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how to private label a product - Tech Daddy Videos

Any monetary claims or examples in these materials are historical and do not indicate guarantees of future gains. Your level of success is dependent ...

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Any monetary claims or examples in these materials are historical and do not indicate guarantees of future gains. Your level of success is dependent upon your unique situation, your devotion to your business, your skills, and your finances. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, or other damages. As with any business seek the advice of a competent legal, tax, and accounting or other professional. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness, or applicability of any websites in this book. All websites are for informational purposes only; they are not warranted for content, accuracy, or any other implied or explicit purpose.

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FOREWORD I know as you read this book you’d like to make more money, or earn extra income. You’d like to take a small seed of hope and grow an orchard of money trees, but how do you go about doing that? Well, I don’t have all of the answers of life, but I can tell you that if you decide to sell something in life, and then grow or scale your audience then you can be successful and make lots of money. The highest paid income earners are typically people with careers in sales. That brings us to the crux of this book, which is online sales and the vast opportunities that eBay, Amazon, retail arbitrage, or private label sales could do to your income levels, if you follow the necessary steps to create a successful sales funnel, even if you’ve never sold anything before. These steps are really simple, almost too simple for many of us to comprehend. It just doesn’t occur to people that a golden opportunity like this could be sitting right out in the open. After all, aren’t we led to believe that to be successful we need to discover some “hidden secrets” that only successful people know? Well, I can tell you the truth about that. In actuality, this information is readily available and can be obtained at very little cost. If we can get the information and then accept the information as true we can start the process. Next, we have to allow the information to manifest into habits and discipline. We can then use the information, along with our habits, and discipline to help us become successful over time. There are people making six figure incomes in their spare time using Amazon FBA and running eBay stores. While, private labeling a product can take you to six figures and beyond, and will give you the ability to sell that business if you desire in the future. Creating wealth is not an overnight occurrence, but we can create it by learning a simple strategy to sell an item that makes us a five dollar profit, then by selling that product repeatedly we scale that product to other products, and wealth will surely follow. Don’t kill me, I’m simply the messenger. It was in front of you the whole time. I’m not saying this to make you doubt your ability to perceive things, I’m just certain that we’ve all been

led to believe that successful people are smarter, or that their work ethic is insane, or that the information is hidden. This simply isn’t true. You are just as smart, and just as motivated, you simply need the vehicle and you’re destiny awaits you. I’m still in the process of creating my own wealth, and I can tell you that the information that I spent all of those years looking for was right in front of me the whole time. I have a library full of self-help books that promised different levels of understanding that I somehow thought I didn’t understand, and I can tell you this, and you should listen very carefully, because this is my profound truth. The truth is I could’ve done it the whole time, I just never trusted myself enough to simplify the process and to act. I always felt like I needed someone else to be involved, just in case I didn’t understand some level of the process. Now, I truly understand that it’s simple. Freedom lies in sales. It’s the level playing field that all of us can be a part of regardless of where we come from. If you build a better mouse trap, or sell grandma’s famous lemonade recipe you can make money and lots of it. People often ask “what sells online?”, and the answer to that is “everything.” So, find your niche, do some research, and see what other top sellers are selling. You can find the goose the lays the golden eggs just like every other power seller or top rated online seller. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and don’t be worried about making it all on one deal. The slow, meticulous, consistent, mentality will serve you well as you proceed. Lastly, making money online is about margins just like any other business venture. If you follow the simple rule to buy low and sell high you’ll be fine, but if you have too much interest in products with small margins you may sell a lot, but the profits will be very slim. This could be a great opportunity for any ambitious entrepreneur, or stay at home moms looking to work from home or start a legitimate home based business. If you’re looking for information or if you’re just wondering where to start check out there are over 60 videos inside to get you started on your road to online sales and financial prosperity.

You have the motivation and the will, now you have the vehicle. The sky is the limit!

-Craig Shanklin


Amazon- How It Works

Chapter 2:

The product cycle roadmap

Chapter 3:

How to create a listing that sells

Chapter 4:

What makes a Good Product?

Chapter 5:

How to Private Label a Product

Chapter 6:

Tips Tricks and Resources

Chapter 7:

Finding a Supplier - Sources


CHAPTER 1: AMAZON- HOW IT WORKS *In this chapter you should be able to get a clear understanding of the Amazon platform as well as some of the guidelines that enable sellers to operate on the platform.

Amazon is an American electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, and it is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, video downloads/streaming, and MP3 downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics—notably, Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone—and is the world's largest provider of cloud computing services. Amazon also sells certain low-end products like USB cables under its in-house brand Amazon Basics. Amazon has separate retail websites for United States, United Kingdom & Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico. Amazon also offers international shipping to certain other countries for some of its products. In 2011, it had professed an intention to launch its websites in Poland and Sweden. As many of you may know, there were plenty of changes made to the Amazon platform in November of 2014. These changes have affected the way that merchants are expected to conduct businesses and many categories that were previously open to sellers have now been gated and now have specific requirements from Amazon to gain access. Each category may differ and have its own specific set of requirements. However, do not let this discourage you from petitioning for the access to sell. In many cases they may only require proof of purchase from a legitimate wholesale source. We will be talking about some of these changes throughout the book, but don’t overlook the information available to you in Amazon seller support. The steps to sign up for an Amazon account are very simple and only require your social security number or a federal EIN number. ( In some cases you may need a reseller license to provide for your wholesaler, distributor, or liquidation center.

If you want to make money on the internet and you’ve wanted to be in on a trend that still hasn’t reached its peak, then online selling is still a solid strategy for many couples or stay at home entrepreneurs. The ability to participate in direct sales has turned many people who sell Avon and other great products into millionaires. If you’d like an opportunity to change your life and sell to people in a worldwide market then look no further than Amazon. The product opportunities are vast, and you get to choose your products and the marketing strategy that you will execute for sales. Even though there are a few basic guidelines that most sellers try to follow, the opportunity for you to learn the ropes and then execute online can be accomplished in a very short period of time. The steps are pretty simple. Step1. Open an Amazon seller’s account Step 2 Source a product that you’d like to sell Step 3 Purchase the product at wholesale cost Step 4 List the product on Amazon for more than you’ve paid for it minus Amazon’s fees, and shipping costs. (Retail Price) Step 5 Sell the product and have cash deposited into your account. Step 6 Repeat the process Step 7 The goal is to get into the “Buy Box” which we will talk about in detail in “Chapter 7.

When Henry Sanchez started out in his garage eight years ago he had no idea that it would lead to him having a full sized warehouse with 19 employees. Henry had heard about the internet and online sales and began researching the process. At the beginning he had no idea what to sell or how to source any merchandise. However, while doing research one day he decided to drive down to one of several local retail liquidation centers in Los Angeles not far from his home. Once he arrived at the center he approached the managers and asked them what types of goods people were looking for. They told him that most people were looking for specialty items. This meant products that were hard to find, like Big and Tall items. After walking around and looking at all of the merchandise Henry saw an opportunity that most people wouldn’t have noticed. He saw pallet after pallet of broken merchandise that didn’t appear to be moving. He had a hunch that he could probably sell broken items for parts, because many people were getting into the DIY mode and these pallets of damaged goods were also very cheaply priced. He bought the first pallet of broken Keurig coffee makers which normally sold for $150 new and began selling them for parts. He turned that first pallet into an $800 profit. His hunch was right, after processing the pallet he knew that he had his own niche specialty category and he knew that he could exploit if for profit. After that he started going to the liquidation centers regularly and began looking at return items and found them to be just as valuable as new items. Henry’s Amazon sales soon began to skyrocket. As the business started to grow he began hiring employees that would take the product from the pallets and he came up with a plan for them to profit as well. Most of them wanted to sell on Amazon with their own accounts. So, Henry told them for a 60 – 40 % split he would purchase the pallets and they would sell them giving him 40% of the sales when they bought the products from him and then another small commission when they sold them on Amazon. Once the niche was established Henry began buying more expensive products. The increase in cash allowed him to buy more expensive products from Alibaba and Ali Express which most sellers were looking for cheaper items on. He soon increased his pallet sales from 2 pallets a month to 9 pallets a month, and he doubled that to 18 pallets a year later. Henry had wanted to get into online sales and now he’d gone from making very little money to making a six figure income in less than two years! This is no easy task, yet this is his story. While a six figure income isn’t unreachable, its’ just the tip of the iceberg if you desire to create a healthy online income

with Amazon sales. Henry didn’t stop there, his desire to help others become successful has led to him to start a website, a YouTube channel and to co-author this book. How did he do it? His plan was simple; he never overcomplicates things and is extremely driven when he sees an opportunity. “If you help enough people get what they want you will always become successful when they do.” *In this chapter you should have learned some history of Amazon, as well as some of the guidelines to operate on the platform. *You should now know the steps to selling on Amazon *You should now know Henry Sanchez’s example of how to execute on Amazon

CHAPTER 2: THE PRODUCT CYCLE ROADMAP *In this chapter you should be able to get a clear understanding of The Product Cycle Roadmap * You will become familiar with 5 of the more popular online business models

The product cycle for selling on Amazon or any other online platform starts with understanding the common online business models and deciding which business model works for you. There are several different ways to approach your new business, but it depends on what your long term goals are for your business. There are plenty of people who just want to make some money from home and have no intention of scaling their business up to a full time effort, while others have clear plans to grow their business until it can one day be sold as a legitimate passive income vehicle. You get to decide and if you decide to change along the way you can do that too. I’m going to start with the business models that will have the smallest amount of startup costs, and end with the model that costs a little more, yet brings the greatest returns. The 5 online business models If you want to be successful in the online marketplace the first thing that you need to do is spend as much time as you can educating yourself about the business models that you choose to participate in. There are five primary business models that are generally used to create wealth while selling on online. There’s Drop shipping, Retail arbitrage, Wholesaling, FBM, FBA, and then Private labeling. Each of these models can create income and is available to those who have decided to venture into online selling. Drop Shipping is a form of online business model in which sellers will source a product from two different locations. Here’s how drop shipping works if you have very little money to invest in inventory you can find a product online or at a local retailer (Walmart, Target, Etc.). You would then place a listing online at a higher price than what you can purchase the product for. When the product sells online you will purchase the product from the local retailer at the lower price, and ship it directly to the buyer without ever handling the product. This business model is very attractive to many new online sellers simply because all of the effort is in the listing and the seller never actually has to count the item as inventory or be out of any money. There are no out of pocket costs until the product is purchased and shipped to the actual buyer. Though drop shipping is all the rage in the online space right now, Amazon has clear policies against it being done on their platform. If you get caught

drop shipping on Amazon they will freeze your sellers account immediately, and notify you in writing that it’s not permitted. You may never get the account reestablished, and if this is the case all of your hard work building up the account may go permanently down the drain. Also, there are several down sides to drop shipping, first is the profit margins are very small and you are literally buying retail and selling retail. You are dependent upon the shipper to ship the product out on time and if there are any issues with the shipment you will begin to acquire negative reviews. If a product is damaged and you need to replace it the costs will be out of pocket and you will be stuck on the phone with the customer service of the company you bought it from trying to get resolution while your customer fumes about your levels. Lastly, of all of the business models this is the one that you will have the least amount of control over. Retail arbitrage is the act of searching for products that you can buy on clearance racks or discounted racks in stores that can be found at a reduced rate. However, the opportunity is not a consistent opportunity because once the inventory is depleted you are back to looking for a new opportunity to source for the income that you are trying to make. So, it’s a cycle of searching for items, finding the opportunity and then shipping the item out for profit. This model can be lucrative in the short term, however many online sellers resort to this for extra cash and not for regular income. Wholesaling is when you seek out business deals with wholesale suppliers that will give you discounted pricing on goods that you can then go sell online. You can do very good and consistent business with a wholesale deal if you are savvy negotiator, and can find the right market or niche item that sells. This will require a lot of research prior to you entering into an agreement with a supplier. You need to make sure that you’re capable of moving the product and that shipping will not eat into your profit margins after each transaction. FBM is simply fulfillment by merchant, which means that you will be shipping each product out yourself. This can be good for cost savings on shipping. However, there are several steps that you will need to follow after each sale to give the buyer the proper feedback or your reviews and could ultimately suffer. You should send the buyer an email immediately after each purchase, and be sure to send them tracking information as soon as you ship the item. This will allow the customer to track the shipment. This is the first step in providing great customer service and building up your 5 star reviews.

FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon – this is where you get approved in a category to sell on Amazon and you ship all your products to them and they ship them out to your customers and handle all of the customer service issues. This will cost you 30% of all of your profit; however you will be able to run your business seamlessly and not have to worry so much about getting orders out. You will only need to make sure that they have plenty of products to ship when reserves get low. Private Labeling is when you contact a company to create your own product. The company will produce the product at a cost to you, but will place your private label on the product itself. (An example would be Walmart brand Ketchup that was bottled by another company) After you private label a product most people will then do Amazon FBA so that Amazon can fulfill their orders for them. It will still require advertising and marketing, but it can be very lucrative and can be sold as an individual company at a later date. Private labeling is by far the most lucrative business model for Amazon sales. Some sellers choose to private label their products overseas because they can source the products very cheap through sites like or and turn a consistent profit every month. However, you can private label products all over the US and do very well in a shorter period of time. Sometimes shipping costs, Minimum order requirements and lag time can derail your private label business. The bottom line is the profit margin per product, so do the math and make sure that it’s profitable before you get involved. You must also make sure that you have plenty of inventories in stock. However, the most common mistake is that people do not sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry Service. This is a free service that Amazon provides which prohibits other sellers from selling your product on the Amazon platform. All of these business models can increase sales and should be considered at some point in your online business career. You should be mindful to carefully consider the timing and the benefits of each decision. *In this chapter you learned about the Product Cycle Roadmap * You should now be familiar with 5 of the more popular online business models

CHAPTER 3: HOW TO CREATE A LISTING THAT SELLS *In this chapter you should be able to get a clear understanding of Amazon and the platform that enables sellers to operate on the platform*

Once you get signed up with Amazon it’s imperative that you are able to create quality listings along with quality photos to present your product in the best possible way. Amazon has strict guidelines that if followed will increase your rankings and visibility of your products. These guidelines have changed and many people are unaware of these changes. It will not be uncommon for you to look at some of the top sellers in a particular category and see that they are not compliant at this point. Over time these new guidelines will undoubtedly shift some of the sales and rankings for sellers with similar numbers. If you are compliant from the beginning you will be able to compete with, and bypass some of the top sellers. Words are the lifeblood of your listings on Amazon. If you’re not good at writing copy I would suggest that you find the top sellers on the Amazon best sellers list and look at their listings. Read all of the descriptions and bullet points describing the product to get a feel for what people are responding to. Once you are able to dissect good copy and emulate it, you will undoubtedly see an increase in sales. Also, if you need help writing good copy you can always contact Amazon customer service and though they will not write your listings for you they will tell you what’s wrong with them, and give suggestions that will improve your probability of success.

How to Create a Listing that Sells

Keywords As I said before, the words that you choose to describe your product are probably the most important part of selling on Amazon. Keywords are the words that search engine analytics use to find the words that rank highest when buyers search for products. If you are not using keywords in any form of an online presence you are not generating any traffic through SEO search engines. There are several tools that you can use to find out which words rank highest when building your listing. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Http:// is a free tool that you can use to find out what the words that you use to describe your product are ranked. You should describe your product and use the highest ranked words that match your description in the search fields. You should also be sure to use the related keyword section

of the search tool this will give you a double dose of searchable keywords that people are searching for to improve your listing. You can also use a paid service which is title builder which is very effective in helping you build great titles. In every aspect of your listing you should use keyword rich words to increase the likelihood that your listing will be seen. The more research that you do concerning your descriptions the more likely your listings will be found by customers. It’s always a good idea to put different related keywords in your title, description, and bullet points. Product Title The product title is very important to the selling of any product on Amazon. It is without question the first thing that the customer sees. If your item is titled incorrectly or is misleading most customers are going to stop reading your detail page. The customer should be able to make the purchase based on the title alone, and only product-related information should be included. Amazon uses keyword rich words in the title to rank your product in search engine optimization. A concise and relevant title will drive traffic to your product. Always check titles for consistent format and accuracy. To ensure that your title creates a good first impression, follow the guidelines below. We use a free character count tool to optimize our titles. See Character Count Tool (Http://) Tips for Creating a Great Title Do’s:  Always capitalize the first letter of each word  Use numerals (2 instead of two)  Spell out measurements (inches instead of “)  Keep it short, but be sure to include critical information  100 characters maximum (Even though they give you up to 250)  Include standard text, special characters are not supported (^@#%&!) Don’ts:  Do not use ALL CAPS  Do not capitalize conjunctions (and, or, for)  Articles (the, a, an)  Prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with, etc.)  Do not include merchant information  Do not include promotional messages such as “sale” or “free ship”

 Do not use your merchant name for Brand or Manufacturer information, unless your product is private label  Do not include symbols in your listings (such as !*$?) Note: If you include your company information or sale messaging in your product titles, your account may be at risk of being suspended. A Good Example:

A Bad Example:

Examples of Ineffective Product Feature Bullets:  -orange

   

For your bed** Anyone will love this product! 5x8 Comes in a bag!

Description Example of a Good Product Description: SteamVac SpinScrub Hoover steam vacuums clean spots and stains on your floors with ease. Hoover vacuums use a powerful 12-amp motor to propel 5 spin scrub brushes that wash and wipe away spots and stains. It includes extra-long 24L power cord for efficient use in large rooms. Tool kit includes spin scrub powered hand tool, on-board hose, and upholstery tool. It includes 16-ounce detergent with 1-year warranty. Example of a Bad Product Description: THIS IS A GREAT BED IN A BAG! GOOD FOR KIDS, YOU, ME, PETS, BABIES, IT'S JUST A GREAT BAG! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! HTTP://AWESOMEPRODSFORYOUANDME.COM OR CALL US AT 800-33335686 PLEASE EAMIL WITH QUSETIONS, YOU CAN REACH US AT [email protected]!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE THIS PURCHASE!

Images The images on Amazon are essential to selling your product successfully. Though it’s not the top priority it’s very close to it. A professional image helps customers discover your product and can drive traffic to your detail page. You need to show customers exactly what they will receive in their shipment. Clear high-quality images display exactly what you’re offering to the customer and can reinforce what they will receive.

Every product on Amazon needs one or more product images. The primary image of an item is called the “Main” image – represents the product in search results and browse pages, and is the first image customers see on an item’s detail page. You should choose images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich, and attractively presented. Images must accurately represent the product, but may include items that are not sold with the product in order to provide inspiration and scale important to customers for style-based categories. Images are very important to customers, so quality matters.  The background for a Main image must be pure white (Pure white blends in with the Amazon search and item detail pages- RGB values 0f 255,255,255).  All images must be 1000 pixels high and 500 wide to enable zoom function  Amazon accepts JPEG(.jpg), TIFF(.tif), or GIF(.gif) file formats (JPEG is preferred)  The Main image should be an attractive, professional, high-resolution photograph that fills 85 to 100 percent of the image’s area  Secondary images are recommended to have a pure white background but it is not required Quantity The more quantity you have of your product the more likely you are to get the “Buy Box” on Amazon and are much more likely to have your items seen. If you have 30 to 40 items available you are much more likely to be seen versus the seller who only has 3 to 4 items available. The movement of your sales should determine how much you are willing to invest in inventory. If you’re loading up for the fourth quarter you should be sure to invest in marketing such as PPC or any other online campaigns to move units. The commitment to being a long term wholesaler is often honored and respected by the company. This is often overlooked by many new sellers. You will also increase your sales and visibility by marketing your product on FB, Pinterest, and Twitter. Shipping This is a very important area that needs to be understood very well by any merchant seller. There are plenty of things about shipping that can affect your bottom line and the margins associated with profit. If you overlook the cost of

shipping and handling fees your profits will consistently be eaten up and your sales will no longer be profitable. Therefore, you should know the cost of shipping any item that you intend to sell prior to purchasing it from a wholesaler. There are several options available in most U.S. cities such as UPS, DHL, USPS or FEDEX. It will depend on your business needs and the volume that you regularly ship to which carrier will have the best deal for you. If you are doing FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) on all of your orders USPS may have the cheapest rates unless you sign up to have an account for metered mail. There are companies like UPS, FedEx, and Pitney Bowes that offer those services. If you are consistently selling product they will come to your home and pick the product up on a daily basis as long as you notify them that you have packages to be picked up and you have an account with them. You should try to prepay for shipping when the item’s weight is less than 2 lbs. whenever possible and drop the packages off at the USPS. When the packages are over 2 lbs. it tends to be cheaper to use UPS, FEDEX, and DHL for competitive rates. While planning your listing you should try to offer 2 day handling time on your products whenever possible. This means that you have two days to get the product shipped and provide a tracking number to the buyer which will allow them to track the delivery of their item. Amazon will notify you when an item has been sold out of your sellers account. You will then have a “ship by date” letting you know that you have until that date to ship the item. You must confirm the shipment through sellers central by hitting the “confirm shipment button.” Without the confirmation of a shipped product the item is considered late. It is best to input a tracking number at the time of confirming the shipment. However, it is not a requirement and can be added at a later time if necessary. After the ship by date has expired it will be considered a service failure for not shipping the item in time. This will negatively affect your sellers ranking and should be avoided at all cost. We strongly suggest that you input the tracking number at the same time you confirm the shipment. This will teach you good business practices and will become second nature, thus preventing a lapse in service. Bonus Once you have completed the physical shipment of the item. You should reach out to the customer and let them know that their product is on the way. Also, ask them for a five star review if and when the item is received as ordered and in great condition. This is the life blood of becoming a great amazon merchant seller! Reviews, along with great listings, great images, and competitive pricing can take you straight to the top of the Amazon best sellers list.

Handling Time & Warranty To become a top rated amazon seller you should have a one day to two day handling time on all products sold. Also, it’s best to give a 14 day money back warranty on products. This is Amazon’s premium seller’s service. How to build momentum with Reviews and Feedback – If you’d like to get some serious momentum going with your online sales it’s important that you understand the life cycle of the Amazon sales funnel. In order to get your custom Amazon business to run circles around the competition you need to be sure to fill it with the right fuel to make it run. Product + Pricing + Reviews=Sales

CHAPTER 4: WHAT MAKES A GOOD PRODUCT? *In this chapter you should be able to get a clear understanding of Amazon and the platform that enables sellers to operate on the platform.

A good product consists of many different factors. It should be small or light weight and easy to ship. It should be 100,000 or less on the Amazon rankings. It should have fewer than 1,000 reviews by at least 5 other merchants. It should have a simple design and be easily explainable to the user. (Spatula, sponges, bow ties) It should be able to be given as a gift if possible, best sellers rank <500. The target price is between $10 and $35 ◦ Does it have a good Sales Rank? ◦ Is the price it's selling for on Amazon enough for you to make a profit? Here is our particular criteria on whether or not an item is a good buy: • Does the item rank within the top 5% of its category? • Can we get at least a 50% return? (i.e. wholesale price of the item is $10 and we can profit $5.) And here is how we calculate these figures: • To determine the sale rank percentage of an item take the item's current rank and divide it by the total number of items in that category. For Example: If an item is ranked # 400,000 in Home and Kitchen this would be in the top 1.12% because there are almost 36,000,000 items in the Home and Kitchen category. (400,000/35,709,206 = .0112) Going back to 5th grade math to get the percentage, you need to move the decimal point to the right two places. So this item meets our rank qualification. How Do You Find The Number Of Items In A Particular Category? Go to the search field at the top of Amazon and to the left there is a drop down box. Change it from “All” to the category you want and then type brackets without quotes in the search field “[ ]” Amazon will then say something like

“Showing 1-24 of 35,709,206 Results” as it does in the Home and Kitchen category. (There is also a handy cheat sheet available called the “Amazon Categories Decision Helper”. This displays the sales rank for each category for the top 1%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 50%.) • To determine profit: Take the Amazon price and multiply it by .85 because Amazon takes out a 15% commission. Then if you're using FBA, Amazon has an order handling fee, a pick and pack fee and then a weight handling fee. We use $3 for our items because the order handling fee is $1, the pick and pack fee is about $1, and the weight based fee is usually around $1. This can change obviously depending on the weight of the item, but the $3 figure works well for us. (The pick and pack fee is actually $1.02, but we still use $1 to make quick calculations) If it's an oversize item then you will need to increase the weight based fee. To see exactly what an item will cost to send into Amazon you can use the FBA Revenue Calculator. Also, you have to figure in the cost of shipping it to you from the vendor and the cost of shipping it to Amazon. You might not know exactly the cost of getting it to you from the vendor. I have seen shipping charges as little as $0 all the way up to 20% of the total order. Most are around 10% in our experience, but many times vendors will offer free shipping if you order a certain amount. I'll get to that a little later. So let's use an Amazon price of $25 as an example with a wholesale price of $10. Here's the formula assuming 10% shipping cost to you from the vendor and another $1 to get it to Amazon (shipping to Amazon costs us about $.50 per pound so we'll assume the item weighs 2 lbs.) $25*.15 (Amazon's Commission) = $3.75 Amazon commission $25 - $3.75 = $21.25 (Or just take the $25*.85 to save a step) $21.25-$3 (per unit fee, per order fee, weight handling fee) = $18.25. $18.25-$1 (shipping to you from vendor) -$1 (shipping to Amazon) = $16.25 (proceeds from Amazon). $16.25-$10 (wholesale cost of item) = $6.25 profit. $6.25/$10 = 62.5% return on investment. For wholesale that is a good return. We apologize for all of the math, but these are the formulas we use to determine whether or not to purchase a product to list on Amazon. You can also just set these formulas up in Excel and enter in the amazon price and wholesale price for the spreadsheet to tell you the profit.

CHAPTER 5: HOW TO PRIVATE LABEL A PRODUCT *In this chapter you should be able to get a clear understanding of Amazon and the platform that enables sellers to operate on the platform. When it comes to the top tier of selling on Amazon the best case scenario is for you to private label a quality product and to FBA the delivery and customer service of it. This is ideal and can be very lucrative if you can expand your knowledge and experience to more than one product. Let’s imagine that you’ve got one product bringing in $1,000 per month and you then find another quality product to private label. You will have to be sure to do your math all over again to make sure that the product is a potential winner before pulling the trigger on it. The quickest way to lose money in this business is to assume that you know what people will buy and when they will buy it. Once you get your second product up and running your passive income starts to build upon itself and your options become wide open. As long as you stay active in your business and don’t rest upon your laurels you can turn this opportunity into a six figure income over time. But first, let’s explain what private labeling is and how you can do it. There are plenty of companies in the US and abroad that will allow you to private label your own brand off of their production line. This is a win/win scenario for them and for you. It allows the company to sell more products though you become a competitor of theirs. You don’t have the market share, the name recognition, or the distribution channels to really hurt their business. So, initially you’re not a threat to them in the business arena. It’s a win for you, because once you have your own label you can participate in direct selling to the customer on several digital platforms without a middle man or a large marketing campaign. (Amazon, eBay, Shopify) Your overhead is minimal and there is no competition for your brand because you own it. You can achieve this by registering your brand through the brand registry program that Amazon provides. Once you register your brand and you’ve established your own UPC codes associated with it, you can have anyone selling your product removed from the platform if you find out that they are selling your product. This is a huge advantage for you because as you build up your brand to be a quality product through reviews your customers will buy your products based on those reviews and customer service. This is why it’s really important to pick a quality product to private label. If your name is on it then you should

stand behind it and protect it at all cost. With Amazon handling most of the customer service you should only have to manage real customer concerns such as returns, damages, quality control issues, such as defects, and last but not least customer satisfaction. Amazon will notify you when these actions or concerns need to be addressed. We know a guy who had his selling account suspended because he didn’t respond to the emails that Amazon and the customer sent him. This action froze his account and cost him a substantial amount of money. This could’ve all been avoided if he had been attentive to the business and his emails when these issues occurred. You are undoubtedly going to have to give refunds to some unhappy customers along the way, however if you are running your business correctly, this will not be an issue. There are primarily two ways to private label a product. One is the local way, and the other is a little harder. The Local Way 1. The local way is to find a US manufacturer (or your home country) that is already making the product that you want to private label. 2. Contact them to see if they will manufacture the exact same product, but under your brand name. 3. To test out the product place a small order and have them switch out the packaging to use yours or do it yourself to see if you like the way it looks. In many cases companies will help you design the label and the packaging for a small fee. However, if you don’t want to use them for the design effort, you can outsource it to freelancers on sites like Be sure to ask the company what format the label needs to be created in, so that the label is created seamlessly. That’s it, your first product is done if you like what you see. It’s that easy to have someone do this. In many cases you won’t have to place a huge opening order to get started. Be sure to ask them all of the necessary questions such as Do you have a private label program? What’s the minimum order quantity? Can you send me some samples? When evaluating samples you should be looking for the quality of the products. Do you charge extra to create a label for the product? How much is the product going to cost me per unit? After asking this question it would be wise to collect all of the costs associated and plug them into your spreadsheets to see if the profit margins are in line with what is considered a good product for you to invest in. In many cases there should be one time setup fees and they should

disregard as part of the initial investment to get your private label going. It’s the recurring fees that you need to be very concerned with. If the margins become too high once you add in the recurring fees plus shipping then you may need to reevaluate if this is a good deal for you. So, how do you find companies with good private label programs? First, you should do a search on Google for the name of the product that you’re interested in with the words “private label” or “manufacturer” or “wholesaler” after it. So, for example if you wanted to private label spatulas you would type in “spatula private label” or “spatula manufacturer”. A company that wholesales your desired product can be a great source because they are getting the product from a manufacturer and they may be able to tell you who makes their products. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, this is how great deals and competitive edge is acquired. Just because a company doesn’t have a program doesn’t mean that they won’t make a deal with you. You won’t know unless you ask. Another good way to find the source or manufacturer of a good private label is to go to the store and look at labels or the back of packaging. In most cases the information is right there. Most likely there is an address, a phone number, a website or in some cases all three. You should be looking for the words “Manufactured by (company name) for (company name). This means that the product is from the second company. You can now reach out to them for information on setting up your product.

These are good products in our opinion because they are generic and none of them require a certain brand name to instill value in the consumer. All of them are self- explanatory and would make a good potential private label product. The standard idea is generic, non-brand driven, small, and easy to replicate items. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Generic (non-brand driven) Small Easy to replicate Not many working parts

The price point for items is anywhere between $10 and $50 retail. The reason for this is because anything less than $10 is going to get your profit eaten up by FBA fees. If it’s over $50 then your inventory gets to be too expensive. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside of this range if you come across a tremendous opportunity. This is just a good guideline to start with. The item must be profitable otherwise it’s not a good idea. You should be

looking to make at least 50% profit minimum on all of your deals. So to break this down if my buy cost is $20 you’d want to make at least $10 profit on each item sold. Also, prior to choosing an item you should check the category to see what the requirements are to get ungated in that particular category. You don’t want to pick an item that might be too difficult to get approved

What makes these products a no in our book? Well, the first thing is that they are all brand driven and widely recognized to have a brand leader in their market. We want to have products that are generic and self-explanatory in nature. You would not be able to compete with Nike, Apple or and of the large appliance makers. There would no way that you could gain market share. Another example of a bad private label is a refrigerator. Why? Because a refrigerator is huge and to ship it would cost you way too much money in freight charges.

Great Examples Of What To Go For: Automotive & Power sports Beauty Clothing & Accessories Collectible Books Collectible Coins Entertainment Collectibles Fine Art Gift Cards Grocery & Gourmet Foods Health & Personal Care Independent Design Industrial & Scientific Jewelry Luggage & Travel Accessories Major Appliances Services Sexual Wellness Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses Sports Collectibles Textbook Rentals Video, DVD, & Blu-ray Watches Wine So, now that you have an idea of what to look for and what to steer clear from, let’s try to narrow down the category that you want to be in. Are you already passionate about a certain niche? If you are, you should start there. Maybe you love cooking. If so you should begin in the kitchen category on Amazon. Are you already selling items in a certain niche and you want to inquire about private label in that niche? Go for it. Go right to that category on Amazon and start browsing. Maybe you already have an idea for a product. If you do then go ahead and search for that product on Amazon to see what is already there and how well it’s selling.

If you have no idea what niche or product you want to get into right now that’s totally okay. Here’s a video about how to use the Amazon Best Seller list to research potential private label products - This is a great place to browse to get ideas. After you have some ideas, you should dig a little deeper to see if there is an opportunity. Some questions to ask are: • What is the best seller rank of the top 5 or 10 listings for the items you're looking at? • How many reviews does each of them have? If the top 5 or 10 listings all have stellar ranks (less than 1000 in my opinion) or thousands of reviews then you may have a tough time competing. One of my private label products is always somewhere around 17,000 to 30,000 rank. I sell between 5 and 15 per day of this one. Many of the courses out there teach that you want to find a product that you can get into the top 2 or 3. Mine has never been in the top 2 or 3 and yet I still do well and I'm happy with my results. I completely understood why they teach looking for an item that you can get into the top 2 or 3 of its kind on Amazon. If you're going through the work of sourcing a product, especially if you're sourcing from China then why choose one that you're only going to sell a few a days when the same amount of work is needed to source a product that will sell 20 or 30 or more of a day? Let me give you an example from my business. If you remember from an earlier chapter, I mentioned that the source of my private label products have several items they sell and are willing to do a private label with any of them. Since I have already built this relationship literally all I need to do to launch another product is get my package insert created, buy a case or two, take out their package insert, insert mine, create a listing and then send it off to Amazon.

If I was starting from the beginning and doing research on every product that this suppler has I might not pick many of their products to private label because they might not all meet the requirements in the research phase. However, since it's so super easy to test out a product using my easy way method the risk is very minimal. Once you find a supplier for your product there's no reason why you can't do the same thing. Let's go back to sales rank and reviews again because I didn't explain that fully. Just because we're doing the easy way doesn't mean we should totally neglect this research. Like I said above, if all of the top 5 or 10 have stellar ranks and thousands of reviews it may be very difficult to get in this list as this is probably a very competitive product. And on the flip side if the top listings for the item you're researching all have higher ranks and very few reviews then that product may not sell enough on Amazon to make it worth it. I hesitate to throw out sales ranks or number of reviews as strict guidelines because each person's business is different. If you're doing private label the harder way and having to source from China then I totally recommend picking a product that has a much higher upside. However, with the easy way I'm not putting as much effort into the sourcing stage and I'm not having to buy thousands of dollars of inventory to get started so I'm okay with an item that maybe only sells a couple per day because it didn't take much time and effort to get it going. This is especially true of other items that I may want to add that my source carries. If I was starting from scratch I'd certainly try to find an item that I could sell many per day versus one that might sell every other day. All I'm saying is that with the easy way method, I'm more willing to try a product that may not be a star performer since the time and effort involved to get it going is not huge. Since I was already selling in the niche for my private label product I contacted a manufacturer that I was already working with to inquire about making my product. The owner said that he could not do it, but gave me a contact for what ended up being our source. Again, don't expect to find a source after only two calls. It could be longer, but you might find your source

after one call. I would suggest, though, reaching out to a few manufacturers to compare pricing. So here are some ideas for finding suppliers: 1) Contact a manufacturer, wholesaler, or any other vendor you’re already working with. 2) Find a company that already has a private label program. Do an online search for the name of your product along with the words “private label”, “private label program”, manufacturer”, or even “wholesale”. 3) Use our list of private label suppliers – 4) – You can also find US manufacturers on Alibaba 5) – Tons of domestic suppliers 6) Back of packaging – Find your product at a retail store and see if it gives the contact information for the manufacturer. Maybe they can make the same product with your label.

How to use this information The information below assumes you already have an online business. If you are just getting started or don't know where to start we highly recommend the following resources: 1. Get registered with one of the sites listed below: The large majority of the sources listed here have an online catalog that you can shop from. The only thing required is to register. This is very easy because most of them are part of a larger group of websites called the Cameo EZ Marketplace. Once you register for one vendor you can use the same login information for the next vendor. To register you will need a state sales tax id (if your state has sales tax) and/or a Federal TIN (Tax Identification number) You can get both of these by contacting your prospective secretary of state to get registered for both of those. Once you're registered for a particular site, you'll get an email from each of them welcoming you. You may even get a call from the company asking how they can help you place your first order. Don't feel any pressure to place an order right away or ever. When we get calls from the vendors we have just signed up with we tell them that we'll look over their products and get back with them if we would like to place an order. Don’t feel pressured to make an order if you’re not ready.

2. Find Profitable Inventory The next step is to search Amazon for the items you find in each of the vendors' catalogs. Here is how we do it: • Pick a vendor to search • Find the UPC code of the item(s) listed in their catalog. Some of the vendors do not list the UPC codes so you'll need to use the ASIN/SKU # or the name of the item. On the next page is a screenshot of what a typical page from one of these catalogs looks like. This particular vendor has a line of mugs. From the screenshot you can see the name of the mug, the size, the wholesale price, the SKU #, the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), and the UPC code. I would start with the UPC code and copy and paste it into the search field at the top of Amazon. In this example, you would most likely need to delete the space in between the UPC code. • View the search results on Amazon and decide whether or not each item is a good buy. How do you know that? ◦ Does it have a good Sales Rank? ◦ Is the price it's selling for on Amazon enough for you to make a profit? Here is our particular criterion on whether or not an item is a good buy: • Does the item rank within the top 5% of its category? • Can we get at least a 50% return? (I.e. wholesale price of an item is $10 and we can profit $5.) And here is how we calculate these figures: • To determine the sale rank percentage of an item take the item's current rank and divide it by the total number of items in that category. For example, if an item is ranked # 400,000 in Home and Kitchen this would be in the top 1.12% because there are almost 36,000,000 items in the Home and Kitchen category. (400,000/35,709,206 = .0112) Going back to 6th grade math to get the percentage you move the decimal point to the right two places. So this item meets our rank qualification. How do you find the number of items in a particular category? Go to the search field at the top of Amazon and to the left there is a drop down box. Change it from “All” to the category you want and then type brackets without quotes in the search field “[ ]” Amazon will then say something like “Showing 1-24 of 35,709,206 Results” as it does in the Home and Kitchen category.

To determine profit take the Amazon price and multiply it by .85 because Amazon takes out a 15% commission. Then if you're using FBA, Amazon has an order handling fee, a pick and pack fee and then a weight handling fee. We use $3 for our items because the order handling fee is $1, the pick and pack fee is about $1, and the weight based fee is usually around $1. This can change obviously depending on the weight of the item, but the $3 figure works well for us. (The pick and pack fee is actually $1.02, but we still use $1 to make quick calculations) If it's an oversize item then you will need to increase the weight based fee. To see exactly what an item will cost to send into Amazon you can use the Quick FBA Profit Calculator Also, you have to figure in the cost of shipping it to you from the vendor and the cost of shipping it to Amazon. You might not know exactly the cost of getting it to you from the vendor. I have seen shipping charges as little as $0 all the way up to 20% of the total order. Most are around 10% in our experience, but many times vendors will offer free shipping if you order a certain amount. I'll get to that a little later. So let's use an Amazon price of $25 as an example with a wholesale price of $10. Here's the formula assuming 10% shipping cost to you from the vendor and another $1 to get it to Amazon (shipping to Amazon costs us about $.50 per pound so we'll assume the item weighs 2 lbs.) $25*.15 (Amazon's Commission) = $3.75 Amazon commission $25 - $3.75 = $21.25 (Or just take the $25*.85 to save a step) $21.25-$3 (per unit fee, per order fee, weight handling fee) = $18.25. $18.25-$1 (shipping to you from vendor) -$1 (shipping to Amazon) = $16.25 (proceeds from Amazon). $16.25-$10 (wholesale cost of item) = $6.25 profit. $6.25/$10 = 62.5% return on investment. For wholesale that is a good return. We apologize for the entire math, but these are the formulas we use to determine whether or not to purchase a product to list on Amazon. You can also just set these formulas up in Excel and enter in the amazon price and wholesale price for the spreadsheet to tell you the profit. If you primarily use eBay, then you would just search the completed listings or go to this free trial of Terapeak to determine what an item sold for and figure out the eBay fees and shipping costs to arrive at an answer. With buying wholesale there is not usually the same return on investment that you

will find with thrifting, but the upside of wholesale is that once you find a good item all you have to do is make sure to keep it in stock. Also, I must say that these criteria are what we use in our business. You may want to stay within the top 3% of a category or only purchase items that can double your money. Or you may be okay with your inventory sitting longer and want to have a cutoff of 10% in each category. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. It's your business so you make the decision based on what works best for you. 3. Place your order with the wholesale vendor For most of the companies listed you can place an order directly on their website. Sometimes after we register with a site, we get a call or an email from one of the sales reps for that vendor. Placing an order through the sales rep can be beneficial because they are aware of special promotions each vendor is offering. For example, many vendors offer free freight specials or percentage off specials from time to time. You can also call the vendor in advance and ask if they're running any specials. Working with a rep can be very valuable because many times they work with more than just one company which means more potential inventory sources. Since we don't have a storefront in which to invite reps, we've met them at Starbucks and walked out with a large stack of catalogs from the other companies they represent. If you prefer not to have the items shipped to you, there are companies that you can find who will process your inventory, or you can also have your wholesale company ship your product directly to Amazon for fulfillment. You might be saying...”This seems like a lot of work”. Well, you're right. It is. This process can be very tedious, but we outsource it. It's not hard to train someone to do the steps I outlined. We've even included two spreadsheet templates you can use for finding inventory that includes the formulas I discussed.

CHAPTER 6: TIPS TRICKS AND RESOURCES Terapeak link: Pic Redirect link: Videos: How to drive more traffic using Facebook, Pinterest and other sites to your Amazon Listings Buying Certified UPC Codes Cheap For Your Amazon Listings and Private Label Products How to offer Free Shipping on Amazon Try Terapeak for 7 days Free Video TeraPeak why you need this Power Sellers Tool Finding Hot Items using TeraPeak How to Place a Listing on Amazon the Easy Way New TeraPeak Hot Research Tab Video TeraPeak using the New TeraPeak Title builder building a perfect title

The “Buy Box” The buy box is obtained when you have met all of the following criteria for Amazon: a great title, a great description, great images, good reviews and good sales. You will know when you have obtained the buy box by reaching 100% of the buy box algorithm. There are two different types of accounts that you can setup when getting on Amazon. There’s a individual account and a professional sellers account, which will run you $40 dollars per month. You cannot get into the buy box without the professional sellers account. To learn how close you are to getting the buy box you will have to go into your sellers account and go into the reports tab and run the reports on your ASIN number. This will give you the sales percentages of your products. Once you reach 100% you are “now in the buy box” and you should see a significant increase in sales at this point. This is considered to be the #1 selling position on Amazon and can be elusive, however once it’s been achieved you will definitely aspire to get there with all of your products. The buy box is considered prime real estate on Amazon. Quick FBA Profit Calculator Techdaddyvideos, provides quality training information and videos to members who are interested in breaking away from a nine to five existence. We have material related to Amazon, eBay, and other online tools help you build a legitimate online income. The material in this eBook is for the entrepreneurial minded person who has decided to start making money online as a home based business or as a second income. Check out the two packages below and feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at [email protected] Platinum Package - $179 This package is for wholesale arbitrage on EBay and Amazon. If you use this eBook and watch the videos available to you in the course you can execute and learn how to become an eBay or Amazon best seller the videos with Terapeak training give insight on sales data from both platforms.   

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VIP Package - $379 Learn how to private label a product and work with Amazon FBA to create a consistent income every month. This is an amazing course and even if you have years of experience selling online you will benefit.

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Private Label Course Private Label Mentoring 1 Hour of Amazon FBA or Private Label Coaching Access to 60 plus videos Access to Closed FB Community Webinars EBay Training Power sellers Training videos TeraPeak Training videos Amazon FBA Training Videos Wholesale Distributor List

CHAPTER 7: FINDING A SUPPLIER - SOURCES Detailed Registering Instructions Some of the sites listed below require approval with a waiting period, but the majority of them don’t. I suggest registering on the site Calypso Studios , Inc . (Only because I know their process is instantaneous). Once you are on their site you will click on “Retailer Login” at the top. On the following page, click on “First Time? Create Account” Fill out the registration details (Write down the desired username and password you enter) and complete registration. You will get a message saying “Thank you for registering on our site”. On that page click on “Continue to the main site page”. You're in and can now view the wholesale prices. Now feel free to try another site and enter the username and password you chose. Once you submit your login, you will get a message saying something like - “You are not a member of this web site”. However, you do have a valid CAMEO-EZ Login. Would you like to copy your existing registration information to this site?” Click Yes to gain access to the site using your same login info. You can use this same log in for most of these sites because they are all connected under the same platform. However, there are a few that are standalone sites that you will need to create a separate log in for. Please remember that some will require approval, but you'll get an email once you are approved. And now for the list of sources, we will update this as we get more.

The Sources 1. 3 Gentrys - Home, Gift, and Accessories

• Acadian Candles:- Handcrafted, dripless candles & unique candle holders • Banded: no-slip, opti-size fashion headbands. No-slip. No pain. No kidding. • Birchwood Trading Company: Quality, feel-good textiles for home, bath, & more! • Brownlow Gifts: Gifts for every occasion • Chala Group, Inc.: - Handbags and accessories that are both playful and functional, stylish and individualistic, in an original way • Christian Brands: Inspirational products • Deco Breeze: Decorative fans • DecoFLAIR - Decorative Accessories • Extra Point Publishers. Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans. True stories for each Collegiate & Nascar theme. • Gleeful Peacock - One of a kind, handpainted accessories featuring vintage designs in modern colors • Heart on your Sleeve Design - Fun, Meaningful, and Inspirational Gifts. • Kids Preferred, LLC - Quality, innovative soft toys and gifts for children • Mugzie - Wetsuit covered travel mugs & more • New View Gifts & Accessories - Frames, wall decor and home accessories • Pacific Trade International - ALASSIS : An elevated fragrance candle in hand-blown artisanal glass. • Servants Heart - Gifts for every occasion • Tripar International - Display accessories for showcasing products or home • Whimsies - Decorative accents constructed of common metal and beaded wire. Antiqued metal with colorful Patina Flowers. Crosses, flowers, hearts, Horse-shoes, picture frames, boxes, magnets and wall hangings made in the USA. 2. About Face Designs: A leading designer and source for sentiment driven product perfect for special individuals, holidays and gift giving occasions 3. Alexander Terry: Home, Bath, and Kitchen 4. All For Giving: A wide array of accessories including wine stoppers, wine glass charms, wine boxes and faux fur wine bags along with coordinating picture frames, magnetic note pads, votive candles and coasters

5. Alphabet Pix: Brilliantly "see" letters in nature, architecture & the world around us. Choose from over 600+ stunning A-Z photo letters and spell out whatever you want 6. Amia - Blair Cedar: Gifts and novelties from aromatic red cedar. 7. Andrea Menghetti: Fine Venetian glass jewelry 8. Annalee Dolls: The Magic is in the Smile 9. Applelicious: Ideal gifts for teachers, business offices, medical offices, business clients, and for the holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Grandparent Day, and Boss’s Day 10. Aspen: Kate Aspen: Gifts for many of life’s greatest events. Baby Aspen: Memorable baby gifts. 11. Art Studio Company: Socially conscious handcrafted goods using earth friendly materials 12. Artisan Connection, (The Miscun Place) • Fly By South - Lets Eat Unique - Fly by South Sauces are the unique and healthy way to enjoy your meats and vegetables! Cider vinegar and olive oil based, these sauces are All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, low in carbohydrates, and contain no mayonnaise. • Home Appetit - Home Appétit is widely recognized as the purveyor and artisan of the finest, highest-quality food items for the everyday kitchen. The same food products found only at the world’s best dining and eating establishments are available right here. • Marilyns - American Gra-Frutti is a dedicated gluten free bake house. We create gourmet baked goods and treats that everyone can enjoy. Our foods are healthy, decadent, and made fresh by our skilled bakers. There are NO trans fats and NO preservatives. 13. Ata Boy: Popular culture magnets and accessories. 14. Australian Soap: Natural soaps, Shea butter soaps, spa soaps, hand & body cream, gift sets

15. Baby Laundry: Leading provider of blankets. 16. Backyard Soaps: A line of soap, candle, and body care products that combine the freshest high-quality ingredients with packaging that is sure to capture the attention of buyers everywhere. Made in the USA. 17. Badash Crystal: Large selection of unique designs in mouth blown and handmade glass available for home decor, tabletop, awards & incentives, bridal and gifts 18. Band Angels - New Life International: Bandages with Bible Verses 19. Bard’s Products: Collector plate frames and stands, doll stands, glass cases and domes for dolls and figurines, display mirrors and ornament stands 20. Bay Pottery: Unique artisitc works in clay 21. Beaucoup Designs: Aimez collection cuff bracelets, Swarovski crystal earrings, flower pendants, and more 22. Beezer Playhouses: Children's playhouses 23. Betsy Drake Interiors: Indoor/outdoor pillows, wall art, kitchen wares, tiles, coasters and more 24. Billy Joe Home-wares: Decorative kitchen strainers, cabinet knobs & more, to spice up your kitchen. 25. Blade Buddy: Razor Blade Sharpener 26. Botskis and Company: Table Top, Gifts, & More 27. Boutross Imports: Providing everything in linens since 1894. 28. Bridge Brands Chocolate: Bridge Brands Chocolate was created to provide chocolate lovers with gourmet-quality, superbly packaged chocolate at a non-gourmet price

29. Buffalo Jewelry: Trendy novelties and holiday jewelry from themed scarves to holiday hand - painted bracelets to birthstone angel pins and everything in between 30. C4 Belts, LLC: Environmentally friendly plastic belts. 31. Calypso Studios, Inc.: Comforting clay collection featuring hand-crafted cross, heart, ladybug, and butterfly keepsakes 32. Camille Beckman: Body care products 33. Card – It: Specializing in Comfort and Inspirational Gifts 34. Cascini Designs: Neapolitan and Cartapesta art figures, backgrounds and accessories 35. Castle Toy: A leading importer/distributor of quality toys. 36. Catherine Lillywhites: Gifts 37. Cathy & Co, Inc.: Rep: Agency that features gift and accessory lines 38. Channel Craft: Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles that are "Quality Crafted" right here in the U.S.A. 39. Christhomas Corp: High quality value priced gifts, collectibles and Christmas decorations 40. Christina's World: Choose from over 1200 exquisite, mouth blown, hand painted designs and ornaments 41. Clarissa Tumblers: Fun Insulated Tumblers, Cups 42. Coast Lamp Mfg: Lamps, Lights, Shades 43. Conversation Pieces Inc. (Unforgettaballs): The finest collection of art work printed on baseballs in the world

44. Cookbook Company: Offering a complete line of boutique cookbooks that are not only amusing but useful as well 45. CounterArt: Offering Placemats, Coasters, Trivets, Decorative Glass Cutting Boards, Lazy Susan Turntables, Flexible Cutting Mats and More 46. Country Gourmet Home: Direct seller of high quality, easy to make gourmet food mixes including dip mixes, dinner mixes, dessert mixes, seasonings, soup mixes and more 47. Creative Embroidery: Initial and custom monogram bath wraps, appliqued towels, beverage holders, travel mugs, tubs, luggage tags, checkbook covers, cosmetic bags, and more 48. Crosses of Comfort: Inspirational crosses 49. Crown Mulling Spices: Flavorful Ingredients For Cider, Wine, Tea, Juices, Fruits, Meats and Baked Goods 50. Custom Wood Gifts: An assortment of architectural and specialty gift items for the home, office, or your next event. Each replica is made in the USA using a unique process to match the original design and customer specification 51. Czire by Lamar Creations: Turnkey jewelry programs featuring industry leading quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry 52. D & D Distributing: Small toys from A to Z 53. Dang Chicks: Apparel, accessories & more 54. December Diamonds: A selection of ornaments unlike any you have seen before. Each ornament is a unique design 55. Delton Products: A wholesale distributor of porcelain dolls with a full range of gift and home accessories, including soft sculpture, tea sets, plush, garden tin and seasonal décor 56. Dennis East: Offering strong merchandising themes in the categories of

Christmas, pet, garden decor, tropical, outdoor entertaining and home accessories for everyday living 57. Desden: Unique wholesale collegiate licensed gifts 58. Designs By Beverly: Hand painted towels 59. DHR & Company: • A Homestead Shoppe: Lighting and Home Decor collections include Table, Accent and Floor Lamps. The wide variety of styles, materials and fabrics offers something for every decor and budget. • All for Giving: A unique assortment of gifts & accessories for the home, office and the wine enthusiast. • AM/PM Kids: Infant and toddler gifts, accessories and apparel • Art Wear: Fun, funky and contemporary fashion readers and sunglasses • Byer's Choice: Carolers handcrafted in the USA along with Kindles, Gingerbread Houses, Advent Calendars, Snowmen and Accessories to decorate for all seasons • Capri Designs: An exceptional line of Bag & Stationery designs featuring a variety of vibrant and beautiful prints! • Designs by Beverly, Inc.: Beautiful collection of linen and cotton gifts and accessories for babies and children, all with screen print designs. Linen guest towels in everyday and seasonal designs. • Encore Concepts - It’s not your mother’s china! 8 collections of originally designed durable melamine tableware accessories with the look and feel of high-end china. • Evelyn Knight Jewelry: Handmade in a San Francisco studio, ancient styles as well as classic simple designs are reinterpreted in timeless styles • FG Galassi Co: Galassi features an extensive collection of frames, clocks, boxes, magnets and ornaments made from beautiful Italian wood moldings • Flirty Aprons: With styles for women, men and children of all ages, Flirty Aprons can outfit the whole family. • Haven: Stylish, innovative and trend setting product focused on themed home decor, unique accessories and gifts for all occasions • Kiss Me In The Garden: Bath and body products • Lady Primrose: Signature items include Tryst Dusting Silk, Royal Extract Body Ceme, Tryst Eau de Parfum and Necture Pedestal Candle • Leslie Hand Painted Glass: Hand Painted Glasses, Trays, Plates, Bowls and Barware

• Lizabeth Jane Designs: Lizabeth Jane Designs is a hand-crafted line of frames, decor, paper products and tshirts all made in the USA. • Map Pendants: Trendy, wearable accessories created using vintage and upcycled maps. Maps can consist of cities and/or states! Include notes on your order including the details for your items. • Shelley Kyle: A luxurious collection of personal care and home fragrances made to order in the USA. • Siena: Frames in Sterling, Silver plate, Enamel, Jeweled and Wood. Designs for every day, wedding, baby and corporate gifts • Simbi: Modern designs inspired by Haitian culture & art, each Simbi Bracelet, Hair Tie & Headband sold purifies 1 gallon of water a day & provides jobs for the people of Haiti. • Star Home: Handcrafted Serveware, Table top, Gourmet, Gift & Decorative Accessories • Susquehanna Glass: Monogrammed glassware and cut glass barware in timeless designs • Swell Caroline Costume Jewelry: Swell Caroline’s fashion accessories, bracelets, necklaces and more is bold and bright, embracing the sophisticated lady as well as her confidence in every woman. • TarHong: Entertain with Style! Melamine and plastic tabletop collections that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. • Tizo Design, Inc: Frames richly made of Sterling Silver, Silverplate and lacquered wood some decorated with Swarovski crystals. Beautiful wood jewelry boxes and European Drinkware. • TSC Giftables: Decoupage wooden trays & waste bins, metal trays with coordinating table linens and pillows. • Under Stella’s Umbrella: A Beaucoup of Beautiful Things • Up Country Inc: Wonderful products and fine designs to delight the discriminating pet lover. Colorful collars and leads, fashionable pet futons, toys and treats. • Web Pewter and Silver: Fine items in Silver and Pewter to welcome a new baby to the world. • Whispers: Handmade necklaces and scarves. 60. Dish, The: Featuring signature black illustrations on white china. Select artists and designers create exclusive pieces that celebrate the landmarks and events that make each piece special. 61. DITZ Designs: Large variety of products, from footrest animals to large

Father Christmas characters, table top tree bears to six and a half tall standing bears. 62. Divinity Boutique: A gift company that is focused on contemporary and fun gifts that feature inspirational verses and themes. 63. Dog SnorZ: Pillow cases for people who love their pets 64. Dold Marketing: • Blossom Bucket: Primitive country figurines, plaques, pins, blocks. • Crossroads Original Designs: Candles with decorative prints as labels along with matching wall décor. • EDG: High End paper products with incredible margins. Including extra strong gift bags, boxed cards and holiday treat giving boxes. • Haven Gifts and Accessories - Trendy Fun home décor. Creator of Country Drinkware. • Melrose International: home decor, floral and Christmas for every home decor design • Park Designs: Great New England looking Textiles, Candle Accessories, lamps, window treatments. Also designers creating home decor looks based on the most fashionable colors of the season. • Premier Kites: Lawn and Garden spinners, banners, windsock and flags. • Red Carpet Studio: Women's personal accessories at affordable prices. Also with a full line of garden decor. • Split – P: Design driven home decor including linens and matching table top. Most fashionable looks. Large home decor pieces including clocks, candle accessories and bar chairs. • Wholesale Home Décor: Re-Defining Country Style - amazing floral and home décor. 65. Don Mark: Gadgets for the entire family 66. Dr. D’s for Dogs: Items for pets and pet lovers 67. Dye Ties: Headbands, hair ties 68. Ethel & Myrtle: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more 69. E & R Sales: Offering more than 2000 items in the balloon, pen and novelty trend categories 70. Earth Creations: Combines clay dyeing with organic and sustainable fibers to create eco-friendly, made in the USA clothes for the whole family 71. Elegant Baby: Products ranging from my first rubber ducky to my first baby Bible, my first baby blankie, my first baby jeans to the iconic silver spoon 72. Ergo Candles, Inc.: Candles

73. Europa Giftware: Wholesale supplier of art glass, decorative glass, feather wreaths, birch bark animals, ornaments, European candles and Scandinavian products 74. Fabricas Selectas USA: Manufacturer of glass marbles and jumping balls; wood marble games, marble runs, and a growing line of retro wood toys and games 75. Faith & Drake: Christian and inspirational products 76. Fiddler's Elbow: Your source for kitchen towels, doormats, door stops, mugs, mousepads and canvas totes 77. Flair Hair: Crazy Visors 78. Flora Studios- Floral & specialty embellishments 79. For Art Sake Greetings & Gifts USA: Greetings and Gifts 80. FoneFace LLC: The Original “One Size Fits All” Smartphone Case 81. Fortunekeeper LLC: Necklaces, keychains, and bracelets 82. Foxy’s Gourmet: Gourmet mixes, garden kits, and new Tea Eye Masks 83. Fravessi Greetings: Fravessi Greetings is an 85-year old company selling traditional, value-priced and right-priced greeting cards 84. Galt International Company, Inc.: Thousands of products from the home décor, floral accessories, tabletop accents, and store display categories 85. Gently Spoken: Encouraging greeting cards 86. GeoCentral: Product line includes a wide array of educational dig kits, science kits, and impulse items 87. Gina B Designs Inc.: Fine stationery and gift products of exceptional art and design, delivered with outstanding service 88. GlitzSee: GlitzSee™ motion activated purse light, a glowing gem that takes away those I can’t find it in my purse’ blues 89. Golden Hill Studio: Fine crafted and painted tableware and more 90. Goods 4 U Global - Offering handmade, fair trade, socially responsible goods from around the globe 91. Grandparent Gift Co. The: Family sentiments through pictures 92. Green Banana Greetings: A fun and unique line of bottle tag cards that are great to hang on bottled gifts for the gourmet – like vinegars, oils, syrups and more...just about any special bottled item! 93. Greenbriar Pottery: Our Ceramic products are made using custom clay and glaze formulas. Each piece is reduction fired to 2380 degrees making them highly functional. 94. Greenhill Music: Featuring a wide variety of musical styles including light Jazz, Piano, Classical, Celtic, Guitar, New Age, and Big Band

95. Grow -A-Head: Miniature veggies, farm animals and more with grass on top. Just add water. 96. Hallmart Collectibles Inc.: Fine bedding collectibles 97. Halmen , LLC ( O 3 USA ): On-the-go products and bags for your child, travel items, accessories for the family, or that special back to school gift 98. Head Dress: Decorative hair clips 99. Heart Gifts by Teresa: Lovingly hand painted ornaments 100. Heavenly Wear: Inspirational baby clothes 101. Heeney Company: Manufactures and assembles custom-designed silk and dried florals as well as holiday designs 102. Highland Graphics: From coasters, cuttings boards, clocks, mugs, wood signs and more 103. HomeTrendz: Home decor, giftware items, garden accessories, and an exciting new furniture line 104. Horizons East, LLC: An extensive range of nutcrackers, nautical Christmas, music boxes, nativities, and ornaments of all kinds, from nutcrackers to ballet, traditional and more 105. Hot Girls Pearls: Fashion accessories that provide natural relief for hot flashes 106. Houndstooth Polka Dots: Offers cute, girly t-shirts, hoodies & more 107. Howard's Jewelry: Wholesale distributor of fashion jewelry and giftware 108. IKEN: America’s most interchangeable watch! Over 240,000 combinations for school colors, fashions and more. 109. I Love Bracelets: Beautiful and unique wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories at amazingly low prices 110. Imagine Design: A unique variety of home decor and gift items made with the finest quality materials. Items are three-dimensional, embellished and eye-catching. 111. In Dog We Trust: Bandanas, Stickers, and T-Shirts for your dog 112. Invenio Enterprises: Easy Light LED Reading Glasses 113. Isa's: Restoratives. Handmade herbal products 114. Jacaman Gift Co, Inc.: Glassware, tinware, wrought iron, symbol iron 115. Janey Lynn Designs, LLC: All-purpose kitchen utility cloths for lmost any situation 116. Jaq Jaq Bird: Baby and kids accessories 117. J .B. Sales: Everything you need to set up your own candy store or countertop displays, from bulk candy to lollipops

118. J.Jaysons: An extensive product line ranging from fine oriental art objects to an exquisite line of jeweled boxes and picture frames 119. Jack Rabbit Creations: Heirloom-quality toys and gifts that adults and kids love; made from wood, tin, cotton and other natural materials and favoring a "no batteries required" approach 120. Jeane's Things: Personalized ornaments and personalized everyday gifts 121. Jenny Did It!: A product line of cards, boxed sets, mini-mirrors and magnets 122. Jilzara: A premium jewelry line specializing in handmade polymer clay beads 123. JTP Whoelsale: Monogrammed bathroom tissue, coasters and a line of tshirts for the young and old. Future Jock t-shirts and onesies and X-Jock adult t-shirts. 124. Julia Knight: Signature array of bowls and trays, glassware and serving pieces 125. Kameleon Jewelry: Kameleon Jewelry is committed to bringing you the most unique, fun, and flexible interchangeable jewelry system in the world by helping you to create a custom and one of a kind look with your jewelry. 126. Kel-Toy Inc.: For all your gift, floral, craft, packaging, and wedding-favor wholesale market needs 127. Kencraft Creations: Handcrafted Confections 128. Kiss Me In The Garden: A wide array of lotions, perfumes, soaps in various scents 129. Kitras Art Glass, Inc: Innovative and decorative glass objects that enhance the home and garden 130. Krafts Factory , The: From wind chimes, fairies, clothing, jewelry, garden yard art, home decor, woodland, Fall, Halloween, Christmas, floral, display racks and more 131. Kubla Crafts, Inc.: Enamel artwork 132. Lamar Creations: Premier supplier of the highest quality, fastest selling Fashion Jewelry with Cubic Zirconia (CZs) in the market; featuring three categories of jewelry: Brass, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel 133. Lavande: Wonderfully scented lavender products which includes soaps, bath & body, candles, aromatherapy, culinary and more 134. Leisure Craft Industries (LCI): Apparel, plus gift and souvenir items from around the globe 135. Leslie Hand Painted Glass: Hand painted glass and ceramic ware 136. Lily For Hangables: Fabulous fun containers, napkins, frames and paper

137. Little Riding Hoods: Ponchos, wolf tales, and spirit tales scarves, hats and mittens 138. Little River Gifts (Faith Drake): Christian and inspirational quality items 139. Luckie Street: Manicure sets, purse pads, trinket/pill boxes, business card cases, key rings and more 140. Lula Designs: Jewelry 141. Luvali Convertibles: Women’s and children’s accessories that are either reversible or convertible 142. Magnolia Lane Collection: A leading distributor of hand painted, college licensed items, picture frames and sentiment plaques 143. Main Street Reps 144. Malden: A leader in tabletop frames, wall frames and photo albums 145. Malden Canada: A leader in tabletop frames, wall frames and photo albums 146. Malibu Creations: Offering a wide variety of sizes and styles of photo frames, wall frames, photo albums, and home decor to meet all of your framing needs 147. Merritt Gade: Artisan jewelry 148. Michel Design Works: Bath & body, kitchen accessories and décor 149. Mind’s Eye Design: A collection of greeting cards, buttons, magnets and other stationery products 150. Mountain Mamas: A wholesale gift line of scarves, jewelry, shopping bags, wallets, unique bag tags, a monogram collection and travel accessories

Bonus Sites • Abrams: Preeminent publisher of high quality art and illustrated books. • Boston International: Unique and distinctive paper gifts, decorative

accessories and seasonal accents from all over the world. • California Creations: Wind Up Toys • Cedar Mountain Studios: Sharing real beauty and keeping it fun. Words and images fly across a textured variety of wooden wall art, reminding us to love life, each other, and have a laugh now and then. because life is"beauty-full"! • EeBoo: Specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. • Fashion Angels: Fashion Angels is a leading designer and manufacturer of tween girls’ lifestyle and activity products.

• Fiesta Toy: Fiesta manufactures a wide variety of stuffed animals and plush

toys that make great gifts for every day, holidays and special occasions. • Geared For Imagination: Geared for Imagination is an Ohio-based creator and distributor of high-quality products for kids and 'kidults'. • Hachette Book Group: Leading US trade publisher headquartered in New York, and owned by Hachette Livre, the second largest publisher in the world. • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publish some of the most beloved children's characters of all time. From Curious George to Stellaluna and Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel, if your looking for children's classics, HMH is the place to start. • International Arrivals: Fun & exciting array of scented & unscented pens, pencils, erasers and more! Bursting with color and yummy scents – their impulse items fly off the shelves! • Jack Rabbit Creations: Jack Rabbit Creations manufactures heirloom quality toys and gifts that are updated twists on the classics. With original art, amazing packaging and favoring a "no batteries required" approach, they prefer to use wood, tin, cotton and other natural materials for their designs. • Lady Jayne: Wide variety of beautiful gifts & stationery for the home and office. They offer an extensive Everyday plus Holiday collections. • Macmillan: Macmillan is dedicated to publishing today’s best writers and thinkers in all formats via a group of prestigious independent publishers built on centuries of tradition and innovation. • Maison Chic: Maison Chic is a wonderful line of quality, unique and fun gifts & clothing for babies and children of all ages. • Northern Lights Candles: Candles • Studio Oh!: New company that focuses on art, innovation and unique product designs. • Paper Housewares: Creative greeting cards, decorative magnets, puzzles and more • Peacable Kingdom: Cards, games, and stickers that educate, stimulate, and tickle funny bones. • Petal Lane: Unique pressed flower bookmarks and magnets • Punch Studio: Exquisitely designed line of stationery & gift items. There is a large offering of seasonal product, as well as greeting cards, journals, decorative boxes, napkins, notepads and many gifts for every day. • Random House: The world's largest trade-book publisher • Simon and Schuster: Publishing an extensive cross section of first class information and entertainment to a worldwide audience of readers

• Slant Collections: Wide variety of themed partyware, drinkware, gifts,

stationery and more! • Streamline: Based in New York, Streamline started out as an importer and distributor of better watches. In the early nineties the company took a turn toward the junior markets with the enormously popular Bubble Watch. Since then this talented team has designed and distributed everything fun from Whimsy Money Banks, Stylish Lighting, Animal Sound Alarm Clocks, Rocking Animal Frames, Plip Clips to the fabulous Baffle Ball. • Sugar Lulu: Everything for Girls • The Dog Studio: The Dog Studio was born out of a love of dogs, photography and design. Nationally acclaimed dog photographer Amanda Jones shares her 20-year collection of smart, beautiful images of dogs in a new way - through cards, stationery, prints and more! • Time Concept: Affiliated with one of the leading Japanese design companies, Time Concept creates and distributes design inspired gift ware, stationery, toys and more. • Time Inc.: - Publishing strong brands as Time, Sports Illustrated, Discovery and more. Plus the beautiful cookbooks and home decor life style books from Oxmoor House make Time Inc. a well-rounded publisher with something for everyone! • TSC Giftables: TSC creates beautiful home decor and gifts with gorgeous artwork, high quality production and competitive prices. • Tuttle: Premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture, language and history. • Up With Paper: UWP Luxe is a division of the successful Up With Paper company who is a leader in the greeting card & stationery. UWP Luxe is introducing fine soaps and gifts with spectacular dimensional packaging. • Vigo Cards: Vigo is a large, diverse card company - all printed in the USA. They offer cards from over 20 different artists with a variety of designs and styles. Sweet, photographic, high design or edgy - blank & greeted! All printed in the USA! Vigo is here to meet all of your card needs as Vigo Productions has something for everyone. • Waste Not Paper: The WNP everyday line of notecards, bulk papers, wrap, bags and ribbon are exquisite. Their holiday line -a joy! Never before have such elegant & beautiful papers been created with such care and kindness to the environment.

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