How to prepare and tap a keg

How to prepare and tap a keg

How to prepare and tap a keg Preparation Ice your keg. To insure the perfect head on your beer, chill your keg before tapping. To properly chill your ...

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How to prepare and tap a keg Preparation Ice your keg. To insure the perfect head on your beer, chill your keg before tapping. To properly chill your entire keg (and not just the bottom half): Place your keg into ice, surround perimeter of the keg with ice. Let your keg sit on ice ideally for about 3-4 hours if your keg has not been previously refrigerated. If your keg has been moved around, make sure that it settles out for at least an hour before tapping to avoid foam. You may need to periodically replace the ice, as it melts. Tapping Remove the plastic cap from the fixture on top of the keg. You will see two notches on the keg top with a round valve and ball bearing in the middle. Make sure that your hand pump is in the off position before tapping (lever should be up). Seat the pump on top of the keg, in line with the notches. To engage the tap - Pull the arrow on the hand pump out and pull down to secure it in the locked position. Twist your pump clockwise to fasten it tight. If you see bubbles or foam escaping around the tap it is not seated correctly. Your keg is now tapped. Pouring Do not pump for the first few pints. Just push down on the nozzle. There should be enough pressure in your keg to pour your first beers. Pour out your first pour of beer foam as there will could be non-harmful sanitizer residue in your pump. You will need to periodically pump your keg a few times if the flow of your beer becomes slow. Don’t over pump, it will do the opposite and make your beer flat. Set the foam aside. Let the next few beers pour and settle out, then enjoy! To minimize the head. Tilt your cup at a 45° angle as you first fill. This allows the beer to roll around the cup as it pours. As your glass fills you will return it to a vertical position. Note: Your hand pump is not the same as a co2 system setup, your keg will lose carbonation after about 24 hrs. Hand pumps use air to pressurize a keg, which oxygenates the beer faster. The colder you keep your keg the longer it will stay carbonated. Please enjoy and return your keg within a few days!