How to add a Xerox Printer to your Computer

How to add a Xerox Printer to your Computer

Add  a  Xerox  Printer  to  your  Computer  on  Windows  7       1. Click  on  START  Button   screen.      on  the  lower  left  hand  corner  of ...

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Add  a  Xerox  Printer  to  your  Computer  on  Windows  7      

1. Click  on  START  Button   screen.  

   on  the  lower  left  hand  corner  of  computer  

2. Select  DEVICES  AND  PRINTERS   3. At  top  of  DEVICE  AND  PRINTER  window,  Select  Add  a  printer    

  4. The  Add  printer  Wizard  should  appear.    Select  Add  a  network,  wireless  or   Bluetooth  printer.  



5. Next,  select  the  printer  to  which  you  would  like  to  print.    If  the  printer  that  you  want   to  print  to  is  not  listed,  select  the  bottom  option:    The  printer  that  I  want  isn’t   listed  



  6. On  the  next  window  you  can  stay  with  the  default  option,  which  is;  Find  a  printer   in  the  directory,  based  on  location  or  feature.    Select  NEXT  button.    

  7. Once  the  printer  of  your  choice  is  located,  double-­‐click  on  the  printer  and  it  will  be   connected  and  set  up  on  your  local  computer.     FOR  ALL  TECHNICAL/SUPER  USERS   You  can  simply  connect  to  printers  via  UNC  path:    \\apinfpsv1   This  will  allow  you  to  select  the  printer  of  choice.    Simply  right-­‐click  printer  and  select   CONNECT