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L a r r y ‘s B i g S h o p p i n g Tr i p d u r i n g H u t c h i n s o n ’s C a b i n Tr i p

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2015 Corvette Atlanta, Inc. Board of Directors Elected Board Members: President ...............Dave Brownell [email protected] VP-Activities...........Amy Parker [email protected] VP-Membership......Larry Vaitkus [email protected] VP-Competition ......Don Parks [email protected] Secretary ................Sondra Wright [email protected] Treasurer ................Betty Parks [email protected] Members-at-Large .Lea Ann English [email protected] Tom Wright [email protected]

Appointed Board Members: Governor.................Betty Parks [email protected] NCM Ambassador...Ed Clark [email protected] Webmaster..............Mike Heaphy [email protected] Editor.......................Betty Parks [email protected] Parliamentarian......Sondra Wright [email protected] Sponsor Liaison......Dan Nugent [email protected]

Consistently ranked among the top National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) affiliated clubs, we are active in a variety of Corvette enthusiast endeavors – such as club social activities, road rallyes, car shows, displays & amateur competitive solo driving – we try to have a good time in everything we do! If you think owning & driving a Corvette is something special & you like being around others who feel the same way, please consider joining our club. Club meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month. For more information about Corvette Atlanta, please contact the VP-Membership or any other officer listed above.

President’s Notes Dave Brownell The holiday season is upon us and most of us have given (and continue to give) thanks for all we have been given. We are privileged to be living in a wonderful country and probably have had a bunch of experiences, extending back into childhood. If it were possible, we’d like to share those experiences liberally with our children and grandchildren. Before the political season causes too much unpleasantness, let’s remember the good things and fine relationships and concentrate on them as 2015 winds down. One of those good things might be to remember how it was when we first decided that we wanted a Corvette under our tree. Be it Christmastime, or summer at the beach, we flipped a mental switch saying that a Corvette was what we wanted. Unless you had a very wealthy upbringing, that most likely meant decision-making and sacrifice. Delayed gratification also meant some other wants would have to be set aside. My first Corvette came rather easily, a 1965 convertible bought for $2500 when it was only two years old. I had savings from a part time job and a college friend who had it for quick sale. Unfortunately, it stayed with me for only six months before the U.S. Navy called me during the Vietnam conflict. The want for a Corvette never completely disappeared. Family-raising took precedence and the second Corvette came many years later, using money left from my mother’s estate. That was almost 35 years ago, and it is still with me, today. Two more Corvettes came and went. Three more have come and stayed. I am so lucky to have the ability to share them with family and friends. The family has always come first (sometimes with some objecting), but the Corvettes have mostly remained high on my list of priorities. I hope it is the same with you and yours. The Corvette Atlanta election has now come and gone. The Board has had some changes and all of us are committed to serving you as best as our efforts and talents permit for another year. We will remain open to your suggestions for having your membership be pleasant, fun and meaningful. It’s always easy to say that we’re open to comments and suggestions, but in our case, it’s true. We’ll continue to do some of the same activities, but hope to add in some new and experimentals, too. Please accept your Board’s wishes for a happy and productive (and healthy) New Year. 2016 can be all that we all make it, together.

What’s in Your Wallet? Sondra Wright

We’ve all heard this catchy phrase on TV with the crazy ads to accompany it. But I’m asking you “what’s in your wallet” for an entirely different reason! Your driver’s license is what I’m asking about. Are you an organ donor (if your personal and religious preferences permit)? If not, when you next renew your license, check the box to become an organ donor. So many lives can be saved by this very easy designation! Now don’t get confused, like one man I encountered many years ago: Standing in line at the DMV to get our daughter her first “real” license, we were behind a huge guy dressed in motorcycle leathers, a do-rag on his head, chains holding his wallet. When his turn came, the trooper asked him if he wanted to be an organ donor. Whereupon he replied, “You have to be dead for that, don’t you?” Seriously, organ donation is one of the most life-giving actions one can take. Think about it. Someone’s generosity could save your life or the life of a loved one some day.


Editorial Reflections Betty Parks, Editor

Thanks for all the support this year with the club’s newsletter. I continue to praise my ace reporters - Dave Brownell, Ed Clark and Sondra Wright for ALL their efforts in providing such an interesting variety of topics to each edition of the newsletter. Thanks also go to the Board members, Lisa Dekalb, and the occasional contributors of articles and photos. Your contributions make my process of collecting and producing easier. Hope you and your family enjoy this upcoming holiday season Be sfae in your travels and I look forward to seeing you next year!

Activities - Saturday Night Out Nancy Morgan

A special New Year’s Eve dinner out was announced at the December meeting and details are listed below:

• Dec 31 - Parker on ponce - 6pm 116 E Ponce de Leon, Decatur • 404-924-2230


Please let Nancy know if you want to attend • 404-294-0633

2016 Corvette Atlanta Board Elected Board Members: President VP-Activities VP-Membership VP-Competition Secretary Treasurer Members-at-Large

Dave Brownell Amy Parker Tom Wright Don Parks Sondra Wright Betty Parks Lea Ann English Anne Costolanski

Appointed Board Members:

Governor NCM Ambassador Webmaster Editor Parliamentarian Sponsor Liaison

Betty Parks Ed Clark Mike Heaphy Betty Parks Sondra Wright Dan Nugent

2015 Awards Banquet Jan. 16, 2016 Nancy Morgan

Location and Time: Petite Auberge Restaurant at 6pm 2935 North Druid Hills Road, Atlanta, GA • 404-634-6268 Our banquet is just around the corner and I still have food orders to get and money to collect. If you haven’t provided your information and/or money, please let me know. Club members $22.50, nonclub members $45.00. Food choice: Entrees: Chicken Piccata, Grilled Filet Salmon or Grill Filet Mignon (please let me know how you want the filet cooked) Desserts: Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry a la Romanoff or New Orleans Bread Pudding

Membership Report The club will go into 2016 with 89 members. We regret the loss of several members but hope our paths will cross again with them. We have added 2 new members, Mark Repanshek and Charles Hawkins. Mark comes to the club with a hobby of cars and a collection of Corvettes! Charles returns after a short departure from the club. Please help us welcome them to the club.

Competition Report Don Parks, VP-Competition

Past Competition Events: November founds us on the road yet again. We ventured down to Palm Bay, FL and Betty drove the C-4 ZR1 from Indiana. The course was on a college campus parking lot and perfect for the C-4! The next weekend was non-racing to attend the National Governors’ meeting in St. Louis. Once back home, it was time to get ready for events in St. Augustine, FL followed by a short week vacation on Tybee Island before the Roebling Road events Thanksgiving weekend. Given the fact that the C-4 ride wouldn’t be available for St. Augustine and we were packing so much stuff (timing equipment, supplies for Thanksgiving dinner, extra luggage for 10 days travel), Betty finally decided she would try to drive our truck and tow the Corvette for the first time in a LONGGGGG time. The only compromise was that I was to drive out of Atlanta traffic and she would take over. Long story short - the truck driving was better than I could have expected. It was not a problem for my shoulder at all -- it must be getting better!! I drove the rig giving Betty a break! The only problem was the Corvette...after sitting on the trailer since July, the battery was dead. At the events, we realized that the brakes had a problem too. Betty limped along without the brakes working at peak condition. Betty asked Johnny Haskell (from CA Region) to help fix the brakes at Roebling - certainly don’t want her to compete at high speed without good brakes!! Johnny has been working on Jack Filippone’s car and decided to bring that car instead of working on our car. Unfortunately, Jack’s car continued to have a issue with the enlarged oil pan - so it was back to loaner racing. The C-4 ZR1 was offered again and Betty accepted that ride. The participation at Roebling was lower than hoped this year due to early snowfall in the Michigan and Illinois plus miscellaneous broken vehicles, etc. The groups that came had a great time and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner, perfect weather and track condition at Roebling, and were on the road headed home on Sunday by 10:30am!! After a financial adjustment from the track, we ended up on the “black side” financially!! December brought us by to Huntsville, AL for the last Southeast Region events. There were 30+ participants that came from the Southeast Region as well as the Indiana, Michigan, Midwest, Southwest, and West Regions. Betty drove the C-4 ZR1 for the final time of the year. The final weekend of NCCC competition was in Brooksville, FL. We took our C-4 to see if Betty could finish out the season. It wasn’t in the cards though as the brakes failed yet again...guess I’ll have to see about getting them fixed. Betty was offered a C-6 Z06 on sticky tire to finish out the events. What a smile on her face! Great end to a good racing season!! Final standings are still pending but Betty is solid in at least 6th place in the Nation.


Calendar of Events

December 2015 1 CA General Meeting - O’Charley’s Restaurant, Tucker* 5-6 14 Low Speed Autocrosses - Huntsville, AL* 6 Caffeine & Octane Gathering, Perimeter Mall, Atlanta 6 Road Runner Cruise-In, Roswell (Woodstock Rd) 12 Vengeance Toys for Tots Show, Miller’s Ale House, Alpharetta 12-13 14 Low Speed Autocrosses - Brooksville, FL 15 Last Day - Toys for Tots dropoff @ Jim Ellis Chevrolet January 2016 2 3 3 5 16 19

Polar Bear Run, Stone Mountain Caffeine & Octane Gathering, Perimeter Mall, Atlanta Road Runner Cruise-In, Roswell (Woodstock Rd) CA General Meeting - O’Charley’s Restaurant, Tucker* Corvette Atlanta Awards Banquet, Petite Auberge* CA Board Meeting - Amy Parker’s home, Decatur

February 2016 2 CA General Meeting - O’Charley’s Restaurant, Tucker* 7 Caffeine & Octane Gathering, Perimeter Mall, Atlanta 7 Road Runner Cruise-In, Roswell (Woodstock Rd) 7 Super Bowl Party* 16 CA Board Meeting - Amy Parker’s home, Decatur

* denotes events that are sanctioned for Club points

Slow Cooker Black Eyed Peas •• In preparation of New Year’s Day celebrations ••

Ingredients 1 1/2 lb dried black eyed peas, rinsed and soaked overnight 4 cups water 8 oz smoked lean ham steak 1 medium onion 2 cloves garlic minced 3 oz can green chilies 1 1/2 tsp chili powder 1 1/2 tsp pepper 1 tsp cumin Instructions 1. Soak beans overnight in a large bowl with 6-8 cups of water. Drain the next morning 2. Add beans to the slow cooker 3.Add in water, ham, onion, green chilies, garlic, chili powder, pepper and cumin 4.Stir gently to combine 5. Cook on high for 6 hours and check seasoning 6. Add in additional salt and other seasonings as necessary, keep cooking until ready to serve. Serves 8

1963-1972 Corvette Chilton Guide

Tom Wright

For Sale: Chilton 1963-1972 Repair and Tune Up Guide (hard cover). Sondra’s cousin owned two ‘vettes and a Maaco Paint franchise in Evansville IN. I believe he had a ‘63 and ‘67. Book’s in good shape and has 217 pages.. $20.00 or OBO and gets it at the next mtg. in Jan. or before. Let me know.

December C&O Photos

Photos by Ed Clark


NCM Report

Ed Clark, NCM Ambassador

NCM 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees The NCM has announced the three individuals to be inducted into their Hall of Fame in September 2016. In the category of Racing, Bob Bondurant has been chosen. Ralph Cramer is the GM/Chevrolet category selection and Donna Mae Mims is the Enthusiast member. Most of us have heard about Bob Bondurant through his driving school that he founded in 1968 and has graduated over 500,000 students many of which are winning races in numerous series. He is also known for racing success himself in the 50’s and 60’s many of which were driving Corvettes. During the period of 1959 – 1963 he won 48 of 52 races driving Corvettes in SCCA and also participated at Le Mans driving an L-88 powered Corvette. Donna Mae Mims is known as “The Lady in Pink” drove Corvettes as a member of the Don Yenko Chevrolet racing organization and took over the role of Manager of High Performance at Yenko Chevrolet during the period when they had many successes. She personally owned a number of Corvettes and drove an L-88 Corvette as her company car with Yenko. When she died, she was placed in her Pink Corvette during the viewing – surely a Corvette enthusiast. Ralph Cramer is probably less well known. He work in Chevrolet Public Relations over more than 20 years. He played a significant pole in getting the idea of a Corvette Museum started and helped sell the idea within GM. While GM did not participate in the development of the NCM, his support resulted in cars like the 1 Millionth Corvette being placed in the Museum. In his role in Public Relations he was responsible for Pace Cars at Indianapolis including the Corvettes. Much more information is available on all three inductees on the NCM web site if you are interested. Some good news on the NCM Motorsports Park litigation scene. The Judge ruled that the Motorsports Park would not have to close down pending the outcome of the litigation brought by the neighboring subdivision on noise issues. The Motorsports Park can continue to operate until the case is resolved in the Kentucky courts. It is expected that the case will begin to be heard in mid to late summer 2016. The MSP is not out of the potential difficulties that case may result in but only that they can operate until the court rules possibly late in 2016.

Fighter Pilot David??

Photos by Lisa Dekalb

A recent excursion for David Morgan. Perhaps he’ll explain his madness next month??

Corvette Assembly Plant Update

Ed Clark

I have not been impressed with many of the paint jobs on recent Corvettes leaving the Bowling Green Assembly Plant going back to the early C6’s and continuing to today. The paint color is evenly applied and the clear coat looks good but the color paint has too much of an orange peel appearance on many of the cars, at least in my opinion. Well maybe someone within GM thought the same thing as a huge new paint building is being added now to the assembly plant with newer technology and better environmental features. The paint shop will be nearly half the size of the current assembly plant with over 450,000 square feet of floor space. The carbon fiber, special plastics, and fiberglass all require a painting system and processes different that metals being painted in other plants. There will be a lot of automation in the plant and GM management believes it will produce a better product for their customers. The new paint plant will also allow the selection of exterior colors to be expanded from 10 to 12 and other type paints to be used such as the white diamond paints. The environments improvements will result from a change to a dry overspray collection system from the wet system used today greatly reducing the waste product to be disposed of. The waste product can be recycled into concrete production instead of placed in a landfill. The schedule is to start painting cars in this new paint facility in April 2017 so about a year and a half from now. With the huge change in the assembly plant preceding the initiation of C7 production and now a large additional investment in a paint facility, it seems that GM is committed to continuing to produce Corvettes with better paint jobs for the foreseeable future which is good news for us.


1967 Corvette

In the fall of 1966, 30-year-old Don McNamara of Colorado Springs, Colorado, celebrated his retirement from the United States Marine Corps with a trip to Las Vegas. It was the one and only time he would visit Sin City, and it proved fortuitous when Lady Luck intervened and a slot machine Don was playing paid out the massive sum of $5,000. By the time he returned to his parents’ home where he lived, he knew what he would do with his winnings. He asked his father, a car salesman, to take the money and buy a new Corvette. At first glance, Don’s dream car appeared to be just out of reach; the features he specified pushed the price tag more than $500 past the $5,000 mark, but his father’s persistence paid off when he found a dealership in Lamar, Colorado, about 125 miles away, that agreed to sell a 427 coupe for under $5,000. Built on May 10, 1967, and delivered to McNamara on May 20 by Ray Motor Co. in Lamar, the Corvette coupe was exactly as Don had ordered, with the L36 427/390 HP engine, M20 4-speed manual transmission and 3.36 Positraction rear end; tinted glass, telescopic steering wheel, AM/FM radio, side exhaust and bolt-on aluminum wheels. Don’s innate patriotism influenced his choice of colors: Ermine White paint, Red Stinger stripe and Red interior – a matchup he completed by replacing the factory Black wall rubber with a set of double White-and-Blue stripe tires. Don drove his new Corvette only sparingly for the first several months, until it inexplicably disappeared. When asked of its whereabouts, he would always answer that he no longer owned it. And yet, rumors that it was parked in his heated single-car garage persisted for years afterward, even after Don McNamara passed away in July of 2011. Only then was the truth revealed: the Corvette had been there the entire time, a full 45 years, discovered by the neighboring couple McNamara had befriended in his later years and to whom he had willed his entire estate. Recorded interviews with the couple uncovered the story not only of the Corvette but of its enigmatic owner as well. Don McNamara was a unique man, one who loved his country and surrounded himself with its symbols of freedom and individuality while maintaining an intensely private life. He never married or had a family, never had a checking account or a credit card and always presented himself as barely getting by. He had decided to put the Corvette under wraps when after the first year the time came to pay license and insurance renewal fees, and began driving it only late at night, away from prying eyes and ever faithful to the pursuit of happiness. When the Corvette’s odometer approached the 3,000-mile mark in the mid-Eighties, he retired it from the road for the rest of his life. When the Corvette was removed from the garage in 2012, the late McNamara’s next-door neighbor of 22 years saw it for the very first time. It had been discovered wrapped in a car cover, over which was draped a shipping blanket decorated with large Stars and Stripes and Marine Corps flags. It was in a virtually flawless state of preservation, entirely original except for a few personal touches under the hood comprising polished Edelbrock aluminum valve covers and four Corvette emblems mounted on the air cleaner. McNamara’s Team USA Olympic jacket was draped over the back of the passenger seat, another reminder of his love of country. The Don McNamara Corvette coupe was purchased from the executors of the estate in 2012 by Dr. Mark Davis, who arranged for it to be unveiled and displayed in the entrance to the Bloomington Gold Great Hall in June of that year. At that time, as now, its odometer showed 2,996 miles. Until its unveiling there, it had been seen by only 12 people. It had only ever been driven by Don McNamara. Only two other people were ever known to have sat in the driver’s seat, and no one had ever occupied the passenger seat. It had never seen the rain or been washed with water and since its discovery had never been cleaned, sat in or touched. The car instantly caused a sensation in the Corvette community. Numerous high profile Corvette experts including John Rettick have thoroughly documented the car with over 4,000 detail photographs, which along with the car itself serve as in-depth educational resources for Corvette restorers. The Don McNamara Corvette is not only quite likely one of the most well-preserved, lowest-mileage and exceptionally original 1967 Corvettes in existence, it is also accompanied by exquisitely unspoiled documentation. The paperwork was kept by McNamara in a bank safe deposit box and remains in crisp as-new condition. It includes the original window sticker, showroom sales brochure, Chevrolet warranty book with Protect-O-Plate, the original keys and fob and a duplicate set of keys; the original owner’s manual and plastic pouch, dealer record book issued by Ray Motor Co., a cashier’s check for a deposit and a receipt for the balance of the purchase price, the original State of Colorado license registration and title issued to McNamara dated May 22, 1967 and the NCRS Shipping Data Report confirming delivery at Ray Motor Company in Lamar, Colorado. Also included are McNamara’s last driver’s license, a photograph of the car he always carried with him in his wallet and video and photos documenting the car’s discovery, its removal from the garage and its unveiling and display at Bloomington Gold 2012. Documentation is contained in two 4-inch binders that also include CDs containing copies of all documents and photos of Don McNamara’s dream Corvette.

The rest of the story - this car sold at Mecum’s Auction in April, 2014 for $725k!!


Polar Bear Run

Submitted by Dave Brownell

Editor’s Note: Dave wrote this article for the Packard Club but it has all the information that I thought Corvette Atlanta might need to know - so I didn’t edit out his references to the Packard Club. Here is a car activity that I intend to participate in on Saturday, January 2, 2016. This will be the fifth or six year in a row that we’ve participated in and always have had a good time. It’s the Polar Bear Run (in the old days, participants would endeavor to wear pajamas with polar bear themes....definitely not required today). Its usual day was the first Saturday after New Years Day and this year is described in the front page of the attachment below for the Georgia Triumph Association. The 2016 target destination is circa Athens, Georgia (if you think you already know all there is, these folks may teach you something new!) I suppose a roadworthy Packard would be up to the estimated 130 mile round trip distance, but I will, more than likely, choose to drive one of my Corvettes. Our Corvette Atlanta club usually turns out with about ten cars, more or less, depending on the weather that day. The attachment ( basically tells all you’ll need to decide if it’s for you and your car of choice. In my time, I think I have seen everything, from cars from the 1920s to modern day, both import and domestic. For me, the diversity of the cars is enough to show up to see what’s being run that day even if you decide not to participate. Like high school the only rule is “Run what you brung!” If your car of choice can keep up with a vintage Citroen 2CV, then it’s eligible to go. Driver discretion is advised. Some years, even my newish Corvette had to breathe hard to keep up with some of the Triumph, Austin-Healey and MG roadsters and the way they were driven. The biggest car I can remember running was a beautiful 1965 Pontiac Bonneville convertible. Some older Cadillacs are inevitable but I cannot recall actually seeing a Packard get entered. If you don’t want to take the trip but can make it to the Stone Mountain area (Hwy 78 and East Park Place intersection) starting point, just the view of the cars running is, in itself, worth the trouble. If you do go, you’ll be home by dark. So, for Peachstate Packard members (and others) who are not having post-New Years after-effects, this is my first suggested activity for 2016. For details, see the website below. No advance registration is necessary. But if you do participate, I think you’ll enjoy having done it.

YouTube: Drag Strip Riot

Submitted by Dave Brownell

At the December Corvette Atlanta meeting, I mentioned seeing a YouTube feature movie from 1957 called Drag Strip Riot. It is one of the early and infamous American International teen beach movies, but someone must have really taken money from Chevrolet to do what this movie does for Corvettes. Route 66 might have developed their plot lines from this awful film (that I loved). The only two cast names I recognized were Fay Wray (from King Kong) and a very young Connie Stevens. There are quite a few Corvettes that they must have rounded up from Southern California to make this film. I counted at least eight convertibles, including some 1954 and 1955s (hopefully the 55s with V-8s). All but one had whitewall tires, suitable for racing. For the older crowd who knows these things, our hero drives his Corvette on the street with Olds Fiesta wheelcovers attached. He earnestly asks a mechanic buddy to use a screwdriver to “add a few more RPMs” for The Big Race. That event shows our Corvettes with whitewall tires competing with Jag XK-120s, a spinning out Austin Healey, and one Scarab (probably driven and owned by Lance Reventlow, the heir to the Woolworth fortune, who’d die a few years later). I suggest you check it out (it’s free) on YouTube, if not for the Corvettes, the fashions. In 1957, none of the trim and shirtless men have SixPacks but the girls make up for it in fabric. Once again, go to YouTube and type Drag Strip Riot. Your mother may not approve.

Happy Holidays Hope to see you in 2016!! Photo by Lisa Dekalb


December & January Birthdays

Debbie Payne.......................Dec 3 Joan Valentino.....................Dec 12 Jim Lecki..............................Dec 13 Susan Scheller......................Dec 15 Anne Costolanski..................Dec 20 Charles Hawkins...................Dec 26 Bob Matt..............................Dec 30 Frank Merrifield...................Dec 31 Jean Tarvin..........................Dec 31 Rosie Todd...........................Jan 4 Bob Zrolka...........................Jan 8 Susan Gowin........................Jan 10 Janice Moriarity...................Jan 12 Angela Barros......................Jan 14 Ellen Stringer........................Jan 18 Lynda Matt...........................Jan 19 Bill Davidson........................Jan 25

FCOA Members: Eli Key.................................Dec 19


it m a e r You dbuild it we

Scott & Ann Baize (30)............................Dec 14 Don & Betty Parks (45)............................Dec 19 Kent & Joan Valentino (37)......................Dec 24 Rob McLean & Bonnie Lass (17)...............Dec 31 Chris & Martha Murphy (44)...................Jan 14


Web Sites:

Corvette Atlanta – - NCCC – Southeast Region NCCC – NCM –

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k it You brfeixa it we

December & January Anniversaries


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