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High Point School Annual Education Report 2013-14 Serving Students since 1975 August 2014 Dear Parents & Community Members: We are pleased to present...

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High Point School Annual Education Report 2013-14 Serving Students since 1975

August 2014 Dear Parents & Community Members: We are pleased to present our Annual Education Report (AER) with key information on the 2013-14 educational progress for Washtenaw Intermediate School district’s High Point School. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws. Our report contains information about student assessment, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and teacher quality. If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Naomi Norman, Director of Instruction and Assessment. The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting our web site:

www.washtenaw.org or you can request a paper copy from the High Point office. For 2013-2014, High Point School made Adequate Yearly Progress. State law requires that we also report on the following additional information for the two most recent years: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Process for assigning pupils to the school The status of the 3-5 year school improvement plan A brief description of each specialized school Identify how to access a copy of the core curriculum, a description of its implementation and an explanation of the variances from the state’s model 5. The aggregate student achievement results for any local competency tests or nationally normed achievement tests 6. Identify the number and percent of students represented by parents at parent-teacher conferences This information is contained in the following narrative. We appreciate the consistent support of parents, staff and our community. We hope you find our Annual Education Report helpful. We remind you that this report shows only a glimpse of what we do at High Point School. To get the complete picture, we invite you to come and visit our program. Sincerely, Anne Nakon, Principal

[email protected] (734)994-8111, ext. 1610

Welcome! High Point, located at 1735 S. Wagner Rd. in Ann Arbor, is a public school, operated by Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) to meet the special needs of students with disabilities from ages 3 through 26. Our students are residents in one of Washtenaw County’s nine public school districts. We are funded with state and county money and federal grants.

The Students We Serve High Point offers programming for students with mental and multiple impairments. High Point also offers the following services: occupational therapy; speech pathology; physical therapy, school psychologist; social work; adaptive physical education, adaptive aquatics; staff consultations with medical specialists, and various consultants. To be enrolled in a High Point program, a student must be: 1. A resident of one of the following Washtenaw County public school districts: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake, or Ypsilanti. 2. Referred by local school personnel 3. Evaluated by a team of professionals from High Point and the local school district. Evaluations include a classroom/teacher assessment, a psychological evaluation, and may include an occupational and physical therapy assessment and a speech and language assessment. If, after testing, the student is determined to be eligible for a High Point program, placement is based on ability, social maturity, age and physical development. Placement is made by the Individualized Education Planning Team (IEPT).

Improvement Comes Through Working Together School Improvement Plan High Point is engaged in school improvement through its School Improvement Planning Process and its accreditation process through AdvancED. In March 25-27, 2013 the AdvancED team conducted a thorough review of all WISD functions. The External Review Team gave WISD the highest rating of “Accredited.” Both tools are designed to improve outcomes (academic, social, physical, etc.) for all students in the school. Components of the school improvement plan are detailed in this report. Mission Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) High Point School is a community that views all students and staff as learners and a place where students are valued and understood for who they are and how they learn. While serving the educational needs of each child, High Point intentionally builds bridges that create and enhance a teaching and learning environment that nurtures positive and meaningful interactions, friendships and growth among diverse populations and the will to impact the future lives of all students. Curriculum High Point offers student-centered programming that: • Helps students develop greater independence in self-care skills, domestic or household activities, prevocational tasks, personal and social integration to promote independent living in the community • Teaches students functional academics, communication and sensory-motor development • Educates parents and the community regarding the needs and abilities of students with disabilities Staff Development High Point staff have several avenues for continued learning, including college and university degree programs, professional conferences, workshops and staff development training offered through WISD. Building-Level Decisions High Point Staff works with its school improvement team to make building-level decisions. Specialized Schools High Point School is the specialized school for the county that supports the local districts and local based programs when needed. 2

Input From Stakeholders High Point receives input from: • WISD administrators through administrative team meetings • Teachers and other school employees through regular staff meetings • Pupils, parents and other residents through the WISD Parent Staff Organization (PSO) High Point also receives input from these groups through the formal school improvement process. Evaluation Processes The staff at High Point are always looking for ways to improve the educational programs for students. This is formalized in the IEPT process as individual student programs are reviewed and evaluated. The overall school program is evaluated through the School Improvement AdvancEd accreditation process. Achievement Data High Point students take the state alternative MI-ACCESS assessment. Results are shown in the content of this report. In addition, High Point students are evaluated quarterly on a one-to-one basis using their IEP and progress reports as a measurement tool. Goals are set at the annual IEPT meetings by parents and staff. Retention/Drop Out Rate High Point students do not graduate but rather receive a certificate of completion by age 26. They complete their program by reaching the maximum age of 26 or by exiting earlier, depending on their individual needs and abilities. There were no drop-outs in the 2012-13 school year. Accreditation High Point School, as part of WISD, was accredited through AdvancEd in 2013. High Point School also continues to operate under the countywide special education plan, developed by a committee composed of representatives from the Parent Advisory Committee, special educators and special education administrators. Parent Participation One of the most important factors in a child’s educational success is the involvement of parents or guardians. It is important for parents, teachers, and students to have regular contact and to discuss the student’s progress on a regular basis. At High Point, there are many opportunities for this contact, including annual IEP Team meetings. During 2013-14 approximately 90% of High Point parents and/or guardians attended an IEP. Parents are also encouraged to be part of their child’s education through school programs, the school improvement planning team and the WISD PSO. Core Curriculum High Point students are assured access to the local core academic curriculum through the intermediate school district’s special education plan and the IEPT process. The core academic curriculum is available at High Point and in each student’s home school district. Also, High Point follows the state’s Core Curriculum and the extended Grade Level Content Expectations designed to help students meet goals for life-long learning.


Playground Progress! After years of fundraising initiatives that have included working U-M concessions, Big House Big Heart races, selling holiday greens, fundraising events with local bookstores, benefit dinners and most recently the Run, Walk and Roll 5k event, we are breaking ground on the Boundless Playground renovations! This is truly an exciting time and a huge accomplishment. We are so grateful that our parent and community partners have been faithful in staying the course and helping with each step of this process. Work on the playground started in the spring of 2014 and Phase I renovations should be completed by the fall. Thank you to our many supporters for making this plan a reality!


Classroom Details There are currently nine WISD Classrooms operating at High Point School serving students ages 3 - 26. All classrooms are staffed with one teacher and two teaching assistants. Three classrooms are designated as classrooms for Severely Multiply Impaired young adults, two high school classrooms designated as Severely Multiply Impaired rooms, one middle school room for students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments and one middle school room designated for students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments. In addition there are two elementary classrooms, one designated for early elementary aged students with Severe Multiple Impairment’s and one designated for students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments. In addition to teaching staff there is a full time Physical Therapist, full time Occupational Therapist, one full time and one three- day Speech and Language Therapist, two days per week School Social Worker, two days per week Teacher Consultant, one day per week School Psychologist, one full time Registered Nurse and a full time Aquatic Therapist. Additionally we have an Adaptive P.E. instructor two afternoons a week and Music Therapist two hours per week.