over the stove to swat a mosquito. (I missed the mosquito but not the burner.) Myyellowish-browntie had lost its permanent press sometime around the first energy crisis. TIlE OCCASION I was dressing for demanded a tie and I only had one to choose from. As I pulled it out and stuck it around my neck, I mumbled something to myself about "Go get yourself a few ties. Even Abbie Huffman wears ties these days." I don’t particularly like ties and try to wear them as seldom as possible. I care even less for, ties than John Maynard Keynes cared for gold. Ties are a barbarous relic of a forgotten past which lie latent in the souls of men and will never go away. To have only one tie hit mewhere it hurt-- in the wallet. I wentto the store that afternoon to look over the current crop of new ties. The last time I’d looked themover you could get a fairly decent tie for about $2.50. Todaythe least expensive usable ties cost at least $5 and more likely $10 or $15. Small wonder that almost every tie I’ve ever owned was given to me by somebodyelse. Usually for Christmas. -x

IN FACT, my very firsf tie was a Christmas present from my grandmother. It was about five inches wide, and that was just the part that went around the neck. The part that hung down in front was 10 or 15 inches across at least. In the ’50s people thought that was classy. Then around 1958 ties suddenly grew very skinny. The one-inch wide tie achieved popularity for no rational reason. The only thing it was good for wasas a stand-in for a busted fan belt in an emergency. In the early ’60s the Texas tie. popularized by LBJ came into vogue, especially for leisure wear.. That was the stringy thing.that usually had a long-horned steer (probably a bum one) on a slide that pulled up against your neck to keep the thing in place. Finally, in the late ’60s the tie disappeared altogether. For a few short years mankind teetered on the edge of sanity.

ALAS, the no-tie movement was ooomeo. Ties returned with a vengeancein the ’70s. The wide styles and splashy, blinding colors made Picasso’s finest look like a color television set two weeks after the warranty runs out. The rest Of the clothes men were wearing soon began looking the same way-- gaudy, flashy, racy, audacious, repugnant. Men’s fashions these days are almost as ridiculous as women’s used to be, before the fairer sex

discovered jeans. Whatever happened to those sensible days whenit took 200 years just to subtract one button from men’s jackets? No more. Today men’s fashions change as frequently as women’s. Do you, for example, remember the leisure suit? Neither do I. On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing that fashions do change quickly.

Know your government

Property owners: check assessment Each year at this time the New Jersey Taxpayers Association suggests that taxpayers in the state make sure to check their property assessments early. It is possible for homeowners to learn the value placed on their property for 1979 local tax purposes, and thus obtain an advance indication of one element of their forthcoming June tax bill. State law requires local assessors to file a complete tax assessment list and a duplicate list with a county board of taxation by January 10. Also mandated is an advertisement in a local newspaper by the local assessor at least I0 days prior to filing the assessment rolls indicating the time and place the assessment list will be available for public inspection. The purpose of this pre-tax roll filing meetingis to- enable the taxpayer to informally discuss with the assessor the accuracy of the assessments , so errors may be corrected before the documents are submitted to the county tax board. Taxpayers who think they may have missed what is usually a small legal notice in their local newspaper should contact their local assessor’s office to confirm the correct date and ~ime of the verification session. If the inspection opportunity is missed before the records are filed with the county board of taxation, the assessor’s valuation may be changed only by appeal to the tax

board, the present filing deadline being Aug. 15. While all taxpayers should take advantage of the opportunity to confer with their assessor, it is especially important for those taxpayers who live in a municipality which llas recently undergone a comprehensive revaluation by an appraisal firm or a reassessment by the local assessor scheduled to become effective in the 1979tax year. Although property owners may have earlier consulted with a representative of the revaluation firm, the ultimate decision on the amount entered on the tax roll is the responsibility of the local assessor. Taxpayers have the right to examine the entire assessmentlist after it is filed by the assessor in the office of the county tax board. One product of a revaluation is a property record card for each parcel of property. Whilethese cards are not considered a public record under the New Jersey "Right To Know"law, a court decision has determined that the cards must be open to inspection by any taxpayer who is filing a tax assessment appeal based on discrimination. The amount of property taxes needed to finance at least three governmental budgets -- municipal, school district and county - determines one of three factors in the local ta~x rate formula. Property taxes needed divided by assessed value of all taxable property produces the total tax rate.


1he hdnklin

letters to the editor First aider protesfsuse at

e i ¯ nlgger

~ m w glue

~, ~ To the Editor: I thought the younger generation was supposed to be smart and profit by the mistakes that we the older ones have made, but now I wonder, I am vice-president of the First Aid Squad. I won reelection with no contest and still find there are sick people in our ranks, I have worked hard to get where I am and really have never hurt anyone, It’s hard to enter your , building and find your name replaced by a slanderous word as "nigger" and find your locker filled with glue. Yes, I must tell you people, we have sick people in our ranks. I know no one thought I would go this far, but I must make it known what a Black manhas to tolerate even when he is doing something from his heart. I love what I am doing and will stay with it until I amtoo old to operate. It took me a long time to get here and only God will remove me. So Mr. Sick One your day willcome and you willcome to know that I’m a proud and dedicated Black man and will always be. To the wonderful people of my squad I am sorry I had to ¯ do this, but my cup has runneth over and I had to tell the world. God bless you wonderful people.

Township Library in theplansLibrary willnotbe charging ¯ Alsodue to thisspanit is forthe newlibrary buildinganyfinesforthemonthsof’verydifficult forstudents to a verycostly deterrent. Decemberand January.No move from one lettergradeto matter how long overdue that In an effort to persuade the next, even whenthere has bookis please return it to us ... borrowers to return material becn a change in the student’s we have taken the following no questions, no fines, performance. steps. Dropit on thedesk, dropit in It is the recommendation W In April an ordinance was the book drop, but please that thehighschool implement passed by Township Council return it. a numerical grading system controlling use of municipal as numerical grades stand on library property and books Patricia Nivison their own value and are not providing penalties for library director subject to interpretation or violating these regulations, misinterpretation. The grade We have raised the should be determined by the maximum charge for late grades earned by the student, booksto $3, it wasformerly $1. in addition to test scores. We have also raised from 5 PTSO group We also recommend that 65 cents to 10 cents the charges for overduetwo-weekbooks, cites inequalities begrade, adopted Wepropose as the that passing the Our renewal policy is weighting be retained for the generous. Any book can be in FHS grading enriched classes at the present renewed twice in addition to 10 points. the initial charge period, as To the Editor: It is the 10-member camlong as no one is waiting. We mittees sincere desire to see have never limted the number The parent advisory cam- the above implemented as of books a person can check mittee of the Franklin High quickly as possible. out, except in subject School PTSOon grading has category, and we hesitate to reviewed the present grading LoisTobias impose this regulation, system at the high school and PTSOPresident Limiting books, electric in the opinion of this comcheck points, black lists and mittee has found it to be raising fines are not the an- inequitable. swer to this problem. BABYSITTING COURSE The solution rests with each The following are some of NEEDS INSTRUCTORS and every borrower, the inequities: The name of the game is Franklin High School would borrowing and returning, . Letter grades must be to include a 4-H taking and bringing back, clarified by a numerical valve, like picking up and putting down. . Dueto the wide span within babysitting course as a PM Fines and limits do not sub- a letter grade whenclass rank session activity but needs an stitue for consideration and is determined it is impossible adult to organize and coorconcern and if that doesn’t torank any student accurately dinate the group. The course mean anything to the --A hassix point range; B has lasts for six sessions. Townborrowers then higher taxes eight point range; C has eight ship residents interested in will be the only answer, point range; D has a five point organizing the course should call the 4-Hoffice at 526-6644. Township range, The Franklin



’ ~:~’ff Naturu’:; VVuiqhprubrieto~s Bobbi Rosnerand Arlene Meadeshowmembers of BrownieTrooD873 ~ coloril~q be <,k duMinq wi’h nutrition duringa recenttour of the Village Plazashop.Holly Outcher, and other troop members also visited Igal Gershman’s %~1dennifmVv’Tbr,nr,iec, r~4credith Meade : phot~,gr,~t,h3 ’,ludiu I,,c,do, d in the same shopping center.

Joseph Walker Vice President Franklin-Somerset First Aid Squad


Sharing effort. to conserve wnll not be in vain To the Editor: Here we go again. The media has led us to believe that our national pasttime correction ... manipulation is , the name of the game, currently. companies are The oil resorting to holding back supplies in order to manipulate for higher prices. The media and especially TV and radio that keeps drumming over and over again... Don’t panic. This type of help will pave the way for higher prices, This quote from the late President Roosevelt, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." G(ni bless our media, they surely can instill fear by conslant repeating, don’t

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It is bad enoughthat the Arabs are blackmailing us with their prices and price increases, and as a matter of fact the rest of the world; the least we should get from our oil companies, excuse me, conglomorates, is a fair and , honest treatment. Less driving, less heating, wheneverpossible will help to conserve. If we all will do our share of conservation, perhaps our effort will not be in vain.





tZl] ~/~


aDq. ~" gl"P/a~

5 SgZ

,o: __~.~.~.-e~:~.~r/~:~:.~,’~,~.’~;~,~’,~,~,

~/ ’"

Morris Levine 8-D Franklin Greens

Stolenbooks cost taxpayers

$1,000monthly To the Editor: A serious crises, has arisen in libraries throughout the state. Over the past few year 9 the problem of stolen and lost books has been the topic for numerous workshops and meetings in an effort to solve this growing concern. Statistics compiled in the Franklin Township Library during the past few months show us that about 1/3 of the books charged out to patrons each month are not returned. With the average cost of a juvenile book at $7-$10 and an adult book.priced from $12-$20 this negligence is costing us about $1,000 per month and of course this "us" is you and me, the taxpayer. This figure, incidentally does not include the cost of books that are stolen from the library and for which we have no records. Manylibraries in the area are having electrical check point systems installed to help combat thievery and this type of deterrent is being considered by the Fi’anklin

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by The Meadows Foundation and the Middlebush Reformed Church, argue widening the road will produce a safety hazard and will ruin the scenic quality of the village. "We oppose any improvement of the current AmwellRoad because it would jeopardize the historic nature of Middlebush village," explained Mary Jane Post, Meadowspresident-elect. Dr. Smpson G. Smith, a Middlebush resident since 1933, said recent growth and development in the area created the need for a new road. He emphasized during early morning and late afternoon rush hours, Amwell Roadis heavily travelled. He also reminded the board one child has been killed in front of MiddlebushSohool due to the traffic volume. In opposition, Buffa Drive homeowner Bill Anderson urged the planners to reject the Middlebush bypass proposal. "Mychildren will then have to cross two roads to get to school," he said, maintaining building a second road will not solve a safety problem created by a single artery. After considerable public comment, one exasperated resident offered her solution: "let’s put a tunnel underneath everything !"

by Sandi Lowich Staff Writer

BoroCenter ¯ 424 Rt. 206 South


Thursday,December 7,1978





Amwell Road -- the major east-west artery passing through the center of Middlebush -- not only divides the village geographicly, but polarizes local residents discussing two proposed routes for vehicular flow through their neighborhood in the next decade. At a special Franklin Township Planning Board work session on Nov. 29~ one group of homeownersobjected to the proposed Middlebush bypass while another group of residents protested the alternative of widening AmwellRoad to four lanes. The bypass route is drawn on Somerset County and Franklin Township master plan maps approved several years. It realigns Amwell Road to parallel Smith Road by utilizing the Penn Central Raih’oad right-of-way. Homeowners opposing the bypass say it will adversely affect property values, create noise and air pollution and increase heavy truck traffic. Mary Shell. a DenHerder Drive resident said the new highway will "precipitate more development and even more traffic." Other Middlebush residents have suggested widening Amwell Road as a possible solution to accommodatingthe increased traffic flow. Recently the Somerset County Planning Board advised Franklin officials that, unless the bypass option is adopted soon, the only alternative will be to widen Amwell Road to four lanes within 10 :,’ears. Workmen are presently completing the process of removing the sharp S-curve in the county route between JFK Boulevard and Susan Drive. The gently graded, high-speed curve awaiting final paving has been constructed wide enough to carry four lanes of traffic. From the new curve eastward Amwell Road -- or Hamilton Street as it isknown SOMERVILLE -- The -- is a four-lane artery until it Somerset County Grand Jury intersects with Franklin handed down the following Boulevard¯ indictment pertaining to a Franklin resident on Nov. 29: IlO%%’EVER. SOME Mid--Darryl Tyus, 20, of 44 dlebush residents, supported Parkside St., Somerset was

County indictment

aim C llectibles

indicted for breaking and entering an automobile owned by Herbert Bradley. Mr. Tyus allegedly stole an AM/FM/-, cassette tape player on June 19 from the car while it was parked in front of Mr ..... Bradley’s Martin Street residence.


Santa Claus . see.ks townshup holndaypenpals The Franl(lin" Township Jaycee-ettes are sponsoring a Letters to Santa project. Township younl~sters may write to Santa Claus, c/o Somerset Post Office, Somerset, 08873 and receive a response. Please include a return address and mail all letters as early as possible. For further information call 247-7347.

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The essence of sty Exquisitely fashionable these 14 karat yellow gold free form rings can become even more valuable and personal with additional diamonds in the future. A. One-diamond ring, $375. B~ Two-diamond ring, $425. Somethin,,~ Beauiiful

for Everyom’..

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Personal Injury and Workers Compensation: Fees in accordancewith court directives.

~I t~

HOURS: Mon.-Frl. 10-9 Saturday 10-6, SundayU-S

Carteret Savings Building Route 206 at New Amwell Rd. Hillsborough, N.J. 201-874-5800 Saturday



Attorneys At Law

Noel Ball: An enchanting two-dimensional pierced ornament that twirls from the slightest motion, catching and reflecting the tree lights. $15.00








Daniel Riggall to be ordained NEW BRUNSWICK-- The Rev. Daniel J. Riggall will be ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church on Saturday, Dec. 16 at 10:30 a.m. in Christ Church, New Brunswick. The Rt. Rev. G. P. Melliek Belshaw, suffragan bishop of the diocese of NewJersey, will officiate. Mr. Riggall is a graduate of Ihe General Theological Seminary, NewYork City, and did coursework at Princeton Theological Seminary. He was a postulant and candidate for Holy Orders from Trinity Church, Princeton, and formerly served on its staff. The Rev. John Crocker Jr., rector of Trinity Church, will be a presenter at the ordination. Mr. Riggall is presently the curate of Christ Church.

Established 1877


routing traffic along South Shore Drive’-- a major eastwest road proposed to be constructed south of the Six Mile Run Reservoir -- as an alternative. If built, South Shore Drive may connect Route 1 with Route 206. The planners supported the mayor’s motion to request a meeting with Somerset County representatives to explore an alternate, "genuine bypass." Township Planner Andy Paskowski was expected to bring the board’s resolution to the county’s attention during a Dec. 5 public hearing on the Somerset County Transportation Plan.

OnNov. 29, the board ruled the developer’s applications were "incomplete." Among items omitted, the planners cited the need for environmental impact studies. Mr. Field has proposed to create Franklin Fields -- a 2,664 unit PCDof townhouses and garden apartments -- on a 399-acre tract. He also seeks a 189-1oL subdivision of single family homes on property fronting South Middlebush and Claremont roads. Overall density in the PCD will be 6.7 units per acre. However, Mr. Field anticipates developing the remainder of his southern Franklin land holdings and AT THE BOARD’Sregular has asked the planners to monthly meeting last night, reduce the density to 3.5 units the planners were expected to per acre. His move has been approve the World’s Fair described as an attempted Associates application to trade-off with existing subdivide M-2 and R-15-zoned township regulations. land into 181 lots of one-acre industrial tracts and single family homes. Developer Len Punia apCard of pears to have agreed to modify his site plan to conform to a Thanks detention basin proposal Toall the kind relatives, backed by the World’s Fair friends and neighbors, who Homeowners Association (WFHOA). However, consoled us duringour recent Somerset County engineers bereavement, the deathof our must also approve the plan, belovedsonandbrother,Alex drawn for the homeownersby Thomas Szerwiel, we wishto South Orange engineer James express oursincerethanksand Helb. appreciation. The WFHOA site plan CIIARLES DURAND, as removes a surface water Also to Four OaksRescue Franklin’s mayor, sits on the runoff metering basin from a Squadof Smithfield, N.C., planning board. He indicated lot fronting Cedar Grove Lane StateTrooper S. E Wilson,the he does not like either the at Kismet Drive and proposes Highway Patrol,ManvillePolice bypass proposed on the master the acreage be utilized as Dept.,the ClericalEmployees, plans or the idea of widening parkland. Father JosephKrystofik, AmwellRoad to four lanes. The board is expected to "Neither will be of continue to discuss whowill be Pallbearers,those whosent beneficial character to the responsible for maintaining Floral andSpiritual Bouquets village of Middlebush," he the proposed entranceway andto all otherswhoassisted declared, arguing the Penn park. us in anyotherway. Central alignment is notreally Last night, the planners a bypass, were also expected to classify John &Paulene Szerwiel "A genuine bypass is Jack Field’s proposed Planned & needed," he explained, Community Development Daughters suggesting the board consider (PCD) southof Franklin Park.

Christmas O’oan r ts

Waiting for Christmas: Rememberthe excitement of anticipation Christmas Eve? Ht 3~8" $20.00


" Residents,plannersdebatefuture traffic flow

,4 Worldof NewIdeas in UnisexStyling in Hillsborough

in the Hillsborough


Bypass polarizes





at Quaker.Bridge Mall UpperLevel - next to Hahnes

(609) 799-8050


I he tranklin

Thursday, December7, 1978



FOR BEAUTY’S ULTIMATETOUCH, THE LADY NEEDS A ROLEX. Decisive, yet dainty, the Rolex Lady-Dateis an ideal-complement to her elusive style. Scaleddownin size, but equal in craftsmanshipto the man’s Rolex, it combinesreliability with feminine elegance and distinct design. As perfect on dancefloor as oceanfloor, this 26-jewel, self-winding timepiece has a 14kt. gold¯ fluted bezel, and stainless steel Oyster case guaranteed pressure-proofdownto 165feet. It also comes in 18kt. yellow gold wi’h matchingbracelet.


Open Tl~ursday evenings until 8:30

Men!!! For Your Convenience,Comefor a Haircut and Watchthe GameWith Us!

Established 1877 54 Nassau Street ¯ Princeton,NJ.¯ 609-924-0624

Art auctiontantalizescollectors Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yachesof Somersetpreview someof the art capital improvement fund to launch a proposed building exwork placed on the auction block last Saturday. Sponsored by pansion project. ¯(Jeff Cohanphoto) Temple Beth-El of Somerset, the event was held at the TraveLodge on Easton Avenue and attracted about 125 interested bidders. An auctioneer from Marlin Art Inc. of Plainview, N.Y., sold 45 pieces ranging in price from $15 to $200. The highest priced painting, a signed Dali work bearing a $475 minimumbid, did not sell. Netting $500after expenses, the temple plans to repeat the auction fund-raiser. Moneyraised last weekendwill supplement the group’s general operating account while future auction proceeds may be earmarked to support a


Sat. S" Sun. December9 8- 10 9am -6pm REFRESHMENTS Coffee - Cookies - ChampagnePunch in the afternoon






Total Management Consultants will organize and upgrade your current administrative methodsand instruct your employees in maintaining an efficient, informative office management system.

to spoilyou....



Travel Inc.

e. o ’Io

The Redwood Square

Adam & Eve Hairstylist$ 359-7511







Rt. 2068- AmwellRoad Belle Mead,N.J. 08502 (201) 359-7200 58 NorthBridgeStreet Somerville,N.J. 08876 (201) 722-9444 Hrs.: Mon.-Thurs. 9-6 Fri. 9-7; Sat. 10-2

the opening



Full Selection of Wreaths - for indoors and out Silk 8r Dried Arrangements Fresh ~r Artificial Holiday Arrangements Made to Order Large Selection of Plants for the Holidays! Poinsettias ¯ Roping ¯ Grave Sprays

Total Management Consultants Box454 Cranbury,NJ 08312 (201) 521-1313

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Individual formats designedto match your needs - whatever the size or typeof business¯For more information, phone or write:

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[email protected]~


~/~ ~ M a’° r FU]el d iWt i[~e rSde~cee Pte d !b.


1188 Millstone River Rd.Hillsborough, N.J.

of .the


u eral


Ope.q. ¢Hou s e

Route 206 South 1 1/4 ,z,iles

f !om Amwell Road ~oseptt t~. CusiclL-~MartageF


l~~i Th tee Chapel Set t i ngs


Sinterclaus 8-A


I IH’ t ~,mklin NtW% rt

’78 Thursday,

December 7, 1978



6 ’~i,’>’,

ANGELS PETERMazar and SusanFischer were accompanied by St. Nicholas’ servant Piet in performingselections of traditional holiday music.

¸:I,:(/ : ~i~ii

i ¸" :

too white for his youngyears.

SINTERCLAUS JUNIOR-- 5-year-old Marry Dever arrived at the Meadows Foundation annual festival sporting a beard far

photos by Joni and Ray Note

ASTRIDEHIS white horse Chipper, St. Nicholas, portrayed by David Muyskens, arrived at the MeadowsFoundation annual Sinterclaus Festival held Sunday at the Van Wickle House on Easton Avenue at the foot of DeMott Lane. The horse was

guided by its owner Frank Catena of Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset. Angel Peter Mazarand St. Nicholas’ servant, "black Piet" broughtup the rear.


SHARINGSECRETSwith St. Nicholas, 8-year-old Holly Hamilton rests comfortablyon his robed knee, while her 11-

year-old sister Marylookson. DAVIDMUYSKENS, the pastor of NewBrunswick’sDutchReformedChurch, dennedthe red robe, white beard, ~’ownand staff traditionally

wornby St. Nicholas.


Thursday, December 7, 1978

by T.H. Blum and BarbaraA. O’Neill County4-H Agents

representatives; teen leader, Donna Burrows; and junior leaders, Karen Field and Mary Beth Dittmar.

(All meetings held at 4-H Center unless otherwise noted.) The 4-H HOLIDAYSING-ALONG will be a festive evening for all who attend on Friday, ¯ Thursday, Dec. 7, Senior Dec. 15. Carols, Santa, entertainment and candy will be Council meeting, 8 p.m. ¯ Monday, Dec. 11, Horse yours for the admission cost of Council, 7:30 to 9 p.m. one Christmas tree decoration ¯ Monday, Dec. 11, Horse that will be put on the 4-H Leaders’ meeting, 8 to 10 p.m. Christmas tree. Festivities ¯ Monday, Dec. 11, Teen will start promptly at 7:30, Friday, Dec. 15, and end at Lounge, 7:30 p.m. ¯ Tuesday, Dec. 12, Twirling 8:30 p.m. Leaders’ meeting, 8 p.m. ¯ Tuesday, Dec. 12, 4-H hlumni, 8 p.m. BABYSITTING "BOOM." ¯ Wednesday, Dec. 13, Executive meeting, Friends of There are several schools and Special Ed., 7:30 p.m. groups in the county giving the 4-H babysitting course. They are the Warren Middle School being taught by Mrs. Joyce TIIE 4-H CLOVERS club Martin, school nurse, as an fromCenterSchoolin Warren after school activity; the werepartof theSymphony of Rocky Hill CommunityGroup, Treesat theSomerset County taught by Mrs. Janet Sykes, Environmental Center.Club and the Calico Covers 4-H club members undertheleadershipof Branchburg, taught by one of Sue Seigel,decorated a of their leaders, Mrs. Jean Christmas tree with all Nabulsi. natural itemssuchas various Franklin High School would treecones. Bowswereusedfor like to include the course as an activity but needs an adult to thefinal touches. organize and coordinate the group. If anyoneis interested from the Franklin Township The new HOT AIR area, wouldyou please contact BALLOON 4-H club can take the 4-Hoffice at 526-6644. six more members between The course lasts for six ¯ the age of 10 and 13 years. sessions only and the Meetings will be held in the organizer is assisted by a southern end of the county. volunteer from the fire k Mr. Hoebel, club leader, will department, police and school hold the first meeting on nurse. Participants are Friday, Dec. 8. Call the 4-H eligible to exhibit at the 19794office for further information. H fair in August. COMING EVENTS

The 4-H PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBneeds the use of an enlarger. The club would be pleased with a loan of one but ecstatic over a gift. Please call the 4-H office 526-6644. They also need 8 x 10 trays.

A CItRISTMAS GIFT they’ll always remember is a 4-H Campgift certificate. Your youngster can spend a fun filled weekwith other boys and girls their age for the total cost of $42. A $10 deposit will hold their place and give you a Christmas gift certificate to give them this holiday. They will have something to look forward to. Youdo not have to be in 4-H to attend. Campsare as follows: Prep Camp,7-8-9 year olds, June 26-29. Beemerville (Cowboy) Camp, 10 and 11 year olds, July 9-14. Stokes Indian Camp,12, 13 and 14 year olds, July 9-14. Leadership Camp, 15-16 year olds, July 9-14. Horse Camp, (horse club membersonly), July 9-14. If you need further information call the 4-H office 526-6644.

The TWIRLY BIRDS 4-H club have elected Jocelyn Kinch, president; Mary Beth Dittmar, vice president; Anita Loguidice, secretary; Patricia Brady, treasurer; Chris Morris and Lori Hutchens, junior council representatives; Pare Burrows and Brenda Gibb, senior council

The 4-H CAGED BIRD CLUB has room for new members,nine to 13 years old. The club’s members, John Krom, Joseph Ferrello, Bobby Pisack, Shawn Tyrrell, Timmyand Steven Musto and Bobby Gannone, will be purchasing young parakeets by Jan. 1. Meetingsare held at leader Irene Krom’s home, call 526-1068.

MOTORCYCLISTSshould note that there are five 4-H motorcycle clubs. For information call the 4-H office. Clubs are in North Plainfield, Franklin, Warren, Bridgewater and Hillsborough.

The HILLSBOROUGH HOLESHOTSwill be meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at the Blum home on Auten Road from 7:30 to 9 p.m. New members are welcome. 1979 officers elected were: president, Greg Evans of Flagtown; vice president, Jeff Frischer of Hillsborough; treasurer, Bruce Cortelyou of Kingston.

The North Plainfield 4-H MOUNTAIN DO-ERS have elected Debbie DeNise as president; Craig Holland, first vice president; Patrick Sizemore, second vice Nancy Hess, president; Gus Doyle, secretary; treasurer and Mary Errington as reporter.

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Nassauat Harristm rkingin rear

~ It

Sl~e(.ialtie S

.for the Home

Man.- Sat. 9:30-5:2 924-,4427



I tw I ranklin NEWS RECORD


Thursday, December 7, 1978



SOMERVILLE -- The Somerset Medical Center following activity last week:

~]~ ~ a-50 donors were processed bl°°d bank rep°rts’ the ’e~ i\ ~nd --48 pints of blood were used by patients, according to ’ "~:,t "~. ~ a blood bank spokesman. ~, Anyone interested in ~."=:~ ; becoming a blood donor may ,%,r...,~ddllp__~--~

79Main St.Route 27Kingston, N.J. Open 3- 8 Wed. thruFri; 12-5 Sat. m

~....,~e,...~e-^~n,-^ v~, bRLL (gUll

& Sun. -53~J-U[.I}U

How about a Honda for Christmas?

blood count






Thursday and Friday from 4 6:30p.m. and Wednesdayfrom





put a storm door on your front door, right?: ¯:¯ You ¯ ¯ . ’,’ou,,u,.,,,rm w,n.,o,,,,,o. ,,our,,,,n,’ows,r,oh,,.,

": I




Herearetherea$ons,ll 1 ¯ You like



on your



2. Youllko to put towel$ on your nlco f|oors to ¢ollect all the


water from the ice 3. You like



¯ ¯

and condensation



thaws dally.

and putting



that youhaveto buy

plaz, tic

5. You llkotho75¢ per dayortho lO0,O00eTU’sofheatlos,



per day without





a storm


and that’;






, try a STORM DOOR ¯¯

¯ ¯


S,zesova,tableS/0 6/0 .... &8/0 ,n wh,te or brown Prices-S160 S~TS ’$2t0’ " ~ " " now’ lor" ~za ’" OlSCOOlll. ....... ~raer up to ~"33tax credit availameunaernew[ua .... t"E mern gy Actfor 1978 " SALEENDSDEC.13

¯ ¯ ¯ ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯ ¯ :

¯ ¯ : : :








, , ; , ~ t. ;. ;. ~"~’-l’tZl’5[’l-~"~’l-" I 1,,~1~r-T,:,T,,,, ,~, ]:1,~_-,’7.


] VILLAGE BUILDING / Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, ’)01-3’)9-60(X) L


:1 "



~[~ -~1’ -- ~1~ r.v


: :


" ~ --!.,:


u I



... ~"~ ~;


i ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ,



_.. ~

\... ~,...




tEl,~ ~



~ techniques,

Malthias School "’,J.




U.S. 8, Foreign CO|NS Purchased & Sold


Retail Outlet-Packard’s







’0% off r~.w merchandise arrives weekly.




~ift on wheels thats

model train

not a

. ¯ czar. ~ Hondamakes .... a w~devariety of Christmas or .~mttatmn





. - tar

and one at mere ts perfect



someone on your list.


in and see the colorful HondaExpressTM and Expresst"II, the our


thor ~ gift , " ,deass no~., All at prices start qslow.,s

Always. wear a helmet y -’)

F. Ken~



AT("cT’T0.v X}~.5O" ’P".,t,d° Z’~OF,’ct’ ..... lt’t, arc t,,r,,lt.r,,adu.r ,mh.t’hc~k 6,¢,,ll..... t,,, htcn.mL~,tlld,,~c rt.qtlllctlwgl,, Exprc,,c,n,,tav,,d.,bk.,n\\:-\ (;1’)78 .\,,~........ Ht,ndaN]...... L:,,.ln,






. ...... J ’ .~l[]llp~,~l~l~,~A~,,~l~ inintlt~,#tia~,~-~F ~ -- w-~-----






ii~ll~llll~tllln~l~llllnllll ~ HU~..~L~..~III~



~’V~PIE BAU~’U %/~,I.E aAn~,n meRC~r°utEeg]h~emtLTOn sOuarE, TrENTON CALL 609-587-6354 o~e~~s0Ar~,~ 8tt~u~#o~~,.

- i~ --


~ -722-505~



-ail~lla=~l~u~, ’N i~




,, ......,,s.,.h~.,,’,,, ~.






-Summer8" Dress Straws .Western Look "YOU Have the Head.. Inquireab,,,,t,,,r M,,cram~.Classes We Have the Hat"






Directions: NJ Turnpike to



I! .,e,g..c# ~



Ceramic Pots at discounted price,,


m ~.~EII~

~alll~ka~& ’’ "~~~

Exit 10 Take 514.West. Make jug-handle turn at 1st traffic light to Lloyd’s Electronics.


Complete Line o[






DOLL HOUSE FURNI’fURE MacrameSupplieSandA,,Occas,ons

Free Appraisals

COINS .,....





Howabout a Christmas






Exprc~I1 "-

~".., ,’

factory.d rect of showroom samples, Jp demonstration models JP recondihoned and ’’ products

is open Monand Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m..; Wed-

Christmas Lay-away

Thurs.12.9 So,.,0-5"

~%,, ’~ r"~Tt ~):~

if /IA, EdlaL"~ B"~UyU

~[ The establishment ~ day, Tuesday


Hot &Sweet PeppersChandeliers-Unique & Studio

~ "~~



Tiflany Lamp Shades

in Town"


,= c.~ .~ ~ ~. i v,

ofthe most fun Christmas stores in town:your Hondadealer’s.

Show" on Dec. 16, 7 p.m. at Sampson G. Smith Intermediate School auditorium. The production of "Santa Clown is Comingto Town" is presented free of charge to all townshipresidents, For further information, call the Franklin Township Parks and Recreation Department at 297-7330.

homeworkSCh°°l’s requirementSand study answerf°r questions and ’ suggest

Gift Iterr~

’The Hottest Horseradish





~ ~’=-~ o ~ ~; "


ned3’ Bh, d., "’there’ will’ be an open discussion on coping and dealing with the holidays The )rganization"was foundedin England in 1969to offer friends-hip and underslanclinu Io grieving parents, q’he purpose of the group is not to dwell on the grief shared ill commonbut to tqelp one.’anotherworktlarouuho lheir grief andreadjust to life.

~‘‘-~t~i~t~t~:~:~;~r~t~.~;~~~~~SANTA~Sv~S~T~SSP~N$~REDBYTHECHAMBERoFC~MMERCE.~ nesday,Thursday andFridaYsundayfrOm 10froma’m" -119a.m.P’m’;and5p.m.°n

Pickled Herring


"~" and all Santa-red ATC’70

parents, will bid its monthly meeting on Sunday, Dec. 10, from 8 h, 10 pm a, the St

The store hours for Linda Greenfield Discount Jewelry ~ were erronously listed in a ~currection boxtwoweeks agO.village Plazaretail

He’ll bearrivingbyfireenginetotalk to the kids and distribute candy in front of BoroughHall.


’~ ":~a ~L; ~

s ~ IEIiSET - The Society’ .’0, )f I ~e (’om,)assionate Friends

I~A I~AiiI&~ |~wJ~r~iE

StrFollowing a brief explanation of the purpose. members of SGS’s teaching, administration and guidance staffs will conduct small group d:SsCTi°nSntts°oinf°;ms~kd e thde



Pickles -Tomatoes Sauerkraut

I~ ~

.~m a ,.~-,.’~



fostering the academic success of their children, according to SGS principal William Howard. The first workshop-style meeting has been set for Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. in the First Baptist Church of L incolneet. Gardenson Somerset






p= . "M........ , ONE DAY ONLY ... SATURdAY, DECEMBER 9thFROM 9.00"A.M..T03.30~ ": ,bemeetin~sw,,b&earod 180 RARiTAN CENTER PARKWAY (OFFWOODBRIDGE AVENUE}INEDI~N,?N~J. to help parents in their role of



I Sampson termediate G. School Smith staff Inwill II aroundmeet withtheParentStownsh~pat sitesm KopscoFam~Jy DecemberandJanuar" "


~~4.~= ~ &~.~$~~//’~ , \1~~~~, ~’.~/1,;.~ ~~ .~/./~.,~/

1~ ~1~ _~ _ ~1 ~ ~





~ e~:



,~, ’~" -i ¯ ’ "" "> -&, -" ~,’--""~’~(" :~Ik~ ~ .z~/_*".:’~-~.~ --L,~|ii,~-+ "ln~El~*~’,,,(>~ "



I[~.,,.~__;We wish tothank__,__.:...~__. 7_-’°ur friends., II

\, . .~.t, N~ f--.’~.) ~’~


~ |








The Mustard Seed Theatre ¯¯[ ~rs__neag,u0rs " anoan0 re~attvesrelattves r0~l ¯ I me~r King express00ns 0tIr0r II Companyunder the direction ¯ II ...... ,~..... at k--’ l0tIL meg of Peter F. Hoff will present sympathy the 1"ttme ¯ ¯¯ Idea/h belovedson mnand and|! the annual "Holiday Surprise I adam 0;o/o.r our 0ei0ved [br0ther, Charles R. K0psc0. | ¯ ¯ ~,~ ~ . IPIP thanks.,t0 all those who .... []1 ...... ~,,~} $1ra1’!’ ,; ,I Special ; ,Jsent cards,, fl0wers,spiritual, | : J b0uquets0t who aided us in II ..... e . l any way during our time of ireacnes : i ¯ Jbereavement. ¯l l Twenty members of the










home-made cakes, cookies ’The community is invited to and candms ¯Santa will be visit our facility , partake of present for the youngsters who our bazaar and ask about our may want to stop and share volunteer program. their wishes. A raffle of an afghan, a live wreath, a pine cone wreath,Hnl;dnu ...... 1- r-"-’"’"nrnhj~m and a homemade cake will be . drawn for at the end of the .-~ .-.. , a .. yr..., v. ,-,~:j.VUl~ day


_ ~.~--~-~~


" ~



and add

man -.nurs. ......... ’lhu a:.~u Pri.’- ’fill ’/:00 ..... Sot ’till 3"30



t;gKU UF


on your PATIO DOOR and save beauty to your home.


r ......


If vouareliredofllklng all thoser~osom_

~~~ ":’

I Christmas Bazaar at Frankhn Center







¯ montgomery ShoppingCenter J II The Franklin Rt. 206-RockyHill : I .... Convalescent (609)924-8866 I Center will be holding ,, ona ¯ I ’ , Christmas Bazaar ¯ [] (3 " n Mall .~uaker Brtd~e = Saturday, Dec. 9, from 2 p.m. ¯ I, to 5 p.m. Thepublic is invited Lawrenceville ~ I to come and purchase the (609)799-8231 IIII many Christmas items that ¯*" ~ have been made by the ¯ ~ ¯ residents of the center, ¯ J i There will be a booth with ¯

it that teors and shreds up before wlnter is through.

4. Youllke the viewthrough that year after year.



a wooden frame



door all



Edith JohnsenandminniePlumney --residents of the Franklin Convalescent Center--make items for .11 i a "ChristmasBazaar"on Saturday.Dee.9 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

: I

and condensation




: IJohn Dawd Ltd.



’’~ "~a


:’:~ ~ .....

: ~

725-4000,ext. 320to set open lvionaay, Tuesaay,~ .... appointment The blood bank "~"**"~


: ¯

r i~


HATCITY ,,,o.,,






,b7 ( / "V, "’~

order. ell’’





¢/) come


--, for bestselection . ..... PLENTY OF PARKING AVAILABLE m

~"’~ /





~’ .10


1 I-A

I he I rdnkiin NEWS RECORD

Thursday, December7, 1978

Franklin Woman’s Club


New Brunswick tree lighting set for tonight

hear Skillman music



turtleneck by choral group. And, there are itself is a "community" navy blue blazers sporting the in-depth discussions to be sure serving their community. NEW BRUNSWICK-- Along school emblem -worn by 36 that the majority rules The communityfor the band "Festive" is the wordfor the ciand chorus is not just "the ty, nowcheerfully adornedin a boys looking proud as can be! regarding the expenditure. Founded in December 1968, tcommunity." It includes any Christmas way, with lights This is the band and chorus of the N J Training School for the training school is a place to which they can travel and colorful scroll hangings. Boys at Skillman who will correctional facility and is a providing it does not interfere Rented by the New Brunpresent a program for the part of the N J Department of with their schoolwork and the swick Chamber of Commerce, curfew. Franklin Woman’sClub at the Correction. the holiday symbols were set The boys range in age from 8 Cheryl Daniels, director of in place group’s regular monthly through the meeting on Monday, Dec. 11, to 13 years, and at present the chorus and band for the cooperation of the mayor’s at 7:30 p.m. in the there are 135 boys on campus. past two years, is a graduate office and the fire department. headquarters building of the Dr. Alfred B. Vuooolo is of Trenton State College and is Along with trimmings that director of the school and currently working towards a garnish George, Albany, NewJersey State Federation of Women’s Club (NJSFWC) Anthony L. Mercantino is master degree in music ad- French, and other streets, supervisor of elementary minstration. in NewBrunswick. there will be a storefront With a group of boys who decorating contest, window The boys have a full com- education. Since the inception and have had no musical pliment of musical inpainting and lighted trees. The opening of ’the school, the background--when they come Birnn CandyStore, this year’s strumentsincludinga portable with a to Skillman they "begin"--Ms. downtownHoliday Center, will electric piano and a full set of music department chorus and a band has been a Daniels has perfected a be professionally decorated by drums¯ Most of the apparel part °f the sch°°l’s teehniquethatreailyreaches SaUyStreeter" the children. She discusses were donated by community curriculum, thereby fulfilling The Holiday Center will also organizations interested in the the "whole" philosophy of Dr. and plans the programs with containa "Tree of Nations," to and tbe musical instruments Vuocolo. growth of the music departthem, and from there the beat be decorated by local ethnic Not only do people come goes on. ment at Skillman. groups. Andacross the street, At the Training School All honoraria received for onto the campus to hear the in Joyce Kilmer Square, will sound of their music10ut, being Achievement Awards Day in stand a huge lighted tree and performances are specifically 1977, the theme song was Christmaswreaths. "Where Do We Go From Here?" This year, Joe-- a ~~~ wordsCh°rus formember"wr°tea newsong,the ~; "Making Our Own Way," ~,~ ~,..~=.=,.~, ~’~7~~ " - ...... which was chosen as the

DRESSWELL a quality discount store for ladies and gentlemen #4 Tile Laceworks Lambertville, N.J. 397-2229



~{ CALICOGIFTS AND DECORATIONS 50 DIFFERENT HANDMADE ORNAMENTS Man’s 10K yellow~ gold-filled Quartz watch with mineral crystal, $395. Also available in t4K gold, $695.


OpenThursday evenings until 8:30 Tie

MillLsl:one Workshop Established1877

........ ’ Millslone, N.J. 08876

54 Nassau Street ¯ Princeton ¯ 609-924-0624

Closed Wednesday (20! ) 874-3649

Rosemary & Paul [.eath.



Achievement Awards Day. When asked if he had received a prize for his song, Joe replied, "Itwas a prize for me to be chosen." Special guests attending the meeting will be Mrs. Richard Sas, Vice President Fourth District NJSFWC; Mrs. Carroll Leonard, Chairman, Social Services, NJSFWC; Mrs. Enos Parleys, NJSFWC liaison for the Training School; and Mrs. Geoffrey Sage, Volunteer Director of Volunteers at Skillman. Mrs. Sage has been the coordinator of all volunteer programs at the training school since its opening. Other communityactivities in which all the boys participate include trimming the tree at the NJSFWC headquarters and the tree at the Princeton Public Library. The Training School for Boys at Skillman became the NJSFWC state project in 1971. It continues to be the special project of many. federated women’sclubs throughout the state.

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SPEAKERS~~ ~ -:-

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Adam~- Eve Hairstylists of Hillsborough say "Have the Merriest Christmas Ever" with this very special gift, a "Waterfingers" pulsating shower head by Conair...yours FREEwith any deluxe perm., during December!

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TO *80°°



clothingandaccessories for the 78- 79 Ski Season! ’ Visit us todayfor a look at a fantastic collectionof colorfulski clothingby names suchas WhiteStag’sMountain Goat. Choose yourfavorite features:elasticized waistbands, zi ered ockets,stretch side panels,kn,t inner, cuffs, puffycollars, innovativeinsulation, supergraphic designs. Start your shoppingnowand avoid the crowdslater. Layawaysand free gift wrappingare available~ There is always

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FROM S Q. U: GO.PAIR far__best selection. °°. PAIR VALUES TOSR0



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" ’ .. our staff,


s11oo ’=-vALUES



a’~vert’s’--,-, "",e; agency

HIGHLAND PARK- An advent day of prayer will be held at The Cenacle Retreat House, 411 River Road, on Sunday, Dec. 17. Sisters Mary Jane Laffan and Dorothy Mennis will conduct the program which will include presentations on Advent themes, time for prayer, reflection and discussion for those whowish. The day of prayer is open to men and womenand will begin at 10 a.m. and will close with the Celebration of the Liturgy at 3 p.m. For further information call 249-8100..




Cenacle plans day of prayer about Advent



"1~. 1~

ADAM ~ EVE HAIRSTYLISTS "Boy,HaveWeGotA Christmas Gift ForYour"


v ,u s+o.3ooooI



ROCKYHILL -- The Mary Jacobs Library will present a craft program "Jeweled Christmas Tree" by Terry Dominici of the Somerset County Library. The program will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. Participants are asked to bring old jewelry and velvet. The program is free and open to the public. For further questions, call (609) 924-7073.

FROM~ EACH i’:t:




Jeweled tree workshop set next Tuesday

SALE $I~00i :.:. i "


Creative. Merchandising



~-]: ~- ....+ <:;


ROCKYHILL -- The Mary Jacobs Library will present a special school age story program for children in grades K -4 aa Monday, Dec. 18 at 4 p.m. The program is entitled "Winter Holidays" and will be presented by the Somerset County Library. The program is free and open to the public. For further information, call 609-924-7073.






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program set

theme for


with all the downtown town at noon on Saturday, regalia, homedecorations will Dee. 9 and is expected to stay be brighter this year because at the Holiday Center until of a city,vide contest for the Dec. 23. best in home embelishing. This festival series of events NewBrunswickhas a festive is jointly sponsored by the look, with so muchto offer to New Brunswick Chamber of shoppers and strollers alike. Commerce, the New BrunA tree lighting ceremony swick Department of Parks will take place at the Holiday and Recreation and the MidCenter tonight, Dec. 7, at 6 dlesex County Cultural and p.m. Santa Claus will come to Heritage Commission.

Winter holidays


l, westock,


1 SPORTING.. +. GOODS ¯ ::. EIFI NG__iK 513 W. UNION AVE. (Rt;28) i



Holiday Hours: Mon.-Fri.8:30am- 9:00pro;Sat.8:30am- 5:30pm

+: ’r~,


1 2-A

I he Franklin Hulits & Osaga great namesin NYLONAfter Ski Boots

Taller Boot Womenonly $32. LI. Bluewit;+’+ It. greytrim Black with It. grey trim

Shorter Boot Avudable for Men$32. $30. Women Navy with orange yellow t[irn Brownwith beige trim


Thursday,December 7, 1978

Roiack’s handmade doll wins workmanship honor PISCATAWAY -- Each year at Christmastime employees of the Colgate-Palmolive Company provide gifts of dolls, toys and games’ for children who might otherwise knowa little less happiness during the holiday. The company contributes moneytoa Toy Fund, provides a luncheon for the judges and committee members and also purchases 150 identical dolls which are dressed by employees or their relatives. The costumed dolls are then judged and first prize Winners are given a companygift pack. Employees who do not dress dolls contribute moneyfor the purchase of toys and games. This year $795 was spent on toys and games. The recipients of these presents are: The Middlesex County Division of Youth and Family Services, NewBrunswick, the State Adoption Resource Center of the Metropolitan Region, Newark, and Middlesex County FISH organizations¯

Contest judges this year are: Lynne Mendeof Neshanic and Margaret Teringer of the New Brunswick Home News. Winners of this year’s contest are: Most Outstanding - Relative Handmade -- Irene Butrieo, South Plainfield ; Most Original - Employee Handmade- Diane Finkle, East Brunswick; Most Appealing Employee Handmade-- Diane Fernee, Middletown; Best Workmanship Employee Handmade -- Ester Rojack, Somerset and Hand Crocheted or Knitted - Employee Handmade- Jane Pinto, Bound Brook. Most Appealing - Employee

Gallant rouge starsin film

Purchased -- Tina Velantzas, l~ew Brunswick ; Most Original - Relative Handmade -- Olga Viola, South Plainfield; Most Appealing Relative Handmade -Josephine Timmerman, South Plainfield; Best Workmanship - Relative ltandmade -- Toni Notino, South Plainfield and Hand Crocheted or Knitted Relative Handmade-- Julie Rosner, Piscataway.



ROCKYHILL -- The Mary Jacobs Library will present a special film for Children on Thur~ay, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. Distributor’s restrictions prohibit mentioningthe title or producer of this famous film, but we can tell you that the gallant rogue of Sherwood Forest and his band of Merrie Men storm the citadels of tyranny against evil Prince Most Appealing - Relative John and the traitorous Sheriff Purchased- Edith Vongries, of Nottingham. Short Hills; Most Appealing If you still haven’t guessed Teen Handmade -- Michelle the title, call the library at Wendell, Somerville and Most (609) 924-7073. Appealing - Teen Purchased -The program is free and Leslie Simmons, Union. open to the public.

Y features three day holiday vacation program

For the Holidays


¯ INSTALLED¯ FINISHED ¯ READY FOR INSTALLATION BUYFROMNEWJERSEY’S LARGEST FIREPLACEBUILDERS ¯ Members of theBetter ¯ Frontor Corner Models Business Bureau ¯ References Given--Over ¯ NoSalesman’s Commissions 1,000satisfiedCustomers Involved -Someone YouKnow ¯ NoSubcontractors HasOurFireplace +o Immediate Delivery FREE "SHOP AT HOME" SERVICE

100% Financing. 1st Payment Endof ,Ion.

7 DAYS Aw~ N.J. FIREPLACE CORP.574-2200 729 Rt. 18, East erunswlck, N.J.

or 257-2700

HIGHLAND PARK -- The preschool group. The older For additional int’ormation, YM and YWHA of Raritan group will be furnished with call Elaine Kurtz at 249-2221. juice to accompany the bag You don’t need Valley is featuring a fun filled, three day vacation program lunches brought from home. for membersandnon-member Registration will be taken preschool and elementary for the entire three day grade children. package, as well as for inOn Dec.26,27,and28there dividual days. The deadline a willbeartsandcrafts, story-for registration is Dec. 15. telling, body movement, The cost for pre-school Y blackout musical expression and members will be $9 for all With an Onan slandby power sys- special events such as the three days, $3.50 per intem. you have your own private film, "Treasure Island" on dividual day. Non-members source of electricity when commerThursday for older children, will be charged $12 for the cial poweris interrupted. Reliable 1’he preschoolers’ day will three day plan, $4.50 for each power for lights, waterpump appliday. ances, other electrical equipment, run from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 depending on size of your Onan p.m., while the older children The fee schedule for unit. Small. medium,large sizes will be at the "Y" from 9:30 members with elementarv available, manualor automaticop- a.m. - 3:30 p.m. on each of the grade children is $15 for three means eration. Call us nowfor full details: days, $5.50 per day. Nonthree days. APPROVED The Y will provide juice and memberswill pay $20 for three Electric Motor by days, $7 per day. cookie snacks for the CONSUMERS Repair Co. for 809East State Street REGISTERED CONSUMERS Trenton, NewJersey 08609 I-or up+to-date Register in609-392-6149 formation or for free assistance

to be powerless during



Mon.-Wed. Thurs..Fri. Saturday

9:00-5:30 9:00-8:30 9:00-5:00

140 NASSAUSTREET PRINCETON,NJ08540o609-924-1952 Park 8- Shop

till 8:30 lS.22open

every night

Ii [:)ec.

Major credit cards accepted

High school musicians earn marchinghonors

The Franklin High School performance at the Marching Band captured first prestigious NewJersey State place band honors in last Band Festival in Allendale. Sunday’s Christmas Parade in Woodbridge. The Golden Warriors Band under the direction of Calvin Chase competed against 15 Learn Furniture Finishing area bands in the annual parade. Their award winning Erney’s will hold a series of seminarson performance included numevery aspect of finishing from preparation bers with a Latin flavor, "Espana," "Malaguena" and to staining and finishing. Learn from the "Tico Tico." professionals! The latest win tops off a very successful marching season for the band including two second place finishes in the Piscataway and Cedar Ridge Sunday,Dec. 10, Lesson1 Band Competitions, and a




A dramatic multi-media theatre experience aboard the SecondSun ferry boat energy information center. See the completely new. entertaininq ;u/d educatior]al multi-mediatheatre e:.periencefor the entire family. Century of Liqht celebrates the 100tht)irthday of the first successful li!lht bulb. and takes you backto the e,,:c~ter-nent and wonderof Edison’s ott~er .qreat discoveries. Relive the revolution created by the world’s (;~,,rl/use of electric energy.

Preparation and Sanding Sunday,Dec. 17, Lesson2 Staining Sunday,Dec. 24, Lesson3 Finishing and Waxing from 2to 4 pm




with any local consumer transaction, call 609-394-5700 and Consumer Bureau’s Staff Mediator will respond¯ 152Alexander St., Princeton Established 1967

On Saturday, Dec. 9, the Somerset County Park Commissionhiking group will hike ten miles on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania. Meet at’7:30 a.m. at the county park commission. Leaders are Art and Wilma Schwendeman, 201-257-0497.



9th AnnualCollector’s Edition Buying o Gorham Snowflake is a Christmas tradition manypeople started in 1970. 1he first ornament, and every snowflake since then has increased in value because Gorhom has destroyed the dies at the end of each year. So, the lovely Sterling Snowflake is not only a sparkling addition to the tree, but also o valuable collectible that increases in value. 3’," across, it can also be worn as a spectacular pendant. ’1976 is stamped on the beck with room for a message. $22.50

Emey’sUnfinishedFurniture Established 1877 54 Nassau Street ¯ Princeton ¯ 609-924-0624

104 MercerMall Lawrenceville,N.J. 609452-8404


Plus exciting energy exhibits and a ct~anceto tour historic Burlington! Corne(lt)oard the fascinatir~g Second StJr~ arnagnificenlconvertedferry boat from a by-gone era. Howto get there: F:’O:~itf~(; [\J J T~lrr)!:)lko.Exit5. l,Jrr~ left F:~t 541tO B/lrllr~tor~ hi Burl,n(ttorh. re!low "Scoots.i S(~( ~s~qns to tt~o lorry I~oat 7C’¢~[)tl(~r!,:! ;Xlrt:!’,(}t (609)387-3800.

Hours: Wednesdaythru Fr,duy 9AM 4PM Saturday. 10 A.M 6 RM {~’,r: Sunday. Noon .6 PM



The Energy People







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e rAIN/INe


/" f




:?",~II OVER 500 CARS,TRUCKS & VANS.LrASr PROORAMS :~u~k;~°’!;~ ’°"°~’~°’~°~’"~’ -- ,,.,+-.~,+. .]o0% GUARANTEED IN STOCK ANDREADY-TO-G0.= AUTOSERVICE

lakee.ll Ohio 2.milesto 2021206 Norlh








Thursday. December7. 1978










FASHIONS., By... Small fry learn dribbling skills


MKI Skis

~ ............






"°° $1 IB ..,,,,,:00 - --






For the Intermediate

Indoor recreation gets off to a bouncing start Indoorrecreation activities for youth brought 300 participants to gymnasiums throughout Franklin Townshp over the weekend.

Begina SpodeChristmas collection or addto one. LaVakeoffers an extensivecollection; a feware listed here: Buffet set of plate and cup and saucer, 24.00. Candlestick, 11.50 each. Pomander,12.50. High ball glasses, set of 6, 20.00. Doubleon the rocks glasses, set of 6, 20.00. Pitcher, 18.00. Squareashtray, 6.95. Table cigarette lighter, 25.00. Doubletier tray, 25.00.



54 NassauStreet ¯ Princeton ¯ 609-924-0624 Open Thursday evenings until 8:30

GroveSchool; ¯ Open roller skating on Friday at ConerlyRoadSchool for grades 3-6; aud ¯ Small fry basketball for grades K - 3 at MacAfee Road, Middlebush, and Pine Grove The programincluded: ¯ Friday night co-ed Schools. Participants mayregister basketball for grades7, 8, &9 at MiddlebushSchooland Pine for all the activities the first

Beautiful, durable units providing maximum utility




/ /

60" x 32" x 16" In Birch, $122.25;In Oak$144.00 Also available:48" x 32" x 16" In Birch,$117.95;in Oak$138.00 Also: 42" x 32" x 1 6"




RonaldWhyte. Some programs promoted by the task force and adopted by the schools include adaprive physical education, the new elementary math program, the gifted and talented program, new math and reading standards. In addition, it providesinput into the district’sannualeducation plan. The next meeting will be held in January. Those interested in joining the task force are asked to call Mr. Howardat 873-2400ext. 260.


60" x 18" x 16" In Birch 8115.25;In Oak$129.95 Also available:72" x 18" x 16" In Birch $122.25;In Oak$139.95

irch11 nok10



I ~~$:6:~m ~m ,:n5 B xi: SFiiff:H



30"x 15" X 16 ’

In Birch $36.75

PHONE (609) 452-8404

STORE HOURS: Monday,Tues., Wed.Sat. 10 AMto 6:00 PM;Thurs., Fri. 10 AMto 9 PM

SUNDAYS 12 00 NOON to 6 00 PM

band:.The distinctive ;triangle is in a second color. #1108. A solid match: the solid color suspender pant, High ’n Dry, with zip front.

iFlscl~r Meteor Skis ................ | INk GT wlStrmps ........................ ,,..--.’,. A,,,,.,.. ..................

I ................ I




" ......


Skier: ’135.~1 $9.95 "."


,,- SlUR

Regular $224.95


SToO.R~ri.H?U~/: 9

Sat.10to 5 sun.’til Christmas 11 tO4

PHONE: 883-197C

1600 N. @.BEN AVE., TRENTON, NJ1883-1~O

32" x 30" x 16" In Birch $95.95 In Oak$112.00

36" x 30" x 16" 5 In Birch $87.50


day they attend the program. Activities will run for 12 week periods and will terminate during March. For further information regarding these or any other activities sponsored by the Franklin TownshipParks and Recreation Department, call 297-7330.

- in oak or birch

42" x 20" x 16" In Birch, $82.95 In Oak,896.00

1 fe


T&E Task Force seeks to expand its membership Sampson G. Smith InA campaign has been launched to fill out the ranksof termediate School and a the school district’s Thorough special subcommittee has and Efficient (T&E) recommended an expanded membership, Education Task Force. In addition to teacher, Volunteers are being sought .from the communityat large, student, administrator and parent representation from In 1975 the legislature school n Franklin, the adopted a Public Education each commilteealso seeks senior act calling for community citizens, service agencies, members to join the schools in township Council members, educational planning, professional community The T&ETask Force is the workersand business people. The 3-year-old task force vehicle to accomplishthis in Franklin. The 30-member meets monthly. It makes to ~rouphas been led by William recommendations Howard. principal of the Superintendent of Schools




P~c_~yE I¯ s.~... ,..,.,~,-~s-.,. .............. ~.,s 14.00 hrrecraft~r AP 45 Poles .................


.~. # 1208



Poles ...................

For the Junior Racer: I l f1.¢~.C4troth., l. ..................... $105.00 ~


4,.~0 P~C_K=~_GE

iS=l,mo. 222iindi.,, v, lSWop= ............



For the Novice Skier:



~ ~AVI t33% PACKAGE PRICE iP~ ~ll ~ ~..~d~’

s69.95 30.~0 |0.OO 10.00 6.00 Regular $-~1-~$

ler~lmm Skis ............................ i A~B~I~ .......................... i SEine Blmllngl .......................... i |iordk Pelea ............................. Imteilalien .............................


Cmhy Allegroinstructs2 - 3 gradeparticipantsin the smallfry basketballprogram at Middlebush School.Working on dribblingskills are Jeremy Harris, DavidKornblum, ScottRomanoff andJames Shapiro.PeterGuzik,Billy Jackson andBrianBoyko also attended.

X.Country Ski Package:


- ~"-~


a Skier’s Best Friend



Thursday, December 7, 1978


JINSshelter receives state’s high rating

Council to discuss ¯ solid wasteplan

ili’ NOJ=AULT Readings andAdvice IIIAUTO INSURANCE byDiana CALL 609-882-0213

Weakscript is poor choice by new players

:l I The JINS Shelterin The freeholdersaid the state iln ForInsurance Somerset Countyhasreceivedcommended the shelterlast WeInsureEverybody for III The SomersetCountysolidSchrope,and othercounty a "favorable evaluation summer for its effective wasteadvisory council willstaff,and representatives of report"fromthe New Jersey operation ~11 Homeowner & hut0 insurance duringthe first ,11/ Wecansaveyou20%on hold its initialmeeting on Weston,environmental Departmentof Human Ser- phaseevaluation. According Thursday, Dec.7 at 8 p.m.inconsultants anddesigners, the vices, Commercial P0cies to Mr.Ceponis, thestaffand SOMERSET-- The p’lay"s according to Freeholder That two-actplay by Bob The play is peopled by I / thefreeholder’s meeting roomfirmretained bythecounty to Michael Ceponis. "JINS" director Victoria Gurskiwere the thing - the thing on which Fisherand ArthurMarx was television II/CAPITALINSURANCE AGENCY stereotypes in-, of the Somerset Countyad-assistin developing theplan. stands for "juvenilesin also commended for the the success of any given an unfortunate OfMercer Co.,Inc choiceby the cludingseveralveryunreal | / ministration building, North Freeholder Deputy needof supervision." 1684% Pennington Road handling of the shelter. The production is hung. Even if all FranklinCommunity Players characters. I/ Bridgeand High Streets,Director,WarrenG. Nevins, Mr.Ceponis, Trenton, N.J. whochairsthe JINSunitusually handles an else is going for it, a weakplay foritssecondpresentation.TerryMatilsky I1/ wins a lot of wth Mercel County Gev’t. Somerville. chairmanof the county’s countycourtsand criminal average of eightto 10 youthsis prone to flop. Thecomedyis insipid andthe laughs as one, a hey-man | noconnected The agendawillincludea publicworkscommittee, said justicecommittee, saidthe perday withan average stay If it isn’t strong, no amount situation contrived, but the hippie indarkglasses, buthis discussion of thebasicgoalsthatthecounty’s ultimate goal shelter, whichis located in of 32 days.The youthsare of propping-by the actors, players trytothebestoftheir mannerisms are limitedand Hillsborough andobjectives ofNewJersey’s istoutilize waste asa resourceBridgewater, was evaluated referred to theshelter bythe primping by the set and various abilities, to imbueit aftera whilerepetitious. solid waste managementact, -- as fuel, for energy by thestateon Oct.3 on the countycourts, the probationcostume designers or withspark. Baptist Church KathyGaffreyplaysanother P.L.1975,chapter 326,theroleproduction, fertilizer andfor shelter’s physical condition.department and the N.J. priming NewAmwellEt AutenRoads b~/thedirector will BillCarroll takeshisplace TV kook. of the advisorycouncil,a marketable materials. "The The state,understatutory Division Somerville, NewJersey08876 of YouthandFamily makeit standup. beside Robert Young and Jarringly incongruous, she statusreport on thecounty’s freeholders hopeto develop a authority, mustevaluate all Services. Theageof theyouths A newdramagrouptryingto: OzzieNelsonin the typical portraysa toughmasculine Rev.Robert L. Haslam, Pastel planning efforts and an outline solidwasteplanto work JINS shelters in New Jersey areusually between 15 and17 establish an attractive image television familyroleofthe gym teacherwith the prim of thefutureworkschedule, towards thatultimate goalin twicea year.Theyarerated years Phone 359-4602 old. blundering poppa. in the communityneeds a stiffness of a church organist Also to be introducedto the degrees,dependingon according to theirprogramsturdyvehicle,something Heplaysa psychiatrist who orspinster ladylibrarian. SERVICES: councilwill be the solidwastepopulation and currentand maticstructure and their SAVE ABUNDLE... tried and proven.Not a limp writes about parentDirectorSandy Berkowitz Sunday ~ 9:45 A.M. project coordinator, Thomasfuturetechnology," he said.physical structure. RECYCLE NEWSPAPERS situation comedy.Not"The relationships withteenagers, has keptthispresentation of 11:00 A.M. Impossible Years". but doesn’t know how to cope "The Impossible Years" 7:00 P.M. with his own 17-year-old which will be performed again " Thursday-- 7:45 P.M. daughter, nor, especially, the Friday and Saturday, short ~~ ~~ --" ~ " .... loss of her virginity. He is at and flowing, but he has not his best when he keeps his raised it above the amateur Dr. William J. Prinsket harriedness undercontrol, but level. he loses thecharacter whenhe Theonlyprofessional aspect Optometrist loseshistemper, of the production is the set "AT=Ma.erzPL~Z~’, Time was when I believed designedby Kent Sweeney. Carteret SavingsBuilding U.S. HWY. 206SOUTH-SOMERVILLE Rt. 206, NewAmwellRd. drunkenness was the most The Sampson G. Smith £ LAIIOEITIMELECTIONOFNURSER¥&JUVENILEFURNITUREINI~.J. q ~_. * WREATHS= ORHAMENTS k difficult condition to portrayIntermediate School stage is T:::n t.h8r;.~i Hillsborough " Tues. thru Fr,.. ~ "C/;ER’"" - ~ Dally: 10-5:30 Man.,Thurs.,Frl. UI 8:30 realistically, butithasbecomelarge,butMr.Sweeney makes : EG;;’:’i; pLES" 201-359-1210







apparent lately tbat perhaps the most of the space tran credible bursts of temper



sforming it to the comfortable HardandSoft require moretalent. Westbury, Long Islandhome Contact Lenses Mostcomfortable in their of an affluent professional Day and Evening Hours roles asthepsychiatrist’s two family. By Appointment daughters are Nanci Let’shopetheplay-reading DeMartinoandKathyPacker. committee does better by the Ms. DeMartino is tall, Franklin Community Players gracefuland prettyas a in the group’sfuturepossible model,and she seemsmost years. natural as the charming 17Ctzrtain time this weekendis ----..Vn. year-old. Ms. Packer relaxes 8p.m. For ticket information, completely toplaytheyounger call 469-1529or249-7672. sister, a new teenager. Colleen Zirnite


Adviceonall problems of life Available for parties andseance 787Route33 Hamilton Square


Callfor appointment 609-586-7173

T~ smallest pla~tostmadiet

Ft~rcl~.,is~ in v~uartown "~dl 201 757-7677.

iJ T. 40XI1 lille. Mindov~ malt~.


Henry J. McKinn0n, Minister 9:30A.M.- Sunday School 11:00A.M.- Worship Service


THEY HAVE WHAT of work YOU WANTS._. w,th hand,capped storyShOWo, one woman’stells TVThe specials such as this one is "an (~) one ahead and save. work with a mentally han- important part of this effort,"



dicapped youngster is the subject of a two-hour television special entitlen, "Lovey: A,Circleof Children (Part It),’ which will snown over CBScnannel two on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. "Mental health services, though well intended, tend to be insufficient, fragmented, overlapping, uncoordinated and often of poor quality," said Cornelia Thum of Somerset, president of the Somerset County Association for Mental Health, as she urged the public to watch the television program, "Because of this, county, state and national association for mental health groups are utilizing every means available to develop, through public information programs, a broad-based constituency for the mentally ill of all ages," Mrs. Thumsaid. The showing of television

an d°tid2e’ta hdVt teh edspat t;: i t tlaPl together, the NassauInn has all four of the above-- and more.I!’s a wonderfultime of year for parties, andthe Nassau Inn is a wonderfulplace for a party. Small room? Large room? Simple fare? Sophisticated food? Hors d’oeuvre, or sit-down dinner? Whatever your pleasure, we’re here to serveyou. Pleaselet us help you plan your perfect party.

she explained. It is a sequel to a story telecast by CBS in March 1977 about Mary MacCracken, a volunteer turned teacher of emotionally disturbed children In the sequel she’works with a difficult student, Hanna, whom she nicknames "Lovey". "The problems she encounters are a real test for Mary’s abilities, but her devotion and love for the little girl produce remarkable results," Mrs. Thum explained. The Somerset County Association for Mental Health is a branch of a nationwide, voluntary, non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of mental health, the prevention of mental illness and improved care and .treatment of the mentally ill.

i~~ t \~. -"x

,; ~.~, ,-




~ "?~::

Y ff


Interested individuals and groups may contact’ the association at754-9078.

Riding stables begin winter regmstratmon The Somerset County Park Commissionriding stables, 250 South Maple Ave., Basking Ridge, will begin winter riding registration for both adult and junior lessons Saturday on Dec. 16 at the stables. Junior registration will be from 9 a.m. to 12 noon; the adult registration will be from 1 to 4 p.m. This registration is for all classes and out-of-county persons. Thelessons will start on Monday,Jan. 15, 1979, through Saturday, March24.



F ......~’" 11Vz7,?/



things come in packages from

The horse management class registration will be from Monday, Jan. 8, to Friday, Jan. 19, all day at the stables. "~-,~._-I ".."’-.\...K’." ..~ These classes are designed to teach basic stable "~-’l Tr"l ~’~’-management as well as horse ,,) f-~ ,Ii q I .. .,Coownership. The class will be limited to 15 people and will cost $15 per person. The workshop will run from ~¢:~~ Wednesday, Jan. 24 to 20 NassauSt. Saturday, Feb.24. Prmceton, N.J. ~.~L, Under the pink awnin; Foradditional information, ¯ 609-921-0113 calltheStables at766-5955.




Call us at 921-7500.

SAVINGS CERTIFICATES At Princeton Bank and Trust from December 7 through

December 13

MinimumDeposit: $10,000 Effective annual rate guaranteed only for 26 weekterm of certificate.

InterestPayableat Maturity. Defer your tax until 4979!

FDICRegulations reclu~rethat accountsclosedduringthe first 3 months earnno interest Accounts closedoffer the first 3 months earnnotnterest for the first 3 monlhs with interest for the remaining periodcalculatedat our lowestregularSowngs Accountrote

Depositors insured to $40,000 by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Call (609) 924-5400

INN Palmer Square ¯ Princeton,

New Jersey

HOa,ZO PRINCETON BANK ANDTRUSTC()rnpanv ,o*,~’,,,.~ I,,WI~ENCEIOWNSHIP-AN ...... en, locor,om,,os~:.,rvevou.:








Thursday, December 7, 1978


Christmas, Hannukah programset

Studentsto conductpoll for heart association

ICountyparkslist hoursfor skating,skiing,

Twenty-five Fairleigh to the Somerville areato take reporttheirresultsto the naires,one student,Gregory I Dickinson University studentsadvantage of them?Let’sfindheartassociation. Kinch,of the management I and theirinstructor will meet out. Perhapswe couldget But one problemremained, information systemsdepartin a differentkind of some collegeor universityto Telephoningthroughoutthe ment of Hoechst-Roussel, : county would be costly. The spoke with his boss, Bryon classroom on Saturday, Dec.9. do a survey." Mrs. Zufall A Christmas and Hannukah morning after the class met Fisk, vice president for sales craft program will be The seniors, business wrote a number of higher majors in the Samuel J. education institutions in New with Mrs. Zufall to learn about and marketing¯ Within the presented at the Somerville the association’s programs of hour, the pharmaceuticals Public Library, 35 West End Silberman College of Business Jersey. research, education and corporation volunteered the Ave., Saturday, Dec. 9, at Administration at the Robert Quade of Beruse of its facilities for the 10:30 a.m. A filmstrip, "Story Florham-Madison Campus, nardsville, adjunct professor communityservice the better of Hannukah and Christmas" will travel to Hoechst-Roussel of business administration at to construct their question- telephone.polling. will be shown. Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Fairleigh Dickinson, replied. Bridgewater to conduct a Professor Quade, director of A Chanukah Fable for by Jerome telephone poll, calling a product development and Christmas Coopersmith will be read. random sample of 450 evaluation for the NewYork Handicraft pertaining to Somerset County residents as City Health and Hospitals counties have a lower crime Hannukah and Christmas will ’. part of their Marketing Corporation, assigned his Recently released statistics Research course. be made by the children¯ All students the construction and indicate that crime rates in rate than we do," he said. The uniform crime report is children in the area are invited It all began when Mrs. carrying out of two polls in the Somerset County decreased Dorothy Zufall of Basking year course, and volunteered last year, Somerset County prepared by yearly by the New to attend. Ridge, Somerset Medical This program is cohis class to help the Heart freeholder director ThomasE. Jersey State Police from reports submitted by local sponsored by the Somerset Center’s education director Association find the answers Maggio has announced. The County Library and the and a memberof the Somerset for Mrs. Zufall. "The Uniform Crime Report police departments. County Heart Association’s for NewJersey prepared by crimes measured in the report Somerville Public Library. are: murder, forcible rape, investigating new areas of The students would develop the NewJersey State Police service committee, asked: the questions, choose the report a 6.6 percent decrease atrocious assault, breaking and entering, larceny-theft ¯ "How many people are aware sample, interview 500 people, in 1977, with a significant and motor vehicle theft. The of what the Heart Association 10 percent in person and the decrease in nonviolent does, what its services are? remaining by telephone, crime," Mr. Maggio said. "I crime rate is then determined Wouldthey be willing to come analyze the responses and was particularly pleased that by computing the number of reported incidents of the Somerset County’s crime rate crimes per REAL ESTATE is among the lowest in the above-named SHOPPING’S DREAMY State, and that only four 100,000people.

Statistics showdrop in crimein county

Transportation committee meets Dec. 7

The Somerset County citizens transportation coordinating committee will meet on Dec. 7, at the county administration building at 8 p.m., lower level, room 104 (basement). The proposed agenda is: ¯ State implementation plan in compliance with clean air act. The detailed plan is now on file at the Somerset County Library. Hearing date is Dec. 18. Robert Engle, chief of the division of comprehensive transportation planning, New Jersey department of transportation, will comment on the state implementation plan. A summaryof theplan will be made available to the committee members. ¯ Somerset County transportation plan. A status report and suggestions for further development. ¯ Central railroad operational improvements and marketing program. ¯ Somerset County van transportation service.

The Somerset County Park Commission is anticipating extensive public use of the natural ice skating ponds, sledding, toboganning and skiing areas within the county park system, Su pe r vi s e d a r e a s specifically designated for skating include the duck pond areas at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater Township; the upper and lower ponds at Colonial Park, Franklin Township known as Powder Mill and Mettler’s Roadponds, respectively; and the small pond at Warrenbrook Park betweenthe 17th tee of the golf course and the maintenance building. These natural ice areas will be determined safe for skating by the county park police unit which uses a

minimumice thickness of four inches as a safety standard for opening the designated ponds. During approved skating periods, all four general skating areas will open each day at 10 a.m. The Warrenbrook Park pond and Powder Mill pond’at ColonialPark will close every day at 6 p.m. The cluck pond area at DukeIsland Park and Mettler’s Road pond at Colonial Park have lights and will be open Monday through Thursday until 8 p.m. and Friday through Sunday until 10 p.m. For daily reports on skating conditions, contact the park police at 526-2500. Whilesledding is prohibited on the ice skating ponds, the park commission urges county residents to use approved areas at Green Knoll Golf

Course, Bridgewater Town- the respective golf course ship and Warrenbrook Golf clubhouses as a safety Course, Warren Township. measure. Also, by contacting Toboggansare not allowed at the staffattheEnvironmental Warrenbrook but will be Education Center, Lord allowed at Green Knoll on ¯ Stirling Park, Basking Ridge, designated days. Both 722-2489, arrangements can be supervised areas will operate made to use the trail system from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on ap- within the center area. proved days and will have snack bars available for warm drinks and food, sanitary SLIDE SHOWAVAILABLE facilities and off-street ON VOLUNTEERINGparking, lots. For more information on snow conditions The Voluntary Action callGreenKnollat 722-1200Center, a division of the United andWarrenbrook at 754-8400¯Wayof Somerset Valley, now Crosscountryskiiers can has available a slide usemostparkareasat Green presentation for groups inKnoll, Spooky Brook and terested in volunteer opWarrenbrookgolf courses portunities in Somerset whensufficient snowcoveris County. For more inavailable. Persons deciding to formation, call’ VAC in skishould check in andoutat Somerville at 526-7050.

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In the Nassau Inn Lobby,THE MERCER COUNTY SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA,Matteo Oiammario, conductor, presents a MOZART OBOEQUARTET with Christa Little, Oboe; Yvonne Marti, Viola; Charles Dolich Viola; Kenneth Hunt, Cello, performing.

Sunday Dec. 24th

5:00 p.m. AND ON CHRISTMAS EVE, at 5 p.m., join the procession with Carolyn Moseley, from the Public Library through Palmer Square to the Green in front of the Nassau Inn. This lovely tradition originates

with theArts Counci~ ofPrinceton. Everyoneis invited. Bring your candle. Wel! have carols, a brass band, and-at last -- THEARRIVAL OF SANTA CLAUS.

i2 noon to 1 p.m. HOLIDAY COOKIE CONTEST

Attention all cookie makers: We11 be accepting your creative efforts in the lobby of the Nassau Inn between 12 and 1 p.m. MISS BETSY, RAGGEDY ANN, Prizes will be awarded for originality, size ANDY and and best use of traditional themes in three will be here for Breakfast with Santa. $3.95 categories: children, adult, family. Awards 10:00

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Warr/or gridiron squad seeks to dominate through discipline

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"H’/I/’;i(I. ING79 AfOI)I’:i,A"’ I, I.VDI VII)I ’.,t I. ORI"I.I:’/:’T"

"Reedm,, Time ’79;"



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" ,. *.



Thursday, December7, 1978


-,~ P~







,~ *







Franklin High School’s head football coach TomD’Onofrio has launched a campaign to make the Warriors a football powerhouse. His strategy is based on discipline with a capital "D." The Utica, NewYork native held the first FHSfootball parents night in several years last week and 40 parents showed up for the skull session. "There are good athletes in Franklin with super potential for winning seasons in the MidState Conference," D’Onofrio insisted. This is his first year as head grid coach, his fourth in the school district. "Parents have to be impressed with the importance of keeping athletes going to class

and keeping their behavior and grades up. Athletes should be models for the rest of the student body," D’On¢@io said. Students are required to complete 15 credits the previous semester in order to compete. The coach ’also reminded parents of the adverse effects of alcohol, marijuana and unrestricted socializing. Franklin High School finished this season with a 2-7 record. But the coaching staff, impressed with the 6-2 records tallied by both the jv and freshman squads, believe next year the team will play .500 ball to launch a steady climb to dominate the region. The Warriors have not been a traditional football power.


Aiiii!!i ::" " ": "; -.

Walter Nestvogel, president of the BoostersClub, presentsFranklin High Sct~ool senior Dennis Fisher, Varsity Club president, with a checkfor $1,129.50.TheBoardof Educationwill matchthe monetarygift, earmarkedfor the purchaseof a videotape machinefor use by Warrior teams. Lookingon are FHSathletic director Pat Dolanandprincipal M. LeeBlaustein. MargaretScherbina, the schoolboard’sliaison for athletics, is missingfor the photograph.

Athletic director Pat Dolan agrees with D’Onofrio. "We’re a half step away from being a class organization," he said. Maintaining student eligiblity in uniform is the main problem to be tackled, according to D’Onofrio. He views the lack of discipline as being a general characteristic of the 1970s whichparticularly affects the rigorous personal discipline required of football and contact sports in general. This year, one out of every three players dropped out before the end of the season for grades or behavior reasons. There were 90 FHS students wearing the blue and gold on the football field. D’Onofrio wouldlike to see 120 boys don football jerseys next year. He traced low turnout numbers to the lack of teams and instruction in the junior high school. The township’s Pop Warner League has a ll5-pound weight limit which eliminates bigger boys and potential high school players. The football staff plans to take steps well in advance of next year’s season.

A tutorial service for athletes will be provided by the Varsity Club, an organization of students holding varsity letters in all sports. In addition, D’Onofrio said he and his assistants are going to keep an on-going personal check on all returning football players the rest of the school year. Aneffort will be madeto guide them into spring sports programs. Contact with parents will be maintained. Walter Nestvogel, president of the Boosters Club, urged parents to becomeactive. The Boosters support all high school sports program. The club recently donated $1,129.50 towards the purchase of a videotape machine, a sum to be matched by the Board of Education. By the end of the parents meeting, 22 new members were added to the Boosters’ roster. Amongthe concerns raised by the football parents were for a full-time trainer, a team room and development of football programsin the lower grades.


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FHS band parents plan Saturday paper drive





The Franklin High School Band Parents Association will sponsor a paper drive on Saturday, Dec. 9, from 9 a.m. 12 noon in the high school parking lot on Francis Street, Somerset.


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new members of Webelos activity badges. Earning the artist badge were Cub Scout Pack 144 recently earned Bobcat awards. Teddy Robert Coco, Michael HenBanta, Jeffrey Lakata, Mike derson, Anthony Oliva and Nastus, Marc Rosnerand Billy John Sweeney. Tony Cusimano and Glenn Scott of Den1 achieved Bobcat status. Roberts earned their artist~ From Den 2, Richard At- badges, as well as other’~-" tanasio, Derek Barts, Keith badges. Additional badges earned by Bryant, Martin Dolphin, Cusimanowere the athlete and Chalres Maria and Stephen Sansone earned the award, forester, while Roberts also earned the traveler badge. along with Jonathan Black, Erice Zuehllig was awarded Johathan Pawelko, Kevin Lysick and Andre Thorne from the citizenship activity badge. Pack 144 holds its monthly Den 3. Michael Henderson, Joseph meetings at Conerly Road Lakata and Odies Parham Schoolon the third Tuesday of were Webelos who became each month. Bobcats. Anyboy interested in joining John Sweeney earned the the scouting program should Bear award, call Cubmaster ¯ Tony Pack members also earned Cusimanoat 828-8232.

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| h(’

Thursday, December 7, 1978

B-ball squad look to be winners Starting line-up takes court with a year’s experience by Alan Tobias very good season," said Franklin coach Gerald Sports Writer ,~tter a season as Martin. "There are a lot of its bridesmaid in the Mid-State and buts but it’s a matter of Conference last year, the being optimistic about it." Franklin High School boys A major factor contributing basketball team appears to Martin’s confidence is that ready to step up to number all of last year’s starters are one. returning. They come from a Last year the Warriors team that went 13-7 overall finished behind Bridgewater - and 8-4 in the conference inRaritan East, but his year the cludingvictories in the last six pre-season favorites are Mid-State games. Franklin and Watchung. Overall the 1978-79 Warriors "With the personnel we have will be a small team with the coming back, we could have a exception of 6’8" RoyHinson.




EDUCATIONHOTLINE Franklin High School A toll-free Education Hotline weeklyathletic schedulewhere a caller can inquire about a large variety of

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Poole participates in exercise

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graduate of Universal High U.S. Ft)RCES, Germany -- July 1977. l’vt. Kelvin B. Poole, whose The private is a 1977 School, Piscataway. wife, Shawnette, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. Poole, live at 454 Franklin Blvd., Somerset, is participating with other American and allied troops in REFORGER "78, NATWslargest yearly exercise, held in Germany¯ SAN ANTONIO-- Airman Ronald E. Spulick, son of Mr. I~Et,’t)RGER (Return Forces to Germany} results and Mrs. Lawrence A. Spulick tram a 1967 agreement betof 124 GreenSt., Somerset, has wren the U.S., United been selected for technical ’Kingdom. and the Federal training at Sheppard AFB, Hcpublic of Germany. The Tex., in the Air Force comU.S. agreed to return puter systems field. stateside-based forces to The airman recently (;ermany each year for completed basic training at exercises to demonstrate Lackland AFB, Tex., and allied solidarity. studied the Air Force mission, organization and customs and The entire exercise eraphasizes the orderly received special instruction in disposition of forces and human relations. Completion of this training earned the stressed deployment individual credits towards an procedures and techniques. associate in applied science Pvt. Poole, a missile crewnmn with the 51st Air degree through the ComDefense Artillery in Budingen, munity College of the Air Airman Ronald Spulick (.;crmany, entered the Armyin Force.

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questions about adult and Tuesday,Dec. 12, 3:45 p.m. higher education courses has Basketball--boys Friday, Dec.8, 6 p.m. jv vs boysandgirls vs Bridgewater- been started by the N.J. Still Franklin should be a Oecause they’re constantly of Higher Princeton at FHS. Raritan Westat EdisonLanes. Department team characterized by ’ adjusting." Friday, Dec.8, 7:30p.m.varThursday, Dec. 14, 3:45 Education and Thomas A. With the team virtually quickness with guards Greg sity vs Princetonat FHS. Edison College. The number, p.m. boys vs St. Joseph at Purnell, Albert Luck, Doug intact from last year, 800-792-8355,is mannedwith a Saturday, Dec. 9, 10 a.m. EdisonLanes. Braun and Reeky Lazicky. The "leadership and confidence" bilingual (English/Spanish) Tues.-Fri. 3 to 7:30p.m. Thursday, Dec. 14, 3:45 p.m. Sun.11to 6 p.m. freshman vs Hunterdon Cenfront line will be Michael should be most improved for staff from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat.11tO7:30p.m. girls vs. St. Peters at Edison Phone: (201)821-7775 tral at Hunterdon Central. Henderson, Charles Hawkins, the Warriors, according to Mondaythrough Friday. Monday,Dec. 11, 3:45 p.m. Lanes. James Taylor, Jimmy Harris Martin. and Ion Turnbull. "They know what they can freshmanvs St. Benedicts at Wrestling The most glaring Franklin do if they get the job done. But St. Benedicts RECYCLE Saturday, Dec. 9, 10 a.m. f T iRP_~! TIRER| TIRE-~! v weakness will be under the they also know what will nlll.,--~.. ==aim v Scrimmage vs Manville at THIS / boards. With a small team, happenif they don’t," he said. Manville. NEWSPAPER BASKETBALL -- GIRLS rebounding is a big concern. Martin, nowin his fifth year Offensively the Warriors as Franklin coach, looks for Friday, Dec. 8, 3:45 p.m. varlook to the fast break and will Watchung to challenge his sity andjv vs SouthBrunswick try touse the quickness factor. club for the top spot in the at FHS. JohnE. Caza~ge "We’ll go with a motion conference. Tuesday,Dec. 12, 3:45 p.m. Building "Watchung is in the same varsity and jv vs Hunterdon offense," said Martin. "Everybody’s moving, only ~ituation as we are with all Centralat Hunterdon Centrat. the center has a place to go. He their starters back. Plus A’’’"’"" sets down low. All have the they’re big," he said. Bowling PATIOS ability to movethe ball." The Franklin coach said his Featuring:B.F. GOODRICH ¯ DUNLOP ¯ MICHELIN ~/ Friday, Dec. 8, 3:45 p.m. Defensively Franklin will team plays the toughest nonFIREPLACES boys vs Somerville at Edison conference competition of all work with a man-to-man Lanes. defense, and will press full Mid-State conference teams. J Friday, Dec. 8, 3:45 p.m. court and half court. Also The Warriors will face St. girls vs Union Catholic at Martin’s squad will switch to a Anthony’s of Elizabeth, EdisonLanes. zone and zone press at times. Rutgers Prep, Steinert, "Switching keeps the op- Ewing, Plainfield, St. Monday,Dec. 11, 3:45 p.m. posing team off balance," said Benedicts of Newarkand will boys vs Immaculataat Edison ~/lilllllgllllo ll l the coach. "By changing the start it all off against Prin- Lanes. defense every two or three ceton tomorrownight at home. Monday,Dec. 11, 3:45 p.m. Franklin beat Princeton by girls vs M. Seton at Edison times downcourt, they can’t get into an offensive pattern 10 points last season. Lanes.

General Contractor

accessories in the finest





INEXPENSIVE,QUIET ELEGANCE... It’s quietly billed as ’a quality discountclothing store for ladies and gentlemen’ but one look around Pinch, Penny8, Dresswell, the new men’s and women’shaberdashery located in the Laceworksone mile south of Lambertville on Rt. 29, one discoversinstantly that the accentis on quality. A replica (merchandise wise) of the original PP&Dlocated Doylestown, Pa., Pinch Penny II touts the classic and traditional look in fine wools, cashmeres, silks, cottons, and camel hair for both men and women. Top merchandise from the better New York and London market places are offered at Pinch Penny at greatly reduced prices. How?The reason’s clear and simple. One of the Principals of PP&Dis a designer who has contacts in the industry and that’s the nameof the game. Pinch Pennygets first crack at closeouts, overruns, and off-price merchandise and their customers get the first crack at considerable savings on quality and taste. Thoughnot all merchandise, sizes or styles are available at all times, one needs to be exhuberant over the spectacular offerings and a very brief sampling of savings is in order: Ladies Cashmere sweaters ($60 retail) .......... Crew/V-Neck .......

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255 NassauSt. Princeton ¯ 924-5454 "Serving Princeton Since 1938"


~;N. ,.s AHO~AT~tax. An ,~ ,~

Men’s100%cotton oxfordcloth shirts. ($18.50 retail) ................................. just $13.95 at Pinch Penny Men’s100%lambswoolsweatersjust $24.50 at PinchPenny V-Neck ....... ($32.50 retail) ......... crew-neck ..... ($37.50 retail) ......... just $27.50 at PinchPenny Men’s machine washable shetlands..

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Marklin Trains - L.G.B. - Lionel -- Tyco -- Backmann H-OandN

Open Open Fischer Technik -- Corgi - Mamod SteamEngines-- Sol,do Cars SundaysChemistrySets - Walkie-Talkies-- Radio Controlled Cars -- Electronic Games Sundays and LegoSets - Car RacingSets - Doll HousesEPAccessories and Microscopesand Telescopes-- Exactoand DremelTool Sets Evenings Evenings RadioControl Sets - Planes- Sailplanes -- Boats-- Cars -- PelhamMarionettes "ToysFromBattlestar Galactica"

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Men’swoolslacks .. ($30-$60retail) .. just $21.50-$35at PinchPenny Andof coursea hostof accessoriesfor the right accent. For a discount store their exchangeand credit policy is most liberal. Theyrealize that evenif something is a bargain,it’s no bargain if youcan’t use it. Withina ten day period PinchPennywill happily exchangeor give you a store credit for anyundamaged merchandise.All o~ their first qualitymerchandise is sold as suchandanydefect in fabric or makewill be honoredby them.Naturally, irregular merchandise is sold’as is.’ Pinch Pennyaccepts Visa, MasterChargeand Personal checks with properidentification. Of course, they acceptcash. Noalterations or alterationserviceis available. Pinch, Penny&Dresswellis a discount store. That’sobviouslyby their prices. Don’tbe frightenedbytheir tasteful elegance.Enjoy. TheOriginal PINCH, PENNY & DRESSwELL PINCH, PENNY & DRESSwELL SwampRoadat Cross Keys at the Laceworks Doylestdwn,Penna. Rt. 29 Lambertville, N.J Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Hours: Monthru Sun Wed. & Fri. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun. 1 - 5 p.m.

! he hanklin

! 8-A

Crime PreventionBureau

150.unit project seeks

Youwill eventually ...... Why not now????

hous,ngappl, cants


C.P.A. Services Available to Individuals, Businesses and Non-Profit Service Organizations


applications for proposed 150 units of senior citizen;~ housing to be constructed on Veronica Avenue in Franklin Township. All applicants must be fi2 years of age or over or disabled. Maximum asset limit is $i5,000. Maximumincome limits are


Phone For Appointment: Rt.

Warren Plaza

3 persons-- $11,700.

Application is by letter to: The HousingAuthority of the Township of Franklin, 1 Parkside St., Somerset 08873. For additional information, call the Housing Authority at 545-9430.

Main St. Antiques Etc. 10 N. MainStreet Pennington,N.J. 08534




When you’relookingfor that specialgift...



. ,person--$9,ZO0

now accepting ¯ 2 persons -- $t0,400


31 l0 Highway27 Kendall Park, N. J. 08824 201-297-3785 or 20 !-545-7611 Your Independent Engage-A-Car Broker





609-737-1396 Antiques ¯ Collectibles Wedgwood" Gifts


Hightstown, N.J.

Free ParkingBehindStore

JamesHarttraft, Jr. C.P.A. ¯ 609-443-4409



Timrsday,December7, 1978’


Life behind bars gives a c ri m i naI ti me to thin k Thisis anotherin a series’of articles prepared by the Franklin Township Police DepartmentCrime Prevention Bureaufor Chief Pfeiffer as a public service to the residents of Franklin. The man or woman convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison as punishment is taken away from his family and his friends. Life as he knewit is a thing of the past. Prison is a whole new world. A lonely one, and there is plenty of time to think. An inmate at a correctional institution offered his thoughts about prison provided we agreed not to use his name. This young man, away from home for the first time, sat silently gathering his thoughts. "Let me get my head together," he said. He looked down and began to share his experiences. "Prison life ... when I was out there on the streets, I was in high school. I graduated right into this place. "You’vegot to cope with all kinds of people in here. I’m 21 and I camedownhere at 19. In this institution they got a couple of 17-year-olds. "You’vegot to deal with the officers. There’s somepretty cool ones here and they’ve got some rotten ones. You’ve got to watch your step. I haven’t got into a fight yet, I don’t fly off the handle like I used to. "You got the hole (an isolation cell). There is overcrowding. When I first came down here each inmate

was in a single cell. Privacy. ’remember his prison ex"You’ve got to get used to perience when he is back out being watched constantly. among us. That’s all I got to say about The Township Crime this place. In other words, I Prevention Bureau seeks local hate it here. clubs or organizations willing "At the reformatory where I to sponsora talk on tips on how was before being sent here, to avoid becoming a victim. some dudes tried to rape me Call Det. Sgt. William Ciampa, cause I’m in for rape. I had to crime prevention specialist, at fight my way out. 297-2383. "This place is really crazy. i This is the first time I’ve been locked up in an institution. Here there ain’t no threat (of homosexualattacks). It’s only the weaker ones that can’t handle being here. "My main problem is getting out of here, finding a good Readings of all kinds job on thestreets and keeping Satisfaction guaranteed ~ I out of trouble. "I admitted I committed a crime. That’s why I’m here. on Route 1 near This place has really taught the Colonial Diner mea lot. For further information "Guilty feelings ... yes. In Call 609-452-1422 here you got time to think about it. Your past, your present, sometimesthe future. But mostly you got to think about what you’re going to do, what you have done. What you’re going to do to change. "I won’t have a problem doing this again (committing rape). Just to rememberI’ve been in her once. And that’s enoughfor me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been outside. "This place takes a lot out of a person. SometimesI just sit in my cell, looking out the window. Sometimes I get depressed trying not to ORNAMENTS remember what I’ve done in the past." We hope this young man is sincere about changing his lifestyle, and to continue to


and Advisor

Power Streak A78-13blackwalls plus .~1.64 F.E.T, per tire andold tires

A78.I3 orPI55 80D13 blackv, all plus ~143 or ~1.82 F.E.T. per tire and old tires

Rib Retreads Fully inspected Goodyear retreadsarea supermoneysaving value!


2for s34


Deep.biting lugs for tractionwhen youneed it most.

Choose6.95-14. C78-14, dr D78-14 blackwall plus29¢ to 410F.E.T.oer tire dependingon size. No trade needed¯Whitewalls only $2.50 more.


Choose 695.14. 650.13 A78.13. or 5 60"15 b 13Ck,’~afl plus 44~ to 50¢ FE.T. per tire degendin.~on SiteNO trade neeJed. Wh;tewa!ls 52.50 more.

G78-15, H78-15, J78-15 blackwall plus 58¢to 61¢F.E.T. per tire dependingon size. No trade needed. Whitewalls only ~2.50 more.


Lube& Oil Change Front-EndAlignment ¯ Up to 5 quarts 10/3Omalorbrandod ., ...... ¯ Helps protect may- _ " ~-~-~~ -- ,.:,. " ing parts¯Helpsen-.~ sure quiet operahon "’F~_q~..~.~---’P~ ¯ Chass,s lubrication F~’~" andodchange ¯ In- . .~r~L~ / ¯ .. ( ,] j i~ cludoshghttrucks Call for anappoint,1’ . ment / ~1J

¢ffRRII 0iIFilter[xtra


It Heeded.

And4Tire Rotation ¯ Helpsprotecttires and,d~a~’~mb. vehicle performance ¯ Inspect and rotate all 4tires, checksuspensl0q and’~," ~. " "~¯-- - . -~ steering system ¯ Setcast. er. camber andtoe.into ~""~ ’~’~"~" mf~k--t~. ----L :.proper alignment "’ MostU.S. caes~t ’ some imparts


serwcesif needed, Front wheeldrive and Chevettesexcluded

¯ Electronic engine, start" ingandcharging system analysts¯ Install new points,plugs,condenser .41 .’:~ ’ androtor¯ Setdwell and, timing¯ Adjust carburetor ¯ Includes Volkswagen, Datsun and lighttrucks. i~t~l~] ~ Includes listedparts andlabor. $2Q88 ’

._ ,,,

Wrth 32 Iocar.ons including

195 NassauSt. Princeton, N. J. 609-924-0512










ple," he explains, "half the state is moving; San Francisco geologically speaking is eventually going to be across the bay from Seattle. In that state you cannot build a multistory building over a fault that could be active, so hospitals and important facilities will not be destroyed in aa earthquake." The techniques of soil examination developed by Dr. Douglass have other applications as well, he says. "We’re beginning to look at problems in agriculture," he notes. "Soil erosion from intense cultivation is a major problem for vegetable growers in South Jersey. We want to find out the effect of tillage on the soil structure and then perhaps we can prevent the problem."

Pe~ectfor Festive HohdayTablecloths 8 Other Uses

$1 98 II

FIBER.KING Polyester Fiber for Stuffing Cutouts, Pillows, etc. Limit 10 Bagsper Customer

¢ 99 a bag Reg. $1.45

at the Market Place Mall Routes 27&518,Princeton, N.J. visA" 201-297-6090 Mon., Tues., Wed., Sat.10-6, Thurs. &Fri.10:009:30


’WOWS’ DANCE-SOCIAL The Somerset - Hunterdon Chapter of (Widows or Widowers) "WOWS" will hold its regular second Thursday monthly dance social on Thursday, Dee. 14, from 8:30 p.m. to midnight at the Holiday Inn, Route 22, Somerville. ~,ll widows and widowers are invited. Dancing, door prizes and refreshments will be featured. For further information write or call Mrs. Stella Nygren, 261 Powers Street, NewBrunswick, 08902, (201) 246-1287 or Wilford Johnson, 116 Cherry Avenue, BoundBrook 08805, (201) 356-’ 5641.



electronic ignition No extra chargefor air-conditi0ned cars .

$34.88- 4.cyr. $46.98 - 8-cyl.

i II

(to~)c~lr Rt.,oI~JnR

NEW BRUNSWICK-- The tragic results of an earthquake destroying a damor setting off a nuclear reactor are nowseen as avoidable, thanks to a new technique pioneered by a Rutgers University agronomist. "If we know when a fault last moved, we can tell whether or not it’s likely to move again," explains Lowell Douglass, professor of soil mineralogy at the State University’s Cook College. "We can then avoid building on potentially active faults. "A fault movedunder a dam’ in Idaho and caused immense flooding and loss of lives. In North Anna, Va., over $1 billion was spent building nuclear power plants before it was discovered one was resting on faults. "With these new techniques, people can knowin advance if a site is potentially dangerous," he said. "Basically," he says, "we determine if the fault moved after the soil wasformed.If it has not, we ascertain the minimum age of the soil, which gives us the date of the last possible movement." Dr. Douglass believes it is increasingly important to be able to predict potential earthquake centers, since damagecaused by destruction of a dam, or especially of a nuclear power plant, could be devastating. But these are not the only potential trouble sources. "In California, fur exam-

ClOG SMOP Whe~ymarfeet needa frlee~


New method can find earthquake prone spots Suburbanite Polyester

Eskil’s genuine SwedishClogs makethe perfect gift for a friend or relative. (Gift Certificates) Men’s Clogs $21-26 Women’sClogs $20-25 Children’s Clogs $16-17 Whenyou buy Eskil’s Clogs yougive your feet three gifts in one. Comfort, protection and support.




am m


I’~,, ,in~ Ill Iht’~,’ " ,flh,’r ~.1~ ~ Inh.~ Our (h~n CuslnmerCredll Plan , \14sl,’r Ch.~r~,.¯ Vt.,., , Am,’rtt ,mI->.press Card¯ (:art,’ Blanch,’

JustSay’Charge It’ .,,:. =(~,,,,,,,,u., .,,....... ~:,o~.,:,~,.


Confidence StartsHere

In this time of giving, the boldest, mostbeau.tiful gift of time for any manis the classic Rolex DayDate. Its famedOyster case is carved from a solid block of 18kt. gold or platinum, and houses a superbly precise, self-winding, 30-jewel chronometer movement, pressure-proof down to 165 feet. It features the matching President bracelet, and has day available in 23 languages.

Call for Service Appolntment’eN.J. Relnspection¯ Skip Rolack, Store Manager WE EMPLOY MECHANICS


Open Daily


114 NassauSt.

PRINCETON: 609-921-85,10 HOURS: Man., Tues., Wed.g Fri. 8-6 P.M. Tllurs. 8-8:30 PM; Sot. g-4 PM I









For Men and Women. Handknit Wool Sweaters from Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand


let us show you their credentials

54 Noss%upeS:r?E(~p;d:i~iiiiltilbO~924


,~L¢" T ,,2V,,


9:30-5:30 Thursday &.Friday til m¯ 8 p.






I he I ranklin NEWS RfCORD

Tlmrsday, December 7, 1978


Coming Soon to Princeton

NOW there isn’t a faster or cheaper way to to NewarkInternational Airport whenyou connect with TWA or Braniff International Airways. Princeton Airways Fare to Newark

PRINCETON TO: French Gourmet Foods

Chicago Indianapolis Los Angeles Pittsburg St. Louis SanFrancisco

Quiches Huts d’Oeuvres Cooking Ware

GenuinePates Cheese Croissants French Bread

International Magazines Catering

SOFTLIGHTScast a warmglow on fine antique reproductions, Curiosity Shop. ’~"


’:,,, . "’..~. ~

~’~. WALLACR~"" ’i.. STERLING ,~


for the Holiday Season Eighth in a Series

A dovein WallaceSterling carries the messageof hope for "Peaceon Earth 1978". A lasting treasure, neverto be repeated, Wearit as a Dendant--give it with love.

$t6.95. gift boxed

Rhodiumplated chain, $t.50


handfinished by artisans in Georgia, and available at the -(Rich Pipeling photo)

Curiosity Shop’ grew with the Bogner family building. As business prospered, additional farm buildings A family business that has were refurbished, and space its roots in the red clay of Belle created to add large items like furniture, lamps, weather Mead continues to thrive vanes and hex signs to the under the name of "The Curiosity Shop," a marvelous variety of gifts already sold by the Bogners. gift shop on Route 206, currently brim full of items for OPENINGTIlE large door holiday giving. of the shop, the visitor is The property, with its stately white colonial house, greeted with sights and smells was a working farm when sure to dazzle the eyes and acquired by Frank Bogner St. titillate the nostrils. Light dances off beautiful silver, in 1921. "Wefarmed while it was still profitable," said his crystal and pewter pieces, and bathes polished cherry desks son, Frank Bogner Jr. a tall lean man, who, with his wife the color of old wine. Thelma is proprietor of the Because it is the Christmas Curiosity Shop. season, the place is heavy with Mr. Bogner was born in the the scent of piney balsam family homestead just a few pillows, dressed in red corfeet from the entrance to the duroy, and an array of scented There are table shop, a series of red and white candles. farm buildings, set back from linens, serving pieces, trays, the highway, south of Amwell braided rugs, hooked chair pads, stately grandfather Road. clocks, and delicate lamps "Mymother opened the first Curiosity Shop 18 years ago to with wallpaper available to sell handcrafted things, made match the printed shades. by people in the area," he said, For the lover of early pointing to the alcove at the Americana, a rear room far end of the rambling contains an unusual selection by ReginaDonnelly Staff Writer




of primitive pine furniture, chests, chairs, tables and a high-backed "settle bench," hand finished by artisans in Georgia.

The West Jersey Chapter Number 575 of Parents Without Partners will hold a dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 15, at the Ryland Inn, Route 22 West, Whitehouse, featuring a live band and a cash bar. For further information call 2366500or 689-0053.



~ (;AI{1)~ER



3.00 2.00 3.00 13.00

$ 88.00 85.00 220.00 55.00 100.00 229.00

139.00 141.00 106.00 41.00

142.00 143.00 109.00 54.00

Nov. 15, 1978. Fares Subject to CABapproval.

For Reservations Call:


Newark Airport

Gate 3{/

/30Flights Every Business Day


Princeton, N.j.

LOOKING AS IF the fresh paint applied in Santa’s workshophas barely dried, is a troop of wooden soldiers varying in size from eight to sixteen inches. Hand made dolls, wooden toys from Germany,puzzles, candy, doll house furniture and glittery Advent calendars are available for children. Oneof the shops most popular items, according to AmyBogner, a 20-year-old daughter of the owners and a student at Rider College, is a stout pine hobby horse with a curly blond mane and tail. Hardly your average gift shop, Mr. Bogner claims, "We can offer our things at a savings to our customers because we don’t have high ’shopping center overhead.’" Holiday hours at ,the Curiosity Shopare 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, and noon to 5:30 p.m. on Sundays.


54 Nassau Street* Princeton ¯ 609-924-0624 ODenThursdayeveningsuntil 8:30


$ 88;00 82.00 220.00 53.00 98.00 229.00

Additional low cost fares are available on most Princeton flights to Newark when connecting wlth TWAIt Braniff. Call TWA, Braniff International Airways, Princeton Airways or your local Travel Agent for additional Information. "

Altschul is reappointed to direct Y play camp

Established 1877


Dallas Houston Memphis Washington,D.C.

256Nassau St.,Princeton



Total One-way Fare

Braniff Coach from Newark

,4 Bzentot - 10 Decembre


None $3.00

TWA Coach from Newark

As play camp director, she Monday through Friday from HIGHLANDPARK -- Lois Altschul has been re-appointed is responsible for planning and 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. all summer The program includes swim director of the Y’s Summer implementing activities, hiring and super- instruction, arts and crafts, Play Camp, according to vision of camp staff and for music and dance, creative Sherman Krane, Executive play and outdoor games. With Director of the YMand YWHA general camp operation. The ¥’s play camp, which is the reappointment of Mrs. of Raritan Valley. This year based on the YlVl and YWHAAltschul, the Y is beginning will mark Mrs. Altschul’s work on its 1979 camp season. grounds is intended for second year directing play The new camp brochure is children from 3~A, years old to camp. expected out late in Decementering kinMrs. Altschul has had ex- children ber. The camp runs tensive experience working dergarten. with nursery school age children. She is currently director of the Play and Grow nursery School in Franklin Park and she taught for several years at the nursery school of Temple Beth El, Somerset. Mrs. Unless more people donate lhe state’s principal blood Altschul is also enrolled as a blood during the upcoming center. parttime masters degree holidays, past experience New Jersey Blood Service at Rutgers candidate proves that NewJersey will and Ihe American Red Cross, University. suffer a blood shortage, warns partners in blood collection and dislribution, need at least 300 wflunteers a day to meet 1he blood demandsof hospitals in 12 northern New Jersey Nature counties. The Iwo organizations hasa gift repurl that in years past bad weather, sickness and holiday for you vacalions combinedto prevent volunteers from donating. Live l;ccause h6spitals depend on Christmas volunteers for blood, used by patients, some hospital serTrees vices are auspended when Cut & Dugin Baskets donatiuns are low. To awfid denying a hospital WREATHS - Pine ¯ Spruce’ patient essential treatment, Hemlock¯ Holly & Other $pecl¯l, H0useplanttfor qualified persons are urged to GHts¯ Polnlettlot. give blood at their nearest Wespecialize in cuslommedo donor site. Anyone age 17 wreath¯, blankets & centerpieces ¯ madeon lhrough 65 is eligible. The premises accordingto your process is simple, virtually specification¯ & * painless and requires less than requirements.


Blood donors needed during holiday season

tHE BILLFOLD WITH TH[ ItAND.CRAFTED, OLD WORLD LOOK! Smooth, turned edges. Wafer thin. Removable ohoto-card case with exclusive, self-adjusting ADAPTA-SNAP" closing eliminates bulge. Show-A-Card clip permits addition or removal of 2 windows ata time. Pockets for extra cards, hckets, stamps, etc. Divided bill compartment with concealed money flap. Handsome leathers. Popular Colors,




Bold sweeping curves and precise edging highlight Antiqued Sierra Split Cowhide. Beauty in the old world tradition in your choice of two fashionable colors. "Continental" French Purse .......... KEY GARD~ .......................... Other matching accessories from

$7.50 $4.50 $4.50



Village Nurseries (Route 539) York Road 2 miles Southof light in Highlst0w,



Princeton North Shp. Ctr. - next to Grand Union


Call to order or stop by 609-448-0436 vISA"


The great coats of winter are now on super-sale at CogitoI Save an additional 30-50 % off prices already reduced 30-50 ~less than regular retail. Designer and famous maker selections from every major look of the season. Exampleslisted are just a hint from our extensive collection. Shown: Princess line 100%wool plush with pleated tuck-back detail. Regular retail $140... NOW$77. Not shown: Double breasted wool trench coat in high fashion style. Regular retail $98... NOW $49. Fashion storm coats, double breasted, fully pile lined. Regular retail $72... NOW$39.

, "

The next "Readings Over Coffee" program at the Somerville Free Public Library will be held on Wednesday,Dee. 13, at 10 a.m. Dr. Donald Ecroyd will read favorites from "Norman Rockwell’s Christmas Book." :These programs are sponsored by the Som6rville Civic leagye. ’

the etter#/tem#t/z,r. PARAMLlS-onRt. 17 at Midland Avenue e M(m ihruFri, lo-9::ii|-Sat, lil-I’; ’FttF MARKFTPLA(’F - Princeton & Matawan ¯ Thurs. & Fri Io.9 - Man.. Tues.. Wed. & Sat. 1().t; W. ORANGE- Essex Green Plaza ¯ .M,m Ihru Fri. 10.H ¯ SiLl. 10-6 ¯ (201) :125.()402 THE M ARK ETPLA(’E - Cherry Hill on Rt. 70 (’ ~ mi. W. of Marlton Circle) ¯ Man. t hru Fri. I0.9:;1(i * Sal. 10.6 ,, Sun.


II he tr,mklin



Thursday,December 7, 1978

’Ya don’t say...’

READY, AIM, BASKET? Three-year-oldChristine Romagna hurls a toilet paper roll towards her " target. A direct hit wona prize at the Consolata Christmas bazaarlast weekend. Christine’s mother, Charlotte,lendssomeassistance in determining the missile’s final trajectory.

...says SantaClaus, atias Frankie Fields of Rahway,after 3-year-old DanaOley of Griggstown sharedher numberone Christmaswish with the visitor from the North Pole. Santa took up temporary residencein Franklinlast Saturdayat the ConsolataMissionsannualChristmasbazaar, (Rich Pipeling photos)

green thumbprints. by Judy Cohen Cedar WoodWoman’sClub

If it will be seen from only oneside, bankup the soil at the back of the bottle and position One of the nicest gifts you the taller plants there. can give a friend is a terrarium You may need some tools you planted yourself. with long handles for planting Instead of buying one, why and maintenance. It is easy to not construct your own home- make your own set of tools. ROME, N.Y. -- U.S. Air North Atlantic Treaty Force Technical Sergeant or bottle An ordinary table fork and Organization and Allied made terrarium garden for holiday gift-giving spoon attached to bamboo Robert E. Salter, son of Mrs. Command Europe. this year. Constructing a stakes with stiff wire, makea llilda H. Salter of 32 Parks, de St., Somerset, has been Nowassigned at Griffiss, the terrarium isn’t very difficult useful rake and spade. A decoraled with the Depart- sergeant serves as a and can be a lot of fun. length of wire looped at the Assuming you have already ment of Defense Joint Service telecommunications opera" end can be used to lower plants tiuns supervisor with the purchased an interesting and into the bottle. Commendation Medal at An empty spool or cork -Griffiss AFB,N.Y. 4§Sth Communication and fairly easy to plant glass Installations Group, a part of shape, proceed as follows: stick inserted -- is useful for Sgt. Salter was cited for the Air Force Com. thoroughly wash, dry and firming downthe soil around a meritorious service while munications Service. plant’s roots. The same idea polish the container. serving as a shift supervisor The sergeant is a 1963 . line the bottom and sides using a double-edge razor with Headquarters, Fourth graduate of Franklin High with moss, green side out. blade in a cleft at ti~e end of a Allied Tactical Air Force, School. a use a paper funnel or cane, can be used for pruning cardboard tube to pour in a and cutting off dead leaves. To remove these pieces, half-inch layer of charcoal follow the steps of the groundslumps. This helps keep the garden sweet, preventing the keeper and use a nail at the growth of algae. end of a stick. This is used for a place a 1 inch layer of spearing what the pruner has dealt with. gravel or pebbles on the Thefinal tool that is useful bottom. This provides good drainage. for keeping your glass clean is ¯ pour in a 2-3 inch layer of a piece of sponge fixed to a Susanne Conover of Edison, American College in Switlength of stiff wire. This is has been named front desk zerland and Bloomsberg State dry potting soil. College in Pennsylvania. She manager of the Somerset For a garden to be seen from used to wash downthe inside plant taller of the glass. Marriott Hotel on Davidson also has experience in the all sides, hotel field as a front desk clerk specimens in the center and After planting, water is Avenue. and front desk supervisor with low growing ones around introduced by means of a Her schooling includes hotel in them. The soil should be more turkey baster or fine spray. Bucks County Commun’ity the Marriott For decoration, you may College in Pennsylvania, the Washington. or less level. want to add small rocks, colored stones or ornaments. Artificial materials can also add interest. Place in shade at first to let plants rest. Then place in a location that has bright light, but never direct sun. The glass will magnifythe sun’s rays and burn your plants.

Robert Salter earns commendation medal

Marriott names new front desk manager


For nearly three decades, Country

Workshop craftsmen have been I I I ~ ~-.~~’~-~--.~ making ready-to-finish hardwood II I ~ ~.,~,~’~,~"~.~.~’~ furnlture ofthehighest quallty. I1 I ~"~ 11111~11111111111l]1111111 "q-J Versatile, simple practical modular ~~lJ II III I I I I I I l I I ~I I [ t II I!l designs withconstruction strength ~] I J l I unique in unfinished furniture. ,’?~FA’V’<~ "1I 1 iI J cabinets, chesls, storage I{ II II II I I I IJ Bookcases, ~t~ II JJ beds, andtables in many slzes.Allin IJ ~l l| I] [ clear solld maple or solld walnut. \\ It II II III II J sensibly priced. Stop in or send AII JJ J ~ II II II I J ]


Country Worksliop

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Water sparingly, using about 1/ 4 cup every eight weeks or so. A well designed terrarium is completely self-supporting and should almost take care of itself. llint of the month:To cover ’ your Christmas tree with "snow," combine one cup detergent powderand 1/ 2e’up water. Beat mixture with eggbeater until stiff. Dabover the branches with a paint brush. "Snow"will harden and stick.

CENSUSTO COIJ.ECT DATA ON EMPLOYMENT Local representatives of the Bureau of the Census will conduct a survey of employment in this area during the work week of Dec. 11-15. The survey is conducted for the U.S. Department of Labor in a scientifically designed sample of approximately 70,000 households throughout the United States. Employment and unemployment statistics based on results of this surweyare used to provide a continuing measure of the.: economic health of the Nation, In October the survey qndicated that of the 101.1 million menand womenin the civilian labor force, 95.2 million were employed. The Nation’s unemployment rate was 5.8 percent, downslightly from 6.0 percent in September and 5.9 percent in August.

i he tidnklin

Thursday, l)ecember 7, l (,}78



Hospital committee raises $13,000 for United Way NEW BRUNSWICK-- More than $13,000 in gifts and pledges were contributed to the United Way of Central £ersey campaign by em31oyecs of Middlesex General Hospita! during the 2’/’ ., week

interior lighting, Signlights way with replacing the worn 20-year

to association Visibility in the newlocation it moved to a little over a year ago should no longer be a problem for the Somerset County Heart Association. A two-sided outdoor sign,

campaign at the hospital. The George Emre and Dorothy amount represents an all4ime Villalobos, Middlesex; Cecelia high for the hospital. Gutsick, Milltown; Madeline Members of the committee Baar, New Brunswick; Tom included Kathy Kataez and Sal Zrinko, North Brunswick; Mieale of Fords; Phylis Alma Cap, Perth Amboy; Eli Jordan, Piscataway. Heffernan, Franklin Park;

Secretary of the Heart old Association, who also silk"shingle", was a contribution, screened the final artwork. work and materials, of several Now, when an evening volunteers, meetint~ is held. the sign will Harold Dobbs (Bedsuide the way. It will always minster), a retired carpenter, be lit on Thursdaynights when built the frame for sign on the the evening weekly free blood basis of a model prepared by pressure testing is available .Cynthia Hedin (Bridgewater), between five and eight p.m.



5tat.e Bank of Rarttan ia//ey



¯ :.....L~.. .<,:~.~;. .



2 i. 9 a.m.-12 ill)Oil

V~ItlTEtlOUSE OFFICE l)e(’. 2 l. 12 iloo11-2{ |).ill.

RARITAN OFFICE l)er. "2"2.9 a.m.-3 p.n,.

Labrador retriever

- o_...

Georgeis a 2-year-old black labradoravailable for adoption. Heis housebroken, well-trained and goodwith children, accordingto township AnimalControl Officer Harry Weber.For further information,call 873-2500. (Rich Pipelingphoto)

lisit any of our t/tree locations dttrittg 5.nta’s visit! Jle will have . speci.I gift jor each child ttnd rej’reshntents will be served!

Hypnosis forsmokers proves workable cure by.h, nelh’adh, y confused witb being in

RARITAN OFFICE 34East Somerset Street New Jersey

WHITEHOUSE OFFICE Route22andR,dgeRoad Wh~tehouse NewJ ersev







New Jersey

Cong ratu latio ns, ’ .....

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,~, ~hernost wanted stereo tht’


tOday Natural

~;o,,~,1 ,H~,I.,.qu,. features .tt~ theteag~,r~..;~h.NO;’,for thefirst hme tt IS stir;,,~t~,r.]’,.



I ’. , . ¢. ~.t~4JU , ~ :111Yarn,~t,,, ;I, ~a~gh :t,l,, :~ ¯ ,.qh IAkothe lowd,sto,t,or, for O’,,trtll)lt’ Otl!V 0 05%(total hattrlOlllC .~’,,! ~rHutm(.)t]LllilhOn) Yamaha s urhque ~,,It ,Abh’ !OH(~m,".5 control h< h)¢l,I, ,t,:ltl:-.I*,lt~nt


Findingthe bestvaluein quality stereo components




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PI55/80DI3 blackwallplus $1,82ot$1.43

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you4 tull pliesofr,,sil-

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realwinner for winter! Mostmajorcredit cardshonored plusGetty& Phillips OII Company cards


Help Us Celebrato

THE GRAND RE-OPENING ’ OF OUR NEW MODERN SHOWROOM Filled With the Finest Stereo Components Thursday El" Friday, December 7th ~ 8th i





Sat. 10.5:30

Sunday 12- 5



lent polyester

LakeLawrence Plaza

M,~t(:t~the CFI-420 w,ththe YP-211 turr,t,] bh’ a nd NS-5 speak et s a tld you have a chHblz’ .’3ystort; ’fULl ’.% dl DOcongratulated



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brlllQ yOU back aQaln and again. autornaat ,’ill re;tame levels .... ~,. _.~.~,,.=.

: .... !,,t..... ! ...... At ,’s pr,ce noo:’,,’r ,~’t:,’,,t’, ,-the worl(lofil}rt:, this l~llch ;,,’:


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Whrt,,1,1kin,; .~ recording the st;ec,31 ’-,’.’,d, m,, .,~


slate, in fact you are not. You are able to focus your atFor people who smoke, lention on a specific issue and stutter, chewtheir fingernails peripheral awareness is or pull their hair out, hypnosis blockedout," he says. maybe a tool for breaking the l’,y tapping into this deeper habit, claims Princeton level of consciousness, Dr. psychiatrist Robert Hauben. Hauben is able to get the l)r. Haubenuses it as part of patient to address an issue his regular psychotherapy, with more effect. and in some cases for specialized cures -- such as JUST ~&’IIY one is more smoking. In fact, his interest suggestible in this state is not in the use of hypnosis for clear. fighting smoking came four In the hour spent to break a years ago when a Columbia person’s smoking habit, Dr. University psychiatrist Hauben begins by explaining hypnotized him and got him to the technique of hypnosis and quit after one session. Since what to expect. He then then, he has workedregularly hypnotizes the subject in a in practicing and teaching the trial run to test his responses technique. and ability to be hypnotized. After raore discussion, the "NOT EVEI{YONEcan be main episode begins. hypnotized, and there are varying degrees of response. A "1 DISCUSS the problem tiny percentage is so sensitive with the hypnotized patient to it that they might be ’con- and point out the paradoxes. ned’ into doing something For example, I discuss the under hypnosis that they patient’s desire to be healthy wouldn’t do under normal and point out that smokingis circumstances, but for the counter to that desire. I set up vast majority, this is not choices for him, but I do not possible," Dr. Hauben says. order him to do anything, nor This complicity or desire to do I use aversion techniques, cooperate is essential to the such as ’you will vomit success of hypnotic therapy, whenever¯ you smoke a For example, if the patient is cigarette.’ It isn’t done that not convincedof his owndesire way," Dr. Hauben says. to be rid of a plaguing habit, After this, more questions the hypnosis probably won’t and answers follow, and then work. the subject is taught to hyp"The guy whose wife brings notize himself. him in and says ’make him His success rate with stop smoking’is not likely to smokers is about 60 percent, meet with success," Dr. he says, and those that don’t Hauben says. succeed may not really want to quit or have deep-seated JUSTWIIATis hypnosis and problems relating to the habit. why does it work? The single session costs $100. "Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which you are aware, but focally REAL ESTATE aware. Although it is often SHOPPING’SDREAMY


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~-~~~~~~~ ( a sleep (

Staff Writer


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seeks home


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Thursday, December 7, 1978


I f t I


! !;

# Accessories Toasty warm pile-lined Washableacrylic

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suede gloves, $14.00.

scarf and cap set, $12.00.

Pearly baubles, bangles and beads. From $6.00.

II "POLISH POWER" Ivan Putski will face challenger Ivan ("Russian Bear") Koloff (below) l¯ professional wrestling matchat Christ the King Schoolgymon Thursday,Dec. 14 at 8 p.m.

’Polish Power’to meet’RussianBear’ at Christ the King next Thursday

Dramatic shawls in solids and patterns, for casual and dressy occasions. Evening bags in a variety of styles.

From $13.00. From $24.00.

And gloves for every occasion from everyday wear to the most formal occasions. Golden link belts, from $12.50. Pure wool Scottish tams, $10.00, and

Capitol Wrestling, of television fame and promoted l!bY Angelo Savoldi, will be appearing at Christ the King School gym(13th and Chestnut St., Manville) on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. The main event will be a match between Ivan Putski ("Polish Power") and Ivan Koloff ("The Russian Bear"). Featured matches include:

MainSt., Finderne; 356-0471. oPetey’s, 1001 W. Camplain Road, Manville; 725-9340. oChrist the King Rectory, 211 Louis St., Manville; 7258509.

Spiros Arion vs. Dino Bravo; Stan (the Man) Stasiak vs. Dominic DeNucci; and Brian Mike Scicluna vs. Dave O’Hannon. Tickets are $5 for general admission or $7 for ringside and are available at the following locations: oRuzychi’s Pharmacy, 68 S. MainSt., Manville; 725-8282. oSobon’s Shoe Store, 689 E.

Proceeds will be for th~ benefit of Christ the Kit School. For additional il formation call Christ the Kin rectory at 725-8509.

Shetland scarves, $20.00. ~’

-------~ ~:~~

Ecusson Eau de toilette

and perfume

And silk accent scarvbYs ::aad: :l:::th of color to her every ensemble.


"RUSSIAN BEAR"Ivan Koloff appearsready to take on all comers.

mexican handicrafts

u_~N CORNER ~ ~7 ~l,



Store Hours: Dec. !-23 Mon.-Fri.






259 STATEHWY.18, EASTBRUNSWICK 20].-257-8522 DAILY].0 AM-9 PMSM.TIL S:30


I h,’ franklin NEWSRECORD





i SOME CHILDREN such as JeanineGrieb, on a visit to the center with a groupfrom CamelotNurserySchool,are delighted by the opportunityto get all wrapped up in learningabouta snake.

RACHEL HORNE leads a group of visiting youngsters as they explore the grounds outside the NatureCenterat Washington CrossingState Park. Thecenter closedits doors for the winter last

week,but Mrs. Hornewill be busytaking care of her creatures,makingsure things are readyfor the March1 reopening. (MarkCzajkowskiphotos)

schemeof things and is just as indispensable as any other.

Nature Center offers youngsters the real thing (Continued from page 1A) It’s easy to understand Mr. Hoot’s aversion to people whenyou find out thai, because of lhe hunter, he will never fly again, and therefore will never be returned to Ihe wild: He will always be dependent on people to supply the dead mice for his meals, to provide shelter to protect him from the elements and a cage to prelect him from his enemies. Mr. ltoot is particularly dependent cn one v¢~wnenwho. in keeping him alive, has complicated her ¯ . career and bm:denedher own life. OFFI(’IA1,S OF the Slate Bureau of~Parks do not want Mrs. Rachel Home,curator of the nature center, to interfere with the process of natural elimination and survival of the fiuest. If Mr. Hoot cannot be nursed back to health and released to rejoin Ihe other creatures in the woods,l he officials wouldrather he

were not kept hanging on in a cage: Existing there on a kind of wildlife disabled list, the owl becomes an expense and ~he harbinger of a multitude of problems, such as caring for him during the winter months when the center is either intentionally closed or forced shut by impassable snow. Mrs. Homeis 73, "coming up on 74," and from her early days as a shepherdess in England through her 12 years working at. the center she has b.een used to doing things her way. Her own gutsy will in many ways matches those of the animals, like Mr. Hoot, that she nurses back to health in her-wildlife emergency ward. Her way of handling the center demands that she take in any distressed animals that come her way. She seems incapable of lurning her back on even the tiniest, most insignificant creature because she believes that, in some way, that critter plays a part in the overall

"WITHOUT ANIMALS you can’t teach themabout wildlife,"

MRS. ilORNE has been struggling to keep the center, and her wildlife rehab service, open and available despite an extremely limited budget and official opposition. She has been successful, to an extent, in that the tiny building thhi. house-~the cefifei" {sstill bpen and shines with a fresh coat of paint. But last winter’s howling winds and deep snowshave left a drift that Mrs. Horneand the animals will find difficult to shovel through¯ Brickyard Road, the sharply pitched dirt road leading to the center, is a quaint, history invoking link wilh the past¯ Years ago it serried to carry goods from a local brickyard. It’s easy to picture a ho~se drawfi wagon rocking back and forth as it rumbled through the deep ruts. But few improvements have been made over the years. In ideal conditions the road is dusty; in rain il’s muddy and in snow unplowable and impassable. The center remained closed and the animals went unfed for up to a week last winter because no one, including Mrs. Horne, could get through the snow. Spring came, the snow melted and Mrs. Horne asked the park officials to repair the road so the center could remain open all year. The park officials Iold Mrs. Horne to release the animals and not take in any more so the center could be closed without any difficulty. The road, not surprisingly, has not been repaired. The center closed Dec. 1 and will remain closed to

M, arch 1. But the animals haven’t been released. Those that hibernate are staying at the center. Thosethat don’t are spending the winter at IVIrs. Home’shome. The guest list includes Mr. Hoot, three sparrow hawks, a snake called "licorice" and enough dead mice to feed them all. "TILE PARK doesn’t have a license to keep-wild animals," explains park superintendent James Wiles. "Mrs. Horne got a license on her own.So if she keeps the animals, she’s got to take care of feeding them." Mr. Wiles is a young man who seems a bit out of place sitting behind an administrator’s desk with his flannel.shirt, jeans and hiking boots. He started his career at Washington Crossing Park and he once worked for Mrs. Homeat the center. He admits that Mrs. Horne is not strictly adhering to park policy, but he says she is allowed to continue because so manypeople ’have come to depend on her. And manypeople, and animals, do depend on Mrs. Horne. The center is always full of improvised cages, tanks and stalls where hurt or orphaned animals recuperate. Mrs. Horne also acts as a wildlife information hotline -- giving advice to people whocall about animals they have found or are raising. She says they are sometimes"only silly little questions -- but to those people they are important." "While at the center, the animals are on display.for, the hundreds of school children who are introduced to the environment and its wildlife there. Mrs. Horne, whose English accent and squirrel-like excitability .make her a fascinating study for the children, believes it is the animals that attract so manypeople to the center, and that "without animals you can’t teach them about wildlife." BUTTHE PARKofficials think you can. While the nature center is closed, slide shows and lectures will be given at the recently opened visitor’s center at the other end of the park. That will probably be the first of a series of moves to take some of the activities out of the nature center and either incorporate them into other programs or eliminate them altogether. The additional activities will probably liven up the static displays now at the visitor’s center. The $300,000facility, despite its newness and its accessibility, was not able to match the 22,000 students, travelers and friends on the nature center’s guest list lastyear. The addition of the visitor s center has altered the physical layout of the park so that almost all the incomingtraffic is funnelled past the building. The park" officials would like to continue that traffic pattern. ’ They envision a bright new nature center which would be built at an l abandoned Boy Scout camp within the park and which would be accessible from a freshly paved road leading from the visitor’s center. "Wehave plans and we know what we’ want to do," says regional supervisor Richard Barker, "but


Mrs. Hornesays.




there is no timetable. It all depends on priorities and capital funds." Mrs. Horne, who despite all the time she spends at the center is considered a seasonal employeeand not a full time naturalist, concedesa newcenter may eventually be built. But she doesn’t think she will be around to see it. "It’s the same every year,,’ she remarked. "Promise them anything, but give them nothing." Even if construction of the new building were approved tomorrow, it would be a long time before the center could be moved. In the meantime, Mr. Wiles will continue to try to convince Mrs. Hornenot to take in any more animals. "The point I want to get across is that we are not an animal hospital," he says. "Animals can only be accepted for demonstration ptirposes. We don’t want to get into the situation of accepting animals that can’t be released." DESPITETIlEIR difference’s, Mr. Wiles says he agrees with Mrs. Horne’s philosophy in operating the nature center -- although he says he would go about it differently if he were in charge. His educational background is in forestry and he says he would keep the people outside and on the trails more often than inside the center, presumably with exhibits and animals. Mrs. Homesteadfastly maintains that the center’s use of the animals makes it unique among nature centers. "It’s totally different from taking people out for a walk and sayingthis is a tree -- this is a bird," she explained. "We give them something different. And it’s more than just a few things on the wall." The frogs, squirrels, snakes (there was a contest to nameone -"Licorice" won but "Julius Squeezer" was a favorite runner up), toads, newts, lizards and birds inside the centei" do what no pictures or other exhibits can do. Watching the faces of 36 preschoolers ogling a large snapping turtle squirming on the floor is enough to make one realize the. strength of the images the animals are imprinting on the young minds. The children may not remember what a "food chain" is, but they will knowfor a long time that snapping turtles can bite -- and bite hard! It is these images that Mrs. Horne is trying to protect, along with the image of an owl that can no longer fly because of what manhas done .to it. THE NATURECENTERis closed this winter and Mrs. Horne is working at the visitor’s center one day a weekConducting lectures and walks. But she will also be feeding her house guests all winter and spreading bird food when natural supplies becomescarce. In March she will return to the center, bouncing along Brickyard Road in her green Volkswagen with her scrappy, mole-chasing dog Sally sitting along side. "There’s nothing else you can do," she says, her bright face dampeneda bit by the realization. "I just go on day after day doing what I have to do in the wayI think best."

WHILE OTHERS suchas Lisa Feldmandon’t seemall that sure about it.

BUTASRobHoglanddiscoyel’s, the:snakesareusedto’sjacket suffers a bite here, but noMrom the sna~e.

I he tranklin








D. S.




(continued from Page One).

Phone aheadand save;








Thursday, December 7, 1978


person coming into a vacant apartment that has no limit on employee, it ... whojust can’t meet the Yet, with vacancy decontrol cost," he maintained. "I’m bit of written into the rent law, asking for a little countered Mr. Segal, the humanity." township could expect While several council financial benefits from facing members supported Mr. fewer tax relief appeals by Clark’s contention that disgruntled landlords, identical apartments next "Weappeal our taxes when door to each other and bearing they become a certain per- different rents might "create centage of our rent collected," antagonistic relationships tenants," the the Franklin Greens landlord between explained. About 20 percent of governing body voted 8-3, with a tenant’s rent is earmarkedto the Democrats in opposition, to give vacancy decontrol a pay the complexes property . chance to operate until June taxes, he said. 1980whenthe rent law expires. A new public hearing is ALTHOUGH PREVIOUS ¯ vacancy decontrol discussions scheduled for Dec. 14 before included talk of placing a council takes its final vote on ceiling on the amount a lan- the amended ordinance. dlord could raise the rent for a IN OTHER business, council tenant moving into a vacant dwelling, only Milton Clark tabled the vacation of Wilson Roadto Dec. 28. Vacating the representing Somerset Sussex Legal Services argued road would allow Bertram in favor of the limitation last Banner to have the land in exchange for his agreement to Thursday. "It’s unrealistic to think of a construct a new $3 million

artery through his proposed (Continued from Page One) document. tonight is a denial of Council objected to the PUD. Council had planned to procedural due process of unannounced, although obapprove the vacation or, challenged the decision in I Mr. Green as a "courtesy" ’viouspresence, of a court copies of the law." dinance following a 5-1 straw court. The legal decision distributed "I see nothing wrongwithrecorder hiredby Mr.Greento complaint to council and to that (the Nov. 28 vote).It was documentthe meeting vote on Nov. 28 with Phil agreed with the zoners’ Beachem, Joe Martino and recommendation and council Township Attorney Thomas an open vote," substitutedialogueand Jack Cullen Cafferty prior to and during township attorney James urged "the members of Helen Reil]y abstaining. appealed. last Thursday’s council Previously, the vote had been Curryreassured council. "I council to saynothing because postponedfrom Oct. 26. However,. while the appeal meeting. feelitwasfairdueprocess." of thepending litigation." ," Two new snow emergency was pending, Mr. Field bought l streets were approved. out the first developer and ’L A poll taken among the Restricted parking will be negotiated a compromise that t elected officials revealed the enforced when snow is on the included a density reduction in five members voting to deny surface of Mettler’s Road and exchange for a two-year the extension received copies AUTO&TRUCKREPAIRCENTER Cottontail Lane. between5:30 - 7 p.m. prior to consent orderfor substantial A new stop sign may soon construction. the meeting. However, the Hwy.27, FranklinPark,N.J. materialize at the corner of four,members supporting the (Nextto A.Kltchen Restaurant) Bloomfield Avenue and ApThe agreement was entered developer’s request, were pleman Road if an ordinance in Superior Courtin 1969,was handed copies after 201-297-2424 the introduced last week is ap- extended in 1971andhasbeen meeting adjourned. proved after a public hearing repeatedlyextended for for on Dec. 14. varying periods of timesince "l was responsible i circulating copies of the Second ward Councilwoman then. complaint to the various Reilly announced the COMPLETE people and I apologize that not U-HAUL establishment of an informal FRONT TUNE-UP ¯ WHILE A POTENTIAL $4 everyone got one," Mr. Green "committee for Zaston TRUCKS, Avenuewideningconcerns to million law suit hangs over said,whilehis co-counsel, END attorney. Arlen provideperiodicreportsto council’s head, as of Tuesday Pennsylvania AND insisted that"counme."Thegroupwillbe ledby federal marshalls had not gpector ALIGNMENT ENGINE Cil’s. refusal to consider it (the TRAILERS AI Leigh’of New Brunswickserved the individual memextension) ata public session ANALYSIS ¯ bers with the official Road. s HOURS: Mon..Thurs. 8-6* Frl. 8-5* Sat.9-4¯ Closed Sun.

Kustom Kar-Kare


Twojoin staff at Medical Center

THURSDAY,DECEMBER 7 FranklinBoardof Adjustment - 8 p.m.Municipal Bldg. Film- "HenryV" 7 p.m.MaryJacobs Library,Rocky Hill ManvilleHealthScreening Clinic 6-8p.m.,Bbardof Healthofrice, Municipal Bldg.Annex. Hillsborough Planning Board-8 p.m.Municipal Bldg. AIAnon FamilyGroup 8 p.m,First BaptistChurch YouthCenter, 128w. HighSt¯, Somerville, Meets everyThurs.

of Manville, Inc. 513W. Camplain Rd. Manville, N.J. 08835 Business andSocialPrinting Forms-Bulletins-Flyers-Tickets Cards-EnvelopesFRIDAY,DECEMBER 8 Letterheads - Invitations "KnowYourTownship" - booklet sale - Franklin League of CUSTOM PRINTING Women Voters¯ OutsideFoodtown 8- Shop-Ritesupermarkets, EastonAve.,10a.m.- 2 p.m.Bookletprice, $2, Into, 545-2999. PHONE:(201) 526-2070 Salealso Sat., 10a.m.-2p¯m¯,Foodtown 8. Shop-Rite 8. Sunday 10a.m.- noon,RubinHome ~t Garden Center. ProjectREACT meeting- Emergency com’munications network, 8 p.m.,Municipal Bldg. Somerset CountyOstomy Assoc.Christimasdinner, 7 p.m., Clyde’sRoad House, Rte.22, Somerville, Into 722-5245. Hiltborough Fire Commissioner 7:30p.m.,room 12, Hillsborough Dave’s Men’s 8School.

Boys Shop 41 S. Main St.



Middelesex-Union -Somerset In ConcertFall Concert-8 p.m. Crescent Ave.Presbyterian Church,Crescent8. Watchung Ave., Plainfield¯Tickets 756-8361. ’Christmas8- Hanukkah Craft Program - 10:30a.m. Somerville PublicLibrary35West EndAve¯All childreninvited¯ PaperDrive- FranklinHighSchoolBandParentsAssoc.Drop bundled papers at H.S¯parkinglot, 9 noon.

Formal Wear For Hire ¯ Policemen ¯ Mailmen 725-9027



OpenHouseChristmasparty - Somerset CountyHistorical Society2-5 p.m.VanVeghten House, Finderne (behindRusticIndustrialPark) Hanukkah Festival program presentedby GaryDerechinsky of COPIES Beth Sar ShalomInc. - 7 p.m. Manville Baptist Church, [xERox Washington Ave., Manville¯ Christmas Concert - Hillsborough Library,3 p.m. II ’ ~;:::,:.’" 1 A t:a//dt’/le) Monday,December 11




Somerset County Chapter2662American Assoc.of RetiredPersons- Business meeting 1:30p¯m.Good Shepherd Lutheran ChurclL UnionAve., Somerville¯Program groupsinging, soloist Dorothy GreenwaltEt guest speakerAssemblyman Walter Kavanaugh. BeautyClinic & Cut-a-then FranklinH. S. Beacon staff 7-!0 F¯H.S. Manville Council- 8 p.m.Municipal Bldg: MusicalProgram - Band8- Chorus of the N¯ J. TrainingSchool for Boysat Skillman7:30p.m.,Headquarters Bldg.of N. J. State s College Federationof Women’s Clubs, Douglas campus,New Brunswick. Fan/WinterConcert- Somerset CountyCollegeCommunity Chorus, 8

Oil Burners Installed 586 Hamilton








Purchase of Earrings Somerset Shopping Center Bridgewater


FUCILLO & WARREN Funeral Home,Inc. AdamFucillo, Mgr. 725-1763 205 So. Main St., Manville


(201) 297-7538


ManvilleSr" CitizensClubBusiness meeting - Electionof officers,7 p.m.ChristtheKingChurch auditorium¯ Hillsborvugh M¯U.A. - 8:15p.m.344Route206. -Christmas Concert- ManvilleHighSchoolMusicDept.8 p.m., ¯. H¯S. Auditorium. Christthe KingP.T.A.7:30p.m.,School cafeteria¯Program St¯ MaryJaneLaffan, R.C.on "AdventWoman In Today’sChurch." Christthe King"Musicfor America" bandconcert.






. LIc. 11~64,1"


So. Brunswick Sales&service

1 Dickensclassic

’ 88 " 4748



SOPKO Agents for WheatenVan Lines, Inc. MOVING STORAGE,INC. Permit

Wedid it

on purpose

to give you a beautiful hristmas tree this year


Local & LongDistance 35 No. 17th Ave. Manville 201-725-7758 It startedabouteight yearsago.PrimenurserystockwasselectedandcarefullyplantedEach succeeding year the trees werefertihzed shaped andprotectedagainstd~sease. Finally the treesreached their peak-- fully shaped, fragrantandlust the rQh~heighlThirty-five million trees, out of nearlyone-halfbilhon Chrislmas trees growingon plantahons throughoutthe Umled States.wereselecledfor Ihls year’scropAt the Idlest pass,biBtime. theywereharvesledandfast-sh~pped to assureyouof a fresh lree

BELLE MEAD LUMBERCO., INC. Reading Blvd., Belle Mead 359-5121 A Complete Lineof BUILDING MATERIALS ¯ CookIt OunnPaints * Comb.Doort¯ Windows ¯ Andersen Windows * Ceilings* Patio Materlcds * Carpeting ¯ Vinyl Tile ¯ Bilco BasementDoors ¯. ¯ ¯ Railroad Ties Hardware Oe¢oralor Panels* RoofingMat*rials¯,Insulation* Glass * Paoelllng Plywood¯ Brick & MasonryMateriels


Wedid ~l all on purpose to helpmakeyourChristmas real If youare concerned Beaut.the stump,pleasedoq’t beNextspringIt will bereplacedby two newseedlingsThecyclewill start all overagain

Our Christmas OMEGA The world-renowned Seamaster, bound to bring out the "soldierof-fortune" in himt A treasure in Quartz acnt curacy. Water-resista 1OKyellow gold filled or stainless steel.


Whirl ooi,

dinner set

l, Librarytoshow

l’ The Princeton Public Dickens’ [] Library ......... willpresent P,,.,a .... n film on Tu~day, Dec. 12, at 8 p.m. TOWNSHIP This first and only musical PHARMACY version, adapted by playwright Maxwell AnKI5-8800 derson, stars Frederic March, 712 Hamilton St., ~omersel Basil Rathbone, and Ray Middleton. N()TARYPtilH


PLUMBING & HEATING Installation &Repair ofall your plumbing needs FREE ESTIMATES ¯ Lic. #5648 Kendall Park, N.J.


SuburbanSingles Dance/Party- 8:30 p.m. Squire’s Inn Washington Ave.,Green .Brook. Socialmeeting- FranklinTownship SeniorCitizensClub,10 ¯ a.m.,EastFranklinfirehouse¯ Birthday8. Anniversary Tuesday. SouthBound BrookCouncil-8 p.m.MunicipalBldg. RaritanValleyMeet8. MixSinglesClub9 p.m.Clydes , Route #22Somerville. Hillsborough Township Committee - 8 p.mMunicipalBUg. Parent-Teacherworkshopmeetingfor Sampson G. Smith School,8 p.m.First BaptistChurch of LincolnGardens, Somerset St. Craft Program - Jeweled Christmas tree, 10a.m. MaryJacobs LibraryRocky Hill. Bringoldjewelryandvelvet. Children’sArt Show - Somerset CollegeCenterAri Gallery5-7 p.m.FreealsothruSat.1-4:30 p.m. Hillsborough Fire Commissioner regularmeeting- 8 p.mroom 12, Hillsborough School. CrossCountry Skiingprogram. Hillsborough Library 7:30p.m. by BobShayof Environmental Education Center.

Keepsake Diamond Rings Wld~ Selection of Wedding Bands FREEEar Piercing with


EAST BRUNSWICK-- The New Jersey Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association Two physicians have Clinical Assistant Professor in Inc. held its first annual card recently become members of Psychiatry at the College of and mah jongg party at Sir John’s on Nov. 9. the medical Center at Prin-, Medicine and Dentistry, The Chapter is now planning Rutgers Medical School. His ceton medical staff and three physicians received adoffice is located in New its next social event -- the annual paid up membership CENTER Brunswick. vancements. tobe held Dec. 13 at the D. Loren Southern, M.D. dinner John W. Vester, M.D. has home of Heddy Brown on 5 joined the Department of was advanced from associate Stockton Court. Medicine, Section of to attending staff, Department ¯ ,RALEIGH . $CHWINN Neurology. A native of New of Pediatrics. ,PEUGEOT, ROSS TRAPPER EDUCATION Richard L. McClelland, Jersey, he comesto the center Repairs.Parts- Ac~tlsortee COURSES D.D.S. was advanced from from Georgetown University, 853 HAMKTON STREET attending to senior attending The final trapper education Washihgton D.C. where he Holiday Hours: held a fellowship in the staff in the Department of courses in NewJersey for the Mon.-Fr. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. 1978-79season will be given on Department of Neurology. Dr. Dentistry. Sat.. 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 10. Applicants Vester was graduated from Michael D. Weisberg, M.D. may register for the courses 249-4544 Seton Hall University and is a was advanced from associate by telephoning the state graduate of Georgetown Division of Fish, Game, and University Medical School, staff to attending staff, of Surgery, Shellfisheries office of wildlife Washington D.C., followed by Department education in Hackettstown, internship and residency in Section of Opthalmology. 201-852-2565. Internal Medicine at Hartford HORSE FEED & SUPPLIES, PET’ Hospital in Hartford, ConFOODS,WILDBIRDSEED, necticut. He is affiliated with ANIMAL FEED, WE ALSO the Neurosurgical Group of CARRY WATERSOFTENER Drs. Pizzi, Chirico, and SALTS,LAWN"g GARDEN McEliece with offices at 2681 SUPPLIES,SHOES, BOOTS, Quakerbridge Road, Trenton. JACKETS & GLOVES. David B. Kassoff, M.D. is now a member of the BELLE MEAD Department of Psychiatry at the Medical Center. A FARMERS’ CO-OP graduate of Alfred University, Dr¯ Kassoff was a graduate of LINE ROAD the State of NewYork Upstate BELLE MEAD Medical Center Medical ,.. School¯ He also served his ¯ w psychiatric residency there. In ~addition, Dr. Kassoff is a


Tay Sachs


OPEN 8 A.M. ’TIL 8 P.M. 7 DAYS



Princess Pine- White House#ants Cut&Balled. Pine Hemlock - Laurel Poinsettias; ChristmasMistletoe - Daddyburgers . Mixed All Types &Sizes Greens greens) - Kissing HollyTrees (mixed WellTrimmed &Shaped. Cactus. Balls


Established 1877 54 Nassau Street Princeton 609-924-0624" openThursday evenlngs until 8:30

Shop isNow Open!

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PLUS ALLTHEMATERIAL youneed for making your ownWreaths,GraveSprays & HolidayDecorauons.

Any.size or typemade to order. e ......


Rd. Hillsborough


¯ 359-4652

DECEMBER 6-7, 1978

a view of .the arts and entertainment scene in Central Jersey

TIME OFF is a weekly supplement

to The Princeton


Lawrence Ledger,






News, HIIIsborough

Beacon and Franklin




DECEMBER 6-7, 1978 Iml

Theatre Intime Presents A Director’s Workshopof

OneAct Plays FEATURES It started out small but Ticketron is now taking reservations for even campgrounds 3


The Kinderhook band and its stardom

by MurraySchispl

loyal followers

believe in 6

REVIEWS Redon’s work is provocative McCarter’scast is fine, it’s December 7 to 10 & December 14 to 16 Murray Theatre,



4 the play that creates problems 14

Bill Cosby’s funny becausehe talks about llfe


’The Skittish Empire’ isn’t funny


609-452-818! ON VIEW Greek pottery at Princeton Art Museum;a tour of Trenfan’s historic district with prints for sale; and more4,5 CALENDAR

8,9 9


Twoarea authors have books out in time for Christmas 10 TABLE TALK Family fare critic Joe Rosenfinds Russiandelights for the eyes and the mouth 11 IN


"Boston" show rescheduled; Friends host three freebies; Met star and chorus in Bridgewater concert; and mor.e 12

The MercerDanceTheatre In

ON STAGE Presentedby Mercer County CommunityCollege PerformingArts Department Friday, December 8, 8 p.m. Saturday,December 9, 1 pro. & 8 D rn. Kelsey Theatre West Windsor Campus GeneralAdmission$3.00 MCCC Students and Alumni with valid ID $1.00 Children under 12 $1.00 Senior Citizens Free (~ TelephoneReservations (609) 586-4695

McCarter Theatre Company Michael Kahn, Producing Director Presents

"Babes in Toyland" in West Windsor, Here comes "The Nutcracker" auditions announced and more 13,14 ON SCREEN A French classic theaters

screened this week; Showing in area 15

COLUMN Buyingforeign stamps can be simple




ON THE COVER Uri Turchyn, a memberof the Kinderhook band, wails it out. Freelancer Barry Goldenberg took the photograph.



IV At,eer= DINNER THEATRE IN THE BALLROOM (the mainResleurantremainsopento the public for dining) ¯ 1714 EASTON AVENUE, SOMERSET,NJ.



JANUARY 12 thru



Tell us who’s playing in your club and we’ll list it in our

OLII1DflR Deadline:

Written by S.N. BEHRMAN Directed by GERALD GUTIERREZ NOWTHROUGHDEC. 17 For Information and Reservations Please call (609) 921-8700 --



Stardng GUlL FISHER Wednesday Matinees - Fri. & Sat. Evenings SPECIALSENIOR& GROUP RATES RESERVE NOW!469-25")’)

DECEMBER 6.7,1978




Ticket-easy with 0

computer seating by KennethA. Richardson AMONG TIlE TALESof ticket lore is the story of One-EyedConnolly, a notorious character of the 1920’s who made a career of sneaking into boxing bouts without paying admission. New York City’s Madison Square Garden tried to keep him out by posting 100 extra guards but old One-Eyedalways eluded them, slipping in as a policeman or as a hospital patient wheel ’d along by an attendant. Authorities finally decided to give the scoundrel free tickets. The result: Connolly lost interest in attending matches. Today you don’t have to adopt the tactics of One-Eyed Connolly to get guaranteed seating for concerts, plays, ball games, and other events in the New York City-TrentonPhiladelphia metropolitan area. And you don’t have to make a pilgrimage to a distant box office, either. Avisit to a Ticketron outlet suffices. A division of Control Data Corporation, Ticketron is a computerized reservation system distributing tickets through 1,000 remote terminals from Maine to California. Locally there are Ticketron outlets at the "Music Scene" record and audio shop in Quaker Bridge Mall, Route I, Lawrenceville; the "Surprise Store" at the Somerset Shopping Center, Route 202-206 Circle, Somerville; "Bamberger’s," Route ¯ 18, East Brunswick and "Gimbels," Oxford Valley Mall, Route 1, Langhorne, Pa. FOR AN ORGANIZATION that just sold 900,000 admission guarantees nationwide for the coming "Treasures of Tutankhamen" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ticketron had a modest beginning. Ten years ago, Broadway promoter George W. George, son of cartoonist Rube Goldberg, was distressed over the limited distribution of tickets for plays. Theatergoers living in New Jersey and LongIsland were forced to travel to NewYorkCity box offices if they wanted seats for Broadway shows. Eventually, George George and his colleagues came up with a solution: sell tickets by computer. That idea spawned a multimilliondollar business that distributed 30 million tickets last year fo r Broadway performances, classical and rock concerts, sporting events, circuses, and special attractions. Ticketron now serves California, Wisconsin,Illinois, Ohio, Montreal, and Eastern states from Maine to Virginia. "WE’RE TRYING TO change a social habit," commentedWilliam J. Schmitt, president of Ticketron since 1973, whenhe left a vice presidential position with the National Broadcasting Company. "Years ago, most


people wouldget their tickets by mail order or at box offices. Todayyounger adults have no such habit." The Ticketron system is divided into four networks: eastern (Maine to Virginia), midwestern (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Montreal), central (Chicago to Milwaukee), and western (California). Within each network, tickets can be purchased for any event carried by Ticketron in that network. That is, you can buy seats in Lawrenceville for a concert in Maine but not for one in Illinois. The important thing to rememberis" that all the outlets in a network have the same access to all tickets distributed by Ticketron for an event in that network. So when Ticketron releases seats for a Madison Square Gardenshow, they can be bought from.

any of the almost 250 outlets in the eastern network. A customer in Miane, therefore, has the same chance for a front row seat at a concert in Princeton’s McCarter Theatre, as a customer in Lawrenceville does. SOMETIMES A PROMOTERwill sell every ticket for an event through Ticketron. That, however, is the exception to the rule, for most promoters will keep sometickets for box office sales and give the rest to Ticketron: "the rest" being a good selection of seats throughout the hall or stadium. Ticket purchasing is computerized. The buyer’s requirements -- seat location, price, numberof tickets, etc. -- are typed into a central computer band which instantly reports on best available seats. Tickets are then printed onthe spot.


¯ Ticketron branches usually are located in music or large department stores such as Bambergersand Sears. Hours of operation are from 10a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, subject to the hours of the host store. IN ’ESTABLISHING OUTLETS, a prospective host store and Ticketron select each other: the retailer wants a traffic builder and Ticketron wants a store that is easily accessible and close to shopping and residential areas. Under contract, Ticketron installs and services the equipment and the retailer provides an operator. Service charges of 50 cents to $1 per seat are added to the box office price, depending on the event. This service ( Continued on page 7



DECEMBER 6-7, 1978





Greek pottery provides view of Athenian life by Jo]ill Burkhalter PRINCETON -- From the late eighth to the early sixth centuries B.C. the city-state of Corinth was the foremost manufacturer and exporter of Greek pottery. By the middle of the sixth century Athens reasserted the domination of the pottery market which she had enjoyed during the earlier Geometric Period (Tenth century B.C. ). The changes in pottery and the renewed commercial importance of Athens in the sixth century B.C. is conveyed in the new exhibition "Athens Comes of Age: Solon to Salamis" at the Princeton University Art Museum.The exhibition, prepared by curator Frances Jones and professor William Childs, enables the viewer to become acquainted with classical ceramics produced in Athens and other contemporary Mediterranean centers, drawn from the holdings of the museum.It will be displayed until Dec. 17. Politically, the sixth century was a time of change in the city-states of Greece, many of which fell under the rule of tyrants. Most of the tyrants were menof ability, and their rule was usually characterized by a restoration of order and an enlightened patronage of the arts, so that the sixth century was a period of rapid development. This period, generally referred to as Archaic, was a time of significant advances in all decorative fields: in carving stone, in casting bronze, in modelling clay and in pottery. The centerpiece of the Princeton exhibition is a remarkable PanAthenic vase that held olive oil, and was awarded to the victor following athletic competition. The painted scenes on the vessel feature a

charioteer and a view of Athena, symbol and patroness of Athens. Other traditional ceramic forms are ineluded in the show, such as the amphora, a large storage jar with handles, the container used for mixing water and wine, the_ drinking cup, and an elegant shallow plate-like goblet. Observation of the decoration painters applied to these shapes offers the opportunity to examine scenes of mythology or daily life. Since murals and paintings on wood, or other less durable fabrics, for the most part, have been destroyed vase paintings

John Burkhalter is on the board of th( Princeton Arts Council and a vohmteer lecturer at the Princeton Unirersity Art


Redan intrigues and puzzles by AnnWoolfolk PRINCETON-- And he had in his right hand seven stars; and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. Roy. 1:13-14:16 Odilon Redan, a visionary himself, recorded the visions of St. John in the Bible. Completely non-denominational in his support of such things, he also illustrated for the visionary poet, Baudelaire: "On the backdrop of our nights, Godwith his learned finger/¯ Traces an endless and multifarious nightmare." The graphic work of Odilon Redan is now on display at the Princeton University Art Museum.It consists of a great many lithographs and a few etchings. Someof the prints support texts while others form parts of series, meant to stand alone¯ They are tremendously vigorous and evocative. The sweetness and lyricism of Redon’s paintings are not to be found here. On the contrary, these saints and demons he pictures are born of a mind under severe pressure. See: Sucha Dealwith MontyZuma & DonPorno CBradioversion of Romeo & Juliet

"ingenious...very funny"

provide the best illustrations of Greek gods, heroes, and mythological creatures. They show us life on the street and in the home,athletic events, dress and customs. Occasional inscriptions of potters and painters names appear on the vases. The show includes work from the studio of an artist nick-named "the Princeton painter."


Among other images, he has depicted monsters joined to earth by their hair, and a head floating along, carrying aloft a plate with a tiny face on it. These are strange sights indeed, and take time to be seen. To walk from print to print is a compelling process leading one to want to know more. A[ t.he desk there is a catalog (for $5) which does more to compound the mystery than to clear it up.There is no way of understanding the peculiar air out of which these phantoms were born. They are just there, compellingly real, the waythat the poet Blake’s phantoms are real. As far as the technique of these prints, they seem rich and flawless, as rich, perhaps, as a Goya, though more delicate. Theyresemble very little the work of any other artist in content or style. At the nearest, these visions are linked to the pages of old manuscripts, the bestiaries, old illuminations and so forth. Thetruly compellingqualities of the prints of Odilon Redonwill return to haunt us in shows like this for as long as art lasts.

A Pan-Athenicvase is amongthe piecesin the Greekpottery exhibit.

Kids’ art at college NORTH BRANCH -- The third annual Children’s Art Show at Somerset County College will be held Monday, Dec. 11, through Friday, Dec. 15, in the College Center Art Gallery. Exhibition times are: Mondayfrom 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from t0 a.m. until 5 p.m.; and Friday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. There will be an opening reception Mondayevening from 7 to 9 p.m. For information call the college’s Child Care Center at 526-1200,ext. 218.

McCarter Theatre Company Michael Kahn, Producing Director presents

I,,s,c ! x,o

Fridays, Dec.1 &8 at Princeton Holiday Inn Route1 South I COMEDY[ at 8:00& 10:00pm $3.75/pe~n for R~: 609-452-2442 .[_~

The C utcracker

Mercer County CommunityCoiiege presents YE OLDE ENGLISH MADRIGALFEASTE II A Lavish Spectacle of RenaissancePageantry & Feasting featuring



directed by. James R. and M. Grayson Van Camp 7:00 PM Friday, December15, and Saturday, December16, 1978


Admission $12.50 TicketInformation MercerCountyCommunity College Tel. (609)5864800, Ext. 263 (Deadline for reservations December 11,1978)

The Princeton Ballet Audree Estey, Direetor Music by Peter Ilyltch Tchaikovsky Complete Ballet in Two Acts ~ Companyof Eighty Dec. 19 ............... .......... ¯ Dec. 20 ............. . .......... Dec. 21 ........................ Dec. 22 ......................... Dec. 23 .........................

7:00 4:30 4:30 7:30 7:30

pm pm pm pm pm

Tickets: $6.50, 5.50, 6.00, 3.50 For Information and Reservations call (609) 921-8700 "


. Calendar copy deadline is Thursday~at noon



DECEMBER 6.7, 1978


Sale of drawings part of housetour TRENTON -- Ex-Bucks County artist, John MacCaius, nowa resident of Trenton’s historic restoration community, Mill Hill, will help celebrate the area’s twelfth annual open house tour, on Dec.9, by offering for sale a portfolio of limited edition reproductions of his drawingsof the area. The drawings will be for sale at 130 Mercer St. between i and 5 p.m., the hours of the tour. The drawings had been recently completed after the artist’sself-imposed "sabbatical" from his artwork, in which he restored his Steamboat Gothic style homeat 136 Mercer Street. His illustrations and photographs have been previously displayed at the Philadelphia Civic Center and various Bucks Co. (Pa.) locations.

Artists plan trek to city museum PRINCETON -- The Matisse exhibit at the Museumof Modern Art will be the focus of a Princeton Art Association bustrip to NewYork on Tuesday, Dec. 12. A few reservations remain available¯ A chartered bus will leave the Princeton Shopping Center at 8:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. arrival at the MOMA. The tour group will hear a talk by museumdocent Sylvia Milgrim on "The ContemporaryScene -- the last 25 years of art" before the official 11 a.m. opening of the museum. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and cut-outs have been assembled form the MOMA’s Matisse collection -- the largest in this country -- for the special exhibit. The tour bus will leave form the Museumof Modern Art at 4 p.m. for the return trip to Princeton, allowing a full day for visits to other museumsand galleries. The charge for the NewYork trip of $13 for members and $15 for non-members includes a tax deductible contribution to the P.A.A. Leigh Overton, chairman for day trips, will be tour leader. For information and reservations call the P.A.A. at 609-921-9173.

¯ ~-,, ¯~ ~il~

SPADEARETROSPECTIVE through December20th

Nowhere canyourget betterframing for more

At Richard

or less money





Contemporary paintings and drawings Gallery Hours Wednesdaythrough Sunday noonto 6 pm Othertimes by appointment

This illustration by JohnMaccalusof a homein the Mill Street section of Trentonwill be on sale at 136MercerSt. Dec. 9 during a housetour of that area.

Rte.413 Atop theInnat Pipersvilte Pipetsville.Pa.(215)766.8259

College presenting handmadeobjects TRENTON -- The Trenton State College Art Departmentis sponsoring an exhibition of handcrafted objects created by selected artist/craft persons residing in NewJersey. The exhibit is entitled "Made in NewJersey" and will be on display through Dec. 20. Artists from all over the state will showcase their works in the media of fiber, metal, clay, paper, leather, and photography.

Cartoonson exhibit PRINCETON -- An exhibition of 32 original NewYorker cartoons by various artists will run at the Princeton University Library through Feb. 1, 1979. The cartoons are from the collection of David E. Lilienthal. The exhibition in the library will be open Mondaythrough Friday.


Sammy Hagar ONLY NEWJERSEYAPPEARANCE JADWlNGYMof Princeton University I[o,:ol~[41:lllLol-tllZo]:ll~lOl~’,l°lLlilql~llln~p~l llllil;i,(~,~j~r;l~li~lliIillTil(:.llllllli[:.l,:ll[Til.


~ll llllllll




Art is a SPECIALGIFT... Through December our shop will be brimming with a special group of pictures for gift giving.





If there is something you’d like to read about in (NI3[ (]~f tell us about it.

Enjoy An Evening o] Music ¯

Read our

IH([email protected] section on page 12

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-With our quality materials and expert help, yourworkis guaranteed,of course! Hours: Mon.,Tues.,Wed. Sat.10-6;Thurs. b Fri. 10-8


THE HOLIDAYS FINE ART ¯ POTTERY ¯ JEWELRY in the montgomery shopping center routes 206b 518,rockyhill (609) 921"8292

MERCER MALL Route 1 Et Quakerbtidge Rd. (Across fromQuakerbiidge Mall) Lawrenceviile (609) 452-1091


Tl~ets:$8.50,Z50,6.50onsaleat McCarter Theab’e Poxoffice,Princeton f6091 921.8700; anOat all TICKETRON ouffet.s12121 977.9020. ,’I’~L"~E’~B N

Hours:Mon.-Fri. 10-9 Sat. 10-6

Open Sundays 11-5


DECEMBER 6.7, 1978



Band on the rise Uri Turchynfiddles while Stan Taylor sings

Photosby BorryGoldenberg

by La rry. K. Straus "WE’RETRYINGto do what every other band in the country is trying to do: trying to establish our ownsound and get a recording contract," says Craig Fediw, bass player of Kinderhook. Kinderhook, a NewJersey country rock band has been receiving enormousrecognition as a live act in local clubs in Central Jersey for the past five years. However,its search for a position of fame and recognition as a national band still continues. To music fans and critics, Kinderhook is recognized as NewJersey’s number one country rock band. Both Kinderhookand its fans feel that the climb to the top, along with the likes of the Outlaws and the Eagles, is certainly about to begin. But there appears to be a contradiction, possibly an unfair one, over how long this climb is taking the group. Bandmembersfeel they’re still trying to develop their owngroove and get all the songs to sound as if they belong to one distinctive style, a style that would be identified as unique to Kinderhook. DURING ITS FIVE YEARS of existence, Kinderhook has had the same members, a stability factor uncommonto rock bands. It consists of Jerry Kopychukwho plays acoustic guitar; Andy’ Fediw, bass; Stan Taylor, pedal steel; Craig Barry, drums; Joe Brietenbaer, lead guitar and Uri Turchyn, fiddle. Is five years a fair amountof time, however, to expect any band to reach the center light? Every band has its own method and story. With Kinderhook, its method is cautious and calculating; the story is its music. Onstage whetherit be in a club, at a college or in concert (Kinderhookhas performed with New Riders of the Purple Sage and Commander Cody) its impressive harmonizing vocals and crisp driving melodies resonate through the crowd. Kinderhook’s interpretations of other’s songs that excite the crowd the most are: the long-jamming Grateful Dead tunes and Jackson Browne’s "Doctor My Eyes" which features Joe Brietenbaer in a fascinating lead guitar break. ( Continued on page 7

Bassplayer Joe Bietenbaer andguitar!st AndyFediw get down during a Kinderhook performance at the

Royal ManorNorth, where the five-year-old groupusually plays on Sunday nights.

DECEMBER 6-7,1978


The search for a groove ¯

", o


( Continuedfrom page 6 In a recent interview, the band’s six members clarified that Kinderhook {recently changed from Kinderhook Creek) prefers the label "California Rock" than that of a "Country Rock Band." "Regardless of the music you play, once people see a fiddle or a peddle steel guitar, you’re a country band," says Andy Fediw. "We’re still doing country stuff, but what we’re doing more of now is using basic country instrumentation for rock music." All the members of Kinderhook contribute to the songwriting. Everyone has a song that is played. Thesecond set each night is devoted almost entirely to original songs which include, "I Still Feel The SameWay," "What Happened," ."Thunder Bird," and "Tortuga Sunrise," The question now arises as to whether Kinderhook can achieve that unique style and shine in front of the spotlights of musical acclaim. "Yeah, we’dlike to makeit like the Beatles," jokes one band member. There is no joke when it comes to trying¯ There is no contradiction. Musicis like every other business; you have to be in the right place at the right time¯ Every six months or so, the band approaches a major recording producer with its songs, but continues to hear the same line, "This is much better, you’re getting closer ... " Kinderhookhas been offered contracts by small recording companies but is holding out for a company that can offer the proper promotions and circulation. "People believe in us at this point but they want to see what we can do," says Jerry Kopychuk.

"YOU CAN’T HEAR Kinderhook just once, their music keeps bringing you back for more," shouts one enthusiastic patron at the Royal Manor North, in North Brunswick where it generally plays on Sundays. And it’s true. If you are an avid follower of Kinderhook (and own one of its bumper stickers), you glow upon hearing its distinctive sound. "So many times things can go wrong," says Craig. "Weget stuck in ~raffic going to a job on LongIsland. Or we get there and the equipment starts breaking. Everything goes wrong. Then we see people going bonzo, really boogying and enjoying themselves. And we know that one of the reasons they are is because of what we’re doing. It makes it all worthwhile." There is a spark and excitement to the band that radiates even whenit is not on stage. Their social lives revolve around each other, creating a tightknit friendship often exhibited in the music. Their personal experiences, growing pains, and changes are expressed individually and collectively through original’songs. In a nostalgic melodious tone, the band often mesmerizes an audience on thoughts of bittersweet love with the lines: Love takes a little bit of heartache, A little bit of courage. But most of all, Love takes a part of me Each time it passes through, Love takes a part of me. "The words or the melody line can effect the way you feel each night," says Stun Taylor. "Joe wrote a new song called ’That’s The Time’." It’s a really sensuous song. It says

Kinderhook:(left to rig’ht) front row: Stan Taylor, AndyFedin, Uri Turchyn.Back row: Craig Barry, Joe Bietenbaer,Jerry Kopychuk. something so simply with straight lyrics and a pretty melody." There is yet another facet to the band that is an indicator of moreof its potential and professionalism. Each song is given a personality and aura that is created by an integral unit of the band -- a three membersound and lighting crew. As individuals, they maneuver through each performance from beginning to end, virtually unnoticed. Their imaginative spotlighting and mixing creates a dramatic atmosphere complimentary to the moodsof each song. Kinderhook members emphasize that without the

crew, they would be lost. Kinderhook’s philosophy for the future is to write nothing but good commercial material and to continue playing. Membersoften wonder what they’re doing night-after-night in smoke-haze filled NewJersey clubs. The ride to the top appears to be a serious and long hard drive. "We’reon the run/just can’t have too muchfun." they sing in one last song. Lar~" g. Straus. a graduate counseling student and musician, founded Rider College ~ eoffi, e house.

Ticketronand the seating is easy. ( Conthzuedfrom page 3 ) charge moneygoesto Ticketron and a portionof it is returnedto the retailer. A contract with a host store maybe canceled if Ticketron determines that

Places served by Ticketron NEW YORK CITY Apollo Theatre Avery Fisher Hall Beacon Theatre Broadway theaters Carnegie Hall City Center Felt Forum Hayden Planetarium Lincoln Center Madison Square Garden The Palladium Radio City Music "Hall Shea Stadium Yankee Stadium LONG ISLAND

the outlet is not selling enoughtickets or if the operators are not polite. "Weare very diligent in having our own people monitor the outlets," Mr. Schmitt pointed out. "After all, we’re dealing with human beings." Every Monday Ticketron supplies each outlet with a revised copy of "The Bible," a guide to all events carried by Ticketron in the proper network. Outlets also receive daily reports concerning sale information on "hot items" that cannot wait until the following Mondayto be listed. "Take-Ones," four-page leaflets listing major area events for which Ticketron has seats, are available at all branch locations. Somehost stores also post lists of events. Probably the best information system is the one

MOSTOUTLETSDO have a strict policy of not giving out ticket information over the telephone. (If they did, their employees would be answering calls all day.) Customers must go to the outlets, check newspapers and radio programs, or call one of the Ticketron numbersfor news about available events. Expansion, as you might expect, is in Ticketron’s future. Not only is the number of branch locations growing but the variety of events carried by Ticketron is widening. Recently the ....



Eve Partyl [

$ 4Z50.,..-,o. I Complete Ol e’n° ] TChS’npogne #MI




,e li.,



PHILADELPHIA Academyof Music CivicCenter John F. KennedyStadium ShubertTheatre The Spectrum Tower Theater Veterans Stadium

KenRichardson is a senior at RiderCollege wherehe edhsits literary magazine.


Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead MyFather’s Place, Roslyn Village Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Capitol Theatre, Passaic Convention Hall, Asbury Park Giants Stadium, Rutherford McCarter Theatre, Princeton The Morris Stage, Morristown The Paramount, Asbury Park Princeton University: Alexander Hall, Dillon Gym, Jadwin Gym Trenton War Memorial

"computerized box office" began offering reservations for campsites at NewYork, Virginia, and California state parks. Tickets for campsites? Stranger things have been true. From the wealth of ticket lore comes another comical item as told by Ticketron: It seems that in the American West of the 19th century, tickets were used for admissionto houses of prostitution. The name of the house or madam appeared on one side of the ticket; the other side bore an instructive. Onehad the words: "Good for $5 on Trade." But a ticket in Denversaid it all: "10 cents Lookee,25 cents Feelee, 50 cents Doee."

adopted by the outlet in the Bambergers store at Monmouth Mall, Eatontown; there, a mimeographed copy of ’~rhe Bible’s" master list of every event in the network is available for perusal.

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,.- .,;,; -




HAMILTON SQUARE Nottingham Ballroom, Mercer St.: Sat. 9 p.m. - midnight, Dick Anthony, Sun. 8 11 p.m., Eddie Shaw. HIGHTSTOWN Windsor Manor, Rte. 130: Fri.

oi ¯ i

HOPEWELL Domenic’s, Rte. 31 : Sat. night, The Occasions, a Country Western Band. 609-4661091.

¯ ,. ¯



High School, Thurs.,



Musica Sacra, Douglass College, Voorhees Chapel, Sun.. Dec. 10, 4 p.m.

Witherspoon St: Fri. 10 p.m., Bob Korman.

I PRINCETON Friends of Music Concert, Robert Taub, pianist, 9, 8:30 p.m.

Woolworth Center, Sat.,

The Princeton Ensemble, Woolworth Center, Wed., Dec. 13, 8:30 p.m.

’ ;

’ -

: ~, "


Winter Concert, Mercer County Community College Chorus, Concert Band and Stage Band, Kelsey Theatre, wed., Dec. 13, 7:30 p.m.

EDISON The Last of the Marx Brothers’ Writers, Edison Valley Playhouse, 2196 Oaktree Rd.. Fri. - Sat. 8:30 p.m., Sun. 7:30 p.m., through Dec. 10.210-756-4488.


Auntie Marne, Middlesex County Performing Arts Center Theatre, Fri. Dec. 8 & 9; 8 p.m. 201-548-6000.

The Impossible Years, Franklin Community Players, termed;ate School Fri. & Sat., Dec. 8 & 9, 8 p.m.


¯ ¯ -, ¯


k ~

& Sat.,

Sampson C. Smith In-

MILLBURN Jolson, Paper Mill Playhouse. through Dec. 17, Wed. & Fri. 8:30 p.m.; Sat. 5 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.; Sun. 3 & 7:30 p.m. Thurs. matinees at 2 p.m., special Wed. matinee Dec. 13, no evening performance Dec. 17, 201-376-4343.

HILLSBOROUGH Watercolors by Bernice Fatto, Hillsborough Library, through Jan. 2, Tues., Wed.,’Thurs. 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.: Men.. Fri., 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Sot. I 0 a.m. - 5 p.m. LAWRENCEVILLE Glad-Wraps by Eva Kaplan, Rider College Art Gallery, through Dec. 14, Men. Fri. 1 -5 p.m.& 7- 1! p.m. Image and Illuslon, Squibb Gallery, through Dec. 17, Men. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 4:40 p.m.: Thurs. until 9 p.m.: Sun. 1 - 5 p.m.

NEW BRUNSWICK Long Day’s Journey Into Night, George Street Playhouse, through Dec. 17, Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8 p.m.,Sot. 7:30 p.m., Sun. 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. 201-246-7717. Tales of Hans Christian Anderson, George Street Playhouse Children’s Sat, Dec. 9, 11 o.m. 201-246-7717.


NEW BRUNSWICK Womenin NewJersey - 18th Century to Present, Rutgers University’s Alexander Library, NewJersey Room,through Dec. 15, Man. - Sat. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Decoration and Patterning in Contempory Art, Douglass College Art Gallery, through Dec. 8, Men. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Humbug, a traditional adaptation of A Christmas Carol, Douglass Cabaret Theater, Nichol Ave. & SuydamSt., through Dec. 10, Fri., Sat., Sun. 8 & 11 p.m.: Sat. & Sun. 2:30 p.m. matinee. 201-932-9892.

NORTH BRANCH Sorry, Wrong Number and The Long Christmas Dinner, Somerset College Care / Theater, Sat., Dec. 9, 8 p.m.; Sun., Dec. i 0, 2:30 p.m.

¯ ¯ ~;’,:r"

Theatre Intime’s Director’s Workshop, an evening of one-actplays, Theatre, 8 Dec. 7 - 10 & 14 - 16, 8:30 p.m. 609-452-8181.

";:" "~

The Philanthropist, 609-452-6094.

TRENTON Roar of the Greasepaint...Smell Rathskeller, Dec. 7, 8, 9, 8:15 p.m.

Inn Theatre,

Dec. 7 through

PRINCETON Collector’s Choice Exhibition,





PRINCETON No Time for Comedy,McCarter Theatre, through Dec. 17, Thurs. 7:30 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 8:30 p.m.: Sun. 2:30 & 7:30 p.m. 609-921-8700.



Princeton Gallery of Fine Art, 162 NassauStreet.

Princeton University Art Museum: Contemporary Art from the Museum’s Collection, through Jan.; Dada / Surrealist Heritage, through Dec. 17: Graphic Works of Odilon Redan, through Dec. 17: Photographs from the Museum’s Collection, through Jan.; Prints by Albrecht Duror, through Jan. Tues. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sun.1 - 5 p.m. Princeton Art Association’s 11th Annual Graphics Juried Exhibit, McCarter Theatre, through Jan. 16.

Murray PRINCETON JUNCTION Wood Engravings, Paintings and Drawings by Stefan Martin, Grover’s Mill , Graphics, 164 Cranbury NeckRd., Wed., Fri., Sat. 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.; Thurs. 10 a.m.9 p.m.: Sun. 1 - 6 p.m.

Dec. 17, 8:30 p.m .... : "

of the Crowd, Trenton


State College,

ROCKY HILL Watercolors by Diana Wilkoc Patton, through Jan. 5.


Babes in Toyland, Mercer County Community College Kelsey Theatre, Dec. 8, 8 ¯ p.m. La Boheme,Artists

~ i


The Robber Bridegroom, Levin Theater, Douglass Campus,Dec. 8 - 10, 13 - 17, 8 p.m. 201-932-9892.


Thurs., Dec. 7, 8 p.m.

From Broome Street to Broadway, Lee Dratfield and Rita Asch, Artists Showcase Theatre, Fri., Dec. 8 and Sun., Dec. ! 0, 8:30 p.m. Third Annual Christmas Spectacular, with Kelth Chapman, organist, Princeton Ballet Society, and the Mercer County Chorus, War Memorial Auditorium, Sun., Dec. l O, 3p.m.




Friends of Music Concert, Patricia Arden, pianist, Woolworth Center. Sun., Dec. 10, 3 p.m. Organ Recital by James ParhamIII, Princeton University Chapel, Sun., Dec. 10, 7 p.m. Andre Watts, pianist, McCarter Theatre, Men., Dec. 11,8 p.m.


TRENTON CheapTrick - UFORock Concert, War Memorial Building,


East High

NEW BRUNSWICK Christmas Concert, Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Glee Club, Queen’s Chorale, Rutgers College Student Center, Frt., Dec. 8, 8 p.m. Christmas in Carol and Song, Rutgers Glee Club and Kirkpatrick Chapel Choir, Rutgers Kirkpatrlck Chapel, Sat., Dec. 9, 7 & 9 p.m. Free.

TRENTON Angeloni’s 1445 Whitehorse - Mercervine Rd.: Fri. & Sot. nights, Bob Smith’s Lamplighters.


. -..

ENGLISHTOWN Lou Popejoy Et the Heirs of Bluegrass, Englishtown Music Hall, Sat., Dec. 9, 7 p.m.

8 Sat., MemoryLane. 609-448-9833.

SKILLMAN CountyLine Inn, Route 206: Fri. & Sat., 9 p.m. - 1 a.m., Exit.



Jerome Hines and the Westminster School, Sun., Dec. 10, 7 p.m.


Hudibras, 138 NassauSt.: Sun. 4:30 - 8:30 p.m., Men. 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m., Barbara Trent: Tues. 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. Bob Smith Quartet Wed., Thurs., Sat. 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m., Disco Party.



BRIDGEWATER New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Dec. 7, 8:30 p.m.

LAWRENCE Duke’s, Quakerbridge Mall, Non-stop entertainment seven nights a week. PRINCETON Alchemist and Barrister,

. .....


II1Coflctpl "

,’ ~, ¯

: ¯ :. "



John and Peter’s Place, 96 S. Main St.: Thurs., Saul Brady & Friends (Folk) : Fri. Sat., The John Herald Band (Electric Bluegrass): or Sun. Pickins (Rock): Men., Flamln’ Harry’s Blues Bond; Tues. Yippi-I-Odelers (Rock): Wed., South Street Arabians (Disco-Roc). 215-862-9957.




,°~ :" i ~,:" "¯

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..... " " -

- c

"’ ~

’ :"-


: ! ’

ShowcaseTheatre, Dec. 9, 8:30 p.m. 609-392-2433. ~


: ~ :’+ :~ ~:~:

;~’ ~ i ii’~ : - " ..... ’

~ ............

:.~’~’’’’’r’’ ] " "* ", " "’ :" ; ": " ,


¯ ’ : "i :, : ~ ’.


: ~*%"

Calendarcopy deadline is Thursdayat noon ~

~ ~ ~


1st National

Bank of Central


TRENTON NewJersey State Museum:Wildlife Portraits by Carol Decker, through Jan. 21 ; Eilshemius Paintings and Drawings, The Art of Leo Dee, and Watercolors by ReeveSchley III, through Jan. 7; Doll Housesand Dolls, through Jan. 7. Crafts, HolmanHall Gallery, Trenton State College, through Dec. 20, Man. - Pri. " noon- 3 p.m., Thurs. evening 7" 9 P.mThe Black Presence in the Era of the American Revolutmn, Trenton State j College Student Center, Dec. 9 through Jan. 7.



: ;

~ ; ]~:~ii ....


Kaleidoscope Give yourself o (print) break LAMBERTVILLE NewHopeCommunity PoetryWorkshop, SwanHotel, Lambertvll[e, 8:30p.m. NEWBRUNSWICK Fiction Reading by LesterGoldberg, KiimerHouse PoetryCenter,88 Guilden St., 8:30p.m. PRINCETON Slidesof Provence andCausses, France,Princeton Art Association, PAA Studio,Rosedale Road, 7:30p.m.

WEST WINDSOR -- During January intersession, Mercer County CommunityCollege will offer printmaking I and II classes. During the four weeks of that month, the classes will meet Monday, Tuesday and ¯ Wednesdayfrom 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and students will be eligible for three credits. Printmaking I is an introduction to the materials and techniques of surface, relief and intaglio printing. The printmaking II course is for those

who have completed the first course and for the advanced printmaker who wants to perfect techniques, make plates and do extensive printing. The studio is equipped for etching with four presses, an acid room, drying rack, rosin box, amongother features. The courses will be taught by Jack Harris, an active printmaker. For more information or to register, call the college at 609-586-4800,before Christmas.

Princeton Country Dancers, WilcoxHall RedLounge, 8 p.m.

[email protected])flY

For a course in bourse...

LAWRENCEVILLE Art Auction,RiderCollegeStudentCenter,Preview 7:30p.m., Auction 8:30p.m. PRINCETON Museum BreakTalk, GraphicWorks of OdilonRedan,UniversityArt Museum, 12:30& 1:30p.m.

EAST BRUNSWICK-- The East Brunswick Stamp and Coin Exchange will hold a showon Sunday, Dec. 10 at the RamadaInn here from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Featured will be a "bourse" at which a group of dealers, including

members of the American Stamp Dealers Association, will offer a wide range of national and international stamps, coins and covers for sale. Dealers will also be prepared to purchase material for their stock. For moreinformation call 201-238-5636.

WorldFolkdanceCooperative,CorwinHall Conference Room,instruction 7:30p.m.,dande requests 9 p.m. TheSkittish’Empire, Holiday Inn, Rte. 1, music-comedy revue,8 g 10p.m. Reservations required,609-452-2442. SOMERVILLE Holiday Square Dance, Environmental Education Center,8 p.m.

PRINCETON Anopportunity to haveartists’ worksphotographed by PeterCook,PAA Studio, Rosedale Rd.,i 0 a.m.- 4 p.m. OliverI,Movies for Kidsat McCarter, 11a.m.& 2 p.m. JuniorMuseum Talk, AfricanMasks,UniversityArt Museum, 11 a.m. ScottishCountryDancing, Murray Dodge, 7:30 p.m. RARITAN TheNutcracker, Garden StateBallet Foundation, Bridgewater-Rarltan HighSchool, 2:30& 8 p.m.20!-623-1033. RED BANK TheWizardof Oz, film, Monmouth ArtsCenter,99 Monmouth St., I g 3 p.m. SOMERVILLE CrossCountrySki Workshop, Environmental Education Center,1 - 2:30 p.m.

’Polish Power’ meets’Russian Bear’ MANVILLE -- "Capitol Wrestling" Arion vs. Dino Brava; Stan (the Man) of television fame, will be appearing Stasiak vs. Dominic DeNucci; Brian Mike Scicluna vs. Dave O’Hannon. at the Christ the King School’s auditorium, 13th Avenueand Chestnut Tickets cost $5 (or $7, for ringside Street, here on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. Promoted by Angelo Savoldi, the seats) and are available at several main event will be a bout between stores in Manville. For more inIvan Putski (Polish Power) and Ivan formation call Christ the KingRectory at 201-725-8509.Proceeds will benefit Koloff (The Russian Bear). the school. Other matches are between Spiros

Counting on golden appearance CEDARGROVE-- Count Basic and his orchestra will appear at the Meadowbrook Dinner Theatre on Route 23 here the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 12. The Red Bank native will be

making his 50th appearance at the club that was once the homeof the big band sound. He first appeared at the Meadowbrook in the 1930’s with Billie Holliday. 4..

TRENTON 12th AnnualOpenHouse Tour, Mill Hill Community, MercerStreet, 5 p.m. TheMarchSister of Concord,NewJerseyState Museum Children’s Theatre, 1 & 3 p.m.Free..

SUHDI1Y NEW HOPE Seminar, Design as Applied to Theatre, Beatricia Main St., 8 p.m. PLAINFIELD The Nutcracker, Plainfield

and the Kid, 109 S.

High School auditorium, 2 p.m.

PRINCETON International Folk Dancing, Princeton Inn College, 8:30 p.m. TRENTON New Jersey Museum,Gallery Concert, The Boudinotes, 2 - 2:30 p.m. & 3 - 3:30 p.m. New Jersey State MuseumPlanetarium Shows: Stellar Recipe 2 and 4 p.m., Winter Skies of NewJersey3 !:

On Sunday, Dec. 10 the Princeton Ballet Company and the "Mercer County Chorus will combine their talents at the War Memorial in Trenton ]or the Garden State Theatre Organ Society’s Christmas Spectacular. The show begins at 3 p.m. Pictured is ballet company soloist Susan LoveUe. The organist will be Keith Chapman. For ticket in]ormation contact the Organ Society at 350 Woodside Avenue, Trenton, 08610 or purchase them at the door, the day of the per]ormance.


everybody enters ?

in each of 11 categories) with adOLDBRIDGE-- The total prize packageis close to $3,000in the second ditional purchase awards to be anjutted art showof the Artists’ League nounced at a later date. For further information or to receive an entry of Central NewJersey. The show is brochure, contact the league through scheduled to be displayed at the the MiddlesexCounty Arts Council, 37 Municipal Center here during January, 1979 -- just off Route 9 at OakwoodAvenue, Edison, N.J. 08817. 201-549-4684. The number of the Route 516 and Cottrell Road. municipalcenter is 201-721-5600. Work will be received at the The jurors include Henry Gasser, a municipal center from Monday to Friday, Dec. 11 through 15 from 1 to 9 watercolorist, Lynn Miller, curator p.m. and on Saturday, Dec. 16, from 10 and compiler of the slide registry of a.m. to6 p.m. Thereis a $10 entry fee, the New Jersey WomenArtists which includes membershipin the 450- " program at Douglass and Bill Gorman member organization. Entrants will a memberof the National Watercolor be competingfor $2,750 in prizes, ($250 Society.

SomethingJazzy on your crystal PRINCETON- Basically Jazz, a radio program dedicated to playing and discussing the jazz on record, is now being aired by WPRB,103.3 FM, every Friday from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. "This is a new show which attempts to provide the best in jazz -- not just the latest hit record," said Wight

Martindale Jr., the program’s host."Wealso have people in the business -- musicians, record company executives and knowledgeable collectors on the show to discuss special topics." WPRBis operated by Princeton University students.

College chorus features Schubert NORTHBRANCH-- The Somerset County College Community Chorus, will present its annual Christmas concert on Friday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. It will be held at the Somerset County Vocational-Technical Institute on North Bridge Street at Vogt Drive. Featured on the program will be Mass in G Major, by Franz Peter Schubert, which will be performed in honor of the 150th anniversary of his

death. Also on the programwill be The First Nowell, a cantata by Ralph Vaughan Williams. It will be conducted by Frances Slade. Soloists for the concert will include: Virginia Kastner, Christine Janusz, Sue Rodgers and Dorothy Thatcher, sopranos; Teresa Maiullo, mezzo soprano; Richard Kugler, tenor; and Richard Billings and Richard Shears, basses.


DECEMBER 6-7, 1978


: :> ":’;’

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"7~-" I - r~.- I |~ Hi(~’" " "’: ". : ". ,: :: :7:;~;: , ! ¯ :~ :;..t~:"(.~

.’..~:" iilg’ Youare 4 cordially ,,,oninviteds,j,,. ’ ~’.: ~’ for a Gala New Year’s Eve \ ca v ~ c~ To ring in 1979 "tJ


*" ~ P ~


’"~ ~


,~ ~~K



Conquistador Restaurant andBallroom ~ .from



Continuous Music for Your Dancing Pleasure by Barkley Square and Ovation ~e

Gala New Year’s Eve

$65.00 per couple includes Dinner. Dancing, Champatzne Open Bar, Continental Breakfast Includes Tax and Gratuity



A Must

Please makeyours Now!





I There’sNoPlace LikeHilton-Anywhere


HILTON 7" INN ’. +’~




! [.

a:. :4. :. b:...:,:.. :; ,~ :~::.,.:., : ,, :~k), ,, ..... ’~’’: ~~i,::~:: ),~4:,: ~’a:~~1~ "~:,-:"; ~z~ ,, ,,.:;:.::i:ag ~ ?::: : .........

Con sumeors in toyland e ,

,UI,,D,;G BIIIICKS, nesting cups, puzzles, dolls, peg boards, trucks, puppets, clay, fingerpaint ... Yes, the world of toys is, as you’ve undoubtedlynoticed, full of variety. But, it’s also quite confusing, Wherecan parents go to find their wayout of lhis myriad of playthings? Ruth Roufberg, a Kendall Park resident has written a book to help sort it all out: Your Child from Twoto Five Years, (Fountain Publishing Co. 509 Madison Avenue, N.Y.,N.Y. 10022, $3.95 pb.) In this comprehensive, consumer’s guide to toys, playthings, and educational materials, Mrs. Roufberg, the mother of two and former toy consultant for Growing Child, Creative Playthings, and Childeraftt~ nott:nlY explains how to select appropriate oys c mplement your child’s developmentalstage, but also tells you where to shop for them and how you can enrich your child s playtime activities by taking an active part in them Written in a readable, conversational tone, ¯ . . Your Child descr~=es the various skills young. children acquire as they progress intellectually, physically, and socially. She suggests that by providing the proper tools (after all, as Mrs. Roufberg emphasizes, play IS children’s work), you can help your child develop these skills through play. Play materials that foster selfidentity, manipulative toys to improve coordination, dramatic and imitative play, the controversial toy-gun, the value of coloring books, and programmedlearningmachines are just a few of the many pertinent topics discussed by Mrs. Roufberg. She is, by the way, also the author of The Kitchen Craft Workshop,

~ t.


: ~ ’:.! ,: "

"lt~ ill ~~ l I I~~ i [] ~ i’’~ I [] l ~ ~ I I[ 1 ~:~: \ i I [W ~,~ Ira[] ~,t~;~.~.~ ~! ~J !~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ i~ i~ ~: 1 ll ~ IL l[lll ~~ l~ ~~: II ~l I m ~ ~: [] ~ ~ ~.’~ I [] ~ I~ i~::!:~ ~ v~Fi~{ 11 ~/-.:~~, ,~ : ~ ~ ~ ~i’;?:’ .~ ~ ~ ~ ~’~" I ~, "~ r~u~H ROUFBERG

and has an article on toys in the Decemberissue of NewJersey Monthly magazine. Adoptedby several colleges and universities for use in child care courses, her book is a practical guide for parents, teachers, students, and all those interested in children. Unlike other books of its type which tend to be mere catalogues, Your Child actually discusses brand-name toys, proving that it is indeed on the side of the consumer.

Growing up and recalling

Prime Rib Dinner Complimentary Bottle of Champagne Continuous Open Bar Hats, Horns, Noisemakers Continental Breakfast at 3:00 A.M.

i ~.

’ ......


EVEI{ SINCE PRINCETONauthor, Alvin Schwartz’s Stores appeared last year, I have been wondering what the subject of his next book would be. Having written several other books on topics as varied as folk humor, urban living, and Americaninstitutions, this versatile author’s works have never failed to surprise and delight me. His latest book is no disappointment¯ Whenl (;row Up Long Ago, (ill. Harold Berson, Lippincott, $8.95), is a collection of reminiscences of over 150 men and womenwho grew up during the years 1890-1914. The true authors of this book, as Mr. Schwartz emphasizes, are these people who lived on farms, in urban tenements, in fishing villages, on Indian land, in large mansions, in mining towns. Arranged by subject area, their recollections -- some comic, some deeply moving -- vividly tell of an America without fast food stores, television, superhighways,¯ electricity, and countless other luxuries we take for granted. Curling up with a cup of tea and a copy of When l GrewUpis as close as most of us will ever get ¯ to sitting before a glowingfire or swingingon a porch swing listening to the old folk tell of the good old days. What makes Mr. Schwartz’s oral history so captivating is the fact that mostof the passages have been only slightly edited f~r clarity or brevity, thus retaining muchof the authenticity and flavor of the original. For instance: "The only clothes I had were these two shirts Ihat came down to my knees. My mother made


"em from flour sacks. Theyhad printin’ all over ’em, but when you wash ’em and ironed ’em they looked purty good. Sort of white. I was ten, eleven before I got any pants. (near Allison, S. Carolina, 1890). "I’d get up and get the cows in and milk them and get the horses and the hogs fed. Then we’d get ourselves fed. Then I’d stick my books and mylunch in a pail and go to school. Across the fields it was two miles, and I’d run all the way. (near Griffin, Iowa, 1895)

/, Mr. Schwartz has discovered a topic that wi’ll appeal to everyone -- rich and poor, city dwellers and rural folk, young and old alike. MaryJaneManginiRossi is a fornter school teacher whooften reviewsbooksfor educationmngaziues.

. , r ea IIII1[ Filled with coupons worth I ll~’~li~illl~illlill ~



HI ~ I!! ! II ~,, ] I F II l~

t i ii II



hundreds of dollarsin savings at


fine restaurants and fast



~,~"[] i I I i\\\~ foodspots.PLUS sports,travel and "Purchase Power." Super I |\//\

goodI|¯ All couponsare |/\\XSavings. immediately ¯







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Yourmoneyre}undidIt not dellghtod. HHDDHHH I

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DECEMBER 6¯7, 1978

TIME OFF 11 Superb Steaks, Seafood & Italian



Cocktails & Fine Dining Weekend Entertainment ¯ BanquetFacilities

Of Family Fare

1201 )359-6300 (IQcal call fromPrinceton) w]~], Hours: Mon.-Fri,Lunch 11:30a.rn.-3p.m.;Dinner5 p.m.- 11p.m. Sat.Dinner 5 p.m.-12 p.m.;Sun.Dinner 4 p.m.- 9 p.m. ((~I~L. el;~" U.S. Highway206 ¯ Skillman ~,

Russian to Rova Farm by Joe Rosen UNTIl, RECENTI,Y,the closest I’d ever come to Russian culture was reading Crime and Punishmentand listening to my great grandfather, a CzariSt in bearing and demeanor, explain in heavily-accented English whyhe was happier here than there. But the other day, without so muchas a visa and a passport, my family afld’I slipped across the border from Mercer to Ocean County to have dinner at Casino Russe, an authentic Russian restaurant, and to enjoy the kind of hospitality that would warm the coldest Moscownight¯ RovaFarm, located in the Cassville section of Jackson Townshipon.Route 571, is more than a restaurant. From the golden onion domes and spectacular mosaics of St. Vladimir’s Russian Memorial Church to the Russian-Americans who maintain and lend character and history to the settlement, Rova Farm is a Russian community dedicated to the preservation of a culture. According to Helen Zill, who as the manager of Rovaalso seemsto function as the unofficial hostess and historian of the community, Rova (an acronym for the Russian Consolidated Mutual Aid Society of America)started in 1926 as a self-help body of Russian immigrants. "In 1934, 1,400 acres were purchased here," Mrs. Zill says. "Everyone pitched in, houses were built and there was a communitykitchen. That was the real start of Rova Farm." In the more than 40 years since then, Rova has had its share of ups and downs, but the heartiness of the Russian spirit has been well attested to in history and Rova may be experiencing another renaissance. "We want people to come here, to enjoy themselves," Mrs. Zill says. "Wehave folkdancing and singing on Saturday nights, live entertainment on Friday nights and a flea market on Sundays. Wewant all kinds of people to come." CASINORUSSE,is a part of a larger structure that houses a bar and auditorium (used for weddings and other functions). The Casino, which seats 150 patrons (not including the porch, which is used for summerdining), is pleasant wood-paneled room, nicely decorated with portraits of Russian cultural heros, hanging balalaikas, domars and mandolins, a brass samovar and a display of handmade rings, necklaces, Ukranian painted eggs and children’s nesting dolls. Fresh flowers on the tables add a gentle touch. Onceagain, it is nice to find a restaurant that doesn’t merely tolerate children but welcomes them. Our four kids questioned just about everything on the menu, changed their minds about three times each and finally joined us in makingtheir choices. The waitress didn’t even flinch.

Two of the children chose the evening’s special dinner, for $2.75, consisting of a cup of soup, enoughkielbasi to stuff a Cossack,dessert and coffee (for the adults). The soups, both excellent, were borsht and Russian eggdrop. The borsht seemed to be Ukrainian-style, but was closer to the Russian shehi or cabbage soup than the borsht we are accustomed to in this country. Its flavor came more from cabbage and potatoes than from the beets that gave the soup its pale red color. The eggdrop, madewith a chicken stock, gets its name from the drop noodles or spaetzles that swimin it. The fresh kielbasi wasn’t highly spiced, and though it seemeda bit bland to us, the kids liked it. ANORDER OF PELMENI,small meat-filled dumplings served in butter, came with sour cream and were delicious¯ Vareneki, which are similar to pelmeni but are stuffed with chbese, will be tried on another visit. Virginia hamand roast chicken, available for those who tread lightly in uncharted waters, both came well prepared. The vegetables -- mashed potatoes and peas and carrots -:-’ were unremarkable, save for the kasha, which, when prepared correctly as it is here, is neither sticky nor mushy¯ Kasha, however, is sti~rl an acquired taste. Perhaps the only real disappointment was the chicken Kiev. Though the dish is homemade (unlike the ready-madefreezer-to-fryer version served in many fancier and more expensive restaurants), the spurting butter that is a sine qua non of chick-en Kiev must have sputtered out in the cooking process. Amongthe other entrees on the menu were beef Stroganoff (with the chicken Kiev the two most expensive dishes at $3.95), cutlets at la Russe (rolled and seasoned beef and veal, roasted with a sauce), and cheese blintzes. The check, for two soups, six entrees, assorted vegetables, four desserts, a large bottle of soda, one coffee, one tea (in a glass, what else!) and a scotch and soda, came to $24.10. Even the peasantry can afford that. Rova Farm, then, is a wonderful place for a family to visit. There’s plenty to see (ask for tour of St. Vladimir’s Church)and the people at Rova couldn’t be more friendly. As Mrs. Zill says, "Once you come to Rova you belong to us."




PEACOCK INN 20 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N.J. \~ 206, just off NassauSt. near PrincetonBorough Hall)/I eon: : " ~\ ~l~\

Joe Rosen.andeditor o~the "’DailyRacing Form, "" last reviewedFat Eddie’sGroaning Boardin Dayton¯

Flexible arrangements, attention for groupsof 10 to 200. 97 DeluxeUnits for guest accommodation. The PickwickPub Restaurantand Lounge.


U.S. Route 1 ¯ Princeton, N.J. ¯ 609-452-2500

Monday-Friday, noon to 2:30 pm Monday-Saturday, 6:00 pm to ? ClosedSundays





I ]I )J I]~ /t~

FineFood, Cocktails, OvernightLodgings in the home o/Jonathan Deare



In Szechuan and HunanCooking

J"Oneof i

the six outstanding Chi.nese J restaurants in the state of NewJersey andthem J J best in the Princeton area." J NewJerseyMonthly(Jan. 1977)J J Comein and Try us, we d like your opinion,[

I too.


1342 BRUNSWICKAVE., TRENTON, N.J. (At U.S.1 8. Brunswick Circle) (609) 392-1122 HOURS: Mon.,Tues.,Wed.8" Thurs.12-10 Fri. 8. Sat.12-11. Sun. 4:30.10

BookYourChristmasParties Now!


Rova FarmRussian Village, Rte. 571, Jackson, N.J. 201-9284)928 Opendaily for lunch and dinner No credit cards IJquor license Reservations accepted

For Meetings, Conventionsand Banquets.

3 minutes southof the PennsNeckCircle¯




For ¯ Breakfast ¯ Lunch ¯ Snack After Shopping ¯ Dinner (Thurs. Et Fri. Mon., Tues., Wed. 8:30am - 4:00pm Thurs. &Fri. $:~30 am-8:00pm Saturday 8:30am.4.’00pm




The18-PieceOrchestrawith the Sounasof Tommy Oorsey, BennyGoooman, Artle Shaw,GlenMIIter... EVERYFRIDAY9 P. M. - 1 A. M. - SINGLES OAR¯ LOTS Of_ IrREll PARKING ¯ NO COVER(Nil MINIMUM ¯ SPACIOUS DINING ROOM




586.4100 FE|DBAG Restaurant 1445 WHITEHORSE.MERCERVILLERD, (609) 924-8441

(Between Klockner ¯ Kuser Rd.) Trenton, N.



DECEMBER 6-7,1978


~-’~ Gourmet Luncheons andDinners~’(, /..-~ Friends of music plan 3 concerts ’\ b

I ~t" ~d~


43 Main Street Kingston, New Jersey 609-924-0946 t~(

(DlnnerReservaHons Suggested)


COCKTAIL LOUNGE ¯ RESTAURANT Rt. 31 , Hopewell,N.J. ¯ Phone466-1091 Italian-American Cuisine ChristmasParty Reservations Call Nowl Accommodations fromI0 to 100 Appearing Every Saturday Night in December THE OCCASSIONS Playing Country Open daily for lunch & dinner Closed Tuesdays.

PRINCETON-- The Friends of Music at Princeton will present three concerts this week including two solo piano ¯recitals. On Saturday, Dec. 9, at 8:30 p.m., pianist Robert Taub will perform works of Kirchner, Beethoven, Shifrin, Babbitt and Liszt. Mr. Taub is a 1977 graduate of Princeton University and received his master’s degree this year from Julliard. On Sunday at 3 p.m., Patricia Arden, coordinator of the piano program at Princeton University, will present a recital featuring works of Bach, Beethoven, Scriabin, Chopin and Schumann.

TIlE NTON-- The Mercer County Chorus will present its annual free Christmas concert on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 8 p.m. in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Morrisville, Pa. The chorus is directed by Harry A. Mulder and is under the sponsorship of the Mercer County Park Commission. Virginia A. Dakin will be the accompanist for the concert. The program will include the "Christmas Oratorio" by Camille Saint-Saens. Althoughthis

TRENTON-- The Trenton State College Music Department will present a festival for brass choir music and big band jazz on Monday, Dec. 11. The concert will be held in Kendall Theatre at 8 p.m. Dr. David Uber of the music faculty will conduct the Brass Choir in a program of traditional and contemporary brass music. The works of Johann Pezel, Henry Purcell, and Dr.

BRIDGEWATER -- Jerome Hines, Metropolitan Opera CompanyBasso, and the Westminster Oratorio Choir of Princeton will perform at Bridgewater East High School on Sunday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. Proceeds from the e~ening’s concert will benefit the Somerset County Unit of the state Association for




[,aLly,9ou,rn,t and natu~afl[ood ,to~,



in a


...... ,h09) 2592136(shop,) 2593774(res~)






is one of the lesser knownChristmas works, the trio and the final chorus are popular as separately performed pieces. Soloists for the oratorio will be Shirley Albright, soprano; Laura Rabenold, mezzosoprano; Gall McSparin, alto; Howard Crossland, tenor; and George Disbrow, baritone. The remainder of the program will include performances by the smaller groups of the chorus -- the Ensemble and the Gospel Choir.

Uber will be performed by the group. Barton Cummings, tuba virtuoso, of San Diego State University will appear as a special guest soloist with the ensemble. The second half of the program will be devoted to jazz as Tony Denicola of the music faculty presents his jazz band. A surprise soloist will appear with the band. For group reservations call (609) 771-2551.

Met star, chorussing for retarded

VALUE OpenSun. 4 pm- 10 pm Mon.-Thurs.11 am- 10 pm NotvalidFrl. orSat. Fri. &Sat. ll am- ll pm 152 MercerMall" Lawrenceville,NJ Closed Tuesdays Takeout orders 609-452-1525

& cuisine

All three concerts will take place in the Woolworth Center on the university campus.

Brassand jazz in joint concert

The Finest ChineseFoodin the PrincetonArea SZECHUAN-MANDARIN SPECIALTIES YOU ARECORDIALLYINVITED TO SAVE$1.00 on any purchaseof $IO.O0or more onecouponperpartyortake-outorder $1.00


Finally, the Princeton Ensemble will give a free concert on Wednesday,Dec. 13 at 8:30 p.m., featuring works of Bartok, Debussy, Persichetti, Villa-Lobes and Princeton University professor Edward Cone.

County chorus sets Christmas concert

Letters to the Editor always makegoodreading.

C 121.

Mrs. Arden has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in piano from the University of Michigan. The Sunday performance will mark her fifth appearance in Princeton under the auspices of the Friends of Music.

~] -~1"

Retarded Citizens. Ticket prices range from $5 to $7 and a $15 sponsor ticket entitles the holder to attend a reception with Mr. Hines following the performanee. For further information call 201-7258544.

and Asch have Trenton show

’TRENTON -- Princetonians Lee Draftield, singer-actress and Rita Asch, pianist, will present their new show, "From BroomeStreet to Broadway"at the Artists ShowcaseTheatre, 1150 Indiana Avenue, here on Dec. 8 and 10 at 8:30 p.m.

The show includes commentaryand dialogue. It spans material from the vaudeville era, through Tin Pan Alley -- with George Gershwin, Iriving Berlin and SammyCalm the modern Broadwayscene material of Bernstein, Sondheim and Hamlisch. For reservations call 609-392-2433.

40-voice chorus plays in Plainfield

Bostondue Dec. 11

PLAINFIELD -- M.U.S.I.C. Inc. (Middlesex, Union,Somerset,in concert’) will present its fall concert on Saturday evening, Dec, 9, at’8. The concert will be held at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, Crescent and Watchung Avenues, here. Tickets may be obtained by calling Al GaNun201-756-8361.

PRINCETON -- The rock group Boston will perform at Jadwin Gymon Monday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. The concert was originally scheduled for Nov. 27 but was postponed due to the illness of lead singer Bradley Delp. Tickets purchased for Nov. 27 will be honored on Dec. 11. The McCarter BoxOffice is still accepting mail orders for the remainingbalcony tickets at $6.50 each.



Friday, December8 at 8".30 p.m.


BALLRO°" /IJ’~LI~ II /r Mercer St., Hamilton $q., N.J." , ¯ !I~~ ~with All BiE Bandsl

WINDSORMANOR ROUTE130 HIGHTSTOWN . 448:9833¯ FRI. & SAT.FEATURING: MEMORY LANE Monday NightFootball big TVscreen Go-Go Dancers Daily 12 noon- 8 p.m.


ADMISSION: $2.50 - Babysitting provided -


I []


The First Presbyterian Church 320 North Main Street ~-tightstown, New Jersey

|~, TheLargest Ballroom in theEast





DECEMBER 6-7, 1978 ; .... .j,

" ;

, . :i ¸ ’,

,L ~,,

¯ , :’.


.-. ¯


Trio of one acts on tap at TSC

’Babes’ at college WESTWINDSOR -- Victor Herbert’s operetta, "Babesin Toyland," will be presented by Mercer County College’s Performing Arts Departmenton Friday, Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 9 at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the West Windsor campus Kelsey .Theatre. The original operetta was introduced in 1003followed by a film version starring Laurel and Hardy and another producedby Walt Disney. Now, the Mercer Dance Theatre Companyhas adapted the popular score underthe artistic direction of Christina Klotz. Admissionfor adults is $3; MCCC students and alumniwith valid I.D., and children uner 12, $1; senior citizens, free¯ Formoreinformationor ticket reservations call the MCCC PerformingArts boxoffice at 609-586¯ 4695.

TRENTON -- The Trenton State College Theatre Department is presenting an eveningof three one-act plays, "DecemberTriptych" on Dec. 6, 7, 8, 9 and I0. The plays to be presented, "The Sand Castle" by Lanford Wilson; "Aria Da Capo," by EdnaSt. Vincent Millay; and "SugarMouthSamDon’t DanceNo More"by DonEvans, will be held in Kendall StudioTheatre at 8:15. Admissionis free and tickets are available at the Student Center InformationBoothor at the door.

Seminar follows McCarter drama


A scene from ’Babes in Toyla, nd’ to be presented at Mercer County CommunityCollege,

Pennington Players schedule auditions PENNINGTON -- Open auditions will be held on Sundayand Monday, Dec. 10 and 11, for the Pennington Players productionof JacquesBrel- is Alive and Well and Living in Paris¯ Auditionswill take place from2 to 5 p.m. on Sundayand from 7 to 10 p.m. on Mondayin Heritage Hall, Pennington Presbyterian Church. The PenningtonPlayers production will be directed by BarbaraDyett and produced by Judy Glazer and Stuart Mindlin. For further information, phone215-493-4322 or 609-921-6226.

Intirne schedules one-act workshop PRINCETON-- A director’s workshopof one act plays will be conductedat Princeton University’s Theatre Intime on the weekendsof Dee. 7 and Dec. 14. MurraySehisgars The Typists and TennesseeWilliam’s27 Wagons Full of Cottonwill be performedin workshop, giving aspiring student directors

Joshua Hammer’79 and Lisa Fisher ’81 an opportunityto practice in front of an audienceon a small scale before tacklinga full-length play. Theworkshop will run Dec. 7-10 and 14-16 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets at $2 are availableat the Intimeboxoffice, 609452-8181.

Artists’ stage ’Boheme’ TRENTON -- Artists Showcase Theatre, 1150Indiana Avenue,here, will present La Boheme by Puccini in English on Dec. 9 at 8:30 p.m. Thestory of the Bohemians living on

the left bankin Paris centers around Christmasand the winter¯ Reservations and information may be obtainedby calling the theatre, 609392-2433.


PRINCETON -- McCarter Theatre will presentthe third in its seriesof six post-play seminars on Tuesday, Dec. 13, following the performanceof its current production, S. N. Behrman’s No Time For Comedy. This seminarseries wasdesignedto involve audiences with current MeCarter productions by allowing them to meet and discuss the plays with actors, directors, and critics and are offered free to ticket holders. Thereare excellentseats left for the Dec. 12 performanceof NoTimeFor Comedy.Telephone reservations a~ being accepted at the McCarterbox office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday throughSaturday,(609) 921-8700.The play runs throughDec¯ 17.

NOW OPEN AT MERCER AIRPORT Situa ed Above Main Serving Breakfast, Business Lunch, Elegant Dinners with Free Salad Bar (Salad Bar Hours: Mon.-FrL 5 pm- lO pm; Sat. &Sun. 2 prn - lO pm) On Saturday and Sunday, Come Join Us for Our Late, Late Breakfast/Lunch while Watching Landings & Takeoffs. MOM-BRING THE KIDS FOR THIS ADDED THRILLt"

BarOpen11 am-11 pm (609)883-4747

138 NassauStreet Princeton, N.J. 08540 (609) 924-5844

~7~u-r~c~q, ~ ec e rn :be ~ z / ~-r .s~p ~a~Ld~o a ,~lou~er" ~o~zce i~ ~m¢.. and en~f,~,.a an o/a~:ash/one~ Total English Menu

Christmas Caroling by a full choir10p.m. Dicken’sCharacters in Costume TotalCandleligl/t Setting Entertainment byPattyGreer& Co. SpecialSurprisesfor all ReservationsAccepted


in QuakerbridgeMall off Rt. 1 at QuakerbridgeRd. Located between J.C. Penney and Hahnes. the Mall or from the parking



Every Thursday Night 7 NIGHTS A WEEK Enjoy anItalian This Week: Dinner including ThruSunday TOPCAT SALAD BAR forjust:$4.95

OurDJSpins the Bestdancing Music Between Sets





DECEMBER 6-7, 1978

~ , ~¯


. .


/ ,~ ~ . L ~..:: , ’ i’i


’No Time For Comedy’

Choice of play drags down fine cast by KarenFraser PRINCETON -- Despite the breezy and familiar sounding title of this play. it wouldbe a mistake to think of No Time ~r Comedy as a drawing room comedy, and any audience who goes to this S. N. Behrmanrevival at McCarter Theatre for an evening of witty repartee will be sorely disappointed. What we have here is a not particularly-funny comedy about a successful playwright, Gaylord Easterbrook (Peter Coffield), and his actress wife Linda ~Patricia Elliot). Easterbrook is going through a dry period, bereft of ideas, whenhe meets the beautiful Amanda Smith, whose life work¯ is dedicated to realizing "unfulfilled potential" wherever she encounters it, usually lying dormantin attractive men. Under her encouragement, Easterbrook writes a serious play about the Spanish Civil War.

But the playwright realizes it’s no good: there is a confrontation between him and the analytical Linda; and Easterbrook decides to write another play, this one.about a playwright torn between his "builder-upper lover" and his "fearer-downer wife." Which will he choose? You get the picture. Gerald Gutierrez, the director, seems to have a great deal of respect for his author, and generally mounts his work conscientiously -- which is something of a rarity in the modern theater. His technical direction is sound, with one exception in the first act, where he seems to shy away from a potentially static scene between Philo Smith ~Amanda’s husband) and Linda. Perhapsrealizing that the first act is dull and tedious, Mr. Gutierrez tries to liven things up by having Patricia Elliott strike poses and prance around the stage. It doesn’t work.

As Linda Easterbrook, Miss Elliott is a charmingactress. She has a lovely voice quality, rich and varied; she moves well: and except when she’s called on for dramatic strength and power she does a fine job. Peter Coffield as Easterbrook, has the strength and power, but very little else. He is attractive, nicely tormented, but without shading. I think this is the fault of the director and the script, but the character that emerges is not particularly interesting, and certainly not exciting enough for two womento fight over. Behrmanhimself seems!o recognize this, for he has one of the characters say, "It will be easy to be your successor,. Easterbrook. After you, anyone would be a charm." As Amanda, Carrie Nye has some very good moments. The wife of Dick Cavett is an interesting personality to watch on stage, and she has a fine sense of comedic timing, particularly in Act lI. She seems uncomfortable in Act III, and resorts to posing, and to commenting on her melodramatic behavior. Both of these actions destroy the effectiveness of her final scene. As’the straight-laced Philo Smith, Richard Clarke does perhaps all that he could be expected to do. In a small role, Larry Pine is sheer perfection as Pim, with lhe laconic voice and carelessly elegant gestures that typify the safe but eligible bachelor. In fairness, however, I must point out that he has by far the best lines in the show. And as the all-knowing maid, Sarallen is a physical delight. Her long lanky body is.a pleasure to watch as she ambles across the stage, never rushing to do her employers’ bidding. Vocally she is weak, particularly in the opening scene, but this is a problem she shares with Miss Elliott in that scene¯ The costumes are magnificent, with one glaring exception -- Miss Elliott’s street-length dress in Act I whichfails to provide the elegance and flattery that Linda requires. The sets are gorgeous, both the opulent Art Deco

Patricia Elliott andPeter Coffield in McCarterTheatreCompany’s productionof S. N. Behrman’s"No TimeFor Comedy,"running through Dec. 17. set of the Easterbrooks’ living room and the more traditionally lavish rooms of Philo Smith’s house. Overall, the play is mountedwell. The problem, however, is the play itself. Behrmanis after a comedywith a serious aspect: he wants to write a successful comedyand also, it seems to me. to justify his avoidance of the more serious issues of the day. To this end, the torment of our playwright Easterbrook is too much emphasized: either he should be a comic figure in his misguided attempt to write a serious drama, or he should inspire our sympathies for his noble intentions. Such ambivalence pops up

again in the lengthy critique of Easterbruok’s drama -- is this a humorousexposition or not? Youcan’t have it both ways, and this ambivalence is the play’s biggest flaw. Onequestions the choice of such a play, when there are so manygood works around. Revivals are fine, and they needn’t be overly accessible either, but they should definitely’begin with more solid material than No Time for Comedy. KarenFras~,r,a form~,rtheatre critic for two mid-western papers,lires in Ringoesand b tlowfreelltnce


Family squabbles core of Cosby’s humor by Randy Bergman NORTHBRANCH -- His agents and his fans call him a genius. If Bill Cosbyisn’t one, he comesas close as any 41-year-old with a 7-yearold mind can ever hope to be. Whathe is for sure is a psychologist, dramatist and story-teller who has mastered the art of making the commonplaceentertaining by telling it from the vantage point of the young. At Somerset C.ommunity College, Cosby had a packed house holding its sides for the better part of an hourand-a-half .Sunday night, relating slice-of-life stories whichpointed their fingers at every member of the audience, and said, "you’re the one. You’re my routine." And your mother and your old man and your younger brother and your fat, dumbfriend downthe street. Cosby’s material isn’t unique, but his presentation of it is. In printed form, Cvsby’s monologue would never make it.

q[vl[w The gist of his routines is found in the home- a breeding place for gruesomely-boring table talk. If your next door neighbor leaped over your fence, sat downat the kitchen table and started telling you the same stories Cosby told Sunday night, hospitality would wear thin quickly.

. lW

Cushy, blessed with a healthy.dose of talent, an earthy, yet boyish innocence and a penchant for mining his North Philadelphia roots for material and transforming them into easily identifiable forms, succeeds in makingthe foible live like few others Can.

Although he has achieved a fair amount of success on TV (most notably, "I Spy,") and in the movies, both as an actor and a producer, his best mediumseems to be the stage. It is there wherehe is best able to utilize not only fits material, which is skillfully conceived and developed, but his gift of showmanship. Cosby generates a kinship with the audience. Someof it is a product of his material; the rest is his presence, an intangible which seems as much responsible for his success as imagination or keen power of perception. His humor is earthy without being vulgar, clever without being caustic, sharp without being biting. It is humor that brings people together without being preachy; it is comedythat is fun without poking fun. Unlike many contemporaries who rely on raurich or the hackneyed down-and-outs to get their laughs, Cosby does it without ever landing a blow beneath the belt. His biggest weaponis identification -- a knack for incorporating common experience into every word, pause and gesture. On Sunday, his routine ran the gamut from tales about his first encounter with a bona fide Italian spaghetti dinner to the technique of

weaseling moneyout of tight-fisted l~arents. "By the time you are 12 years old," C0sby says, "you knowhow to hustle for money.Andyou knowyou gotta get it from your mother. No matter how many times she tells you she hasn’t got any, you know it’s there somewhere.Youjust gotta look for it. With Dad, you can believe it when he says he doesn’t have any. All dads are broke. You knowhe doesn’t have any money,’cause ff he had any money,he wouldn’t be sitting around the house, he’d be out." Manyof his routines revolve around the parent-child relationship, particularly the frustration of parenthood, a point he brings full circle by tracing the experiences of the young, the not-so-young and the elderly. Cosby’s Muscatel-drinking father provided some of the better material for his routine. "Between the ages of 7 and ].S, I

thought I was Jesus Christ. Every time my father spoke to me, it was Jesus Christ this, Jesus Chrigt that. Mybrother Russell thought his name was ’Dammit’. "One day I was playing in the rain and my father yelled to me: ’Get in here, dammit.’ I said, ’Dad, I’m Jesus Christ". Parent-child relationships predominated Sunday, but the conjugal alliance brought Cosby’sstart to a 360-degreefinish. "My wife and I have been married 15 years now. Every day we grow closer together, mainly because we’re both afraid of our children." Andso it goes. Bill Cosby will be appearing at the Playboy Club in Great Gorge Friday and Saturday night.

RandyBergman is the managingeditor of the Winilsor-llightsllerMd.

The fall of the ’Skittish Empire’ by Fran Anderson I went to see "The Skittish Empire" Friday night at the Route 1 Holiday Inn, hoping to discover an unknown troupe with a hilariously off-beat musical revue. After all, a writer for" television’s popular "Saturday Night Live" contributed some material to their show. I found instead a group that is competent with music, but un-

c0mfortable with comedy. And its show is hopelessly amateurish. " The comedic portions of the show fell flat -- with.someexceptions. The music was much stronger -- but it lacked the pizazz needed to liven up the sluggish show. A small audience scattered in a large room further detracted from a humorous at" mosphere. ( Continued on page 15 )


DECEMBER 6-7, 1978



Montgomery shows French masterpiece

PRINCETON Garden Theatre: DEATH ONTHENILE, Mon.-Fri. 7:30-10; Wed. 1; Sat. 1, 7:30, 10; Sun. 2:15, 4:45,7:25,9:50. Playhouse Theater: A WEDDING, Mon.-Fri., 7:25, 9:45; Thurs. 1; Sat. 1, 7: 25, 9:45; Sun. 2:30, 4:40, 7:20, 9:35. WESTWINDSOR Prince Twin I : THESOUND OFMUSIC,Mon.-Thurs. 8 ; Fri. &Sat. 6, 9; Sun. 2, 5,8. Prince TwinII : MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, Mon.-Thurs.7 : 15, 9 : 25 ; Fri.-Sat. 5:50, 8, 10:10; Sun. 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:15. LAWRENCE Eric I: PARADISE ALLEY,Mon.-Thurs. 7:35, 9:35; Wed. & Fri. l:10; Fri. & Sat. 1:10,6,8, 10; Sun. 2, 4, 6,8, 10:10. Eric II: BOYSFROM BRAZILMon.-Thurs. 7:25, 9:45; Wed. & Fri. 1 ; Fri. & Sat. 1,5:30, 8, 10: 15; Sun. 1:30, 3:45, 5:30, 8, 10: 15. Mercer Mall Cinema I: ANIMAL HOUSE,Mon.-Fri. 1:25, 3:25, 5:25, 7:30, 9:45; Sat.-Sun. 7:30, 9:45. MercerMallCinemaII : MAGIC, Daily 1 : 45, 3 : 45, 5 : 45, 7 : 50, 10. MercerMall CinemaIII: THEWILD GEESE, Daily 2 : 15, 4:40, 7 : 05, 9 : 30. SCROOGE: Sat. and Sun. Matinees. Call h)r showtimes 609-452-2868. Quakerbridge Mall Cinema I: COMES A HORSEMAN, Mon.-Thurs. 6, 8:15; Frl. 5,7:30,9:55; Sat. 1:30,5,7:30,9:55; Sun. 1:30, 3:45,6,8:15. Quakerbridge Mall CinemaII : WATERSHIP DOWN, Mon.-Thurs. 6 : 15, 8 : 15 ; Fri. 5:30, 7:30, 9:30; Sat. 1, 3, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. Quakerbridge Mall Cinema lII: ANNIEHALL,Mon.-Thurs. 6:15, 8:15; Fri. 5:30, 7:30, 9:30; Sat. 1 : 15, 3:15, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. Quakerbridge Mall Cinema IV: UP IN SMOKE,Mon.-Thurs. 6, 8; Fri. 6, 8, 9:55; Sat. 1:30, 3:30, 6, 8, 9:55; Sun. 2, 4, 6, 8. MONTGOMERY Center Theatre: CHILDREN OFPARADISE, Wed.& Thurs. 7:30. SEDUCTION OF MIMI,Frl. &Sat. 7, 10: 15 ; Sun., Men.&Tues. 7 : 30. ALLSCREWED UP,Fri. &Sat. 8:30; Sun. 5:30 & 9; Men.&Tues. 9. HILLSBOROUGH Hillsboro Cinema: SATURDAY NIGHTFEVER.Wed.-Sat. 7:10, 9:15; Sun. 5, 7 : I0, 9 : 15, BADNEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING, Sat. ~ Sun. matinee at 2 ; GIMME SHELTER, Mon.-Wed.7 : 30 ; FILLMORE, Mon.-Wed,9. MANVILLE The Cinema: CONVOY and SEMI-TOUGH. Call 201-526-6999for times. EAST WINDSOR TheCinen, a I : FOUL PLAY,Mon.-Fri., 7:25, 9:30; Sat. &Sun, 2, 7:25, 9:30. The Cinema II: HEAVEN CANWAIT,Mon.-Fri. 7:30. 9:30; Sat. & Sun. 2, 7:30,0:30.

and funny - Nocturnal and diurnal Usual and unusual - Handsome as hell." Chris L’Estrang

MONTGOMERY -- This week, the MontgomeryCenter Theatre on Route 206 is offering the beautiful and mysterious film, Children of Paradise (t945). Director Marcel Carne collaborated with poet Jacques Prevert to recreate the anarchic 1840’s Parisian world. The crowded popular theaters of this period are used as repeating thematic elements. "ParadiseS’ equals the cheapest, near-ceiling theater seats. Paradise is daily life and daily life is whoenas the fusion of observing and being. The main characters are historical. The great mime Jean-Louis Barrault plays Jean-Baptiste Debureau, a man of gentle sadness who pioneered Greek and Roman mime revivals. Pierre Brasseur becomes the flamboyant actor-personality, Frederick LeMaitre. Arletty (herself a legend) plays Garance, the woman-turnedgoddess through self-disbelief. Finally, we see the recreation of Lacinaire. philosopher, humorist, and devout criminal, who later becamethe historical prototype of Dostoyevsky’s Raskolnikov. Children of Paradise is such a tightly devised story that it cannot be broken into pieces and analyzed, but Mr. Prevert’s poetry leaves us with hints: "Of a world sober and drunk Of a world sad and gay - Tender and cruel - Real and surreal - Terrifying

McCarter to show ’Oliver’ Saturday PRINCETON -- The Oscar-winning musical hit Oliver’, second film in McCarter Theatre’s "Movies-forKids" series, will be shown at the theatre this Saturday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tickets will be available from I0 a.m. until 2.p.m. at the McCarterBox Office the day of the screenings. Acclaimed as the Best Picture of 1968, Oliver! is Sir Carol Reed’sscreen adaptation of the Broadwayhit based on Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist. It is the story of a runaway orphan’s search for love and acceptance among the seedy characters of nineteenth century London.


Movies at museum TRENTON -- Free weekend movies will be offered in December at the New Jersey State Museum. Moviesare shownat 1 and 3 p.m. on Saturdays and 1 p.m. on Sundays. On Dec. 8 and 9 Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates will be shown. On Dec. 16, March Sisters of Concorde, a Christmas play, will replace the film fare on Saturday at 1 and 3 p.m. and on Sunday, Dec. 17, the film an will be Cosmic Christmas, animated science fiction story. Holiday movies will be shownduring the Christmas weekends.

’Hansel & Gretel’ set FLEMINGTON-- The Princeton Operetta Association will present Humperdinek’s tlansel and Gretei on Saturday, Dec. 16, at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Hun-

’Skittish Empire’ ( Contintwd from page 14 The material deserves muchof the blame. It lacked professionalism. Manyof the skits relied on a one-joke theme that quickly wore thin. The musical numbers-- a collection of ballads, medleys, Broadwaytunes and vaudeville -- were the show’s strongest points. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the show, I strongly applaud the troupe’s enterprise for putting it together. It was written and produced

What did

by the five-membercast -- led by Bill Agress, and Brent Monahan-- mainly for the fun of it. The group has even put together a new show with a slightly different cast. It will play Friday at the Holiday Inn on Route 1, north of Princeton. Rick Bossman- whose humorous vaudeville number was the best in the show -- will remain with the group as will Mr. Agress and Mr. Monahan. The other two membersof the cast, Kelly Rodriguez and Diana Crane, are leaving. Ms. Crane, with her ex-

press|re face and mannerisms, squeezed every bit of humorout of the weak material she was given. A CBversion of Romeoand Juliet, performed by Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Bossman, was the best skit in the show. Mr. Monahan’s contributions were mainly musical unless he was one of the guys behind a gorilla mask at radio station WAPE)which he performed well. However,the ballads and medleys he sang seemed out of sync with the direction of the show’s





ei a s;t.~_.

WINDSOR Chevy Chose in the comedythriller

"~UL Great





’~% il


Sun. Z:10-4:45-7-9:15 I j~

:25 & 9:30

i ¢’".,E,". i _. EN| CAN WAXT |




Frun Anderson is the managing editor The Central Post.



think of the last movie

humorous side. Mr. Bossman is by far the best comedian in the group. But he overplayed someof the skits. His efforts could not cover up their basic weaknesses. And he seemed uncomfortable with such an intimate audience during his emceeing chores. His delivery was more suited for a crowdof 500 instead of 15.

Sat. ¯Sun.

2 PM


Poor (Walkedout)

’ Ends Sunday Shows7:10 & 9:15 Baraain Show- Sun. 5:00 p.m.


F¢ (TLS5.00) 7:30 & 9:55 Sot. 1"30CTLS 5:OO) 7:30& ?:$$ [] Sun.1:30.3:45(TLS6:00)a S:l

Fri. (TLSS:30)7:30a 9:30 [] I 1 Sob1:00, 3:00(rLs 5:30)7:30a 9:30 I1 !

Sun"2:1S’&:IS(lrtS 6:15}a 8:15 ]~

|[] AN NIE HALL up., I ~ ~,,..,..:..,,.~ ...... ¯ .... ~¢¢~lltEd~=V¢" SMOIOE [] n,

Frl. (TLS 5:30)7:30&9:30 I l Sot. l:15,3:15(ttSS:30) 7:30&9:30 l l ~_ Sun. 2:15, 4:1 $ (TLS6:15)8:1S


Frl. (TLS6:00)8:00& 9:55 II S.t.I:30.3:30(lrLS6:00)8:00&9:SS l Sun.2:00,4:00{TLS6:OO) & 8:00

’~19 lilllql;I.’llllllI;t1,1II1]1l:ll ~;1[~ $tl|l’l;IUl"iflll~( l£’lllh"llI lib lui’lI:|11:l~

Sat. Sun. Mat. 2:00


Bad NewsBears BREAKINGTRAINING All seats $1.50 Starts Monday Both in 4-Track Stereo






DECEMBER 6-7, 1978


At Face Value

Purchasing foreign by Joe Gordon WIle HASEVERfailed to answer the door when the postman knocks? Senior citizens and youngsters receive the least amountof mail and enjoy it most. And since, proportionately speaking, more senior citizens and youngsters are stamp collectors, getting mail -- and particularly foreign mail -- can be both enjoyable and profitable. Most foreign countries have philatelic bureaus whichoffer, to sell their countries’ stamps at face value. In addition, many countries offer a "deposit account" of "standing order" service through which a subscriber, usually for a deposit of $10 to $20, will automatically receive whatever stamps and other philatelic material he has ordered. Most countries send the stamps as each newissue is released. In order to avoid .excessive postage and handling charges which some Philatelic Bureaus add on to the cost of the stamps, shipments of new issues are made quarterly or at some other regular interval or when enough new stamps have been released to make a shipment worthwhile. While some philatelic bureaus do use metered postage on their envelopes, manyuse the stamps of their countries, which adds to both the pleasure and the value of purchasing

¯ t t


stamps and other philatelic material directly. In addition, some items offered by philatelic bureaus are difficult, if not impossible, to find in stamp dealers’ outlets. Year sets, for example, which often are beautifully packaged; full sheets, official first day covers and presentation packs are among the items in scarce supply. MOST PEIlLATELIC BUREAUS maintain their mailing lists for the purpose of sending out announcements of new stamp issues and other philatelic literature. The informationdisseminated in these mailings is of both interest and value to the collector who wants to know all the technical details Of a stamp issue (size, watermark, printing process, designer, quantity issued, on-sale and off-sale dates, etc.) As an added fillip, some bureaus occasionally even send out samples. These are authentic stamps but marked "specimen," making them unusable for postage. In no way, however, is the value to the collector lessened. On the contrary, it might even be enhanced as only a limited number of stamps will bear the "specimen" marking. (Of course, it can be duplicated.) Even adding in the cost of postage and handling charges, if any, it is less expensive, dependingon the size of the order, to purchase stamps directly,

rather than through a dealer. On the other hand, you can talk to a dealer and you can see exactly what you’re buying. Most countries will accept standing order deposits in U.S. currency and will apply the current rate of exchange. Cheeks drawn on U.S. banks are generally acceptable. For single orders, most countries prefer to be paid in their own currency, but many will accept U.S. funds at the current rate of exchange. International money orders are generally acceptable but there may be less expensive ways of transmitting funds. Don’t send cash. I have, on occasion, and even though I’ve never been ripped off, it is not recommended. A few countries popular with collectors that have excellent philatelic bureaus are the following: Canada: Philatelic Service, Canada Post, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0B5, Canada: St. Vincent: St. Vincent Philatelic Service, General Post Ofrice, Kingstown, St. Vincent, West Indies; Bermuda: BermudaPhilatelic Bureau, General Post Office, Hamilton 5-24, Bermuda. Netherlands: Filatelistiche Dienst, Postbus 30060, 25006B, ’s-Gravenhage, Nederlande; Liechenstein: Official Philatelic Service, FL-9490 VADUZ, Furstentum, Liechenstein; Portugal: Reparticao de Filatelia, Rua Alves Redol, 9-IE, Lisboa 1 Portugal.

- ?p

The of today’s game is to choose the word from each set that does not behmg. Intermediate grade-level chiklren and up can play. I. date, fig, plum, prune. 2. beetle, bee, wasp, spider. 3. clams, oysters, trout, squid. 4. husky, schnauzer, porcupine, beagle. 5. shark, whale porpoise, dolphin. 6. cloves, cinnamon, nuts, pepper. ¯ 7. think, understand, ponder, nmse. 8. stubborn, obstinate, weary, headstrong. 9. adder, asp, cobra, snail 10. nmney, matter, means, capital. Answers: -.t0ltUtu.0[ :l.mUS "6 : ~aea~ "8 :puelsaapun "L :smu "9 !~lamls "S :ouidnaaod "17 ~lno.n "~ :tl0aSu! tm ~ll~!Utlaal lou) .rapids "~ : tunld "[

MOST NON-ENGLISH-speaking countries print everything in at least two and as many as four languages, one of which will be English. Don’t hesitate to write to them. They’ll be glad to hear from you. Ask (1) to ¯ placed on their mailing list; (2) for Deposit Account application and (3) for a catalog of currently available stamps and other philatelic material. For countries other than those listed above, address your request to: Philatelic Bureau, Postal Department, Capital City, Country. Don’t worry. It will get there. Incidently, the United Postal Service does not maintain a mailing list. It will, however, send an order form for currently available stamps and philatelic material if you. address a request to: U.S. Postal Service, Philatelic Sales Branch, Washington, D.C. 20265. Joe Gordenis the oseudonymof a stamp collector.



Australia: Philatelic Bureau, Box 9000, G.P.O. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3001; Denmark: Postens Filateli, 59, Raadhuspladsen, DK-1550 Kobenhavn V., Denmark; Switzerland: Swiss Philatelic Office PTT, Parkterrasse 10, CH-3000 Berne, Switzerland; Belgium: Regie Des Postes, Division, Rue du Cirque 25, B-1000Brussels, Belgium..

FUN WITH WORDS Following are twelve chtes for tweh’e words that rhyme with one another. 1. St,meone whodoesn’t tell the truth 2. It burns 3. A car needs this 4. Opposite of lower 5. A h,ng, thin thread of metal 6. Wetclothes go in this 7. A tender young chicken 8. A group of singers 9. To get the services of 10. Deep mud 1 1. Male parent of four-legged animals 12. Terrible Answers: -aa!p "~ [ ’. aals "I [ "aa.ttu "0 [ :aalq "6 : Jr.°rio "8 :aa~aj "L ’a0Lxp"9 :aaIM"c :aatlflltl "~, t a.q.l "~ ’.aalJ ’~ :a~!l "l

Puzzle ffl/ [ Off=Crossword


i a

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i 12 13

Ed~tea 6y MargaretFarrar and JamesC, Boldt

¯ .¢

44 Resistance 87 Wicked word 11 Smell ~ 60 Fleet loser ByHerbL unit 88 Watergrowth 12 Frenchflower 61 Declaimed Riateen 89 Cantonof 13 Koosman 62 Stairwaypart ACROSS 46 Abundant 63 Bar 1 Public NWSwitzer- 14 Explode . 47 Writer Stephen land 15 Actor Bates 64 Charity vehicles 65 Humphrey 90 Plateaus" 16 Reddeer 5 M*A*S*H 46 Awareof and Mondale 49 Malayanboat 91 Stingy 17Striplings character 94Insults 20Actor’sline 69 Plainsabode 10Fragrant oil 50 Highnote 70’~ Hari 95 Run away 24 ~ Island 14 Amusing 51 Depict 96 Dispenser 25 Ruin 72 Jason’s wife Mort 52 Grassy 18 RussianRiver 54 Composer 99 American 27 Foundation 73 1902erupter 74 Goddessof rallyingcry: 31 Waterbird " Saint- -into the discord CaspianSea 55 Retreat Phrase 32 Sidetrack 77 Seaway 33 1807peak 19 Worship 56 Pursepaper 104Posypot hazard" 105Indigo source " finder. 20 Avian abode 57 Smallbird 106Delight 34 Unkempt 78 Shuck 58 Diverts 21Essayist 107Instruction’ 35 Mountain: 79 MissTeasdale Lamb 59 1898rider ’ 81 Clipperport Prefix 22 Compassion 64 Manageamig108Region 36 Thinfabric 82 Cup,in Calais 23Historical 66 Ceremonies 108Place and 37 Family 83 Brief breeze door eventof 67 Hurok 38 Latin dances 85Atelier gear 110 Taunt June1876: 68 Menuitem 39 1977sports 86 Goswimming 71Telling , 111Petulant Phrase standouts: 87Salt or tonic glances 112 Monarch 26 Held session 89 CopperconPhrase 27 Ill-humor 72 Actor Mason ter 40 Waspromi28Swordhandle73Little one: Fr. 90 nent 29 Waldenand 75 Crete’speak ¯91 Impressionist Studyhard 41 Brought up others 76 ~ out . DOWN 42 Like some 92 Riverinto the (allot) 30 Wasinclined LaptevSea 1 Golf targets foods 32 Staffordshire 77 ~ noire pottery . 78 Procuratorof 2 Diva’ssong 43 Corralsport 93 Leaveout 94 Grouch rite Judea 3 1862action: .45 Roman 34 Topsurface 95Invitations Phrase 47Light craft 36 Whitman’s 79 Opening 80 Healthresort 4 Not candid 49 1775night- 97 Confused forte 98 Orchardprorider : 37 Reproach 81 Passover: 5 Wisconsin duct 51 Versifiers port 38 Certain.duties feast 52Alluring lady 100 Entreat 82. Tiptoe bloom 6 Mature 41.1767fron53 Love god 101Yalie 7 Portion tiersman 83 Roman 102 Cleverwords 54 Refine 8 Knack 42 Lucky chance emperor 57 Negativeact 103Exist 9 Arikara 43 Badgerlike 84 Trounced 104 Container 86 Big bundles 10Lovely lass 58 Eschew animal


100 101











Cla Thursday,


Business Opportunities

December 7,

"Seven For Central



Business Opportunities


FORMER NORTHERN BOUTIQUE & GIFT STORE DEVELOPER- now owner of in NewHope. One oerson may a 208 acre Island in S.W. take care. Ready for business Florida, beside interests in in Xmas. Under $9,000. Mr. Properties other Florida Cadwallader (215)493-3769 immediate ready for 493-3669. development. I am seeking EXCELLENT BUSINESS finanmal backing for Hi-Rise OPPORTUNITY -- on busy condominiums, mobile home OFFICE SPACE for rent Witherspoon St. in Princeton. park & houses. Fastest For sale, principals only. 609- growing area in the U.S. in Central Nassau St. Call 609921-6473. 924-2013. S.W. Florida. All waterfront properties. Write Box #02173 c/o Princeton Packet. ALJON’S NBC EVENING NEWS -- is FAMILY RESTAURANT telling the advantages of our BUSINESS business opportunity. Build FANTASTIC dynamic,OPPORTUNITYintelligentfor steaks,6 FranchiseSchicken,in 1-Pizza,fish & 2ndtimeinComebusiness.~Vffh yoUrlmmedmteOWn part type, male or burgers. 4 locations available. profit. No investment. Ex- Executive cellent incomepotential. Call female. Call 609-443-4891after For further information call 3 p.m. 609-924-3350for appt. Joe Rankl, 609-6,55-3700 between 8:30am-3pm. INVESTORS -- Successful NEIGHBORHOOD TAVERN- property owner is seeking package. Well established partner for expansion. Exbusiness. New Brunswick cellent opportunity for Help Wanted location. Interested buyers qualified indwidual to invest with principals only. Reply to in an established portfolio ,Box #02212, e/o Princeton showing excellent ROI. For PART TIME SCHOOL BUS Packet¯ confidential interview, please DRIVERS -- Cranbury write Box #02154, e/o Prin- Hightstown area. Training for State license available. 201SECRETARIES 431-2280. Cancellation



Weare looking for an experienced maintenance mechanic (3-5 yrs) to assist maintenance workonbuildingSequipment including heating, A.C., electrical Et plumbing, Proficiency in area of airconditioning preferred. MSCis a rapidly expanding P, lectronic manufacturing facility locatedin Frankiin Township.To the selected candidate weoffer anexcellent salary (commensurate with experience) andfull co. benefits in a modern office environment, Writeor sendresume tot Mr.R.S. Smith, PersonnelManac|er MSC MICROWAVE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. lOO School House Road Somenet, N.J.08873 MEl~el0~dlnity[ml~

The Prlncefon


jqdvertising ,

LOW PRESSURE SALES: Ideal as second income while building your own business, 201-874-5990.

4 p.m. Man.



Business Opportunities



Swift doesmorethanget youa job, wegettoknowyou, Our Swift Tempiearn top dollars and close to home. Workwhenyouwantand never a fee. Swift Tempm offers regular bonuses andVacation Plan. Soif youare an experienced secretary, stenographer, transcriber or typistcall or come in today.


PROOFREADER The Princeton Packet is in need of a proofreader -- The hours are Monday, llam7:30pm, Tuesday 9am-5:30pm, Wed. 9am till finished (could be 7 or 8pm). For interview please call Mr. Hutchinson at 609-924-3244. CAREER, JOB SEARCH & EDUCATIONAL COUNSELING-- Testing & Resume included. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. INCREASE-~’OIfR¯INCOMEActive and progressive offices in Belle Mead andFranklin Park seeking full and part time sales agents, experience preferred, motivation and ability to deal with people a must. We are members of Middlesex and Somerset Multiple Listing Systems. And members of Multiple Relocation Organizations. We also offer an interesting bonus plan as incentive. For confidentialinterview ask for ten Cooper, MID--JERSEY REALTY, 201-359-3444.


TYPISTS SWIFTTEMPS Seeusfirst if youarethinking of temporary work. Become oneof our Swfft Templ.Work as a temporary, feel like a permanent,

Act now... Plan for January’s orientafion.,.Somefhing ape-

cial.., WEEKEND ONLY- Solve your sitter problems andstayactive in nursing, PERDIEM- Chooseyour own days...No rotation... 1 weekend a month, FULL& PART TIMEpositions availableondays,evenings or nights.

contact Nurse Recruiter

for additional informorion

201-725-4000, Ext. 369

Swift Tamp=has immediate assignments.




SWIFTTEMPS 609-882-0030 ¯ 609-586-5898 IntendewH0urs:9:30-3:30 EquaIOplxxtunityEmployer


Rehill Ave.

WAREHOUSE SHIPPING & RECEIVING Wehavean immediate opening in the distribution area of a Hamilton Township PharmaceuticalFirm for a H.S. graduate with warehousing and/or stock ordering experience, lndividualwillassist in the processing of stock replenishment ordersas well as stock handling (rotations, picking, maintenance,.~and internationalorderpacking), Forklift experience desired.We offer goodstartingsalaryanda comprehensive ¯benefit package. Please contact Personnel Department for an appointment, (609)737-3700. PITMAN-MOORE, INC. BearTavemRoad Washington Cr0ssing, NJ08560 Equal Oppotunity Emploler M/F/B

Somerville, N.J. EqualOl~portunityEmployer ~il~J~.__


300Wlfherspoon St., P.O.Box350


Princeton, N.J. 08540

$omerv|lte, N.J.




$4,00 $6.00

If billed oddS0cbilling chorge NAME


Help Wanted




TEMPS transp. 8 AM- 6 PM.minimum I least 18yrs °’d’ have°wn (COg)448-65002 days a week.Call after 7. 201-

Forappointment, pleasecall RICHARD S. SMITH 201-469-3311



PRINCETON APPUED RESEARCH P0Box 2565, Pdncet0n, NJ08540 Equal Opportunity EmployerM/~/

SomersetMarriott Hotel 110 DavidsonAve. Exit 527off Rt. 287 Somerset. N.J.08873 AnEqauIOpponunityEmployer


20 NassauSt,



WE CAN HELP YOU! As one of NewJersey’s largest personnel agencies we can offer you a tremendous selection Of top paying positions, both permanentor temporary close to home. No one else can match our benefits which include paid vacations, bonusesand above average salaries.

Goodjobs available now, close to home. Hightstown, Princeton, Research Park, Cranbury ~ Twin Rivers. Goodpay. GoodHours. Nevera Fee.


Swift Temps Offers Regular Bonuses and Vacation Plan. Call Todoyl Work Tomorrow!



"586 "5898

swmL--’-=m ¯




....... II

Secretaries Warehouse Accountants

LabTechnician Material Handlers Keypunchers




609 "


P.O.Box2392 Pr ncetqn,NJ08540

TheSomersetMarriott Hotel is presently

A.M.- 5 the Personnel Office.

Stenos, Typists, Clerks and Industrial. Wehave jobs for you in the Princeton and Hightstownarea.

Typists PRODUCTS GROUPTrainees


looking for full time experienced lounge hosts and hostesses. Day and evenings positions available. Meals and uniforms provided. Apply in person Men. - Fri. 10

An Equal Opportunity employer M/F"


An equal opportunity eml=loye¢M/F


MARKETING DEPT. At least1-2yearsgeneral office experience.Excellenttyping skills. Sienahelpful but not required.Dutiesincludetyping correspondenceand maintaining files. PLEASECALLPERSONEL (~) 7E9-1000 EMR PHOTOELECTRIC




195 NassauStreet





secretariesat the executivelevel.


Expanding DPcenter requires A leadingPrincetonComputer BONUSES Equalopportunltyemploytem/f dynamicindividual with 3-5 Software firm hasan immediate ENJOYVARIETY.WORKTEMP! years COBOL experience, openingfor a typist. Type SPERRYUNIVAC WORK WHEN YOU WANT TO! Backgroundin accounting, routine correspondence, order processing and proposals,reportsandforms. manufacturingapplications Peforma variety of basic desirebla, clerical duties including the NEWJERSEY JOB SERVICE ability to workwithledgersand AIIKindsofJobs We offer educational do misc. accounting.Type50 assistance, paidhospitalization, WPM net. Ability to get along Profmbnal, Clerical, Skilled, Um~ilhd life insurance,majormedical, with others and follow in~ ROBBIN$VILLE HAMJLTONTWP. regular reviews, retirement structions well. Some general 169WiifredAve. Rte. 1308-WoodsideRd. program. Sendresumewith accounting andpreviousoffice 609-393-8076 609-586-4034 or 609-448-1053 sala~requirementsto: Don experience desired.Interested HIGHTSTOWN LAWRENCE Kramer. candidates shouldcall Eleanor 131S. MainSt. 295Eggerts Crossing Rd. -Pickens at 609-799-2600 ext. 609-883-3399 6094434464 2302for interview. "t~’L~ PRINCETON n ,._~¯-"~ 102Witherspoon st. ~ 2.,~ MATHEMATICA

v. . PARC

NASSAU PLACEMENTS BeaHunt Wespecializein


preaching - u eomextto money by ullln your =kill=. RNIster with the trlendly peopk~at Getty. Longand short term


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All Classified ads appearsautomatically in all 7 linea’ge. Ad’smaybedisplayeciwith’whitespace


¯ STERLING THOMPSONAND TELEPHONESALES Work’ DISHWASHERS-- Part time, SECRETARY/ CLERK -GENERAL SECRETARY -ASSOCIATES -- are in- part time from home by days, evenings, weekends, diversified clerical duties in Mercer County Community terviewing for real estate sales/marketing area. A telephone. Earn $25-$100. 201- Immediate. Rt206, Rocky Hill. College needssecretary with2 sales associates. Compareoar 536-1873,201-264-3244. knowledge of office yearsexperience to work in methods of marketing and ’ 609-924-9313. procedures & excellent typing Financial AideOffice, typing continued followup. New or skills required. Goo(i’benefi’ts. letters, formsandgovernment experienced, we offer a HOUSEKEEPER -- Warm Starting ¯salary approx. documents. Requirements TYPIST continuing training and $600/mo. Equal Opportunity include: highschooldiploma person to care for Interesting work with education program. If you responsible Employer. Call C. Craft 609or equivalent, typing45wpm& and 6 yr old. Light professional firm located on didn’t make over $20,000 last toddler 924-9767, Rt. 206, Air Park ability todealeffectively with Hours7am4pm Nassau Street in Princeton. year selling, or, you want to, housekeeping. Road. the public.Salary range live-in. To start im- Accuracy important, but call for an interview: 201-297- or minimum$7011.00. Call 609mediately. Montgomery Twp. experience not necessary. FulI 0200 or 800-392-6810. Ask for caII 586-4800 ext.249forinterview. after ~i pro, 201-g74-331I. ti’rne or part time. Reply Box HEALTH Phillip Dezan. CLUB AT- An affimrative action - E.O.E. #02136 c/o Princeton Packet. TENDANT--part time, eves. & weekends. Must be over 21. PLUMBER NEEDED IMSPEECH THERAPIST- part Ability to deal with people. MEDIATELY for -- work in time, C.C.C. or Climcat Knowledge of health clubs a CLERK/ RECEPTIONIST -Princeton area. Call 609-924- Fellowship year recluired. Carl KEYPUNCHOPERATORS -to staff reception desk, do 1760. , 609-882-1503after 5 pm. 2 needed in West Trenton from plus. 609-924-4825. typing filing, and general 7-1 on a 3/4 month temporary office duties. Also, act as clerk assignment. Operators must for recreation commission. EARN A GOOD INCOME . have at least 1 year’s exSECRETARIES SECURITY GUARDS -Good typing skills required, you train for a perience. Knowledge of the MAGCARDI&II Uniforms & equipment sup- While hours 88m-4:30pm, Mon-Fri. Univac machine preferred, TYPISTS plied. Full or part time. Work professional career in Sales. Excellent benefits & pleasant CLERKS in Central Jersey area. For. Call Mr. Cohen, 609-298-5852. but not necessary. Start iraworking conditions. Call Mrs. mediately. KEYPUNCH OPERATORS appointment call weekdays, 9- E.O.E. m/f. Coffey, Montgomery Twp. NoFee Meet those extra Holiday TopRates 4. 201-329-4541.AnE.O.E. Municipal Bldg. 201-359-8211. BUS OR VAN DRIVER -- We J & J TEMPORARIES expenses. We can put you to will train. Hillsborough Twp. 2936Rt. 1 work on lung or short ternEARN EXTRA INCOME Board of Education. 201-874Lawrenceville, N.J. porary assignments, close to LOCALCONCERNis seeking ambitious people for infrom your home. Tied down 3104. 609.883-5572 your home. Our¯ customers terviewing & screening with small children? I have are in Hightstown, Princeton, the answer. 609-443-4801. Lawrenceville, W. Trenton & prospects. Excellent part time DELIVERY PERSON -- 5 Mercerville areas. Call & opportunity with unlimited KREPS SCHOOL AREA -..... upward mobility. Bachelors Part time Mommyneeded for days a week, part time, im- come in now. but not my 7 yr. old daughter. Full mediate opening. Country TopRates NoFee degree desireable necessary. Will train. For time Mommy works. Man. Florists, Hightstown, 609-448appointment contact J & B thru Fri. Hrs. needed 8 to 5:30 0222. J & J TEMPORARIES Enterprises. 609-443-5425. p.m. Please call 609-443-1857 2936Rt.I after 5:30. $3.25/hr.ATTENDANTSsPACE--partpoRTtime. Lawrenceville,609-883.5572N.J. WOMAN -- for child Amusement Center in Quaker CASHIER-- experienced, care/domestic, live-in or out, ORDER CLERK Bridge Mallneedsresponsible part time. Apply Block Shoes, & mature individuals to work ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN driving essential, must be Pike, pleasant, enjoy 4 young J2781 Brunswick 15 to 20 hrs. per week,nights & Lawrenceville. wanted imweekends.Must be employed5 5 or more ~,ears experience children, Wehave an immediate opHours to be yrs. with current employer, with tranmstors and ICe. mediately. portunityfor a H. S. graduate Call Mr. Marcat 215-674-5560.Formalschoolinghelpful. Call discussed. 609-921-0199. with salesor customer service experience. Individualwill be AVON. or write: BE YOUR OWNBOSS] responsible for the handling of SECRETARY -- top skills. PART TIME SECRETARY -Run your own successful telephone ordersof veterinary ABACUSCONTROLS INC. Legal experience helps. To as an AVON for architect’s office. Typing, 80ReadingtonRd. products.Positionrequires1-2 business $1OK, no fee. BANNEd.R, yearsoffice experience and/or representative. Sell during the steno, filing. Call 609-921-7085 Somerville, N.J. BUSINESS ASSOCIATESI 2~ ’ 201-526-6010 telephone salesexperience. We hours you want. The moreyou eves. Alexander St., Princeton, 609offer a completebenefit and sell, themoremoneyyou earn. 924..4194. Soundgood? Call 609-443-5764, the opportunity for ad609-499-1729, 609-737-2922 or vancement. Please call. ACCOUNTANT HOLIDAY BABYSITTING -201-359-1535. for 2 children. Ages4 &7. Dec. GENERAL 13 thru 22nd, 5 hrs. weekdays. P-ROGRAMMER - BASIC. JANETBOROWY experience 11/70. preferred. Mornings preferred. $15K. Fee Pd. LORAgency, (609)737-3700,Ext. 293 Griggstown vicinity. Must SALES " INVESTMENTS. 609-921-6580.1101 State Rd. For AnAppointment Must have knowledge of G/L, have own trans. Call 609-924Must be licensed registered financial statements and 2244 9 to 5. Or 201-297-’4364 representative, preferably reconciliations. Degreein evenings. with life insurance license, TEMPORARY OFFICE ¯accountingand2-4 yearsexTop commissions and WORKERS -- short or long perience are required. qualified leads. 609-452-8960. at your conPERSONNEL -- degree, assignments Washington Crossing, N. J. 0856(] vemence. No Fee. BANNER benefits, experience. Fee paid. Weoffer anexcellentstarting Equo[OppodunltyZmplorer. M/F/H BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, 228 salary,full company benefits,8" $11K. LORAgency, 609-921- Alexander St., Princeton, 609COMMUTING MOTHER -6580. an opportunity for adKendall Park area needs 924-4194. vancemant. , person to sit at my ¯GETr/ "~ responsible home for 4-yr. old. Must be at .....






pedup,cat,onandaud otapa ... c..........,. pp. PROGRAMMER/ Forinterview pleasecall: ANALYST, SR. .==,9 ....,.w,,,,op*o....,...

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A. Mlkkelsen






(609)896-2323297-5053. TheSperryUnivacEducation Route130,Hightstown, NJ. Centerin Dayton,NewJersey SALES REPRESENTATIVE has a full-time position -- Train at $200 weekly with availablefor a keyoperator on over 100 yr. old highly Typists Bookkeepersrespected Xerox9200copier. life insurance . Clerks Stenographers company. Phone Mr. William Some typing also required. Secretaries Keypunchers J. Abell 609.599-3035. Position also involvesaudio "Material Handlers


4 LINES - 1 INSERTION.......................... 3 INSERTIONS,no changes, paid before billing





Call us today at

201-246-7100 ~00 H,w~ ~, Highland Park ~

201-526-8280 108’1 Hgwy. 22 Bridgewater


"Seven For Central Jersey"



Cla s s i fi" e d . dv er tis ing,

Help Wanted Help Wanted TELLERS SHOE SALESPERSON -- part time. Experienced only. Apply Block Shoes, 2781 Brunswmk Part time and full time. Some experience preferred. 223, Pike, Lawreneeville. Hillsborough area. Contact:

GOOD TYPIST -- work in your home from tapes. Hillsborough or off Route 206 on way toTrenton. Write Box Belle Mead, NJ 08502. CARPE’r SALESPERSON SANDLER & WORTH CARPETING

ELECTi~OLUX NEEDS -one person to service immediate area. Call 201-754~0080, ask for Mr. Jake Ynson Equal Opportunity Employer.

STATE BANK OF RARITAN VALLEY 201-725-1200 Equal Opportunity Employer

HOSTESS/HOST-- for nights on weekends in cocktail lounge & restaurant. A job for someone who eniovs contact with the public. Call for interview betweeti liam & ~pn~’. 609-448-2400.

SALES - LIFE INSURANCE. Must be state-licensed. Top commissions and top leads. Be prepared to obtain securities license promptly. 609-452-8960.

ARE YOU OUT OF MONEY before you’re out of month? Earn that difference on a part time basis. For appointment call 609-799-0563.

BARM~.ID OR BARTENDER -- Weekend help, mature. Nights. 201-722-0934.

REAI~ ESTATE bALE~ -Now interviewing for Weichert Company, Realtors, Ilillsborough office. Please phone Jim Longo for confidential interview, 201-8748100.

BOOKKEEPER’S ASSISTANT -- accounting department of Princeton educational publishing firm seeks a bookkeeper’s assistant. This multi-faceted includes order processing, billing & light typing. Offers opportunity for advancement. Must have at least 2 years of college or several years of office / business experience. Call 609-924-5338.

INSURANCE PERSON NEEDED -- with knowledge of rating, personal & commercial automobile lines. Full time & good benefits. Reply to Box #02140 c/o Princeton Packet.

DOCTORS OFFICE -- Duties include assisting doctor, filing, typing, telephone. Busy office. Four full days a week. For interview please respond in writing to Box /¢02158 c/o Princeton Packet.

CLEANING PERSON -- top JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR wages, hours flexible, -- part time, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. pleasant working conditions, Monday through Friday. Call 201-359-4562. Experience necessary, own --....-------.. transportation, Piscataway area. 201-874-6200, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SALARY $155/wk. Wehave an opportunity to work at our Hillsborough facility. Minimum2-3 yeats teller experience required, with office proof experience desirable. Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs.8:30 am- 5 pm,Fri. 8:30 am-8 pm,Sat. 9 am- 2 pm. CALL MS. SPEIS 201-874-5300, Ext. 248 Between9 am - Noon

CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS Equal OpportuniwEmployer

DOMESTIC- Mon-Fri, to take care of home in Lamhertville area. Top pay. 609-397-8075. AIDES -- Experienced. with own car, to care for ill and elderly in their own homes. Call 609-924-5862, 8 am to 4 pm. OFFICE HELP - Research . Park. Must have good typing skills, good telephone manner, good with figures, filing knowledge. Call 609-924-6974.

Temporary (2 to 6 months)full or part-time (minimum 20 hours per week) time sharing experience required. TSOor other IBM preferred, engineering or scientific background preferred. Call Bill Hery.

iathtech Anequal opportunityemployer

TYPISTS SECRETARIES . Earn extra money for the holidays., If you have office skills, becomea KELLYGIRL employee. Call or apply: 3131Princeton Pike Lzwre’nceville 609-896-1010 2733Nottingham Way Mercerville 609-890-8080

KELLY GIRL Division ofKelly Services Equal OppartunityEmployer,M/F

MICROWAVE AMPLIFIERS Must have experience in the assembly ~ testing of microwave amplifiers, have knowledge of high-tel workmanshipB related background, to develop In-Process Procedures, MTBF, spec reviews, and. ATP’sas required by both Government Et commercialspecs. Weoffer anexcellentsalary, full company benefits, and an oppertunity for advancement in a stimulating"state-of-the-art" environment. Please send detailed resume includingsalarydesiredto: RICHARD S. SMITH

MS(; MICROWAVE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. t 00 SchoolHouse Road Somerset,N.J. 08873 An Equal 0ppo~unity Employer

BANKING Billion Dollar First National State Bank of New Jersey currently has the following positionsavailable: BOOKKEEPING CLERKS 1 year bank experience is preferredbut not essential. TRANSIT CLERKS 1 year experience on NCR775 preferred. Base salary plus incentive. Thesepositions are available in the SuburbanTrenton area. We offer an excellent benefit packageand a good salary commensurate with experince. Pleasecall (201) 565-3355 After 4 P.M. Call (609) 8902100 to arrange an oppointment for onInterview.

FIRST NATIONAL STATE BANK OF NEWJERSEY 500 Broad Street Newark, N.J. 07102 An equalOpoo~tunity Rind, over

FINANCIALVALUATION CONSULTANTS Worldwideappraisal firm in process of expandingEastern Regional office seeksfinancial or businessanalystwith 2-4 years experience.

YARDPERSON / TRUCK DRIVER-- needed full-time. Please call Mr. Baker, 609-9240041. Underwriter


Fast growing insurance company¯ Opportunity to grow wth planned expansion. Property experience¯ Degree not required. Super benefits, beautiful offices. Never a fee. Call 609-452-1400. SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US#1 (next to K-Mart) Princeton, N.J.



Mapes and Ross, Inc. 1101state Road,Princeton,NJ

90 credits, $26.50 per day, degree,$28per day. Apply to: H. E. Martyn, Assistant Superintendentfor Personnel and Administration, Franklin TownshipPublic Schools, 1 Railroad Ave., Somerset,N.J. 08873. Telephone 201-8732400,Ext. 227or 228. EqualOpportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer


MECHANIC LIGHTBULB Good opportunity now available for an experienced sealing and exhaustmechanic. Individualmusthaveat least 35 years’ experience.Weoffer a fine salary andexcellent companybenefits at our pleasant EastBrunswick office. To apply pleasecall 238-6800.

ACCOUNTANT Recent Graduate, accounting majorpreferred,for entry level position in AccountsPayable Section. SUBMITRESUME TO: D. SCHOCH, CLIO HALL

Princeton, N.J.08540

TUNGSRAM INC. East Brunswick, 1t. J.

AnEqualOppo,lunityl Affirmative Action Employer M/F

EqualOpportunityEmployer M/F



Position Available PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SALARY$155/Wk. SEMINARY Wehave an opportunity to SECRETARIAL work.atour Hil[sboro facility. ASSISTANT Min. 2-3 yearsteller experience

Call business manager (609) 921-8300 between 10 am nnd 3pm


required, with office proof experiencedesirable. Hours: Tue., Wed.,Thur., 8:30 AM- 5 PM,Fri. 8:30 AM- 8 PM,Sat. 9 AM- 2 PM. CALLMS. SPEIS (201) 874-5300Ext. 248 Between9 AM-Noon


ClW Equalopportunityemployerm/t

PROGRAMMING ANALYST A vacancyexists at the NewJersey Education Association (NJEA)on the professional staff level for a programming analyst. Thesuccessful candidate musthave a degree,plus experience in COBOL programmingand in systemsanalysis. Experiencewith Burroughsequipment helpful. Mustbe able to workcloselywith the user. Interested personsmayapplyto Mr. CaryPittman, Director of Business,NewJersey EducationAssociation, 180We’st State Street, P.O. Box1211,Trenton,NewJersey08607. NJEA ia an equal opportunity/affirmativeaction employer.

Positioninvolvesvaluationof businessenterprises,closelyheld securities and tangible assets for purposesof mergersand acquisitions, estate and corporate tax matters, corporate planning, employee stock ownershipplans, among others. Necessaryskills include financial and marketinganalysis, knowledge of accountingprinciples andpractices,ability to communicate verbally and in writing and to do businesswith senior level management. A mastersdegreein business administration and an .undergraduate degreein engineeringor relatedfield arepreferred. Salary is openand competitive, depending on experience:rod academic credentials. Pleasesendresumein c/o Mr. RichardL. Kelsey.

To:THEAMERICAN APPRAISAL CO. Princeton Forrestal Center 101 College Rd. East Princeton,

NJ 08540

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Presidentof multi-plant electronics manufacturingcompany requires highly dependable personto handlerangeof responsibilities. Excellenttyping andshorthand skills essential. Must be able to workwith minimum supervision in President’s absence. Will handleconfidential work. sales activities and specialprojects, Salaryflexible. Sendresume to:



Anderson, Optel Division

Refac Electronics


P. O. Box 2215, Princeton, N. J. 08540


The Franklin



Help Wanted




Help Wanted Help Wanted MATH TEACHER -- BA in Math or related subject matter required. MA with learning dmability teaching experience preferred. Contact Kathie Dame at 609-799-0190, bet. 9 & 4.

RONALD E. VAUGHN, , ARCHITECT -- has arl RATER opening for architectual’ designers and draftTop insurance company has smen/women. Must be exopportunity for person with 1 perienced in design t working ~ear experience as a Rater. drawings, and specifications. Degree not necessary. Great Please forward resume to future, promotion from within. Ronald E. Vaughn Architect, Jr. Accountant All benefits + tuition reim$12.5+ OFFICE CLERK -- flexible PO Box 265, Goatshill Roac[, bursement program. Never a hours, car necessary for Lambertville, N.J. 08530, or 19 TOP CORP. fee. Call 609-452-1400. errands, no fee. BANNER South Main St., Yardley Pa. BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, 228 19067. SELECTIVE To audit expense accounts, ’Alexander St., Princeton, 609PERSONNEL maintain travel, trail 924-4194. Mercer Mall, US#1 balance, reconciliations, OFFICE CLEANERS -- part (nexttoK-Mart) Promotable spot for bright time 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Own Princeton, N.J. beginner. B.A. preferred. transportation, Piscataway " PART TIME SECRETARY -Great Bens. Never a Fee! Call for small non-profit service area. Call 201-874-6200,9 a.m. 600-452-1400. organization. Flexible hours, 5 p.m. TYPIST -- We have a per-’easant office in center of manent part time opening for SELECTIVE ~]rinceton. Position available an experienced typist. A PERSONNEL SENIOR PLATING ; Jan 1-79, salary competitive minimum typing speed of Mercer Mall, US#1 ENGINEER deDendent upon qualifications. (nexttoK-Mart) 55wpm is required, accuracy Please senci resume to Box Immediate opening for &’=~°’‘’" attention to deta i]a muost Princeton, N.J. 1~ ¯ . #02215 c/o Princeton Packet. qualified applicant to play Some previous typing experience would be major role in a unique and novel exclusive process. Must helpful. To arrange for an LEADING LADIES RETAIL Engineers to$28K interview please call 609-924- CHAIN -- has opening ,be knowledgeable in elecfor MECIIANICAL troless and electrodeposition 5900, ext. 229. aggressive sales people, full & & processes. Exciting opOPINION RESEARCH ~art time hours available. Call ELECTRICAL portunity for growth with CORP. $usan, 609-297-6123. Our client’s company is rapidly expanding company. N. Harrison St., Princeton seeking all levels and all Minimumof 3 years industrial Fortune "500" Cam- experience T H E P R I N C E T O N types. required. CamNever a petitive UNIVERSITY STORE _ piny. Top Benefits. salary and fringe SITTER W/CAR -- 12:45 needs full time clerical help¯ Fee[ Ca11609-452-1400. benefits plus profitsharing. 5:45, Mon-Fri. $2.50/hr. Jan. - Phone Mrs. Watts, 609-921Phone or write with salary SELECTIVE June¯ 609-924-8632 eves. 8500. requirement. PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 Personnel, Surface SOCIAL WORKER MSW -- to SECRETARY Technology Inc. -small (next to K-Mart) lead groups for adolescent growing company with variety Princeton, N.J. Box 2027, Princeton, N.J. 08540 boys, male sexuality & do of interests offers great op609-452-2929 marriage & family counseling, portunity for flexible person. Salary $12-$14.000. Send Must drive. Will consider DEMONSTRATOR/SALES-resume to Box .#0P.207 e/o someone who is high on talent, department stores, National Princeton Packet. low on experience. Knowledge Hardware Mfg. for Princeton of German & some & Quakerbridge area. $4/hr. ’.~ bookkeeping useful. Call 201- plus commission. Call 609-667DEMONSTRATORS SECRETARY $175 297-5900. 2542 collect. PUBLISHING Doyouhavea flair for make-up andenjoy dealing with people? Top skills & cooperative Ifso, wemayhavea job for you demonstrating REVLON, personality will land you this ARCHICHECT/ENGINEER CHANEL, WARNERLAUREN, Executive position in exciting OFFICE & FIELDAGENT OPPORTUNITIES DIANE VaN FURSTENBERG, field. Must have good camNINA RICCI Cosmetics, mendof English & dedication Minimum5 years experience, If you enjoy the exciting atbeginning Dec. 11th and terra your work. Excellent over 2 yearscollege. In office mosphere of a busyrestaurant minating Dec. 24th. benefits & working conditions, and field on commercial,inandare interested in earning a Please ca]] Shei]a BriH at 201stitutional and educational goodsalary andliberal benefits 932-2280. projects. Sendresumes to: including a storewideshopping ideal candidatesshould be discount, BAMBERGER’S The experienced, aggressive inC A R RI A G E HO US E dividuals whowouldlike to put VAUGHN PARTNERSHIP Secretary . $10,400 RESTAURANT is the palce for their talents to workin return P.O. Box1538 you! for goodsalary, and generous CORPORATE EXEC Trenton,N.J. KITCHENUTILITY store wide discount JUSTIN NoPhone Calls Please ’ TIME FORCHRISTMAS! 2 ~ears experience and good We seek hard working inskills wi]] get you this very .... dividuals to workthe following desirable spot. Excellent schedules:full time 4:30-10:00 benefits, great people. Never a p.m. Mon.-Sat. with a day off Fulltime schedules available include: fee. Call 609-452-1400. the week;part time 15 Man,Wed,Sat, SunlOam.spm MALE ORFEMALE during hours 5-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat. with andFridaylpm-10pm SELECTIVE HELP WANTED a dayoff duringthe week. PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 Man &Wed lOam-6pm; Fri &Satj WAITER/WAITRESS (next to K-Mart) 1-10pmandSunday 12noon-spm Housewives, Mothers Enjoy good tips on our night Princeton, N.J. or Students part time schedule (15 hours) Wed,Thurs,& Sunllam.6pm 8 p.m. Mon.-Sat.with a dayoff andFri &SatIpm-llpm. during the week. DayandEveningShift SITTER NEEDED -- for 8 PositionsAvailable year old boy. Friday atjf ~1~ APPLY PERSONNEL ternoons and school hohdays. We will train. Call 201-329-6543 (Kingston). Noexperiencenecessary After 7 pm. ARTIST MODELS WANTED -- male or female for professional art school. Part time, Somerville area. Call 201-359-5155 for appt.

GETTY PERSONNEL (6O9) 441k6S00 (609) 896-2323 Route130Hlghtstown, N.J. 0~.~20 Call Mrs. Gold Vydec Operator To$12.Sk Secy./Patent To$11k Secretary $10k Meg Card/Typist $175+ Accounting Clerk $150+ Gal/GuyFriday $150 Open Head Teller Open Teller Teller/trainee Start $3.25 Clerk Start $3.25 Call Mrs. McCormick PlantSupt. $22.5k Chem, Analyst $21k Industrial Engineer $20k Mechanical Engineer $20k Lab Tech $12k Shipping/Receiving Open Call Mrs. Kantor Management Consultant $30k+ Sdnior Programmer Analyst/ Operations Systems $29k Statistician $26k Systems Programmer $24k Supv./Financial Operations $24k Senior Systems Analyst $23k Senior Budget Analyst $23k Senior Programmer/IMS $23k Sales/Pharmaceutical $20k+car Programmer Analyst $20k Financial Analyst $19k Systems Analyst/MBA $17k Accountant/Gen. exp. $13.5k Accountant/Public Open Claims Adjuster Trainee $12k+car Management Trainee/Bank $7500





In busyadministrative office. Goodtyping skills but noshorthandrequired. 4 hourper day.

INSURANCE COMMERCIAL FIRE SUPERVISOR -- full knowledge of property, special Multi-Peril & all related lines. Good fringe benefits. Princeton area. 609-924-0401. Miss Higgins or Miss Handell.



For a Princeton Advertising Research firm. Prior experience would be helpful. Excellent fringebenefits.

Help Wanted Help Wanted

BUSBOY/GIRL -ENGINEER/B.S.E.E. -WAITRESS/ WAITERS -Great opportunity with top Days & evenings. Excellent corporatmn to manage new benefits, full time. Apl~l~ in department. Expemence in person. Mr. Gummay, Hilton electronic component selecInn, Exit 8 NJTpk. No Phone tion. Hands-on experience and Calls. some management background. Start $23,000 plus. ~TECHNICALASSISTANT-Great benefits. Never a fee! needed in our H.S. library Call 609-452-1400. SELECTIVE(half time) to type catalogue& PERSONNEL, US 1, Prin~book cards. Please submit ceton, N.J. resume in full confidence to Mrs. Roudabush, Personnel Services, Study, The Institute CLEANING PERSON--with Advanced Princeton, for transportation 1 day per week. NJ 08540, An E.0.E. m/f. 609-466-1634.

TEXAS REFINERY CORP. offers PLENTY OF MONEY lus cash bonuses, fringe enefits to mature individual in Princeton area. Regardless ¯ of experience, write A.S. Pate, LADY WITH OWN TRANPres., Texas Refinery Corp., SPORTATION -- to help me Box 711, Forth Worth Texas clean 1 day a week. 609-73776101. 3553.

609-799-2600, Ext. 2419


Excellent opportunity for aggressive man or woman in active high volume leading carpet store located on Rte 1, Lawrence Twp. Professional retail selling experience preferred, but will train motivated individual with related experience. Earnings $16,000-$24,000 based on talent. Benefits. Call Mr. Titsch, 609882-8550. TEACHING STAFF WANTED -- for part time & summer program. Looking for dynamic teachers for dynamite kids. Interested in excellent teachers for all academic areas plus drama music, & related fields. Send resumes to WHH#0924, PO Box 146, Hightstown, NJ 08520.



Help Wanted

Help Wanted

l~e Manville News

shootingof industrial electronic equipmentwith growingscientific company.Primarily inhousetests, but requiresup to 25% field servicetravel. 2 years tech. school required with 1-2 years experiencedesired. Contact BobPerry. PRINCETON GAMMA TECH Wa=hlngtonStreet RockyHill, NJ08563 (609) 924-7310


Great opportunity for an effective andassertivesupervisor in a small and growing company. Wehave an electronic shopthat needsleadershipand direction. Preferencewill be given to experiencedpersons whoare well organized. Send resume including education, employment and salary hisotry to Mrs.Brennan.

Specializing in Temporary Help Permanent Placements in ,Secretarial. Clerical Executive, EDP and Technical 352 Nassau St., Princeton (609) 924-9134

Fine opportunity nowavailable for a maintenancemachinist. Individual must have experience in welding and operatirlg machineshopequipment.Must havetools. Weoffer steady growth and job security at our convenient location in central NewJersey.’ You’ll enjoyanattractive salary andexcellentbenefits. Contact Dick Parker (201) 238-6800

ACTION TUNGSRAM INC. 1l Elkln|Rood East Brunswick N. J 08816 EqualOpportunity EmployerM F

An EqualOpportunity Employerm/f

Lookingfor a fun wayto earn extraholiday$$,3?You’ll find it at KELLYGIRL through long and short term temporary assignments that suit your schedule.Wehavea variety of interesting office assignments availablenow,so call or apply: 3131Princeton Pike Lawrenceville 2733Nottlnl[harn Way MerceMIle

KELLY GIRL Division of Kelly Services EqualOpportunityEmployer,M/F




WAFER PROCESS This position involves photoresist, diffusion, metallazation 8" in-line testing, Individual shouldhavespecific knowledgeof the following: pre-diffusion,wafercleaning,Xj measurements, C.V. plotting, E.B.W. measurements,diode measurements, V/I, measurements,inspection Binterpretation of photo problems equipment, plating equipme,t,ion-implanter, ionetcher, performingD.C.testing B troubleshooting of metal problems. This is an experienced,worklevel position requiring2 years of collegeor equivalent,and3-5 yearsin waferprocessing.

Salary plus commission as well as liberal benefits including store wideshoppingdiscount.

Please send resumeincluding salary history andrequirement to, R.S. SMITH, Personnel Manager




Full Time CLERK TYPIST: High School graduate with bookkeeping or accounting course, above average , typing skills, pleasant phone manner and personality, well groomed appearance and abiliW to work with others. TELLERS: Previous experience desirable. Will consider for training those with above average arithmetic skills, pleasant personality, present a good appearance and a desire to serve the public. Part Time TRANSIT MACHINE OPERATOR; Hours 2 pm to 8 pm. Three days per week, including Monday and Friday. Requires manual dexterity, attention to

detail andminimum typing skills. TELLERSt Permanentpositions available in the Princeton area. Hours 10 am to 2 pm with some’ flexibility. Possible Friday nights and Saturdays. Car is required for all the above positions. Some work location is in our Highway 206 office. All interviews will be at the Personnel Office at 76 Nassau Street.

Princeton Bank and Trust offers an excellent benefits program including dental insurance. Call Personnel Department at 609-924-5400 arrange a convenient time for an interview.


An equal opportunltyemployerM/F




anequaloppo¢lunity employerM/F

an eq=al oppodunlty employerM/F


To the selectedapplicant we offer an excellent salary & benefits package, aswell as an opportunity for advancement in a stimulating state-of-the-art environment.

PrincetonShopping Cir. N. Harrison St. Princeton, NJ


i0~ EastonAvo: Somerset,N.J.





Immediatefull time position available in our CHANTREY BEAUTY SALON for a Stylist experienced .in blow-cutting, permwavesand color. Weoffer CHADWICKS and other advancedtraining,

896-1010 890.8080

an equalopportunityemployerM/F



ARGUS INTERNATIONAL Box38 Hopewell,N. J. 08525 609-466-1677




Liberal company paid benefhaand equalopportunity employer.




100 SchoolHouseRoad Somer=et,NJ08873 Anequal OppOrtunityemployer

Company 76 NASSAU ST.

PRINCETON, N.J. 08540 MemberF.D.I.C.


"Seven For Central

"i~, I ~w~nce, l~dger THE CEmHUILPOST WlNDSOR-HIGHTS HEPJILD Thursday,

Help Wanted

December 7, 1978

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1tmManville News


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The Franklin NEWSRECORD 3-B

¯ Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

LPN WANTED - for 32 hours SHEET METAL AP- SECRETARY-Attractive DISHWAS’HER/ POT- DENTAL OFFICE & LAB OFFICE HELPER: Part- MACHINIST -- Optel TEMPORARIES Typist $160 per weekfor Princeton doctors WASHERneeded. -- General utility ASST-Parttime: time, light bookkeeping, PRENTICE -- Driver’s small office requires person Company Afternoons, _typing, answer phone,at presently has openingsfor office. No weekends. Reply ’,l~ense,some experience in secretarywith excellentbenefitsincludepaid hohdays I eve and I/2 day 2 Sats,a WarrenPlazaWest.9am-3pm machinist to perform fixture Typists PLUSH the fabricationand in- typing,shorthand & general and vacation.Convenient month. Box #02184 c/o Princeton Willtrain. 609-448-6300. weekdays. $3.00hourly. Call fabrication andmodification Receptionists stallation of du’ctwork.201-officecapabilities. Workloadlocation. ApplyfromI-4p.m. on equipment usedin liquid Do you love typing ? Wouldyou Packet. Mag Card Operators Debby609-448-6586. 874-8489days,or 246-8197afterrequiresapproximately 3-4 at AT&T Lon~lines. 180 crystal display manufacture. Keypunch Operators like to tram on the most 6. If you are industrious, modern equipment? Our client Bookkeepers days/weekat presentwith Centennial Lane,Piscataway.INSURNACEPROS -- we are dependable and have companyneeds your skills for Accounts Payable to $175 Accounting Clerks opportunity for laterfull201-885-5270. E.O.E. looking for the TOP mmlmum3 yearsexperience StatisticalTypists time,it desired. CallPrinexpanding department. PRODUCERS who seek Cancellation ¯ wewanttotalktoyou.Pleasetheir MAG CARD TYPEWRITEReaton, 609-921-8658. GROWTHASSURED General Offme Mag II a plus. Luxurious financial independence. You OPERATOR - for Law office. sendletterorresumeof work surroundings and top benefits. Clerks Deadline AI)aMINISTRATIVE ASST. -will accomplish this by Excellent working conditions history and salary Nevera fee. Call 609-452-1400. International corporation Secretaries President of multi-plant building substantial equity in needs your experience for & benefits. Salary com- AUTO MECHANIC -- Ex4 pem. Men. requirement to RefacElecelectronics manufacturing your own business. Strong lively, friendly department. Our temp desk has many mensurate with experience. tronics/0ptel Division, P.O. SELECTIVE perienced on Datsun or company requires highly incentive program includes 609-448-0016. PERSONNEL ’ Promotion from within. Great exciting assignments, both Box 2215,Princeton,N.J. similar import model, small dependable person to handle prestige auto, luxury travel & EXPERIENCED SWIM Club Mercer Mall, US #1 benefits. Nevera fee. Call 609- long andshort term, re_quiring Attn: Production quality, shop with all to,p range of responsibilities. the highest commission manager. Summer’79. Call D. 08540, 452-1400. Manager. E.O.E. (next to K-Mart) your skills. Register today and benefzts and rates. Call Excellent typing and shor- schedule in the U.S. Call 201- Williams. 609-896-2162. Princeton, N.J. work when and where you BAKERY HELP WANTED- William Jones, Somerset SELECTIVE thand essential. Must be able 874-4070. chooseat attractive rates, call full &part time. Learn a trade. Datsun. 201-722-3600. PERSONNEL to work with minimum WAITRESSES / WAITERSMust be reliable. 18 yrs. or Holly at 609-452-1400 or stop in Mercer Mall, US 1 supervision in President’s EXPERIENCED - full charge Experienced only. Full and to have your qualifications older. 609-452-1550. absence. Will handle con- NEED A JOB AND A GREAT bookkeeper. (next to K-Mart) A self starting part time available. GENERAL CAFETERIA matched to local CLERICAL ASSISTANT -Princeton, N.J. " HELP-- Applications being fidential work,sales activities PLACETO LIVE? - See our ad bookkeeper with experience in Weekends,6:30am - 2:30 p.m., wanted in library, beginning requirements. and special projects. Salary under Houses to share. accounts receivabIe and ac- nights 2:30 pm - 10:30pm. accepted for line service, flexible. Send resume to ENGLISH TEACHER -- sandwich persons, salad counts payable function. Apply in person/days. Holiday January 1. Hours include one evenmg per week and every SELECTIVE Kristen Anderson, Princeton needed for nearby High persons. Company benefits Knowledge of" inventory Inn, Princeton. TEMPORARIES third Saturday. Fast, accurate ENGINEER-BSEE, project School. Experience preferred, include paid holidays and" Resources, Box 211, PrinDENTALASSISTANT-- full control and costing would be typing needed, some ex- management; ceton, N.J. 06540. time,’ experienced preferred. broad exbut not essential. Send resume vacation. Convenient location. helpful. Send resume and MercerMall, U.S. 1 $165 perience with office machines perience. $30K. LORAgency, Modern,progressive office, E. salary requirements to Box Composer/Operator to Box #02185 c/o Princeton Apply from 1-4 p.m. at AT&T (next to K-Mart) valuable. Two or more years 609-921-6580. Packet. Windsor. 609-443-6464. #02188, c/o Princeton Packet. Lomzlines, 180 CentenniaJ Princeton. N.J. CLERICAL - Typing and IBM ESC of college preferable. Send Lane~Piscataway, 201-885-5720 diversified written application to: Peroffice duties. E.O.E. EM- Gorgeous, plush company is Pleasant office. Permanent, CASHIER sonnel, Princeton Public & HANDBAG CAFETERIA PLOYMENT - full& parttime seeking an individual with Library, 65 Witherspoon St. BARTENDER / BARMAID - CLERK WANTED -- School crossing full time. Call Mr. Gold. 201- SALESPERSON -- exTYPISTS & Full time position. Please expermnce on this brand new guards. 2 crossings per day for 494-24O0. perienced only. Apply Block’s work.No nightsor weekends. apply atJolly Ox,150Rt.206, SECRETARIES -- Rider Hightstown area.Call609-448machine. Fantastic Benefits. I~2 hours total. $8 .per day. DENTAL ASSISTANT - ExShoes, 2781 Brunswick Pike, SouthSomerville. College has immediate chairside Dental Contact Lt. Bellow, m person perienced 1700, ext. 5104. Nevera Fee ! Call 609-452-1400. Lawrenceville. openings for conscientious or call 609-924-4141,Princeton assistant needed for a FLEXIBLETIME - unlimited individuals with good skills challenging fulltimeposition SELECTI.VE Borough Police. Uniforms earnings is what we offer to KEYPUNCH OPERATOR -interested in full time emat a highquality EastWindsor DENTAL ASSISTANT -- .The PERSONNEL REAL ESTATE SALES furnished. " mature, career minded Gallop Organization in loyment, Weoffer a liberal office. 609-443-1117. Chairside. Experienced only. PERSON -- with proven Mercer Mall, US 1 people. If you are willing to is seeking a iPrinceton Hmxtto K-Mart) performance. Just-starting enefit package. Please call Beautiful new office in Rocky work hard and be trained, we FullorPartTime Operator. 1 ~,ear ext. 340 for inHill. Good salary, 4~2 day Keypunch Princeton, N.J. will stand by you and make MLS office in Hunterdon 609-896-0800 STATISTICIAN or more requwed. terview-appt. Rider College is MEDICAL week. Send resume to: Box experience sure you duc’ceed. Average Countyoffers key position with an. equal onDortunity/ afExceptional opportunity to join Full time position, day shift. To $26,000 #02186 c/o Princeton Packet. Goodbenefits. Call 609-924TRANSCRIBER earnings $18,000. Weoffer the top compensatmn plus the firmative action employer this very busyoffice andto REGISTERED NURSE -Mustbeself-starter. Develop best training and tools in the advantages of a small office. 9600. An equal opportunity have anexclusive territory. You 3:30-11pm, part time, small industry, Call Joe Therrien, For M/F and does not discmmmate statistical systems,analyze Part timeweekend positionin plus pleasant employer. oweit to yourseffto find out nursing home. For interview Country Living, Inc. 201-782- in its employmentpractices on researchdata for Fortune500 surroundings and friendly our X-RayDept. previous the basis of handicap. about this very interesting PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE contact Administrator, 5204. medical company. 20% atmosphere. Licensed real experience preferred. MAC MOUNTER-Full and part opportunity. Sunnyfield Nursing Home, 61 estate persons preferred but COST ACCOUNTANT - Selfprogramming. All feespaid. ii i m cardexperience helpful. | time. No exp.erience startingexperienced in- Maplewood Ave, Cranbury, not essential. For confidential necessary, but experience in dividual needed to design, 609-395-0641. JANITOR COOK,FIRST interview call Annette SchCall BEl"l’EKANTOR ApplyPersonnel Dept. Call 609448-8811 photography helpful. Neat, institute and maintain a cost HOUSKEEPING AIDES wed, 896-9333. Opening for experienced cook (201) 249-6307 (609)921-77o0 clean, precise, careful work a system. Some experience in ask foe Mr. Steele PARTY HOSTESSES (2 yrs.) in bettercuisineand For hospital housekeeping must. Excellent way for inventory control and general HOME catering. 40 hourworkweek, dept., dayshift, 8 4 THEMEDICAL CENTER students, homemakers and accounting would he a plus. An -- participate in buying patii occasional overtime.Excellent retired persons to earn extra equal opportunity employer. terns mkt. test(s) - Wetrain p.m., full time. General janitorial ATPRINCETON, NJ -- at home earning to no order processing or WORK CREDIT/GAL-GUY workingconditions,salaryand ! 050 George St money.Call Mr. Glenn 609-924- Send resume and salary duties, excellent working EqualOpportunityEmployer $250.00 weekly stuffing endeliveries. Earn $12 to $40 for 2 fringebenefits. NewBrunswick, NJ 8085. conditions, benefits andsalary. FRIDAY history to Box #02187, c/o hours work. Noobligation. 609- velopes. Send 25 ¢ stamped, Princeton Packet. Challengihg positionavailable self-addressed envelope to: 799-8337,keep trying. CallPersonnel Dept.for appt. CallPersonnel for appt. for assertive individual for Peachtree Lane Studids, P.O. ! 874-4OOO (201)874-4000 generalcredit work.Noprior Box 569, Evans, Ga. 30809 BEAUTICIAN. credit experience necessary. SECRETCARRIER FOUNDATION CARRIER FOUNDATION’ Typing a must. Attractive Psychiatrichospital seeking RECEPTIONIST/ ELECTRONIC ENGINEER ARY- intelligent, depen- PROGRAMMER BelleMead, NJ -1-3 ym. Belle Mead, New Jersey salary. Good . phone services of a beautician dable, mature individual to experience. BASIC PLUS or Equal OpportunityEmployerM/W Equal Opportunity Ern#oyer M/W background. Uberalbenefits. holdinga currentNewJersey work in professional office. FORTRAN. Experience On WE NEED A PROFESSIONAL to assume 3741 DATA ENTRY Manager’s license. Attractive Must be well organized. but responsibility for circuit design through producCallPersonnel for appt. surroundings and pleasant Previous experience dealing DECPDPll/70preferred, OPERATOR with minimum1 bui.sness appIication exyearexperierlcefor Princeton workingconditions.Excellent with the public is preferred. 874-4OO0 tion and all steps in between. on any other medium headquarters of international fringe benefits¯ Salary Full time position. Call 609-921- perience to large scale time sharing corporation. Excellent benefits. arrangements open to 1940. system would be considered.. OURPRODUCTS are solid state controls for discussion.Pleasesendbrief CARRIER FOUNDATION Call 609-396-9000. power, motor; temperatures and machine logic. outline of your experience and Call Personnel Belle Mead, NJ Most are used in our own products. Wewant to salary requirements to Box (&09) 924-6560 Equal Opportuniw EmployerMNV m 02179. HELP WANTED: take them into the open market. Anequc=lopportunityemployer M/F



E. T. Lyons



Equal Opportunity EmployerMtW

YOUR FUNCTION will be to do all the engineering tasks as well as working with customer in establishing requirements and specifications. It is a broadand.challengingtask. TELL US ABOUTYOURSELFSend your resume outlining education, employment and salary history.

ARGUS INTERNATIONAL Box 38, Hopewell, N. J. 08525 609-466-1677 Anequal opportunity ernployerm/f



WAITRESS/WAITER Fulltime,10:30to 6:30.Uberal benefits, goodworkingconditions.





| | Call Personnel Dept. (20!} B74-4000 I l CARRIER FOUNDATION | BelieMead,NJ |

EqualOpportunity Employer 7

Somerset Marriott


SAOn?qeu :?O:tp: N;iJy E 0 ~8¥~ ? r

SOFTWAREDEVELOPMENT ¯ Real time spacecraft telemetry data acquisition and formatting software for onboard microprocessor based telemetry subsystem. ¯ Real time automated test equipmentsystems engineering and software design and development. ¯ Microprocessor software for dedicated ¯launch support equipment applications involving spacecraft monitoring and control. ¯ Assemblylanguage software developmentfor onboard flight and control computers. ¯ Fortran programmingof software configuration in an IBM/370 environment.



SOFTWARETEST PLANNING ¯ e Planning efforts for test procedures,and interration and test of flight software programs.

SOFTWAREPROJECT ¯ Organization and coordination of software developmentprojects.

DIGITAL DESIGN eSpecial purpose and microprocessor based digital and flight equipment.

design for ground .

If you wouldlike to explore these opportunities, sendyour nameto: D. Brodhead RCAAstro-Electronics, Dept. P-! P.O. Box800, Princeton, NJ 08540 Weare aaequalopportunity employer F/H/M/t/.

Youngrapidly growingcompanyin the EastWindsor area seeksexperienced secretary. Musthavegoodtypingskills, self-starter,abillity to ordera must,client contact,congenial working atmosphere,cood salary, many company benefits.


Please contact: HedyHall (609) 448-7600



PSYCHIATRIC ATTENDANTS/ NURSING ASSISTANTS Full andPartTime Callfor shift availability.Good salaryandfringebenefits.

WeNEED peopleIMMEDIATELY for: 5KILLS TRAINING CLASSES beginningin January.CtericaJ,9" C)fficeSkills, Welding, RetailOccupations andMore. e

Joe EXPERIENCE POSITIONS are available now.Youwill be placedin a government or non-profitagency to workat a job that will furtheryourcareergoals.Noprevious experience is necessary. PAY rangesfrom$2.90to $3.25per hourdepending on the program. WENEED Veterans,Dropouts,peoplesearchingfor help in deciding onanoccupation, but especiallythe Unemployed. ELIGIBILITY - Youmustbea residentof MercerCountywho doesnot live in the City of Trenton.Also,youmusthavebeen unemployed at least7 days.Tou[jher eligibility rulestakeeffect nearthe endof January. APPLY NOW I STOP IN ATONE OFTHELOCATIONS LISTED BELOW ORCALLANDMAKE ANAPPOINTMENT. COUNSELORS AREAVAILABLE ONTHEDAYS INDICATED.

EWING PRINCETON HAMILTON ~ALL THE NEARESTCENTERFOR AN APPOINTMENT TODAY! 186W.Ingham Ave. 102Witherspoan St. 169WilfredAve. 393-4182 393-6442 924=9774 HAMILTON TRENTON HIGHTSTOWN ROBBINSVILLE MONDAY WEDNESDAY MONDAY-WEDNESDAY 169Wilfred Ave. 8 E. Hanover St. 131.S. Main St. Route130 393-8076 292.0602 443-4464 586-4034 HIGHTSTOWN LAWRENCE LAWRENCE PRINCETON 131SouthMainSt. 295 Eggerts Road 295Eggerts Rd. ]02 Witherspoon St. 443-4866 883.3399 924-9774 883-3399 TUESDAY-FRIDAY TUESDAY.THURSDAY 9:30a.m.-12:30p.m. 1:30p.m.-4:00p.m.



. .

WeofferSalary commensurate withbackground andanexcellent benefits package. CallKathryn Smith at609-685-2363

AMERICAN HOECHST CORPORATION Route 202-206 ’N(xth Somerville, N.J.08876 MI~lll olptx~aait]emplo)~ M/F



Willbeprimarily responsible for detailed costcontrol percarin a corporate fleet. Thisinvolves contact,handling maintenance invoices and keeping records related to tiresand repairs.



’To be employedyouMUST: 1. Bea residentof MercerCounty NOT living in the City of Trenton. TheCity hasits ownprogram. 2. Havebeenunemployed at least 15Weeks. 3. Meetfederallyestablished income limits. Forthis program, familyincome for a familyof 4 cannotexceed $7,670. 4. Beinterviewedandhired by the employingagency,not OTES

You’ll function asdirect assistant toboth thefleet service supervisor andthehead of ourdepartment of transportation in theira. plementati0n of thefleetmaintenance program.

EqualOpportunityErnploYm i

TIREDOFLOOKING for that just right job. IN NEED of a good, steady, income.

WehaveIMMEDIATE OPENINGS for Laborers(10), Emergency Medical Technician (1), Counselor (5). Carventer (1). Clerical Help(10), Home Weatherization Worker(5), DiabetesNurse Educator(I I, andMANY, MANY MORE! Thesejobs canlast up to 18 months.Salaries rangefrom $6,000 to $10,000 peryear.In additionyouwill receivegood fringebenefits,trainingandassistance in careerplanning and job placement¯ Jobsare locatedin variousgovernment and non-profitagencies throughout MercerCounty.

That’s thechallenge of thiskeyposition in helping to keep our company carsoperable and available at American Hoechst.

CallPersonnel Dept. (201)874-4000

EqullOpportuni~/Affirmatit~/k’tion Empl~m

If your are: PRESENTLY UNEMPLOYED. and have been for at least 15 weeks.

Thencontactyour Idealjob service or Neighborhood Center andinquireabout"the "50" job openings offeredby the Mercer CountyOffice of Training and Employment Services. (MCOTES)

Canyoukeepontopof many thingsat once?

Toqualify, strong figureaptitude, a sense of detailandprevious experience in acorporate transportation department areessential.

SECRETARY/ GENERAL Mercer County Community Collegehasa oneyearopening for individual with 1-2 years secretarialexperience to work at our James Kerney Campus in Trenton.Dutiesincludetyping 55 wpm.Candidatemust be flexible andwilling to work someeveningsandSaturdays with minimum prior notice. Salaryrangeminimum $7,011. Callfor interview 609.586.4a00, ext. 249.


119 Davidson Ave. Exit 527off Rt. 287

1 |

RCAAstro-Electronics has openings for Engineers and Scientists in the following disciplines:


The SomersetMarriott Hotel is presently looking for full time housekeepers.Expatience preferred but not necessary. Hours are 8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. five days a week. Meals and uniforms furnished. Apply in person Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M.- 5 P.M. in the Personnel Office. .




Upper Freehold Regional Schoolsneedssubstitute bus drives.Wearewilling to train and include the following benefits. Paid physical and license fees; $2.65per hour whiletraining; $5.50perhour afterreceiving license.



REALTORS Because we’re RELOCATING AND EXPANDING OUR PRINCETON OFFICE, we’re looking for MORE SALES MEN & WOMEN Advantages of joining us: Oneof the oldest, most prestigious companies A full-servlce real estate organization: Sales, Appraisals, Rentals, Management. Memberof :. Nationwide Find-A-Home Service National Association of Realtors Mercer Co. Multiple Listing Service Princeton Real Estate Group A set, rotating schedule allowing for excellent floor-time in sales Extensive property files Ample,freeparkiug Calltodayfor a confidential interview to learn more about our needs and offerings.

190 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J. 08540

[email protected]

"Seven For Central






rl~,I awm, nc~, I ~lge, r THE C,~¢TR./IL





Help Wanted

Cla ss i fi’ed

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

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Help Wanted

Help Wanted


The Manville News The Franklin


Thursday, December 7, 1978

Help Wanted

Hel p Wanted Help Wanted

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY BUSBOY/GIRL - WAITERS/ INDUSTRIAL NO FEE MECItANICAL PROCESS ENGINEER TRAVEL AGENTS --. exThis position reports directly WAITRESSES - Excellent 19K ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK , perienced, for rapidly growing -- Princeton educationati Night Owls! Earn extra cash to the President of this rapidly Benefits. Full time. Apply. in HELP: HELP! , GREATSPOT! INDUSTRIAL MECIIANICAL agency in Princeton area. Full publishing firm needs a bright, growingCorp. Solid work exp., person. Mr. Gummay,Hilton PERSONNEL,INC. TOWN or part time positions con- well organized individual, to as an on call security guard for good skills (60/90) and abihty Inn, Exit 8 NJ Tpk. No Phone Top international corporation 2500Rt. # l La wreneeville sidered. Reply to Box #02200, to assumeresponsibility req’d. TOWNTEMPS in Princeton assume responsibility for needs two programmers for a light manufacturing firm in If you thrive in a demanidng calls. Five to six years exveriencein 609-771-6900 needs pickers, packers, c/o Princeton Packet. ’processing all in-coming & growing operation. IBM/360, mechanical deslgn~ and situation call us for an imassemblers, stock and inDOS, Power, COBOL. the Hopewell/Belle Programmer -iwn~lelr°[fsiC~am~ile "vThi’susPeort~% Mead mediate appointment. ventory clerks and anyone drafting, lands top job for Systems Available immediately. Top whois conscientious and eager development and test of in- $37,000. Strong knowledge of SALESPERSON $1904-+. Fee Pd. OPENTUES DEPENDABLE WOMAN--- full & part clerical duties, light typing & wanted to occasionally care to work. Wecan offer you both house process equipment and IBM Internals. benefits and tuition program. area. Worknights & weekends EVE TIL 8:00 0S/VS Heavy time, fur fast growing Junior answering phones as required. for 9 year old boy at my home short Promotion from within¯ Never solution of manufacturing and long term Assembly. Call Carol King for adclothing chain in Princeton Opportunities CAREER CENTER 2-3 nights a week. Must have a fee. Call 609-452-1400. problems. BSME a plus. AA as needed. Perfect opportunity assignments with many vancement. Should have at area. Prior experience PEi{SONNEL 201-469-6100 own transportation. Call eves. degree ok if you have the compames in the Mercer and Programmers- (2) $23,000. SELECTIVE preferred. Goodopportunity & least 2 years of college or 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset 201-297-6977. experience. Middlesex t:ounty areas. Experienced in Cobol, for shift workers or retired several years of office/ PERSONNEL benefits. Call 201-297-4488. WestonCanal Exit 287) Come in and register today. business applications. business experience. 609-924Mercer Mall, US#I ToWN Onevisit is all it takes to get DOS/VS. CICS. Maintenance persons. For interview call (next to K-Mart) 5338. RN/LPN -variety with PERSON NEL AGE NCY you started on these $$$ jobs. and design. Call Carol King. WANTED’ HOUSEKEEPER Princeton, N.J. flexibility. Chooseyour days 101 College Road East 201-874-2252 anytime day or -- Part time, permanent¯ TOWNTEMPS shifts. Short and long term Princeton, N.J. 609-452-1122 Programmer Analyst -SECRETARY to$200 and Average 30 hrs. per week. Princeton Forrestal Center TAKE assignments available. 609night. $30,000. Fortran plus assembly Reliable warm person to do HOUSEWIVES I01 College Road East 924-0603. mnguage. RTll, RSXll, IAS housework & take care of 2 NOTICE - PART TIME CLERK TYPIST SPECIAL Princeton, N.J. 08540 TELEPHONE OPERATORS - or D operations. Call Carol school age boys. Must have POSITIONS AVAILABLEAT’ Progressive young firm needs TOWN (609) 452-1122 for specialized answering BURGERKING. 11 A.M. TO 2 ¯ bright person with flair for King. own car & references MANVILLE, CLEANING service in Princeton. 7am-3pm P.M. MON. THRU FRI. NO figures and strong desire to DEPENDABLE, INTELLIGI happen to be one of those PERSON- Male or female, 3 required..Call 609-924-9128, Sat. & Sun. 11pm-7am, Sun., Systems EXPERIENCE NECESSProgrammer -get ’ahead! 2 yrs. office exp. ENT SECRETARY -- with very special people with a times a week, 3 hrs. apafter 2 p.m. Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Maturity Proficient in ALC,TSOand/or communications ARY. APPLY IN PERSON, and tvnina (45) neededfor th~s excellent very particular background. I proximately. $3.25 per hr. MATUREWOMAN -- needed required. skills wantedfor smallt young have legal System/Job A Bend analysis. BURGER KING, 1673 highly promotable position. to babysitfor 1’.’2 yr. old boyin & responsibility secretarial Cocktail lounge anddining WANTED -- ambitious people NO. company m atOLDEN AVE., $160+ 4-. Fee Pd. OPENTUES prestige MVS/JES2 and VSAM is background and a related Plainsboro Sat. evenings. No Must be over 18. Call Millie, room. 201-685-9523 after 6 p.m. seeking excellent part time EWING TWP. tractive newPrinceton offices. background in real estate. My EVE TIL 8:00 desirable. Call Carol King. transportation necessary. 609- 609-921-0300. opportunity. Contact J&B Confidential work on a variety goodskills in steno and typing 799-3396. CAREER CF~NTER of special projects. Programmer Analyst -- Enterprises, 609-443-5425for PERSONNEL 201469-6100 Familiarity are be~,ong question. I now with medical think it s timel’or a change.I’ll CUSTOMER SERVICE -EXECUTIVE $19,000. IBMCobol. Design, appt. SUPERINTENDENT - ex500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset terminology helpful. Excellent oto TOWNPERSONNELin engineering background SECRETARY 11K development, modificatmn perienced, garden apt. (WestonCanal Exit 287) salary and benefits. Call 609and implementation. Call To $14K. No fee. SECRETARY-- Pennington rinceton today and register. I helps. complexin East Windsor Twp. PROFESSIONAL HAIR924-8098. Carol King. BUSINESS sales office. Person toperform Apartment & benefits supjust knowthey will place me BANNER DRESSERS -- great opQUALITY and plied. Salary open. Please Secretaries all secretarial on Ihis super position. I won’t ASSOCIATES,228 Alexander I~ortunity, very busy shop. TOWN. Secretary " Our equal opTyl)ists organizational functions. Must write to Box #02191 c/o hesitate and I remember, St., Princeton, 609-924-4194. Open 7 da~,s per week. Make REAL ESTATE FIELD never a fee to the applicant at your own nours. Call 201-297- This quality company is *portunity employer seeks have prior experience. Salary Princeton Packet. secretary with top typing and EARN EXTRA TRAINER- Well established commensurate with exTOWN. 3218. looking for a quality person IIOIAI)AY local office of national with excellent skills. If you are steno skills for their product perience. Call 609-737-9333. TOWN MATURE RELIABLE -part CHILDCARE-- wanted for 7 management area. Plush MONEY! .’ ~ .’ organization is seeking a full a high powered secretary with PERSONNEL AGENCY time or full time medical month old boy in your home, offices with great benefits. time, career minded intop drawer skills, this young & 101 College RoadEast CLERK TYPIST West LPNor RN at busy PERSON WANTED -- to preferably with one or two Call Carol King As the holiday season draws dividual who enjoys helping Princeton. N.J. 609-452-1122 assistant, demanding executive wants Windsor Twp. $130 $140 per internist office. Send resume clean apt. 1 day per week. other children. Hours: 8:30- , near and you find you could others. Professional training, you as his right hand. The week. Requires good typing to Box #02183 c/o Princeton References required. 609-799- 2:30, weekdays. Want person -- Blue Seal. use someextra !! ! comein to excellent working conditions, is ex- Engineer skills, abili-ty to learn quickly. work environment Packet. 4050 after 5:30p.m. who is interested in and management opElectric & Steam Unit. SELECTIVE TEMcellent, benefits great and Call 609-799-2400. Addevelopment of preschoolders. WANTED Supervisory position. Fee PORARIES.Sign up today and portunities for the right person SALESPERSON potential outstanding. Grow ministrators office for apLooking for more than just a , be working tomorrow at plush whois interested in expanding for homefurnishing store in witb your boss. This challenge p, aid. $25,000. Call Jane COMPUTERDOCUMEN- plication. EOE. Hightstown area. Must be babysitter. Desire supportive Kogers. BOOKKEEPER/ SECRETlocal companies. Never a his/her horizons, as well as comfortable is yours. Don’t wait, this spot TATION with home and creative environment for ARY -- full charge contract. Never a fee. Stop in income. For confidential inwon’t last long. Remember, EDITOR 15K play and learning. Princeton Engineer BSEE -- Project bookkeeping thru general or call ttolly at 609-452-1400. terview call Bill Kinsey, 921- decorating & fashion connever a fee to the applicant at INDUSTRIAL ARTS scious. Salary ÷ commission. position. Digital logic design. ledger. Typing, payroll, & area only. Call 609-924-8619 0747. TOWN. EDITOR TEACHER -for alternative Call evenings. 609-448-6916. Local grant. Fee Paid, $28,000. diversified duties. Experience after 6 PM. SELECTIVE TOWN TOWN High School. Skilled in furnecessary. 20 hrs. er week. Call Jane Rogers. TEMPORARIES PERSONNEL AGENCY niture repair and refinishing. Lawrence Twp. cPaEll Pam NUI’{SES -- LPN’s& RN’s, full 101 College RoadEast GAIJGUY FRII)AY SOCI A L SERVICE If you have 2-3 years editing 10 hours per week. at teacher’s Bhalla, at609-883-3399,9a.m.- DESIGNEE-- to serve small MercerMalt, U.S. 1 Interesting position with local and part time positions, . Princeton, N.J. 609-452-1122 Chemists (3) -- Physical, experience and a proven flair scale. N.J. Teacher Cer3 p.m. available at our & Organic. (next to K-Mart) growth Co. requires services nursing home part time. for making good sense out of tification reouired. Call Magnificent R&Dlab. $26,000. health care Princeton, N.J. of diversified person with solid ceville-based Degree in Social Services Lawrence "Twp. Public computer software/hardware Fee paid. Call Jane Rogers. facility. Prefer Geriatric office exp. and typing (50). SHOP desirable. For interview documentation manuscripts, Schools, 609-883-0300,ext. 364. SHEET-METAL MANAGERSWANTED-- for experience. Excellent benefits MECHANIC -with some Duties enlial a little bit of thisis the job foryou. Takefull An equal opportunity a profitable second income contact Administrator, af& starting salary. For imChemist -BS/MS. Pharlayout experience. Exeverything. Excellent benefit charge of publications from firmative action employer. Call 609-259-2290 Sunnyfield Nursing Home, 61 INSURANCE -- Personal maceutical position. $17,000. opportunity. mediate consideration call package plus fast adperienced only with light all the way to or 201-431-0915between 5 & 7 Maptewood Ave., Cranbury, lines secretary for Princeton vancement. $150. Fee Pd. Personnel Mgr. 609-394-5181. manuscrint.~ Fee Paid. Call Jane Rogers. gauge residential duct work N.J. 609-395-0641. ready-for-printing mechp.m. insurance agency. Auto rating OPEN TUES EVE TIL 8:00 Full time, year around emanicals. Top inknowledge desired. 35 hour Electronic Technician -ployment. 609-395-0350. ternational company, a few CAREER CENTER URGENT!-- I need a man or BOOKKEEPER- fine comweek, excellent fringe Supervisory position. PROGRAMMER- Fluent Johnson & Johnson Dental minutes from Princeton. t:’ERS()NNEI~ 201-469-6100 FORTRANand 1 year exbenefits, parking facilities, Production testing. Technical a couple to share a home of pany, to $11K. Fee Pd. LOR Products Co. is seeking, a Sr salary, negotiable 609-924500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset perience required for research Laboratory Technician with 2 HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED School or engineering degree. active parapelegic. Care of Agency,~ 609-921-6580, 1101 TOWN (WestonCanal Exit 287) 1511. Eves & weekends call State Rd. and development position in years of experience, pref--5 days a week, 7-5pro while Fee paid. $22,000. Call Jane house, helping dressing, PERSON NEL AGENCY driving, etc. Be my family. 609-799-2435 asR for Mrs: fast paced growing non-profit erably in a chemi- mother attends school. Live-in Rogers." 101 College Road East Comfortable home, food, Schroeder. organization. Initial cal / polymer laboratory, or out. 609-443-3551. leisure time, etc. Let’s talk HOUSEKEEPER -INSURANCE -- Accounts responsibility includes coding, Princeton, N.J. 609-452-1122 and 2 years of college level for Receivable,. strong antitude about it. Reply to Box#02201, family of 4, live-in. General debugging ahd documentation Chemical Engineering or c/o Princeton Packet. for figures. Some insurance of generalized financial CLERK/ TYPIST -- needed chemistry. Send Resume and MECHANIC -- for minor PERSONNNEL,INC. housework; laundering, PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPER- background helpful. Princeton planning modelfor institutions for mail order book business. salary requirements to Per- repairs and other related 2500 Rt. #I . Lawrenceville cleaning & cooking 5V2 days, VISOR- Color slide mounting. area, call 609-924-8700. of higher education. Some Attention to detail and good sonnel Dept, Johnson and duties. Main Line Garage, 609-771-6900 DRAPERY SEAMSTRESS -- 44 hrs. $133.40per "weekp]’u~ I)o you have basic knowledge Plymouth, design work and user contact. typing skills important. Call Johnson Dental Products Co., Chrysler neededfor customdrapery free private room & board. of photography and audioSuccessful candidate will have 609-924-1631for interview. 20 Lake Dr., Hightstown, NJ. HightstownNJ 609-448-2849. work. Call The Drapery Min. 1 yr. pd. domestic exPART TIME -Receptionist/ visual equipment? Are you THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE many of the following 08520. Office Manager at tennis club. Machine, Inc., 609-448-7277 for perience. Refs. nee. 609-921precise, neat and organized? ARE EXPENSIVE! A second quahfications. BS or BABYSITTER-- Needed for 8089 after 6pm. CLERK-- for filing, recep- 201-359-8730. details. Can you supervise andinstruet incoffm can get the best for equivalent, business/ tionist & telephone answering infant son, Tues. thru Thurs, 6 others and maintain quality your family Enjoy extra economic/ finance duties. Typing not necessary. hours daily in our Plainsboro GAL/GUY FRIDAY -- full control? A unique opportunity earnings in your spare time. background, exposure to home, start Feb. I. 609:799- CLERK-TYPIST ] 185 Call Mrs. Cuomo,609-921-6500 SECRETARY -- Top typing time, to assist sales manager. ACCOUNTING, DEGREE for the individual with the No telephone interviews. modeling techmques, ex- 4960. experience. Fine firm. for appt. andsteno skills reqmred. Goodwith, knowledge some ability to get the job doneright Contact J & B Enterprises. $15K, LORAgency, 921-6580. perience with computer SYSTEMS 6 of bookkeeping, some typing. -- the first time. Basic offl~ce 609-443-5425for appointment. network, familiarity with Fee Pd. 1101 State Rd. FILE CLERK-- enthusiasticApply Cream-Q-Land Dairy, TOWN skills required. Please call Ira interaclive systems, (IBM SHEETMETAL INSTALLbeginner with little or no CUSTODI/~N -M/F, 6am680 Somerset St., New Beekoff at 609-924-8085. or TSO). some design ERS -- Experienced in warm This is the spot you’ve been 2pro, 5 days a week or part experience - willtrain. CtIEMIST 20K+ CMS Brunswick. (~OLLEGE STUDENT -background, experience in air heating & central air waiting for. Are you the in- hme, fringe benefits included. companion. Twice weekly. For internal and user documenconditioning installation. dividual that is ready to POOL DESK ATTENDANT-Opportunitiesto work in PRODUCTION adult¯ Must have lalion, knowledge of Basic Lawrenceville area. 609-395- become the key person, the 7:45am-4pm. Apply in person, pleasant PARTTIMECOOK- Weekends downtown PrincetonSEWER PLANT OPERATOR handicapped TOWN pleasant personality¯ Phone and/or Pascal, mini computer 0350. only. Parttime LINE SF~Rprimary operator of a brand Princeton office.Excellentpay and -- full time, experienced, YM-YWCA Paul for details. 609-924-0724. ~I)I,:C 11/34) experience, VER- weekends .only. Apply TOWN PERSONNEL new System 6 operation? If Robeson Place, Princeton. No benefits. Callor sendresume licensed is S-3. Must be of computer Peddle School Food Service. you’re flexible, technically to:M.Saunders, P.O.Box449, responsible, looking for a particular in- knowledge phone calls please. ~’eliable, 609-448-7990. Weare an Equa~ dividual with at least five (5) graphics. Company has ex- ASST. TEACHER- for local minded and willing to be Princeton, N.J.08540, 609-921-CAREER oriented individual ENGINEERS -many Opportunity Employer. ears experience in a rubber cellent national reputation and nursery school. Part time, 8:30 trained, this company wants 3633. who will assist in the daily openings. Experience provides first class benefits ackground. You will be a now. Your expermnce on RECREATION ASSISTANT routine of maintenance of 3 required. Resume please. No - 12:30, 5 days per week. you the MAG II will open the door wanted-- parttimewinter, "hands on" person involved in including 4 weeks vacation Education and experience sewage plants & lift station. fee. BANNER BUSINESS with substantial opportunity for you to good pay, excellent full time summer. Send FULLTIME-- Receptionist/’ every aspect of this industrial Must follow established plant ASSOCIATES,228 Alexander with pro-school children for professional growth in OFFICE WORKER -for benefits and super growth accounts receivable clerk. manufacturing process. Your Resume to: Twin Rivers operation procedures. Must preferred. Reply with resume St. Princeton, 609-924-4194. Don’t let someone Community Trust, Twin Princeton consulting firm. Congenial atmosphere in design and process knowledge lively working environment.’ have N.J. driver’s license. Box #02211, c/o Princeton potential. Must have car. Duties include private non-profit agency. will make you the winning Starting salary $12-15,000 to else get this job. It’s yours. Rivers Dr. & MilfordRd, Full benefit package, inPacket. operation and maintenance of cluding Excellent fringe benefits. Remember,never a fee to the Hightstown NJ 08520. candidate. We need you now. ba.sed upon experience. Send clothing allowance. resume to Lynn Ann Merill, Kodak copying equipment EAST WINDSOR -- New applicant at TOWN. Write Box#02189c/o Princeton Register today. Remember, Some overtime hours. EI)UCOM, P.O. Box 364, twill train), mail, outside opening. ~ Packet. never a fee to the applicant at Qualified individuals may French restaurant PLAINSBORO East & West Princeton, N.J. 08540. 609-921errands I will reimburse for January ’79 needs 2 barTOWN JANITORIAL apply to: Public WorksDept., TOWN.Windsor and Cranbury areas. 7575. PERSONNEL AGENCY mileage), various other duties Mont. Twp, Municipal Bldg., persons for service bar to split SUPERVISOR Established early morning 101 College RoadEast including somelisting. Highly Rt. 206, Belle Mead, for ap- the following days and hours: CABINETMAKER - exnewspaper routes available to Princeton, N.J. 609-452-I122 TOWN Tues, Wed, Thurs, 5:30pmperienced in Formica Leading janitorial main- suitable for semi-retired plication. PERSONNEL AGENCY reliable person with car. Call finishing. Full time. 609-4439:30pm; Fri & Sat, 5:30pmtenance firm is seeking, a full person. Call Mrs. Maltese, 609WIIAT 101 College Road East 6:30am-2pm. 609-655-4260 and II:30pm, $4/hourly, no hps. 1422. time janitorial suoerwsor. 2 924-8773. A Princeton, N.J. 609-452-1122 eves 201-877-4053. Call 609-448-6670 for apIMMEDIATE OPENING p.m. - 10 p.m. lVfust be exGREAT PERSON -to make Housekeeping Dept. Porter pointment. perienced m all phases of IDEA deliveries and do general M/F.Full time, da), shift. Also janitorial maintenance work. DENTAL RECEPTIONISTWANTED -- BUILDER/ FIGURE CLERK LEGAL SECRETARY-- for stock work. Must be able to Nursing Aides, M/F, full & Good starting salary and If getting involved in ac- North Brunswick firm. Some I’m going to become a INSTALLER/ SALESPERmanager type. Ex- drive standard shift part time. All shifts available. benefits. Call 201-874-6200,9 Office counting reports, getting cellent opportunity for a automobile experience required. Good member of the TOWNTEMPS SON, for transmission shop. Orientation and have valid RECE PTIONIST / & in service a.m. 5 p.m. things to add up right and salary &benefits. Call 201-247- team. I’m going to work for Call 609-888-2775. permanent career. Ex- N.J. license. Full or part time. TELEPHONE OPERATOR provided. Apply in person, 9 super companies when I want desire to advance in the ac- 1137Ior appt. perience preferred but not Apply American Sewing and for fast paced & growing film a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon. to Fri. to. I can type, take steno and counting field is what you necessary. Salary open. Reply Vacuum Center, Princeton company in downtown Franklin Convalescent Center, be a very ~ood general office RELIABLE want, then call us now." Bo:( t~02203, c/o Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton, Princeton. Should have WORKER -EXPERIENCED-- executive Rt. 27, Lincoln Hwy., Franklin person. TOWNTEMPSwill pleasant telephone manner & Nationwide Corp. has need of needed at the Princeton Wash- Pk., N.J. secretary with excellent steno Packet. N.J. pay me the best rate for my O-Mat. Must be able to wait on bright person with 1 yr. office DRUMMERAVAILABLE -be dependable. No experience and typing skills needed imexp. Excellent advancement Call AI, 609-443-6485 after 6pm. skills. Being a temp is a great customers, handle money and necessary. Hours 8:39 - 5pm. mediately for new companyin idea. I’ll never get bored keepstore clean. Call 609-921- DENTAL ASSISTANT - in Princeton, to work closely and benefits. $160. Fee Pd. HOUSEKEEPER -: inRECEPTIONIST/ PERSON609-924-8085. working in the same job day 9785: OPEN TUES EVE TIL 8:00 East Windsor. Part time. No with sales team. Salary dependent, experienced, to NEL CLERK -- small comafter day. I’ll do it. I’ll register Saturdays. Experience commensurate with exclean and manage household, pany (115 employees) in new TYPIST- are you looking for a CAREER CENTER TELEPHONE INTERVIEWtoday and make extra money preferred. Send resume to Box rience. Excellent benefits. 2 days a week, Mon-Wedor modern facility in Princeton job that is fast paced, inPERSONNEL 201-469-6100 ER -- Part time intermittent working as a TOWNTEMP. #02213 c/o Princeton Packet. ease send resume to P.O. Fri. Some cooking, own area seeks cheerful person teresting & unusual? Weneed 500 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset work. Basic math, reading & PAI~T TIME -- odd jobs, Box429, Princeton, N.J. 06540. transportation. Call 609-924- with goodtyping skills to staff an accurate, fast, dependable ( WestonCanalExit 287) public relation skills required. TOWN TEMPS stock, light maintenance, 2886. Reception desk, coordinate typist for young growing film Knowledge of agriculture Princeton Forrestal Center Hours flexible, $4 per hour. HOUSEKEEPER in downtown phone traffic & fill gap with company 4 or 5 days helpful. $4.02per hr. Call 609101 College RoadEast 609-452-2800. various clerical tasks. Weare Princeton. 609-924-8085. per week. Excellent salary for 984-2273, ESCS-USDA, PO Box Princeton, N.J. 08540 AMBITIOUS PERSONto COSMETICS -- 20 people EXPERT TYPIST -- wanted growing companywith first experienced warm person, to 1888, Trenton, NJ 08625. (609) 452-1122 handle mailroom & needed to learn and teach to work in ownhomeon an.on- duplication rate benefits (in~:luding tuition manage household and care BAKER NEEDED -for equipment. Please professional skin care and call basis. Must be fast, ac- contact Mrs. Block. 609-443- assistance &dental insurance) exciting new bakery en- for one School age child. make-up techniques. For curate, have IBMcorrecting & a strong committment to l~eferences required. 609-466PERSON TO CLEAN UP -on terprise. Please send detailed 4232. interview call 201-825-3280or EVENING OFFICE promotion from within, which Selectrie t~,pewriter & be resume to Box #02208 c/o 2976. write Laura LynnCosmetics, 7 construction site after hours, 5 WORKER-- light typing, willing to pick up & deliver is why this position is now hrs. per wk. Call 201-521-2100. Princeton Packet. Christopher Pl., Saddle River, pleasant telephone manner. work to office in Hightstown. PART TIME CLERICAL available¯ To explore further, RESUMES UNLIMITED N.J. 07458. Thurs, Fri & Sats from 6-11pm. position -- available in 609-448-6707. please phone Ms. Pascale, Your complete one stop TEACHER -desires care for PROGRAMMERS .$$$ Call 609-924-0580bet. 10 &5, 8 month old girl in her Reeky DP MANAGER $$$ marketing department of resume service featuring. 609-452-1300 ext. 261 Mon thru Fri. _ Princeton University Press. resumes professionally Hill home. Good salary for the AN E.O.E. M/F. ¯ WANTED -- Housekeeper, FORTRAN COUNTRY MANUFACTURING Sendletter to: A.W.,Princeton right person. Call after 4pro, written to highlight you~ Clerk Typist live-in 5 days a week. good University Press, Princeton, TOWN $120 qualifications, expertly typed, This door opens an oDportunity $15 GROUPDISCUSSION -- 609-924-3148or weekends. salary, for experienced, neat N.J. 08540. FEMALE COMPANION -& offset printed For personal,i RETURNING TO WORK? for the quaIified applicant with about casino gambling. Must Do you have RPG II and person with happy disposition needed part time during only one year experience. serwce call have casino gambling ex- CLERK-- part time, should IS~astem 32 or 34 experience? &love for one 5 year 01d. Refs. TRAVEL AGENT -- Exp. - A.M.’s & P.M.’s for various confidential corIf you’re ready to go back to Dynamic Princeton ve you demonstrated required. 609-466-2976. Call Opportunity - Outside Sales. household duties & as an aide RESUMES UNLIMITED at perience in past year. Call be efficient & personable. Benefits. Reservations Center¯ workthis is your opportunity. poration is ready to hire NOW.Debbie at Response Analysis. supervisory ability ? Weneed a after 5 pro. to partially handicapped 609-448-0701. Flexible hours, but avail, at sharp individual 609-259-3406. Great.companyhas entry level Weneed IBMexperience with 609-921-3333,9-5pm. to take young woman. Room & board least 15 hr. per week. Please CMS/or TSO a definite plus. position waiting for you with cha~ge of this department for PHOTOGRAPHY -- full time DESK PERSON plus modest living expenses. -contact Ms. Burch at 609-921- a growing manufacturing RESUME SERVICE -growth potential. Promotions Lookingfor a BSor equivalent experienced. . To work in recreational facility, full & Reply to Box #02198 c/o RYAN 8370.’ Dayton, N.J. Evening apexperience. Will work on company. Bring your talents from within, top benefits, IF YOUENJOY-- fine work medical photography. Will part timepositions available. Princeton Packet. pointments available. Call great location. Never a fee. special project which requires such as needlepoint or corto TOWNand start the new train for specific needs. Salary Reply P.O. Box 6382, after 4 p.m. 201-329-2431. a command of FORTRAN. cheting Call 609-452-1400. we need you to ADMINISTRATIVE/ SALES- ear with a new challenge. based on photographic ex- Lawrence NJ 08648. Call Marianne at TOWN assemble small electronic all Marianne at TOWN perience. Send replies to Box NEED DEPENDABLE SELECTIVE PERSON -- part time, today. today. WOMAN -- to clean my house. components. Full time em- executive aircraft PERSONNEL #02190, c/o Princeton Packet. charter ployment & pleasant atMercerMall, US #1 compa_ny. Heavyphonewh*rk. LEGAL SECRETARY -- Thurs. or Fri. weekly. PrinCancellation TOWN ceton-So. Brunswick area. TOWN mosphere. 609-924-2444, (next to K-Mart) steno, typing, no legal ex-. Knowledge of figures. College PERSoNNEL AGENCY RECYCLE Must have transportation & PERSONNEL AGENCY Princeton Advanced Com- or work experience required. Deadline Princeton, N.J. periencerequired. 609-443101College Road East references. Call 201-329-4659 101 College RoadEast ponents, Rte. 206, Research Contact Judy Kirkman, 609THIS 6706. Princeton, N.J. 609-452-1122. Park, Princeton.. 4 p.m. Mon. after 6 p.m. Princeton, N.J.. 609-452-1122 799-3030. NEWSPAPER Programmer,











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]’he ManvilleNews HEPJtLD

Th,wsday, December 7, 1978




Jobs Wanted


Jobs Wanted


dqdvertising Personals

The Franklin







s A BAND? W6ddin~ ARE SINGLE? ARE YOU CASH- for your old jewelr.y, MAGICCATALOGUE- $1 - DOUBLEBED - extra firm THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT MOTIIER/TEACHER -- will CHILD CARE - My Home. SANTACLAUS- Booking now NEED for Office Company, are our specialty!Good LOOKINGFOR A PLACE TO diamonds & estates. Mac- credit of $1 with your list $5 mattress, $150; Rata-Hoe ~ESUMES-- Did you know care for vour children,her Days, danceable music for all ages evenings or after school. order - Jack’s Magic DenBox shredder, $175; 1968 VWBug, parties. A MEET OTHERS WHO ARE Donald Jewelers, Yardville, , "that pricesforresumes range’h~me whileyouworkor nlayl References available¯ organizational ¯ ..v...i reasonable prices & we are ? ., SINGLE? Come to the N.J. 609-585-4716. 312 Princeton Jet. heater b0x repair needed, REAL LIVE SANTA in the ashlghas$3000. Andaslowas’)al.a~t-8422 Reasonable. 609-448-1880. flesh, available to you. Alsofor dependable. 201-359-1830. Hightstown Singles’ Christian $25O.30" attic fan, $45; car top $157 In today’s confusing ....... rack, $15; Turo 7 hp riding that special gift tobe delivered Fellowship. PROGRAM: marketplace with its shifting .... mower, repair needed; can Friday, Dec. 8 at 8:30 pro. "A on Xmas Eve. Reasonable standardsand tastes,how can WELL KNOWN& Reliable YEARNTO TRAVEL -- far LOVE SEAT brown & beige WIIOLESALE GUNS ANONYMOUS.I Coffee House," complete with opener w/sharpener; wool rates. Call any eve. AI or Rich. OVEREATERS Mother wishes to babysit daily flame stitch Herculon, conand wide, but not alone? Nurse 609-448-5652. EDINBURGIISPORTSllOP rugs 6 x 8, 6 x 9; shag rug, 7 x OhU Forresume? example: " meets Thursday evenings, atmosphere, special enat judge? is a good Is or weekly located across the companion service. temporary, like new, $150. 609Ex609-.143-12 l,l 12, all best offer¯ 921-1713 after 1st Presbyterian Church, tertainment, and refresh443-5379. (herea correct form?Should st. from McKnightSchool. 609,- perienced traveler. Recom6 p.M. ECUMENICAL Hightstown. For information merits. yougo to a professional, or 448-5338. AMTRAK RAIL EXPRESS Rem. 870 VR 3" 12 ga mendations available. Reply $201 WORSHIP:Every Sunday at write your own? Are you Hem.1100 VR3" 12 ga $249.75 to Box #02204, c/o Princeton SERVICE-- offers fast and call 609-448-2481or 448-5459.2pro. DROP-IN NIGHT: assuredof gettinga good economical shipping to 500 SOLIDWALNUT - dining rm. Packet. $210 FOR SALE-- large HOtrain Every Wednesdayat 7:30 pm. Rein. 700 Bdl. Std. Cal resumejustbecausesomeone PROFESSIONAL cities of heavy or oversized !~em.870 Slug Brl 12 ga $54 platform, 3 bicycles, 26" boys set, 6 chairs, hutch, rd. table All ac’tivities at the First claimsto be a professional? packages and luggage. Small IF YOURSOUL IS THIRSTY Presbyterian LIBRARIAN - EXPERIENCED, Church, 320 Rein. 1100Slug Brl 12 ga $61.50 3 spd., like new, automotive w. leaves &pad. $950. 609-536CERHow much shouldyou pay? Is RESEARCH parcel service also available. -- there is living water North Main, Hightstown. type, home 2815. Keeptrying¯ (with physical science TIFIED Teacher lookingfor Win. Mod. 70 Std Cal $208.70 analyzer-scope Opendaily in the 20 NassauSt. available from Jesus Christ. (herea realdifference bet- backgroundand writing skills) security system, ’needs no Win. 1400 Winchoke VR $180 position in preschool Building, Princeton. Call 609- May we helpyou receive God’s weenthe$15and$500resume?available for free lance or part Win. 1200 WinchokeVR$143.30 wiring, heavy duty chain saw, CHARMING -- dining set, Is it worththe substantialtime assignments. If you need classroom. Please call Laura, 924-6055. love? Fellowship of the Faith SINGLE CAUCASIAN 609-921-7453. Ithaca 37 Std. V. Rib 191.21 ceramic top range, good contemporary, blond, 7 pc.; amount ofmoneyitisgoingto Annotated Bibliography, Chapel. 609-448-6649 or 443_~ condition. Phone 609-452-6043 antique mirror; chaise lounge, business man, age 35, 5’ 9.", 169 cost?Doyouneeda resumeat Literature 5306. workinghours or 397-8110after sewing roach; ltoover vac; Search, lbs. with 4 years swmglng S & W’S IN STOCK .,~a?l? This iswhere I come in.In Bibliographic Compilation or GINGERBREAD HOUSES -experience is looking for slim 25-6"B, 41-7 3/8"B, 46-6" 5 pm. exercycle; baby swing; Sony a fieldwherethereisan in- other reference or research Announcements BEAUTIFULLY DONE FOR attractive woman to attend B,13-4" BL19-6" B, 14 - 8 3/8" recorder; Natl’l. Geog. 1930credible range of quality, my assistance call Guenever P. THE "HOLIDAYS. A CHAR- SINGLE ADULT MEN& parties with other swinging B, 14-6" B, 39-4" B, 17-6" B 1975; 609-443-3357. resumes are consistently MING CENTERPIECE, A WOMEN The Singles couples, or other places like T/T, T/H, T/S, 27-8 3/8" B, 27 Knapp,609-924-4382. good. Clients bring back ,CAROL’S PLACE -- PerDELIGHTFUL GIFT FOR Fellowship offers a wide range PlaLo’s Retreat. Reply to R. 8 3/8" N, 27-6" B, 15-4"B, Colt FOR THE HOLIDAYS- THE reports that prospective CAPsonalized stationery, inANY AGE - SEVERALSIZES of programs &activities which O’Connor201-526-3434. Pytlmn, 6" Blue Python, 4" CHOCOLATE / employers were impressed FOR speak to your needs "& inPUCCINO MOUSSE PIE - GOLD STRATOLOUNGER-MOTHER OFFERS CHILD vitations and gift items at AVAILABLE¯ Call nickel Ruger Security, 6" super comfy, perfect cond. enough to commentfavorably by many of N.Y.’s discount prices. Call 609-.443- DETAILS609-799-2438. CARE-- hourly of daily, terests. If you are divorced, stainless 357 Mag.Call for a served about (he quality of resume finished playroom, crib or cot 3141. finest restaurants. Called by Best offer. 201-873-2709after widowed, separated, never FORMING CAR POOL - to price quote. Call Ed, 609-443-6316 6pm. myclients showedthem. I will for naps, snacks, lots of TLC. Stendhal, famous food critic married person, call 609-452- PATH. after 6:30 p.m. "Fantastic...worth any give you straight answers to TwinRivers. 609-443-3343. 1368 or write The Singles MONTESSORI DAYCARE ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER Fellowship, 61 Nassau St. the list of most frequently rice..." 15 servings $16.50 AND I~RE-SCHOOL asked questions above and 10. 1978 BETWEEN THE Princeton NJ. 08540, for furaFamille, Inc. 201-634-2114 25" ZENITH TV -- sharp ANTIQUE FURNITUREKindergarten EXPERIENCED MOTI:IER " color, exc. cund. $175. or best manymore. If you call me. I HOURS OF 8:30 A.M. and ther information. days, 201-359-8415. Good selection of household former : Half day, full day - 5 days 2:00 P.M., offer. 201-874-6527. ST. ANN’S will sii downwith you and take licensed teacher, items, brass and pewter director of TR 8:00 a.m. - 5:0op.m. SCHOOL P.T.A. WILL BE time to answer all your assistant curtain rods. Radios, floor program with : ConvenientlocatlononRt. 27 SPONSORING A questions with no obligation on Toddler MOVINGSALE - complete lamps and much more. New ROOFING-- Kendall Park babysitting at Lutheran Church. "CHRISTMAS BAZAAR AND PROFESSIONAL WOMAN-’ your part. If I do a resumefor established TRIO TAG SALES, INC. early American bedrm, set widow, enjoys good music, items daily. Bargain prices. 20 Ranches from $39.95 per 100 has openings . Sensitive, warm, caring business BRUNCH WITH SANTA." you, I will be glad to advise w/lamps, exc. cond. Vacuum reading and occasional dining Cherry St., South Bound sq. feet. Call John. Eves: 201beginning in the summer, teachers. N.J. approvedIT WILL BE HELD IN THE you about updating it for a "We do all the work" cleaner, many house plants. out, would like to meet an Brook. Tel. 201-469-0998. playroom, yard, 297-7812. Days: 201-329-6309. Finished A.M.S. Certified. ST. ANN’S SCHOOL period of 2 years after, free of sale of entire or etc. Call 609-771-0749. ,, Mini-programfor 2 1/2 & 3 ’CAFETERIA, well groomed Profitable charge. Call me to find out nearby playground, daily, 34 ROSSA intelligent, partial contents of your home. gentleman with similar in.outings, meals & snacks yr. aids, 8:45-10 a.m. AVENUE, LAWRENmore PRINCETON WRITING Professional!y conducted at REDWOOD WHIRLPOOL IMPERIAL HOT TUBS - Buy Register now. Some openings CEVILLE N.J. THE BAZAAR terests. Age65 to 70. Reply to your convemence. " ASSOCIATES.201-359-5948 ¯provided. Call 609-448-0406. AND Box #02162 c/o Princeotn MARK XII -- 18 lb. washer. direct large selection, low MATTRESSES available¯ CALL201-297-6066 WILL FEATURE FOUNDATIONS -Extra Avocado,3 yrs. old. Exc. cond. CHILDRENS SECRET GIFT Packet. prices¯ 201-359-0260. or 297-9144. FOR MOREINFO CALL GOING ON A TRIP? Why firm, high coil count, Twin, Whirlpool Imperial Mark X 18 PRODUCTIVE RESUMES -CASTLE, CHRISTMAS 609-883-3535, 215-493-6858 $99.95per set. Full, $119.95per elec. dryer, exc. cond. Mathiring a babysitter, Since ’63. Will edit, revamp& bother BOUTIQUE, PICTURES 609-882-2131 CAR POOL TO MIDTOWN set. Queen $159.95 per set. yhen you can leave your LEIGGI NURSERY SCHOOL ching set. Orig. $700. Will take ’I’YI~EWI.HTERS-Electric. upgrade your self-generated BAKED NYC NEEDS MEMBERS. Cash and carry. ALPINE $350for set. Call 201-369-3419. aged child in a family - Blawenburg,5 miles north of WITH SANTA, manual, portable, office RESUME/OBJECTIVES to a school GOODS, PLANTS, A DO IT in our LawrenCall 609-443-5520. FURNITURE,201-526-8882. m~,dels. New. reconditioned. camera ready "Power Packed atmosphere ceville home. We’ll provide Princeton. Full day 8 a.m. - YOURSELF BOOTH AND AI)I )ERS, CALCULATORS. 166 W. Main St., Somerville. "Profile." Sendinfo & ck for $1 lots of TLC, meals, tran5:30 p.m., half days also. Ages REFRESHMENTS. 3M MODEL 309 AUTOMATIC COLLEGE SELECTION & NEED FURNITURE? Rentals. 6 Name Brands. x age: Wm J MacMurray 2-5, reasonable rates, hot sportation. For more info. 1 ¯ APPLICATION COUN- bedroom sets, COPIER-- exc.cond.Seeat modern or Repairs, Tr;,dc-ins, CENTER SECON inc Box 306 Trenton NJ please call Marcia, 609-883-. lunches. Phone 609-466-0805. 609-924SELLING- individuals & colonial, under $200. Con- BUSINESS MACHINES, 104 PLYWOOD SHEATHING- ext. 61 MainSt.Kingston. 08602. WANTED donations of 7863¯ small groups. Dr. Michael L. vertible sofa, Herculon, $190. NassauSt. 609-924-2243. new4x8 - 3/8" $7.68, 1/2" $9.46, 4204. merchandise for N.J. PUBLIC Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. Hi-riser, sleeps 2, $145. Student 5/8" $12.48, 3/4" $14.98, Kiln DAY NUR- ~TELEVISION, "Great T.V. EXPERIENCED MOTHER - RIDDERING dried lumber lx3x8, 48 cents; desk, $65. Mattress and Auction" HELP YOUR OWN PRINCETON WRITING would like to babysit at her SERY SCHOOLhas several -- Green, White, 2x3x8 $1.20, 2x4x8 $1.60; NETWORK. SINCEREMALE28, 5’9, 160, foundation, $89.95. All brand SOAPSTONE openings for children 2~2 to 5 TELEVISION -- seasoned ASSOCIATES -- is available home, any age, weekdays. soft stone, easy to carve. Andersenwindows27%off Tex. FIREWOOD new. 201-526-8883. yrs. old. Half or all day, Call Pat Harper, 609-882-5252 blond, enjoys the outdoors apple & peach wood now to work on any job where Lawrenceville. 609-896-1620. flexible hours for working ext. 271. White, pink, translucent 1-11 plywood siding 4’x8’, music art travel good conavailable at Terhune Orwriting is important: reports, Alabaster,-Carrara Marbl~, $12.88; R.R. tie, newly mothers. Hwy. 27 bet. versation business interests, & long" brochures, promotional African Wonder-Stone, power creosoted 8’ $7.95. Can deliver. chards. Fragrant Kingston & Kendall Park. seeks bright attractive STAINED GLASS SUPPLIES burning. 330 Cold Soil Rd. 609UNICEF material, manuscripts, etc. CHILDDAYCAREPart time. tools and accessories. 215-674-0205, eves. 887-2313. State licensed. Call 201-297female, 20’s, for meaningful -Distributors & Discounters 924-2310. CARDS Large home, private yard. 201-359-5948. relationship. Especially like Custom designs. Repair & Sculpture House Inc., Open" 1956. References 609-448-0526. Mon-Sat. Skillman, N.J. 609sensitive fun loving natural restoration. Lamps, mwrors, Cabin Creek Quilts Shop 466-2986. SHREDDER type young women. Reply VH planters, etc. Princeton SKIS - 195cm. Yamaha All SEARS 195 NassauSt. WINDOW FASHIONS: BAGGER - $95 or best offer. CAREER, JOB SEARCH & BOOKKEEPERthru trial P.O. Box 165, Hightstown, NJ Stained Glass, 38 Spring St., Round III w/poles, case. Princeton WOVEN WOODS, MINI 1" balance looking for work at Call 609-448-4785or 448-6603. EDUCATIONAL COUNOUTBOARD - 1977 Wards Sea- Tyrolia CLIXg0 bindings. 08520. 609-921-1311. Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm SELLING -- Testing & home, some days available to BLINDS BY DELMAR & King, 3.5 hp, used 6 hours. Fxcel. cond. $70. 609-395-1815. VERTICALS ALL AT 25% $120. 609-921-0365after 5 p.m. ¯ Resumeincluded; Dr. Michael come in. Also able to tutor OFF INSTALLED.You don’t J BAR W RANCH INC GENTLEMAN-- aged 55, business subjects. 201-297-1713. L. Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. Seasoned firewood, split & LEVOLORRIVIERA attractive in every way seeks pay my overhead because I CHARTERS -- Packages, stacked. 609-466-2229. tours, cruises. Reservatmns lovely lady. 201-254-4665 or BLINDS have none. Call Nikki Harris, DISCOUNT LIGHTING -The COUCH - Black & White RESUMES FOR FINANCIAL EXP SEC’Y Desires ¯ em- Registered Interior Designer, Center, Int. 195 &Rte 537. 609- reply Box #02192, c/o PrinVERTICAL BLINDS Hideaway couch Decorator’s PEOPLE-- By an expert Roosters Coup. Lighting ployment in her home or 259-3406. ceton Packet. 30,°,ooff list delivered financial executive and evenings. Typing, 90 wpm; forprice quote, 609-443-0791. fixtures, lamps, shades, parts print ulSholstery 87" x 33". L-SHAPED SECTIONAL Elenby Products with Queensize sofabed, brown and repairs. Clocks, gift items Makeoffer. 609-443-1968. management consultant with steno, 100wpm; phones~ -Call for quote & beige Herculon, exc. cond. experience at highest levels of bookkeeping; dictaphone. Sal WAYS TO COPE-RELAX-- Christian, & fireplace equipment. Huge ATTENTION -- CHARIT- GENTLEMAN 201-431-4626 $500. 609-924-5983. ;.tssortment ofbrand narnes at corporate world¯ Call 609-924- neg. Please call 609-443-4750 ATION 53, neat, active, business ABLE ORGANIZATIONS -ASSERTIVENESS THE KITCHEN CABINETS -- for discount prices. 8091. call 609-443-1009 for successful oriented, would like to meet after 5. Refs. TRAINING, SELF-IMAGE financially secure business or ROOSTERS’ COUP,on Rt. 2-’9,_ sale--Kendall Parkhouse-- AMANAFREEZER - White. fund raising techniques. --~ BUILDING. Emphasized in FREEZER BEEF professional, attractive, trim, Lambertville, N.J. OPEN also24"girls bike. (201) 297- 15¯5 cult, like new. $250. Cali lady in approx, same age area. GRADUATE STUDENT - a our Training Program In Life 7 DAYS,609-397-0027. 4465. after¯ 3:30 p.m. 609-448-7590. Skills & Coping Techniques tlome grown naturally fed Princeton University Presently not encumbered. growth & SECRETS OF SAVING Cut to your own graduate, wants part time for personal Reply Box #02196, c/o Prin- steers. specification, wrapped and I"(3T’I’Et~.S -- Clay, kilns, POOL TABLE - 8 ft, 3/4" slate, employment. Skilledin many development at home, school MONEY.December’s money- ceton Packet. like new. $300 or best offer. t rozen. KaufmanFarm. 609- wheels, tools and chemicals. areas. Will consider all offers, and/or work. 8 weekcourses in saving Christ.mas issue now available. 50 ¢. W. Kingston, 609-443-6836. area. Also, in 466-0773, Master Chg. avail. Write P.O. Box521, Princeton, Princeton STANDAHD CLAY MINES. N J, TV’s ARE FINDING PEACE, 08540 or call Richard at 609- Service, in-tact group&one-to- Box 233, P’lainsboro, ()pen Mon-Sal. Skillman, N.J. ONCEAGAIN SIIOPPE TWIN RIVERS Mother will nne t raining. Contact. Theresa 08536. happiness & understanding by 609-466-2986. 140 S. MainSt., Hightstown TV. ANTENNA care for your child while you 466-1794. - 2 VWsnows, "ORIENTAL GROCERIES & Tomarchio at 609-466-0636, meeting others. For info. on work. Playgroup atmosphere. OPENSUN. DEC.10 (10-2) mounted, 5 area rugs (9x12 0644. national group, write T.V.I.C., GIFTS - Trenton Farmers Finished Playroom. Back red plaid, 10 x 15 gold & brn DIFFERENT KIND OF Mon-Fri.10-3pro ’Dept. S.A.H., P.O. 4021, Market. Fri’s & Sat’s. 10-7 A yard for outdoor play. 609-443- EXECUTIVE N.Y. COR(609-394-8887.) Columbus I.’UI¢.NITURE STORE-- now Used but not abused clothing tweed., 6 x 9 white fringed, Personals Albany, N.Y. 12204. 4555. PORATE SECRETARY -11’6"x 16’ blue &brn tweed, 5’ Farmers Market, Thurs thru open at 2000 Turk Road, for the entire family. LOOK,LOOK.There is x 6’ blue &brn. tweed). Best with superb skills, seeks LOOK, [h)vlestowll. across from Sun’s.(609-298-3191). If arking at Princeton Station. Edison Furniture. Used furoffer please. 609-924-5400,ext. employment in Princeton answer 609-882-5767. ates 50 cents per day, $1.~ 313, 8:30 - 5, ask for Tom. TABLES niture, decorator items, BABYSITTING -- in my area. Willing to travel. Please for overnight, by the wee.,~ POOL I HAVE(2) $30.00 TICKETS hanging baskets, etc. Stop in phone609-924-6872. BY for "Ain’t Misbehavin" on home. Reliable mother. In$3.000, by the month ,$8. The RECOVERED 201-359- Broadway on NewYears Eve. and ask for Alice 10-5 daily, SELECTED ITEMS FOR fants and toddlei’s. Hot lunch. only overnight parking in PROFESSIONALS. 02~. SALE - before Christmas; closed Sunday. and nap. Swimming pool for Would like to share these BEDROOM SET - complete CHILD CARE, ACE! -Day or Princeton. 609-924-0976. lady’s large size clothing in- w/dbl summerplay. Lawrenceville. bed; Dinette set - lgleaf, tickets with that rare type of nile. Myhome. Ages to 3 yrs. cluding grey green winter coat 4 chairs; Bumper pool table. woman who I’d never meet ¯ ~609-882-3817. WINDOW FASHIONS: nuw.609-799-9304. in exc. cond., complete EXPERIENCES IN LIVING - ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUSunder conventional All excel cond & very cirt, WOVEN WOODS, MINI 1" w/matching scarf and LEARNING-Learn to identify HELP AND INFORMATION cumstances: a fun loving type Also GARAGE BI,INDS BY DELMAR & detachable hning; girls Scotch reasonable. and fulfill personal needs. CALL609-924-7592. who is fiercely independent, VERTICALS ALL AT 25% Plaid skirts~ size 10; various SALEstarting 11/22, 959 Old ,V~E ARE SEEKING ¯ A PRIVATE DUTY NURSE -self esteem and yet whose intelligence and OFF INSTALLED.’You don’t toys including Play School York Rd, Hightstown (Rt 539 CHALLENGE. Sure, we do companion¯Live-in only. Call increase improve interpersonal beauty are such that they south) 609-448-1973. ay my overhead because I Wooden blocks, children’s everything from building new after 7pm,609-392-9185ask for communications. These might be described as ave none. Call Nikki Harris, books, etc. Call 609-924-5486 homes to panelling dens. But Anne. themes and others will be "hypnotic." As for myself, I .CABIN CREEKQUILTS Registered Interior Designer, bet. 5 & 7:30 p.m. the real satisfaction comes GAY SWITCHBOARD in-. explored in a supportive am over 6 ft. tall, a college Unique Appalachian patAVOCADO GREENCarpeting for price quote, 609-443-6791. when we meet the challenge formation center. Call 609-921setting through group ingraduate, 25 years old, and chwork : pillows, quilts, - 17’x12’., excellent condition. ORIENTED 2565. Best hours 7-10 p.m. Man. that an older house offers - SUCCESS teraction. Certified group work in the publishing clothing, toys, aprons, etc. Best offer¯ 609-448-9570. retaining the integrity of the ACHIEVER-in mid-thirties thru Thurs. MUST SELL -business making tons of 195 NassauSt. 609-921-1278 DISCOUNT GUNS & AMMO MOVING seeking challenging, growth leader. Offices in Princeton dwelling without sacrificing bedroom lamps, custom Shotguns&rifles Kendall Park.Contact B. money. Have spent the last Tues-Sat 10a.m.-5p.m. comfort and ¯beauty - solving opportunity in Princeton area. and drapes, bedspreads, wood TYPEWRITER $10 over wholesale IBM Selectric several years in NYCon New problems with innovation and Currently #1 producer of new Blank, 201-297-9567. coffee tables, club chair,. Ammo discounted - excellent condition, original WHY TRY TO GO IT ALONE? ~’ears Eve...and Times Square experience - using the ex- business for ¯Fortune 500 chandeliers, baby stroller, & 10% off most hand guns If you need the company and euphoria is something fo be POOLTABLES- 7’, one piece cost $725, sacrifice for $425. company servicing accounts pertise and craftsmanship All reasonable. 609- 201-782-7281. NEW JERSEY HOME friendship of other single slate top. Was$699, factory Reloading supplies discounted carseat. experienced! Anyone . inthat has made WILLIAMS billing over $60 million. Ex- OWNERS 443-6325 after 5 p.m. Buy Sell& .Trade - do you need money The Singles Fellowship terested in doing something restyling table, must sell. (2) BUILDERknown in the p e r 1 e n c e i n c 1 u d e s for debt consolidation, home adults, Murphy’s Sportsmen’s Den can offer you plenty. Wide different instead of the usual display tables for $499, or (5) Princeton area for years. Call’ management positions in improvements, college costs, 3152lit: 27, KendallPark range of programs & ac- dullNJ parties? Ifso, writeto newtables, $505. 201-359-0260. MOTOROLA21" color-console corporate communications 609-587-8500." MINOLTA CAMERA-T-101, expenses, etc.? We tivities. For details, call 609- me care of the Princeton Mort &Tuesclosed ’ T.V. $80, UHFconverter $15, Perfect condition, 1.4 55ram and administration. Resume, business government backed 452-1368 or write - Singles Packet, Box02193. Wed-Thur-Fri12,.9 monaural Hi-Fi fm/am tuner references and interview upon offer lens with case &filter. Best loans, for as little as, $42.05per Fellowship, 61 nassau St. Sat. 10-6,Sun.12-6 COME BE PAMPERED reamp. 35 W. power amp. $45. offer. 609-443-5588. , CHILDCAREin my home for request. Reply to Box #02209, month on $5000. Larger Princeton NJ. 08540. 201-297-3357 eel to reel tape recorder $30, c/o Princeton Packet. working mothers. Examounts at comparable rafes. FRENCH ’SPEAKING -¯ With our personal service. stereo speaker with 8" woofer ¯ perienced. References. Twin Call Dollar Guide Assoc. 201lunch and/or dinner partner, Lovely Holiday Fashions for ¯ and 3" tweeter $50 pair, Rivers area. 609-448-4593. ¯ 254-0930. NEV, DINING TABLE, oval, KAY’S INTRODUCTION;fluent in French, to help 31 every occasmn. ¯Exciting LEARN - A LOOKING FOR DAY WOR’K 36" x4;" darkpine w/formica Silvertone stereo amp. $25. NEEDLEPOINT: - STITCH. You get color RY SERVICE--all ages. Meeta year old male beginner to colours, beautiful fabrics. Do top. $50. CHILD’S WOODEN 201-359-3057. HIGHTSTOWNorCRANBU learn conversational French. come in to view what is here table and chairs. $15. 446-1360. diagrams, color photo, CHILDCARE-- experienced area.~allbetween 4 & 6pro. THE FOURTH, WAY is a partner for a friendship or Reply PO Box 247 Princeton, " for you. practice canvas, yarn, needle, method of self-development, mother will care for your child 609-448-5180. marriage. 201-534-2726. After 5:00 443-4570. N.J. CHANDELIER -Elegant 6 & Instruction Sheet (abweekly. 609-448-5873. introduced into America by RED BARN CASUALS lite crystal &brass. Must see solutely gqaranteed). Choose Mr. Gurdjieff. AKHALDAN H Belle Mead Rt.206 FIREWOOD- Working way to appreciate. Best offer. 609- any stitch: Continental, CHILD CARE-- in my home, OPENI~,IG NOWWe’re the is a school in the Fourth Way HIGHTSTOWN PLANNED WOULD THE-- party who left 201-359-3305 ¯ through school. 201-369-4394, 448-0231. Basketweave, Gobelin, Crossfull or part time. Experienced. best. The Excellent Honest 3, led by an experiel/ced teacher. PARENTHOOD CLINIC-7 the note on the damaged stitch, Algerian Eye, ask for Roy. Del. & stack. Mondayevenings. Call 609-448- Century 21 Brown Pontmc known as Mr. & Mrs. Son 609-443-1898. 609-448-2755. Hungarian, Cross Couching, House Cleaners. Must be ¯ 3439. parked outside the Nassau Inn 19 CU. FT. NORGE Brick, Parisian, Manymore. steady, every 2 weeks or once - Freeform slabs for on Sundayevening, please call FIREPLACE WOOD-- cut & WOOD REFRIGERATOR,good cond. Only$1 per stitch. State stitch -- Invitations. BABYSITTING IN MY HOME a week, also once per month, POSTSCRIPTS 609-924-7578. split. All hardwood. Choice furniture, clocks &crafts 25 $100. 201-297-1425. desired, name &address. Send orevery 3weeks. For the price Personalized stationery. - by " former elementary ¯INFORMAL TALKS,- on seasoned oak, seasoned 1 yr species - walnut, cherry, $1 + 15 c postage to: Learn -Aonly. Wedo a good job. Cash Substantial discounts. Call for redwood. Finished furniture teacher, now young mother: longer. Delivered & stackd:id. developing spiritual & Stitch, 1801 Silverton. Rd., by local craftsmen. 2000pcs. in FOAMRUBBERmattress Individual attention given in a on’the line. Please no windows,appt. 609-924-8167,921-3854. $48"a truckload. Call 609-448awareness. Bahai Faith. Call MIDDLEAGEDGENTLEbox. spring, twin size, good TomsRiver NJ. 08753. ¯ showroom .at Williard Rugs specially cleaned by warm & loving atmosphere. 4253. 609-771-0861. "MAN -- active & healthy, , Brothers SawMill & Kilm, 300 conditmn, $40. Bar, 7’ long Rusty. In case Soulike us, tell Toddlers preferred. 1 full seeks female companion for time your friends, if not tell us. Basin Road, Trenton. 609-890- with matching back shelf, time, some part CHILD &FAMILY serious relationship. Call 201never used, $100. 609-587-7794. LIKE NEW - Fireplace 1990. Please call late afternoons or HOMECOUNSELING available. 609-921-1135. READINGS by Diana. Advice RUBBER STAMPS 828-7744after 5pro. All daySat. evenings, 609-924-9149, if not At their own home, child ~,. on all problems of life. screen, brass finish & heat School or College address. & Sun. RESALE" SHOP -- 901 home please call Rusty in family learn how to cope.with Available exchange, with 21" tubing, Home, business, zip code. ’THE for parties & STAMP & HOBBY SUPPLIES Camplain Rd., Manville. problems arising from Seances. For Appointments BABYSITTINGIN MY HOME’ Jackson N.J., 201-367-3542. Rubber stamps of all kinds Buying and selling - YoL’ - Albums, Kits, Mounts- Amt, $100. 201-359-0307. ’emotional, physmal or 609-586-7173. -~ --Toddlers only. Full time. and sizes made to your order name it! Antiquesl furniture, Ertl, White Ace, Scott. . developmental handicaps. RESPONSIBLE DRIVER - at: Warm, loving atmosphere. MODEL AVAILABLE Showgard, US Mint Stamps & too]s and useable items. 201Priscilla Maren, 609-466-2039. wanted to drive VW Female figure model for photo 201-297-2373. plateblox - 20%off & ups. 201526-3761. " Squareback to Los Angeles as or art work. Reply Box#02214, IlINKSON’S 874-5207. FARBERwARE WHARTON BUSINESS soon as possible 609-924-8146. c/o Princeton Packet. 82 NassauSt. MICROWAVE OVEN- Used 5 P A R’E N T S WI T H O U T SCHOOL -- graduate student SPRING MEADOW FARM months, still under warranty. freezer beef, naturally raised, . FORSALE- large selection PARTNERS JOIN US -- on without ear, wishes to share Includes microwave cookRECYCLE No steroids. Also nitratereconditioned refrigerators, the 4th Tuesdayof the month, ~ ride & expenses w/another WOODSTOVES- Authorized ¯ Cancellation book. Boughtfor $350, will sell EXPERIENCED freezers, washers, dryers. p.m., Unitarian Church at commuter to Philadelphia nitrite free ham, bacon, Dealer. Jotul, Morso, Efel, THIS for $250. CALL896-2173 ’BOOKKEEPERwants work Princeton, for program and .’starting January. Reply to sausage & corned beef. 609- Guaranteed. Can deliver and ¯evenings. Deadline etc. Harr Bros. Wood Heat, NEWSPAPER at home. All financial ’social hour. For information, Box #02194 c/o Princeton 466-2937. ALSO FIREWOOD do electrical or gas hook-up. 1605 N. Olden Ave., Trenton, statements. 609-448-5799. 4 p.m, Man FOR SALE. 201-369-3718. call evenings (609) ~924-2872or Packet. 609.393-7550. ; 799-0458




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Thursday, December 7, 1978



LIFTING BENCH-- wei,~ht SKIS ANDSKI BOOTSUSEDSTANLEY MITER VICES - HAND KNITTED 100% wool ROOMSET -- 50 yrs. GE AIR CONDITIONER-- 3 "SELLOUT" HO Model RR RR’E F ROM DINING 20 WINDOWS-- removed set & exercise bike, brand Last Year Rentals, (4), fo~picture framing. New. mens & womens coats all old. I0 pcs., good eond., $300. & from 16 yr. old Split Level/~ * 6RR’S By ATLA S 3 Loco’s ton watercooled, excellent new, call 609-448-5799. refurbished. All sizes. ExBest offer.609-655-2332. ¯ or best offer. 609-695-2568. M O V I N G F R O M sweaters, price below condition. $200. Call between8 Extracars& ace.$250 comhouse. 5 roll down m~t~l ’" t cellent condition - $15. to $35. LARGE TRENTON wholesale. I am closing my awnings. Sturdy’, varzous plete. 201-359-3518. &9 am. 609-448-0256. BARN BEAMS FOR SALE -We take trade-ins or ~xchange HOME 40 YEARS OF import business. Presently ANTIQUE-- doll house and sizes. Opento any’offer. Cali LATHE- South Bend 9", long old oak beams, hand hewned equipment. Generous ACCUMULATION furniture. Large, $300. Call 609-921-1718. 54" bed, attachments include being sold at B. Altman, or sawed, 6-28’. 201-247-2810. allowances made. WOOD BUI~NI NG STOVES MUST GOI 609-393-5528. Macy’s, etc. for more than milling, bench, ready to use. FOR SALE -- Tires, boat Sales &Consultations by Maple secretary desk, double my prices. 201-297-9356. trailer,microwave.oven, machinists bench, PELICAN SKI SHOP WoodEnergy Expert beautiful permanent game Also LIVING RM FURNITURE --- electric kiln drafting table- adjustable. automatic washer, skis, CRUSADER TWO SCHWINN BREEZE -Rte. 22, WhitehouseN.J. American & Imported table w/4 chairs, grey blue 2-section couch, $300, bindings. 609-921-8623. with furniture. $300 or best 609-924-5043. Bicycles, boy’s &girl’s, single 3 Miles West of Somerville Call for MONEY SAVING naugahyde sofa, floral wing TERHUNE ORCHARDS Italian Provincial lamp, $75, ¯ offer. 468-2635. Old fashioned S peed, 20" wheel, both exDrive-In Information chair, marble top desk, apples & cider. Perfect for Italian Provincial table, $100, baggage scales. 609-397-0001, cellent condition, $65 each. 201-534-2534 609-924..4240 or 448-1988 Duncan Phyfe dining table 2-gold chairs, $75 ca. Stereo holiday entertaining, baking & GOOSE - for Xmas. 397-1618. Call between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. TYPEWRITER - Royal w/custom black glass top, cabinet, $250 & lamp table, Organically raised Geese for gift giving. Serve our cider 201-359-7529. electric office. Excellent RCA 25" remote color TV, hot, cold or spiked, for a $100.609-799-3177. sale. 609-452-2815. condition. Original cost $450, BRAND NEW -- sterling ENTRANCE FIXTURE -OAK HOOSIER CLOSET - large beveled wall mirror, holiday drink with a difsacrifice $185: 201-782-7281. $295, also-4’ park bench with wrought iron &glass breakfast pewter & wood, Sears washing ference. Comevisit our farm silver tea &coffee service with MOWER-- Lawn Boy, arms, $55. Call 609-466-0397 set, teacart, maple bedroom for a Xmasin the country. 330 SEARS-- Salt saver water tray, 5 pc, $275. 609-921-1422 machine, sewing machine LAWN THE SELECTIVE EYE 21" self-propelled, electronic after 5 p.m. furniture, lovely walnut twin withdesk, 201-297-5207. Cold Soil Rd. 609-924-2310. softener. List price, $319. Sale eves. Bridge & Main Sts. iginition, Floor WOMANS BICYCLE- 5 spd, 8 $70. bedroom set, ladder back Opendaily 10-6, Sat. &Sun. 10- price. $195. (New) Smaller New 1lope, Pa. 18938 polisher/rug shampooer, mos. old. Excellent cond., $75. chairs, assorted beds &chests, ones available. 609-587-9444. 5 pm. Regina, all ace. $25. Clothes 609-924-1076. FIREPLACE$25, 1-ironer, Amanaradar range, Hotpoint HITACHITelevision reduced PERSIAN FIREWOOD -- Stock up, GORGEOUS dryer, auto. cycles, gas, $50, portable 1-Roosevelt bowl, $25, 1- chest freezer, winter’s coming. Split & LAMBCOAT - w/long Mink Black persian lamb coat, lge. $25, windshield, 1967 American refrigerator, entire kitchen 15% any size, color or B/W POOL TABLE- Briarwood, 8’ ORANGE SCHWINN - Vardelivered. 201-873-9879eves. collar. Sz. 18-20, $300. Must $50. All items good operating Rambler, $35, 2-old living rm full of pots, pans, dishes & Casio Calculators $12.00 to slate top, plus accessories. TWOROYALBLUE -- ultra 20" frame. Call 609-924sell. 201-297-1532. All wall clocks and Exc. cond. $400. 609448-3057. sity, modernchairs, exc. cond. $70, Rick. cond. 609-655-2896. tables, $25 both. 201-329-6009. small applignces. Loads of $30.00. 0019 after 6 p.m. clock radios at 15% off 4 Panasonic speakers, $125. glassware, collectibles, ser609-443-3534. ving pieces, linens, drapes, Shop in New Hope for your LARGESOFAand easy chair EXCELLENT XMAS 6 LIGHTMAPLE-- straight DOGRUN -- cyclone fence - $45, size TRANSFERRED BACK TO books, records, luggage, 2 best buys & it is much more MEN’SSKI BOOTS -- good condition, sohd con- PRESENT-- Gerrard turnw/door, 12x6x5 w/roof & dog back dining rm chairs. 6 arcade machines (United 9-~&, Dynafit Hot II. Very good EUROPE - Must sell quickly: struction. 201-247-7379. table, Panason.j_c tuner, best house, $150. 19" Zenith color brownmodernplastic chairs. 1 Deluxe Carnival Gun & Bally 6 interesting than the Depart- condition, used 1 season. 609- beds, tables, chairs, b&wTV, 9x12 GREEN WOOLRUG -otier. 609-771-0838 or 924-2497. TVin very good cond., $100. wooden desk, playpen, white player bowling), closets full of ment Store. with pad. $40. Call 609-924-2939. 921-8662. sofa, bicycle, & much more. Civet fur coat, 2 yrs. old, exc. round kitchen table, iron base. top quality clothing, shoes, MAGNIFICENT 18’ LONG-- 5 Call 609448-6653before Dec. 215/862-2982 Hours Mon to Sat. cond., appraised at $1500.Will Electric counter top range, handbags & accessories. An I0 to5, Sun 12 to 3. OpenDec18 AAAAAFACTORYOUTLET - 11. Rug 12x19, gold, excel, cond. BROTHER 800 -- com- Dooiece curved sectional sofa, AFX TRACKS & cars, 4(~ take $500. 609-799-2068 after 7 enormous amount of good big for our living room. puterized knitting machine. Asking 609-921-1577. THE CASE OF THE each; 2 boys’ bikes, top cond. p.m. $600. 609-443-4012. bric-a-brac , & more! 100’s of to 22 until 8 PM. PROVIDENTSANTA. So far 200 needleswith full home $35 each. 609-896-1366. items all priced t~orqmc ’ k sale. behind in his work he sent us a MADE IN DENMARK instruction course. $125. Also Don’t m~ss this. :rerms cash availablesupplyof 2-ply FOR SALE -- In time for REFRIGERATOR -- GE stack of orders for STIFFEL loveseat, 2 arm chairs, solid PINBALL MACHINE exc. no checks, Sunday Dec. HOCKEYGEAR--exc. cond. Wintuk orlon yarn. 201-35_9-5194 avocadoside by side 21 cuft, ff, MINI CASSETTE RECOR- only, Lamps. FURLONG LAMP Teak; Made in Norway ¯Christmas like new suede cond., asking $450. 609-44810th, 11 to 4. 201 Kensington, all brand names, fits average auto icemaker, 609-448-6066. DER- dictating unit, Norelco reclining chair & ottoman, FACTORYOUTLET largest after 5:30. jacket size 5 (women’s). 452- size 7549. model 0095. Shirt pocket size, Trenton, N.J. Directions: for a 99 mile radius. 5 miles Rosewood& leather. (215)7571082 after 5 p.m. Very 0454.player. 609-924-3121,466North on John Fitch Way, $50. 609-924-9207. 5224, after 5 p.m. South of Lahaska Peddler’s reasonable. right on Sullivan Way to OAK, LUMBER - 2x4x7 or 8’ on Rte. 263, Furlong, USED 1 MONTH-- Hotpoint SEARS PORTABLE Hfllvista & turn right. Left on long, $1 each. 3x4x8, $1.25 Village Pa. OPEN7 DAYS. Weekdays electric smoothtop range with humidifier, excellent conKensington to 201. each. 609-896-1916. FOR SALE -- 85" auto timed & slf-clning oven. 8-8, Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-6. Micro SINGER MODEL 2000 dition, $70. Hooverwasher and REFRIGERATOR-Freezer -- COUCH SONY TRINITRON COLOR K & R SELLOUT Dot Pricing (215) 794-7444-5-6. electronic sewing machine, spin dryer, $75. Metal desk, 15.6 cu.ft, 18 moold; Dropleaf green & gold print. Like new. White. Cost $530 asking $330. TV-big 15" screen, perfect ItOUSEHOLD like new, complete with deluxe NewLHblue fibreglas tub & condition, SANTA WILL SEND YOUR $20. Sears portable black and table & chairs; dining room $100.609-448-0361. new last year, LIQUIDATORS cabinet & chair. 609-585-9218, shower walls, $25; used glass adapts easily CHILD - OR LOVED ONE A white TV, works perfect, $50. table; living roomchair. All in to remote 609-667-9353, 609-779-1717 .after 5 pm. BEAUTIFUL PERSONAL GErefrigerator, $50. Kitchen- excellent condition. Call 609- ORIENTALRUGS -- Kirman shower doors, $5; 609-448-4769 control, if desired, $400 Sale of Tiffany lamps at 20% to red, 9x12, 3x5, $1800.5x5beige, after 5:30. LETTER. SEND $1.00 FOR Aide portable dishwasher, 448-7840. Complete Stereo BSR 310 off. At these prices you $800.609-443-6991. EACH WITH ADDRESSES TO 30% $100. 20" gas stove, 6 mos. old, turntable. Nikko2010receiver. MOVINGSALE - 60" triple can use them as Christmas ELF, BOX 2331, Trenton, N.J. A UNIQUE GIFT ,$125.Call- 201-369-3718. Ultimus speakers, Sennheiser dresser w/mirror, maple, $50; tree decorations. Later on to 26" boys bike, 3 spd., $40; 19" 08608. HOLIDAY OUTFITS- and 5 PIECES OF CARPETING-- HORSE MANURE- $25 per headphones, Shure cartridge, brighten your home. Dancer WOODENJIGSAW PUZZLES ’ all for $200. Call 609-924-6141. TVconsole, Blk &wh., $30. 609warmwinter coats for women, 7x12, orange green tweed, and Prancer use them as up load delivered. 609924-9133. LENOXCHINA-- Starlight ¯ men, children. Incredibly low short loop, $25 ca. 2 single pick earrings. On Sale December4 In wood frame, made from GO-CART 4hp. Briggs & 448-2191. pattern, mint condition, 12 prices. Quality collections mattresses, $10 ca. Party hats, Stratton engine. $150.¯ Good to December 17, 1978. OUr photographs., Prices place settings of dinner plate, added daily. Shop now! balloons, lets, lollipops, left POTTERS WHEEL - stone condition. 609-882-4244after (SEE ABOVE AD OF2 PIECE BEDROOM set. om$5 to $30. For information salad plate, cream soup, bread (Closed Dec. 18 - Jan 2) over from promotion. Boy’s kick wheel, wike new, $160. colonial style, double bed and 4:15 p.m. FURLONG LAMP OUTLET). call: & butter plate, cup & saucer. Outgrown Shop, 234 Nassau, ice skates; sz. 7, like new, $6. SKI BOOTS -- "Nordica Call after 6 p.m. 609-448-7147. dresser combination. Good Reply to Box #02197, c/o Princeton. Tues.-Fri. 10-5. Sat. Reasonably priced. 609-395- Typhoon"size 9~.5. Brandnew, cond. Call 201-526-3642. HELEN SEYMOUR Princeton Packet. 10-3. 0278. SKIS & BINDINGS(Look) regular $155, must sell $80. LIONEL TRAIN SETUP -Edgemere Ave., Plainsboro FOR SALE Stereo comIdeal for 2 or 3 kids plus dad. 160cc, Sarner, used once, $60. bination, $70 tape recorder, ¯609588355771. 609-799-0845 Women’s ski boots Garmont $30, B & WTVset, needs work, HEADBOARD -- kingsize, Will not sell separate items to SET -- One Lionel, GE5000 BTUair conditioner - TRAIN FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS size 7-~z, $70, used once. 609- best offer, kitchen blender, $9, OneIves. Goodcondition¯ $200. hand painted finish, best offer. collectors. $500takes all. Also, Sears portable washer & Call after 5 p.m. 609-448-8921. ROSIGNALSKIS & Nordica 452-6023 days, 443-5839 eves. nice Xmaspresents. 609-9241970Chevys.w. for parts - best 25" ZENITH COLOR CONdryer. Reasonable. 609-443- Call 609-393-5528. Stack tables (set of 3) reg. $40 ski boots, size 10. $80. Call 609- offer. Mini-bike, $135. Elec6872. SOLE- colonial style TV, very 4607. $29.95 448-3927after 5. trolux vacuum elnr., $65. Now good condition. $75. 609-921Snack tables (set of 4) reg. $60 PINBALL SALE $150 & up. PECAN TRIPLE DRESSER A UNIQUE CHRISTMAS Poker table, $25. Drapes, 3270. Now $44.95 Win a free machine, no pur-- Queensize headboard w/2 GIFT -- Selling personal lamps. 609-882-1533. PADI WOODCRAFTERS - mirrors, $120.01d solid maple estates: Oriental carpets, Footstools {all colors) reg. $30 chase necessary. Stop at HOLIDAY SPECIAL -SEVEN FAVORITE hors Handcarved wood plaques, Now$18.95 Fairgrounds, Farmer’s bedrm, suite, dbl. bed, chest, antiques & rare.books. Phone Autumn Haze Mink stole with HOLIDAY from recipe ideal for gifts. Customorders, dresser & night table, $250. for appointment. 201-359-1691, d’oeuvres SPA VIP - lifetime * QUEENSIZE box spring and Sofa Beds, Herculon, reg. $200 Market, Rte 33, Trenton. Sat. collar & pockets, excellent collection of a jolly good cook. membership. $600/best offer. 201-297-5265. Now $139.95 & Sun. 10-6pro, Mon-Fri. 609609-924-2842. eves. condition. Best ofi’er. 609-448Somehot, some coId, all ap- frame, 3 monthsold, $100. 609- Desk, reg. $75 Now$64.95 888-4558for appt. 609-452-6262 or 201-360-1963. 0522. proved by enthusiastic guests. 921-8008 after 6 p.m. week- @foot Wall Units, reg. $100 days. Easy, most can be frozen; Now$59.95 PEREGO FUR COAT-- grey Persian FIREBRICK- Used, clean, A $5 PRESENT-- for anyone UNUSUAL. DESK,OFFICE-- 30" x 60", some convert to salad high temperature firebrick. whoowns a car! WHYTRADE Carriage -- brownsuede cloth metal file & full-suspension Lambsize 12, good condition, dressings or sandwich fillings ALPINE FURNITURE CO. hood with Rattan body. $100. PROPANE GAS DEEP IT IN? by George and Suzanne drawers with lock & key. after 1he party. Mail one dollar $150 or best offer. 609448-2541 SEARS EXERCYCLE -- Ideal for kiln. Call Jerry 201166 W. Main, Som. & Fremon. A program of 609-443-4918. after 6 pm. triple action, simulates riding, 359-2444. Clean. $85. 609-392-0616. to SEVEN FAVORITES, Box FRYER -for restaurant 201-526-8882 preventive maintenance: 6124, Lawrenceville~ N.J. institutional use. Exc. cond. cycling & rowing. GREAT Call [email protected] Mon. Fri. what to have done to your car, 08648, for promptservice. CHRISTMAS GIFT. Sells’ for bet. 9-5. and when, to keep it running THEOHAVILAND-- Limoges CHRISTMASTREES - cut or SOFA- Excellent condition. CADO over $100. Asking $50. Like safely for years and years and 2’4" SINGLE LENS REFLEX china, circa 1880, 100 perfect dir, it yourself for family fun & $3006 ROSEWOOD Call after 4pm, 609-448-8176. CAMERA -Rolleiflex-SL66 WALL UNIT including stereo new. 609-737-3886, after 6pm. years. $4.95. Available at pieces. Johnson Brothers of RECORDER PLAYER - R DOGKENNEL - 20 ft x 21 ft x 6 pride. NorwaySpruce only, 5 cabinet, bar, sliding door " University Store, Book Mart, with 80mmf/2.8 Zeiss Planar England "Normandy" blue to 10’ tall. Any tree $10. Lzttle Irack, Realistic TR-801; ex- ft with gate. $300 Firm. 609lens. Exc. cond. Sacrifice for ivy china, 75 perfect pieces. cellent Titles Unlimited, Urkens, Valley Farni, 1 mile out Canal cabinet, many shelves. Exc. condition. New$149 586-7177after 5 pro. COUCH Penn Jersey, or at 609-924- $400. Call Bob, 201-545-8524 Will sell individual or com- asking $75. Call Daveafter 6. Rd. from Rocky Hill. Look for cond. Only $1000. 009-921-9078 floral MEDITERRANEAN print, Sco-~hguard, Somerset. 4098. plete. Please call 609-695-7540. 609-443-5438. big white rock out front. Sat. eves. $85. Loveseat, leatherette, $50. Dec. 16th, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. only. Wanted Leatherette gold chair, Med., (Rain date Sun. 17th). Bring COAL STOKER -Complete $35. Dropleaf maple table, $50, BAR- Handcrafted in New $200 AIR HOCKEYGAME- RIDING LAWN MOWER -MAGNAVOX AM/FM SHREDDER/CHIPPER -tools. These 100 trees will be England. Incl. lighted back good cond., $50. 609-448-6812. 36-’ cut, 8hp,4 forward gears & console stereo, Mediterranean unit. $175. Includes controls & offered at no other time. Mighty Mac, 5 hp, $180 or best or best offers. 609-452-1718. reverse, elec. start, head style. Exc. cond. $275. 600-259- boiler (burns cheapest Rice cabinet &2 stools, $550. 609offer. Ride lawn mower5 hp, LIONEL TRAINS -- and coal). Sears Chest Freezer 12 lights, 4 mo.old, $550. 609-448- 7128. 921-1851. $75; 609-443-1683. otherswanted by collector. Pay cu.ft., Model #198, $65.201446SELL DICTAPHONE 6584. up to $1000per set. Call 609-394HORSE TRAILER - Hartman WASHER & DRYER 7376. TIMEMASTER- open frame Whirlpool washer & Seam 7453. Thoroughbred size, equipped MAGIC CHEF - 6 burner, 19" relay rack. 609-466-0721. LADY KENMORE DISHelec. dryer. Both 2 yrs. old. for valuable horses. Super CIDER PRESS -- Garden FRUITWOOD DROP LEAF Wayprototype, bushel, can Like new, used seldomly by doubleovengas range,$50. TABLE with 2 boards, like condition. Brand new brakes, WASHER -portable, butcher s, "Morton"kltchensink, 2 6 PC. BUTCHERBLOCK-Qn. manual, used 1/2 doz. ume single person. Washer, $175. U.S. SILVER COINS -new, $80. 51" wide, 77" long CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS - what rust there was has been block top, can be converted. basins, whiteporcelain, 66" Sz. Bedroom set, $125; removed, ready for touch up $65; used elec. Rotobroil oven, Dryer, $125. Both for $265. Paying$3.90 per dollar for prewithout board¯ Seats 8 comHas servme contract, $100. 7 Save 40-50% on new train sets, long. $50.Call 201-350-8845.Springform studio sofa w/slip $35; Elec. blanket, Queen (Newcost for both, $437). 609- 1964. Call 201-359-6402. fortably with board. Call 609- accessories, plastic models spray, brown & gold, floor dual, never used, $20. 609448- 655-2197after 6 pm. wall unit including bar. 737-1912after 5 p.m. covers, $50.2 matching swivel ,~eee anging fixtures¯ 609-443-5251. (cars & trucks). Also, wood boards o.k. Cost $2941 new. 2350. AIR HOCKEY- 7 ft. Sears rockers, $25 each. Gold, lined boat kits & airplanes; wood& asking$1941 including a heavy WANTED TO BUY: Scrap best. Like new. Was$225. Now drapes 2 pr. 86x132 & copper, brass, leao, plastic with gas engines. Also,, duty box hitch w/removable WASHE’R & DRYER -$100. 201-329-6253. miscellany. 152B Cranbury PINBALL MACHINES FOR one doll house. Call after 6pm. ball& anti-sway bars. 921-6612 TV FOR SALE - 23" RCA ’aluminum, stainless steel, SINGLE BED HASSOCK -sterling silver, etc., solids -.r color, $100. Call 609-924-4083 Rd., Prnctn Jet., 609-799-8337. Kenmore heavy duty, 2 yrs. eves. SALE- for homeor office. $299 201-874-3229. old. $400/pr. 609-448-6584. after 2:30 p.m. Brand new. 32Vzx28 inches, turnings, Industrial, business $899. We deliver. Novel PRESSURE WASHER, 609-883-8445. Pinball Co. 201-862-6619. or pr,vate. Correct market 500PSI -- driven by 7-1/2 B&S Dealers invited. engine, elec. start & price, cash .paid. S. Klein POOL TABLE 8’ Trestle CHEAP0! 3 pc. couch $49, DINING ROOM TABLE -& 4 KITCHEN CABINETS 13 LCOUCH-- Loveseat and otMetals ~2o., Inc. 2156 Camplain generator. 70’ hose, automatic Brunswick, slate, very good wood rug 4x5 yds. $39 green. chairs. Walnut, conshaped, used, good cond., wall controls at wand. Coupledwith temporary, exc. cond., $275. toman. Contemporary, blue cond. $600, or best offer. 609- 2 PINBALL MACHINES -- Rd., Somerville, N.J. 08876.1 Bedroom $199 used. 609-452oven & counter range (gas). crushed velvet, $200. 201-874- RARE COLLECTION propane heater. Excel. cond. 609-921-1535. 924-5884 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. & both Ballys:, excellent con- Phone 201-722-2288. 8048. Makeoffer. 609-587-5787. 5049. D’Areeau-Limoges porcelain. When inquiring leave p.m. dition. 4 Queens’, $375. Odds& Lafayette (6 plates & message, 201-359-3717. Evens, $400. 609-396-8595. Museum plate) In original TABLE & 6 CHAIRS $175, STAR WAR BALLOONS -CRYSTAL CHANDELIER ORIENTALRUGS -- we pay FIREPLACE COAL -- now boxes with Certificates of Wehave a large selection of bronze, 5 lights, almost new. cash for antiaue & semzstill at 1977price of $4 - 50lb. silver Milar quality, great for transfer, $300. Also first 2 stereo $130,girl’s bike $20. 609- ¯ small gifts. Also: 799-4184or 587-3817. holidays & fund Dog cage for airplane ship- SEASHELL CANDLES antique oriental rugs. One or XMASTREE-- 6’ artificial, bagor 6 for $22. - parties, Vitraial", exquisite raisings. Ltd. supply. 609-448- "Noel Beautiful. From $1.50. Call many.609-393-6513. Blue Spruce, $18. 609-799-1640 4 bags. 201-329-6044. ping. 609-921-6950. Limoges Xmas plates, $100. Cherry Drop Leaf Table 201-297-0920. after 6 p.m. 5219. All by the famous Resp{ Lovely Old Germandoll REDWOOD & CANVAS Restieau. Call 609-924-1757. Small Drop Front Desk SIZE -- mattress & LG. CAP. WASHER-- new - Coleco. 5’x3’ ALL LIONEL TRAINS -sling loveseat, $75. Small , 2 SOLID MAPLE TWIN BED AIR HOCKEY FAMILY ROOM/LIVING RM QUEEN box spring, 4 mo. old, $425. $300. Refrig. 2 yr., $175. 609FRAMES -- with head & floor model. Like new. Call Highestpricespaid. Have redwood table, $10, folding SET-- sofa, chair, cocktail Call 609-921-0406. OWENS ANTIQUES 655-1100ex. 477.9-4ask for Pat. 100% GOOSE DOWNCOM- wood table from workbench, Kingston .footb°ards. $35. 609448-1685. after 5:30. 609-448-1854. cash, willtravel. 201-531-4929 table, corner table, end table & 77MainSt. $35. 609-921-7926. FORTER - never useil. after5 p.m. 2 lamps, occasional table, oval 609-921-7164 SKIS-- Head360’s - $210", $50. Channel stitched for greatest tweed rug. $450. Items may be Open every day & Thurs & Fri. FIREWOOD BLACKSMITH ANVIL - 20" - last deliveries -- 100w. stereo Woodskis 170", $50. Both warmth. A GREAT sold separately. 609-448-8616. COMPLETE eve. for this winter. Split, delivered long.$165.Old curb jumper component system, ADC w/exc, bindings. 609-921-1699. CHRISTMAS GIFT. Twin size, GRANNIE AFGHANS. Large & stacked. Half cord, $40 in firehosecart;ironwheels,CASH" FOR YOURANTI-QUE’ tuner, Sony and Grundig tape reversible Med./light blue. size. $40. 201-873-2209. FURNITURE -- we are a $125. 609-466-1418. area, $45other. 609-448-6624. deck, BSR magnetic turn$85. 609-737-3886after 6 pm. large dealerspecializing m, MINIAUTREcanopy beds -table, Sansui speakers. All SOFA90", extra firm, 12x20 PFALTZGRAFF- stoneware, Oak. Willing to buy 1 piece to beautifully designed and must .go. Call 609-4484521. Yorktowne blue. Service for 4 gold carpet (rolled& FIREPLACE SET - screen, entire contents.. 201-3~-2062. created for your dollhouse.’ A professionally cleaned) RUG FOR SALE fine qualityplus additional dishes, mugs, MOVING best offer on anXMASTREES - for sale at accessories, &grate. $25. Call lovely gift idea for the wool, exc. cond. Bright gold etc. 609-921-0974 after 6 pro. tique oil painting, lithographs Danish coffee table, modern Terhune Orchards. Freshly 609-655-2197after 6 p.m. miniature collector. Call 609SKI EQUIPMENT WANTED - DONATION & prints, 2 pro. iron & brass rocker & matching lamp. 609- cut, high quality, Norway 9x15, bargain- $125. [email protected] 799-2438for details. Books of all t~ypes. Tax 6295. andirons, pair decorated 448-0461. Spruce, Douglas Fir, Scotch ALL MAKES& SIZES deductible. Will pZCKup. Call DINING ROOMSET - oval carved woodbeds, decorated SNOWMOBILES -- ’72 Pine, Blue Spruce & Red Pine. LESS TllAN WItOLESALE table, 2 leaves with pads, 62- kidney shaped desk, & other MERCURY HURRICANE -- .609-448-6374or443-6344. Also for sale, beautiful V2 buffet, 2 arm chairs, ex- items. Call 609-924-5834,7:30 - 644cc. ’70 SKID00,399cc. 609CASE117 -- Riding garden wreaths & evergreen boughs. ELECTRIC GAS PUMP Gas CALL BETWEEN 5-8PM SUN LAMP HANOVIA-- floor cellent condition, $200. Also 9:30A.M.& P.M. 882-0190after 5pm. tractor w/36" mower, exc. 330 Cold Soil Rd. 609-924-2310. station type, workbench, china 609-259-9551 model, $100. CONTOUR PAINTI~IGS WANTED -- 19th cond., Perego baby Opendaily 10-6pro. Sat. & Sun. closet, metal shelving. 201-469- John Deere cart, good cond. CHAIR,aqua naugahyde, like $100..2 snow tires, H78-14, and early 20th Century. land= carriage/stroller. Antzque 10-5 pm. 0390. new, motorized, $200. 609-896$5/ea. 609-466-0768. Singer sewing ma.chme ANNOUNCING BARBELL DUMBBELL SET scapes, seascapes, shll life. 1503, keep trying. COLOR TV - 21" Emerson, --plus weight bench & Also paintings on porcelain cabinet. 609-737-0696. $100. Stereo, Nutone Wall MAN’S 5-speed Raleigh Sprite Beat inflation SALE.20% to weights, $40. Meat slicer, $20. plaques (no dishes, figurines., WOQD STOVES Tempwood’s c0nsole,6’ long, $100. Dinette PARENTS -- DISPOSABLE Elec. corn popper, $10. Schick or paintings on glass). Call bike. Goodcondition, $75. Call 50% reduction on all pant set, 6 chairs & 1 leaf, formica DIAPERS BY THE CASE & Quaker’sin stock. The Dan, 609-896-1052nites, suits, dresses, skirts, pants. console hazr dryer, $10. Ice 609-921-6988. FIREWOOD for sale -- table top, wrought iron &vinyl economical efficient money ALL SIZES, HALF PRICE, cream freezer, $10. Call after FURNITURE SALE: Seasoned, split hardwood, chairs, $90. 609-259-9614. savers. Call609-468-1835. SOFA - Selig, 6pm, 609-924-9384. Bedroom set -- knotty pine 609-890-9170. RED BARN CASUALS white & Free delivery. 201-359-2833 OffIENTAL RUGS WANTED Belle Mead night table; triple dresser with chrominium, $200. 609-655- RL206 eves. Before you sell any Chinese or 201-359-3305 oval mirror, ceramic & brass ORIENTALRUG -- Belgian 4398. KENMORE DISHWASHER MINOLTA CAMERA -SR1S Persia~ rugs, let us make you pulls; cannonball coppertone, exc. cond. $100; drawer made, 8xt4’, exc. eond, $350. 48" ROUNDglass & chrome w/55 mmf.l.7 lens & case a cash offer. Sell dil’ect to the double bed, .$298.95. Maple Wood NIKON F2 PHOTOMIC -glass & brass coffee table, desk, kneehole type dining tfible, 4 tufted swivel HAMHEATHHW-16, HG-10B w/strap. Exc. cond. 659448- European buyers. Reap-, secretary, fife & drummotif on w/drawers, $50. Call 609-799VFO and HD-10 Elec. Key, LARGE DECORATED w/24f2.8; 55f 3.5 micro; 65f 1.8 36"x36", $275 or best offer. 1505. . praisals. chairs, also hanging fixture. Free. We go doors, numerous nooks & 0493 evenings. $200. Call [email protected] Nikkors, $750.; Yashica Mat Snow tires, Michelin 165 inner wreath on stand, $5. Grave anywhere, $200. Call evenings. 609-443anytime, any crannies for storage $195. Solid 124G, $100. DeFord student radials, fits MGB, $25 ca. 201- cherry blankets, sprays,pillows, 5533. .place. 609-34578400. custom crafted stereo/ trees,etc.Largeselection. flute, $130. 609466-3424. 369-5096. credenza $179.95. Small desk & ¯ Cancellation Leyrer& SmithPlantMarket,BRAND NEW- Equalizer chair, oak painted white $65. SAVE A BUNDLE... 2020’Greenwood Ave.,Tren-beds, $75. Minkstoll, $75.6 fire PORCHSWING-- that hangs Deadline PORTABLE HOOVER -- SEASONED alarms, $30/ea, life time from porch ceiling - PLEASE G.E. FREEZER UPRIGHT- RECYCLE NEWSPAPERS ton,Open7 days.609-587-3333. FIREWOOD 609-896-0170. clothes washer& dryer.$200. FORSALE.609-448-1962. guarantee. Call 609-448-9412. $100. 201-359-6769. A p.m. Mon. call 6{)9-921-6758. forboth. 609-655-0078.





Merchandise Wanted

Musical Instruments

’ C~TTLE HAY BIN -- for III- Zucker"feeding 8 young steer out- CLAVICHORD ’74, unfretted. 5 octaves. doors. 609-924-2684 8-11 p.m. mann Cherry case: 60 x 18 x 8 ins. Extremely quiet. Wonderfulto LIONELTRAINS-- and others play. Call Wayne: 201-526wanted by collector. Pay up to 4681. Ring long. $1000per set. Call 609-394-7453. WANTEDTO BUY -- Scrap’ metal, light iron, steel, batteries, radiators, copper, brass, aluminum and used machinery. Currently paying 1he highest prices in the area. l’avment at time of delivery.’ ’ l{e~eiving hours 12-5 p.m. Mon thru Fri. 8 Io 5 on Saturday..No ,quantity too large or tob small.’ G~deIndustrialScrap Iron and ~,Metal Co., North Valley Road, Roosevelt¯ For info. call 609448-2679. WANTED-- Complete contents of homes, attics, basements, garages, etc. Also jewelry, watches, gold, sterling, diamonds. Call for estimates. 201-369-3100.

Musical Instruments UPRIGHTPIANO-- like new, $500. Call 609-655-1100,ext. 477 between 9-4, ask for Pat. MARTINGUITAR-- D-12-35, 12 string in brand new cond. Asking$600. After 6 p.m. 609921-0130.

ALTOSAX-- King Cleveland model. Like new with case, $275. Also, metal mouthpiece for tenor sax, $25. Call 201-359- YAMAHAGUITAR- 12 string 8402 after 5pm. with case & strap. Like new $225. Call 609-448-3927 after 5. EXCELLENT XMAS PRESENT -- Arlene, 12 string guitar. Goodeond. Best offer. 609-771-0838 or 924-2497.

ELECTRONIC ORGAN -newcond, 7 instruments, auto chord, auto rhythm, bench, books of music, $500. 609-882VIOLIN-- 3/4 size, ext. cond. 3966. & tone, asking $85. 609-3950278. FOR SALE: Mason-Hamlin reed organ, mahogany cabinet, upholstered stool $185. Telephone 609-924-1331.

Flea Marketse" Rummage Sales

SELMER TRUMPET-- $250, HOLIDAY BAZAAR -Classic guitar, $150. 609-799- Franklin Hi Sehl. Dee. 9, 9:301382. TRACTOR OR MOWER -4:30. Rent tables, $5, sell WANTED any condition. 609anything. 201-249-2122. 737-3173. EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS PRESENT--Thomas organ, 2 I,IONEL & AMERICAN- keyboard, gd.eond. Best offer. MILLSTONE FLEA MKT., or 924-2497. I"LYEI{ TRAINS- Any age or 609-771-0838 Rt. 33 East betw. Hightstown gauge., Top cash paid for all & Freehold; Sat. & Sun, from , terns 201-521-2195. 10 a.m. Hummels- plates XMAS SELLOUT -- on bells - figurines. Musical Instruments & Ac"t:AS’H FORGUNS.SWORDS cessories. theofMalls, but buy atLook Theat House Music, ~nili ary items, coins. Licensed 2479 Rt. 31, near Pennington ColleClor/Dealer will pay’ Circle, 4 to 9 daily, 609-682more. Bert, 609-924-3800days. 0083.

Garage Sales

~\NY PIECES -- discontinued Corning Centura narrow rim china. 609-799-1248. WANTED -- old puppets or marionettes. 609-448-7832.

ORGAN-Ace-Tone, Spinet, dual keyboard automatic rhythmtape deck. $550 609-3950239 after 4pm.


"Seven For Central Jersey"


MOVING SALE -refrigerator, washer, dryer, lawn mower, gardening tools, etc. Sat. &Sun. Dec9 &101 125pm. 72.Harriet Drive, Princeton..

Auctions STERLING AUCTIONGALLERY 62 NO. SECONDAVENUE RARITAN,N.J. 201-685-9565 464-4047 Auction Antique featuring Americana from the Estate of Hazel Meyer Summit, New Jersey w/additions from various eonsiRnors. SUNDAY-Noon DECEMBER10th Inspection: Sat. 1:00-4:00 Sun. 10:00-12:00noon.

27dvertising Auctions ANTIQUE AUCTION Sunday, Dec. 10 Starting 9:30 a.m. SWITLIK PARK off 4260block S. BroadSt. Yardville, NJ (Subarba n Trenton)

2 pc. corner cupboard, oak dining set, cherry chest, lots of other oak and Victorian furniture. Paintings on porcelain and canvas, fine Swiss 8 tune music box, Tiffany type lamps, miniature ivorys, Rare 2 color 3 pc. Steuben set, Rosenthal, I.imogoes. Vienna. Nippon, signed cut glass, etc. etc. $10.$5, $2-’:, &$1. goldpcs. Lafa~¢ette dollar, other coins, 14k Howard pncket watch, fine gold. silver &gold FURNITURE:Set of 6 plank other seat stenciled Chairs, signed plate men’s and ladies pocket Are Howe, Pa.; and another and lapel watches, men’s set of 6 similar Chairs w/cane diamondrmg, llamilton watch seats; Cherry Dropleaf Table; w/50 diamonds, stickpins, Pr. of Victorian ladies’ & cameos, etc. Lg wall fuscee gentlemen’s Chairs; carved and three antique clocks. Oak Firescreen; Oval Display usual line of 6ver 400 lois of clocks, Table; Oak Bookcase; Oak quality furniture, China Closet; lion-carved Oak china, glass & jewelry. Terms: CASH Desk; marble-top Washstand; Auctioneers: stacking Globe-Wernicke Ron Parent. (609) 893-7632 Rookcase; Victorian Settee; Dick Parent ~609) 888-1264 Tilt-top Table; Hall stand; Oak slant front Desk; Chest of Drawers, etc. *Important selection of 7 AUCTION Federal Period , Mirrors SAT. DEC.9 10:00 A.M. w/reverse naintin~s on~lass. Mlt. & MILS..lAMESTOTTEN *Roger’s Group, "Checkers Up Wertsville lid. Ringoes,N.,1. at the Farm." Including: Executive office *Five fine Samplers dated: desk & chair, wicker table, 3 1787; 1842; 184:); l~ti4; 1890. antique rockers, dough tra~,, *Set of WWlI German chest of drawers, coat racK. Soldiers, Sailors & band manychairs inc. rush bottom (about 95 figures, mkd.Lineol- chairs, stands, 2 ratlan chairs, 3"H. old trunk, pine cone bed, *American country style child’s desk, spool stand, iron Cherry Case Grandfather bed, wicker potty chair, Clock, C. 1800. cabinets, old sleds: antique *English oak case Grand- scale, picture albums, oil cook father Clock, C. 1810. stove, lots old tools, spice *Seth Thomas double dial racks, bird cage, old wooden calendar Clock. *French brass oil container, kerosene stoves, Eagle Clock. old radio, lanterns, old garden plow, old milk bottles, old jars *COLLECTIONOF CURRIER & bottles, & IGts more from a & IVES’LITHOS:large folio barn full-still unpacking! "Seasons of Life: Childhood, DIRECTIONS:Auction s on Middle Age, Old Age. -- also Wertsvitle Rd. halfway betTom Thumb; Battle of ween Rt. 202 & Rt. 179 in Roanoke Island; Gen. Andrew Village of Ringoes. Jackson; Mr. H. Rockwell’s JOiiN IIEI)GEI)ETll Horse. Alexander: Great Auctioneer-Apl)raiser Fire of Charleston, S.C. 1863; Farm & Estate Sales The Hudson from Westpoint: Ringoes, N.J. others. 20!-782-8392 *18th Century Pole Firescreen Mend)erN.A.A. & N.J.S.S.A. w/needlepoint insert.


]~e Manville News TheFranklin NEWS’RECORD 7-B

Pets & Animals Pets & Animals Pets & Animals

DOGFOOD-- Frozen meat: FREE KITTENS-Adorable, beef chicken, h’ipe &kidney. 2 litter trained. 609-799-2155 & 5 lb.packages. Alsohan- after 6 p.m. dle,’sof WAYNEJim Dandy Science dietdog food.Call FREE TO GOOD HOME -KauffmanKennels609-448- adult male & female St. 3t14Rt.130, So.ofHightstown. Bernards from championship SOLID CHERRY QUEEN line. All shots & papers. Annelow boys, built to order. BOARDING & Portable fence & dog house $375. Call 609-448-7866.Other IIORSE training at MolliG Ranchin included. Wonderful gentle reprodoctions available. BelleMead.Largeairy box dogs. Call eves. 201-359-8819. stalls,training ring,many milesofopencountry trails. ANTIQUES Leather & blanket repair work ALL BREED- dog grooming. at the Your pet will ask to comeback done. {201)359-2316. PORKYARD after a visit to the Pooch Parlour. Free pick-up and Quality Antiques &Art on the IIORSE SHOEING -- for delivery in lhe PrincetonCanal across from Finkle’s. experl protection of your Hightstown area and north. horses hoofs, call Dan Smith, For an appointment call 20111-5 Thur-Sun. graduate of Oklahoma 821-9664. Opening Dec. 2 Farriers College. Hot, cold and corrective shoeing. Also 81 ~CoryellSt. special shoes for racinlz. Fast Lambertviile, N.J. courteous service. 609-737- AFGHANHOUND- Beautiful 609-397-2088 9 week female. Rare black & 9455. tan. Goodconformation, AKC. Pick of litter. 212-442-3558. WEBUY-- good used & an- WE BUY AND SELL lique l urnih, re. ()ne piece 1(, LIVESTOCK -- Kaufma:, RANCH INC - Horse Skillman, NJ. 609-46b- J-BAR-W entire estates. Call 609-393- Farms, transportation, enclosed 0773. I;513. oversized trailer. Safe, dependable service. 609-4662229. ANTIQUES -- are gifts from Feeds and Grains the past that with love & apfor all animalsat reCialion will share our LONDONKENNELS -- AKC HOSEDAI,E MILLS ture. Youwill find our shops Irish Setters, Shih Tzu, 274 Alexander St. located in THE TOMATO Dachshunds, West Highland Princeton Terriers, Lhasa Apso, FACTORY,Hamilton Ave., 609-924-0134 Hopewell, NJ filled with Poodles, Maltese, Yorkshire holiday ideas. NANNIE’S Terriers. Visa, Master PIH.:TTIESspecializes in oak Charge. 609-298-3864. furniture for every room in FORMER INSTRUCTOR at your home. From cradles to lhe world-famous Seeing Eye china closets and mirrors to is now conducting individual CATCH HELL- 16.2 hand roundtables. If you like oak, a dog obedience training in the Thoroughbred gelding, 1978 visit Io our shop is well worth Princeton area. Off leash- AHSA2 yr. old horse of the the trip. HOMESTEAD voice control of your dog, the year. Also, Catch on Fire, ACHEScarries a variety of result of years of research at Confirmation, show quality, country furniture, agateware, the Seeing Eye, can now be weanlings, yearlings & mares old tin kitchen utensils, achieved in the comfort and in foal. Robert Barclay, 212woodenware, copper & brass. relaxed atmosphere of your 255-3440& 201-369-8201. Wenow have an Empire solid own home. In addition, there cherry chest of drawers, a ~1’i 1 be classes specializing in cherry drop leaf table and ..teaching children howto train SIBERIAN HUSKY PUPS -hand painted tea cart. For the and prooerly care for their bred AKC reg, hotidav season a large variety dogs. ContaCt dettrey LO~’at Itome marked. 201-752of can}tle stick holders are on 201-889-9125 or leave your beautifully 4812 after 6pm. display. TilE STUDY is filled nameand phoneno. at 609-924with desks, chairs, bookcases 8094. and decorating accessories. Come and browse for the MALE-Afghan Hound, blonde unique gift. Sincerely thanking w/black mask, 18 mos. old you for your patronage REGISTERED THOROUGH- very good natured. Best offer. throughout 1978. NANNIE’s BREDHORSEfor breeding or Call 201-874-3557 after 5:30: PRETTIES, HOMESTEAD pleasure. Asking $1,209. 201ACRES,and THE STUDY.All 727-5072after 6 pm. BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN located at The Tomatoe RETRIEVER-- puppies, AKC Factory. Our best wishes for a happy holiday and a IIORSESIIOER -- YES! reg. Just in time for ChristmemorableNewYear. 609-446- Dependable 24 hour service 7 mas, $200. Call evenings 6099833. days a week. All types of 737-0211. shoeing. Specializing in standing and PUPPIES-- 1/2 Labrador, $10 REFINISHED OAK- icebox. 3 corrective doors, 40" high, $400 or best traveling programs. YES!will ca. To good home.609-448-9580. come out for I horse. Call offer. 609-723-7796. anytime. Del Omdal(201) 3694967or (201) 782-5775. APPALOOSA GELDING -QUILTS--- 1 signed, dated. sale or lease. 5 yrs. 16 hands, Large Wedgwood vase. 0il CAIRN TERRIER PUPPIES lamps. Reasonable. 609-737- the little dog with a big heart. quiet, easy keeper. Call eves: 609-585-8945. 1937. AKC.shots 609-448-5288. EGYPTIANANTIQUITIES- I wood pestle,3 terraeotta bowls. Metcollection, 1900BC. 201-329-6253.


ALTOSAX-- w/black case, made by King Musical inTIJ:KEDO TAILS - Size 38. struments. Goodcond. Asking GARAGE SALE -- crib & Almost any condition. Call Jim $325. 609-466-2351. mattress, twinbed frames, 609-882-8075. Schwinngirl’s 3 spd. bicycle, wroughtiron table & 3 chairs, WANTED - Seashells, $5/pail. EVETTE CLARINET-- exc. Oaksideboard, child’s roll top Also empty paper cartons, desk & chair, games, toys, cond., $125. 609-737-2543. milk, etc. 201-297-0920. F.A.O. Schwartz Doll house. household items. 6 Bertrand WANTEDTO BUY - ExerANTIQUE WALNUT -Dr., Princeton, Dee.9-10, 9-12. ciser, bicycle type, good Schiedmayer Harmonium 609-924-2776. ¯ condition. 609-921-3299. ¢pump organ). Condition, excellent. Stuttgart, Ger*SELECTION OF DOLLS: WANTED - used World Book many.609-7374)800. MOVING - GARAGE SALE, A.M. Black Bisque Dream Encyclopedia. Call 609-799Sat. Sun. Dec. 9-10. 9am-5om. Baby; Gebruder Krauss 2369. rain or shine. Misc. household Floradora; 7" closed mouth A CitOPIN items, lamps, pictures, fur- Dream Baby; Kaiser Baby, It.ARE HOLIDAYSPECIAL (~OLLECTOR’S niture, tall artificial plants, large German (Turtle mark) , USED SLIDING BOARD- for SALE -- Ansonia. Vienna gardening tools, lawn furCelluloid unmarked (Fren- CLOCK swimming pool, curved or niture, kitchenware, china, ch?) bisque head lady doll, 9" regulator style case, circa straight type. call after 5:3e ¯ Homeof Steinway dishes & clothes, books, pm, 609-586-1149. Heubach Kopplesdorf; P.M. 1890~s, 15 day. $1,000. Eves.. records, radial snowtires, 78 x Boy Character Doll dressed in call 201-359-3023. All Pianos & Organs 14. Someare new, must sell. 5 sailor suit, 20"; other bisque & Have Been Spemally Rocky Brook Rd. East Wind- composition dolls. ANTIQUE FURNITURE -- AMEI:~ICAN ORIENTAL HIDEAWAYFARM - offers ALL GOODPIANOS- Call Mr. Priced for The sor. FromRte 571, Rte 130 No., *Doll House & miniatures. Good selection of household RUGS-- all wool, excellent the very finest for boarding or Stan. 609-695-7456. Holidays. Over 300 left on Old Cranbury Rd. *Victorian carved picture eond. ~3) 9x12, (1) 6’ runner¯ Iraining your horse. Sul~er items, brass and pewter Beautiful Models To (Near State Police barracks) Easel. Please call 609-695-7540. sized indoor and outdoor rings, Select From. All At blocks left on RockyBrook Rd. *.~ beautiful Antioue Chan- curtain rods. Radios, i’loor lamps and much more. New heated lounge. Stalls cleaned Great Savings. Rentals FINE ART - We are always deliers. *Several fine (:locks Available. Play Initems daily. Bar&rices. 20 daily. 24 hour supervision, top interested in the purchase or Cherry St., South Bound t~R:\.’qSI:~EI) -- rolltop, desk, quality care. Lindberg Road, stantly On Our New GARAGE SALE -- Mostly sale of quality works of fine *PAINTINGS: John J. En1979 Model Organ toys. Saturday, Dec. 9.10 to 4. nekin~: Watercolor. Ernest St. Brook:Tel. 201-469-0998. art. Princeton Gallery of Fine oil lamps, glassware, colored, tlopewell. 609-466-3426. At 35 Merritt Drive, pressed, cut, cruets, other Art, 162 NassauSt., Princeton. John; S.L. Gerry: Watercolor Player Pianos & Lawrence. 609-921-8123. items. 609-585-5151. rtrait, Thomas Sully; F. Electric Portable THE LANTERN ANTIQUES" ennerwald; F.J. Girardin; 2 FREEDOGS- to good home. Pianos Available --Copper &Brass cleaning. S. J. Alden Weir; T.B. Griffin; 12 week old puppy.’ female, .;2" ROUNI) OAK country Main St. ~Next to tiager, y R.W. Von Boskirk; Jean l,’lorisl }, Cranbury.N.J. 609- kilchen table. Excellent, 201- looks like toy Collie. valuer NEED ARGUS SLIDE Some of our Famous HOME FURNISHINGS --. Smith; G. Califano. trained & vaccinated. If you HOLDERS - Call 609-586-7265. 873-2155eves. 395-0762. Franchises Include Final Sale. Great Buys. see her you’ll love her. Also Steinway, Sohmer, Couches, single box springs, GermanSherpherd t95%), l~,’z RANDOMLISTING: CranKnabe, Story & Clark, mattresses, chairs, tables, BI’:IA, POSTANTIQUES BEAUTIFULt.Ydecorated 3 yrs. old, male, house-broken& Designer clothes, (size 10/12), berry Scoop; potbelly Stove; Collectibles, Furniture & Lowrey, Conn, etc. drawer oak bureau with vaccinated. Calm temold Tools; Daguerreotypes; bedding, lamps etc. Oil Lamps mirror, Victorian marble top perament, gentle w/children, Imlaystown Rd, East Windsor Croesus Pattern Glass; Ruby Manyinteresting items CIIOPIN solid walnut tiered bureau great companion.Call 609-896PIANO & ORGANCO. (Off WindsorPerrineville Rd.) Block Pattern Glass; Set of 12 with full length mirror, Vic- 9450. (office), or 443-5027 exquisite Roemers; Scrim201-359-6730 1101 No. OldenAve., Trenton Dec. 9 &10, 10 to 4. torian solid walnut chest of (home). shaw Whale’s Tooth: Car(5 blocks from PIANO RENTALS - by the drawers andother oak pieces. nival’, Roseville, Weller; Brunswick Ave. Circle) ()I’I.:N I)AII,Y day, week, month or year. Reasonable offers will take 609-695-7456 X~3aOngeware Pitcher & Bowl; Chopin Piano & Organ Co., rn winder; Buddy L Just west of 206. Dutchtown- them. 609-921-1593. DACHSHUND -- male, 2 yr. n OsPat Evening MOVINGSALE -- Rain or Cement Mixer; several gray lhn’lingen Rd.. Belle Mead. 1001 No. Olden Ave., Trenton, ¯ tillEvery 5, Sun. NoonTill till 49 old champion, excellent 609-695-7456. shine - Sat. Dec. 9th, 9 a.m. stoneware blue-painted N.J. ....................... FOR SALE OR RENT - 150 breeding, great disposition. and Sun. Dec. 1Oth, 10 a.m. Crocks & Jugs; old Store year old 4-man horse drawn 609-466-1687. Many odds and ends including, Scales; WedRwood Chamber DRUMSET -- Slingerland 5 LOWRY ORGAN -- model sleigh. Goosneck design, butnot limited to, 3 old trunks, Set: Pitcher & Bowl, Potty, IIANKINS ANTIQUES, lt;9 drums, 3 cymbals, hi-hat, exc. TLO-K, Holiday. Built-in Mercer St., Hightstown. N.J. for store front or baby clothes, paint, stroller Soap Dish; Doll 4-Poster Bed cond. $590. After 5~609-799-1311.cassette recorder. $1600. 609- and spring hobby horse, pine. 609-921-2707ask for APPALOOSA Webuy & sell furniture, china. ~erfect quarter horse Child s Victorian Chair, 924-2985. ~.lass. jewelry, lovely things. Alec. electric hand grass trimmer, Limoges & Spode Dishes; well mannered 100% sound, CORDOVOX -- Asking $1295. Come i’n and "brf, V, rse. Open I I vairous toys, IVORY- Wrought iron Andirons & rides Eng. & West. Dressage Includes 250 watt single piece to 4:30 Tuesto Sat. 609-443-4102 ttANDLED mechanical trained. 609-395-0420. tools; Brass Jelly Pans; or 448-6772. generator and amp, CONSOL-t~PIANO-- 3 yrs. ENGLISH Viction patchwork set, many books~ 78 dovetailed Copper Pudding professional model. Call 201- old, beautiful cond. $650. 609- drawing quilt 4000 hexigons, silks and rpm records, radio tubes, Mold; Fireman’s Helmet; 526-4256. 737-0085,bet. 6 &8 p.m.’ "’Soupy Sales" radio (old table large Pr. Spelter Figures, also ANTIQUES- Country cupvelvets, Collectors item. 609- CATTLEWANTED - all kinds. modeD, electric hedge some Satsuma & Orientalia -- board, turn of the century, 2 921-6536. Top prices paid. Licensed & trimmer~ riding lawn mower, including a Fitzhugh Meat piece, of unusual design: in bonded. Darnel Cattle Farms, CtiOPIN HAMMOND J2-11 ORGAN-hollow core door, glass Platter. 201,782-6734. Eves. 369-4784. ! IANO & ORGAN CO. poplar. 609-883-9817. duel keybd., Leslie speaker, flush, negatives (including reiteratmn, complete range of plate collodion), humidifier, Steinway, Bechstein *CUT GLASS LAMP & Cut voice tabs, full octave bass some boards, old Philco TV Glass Punch Bowl & other cut Baldwin, Yamaha BEAGLEFEMALE- 5 raps. pedals, solid mahogany,a fine bulletin COUNTRY (with remote picture tube), ~’.~lll~,~ Story & Clark, Sohmer glass. instrument &a beautifulpiece AKC, champion bred, all photo enlarging easel, table *Selection of 7 Quilts including ~ x~ ~’~mh..._ ANTIQUE of furniture, $500. 609--443-3872umbrella, metal desk (looks after 6 B()X STALLS AVAILABLE shots. Call 201-874-8198 ~-" ~~ SHOP NEW-USED-REBUILT after 5 p.m. a Centennial Quilt. Small family stable in Mon- pm. like heck, but very sturdy), 1001N. OldenAve. *Victorian .Clothing and actgomery Twp. Personal care. shelves, 5-gal. wine bottles, Trenton 609-695-7456 Paddock,pasture &trails. For some cork-type bottles and cessories. Daily 9-9 Sat. 9-5 *Set ofN. Rockwell Figurines DOG OBEDIENCE turlher information call, 201FOR SALE-- Kueng Bass "equipment, exercise cycle, old "Granpa & Me" -- "Gay TRAINING 359-4207. Recorder. Excellent condition, sheet music, circa 1890to 1920. Blades; Daydreamers; Goin IN TIME FOIl TIlE DRUMSET - 5-pc, many Phone 201-648-3395 for in- More, but the ad is too long Fishin: Pensive Pals -ilOIADAYSI Lg. tables, 8’, For home or show purposes. I now. Corner of Opossum and originai boxes. accessories, all new head. formation, Orchard Rds., Approx. 1 mile *Collection of 9 Whale Oil etc. Also drop leaf, farm & 2 BOXSTAI.,LS-- available in will cometo you. 201-239-7711. Great for beginners. $150. 609round. Chairs, 8 oak chairs, lg. West Windsor. Large outside off 518 on Opossumor 1 mile Lamps. 921-1851. early serving table, sets chairs rin~. with lights, pastures and off 206 on Orchard. Questions? (l set 8), early Ig, cherry trails. $115]mo. Call Landau POODLES - male, AKC, tiny Y A MA H A A C O U S T I C Call 201-359-6173evenings. armoire, cor. cupbds Gigantic Farms,609-448-0210after 6pro. toy, homeraised w/children, GUITAR -good cond. for$75. T E R M S :’ C a s h , butter worker coffee table! MARTIN GUITAR - D-18, pets. Trained & shots. 215-862beautiful condition. Call Becky (FG25)609-924-8357. BankAmericard/Visa/Mas~et~ Pine bookcase-cupbd desks, 2254. Charge. Catalog avauame at at 609-395-1253 after 5. GARAGESALE-Almost new sale. "Snack bar. GERALD wine storage table, early LITTLE VALLEY-- Canal king size headboard, 2 bunk eupbds. Dry sinks, jam cupbd- Rd. Princeton. 1 mile from Auctioneer/ s, pie safes, collection early Rock.,,,l-till. Boxstalls, lighted RABBITS AND HUTCHES PEAVEYBASS AMP- series beds w. built-in drawers, desk STERLING, Appraiser, Member Apcopper pots, lg. applebutter 400 head, 2 15" speaker ORGAN-- Baldwin Spinet & attached wardrobes. Many turnout. Unlimited trail Call 609-466-2242. Assoc. of America. kettles, blanket chests, wood ring, music acsmallitems. Sat. &Sun, Dec. 9 p.raisers cabinets, foot switch, exe. Orgasonic, riding. Adjacent tow path of we are now accepting conboxes, lamps & fixtures full D&R cond. $275. 201-359-6507. companiment. Lesson books & 10, 12-4. 6 Willow St. Turn signments for Jan & Feb. canal. 609-924-7012. included. Exc. cond. Asking ’from Nassau St. onto Moore Auctions. Gallery open daily s ze brass bed. ONEOF NEW BEAUTIFUL iRISH SETTER - male, 1 year old, to good JERSEY’S LARGEST AND $400.689-737-0856. St. 2nd street on left. and Tues. eve. home.609-587-3794, BALDWIN ORGASONIC BEST STOCKS OF ORGAN - 2 keyboards. Call REGISTERED, MORGAN REFINISilED ANTIQUE 2 FURNISIlINGS, MODESTLY Mares - 14 years $900, 6 years PERSIAN CATS FREE to .’609-466.0280. PIANO -- Yamaha upright PIII(’EI). VISA & MASTER $1200. Onereg. quarter horse good homes.201-297-0845aft. 6 Cancellation studio, walnut finish, ext. mare, 16 years $800. 2 paint p.m. MAKE YOUR SHOP CIIARGE! RTS. 202-206, eond. Will make a superb TENOR SAX - Buescher Pluckemin, N.J. 7 miles No. ponies,3 yr. old stallion $300.7 Deadline KNOWNTO ALL! Aristocrat. Case & stand in- holidaygift. $1200or best offer Somerville Circle 201-658..3759 yr. old mare $400. One grade BROTHER KITTENS -GO DISPLAY 7 WAYS! cluded. Excellent condition by Christmas Eve. Call 609Wed..thruFri. 10-5, Sat. & Sun. horse mare,I0yrs.$500. 201- would like home together; $325.609-448-5887. 921-8089,after 6pm. 359-8385after 5 pm. youngspayed female~all litter 10-6. trained. 609-989-8944.



Musical ;, Instruments

Pets & Animals

4 p.m.Mon.



Princeton Small Animal Rescue League

tSAVE~ SAVEcares for the world’s neediest cases. Please won’t you give. Male 1 yr. old pure bred Bichon-Frise. Female I~ year old pure bred Bichon-Frise. Male pure bred Irish Setter. Female Beagle-Terrier dog. Female spayed 1V~ year old Norwegian Elkhound-Bull Mastiff. Male wire haired young dog. Male black Lab type dog. Male & female tan & white 7 " weeks old Sheltie type pups. Male 3 yr. old Cock-A-Pop. Female small rust & white Spaniel type dog. Female Shepherd type dog. Female 5 mo. old LabradorShepherd dog, all black.

5 mo. ola male uooerman-

Setter pup. Male long hair black Terrier dog. Female spayed 8 mo. old pure bred German Short Haired Pointer dog. 2 pure bred adult Maltese male & female spayed, good with children. Pure bred female silver Chinchilla Persian Cat, adult. Call about our kittens and young cats.

To claim or adopt a pet please call Mrs. Graves for an appointment, 609-921-6122,hours 8-4pm,Sat. 10-I2. Report lost and found pets within 24 hr. period and call the police if you find an injured pet. GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS-- outgoing AKC puppies, Champ.sired, ready for Christmas. 609-737-9241 eves. SMALL LABRADOR MIXED -- female, 5 months, housebroken, loves children. Free to good home. 609-7992570. AKC REG -- championship ancestors, lovable male - Olit English Sheepdog. $100. 609448-2825.

UNUSUALLY AF.FECTIONATE, very young ALASKAN HUSKY PUPS -- 2 cat needs a loving family males,1 female, AKC.Quiet, home. In good health. Free. smart.Greatfor kids.$I00- Call after 5 p.m., 609-883-5567. $175(negotiable). Willboard pup of your choice ’til POODLES--Tiny toys, AKC Christmas. 201-524-9203 or201- home raised, hold for Xmas. 521-1581. 609-587-0936after 3pm. YORKSHIRE TERRIER puppies AKSregistered. Call 609-392-8594. IIAPPINESS IS A KEE-SIIEP PUPPY 6 weeksold, AKCregistered parents $25 609-259-3182

GERMANSHORTHAIRED -Pointer pups. AKC.Exc. for home, show or field. 201-3673128 after 5pm. THOROUGHBRED GELDING -- 16.2 chestnut~ shownsuccessfully, alwaysin theribbons overfences. 201446-4374.

FREEPUPPIES -- beautiful 7 year old bay geldinl mixed breed puppies. 6 weeks AQHA 14.3 hands by Pocco Trivi, old. Please call 609-448-8430. some of Pocco Bueno, h~ been shown, outstandin disposition, excellent yout PUPPY FOR XMAS? Let activity horse, will hold unt Trenton Kennel Club direct Xmas. Vet inspection t~u a reputable breeder. easetocall, 609-896-1842, 466- welcome. Negative cog&ins. 0792, 231-782-0298for free in- $1600 delivered. Call 609-9247757or 655-0231. formation.


BICHONFRISE - female, 15 mos., small white dog. 1 persian cat, female. Price negotiable. 609-452-8932.

FREE PUPPIES -- READY TO GOFOR Christmas. Mixed breed. 609-448-0595.

REG. QUARTER2 YR. OLD Mare. $1,000. Stubben Seigfreid saddle, 15", exc. cond., $325. Thoroughbred quarter filly,S500, or trade for hay or beef. Call 609-466-3388.

FREE TO GOOD HOME -Terrier type dog, short haired, female, spayed. 2 yrs. old, paper trained. 609-466-2495or 486-1476.

PEDIGREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER - pup, 5 wks, male, AKCpapers, best offer. Call eves. 201-297-0110. 2 MALEFIXED CATS -- need a home¯ Outdoor, independent and affectionate cats. Cal! 609674-4308.

FREE -- Female dog. Very affectionate. Puppies coming soon. 609-924-7426. 1 PAIR OF NEW ZEALAND WHITERABBITS- and hutch. $50 total package. Exc. business opportunity for breeding Easter bunnies. 609737-0899.

DANDIE DINMONTTerrier puppies -- Affectionate 6 mo. old peppers. Champ. blood AKC CHAMP. -- ENG. lines. 609-921-8750 eves & SPRINGER SPANIEL & weekends. POINTER STUD SERVICE. ALSO, SHOW & PET QUAL1TY PUPS FOR SALE OCCASIONALLY. Inquire at Maidenhead, 609-896-1642 after 5pro. FOUNDIN HILLSBOROUGH area on Nov. 19, ’78. Large, grey/brown, male weimaraner.Call 201-359-7720. RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER LOST LAI~GE GREY CAT w. white bib & paws. Nr. Park AnimalHospital. 201-297-3550.

Lost & Found

"Seven For Central Jersey"






Lost & Found Autos Wanted Autos For Sale

i fi’ed

Autos For Sale



Autos For Sale

Autos For Sale


]he Manville News The Franklin

Autos For Sale


Thursday, December 7, 1978

Autos For Sale


1973 HONDA CIVIC -am/fro, VOLVO 164-auto. 1970 - exc. ’71 CADILLAC COUPE ’73 BUICK LE SABRE -1969 DODGEDART - 2-dr.173 SUZUKI,GT 550--$300 o steel belted radials. $800. 609- DEVILLE- all extras, com- Custom cond. inside &out. $1200.201- auto oest offer. 201-297-7369aft , 4 Dr. x, inyl hdtp, auto., factory air, very 924-4058. 297-9237 after 6 p.m. plete new muffler system. running cohd. $450 or %o~d p.m. "r ,~ PS, PB, air, snows, exc. cond. Best offer. Call eves. 201-369- Original owner,$2100.Ditto ’69 offer. 201-297-5279. ’72 PONTIAC-- AC, PS, PB 4405. I~eSabre. A great ear, $700. 4 WHEELDRIVE - 1972 GMC new front tires, $500 or bes~ YAMAHA--Harr BrothersSuburban, auto. trans, loaded 609-924-1477. offer. 609-655-3331. ~h.’,rcych, Sales - Service LOST- on Nov. 10, green "11 PLYDUSTER - new paint, w/extras. Clean. 609-448-8657. ’68 CHEVELLE SUPERWANTED- VWBug," ’69 DODGE 440 -- auto., Parts. 1605 N. Olden Ave. eyeglasses, redcase. Vicinity SquarebackorKarmann Ghia, mags, snows, AM/FM, g~u $990 & ’71 FORDPick-up, flat SPORTS- 327-3 spd. trans. Trenton. 609-393-7550. 86 Spruce St. or Quaker Bridge any year or condition. Call cond. $500. 201-359-5432. ’77 DATSUN280Z -- 2+2, 5 bed, $400. 201-874-3053. Primed and ready to paint, ’77 PONTIAC VENTURASJ speed,Excellent condition,1966 MERCURY COMET - $500 or best offer. Ask for Mail. Reward. 609-921-9000, Bill, 609-924-1165. all power, air, low mileage, Good transportation. Asking Buddy,609-799-1773. ext. 4358 weekdays. $7950. 609-799-8336, evenings. ’72 CAPRI---’ good running like new. 609-924-1975,between 1973 RED JENSEN HEALEY $300. Call after 5 pro. 201-359W’inter Storage 9-5pro. condition, 4 spd., manyextra 4495. -- new Michelin X radials, new parts. Asking $1500 or best exhaust system, etc. Must 1969 CHRYSLER NEWPORT LOST- 9 month old male cat, ALL JUNK CARS and trucks Cycles - Mopeds Asking $3400. 609- -- auto. Irans., AC,PB & PS, orange & white w/grey spot on wanted. Free towing $15 and offer over $1000. 201-359-8436. RESTORED FOR DETAILS CALL 1968 BMW1600 -- sacrifice¯ chest-. Sat. a.m., Irwin Place. up. Scarpati Auto Wrecking, 896-2097 after 7:30 and 73,000 mi. good cond. 201-359- 1973 PLYMOUTH COOPER CYCLE RANCH Valiant-4 dr. Excellent condition. Also have weekends. Lawrence. Answers to name o~ 609-396-7040¯ 4872. Rte 33, Hamilton Square other BMW parts. 609-466-1122. sedan, V-8, 318 engine, autn Tora. Desperate 609-882-0831 ’69 CHEVY VAN-- excellent 609-587-6354 trans, PS, radio 49000mi. Best ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY: any time. running condition & just MOTORCARS Mon-Fri,10 to8, Sat, 9-3 offer. 609-448-1295. JUNK CARS WANTED 1971-72 BMW 2002, -blue exc. painted. Newmotor has 65,000 $600-- ’71 COUNTRY SQUIRE 1971 0LDS CUTLASS2 dr, cond., Michelins, stereo --clean, good con- ps/pb, miles, needs interior work, WAGON auto, a/c, t-glass, LOST - Shepherd type male ANY CONDITION cassette w/Jensens, $2950 or ’56 BENTLEY,S-l, gr/gr. dition, a/c, 9 pass. yellow with am/fro/ cassette, $1259. 609-924-3274eves. 609Jensen ’71 TOYOTA -- station wagon. hides, goodcond., $8,500 dog, medium size, black 1975 SUZUKI125TS -- off/oL¢ 452-2300,ext. 365 days. brown paneh’ng. 201-359-1935. speakers, 42,000 mi, extra best offer. 609-924-4485or 924- Delux Mark II, silver gray. 609448-6434 4317. muzzle, Nov. 15, from Merritt trail bike, $450or best offer snows & wheels, very clean, Auto, good tires, new battery, ALSO, FROMTIME TO TIME 609-737-9597after 5 p.m. Drive, Lawr. Reward. 609-883asking $2195, call after 6 pm, good runnin~ cond. low OTHERS TO CHOOSEFROM. 9456 eve. i975 280Z--A/C, FMstereo w/ 609-799-3020. 1977 FORDThunderbird - Dove mileage. Asking $850. Mr. JUNK CARS WANTED-$20- 1976 DATSUN280Z-in extrack, Magwheels, 38,000 mi. gray, air, custom int., am/fm Lorell, 609466-3328, Mon-Fri. cellent condition. Low 8$4900. $100. 201-548-6582. RUDY’S MOTORCAR 609-585-0620. 1975 YAMAHA RD350 mileage, air cond., am/fro stereo, exc. cond. $6200. 609LosT: -- Gray cat, female, SERVICE w/accessories, $600. Call aftel radio, cassette player. Brown 586-6910. vicinity Bridgepoint Rd., Belle Sales, Service & Spares 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO -5 pro., 609-799-8663. B -- sport coupe, CAPRICE ESTATE WAGON or ’w/black interior. Best price 1975 LANCIA Mead. Missing 11/10. Please WANTED:-- Sciroceo Rolls-Royce & Bentley 351, V8, auto. PS, PB, vinyl twin cam engine, A/C, over $5700. Call 201-359-3610. Rabbit, or 70-76 Volvo or Saab. ’78--3-seat. air, stereo, 11,000 call Charlie, 609-924-8085. Exclusive top. 609-466-0675. Michelins. 32,000 mi. Exc. miles, smal~V8,$5995.609-737- ’72 OLDS CUTLASS-- exc. HONDACL-70 - good con Goodcondition, PS, PB, 609U.S. Route #130 cond. Call 609-695-7533 after 6 921-3476. 3532. dition. $150, or best offer. 291 cond. new brakes & shocks, South Brunswick, N.J. p.m. LOST - puppy, white, five 329-4569. ’69 VWBUS - new engine w. loaded. Call 609-924-2350,after FORD’70 -- Cntry. Squire 5pm,Call 609-888-0654. month old female, mixed guarantee, new muffler, gd. 201-297-4582Anytime, AM/FM, air, rack, German shepherd / Lab. in [ires, exc. cond., asking $1450¯ 1973 FORDGRANTORINO-1976 CHEVROLET-- Monza YAMAHA 175-’74-hopped up snows, PS, PB, asking $475. vicinity of LongHill and Zion but still street legal good 609-799-2235. 8 pass. st. wagon.A/C, PS, PB, 2+2, 16,000orig. mi., 4 spd, V8 609-466-0824. Rd., H’boro, 11/25. 201-369condition, $450. 201-359-4283. radio, radials, lugg. rack, engine, exc. cond. 201-572-3568 1975’ BUICKELECTRA -- 225 4221. VW1966 BUG-- runs well. after 5pro. custom, 2 dr. landau top, full $1450.609-397-3588. Mustsee to believe, $275. 609power, mint cond., low MERCEDES TRANSMISSION SERVICE - ’78 CHEV.-- 4 dr. Caprice 300 SEL -- 3.5, 799-1269. mileage¯ 201-725-1783. PUCH MAXI SPORT MOPED Fluid changes & adjustments, classic. White/red interior. 1971, classic silver, blue LOST-- female grey & white $15. Most cars. 201-359-2103 Loaded with all options. 1975 PONTIAC -- 4 dr. -- mint cond., 1 yr. old w/Pucll leather, all options. Exc. cond. 1-972 VOLVO -series S142E, long-haired cat. Please call after 6 pm. cover, $350firm. 609-448-1079. Tilt/cruise, stereo, p/w, fuel injection, auto. trans., 1 Granville Broughamhardtop, $6900.609-466-0624. 609-799-4804. 1977 THUNDERBIRD -- 17,000 p/reclining seats, etc. Bought owner. $1500. Take Possession full pwr., low mileage, very ’69 PONTIAC LEMANS in miles, $5450or best offer. 6096/78. 7000 miles. 609-448-3935. Dec. 2, ’76. Ernest Ladoat 201- clean, manyextras. Call 609- running condition but needs 924-0520after 6pro. work.Clean. $100. 609-883-5377. 1968 PONTIACCATALINA ’71 KAWASAKI - 175 Enduro. 359-8200 ext. 310 days. Eves: - 4 890-1908. JAGUAR & MG REPAIRS Runsgood. First $225. takes i~ dr. HT, 60,000 original miles. 201-874 -5173. reasonable prices, quality 609-921-1277. auto, P/S, P/B,- radio, workmanship. Call Joe, 609- ’72 T-BIRD- Exc. cond. Fully powered. Owned by auto 1965 PLYMOUTH FURY ’75 LTD-excellent condition, mechanically sound. Ex- ’75 CHEVYIMPALA - 4-dr 585-0134. Hdtop. PS, PDB, AC, exc. mechanic. Must sell due to VW BEETLE 1969, loaded, $3650. 609-443-4770 cellent transportation. Offers. WAGON -- 318’- automatic, exc. death in family. 609-799-4574or running cond. Auto. trans. new tires & exhaust, looks & after 5pm. 448-6319. 201-722-4586 between noon & 9 cond, 46,000 mi. $3000. ’76 SUZUKIRM250-excellen~ Evenings after 7p.m. Mon. - condition, never raced. Asking 452-3350. Orig. owner, 70,000 miles. $675 runs well, asking $350. 609-924p.m. 2 RADIALSTUDDED-- snow Fri. Wkends all day. 609-448or best offer. 609-443-6584 after 2158 after 6pm. $700.Call 609-443-1381. tires, 165 x 15, both for $70. 7453. 6 p.m. DATSUN PICK-UP’76 -- red, Used 1 season. 609-921-3619 1967 VWBUG-- 110,000 miles¯ VWBUG1966 - Runs well, no Tonneau cover, 4 rims, tape p.m. Engine needs work. High back dents, very clean, roof rack, player, $2000.609-896-2124. 1968 MERCEDES -- 239 gas. HONDA CR 125 - Great conseats, $50 for body, $75 snows.Bill, 609-924-7500 or 924- 1971 VW BUG -- AM/FM. dition. Call eves. or Sat, 609Very clean & very dependable. 1960 T-BIRD COUPE-- exc. w/engine. 609-734-0557. 1165. $1750.609-799-3937 or 924-2833. original rust-free condition, 69,500 mi¯ Nice. $1,095. Call 771-1465. ’67 VWengine and parts. Call $2500 or best offer. 609-924TR7- White, black interior, 609-771-1174after 3 p.m. Pam, 201-846-1065eves. a/c, am/fmradio with tape, 4- ’72 CAPRI -- $500., green, 5142. 1972 PLY.WAGON -- ps/pb, 1978 CHEVY CAPRICE tu1978 CONCORDS speed trans, 1976 rood,el. stick. ’73 Pinto Wagon,$800., XMAS SPECIAL- great buyl tone blue, A/T, A/C, PB, factory air, gd.cond., $1,000. gold, stick, 609-695-5547. Purchased in March of .7.7 1975 PONTIACGRANDPRIX ,1977 Honda XL75 in go~d TIRES - 2 Sears Dynaglas windows,seat & dr. locks. Tilt ’72 PLY. SATELLITE,2 dr., ALL 60 DAY OLD IN16,000 miles, like new. Asking 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER d.cond. $1,009. Firm price on - A/C, P/W, AM/FM casette, condition. Hurry and call. 609Radials, FR-78x14 Snow: 4 VENTORY TO BE SOLD AT $4800.609-924-1474. -- 383, auto, p/s, am/fm 8 steering wheel, cruise control, 737-1846eves. oth. 609-896-1712after 5 pm. $2700.201-369-4513. Michelin X 195x14Radials. All DEALERS AM/FM stereo, rear defogger, INVOICE track, vinyl roof, exc. cond. PLYMOUTHWAGON’69 -in good shape. Best offer. 609- AMOUNT. other options. $6400. 609-799new tires, snows, a/c, p/s, p/b, $1375. 201-359-8487. 4434354after 4:30. 3861. 1963 PLYMOUTHVALIANT good cond. 609-882-9508, 883-- NJ inspected, mech. sound. ’72 FORD Country Sedan l,imited time sale to move 1976 BUICKREGAL-- 2-dr, 4196. wagon- Auto., p/s, p/b, V8, a/c, cream w/bucksin ’75 OLDSCUTLASS-- airBest offer. 201-359-1445. BMW - 1600 or 2002, used and excess inventory. CHEVROLET 1974 -- Impala, cond., auto trans., power disc power locks, a/c, cassette interior, bucket seats, chrome rebuilt parts, engine, tran4-dr. sedan, V8, auto. trans., brakes, AM-FMr/defogger, stereo, new battery, Mirror 1978 CHEV.3/4 -- ton pickupa wheels and more. Imsmission body and electrical COLONIAL MOTORS AC,only 43,000 mi. Exc. Cond. extras, excel, cond., best offer "72 FORDVAN- runs very glass, mounted snows. Very Low mileage. $4500 firm. Call maculate. 609-924-8347. ’67 CORVETTE -- conparts. Call 609-587-7323 or 882U.S. RT. 22 vertible, 327 - 4 spd, stock. Asking$2350.Call 609-443-4012. over $2500.291-821-9684. well, body in good condition. clean - $1150. 609-448-9221. 201-359-8819after 6 p.m. North Branch [Somerville] 8697. Must see. $6500. 609-655-0270. New snows + 2 good tires. 201-722-2700 Asking$1295. 201-369-3819. SNOWTIRES - G78-14, Rims, 1968 AMC REBEL 4dr, r/h, ’72 VW SUPER BEETLE Bal black polyglass. Cond. is 1968 VOLVO -- Model 144, 4 1976 BEIGE PONTIAC a/c, runs good, body fair, ext. mechanical condition, TRUCKS excel. $60/pr. 609-896-2377. spd. plus overdrive. Exc. ASTRE- Hatchback, very well comfortable trans. Best offer. good hres, 6 track. 609-9211970 MK2TOYOTA-- Corona 1955 CADILLAC -- 4 dr. Model cond. $850. 201-359-8487. maintained, 2 new radials. BUCKETSEATS -- from ’73 for parts, reconditioned engine 609-443-4354after 5. 62 Sedan, superb 1 owner Asking$2200¯201-359-1068after Buick Riviera, 6 way power, 9000, ext. 2992. TWO RADIAL SNOW TIRES &transmission, $350. 201-297condition, winterized, snow 6:30 p.m. all day Sat. and Sun. complete w/console, rear -- Goodyear, all winter, FR 7376. tires, $1800.609-924-5142. seats & side panels, like new, 78x14, F32, Mountedon rims. CONVERTIBLE 1969 -1968 CHRYSLER NEWPORT $60. 201-329-2032after 4 p.m. 1975 VWBUG-- fuel injection, Onlyused 1’,.:, seasons. $140. Camaro Supersport, pace car auto. stickshift, rebuilt engine, -- 4-dr sedan, PS, PB, R&H, 609-448-8616. BMW 1600 ’69 -excel¯ cond¯ WHATA BODY!Classic type edition, best offer over $2200. goodtransportation, $450. 609am/fro, very good cond. $2500. ’69 PONTIAC GTO -400, 4White/black int. $1375. Call 1957 black MERCEDES 220-S 609-799-1749. 201-359-0380after 6pm. 737-0010,Mike. select and save from our 4 NEW15" RIMS, including spd, p/s, p/b, air, 15,000 on eves. 215-493-6368. Burns no oil, no rust, is selection of Pickups, Vans, 4Ford hubcaps. Call after 6:30 Sedan. rebuilt engine, new clutch, ’73 CHEVY Sport Van 1 ton running. Must sell. No wheel drives, Medium/HD p.m., 201-874-6308. new brakes, etc. Completely fully customized, a/c, am/fm, reasonable offer refused. ’71 VEGA HATCHBACK -- 1975 PINTO HATCHBACK- 8 track stereo, C.B. Excel. 1970 CADILLACDEVILLE-- Trucks-- Used trucks and ’72 BUICK SKYLARK a/c. restored mechanically.. New Serious buyers only. 609-443- ps/pb, am radio, exc. mech. & uaranteed parts. $3500. Call goodrunningcond.I owner. 65,000 miles, snowtires, A/C, a/c, ps/pb, leather someleft overs. cond. great for trips. Must be am/fro, 6499. Call after 7 p.m. TIRES -- H78/15, belted interior, low mi, good cond. int. cond., asking $800. 609-799New clutch, shocks, brakes, exc. running cond. Gas-tank etween 6-7pm, 609-882-5199. seen to be appreciated. Call polyester, 2 regulars, plus 2 COLONIAl, MOTORS 609-443-6541 after 5. exhaust. $400. 609-921-2617.readjusted to meet safety 2235. 201-520-3642after 5 p.m. snows, $60. 609-799-2129 U.S. Rt. 22 West JAGUAR LAND ROVER -requirements. Call 609-924North Branch [Somerville] Aulhorized dealer. T&T 9522 after 6 p.m. Motors, 210 WoodbridgeAve., 201-722-2700 1969 BUICK LA SABRE -’69 COUGAR - XR 7 loaded, ’73 NOVA CUSTOM HAT2 ALMOSTNEW - Laramie 1976 BUICK ELECTRA225 4- 1969 BUICKSkylark -- p/b, llighland Park, N.J. 201-572- dr, $600. Call 201-351-1362 after CHBACK -- auto, p/s, imSnows, FR70-14, Radial steel 2577. Burgundy blackvinyl roof, p/s, air, 63,000 miles, runs 70,000 orig. mi., exc. cond., 5:30 p.m. 1968 VW- AM/FM, 4 spd., maculate, brown w/wrote belted studded w/rims, $100. excellent. $1000or best offer¯ $475. 201-359-8487. amffm/stereo, V8,auto,PW r PJ&Bspecial. Days: 201-874vinyl roof &int. $2475.609-448609-921-2866¯ pack,6 wayp.wrseats,tilt Call eves, 609-682-0200. 2148. Evenings 609-871-0793. 9270. FIELD FIRE TRUCK- 1959 wheel, crulse master, CLASSIC - ’68, Pontiac 1973 PONTIACGRANDDAM’72 VW SQUAREBACK International 4 wheel dr, 300 odometer, reardefog, climate Catalina, showroom cond.. sunroof, a/c, factory mags, SNOWTIRES - 2-F78-14 on WAGON, 4 sp., under 60,000 ’74 PINTO -- good running gal Booster Tank, P.T.O. control a/c,50,000 bywaymi, 1975 BUICK SKY HAWK -231 20,000 mi. Loaded. Interested radials, p/s and brakes ’77 PLYMOUTH SALON -Duster rims. 201-359-4239after mi.’Asking$1,000. 201-297-6091. cond¯ AMradio, auto. trans., Pump, 2 Booster Reels with buyers only. $3995 firm. 201- 609443-33~2after 7 pm. tilt steering, am/fm, V6 eng, 4 spd am/fm/5pro. A/C, P/S, P/B, AM/FM/ $600or best offer. 201-297-7391. buckets, l,:~" Booster Hose. Front 249-3252 Tues-Sat. 11 a.m. - 6 silver / burgundy, mahogany stereo/cassette, excellent cassette, vinyl roof, split behmounted winch off P.T.O.,/’] p.m. cn, defog, V-8, 7900mis.$4,850. dash, excellent, 76,000 mi. condition, low mi, 609-448-0729. watt two-way radio. Sitting[ SNOWTIRES WITHRIMS - in Moving, must sell. 201-526- 1970 SAAB96 V-4 -- Needs TOYOTA after 6 CORONA II -- 1971, $1,900. Call 609-799-4928 ood cond. LR78-15, Town & capacity for 8, two 110 V 1970 BMW2002 -- clean 8138. transmission otherwise fine. 64,000 miles. Newtires, A/C, p..m. ountry radials for LTD. Alabama car with snappy ’77 HONDA CIVIC -- 21,000 outlets. NottinghamVolunleer NO MONEY? ? ? $150. Call after 6pm. 609-443current safety sticker. $500. stationwagon. Only $75. 609~erformance & many extras¯ miles, exc. cond. 609-921-6621 Fire C., Hamilton Sq., NJ. NEED A CAR??? 1647. 609-921-0221. Please Contact Chief Bernard 466-2199. ’78 CHEVROLET STATION or 452-5682,ask for Eli. Many makes and models Serious inquiries only. $1800. 1978 FORD CLUB-WAGON Foley at Firehouse. 609-890-WAGON-excellent shape. available. AIso trucksand 609-899-1687after 6pro. lowmileage, exc.cond.$6800 9834 for further information. SNOWTIRES- usedI season, vans.We need Customers Eves. 609-921-6163. who firm. Call609-924-8354 after 6 1976 2002 BMW VOLARE- 3 E70x 14,w/rims. 609-443-1345. -- 24,000 miles, ’77 PLYMOUTH JAGUARX J6 1972 -- 46,000 can qualify to just make p.m. dark gray with leather in- spd. plus overdrive, new Callafter 6 pro. mi., $4500or best offer. 609-924a~iments on inventory. CAMARO--327 V8, auto. ’75 CHEVYVAN - PB, PS, terior, auto. trans, fog lights, radial tires, exc. cond. $3200. 1978 DODGEASPEN, ONLY 8424. dealer atour 201-725-5804 for 1967 2,200 MILES Estate settrans., AC, radio, inspected. 50,000 mi Good cond., asking a/c, cassette, sunroof. Mint 201-821-9456. 1969 FIAT SPYDER- spare information. ’62 VW -runs, first $I00 takes tlement. Exe. condition, $600. 609-799-1517 evenings. $3000,call after 7 p.m. 609-448cond. $9500 or best offer. 609partsl Dash, radiator, etc. 609it. Also ’67 Bus for parts. 201snows included. A fabulous 609-924-3900ext. 116 days.. 9014. 586-5900.. 587-2368bet. 5 & 10 p.m. holiday gift. $4300. or best 72 PEUGEOT -Needs work, 297-441 I. ’69 FORDTorino - Burgundy, 54.000 mi, best offer. Call 609’72 CHRYSLER NEW offer by Christmas Eve. Call 4-dr, black vinyl top, blk. inYORKER- Brougham, creme 609-921-8089after 6 pm. 448-0522. ’65 VWt~UG -- sunroof¯ DUMP - Stake body, 14 feet, F10 HB -- am/fm 8- w/brn, vinyl top, auto. trans, 4-15x8----6 lug Chevy 4x4 Rally terior, small V-8, 19-21 mpg, 1975 OLDSDELTA88 -- 4 dr. Reliable station car. Call after DATSUN rims, asking $150. 609-921-0130 auto. trans, new tires & sedan, small V8 engine, a/c, track. Eggnogw/brown strip. 1973 Ford F-bOO,never worked, AC, PB, PS, windows, seat & exhaust. Car in excellent 2002 - Auto, am/fro 1963 VOLVO after 6 p.m. Great gas mi. 22,000miles. 201- dr. locks. AM/FMstereo 8 1976 BMW exc. cond. 36,000 miles, $3495. 4 p.m. 609-448-5717. - Station wagon, less than 12,000 easy miles. condition. $550. Call 609-921- 1966 stereo radio, a/c, sunroof, 64,343 297-9160. LINCOLN CONtrack. Cruise control. Trip miles, in running con- Asking$6900. 609-924-0746. 2654. must be sold. 609-924-3776. TINENTAL convertible, 87,000 ’74 VEGA ESTATE WAGON odometer¯Steel belted radials. dition. Best offer. Call 609-921miles, runs good, collectors 3752 after 5 p.m. -- 4 spd. newtires, a/c, p/s, Manyother features, askirig 2 SNOWTIRES -- G78X14, classic, $2000. 609-585-75:.0or am/fro, very clean, $1200. 609- 1969 VWVAN-- One owner, $1250. Call Mike at 609-924- ’74 NOVA - 4 door, very good MOVING? 1972 FORD ECONOLINE -excellent condition. $50. 609393-3388, well cared for, $1,050. 609-466466-3396. 1816. cond. two new tires, shocks BEING TRANSFERRED? 200 Super Van, panelled &" ¯ 448-0394. 2070. and battery. 42,000mi., $1,900. DODGE ’66 - Sportsman carpeted. 6 cyl. std. trans. MUSTSELL YOUR CAR? window van. VS, 318 Evenings 609-799-8670. Wc buy cars outright. Call Besl offer over $1600. 609-448-" SNOWTIRES - G78 : 15, new VISTA MOTORS 1975 AUDI FOX WAGON-TOYOTA CORONA MARKII automatic. Asking $550. Call 0919 after 7 p.m. 1970 CHEVY Kingsworth st. 1973 PONTIAC CAT. -exc. WWretreads mounted on ’69 201-725-5800. for details. exc. cond. throughout, 34,000 609-466-0801. 71 station car - 71,000 mi, cond. Auto., A/C, AM/FM wagon. Runs good but needs studded snows, runs OK. 1975 ELDORADO Chev. rims. 201-359-3936. mi. $3000.609-921-7322. - Excellent radio, P.B., P.S., gold, $1950. body work. $125 or best offer. Needs muffler, some body condition, low mileage¯ Call 609-882-1533, 609-443-4556. 1970 383 MOTOR FOR SALE-work. $275. 609-924-4016. 609-882-3898. ’75 FIATX19-4 cyl. 4 speed, 1960 INT HARVESTERSTEP - AC, 1973 SUPER BEETLE -36,000. Best Offer. 609-448-6908 1973 DODGEMONACO VAN-- excellent running ¯ am/fro, radio, manual PS, PB, AM/FMstereo, 360 2 am/fro radio, exc. shape, new or 448-8675. ’71 PLY- 52,000 mi. - auto. 2 ¯ ’73 BARRACUDA new 1972 steering & brakes, blue, 33,025 condition. Best offer. Call bbl. eng., posi-rear, new shocks, clutch, 30,000 miles on ’63 VW-- Snow tires, 4 barrel VW CAMPER -tires, runs great, $650. 609- carb. heist shifter, lots of miles, an extra sharp sport- after 6. 609-443-3612. trans., rebuilt radiator, newengine. $1700. [email protected] battery, good transportation. ’ Mechanicallyexc., body needs new Best offer. 609-443-5417. modified suspension, 4 new extras! $1,209 or best offer, scar. Was $3395, now $2895. work. Asking $1000. 609-586- 448-8973. 2 GLASSBELT - H78-15 w/w Radial tires on E-T Mags. 609-924-6450 after 6 p.m. 609-587-1599. 781.8. snows on wheels. $60.2 S-78-14 Immac. interior. 75,000 high- ANTIQUE1930 Model A Ford AUDIFOX- 1976, auto., AC, 1972 911T coupe -- 5 w/w studs. $40. 609-448-3057. way miles. No rust. Spor’[y, Roadster showcar. Best offer l PORSCHE sunroof, AM/FM stereo tape, FORDVAN’69-rebuilt ’73 spd., Alloy wheels, AM/FM 1968 T-BIRD- like showroom motor, 302 V8, long body, $550. reliable 15 mpg, good accel. COLLECTORS 1961 FORD 30 mpg, 1 owner. Exc. cond. 1970 VOLVO- Excellent Must sell! Trade welcome. sIereo, good cond., $6200. 201Just passed NJ inspection. Best offer accepted. 609-882- running condition, $600. 609- cond. Newtires, new paint. 201-359-4283. Galaxie -- almost a Classic, Imlaystown, 609-259-7517. 297-4488. AC, PB, PS, PW,asking $1400 Have new car must sell. body in exc. cond. Motor needs 6755. 737-9291. or best offer. Bet. 5 & 10 p.m. Asking$1500.Call 609-921-7950. somework. Best offer¯ 609-799609-587-2368. GHIA -- PS, 2129. 1973 DATSUN240Z-4 spd. 1969 PLYMOUTH 1972 TOYOTAHI LUX with 1974FORD GALAXIE- 4-dr., ’76 MUSTANG - Satellite, 4 cap-good condition, excellent wheels, am/fm, runs & looks dr., radio, heater, auto., a/c, 63,000 mi.Fullyequipped. New PB, air, 33,000 miles. FMtape ’66VWBUG - exc. cond. Snow tires, 50,000 mi. Asking$1500. tires,brakes, exhaus[system. deck. 609-443-3407. great, must see. Best offer VWBUG-- ’64, completely 100,000 + miles. Runs well. JUNK CARS PURCHASED 1975 DODGESport Dart - $1700or bestoffer.201-359tires&roofrack, $300. 201-359- 609-448-2017. over $3100.609-298-6808or 587- $300. 609-924-4415. reconditioned. New engine, Must be complete for this 0650. Excellent condition. Std. shill 7808. 1793, 201-685-2233. price: Large cars:$25 ’72 BUICK SKYLARK Custom tires, brakes, paint &int. $1200 41,000 miles. $1850. 609-448or best offer. 609-799-9332,799-2-dr. hardtop, V8 auto, 1976 CAMARO - excellent 7439. CHEVROLET 1963 - good rebuilt engine, air, am/fm 9334. Small cars, $15 condition, 250/6-cy1., mags, transportation. $150. 609-921- 1908 CHEVY VAN -- many Late models bought. radio. Best offer. 201-689-0723. extras. Norust,freshmotor’~ tape, am/fro. Cranberry - red 6580. 201-469-6131 trans. 609-921-8622. vinyl interior. 609-452-3435 % ¯ 1977 VOLVO WAGON -std. 1976FORDE-150windowvan, after 6pm, 396-2942. BUYIT, SELLITI RECYCLE trans, w. overdive, a/c & roof standard shift,powerbrakes, ’69 VW- auto. stick, snow rack, p/s &pwr. disc brakes,. THIS 1964 DODGEDART - GREAT V8,$3500 orbest offer. Call 609- PLACE A CLASSIFIED ¯ RED CLASSIFIEDS tires, AMradio, good cond. am/fro tad,o, steel belted , STATION CARBest Offer. 609after6pro,ask for 7-POWER WANT AD JUNK CARS -- bought ¯ and 921-2948 NEWSPAPER 75 HORNET auto. snows, RUN IN 7 PAPERS $825. Call 609-448-2179 after 3 radials, exc. cond. $6695. 609443-1283 after 6. sold. Towing.609-259-9604. ¯ Nancy. exc. cond. am/fmradio, $2000 p.m. 395-0749after 5pro. FOR 1 LOWPRICE firm. 201-828-7744. A-I JUNKCARS $30 IF DRIVENIN Class 2 &3 201-526-6906

FOUND-- KITTEN. Orange & white male, I/2 long-haired tiger. 5-6 mos. 609-9244029or Box 47, Grad College.

1977 HONDA CIVIC -- 30,000 miles, exc. cond. am/fmradio, a/c, unlimited warranty, $3750. Call Daniel - 201-2282108, collect after 5pro.


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"Seven For Central Jersey"



Thursday~ December 7, 1978

Class i fi’ed


Town & Country

WILLSBO~H The Manville News






Specialists SincP 1915


Oneof this areas oldest, largest and most active Real Estate Companies.

INVEST IN CHARMING CRANBURY This vintage two family home can be a great investment for someonewith a flair for restoration. Presently divided into twin rental units, one 3 bedroom the other 2 bedroom. For the large family this can be brought back to the original 11 room home it was a century ago. One block to Main Street, lake and park ...................... Asking $62,900.

"OLD WORLDVICTORIAN charm with modern world" conveniences: copper wiring, totally remodeled kitchen with’new plumbing, refinished oak floors, three bedrooms,, two baths, basement and insulated attic with stairs., Located in quaint village setting and offered at ...................................... $49,900.

OLD WORLD CHARM Just listed in Hopewell Twp. 7 rooms with that warm, homey feeling found only in this vintage home. A country setting and very convenient to the Princeton area. This is the first offering- be there first! Call 737-1500.

.~.,. ~..

OVERLOOKING THE BEAUTIFUL MILLSTONE Built before the Civil War, the "Blackwell House" boasts much history. The charming 13 room house, sitting on 3.8. acres with lovely old trees, has its own stream, 3 working fireplaces, with wide pine floors boards and very large rooms. Just a shoh walk to the lovely, historic town of Millstone, "old home buffs" will certainly want to know more about this interesting property... Asking$110,000.


YOU PROVIDE THE FAMILY! We’ll provide everything else in this 7 room colonial just listed, superbly decorated with plush carpeting an ultra modern family size kitchen, formal dining room with sliding doors tl~at lead onto a fantastic and covered deck 12’ x 22’ -- a great place for summerentertaining and just second to a public golf course and within walking distance to indoor tennis courts. Movein condition. ..................................... $79,900.

A BRICK RAISED HEARTH FIREPLACE in the living room. Modern kitchen equipped with electric range and abundant cabinet space. Separate carpeting dining area, convenient utility room with washer and dryer inch~ded, tastefully papered and tiled bath, three bedrooms, hardwood floors, central air-conditioning, private patio and fenced yard and two car tandem garage. All in immacualte condition for .............. $55,900.

ENTICING BEAUTY- Charming, delightful expanded homewith a fabulous family room addition with fireplace, 3 to 4 bedrooms, 1 full hath and room for additional hath on 2nd floor, modern kitchen, dining area overlooking rear yard. Good suburban location minutes to Mercer County College and Princeton Junction ............... $66,900.

" ’°-’ Ill ....... ....... ~.~._ ..........


,,,, :"2~""~

MUSTSELLSellers are waiting to retire to Fh)rida. Come see this cliarming~3 bedr(mna.rancher in a lovely secluded area of tlopewell Twp. Immaculate home with eat-in kitchen, dining room, large living room with fireplace. C/A, full basement, baseboard heat. Reduced to a bargain price of $72,000.

TALK ABOUT SUPER VALUE OPEN HOUSE Sunday, Dec¯ 11, 1978 1:00-4:00 p.m. 248 ProbascoRoad, East Windsor, N. J.

Here’s an all brick el shaped ranch, ideal for 1-95 corn-’ reuters. 8 room, 2-]/~ baths, room sized h~yer, 3 master sized bedrooms, family room, 12’x16" very elegant dining roon~ with crystal chandelier, extra large kitchen and breakfast room with custom oak cabinets. There’s central air, plush carpeting and custona draperies, 2 car garage with electric door. See it - you won’t believe all this in the 70"s.

Directions: Rte¯ 33 east out of Hightstown one mile past exit 8 of turnpike: jughandle at Shell station (cross over rte. 33) to North side Twin Rivers. Take Probasco Road to #248 on right (between Canterbury

8 Danbury Rds.)

CUSTOM RANCHon a hill surroundod by mature trees and shrubs, outdoor built in grill and patio. Large living room with fireplace and built in bookcases, eat-in ktichen, dining room, three bedrooms, 2 full baths, full finished basement with w& bar and attached two car garage make this a unique first offering at ................. $79,900.

Immaculate 2 converted to 3 bedroom town house in lovely quiet court. Oversized enclosed patio with gas grill, full partially finished bsmt, storms &screens, all appliances. Close to NY commuter bus, swimming, tennis, shopping. Let us show you what value you can get for only ...... $41,500.

IDEL Interior & Exterior Color Photos

Recreational Vehicles

IIopewell Twp. - 5.06 acres in the beautiful Harbourton Hills with approx. 400" frontage in an area of executive type homes.. ............................ $32,500.

ROUTE 31, PENNINGTON, N.J. ROUTE 130, EAST WINDSOR 609-737-1500 609-882-3804 609-448-6200 9 Offices to Serve You and 6 Multiple Listing Services to Serve You

242 ½ NASSAU ST., PRINCETON 609-921-2700

Machinery & Equipment

BIJILDING LOTS - NEW LISTINGS Hopewell Twp. 1.199 acres on the Princeton side, high, wooded and overlooks a picturesque farm ...... $24,900.

coNvENIENCE OF LAWRENCEVILLE plus a prestigious 5 bedroom home with sprawling grandeur and distinction. Exquisitely decorated, plush powder blue carpeting, massive family room with fireplace and bar, 2t,~ bath, spacious bedrooms, a beautiful in-ground pool for next years’ pleasure. A stately home in AcademyManor to be proud of ............................. $99,900.





A. Weidel,

ESTATE International




2681 MAINST. (RT. 206) LAWRENCEVILLE 609-896-1000







TUTORING HUSTLELESSONS-- Dance, MERIDAN TUTORING TRAVELSCIIOOL Dance, Dance! Learn the ENGLISH Individualized help/available CIIRISTMAS SALE exciting hustle in the privacy READING ¯ STUDYSKILLS PICKUPCAMPER -- 10Ve ft. : of your homeand be the belle FORD TR.h, CTOR - with WRITTEN AND ORAL’ complete unit (stacked) Just of the Holiday Hustle Ball! ......... PRINCETON AII Subjeets-fi,[[fi,ges hydraulic snow plow/grader COMMUNICATION MATHTUTORING -- by Ph. Call Jennifer today. (201) 545blade. Brandnewcond., $2350. right for deer hunter. $1250. Adults &Children a 7 week evening class $100 N.J. Education Consortium 201-446-7376. ¯ 609-921-1277. D. High School & College.¯ 4981. THE LEARNING DI~AKE BUSINESS (reg. $150)Starts Jan. 2, 1979. A non-profit educational Corp. Preparation for SAT Exams EXCHANGE . COLLEGE 609-921-2021. also available. 609448-3690. 157S. MainSt. Hightstown. TROYBILTROTOTILLERS-’ 1977 WINNEBAGO ¯ 2 weekday class $200 (reg. CLASSES -offered by the 609-443-4113. 17LivingstonAve. sales and service. New and. MOTORHOME - Minnie $250). Whole Earth Center and the . BAKING -- with used models available. Call Winnie, 21,000 mi, man~. ex- GUITAR LESSONS ~ 6/12 NewBrunswick, N.J. ¯ Travel Agents home study HOLIDAY PROFESSIONAL Teacher of Energy Task Force at Prino~1~% natural foods -- demon: Complete Secretarial and (;09-890-0371 eves. & Sats. tras. Excellent cond]ti0n. " course $175 (reg. $250) start string. Contemporary method Guitar & Violin Graduate of ceton University. Wed.Dec. 6, stration & talk on baking Accounting Courses i’l’rcnton). $11,000¯609-298-6272. immediately, includes tape analysis in my Berklee College of Music. Call: 7:30pm at the WoodrowWilson special holiday treats. Fn Day and Night Courses ¯ Free placement service, studio. Bob’ Korman609-921School, Princeton University. Ed Cedar. 609443-5163. Dec. 15, 5:30 pm At the Whole Telephone: 201-249-0347 ~,,~~,~v ~, " " 3669. "Home Energy Consumptionwhere your money goes, how "~ ~1~17 " Ask about our turnkey travel Earth Centerbakery. 609924-7429 to sign up.Call Classes agency setup service. PIANO TEACHER - ConTUTORING -in most subGUITAR LESSONSopular, best to cut your fuel use" Sun. limited. There will be a %~ ,~[1F ¯ ¯ ~ Dec. 10, 12 noon. "WoodHeat" Allages,al~levels.ects elementary throuuh servatory Graduate. 201-297- ~1¯ ’ ’ ¯ - " -’ t ex’ classmal ¯ Courses also taught at East charge. ~. ~ .m~.0~ _ 2322. nt"g n scnoot..... oy pauen, and MOBILE HOMEfor sale. ~xperienced teacher with BA -- wood selection Orange, Kenilworth, Jersey ~ 1974 installation & ¯m musm ........... operation, nerienceo, invenuve teacner. . .. v._. 12x65 manyextras, exe. cond. uu~ qt,~ ~ " " " " safety precautions for using THE GREENOAKES ~/ale Cum Laude. Reasonable A UNIQUE APPROACH to. City, Parsippany, Montvale, ¯ Adult Park over 45, no kids, 1977 WINNEBAGOCHIEF’PIANOLESSONS-avail, from rates. 609-655-3841 (Cranbury Rochelle Toms River, wood stoves. Call 609-924-7429 !language learning: 25 Tinton Falls,Park, & Vineland. at Princeton ~ no pets. Call owner for detail TAN26ft. Rear kit, loaded concert pianist w/MMin to sign up &get directions to languages. Native teachers’ French. Spanish. German, or. 609-443-1421. ’Performance. Very reas. 609- area), with extras, generator, like 201-295-0731 201-667-0069 Italiana Korean & other TUTORINGLESSONS -- in place of this class. Wed.Dec. and translators. Instruction new, 14,000 mi. Call after 5. 443-5673eves, ask for Roberta. Est. 1960 30,000graduates languages Standard, ConItalian & French given by 13, 7:30 pm. WoodrowWilson for children and adults. All NO-NONSE’NSE GUITAR 609-448-7485¯ TIlE ORIGINAL TRAVEL versational Sbhool. "Solar Collectors" & Intensive levels. Brush-up, . conLESSONS-Learn. only what native &experienced teacher. SCHOOL References Descriptions & comparison of versational Courses. Small classes & and ¯literary you want." Get there- faster Evenings ...... private Instruction. Native f, ~ avauame, t;au"’"az "ter -apm ,609 - different types. Whatto look classes. Intensive courses for SNOWMOBILES- Yamana,. TUTORING- 1st & 2nd r. Rock.. "azzj , blu e s .~1.., per ½ ~r. for in a collector, Dec.20, 7:30 travelers and business people, teachers & translators. 924-5597. Harr t~rothers, Sales~ Service reading, theory technique, Spanish, $4.50 pm Woodrow Wilson School. - ¯ ENGLISH: Oral & Written Tutoring. Call 609-921-3063ori MARTIAL ARTS & Parts, 1605 N. Olden Ave., 14’ ALUMINUMV-BOAT - Hickory Acres area. 609-448- ¯~mprowsatton...Off-the-reeord INwith trailer & new 7.5 hp. 7652. "Hydroponics for the Apt. 924-9335. , transcriptions of any music. STRUCTION- World Black Commumcations Courses Trenton¯ 609-393-7550. Sears motor. Runninglights, Beginners to advani:ed Best ENGLISHTUTOR- 16 yrs. ’ renter." Classes are open to "Belt, b,.neficial to all. Call 809- Call 924-4538Daily 9-4:30 swivel seats & much more. references. Lessons given on ’exp.., some math," all study I all, $2.00 donation is 799-4359for appt. after 4 p.m. Mon & Wed to 8 PM Call 609-924-7429 to THE RUSTIC RANCH- 222-5 Ask for Mr. PIielan. P.O. Box 2038 RECREATIONAL VEHICLE John,609-924-2258. GUITAR AND BASS Princeton campus 212-874- skills. TomWertenbaker, !requested. s~gn up... Princeton M.A.(609) 924-2218. 1976 Prowler 24Vz’ a/c, 6809. Smithburg Road, Freehold, LESSONS - teacher with N.J. Horseback riding every awning, tv antenna, sleeps 8, music college experience, day at Rustler Ranch 8 miles like newcondition. $4,800. 201-¯ HIGI:I QUALITYBASSBOAT reasonable rates. 609-799-0132. Kits -- at a reasonable cost: PIANO - European Con- east of Twin Rivers. Beautifm 359-5837. Cancellation RIDING LESSONS- for all LEARNING PLUS -AnEasy to assemblewith step by. RECYCLE servatory Teacher is now trails, excellent horses, ex’ nouncing S.A.T. Review ages. lnin-doorarena. A great , step instructions included. For " " Deadline ’73 mmh 39~000 PIANIST AND TEACHER -accepting serious students in pertise guides: For inWINNEBAGOTHIS Courses for 78-79. For further ’.Christmas gift to give. Call your dream to come true call ATCM; NJCerPa, is now the Princeton area. 609-921formation call 201-780-2006, mis., CBand 8-track, roof and information & registration call ’evenings. 215-493-6079." NEWSPAPER 4 p.m. Mon. accepting students. Beginners 609448-1543or 448-3690. cab., air. $7100.Sleeps 5, 201- ’201-521-2195after 6 pm. 0778. ask for Jan. . to advanced. 609-655-4346. 722-1798. PIANO, FLUTE LESSONS -OUTBOARD--1977WardsSea- Experienced, certified King, 3.5 hp, used 6 hours¯ teacher. All ages, all levels. $120.609-921-0365under 5 p.m. Hillsb0r0ugh. 201-874-4709.


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BASSGUITARLESSONS- all idioms taught by professional. 609-799-4825.




Thursday, December 7, 1978 i



& Co.

,= r.a,,,t, n.s ==

RealtorsandInsurors . 9240401 4-6 Huffish St., Princeton, N.J. (6o9) se6 lO2O C6O9) Evenings (609)924-1239

R EA L ESTATE ¯ Est. 1927

Realty @IAssoeiates, Inc.


Member:Princeton Real Estate Group, Multiple Listing Service, World WideRelocation Service

Hazel Stlx NoraWllmot Lowln O.nFacci., iSukl Dorothy Kramer RosGreenberg JaneLamberty BA.%,~ra.H~:ted~h, JoanAlpert m KarenTrenbath 1Dlanne Bishop LoisFee I Marllne~ Horovltz athloen Fee ¯ Jo EllenGrossman IK EstherPogrebln 1Edyce Rosanthale Larach ¯ ~Sarah

Contemporary?Colonial? Tudor L ~" ";i} ~. . "" ¯.--. ¯ ~rm~li~r.~,~’


"c5E-- - ::=:-~ ~---_-~ ,~-;9.L_~-~-. "---7

Ournewest WestWindsor listing. Threebedroom ranchlocatedona largepanelled familyroom,stonefireplacein living room,wall-to-wallcarpeting overhardwood floors, 2 full baths,full finishedbasement, andlovelyflagstone patio.Thishome is maintenance free with its stuccoandTennesse stoneexterior.Call for anappointment. .............................................................. $95,900.


FOLLOW THEREDBRICK PATH aroundto the fenced-in private yardabounding in fruit andnut tree~-ThisPrinceton ranchhasa largeliving roomwith a slate facedcontemporary fireplace, a separate diningroom,3 bedrooms, 2 full bathsanda TVroom.Enjoy a viewof the garden fromthe light andcheerfulfamilyeating areaadjoiningthe modern kitchen.All this with onlyblocksfrom schools,shopping andswimming andonly 1 block fromthe New $116,500. Yorkbus.

POOR LITTLE RICHGIRL needstenderloving care. If youcrave peace andseclusion anda fine Princeton locationandhavea flair for renovation anddecoration, this is a fine opportunity¯ Liv~g roomw/fireplace, a diningroomanda bedroom anda full bath downstairs¯ Upstairs,thereare2 bedrooms anda full bath.It can bea splendidretirementhome. Just reduced to $92,000

FOR SALE ORRENT - 4 B/Rranch on’/2 acrelot in countrysetting¯ L/R, D/R,w/slidingglassdoorsto patio, eat-in-kitchen,1 car garage. $39,900 or $375/mo. UNBELIEVABLE BUTTRUEA rare find is this investment property with 3 units, twoof whichare completelyfurnished. Within walkingdistanceto town,busandshopping, this home is situated ona verylovely,quietstreet.Unlimited potentialandpricedto sell quickly at $49,900

Let us show youoneof ourloveliestlisting locatedin a verydesirable areaof West Windsor.Thishome has4 bedrooms, 2 ½baths,central air, fireplaceandfencedyard.The family canwalkto school,shops,train andbus. In addition this immaculate home is $I 18,000. coveredby E.R.A.’s 1 YR. WARRANTY ...............................

YOUR LAST CHAliCE to get into the housingmarketwith a home you’ll growto love,andloveto growin¯ Thisonehasit all - 3 bedrooms, 1 ½baths,entry, living room,diningroom,eat-in kitchen,plusa full, finishedbasement. And,OH!Howit’s finishedl Brickandwood family roomw/FranklinStove,a large playroom, workshop, laundry,andanoffice, tool All this ona partiallywooded ½acrelot ononeof EastWindsor’s prettieststreets.Come seefor $66,900. yourself.

EXECUTIVE CENTER HALLCOLONIAL IN LAWRENCEVILLE Elegant twostory entrywithwinding staircaseandgallery, large living room,library, formaldiningroom,familyroom withcustom stonefireplacewall, marvelous kitchenwithexcellentstoragesunny breakfastroomandporch,four cornerbedrooms, 2½baths, full basement, centralair, 2 car garage anda fabulous wooded lot. $99,800. ¯ A.super value.

pliances(includingrefrigerator,dishwasher, trashcompactor, self-cleaning oven, washer anddryer),carpeting, centralair, full basement. December occupancy ..... ..................................................... ... ~ $57,900. ,.

I--NEWTOWNHOUS NLAWRNCVttE 3be r°° sfu basementa aP I AliceHollander Sharon Knight JanetLachapelle JerryLancaster Maureen Langer ArleneMulry KayTlghe ¯ Principals: Patr|claS. Bell RuthW.Bly

ShellaBramande JoyCapwell MlflleCoggln DeanDrabowskl ConnieDarrow LoisFox

Open7 Daysa Week* 609-799-8181 43 Princeton-Hightstown ltd., PrincetonJunction

13 nl*,l~


’ FORA YOUNG ~I~RFitZI"OI~PORTUNffy I~ROFESSIONAL ¯ 0ur’i. beautifullymaintained 5 bedroom Colonialhome in the Borough of .Hopewell hasplentyof room for happy fam!ly,living andboasts a 2’ room office suite withits ownentrance¯ There’snoproblem about hanging outa shingle - it is already zoned for this use.Only $g3,500., YOU CAN HAVE IT BOTH WAYS - All the charmof an older home andall the modern conveniences of a newerhomelHalf acre. beautifullytreedlot is the settingfor this 3 bedroom. 2 bathhome withmodern kitchenanddinettearea.Thefully enclosed porchis perfectfor yourplantsandrelaxing.Garage andstoreroom makes. ¯ this home ideall $45.000. INVESTORS. JUSTWHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR:A 3 family income propertyin tip-top condition.TheIst and2ndfloor apts. havea living room,kitchen,2 B/R’s,andbath.The3rdfloor is a studio apt. w/kitchenetteandbath. Full dry basement, 2 car garage,andvery convenientfor schools, shoppingandtransportation. $46,900. COMMERCIAL BUILDING in Hightstown¯ . ?,-

:TOGETHER - YETSEPARATE - This spacious ranch can be your home andalsoyourparents’,or yourteenage daughter’s or son’s as it hastwoseparate living areas.Largeliving room,diningarea, modern kitchen,3 bedrooms, (2 of whicharepanelled),panelled basement with another fully equipped kitchen,enclosed sunporch, enclosed breezeway, andto top it all off a swimming poolandpatio withshade. Lovelytreesandshrubs ona quietresidentialstreet. Asking $67,900. ROOSEVELT CREAM PUFF- 3 bedroom alum. aidedranch in immaculate condition¯Livingroom w/fireplace,diningroom w/built-in chinacloset, excellentmodern kitchen,1 car garage,partially finishedfull basemen.t, on½acresurrounded by Greenacres. $4g,000.


¯ ,


LAWRENCE BUILDING LOT- Just listed. ½ acrein beautiful residentialareaoff Lawrencaville-Pennington Road.City sewers andwater. . i" $.25,9~. lAND. Contiguousto AmericanCyanamid, 24.43 plus acres zoned ROd,researchandoffice. Veryshortdistanceto Route1, Quaker Bridge MallandMercer Mall. Easyaccessto Princeton and Princeton Junction.

PRINCETON - Superspacious,superlocation, superopportunity. Forthe growing or expanded family, this 4-5 bedroom, 3 bathair conditioned home is made to orderlSetona wooded ¾acrelot in primePrinceton area,this home offersoversized living room,dining room,eat-inkitchen,familyroom w/fireplace,andprivacyfor all ages.Easilyaccessible to top schools,shopping 8- transportation. A goodbuyat $137,500.

BUILDYOUR DREAM HOUSE NOW onthis prime¾acre building lot in lovelycountrysetting. $17,900. 49 PLUS ACRES -- INDUSTRIAL LAND - Washington Township. Located a short distancefromRobbinsvilleAirport andSharon County Club.Good accessto both Northern andSouthern routes. Callfor details.

Our CompetentStaff Can ShowYouAny AndEvery Homein the Area!



Business Services

Business Services

Business Services

Business Services


Entertainment Special Service

HARPIST L E N D S MAGICIAN - Scouts, Parties. D R E S S M A K I N.G A N D A PERFECT -- Christmas ELEGANCE TO YOUR Banquets= etc. Girl cut in hal~ ALTERATIONS -- Janiec giving idea for that special " PARTY OR by electrm saw plus Houdini Wolfe. Call 609-448-2125. HOLIDAY RESUMES UNLIMITED person in your life - an Princeton Packet Inc.* PROFESSIONAL TYPING PROFESSIONAL TYPING -DINNER - beautiful con- lock escape. Gordy, 215-968Your complete one stop astrological gift certificate. has some Carduner’s reasonable rates. Also dic- SERVICE AT ITS tinuous music ! Oberlin !3733. MIXOLOGY Great for planning the holiday Press TimeAvailable featuring tation via phone or your tape. Shopping Center, Rte. 130 & resume service MERRIEST-- professional Conservatory ’78. Call Naomi season and the new year, or WebOffset Press Princeton-Hightstown Rd., resumes professionally 201-297-6298aft. 5:30 bartender available for your ust for yourself. An amazing DRUM LESSONS -- By Hightstown, NJ. 609-448-6707. written to highlight your MarkusAlter, 609-924-1899. DISC.JOCKEYFOR HIRE -, holiday affairs. 609-393-3931 professional in my own home. earning experience. Only Let us print your newspaperor Your complete secretarial qualifications, expertly typed ,Weddings, Parties, Dances, between9-Spm. $6. Call 609-799-0034. $15.00 includes chart and one in-house organ. Cameraready TYPIST - wishes to work at service featuring ERROR. & offset printed¯ For personal, DISCO FOR HIRE -- 1400 Live Band Sound. For low hour private consulatation. mechanicals or negatives FREE AUTOMATICTYPING confidential watts &lights. If your party’s cost, any iype music - Disco, home. Accurate work at service call required. We print regular Call Jon at 609-921-0694. - every page an original¯ Also Make:gone under, rent some th~n- 50’s, Pop, Elvis, etc. Barry ’Will Custom reasonable prices. RingoesRESUMES UNLIMITED at FRENCH TUTORING standard pages or tabloias. bedspreads, drapes, letters, resumes, theses, term tier. Disco 105. 201-745-1451. Hopewell area. 609-466-2615. Davison, 609-466-2709. grammar,conversationin ¯ apers, dissertations, news 609-448-0701. pillows .... Specializing in. teachers mothertongue. 609- MATH TUTORING - ex~ Yourpapercanbe printed on building & covering cornices, tiers, addressing & mailing, perienced HS teacher, : 882-4662. 30# newspnnt of 50# lambrequins & headboards. information storag.e & GENERAL CARPENTRY -IT’S MAGIC reasonable rates. Your home regular PIANO PLAYER & SINGER offset stock. There is a TRUCK & WINDOW LET- retrieval, Xerox copies. Yourfabric¯ Call 609-448-4642. or mine. 609-799-0914,after 5 white -available for all occasions. also patiostormdoorsinnominalextrachargefor a TERING-- showcards,paper Equipment: IBM Correcting p.m. stalled. Freeestimates. CallFromspectacular stageshows Performing weekly at local Ilerbert C.Rodgers, 201- Selectric secondspotcolor,if you so signs. FRENCH LESSONS It and an IBM MikeNovack201-297-1867. to intimate closeup magic. restaurant. Will¯provide my ¯ Beginner, 297-1648. desire. Intermediate, Memorytypewriter. Children’s birthday oartie, ownpiano. CallStuSilverberg, EXPERIENCED SEAMAdvanced¯ Conversation &/or NEEDLEPOINT banquets,any event.~acn 201-297-4411. & Our capacity for your needs is TRESS-, will sew women’s, , Grammer. 609-448-2908. BARGELLO - Classes starting HEAVY DUTY SNOW show personally planned to childrens & some’ men’s 24 pages standard and 48 STATISTICAL- &technicai ... FUTURE INSULATIONS Jan. 10th, ¯1979. Limited pages for your tabloids, REMOVAL -- 24 hour your needs by a professional clothing. Do alterations & typing, resumes, letters, COURETHANE F.0AM enrollment for individual emergency service. CallJohnmagician. Reasonable rates. D.J. DANCE MUSIC _ drapery. Patchwork thesis, manuscripts, etc. Done. SPRAY a APPLIE -Taught by W.Hoff and Assoc. today. 466- Call after 6 p.m. 201-359-2847. Bookingnow for your specialty.609-466-1873. :" ENGLISHTUTOR -- Expert attention. Mr. Hutchinson or Mr. on Selectric II. 201-359-3673, CELLULOSE BLOWN INdesigner for Call 3730. It’s later than you think! Ask for Ed. tutorwithMAT from Antmch professional Burke at (609) 924-3244 for day Or eve. Christmas or New Year’s Solar buildings, homes, attics, Co. particulars on your printing ¯ Collegewillwork withyour Major Needlecraft Party. Anytypemusic.Discowalls, cold storage boxes, childin yourhomeor mine. w/teaching background in Art. needs. PROPERCARE-- of your" tanks, roofs, trailers, MAGICIAN-- shows.for 50’s-top 25. Low rates.609-466"TYPEWRITER B.~B:AIR -- storage i Grammar,readingskills, Beginners & Advanced stitvans, specialties¯ 609-397-0132, :mrrl r ::=e- a’nmen school, cubscouts, parties,2709. trees should notbe a guessing General cleaning and repairs. writing skillt;. ~Declzlizing in chers. 609-443-6190. *(We have won state Rd. Lamclubs & more. Audience game. If your trees are CalI Eu 82 Rocktown underaehiew,r~. ~au 609-771national press awards for Free estimates¯ bertville, NJ. participation& balloon showing signsoftrouble or if _Radigan,609-448-6443. : 0368, keep trying. References quality press work.) animals. Lowprice!CallTed, you are considering a available upon request. TUTORING AV~,iLABLEI ~II~ecia[Services preventive maintenance JONJIETI-IE 609-921-1549. ,i Former Littlebrook Teacher MAJIC CLOWN : program, calla company with TYPIST wishes to work at interested in tutoring primary BALESTRIERI CARF’ET aNSTALLER- Will an owner of over 15 years t " home. Accurate work on IBM SECRETARIAL SERVICE i sell carpet, do installations & Magic, comedy & ¯balloon subjects. Particularly’ ~TREE WORK-ALLTYPESexperience in the field. Tree SCHOLA: PRINCETON reading. Please write Box electric. Reasonable rates. repairs. Licensed & bonded. animals.Availablefor schoolMUSICON THE MOVE - Doe ’Pruning, Topping, Feeding, I Care, Inc., 201-297-9300. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION 201-874-3689. 609-921-3398 609448-8888. #02205 c/o Princeton Packet. shows,birthdayparties, grandJay Ed Kleinbringsyour Removal, Storm Damage,. ’ SERVICES Day or evening openings andfundraisings, organization a surefirewayto La~d Clearing & Chipper ; --~-remedialhelp, support, fun froma Resumes, Letters, Theses, For furtherinformation callhave dance to&aprofit, 60’sshow orDisco any Service. Firewood & wood :A L’i~r~ ^,v ; c~ -R. enrichment Dissertations, Manuscripts. MATH TUTORING -- Former 201-254-6374. ~ n~’~’v’~’M~." ~ ":,,=~,~;,~ ’ ’RIVER ROAD type music event. Complete ’chips available. Competent - allschool subjects aswellas CollegeProfessor & Technical will tutor’JUDITHGRIMMER-- Office Statistical TECHNOLOGY ’work at a fair price. Fully ~owns~’~veiis a" sv~al’i~. sound system, call now for writing, studyskills, editingcollege orseniorhighschoolmanagement consultant and Typing, cassette tran~" ’! Freeestimates. 609-¢,_^,^~.^, ,,o =0~,,~ Fail or Winter booking. Disco insured - English as a second students. t,=~n~,,,,~ow-+,o-uo~. executive "secretarial scriptmn, etc. Equipment: 609-452-6511, 452-1189. Engineering Service 737-312 6." .’¯ - ¯ lighting system also available: language assistant. Office organization Selectric II & an Automatic PLANI~ING A wedding, Experienced Mag Card II Typewriter. - Call609-924-2457 or921-7338. and procedures, transcription, Practical school dance, or homeparty? 201-821-9664. correspondence, theses, Logical Have a professional disco CHIMNEY CLEANING -- By ’ Cancellation manuscripts. Correcting ..... Problem solving for party. Let us take the worry " ¯ ~ ,,, the Oliver Twist Chimney RECYCLE Selectric II and Distaphone the better way in out of your entertainment SANTA CLAUS- Available ueaal Ine ~ Sweep.Quickefficient service. TUTORMATI:I,& PHYSI(~S by SNOW REMOVAL- Ml work . cassette transcription. 609-921THI~ DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT for parties & individual home dilemma. Phone John at 609i 201-782-7406. Co., Rte. 206, Belle Mead.201: certified H.S. teacher, also 44p.m. Mon. 6722. ROSSWORN 201-359-7553771-1478. visits. 609-921-7236. 359-3000. math SATs,201-297-1713. NEWSPAPER GUITAR LESSONS --’ ~eopular, classical. All ages, all vels. Experienced teacher with BAin music. 609-466-9194.




HO.ME Thursday,




7, 1978




1101State Road,Princeton,N.J.


~4’ ~ ,’~=~’~- ~,~’~e~ . . .~7¢z%~. ....... ;r




~,~Z2"~ ....


$3.50 per square foot net, net areas up to 30, 000 square feet.

. Y. ........

427, 000 square feet in Park Occupied by approximately 50 Tenants


l’~t i

Princeton Mailing Address and Phone Number

EXTRALARGECLASSICCOLONIAL for the growing family is our newest West Windsor offering. There are four bedrooms,den or fihh bedroom,gracious living room.formal dining r~.m~, nmdern kitchen, with separate eat-in area and A FANTASTIC famUyroom, v.ith peggedhardwoodfloors and a fireplace. Central air conditioning, wall to wall carpeting, professionally landscaped on a three-quarter acre Int. Call your Henderson Representative to makean appointment. ............................................................. $119.900.

ONSOUTH MAIN STREET in the heart of historical Cranbury Village is this exceptional Victorian Colonial featuring tall ceilings, plaster walls and old charm. With four large bedrooms, living room, famUyroomwith built-in cabinets and bookcases, spacious formal dining room and a modemkitchen with new appliances, double stainless sink, and a separate cat-in area. There’s newwall to wall carpeting throughout, a full basement,two car garage with a loft, a large front porch with curved woodrailings and surrounded by tall shade trees. Within minutes of Princeton Junction trains, recreation and shopping. Just $105,500. listed and shownby appointmentonly with a Hendersonprofessional! ........

CALL: Research Park 609-924-6551





A FAMILYCHRISTMAS GIFT Move immediately into this I rear vountt 4 bedroom DELUXE CEDARSIIAKE RANCIIONa quiet cul41e-sac with ratming bro.k in hack. featuring three bedrooms,one and .ne half baths large 18x 14 cat-in kitchen with Anders~m colonial with manyOtltstanding features such as thermopane windows, washer, dryer, wiadowand no-p.lish .~Jarian kitchen floors, and spacious li~ing r..m, Al~,. central air chsposal, refrigerator with ice maker, quality carpeting, fireplace and a fenced patio. Other conditioning, ~all to ~’all carpeting, humidifier and attic fan, a hdl walhmtbasementwith anaenities wouldbe the close proximity to the town,qf Princeton, Shoppingand the Prinsliding glass doors, pnJessi.nallv landscaped and withing minutes J t u~ NewJerse~ Taroceton Junction train station. Call for appointment. pike. Just listed and shownby al~pointmentwith a Hendersonprofessional. .............................................................. $81,500. .............................................................. $59.500. t... home of the pro/essionals,

EWING 3 YEAB~OLD¯ and in "movein" condition. This stately Colonialbuilt of brick andframe offer a 3 CARGARAGE, foyer, large living room,formaldining room, hugeultra kitchen, 2½ baths, 4 bedrooms,family room with sliding doors to patio, basement and central air. Outstandingvalue at t~$4,~00. (P.S.easyaccessto 1-95).

ILAWRENCIE lrl~lBrnONAIL ODLONIAL1 year old aluminumsided, 4 bedroomhomein a delightful ruralish setting yet easy to neighbors, schools and shopping. Add2½baths, first floor laundry, hugeultra kitchen, outstandingfireplace in the family room,full basement, Member, MiddlesexMultiple Listing Service central-air, and2 car garageall on1 ½acresl $122,r:~0, PRINCETON JUNCTION NEWUaTING (homeEt office.) for the executive/professional the homethat has it all has arrivedl Situated on over an acre, this magnificent 4-7 bedroomoffice/resldence is & E SNOW PLOWING -only 5 years young. Includes FREE SKIN CARE - & make R HiUsborough area. Call 2013½ ceramic baths, gigantic up consultations. By ex369-4561. FURNITURE REFINISHING ultra kitchen, outstanding perienced beauty consultant & REPAIR - custom built to family room with fireplace, using natural organic specifications. THE YARformaldining room,large living products. Call Linda, 609-443- GENERAL CLEANING - & DLEY CABINET MAKER, 4891. roomand 2 car garage. Addto Floor Waxing. Free estimates. 215-493-2654. this a full finished basement Call 609-393-3344. wire b, ’, lounge and game CHAIRS CANED OR WOVEN COLLEGE SELECTION & roon’,centralair, (2 units), hot - Experienced. 609-443-4178 APPLICATION COUNair heat (2 units), patio, deck, after 6 pro. SELLING - individuals & ALTERATIONS intercom and other splendid - custom small groups. Dr. Michael L. tailoring, drapes & cushion extras.Call onthis onel Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. covers. Done professionally in CANED & RUSHED -- Make $174,,900. my home. 609-443-4323. an old chair better. Give it a HOPL:’WELL new seat. Expertly done. 609MCCLINTOCK SNOW RECOLONIALCAPE- Unusual? 395-0342. MOVAL-- 609-737-0834. Intriguing? Yeal Locatedon a large 150 x 250 lot, this 4 SHARED PARENTHOOD begins with Lamaze classes. bedroom,2½bath, 3 year old homeincludes central air, SEAMSTRESS - MY HOME, For more info. call 609-924- EXPANDING: DIP ’N STRIP -- is now a completeservice formaldining room,foyer, ultra MON. JCT. EXPERT WORK- 2040. center for anythingmade of kitchen, den, family roomwith MANSHIP, PERS. SERV. 201woodor metalthatyou have in fireplace, wet bar, full 821-7167. yourhome,foundin yourattic, basement, 2 car garage and boughtat the flea markets& patio, tS4,m0. auctions.We do hand strinGARAGE DOOR -- hard to ping,all t ~s of repanang, COUNTRYSETTING open? Call for all points check, tning&rushing, JUSTLISTED.- Immaculate 3 reffiiishinl~ springs, cables, pulleys. Free YOU ARE INVITED -- to plan your next occasion with the also,furml , bought& sold. bedroom estimates. Steve Hover, Ranchwith central air MOVEABLE FEAST. From a Try us, you won’t be sorry. ona lovelylot. Pricedto sell. Central vacuum, Burglar, few trays of finger foods to a DIP ’N STRIP, 49 Main St., Fire Alarms, Garage Door t43,S00. gourmet banquet, Kingston,N.J. 609-924-5668. Openers & Repairs. 201-297- complete menus can be created to fit Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5. VA ORFHABUYER~ - Should 1816. any occasion. Call us for a see this 3 bedroomranch with consultation and let us share large family roomand brick our next social triumph. Dell fireplace,2’full baths,over-sized latters also available. 609SNOW PLOWING - Comtwocar garageon½ acre lot. mercial and Residential. Call 799-1641 or 799-4031. for estimates. Paul’s Auto. 609-443-4411. NEW HOME UNDER WE CATER ANYTHING - PIANO TUNING & REPAIR CONSTRUCTION - Will be Picnicsto banquets. 5 to 500. -- David Forman at 609-443available for Marchoccupancy. Special die[ary platters 6866 or 609-767-0432. LwI"S MAKEA DEAL -- will 3 bedroomColonial split with trade work for what have you available,Some ChickenInc. partial basement,large family to sell. Styer Sales MontgomeryShopping Center. roomand garageon beautiful Paperhangers, 609-443-3138. 609-924-5659. wooded½ acre lot. Includes PIANO TUNING manyextras ......... NIT,~00. Repairing Regulating PHOTOGRAPHER - Interior "HORS D’OEUVRES" for your party! ¯ ROBERTH. HALLIEZ ’ specialist, art dumur, precious (Knishes) Registered antiques. 609-392-8236. Pot., Kasha~. mushroom, Member Piano Technicians Reasonable. 609-392-8236 Mr. liver, & franks. $20/100. 609448-0889. Guild, Inc. Denis. 609-921-7242




WINDSORS Warren Plaza, Box 98 Princeton Jct., N.J. 08550 (609)799-4500.

Member, MercerCountyMuJtlpleListing Service

Cancellation Deadline 4 p.m. Mon. CHOICE CRANBURY PROPERTIES

Entrance foyer, living room, den, eat-in kitchen, laundry, 3 bedrooms, bath, attic, basement, garage, lot 45’ x 120’, excellentarea to invest. $63,900.

TIMBERRIDGE Bucks County’sMost Beautiful NewCommunity Featuring 34 acres of permanentopen spaces with woods fields, courtsandrecreationalareas,offering the ultimate in gracious living with several one to three acre beautifully wooded lots presentlyavailable.For thosedesiring a beautiful Colonial home,we havea four bedroomexecutive housenowunderconstructionthat offers the best of everything with 2 magnificentfireplaces, an impressivespiral staircasein the gracious entrance hall, four spacious bedroomsand a multitude of exceptionalfeaturesfor truly delightful living. Located within easy commutingto NewYork, Princeton, or Philadelphia. Excellent school system and a country atmosphere. (215)493-2731

StatelyCountyHomeon 1.9 acres.Entrance hall,living room,formaldiningroom, family room, large modern eatin kitchen, laundry, mudroom, 5 bedrooms,1½ baths,two stairways tosecond floor, full attic and basement,outbuildings, 3 cargarage, fenced area. Immediate occupancy. $ 139.0110.





SEE OVER200 HOMES IN ONEDAY Call or write for the latest issue of our real estate magazine "today" chockfull of pictures, prices and description of over 200 available homesin Somerset,Mercer, Hunterdon,Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean,Morris and WarrenCounties...The Heartlandof the GardenState. Sterling

Thompson & Assoc., Realtor Toll Free:(800)$92-6810, ext. 243 or locally (201) 297.0200 or (201) 526-8448 Callorwrite1o¢thelatestissue of therealestate magazine "Today"

CRANBURY Lovely old Colonial. Magnificent stairway rises from stately center hall. Many visible fireplaces, pumpkinpine flooring, living room, formal dining room, library, dinette, solarium greenhouse 10’ x 25’. 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, tull basement. One acre landscaped lot. Reducedfor QuickSale. $129,900.

37 North MainSt. Cranbury, N.J. 08512 Phone: 609-395-0444 Eves.609-395-1258

HAMILTON 2313Highway 33 Robbinsville, N.J. 08691

Special ServicesSpecial Services

STRIKING COLONIAL - split level located on an acre of beautiful groundwith a valley view including a spacious double-doorentry entering into a cozy family roomwith sliding glass doorsto a private rear yard, spaciouseat-in kitchen, andthree good-sizedbedrooms ....... $84,90011

Furniture Restoration


Piano Tuning



609-924-7575 EAST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP: Four bedroom Cape Cod with two full baths on V= acre with many trees and mature shrubbery, two fireplaces, flagstone foyer, screened porch, wall to wall carpeting, lovely setting - $79,900. TWIN RIVERS: Three bedroom detached home with one car garage, central air, five major appliances, wall to wall carpeting, shutters, storms and screens, well maintained - $63,000. HIGHTSTOWN: Two family located in the center of apartment containing three carpeting, newly decorated

investment property Hightstown with each bedrooms, wall to wall -$39,900.

TWIN RIVERS: Three bedroom split level Townshouse offering extra insulation, five major appliances, central air, custom shades, shutters, draperies, no wax kitchen, assumable at $358. monthly, FHA for 7+½%, with a balance of $29,000. All for $4%900. OPEN HOUSE TOURS STARTING AT: QUADII - 367 IVERSON PLACE THREE BEDROOMSPLIT LEVEL SUNDAY, DECEMBER10th i-5 P.M. FOLLOW DDR SIGNS


THE r’ROFESSiONAL MASSAGE CENTER -- for A and Z PIANO TUNI’NG AND relief of muscle strain & REPAIR.Call 609-799-2477. general stress. New Hope, Pa. NATURAL COLOtt - For215-862-9147. We offer gift traits, Bar Mitzvahs,Weds. certificates. dings,socialeventsfrom$12~. Remarque Studio. 609-448.,7938. PAINTINGS RESTORED . "1 ART & ESTATE i(~ARPENTRY ALTER" BROTI~RS II - Home tin- MASON REPAIRS -- FREE" APPRAISALS ATIONS, ADDITIONS. ALL TYPES ROOFING~ provements, maintenance’. KALENS FINE ARTS No job too large or CONCRETE AND CAR- Iservice. No job too big, no job. ESTIMATES, 609-924-6489. PALMER SQUARE toosmall.DougRenk.,Bufl.ders. " PENTRYWORK.201-521-2790. leo small,Estimates.609-448. PI:U.bICETON. 6183. 609-655-1221. CERAMIC TILE REPAIRS : tile installed permanently with ’REPAIR PARTS -- for all !cARPENTRY" " Experi" new cement board. Bathroom CHAIRS -- CANED-RUSHED major appliances. Vacuum: craftsmanship wi-th remodeling, lowest prices. RECYCLE SNOW REMOVAL -- - reglued, tightened. Furniture cleaner bags_, belts & repairs, .reasonable rates. All phases of ’ Tile for /io-it-yourselfers. trucking, moving & hauling, rehnished. Years of exTHIS Bunce Appliance Parts, 255 ,construction. We will help you .DELAWAREVALLEYTILE, Local & long distance. Call for. perience. Free pick-up and No. Main St., Manville.201- ~designyourideas. Over20yrs.29 years ofexperience. 609-868NEWSPAPER free estimates.609-924-6332. delivery.609-896-0057. 722-2922. . __. 1067. : ~experie~t’e. 201-297-7080.


Furniture Restoration

Home Repairs Home.Repair s Home Repairs



Henderson From Hopewell


Homes From Belle



Mead {874-5191}

December 7. 1978

Course From Princeton




Office Building with 9 possible offices on first fh~r. Full ba.,~mmntwith an apartmentand fireplace. Separate 2 zone heat. Situated ou 4~.,~ acres. Zonedfor light industu. OWNER WILL TAKE BACK MORTGAGETO QUALIFI ED BUYER. FIRST TIME OFFERING........................................ $129.000.

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP Watchautumnreturn from this spacious colonial with lovely old shade and a great yard. This homefeatures a maintenancefree exterior and a location for easy commuting.The four large bedroomsand 21/~ baths makethis a goodhomefor a sizeable family. Call a Hendersonprofessionalfor all the particulars on this special offering...... Reducedto $89,000. IN PRINCETON’S RIVERSIDE.just a short walk from the Lake ... Florence Dawes is pleased to offer a lovely, comfortable split colonial that has been renovated for the next lucky buyer! Nice colors, carpeting and freshness throughout the living room/fireplace, dining roomand great kitchen with solarium floor, and three bedrooms. There’s a large family room, too, that opens to the garden, which abounds with dogwoodsand shruba. All in a super neighborhood ............................................ $126,000!

"Fall trees provide the backdropfor an absolutely beautiful twosto~’ Colonial that has been lovingly cared for, decoratedand landscapedwith superb taste. Thespacious design features a g’racious foyer, living roomwith fireplace, dining room,kitchen with eating area. family ro~,m, laundry and powderroomon the firsi floor. Upstairs there is a center hall, sizeable master bedroomwith adjoining bath, three additional bedroomsand a second full bath¯ To this. add a fencedin yard, two ear attached garage, extensiveinterior and exterior lighting, decorator paFers and paint, central air conditioning, color coordinated appliances and you have a perfect and immaculate home............................. Reduced$88,000.

NATURALISTS RETREAT AND HIDEAWAY IN BELLE MEAD - Nestled in secluded splendor on 3.9 acres of woodsand broad sloping lawns is this unique 3 bedroom professionally landscaped hand-split natural cedar shake and stone home.Built with superb workmanshipthroughout, this homeoffers family roomwith stone fireplace, living room with brick fireplace, formal dining room,eat-in kitchen, 2 full baths, full basement.Custom drapes, wall to wall carpeting and thermopanewindowsare just a few of the extras. 24 x 32 ft. detached garage with workshop.15 minutes from Princeton. "AnOasis of Serenity" for .............................................................. $132,000.

Oneof the most interesting houses currently on the marketis in the Riverside area with the loop bus at the door and in walking distance of schools and University. It has four bedrooms,three baths, two fireplaces and a marvellous Norwegianpine by the front door. A full fireplace of DelawareRiver stone graces the fabulous family roomwhich is continguous with the kitchen to makea space reminiscent of a great country kitchen. The master bedroomwhichhas sliding doors to the terrace and a fireplace is in its ownwingwith study and bath. It has a house that offers ease of living and great charmin a fine neighborhood.It is realistically priced at ............................................ $1’55,500.

PENNINGTON BORO A classic one and one half story Colonial eape, custombuilt by Hunt and Augustine with particular attention to every, detail. Entry hall, large formal living roomwith fireplace, dining room with windowseat. Super efficient kitchen with adjoining family room. a fireplace, of course, master bedroomsuite with bath and sitting roomand fireplace. Separate mother-in-law arrangementconsisting of living room. bedroomand bath on first floor. Four bedrooms and full hath on second. Add to this a large screened porch overlooking the garden-patio, attached two ear garage, full basementwith finished game room, and yes, a fireplace. It really is a must see! ... ............... Reduced$187,500.

A RAREFIND IN HOPEWELL....This unique opportunity boasts FIVE RENTALS, three of themapartments. Priced to t,dve a very favorable return on your investmentdollar, maintainedin excellent condition, this offering is a goodplace to live, an excellent place to inv~.. Let us show you howour business makes MONEY FORYOU! ......... $129,500. PENNINGTON BORO Walkm eve~’thing from this eharmingcolonial on a tree-lined boro street. Large 32 foot jalonsied front porch, center hall. llvim, roomwith log burning fireplace, panelled family t:oom, eat-in kitchen, mudr(~om, anti powderroomon first floor. Three bedroomsan~t master bedroomwith alcove and full bath on second floor. Walk-up.dry walled attic. Full basement, tw~ car detached garage¯ ltandsomely landseal~ed 80’ by 408’ property with towering okl shade. A must to see at ................................... $109.700.

ANEXCEPTIONAL VALUE...adjoining a championship golf course in an area of estates majestically stands a builder’s owngracious colonial which he and his family have enjoyed together. The workmanship,the materials are what you might expect...superb! Aspacious entrance hall. between the front to back living roomwith fireplace and dining roomwith corner eahineta, opens to the dining area of the customkitchen. A family roomwith enormousfireplace, powderroomand utility roomcompletethe first floor. Mastersuite with full bath, three other bedroomsand hall bath are found upstairs. The basement features a. potential wine cellar with oakendoor! Twoacrei~ with great views aB around..... $149,500.

.......... .


., .... -..... .. ..... - .~~,.~/ ~;~’~,~.~"., ..... ’’.... ~"

"::~::.~i:’:~t",~ ."




PENNINGTONWALKTO EVERYTHINGfrom this dramatic William Thompson English Contcml~rary. Entrance foyer, powder room, living room with massive brick fireplace, hwmaldining, family roomwith brick fireplace. SECOND FLOOR : master suite and bath, three other double bedroumsand double vanity conHmrtmentalized family hath and laandry. Full basementand two-car garage. .............................................................. $165,900. LAND [ $59,900. ’| I | $25,000 each. | $35,000. (||

WHITE RAISEDRANCtl,1.16 acres rolling terrain at end of eul de sac. Professionally landscaped¯ Manybeautiful mature trees. Shopping centers within l-mile. Fine school system. Quiet neighborhood.4-bedroom,2-baths. living roomwith glass enclosed fireplace, and picture window,dining room with French doors leading onto huge p0rcb with unobstructed view of mountains.Central air with attic fans. Large panelled family, atility roomlower level. Extra-sized garage, plenty of storage space. Paveddriveway...... ....................................... ....................... $129,500. HANDY MANSPECIAL: 2 story dwelling on Hollow Road in Montgomery Township. 4~ acres of beautiful woodsand Brook. Detached garage .............. Asking $60,000. 32Aacre Building lot in MontgomeryTownshipwith Brook and Woods.........


Parcel of 45 acres ~’ith maturetrees offering privacy in East Amwell........... Hopewell Township 12) 3/4 acre lots offered subject to subdivision ......................... 2 ).,~ acre lot offered subject to subdivision........... , ...................

Apartmentfor Rent: 2 bedroomapt. in Belle Mead. Available Immediately .................

$:300. per mo.

A SUPERSITUATION FOR THE STARTERFAMILY! In an area of old-fashloned neighborly feelings, Glen Acres, West WindsorTownship,on the Princeton side of Route 1, rests this easy-to-manageranch. Put into good shape by its former ownerwhowas a semiretired gentlemanwith a knackfor gardening, this one-floor, three-bedroom,l l~ bath house is now being painted and freshened up for the next lucky family. Carpeted area with cathedral ceiling for nice proportion, an eat-in kitchen with modemequipment, two-car garage...are someof the asoects. Whynot makea date to see this good house for yourself? ........................................ $69.900.

THE CONTEMPORARY FOR ALL SEASONS ENHANCED BY THE QUIET WOODEDSETTING ON A PRIVATE ROAD IN PRINCETON TOWNSHIP! Completionearly in 1979. There is still time to choose paint, tile & cabinets. Custom designedand built on one fully landscapedacre with ownershipin another acre midst a park-like setting of six plus acres. Theflexible arrangementof aunlit roomsand outside deck ~ill makeliving in this house a joy. Living roomw/fireplace, dining room, family room w/fireplace, ultra modemkitchen with every convenience, powder room. Second floor: master suite with bath, three more bedrooms & hall bath; morning room, laundry room. Basementw/plan for finishing, two ear garage: central air conditioning throughout. Call us for an appointment ................................................ $190,000.


HOPEwELL Hopewell House Square Hopewell, N.J. 08525 (609)466-2550

LAMBERTVILLE 12 S. Franklin St. Lambertville, N.J. (609) 397-2800


PRINCETON 4 Charlton Street Princeton, N.J. 08540 (609) 921-2776

WINDSORS Box 98 Princeton J ct., N.J. 08550 (609 } 799-4500

BELLE MEAD Route 206 Belle Mead, N.J, 08502 (201) 874-5191



GblDE ¯ _ __


Thursday, December7, 1978



¢Real tEstate

907 STATEROAD,PRINCETON,N. J. 609-921-1700




PLAINSBORO - First time offered large custombuilt 4-5 bedroom Ranch.Kitchen with separateeat-in area, enclosedporch, "formal dining room,large living roomwith woodburning fireplace, full basement, central air garage,fencedin yard, with maturelandsqaping, WestWindsorSchool¯ Low, low taxes¯ ONLY$79,900.

Weare ()nee again happyto sponsorthe sale of a major listing on NassauStreet in Princeton, NewJersey. This outstanding opportunityfeatures (41 individual stores and, to top it all, an incomeproperty with apartments. For completedetails call 609-921-!700. - ~- -e".Ilt.nW" ¯ Y~t~t--=~’-,’J’---4,-o’474,-e’tr.c;t’ds-,’+,’~’t~,r.,’-----~.,-.’~o-~--


In the Prlnceton-Hlghtstownarea. Luxury garden apartments In quiet suburban mattings. All haveprivate balc, onle= and spacious wall-kept grounds.Wall-to-wall carpeting. Free off-street parking. Swim Clubs. Separateentrances. 1 BRfrom $255 2 BRfrom $290


GIVE YOURSELF ANDYOURfamily a gift to remember. From its marble master bath to its beautifully equipped kitchen, this prestigious 4 bedroont, 3]/~ bath colonial manor homeset on nearly 10 acres ol partially wooded laud has everything you would expect plus 30 miles of breathtaking views. 20x40in-ground heated pool, charming guest house, playhouse, rock quarry skating rink. Nicely priced at ........ $295,000.


Dutch Nock Road

Call Mr. ¯ Mrs. White609-448-33185


Call Mr. Ptashlnsk1609-448.5531




Dorchestor Ddve

Call Mr. Ash609.448-6960


r ....

NEWCONSTRUCTION PRINCETONJUNCTIONLarge 5 bedroom,2½bath Colonial with brick raised hearth fireplace. Maintenance free construction. Eat-inkitchenwith adjoiningfamilyroom. Full basement, 2 car garage,thermopane windows.’ Im mediate occupancy. $128,000.


/ ,.. .... _;



L ........


Rural Retting with acres of breathing space aroundlovely apartmants.Extra large room with wall-f~-wall carpeting. F=aeparking for 2 cars. Convenient to all highways.


Call Mr. Sheehan 609-259-9449


HORSE FARM - Located on 18 acres. ½ mile race track. Barn with 34 stalls and large 5 bedroom home.Only minutesto N.J. Turnpike. $215,000.

Luxury apa,tments with private pools. Efficlencles to over-size 2 bedrooms¯ ~,arga rooms.Beautiful landscaping.Conveniently locatedwith free, off-street parking.

CUSTOM COLONIAL - 7 year old 3 bedroom, 2½ bath Colonialwith large living room,formaldining room,family room,full basement.Central air, 2 fireplaces. Fully carpetedanddraped. $67,000.

Olden Avenueat parkway 5-=toryelevator building. 1 BRfrom$280- 2 IR from$.T75 Inqulro aboutfuture occupancy.

PRINCETON JUNCTION - Newly listed 5 bedroom Colonial. Largeeat-in kitchen, living roomwith fireplace, manylarge trees. Mustbe seen. $78,000.

Call Mr. ¯ Mrs. VanDo Wegho 609-883-4626

.EASTGATE Padcslde Avenuo 2-sto~ garden apartmento. Somewith pdvate balconies o~d completolycarpeted. 1 BRfrom$2~1¯ 2 BRfrom$300

NI A ~AD .’~T~ ~" wT







220Sullivan Way OppositeTrenton Ccmnh~f Club. 2-st~cy gardenapartments. Inquire aboutfuh~re occupancy


Our businessand investmentportfolio also features:


a Anestablished restaurant business on NassauStreet. This location has served people for manydecades. a Afell capacity print shop with great i~)tential. Aggressivesolicitation of business will pnwideadditional profits. Excellent financing provided. * Ideal spaceh~r professionalor service businessuse. Highvisibility location. Attractive rental and terms. e Office spaces ave’liable iri lovely older homeConvenientlylocated in Princeton Junction. e Doctor’sOffi6e ah’d buiidin~a~hilab[e’inTr’ento’n, NewJersey for pltrehase.

. PETER L. ’¯"The OLIVER REALTY, Inc. People Pleasers


Princeton Station Office Park ¯ Bldg. 6 - 14 Washington Rd. * Princeton Junction "Home-To-Home ¯.." WeCover Neq Jersey" 20offices to serveyou. SarahEngler DannyKlineb.rg Sally Perr.lla Barbara Redmond Ann Vandenbergh NoreenFallen

Member PrincetonReal Estate Group- N.A.B.A. RelocationServicewith over 5,000Realtor Members Sue Bowerman LIz Oliver Eli Kowaloff NancyMacFarlen Gary McWhorter Peter L Oliver, R.attor Tal KyunShin

"DECK THEHALLS with boughs of holly" and enjoy this history-laden 250-t- year old spacious12 room house, 4 bedrooms, 2~/~ baths, beamedceilings throughout, radiant heated flagstone floor in dining roomwith floor to ceiling brick fireplace, 3 additional fireplaces. Much,muchmore. Gambrel roofed barn, machineshed, 20x40in-ground pool, 2 room cabana with stone fireplace, 2 bedroom tenant house. All set on 30 acres in Raritan Township. Available at $335,000. Up to 250 additional acres available.

Cal Mr. Johnson609-883-7537

Call or write for our tabloid of homesmagazine. ~t

GETAWAY FROM IT ALL. 5 bedroomstoneestate homeonover16acreshasfeatures suchasrandom widthpeggedoak floors,beamedceilings and massive stonefireplaces. Swimming pool,pond andtrout stream, horsebarn,garages andallthe privacy youcould want.Justminutes from1-78in Tewksbury Township .............. $275,000.


CALL8 AMto 10 PM-- 7 DAYSA WEEK ¯ (609) 799-2058 ,


SharanRoadacross frem SharonCountryClub. Justeastof Itt. IS0 ~t Rt. ~1 Northof 1-95at Exit 7A. N.J. Tpke.

Call Mr. Pergola609-883-4500

__.WOODBROOKHOUSE 865LowerForcy Rood S-stocyelevator building. Inquire about tutor, occupancy.

Call Mr. Lazzar1609-883.3335

KRIEGMANAND SMITH, INC, Property Management



~m, separate carpeted dim’rig room~n, large basement with ~ted recreafnon room plus lots of space for Dad’s workshop,etc. Andattached 1 card. Located near Mercer Countyrmein beautifu. IHunterdonCounty. Only " $66,500.

Apartments I and 2 Bedrooms


Starting at $255. per month

(I 0 (I I~1 I~




Eves&Weekends: (201) 782-7061or (201) 782-1213

in MontgomeryTwp. ~

Wm. Bucci Builder, Inc. I For informationcall


Realtors Flemington, NJ 08822 (201) 782-3413



609-9244)908 . _~

N.J. 201-782-4016

n n n c (1

Home Services Features: Wall-to-Wall carpeting over concrete in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except Electric Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt.

Laundry Rooms Superintendenton site.

Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m.

BLAWENBURG - Living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedroomsand bath. Available December15. $400per month.


Home Repairs

Home Repairs

Home Services




Home Repairs

INSULATION -- save nioney &fuel. Old &new homes. No job too small. All types. Fre~e est. NOobligation. Insured. J &S FoamInsulation Co. 201521-1249. LAMP SHADES -- Lamp" mountingand repairs. Nassau Interiors, 162 Nassau St., Princeton.

NASSAUSTREET LOCATION 2500Sq. Ft. for Rent Call 924-6779¯ 921-7444


TREE WORK--"ALL TYPES Pruning, Topping, Feeding, Removal, Storm Damage, Land Clearing & Chipper .Service. Firewood & wood chips available. Competent work at a fair price. Fully insured. Free estimates. 609737-3126.

G & R BUILDERS -- General contractors. Additions & alterations. Brickwork & fireplaces, patios,, aluminum siding. Free estimates. 609"799-0753, 799-1779.

DISPOSALSERVICE Rt. 130&Half AcreRd. Cranbury,N.J. 609-395-1389

CUSTOMMADE SLIPCOVERS BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME YEAR ROUND - Your fabric Homeand Industry Laboronly. Call for yardage Garbage, Trash, Rubbish needed. References on Removed request. BOB’SSLIPCOVERS Haulingof allTypes 609-655-1573.

ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS-repaired & installed. Stone drives regraded & restoned. Stonedelivered by theton. Call 201-297-9301.

IF YOU NEED Painting, ~FLd0R SANDING-- hard-" Window Washing, Gen’l ,wood floors sanded and’ Carpentry & Related Skilled CARPENTRY ,CARPETINSTALLER -- will finished. Phone609-585-8235.Workto be done, call Jim. 201ADDITIONS REMODELING "sell carpet~ do installations ’ 297-6792. ’. ’repairs. Licensed & bonded.& KITCHENS RESTORA~P’ri~N~ ........... 609-448-8888. SMALLHOMEREPAIRS my ’i M’ASOI~ ’-- ’ Plastered " or CUSTOM BARNS specialty. Charles H. Van sheetrock walls, eeilings, 609-259-7940 PeterWikoff Note, 10 LakeviewAve., holes, cracks repaired. Mo,.,t Kingston, N.J¯ 0~38.’ Please ~tll . masonry repairs. KITCHEN CABINETS’--Wall’ call 609-921-8663 after 5:30pm. Sheetrock taping, spackling, units.finequalitytindividuallyfinishing done. Call Edward . ~ . & crafted "ofwalnuf," INSULATING,PANELLING styled NOVOBILSKY &. VAN Gudat (609) 466-3437. sheet rock, roofing, siding, oak,cherry, butternut or ~ " ’ --DORN--HOME IM-~ garage, patios, finished maple. Also refinishing or PROVEMii:NTS_Carfietitrv, hsm’ts., attics, kitchens & resurfacingexisting cabmets. CARPENTER CRAFT- closets. rtoo.tmg, o, stare.g, -__ ~ ~m:.~ ,~ --. ext. : SMAN - since 1952,/ available, Free estimates. Job or PARKLANECABINETS201hourly rates.609-466-0820. .874-4151. sPg;~e~nng~. 6091.~j~?n , ~z,,for anysize job¯ 609-655-2064¯

HOUSECLEANING, WindowCleaning Floor Washing& Waxing ¯ Honest,Reliable Experienced Call after 5 pm

n n n


CUSTOM WOODWORKby expert, experienced craftsman. Woodarticles made to GRADUATE CONTRACTORS landscaping, exsuit your needs. Lumbercut to - Painting, Exsize for your projects. Wood teriormaintenance. Home Services turning and shaping. S.mall perienced. Free estimates. Charlie 609-882projects preferred. 609-882-5835 easonable. Bill 896-0934. after 6 p.m, _ . 6105;


609-448-4801 Dlrectloni: FromPrinceton: Princeton-HlghtstownRd., turn right on Old TrentonRd., V=mile turn left andfollow signs.

CARPENTER-- CABINET MAKER -- wants moonlight work,goodquality, reasonable rates. Small jobs. welcome. 609-466-0782.

COTTAGE- Living room, kitchen, 2 bedroomsand bath. County setting. Available immediately. $350per month.



Home Repairs




Home Services

COMMUTERS SPECIAL- this super size (2500 sq. ff.I 4 Bedroom lall corned 2½Bath Center Hall Colonial in Princeton Junction ~ within walking distance to Penn.R.R. station, schools and nearby convenienceshopping and service faoilities. An ]] abundanceof trees and shrubs surround this lovely well 3 maintained, bright and cheerful homethat features BOTH 3 LIBRARYANDFAMILYROOM,step down Uving Roomwith 3 fireplace (2 of these rooms23 ft. long) and a formal Dining 3 Room.Loadedwith EX’II~Sie. Central Air, Wall to Wall car3 peting(like new)dral~esandrodson1st. floor, built-ins in all the TERRACE with "1 right places, a walk-upattic for storage. BRICK 1 Barbeque Grill, enclosedin stockadefencing and more. This ] property mustbe seento be appreciatedl OCCUPANCY offered by the California boundownersis somewhat flexible. Con3 ] ditions indicate that it wouldbe difficult if not impossibleto build this houseon this lot today at the ASKING PRICEof ] $89,900.


FOR THOSE IRRITATING HOME REPAIRS OTHER CONTRACTORS WON’t-or CAN’T DO (window replacement & caulking, porches,walls, stairs, locks, roofs, cellars, doors,garages, fences, concrete patching, ] light haulingetc.) etc. (special arrangementsfor homeresale ] touching up &rental units) emergency service, references and financing if ] necessary.609-921-1135.

a ]~ REELTY i

~u~,,.. t,s.,.o.,v~,



159Penninst0n41arboudon R& Penninlt0nt HI

B09-737-’17416’ Eleanor S. Suydam,Broker

Appliance -I Repair& Service ¯ I ,~]r Conditioning Wash~rs Refrigeration Dryers TOPSOIL-- fill’clirt, sandl Commercial Plumbing Dishwashers drivewaystone, firewood,, " Heating Ranges,etc. Reasonable!i!1 ¯ junk hauf~ away.609-394-5921 Services 609-587-8055 All_workGuaranteed anytime. BILLr CHA1VIBERLIN "" -609-443-6904or609-443-6989 PLUMBING & HEATING. Ct-IIMNEY SWEEP" STEAMCLEANING- Kit-:License#5394.609-448-1848. CARPET CLEANi-NG L --~ -- - i ISPECIAL ---~ -- Any size room fireplace, wood/coal burnin~ ,hens, exhaust systems, fans, stoves Clean, effieien, ducts, locker rooms, farm PLUMBING-Lic #4621. Need steam cleaned by experts, ’vacuum system. A dirty ’bldgs, horse farms. 24 hr. aplumber,free estimates- all . CESSP()OLS $19.95. NewDawn. 201-446-. , chimney isa firehazzard. Callservice. Cushman En- typesofplumbing. CallMike AND 4313 .... Robert - Ackers HOME. terprises, 201-35"9-3717. anytime dayor night. Phone ’- - SEPTIcTANKS COMFORT 609-466-3011. 609-586-0266. CLEANED 7 Trucks - No Waiting ........ HELPINGHAND- supplies SANDBLASTING -- Small & e x p e r ie n e e d I iv e - n Cancellation largejobs.Cleanup thatrustyPARKACRESPLUMBING & RUSSELL REID CO. housekeepers &’companions in yourarea. Call 201-842-8788, M& Deadline orequipment’brick wallRest°reto originalthat stOneap, repairHEATINGof all-yourInstallati°nplum 20 Years Experience pearanee. Cushman En- needs. Lic #5648.201-297-7538. S,teed.9-12.Satisfactionguaran- 201-873-2534 201-356-5800 4 p.m. Man. ¯ terprisesw201-359-3717.






VWALUABLE ASSET WORTH TODAY? It ou’re y ...... like most people, is your i~,u,~ t,,investment ;~ imnortant

your ho.e.,v.reU,Worth. to know tts cu

an accura there’s no obligation.



R ELOCAT|NG?’ d Gallery our u~me compute!~ze ..... trelocauo~:J’<" O, r~v , s - ~ 500 otllCUO work oi ore, ¯ .... lact~ ca n gire the and cornabOut hom~= munities across the USA and canada~betore you

Our colorful Gallery of Homes ¯ photo display saves you time and effort ibefore you buy.


~. move¯

-,~ Ideal Starter Home 3 Bedroom,2 ½ bath Colonial Excellent WestWindsorLocation

GREAT GIFTIDEA- Familysized homeon a cul-de-sac. 4 large bedrooms,formal living and dining rooms,1st floor family roomwith fireplace, large modern eat-in kitchen. Seeit now $109,000. andwrapit upfor this year’s present........... . ........................

COUNTRY LUXURY - Enjoy the ultimate in comfortablecountry living in this customRanchset on 3.8 landscapedacres in Belle Mead.Entertain elegantlyin the living roomwith full-wall stonefireplace, formal dining roomand spacious gameroomwith wet bar and cooking fireplace. 4/5 bedrooms, large countrykitchen, 2-stall barnandcorral for horses.Could beusedas a residence with professionaloffice¯ Call for a privateshowing. ................................................. $147,900.

FormalLiving Et dining rooms Eat-in Kitchen Family room" $77,900. -~= ., - ,,.:~,~,~"

NEW HOME - If you’re seekingsecludedcountry living just minutesfrom shoppingand majorcommuting roads, you’ll love this expanded Ranchon ¯ ~ "’2:plus woodedacres; 3 bedroomsplus den or 4th bedroom,2 baths. ./~ ’O~t-~tahdingfront-to,back livingroom"withraised hearth fireplace¯ 2-car garage;full basement with Outsideentrance.Januaryoccupancy - there’s . : ........... $94,900. still time for personalizeddecor..............

WestWindsorSplit ,, . 3 Bedrooms,1 ½ baths Living ~ Dining roomsw/cathedralceilings

Large Family room LovelyCornerLot 976,500.


.’, ~

Formaldining room Eat-inKitchen 2-car attached garage.9117,000.

4-5 Bedroorr2-bath Colonial Minutesto trams Living roomwith fireplace

!#,,< ..

Finishedbasement with bar Horsebarnwith 3 boxstalls $105,000.

3.3 acresin Kingston Modern eat-in Kitchen 3 Bedrooms,1 ½ bath Ranch

Natural Redwood Siding Contemporaryon WoodedLot 4 bedrooms,2½baths

CHARM ANDCHARACTER turn this house into a home. Panelled den or 4th bedroom,redwooddeck, jet-age kitchen includes dishwasherand self-cleaning oven, family room, matureplantings. Comfortableliving; convenientHillsboroughlocation. The.redcarpet is out for your personal 973,900. inspection. Call today. ................................ ¯ ¯ ,

~. , :~:~,,,,

~,.:,~ ~.’.~ Beautifullot with fencedyard Panelled Family Room 973,900.

East WindsorTownship 4 Bedroom,2½bath Colonial CentralAir

ONLY 5 MONTHS YOUNG - Better-than-new Colonial on a cul-de-sac in a newly developedarea of Montgomery Township.Landscaping,storms andscreensalready installed for you. 1 acre, tree lined. 4 bedrooms,. central air, fireplace in family room.Anexceptionalvalue; ownersleaving. state needa quick salel .............................. $124,900.

,,. r0,’ ’1 .

2 Fireplaces UniqueStudyLoft 9188,000.

WestWindsor Twp. RenovatedFarmhouse Newwell andlateral


Barn,Garage 8- Corral Approx.3 acres $199,500.

~-~..~:" - 7:, " -,~ " ~+~lililttlt&~i~!~:’-~~,.’~. 1 ’"~’~





, ~,’,~ ~, :

~, " --~-~"C~_ ~~:",.r. ~.-:,;~;~:::,:;&:~,2,~ ,’~ ~.;: ,,;,,,:.,.,:4~lt~,~.~,~#’---~ o


A MOSTDISTINGUISHEDRESIDENCE-This rambling Ranch is ideally locatedfor countryliving/city working.Over3300sq. ft. of living spacefeatures a 46’ rec room,20’ kitchen, 28’ family room, office, 3 bedrooms and 2½baths. Extras include provisions for a sauna,central vacuum system,ingroundpool and more.Largelandscapedandtreed lot. .................................................. $94,900. THERIGHTHOUSEAT THERIGHTPRICE- If you’ve been waiting andwatchingfor the right house,try this Colonialon1 + acreswith large maturetrees. Stoneexterior, 24’ living roomwith fireplace, 22’ master bedroom,beautiful knotty pine panelling andhardwood floors. Whatare ¯ 883,500.. youwaiting for - call beforeit’s too late .................... TELL-TALE SIGNSof excellent care showup in every nook and cranny of this spotlessly cleanhomein Millstone. Well-planned,fully equipped, beautifully decoratedkitchen. Large rooms, morethan enoughcloset space.4 bedrooms.Just minutesfrom majorhighways.Lovely; liveable, and priced to sell .................................... $89,500.

PANORAMA - This lovely homesits atop a hill in Neshanicproviding a 3g-mile panoramicview of country and mountains.A uniquecustomkitchenincludesabuilt-in refrigerator/freezer, Jenn-Airrange, micro-wave oven, island counterand more.Add4 bedrooms,an acre of land; lots of treesanda secluded backyardfor total perfectionfor the veryparticular.

.,’~,4 ,-* z


.:- - .......


PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY - Recently remodeled 2-story Colonial. First floor offers 5 large roomsfor office use. Second floor includes 3 offices plus receptionarea. Excellent location in vicinity of Somerset County Court House................................... ~4,900.


PrincetonJunction Perfect starter Home Living roomwith fireplace

Love,,,aat-in kitchen Move-incondition $5,9,500

A’rrENTION HOMEOWNERS! NOWYOU CAN BUY BEFOREYOU SELL-WITH OUR EQUITY ADVANCEPROGRAM. Nowyou have havethe cash you needto purchaseyour newhome,set a firm closing date, andmovein beforeyour presenthome is sold. Call the Eisenhower Gallery nearestyouandlet oneof our agentsexplain kthefull benefitsof EquityAdvance. WEBRING PEOPLEHOME- INCLUDINGYOUll

. ........

Closeto Train Connections Largescreened-inporch 3 bedroom,1 bath Ranch

1 acre of beautiful grounds Full Basement Reduced to $78,500.

(201) 359-4121 469-1776


Approx. 3 acres in Washington Twp. Plus 4/5 bedrooms, 2½bath Colonial Largefamilyroomw/full wall brick fireplace,


Finishedrecreation room CentralAir 8145,000.



Princeton.Hightstown Rd. Princeton Junction

OnePalmerSquare PENNINGTON



Walter B, HOWEi

Route206, Hillsborough

(201) 874-4121 ¯ Bridgewater

..... ~

Route 206, Montgomery 356.8121

Magnificent Grounds Occupancybefore Xmas $120,900.

Thompsondesigned Cape Cozyand Charming Crackling fire in a 2-wayfireplace


Eisenhower Bound Brook (201)


~; Branchburg



(609) 924-0095





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Thursday, I)eceml~er 7, 1978


OUR FIRSTOFFERING....and a great findl Introducing an immaculate colonialsplit-level with threebedrooms, 2½baths, familyroomwithsliding glassdoorstoa 13x24 patio, country eat-in kitchenwith all amenities,wall to wall carpeting throughout,lots of closet space andavailable at a

¯ ¯ ¯

Ifor the holidays !

SPRING OCCUPANCY...and worthwaitingforl Let us introduce a customColonial on a beautifully wooded lot in oneof Montgomery’s finest hiddenlocationsat the endof a private cul-de-sac...featuring a 10room home withlibrary, oak-flooring, full basement andover2600sq.ft. of living space. Yourchoice of color-coordination &exteriormedium, of coursel....$147,?00,

realistic...$84,9001.,~ I~V .~.,-~f~l3~it~’ ~,~’1 ---,--- .,7,~, 7.-~,=..- i/,~16f~.~,, ~.’*] W’’~ " ¯ -7~..... "~ = ;’~.l ~t "\\ .,~/-; ~.:=x~;t "~ .~l:~-~./~:~;/-:;. :~;:’-.-.<~-:.~-~~’~L ~..~’~.,

_ _

C...six exclusive.residences for the uJhmate




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suburban-country I.ving, ...)

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--~---~~i ---

~ ......

KROL REALTORS 609-924-7575 We’re the NeighborhoodProfessionalsT Eachoffice is independentlyownedandoperated,




laws/teenagers or idealfor a separate libraryworkarea(...fully plumbed for bath~t kitchen...) Weinvite your inspection through one of Montgomery’smost desired residences....$127,9001

treatments, wood-panel doors,winding circulardrive -- just a fewof the appointments to beSeenlAUjacent to Bedens Brook CountryClubEtminutestoPrinceton...$140,000’s.



landscaped rear yard, andcustom designed years.Just over a-hundred thousand I within the last six


~;:~:~]’’;~ k ....... ~:~.:~.,:~::.~ ~:’-’""~Y~::; ~~~;.~ ............................ .,;.;.z,~..;~; ~ ."~,.:~~ %~~. GRACIOUS COLONIAL split-level in a quiet section of Pike Brookwitha tremendous view of the mountains...4or 5 bedrooms, 2½bathsvery well appointed,bowwindow in the andmany othermodern amenities in the kitchen!Just newon the market...$118,000.


BELLEMEAD,Station Square, Rt. 206 ..........

’ ’"

’11l!!!!’ "’

’ ,elltlltlttIlllll

~!~ . ’ ’ "’I~ ~ .... COUNTRY-TOWN INVESTMENT property in borough of Kingston...offering vinyl exterior,modern kitchens 8.baths,two bedrooms in eachapartment, fully insulated,macadam drive, 2 car garage...walking distance to town...$80’s I

201-874-8700 ,..~ [QU~I~OU$1~S 0PP0~T’dlU]~ tndepe~dentll owned..

"~ "q\



;,~.~£" ""

PRINCETON,1000 State Rd. 609-924-7575


" dm=~zlm.~

A BEDENS BROOK BEAUTY ! A newlyconstructedWilliamsburg Colonialdesigned for theexecutive family....accessible to all mainroadways. Tremendous spacious slate entryfoyer, large galley kitchenwith counterisland andrecessed oat-in area overlooking the valley, 20x13 front-to-backmaster suite with dressing room/fullbath/walk-in closet,threeotherspaciously designed bedrooms, antiquebrick hearthin family room,very


livingS°Urland’s’ Offering fiVeroom, large raisedbedr°°ms’fireplace’deck overlooking aSkylightprofessionallyinthe


A STRIKINGFRONT-TO-BACK WARM & SPACIOUS ENTRY FOYER...commencesthis Belle mead Colonialcustom-designed withbrick 8" cedarmedium, 3400sq. ft. of living space,contemporary living roomandformaldining roomoverlookinga beautifullytreedyardandin-ground poolwithprivatepatio,a uo0,uefree-standing fireplace in wood-panelled family room adjacentto kitchenandarranged for familyprivacywhilean-

~.~,~~,~,~ ~: ~’"~’~


STRIKING CONTEMPORARY ... situatedona wooded lot in th;

, WESTWINDSOR SPARKLING THREE BEDROOM brick ~framesituatedona quiet West Windsor cul-de-sec...Cranbury address...surrounded by mature trees anda lovely rear pond, walkingdistanceto tennis courts8 park, living roomwith fireplace,diningroomleadingontoa concrete patio, kitchen 21x9 withanabundance of cabinetry - eat-inarea,full basement anda onecar garage...$84,900,

~ : .!~;~!

FANTASTIC HOME INVESTMENT in the $S0’slocatedin Kendall Park...threebedroom rancher includingspacious living room, diningroom,eat-in kitchen,familyroom,newlyadded laundry room, one car garage, and beautifully treed with balsam/flowering crab/spruce/long-needle pineandbirch.

]¢ :.r

Something New in --





Hopewell. ( 15 Tins. from downtownl rinceton)

RANCHER COLONIAL TUDOR Designed for the family that wantsspacious rooms,unusual amenities andmaintenance free construction.Eachof these3 outstandinghousesfeatures: Family Room PLUS a Muhipurpose Room, at least 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½baths.

HALLMARK OF QUALITY SECLUDED WITH PRIVACY PROVIDEDBY MATURETREES ON 1% ACRES. Enchanting foyer with curving stairs to second level balcony. Living room with casement picture window, dining room with details, paneled family room with corner fireplace and sliding doors to rear wood deck. Four bedrooms including master bedroom with sitting alcove and dressingarea. 2 Y2Ceramictile baths. IT’S A DREAMCOMETRUEFOR...... $159,900.


"’~".,r~ ~ .P’," " *" ":"’:" Also Such Special Features as: Brickexterior* Thermopane Glassthroughout * 2 Fireplaces ¯ Custom Cabinetry¯ CentralAir ¯ CentralVacuum outlets ¯ Pre-wired for Telephone ~ T.V. ¯ Wiringfor SecuritySystem ¯ G.E.equipped Kitchens¯ insulatedExterior Doors¯ Large FlagstoneTerraces¯ Oversized 2 car Garagew/Automatic DoorOpener ¯ AmpleAttic Storage¯ PavedDrivewaysand more. Pricesstart at $198,000. Callor visit ouroffice todayto arrange for aninspectionof these truly distinctive homes,nowbeingbuilt by the masterof craftsmen of BALESTRIERIand PEARSON, Inc.


Constructionstarted on office building of contemporarydesign at 1000 Herrontown Rd. between Rt. 206 Er Mt. LucasRd. BenedictYedlin 609-921-6651

REALTY TERRACEDLAWNS, MATUREDTREES, GARDNERS, GRAPEVINE AND MOREON l-V, ACRES. Maintenancefree exterior. Center hall, front to back paneled family room with complete brick wall fireplace and separate barbeque,gourmetkitchen with time saving conveniences, Four corner bedrooms,2 beautifully designed baths. Loads of closets and storage areas. Gameroom. Three car garage. IT’S FANTASTICFOR.............. $103,900.




Painting & Paperhanging

Painting & Paperhanging


ALL ’TYPES OF ELECTRICALWORK.Call 201-3593387. ELECTRICIAN Residentia], Commercial, Industrial Wiring Free estimates 609-443-5239

I 14 La[ge and charming rooms elegantly arranged in a dramatic floor setting. Quality appointmentsare only the beginning of this HISTORICALLY REGISTEREDRESIDENCE.(Homestead of John Ely and former residenceof Clara Barton) Thereare 6 gracious bedrooms,2 full baths and two powder rooms. Twolarge living roomsof which one has a fireplace. Two full kitchens for planned entertaining. A very befitting homefor a large family. Outbuildings and detached garage on approximately 3 acres with towering trees and mature plantingsin a rural setting. Offered at $165,000.

EXPERT ELECTRICAL WORK--Freeest., old houses welcome. No job too small. Diamond Electric, 201-722: 5176.

Broker CooperationInvited

Pennington, NJ ed" 1159 renningt°n’Hatbourt°n 609-737-1746., Eleanor S. Suydam, Broker

Painting & Paperhanging



Paper h a ngi n g

JOHN CIFELLI, Electrical Contractor, residential, commercial & industrial ’wiring. 609-921-3~38.

Roofing& SidingRoofing& Siding

CUSTOM ROOFING SERROOFING WORAM l~AiNTING--Interior, exN.W. MAUL& SON VICE-- All types of roofing All Kinds terior, wallpapering, light ’ U.S. Hwy.130& Grlggs Drive done. Shingle, slate, hot tar, Free Estimates "PAINTINGpa~er hanging PAINTING CONTRACTOR carpentry. Quality work. Call 201-329-4656 tin. Let us cater to your HOUSEPAINTINGBY DON - Paper removal, wall resur609-655-1598/655-2015. John: roofing needs, l0 years exWILLIAMSON exterior & interior. Free facing exc. references, low Estimates Free Repair Service CONSTRUCTIONCO. perience. Call nowfor special estimate. Call 609-448-5782. ¯ rates quality work. Call 609Insurance Complete Elecfxical Power& 609-921-1164 921-0690. 201-874-3347 Lighting Installations spring rates. 609-924-1760. PAPER HANGING Industrial Maintenance SCRAPING PAPERHANGERS SPECIAL BELLii: MEADRO()FING--28 ALLIED ROOFING--Newand PAINTING -- inyrs. In business. Free -- Bedroom,10 x 12 x 8, $25.00 CUSTOM PAINTING SER: CAPITOL Prompt personal service. All terior & exterior, reasonable roofs of all types repaired. comestimates on all type roofing old in silver dollars, dated before VICE -- Residential, types of wall covering. rates, fully insured. 609-883Fill and driveway stone 1955. Call Styer Sales, 609-443- mercial. Interior, exterior. All 1537. and leaders and gutters and Free estimates delivered. All work guaranwork guaranteed. Call now for chimney flashing. Call 3138. Dan Rudenstine teed. Nojob too small. 609448sDeeial rates, l0 years exanytime, 609-924-2040 or 201609-585-9376 perience. 609-924-1760. 359-5992 (local call from 5707. Free estimates. PROFESSIONAL PAINTING INTERIOR PAINTING "ASPH’ALTSHINGLING -- Top Princeton)’ -- interior & exterior. Ed Cleaning done before quality materials. Top quality &after job Noebels, 609-443-3559. Consumer NANAK’s SERVICES INTERIOR HOUSE PAIN- workmanship. Honest, reliable, experienced TING -- with quality work- Bureau registered. All jobs ProfessionalPainters Call after 5pm ROOFING -guaranteed. WELLsEAL manship and an eagerness to fully Interior &Exterior INTERIOR & EXTERIOR and Low Slope CONTI PAINTING CO. ’CHRIsTEN$EN ROOFING Flat please. 201-874-3347. Longstanding tteputauon PAINTING -- freeestimates, Hot built-up 609-587-8055 CO., Carter Road, Princeton. Specialists. Local References reasonable rates, cleanwork. 609-921-1277 &924-7737._ Fully Insured dustrialr°°fing &°fresidentialC°mmercial"" CallT.Laski 609-799-1462. 609-799-8238 FR~ OR WALLPAPERSPECIALIST YOURSELF’- in a Renewals & repairs. Top MOVING NIGHT--B.RichPaintingCo. will hang any type paper. rented truck, but need another quality work guaranteed. Free Residental, commercial, Reasonable prices, insured, energetic person? I’ll help INTERIOR/ EXTERIOR -RESIDENTIAL references, for free estimates: ’ interior or ekferi0r. 609-882- Whywait Until the roof leaks? estimates & . ddvice. 609-882- load, unload, & drive truck Quality work. Free estimates. COMMERCIAl, 609-799-8575, Jack Kimple. 7738. " Plan ahead for your roofing 2503. Askfor J6e. 60~-Bgff-~:~8. anywhere for you. $6. per needs. hour. Bob, 201-545-8524. PETER FIUMENERO, JR. REPAIRS NEW ROOFS ROOFING - repairs & PAINTING PAINTING & INTERIOR HOUSE PAINPROFESSIONAL PAPER & CoOPER&SCHAFER TING -- with quality workremodeling. Quality work- ATTICS, BASE.M-EN.’P~,~ PAPERHANGING -- Frank HANGING & PAINTING-PAPERIIANGING Princeton manship. Call John’s Roofing garag~es dleaned out. Li~. Janda, 292 Dutch Neck Rd. manship and an eagerness to 63Moran & Repair. 201-329-6309 or 297- hauling and moving. 201~359Call Manuel 609-799-4160 or SPRAY PAINTING 609.924-2063 please. 201-874-3347. Call (609) 448-3578. 7812. 924-8756. 609-799-3_657 eves.. 6402.. CltRISTOPHER

Roofing & Siding

MAINTENANCEFREE EXTERIOR - LARGEPARKLINE LOT- BACKAND FRONTSCREENED PORCH. Country kitchen, dining room with Franklin Stove, spacious living room with picture window. Three bedrooms,large modernbath. Outdoor fireplace, oversizedone car garagewith electricity. EXTRAORDINARY FOR ............. $42,900.



Lawrencevllle, N.J.

L~ 609-896-Q00~

Moving & Hauling

Thursday, December7, 1978

] 6-B

WeDon’t Just ShowYour House. WeShowIt Off.

We’re Here For You.,.

Weshow Polenhal buyers All !hlngS Ihal make a house a home L,keexlrasloragespace Or lhe vfew AI CENTURY 21 each salesoersonis a SpeC:allytra=tTod DrolesslOnalw,lh kr~c)wlodq{:, (3! everything lrom shOwlnQhouses lhe

Io real estate rules and regula lions When iI s hr’ne for youto sell stl()w;! ,glf



Each olflce

Each office is independently owned and operated¯



is independently owned and operated



~ ’~:4 ~’L’~r""~





I/ ,,

PLAINSBORO. Large country sized lots 4 bedroomcolonial with attractive brickwork,superrooms,customfeatures. Call for inspection " now ........................................... $125,000.

RESTORED COLONIAL CIRCA1832 over 6 scenic acres¯ Possible subdivision. 3 fireplaces. 2 car garage.2 story barn. Evena brick wishingwell andmore...$189,000.



~..~:::~:!i.~,: / ~ ............

¯ .,,I~,~,~~ -

,:-:::. ,,..:.~,~



,. ,~ .~ ....


PRINCETON JUNCTION- Charming spacious 3 bedroom Dutch Colonialon wooded lot. Largeliving roomwith fireplace, formaldining room,QuakerMaidkitchen, sunroom.2 zoneheating, swimming pool. $90,000. A delightful home in a very pleasantsetting.

OverlookingTheRiver This Threestory single contains - 6 bedrooms,living roomwith fireplace, formal dining room,bath and½ - Full basement andonecar garage- Pricedat an unbelievablylow price of $,,14,500.

JUSTA STONE’S throw from the historic ", ¯.SALTERS MILL" on three lush acres,sits this redwood siding colonial with a mostcontemporary. interior. Don’t miss this opportunity. $79,900.

CUSTOM BUILT CONTEMPORARY on 1 Yz acre woodedlot in MontgomeryTownship.5 Bedrooms.2 Baths. Fireplace and skylight in Living Room. Largeraised deckoverlookinglandscaped rear yard. Only 6 yearsold....$ ! 10,000.

PRINCETON - RIVERSIDE - CharmingCapeCod in mint condition on beautiful lot. Family roomwith fireplace, breezewayand covered $ | 15,000. patio¯ Perfecthome for the smallerfamily.

LOVELY CONTEMPORARY - Newconstruction, nearly completed four bedrooms,MasterSuite, Study, Loft, Cathedralceilings. Great $180,000. useof spaceona beautifully wooded lot.


SUPERVALUEiN COUNTRY LOCATION. Large 4 bedroomhomewith excellent commercialpotential and fully aluminum sided. Outbuilding nowhousesa component assemblyoperation which is family owned. Howwill you use it??? $77,000. ~;~, ,, ~..~:--..

HamiltonTownship LovelyCapeCodwith expansionattic. Full basement, living roomand hall, panelledkitchen - newsunroom - cyclonefencedin yard andnice trees - Brick grill in yard. Only $35,500.

TWINRIVERS ¯ EndUnit - QuadI - 2 Bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, carpeted, $38,508. patio8- gasgrill.

e; :~ t, ~, ~ ~,’ .


~ ~!

MINI HORSE FARM RANCH approximately 3 acres. 3 Bedrooms.Barn with electric, water and telephoneline. 4 box stalls. Also fenced pasture paddock and lighted riding ring. Just reduced.Won’tlast at ¯. S68,000


’~ MULTI-FAMILY ZONED ! This Princeton area property is quickly being surroundedby expensiveTownhouses and various mini business/office complexes¯ $70,000.

TRULYA VERYGOOD OPPORTUNITY .... ...FOR 2 EXPERIENCED, FULLTIMEPEOPLE to growin incomeandknowledge. Constantflow of listing on selling leads. ConstantCentury21 sales training program.Opportunityto growwith the largest, over 7000offices throughoutthe UnitedStates, Canada and Japan. ...FOR 4 INEXPERIENCED INDIVIDUALS

BI-LEVEL- Trees in front, woodsbehind - 4 bedrooms,2½baths, central air, w/wcarpeting plus family roomanddining room,eat-in . $59.S00". kitchen, Roosevelt.

whoare lookingfor a change or lookingto better their position in the real estateprofession.Weoffer the novice:

IMMACULATE BI-LEVELIN COUNTRY SETTINGon well maintained lawn in woodedarea. Brick and aluminumsiding. 3 Bedrooms,1 ½ baths, dropped.illuminated ceiling in kitchen. Walkto N.Y.C. bus.....$75,900.

¯ in house tmi~ng ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ EASTWINDSOR - This awardwinning floor plan will delight the most discriminating,andgive yearsof pleasureto the active family. Giveus a phonecall and wecandiscuss the various options available. $89,900

OLDYORKE ROAD - Custombuilt 4 Bedroomranch on woodedacre. Unusually spacious, slate entry, family roomwith raised hearth fireplace, Frenchdoors, formal dining room,country kitchen w/solid cherry cabinets. Quality details mustbeseen. Short drive to busor train for easy commuting.. $98,500.

u~nrlketingtools i~ea~mt~.rfoundings hoipfld aalespoople IJ~ings nowspapor ~TV advertising

Makean appointment for yourpersona|Interview today.


Kendall Park¯ exceptionalopportunity - 2BCondominiums, part of 36 unit complex. Owner prefersto sell asablock... SouthBrunswick - 17 acreszonedR2plus 2 small older housesfor income. ServingMontgomery andPrincetonTownships four adjacent parcels totaling 400ft. onbusyhighway¯ Call for details¯ Burand Loungewith C License ...................... TRENTON ¯ Housewith incomefrom garageson property.



134 NassauSt., Princeton Princeton¯ Circle, Rt. 1



2 magnificentlots nearFrenchtown/Stockton. Building sites, readyto build on, approvedpercolation tests, approvedseptic designed,and soil logsreadyto gel TWO FAMILY COLONIAL over an acre level lot. 6/7 bedrooms.2 baths. fiull basement. Mustsee.....onty $66,S00. GREAT STARTER HOME charming3 bedroomCapeon corner lot near High School in good neighborhood. Just reduced.....$44,000. LOVELY SETrlNG 3 bedroom ranchin excellent condition.....$73,000.

Onelot is 2.22acresselling for $30,000,the other3.48acresselling for $34,500.

NINE SUPERACRESAND TWOTHREEFAMILY HOUSES!!!lThis Millstone property is just minutesfrom the Tpke.andreadyfor your inspection. Over600 hundredfeet frontage. $159,000

/ KRO L, ..,,TO.S ,s .,..,_0,...,..o.,s..,, .,oo,,.x


1000stateRd.,Princeton StationSq.,BelleMead

20 ! -874-8700 609-921-6177 452-2188 609-924-7575 Highway 27, SouthBrunswick REALTORS 20 ~ .297-7900



307 N.Main St.,


6 09-448-01 1 3

If you’relookingfor the rural feeling but within cornmuting distanceof NewYork, call for appointment.




2288 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville 609-3.96.3577




Thursday, December7, 1978

1 7-B m~~I¯¯mIIm~’.’u~mm,m¯~¯u.~


::~!: :.~g.-~i~





E | -= ¯ LAKE-VIEW CONDO. ONE JUST LISTED 3 BDR. TOWN, Sitting high on a wooded slope, overlooking Swan Creek and New Hope, + DEN IM. HOUSE ONLY 4 YRS.OLD,EX-| Edgebrook homes havebeendesignedwith an eyeto the future¯ Lowmaintenance, | BEDROOM .~ MEDIATELY OCCUPANCY, s/C CELLENT CONDITION. W/W| energyefficient design, and enduringvalue wereprimeconsiderations¯Double insulatedwindows, extra thick insulatl’on, heat pump,central airconditioning,and F/F REF. CARPET, C/AIR,S/C OVEN, j OVEN, careful placement of doorsandwindows, all addto the energy-saving capabilities of GRILL,SHOWER nm WASHER/DRYER COMBO, F/F REF/GAS these homes¯ . ENCL. WASHER, DRYER, POSS. | MOVE-IN CONDITION. MONEdgebrook offers the best of bothworlds... graciouscountryliving with easy mi THLY FEE INCLUDES THE GAS AT CLOSING. ASSUM MOR-: accessto NewYork, Philadelphia,Princetonanda short stroll to NewHope.Elegant i n HEAT.PRICETO SELL- TGAGEWITH MONTHY_E living at anincredibly lowcost .. from856,900. PAYMENTS OF$405. WHICH it | $26,500. Besure youvisit us soon,or call (609) 397-0111 or (201) 828-5900. i INCLUDES, INTEREST. PRIN-_m Edgebrook features... Second Level: ~ 2 BDR. lt/~ BATH TOWN HOUSE CIPAL,TAXESAND IN- x= a 2 or 3 Bedrooms First Level: x | PLUSH CARPET IN L.R. &D.R. SURANCE. , a Sun deck w/sliding glass door ...... n | SLATE ENTRANCE HALL.BAL ¯" ¯ awe (2) ziJe Dams a Living Room w/Cathedral ceJling .... E HOUSE FULLY CARPETEDI 2 BDR. 1Vz BATH TOWN HOUSE | ¯mC/AIR,WASHER, ........ ¯ wasner/uryer a "l-leathator" I-ireplace (on someunits.) DRYER, DISHLIKE NEW, END UNIT, ALL AP.m uasement........... | PLS.,W/W CARP., OVERSIZE ¯ Dining Room w/Cathedral ceiling S/C OVEN ¯¯ WASHER, a PUll size w/extra nigh ceiling ’F/F REF, " ........ i EXCELLENT LOCATION. WALK BACKYARD,PAINTED DRY| ’ ¯ Kitchen & Family Hoom w/uameorm ........ .. ¯ zuu-amp electrical service ¯¯ TOSCHOOL, ¯ IM " ceiling POOL, SHOPPINGCLEAN BASEMENT _n ¯ Insulated Glassdoor to backyard a Refrigerator Dishwasher Oven/Stove MEDIATELY OCCUPANCY, ! ASKING-$41 OOO ¯ City sewer,water ’ " ’ ¯ PowderRoom i ASKING $41,500. , ! ¯ Parking Deck And, muchmore. i " ALL HPES FINANCING AVAILABLE | Superior energy efficient design, quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make Edgebrook at Lambertville an unparalleled investment in the good life.

"’":" ~,, , ,~i "’"!i






i ¯





I" I


,.’~ i ~

"~,..,~..~ 232 ~




Swan Street,Lambertville. N.J.


















"~ " X m ~ I



I ~ Twin Rivers













.hl~ |



This winter. Cometo Life. Come to Princeton Meadows. Indoors, there’s our private clubhouse with members’ lounge, : cozy fireplace and disco. " ’ Then there’s Pheasant Hollow. our brand new community of distinctive one and two bedroom ::: ,, 7?’: apart meat s. "i~,!,,’~,~ Surrounding you, there’s open ~" space and fresh air. all just :, 7 minutes from the fun and prestige ,C’? of Princeton and the convenience of the NewYork train. Call (609) 799-3510 for more information.

The Apartmentpeople

Dianne F. Bleacher Lorraine F. Boice Larry Collins Sheila Cook Ted David JoAn¯ Dwulet ESTABLISHED 1893 Barbara Ellis REALTORS Betsey Harding Charles HtLrford 190 Nassau Street Marjorie Kerr Quackenbush Princeton, N.J. 08540 Joan Cecily Ross 6O9-924-O322 Ralph Snyder RESIDENTIAL RENTALS Furnished 3-bedroont ranclt in Princeton. Available January 1 to March31, 1979. $550. 3-bedrootu, 2 bath ranch in Jefferson park, West Windsor. Newlyred&orated. Available Now. ’$625. 2-bedroomitonse in Lawrenceville, living room with fireplace, kitchen with breakfast area attd family room. Available now ............ $575. Fully fnrnished efficiency apartment on WashingtonRoad, available now. $325. OFFICE SPACE 535 square feet on 2rid floor of Nassau Street building. $250. 1250 square feet on 2nd floor of Nassau Street building. Available Dec. 1 st. $825. 1 small office on 3rd floor of NassauSt. building, available now $160. 5000square feet on first floor in Research Park, across from the Princeton Airport; parking inchtded. Raised fh)or space available for computer center; area may be subdivided, owner will decorate. $7.75 to $10.00/sq. ft.

Moving & Hauling

Moving & Hauling

FeaturesIncluded: ¯ CathedralCeiling ¯ Full Basement


TOWNHOUSEST. ----~900 I,~l




RedwoodSquare Shopping Center ,o, and Amwell Rd .- .....

¯ Fireplace(Stone-Wallto Wall, ¯ Wall to Wall CarpetThroughout - Etc.


Hardgrove Realty G"~.w,,~ ¢Iz .d~f~.r,.t~


2¯ ~eBc~t!,Pat,o Doors ’ (": ":"


o,.8,4., s,o

Company I~


JL II¢I]t at

Ewing Township

the T0s sible Dream




8% % MORTGAGES TO QUALIFIED BUYERS Welcome. We are pleased that you have stepped into the possible dream.Come,journey with us throughacres of a country setting; witnessthe green elegancethat adds just the right touchof warmthandpeacefor family living. Featuring 3 and 4 bedroomhomes--ranci~es, colonials,multi-levelsall with 2-cargarages. Modelphone:(609) 883-4490;4494


Brick front Colonial in Princeton Woods.Four bedrooms, 2~,~ baths, family fireplace, 2 car garage on woodedlot. This lovely homeis only 9 monthsold and filled with manyfine extras .................................. . ........ Reduced $106,000. J( )IIN

Hopewell HopewellHouseSquare, Hopewell,NewJersey 08525 (609) 466-2550 MorcorCounty Multiple LlmtingService

Building Services - conconcrete 609-466-

Hunterdon County Multiple LlmtlngService

SomerIet County Multiple Listing Service

PrincetonRoal Estate Group

MODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILY (609)448-5935 Moving & Hauling

ModelIs openfor inspectionavery day(12-5) (clos6d Thursdays)


OneMile Road and Princeton.High_tstown Rd. (oppositeMcGraw Hill) East Windsor,N.J.

STUDENT - Light hauling in "a J. CLEARY LIGHT HAULING& LOCAL WILLHAULIT--Cellars, ton pick-up. Lowrates. FRANK tractor. All types of ,,DELIVERYSERVICE-- Big attics and garages cleaned. 3/4 Local&longdistance. 609-896- work. ’, &smalljobs. Call Bob609-883-Call 609-799-1680.Consumer 0839,ask for Kirk.896-0072, ask 2776. Free estimates. BureauRegistered. " 2657. for Don,Jr. BEE LINE EXPRESS -Household movers. Reasonable rate. Free estimates.201-526-0646.


Building Services

NEED MORERO0M?- New bathroom? Get your remodelling done before Christmas. All Work Contracting Co. Rte. 206, Belle N.J. 201-359-3000. ADDITIONS -Alterations, HAULING -- ANYTHING, LIGHT HAULING -- 24 Roofing, Alum. Siding & Mead, Members of Nat’l ANYPLACE, ANYTIME.609- HOURS.7 DAYS,call between Gutters. Stan Woisznies & RemodellingAssoc. 882-0891. 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m’. 201-369-6931.Sons,201-246-3075.

Building Services

Building Services

ExclusiveagentIdeal RealtyCo., Inc., Realtor(201)548-6720 DIRECTIONS:’(Only 30 minutes from NewBrunswick) Take 1 south to 1-95 south to Exit 7.1B (Federal City Rd.) Follow through to Ewingville Rd. Turn left and follow to modelson your right. FROM PRINCETON: Take206 Soud’~to 1-95 South to Exit 71Band follow as mentioned.FROM PA.: 1-95 m Rt. 31 South¯Turnleft at EwingvilleRd. Modelsonyour right.

Building Services

Building Services

THE DELTASTAR GENERALCONTRACTORS CONSTRUCTION CO. homes, ’additions, :i Ccmpleteinterior &exterior New driveways, roofing, remodelling.Roofing,siding, garages, custommasonry, fireplaces, architectural fireplaces, swimmingpools and patios. :’ patios &driveways. All work ’Full line of aluminum designed & planned by a products. professional engineer. All work guaranteed. Call 201-297- WM.FISHERBUILDER’S 5053. INC. ServingPrincetonarea for, 30 years. Financing arranged. J.A. CONSTRUCTION -609-799-3818 Patios, sidewalks, asphalt and stone driveways. Good, reliable work at low price. Free estimates. Call 201-369-. 3128.

&LLTYPESof excavatingi :: land clearing; septic systems;~. drains; drivewaysinstalled; cut out, stoned or paved;call HILLSIDE BUILDERS. INC FULLLINE - of backhoe AI Padgett(201) 359-3735 after General Contractors services. City sewers, septic 5 p.m. CUSTOM CARPENTRY " systems, trenching and more. All types masonry&ceramic remodelling, restorations, ~o Written estimates. John W. tile work.Newconstructionas additions, General carpentry. Hoff and Assoc. General well as repair work: 609-921- Qualityworkonly. Please call Cancellation .. Contractor.609-466-3730. Scott Demmebefore 7am or .L. 9099. Deadline after 6pm,609-924-0469.

4 p.m. Men.

’ ....



GUIDE Thursday, December 7, 1978


q irestone

Real CEstate [ [ [ (






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IF-~."i.jIl!. ~’ ¯ ~’t~.’~~.~;~

Belle Mead 206, (201) 874-5191







Firestone has the New Homesin MontgomeryTownship. r

PRINCETON . nil flnc/’/ve




Montgomery Colonial Gem






l] ~:~..



Co|anlols |n a/qaturaI $efflng

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’~ ~,~,~’~,.~


Houses Available for Immediate Occupancy




ROOMY LITTLE RANCH on a quiet livin On quiet street street in in Kingston. Kingston. Tile Tile entrance entrancehall, hall, steo-down step-down living room, comfortably sized sized dining room, well well plannedkitchen kitcher with with breakfast breakfl area. Cherry panelled family family room roomwith with beamed beamed ceiling ceiling and andfireplact fireplace. Three bedrooms, two baths and many special "touches". , ~ $’ $108,000.

Twomiles fromthe Princeton line aa Raymond Rd., So. Brunswick(Princeton AddressI

r . , .ii



HoaglandFarmsa superb collection of four bedroomCoh,nials. C.nwsee these custombuih.i homesbet)re you buvany ~ t ler newhome!Elegantthroughout ; hardwood floors: slate foyers’- [ q brick raised hearthfireplace; 12’ x 14" deckandmore- a builder you’ll enjoyworkingwith~Call a. [ office rigllt away.Othermodels available,lnf.rnaationat 61)9-921-1700. J Fi~"estone PricesonRequest.-"!



"I ¯ ,,



Somerset County Multi 14) II ....

...... nunt~raon ,,.oun~y

Mercer Counflr













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>,-’¢ ’

Onan acre andone hal/in Montgomery Townshlp...atennis court, brick patio anda parklike setting surroundsthis three or four bedroom, air-conditionedhome.Aneat-in kitchen, living room,formaldiningroom,familyroom,makethis homeideal for familyliving ..... $104,500.

Ih I Enj,y tile warmth of tile fire )lace on a c.hl winternightwith.volt andy(alrs in the-spaci,ms family I r(mmTheeat-in kitchenanddiningarea witha view¢ f nature s readvfor familyandfriends. Thisr newI~omein an outstandingarea feattrres four bedrooms, twoand.nt, half batl[s l)lus muchmore.~ l Call today609-92I-171)0.Totalinvestment. $106,500. [




) I



; ’ i :.






Waituntil yousee this lovelyliving roomwithrals~, hearthfireplaceandbeamed ceiling! Thisis a [ call609-9.1-1700.real gem of a colonial sittingon13AacresYou must seethisfamily, oriented fourbedroom$?9,500.home by[." ¯ Large living room , Separate Dining Rooms Four Bedrooms

* Eel-inKitchens ¯ City Water & CIIySewer 2V~Ba~s ¯ Family


Central Air 2 CarGarage

i I ¯ WOoded ~/~Acre ¯ Aluminum Siding * Full Basement ¯ Excellent commuting



to NYC &Phlla.


PRICES START AT $97,500 Including


the above extras

WISECHOICE FORA RGEFAMILY Generousliving space and manyspecial features are offered by this attractive LawrenceTownshiphome.Wall to wall carpeted living and dining rooms, cherry panelled study and family room, ultra modernkitchen a.nd breakfast area¯ Five bedrooms, 3 baths and large gameroom. Lovely plantings and mature specimen trees shade a house where nothing has $225,000. , been overlooked¯ "" ,: :i~..

¯ .. homeof the professionals I ......


RF..ALTORS ..,.....~a,0,.u,,,,;,oUu

4 (harlton Street

I;RINCEIOH, New Jersey 08.$40

Office(609)921-2776 i

¯ TransferredOwnerInsisted on the Best-TakeAdvantage! Unlimitedpossibilities for family or investment.Ownerhas a variancefor u~ as residenceplus professionaloffice or beautyparlor. Call us todayat 609-921-1700 to see this uniquecombination of location and custombuilt design in LawrenceTownship. $69,900.

. :U s irlvdi~ng



Gardening & Landscaping DOERLERLANDSCAPi~S Landscape Designing and Contracting 609-924-122.1


?n: ?::dsc~;

LAWN MAINTENANCE Commercial & Residential Landscaping Sod-Shrubs Seeking-Fertilizing Thatching-Edging Driveway Sealing Gravel Free Estimate VITTORIO PIRONE 609-924-6489 TOP SOIL, STONE& FILL--Bulldozer work, trenching ar~. land cl¢aring. 201-297-9224or 297-3091.


TREE CAREINC. -- for all your landscaping needs¯ 201297-9300. GIRAFFE TREE SERVICE -- tree removal, topping & trimming. Free estimates. Reliable & inexpensive. 609452-1718. HUBER’S LAWN SERVICE Fertilizing, pruning, planting and renovation. Please call after 6 pm,609-586-4505.

SPRUCE& PINE TREES- 3’L. ADLER& SONS -- SIM- 12’, you or we dig or cut, $10 - less wholesale. PLICITY----Snapper mowers - retail *racters- tillers - Route130, N Seasoned hardwoodfirewood . you cut $20 / half cord. 609-737Brunswick,201-297-2474. 2178.

Gardening & Landscaping

Gardening & Wanted To Rent Landscaping

ALLENTOWN - I am a young woman in my late twenties TREEWORK -- ALL TYPt~S ~ with a modest income and two LAWN "MAINTENAl~CE -’ Pruning, Topping, Feeding, well behaved cats. I live and Commercial and residential, work in Allentown now and Call LeRoy Diefenbach, 609- Removal, Storm Damage, want very muchto stay. ff you Land Clearing & Chipper 4484757. " " Service. Firewood & wood have a studio or small apart. chips available. Competent meet you would be willing to please call 609-259-7750 DO YOU NEED A MAN TO work at a fair price. Fully rent, insured. Free estimates. 609- before 3 pm or after 10 pm. DO--landscaping, gardening, Keep trying. lawn mowing,sodding, clean- 737-3126. . ~ up, hauling, concrete work, patio, sidewalk, fencing, railroad ties, drainage, we do Wanted To Rent seeking PROFESSIONAL FEMALE 1 bedroom or ef-driveways or construction ficiency apt. 609-921-0213after with asphalt &stone &sealing. Wedeliver gravel, sand, top WANTEDIMMEDIATELY - 6:30 p.m. soil’ manure’ etc" Call small apartment’ reas°nable anytime, 609-924-9555. rent, by quiet, professional 25 -YEAR -OLD -single gentleman within en- professional male seeking virons of University or fourth room or small apt. in SCENICCREATIONS,INC... occupancy outside of town on Hopewell-Prineeton area. 609Designing and planting, lawn farm. 609-924-3033. 397-0405. maintenance, sodding. Commercial and residential. Free estimates. Call 609-890- PROFESSIONAL WOMAN- SEARCHING -- professional 9086. desires 1-2 bdrm apt. in couple looking for farmhouse Princeton or surrounding or cottage. Wil!ing to repair. areas within 15 mile radius. 201-329-2832. SEA WEED--Liquified or Prefer apartment in older granulai’. The ideal plant home. Up to $325. Refs. supAPT- in Deer vit,dmln. At Peterson~S Nut;- plied. Call Jane daytime only. 1 (JR 2 BDRM sery, Rt. 206 between Prin- 609-924-8085. Creek for Feb. 1 or after 609ceton & Lawrenceville. 92471902ext. 26 days. WILL CLEAN ESTATES i farmland, of unwanted wood. Free. Call 609-882-2928after 6pm.

WISH TO RENT - 1 BR modernfurn. apt. Vicinity of Winter Park, Florida. Have small dog. To $300/mo. for 3 mon. mm.609-448-2449.

ONE BEDROOM APT - in PUT YOUR GARDEN TO Kingston area wanted by BEDthis winter for the best responsible professional. Art garden every next spring. studiospacedesirable. Call ¯ Rototilling. 609-4434354. Jean at 201-359-3242eves.

CLASSIC COLONIAL Situated on a woodedacre which backs up to a working farm in West Windsor. Four bedrooms,two and a half baths, eat-in kitchen, large family room,separate dinine roomand a fireplace in the living roomadd up to an ideal family house. Heated pool and pool house enhance the pretty grounds. Extra bonus: Sell the secondcar andwalk to the stationl $125,000



[~~l~"~-~":-~<~ ,~,~,c:

.~~,_’~;:, ~,J,.~


w ~ ~_ ~lk~,~~.:~.~-L~~

ULTRA MODERN CONTEMPORARY Beautifully landscaped, woodedarea of Princeton Township. Spacious living areas open out to a redwooddeck on the main level. Living and dining rooms enhancedby fireplaces. Four light, airy bedrooms, two compartmentalizedbaths. Japanesegardens, patios, even a waterfall! $295,500. LAND . Twoattractive building lots located on Jacobs Creek Road in Hopewell Township.Satisfactory perc andsoil log tests. Eachlot is 3½acres and $30,000.



SM. HOUSE OR APT - in Princeton - Hopewell or Lambertville-area. 1 or 2 bdrm.CallEves:201-735-9404.

6 Bedroom Victorian. Large rooms. Available immediateiy. Asking $1200/m0nth.

SEARCHING- Family of 5 searching for 2 BRapt/house. Willing to make repairs for part of rent. 609-448-0433.

Pete Callaway Pet Cahill Anne Gallagher Unda Heft

Judy McCaughen Chadotte McLaughlin

Terry Merdck Bill Roebiing Wille Stackpole Bearmr Young.





Thursday, December 7, 1 978



.... % /’~--TOASTED MARSHMEI.tOWS will beplentifulthis winterif your familysettlesintothisbeautiful EastWindsor Ranch withbrick fireplace.Factorsthat setthishome apartfrommany others: Lovely,spacious kitchen;2 full baths;paneledfamily room w/solarium;screened porchnextto the 32’ ingroundpool, cemral air; 2 cargarage. ½acrenicelylandscaped yard....... .......................................... $74,900. OLDALLENTOWN TWO STORY: Mustseeto appreciatelThis home hasbeautiful oakfloorsin thelivinganddiningrooms, a modern kitchen withplentyof thecolonial touches like pantry, closets, study, sunporch, and½bathall onthefirst floor.The upstairs hasthreebedrooms anda bath.Theentirehouse has justbeen painted andpapered. Move in condition .... $30,000. INCOME PROPERTY: Located in a commercial zoneonRoute33 nearHightstown, this home offersa foyer,living room, two bedrooms, kitchen andbathonthe first floor. Livingroom, kitchen, fourbedrooms andbathonthesecond. Large lot ..... .......................................... $39,900. RESIDENTIAL LOTS 9 acreswith300’ frontage ...................... $35,000. 3½acresin EastWindsor Township .............. $15,000.

CONTEMPORARY CONDOMINIUM: This East Windsorcobdominium is a twobedroom stylein Avon East.Thelayoutalso haslivingroom, dining area,kitchen withall appliances, laundry closetwithwasher anddryer,andtwofull baths.It is carpeted andcentrally air-conditioned. Sliding glass doors to fenced yard. . ......................................... $30,000. EASTWINDSOR FAPJ~HOUaE: This lovely farmhousehas8 rooms, 1 ½baths,alongwithanunusually good setof barns is located ona 6 acreparcel.Additional acreage is available. The home is in beautiful condition sinceit wasrecently renovated withnew roof,siding,heating system, electricalserviceand redecorated throughout. Thehouse is situated ona highknoll upa shortlaneandwould make anexcellent horsefarm.Sub divisionrequired............................ $1S0,000. INDUSTRIAL ZONED LOT:Approx. 2 acresto be sub-divided. Highground w/frontage ontwosides.Located nearentrance of N.J. Turnpike andRt. 33....................... $38,000. 165ACRE FARM: This offers a nice old farmhouse whichis situated in NorthHanover Township in BurlingtonCounty. Thereare outbuildings anda goodwatersupplyin additionto the verygood farmland...... . .......... $2,750.perocre.

Leonard Van Hise AgencyF--_ v


Office: 60%448-4250 ~_..o~.~,#~. / 160 StocktonSt. Hightstown, N.J. ~’~-~ Alter Hours& SundayCall: PREFERRED HOMES" Richard Van Hise 448-8042 ..’F,x~a~ / Ernest Turp 448-2151 .0~s~r~ ,’sterner ~ s~= ~!, Jean Esch 448-1178


HOUSE SAT. & SUN. 12-5 Fackh,r I{.a(], near Route 206 Just Sqmtli of Princeton. Lawrence’i’.wnship IPrinceton ~~;~J~."

" ,( ;d!: ¯



’~k ~




~’~.,,~~[" "

° ~


~ vontemp.rarivs are(h’sit~m’d f.r th,, parti(’ular family andfeat.r., larta’ gracto.sentertainnwntarem, tmd,,r dramativcathedralveilings, f(.)er galleries, libraries withwetbars. (ht.~stairsmastvrsuitv~~,ith luxuri(.tts t)ath Isudlshm..rando~erslz.edt.I)l andlots of storage. All on yourownprivate road. Many different exteriors andinteriors are availableandcustomizing is possible. Pricesstart at $150,000. A(hlithmal I"ealurv~Ire’hide: * Insulated (;lass’i’hrlm~h(.iit ¯ ZonedIh’ati.g arid AirC..diti<)ninlz *Ch’. ~i~¯ah’r and Cit) Se~.r ¯ ()versized :2(:~r(J;iral2,’ ",*, ’:!lllhllililllv |)~l.r ( )l)ec.r ¯ ."gk)li~ht~, :’tindCh,rest.G \~, in(Io~. " I>iill,(lI)ri~,t.~,~ii) * (:hl)ivl,ofI nierior I"l,,,,r. ¯ Fiill) lAinils(’atled ¯ tlonle(m’ ~’~’;Irrilnt.’. * .";..If(:JPallio/~( )tl’ll~, Please (’all fora t isit. %X,,’ll tell ~,,uall a|mut it and~,ll
¯ ME~eER

"NEAR NEW HOPE d HISTORICCANAL"-Authentic Stone Contemporary.Ranch inWashington Crossing. 2 stone fireplaces. Floor toceiling glass. 3 or4 bedrooms, gallery kitchen withBar-BQ. Combination cocktail lounge & family room. Heated pool. Sauna ,~steam room onbeautiful 2.9acres. DESIGNED FOR THE SOPHISTICATE.OFFERED AT

Hunt 8. Augustine Inc.

NELO 17i,]:ll=i!:(l=]:l:l

CustomBuilt Homes Select Locations



New listings

PRINCETONTOWNSHIP, Western Section. 3acre Estate. 15 rooms plus 51A baths. Swimming Pool and Cabana.4-car heated garage. Apartment wing. Ideal family homein perfect location.


BEDENSBROOK,by The Bedens Brook Club. Four exciting homeswith California flair on rolling woodedlots. All underground utilities. Various stages of construction. Immediate to ten-month occupancy. From $235,000.

OFFICE RENTALS, Pennington Professional Center. Quiet, distinctive, campus-typesetting. Ampleparking. Center of Pennington.

Quo,’lI JUST MOVE RIGHT IN-2 br-lV~ bath townhouse.Has modern luxurykitchen,formal dining room,living roomwith sliding glassdoorsleadingto brick patio. Won’tlast long! Pricedat $40,900.

$173~, .


A HIDDEN TREASURE A ½ of a mile back from the mainroad on 20 acres in Buckingham Township,thisimmacuMte one level country home surrounded by woods,offers complete privacy.A large kitchen-familyroomwith fireplacehassupermodern gourmet area.elegantliving roomwithmarble fireplace,denwithfull bath, masterbedroom with fireplace andbath. 2 other bedrooms andbath. Lovelybrick patio. Morelandavailable. Eveningscall 609-348-5805. $179,000. ~It’YN’N’E



REALTORS New Hope, PA 215-794-7494 Doylestown, PA 215-348-3514

A RARE AND SPECIAL PLACE I jr,s, listed in an area of fine estate type properties in South Hunterdon. This charnting fieldstone coh)nial dates back to 1830 with just under l l acres, excellent frontage and panaromic views, impeccabiv" and imaginatively restored with all the dow seats and a beautiful fieldstone fireplace with raised ltearth and 6" wide mouth in the cozy family room, elegant dining room , living room with fireplace and built ins, keeping room or study, private library or 4th bedroom with full bath. Second floor offers 3 bedrooms and bath including a bright, cheerful 25’ master bedroom. Ovcrsized 2 car garage, 20’x40’ one story barn plus a second 19’x20" building ideal for a cabana for fnture pool or tennis court. This is indeed "a rare find" for $182,500. Plan your visit now. Call 737-1500.

q-IENDER,_,SON", R E ALTORS 4 Chorlton Street, Princeton, NewJersey 08540 (609) 921-2776 MercerCounty HunterdonCounty MultipleListingService MultipleListingService Somerset County Multiple ListingService HCMECWNB~V~mJwr~ Princeton Real EstoteGroup



QUAD II THEHOME OF YOUR DREAMS - Act fast. 3 br-2Y~ bathbeauty.Withmodern conveniencekitchen, panelled8 carpetedfamilyroom,plus lots more.Yourtotal investmentis only $46,900. Call us todayfor yourpersonaltour.

Apts,-/Houses TO

RoomsFor Rent

..... IN PRINCETON- room for rent walking distance to CHAMBERSBURG j0urcampus. Private entrance, nalist has cozy apartment to furmshed or unfurnished, share. Reasonable. Write, shared bath, no kitchen, giving references to Box $150/mo, includes heat & utils. #02210 c/o Princeton Packet. Call 609-924-9194,if no answer call 201-369-3916. IIIII HELP .....




, 2712 Nottingham Way Mercewille,N.J. 08619

-~ eaa~t,:v~i....~

BEECI-IWOOD THICKET A fine tIt)pewell Twp. contemporary estate on just trader 8 acres with winding blacktopped drive leading to this (mtstanding 4.300 sq. ft. brick and c6dar conten~porary that offers a very impressive double door entry into a room size foyer and 13 roonts, 2-½ baths st) unique and beautiftd it .as featured in several national homemagazines, including"Woman’s Day" and "’American Oleau". Exposed brick walls, custont lighting and skylights plus a large raised deck that overh)oks a gorgeous Syh, an pool ,vith professional landscaping. Architectural splendor that must be seen - photo above shows a rear view adn the great elmtemporary lines. See it now. S295,000. i : - , . !..~:.~.::. ~ ~:~i-!~, -:..~,i:~:; .’~’~.. ..... . :! ’: : "’ . ; " ~:~:~,~?~~;~"’~t :,~t :~ ; .’i$’ ’ ...... ~’~’"" : =‘ \:~ ~"~?.~: ...... .:~ ~ .. ;~ ~,7~#Y::__ ¯ " .’:: ’ ¯ ~h~’~:.’~,~/4 :’~::<~.:<~-. ;.-~...~-.¯¯;,~,_:~...,,,~ ":=:-~:’-’;" : ......:’~ ’-.!:2" "~ ~i~,;.~.,~<~.:,.:~ :: ~ ~, ;,~~ .~. :a,,:~;.i :- <: " ~>’*;~,’,"~ ",~*=*~ ~-~-~’-,~ ! v:.~... ~..... , ,,~ ~ ....... ; ..~ .’ ~’~ " .... :~:~ ~:’~.’~~;’::’~:.;~,.i~.i L/.-’:-’::~’: PARADISE OF A COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Just listed in the rolling hills t)f beautifull Bucks Cotlnty, set back on 10+ acres with rambling attd rail fence, just a little over 2 years old, lmwever the builder has blended together native stone. cedar siding and woodshake roof it, make this one (if Bucks Cotlnty’s finest reproductions of a bygone era. 13 rooms, 4 full lnxuri(,us baths plt,s 2 p,,wder rt)oms. 5 bedrooms, large elegant dining room, library with wet bar and last but not least, is this fantastic 16x28 kitchen with massive st(me fireplace, pegged oak fh)ors and beanted ceiling. very outstanding lmmeand the first time offered. " $2()5,000.

WEIDEL REAL ESTATE professional women& two weu ,~,o~ behavedkids need a place to NICELY FURNISHEDROOM ROUTE31, PENN1NGTON, N.J. - walking distance of RCAon Evenings call 215-862-9671 share with several others, 609-882-3804 609-737-15oo male or female. Weboth enjoy Rte 1. 609-466-3058 after 5 pro. ~LARGESUNNYROOM ’ -cooking, love people and want avail, to responsible youn~ to share meals & expenses man w/references. Kitchen &. ..... with warm housemates in a NICE QUIET ROOM-- for privileges. Please call family type atmosphere. Call rent. To non-smoking female, laundry , Jean or Judy at 609-392-9185 Parking, shared bath & some after 5 p.m. 609-737-3403. Ken1’ r-~e.= cooking privileges, $115 per after 6 pm. month, references. 609-924liOUSEORAPARTMENT ABLE & RESPONSIBLE -1799. NEEDED ONE & TWO BEDROOM woman wishes to housesit. ROOM-in beautiful house in ROOM VEGETARIAN ; NONAVAILABLE --Dec. APTS ~ forimmediate pcJANUARYTHROUGH More years of experience with NEED A JOB AND A.GREAT PROFESSIONAL WOMAN -center of Princeton for SMOKER Room avail, in 15, 1978. Kitchen, laundry to share new, spacious. APRILI979 houses &pets than I’d like to PLACE TO LIVE? woman. Share kitchen & privileges. Practice piano. cupancy at WindsorCastle, E. Twp. From Princeton recall. References available. Professional couple with 2 comfortable house in beautiful cooperatiVeprinceton, farmhouse$90/monthnear_4_ w/kitchenHILLSBOROprivilege.-Avail.r°°m utilities.1076 eves.$175plus" Call609-924-Off-street parking, $150 per Windsor independent school age Princeton suburb. 609-443-3567. take 571 to Old Trenton Rd. VISITING PROFESSOR AT Phone609-393-2465. utilities. 201-725-2177. month includes utilities. 609framed. Ca11201-359-3339,keep ¯ children seek to barter. Lovely make a right then proceed to PRINCETON UNIVERSITY 452-4276or 4279. trying. BEDROOM private room and bath in the first left beyond a couple NEEDS 3 beautiful contemporary home RESPONSIBLE hundred feet from Old Trenton HOUSE- TWOFEMALES t FURNISHED APARTMENT - looking for LARGE BEDROOMS FOR WANTED on I1 wooded acres in MATE wanted by Dec. OR HOUSE [’PREFERABLY Road._609-448-5995. 3rd to share 3 bedroomhouse HOUSESITTING WALKING WITHIN Hopewell. All practical daily 16 to share house in Hight- in Princeton. $200 includes 2 DOUBLE rooms and 1 single RENTmile "fromfUrnisheduniversity.h°use’ 1 ¯ LOVELY HOUSE - 4 blocks ORSUBLET from University, professional DISTANCE TO UNIVER- For responsible Princetonliwng expenses such as food, stown with 2 others. $142 per utils, Jan. 1. 609-921-0810. room, singles or married washer/dryer, quiet wooded TENANT - own SITY] FOR FOUR MONTHS trained professor, phone, etc. plus a small couples. Rent by day, week or area. $175 & $225/mo. Call person only. Garden, kitchen, FOR WOMAN mo+utilities. Call 609-448beginning Dec. 12th, $200 & BR, plus LR, DR, bath, OF SPRING SEMESTER monetary compensation in 4867. any time or 452-8090 ext. month. 2al-722-0934. Steve. 609-924-3269. EXCELLENT LOCAL share of utilities. 609-921-6079. parking, walk to Univ. Early [JANUARY THROUGH exchange for child sitting and 66 days. WOMAN WANTED TO REFERENCES Decemberoccupancy. $200 -tAPRIL 1979]. CALL609-452housekeeping duties. SHARE house in Somerset 609-924-0723 util. 609-924-1076. 4195. Prerequisites: must be with three women graduate FURNISHED ,~OOM - with FI:/RNISHED.ROOMS-- a/c, responsible, personable, and HOUSEMATE WANTED - to students. $137.50/mo. 201-249H I L L S B O R O U G H -kitchen privileges. NonAvailable immediately, ~I~,oo£1,,,Italqel~.,~..,pvt. bath, love kids and animals, drive share spacious 3 bdrm country 8932. On busline near HAMILTON TWP. - Now $150/mo. plus. Bedroom,share ~..r:TnV~l-Ughtst0~vnWindsor smoker. renting 1 & 2 bedrooms,heat & well, find houseworka breeze. house in Hightstown area. fairgrounds. 609-587-5468. living quarters. 201-369-3303. ~’~.,..~,~ ’~aily/weekly Avail. framed. 609-448-8582. Apts./Houses and if you’re creative and . hotwaterincluded, from$210 rates.FrO~$?0~r week. 609~ up. Greenwood Village, 114 intelligent - outstanding. Call Washington Court, just off LoriorHowieat 60%466-3812. ¯ ~’ ’ FURNISHED ROOM for ......... LOVELY -- centrally located Greenwood Ave.See resident NEW YORK BASED WRITER 1 Princeton cottage is available gentleman, on quiet street, 2 & spouse30’s,responsible, manager, Mrs.Schmidt. ¯ to share with female who is NEED A JOB AND A GREATblocksoff Main St. Manville. ROOM references, seeklongorshort WITH private bath in SECLUDED FARMHOUSECall days, 201-722-0070 or eves. term housl sitting. Will care. ROOMMATE WANTED - 20 acres, own room, $115 rap. career minded. Avail. Dec. 1. PLACETO LIVE. - See our ad quiet residential home. Non- EWING- Concord Ave, 1st ft. PLAINSBOROHunters Glen. Call 609-924-6872 eves. under Houses to share. 201-722-5524. for plants, smallpets,for-.Femalein 20’sto shareapt plus share utilities. smoker, gentleman only. Female modern 1 bdrm. apt. avail. 2 BR apt, $319/mo. Gol~ wardmail,messages, etc.212-.withsame.Largefurnished 2 preferred. Call 609-737-9453. References. 609-883-0916. Dec. 1st. Heat & hot water course, club house, tennis BR in Hightstown available ROOM& SEMI-EFFICIEN982-2386. Callcollect. LARGE INTERESTING PERSON WANTED ’ to included. 609-883-2097 after 5 courts, swimmingpool. Call Dec.tat.$135permonthplus CIES -- at weekly rate. ROOM furnished with or share house and responpro. Neal Kingston, 009-921-9.000 very lowutilities. Call 609-448Princeton Manor Motel, ext. 2923days,799-8265nights. PROFESSIONAL woman sibilities with 4 others. Con- without kitchen privileges. 1 .MonmouthJct. 201-329-4555. FURNISHED MOTEL 3122, ifno.answer 799-2040. Ask ROOM FOR RENT with full’ mile from Princeton desires housesitting ROOMS-- w/individually forKaren. PRINCETON TWP. - new use of apt. $150/mo. Business venient location. 609-921-6173. University, convenient local & US Hwy#1. arrangement for winter controlled heat & T.V. studio apt. attractively furwoman preferred. Rent NYpublic transportation. Call month~. Willing to pay owner, Hightstown-Windsor area negotiable. 609-466-0261after nished. Central air, beautiful MANVILLE-3 rm. and bath 609-737-3000 ext. 2507 week- FURNISHEDROOM-for rent can care for pets and plants. from $60 per week, 609-448area. Ideal for’single person, apt,, heat & hot water inMATE ’"A COMFORTABLE: 9:30 p.m. 201-267-1000ext. 425 APARTMENT days, or 609-924-9174eves and with private .entrance. Call 8637. ete: References supplied. Call SHARE ~ $350/mo. Call609-924-3931. .cluded. 201-526-8075. country housewitha swim-- bet. 9 a.m. &5 p.m. WANTED - male or female, anytime, 609-448-8407. weekends, ,,Jane 609-924-8085. ruing pool, nearPrinceton 609-. quiet professional preferred. ,, 799-1385.. Hunters Glen, Plamsboro. 2 Cante]In|ion :ROOM FOR RENT - in RENT FREE--for part time b/r, 2 bath, all rooms fur- ROOM FOR RENT-- 2 blocks FEMALE ROOMMATE RESPONSIBLE COLLEGE _L private home near RCA baby care & housekeeping: RECYCLE rad. seeks housesitting job in THIRD ROOMMATE wanted WANTED- to sharelovely2 nished except 2nd bedroom: from campus; graduate Deadline laboratories; gentleman only; Mustbe reliable, cheerful. 609Townhouse in Rent $165/mo plus heat and student pret’erred. $150/mo. THIS rinceton area. Short or long toshare spacious 3 b/rapt.10 bedroom parking on premises; please 443-3857. utilities. Call Joe after 6 p.m. Hillsborough. Call after 5:30, 4 p.m. Mon. 609-921-2306. term. Refs. Call eves. 609-924- rain. NEWSPAPER fromPrinceton. Call609- 201-874-3557. ¯ 609-799-8611. phone609-452:2125. 6805. Ask for Andria. 466-3498. Pdnceton.Newleisey 08540¯ Phone:609-924-9012

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Thursday, December 7, 1978


TOASTED MAI~I-IM,~LLOW$ will beplentifulthis winterif your familysettlesintothisbeautiful EastWindsor Ranch withbrick fireplace.Factors that setthishome apartfrommany others: Lovely,spacious kitchen;2 full baths;paneled familyroom w/solarium; screened porchnextto the 32’ inground pool, central air; 2 cargarage. ½acrenicelylandscaped yard....... .......................................... $74,900. OLDALLENTOWN TWO STORY: Mustseeto appreciatelThis home hasbeautiful oakfloorsin thelivinganddining rooms, a modern kitchen withplenty of thecolonial touches like pantry, closets, study, sunporch, and½bathall onthefirst floor.The upstairshasthreebedrooms anda bath.Theentirehouse has justbeen painted andpapered. Move in condition .... $30,000. INCOME PROPERTY: Located in a commercial zoneonRoute33 nearHightstown, this home offersa foyer,living room,two bedrooms, kitchen andbathonthe first floor. Livingroom, kitchen, fourbedrooms andbathonthesecond. Large lot ..... ....................................... ~.. $39,900. RESIDENTIAL LOTS 9 acreswith300’ frontage ...................... $35,000. 3½acresin EastWindsor Township .............. $15,000.

CONTEMPORARY CONDOMINIUM: This East Windsor cobdominium is a twobedroom style in AvonEast.Thelayoutalso hasliving room, diningarea,kitchenwithall appliances, laundry closetwithwasher anddryer,andtwofull baths.It is carpeted andcentrallyair-conditioned. Slidingglassdoorsto fenced yard. . ......................................... $30,000. EASTWINDSOR FARMHOUSE: This lovely farm househas 8 rooms, 1 ½baths,alongwithanunusually goodset of barnsis located ona 6 acreparcel.Additional acreage is available. The home is in beautifulconditionsinceit wasrecentlyrenovated withnewroof, siding,heatingsystem, electrical serviceand redecorated throughout. Thehouse is situatedona highknoll upa short laneandwouldmakeanexcellenthorsefarm.Sub division required............................ $150,000. INDUSTRIAL ZONED LOT:Approx. 2 acresto be sub-divided. Highground w/frontage ontwosides.Located nearentrance of N.J. TurnpikeandRt. 33....................... $38,000. 165ACRE FARM: This offers a nice old farmhouse whichis situated in NorthHanover Township in BurlingtonCounty. Thereare outbuildings anda goodwatersupplyin additionto the verygoodfarmland...... . .......... $2,750.per,,¢re.


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160 StocktonSt. After Hours ~ Sunday Richard Van Hise Ernest Turp Jean Esch



___ _ (l-ram- ~ ~t~ ~s-.-.

Hightstown, N.J.


Call: 448-8042 448-2151 448-1178

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A RARE AND SPECIAL PLACE[ Jns, listed, h, an area of fine estate type properties in South thmterdon. This charming fieldstone colonial dates back to 1830 with jnst under 11 acres,excellentand frontage andrestoredPanar°ntiewithvieWs’all ira-the peccably imaginatively old amenities such as wide plank floors, wide window seats and a beautihd fieldstone fireplace with raised hearth and 6’ wide mouth in the cozy family room, elegant dining room , living room with fireplace and built ins, keeping room or study, private library or 4th bedroom with full bath. Second floor offers 3 bedrooms and bath including a bright, cheerful 25’ master bedroom. Oversized 2 car garage, 20"x40’ one story barn plus a second 19"x20’ building ideal for a cabana for future pool or tennis court. This is indeed "a rare find" for ~ 182,500. Plan your visit now. Call 737-1500.


HOUSE SAT. l SUN. 12-5 Faekh, r l{.ad, m, ar Route 2(I6 Just South ()f I’rincet.n, LawrencoTownship (Princeton addre~sl ~ ,., . : ~ ~ ~,, ’~*:" ~’~’z ’=’"i. i. : . :’ ~ . . I’.;: ’ ~’~....... ’~ " ,’ ": ’ ¯

’~i~’~i~;~:.! ~’:: .~ ............................ : ~ ........... -: =’ Thesen~agt~ifirvs~t vtmt.nq.,rarh.s dry de~i~n*,d f.r the partk’ularfamilyandfeaturelarge graciousent,’rtainm,’ntareas tmd,,r dramat!ccathedralceilings, f()ver galleries, libraries withwetbars. d.wnstairsma~tersuites ~Gthluxuri.usbath t stall sh.~erand~,~ersizedtubl andlots of storage. All on¯ yourownprivateroad. Manv "different exteriorsandinteriors are availableandcustomizing is possible. Pricesstart at $150.009. Additional }"eatttresInch=d,,: **’d GlassThr, mt~h,,ul ¯ Z.nedlh,ating andAirCor,dili,,nint~ *(’.it:.%Vah,r and( ;it:. St,,,~t,r ¯ ( )versiz*’d 2 { :dr GaraB*.~’..’~.t.m.ti,’I)..r ( )p,’n,’r " I’a~edl)ri~.~a) ¯ * (:h.i(’,’.,f Int..ri.rI"h,,.r~ ¯ ["ult.~l,amlscaI~ed * SelfCh.anirltz ( L,,n~ ¯ thm.,.wr|,,rs\Varrant) Please rail f-r a ~isit. \~’,,’ll t(.ll ) -. all al,-ulit andsh.~.~ ,.u theactualh.u.~es .n thesite, J(,I t.~,




4 Charlton Street, Princeton, NewJersey 08540 (609) 921-2776 MercerCounty MultipleListingService Hunterdon County MultipleListingService Somerset County MultipleListing Service PrincetonReal Estate Group HOV~Ot,~’~B~,~TY



Hunt & Augustine Inc. Custom Built Homes Select Locations


"NEARNEWHOPE& HISTORIC CANAL"- Authentic Stone Contemporary Ranchin WashingtonCrossing. 2 stone fireplaces. Floor to ceiling glass. 3 or 4 bedrooms, gallery kitchen with Bar-BQ.Combinationcocktail lounge &family room.Heatedpool. Saunad steamroomon beautiful 2.9 acres. DESIGNEDFOR THE SOPHISTICATE. OFFEREDAT $173,900.

NELC) i,/i.}’l,]~:l



New listings PRINCETONTOWNSHIP, Western Section. 3acre Estate, 15 rooms plus 5½ baths. Swimming Pool and Cabana. 4-car heated garage. Apartment wing. Ideal family homein perfect location. $265,000.

BEDENSBROOK, by The Bedens Brook Club. Four exciting homeswith California flair on rolling woodedlots. All underground utilities. Various stages of construction. Immediate to ten-month occupancy. From $235,000.

QuadI JUST MOVE RIGHT IN-2 br-1½ bath townhouse.Has modern luxury kitchen,formal diningroom,living roomwith stiding glassdoorsleadingto brick patio. Won’tlast long! Pricedat $40.900.


A HIDDEN TREASURE A ½of a mile back from the mainroad on 20 acres in Buckingham Townsi~ip,this immaculate onelevel country home surrounded by woods,offers complete privacy.A large kitchen-familyroomwith fireplacehassupermodern gourmet area.elegantliving roomwithmarble fireplace,denwithfull bath, masterbedroom with fireplace and bath. 2 other bedrooms, andbath¯Lovelybrick patio. More landavailable¯ Evenings call 609-348-5805. S179,000.

~: : . ~.. : ~:~-’~ ’: ~::=q~,~.=:..,_,...~ "¯ 7’~""’!:~’~, . - . ............. , :’i* - .. -i! ~.,~ ~’~" "~:t ~ ::,:,. h,~;~,’~L ~~;~ ~~i~,i~-~t~’~:~ ~ ~ <...,:~. ~,t~!Y,~:~’,:! ,’~i~:~!~ ’ -. ~’~ -- ~*, ;~". .... ’,:::: ~ .~;1!~ ~;-;~:~,~ ~%,~ t .,. ~~.i!~~, ,% ’:": .;;::~i~ ~4 ~~~r~"v~~’.’~:~~:i~

QUAO " THEHOME OF YOUR DREA~$ - Act fast. 3 br-2’A bath beauty. With modern con veniencekitchen, panelledB carpeted familyroom,plus lots more.Yourtotal investment is only$46,900. Call ustodayfor yourpersonal tour. ---


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BEECHWOOD THICKET A fine th)pewell Twp. contemp.rar~ estate on just ~mder 8 acres with winding blacktopped drive leading to this outstanding 4,300 sq. ft. brick and cedar contemporary that offers a very impressive double door entry into a roont size foyer and 13 rooms, 2-1A baths so unique and beautiful it was featured in several national homemagazines, illeluding "Woman’s Day" and "American Clean". Exposedbrick walls, custont lighting and skylights plus a large raised deck tlmt overlooks a gorgeous Sylvan pool with professional landscaping. Arcititectural splendor that ntust be seen - photo abt,ve sh(,ws a rear view adn the great c.nten~p.rar.v lines. See it now. S295,000.

.... ’ :’ " PARADISE OF A COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Jnst listed in the rolling hills of beautifull Bucks County. set back on 10+ acres with rambling andrail fence, just a little over2 )’ears .hi, h,wever the builder has blended together native, cedar siding and woodshake roof t(, make this,,ne of Bucks Ctmntv’s finest reproductions of a bygone era. 13 roonts, 4 full luxurious baths plus 2 powder rooms. 5 bedrooms, large elegant dining room, library with wet bar and last bnt not least, is this fantastic 16x28 kitchen with massive sto.e fireplace, pegged oak floors and beamedceiling. A very outstanding ltome and the first time.ffered. " $2()3.000.

---IN PRINCETON- room fo rent walking distance to CHAMBERSBURG- jourcampus. Private entrance, nalist has cozy apartment to furntshed or unfurnished, , ttrYN’NE JA.~IES, JR. share. Reasonable. Write, shared bath, no kitchen, giving references to Box $150/mo,includes heat &utils. 2712 NottinghamWay REALTORS #02210 c/o Princeton Packet. Call 609-924-9194,if no answer Mercerville, N.J. 08619 call 201-369-3916. New Hope, PA 215-794-7494 t ~ ~ ~-~ T,,o , young HELP ..... WEIDEL REAL ESTATE Doylestown, PA 215-348-3514 professional women& two well _nt Princeton.NewJersey08540¯ Phone:609-924-901Z REAtT©R ROUTE31, PENNINGTON.N.J. behaved kids need a place to NICELYFURNISHEDROOM share with several others, - walking distance of RCAon Evenings call 215-862-9671 609-882-3804 609-737-1500 male or female. We both enjoy Rte 1. 609-466-3058 after 5 pm. , LARGESUNNY ROOM cooking, love people and want avail, to responsible youn~ to share meals & expenses man w/references. Kitchen & _ with warm housemates in a NICE QUIET ROOM-- for family type atmosphere. Call rent.Parking,TO afterlaundrY5 p.m.privileges’609-737-3403.Please call non-smokingshared bath&female’some or Judy cooking privileges, $115 per after 6 pm. month, references. 609-924HOUSEORAPARTMENT ABLE & RESPONSIBLE -NEEDED woman wishes to housesit. ROOM-in beautiful house in ROOMAVAILABLE-- Dec. ONE & TWO BEDROOM APTS -- for immediate ocJANUARY THROUGH More years of experience with NEED A JOB AND A GREAT PROFESSIONAL WOMAN-- VEGETARIAN ; NON- 1799. center of Princeton for 15, 1978. Kitchen, laundry SMOKER Room avail, in to share new, spacious. Windsor Castle, E. APRILI979 houses &pets than I’d like to PLACE TO LIVE? woman. Share kitchen & privileges. Practice piano. cupancyat Windsor Twp. From Princeton recall. References available. Professional couple with. 2 comfortablehousein beautiful cooperatiVeprinceton, farmhouse$90/monthnear+ w/kitchenH[LLSBOROprivilege.-Avail.r°°m utilities. $175plus. Ca11609-924-1076 eves. Off-street parking, $150 per take 571 to Old Trenton Rd. independent school age Princetonsuburb.609-443-3567. VISITING PROFESSORAT Phone 609-393-2465. utilities. 201-725-2177. monthincludes utilities. 609- make a right then proceed to immed.Call 201-359-3339,keep ¯ PRINCETON UNIVERSITY children seek to barter. Lovely 452-4276 or 4279. trying. private room and bath in the first left beyond a couple NEEDS 3 -" BEDROOM hundred feet from Old Trenton APARTMENT beautiful contemporary home RESPONSIBLE HOUSE- TWOFEMALES ~ FURNISIIED - looking for LARGE BEDROOMS FOR WANTED Road. 609-448-5995. OR HOUSE [’PREFERABLY on 11 wooded acres in MATE wanted by Dec. RENT- furnished house, 1 ¯ LOVELYHOUSE- 4 blocks 3rd to share 3 bedroomhouse HOUSESITTING ’ WI T H I N WA L K I N G Hopewell. All practical daily 16 to share house in Hight- in Princeton. $200 includes 2DOUBLEroomsand 1single mile from University. OR SUBLET from University,professional DISTANCETO UNIVERliwng expenses such as food, stown with 2 others. $142 per utils. Jan. 1. 609-921-0810. room. singles or married washer/dryer, quiet wooded For responsible Princetononly. Garden, kitchen, FOR WOMANTENANT- own phone, etc. plus a small SITY] FOR FOUR MONTHS trained mo + utilities. Call 609-448couples. Rent by day, week or area. $175 & $225/mo. Call person ~rofessor. beginning Dec. 12th, $200 & BR, plus LR, DR, bath, monetary compensation in OF SPRING SEMESTER 4867. any time or 452-8090 ext. month. 201-722-0934. Steve. 609-924-3269. EXCELLENT LOCAL share of utilities. 609-921-6079.parking, walk to Univ. Early exchangefor child sitting and 66 days. [JANUARY THROUGH WOMAN WANTED TO REFERENCES December occupancy. $200 + housekeeping duties. APRIL1979]. CALL609-452SHARE house in Somerset 609-924-0723 util. 609-924-1076. 4195. Prerequisites: must be with three women graduate FURNISHED ~OOM - with H I L L S B 0 R O U G H -- FURNISHEDROOMS-- a/c, responsible, personable, and HOUSEMATEWANTED- to ~ kitchen privtleges. Nonstudents. $t37.50/mo. 201-249Available immediately, ,y]~,o~.t,l~Rel~.ed, pvt. bath, love kids and animals, drive share spacious 3 bdrm country 8932. On busline near renting HAMILTON TWP. - heat Now $150/mo. plus. Bedroom,share ’~r=TrV~,2-1tghtSt0wn Windsor smoker. 1 &2 bedrooms, & well,and if findyou,re housework creative abreeze, and house in Hightstown area. fairgrounds. 609-587-5460. living quarters. 201-369-3303. ~$~’~I~>c~. ’.~!aily/w.eekly __, Avail. immed.609-448-8582. Ants./Houses hot water included, from $210 "’r---’" week. 609, up. Greenwood Village, 114 intelligent - outstanding. Call ~" Washington Court, just off Lori or Sowieat 609-466-3812. LOVELY " .FURNISHED ROOM for -- centrally located -& GreenwoodAve. See resident NEW YORK BASED WRITER Apts. For Relll gentleman, on quiet street, 2 ........ Princeton cottage is available ¯. manager, Mrs. Schmidt. & spouse 30’s, responsible, blocks off Main St. Manville. to share with female who is NEED A JOB AND A GREAT references, seek long or short ROOM WITH- private bath in SECLUDED FARMHOUSE-Call days, 201-722-0070 or eves. career minded. Avail. Dec. 1. PLACETO LIVE?- See our ad term housesitting. Will care. ROOMMATE WANTEDquiet residential home. Non- EWING Hunters Glen. acres, own room, $115 too. Call 609-924-6872eves. 201-722-5524. - Concord Ave, Ist ft. PLAINSBOROunder Houses to share. for plants, small pets, for-. Female in 20’s to share apt 20 smoker, gentleman only. plus share utilities. Female 2 BR apt, $319/mo. Gol~ modern 1 bdrm.apt. avail. ward mail, messages, etc. 212-. with same. Large furnished 2 preferred. Call 609-737-9453. References. 609483-0916. Dec. 1st. Heat & hot water course, club house, tennis BR in Hightstown available ROOM& SEMI-EFFICIEN982-2386.Call collect. LARGE INTERESTING PERSON WANTED " to included. 609-883-2097 after 5 courts, swimmingpool. Call Dec. 1st. $135 per monthplus CIES -at weekly rate. ROOM- furnished with or Princeton share house and responpm. Neal Kingston, 809-921-9000 very low utilities. Call 609-448Manor Motel, ext. 2923days, 799-8265nights. sibilities with 4 others. Con- without kitchen privileges. 1 Monmouth Jct. F U R N I S H E D M0 T E L PROFESSIONAL woman 3122, if no answer 799-2040. Ask ROOM 201-329-4555. FOR RENT with full’ Princeton from ROOMS-- w/individually desires housesitting forKaren. venient location. 609-921-6173. mile PRINCETON TWP. - new use of apt. $150/mo. Business ’ US Hwy #1. University, convenient local & arrangement for winter ¯ controlled heat & T.V. studio apt. attractively furwoman preferred. Rent NYpublic transportation. Call area nished. Central air, beautiful MANVILLE--3 rm. and bath Hightstown-Windsor months. Willing to pay owner, negotiable. 609-466-0261 after FURNISHED ROOMfor rent "’ 9:30 p.m. 201-287-1000 ext. 425 APARTMEI~T MATE 609-737-3000 ext. 2507 weekfrom $60 per week. 609-448- area. Ideal for’ single person, apt., heat & hot water incan care for pets and plants, " SHARE ’"A COMFORTABLE. with private .entrance. Call days, or 609-924-9174 eves and etc: References supplied. Call 8637. eluded. 201-526-8075. $350/mo.Call 609-924-3931. country h0use with a swim-.! bet.9 a.m& 5 p.m. WANTED - male or female, weekends, anytime, 609-448-8407. ,~ Jane 609-924-8085. ruing pool, near Princeton 609-: Ruietprofessional preferred. ’ HuntersGlen,Plamsboro. 2 79~-1365. " RENTFREE-- for part time Cancellation ’ROOM FOR RENT FEMALE ROOMMATE b/r, 2 bath, all rooms fur- ROOMFOR RENT-- 2 blocks RESPONSIBLE COLLEGE -private home near RC~ baby care & housekeeping." RECYCLE WANTED- to sharelovely2 nishedexcept2nd bedroom. from campus,, graduate rad. seeks housesitting job in THIRD ROOMMATEwanted Deadline laboratories; gentleman only; Mustbe reliable, cheerful. 609rinceton area. Short or long to share spacious 3 b/r apt. 10 bedroom Townhouse ]n Rent $165/mo plus heat and student preferred. $150/mo. THIS parking on premises; please 443-3857. 4 p.m. Mon. Callafter5:30, utilities. CallJoeafter6 p.m. 609-921-2306. term. Refs. Call eves. 689-924- rain. from Princeton. Call 609- Hillsborough. NEWSPAPER , 609-799-861 I. phone609-452:2125. 201-874-3557. 6805. Ask for Andria. 466-3498. OFFICE RENTALS, Pennington Professional Center. Quiet, distinctive, campus-Wpe setting. Ample parking. Center of Pennington.

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Thursday, December 7, 1978


LAKE CONDO: Excellentfirst floor, 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathlake view condowith gracious foyer, piano sized combination living/dining room,modern eat-in kitchen,utility andstorage room,patio, all appliances andofferingimmediate occupancy. $32,900. ¯ LANDsPECIALISTS.

, DIAL448-0600

.231 ROGERSAVE., HIGHTSTOW~ A STONEFIREPLACE Gracesthe living roomof this lovely 7 roomsplit in the country; lots of matureplantings on a lot just under I acre. 3 bedrooms, 1½ baths, formal dining room, panelled family room, ’equipped kitchen, dry basement,I car garage. Manyether fine features. Immaculate condition ....... $60,990. LOVELY TOWNHOUSE or 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths. Nicely finished basement with family room, den or 4th bedroom, and utility room. Wall to wall carpet throughout, central air. Nicely landscapedgrounds and patio. Fxcellent condition in QUAD III ....... $44,900. C()NDOMINIUM All on first floor - I bedroom,living room, dinin£ area, fully equipped kitchen, carpet throughout, central air, patio ........... Reduced to $25,000. Another I bedroomcondo - this one with formal dining room- $27,500.Endunit. FOR RENT 2,500 SquareFoot Office Building - Near to Exit 8 and 8A. This is a brandnewoffice bu;Iding.

TOP VALUE: First class4 yearold townhouse in quiet locationand brimming with value.Foyer,bright modern kitchen,diningroom, living room withslider, 2 largebedrooms, 1 ½baths,full basement, carpeting,centralair, appliances andexcellentmortgage assumption possible. $38,500.

SUNDAY TwinRivers - 1-5 P.M. "Beginning at 696TwinRiversDriveNor. Ih. QuadIV."Fo|low Ilgn,Townhoule=. single family I~omes, condominiums, =farting at S24,900. Mostmode|l end flrmnclngavailableto qualified buyers. Othertoursavailable uponrequest. mlmmmnmmm

END UNIT:Excellent endunit Ouad III Townhouse. 22’ living room, formaldining,largecombination kitchen/family room,3 bedrooms, 2½baths,’full basement, all appliances, centralair, carpeting throughout. $43,900. QUALITY SINGLE: Lovely,mature 83x 100lot frames this excellent 6 yearold home. Gracious foyer, 23’ living room,eat-in kitchen, formaldining, panelledfamilyroom,3 largebedrooms, 2½baths, full basement with finished rec room,garage,carpe6ng, lovely patio andgasgrill, upgraded appliances, fencedyardandmany otherqualityextra;s. $63,900. CALLFORYOUR " HOMESFORLIVING" MAGAZINE LOCALANDNATIONAL I-IOlv£ ]E~S "’,- =-’VtN.; LISTINGS

MODERN 7-ROOMHOUSE- Rural location ...... $500.00 per month. Offices- downtown location. Call for particulars. EAST WINDSORTOWNSHIP- LAND 10 acre rectangular property with 5 room house. 5 acres clear 5 acres wooded. Zoned inJdustrial/Office ................... $170,000.

LARGE 2 STORY: Ample room for all in this gracious older2 story home ona mature 50x 150site in Hightstown. Featuring a panelled living room,formaldining,eat-in kitchen,den,4 bedrooms, bath, basement, fencedin yardandmore. $42,900. CLEARBROOK CLASS: Lovelyoneyear old home on quiet corner lot in ClearbrookAdult Community. Largeliving roomwith fireplace, dining, lovelymodern kitchen,warm enclosed patio, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths,2 cargarage, carpeting, centralair, andvirtually maintenance free. $62,500. 60YEARS OFCHARM: Awaitthe purchaser of this quality 2 story home situatedon ’~ acreplus in the quaint,quiet townof Windsor.Featuring foyer,22’ living room,formaldining,brighteat-in kitchen,family room,4 bedroom, 2 full baths, full basement, mature treesandlandscaping, 2 car barn,attic andmore. $64,500. CHARMING COLONIAL: Lovely10yearold colonial onquiet site in EastWindsor. Gracious foyer, living roomwith baywindow, formaldining, handsome eat-in kitchen, den, 4 bedrooms, bath, basement, fencedin yardandmore. $66,900. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY: Largeandlovely split level homein "desirableHickoryAcresis EastWindsor. Gracious foyer, sunken living room,19’ formaldining, extra largeeat-in kitchen,26’ panelledfamily room,4 bedrooms, 2½baths, basement, 2 car garage, carpeting, centralair andmore¯ $75.500. FANTASTIC CUSTOM RANCH: Situated on a beautiful wooded 100x 315site in Lawrenceville andfeaturinggracious foyer, huge living room andformaldining,eat-in kitchenwithall conveniences, familyroom withfull wall brickfireplace,5 extralargebedrooms, 3½baths, full basement with rec room,bar andkitchen, patio deck,centralair, 3 zoneheat,qualitycarpeting,aluminun siding andanabundance of quality extrastoo numerous to mention.Call

200 YEAROLDBARNBEAMSI!IPLAINSBORO Beautiful 200year old barnbeams decoratethe lovely modern kitchen of this 10year old home. Situatedona well landscaped acrelot in the West Windsor-Plainsboro Twp.SchoolDistrict andconvenientto Princeton Jct., this lovelyaluminum sided ranchoffersslate entrance foyer, largeliving room withbrick fireplace,formaldining,panelled family roomwith beamed ceiling andFranklin stoeve,3 sunnybedrooms,1 ½baths,full basement and2 car garage. Qualityextrasincludewallto wallcarpeting, baseboard heat, patio, 16x32in-groundpool and muchmore¯ Justreduced to $84,500.




CONVENTIONAL MORTGAGES AVAILABLE ASLOW AS5%DOWN TOQUALIFIED BUYEI;S H’)ward Birdsall,609-,148-1934 * Renee Kessler, 609-448-53 ,!

Houses For Rent Houses For Rent WEST WINDSOR -- Attractive four bedroomcolonial with large sunken living room, , formal dining room,2’/h baths newly decorated in a friendly neighborhood convenient to trains, schools and shopping. R’eferences required. $575/Month. THE CHASE AGENCY 609-737-1330.

FOUR BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE -- Twin Rivers, 5 minutes to Tpke, 1 hour to NYC.All appliances, finished basement. Short term rental, no pets. Avail. Dec. 15,’ $465/mo.201-359-6171.

HousesFor Rent Houses For Rent NEWHOPE-- Available Dec. 15. Lg. 3 bdrm. Townhouse.2~ baths, all appliances, plush carpets & drapes incld. $600/mo.includes use of pools, clubhouse, tennis, saunas, etc. Call 215-862-5923before 10am or after 7pm.

Resort Properties

TWIN RIVERS - 3 BR townhouse. Occupancy Jan. 1. $435. per mo+utilities, Trust POCONOS SKI IN THE pint. & Security 609-448-3867. WINTER - 3 BR, fully equipped kitchen, lovely stone fireplace, comfortable furheated, color TV, LET IT SNOW- Let it snow! nishings, all comforts Youdon’ t mind - because snow washer/dryer, beauty of natural removal & all maintenance is plus surroundings. 301-983-1082. included, fully carnot,~a fireplace in family room, 3 BRs, 2Vz tiled baths: in’a rtlral setting, 5 minutes from center POCONOS of Princeton. $600. Availability CHALET flexible. Can be immediate. 609-924-5345 or 215-785-5561. Cozy 2 bedroomhomewith loft features living-kitchen area with Franklin stove, lake HOUSEFOR RENT- $190/mo. rights at Lake Wallenpaupack, 4 rooms & bath, nice size back Pa’s largest lake. $29,000. For yard. center of Princeton. imformation call Avail Jan. 1. 609-924-8194any eve. after 5 pro. (If no answer COMMONWEALTHREALTY try 924-5265). 717-226-2424

Investments TRENTON,N.J. Good Family Group Investment EXCELLENT INCOME PROPERTY (fine residential area)

Business Properties

MANVILLE 6 room, 2 st0b/ colonial, full basement,oil hot ¯ water heat, l’~,baths; 1 car detachedgarage....

$39,900. OFFICESPACE- 2 new I000’ sq. ft. adjoining offices, each BRIDGEWATER RANCH with lay. and independent heat Only;-8years old;2bedrobms, aluminum siding; and central air. Close-in hwy. .... BUCKS COUNTY -- easy 206 location with ample basement, gas hotwater heat, wall-to-wall carcommute to Princeton, 1-95. Two3 story buildings on plot arking. Still time to arrange I peting, low taxes .......... ¯ .......... $52,900. New, immaculate 3 BR 175x125, 14 apartments w/9 r partitions, ceiling ¯ Townhouse,2V2baths, garage. units in bldg. &5in other; Plus preference, wall and floor~l Professional two 1 story detached garage treatment. $400/mo net. HILLSBOROUGH I,OVELY NEW CON- Avail. immed. 200 YR. OLD preferred. $465/mo. CHARMING bldgs; Property in good Neighboring offices leased to Six room ranch, full basement, aluminumsiding, I)OMINIUM- 3 miles Nassau family HOUSE -2 fpl’s., 2-3 BRs, 609-921-3576, eves. condition. Mostly air conprofessional tenants. Phone I lall, deck overlooking woods gas/hotwaterheat, 179ft. x 214ft. lot. carpeted, draperies, all ditioned. Year leases. High Tuschak Realty, 609-921-1720 & stream. Imported ceramic modern conveniences intype tenants. Beautifully for details. ............................... $57,000. tiles in foyer, kitchen. 3. HOPEWELL TWP. -- 2 bdrm. cluding AC & dshwshr. Call landscaped. Good shopping & hedrooms. 2,., tiled baths, log cabin. 3 woodedacres and 201-297-0098. buses. Rentroll $26,000. Profit fireplace. Full 7 carpeted. All stream, 20 min. from Prin$17,000. Buy direct - owner COMMERCIAL BUILDING tf What You’re LookingFor Is Not maintenance included. $625. ceton. $495/ utils, plus retiring. Price $145,000.Reply FORLEASE- 1500 sq. ft. on (;all 609-924-5345 or write Box: 1 monthssee. deposit. Call 609- HOUSE FOR RENT - PrinListed, Give Us A Call...We HoveMore! to Box //02208 e/o Princeton heavily traveled Rt. 31; #02147 c/o Princeton Packet. 921-2459. ceton Twp. Jan. occupancy, 5 Packet. Parking area; suitable for BUYING OR SELLING...CALL: rooms & bath, off-street store, Doctors office, parking, $415+ utils. Call 609professional building. Write JOSEPHBIELANSKi AGENCY 737-9377or 609-924-0633. FARMHOUSE- 4 BR, 2 acres HAMILTONSQUARE-- 3--4 Box //02180, c/o Princetbn of land, East Windsor Twp. bedroomssplit level. 6 mo. old 212 SouthMainSt., Manville, N.J. Packet. $450/m0.609-448-1421. near Mercer County Com- JAN. 15th OCCUPANCY - 1 201-725-1995 munity College. Will consider block off Nassau St., walking Eves.~ 201-S34.2787; 526-7217 or 359-3245 distance to Univ., shopping, RF.ALTON’ MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE SPECTACULAR NEW singles. Dec. 1. $525/mo. 609FOR RENT 2 room offic~ POCONOS-house for rent. 799-2235. schools & busses. 3 BRhouse, SOLARHOME- 4 bedrooms, suile. Newlycarpeted and air Ideal home in Poconos for skir 2~,:~ baths, complete kitchen, new kitchen, LR/DR, condilioned. All utilities ingandwinter fun. 2 story, fully WANTEDTO RENT- 2400"-" wall/wall carpeting. Rent family room, study, in/in3000 sq.ft, light industrial furnished on 2nd floor at 40 furnished and loaded house. 3 incls, refrig, washer/dryer. tercom, security & fire MAN’qILLE -- Western space for workshop. Wilherspoon St., Princeton. MANVILLE bedrooms, 1-~ baths, 2 systems, central vac, etc. On section -- 6 rm. house, dish- Nopets. $475/mo.609-921-8431, .Reasonablerent. 201-246-8197. Also a one roomoffice at same fireplaces, all conveniences. after 5 p.m. Bring your plans. Have 3 building lots available. ’beautiful site in Princeton location. 609-924-4875 or 924washer, basement, laundry, SHAWNEE VILLAGE - in Enjoy the winter at Hemlock "$1150/mo. Plus utilities, Will custombuild your home.Call for details. 3794 evenings. $350 plus utilities, short walk Farms, Lord’s Valley, Pa. security & references req’d. to school and shopping. Avail. EXECUTIVE STYLE - 4 BR Poconos. Time share units, $395/moplus utilities,, also & Summer weeks Available October. Call 201- last wk. Dee.201-722-8249eves. home, furnished. Avail. 8 mos. Winter MANVILLE- OPPORTUNITY KNOCKSBUT ONCE! season rate. Days call 609-737- COMMERCIAL STORE available. 609-443-4288. 359-3610. or 1 yr. lease, w/semiFOR RENT -- Industrial 3000, ext. 2478. After 6 pm & OFFICE Space - Available Here’s your chance to get into your very own Nov. 1, 1978. Recently detached grandmother apt. Property. 3000 sq.ft. Large weekends.215-862-2162. renovated. Prime location. BUSINESS. We have an established Families preferred. No indoor overhead garage doors, 3 SMALL2 BDRMHOUSE-- on SMALL FARM COTTAGE -3 BEDROOM APT., SURF Mercer St., (Rt 33), Hight- miles from Exit 8, N.J. Turnpets. Rent negotiable. Call 201GREENHOUSE AND FLORIST business in the offarm in East Windsor. Large for rent, furnished. Bdrm, garden &yard. $285 plus utils. CITY- Furnished; T.V. Easy stown. 1400sq. ft. Alsoparking pike, off U.S. 130, 212-529-5500. 359-1691 evenmgs. fering. If you have a flair for growing and study, living room & eat-in access t~ bay, beach & dining. POCONOS -3 Homesites, ~h area. Call 609-448-7070 during kit., porch & garage. 3 miles, Write to Box #02199 c/o designing, call us. This opportunity won’t last. June & July. 609-547-3368. acre Locust Lakes, Arrowhead business hours. Princeton. $425/mo. Call 609- Princeton Packet. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR Details and inspection upon request. Lake. All year-round sportsAVAILABLE DECEMBER 924-1471. RENT- Jan thru Aug. 1979. lakes, pools, tennis, ski, fish. 1500 sq. ft. Perfect for small Washer, dryer, dishwasher, SERVICESTATION Buy now to build or invest. O ffice & sh~pping or light HUNTERDON COUNTY -RETAILSTORE- with cent. industry piano, firei)lace, air con- OCEAN FRONT -- Long Must sell quickly. $5,300 each Eight year old colonial brick and stucco 3 bay application. Rear month to month with 60 day Beach Island, beautiful new 3 pl~s 3 rmapt. on 2nd floor. loading dock, Princeton Jct. 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE notice. Extra large modern 3 ditioning, wooded yard, 2 in Locust Lake for $9,700. air station with 6 pumps, office and storage rooms l:/z . baths_ -Paved" parking lot. Excellent -- in Princeton. 1 block from bedroom ranch in superior $325/mo. plus util. Possible bedroom, adjacent to train station. and 2 rest rooms. Property 167 ft. by 212 ft. spect,dcular view~ w/w Call 609-448-8872. traffic location, next to Turn- Additional adjacent space Medical Ctr. $435 j)lus utils. 5 miles out of use of car. Call 609-882-4033. netina, washerldrver.’ dish-_ table Junction in Flemington. available. 609-924-8414after 6 Days 609-452-5414. ~ves: 609- condition Located in high volumn area. Contact broker for Flemington, 20 min. from washer. Sept. & Winter renLive and work in y6fir own p.m. 921-0316. further details. Princeton and 35 min. from FULLY RENOVATED- 2 tals. 201-445-5856or 609-494- STUART, FLORIDA building. Phone Tuschak condominium (Kingswood). Philadelphia. $600/mo. Call .............................. $250,000. 6410. ~& Realty, 609-.921-1720 for details. house. 1 baths, new ,MONROE TWP. - Half of 201-464-5165 ~taily from 9-12 bedroom rooms, furnished, 2 bdrms 2 STORE FOR RENT- 247 So. kitchen. On ~/2 acre. Extra ;home with fully equipped noon or after 6pro. baths, pool, a/c. Dee-March,3 large room suitable for den, Main St., Manville. Avail. kitchen, living room, fireplace hours from Disneyland, 5 mins studio or workshop. $450/mo. POCONOS" wooded building OFFICESPACE- 780 sq. ft. - immediately. 201-722-0650. & wet bar, 1 bedroom, ento ocean,great fishing. 201-359Realtor and Insurance lot. Year round resort Princeton - Hightstown Rd. closed porch, garage and EAST WINDSOR, HICKORY plus utils. 609-443-0363. 4462for details. location. I~ acres, $7800.Call Ample parking. Write Box OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT laundry facilities. Adul’~, no ACRES AREA- two story central Nassau St. Small or 609-799-3046. #01813 e/o Princeton Packet. -pets. 609-655-2703. colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2:/z large, avail, now, low rent. Eveninghourson Tues., Thurs. & Fri. POCONOHOUSE- Arrowhead baths; includes washer, dryer COUNTRYHOUSE- 20 min. Telephone secretarial services LateEvenings : 201-722-5524 Lake. 2 BR, fully equipped and refrigerator. Excellentfrom Princeton. Quiet and available. 609-924-2040. kitchen, fireplace. 609-883-3551 TWIN RIVERS-3 BR twnhse, condition secluded. 3 bedrooms, deck, POCONOS- Big Bass Lake, - excellent location. OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE lakeview,21/2 baths, ww/cpt, Leasetermthrough Aug.1979 attic, garage, fireplace in fplce, indoor pool, ski, tennis, after 5. - immediatelyin downtown C/a,allappl. humdfr. 201-887living room.$450plus utilities. ... $625./m0. wknd/wkly/seasonal rates. Princeton. Firstfloor.In- BUSINESS PROPERTY - in 3097or 843-4241. 609-397-8148. 609-448-0751. cludes utilities, flexible lease.Princeton Twp. (zoned S-2) WEIDEL REAL ESTATE SARASOTAFLORIDA -- on Terms. 609-921-3092. with a 2-story building plus a 1: .’ INC. exclusive Lido Beach. story building. Parking for 50 TOWNHOUSE -- For Rent 242 ~)z NassauStreet Exquisitely furnished, 2 bdrm, KENDALL PAR~X DUPLEX cars. Principals only. 609-924VENICE, FLORIDA 2 bdrm, No. 19 Olden Street, Princeton -- owner-occupied. 6 rooms, Princeton, NewJersey 08540 Borough. Available 2 bath, & den, 10th floor con4070. 2 bath garden condo on the im609-921.2700 for sale by owner. 2 OFFICESPA(JI~ - Rent $700bath. $400 per mo. incl. Gulf with pool, fully equipped. dominium mediately. $405 now; $525 upon utilities. Security. Quiet prof. Fishing, tennis, golf, etc. near. big terraces with breathtaking 1{}00sq. ft. by Princeton Jet. -- office HILLSBOROUGH -- luxury 3 expansion. 609-924-0746. family preferred. 201-297-0597. OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE PIZZA & SUB SHOP A-I Available Dec 31-Jan 15, $500. view. A great investment at station. Newly decurated. 1 PROFE~SSIONAL $110,000. Write Dr. L. Paler- year lease. Call 609-799-2105. space available. One room15 x bdrm., 2:/2 battiTownhouse.All Approx 400 sqft, prime operation for family business. 609-466-2426. 17’ preferred location. Call locahon, Rt. 33 Hightstown, write miti, 514 Jackson St. Gardner, appliances, swimming pool, Box //02195 c/o Princeton PRINCETON - 3 BR unMan thru Fri, 9am-5pm 201- C/a &off-st., parking. 609-443- Packet. Ill. 60424or phone815-237-8825. tennis courts, no pets. $500per furnished house for rent. Fine 526-0156. 1600. HIGHTST.OWN- renovated. month. Call 201-874-8040 residential area, serene set- POCONO ROUND HOUSE -- 3 PANELLED OFFICE houseforfamilyof3; trees, between 1-5pm, or 2324760. ting. Only minutes from bdrms.,fireplace, TV, rent SUITES -450-1800 sq. ft. yard,quiet.$325+ utils. downtown, close to schools, weekly or weekends. Callafter CROSS COUNTRY -- and offices. Ewing Twp. Modern OFFICE’SPACE SUBLET -FOR "RENT -- ofOFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Inquireat 151 WycoffAve., shopping & transportation. downhillAdirondack skiing. air conditionedoffice building. Unusually fine offices, 5 pm. 609-586-4442. - Downtown Princeton, 1200sq. fice/commercial 2nd fir.Hightstown. Dishwshr, washing roach., Comfortable , home, fulTy Callafter 5 pro, TOWNHOUSE -- For Rent .All custodial services. Ample beautifully furnished in ex- corner bldg. Rt. 130 at E. ft.,2ndfloor. dryer, air conditioners inequipped at North River. 609-924-0258. No.21OldenStreet, Princeton parking. Ideal location for cellent East Windsorlocation. Windsor.609-799-9484. cluded. $575 per month plus Weekly and weekend rates. Borough. Available from professional practices. Modest 5 room suite, 1200 sq. ft. after 5 VIRGIN ISLAND VACATION Calleves. 609-799-0034. ,"ALLENTOWN, N.J. -- 3 or 4 December20th untilAugust utils. Call 609-924-0445 Executive office has roof rentals 609-771-0033. at Limestone Reef Terraces. p..m. ~,,BR’s, 2 Ige.liv. rms.,I 31st,1979.$550excluding all arden overlooking a working From $15/person double ocw/fireplace, modernized day utilities. 609-924-0746. rm. 11 months left on lease cupancy. Efficienty NEW OFFICE BLDG. room,Ige.diningrm & kitbut landlord will extend. VACATION HOUSE in Big w/excellent service. ~’P:r 1500 sq.ft, gross area suite for =l I] N,.~kEI {IJh~k,~reservations: Virgin Islands Lake of Poconos, Indoor chen,modernized 1~/~baths. ’Sharing also a possibility. ¯ rent. Separate electirc, HV.AC~ Paluszek &Leslie Associates; Parking, storage, most PRINCETON JUNCTION swimming, skiing & etc. Vacation, R.D. //4, Princeton, Check GARAGE sALE tel. trunks, parking. 15 Mare utilities paid.$425/mo. Call halfa house! 2 BR. Call after 5 Warren Plaza West, Rt. 130, Weekendrates. Call 609-799- St.,Kingston. 609-452-8866Phone 609443-1072. 609-921-2417 or2435. ,n our 7-wayClassified N.J. 08540,201-329-6309. pm. 6094484280. 9140or 883-4315eves, days. 921-7085 eves.


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Too Late To Classify

December 7, 1978

Too Late To Classify ,P ,

EXCEPTIONAL -- Montime, SOUTH HUNTERDON tIISTORIC MILL-HILL PROFESSIONAL MOBILE -- BEDROOMSET -- 5 pc Med. MECHANIC- full tgomery Twp.choice location. Disco Equipment; (2) Samui with matching lamns & experienced, must have own COUNTY, DELAWARE Colonial with 4 oversized TOWNSHIP -- Only a minute TOWN HOUSE w/Stanton mirrors, $600.609-448-3807 aftertools, Refs. Benefits. 201-359bedrooms, 2’/~ baths family 323 turntables 5617. (1) Nu-mark 5pro. from the famed Covered room & living room have cartridges; Bridge in the Upper Creek 148 JACKSONST., TRENTON fireplaces, extra room for mixer, (1) Sansui 9100 amp., Road estate area, a lovingly COMPLETELY study or office. 1 acre with (2) Altec Lansing 16" woofers, ROOM IN CLEAN MODERN restored old colonial bank HOUSEKEEPER/ ERRAND RENOVATED Spring$149,000. occupancy. Other (2) Aluminum cast horns i view. big extras! house. Modernkitchen-dining w/cross-over unit; Mie, PERSON -- needed for3.4hrs. APT-- on NasSauSt. Partly $29,900.00 furnished. Willrentforany Must have room combination, brickwiring, mirrored ball, pin spot a day, weekdays. C.E. BUGDAL,BROKER period. Toview,call609-921light for $1200. Serious floored, with walk-in fireplace, own transportation. Will help 609-394-5039 LAWRENCE TWP. -- 2 inquiries call 609-921-3191 serving lunches, light 7500ext.660.(RodDuncan). At Washington Crossing, spacious living room, 2 bedroom ranch. Large living STORAGE sPACE FOR} superb BROOKTREE-EXPANDED condition, 2 bedrooms, bedrooms and bath. Utility cleaning,local errands. RENT -- HIGHTSTOWN room with fireplace, dining days, 392-3715 evenings. woodburning stove in living CAPE. 3 BR, LR, DR, DEN, Knowledge of plant care "XMAS TREE" -- by Spode room with separate entrance. } AREA--609-448-0325. room, kitchen, no basement. Kitchen w/large eating area, 2 Detached 1-car garage :t- CIRCA1885 - Cosy Victorian room, charming & cozy. helpful,not crucial. garage. Subject to final forsale:8 ea.I0",7%,6W’, carport. Property extends farmhouse in a country set- subdivision. $68,500. References. Ifinterested call plates $44,000 full baths¯ Hardwoodfloors & cups& saucers, plusa throughout -- Designer COUNTRY HOME for rent-3 back to the Wiekecheoke ting, one mile from village of Ms.Roberts, 609-924-6500, ext. 9W’ bowl & a 3" mug, $275 HoPEWELL-- 2-car garage’ Solarian in Kitchen. Large Creek. An exquisite, secluded Hopewell. 3 hedrooms, sunny bedroom, oil heat. $300 + 227. JACOBS CREEK ’’ Also,lovely71/2 cutglass WINFRED BRICKLEY storage space $60. (% $30). utilities. Call 609-448-0256 deck w/ a view of almost 3/4 hideaway! $69,500. WM.B. living room with bay window, Licensed Real Estate Broker between 6 & 7 pro. bowl,Circa 1905, $40.609-924~ 609-466-2363. acre w/several fruit bearing MAYCO., INC., Sergeantbuilt-in bookcases and ¯ Really a house fora naturalist, 609-924-7474 FOR JAN I -- wantedneat, 1767. with the 5 acres along the trees. Newlypaved drive. Well sville, N.J. 03557. Real Estate, Heatilator fireplace. Inviting quietfemaleto sharesmall cared.for by owner. $70,100. 609-397-1907. separate dining room. Mellow stream: greenhouse, terrace, 1970~uto., housein Ringoes.$100/mo. UNIT MANAGER -- live-in, at Call for appointment. 609-448pine floors throughout. Large balcony. Aesthetics galore, air, PS, good runmng eond. plus utils. 201-782-5035. homeforaged,responsible for eat-in kitchen. Brick floored 3- ELMRIDGE ROAD- If prime intimate, picturesque scenery 7714. ¯ location is your desire, con- Best offer. Call 609-771-0176. genral oversight ofthefacility &a lot of houseas well. $95,500 STOCKTON -- Elegant Vic- season porch. Recent plum- sider the prestigious Elm & basic department torian home. Living rm. with bing, wiring, furnace and Ridge Park area so near to Large sundeck. scheduling. Supervisory or RIVEI{VIEW ESTATE NEW MODERN -Compact, 4 ’TWIN RIVERS -- Quad IV beautiful old brick fireplace, septic. SOFA FOR DEN -good Princeton. This delightful 1 experience location. 3 bdrm. Townhouse. Formal dining rm. with large Detached oversized garage. room apt. in Princeton, managemal desired. Apply at OddFellows 5 acres of park overlooking the Mint cond., finished fin. bsmt., bay windows. Panelled family Shaded by wonderful old trees, story homesituated on almost condition. $25. 609-259-7976. $350/mo. + utils. 609-924-0029 WANTED -WOODED’ Delaware. An impressive Home, 1001 Pennington Rd., Professionally landscaped for 2 acres of beautifully landrm. Large modern eat-in no-wax floors, many extras. evemngs. BLDG.LOT -- in West Wind~ stone ranch, expensively scaped property has just 2 Trenton, 609-294-5443. low maintenance with 609-448-7716. kitehen~3]arge airy bdrms., 2 sor. Able to perc. Call after appointedand a joy to live in. LARGE PLEASANT-- room evergreens, flowering trees spacious bedrooms, but it’s full baths, laundry rm., mud 5pm, 609-585-1451. floor plan includes 2 for rent, near graduate $275,000 KENDALL PARK RANCH -rm., large floored walkup and shrubs, plus a grape ar- unusual HONDA XL125-exe. cond. low ’75 NOVA -- 2 dr, low, low and dramatic college. References required. mileage. bor. $83,050. Principals only. fireplaces excellent condition attic, full cellar, wrap around 609-468-0520between mileage, 4 bedrooms,l’/z baths, eat-in porch. Garage-barn currently 609-466-2693 country kitchen, an in-ground 609-921-6866. after 6 pro. $2500. 201-359-1676. 4pro-Spin, ask for Dan. kitchen, 1 car garage, porch. pool, and could be expanded. used asantiqueshop. Home& Full basement and 2 car REALTOR 609-883-1900 carpeting, oversized fenced property in excellent conlot, $55,900.201-297-0972. areadditionalbonuses. SITTER NEEDED-- at my CADILLAC CHRISTMASTREES -- fresh 1969-- 4-dr.sedan, dition. A true delight at only TWINRIVERS- Quad IV-by garage $115,000. ELLIOTT REALTY cut, or live, wreaths, firewood home Thursday afternoons & exc. runningcond.Radial owner, 3 bdrm townhouse, $69,900.Call 609-397-3398. ideally located, lots of extras. CO., Realtor, 600-771-9133, by the stack or truck load. 609- all day Fri. Must have tran- tires, 1 owner. $1150. Ca]]609TWIN RIVERS -- Quad IV, 2 TV¢O ACRE LOTS -- im- FOR SALE BY OWNER -after hours call 215-297-5319. 466-2359. sportation. 609-921-6396. 609-448-0598. 924-7797. three bedroom end unit, exc. mediate vicinity of Spruce run House on 1 acre, country loc. upgraded carpets, newly ~ RANCH lake with view Perc tests and setting. 2 story Colonial, 4 painted, manyextras. 609-440- CONTEMPORARY slate entry, lg. den, mod,eatsoil log. Call (609)883-6576. bedrooms,2 tile baths, Quaker 6581. 2 adsseparate! !l YOUNG LADY -- seeks in kit, formal dnrm, 20 x 26 EAST WINDSOR TWINRIVERS- 3 BR’s, 2’& COPY WRITER -- small Maid eat-in kitchen, 2-car SEAMSTRESS/ DRESSposition as a live-in lvrm w/redwood cathedral mailorder co. needs ocbaths, C/A, upgrd cpt., new no detached garage, utility desiresto work MAKER WANTED -- work at housekeeper ceiling, 4BR,2baths, C/a, cpt. JUSTLISTED-- Exceptional waxtiled foyer, gas grill, attic casional ads written. Free building. Near 1-95 and 7A, TWIN RIVERS witha nicefamily. Call609 3 BR home for innovativenew --~ Hickory Acres bi-level. 2 car fan, custom kitchen cabinets & lance basis. 609-655.0100. HOPEWELL TWP. N.J. Turnpike, 10 miles from twnhse, desirable --Quad III & ~ parquet fl. thruout. 394-5715. fashion designer. 609-921-6396. Titusville. ~,.z acre wooded Princeton. Adjoining 4 acres location, upgrd appl. fin patio Roosevelt. Asking$61,500. 609- garage, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, pantry, recently painted & Large family room, formal wallpapered. Much more. corner lot w/approved perc & available also. Also 2 five acre & other extras. 609-443-6879. 448-2392. dining roomwith sliding doors Mint cond. Relocating. Mid DOMESTIC DAY WORKER LAB TECHNICIAN _,~ soil log - $17,500.Call 609-771- parcels. Washington Twp.609-- for home’in Cranbury. Any ’74 GRANDVILLEPONTIAC minimum2 yrs. experience m to large deck with gas grill. ~0’s. 609-448-9049. 9464. 448-3430. -custom convertible, silver, day OK. 609-655.0100. analytical chemistry EXTRALARGE-- modern 3 Ultra-modern eat-in kitchen loaded. Mint eond. 90,000 mi. laboratory. LAB ASSISTANT DAY DREAMS CAN COME bedroomall brick L-ranch. 2Vz with Solarian floor and dish$4850.201-359-4321. -- no experience required. washer. Central air conTRUE -if you’ve been MANUSCRIPT TYPIST -MANVILLE - Attention oversized dining room, Interest in Chemistry planning to build the perfect baths, Carpeting and LANDSCAPEDPATIO - Twin work at home. Mut have IB~ -- Princeton builders or developers - land TOWNHOUSES spacious eat-in kitchen, 2 car ditioning. desirable. Princeton Testing throughout. Rivers, 3 bdrm, 2Vz baths, 5 Selectric. Experience with ANTIQUE parcels, can be divided to 10 Borough & Township. Owner home, stop! Someoneelse has garage, full basement,5 miles wallpaper GREEN -C/A, and more. 609-448- mathematical symbols. A-c: loveseat Laboratory, U.S. Rt. #1, w/goose feather dwelling sites. Call after’6pm, will help finance. Asking already built it, and happily out of Flemington, just20 min. Tastefully decorated. Quick appl. 8546. Princeton. 609-452-9050. for you, is retiring & is offering occupancy. Move-in condition. $35,000 to $90,000 each. Contact curate. Car. 609-921-3405. cushions, $150. 201-359-4321. 609-298-1076. from Princeton, 35 min. from $79,900 Alfred Kahn, P.O. Box 1130, his "HouseBeautfful" for sale. Philadelphia, in superior Princeton, New Jersey or No expense was spared to condition. An excellenI buy. WANTED TO BUY -PART TIME BABYSITTER-"ELM RIDGE PARK -- ll/z EAST WINDSOR Your Broker, Telephone 609- create this magnificent stone Private owner must sell. MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP required. For 2 small children. $75! GREAT CHRISTMAS MOTOR-GENERATOR SET, acre lot with trees. Will finance. 924-0746. GIFT -1968 Pontiac Temresidence and the result is a $80,000firm. Call 201-464-5165 Very desirable area, totally Call 609-921-3878. $42,000net. Call 609-737-2203. pest. 4 good tires, newbattery 31/zkw-5kw.201-359-3717. showcasefor the sophisticated daily from 9-12 noon or after SUPER LARGE COLONIAL wooded 4 acre hillside site. with large entry foyer, formal - drive it home.609-921-0214. hostess &a luxurious homefor 6pro. ’ Custom Tudor- 5 bdrms, 3 POODLES-- black standard dining room, extra large eat-in fireplaces, maintenance free TRAPGUN-- Stoeger single Ihe most demanding family. 20 ACRES - General inRIVERFRONTIN kitchen, family room. 8’ high exterior, loaded with many, barrel trap model. $400 firm. The entrance hall, highlighted Ua~pies, whelped 11/3/78. TITUSVILLE dustrial, all utilities CONTEMPORARYHOUSE -e & female. Ch. bloodlines, by a handcrafted sweeping FOR SALE BY OWNER: - ceilings in basement with many extras¯ Call for ap- 201-297-3923. available, prime location, Bel Tor, Wycliffe & Carillon. to share w/one person. $185 extra room for workshop, 2staircase and offering a vmw pointment. Edgerstoune Road ranch. 4 exclusively through Mid- Comewatch the geese land on of the40’ living room,tells you plus utils. Wooded.lot in Home raised. Gentle & afear garage. Master bedroom HOPEWELL VALLEY Jersey. Call us for details. the Delaware from the front immediately that this is a bedrooms, 3 baths, principals with dressing room and full Regional School District -- is Princeton. Evenings 609-924- fectionate. Hips X-rayed. 201$139,900 porch of this 1895 riverfront only, 924-7573. 359-6671after 6 p.m. stall showerbath. A total of 4 home of outstanding merit, seeking a candidate for the 2719. lllmenseeAgency MID-JERSEY REAI,TY Colonial. Or use the private Naturally, there is a formal osition of school nurse. Must TV BENCHREPAIR person bedrooms and 2~,~ baths. 9 North Main St. Realtors steps to your own piece of the dining rm,a panelled library Part time evenings. ExWtihin walking distance of ave N.J. reg. professional Allentown, .J NEWLISTING--Twin Rivers MAKE MONEY SELLING -Rt. 206, Belle Mead,N.J. water’s edge. The home a kitchen to elate any 3 b/r townhouse, custom t°wnshiptennisc°urts- $79,900 609-259-7866 nurse’s license, a bachelor’s sterling silver, gold jewelry, perienced only. Hightstowla. 201-359-3444 features living room, formal & 609-448-9603 after 5 or 448-5846. cook. The first floor kitchen, no waxfloor, patio, degree and N.J. certification dining room, kitchen, & full gourmet jade & coral, direct also includes a Mr.-Mrs. EWING for school nursing. Send Sapphire, from importer. 609-921-2094. bath on the first floor. Two bedroom wing & additional gas grill, central air 5 major to Director of Pupil ANTIQUECOBALT-- glass bedrooms on the second floor apphances, many ’other ex- DISTINCTIVE COLONIAL HUNTERDONCOUNTY-- By resume Personnel Service, Hopewell shade, woodenfolding screen, NORTH LAWRENCE -- 2 with stairway to floored attic. 2nd floor rooms total 5 tras, move-in condition, mid- with4 corner bedrooms. Walk- Owner - Beautiful Ranch spacious bedrms, 3 baths, & 2 Valley’ Regional School Electrolux vacuum, 2 AR estate lots in exclusive area, Two chimneys provide access 40’s. 609-443-6936. House on 2.24 Acres, excellent up finished attic for storage 1973 PLYMOUTH FURY -4 powder rooms. Nothing to be Distrmt, 2 Academy St., speakers, fold-away bed, Princeton address. Beautifully for .woodburning stoves. The lan’dscaping. 1 mite from Permington, N.J. 08534. galore! Center hall foyer dr. sedan, 63,000 miles, done but move inplush wallfabric, Umbo long brown wooded, private improved pine floors reflect the beauty Flemington Business Area. transmission guaranteed by table, leather topped card custom EASTWINDSOR -- 3 bedroom separates the large living driveway. Soil logs with ap- of their natural woodgrain. to-wall carpeting, Good for Retirement or Aamco. New battery, alterroom on the left with fireplace draperies andevery appliance table, 4 chairs, spinmngwheel, proved percs. 8+ acres, ranch. 2 full baths, full Mature trees highlight the 3 B.Rooms, 2 WESTWINDSOR-- house to nator, voltage regulator, tuned antique rocking chair, $68,000. 11+ acres (with well), yard and there is a detached 2 stays. Naturally, there is 2 basement, oak floors, central and access to covered porch, Commuter. Baths, Parlor with Stone up & brakes. Needs some body zoned air conditioning & from the formal dining room rent, 5 bdrms, 2 baths, crib, air, half acre, 8 year old, near MaHmekko $79,000. Out of state owner cargarage. $69,000 heating, a built-in Fireplace, Dining Room and alarm on the right with corner china fireplace, close to schools & work. $700. 605-587-5430 or 882Workbench [email protected] leaf table, 4 Krepp School. Available desires immediate sale, reply Family size Kitchen. Full train station. $500/mo. plus 0950. system & radio activated chairs, drafting table 30"x42" immediately.$65,0~0firm. 609- cabinets. Ultra-modern kitw/phone number & address to - ~ with all appliances and Basement and 2 car Garage. utils. &security. 609-799-3411. w/parallel rule, Man’s10 spd. Box #01997, c/0 Princeton WV S BORDEN’! garage doors. The price is 448-6506, weekdays,9 am-4pm, chen Prme dining area with bow window. Many many extras. ridiculouslylow, $135,000-less For sale by owner only. w/speedometer, Woman’s 5 Packet. IVz baths, full basement,2-car $87,500.Call 201-782-6648. spd. w/basket & child seat. Realtor 609-883-1900 than 1/3 of the reproduction ASST. PURCHASING AGENT MEN’S SUITS -newly ’ $76,000 detached garage. costs. Shownto serious buyers " -- office of School Business arrived collection. Somein Yarns, dishwasher, velour by appointment only. ELLIOT Administrator. Purchasing smaller sizes. THE bronze/navysofa. 609-924-9276. HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -LAKECONDO--Twin Rivers EWING REALTY,Realtor, 609-771- HIGHTSTOWN 10 ACRE experience and/or degree m OUTGROWN SHOP, 234 Merrick Rd. 150’ x 200’ ap2 BR,2bath, all appl, cpt, C/a, - 805 ft. front. Fully 9133, after hours call 215-297- FARM Nassau St. Princeton. Tues- AGE roved building lot. Asking business administration NOT A good location, excellent modernized home, 3 apts on 6 MONTHSYOUNGColonial 5319. required. Salary to be Fri, 10-5, Sat. 10-3. 15,500. 201-725-1995or eves., HOUSE FOR SALE -- by condition. 609-443-1437. QUALIFICATION -inpremises, rental income $7000, Cape with contemporary flair, determined by qualifications owner. NewTownhouse, most 201-359-3245. telligence & ambition is. I desirable area. BucksCounty. SMALLHOUSE-- 2 bdrms~ 1 brooks, woods& out buildings. Sunken living room with full & experience. Apply or forImmediate employment, Buy direct. Owners retiring, wall redbrick arched bath, LR, DR, den, kit. ward resume to: John R. 3 BR, 2Vz bath, faro. rm., GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS ACADEMYMANOR -- 5-6 earning potential $175 par :10 ACRE- Woodedbuilding lot separate laundry, att. garage, basement, attic. Plainsboro. :$140,050. 609-448-0297or 394- fireplace, cathedral ceiling Pacifico, Hillsborough Twp. -AKC, male, 3 runs. old. $100. bedroom spacious homo. in week. Car helpful. 201-722in Sourland mountains Minutes from 1-95, RR. Easy 609-799-0827. 1160. ¯ with sky light. Staircase with of Ed, Rt. 206, Belle 609-466-1253. balcony overlooking Lawrenceville. 3 full bat l~_, Board 2963. Equal opportunity em(Montgomerytwp), perc test commute to Princeton. Mead, N.J. 08502, or call 201large family just completed. Call after 6. room 874-3100or 3101. ployer. beautifully carpeted living Distress Sale, $81,000. Exw/fireplace. Wooded setting, HAMMOND B2 ORGAN -p.m. 609-466-1676. cellent value. Call 609-921-3576 IIOPEWELL TWP. -- PLAINSBORO RANCH-- 6 room, formal dinmg room with Leslie speaker. Exc. cond. doors to redwooddeck. $93,900. 609-896-1956after 5 eves. Beautiful spacious Cape Cod. 5 ¯ yr. old 3 bedrm. Ranchw/full French $1900. 609-882-8259. 1974 22’ CHEVY -- straight kitchen. Master p.m. rooms plus unfinished ex- dry bsm’t, located 3 miles Ultra-modern SEAMSTRESS -- creative job. New900-20 tires. Call lbr bedroom with cathedral 3/4 ACREEAST WINDSOR-pansion area. Central air from Prin. Univ. This 1/2 acre sewing, dressmaking. Hemsin details. 201-359-4753. perced &surveyed with 3 bdm. 609-799 QytalLTS . -- beautifully conditioning, fireplace, large heavily woodedloton a cul-de- ceiling, skylight, loft and TWINRIVERS-- 4BR, 2~/:z hrs. Call ilea, nand quilted. Lone plans. 609-587-0936after 3pro. ItOPEWELL TWP -- By patio plus manyextras. Park- sac offers you privacy, low study.Totalof 4 bedrooms and bath twnhse loaded & ready 24 owner, 3 bedroomColonial, 1 like ~rounds situated on 6.3 monthly payments, & the W. 2baths. $75,900 for sale. EXTRASGALORE. -4514 after 4 p.m. star, Dresden plate, fan, STEREO SPEAKERS -- in1/2 baths, on 1 1/2 acres. wedding ring, pinwheel, Windsor School system. ExLow$50’s. 609-443-3461. finity max Monitor II with 2 acres.. . opposite. W~-~h-ington, , $88,000. Call 452-4435days. EWING OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG blocks, & Pa. Dutch; others. year - manufacturer’s CrossmgPark. $80s tras inel: WWcarpeting, PUPS-- 4 weeks to 6 mos. AK- Just in time for holidays. 201- warantee.$650pr. 609-448-7269. central A/C, DW,humidifier, LOTS clothes dryer, electronic GLENDALE COLONIAL. C, all shots. Housebroken, 782-5078for 782-9568. J.ll. MARTIN (READYTO BUILD) 609-882-0288 a/eleaner. Asking $59,500. Call Stucco with tile roof. Tiled Pa Properties obedience trained, champion -- Historic MillItealtor All have passing pere tests (or TRENTON ¯ entry foyer, grand Wide stock. Showbreeders closeout 140 Jackson St., 2 Eves &Wkends 609-882-8259609-799-2863after 6 p.m. LHASAAPSO -- beautiful 8 sewer) and Township ap- Hill, FYR ACCOUNTANTS -- for 6 mos. old red male puppy, $150 staircase, large living room from $225. 201-367-0323. $31,900. C. E. provals. Locations in West bedrooms, with fireplace, TV room. mos. project. Princeton inBugdal, Broker. 609-394-5039. firm. AKC.201-359-3691. Windsor, East Windsor, Formal dining room with vestment firm seeking full FLYING LESSONS- Gift TwIN RIVERS- beautiful 2 TWIN RIVERS -- 3 bdrm access to screened porch, SOLEBURYTWP.- Haven’t Washington, Montgomery, time qualified accountants for $10.50 & up. townhouse, Quad 1V _ you always dreamed of a Certificates, East Amwell, West Amwell, NEWLISTING-- Twin Rivers BRtownhouse, 1’/2 bath, c/a, Jamestown Ultra-modern kitchen, Rd. Brick patio, Raritan Valley Flying School, project whichwill last through LLOYD STEREO SET -picturesque country w/w carpet, humid. 5 appl. Mansfield, and Plumsted especially designed with extra June, 1979. Will also consider am/fm radio, 8 trk, headQuad III. 3 bedroom fully grill, no-waxfloor, freshly hideaway? How about a Kupper Air Port, Manville, finished, carpe[ed, gas Townships. Financing part timers who ~an put in a phone, small speakers, $50 or small stainless sink for guest charmingold 3 story grist mill 201-722-5111. detached Colonial. Scenic basement painted, inside & out. 609-443available to a qualified Buyer. backyard, many extas and panelled, extras. 7V2%ass. 4306 after 5 p.m. comfort. Dining area. Powder which has been converted to a substantial number of hours. best offer. 609-896-9057. For a complete price list and upgraded features. Move-in mtge, low 40’s. 609-4434342. Applicants must have the room. Master bedroom with modern 3 bedroom home set d master map, call Rick ;tWIN BED -- wood headability to work independently. full bath. Full walk-up attic, condition. Low $60’s. Call eves on 6 beautiful acres with Spencer at Thompson Land &weekends,609-443-4628. AV’O~edroom" partially finished. Detached babbling brook. This stone and board, new firm foam mat- Experienced in commoditi~, 1977 FORD ECONOLINE150 p Co., Realtors 609-921-7655. FOR SALE BY OWNER -garage, full basement with frame dwelling has a 20" tress, box spring & Harvard securities or banking a l)ig van, 138" w/b, p/s, p/b, end unit on ground floor. Brand new soft contemporary closet ideal for wine storage, plus, excellentsalary & am/fro cassette, customized, living room, 2 fireplaces, an Frame. $45. 609-448-7366. $23,900. Call days 609-448-8663. BY OWNER-- University on beautiful wooded lot in stimulatingenvironment.extras, 32,000miles, best offer. " $55,900 "Island" country kitchen with Heights, Mercerville. 3 bdrm Princeton Twp. Available for Sendresumeor replyto Box Call 609-799-0974. every, modern convenience. 2 TWIN RIVERS -3 BR BUILDING LOT, . ¯EAST Colonial on a beautiful wooded TWINRIVERS-- Split level occupancy before Christmas. RIDOLFI REALTY #02216c/oPrinceton Packet. spacmus porches, garage and detached home, C/A, s/s, AMWELL-- 3-acre 250’ lot, on a quiet street, central REALTOR 3 BR21/2 bath, finfmrm Exciting interior spaces. 4 PIANO INSTRUCTION a horse stall are other features frontage, wooded, perced and air, w/w carpet throughout, twnhse, fenced yard, 3~& yrs young, 609-890-2000or lakeview, many extras, bedrooms, study, family recording artist will teach which make this house a corner property. Principms logged, near Princeton, $27,900 drapes, much more. $75,900. $49,500. room, 2 fireplaces, centralair, 609-586-0220 609-448-7564, rock & roll to intermediary dream come true for only only. Asking mid $60’s. - Call 609-466-2952. 609-587-8485. OPEN HOUSE 2-ear garage, basement, YOUNGPROFESSIONAL -students. Also, will teach $126,500. ELLIOTTREALTY, Assumable 6Vz% mortgage. DEC.3. 1-4pm. Priced to sell at $169,500.Call couple, handy with tools desire beginners theory & scales. 215-862-5211.Eves &Sun. 215- 609-443-1918. to rent one or 2 bdrm. cottage Very patient with children. 609-466-9190 or 201-699-5383 1297-5319 or 297-5641. RANCH -Franklin Town(days). or apt. with land. Privacy a 609-443-5114. E. WINDSOR- beautiful LAWRENCEVILLE RANship. 3 bedr~oms, 2 baths, wooded10t on exclusive Woods LIVING ROOMSET -- con- musf. Call Kevin at 609-466BEDROOM CONformal dining room, living CHER-Brick& cedar shakes 2 Road. Perced, ready to go. 2 or DOMINIUM -- in Avon room, family temp, Herculon couch & 2099. room with on over an acre of trees, 4 acres, best offer. Call 13 ALUMINUM STORM loveseat, 3 pc cocktail table. shrubbery. 4bdrms, den or 5th Village. $35,000. Call 609-443fireplace, eat-in kitchen, TWIN RIVERSQuad I. 2 BR Country Properties, 201-381- 5347. WINDOWS -- $50. 17.5 cu.ft. $200. 609-443-1759 after 5. basement, 2 ear garage, lotl00 bdrm; 3 baths; "Quaker Twnhse, prime location, n~ $125. 0115. ’73 DUSTER -- p/s, p/b, air refrigerator/freezer, Maid" kitchen, dining, X 250. $79,900. Principals only. wax kit fl~;cee~ldnO~r%:nl~laP ~, Class] y cond. exc. cond. recent new Small apt. refrig., $60. Por. y paneled family room w/brick 201-246-8270. extras. dmhwasher, $25. Call foyer, log rm, SOFA BED -- Brand new, parts, NADAvalue, $1875. table owner. 609-448-5234 before 8 fireplace; TWINRIVERS-QuadIV, 2BR, after 6 p.m. 201-722-2145. BEAUTIFUL WOODS! laundry, 5 ft. cedar closet; 2GoldVelvet. $250. 609-443-6947. Best offer. 609-924-1322. p.m. immaculate, country kit, elec Serene, private, 10 acres of car garage. Concrete TOWNHOUSE - Lovely and woods ! Bordering the frplc, 5 appl, June occ. Priced spacious 2 bedrooms with driveway, walks. Full 1 TON ELECTRIC -- chain to sell 609-443-5233. Wickeeheoke Creek-minutes OFFSET PRESSMAN/ .NEEDED IMMEDIA.~v v hying room, large kitchen and HAMILTON TWP. - Large basement w/ 24’x36’ party hoist--2spd, bench grinder, 3, BIKE--boy’s24" 3 speed, mate.....for 2 ,,,,,-, bdrm from Rte 202 to Flemington or room &bar. Hot water 4-zoned 4, 5, & 6 bench vices, new. New light & baskets. Great con- WOMAN-- to run a Chief29. female ¯ room full finished basement. All: NewHope. $33,000. Call Dobbs majorapplianees. Adjacentto raised Ranch in Yardville. 4 baseboard heating. 2-zoned floorjaeks, 3 gas engines, 6tl0 dition. $75. 609-448-2246. Minimum5 ~earsexperienceFox Run Apt. $189.50 includes TWIN RIVERS 4 BR end unit & 12horse, needcarbs. Adding Realtors, Better Homes & Townhouse, Quad IV. Perfect recreatmn area and pool. bdrms., & more. Good "York" air cond., electronic required. Liberalbenefits.heat &cooRing. Call Joan 609location. $54,900.609-585-9784. air filters. Raised concrete machines & typewriters. New DINETTESET -- dark wood, NewBrunswic.k Gardens, 201-735-8080. area.201-846-799-9139or 799.0184after 5:30 location near school, pool & $42,000 or rent with option to wrenehsets &socket sets. Key oval table, 1 leaf, 4 chairs, like 8680. pm weekdays. patio; hardwood floors; tennis. Assumable mortgage, buy, flexible terms available, machine,other tools. Call 201- new cond. Couch & matching "Andersen" thermopane 609-799-2235. 8’/z%. 609-443-6895. 968-5646Thurs. & Sat. only. windows. Many other chair, coordinating chair & 2 1973CAPRI’2000for parts. DELAWARERISE - New 2 features. Near "LawrenMAKE YOUR SHOP endtables. 201-874-4457. FULL SIZE BED, mattress& Damaged passenger door; story 5 bedroom Colonial. .HOME INSPECTION by’ 2 CAPE COD HOUSES -on l ceville School." Priced at KNOWNTO ALL! boxspring, $I00.Fireplace restofbody excellent; engine licensed engineers. On6 day ;’ acre located near Hopewell Over 3000sq. ft. on beautiful $195,000. For inspection, call BOY’s I0 SPD. SCHWINN SKIS -- Fischer Fiberglas, GO DISPLAY 7 WAYSI screen, motorized heat 1 yr old. Many thingsjust service. Call for information., Valley School in Pennlngton. half acre in the woods. Call 609-896-1847. 180cm, Salomon bindings. 201VARSITY -also, women’s _3 dispenser, steel .grate, $120, recently replaced. Call609.896Princeton HomeInspection Both presently rented. 609-466- owner609-882-1347. spd. 609-921-1329. 722,7608after 5 p.m. 291-~7~63. 0646after 3 p.m. 1687. .609-921-3775. APPROX.1600 SQ. FT. -- in WASIIINGTON CROSSING ood cinder block farm uilding for rent. Suitable for Owner says sell, bought storage. Reasonable. Call 609- another house. Reduced to 466-0397after 5 p.m. $30,500, make any offer. 2 bedroom bungalow, needs DRYSTORAGE - 10,000 sq. ft. decorating, Will rent any portion. 609-448"I)OLL tlOUSE" 2156.


CUSTOMCOLONIAL -- New construction on 2 beautiful acres in West AmwellTwp. 4 bdrms., 2,~ baths, living room w. brick fireplace, [ermal dining room, eat-in kitchen, paneled family room& a 2 car garage, $119,900. 609-737-0595 or 737-9330.

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