Hollywood Makeup Lab - By Bruna Nogueira

Hollywood Makeup Lab - By Bruna Nogueira

BRUNA NOGUEIRA MAKE-UP ARTIST Journeyman // Local 706 (310) 279 8801 // [email protected] http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2049286/ FILM Tragedy Girls The...

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BRUNA NOGUEIRA MAKE-UP ARTIST Journeyman // Local 706 (310) 279 8801 // [email protected] http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2049286/

FILM Tragedy Girls The Pastor Duel of Legends Chocolate My Hindu Friend No Way Out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Born to Race: Fast Track Carnal Innocence The Last Gamble Cash Touched Forever Plaid Death Calls Bigfoot Blood Sex & Violence The Border Hyenas Shadows in Paradise Sarah Landon & the Paranormal Hour Lost Warrior: Left Behind Blizhniy Boy Acts of Violence Duel of Legends Lake Dead Lords of the Underworld Heart of Fear Mission of Romance Bald

Department Head Make-Up & SFX Associate Producer Department Head Department Head Make-Up & SFX Department Head Producer/Make-Up Artist Make-Up Artist

Tyler MacIntyre Hector Echivarria Hector Echivarria Thiago Dadalt Hector Babenco

Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Department Head Make-Up Make-Up Make-Up

Alex Ranarivelo Peter Markle Joe Goodavage Steve Anderson Dan Neira Stuart Ross Hector Echivarria Kevin Tenney Hector Echivarria Henri Charr Eric Weston Bill Corcoran Lisa Comrie

Make-Up Make-Up Department Head Department Head Department Head Make-Up Department Head Make-Up Department Head

Erken Ialgashev Erken Ialgashev Il Lim Hector Echiverria George Bessudo Dale. C Reeves Henri Charr Frank Turrisi Blake Leibel

Key Make-up Artist Key Make-up Artist Make-Up Artist Key Make-Up Artist Make-Up Make-Up Make-Up / Hair Make-Up / Hair Make-Up / Hair

Jeff Davis Tom Stern

Francis Lawrence

TELEVISION Teen Wolf (28 Episodes) Stevie TV (9 Episodes) CSI: NY (5 Episodes) CSI: NY (1 Episode) The Forgotten I Kissed a Vampire Catch 21 Novelas Brazilian Connection

Paul McCrane Christopher Nolan Scott Sternberg Prod. Paulo Ubiratan Planet Brazil

MAKE-UP BRUSH DESIGNER SIGMA FX Brushes - http://www.sigmabeauty.com/special-fx-brush-set/p/SFX001 Designed limited edition set of Special FX brushes for Sigma Beauty and consulted their design and production department throughout the process from beginning to finish.

AUTHOR Hollywood Makeup Lab: Industry Secrets and Techniques http://amzn.com/1937994562 Authored book and partnered with leading industry experts in make-up through various workshops to produce high-quality effects and exhibit industry techniques.

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FASHION RUNWAY New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Italy Fashion Week, San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro - Los Angeles, Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, Kingdom by Daniel Dahan, Forum Jeans by Tufi Duek, Next Top Model

PHOTOGRAPHY/PHOTOGRAPHERS www.glosspictures.com / Ahmi Manson, Felix Da Silva, Joe Magnini, Jared Schlachet, Gabriel Rinaldi, Jason Clevering, Casar Giraldo, David Lee, Cherie Photo, Pablo Grosby, Mark Robery Harper, Guy Madmoni, Michael Grecco, Fernando Mireli, Monica Orozco, Erdi Hood, Mary Clavering, Todd Tyler, Rogina Gosch, Paul da Silva, Jacob Chambers, Jeffery Seribner, Zak Fleming, Mike Tarronas, Fillippo Ioco

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS JOE BLASCO - Make-up Design with Kelcey Fry & David De Leon JOE BLASCO - Prosthetics & Special Effects with Todd McIntosh & David Langford UCLA - Professional Stylistic Make-up: focus on concerns in culture, beauty, romance & drama with Barbara Lane SANTA MONICA COLLEGE - Cosmetology COLLEGE OF MARIN - Graphic Arts/Film/Photography SCHOOL OF PAN AMERICAN ART, São Paulo, Brazil – Cinematography

ADDITIONAL SKILLS Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English

REFERENCES Marco Shepherd – Producer – (310) 721 6609 Christopher Gosch – Producer and Director of Photography – (310) 953 7360