Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools

Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools

Hillsborough Happenings The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will ...

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Hillsborough Happenings - Hillsborough Township Public Schools
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Hillsborough Happenings The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will lead us successfully and responsibly into the future. ~Hillsborough Township School District Mission Statement Volume 9 Issue 1

October 2015

Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Jorden Schiff Jorden Schiff, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Lisa M. Antunes, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Aiman Mahmoud Business Administrator/ Board Secretary Joel Handler Director of Technology Education Michael Volpe Director of Human Resources Kathryn Warlick Director of Special Services

Board of Education Thomas Kinst President Jennifer Haley Vice President Dana Boguszewski Deena Centofanti Steven Cohen Debashis Dutta Gregory Gillette Judith Haas Lorraine A. Soisson

The months of September and October were filled with opening day excitement, new schools for our 5th, 7th and 9th graders, meeting teachers and learning schedules. The hallways were full of eager students and our dedicated, talented teachers ready for a new school year. During the month of October, district and community also embarked on the development of a five-year Strategic Plan. There were public planning sessions on October 6 and October 21 with a third session scheduled for November 18. The turnout has been outstanding and the input from stakeholders is meaningful and reflective of where we see the district moving into the next decade. The third public session on November 18 will continue to prioritize the needs of the district and action steps to address the identified needs. Finally on December 8, there will be a public data session to review community strengths and vulnerabilities such as demographics, student enrollment, fiscal resources, and economic development as they relate to identified Strategic

Plan goals. Visit the district website for minutes from and videos of the public planning sessions. The Fall athletic season and Hillsborough Raider Marching band activities are in full swing. The Hillsborough High School Marching Band hosted the 22nd Annual Hillsborough Raider Marching Band Festival at Noonan Field. The evening culminated with a performance from our own award-winning marching band and colorguard performing their 2015 show titled Mad World. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that they can access a paperless board agenda prior to each Board of Education meeting from our website: http://board.htps.us. You may also subscribe and receive notifications when an upcoming board meeting agenda is available. This is a useful way to follow the activities of the board if you are not able to attend the meetings.

Assistant Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Lisa M. Antunes Chain of Command As a parent, to whom do you reach out when you have a question or concern? Where do you begin? Communication may occur in three (3) ways, via email, a phone call, or a request for a conference / meeting.

and finally the district content area supervisor (if applicable) will close the loop on the chain of command. If confusion or dissatisfaction continues then a call or email to the central office would be appropriate. The last step in the chain of command would be an email to the Board of Education or speaking publicly at a Board of While the chain of command may differ slightly Education meeting. dependent upon your specific situation and building, typically, if a concern or query exists, the Keeping in mind that everyone wants what is best place to begin is with your child’s teacher. best for all students, it is important to remember The teachers are closest to your children on a that our district has an enrollment of daily basis, therefore making them most likely to approximately 7200 students district-wide. As a answer any questions or queries quickly and result, and in most cases, it would be reasonable efficiently. Reaching out to the guidance to expect a response anytime within the 48 – 72 counselor or vice principal (where applicable) is hour timeframe barring any unforeseen an appropriate next step. The building principal (Continued on page 12)

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Amsterdam Elementary School—Dr. Mary Ann Mullady, Principal is what made this happen and that is what Amsterdam School represents.

Amsterdam School—25 Years of Excellence Zoom into school! That is how Amsterdam School started the 2015-2016 school year. From Day One, we started the ABC’s of Amsterdam School’s 25 years. To honor this incredible milestone, we crawled backwards through the alphabet. Every day was an adventure as we celebrated Amsterdam School’s special birthday with a different letter! One of the highlights of the march through the alphabet was Visit the Future Day. Students were challenged to use their imaginations and draw a picture of Amsterdam School in 2040! We were all very impressed with the creative thinking of our students. We challenged the students on L day to write what they love about Amsterdam School. Over 300 students participated in this activity. The common themes were learning, fun and our great teachers! On M Day, students were asked to share their favorite memory. We shared these special memories during morning announcements. On N Day, we wrote 25 in as many ways we could. There were much more than 25 ways to write that number! We proved that Oh! There are things we can change! on O Day. Amsterdam School collected 25 boxes of food to donate to the Food Bank. We helped to change hunger! This was our gift to our community. On October 12, we finally reached A— Amsterdam School Day! It was the 25th day of the 25th year!‖

wide assembly took place based on the theme of ―then and now‖. Students and staff arrived wearing our school colors or our 25th birthday special edition tee shirt. Students were entertained with a teacher dance off—dances of the 90’s vs. dances of today. Our Amsterdam Eagle even joined in the fun. Students were then asked to guess what some everyday items of the 90’s were. Students were baffled by beepers and road maps but clearly knew what cell phones and GPSs looked like! Several students read their pieces which depicted what they loved about Amsterdam School. Their heartfelt sentiments truly verified that Amsterdam School is and has been a special place for children for the past 25 years.

October was Fire Safety Month. The primary grades had an opportunity to visit with the Woods Road Fire Company on October 14. The big red fire truck is always a hit with our young students! The firemen delivered a strong message about fire prevention. The Week of Respect took place from October 5 through October 9. During this week, students participated in activities which focus on respect for others and anti-bullying strategies. Our 3rd grade students had the opportunity to Ask the State Assemblyman on October 14. Jack Ciattarelli visited our school as part of the Civics, Government and Human Rights Social Studies Units. Assemblyman Ciattarelli was able to give the students an overview of his responsibilities as assemblyman and speak to issues such as majority rule, veto override, how laws are made and our system of checks and balances. He answered the students’ questions expertly and served as an excellent role model for our impressionable 3rd graders.

We were honored to have three special guests join us. Dr. Robert Guilick, former Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jorden Schiff, Superintendent of Schools and Mr. Theodore Smith, first principal of Amsterdam School shared their own special memories of Amsterdam School with the student body. In the evening, Amsterdam School hosted a social for former students, staff members and friends of Amsterdam School. We are certainly moving forward to making this a memorable year at In anticipation of the ―big day‖, we Amsterdam School and are looking participated in a group school photo in the forward to 25 more years of shape of the number 25. Thank you to the excellence in education. Woods Road Fire Company and Milan Rose for your help with this project! A special thank you to our Buildings & On Amsterdam School Day we celebrated Grounds Department for painting the the 25th birthday of our fine school. A school- GIANT 25 on our lawn! Teamwork…that

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Hillsborough Elementary School—Ms. Susan Eckstein, Principal Hillsborough Elementary School has filled the first two months of school with wonderful opportunities for students to be really excited about learning.

shine by teaching their peers about respect and fairness.

This year, our motto is, "HES—Where Kindness and Good Character Shine Through!" Each month, teachers are nominating one student who went above and beyond to demonstrate the character trait of the month. These students are recognized with a certificate at a schoolwide assembly. At each assembly, our Character Education co-chairs, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Fox, ask students to reflect on last month's trait and introduce the new trait. So far, Mrs. Wright's and Mrs. Moore's 4th grade classes have had the chance to

Mrs. Drill and Mrs. Thompson’s 1st and 2nd grade students have been busy working on their personal narratives. The children spent most of September and October brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing their first writing pieces of the school year. As part of the brainstorming process, the children were taught how to incorporate sensory details into their narrative writing. Mrs. Drill and Mrs. Thompson took their classes outside to gain some hands-on experience about sensory details. Each child wrote about what he or she saw, heard, touched, smelled, and tasted. It was a fun and memorable learning experience for this great group of students! In addition, all 2nd grade classes have implemented and are currently engaged in the Personal Narrative Units for both Reading and Writing. They have collectively agreed upon the units’ supporting materials which include culturally diverse literature such as: "Owl Moon", "The Keeping Quilt", "Ma Dear's Aprons", "How My Parents Learned to Eat", and "My Abuelita". HES students learned all about fire safety in their classes during the month of October. Fire fighters visited the school to reinforce fire safety procedures and rules. The students loved seeing the real trucks and learning all about the equipment they use to fight fires. They learned that fires can be scary but not to be afraid of the fire fighters who come to the rescue. The firefighters showed the children the gear they wear, explaining how it works,

and then demonstrated what firefighters might look like in full gear when they go to fight a fire. "Stop, drop, and roll" and "Stay low and go" were just some of the phrases the fire fighters reinforced with our students. HES had its annual Book Fair in October. The library was transformed into a bookstore, and students were eager to shop for books during the school day and at family night. The profits will be used to purchase library books, books for the classrooms, and magazine subscriptions. We were lucky to have so many wonderful parent volunteers who assisted with the book fair! A special recognition goes to HSA members Danni Olney and Andrea Haynie for serving as the cochairs for the Book Fair. On October 22 the 3rd grade teachers, along with the ASI staff and resource teachers, welcomed 3rd grade students and their parents to the 5th Annual Reading is Thinking Night. During this special evening event, teachers volunteered their time and worked with parents to show them how best to read with and to their children to make them better readers. Parents and students rotated together through three (Continued on page 11)

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Sunnymead Elementary School—Dr. Tammy Jenkins, Principal

National Day of Writing I don't know about you, but when I think of fall, I think about a tropical rain forest. OK, maybe not what you had in mind? Well the teachers at Sunnymead Elementary School thought otherwise, and rather than focus on the changing colors of fall leaves, the plethora of pumpkin flavored coffees and Halloween costumes, they decided to create a rain forest on the stage of their school to commemorate the National Day of Writing. This nationally recognized day has turned into quite an event at Sunnymead. To make this year's day extra special, both Dawn Purdy (Writing Specialist), Ari Dlugacz (Art Teacher), and teacher and parent volunteers from every grade level

collaborated to create a one of a kind experience for the children. The rain forest was constructed to invite students to use their senses of sound, sight, and imagination to write creatively about their jungle excursion. There was a giant tree with a canopy of branches, leaves, vines, and wild flowers. Animals of every kind, including sloths and monkeys, hung down from above the students, just to see what they were writing. A waterfall, and the calming sounds of the forest, helped the children immerse themselves in their surroundings. The results were truly wonderful, as the richness of the students' words came to life, along with the animals in the jungle. A terrific couple of

days were had by all students at Sunnymead Elementary School. The Week of Respect At Sunnymead School, we place a high priority on teaching our students the importance of respect and how to show it. The week of October 5-9 is designated by the State of New Jersey as the Week of Respect, a week dedicated to preventing bullying, teaching children to appreciate diversity, and to understand and appreciate the individual strengths of everyone. The students have done a wonderful job demonstrating the many different ways that they show respect to others!

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Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

Triangle Elementary School—Mrs. Lisa Heisel, Principal

Wow! Time sure does fly by! It’s hard to believe that two months of school have already passed! The school year got off to a great start in September with several fun activities. Stripes met students at the bus on the first day of school and we had our first Drop Everything and Dance on September 4. The month of October was an exciting one at Triangle School! Sports Day and Triangle Colors Spirit Days were held, as well as ending the month with our Halloween Parade.

Facebook for updated pictures of November proves to be even all school events. more exciting, beginning with our annual Veterans Day celebration T r i a n g l e S c h o o l … I t ’ s which will be held on November GRRRREAT!!!! 11. Be sure to check the Triangle School website, Twitter and

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Woodfern Elementary School—Mr. Steven Kerrigan, Principal

On September 3, thirteen buses and vans pulled into the Woodfern School parking lot and over 360 of our Woodfern Roadrunners began the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. Our caring staff greeted students outside and helped usher everyone into the school for an exciting first day of school. Woodfern kicked off its celebration of the Week of Respect during the week of October 3-9 with a school-wide assembly. In addition to respect, Woodfern also focused on kindness. Our School Climate Committee

prepared a v i d e o presentation s h o w i n g examples of being kind and why it is important to show kindness to everyone. Teachers were provided with additional resources to expand the ―conversation of kindness‖ in their classrooms. At the assembly, the Roadrunner made his first appearance and encouraged students to remember that ―KINDNESS COUNTS.‖ Students took his advice to heart and during the rest of the month, students earned ―high -fives‖ for doing unexpected acts of kindness. A tree displaying these hands stands prominently at the entrance to our

school. This continuously ―growing‖ tree serves as a visual representation of how kind everyone at Woodfern is. Our Home and School Association arranged for a Pillars of Character Magic Show assembly for all students. This was a fun and exciting way to review with students the importance of having good character and making good decisions. Woodfern is off to a great start this year!

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Woods Road School—Ms. Jodi Howe, Principal October was another exciting month at Woods Road School. Our annual Fall Family Fun Festival was held on October 10. It was a fun-filled Saturday where students were able to participate in outdoor activities, snacks, crafts, pumpkin decorating, dancing, and ―Trunk or Treat.‖ We had a very productive ―Week of Respect‖ in which children learned how to treat others with kindness and respect during the school day. Children learned not to be unkind to others and certainly not to act like a bully does. I must say, there is a very peaceful climate at Woods Road School which maximizes learning as children feel happy and secure. Thank you for continuing to reinforce respectful behavior at home as well. On October 20, Woods Road School celebrated the National Day on Writing with Drop Everything and Write (DEW). Everyone moved to an inspirational spot and silently wrote for 20 minutes. Students wrote about fantasy, sports, science fiction, and true stories. Other activities included writing a cross-grade level story. Ms. Kate’s, Miss Lauryn’s, and Ms. Kristin’s classes as well as our Kindergarten and TP students visited Norz Hill Farm for a field trip. The students were able to learn more about the life cycle of a pumpkin, tour the farm, feed the animals, pick a pumpkin and a gourd, and enjoy a hay ride. It sure was an actionpacked day on the farm! Red Ribbon Week was celebrated October 26—30. There were many activities planned throughout the week such as, Follow Your Dreams—Don’t Do Drugs in which students and staff wore pajamas to school, Hair’s To A Drug-Free Life—crazy hair day, Wear Red Day,

Show WRS Is Drug Free—wear spirit wear or school colors and ―Say BOO To Drugs‖—wear your Halloween costume. Special Delivery Diani Vaca in Miss Bonick's class received a special piece of mail from The White House! In September, all 4th grade students wrote letters and mailed their Flat Stanley to various places around the United States in hopes of hearing back about his travels and adventures through a journal log and photos. This activity cultivates cross-curricular concepts such as friendly letter writing (literacy), as well as regions (social studies). Everyone was excited to gather and share our first returning friend to the classroom! The package included photos of President Barack Obama, The First Family, and even the family

dogs, Bo and Sunny! They also received a personalized letter, as well as a map with details of each room that Flat Stanley visited and the exciting sights he observed. The 4th grade students are very much looking forward to seeing our Flat Stanleys begin their return to Woods Road and enjoy all the sights they have seen, as we track them on our classroom map throughout the year! We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather for our annual Halloween parade on October 30. This year the theme for Woods Road staff was Fire Chief Ms. Howe with her Dashing Dalmatians. We had so much fun seeing all of the wonderful costumes. As a culminating activity, students participated in making a Halloween-themed craft.

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Hillsborough Happenings

Auten Road Intermediate School—Mr. Christopher Carey, Principal Advisory Program Auten Road Intermediate School is proud to continue its Advisory Program this year titled: Circle of Power and Respect (CPR). Advisory time takes place each Friday morning during homeroom. During this time, students have an opportunity to bond and share, with the expectation of creating a more cohesive social community within their teams, throughout the school, and elsewhere in their lives. The staff at Auten Road Intermediate School believes that students who connect with their peers, their schools, and their learning experience are more successful both socially and academically. Throughout the year, our students will learn the importance of the pillars of character education: responsibility, respect, citizenship, trust, and caring. Additionally, they will gain the tools to improve their social skills, problem solving, and community building. Back-To-School Nights On Thursday, September 24 and Thursday, October 1, ARIS hosted its Grade 5 and Grade 6 Back-to-School Nights, respectively. To begin each evening, families met in the school’s cafe for a few opening remarks. At 7:00pm, families reported to their child’s homeroom and proceeded to visit their child’s daily schedule of classes. Throughout the night teachers explained the goals of their class and shared information about their teaching style, methodology, and grading policy. Back-to -School night is always an exciting time and on behalf of the entire faculty and staff at ARIS: Thank you to all of our families for coming out to support your child’s education. We are all looking forward to a great school year! Please check out the following ―Growth Mindset‖ resources.

Hillsborough Fire Department Visits 5th Grade On Thursday, October 17, representatives from the Hillsborough Fire Department visited with 5th grade students. Students gained first-hand knowledge and understanding of fire safety and prevention. A special thank you to all the Hillsborough Firefighters… we appreciate all that you do each and every day to keep us safe! Week of Respect & School Safety Week During the Week of Respect (October 5 – 9), ARIS was pleased to have performers from The George Street Playhouse (New Brunswick, NJ) visit for two assemblies. On Monday, October 5, the entire 6th grade was treated to an assembly titled ―Austin the Unstoppable‖. On Friday, October 9, all 5th grade students attended an assembly titled ―New Kid‖. Each assembly discussed the theme of conflict resolution, making good choices, and standing up for what is right. Thank you to the Auten Road Home & School Association for making these performances possible! As part of School Safety Week (October 19-23), students began their day on Friday, October 23 by practicing evacuating safely from their bus by following their bus driver’s directions. Once in homeroom, students spent the advisory period as a group and began with a discussion on who is someone that students can go to for help when they feel unsafe. After this discussion, the students greeted each other and shared a safety tip for home, school, on the bus,

or online. From there, students worked in small groups to create a safety tip poster on one of the following topics: safety on the playground, safety in the cafeteria, safety in the hallway, safety online, safety in the classroom and safety on the bus. To wrap up the homeroom, students and staff shared the following message: ―Now that we have shared and learned even more safety tips, we can work together to make our school and our community an even safer place than it was before.‖ During lunch time that day representatives from the Hillsborough Township Police Department came out to meet with students and talk about their job and how they keep us safe. Thank you to the entire Hillsborough Township Police Department for keeping us safe each and every day.

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough Middle School—Dr. Joseph Trybulski, Principal

HMS Student Council Dr. Trybulski recently congratulated Varun Deb as the newly elected president of the HMS Student Council. Along with Varun the following officers were also elected to the governing board for 2015-16: Vice President Adam Gottlieb, Treasurer/Fundraising Chair Alexa Swetz, and Secretary Payton Altman. The Student Council works with the school administration to develop school policies and social events that support student life at HMS. All of the candidates for office spoke to the issues facing the school and their vision for improvement before assemblies of the entire student body. The members of the

H M S Student Council who ran for t h e governing b o a r d positions included: Devansh Agarwal, Emily Chu, Nick Fanizzi, Jeffrey Jiang, Ty Kang, Morgan Krempaski, Michelle Masiello, Adarsh Mavathaveeda, Cole Monte, Jena Myers, Ishwari Nagnur, Shreyas Pani, Niyati Ramanathan, Dimitri Ramirez, Alex Robuck, Wasif Sami, Janush Shah, Natalie Sheik, Heather Suraci, Aidan Szabo, and Remy Vailhe. Book Fair The Scholastic Book Fair recently visited HMS during the week of October 5-9. Thanks to the work of Kathleen LoBiondo and Deanna Cannatelli along with a cadre of volunteers from the HMS Home & School Association, the Book Fair sold over 1,000 books and raised close to

$2,500 in donations (cash and Scholastic School Dollars) for HMS. In addition to promoting the importance and love of reading at HMS, the Book Fair also raised charitable donations, matched by Scholastic, to support the distribution of books to less fortunate communities via the ―Kids in Need Foundation‖. Digital Citizenship Week HMS extended homeroom on October 23 for our first of four school-wide conversations about Digital Citizenship. Our first topic of the year focused on ―Internet-site Reliability: How to tell what’s real, fake or biased‖ for 8th grade students and ―Social Media and Cyberbullying: Crossing the line‖ for 7th grade students. Our program for the 2015-16 school year was developed by the HMS Digital Citizenship Committee with input from HMS students and resources drawn in part from Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org).

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough High School—Ms. Karen Bingert, Principal At the start of each school year, students and staff enter the hallways and classrooms looking forward to the new opportunities and experiences to come. Sometimes, however, before we can start moving forward, we need to take a moment to look back at past successes and accomplishments, which is certainly the case for the 2014-15 boys and girls swim teams. S p o n s o r e d b y t h e N a t io n a l Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA), Hillsborough High School student-athletes were recognized in July for their athletic and academic prowess: Earning All-American ranking for having one of the top 100 swims in the country - Girls: Megan Bull - 94th - 200 Individual Medley; Julieyanna Parker - 42nd - 100 Butterfly. Boys: 200 Freestyle Relay - 49th - Brad Zdroik, Matt Sanders, Danny Sanders, and Sam Hendrix; 400 Freestyle Relay - 74th - Sam Hendrix, Ryan Morgan, Danny Sanders, and Brad Zdroik. Brad Zdroik -56 th - 50 Freestyle, 47th - 100 Butterfly, 30th 100 Freestyle. Earning a Scholar Team Award for their combined GPA Ranking – Girls - 3.862 GPA - 13th - GOLD award (a higher ranking than last year). Boys 3.709 GPA - 23rd - SILVER award. Earning Academic All-American Ranking for 12th grade athletes with a GPA of 3.75 or higher - Girls: Cindy Ni, Deborah Stoddard. Boys: Jacob Gonzalez, Ryan Morgan, Kian O'Brien, Brad Zdroik.

Congratulations to Rhea Bolar, junior, who won National Queens at the American Rose Society’s Fall National Rose Show in Syracuse, NY. Rhea won Floribunda Queen and a National Challenge trophy for the Fred Edmunds, Sr., Memorial Youth Award. Junior Joyce Lu was accepted into the National Association for Music Education’s National Honors Symphony Orchestra. A member of the HHS orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Mederos, Joyce qualified for an audition through her selection to and membership in the All-State Orchestra. A violinist, Joyce competed against a large pool of very talented violinists, earning her placement in this prestigious national orchestra. This month, Joyce will perform with the orchestra at the historic Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN. Congratulations to the following students, who earned Letters of Commendation for outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in 2014: Owen Bromley, Pavleen Cheema, Echo Chen, Caitlin Decker, Megan Decker, Jay Holcombe, Michael Huang, Morgan Hughes, Andrew John, Viswajit Kandula, Arjun Khare, Elias Ku, Joshua Liu, Debbie Ma, Nicholas Masiakowski, Lauren Matthews, Shannon McNaul, Konstantin Rezchikov, Viral Shanker, Gauransu Sharma, Benjamin Trybulski, Vivek Verghese, Elena Wei, William Yan.

In May, choral director Ms. Julianna LoBiondo took the HHS auditioned vocal ensembles to the New Jersey American Choral Directors Association’s High School Choral Festival at Rutgers University. A few days later, Ms. LoBiondo was contacted by a representative connected with Kate Winslet’s nonprofit organization, ―Golden Hat Foundation,‖ and Carnegie Hall, inviting 50 of our student vocalists to participate in Tim Janis’ ―An American Christmas Carol‖ at Carnegie Hall on December 4, 2015. Our vocalists will be sharing the stage with Sarah McLachlan, Zachary Levi, and Ioan Gruffudd to support Winslet’s organization (raising awareness about autism) and the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, that provides free music instruction to underserved youth. This is bound to be a night to remember for our HHS singers! In the not-too-distant future, Hillsborough High School will be holding parent-teacher conferences on November 23 and 24. Be on the lookout for information sent home via instant alert about scheduling appointments. Back-to-School Night to start the year is a great way to get a sense of what your child’s classes will entail, but conferences truly allow you to get first-hand feedback to help ―our‖ students meet with success. Remember that conferences can also be times to discuss good news, not just areas needing improvement, so don’t miss the chance to connect with the teachers!

Hillsborough Happenings Hillsborough Happenings

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Hillsborough Elementary School—Ms. Susan Eckstein, Principal (continued) classrooms where teachers guided them on how to question their young readers, help them make inferences from their reading, learn how to use context clues, and uncover the meaning of unknown words. Over 55 3rd grade families were in attendance, and parents and children agreed that if adults take an active role in helping their children read, they will indeed become more fluent, confident readers with a better understanding of literature. At the end of the evening, one child in attendance from each class won a Barnes & Noble gift card. It was certainly a rewarding evening for all involved. The students at HES participated in the yearly Dark Gym during physical education class with Ms. Rutz and Mr. Jenkins. For this experience the main lights to the gym are turned off, and the room is lit using holiday lights that are white, orange, purple, and green. Also in the gym ten stations were set up related to the fall season. At each station students practiced various skills which they use in physical education class. Students used the skill of throwing to knock the Cats Off the Fence and Knock Over the Monster Tonsil. They used putting skills to putt through the Haunted House and Under the Spider. Students used rolling skills to knock over the mummies and used counting skills to count bats in the bat castle. The students at HES had a wonderful time ex pl oring and participating in the stations at the Dark Gym and look forward to this activity every year. October proved to be a SPOOKtacular month for one particular 4th grade class at HES. Thanks to a grant from the HSA, on October 23 Mrs. Krawski

accompanied Mrs. Wright and her 4th grade class to the Montgomery Senior Center. There they were given the opportunity to participate in a series of ―Minute to Win It‖ challenges against a 4th grade class of Montgomery students. Senior residents and Rotary Club members were bused in from both Montgomery and Hillsborough to cheer the students on and partake in some FUNtastic challenges as well. Participants engaged in events such as: Roller Down, Movin’ on Up, Johnny Applestack, and Separation Anxiety to name just a few. Good sportsmanship was apparent as members from each team cheered and congratulated one another amidst piles of tissues, sorted M&M’s, and marshmallows flying through the air. In a breathtaking tiebreaker finish of ―Rock, Paper, Scissors‖ Montgomery came out the victors this year, but the pride felt by all and the smiles that were put on the senior citizens’ faces certainly made everyone a winner at this year’s event! The children in Miss Visicaro’s Kindergarten class have been practicing tricky sight words during Guided Reading and Literacy Centers. The ―Write the Room‖ center was a class favorite because the children get up and move while practicing their sight words. Halloween-themed cards were placed around the room, and the students found the words and recorded them on their recording sheet. Providing the children with clipboards made this activity even more exciting! October was SOCKtober at HES! During the month, students and families cleaned out their sock drawer

and brought in all their old and lonely socks to school. Miss Mistretta's 1st and Mrs. Wright's 4th grade classes worked together to turn these donated socks into cat toys to be given to the Franklin Township Animal Shelter. Students stuffed and knotted 450 purrfect socks! It was a meow-velous community service project. The 1st grade team celebrated Monster Mash on Friday, October 23. It was the culminating activity to their monster unit, in which they talked about conquering fears. Students engaged in cross-curricular activities, including playing monster math games, reading monster stories, and completing monster writing activities. Students and teachers enjoyed different center activities throughout the day. It was a boo-tiful day! The month of October ended with a joyfully scary celebration of Halloween, as our students and staff dressed up and participated in the annual Halloween parade for the parents. It was impossible not to smile at all of our little stars proudly showing off their costumes. Whew! Hillsborough Elementary has been up to a lot already this school year, and our students, staff, and parents have seized every opportunity to make learning at school and at home fun, engaging, and memorable.

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Hillsborough Happenings

Looking Ahead on the District Calendar November 12—End of Marking Period #1 November 18—Strategic Planning Meeting November 20—Half-day Grades K-6 (Conferences) November 23—Half-day Grades K-6 (Conferences) November 23—Board of Education Meeting November 24—Half-day Grades K-12 (Conferences) November 25—Half-day (Thanksgiving Recess) November 26-27—All Schools Closed (Thanksgiving Recess) December 7—Board of Education Meeting December 8—Strategic Planning Meeting December 21—Board of Education Meeting

Please visit the district’s website, www.htps.us for additional events and details.

Assistant Superintendent’s Message—Dr. Lisa Antunes (continued) circumstances including, but not limited to, teacher or administrator illness or meetings both in and out of district, observation and evaluations commitments, state assessment periods, and specific times throughout the year. A response may simply be an acknowledgement of the email, phone call, or request for a conference to the

answer / clarification being sought. If it is indeed a simple acknowledgement it would be appropriate to expect further communication either within the time frame noted by the teacher or administrator in the acknowledgement or within a mutually agreed upon time frame.

As a parent and a partner in your child’s education, never hesitate to pursue further discussion with those that may be able to assist you at the level that would have the most readily available information about your child knowing that there is always another person ready and willing to assist should it become necessary.

Life Skills—Hillsborough Celebrates Red Ribbon Week—Mrs. Minda Maggio Red Ribbon Week was celebrated in Hillsborough Township Public Schools and the community throughout the month of October. The Red Ribbon Campaign was started when drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered DEA Agent Kiki Camarena in 1985. This began the continuing nationwide tradition of displaying red ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs. The mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment towards the creation of a Drug-Free America. This year’s theme was ―RESPECT YOURSELF. BE DRUG FREE!‖ Hillsborough has celebrated Red Ribbon Week for over 20 years! Various

activities within the schools and the community were held to celebrate. Activities included a Township Proclamation, a Board of Education Proclamation and a ceremony at the varsity football game held on October 9. Additionally there were trivia contests in many schools, a community-wide poster contest, door decorating contests and an assembly for the freshman at the high school. As part of Red Ribbon Week, the district hosted the annual ―I Can, You Can, We Can Be Drug Free‖ canned food drive. The district collected almost 100 bags of canned food and personal items! These items were donated to The Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (SHIP) in Somerville.

SHIP serves all of Somerset County with programs and services to address the needs of the people in the area. These services include emergency interim housing, meals and counseling services. SHIP was grateful for the generosity of Hillsborough Township Public Schools. ―On behalf of those you helped, please accept our gratitude and appreciation. Be at peace, and know that you have touched the hearts and souls of these people,‖ said Tom O’Leary, Executive Director of SHIP. Thanks to everyone involved for another successful Red Ribbon Week!