Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

White Paper Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience Transforming Passion into Excellence This article is available for download on Tel...

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White Paper

Implementing a Truly

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Transforming Passion into Excellence This article is available for download on Teleperformance´s website. For more information about articles, cases, white papers go to:

Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Global Scenario In recent years, the proliferation of mobile devices and social media forever changed the way we communicate, allowing customers to choose from an even wider array of channels to interact with brands and companies. The customer journey is now often a mishmash of nonlinear engagement opportunities, for example, beginning in one channel such as a website and continuing on in others such as an app on a smartphone or on Social Media, then back to the web, followed by a store visit, and so forth.

Technology has fueled a multi-tasking, multichannel lifestyle for many of us, and the following statistics illustrate just how diversified communication has become:



of customers that used voice are also using additional channels to contact customer services

of social media users are in contact with brands using social media platforms



of businesses use at least six touch-points to engage their clients.

of customers are using digital channels to interact with brands

Source: Teleperformance CXLab Analysis

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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The Integrated Multichannel or OmniChannel Experience In response to customers’ desires to interact on different channels, companies tend to focus on rapid expansion into new channels. But in many cases, this expansion is happening without proper planning, integration or strategy. Companies end up delivering multiple channels in silos where each channel has a different approach, instead of creating a fully integrated multichannel strategy.

Beyond Technology Some companies assume that an integrated multichannel capability involves technology only. However, by not taking into account the entire customer engagement scenario, they run the risk of delivering a non-integrated service, and their customers may have differing experiences in each channel, which is detrimental to the overall brand strategy and experience. There are several aspects that should be considered in a seamless integrated multichannel experience or omnichannel: strategy, technology, people, metrics, and process.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Five Steps to an Omnichannel Platform 1

Create a strategy based on customer channel preferences through surveys, employee input and data collected from voice, IVR, web self-service, email, SMS text, IM/web chat, social media and blogs. Make sure you understand how customers prefer to engage with your brand.


Select a multichannel technology that has the capability to support the company in all channels and preserve the content along the way. The solution must be able to continue the interaction from the point that the last interaction ceased regardless of the channel.


Well-defined staffing profiles and tailored training per channel as well as high quality, empathy with customers, and a well trained, motivated and collaborative workforce. Agents should be selected based on skills and capabilities that are different for each channel. As you can see below, each channel has a completely different agent profile:

Different Agent Profiles for Different Channels VOICE : Good fluency, EMAIL :

clear speech.

Text interpretation capability, good writing.

CHAT : Good speed typing, ability to summarize, capable of interacting with different clients at the same time. MOBILE and SMS : Shortening text capability, high speed typing. VIDEO CHAT : Right hand-play, eye contact and posture, body language. SOCIAL MEDIA : Good communication skills, common sense approach to decision-making, analytical. BACK-OFFICE : Hands-on experience of BPO activities, analytics skills, knowledge of ERP esirable. The training program should cover more than human and technical skills development. It should also include specific modules for improving the different skills required in each channel. For instance, the chat training should include modules regarding typing techniques to develop the agents’ ability to type faster and clearer. It is also very important to develop continuing education training focused on the weak skills of the agents that are mandatory in each channel.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience


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Identify the Metrics for each channel that impact business results. Each channel requires a specific group of performance metrics, which of course vary by channel. Keep in mind the perception and tolerance of customers change according to the channel selected.

Important Channel Metrics SERVICE LEVEL - Percentage of interactions in an amount of time • Measured in seconds for CHAT/SMS/VOICE and hours for email AVERAGE WAITING TIME (AWT) – Average amount of time that an interaction waits to be answered.

• Used for real time interactions (VOICE, CHAT, SMS…)

AVERAGE HANDLING TIME (AHT) – Average amount of time spent to answer a request

• Used for all channels

ABANDONED INTERACTIONS – Number of interactions abandoned in your customer service queue

• Used for real time interactions (VOICE, CHAT, SMS…)

RESPONSE TIME – percentage of requests treated in an amount of time

• Used for social media in case of posts, email and tickets of a back-office program

FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION – The percentage of interactions solved in the first contact.

It’s also very important to consider quality metrics to track customer satisfaction and the impact of the integrated multichannel customer service experience, such as average quality grade, customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.


Map out the organization´s current workflow in order to rebuild or create new processes to guarantee that customers will be served in all channels in the same way. Asking customers to move from one channel to another to fulfill their request should be avoided. When designing contact strategies, be sure to eliminate duplicate processes and improve efficiency. It is very important to continuously review contact strategies in order to guarantee that the customer service process will always be agile and efficient, following the changes of customer needs and preferences.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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How Teleperformance Can Help Deliver an Integrated Multichannel Customer Experience Teleperformance has the expertise to help your company implement and maintain a fully integrated multichannel customer service experience. We have experience supporting more than 150 multichannel programs worldwide in over 20 different industries. Based upon our experience, we have developed capabilities, solutions and initiatives to cover the full range of requirements in order to implement an Ominichannel solution:

Strategy Great strategies require intelligence. The Teleperformance Customer Experience (CX LAB) is a research center that devises different types of research to analyze both customer behavior and preferences across channels. To better understand the end-customer perspective, we developed an annual global survey to measure customer perception across different sectors & markets (the Worldwide Multichannel CX Survey). Based on the results we are able to analyze their perceptions, identify regional differences and generational preferences - providing meaningful insights to our clients. This type of intelligence combined with our channel expertize allows us to recommend better strategies to improve the integrated multichannel customer experience. We also have analytical solutions to help companies identify the impact satisfaction scores have by segment, generation, channel and categories in order to recommend specific actions and indicate how to prioritize efforts to assure quality and consistency across channels, achieving better overall results in both customer satisfaction, and operational effectiveness. Teleperformance works together with its clients to create a seamless strategy that is able to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Technology Based on our partnerships with global technology leaders, our highly qualified staff, and global resources all focused on sharing best practices, Teleperformance has created an Ominichannel suite called Contact Center on Demand with features that maintain the interaction´s content along the way including: Support of all channels, channel synchronization, fully integrated multichannel CRM (TPClient), operational efficiency, security, scalable capacity, improved customer experience, financial flexibility, guaranteed reliability, cloud or local based and more.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Right profile and training – recruiting and training for channel Based on our experience as a worldwide leader, we understand that it is a strategic differentiator to have the right person interacting with a specific client in a given channel. Each channel must have different agent profiles and different training programs to meet specific channel requirements. We offer specific products for each channel combined with very specific agent profiles. Our training modules are tailored to address the requirements of each channel, and our management methodologies reflect our people strategy in order to guarantee both customer satisfaction as well as overall employee performance.

Identify the Metrics for each channel that have a high impact on your business results and define the right operating targets We have a variety of predefined metrics to measure quality and performance across channels. We have defined an integration with all systems within CCoD: WFM, ACD, EMAIL, CHAT and CRM in order to capture results in real time and consolidate them into a single set of manageable reports. Additional integrations include back-office and workflow tools, where we have tools to measure agent productivity and operational productivity. We will also align the operational metrics with your business goals in order to create a dashboard with a 360-degree view. Finally, we use our analytics capabilities to correlate metrics with your business results and adjust your targets to deliver the best cost and profitability per channel.

Map out the organizations current workflow in order to rebuild or create new processes to guarantee that customers can be served equally across all channels Our team has extensive experience in mapping companies’ processes using Six Sigma approaches. During the implementation phase of an integrated multichannel program, we map out the main processes by channel, suggesting adjustments or the adoption of new processes following the channel specifications to guarantee the customer will have the same experience no matter what channel is used. Another key element is the integration between back-office and front-office activities. With our BPO-NON INTERACTION product, we can deliver seamless integration between front-office and back-office, eliminating bottlenecks by the adoption of best practices in terms of workflow systems, processes and agent profiles covering different types of back-office activities.

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Implementing a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

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The Bigger Customer Picture and Why it’s Important Take a Look:


of customers are not satisfied because the service experience does not match the promise the company makes to them upfront

A market survey asked big companies whether they delivered superior customer service:



of these companies as delivering superior customer service.

answered “YES”. Meanwhile customers only identified

“Customers who had a good experience invested

4.5 X more money.”

88% Socially engaged customers spend



of consumers are less likely to buy from a brand if the brand has a history of ignoring or not responding to customer complaints on social media


of online customers are very likely to abandon an online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their query

Comparing companies with the strongest integrated multichannel customer engagement strategies with the others: 89% customer retention rate, compared to 33%

9.5% increase in annual revenue year-over-year, compared to 3.4%

89% 33%

Strongest integrated multichannel

9.5% Others

7.5% year-over-year decrease in cost per customer contact, compared to 0.2%

7.5% 3.4%


Strongest integrated multichannel



Strongest integrated multichannel

Having an outstanding customer experience is key to improving your business results. When customers have access to your company through different channels, it is critical not only to deliver the best customer experience possible, but also to provide the same excellence across all channels in a seamless way. At Teleperformance, we have the experience to increase your productivity by up to 30% as well as offering the potential to reduce your operating costs by using our products, methodologies and tools. Due to our extended footprint covering 62 countries and serving more than 160 markets, we have the capability to deliver integrated multichannel programs across

many different locations: domestic, nearshore, offshore and through our multilingual hubs. Source: Teleperformance CXLab Analysis, Accenture, Bain & Company, Forrester, Conversocial and Aberdeen

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About Teleperformance Worldwide leader in Multichannel Customer Experience We are a People company with a people-centric strategy, interacting with people all over the world. It’s all about People. They are part of who we are and what we do. We analyze their behaviors. We understand their wants and needs. That’s why we deliver outstanding customer experiences through integrated multichannel solutions to enhance customer experience results for our clients.

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