History of Nahunta Pork Center

History of Nahunta Pork Center

History of Nahunta Pork Center NAHUNTA PORK CENTER (Pikeville Location) 200 Bertie Pierce Road • Pikeville, NC 27863 (919) 242-4735 DIRECTIONS: Fr...

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History of Nahunta Pork Center

NAHUNTA PORK CENTER (Pikeville Location)

200 Bertie Pierce Road • Pikeville, NC 27863

(919) 242-4735

DIRECTIONS: From Goldsboro: • Take Hwy 70 West to Hwy 581 North, then 6 miles • Turn left onto Nahunta Road • Nahunta Pork Center is 1 mile on right From Raleigh: • Take Hwy 70 East to Princeton, turn left onto Rains Mill Road, then 2.2 miles • Turn left onto Hickory Crossroads Road, then 1.2 miles • Turn right onto Shannon Road (road becomes Bertie Pierce Road) • Nahunta Pork Center is 1.55 miles on left From Wilson: • Take Hwy 301 South through Lucama • Turn left onto Aycock’s Crossing Road (road becomes Upper Black Creek Church Road & Hwy 581 South), then 8.85 miles • Turn right onto Nahunta Road • Nahunta Pork Center is 1 mile on right


North Carolina State Farmer’s Market 1201 Agriculture Street • Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 831-1848

In 1975, a new kind of store opened in the small rural community of Nahunta. Mack Pierce had run Nahunta Hog Market and Slaughter House since the 1950s. Expanding this business, Mack remodeled a bulk tobacco barn and began a small pork retail center. His plan was to build on the success of his hog-buying station and custom slaughtering plant by offering fresh pork products directly to the community.

DIRECTIONS: • NC State Farmer’s Market is located just off I-40 at exit 297. Take Lake Wheeler Road North, then Centennial Parkway West • Turn onto Farmer’s Market Road North • Nahunta Pork Center Outlet is located in the northwest corner of the Farmer’s Market complex

Quality and care were our core values from the very start. In his first week in business, Mack and his crew processed a grand total of three hogs, working slowly and carefully to produce the very best meat. The meat sold out in a matter of hours. It was at that point Mack and the crew realized they were on to something.

Email: [email protected] www.nahuntapork.com

Visit us on the web at www.nahuntapork.com

Nahunta Pork Center Today

Products of Nahunta Pork Center When you’re looking for fresh pork, come to Nahunta Pork Center. We have a variety of delicious pork products available for customers throughout North Carolina, with all cuts available. Whether you’re looking for a whole pig for a barbecue, country cured products for a family gathering, or pork sausage and bacon for the best breakfast of the week, you’ll find it here. COUNTRY CURED PRODUCTS • Country Cured Whole Hams • Country Cured Ham Slices • Country Cured Biscuit Ham • Country Cured Ham Hocks • Country Cured Ham Chunks • Country Cured Ham Trimmings • Country Cured Side Meat • Country Cured Shoulders SALTED PRODUCTS • Salted Fatback • Salted Side Meat SMOKED PRODUCTS • Smoked Bacon • Smoked Country-Style Bacon • Smoked Seasoning Bones • Smoked Hocks • Smoked Roast • Smoked Chops • Smoked Picnic Shoulders • Smoked Bone-In Hams • Smoked Boneless Hams • Smoked Deli Ham

Today, Nahunta Pork Center is the largest retail center of its kind, not only in the Raleigh, NC and Goldsboro,NC area,but in the entire eastern United States. We’ve stayed true to our values, producing the best pork products in a friendly, down-home atmosphere. Our country sausage is still made from an old family recipe, and our country cured hams are hand-rubbed in salt and spices before aging over several months to produce that true country ham flavor. It’s no wonder that our customers come back to us again and again.

FULLY-COOKED PRODUCTS • Pork Chitterlings • Pork Chitterling Loaf • Liver Pudding • Souse • BBQ Spare Ribs • BBQ Pork • Cracklings • Puff Skins • Brown Skins • Lard

If you are hungry for delicious pork products, you’ll find all that you’re looking for at Nahunta Pork Center. Come and visit us in Pikeville or the North Carolina State Farmers’ Market in Raleigh and see what we’re all about! Pikeville Location Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Sunday: Closed

Raleigh Location Hours Wednesday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

SAUSAGE PRODUCTS • Country Sausage • Breakfast Link • Italian Sausage • Smoked Sausage • Tom Thumbs BBQ SAUCES/RUBS • Nahunta’s Sweet & Spicy Sauce • Nahunta’s Zesty Sauce • Big M’s Sauce (Hot, Mild) • Jim’s Own Sauce (Hot, Mild, Smokey, Mustard) • Charlie Mills Sauce • Holland Grill Carolina Rub • Holland Grill Chop Rub • Jim’s Own Rub (Mild, Smokey) FRESH PRODUCTS • Fresh Whole BBQ Pigs • Fresh Pig Quarters • Fresh Whole Loin Sliced • Fresh Boneless Chops • Fresh Bone-In Roast • Fresh Butterfly Chops • Fresh End Chops • Fresh Loin Cutlets • Fresh Tenderized Pork Steaks • Fresh Tenderloin • Fresh Ground Pork Burger • Fresh Hams • Fresh Boneless Hams • Fresh BBQ Shoulders • Fresh Picnic Shoulders • Fresh Boston Butts • Fresh Side with Ribs • Fresh Country-Style Ribs • Fresh Spare Ribs

• Fresh Short Ribs • Fresh Backbone Roast • Fresh Sliced Backbone • Fresh Chunk Backbone • Fresh Neck Bone • Fresh Side Meat • Fresh Seasoning Bones • Fresh Hock Bones • Fresh Pork Feet • Fresh Pig Tails • Fresh Pig Heads • Fresh Pork Liver • Fresh Pork Tongues • Fresh Pork Hearts • Fresh Pork Spleens • Fresh Pork Ears