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How to Make Your ZOOMerang - PBS Kids

How to Ma ke You r ZOOMerang You can print out your ZOOMerang and make it into a little booklet. Here’s how: What • Print all the ZOOMerang pages. Nee...

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How to Ma ke You r ZOOMerang You can print out your ZOOMerang and make it into a little booklet. Here’s how: What • Print all the ZOOMerang pages. Need You • Cut out each page along the dotted lines. • scisso • Tape pages 1–6 together from end to end so that you have rs • tape a long row. • glue • Tape pages A–F together to make a second long row. • Lay one row face down on a table and put some glue on the back of the pages. • Place the second row on top of the first row. The printed part of the second row should face you. • Smooth out the glue with your hand. • Let it dry and then fold your ZOOMerang where the pages join together.

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What You Need: 1/2 –1 cup of small dried beans like lentils or black beans • masking tape • 2 paper towel tubes that are the same size • plastic wrap • pushpin • rubber bands • scissors • about 100 toothpicks

k c i t s n i a R

usih this m ain wit r f o s nd erica. ow sou uth Am he mell o t S o d t n e a ch with rica Groov us bran rom Af t f c t a n c e a rum ling cal inst e by fil as mad w inside. it y ll thorns e h Origina t g ssin and pre pebbles Tape the paper towel tubes together with masking tape so they make one long tube.You might want to decorate your tube.

Insert the pointy ends of the toothpicks into

Make holes in the entire tube with a pushpin. Keep the holes about 1/2 –1 inch apart.The holes

Cover one end of the tube with folded plastic wrap. Hold it in place with a rubber band.

should go around the tube in a spiral shape. (The more holes and toothpicks you put in, the more it will sound like rain.)

Pour the beans into the open end of the tube.

Blunt one end of the toothpicks by cutting

them off with scissors. 2

the pinholes and press them into the tube as far as they will go.

Cover the open end of the tube with folded

plastic wrap and put a rubber band around it. Now tilt the rainstick up and down to hear the rain.

sci Cantilever

The cantilever Pabl and Lynese mad o e went 175 centimeter s from the table beca use they

What different sounds can you make if you change the tubes or the fillings? Can you use other stuff around your house to make the sound of thunder? Or wind? Tell us all about it at ZOOM, Box 350, Boston, MA 02134, or


sent in by Rebecca S. of Larchmont, NY. 3

Dear ZOOM, suppor ted it un derneath Can you build a st w ith straws. It was raw structure— starting from a de to keep it 56 ce hard sk or tablentimeter s top—that goes off the floor. If you star t out as far as it by building up in can without touc stead of hing the floor? out, you might It must be no low be able to er than 56 build something centimeters off th that goes e floor. You ev en farther than can use ALL the 175 straws you centimeters. want, but only one meter of masking tape. My structure was 168 centimet ers long. Can you top that? Samantha R., Br ookline, MA Send a picture, drawing, or videotape of yo ur cantilever to ZOOM, Box 350, Boston, M A 02 and how you bu 134. Tell us how long it is ilt it.





r aper • news • old maga • water • 1 zine pap juic • 1 sm all pa er (to pro s, catalogs e box stra intbru tect y o w sh • 1 our w r wrappin Cut g o p rk sur aper a lot cup fa of lo catalo • scisso ce) gs, or ng triang r s • st les wr you’ll ring need apping pa from the maga abou per. T on th z t o in 20 et es, ma show able with triangles. P ke a neck the sid la facing ut a e you triang ce paper up. S le q d cup, a on’t w uir t d with the p d a little b some glu ant to e into aintbr it of w of the ush. the ate g Roll lue/water Brush a r, and stir m th s your e wide en ixture ont mall amou o the straw nt d of t tr o h until you r r stirrer. C e triangle iangle. ea ar on Slid e the ch the po tinue roll ound in in bead g tigh t of t beads off he tly t an ho he same w the straw triangle. ur. St . a ring y. Let the Make mor m e Tr y m the b eads dr y for a a bout toget find a king bead her. s ro made und the h out of oth e o a more nd send u use. Tell Z r stuff you OOM s dire ZOO ca ction Mdos what n s for . y ou makin g


Sent in Wend by y J. of Los A ngeles , CA


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Sure y F. of n you ou can o r Aa r d st t ske you ongue, ick out MT, a , n a ro b m ore Boze Every ll your ut can are m e r o r e t n i th he we’ve e at ZOO ongue? us if roll t n a M h c o can, can’t. eard that ople le wh some but Is thi re pe peop o m st p out b ir es or y cou rue? Help eople ll the tongu o n r u o t s fi f i ’t n your g can family how ma nd who r . o s ny l e lers and tongu many and non- friends a re r c How an roll th ollers. Ho eir to w many ngue? your canno _ d Bosto ata to Z t?____ S ___ end OOM n , M A result , s at w 02134, o Box 350, r w p w ost .pbs.o Being rg/zo your a r o om. does ller o bad. S n’t mean a r a non-r oller nythi ome inhe ng sci can d rited trait entists th good or ink it . That o it b you ’s e don’t r parents cause on means yo an u e c r eally or b an. can do yo tongues or can’t r know w But scient oth of hy pe i . Wha oll th u thin ople sts eir t k?


a B g e a l z iz

eed ou N el Y t bag Wha ese e d ch n e d d e shr spoo wave r mic o auce r o n r ove tomato s toaste

It’s a pizza! It’s a bagel! It’s a Pizza Bagel! Cut the bagel in half. Bagels are hard to cut so you might want an adult to help you. Spread a spoonful of tomato sauce on it. Don’t use too much sauce because it might get goopy. Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the sauce. Have an adult pop the bagel into a toaster oven or microwave until the cheese melts. Let it cool and take a big bite.


You can add stuff like mushrooms, basil, and oregano to put some pizzazz into your pizza. Make a pizza tortilla or pita pizza. Or invent your own. Bon appetit!

Many thanks to John K. of Womelsdorf, PA; Jon B. of Camden, AR, and Taquilla M. of Joliet, IL, for their yummy pizza recipes.

he did t ay to t a h W se s nnai erator? o y a m efrig the r ssing. m dre ) oor, I' Rouge,LA the d Close ha J.,Baton Latis (from


You can use a salt pendulum to make cool designs. What else do you think pendulums can be used for? Back in the 1500s, Galileo found that each swing of a pendulum takes the same amount of time, so a pendulum can be used as a clock. How do you think it works?

What You Need construction paper • tape • scissors • string • several sheets of black paper • salt

Salt Pendulum


Roll and tape the construction paper into a cone shape. Make sure there’s a small hole at the tip of the cone. Cut three same-size pieces of string and tape them to the inside of the cone.Tie the three pieces of string into a knot.



Cut a piece of string and tape it across the top of a doorway. Cut a long piece of string and tie it to the middle of the string that’s across the doorway. Tie the cone’s strings to the long piece of string hanging from the doorway. Make sure the cone isn’t touching the floor. Put black paper on the floor across the doorway. Pinch the bottom of the cone together and pour salt into it. Lift the pendulum toward you and gently let it go. sent in by Andreas C. from Cincinnati, OH D

The swing of a pendulum is affected by gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls objects down toward the Earth’s center. When you pull the pendulum back, you give it energy. When you let it go, gravity pulls it down, but the pendulum has enough energy to keep swinging back and forth. What else can you find out about your salt pendulum? Think of a question you want answered, like what would happen if you changed the length or number of the strings? Be sure to predict what you think is going to happen.Then test your question and tell us about it at ZOOM, Box 350, Boston, MA 02134, or



Cups Puzz le

Put 2 cups up 1 cup right- side down and si 2 cups at a de up.Turning all upside d time, get them own up in exactl or right-side y three trie s. sent

Check out to find CafeZOOMs, ZOOMscis, ZOOMdos, and lots more. Oh, and if you don’t have access to the Web at home, you should be able to find it at your school, public library, or the community centers in your neighborhood.

in by Tayler

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Ubbi Dubbi

Just add “u b” before each vowel soun d. Accent th e “ub” each time it comes u p. Ubeasuby, ubis the Ubbi D n’t ubit? Use ubb ZOOM’s W i translator on eb site to turn Ubbi Dubb i in uband Ube to English, nglubish ub intubo Ubbi Dubb i.


F. of Crete,


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The Cat Knows More Yawn, sleep, The black cat creeps Wake, stretch The cat has its catch Slippers, feet The cat begins to eat Stumble, stairs The cat cleans its hair Drip, clink The cat begins to drink Bowl, cup The cat curls up Out, in The cat knows where she’s been! F

sent in by K ate N. of Act on, MA

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