In This Issue - Madison Audubon

In This Issue - Madison Audubon

NEWSLETTER OF THE MADISON AUDUBON SOCIETY ANNUAL REPORT EDITION: SPRING 2014 In This Issue: Forward Boldly: We took some really big steps in 2013 ...

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In This Issue:

Forward Boldly: We took some really big steps in 2013

The Year at Faville Grove and Goose Pond 2-3

As 2013 came to a close, Madison Audubon capped off a big year with our favorite big step: protecting land. With the acquisition of a permanent conservation easement on about 14 acres at Faville Grove Sanctuary, MAS brought our holdings there to roughly 575 acres (see p. 2). The year also saw a sanctuary neighbor establish a permanent conservation easement on 153 adjacent acres through the federal Wetlands Reserve Program, bringing the total area protected at Faville Grove by Madison Audubon and our partners to over 1,000 acres.

Spring Field Trips Legacy Society and Endowment Funds 2013 Financial Report 2013 Donor Honor Role

4 4-5 5 6-7

Timberdoodles, a Lost Bird 8 and a Long Walk

• With the city of Waterloo, we hired Elyse Eastman as a full-time intern to staff the new Waterloo Regional Trailhead Facility at the Dr. J.S. Garman Nature Preserve. • Launched our Conservation Scholars Program to recognize young people and educators who are making a difference in habitat protection and bird-related conservation.

The first really big step of the year was the hiring • Strengthened our member communicaof the organization’s first executive director, tions, enabling us to reach an extended audiGary Funk. With the addition of his many years ence by: developing a first-class interactive of experience and full-time-plus efforts, the pace of activity in the Madison Audubon office Pasqueflower (here and above): website; expanding our social networking activity (we celebrated the milestone of took off. With Gary, our other staff and the a favorite of early spring reaching 1,000 “Likes” on Facebook this fall); board of directors working together closely, we and redesigning this newsletter. quickly began ticking off accomplishments. Specifically, we: • Established an annual work plan—and have actually been sticking to it. (Read on for the results!) • Reorganized our office staff, with Karen Etter Hale now serving as partnerships facilitator and Taylor McCabeJuhnke’s internship increased to full time in the role of communications and outreach coordinator.

Our mission is to protect and improve habitat for birds and other wildlife through land acquisition and management, education and advocacy.

• Hired two full-time professionals, Rebecca Ressl and Brianna Duran to expand our educational programs and reach new audiences.

• Finalized a five-year strategic plan and detailed an ambitious conservation agenda. Revised our mission statement (bottom left) to sharpen our focus on habitat. • Were selected for the Land Trust Excellence and Advancement Program sponsored by Gathering Waters Conservancy and the Land Trust Alliance. Assessed our adherence to LTA’s Land Trust Standards and Practices and are working to reach full compliance with the guidelines and achieve accreditation as a land trust.

• Moved our offices to accommodate expanded operations. We did all of this in addition to maintaining our already-active programs of field trips, monthly membership meetings, bird mentoring, and summer internships in restoration ecology, as well as our advocacy efforts, Art Fair, Great Wisconsin Birdathon, Christmas Bird Counts, and of course, maintaining two spectacular wildlife sanctuaries with much help from many dedicated volunteers (see pp. 2-3). We also closed the year with a tremendous show of support from you in response to our annual appeal (see pp. 6-7). Madison Audubon enters 2014 better funded, better staffed, and better organized than ever. Let’s make the most of it!

Roger Packard, President [email protected]

1400 East Washington Ave., Suite 170 Madison, Wisconsin 53703 · · 608.255.2473

The Year at Faville Grove 2013 was my first full calendar year working at Faville Grove Sanctuary. For me, spending the year immersed in the landscape was an experience that cannot be replicated or forgotten. Few opportunities develop a greater connection to an ecosystem than having each day’s activities depend upon the weather and the phenological status of the local flora. I am grateful to have spent the past year working at Faville Grove. I have always enjoyed the changes that come with each season, but after working here, spring became considerably more meaningful to me. I began working in May 2012, a time when it is easy to take the beauty of the prairie and all its inhabitants for granted. After a long winter, witnessing spring green-up and bird migration was a wonderful feeling.

Time to Start Rebuilding This Soil Madison Audubon has acquired a perpetual conservation easement from the Burkhard Laas Survivors’ Trust on about 14 acres of land adjacent to our Faville Grove Sanctuary. The eroded farmland in the foreground (lower right) will be planted to prairie next fall to connect our sanctuary lands to Helga’s Prairie, visible in the middle distance. Madison Audubon planted this prairie on the Laas farm in 2000 to protect the high-quality wetland beyond the first band of trees from erosion, and later named it in memory of Helga Laas.

Changes happen so gradually that we do not realize how quiet and desolate the winter habitat can feel in comparison. Then we hear the first big flock of migrating geese, the first bluebird checking out a birdhouse, and the first meadowlark calling. It is an incredible lift of spirit and a reminder of all the species that make the sights and sounds of the summer prairie a spectacular place to work (and visit). It might be cruel to start talking about spring so soon, considering the brutal start to winter, but winter has its benefits too. The hustle and bustle of spring, summer, and fall leaves little time for reflection and exploration. Winter gives me the time to review the previous year’s management practices and develop plans for the future. It is fitting that the New Year begins in this season.

...and at Goose Pond Reviewing my field notes from the previous year, I would like to share some of my favorite memories from 2013: • Hearing whip-poor-wills calling in the Lake Mills Ledge. • Seeing the short-eared owls return to the Crawfish River floodplain (Martin, Tillotson, and Charles prairies) after a couple years without their presence. • Watching a doe find her fawn out in the prairie to nurse. • Discovering two new native species on the sanctuary—Prairie parsley (Polytaenia nuttallii—a threatened species in Wisconsin) and grape honeysuckle (Lonicera reticulata). • Confirming that Eastern Prairie White-Fringed Orchids (on the state endangered species list) are recovering on Snapper and Faville Prairie State Natural Areas after flooding and drought damaged the populations. • Collecting 15 pounds of spiderwort seed in the north Lake Mills Ledge Uplands. • Conducting our first-ever summer burn and watching the prairie recover with several species flowering late into September and October including spiderwort, compass plant, prairie dock, sawtooth sunflower, ironweed, rattlesnake master, and prairie blazing star. • Collecting 139 native species with 48 individual volunteers and 354 volunteer hours (not including groups). Matt Weber, Faville Grove land steward [email protected]

After drying out in June 2012, Goose Pond refilled with spring and summer runoff, providing ideal habitat for waterfowl and marsh birds. In fact, 3,000 American coots were present much of the fall. We also found fathead minnows only three months after water returned. Frogs and tiger salamanders also benefited from the return of water. Uncommon birds sighted at Goose Pond Sanctuary included horned grebes, red-necked grebes, American white pelicans, peregrine falcons, American avocets, short-eared owls, and a snowy owl. A summer bat survey found high numbers of bats hunting moths over Goose Pond. Four pairs of American kestrels at Goose Pond raised young. Kestrels greatly benefit from grassland habitat and nearby nest boxes for their use.

MAS secured a Citizen-Based Monitoring Grant from the DNR to erect and monitor an additional 40 kestrel nest boxes in 2014. With volunteer assistance from William Damm, we completed the construction phase of the project. We are developing partnerships in Cooksville, Beaver Dam, Blanchardville, and Columbia, Dane, and Iowa counties, where kestrel boxes will be installed and volunteers will assist with monitoring. Volunteers and interns harvested prairie seed to plant a 4.5-acre restoration in the Browne Prairie tract, and for our partners to plant 18 acres at Patrick Marsh in Sun Prairie, 14 acres of parkland in the City of DeForest, 13 acres at Mud Lake State Wildlife Area (Columbia County), and 3 acres at Natural Heritage Land Trust’s Westport Drumlin Prairie.

Christmas Bird Count Results Seventy-five species and 12,703 birds were found on the Poynette Christmas Bird Count coordinated by the Martins. Al and Gail Shea and Quentin Yoerger found a record of 60 species in their area that included the Wisconsin River and the Portage power plant. This was the most species that one party has found in the 114-year history of Christmas

Bird Counts in Wisconsin. Counters found 19 species near Goose Pond Sanctuary including 46 ringnecked pheasants, a bald eagle, a short-eared owl, 40 Lapland longspurs, and 320 snow buntings.

Welcome, Tony! We are pleased to announce that Tony Abate joined the Madison Audubon staff on Jan. 1 as Goose Pond Sanctuary land steward. Tony has been an intern at Goose Pond since late May, and he will assist Mark Martin and Sue Foote-Martin with prairie restoration, volunteer events, and field work. Tony, a 2013 University of WisconsinMadison graduate, majored in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. This new position is made possible by proceeds from our recently established Madison Audubon Society Endowment (see the next page.).

Visit to view details of the local Christmas Bird Count results.

Stay up to date with Madison Audubon Want to be among the first to know when that snowy owl shows up at Goose Pond? Or learn about the latest MAS land acquisition? Want to receive timely reminders of upcoming field trips, monthly meetings, and other events? Summaries

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The upcoming planting will further protect the wetland and provide additional contiguous habitat for grassland birds, waterfowl and other wildlife. These dry sandy soils near wetlands are particularly valuable nesting habitat for Blanding’s turtles, a threatened species in Wisconsin. Funding for the acquisition came from a grant provided under the federal North American Wetlands Conservation Act and private donations. Thanks to the Natural Heritage Land Trust for administering the NAWCA grant.



Spring Field Trips

The Inaugural Madison Audubon Legacy Society

Lapinski-Kitze Prairie: A Tribute to Giving

Saturday, Mar. 8: 7 a.m.

Planned giving is vitally important to Madison Audubon and our ability to protect habitat and connect people to the outdoors for generations to come. Our newly established Madison Audubon Legacy Society recognizes and celebrates individuals

It was only natural that Elsie Lapinski and Lois Kitze Smithies, given their 50-year friendship, joined together to fund the purchase of a prairie. Both had distinguished science careers: Elsie as chief of microbiology at the VA Hospital, Lois as chief of virology at Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. Both grew up in northern Wisconsin and spent their childhoods exploring the woods and waters near their homes. Inspired by the example of Sue Ames, who also funded an Audubon prairie, Elsie and Lois decided to protect a special habitat through a land purchase at Goose Pond Sanctuary. The Lapinski-Kitze prairie was dedicated in 2006.

Lower Mud Lake Spring Migrants

Saturday, Mar. 22: 9 a.m. Rose Lake State Natural Area

Saturday, Mar. 29: 7:30 a.m. Beginning Birding at Picnic Point

Saturday, Mar. 29: 8 a.m.

Spring Birds of Columbia County

Tom and Kathie Brock Curt and Arlys Caslavka Dorothy Haines Arnold Jackson Elsie Lapinski

and families who have included Madison Audubon in their estate planning. Thank you to the following founding members of the Madison Audubon Legacy Society for their philanthropic leadership:

Lu M. Kummerow Marcia MacKenzie Jill* and Jerry Martin Mark Martin and Sue Foote-Martin *Jill Martin passed away in 2009

Friday, April 11: 6:30 p.m.

David Musolf Roger Packard Don Schmidt Susan Slapnick Jim Shurts

“It is a good feeling to know that my lifetime efforts will outlive me in the form of a compass plant building soil, making honey via the bees, feeding a goldfinch, giving rest to a monarch and shelter for a field mouse in winter.” —Sue Slapnick

Evening at Cherokee Marsh

Sunday, April 13: 9 a.m.

Spring Birding at Lake Farm Park

Saturday, April 19: 6 a.m. Birding Horicon Marsh

Saturday, April 19, 7:30 a.m.

Beginning Birding at Picnic Point

Wednesday, April 16: 6:30 p.m. Evening at Turville Point

Friday, April 18: 6:30 p.m. Spring Evening at Goose Pond

Thursday, April 24: 6 a.m.

Warbler Walk at Pheasant Branch

Saturday, April 26: 8 a.m.

Baraboo Hills Birds and Wildflowers

Sunday, April 27: 9 a.m.

Ice Age National Scientific Reserve

Tuesday, April 29: 6 a.m.

Warbler Walk at UW Arboretum

Monthly Field Trips: Jefferson-Dodge Bird Walks Every third Saturday or Sunday Cherokee Marsh Walk Every first Sunday: 1:30 p.m. § We have 122 field trips planned for 2014! Family-friendly field trips, easy trips and more challenging ones... Find one that’s right for you! §

Details at: or call 608.255.2473.


shorebirds. Plans are underway to begin planting a two-acre cover unit on the edge of the parcel in 2014. Part of the property was planted to corn for migrating waterfowl, winter songbirds, rabbits, and pheasants.

Managing and sustaining valuable natural habitat requires long-term resources, something both Elsie and Lois recognized. Prior to Lois’ death in 2010, she made a planned gift to the Madison Audubon Society to support the ongoing maintenance of the Lapinski-Kitze Prairie. Today, the Lois Kitze Fund is a cornerstone of our new Madison About half 0f the Audubon Society 116-acre Lapinski-Kitze Endowment, and Prairie is planted to annual distributions native grasses and Elsie and Lois enjoying the prairie named in their honor from the fund ensure forbs. Another 45 acres that the killdeer, have shorter, nonnative, cool-season plants to attract sedge wrens, dickcissels, and dunlins have nesting birds such as bobolinks and blue-winged teal. appropriate habitat. This planting also provides ideal habitat for northern Honoring the intent of donors like Lois and Elsie harriers, rough-legged hawks, American kestrels, and is the essence of the MAS Endowment. Guided short-eared owls that prefer hunting small mammals by board-approved investment and distribution in short cover. policies, the MAS Endowment secures a strong A one-acre wetland restoration is providing ideal organizational future while ensuring that funds are habitat for breeding waterfowl and migrating utilized in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Madison Audubon Society Endowment The Madison Audubon Society Endowment was formally established in 2013 by the board of directors. The board also approved a set of endowment principles, as well as an investment and distribution policy. Although planned gifts will always be essential in endowment building, there are many benefits of major giving during your lifetime as well, including tax benefits and the knowledge that your gift will be put to work immediately. Currently, the MAS Endowment includes five funds: • Arnold Jackson Charitable Remainder Trust • Lois Kitze Endowment Fund • The Jerry and Jill Martin Goose Pond Land Acquisition Fund • Jill Martin Wildlife Management Endowment Fund • Mary Muckenhirn Endowment Fund

o New Membership o Renewal Name(s) Address email

o $40 Individual Membership o $60 Family Membership o $25 Student Membership $ o Additional Gift to Madison Audubon o Gift in Honor of: o Gift in Memory of: o Gift Membership for: Name(s) Address email to Madison Audubon o Check Society enclosed Pay by o Visa o MasterCard Name on card Card # Expiration Date

As of Dec. 31, 2013 these five funds had combined assets of $1,089,472 and provided more than $30,000 in disbursements during the last 12 months of our previous fiscal period.

For more information on gift options, including endowment gifts or planned gifts, please contact executive director Gary Funk at 608.255.2473 [email protected]


Join BOTH Madison Audubon and National Audubon

Fiscal Year 2013 Financials (18 months: 7/1/12-12/31/13)*

FY ’13 Revenue

FY ’13 Expenses



Statement of Assets (12/31/13) Operations Operational Reserve Designated Funds MAS Endowment Fixed Assets Liabilities Net Assets

$95,024 $100,000 $10,007 $1,089,472 $5,586,694 ($22,401) $6,858,796

*A final audit will be available by April 1, 2014. The 18 month budget is due to a transition in the Madison Audubon fiscal calendar.

Please return this form to the address on p. 8 or give online at Madison Audubon Society and National Audubon Society are tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. When you join, you will receive subscriptions to both the Madison Audubon newsletter, published four times per year, and to AUDUBON magazine, published six times per year. (Please allow six to eight weeks to receive your first issue.) Your membership and gifts to Audubon are tax-deductible except for $7.50 allocated to AUDUBON magazine for a one year membership.

One for the ages: a seedling bur oak in a Faville Grove prairie/savanna restoration


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In Memory of Carole Brandt Scott Brandt In Memory of Susan Connell-Magee Kevin Magee In Memory of Harold & Hazel Cottington Tom Cottington In Memory of Noel Cutright Jack & Holly Bartholmai John & Cate Harrington In Memory of Ellen Tillotson Darrow Grant Darrow David Musolf Frank & Shirley Olson Roger Packard Barbara Washburn Mary Washburn Nancy Washburn & Mark Spring Sally & Ban Washburn In Memory of Rosemary Fleming Wayne & Jackie Pauly Mark Martin & Sue Foote-Martin In Memory of Paul Bert Gabrielson Max & Betty Rosenbaum In Memory of Jenni & Kyle Geurkink Sally Wilmeth & Terry Geurkink In Memory of Bill Hameister Barb Smith & Don Baker In Memory of Bill Hembel Jacob & Ann Blasczyk James & Barbara Busse Jim & Kate Pizor Marilyn Wilson Donald & Jane Worel In Memory of Peggy & Owen Jones Maggie Jones In Memory of My Parents Harry Hutchison In Memory of Marlene Peters Laurie Yahr & Rich Kahl In Memory of Rudy Jungemann Alice Jungemann & David Wilken In Memory of Zachary Koenig Kathy Koenig In Memory of Agnes Marks Mary Ann Michel In Memory of Bart Martin Rosemary Dorney Barbara Martin Mark Martin & Sue Foote-Martin In Memory of Esther Olgren Christine Olgren In Memory of Joe Ready Dorothy Haines In Memory of Judy Schwaemle Staff of the Capital Times Nora Cusack & Brent Nicastro Sharon & Warren Gaskill Linda & Bob Graebner Gretchen Hayward & Robert Dechambeau Legal Association for Women Kathleen Otterson In Memory of Tim Tillotson Charles & Joan Lindberg David Musolf Roger Packard Pamela Ploetz

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Twittering Timberdoodles! Join us Tues. April 15 for our annual meeting: a fun evening with fellow MAS members at the Lussier Family Heritage Center just south of Madison.

Non-profit organization U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 1831 Madison, Wisconsin

Return Service Requested

At 7 p.m. DNR biologist Andy Paulios will discuss the behavior and conservation of the American woodcock (timberdoodle). We will step outside in the fading light to observe the courtship flight of the woodcock, and finally return indoors for a reception and conversation. Details at:

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Public Programs at Capitol Lakes

Remembering a Lost Bird: The Centennial of the Passenger Pigeon’s Extinction Feb. 18, 2014; First Floor Ballroom

7 p.m. Reception 7:30 p.m. Program

In 1914, the last surviving passenger pigeon died in a Cincinnati zoo after a calamitous 50-year decline from a population of billions as a result of uncontrolled market hunting and disruption of nesting colonies. On the centennial of this tragedy, Stan Temple, BeersBascom Professor Emeritus in Conservation at UW-Madison, will reflect on Wisconsin’s rich history with the passenger pigeon and lessons we can learn concerning the world’s ongoing extinction crisis and our relationship with other species.

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The Long Walk for Birds:

333 West Main St. in Madison

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Walking Across Wisconsin for Bird Conservation March 18, 2014; First Floor Ballroom Bill Mueller walked 246 miles across Wisconsin last spring with two goals: to raise funds for the Bird Protection Fund, and to raise awareness about bird conservation. Bill will share adventures from his “Long Walk for Birds,” talk about the 158 bird species he recorded, and enlist your help for the 2014 Great Wisconsin Birdathon. Bill is director of the Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory, in Belgium, WI.

Male passenger pigeon, illustration from Orthogenetic Evolution in the Pigeons, Charles Otis Whitman, 1920