Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools

Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools

Hillsborough Happenings The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will ...

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Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools
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Hillsborough Happenings The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will lead us successfully and responsibly into the future. ~Hillsborough Township School District Mission Statement Volume 9 Issue 4

April 2016

Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Jorden Schiff Jorden Schiff, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Lisa M. Antunes, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Aiman Mahmoud Business Administrator/ Board Secretary Joel Handler Director of Technology Education Michael Volpe Director of Human Resources Kathryn Warlick Director of Special Services

Board of Education Thomas Kinst President Jennifer Haley Vice President

Hopefully everyone returned from the spring break refreshed and ready for the final marking period of the school year. Spring events and activities are underway.

efficiencies, special education savings and reducing energy costs through the Energy Savings Improvement Plan (ESIP) which allowed the district to complete over $16 million worth of capital projects without The Board of Education unanimously needing to raise taxes. The energy savings approved the 2016-2017 budget at the April generated by installing new LED lighting, 25, 2016, meeting. This approved budget will: windows, and boilers were used to finance  Maintain all current programs and class the construction projects. sizes  Add classroom Chromebooks for Grades With the passage of the referendum on 3 and 4 March 8th, the district will receive  Increase our concurrent enrollment approximately $600,000 in debt service aid offerings at the high school (students earn from the State of New Jersey to offset the Raritan Valley Community College credit cost of two capital projects: the Hillsborough for eligible courses) Middle School parking lot and driveway  Increase student support services at repaving and the Hillsborough High School Auten Road Intermediate School and artificial turf field replacement. We look Hillsborough Middle School forward to completing both projects this  Focus on the Next Generation Science summer. Standards  Add American Sign Language as part of As a reminder, because the district only used World Languages offered at Hillsborough one of the two built-in snow/emergency High School days, all schools will now be closed on Friday, May 27, 2016. Enjoy the extended We will continue to manage costs by using Memorial Day weekend! shared services/cooperative purchasing, revenue generating, transportation

Dana Boguszewski Deena Centofanti Steven Cohen Brett Cooper Debashis Dutta Gregory Gillette Judith Haas

Assistant Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Lisa M. Antunes Is Instant Communication Too Instant? (NSPRA Principal Communicator, 02.2014)

guidelines to assist parents to utilize email in ways that will be most beneficial to students.

In today’s technological society it is very possible that email has made instant communication perhaps too instant—when something should not have been written or mailed. Read on to recall or discover four

1. Email ought not be used for controversial issues. When there is a serious matter to discuss, it is best to meet with your child’s teacher. (Continued on page 12)

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Amsterdam Elementary School—Dr. Mary Ann Mullady, Principal March truly lived up to its reputation as the most unpredictable weather month of the year! Rain, snow, cold, hot, wind, calm… we experienced it all! This month’s school events were just as exciting as the weather! The Amsterdam tradition of inviting guest speakers to read to our children continued this year as part of the Read Across America Program. Amsterdam School was honored with many distinguished guests during this day. Dr. Jorden Schiff (Superintendent of Schools), Darren Powell (Chief of Police), Sheila Cooper (District Literacy Supervisor), and Mayor Frank DelCore were just some of our headliners. (Did you catch them on Twitter?) Reading was celebrated the week of March 2nd with various school-wide activities including our annual Reading Fair held with over 70 participants! Amsterdam School… Keep on Reading!

Amsterdam School has continually promoted healthy eating and exercise. During the week of March 7–11, Amsterdam School joined in celebrating a district-wide ―School Wellness Week‖ with a focus on ―healthy living‖. Dr. Mullady displayed messages encouraging the eating of healthy foods and staying active and exercising on The Principal’s Notebook and Principal’s Challenge displays in the Commons area. Daily announcements were made each morning with a wellness message from our school nurse, Mrs. Zagari. This was followed by a story about eating healthy foods written and read by a 4th grade student from Ms. Shahbazian’s class. Sodexo Food Service offered samples of new and different healthy food options each day during lunch periods. Samples of foods offered to our students were jicama, kiwi, purple potato, quinoa, and edamame. A bulletin board was created by two of our 4th grade students displaying healthy snack choices versus unhealthy ones. It was a successful week on learning how to keep our minds and bodies fit by making healthy eating and exercise choices.

Amsterdam School participated in a Fun Run which was a very successful fund raiser for our school. Many thanks to ASHA for all their hard work in putting this event together. It was very well run and the students had a blast! Thank you New York City children’s author, Elizabeth to all who generously supported Levy visited Amsterdam School. She spent Amsterdam School. the day visiting classes, reading (and sometimes singing!) her stories, and The 4th grade students were all about sharing her writing process from research business as they participated in our to publication. Elizabeth Levy has written a n n u a l B u s i n e s s E x p o ! T h e over 100 books for children! We learned so Entrepreneur Experience student much about her writing process, her books, project was developed by the AMS 4th and her life. grade team as a way to provide students with a meaningful, authentic

learning experience as they studied the topic of economics and capitalism. In order to engage students in active learning, students created small business enterprises and developed a product or service that they felt was appealing to both the needs and wants of their targeted consumer… their peers! Through the process, students learned about supply and demand, needs vs wants, goods vs services, scarcity, budgeting expenses, profit, product design, and manufacturing. Most importantly, students learned to work collaboratively to reach a common goal.

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Hillsborough Elementary School—Ms. Susan Eckstein, Principal April at Hillsborough Elementary School was all about extending boundaries and pushing limits, including participation in a global book award process, a visit to the planetarium, entrepreneurial inventions, and a ―visit‖ to the rainforest. Exciting stuff! Students in the library were busy serving as judges in contests run by the Bank Street College in New York City. These awards are extra special because children around the world get to decide the winners. First and second graders had the opportunity to participate in the Irma Black Award, which goes to the best picture book. HES librarian, Mrs. Jessica Fox, shared the four nominated books with each class. After each story, the students used their tablets to cast votes that reflected their opinions. Third and fourth graders participated in the Cook Prize, which is awarded to the best STEM book. The third and fourth graders also used their tablets to cast their votes on a weekly basis. After all of the books were shared, students selected which nominated book they felt deserved the award. Mrs. Fox has officially tallied the votes from the first through fourth graders and mailed them to New York. The students did a great job with this unit and were so excited to see how their votes compared to their classmates and kids from around the world! There was no ―fooling‖ on April 1 when the 3rd graders at HES packed up and headed out for an ―Out of this World‖ day at the Raritan Valley Community C o l l e g e

Planetarium! The children were treated to two wonderful shows in the planetarium, where they learned about why Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, how it is that we see different parts of the moon throughout the month, what an astronaut feels like traveling in space, and many, many other concepts! This trip also included a scavenger hunt around the planetarium and a special lunch alongside the college students at the RVCC cafe. It was the perfect ending to the 3rd grade’s Sun, Moon and Stars unit and was enjoyed by students, teachers and parent chaperones alike. The fourth graders just finished a unit on economics. They learned what it is like to be an entrepreneur. A s a culminating activity, the students each created a prototype of a s n a c k , accessory, or service that they would sell at the first a n n u a l Hillsborough Elementary Flea Market. The 4th graders took photographs of their prototypes and created advertisements to sell their products. The 3rd grade classes were each given ten dollars to spend at the Flea Market. After talking about opportunity costs, the 3rd graders ―purchased‖ the products that they liked best. In the end, the 4th graders compared the cost of making their product to the amount of money they received. This helped them determine their profit margin. A fun time was had by all, and it was a great

learning experience, hopefully sparking an interest in encouraging today’s students to be future entrepreneurs. On March 18, the 2nd graders enjoyed a virtual field trip to the Rainforest Exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo! They learned how animals thrive in the various layers of the forest a ccord ing to their characteristics. Leaf Cutter ants were seen carrying leaves across the forest floor. The bright colored poison dart frogs also find homes in this layer. Students were amazed to learn that they are not poisonous in the zoo, because of the food that the zookeeper feeds them. Flying around the canopy are birds like the macaw and the hummingbird. The macaw has a very sharp beak that allows it to crack open the nuts it feeds on. Not only did the 2nd graders see live hummingbirds but they were able to view and compare the size of their skulls with the skulls of other rainforest birds. The virtual visit to the rainforest exhibit was an added bonus that ties in with the 2nd grade science curriculum. In addition, for some students, this was their first and maybe their only "visit" to the rainforest.

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Sunnymead Elementary School—Dr. Tammy Jenkins, Principal Read Across America Following the theme, ―Oh! The Places You’ll Go!‖ Sunnymead School celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday in many ways. In the month leading up to Read Across America Day, students were challenged to draw a visualization of where a book had ―taken‖ them. A bulletin board was filled with all the places you can go in a book. Keeping with the theme, special area teachers Mrs. Wynkoop, Mrs. Riveles, Mr. Dlugacz, and Mr. Holland lead the students on several journeys in our annual Reader’s Theater in the transformed gymnasium. Classes visited an English castle, ancient Egypt, a cave filled with hieroglyphics, and modern day New York. During the week of Read Across America students participated in Spirit Week activities honoring different Dr. Seuss books by wearing hats (The Cat in the Hat), mismatched shoes (The Foot Book), crazy socks (Fox in Socks), mustaches (The Lorax), and dressing to show where a book has taken them (Oh! The Places You’ll Go!). All week, trivia questions had the students thinking about where Dr. Seuss has taken them in many of his books and made them eligible to win prizes at the end of the week. A “SOUPER” Friendly Day at Sunnymead School! The 100th day of school, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day... many celebrations rolled into one day at Sunnymead School. But most importantly, February 15 was a day set aside for helping others in our community. It was a day where the math activity was measuring dry ingredients into a soup jar, where the writing activity was both transcribing a recipe for making a warm meal on a cold winter night, and reflecting on the experience. It was a day where students in different grade levels

partnered up and read books about friendship, cooperation, and helping others, and in each special area, the teachers focused their lessons on the same theme. It was a day where the social studies lesson was based on character education… a day called ―Friendship Soup.‖ A committee of staff members worked together to find activities, prep all the materials, and make sure designated areas of the school were set up for the big day. Mrs. Cindy Assini, the district Social Studies Supervisor, was also consulted during the process. For many teachers, this activity goes well beyond teaching the curriculum. One teacher stated that this is the perfect opportunity to teach students about giving back. ―Friendship Soup aligns with everything we want to teach about character education. It is the perfect hands on opportunity to demonstrate citizenship, compassion, kindness, and of course, friendship.‖

Donations from local supermarkets also helped make this day possible. Weis Market, Walmart, Shoprite of Hillsborough, and Stop and Shop of Raritan all donated gift cards so that other essential ingredients could be purchased. A special thanks also goes out to the Sunnymead School Benevolent Committee, and the Sunnymead HSA for their donations Throughout the month, students and and volunteerism, to make this school staff alike brought in recycled jars and -wide community service project ingredients to be used to make this possible. special soup. With the help of parent volunteers, students went through an At the end of the day, over 300 assembly line and learned about friendship soup kits were donated to helping others, and what ―Friendship community organizations. In addition Soup‖ is all about. Nine different to that, Hillsborough Food Bank beans, that stood for various character received hundreds of bags of traits, went into each jar. As students assorted beans, pasta, and rice to scooped tablespoons of navy beans, add to their collection. they learned about kindness. While adding lentils, they found out that they As one parent volunteer commented, represent faithfulness. And so it went. ―This was a beautiful experience for a At different stations, spice packets such were made, pasta bags put together, g o o d and colorful labels and swatches of cause. So much fun!‖ cloth completed the jars.

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Triangle Elementary School—Mrs. Lisa Heisel, Principal

Triangle School students enjoyed their annual Rea d Across America celebration on March 2, starting the day with visits from the Hillsborough Middle School TOPS (Together Our Peers Succeed) students, who read books to them. The eighty-five 8th graders enjoyed the opportunity to visit with students in all classes, from Kindergarten to 4th grade as well as our students with Autism and Learning Disabilities classrooms. Later in the month, students and staff participated in Pajama Day donating $350 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and jumping rope to collect over $6,000 for the American Heart Association.

students walked over to HMS where they were treated to a production of Seussical, Jr. by the HMS Musical Theater Troupe. Students were amazed at the fantastic production and A f t e r a s u c c e s s f u l P A R C C were appreciative of the administration, all Triangle School opportunity!

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Woodfern Elementary School—Mr. Steven Kerrigan, Principal

This year on St. Patrick’s Day, something magical happened— Woodfern School was transformed into a vibrant art gallery for our annual Art Show! The hallways were lined with original works of art created by all of our Roadrunners! Our students led their parents and families through the halls to admire the variety of styles, colors, techniques, and materials on display. Students explained their work and what they learned as they created these masterpieces.

paint, paper, and various other materials to transform recycled water bottles into vibrant sea creatures! I would like to thank Mrs. Bartholomew and all staff members who volunteered their time to hang all of the wonderful works of art.

Woodfern School was a very busy place as many families turned out to appreciate our students’ artwork. I can confidently declare that the 2015-2016 Woodfern Art Show Mrs. Heather Bartholomew, was a resounding success! Woodfern’s art teacher, outdid herself this year as she sought to bring artistic life to every inch of our school. Not only was student work displayed on bulletin boards, walls, and display cases in the cafeteria, but original artwork was also hung from the hallway skylights. Mrs. Bartholomew had students use

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Woods Road School—Ms. Jodi Howe, Principal Billy faces while still wearing his fantastic smile. We were fortunate to have a large number of Emergency Services Department members who came dressed in their own hero attire while arriving in their ambulance, firetrucks, police cars, and even a SWAT truck. They told Billy he was their hero.

This past month Woods Road School has been talking about what it means to be a hero. The definition is a person who is admired for showing courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. We at Woods Road School recognized our own hero, Billy Biviano. Billy, also known as Brave Billy, is a 4 year old preschool student with an inoperable brain tumor. Billy always comes to school wearing a smile on his face. He endures more than most of us can imagine, yet he continues to fight his battle with dignity and grace. On Friday, April 22, 2016, Woods Road School held a school-wide assembly with Billy and his family as our special guests. Ms. Howe and her amazing staff all came together to give this family a day they would never forget. Mrs. DiCenzo and the Brave Billy Day Committee organized the event which consisted of a "clap-out" parade throughout the building, a dance number performed by the staff to Billy's favorite song, "Shake It Off", and a beautiful video depicting some of the challenges

At the end of the assembly, the Biviano Family was presented with a generous check from a school-wide fundraiser, including donations from Hillsborough Township Emergency Personnel members. Mrs. Biviano said it best. "I just want to thank each

and every single person in this room. I can't tell you how much this truly means to us and all of your love, support and everything here today." The day was perfect from beginning to end. As our Wildcats say, "Show Character Each Day-It's the Wildcat Way!"

Go Brave Billy! We love you!

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Hillsborough Happenings

Auten Road Intermediate School—Mr. Christopher Carey, Principal

Hillsborough Mayor Visit On Friday, February 19, Hillsborough Mayor Frank DelCore visited with students on team 6C (Ms. Patrick’s classes). During his visit, Mayor DelCore talked with the students about the different levels of government: local, state and federal as well as the electoral college voting system. A big thank you to Mayor DelCore for setting aside time to come and speak to our students!

STEM Summit Auten Road hosted its annual STEM Summit (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) on Saturday, February 20. Over 300 students participated in three 40 -minute workshops, which offered handson experience in various scientific fields such as Crime Lab Chemistry (presented by the Hillsborough Police Department), Farming Technology Through Time, Star Lab, and Cyber Security. Students also had an opportunity to test their problem solving skills and scientific knowledge in a culminating science challenge at the end of the day. The Hillsborough High School Robotics Team presented a workshop to help encourage students interested in robotics to ask questions and view one of

their robots. Thank you again to all of our volunteers for helping make this day a huge success… and a very special thank you to our Home and School Association and the STEM Summit Coordinators! Grade Level Assemblies On March 7, the entire 5th grade attended an assembly featuring the a cappella vocal band Ball in the House. The band performed songs that ranged in style from doo wop, to R & B, to current pop hits. The primary goal of the assembly was to provide an educational link between vocal music taught in school and the pop music masks, and puppets introduced an that students may hear on the radio. irresistible cast of characters drawn from the world's best poems for early Prior to the program homeroom adolescents. Both assemblies were teachers were provided study guides made possible through the efforts and which outlined concepts that would be contributions of the Auten Road addressed during the assembly. Home and School Association. Topics such as: rhythm, melody, harmony, and percussion were ARIS Choir addressed, as well as songwriting and The ARIS Choir put on an amazing vocal arrangements. On March 8, the performance for families and friends 6th graders were treated to an on the evening of March 10. Thank assembly titled ―Poetry in Motion‖. you Choir Director Ms. Gabrielle Performer David Zucker presented an Chaya and the members of the ARIS exhilarating one-man show that Choir for a simply fantastic brought poetry to life. An old steamer performance! trunk brimming with props, costumes,

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough Middle School—Dr. Joseph Trybulski, Principal

Princeton native who graduated from Rutgers Universit y in 1919.

HMS Musical - Seussical, Jr. On April 14, the cast and crew of the HMS Musical Theatre Troupe reprised their production of ―Seussical, Jr.‖ for the students of Triangle Elementary School in celebration of Read Across America. The encore performance capped two weeks of triumphant shows for the ensemble cast that included Wasif Sami as JoJo Who, Steven Bizzocco as Horton the Elephant, Natalie Sheik as Gertrude McFuzz, Zoe Hack as Mayzie La Bird, Lyra Koncsol as Sour Kangaroo and Daren Kinzler as the Cat in the Hat! Over a hundred students took part in the production working behind the scenes on stage crew, costumes, make-up, sound and lighting, in addition to all of the talented actors/singers on stage under the direction of Ms. Barbara Szabo and Ms. Lucinda Ferreri and the pit band under the direction of Ms. Ciji Coates.

Paul Robeson Youth Achievement Awards Dr. Trybulski proudly congratulates Xavier Harris, Jorden Jennings, Sharon Samuel, Jared Smith, Christian Tyson, and Jehlani Wilson who were all nominated by HMS for the 26th Annual Paul Robeson Youth Achievement Awards sponsored by Raritan Valley Community College. The awards, established in 1990, honor outstanding high-achieving African American students from Somerset and Hunterdon Counties in the areas of scholarship, athletics, the arts and community se r vice . I n ad d it io n , sp e cia l ―Renaissance Scholars‖ awards are given to students who excel in all four disciplines as a reflection of the multitalented Paul Robeson, famous African -American actor/athlete/activist and

HMS Hoops for Heart Hillsborough Middle School proudly raised over $10,000 for the American Heart Association as part of our 7th annual "Hoops for Heart" event. HMS takes great pride in its yearly involvement with the Hoops for Heart program as it supports our mission to encourage students to set and achieve goals that benefit themselves and their community at large, provide them with the opportunity to improve their basketball skills, and most importantly raises awareness and funds to support the fight against heart disease and stroke. Thanks to the HMS Health & Physical Education Department and all who participated and contributed to this great event and worthy cause.

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough High School—Ms. Karen Bingert, Principal Junior AP Studio Art student, Anastasia Liu has received accolades for her gouache and ink painting, "Apparition.‖ She took second place at the Hillsborough Cultural Arts Commission's "2016 Art & Photography Exhibit," a wonderful show with over 300 images on display. Ana's work was also selected for the Morris Museum's annual Fresh Perspectives exhibit showcasing high school student talent. The 27th Annual Fresh Perspectives juried exhibition provides artistically accomplished New Jersey high school students a professionally organized museum exhibition and recognizes art teachers for nurturing these talented student artists. Ana’s work was selected from over 700 submissions. Kelsey Vieira, senior, was awarded the Achievement in Athletics Award by the Paul Robeson Institute for Ethics, Leadership, and Social Justice of Raritan Valley Community College. Nominees must be Black/African-American, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and live in Somerset/Hunterdon County. Kelsey was nominated by Mr. Brian Yarasheski for the award based on her exceptional work as a track and field athlete and academic accomplishments. Congratulations to the 2016 Hillsborough High School Scholar Athletes, Alan Dogan and Danielle Fanizzi. These seniors will be recognized by the Somerset County Principals Association at a banquet in early May for their achievements academically and in their chosen sports. Alan is a fouryear varsity tennis player, and Danielle is a one-year varsity track, two-year varsity volleyball, and three-year varsity girls lacrosse player. Both have exceptionally stellar academic records and excel at their chosen sports. This combination of scholarship and athletic involvement is what

resulted in this special recognition for each. The Hillsborough High School Wind Ensemble was selected to perform at the Metropolitan Wind Band Invitational at Roxbury High School on Saturday, April 9. This is a very prestigious accomplishment for the ensemble. The Invitational is a showcase of the talents of 20 of the finest high school instrumental ensembles in the northeast. At the invitational, each ensemble played a 30-minute concert for the audience, including several acclaimed adjudicators with backgrounds in collegiate and professional musical performance. Following their performance, the ensemble went immediately into a clinic where they had a 45-minute session with one of the adjudicators focused on performance and stage presence. Each ensemble had the benefit of working closely with the most well-known music educators in the field today. On Friday, April 8, members of the HHS Loudspeakers Club held their 2nd annual Boro Talks event. Inspired by the format of Ted Talks, the theme for the evening's talks centered around innovation and success. Both students and teachers spoke about various topics such as the qualities of success (delivered by junior Gautam Kalluri), networking (delivered by sophomore Riya Goel), and the benefits of pushing one's limits (delivered by senior Michael Lombardi). Junior Aayush Goradia, president and founder of Loudspeakers, wrapped up the evening by encouraging his audience, which consisted mostly of HHS students, to forge their own path to success. Other speakers included Tharun Karipireddy (junior), Radhika Jois (sophomore), Derek Li (junior), and Daniel Kozimbo (junior), as well as teachers Mrs. Melissa Blevins (advisor / HHS English), Mr. Daynon Blevins (HMS 8th grade Language Arts), and Mr. Eric Puma (HHS English). The event, held in the HHS

library, was well-attended, nearly doubling in attendance from last year's Boro Talks. Moving forward, members of the Loudspeakers Club will be conducting an outreach with student members of leadership groups (SLC, PRIDE, and REBEL) at HMS. The focus of the outreach is to foster communication skills as a facet of effective leadership so that they can carry the skills with them to future leadership opportunities they may encounter. Aayush Goradia, junior, was picked as an NJ Scholars participant. The New Jersey Scholars Program is a prestigious and selective five-week summer program for rising high school seniors in New Jersey. Students who are selected must go through a rigorous application and interview process. The program runs from June 26 to July 29, and the students stay in the dormitories on the campus of the Lawrenceville School for all five weeks. The main topic for this year's program is The Great War Era: Cultural Splendor or the Collapse of Civilization? Sophomore Diana Voronin made her TV debut on the TBS show America’s Greatest Makers. This is a reality competition show that infuses STEM into the next great inventions and innovations, and participants are vying for a final grand prize of $1 million. The show can be seen on TBS on Tuesdays at 9 PM. Diana’s invention, a device that can be worn on the wrist to verify that rehabilitation exercises are being done correctly (inspired by her (Continued on page 11)

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough High School—Ms. Karen Bingert, Principal (continued) running the event again next year, possibly even doing it twice!

grandfather’s recovery from a stroke), also earned Diana an invitation to the White House Science Fair with President Barack Obama. Be sure to watch the show to see how our young inventor does and if a Raider takes home the grand prize! The HHS Sophomore Class organized and ran its first Pirate and Princess activity, filled with tons of fun activities for younger students. Met with rave reviews by the kids and their parents, the class looks forward to

The HHS iSTEM Club was featured in the IEEE Electron Devices Society newsletter for April 2016. HHS teacher Dr. Jerry Silver co-advises and co-authored the article with Nagi Naganathan of the IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section, which described the progress made by the club in its bi-weekly meetings on building a quadcopter, covering everything from assembly to digital logic. The ―Every 15 Minutes‖ program was held on April 14 and 15, which included a simulated car accident resulting in injuries

and deaths, the trial and sentencing of the driver, and a memorial service that reflects on how the decision to drink and drive can have devastating effects on so many lives. This profoundly moving program also included a guest speaker, Karen Wall, whose son Steven was killed by a drunk driver when he was 22-years-old. With the combined efforts of the many emergency responders, other community organizations, HHS staff (notably Mrs. Rebecca Balaguer and Ms. Kaitlyn Adams who organized the event), student and parent volunteers, and many other participants, seniors were exposed to a program that we hope will lead them to sound decision-making about never mixing drinking and driving. This is also a very timely message now that prom and graduation season is upon us. On a related note, parents are urged to remember that hosting parties where alcohol is served can be equally devastating, life-changing, and life-ending, not to mention the financial and legal repercussions that pale in comparison to the loss of a young life. The HHS Guidance Department hosted the 10th Annual College Fair on March 30. Representatives from 132 colleges, universities, technical schools and the military were present at the fair and over 1100 students and families attended. Over 50 National Honor Society students volunteered their time at the program and did a wonderful job helping with the setup of the fair, as well as assisting the representatives throughout the event.

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Hillsborough Happenings

Looking Ahead on the District Calendar May 9—Board of Education Meeting May 10—Steered Straight Presentation May 13—HHS Senior Prom May 23—Board of Education Meeting May 27—Memorial Day Holiday—Schools Closed May 30—Memorial Day Holiday—Schools Closed May 31—HMS Grade 7 Parent Orientation June 1—ARIS Grade 5 Parent Orientation June 2—HHS Senior Awards Ceremony

Please visit the district’s website, www.htps.us for additional events and details. Assistant Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Lisa Antunes (continued) 2. A hostile email may make the situation worse and tends to make people defensive. 3. A positive tone in your emails can set the stage for a cordial relationship with teachers. The rules for civility in email are the same as in meetings.

4. Do not be concerned if you do not hear back from the teacher immediately. District practice is to respond to parents’ emails within 48 to 72 hours. Not only does each teacher have many students for whom they are concerned and care about, but keep in mind that

teachers may be out ill or involved in school or district meetings. Typically everyone in the school community has the best interest of your child at the forefront of his/ her mind. Assuming good intentions is the way to enter into any correspondence; especially those related to your child(ren).

Life Skills—Mrs. Minda Maggio, Coordinator “Steered Straight” is Coming to Hillsborough on Tuesday, May 10th! In New Jersey and across America, we are dealing with a social crisis unlike any we’ve ever experienced. We are more likely to lose our loved ones to an accidental drug overdose than to a car accident. It is a growing epidemic across the country and it is affecting new demographics in devastating ways. All communities are being affected, and suburban and rural communities are being affected in greater numbers than ever before. Prescription drug overdoses and overdose deaths have dramatically increased, as has heroin. Alcohol and marijuana use by youth has increased. With the contradicting messaging that

youth get about these social issues, it is important that parents are educated about the truth. We must get beyond the stigma that it can’t happen in our families and communities. Come hear Michael DeLeon speak and participate in a question and answer discussion. Parents will:  Learn about the latest drug trends  Learn about the signs and symptoms to watch for  Be better equipped to speak with their children  Be given tips and advice as to how to better prevent drug and

alcohol use from affecting their children Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Location: Hillsborough Municipal Building – Multipurpose Room Time: 7:00pm Sponsored by: The Hillsborough/ Millstone Municipal Alliance and Life Skills Contact Minda Maggio ([email protected] or (908) 4316600 ext. 2809 with any questions.