HR Policy About us - Apex Services

HR Policy About us - Apex Services

H.R Policy About us: At APEX Services, we believe that proper manpower can ensure an exponential growth for your organization. By completely understan...

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H.R Policy About us: At APEX Services, we believe that proper manpower can ensure an exponential growth for your organization. By completely understanding your need, we thereby provide a professional approach ensuring that the right person is recruited for the job. APEX Services is a well-established outsourcing service provider. The firm has been operating actively from its base in Lucknow since the year 2004. Quality Human Resource is the basic driving force of any organization, and the driving force behind any project’s finance and management. At APEX Services, we believe that proper manpower can ensure impeccable and steady growth for your organization. Reputed for its integrity and trusted for its highly qualitative database, APEX Services adheres to a well-structured recruitment process for every assignment. APEX SERVICES :


1. Deliver Services of the highest Quality Standards to ensure Total satisfaction of Customers 2. Be fully transparent in accounting and Financial reporting standards 3. Conduct oneself with professionalism, integrity as well as high moral and ethical standards and to be fair and transparent and to be seen so by third parties 4. Not derive any benefit from any information about the company, which constitutes inside information 5. Report to the Management any actual or possible violation of the code or an event that the employee becomes aware of that could affect the business or reputation of the company. Examples of Impermissible conduct The company requires order and discipline to succeed and to promote efficiency, productivity, and cooperation among employees. For this reason it may be helpful to identify some types of conduct that are impermissible. Listed below are impermissible actions that may lead to inappropriate disciplinary action. Although it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all types of impermissible conduct and performance, the following are some examples :) _ 1. Insubordination, Including improper conduct towards a supervisor or senior from any department. 2. Refusal to perform task assigned by a supervisor in the appropriate manner. 3. Absence from work without notice to your supervisor or HOD, unless a reasonable explanation is offered and accepted by the Company. 4. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism

5. Fighting or attempting to provoke a fight on premises, abusive language, immoral or indecent conduct 6. Disregarding safety rules or smoking in restricted areas 7. Failure to notify your HOD/Supervisor when leaving your workstation during working Hours 8. Sleeping during working Hours 9. Habitual absence without permission or absence without permission for 3 consecutive days or overstaying the sanctioned leave without sufficient grounds or proper or satisfactory explanation 10. Late attendance on more the 2 days in a month 11. Gross discourtesy to customers or public during working hours 12. Refusal to accept a charge sheet, order or other communication served in accordance with the rules 13. Using Physical force that is not warranted against anybody.

JOINING PROCESS A candidate on joining must report to the reporting Officer. The process consists of the following steps: A. Filling up of Forms The following forms must be filled: 1. Employee Data Sheet 2. Nomination Forms for ESI,PF and Gratuity wherever applicable 3. Insurance Form 4. Bank Account Opening Form

B. Submission of Documents in APEX Candidate must submit the following when joining – 1. Proof of Age, Education and Professional Qualifications – photocopies 2. Experience Certificates from last two Employers-Photocopies 3. Relieving Letter from your Present/Last Employers- Original and photocopy 4. Salary Certificate/Pay Slip of Last Salary drawn – Original and photocopy 5. Six passport Size Photograph 6. The following documents are required for ESI (i) Two postcard size photographs (with family or without family)

C. Submission of Documents in WIPRO Candidate must submit the following when joining – 1. Education Certificates : 10th , 12th , Graduation and Post Graduation (if applicable) 2. Offer Letter, Resignation Letter and Relieving/ Experience Letter of all last employers. 3. Address and ID Proof. Applicable proofs are Driving License, Voter ID Card, Passport, Ration card, Pan Card. 4. 6 Passport size photograph. Working Hours The Candidate will follow the working hours of the client where He/She will be deputed. The candidate may have to work on shifts, based on the client’s requirement Attendance The candidate’s attendance will be maintained by the Reporting officer of the client or online managed by Wipro, which needs to be sent to the contact person at Apex Services within the cut-off date as mutually agreed. Leave Policy The candidate will be eligible for leave as per the policy of the client where he/she is deputed. The Reporting officer of the client will do the leave tracking. The Candidate has to plan their leave in advance and take approval from the Reporting Officer before going on leave, except on emergencies and same is to informed to APEX HR before proceeding on leave. Any uninformed leave will be treated as “Loss of Pay” and may call for disciplinary action. The candidate shall have to submit the leave form duly signed by the Reporting Officer. All Employees are allowed 6 days Casual leave, 6 days sick leave. For the purpose of all provisions under this policy, the calendar year January 1 to December 31 will be considered applicable. Persons joining in the middle of the calendar year will be eligible to leave entitlements on a pro-rata basis SICK LEAVE/CASUAL LEAVE On completion of one month service 1sick leave and 1 casual leave is added to the same and the same chain continues.

Compensation & Benefits Payroll Apex Services will make the payment on the dates mutually agreed with the client, which will be intimated by to the candidate by the Reporting Officer of the client. All payments will be made through Bank Transfer. Please ensure that the candidate open account to enable us to credit their payments on time. (Account opening form has been attached with joining kit) Benefits 1. All associate will be eligible for Employer’s contribution to provident fund as per rules. 2. All associates whose monthly gross salary is less than Rs.15, 000 will be covered under ESIC. (Form attached for enrolment) 3. Associates will be covered under Mediclaim Insurance (Form attached for enrolment) with cashless hospitalization. 4. Please note, insurance coverage depends upon client’s policy; your offer letter will confirm whether you are covered under the above policy and for the sum assured. Provident Fund The basic purpose of Provident Fund is to cover the future of the employees after retirement or to have the security in the event of early death of an employee.. Deduction from employees (Employee contribution) 12% of the Basic + DA + Retaining allowance. Employee/Employer has no right for non contribution. The employee may however, contribute if he so desires, an amount exceeding the prescribed percentage of his basic wages ,DA, retaining allowance if any, subject to the condition that the employer shall not be the under on obligation to pay contribution over and above his contribution payable under the Act. Employer’s Contribution 12 % of the basic wages and retaining allowance. This is paid as follows: 3.6 % of EPF and 8.33 % EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) In addition to the above, the Employer shall also contribute 0.5% of pension wages towards EDLI (Employee Deposit linked Insurance Scheme). ESIC ESIC was the major legislation on social security for the workers in independent India. The ESI Act encompasses certain health related eventualities that the workers are generally exposed to such as: sickness, maternity, temporary or permanent disablement, resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity-total or partial. Social security provisions made in the Act to counter balance or negate the resulting physical or financial distress in such contingencies ,are thus, aimed at upholding human dignity in times of crisis through

protection from deprivation, destitution & social degradation while enabling society retention & continuity of socially useful and productive man power. Employees drawing up to Rs. 15,000 are eligible under the scheme. Employee contribution- 1.75% and the Emplyer-4.75% of wages paid/payable in respect of every wage period. (Wages means the gross wages and includes incentive paid within 60 days interval). Insurance Insurance policy and sum assured depends upon client’s policy. Please check with our Executive for details. The policy details are not covered for all our associates but depend on client’s requirements. The candidate’s offer letter will indicate whether they are covered under insurance policy and the amount assured. Reimbursement of Claims The candidate will be eligible for claiming official expenses on prior approvals from the client as per client’s policy. The candidate need to submit the reimbursement as per the format specified. Based on mutually agreed timelines with the client and the approvals, reimbursements will be directly credited to your salary account. The claims hard copies are to be submitted by 23rd of every month once approved by Project Manager. The same is then sent to Wipro for further approval. For Employees deputed to Wipro Infotech Early / Late / Holiday Expenses: Early /Late and holiday work travel and food expenses would be reimbursed as per below policy .The same can be revised at the discretion of WIPRO. "Early" is when a franchisee resource report to work two hours before official start time "Late" is when a franchisee resource work two hours after official closing time Holidays Working on any weekly off day, or a declared holiday qualifies as working on a holiday List of annual holidays is posted on the notice board in all locations / Customers Holidays Weekly off days are Sundays in normal shifts and depending on the Shift Schedule if the franchisee resource is working in 24X7 shifts

The Policy 1 .Early and Late Stay If the franchisee resource is working "early" / "late" on a working day, resource is reimbursed the following: Breakfast expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a limit of Rs.30/- if resource work "Early" Dinner expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a limit of Rs.75/- if resource work "Late" If resource is using his / her own conveyance, expenses are not reimbursed if resource works "late" on a working day as resource does not incur any additional expenses on commuting. If resource is availing public transport, resource can claim auto fare on actual up to a maximum of Rs.125/- one way for late stay 2. Holiday: Breakfast expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a limit of Rs.30/- if resource work "early" Lunch expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a limit of Rs.75/Dinner expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a limit of Rs.75/- if resource works late on a holiday Auto expenses will be reimbursed on actual up to a maximum of Rs.125/- one way Food expenses will be reimbursed only against supporting bills Franchisee resource is eligible for compensatory off on any other working day if he she works on holiday No allowance in lieu of working on holiday is to be paid Mobile Expense: The Franchisee resource would be reimbursed for mobile / pager provided Mobile claims would have to be purely based on job requirement and at the discretion and approval of the PM and in no circumstances greater than Rs 250/- per month. Any additional payouts beyond 250 would need separate approvals.

The partner would have to submit such details as may be required by Wipro for validating the mobile bills. Local Travel Allowance: the Franchisee resource is required to travel locally on self driven vehicle wherever possible for official work .He / She can claim local conveyance reimbursement for official travel on ‘reimbursement per kilometer traveled’ basis based on the type of vehicle in which the resources travels. Moped (below 100 cc) – Rs. 1.80 per kilometer Motorbike / scooter - Rs. 2.75 per k.m. Auto Rickshaw charges will be reimbursed at actual. The charges would be subject to approval by Relevant Wipro Service Delivery Manager and against valid statement of payout of the same to the personnel working for. Note: There is no conveyance allowance for HOME - OFFICE - HOME THE PROCESS 1. Resource may claim reimbursement by filling up details in FMS Portal 2. Attach supporting bills to claim for food expenses / and other expense where bills are available 3. To claim conveyance expenses, no bills are required, but resource needs to fill in the details and take the Program managers signature 4. Get the same approved by Supervisor 5. Drop the claim form with supporting to the respective Partners office 6. Partner can claim the reimbursement based upon the above documentation after paying out the claim of the resource.

Loans & advances The eligibility for loans and advances is at the sole discretion of the client. Only on getting the necessary approvals from the client, the loan will be sanctioned and released. Based on the agreed timelines, the amount will be credited to your salary account. The deduction will be made from your salary in instalments. Rewards & Incentives The eligibility for rewards & incentives is at the sole discretion of the client. Based on the agreed timelines, amount will be credited to your Salary Account.

Tax Declaration All associates who fall into the tax bracket need to submit tax declaration (form attached) within 30 days of their reporting. Your Tax deduction will be based on the declaration and proofs need to be submitted in the year-end based on the communication sent by Apex Services. Extension of Contract (for short term) At the end of the contract period, if client agrees to extend your contract, Apex Services will intimate the same in writing to you. Termination of Contract(for short term) Any Associates who wishes to terminate the contract before the end of the term, should forward the resignation letter duly accepted by the Reporting Officer of the client to the contact person at Apex Services. Associates need to serve “Notice Period” as stipulated in the appointment Letter, failing which, salary in lieu of notice period will be deducted from their full and final settlement. Apex Services can terminate your contract/dismiss you from the services of Apex services due to: 1. Unsatisfactory performance 2. Conviction by any criminal court 3. Disclosure of confidential information 4. Damaging/ Destroying any property of Apex Services /Client property 5. Uninformed /unauthorized leave or absence 6. Unauthorized possession/theft of Apex Services/client property 7. Any act which is illegal in nature as per the laws of the Country Note: 8. Please ensure that you obtain a “No Due” certificate from your Reporting Officer at the client place. 9. Return all documents/materials issued to you by Client/ Apex Services 10. Any dues pending from associates will be adjusted against the amounts payable to associate. 11. Please submit your Income Tax Proofs before settling your dues.

Exit Interview Every associate who has resigned from the services of the Company will have to undergo the “Exit Interview” wherein, he will be given an opportunity to give his feedbacks/suggestions. Your feedback is a very important tool in our continuous strives for improvement. Post this, your relieving/experience letter will be given. Associates can transfer their PF to the new company they are joining by getting form 13 from Apex services or if associate decides to close PF account, he/she would need to fill in form10cv and 19 along with cancelled cheque leaf and submit after 60 days of getting relieved from Apex services. It will take 60 days from then to get your settlement transferred to your bank account.

Standard Terms of Employment Validity Term of Employment

Notwithstanding anything above, depending upon the aforementioned project/work/deputation, the company reserves its rights to extend/renew your temporary appointment to such period or periods as may be necessary depending upon the exigencies relatable to the work for which you are hereby engaged. In that event, the Company shall in writing extend/renew your temporary assignment on the term as may be indicated in such letter and in the event of your acceptance of such extension /renewal of the assignment; you shall be governed by such terms and conditions as may be indicated therein. It is specifically understood by you that during your term of your employment , you shall neither seek or accept to be employed, engaged, hired by or in any manner whatsoever, render service to any third party either in India or abroad whether on deputation or otherwise. This obligation shall be binding on you whether the said third party is engaged in similar business as the Company or otherwise. Compensation You will be entitled to an Employer’s contribution of Provident Fund as per rules applicable. You will be covered under a Group Accident Insurance Scheme and mediclaim as applicable to your level as detailed in the enclosure attached. (As per client policy and approval) You will be entitled to all other statutory benefits wherever applicable during the period of this contract as per client policy and approval. Termination At the time of termination of the employment either due to termination by either you or the company or upon the lapse of the term of employment, if there are any dues owing from you to the company, the same may be adjusted against any monies due to you by the company on the account of salary, bonus or any other payment owned to you under the terms of your employment. Discretion Your employment is subject to your being certified medically fit by a registered medical practitioner. During the period of this contract, your services could be deputed at the sole discretion of the company and your compensation to any of the company’s clients to do work pertaining to or incidental to such client’s business. Such deputation will be communicated to you by way of a letter from the Company, and this will be effective from the date mentioned in such letter.

Deputation During the tenure of the deputation, you will continue to be an employee of the company and your compensation and applicable allowances shall be payable only by the Company. In this regard, you shall not be entitled to receive any payments, either as fees, expenses, reimbursement or such other allowances, directly from the Client to whose site may be deputed. Rules/Policies of the client In the day –to-day functioning or carrying out your responsibilities and duties, you will receive instructions from the Client and will undertake to abide by any suggestions etc. given by any assigned person(s). You shall also abide by any training that may be offered to you by the Client. You shall be bound to follow the working hours of the Client’s organization. Non-Disclosure You shall take care of not to disclose or divulge confidential information/trade secrets etc; belonging either to the Company or the Client, that you may come across in the course of your responsibilities either to the company or the client and /or to the Client or to anyone outside the Client’s organization and you shall use such confidential information only in the connection with the services provided by you to such client. Further, you shall not utilize any confidential information acquired in consequences of your employment for your benefit or for the benefit of any third party other than the company or its client who has disclosed such confidential information or for whom you have created the confidential information. Assignment of intellectual Property Rights You are employed by the company on the express understanding that all services provided by you whether at the company’s site(s) or on the deputation, are being done on behalf of the company or its clients. Consequently, any and all intellectual property rights (including but not limited to patents, copyright, trademarks, etc.) arising therein shall be owned exclusively by the company or its clients to whom you may be providing the services on deputation. In this regard, it shall be deemed that you have provided your consent for the assignment of any and all intellectual property rights developed either solely by you or jointly with the Company or its clients exclusively and solely either in favour of the company or its client and you shall do all such acts as may be necessary to ensure that the ownership of such intellectual property rights vests solely with the company or its clients, as the case may be. Liability You shall at no point of time make any claim or assert any right to employment, damage, loss or compensation of any sort whatsoever against the client. This arrangement of deputation is purely a contractual agreement between the company and the client for the time specified. Further upon the lapse of your term of employment with the company or

earlier termination thereof, you shall have no right or claim against the company against for continued term of employment and in this regard, the company does not guarantee or warrant any continued employment after the term of employment or earlier termination thereof. You shall not engage in any act subversive of discipline in the course of your duty/ies for the clients either within the client’s organization or outside it, and if you were at any time found indulging in such act/s, the company shall reserve the right to initiate disciplinary action as is deemed fit, against you. Indemnity You shall be responsible for protecting any property of the client entrusted to you in the due discharge of your duties and you shall indemnify the client there is a loss of any kind to the said property. All other terms and conditions of your employment remain unchanged.