Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG

Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG

Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG Birkenfelder Str. 1-7 I 75180 Pforzheim I www.hr-imotion.de I Phone: +49 (0)7231 772-0 WHAT WE DO • Leading German manu...

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Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG Birkenfelder Str. 1-7 I 75180 Pforzheim I www.hr-imotion.de I Phone: +49 (0)7231 772-0

WHAT WE DO • Leading German manufacturer of high quality plastic car accessories and mounting solutions for mobiles, tablets and navigation devices easily fixed in cars, on bikes or motorcycles • Customized OEM projects Realization from pilot production up to serial production • Design, engineering, production and assembly on-site in Germany

KEY FACTS • More than 60 years mold-shop experience and knowledge • Founded in 1956 by Herbert Richter, Managing Director Harald Richter, the founder’s son • Family-owned, global company based in Pforzheim in South of Germany

• Capital and power of decision in one hand Flexibility, fast implementation, sustainable management

PHILOSOPHY • Traditional innovator, working meticulously, down-to-earth attitude • Basis of our business processes and activities are the ethical principles of honesty, fairness and integrity • Trust, appreciation and respect form the cornerstones of our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers

• Aiming for long-term relationships with our customers and employees


• “HR-Family” • With over 130 employees • Teamwork, mutual respect, passion and creative enthusiasm • High employee loyalty:  20, 30, 40 and even 50 years company affiliation

PRODUCTION • 70 injection molding machines • Tool shop in-house • Design, engineering and production on-site in Germany • National and international product patents and design rights

QUALITY ASSURANCE • Rigorous testing and continuous improvement ensure top and reliable quality “Made in Germany”

• Temperature tests in a climatic chamber, vibration tests, operation tests, tractive power tests, impact safety tests and random fall tests • All of our products meet the requirements of 1907/2006 (REACH) and 2011/65/EU (RoHS) • 5 years warranty

CUSTOMERS • Distribution in more than 30 countries • Well-known OEM partners • Distributors and wholesalers • Retail companies





PREMIUM Retail Brand

Retail Brand

Modular mounting systems

Mobile accessories

Car accessories

Mobile accessories

Electronic shops

Motoring retailer


iGRIP® • Specific and universal mounting combinations • Product range: Combination of mounting solutions and holders for mobiles, tablets and navigation devices easily fixed in cars, on bikes or motorcycles • Especially designed for retail business e.g. electronic stores as Media Markt or carrier stores as e-plus

iGRIP® • 5 years warranty for each product • High quality products “Made in Germany” • Good value for money • Elegant design and functionality • Classy, sales promotional packaging with a sturdy and stowable plastic hanger

HR-imotion® • Car accessories for interior and exterior Product range: Storage systems, mirrors, coat hangers, chrome trims, reflectors, thermometers, door edge protectors and much more • Packaging with modern design • Environmentally friendly packaging

HR-imotion® • 5 years warranty for each product • Item description in up to 34 languages • QR Code leads to our website with videos of installation, item descriptions of every product • Brand management and customer service via social networks Facebook and Twitter

HR GRIP • Modular mounting systems for B2B • Product range: Specific and universal holders for smartphones, tablets and navigation devices, suction cup mounts, bike mounts etc. • Packed in polybag

• 5 years warranty for each product

BENEFITS • High quality products „Made in Germany“  LOW RETURN RATE • Upper price level HIGHER MARGIN PER PIECE • 5 years warranty  SECURITY FOR THE CUSTOMER • Rigorous testing SECURITY FOR THE CUSTOMER • Promotional packaging SUPPORT AT THE POINT OF SALES

OEM PROJECTS • Customized OEM projects Realization from pilot production up to efficient serial production according to customer requirements • Innovative engineering department, powerful tool shop and molding tools on-site  this enables always a fast reaction • 60 years experience at the highest level of quality • Large production capacity • Reasonable prices

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL "Satisfied customers are our highest aim! Our experienced team serves our customers in all matters, because quality and service are only successful if the customer is 100% satisfied. And that pays off! - in long term and cooperative relationships with our customers. That’s what makes us proud!" - Harald Richter, CEO -

"For more than 25 years we are working together successfully with the company Herbert Richter as a partner for car accessory in wholesale and retail. It is a very cooperative and fruitful relationship. The long-standing collaboration with the HR Team is characterized by competence and reliability. We see them as an innovative and quality-conscious partner and are looking forward continuing our excellent cooperation."

"For more than 30 years we have a very good cooperation with Herbert Richter and the whole HR team. The HR accessories are products with which most of our colleagues are grown up and were also the first parts in our Tepper accessories catalog. Until now, HR delivers always the same high quality that we as Tepper Efka like to sell! HR has always quality, service and expertise!"

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL "The Herbert Richter GmbH is a partner who is highly valued at STRAX. In our long term cooperation we have learned to appreciate not only the quality of the products, but also the quality of service. Herbert Richter's team is competent, reliable, helpful - in short: a strong partner with whom we are very happy to cooperate. We look forward to many more years of successful cooperation!"

"Herbert Richter stands, like the BECKER brand, for quality products "Engineered in Germany ". We are glad to have a reliable partner and a supplier of high-quality accessories for our navigation devices with HR."

"The Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG stands for competence and quality. We are working together successfully for many years with the company Herbert Richter and appreciate them as a very reliable supplier and strong partner. The mix of always advanced technology, excellent troubleshooting and courteous, friendly and competent staff make this company an ideal partner. We want to say thank you and are looking forward to our future cooperation!"

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL "The Team at HR has been very accommodating since we started doing business with them. They are consistently supplying high quality, well engineered products and are a great company to deal with."

"For years we enjoy working together with the whole HR team. A team that thinks with us and has the same passion for quality and service. HR: quality, service, knowledge, innovating, the supplier for a long term relationship"

"Herbert Richter and iGRIP are fast, reliable and always supplies quality products. It's always a pleasure working with them."

"iGRIP and HR-imotion are an excellent partner and offer a wide range of mounting systems for smartphones and GPS to meet all the need of our customers."

Herbert Richter GmbH & Co KG Birkenfelder Str. 1-7 I 75180 Pforzheim I www.hr-imotion.de I Phone: +49 (0)7231 772-0

„FUNCTIONALITY AND DESIGN, OUR SUCCESS FOR 60 YEARS - MADE IN GERMANY!“ „Funktionalität und Design stehen für unseren Erfolg seit 60 Jahren – MADE IN GERMANY!“ - Harald Richter -