ILEAD MEETING MINUTES – July 16 at 1pm at Loras College 1. Status of equipment purchase:  Since none of the equipment we want to purchase is availab...

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ILEAD MEETING MINUTES – July 16 at 1pm at Loras College

1. Status of equipment purchase:  Since none of the equipment we want to purchase is available through CDW, we had been informed by Alysia that we will have to purchase the equipment ourselves then submit for a reimbursement from the State Library. We have $1,000 to spend as part of the project.  Jonathan talked to DALINC at their July 9 business meeting about purchasing the equipment for us and turning over the reimbursement from the ILEAD project once it is received. They agreed to do this. Jonathan has agreed to coordinate with Susan Ebertz, the DALINC treasurer to coordinate the purchase of equipment.  DALINC voted to supplement our equipment budget with up to another $2,000. They asked us to consider purchasing higher-end scanners and a digital camera with the additional money. They also asked us to consider purchasing a larger scanner that could accommodate newspapers.  Dawn brought a revised recommendation for a better camera plus accessories. The group agreed to go with this recommendation. Dawn will turn in a written proposal for the camera and equipment by July 25 to be submitted to DALINC.  The group looked at larger scanners online while at the meeting to discover roughly a $2,000 difference in price between the 8.5x14 size scanners Mike had suggested and a newspaper size scanner. The group discussed this and agreed that a large scale scanner of this size is not feasible for this project. However, Mike will make a new recommendation for a higher-end scanner than was previously recommended. His recommendation will be turned in to the group by July 25 in the form of a written proposal to be submitted to DALINC.  The group discussed the additional funds DALINC is willing to provide and agreed that since the first year of the project is a trial year it seems unnecessary to invest in too much equipment above and beyond what we’ve already decided to purchase. While we will spend a small portion of the money DALINC allotted since we are now purchasing higher-end equipment, we are going to ask that they allow us to spend the funds on equipment at a later date, preferably after the trial year is over and we have more information regarding the execution of the project. 2. Status of Dream Host storage set-up  The group is going to ask DALINC to agree to pay $10 for storage of tiff files for the first year of this project. It is understood that funding for future years will be paid by member libraries based on usage of the database. 3. Status of Archon/Omeka set-up

DALINC agreed to pay $360 for the first year for LibraryHost to host our site, including technical support. This way the group can set up a “sandbox” so libraries can play with the sites and determine if it will work for their digitization needs. It is understood that funding for future years will be paid by member libraries based on usage of the database. Jonathan will contact LibraryHost to get our site up and running. Our goal is to have it live by August 1 so Heidi can use it to test and prepare for the September workshop.

4. Publishing our ILEAD email communications & making list public  The group decided they do not want their communications on the ILEAD email list shared or made public. Several members of the group have shared personal information (addresses/phone numbers) over email that they do not want published. Also, the group agreed that most of our decisions and discussions are made at our meetings rather than via email so any information someone would want about our project status can be obtained by looking at our meeting agenda and notes that are submitted to webjunction.  The group did agree that if Alysia wants to join our email group we are comfortable giving her access to the teams email communications  Dawn volunteered to notify Mike Dargan about our decision to keep our emails private. 5. Review drafts of equipment policy & borrowing procedures  Mike brought a rough draft of borrowing procedures that the team hashed out. Mike and Dawn will work together since she is working on the policy. Mike will work on another draft of the procedures for the group to review.  Dawn came with a draft of the borrowing policy and while talking about it the team all agreed that how we want to work the borrowing during the trial year (August 1, 2013July 31, 2014) will be different from how we want the borrowing to work permanently. The team agreed that we will need a policy for the trial year and a separate policy for after that. Dawn will work on a policy draft for the trial year and submit to the group by July 31 to review.  The team agreed that we should have the policy and procedures in place by the September workshop. 6. Pricing model for participating libraries  Did not have time to discuss this. The team agreed that we will put a rough draft of pricing together for the September workshop but probably won’t be able to have something more definite done by then. 7. September workshop  The workshop is finally set for September 18 at 8:30am at Carnegie-Stout Library.  The details we have confirmed are:

i. We will ask every attending library to bring a photo to be scanned or photographed. ii. The team will demonstrate the scanning and uploading of photos to DreamHost and Omeka. iii. The team will demonstrate Archon. iv. We will present information about pricing and borrowing of the equipment. v. We will answer questions from the attending libraries. vi. Jonathan and Heidi will handle Omeka, Archon, and DreamHost and Dawn and Mike will handle the camera and scanners. The group will continue to work out details of the September workshop at the next meeting.

8. Deb confirmed that her last day at NICC is August 23 and then they are moving to Minnesota. She has agreed to keep working on this project while she is still working at NICC.

Next meeting: August 6 at 1pm via Google Hangouts