In This Issue - Ohio SAR

In This Issue - Ohio SAR

The Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Winter 2014 Newsletter MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT It was announced at the Central District SAR...

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The Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Winter 2014 Newsletter MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT It was announced at the Central District SAR meeting, in Blue Ash, on November 1, 2014 that the OHSSAR membership is currently 1,653. Thus we comprise 42% of the Central District membership. Indiana SAR has 765 members. Kentucky SAR has 1,008 members. West Virginia SAR has 485 members. President General Lindsey C. Brock announced at the meeting that the NSSAR membership as of that date was 33,008.

In This Issue 2 2014-2015 Officers

State legislation that would strengthen the instruction of World History in Ohio schools is close to being enacted, but needs your help. Senate Bill 96, sponsored by Senator Frank LaRose (R-Akron) would require one unit of World History in high school as part of the social studies curriculum (it is currently an elective). Senate Bill 96 passed the Senate unanimously and needs approval of the Ohio House of Representatives by the end of session on about December 18, 2014 in order to be voted on by the entire House.

On October 1, 2014, the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published, in the Federal Register, a proposed rule to amend the existing definition of eligible applicants by expanding the types of individuals who may request headstones or markers on behalf of decedents. The amendment addresses concerns that the existing applicant definition is too restrictive and results in identified Veteran grave sites going unmarked.

If your chapter has participated in recent events that you would like publicized, please e-mail me. Send an attached photo and I will try to include it in the next issue of the Ohio Country Bulletin. Thank you.

2&3 Around the Central District 3,5 & 6 Around the State 4 New Compatriots & Deaths 7 BOM Registration Form

8 Dates to Remember 8 Women’s Auxilliary

2014-2015 OHSSAR Officers

Around the Central District

Ted M. Minier President [email protected] James D. Schaffer 1st Vice President [email protected] Rev. David B. Foster 2nd Vice President [email protected] Steven E. Frash Secretary [email protected] L. Stephen Hinson Treasurer [email protected] Merlyn “Troy” Bailey Registrar [email protected] Richard L. Carr, Jr. Chancellor [email protected] James E. Dunn Historian [email protected]

All went well at the KYSSAR Battle of Blue Licks Commemoration Ceremony on August 16, 2014. This event was held at the Blue Licks Battlefield State Park in Carlisle, Robertson Co., KY. Representing the CDSAR was VPG Wm. Anthony Robinson. Representing the Ohio Society were 1st VP James D. Schaffer, Past President and Past VPG Paul M. Wilke and Dan Matheke, Northeastern Ohio Chapter Secretary.

Richard L. Fetzer Genealogist [email protected] Rev. James O. Fast Chaplain [email protected] William E. Huber Statutory Agent [email protected] Paul M. Wilke Director-at-Large 12-15 [email protected] Timothy E. Ward Director-at-Large 13-16 [email protected] William A. “Tony” Robinson Director-at-Large 14-17 [email protected] George R. Ruch National Trustee [email protected] Ted M. Minier Alternate National Trustee [email protected]

On the weekend of September 23, 2014, a grave marking ceremony was held in Moundsville, WV. Past OHSSAR President George Ruch acted as Master of Ceremonies and performed bugler duties. Robert & Merle Tomlinson (L above) are descendants of Joseph Tomlinson, Jr. (1745 -1825). The photo above is of those of the Tomlinson Family that were able to attend. The Ebenezer Zane Chapter and George Washington Chapter Color Guard posted the colors. 2

Around the Central District

On October 4 & 5, members of the Central District Color Guard took part in the annual celebration of the Battle of Point Pleasant, WV. Above the color guard leads the parade on the 4th.

After the parade, participating members of the Ohio Society gathered at the Battle Monument at In-Tu-Endie-Wei State Park, for a photo op.

Around the State (Right) Cadets and ROTC Leaders from Cleveland’s Horizen Academy, East Technical High School and John Carroll University attended the WRSSAR Veterans Day Celebration At the Union Club in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday, November12, 2014. WRSSAR ROTC Chair Lee C. MacBride is third from the left.

(Above) The John Hancock Chapter hosted their inaugural Merit Badge Academy for the Boy Scouts of the Black Swamp Area Council on November 15, 2014. This was a half day program which featured classes teaching American Heritage, Genealogy and Law database to 30+ scouts that attended. (above) CDSAR VPG Tony Robinson (Eagle Scout) teaches the Genealogy segment.

(Right below) WRSSAR Veterans Day Luncheon November 12, 2014. (L— R) Ted Minier, President OHSSAR, Chief Petty Officer (Ret) Gerald Murphy, Col. James Riley and Frank Moore, Secretary WRSSAR.

(L) Newly inducted members of the Lafayette Chapter at the Veterans Day luncheon Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Fairlawn Country Club, Akron. L-R Scott M. Glasgow, Chaplain, James W. Glasgow Secretary, New members, Franklin T. Barrett, John Spiker, Jr., William B. Sarver and David Allison, President.


New Members

FORT LAURENS UPDATE OHSSSAR members John H. Franklin, Timothy E. Ward and Ted M. Minier are Trustees on the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation Board (FFLF). Currently, the Ohio Historical Society is 1) Developing a Site Plan, 2) Preparing a Cost Estimate, 3) Finalizing an Operations Plan. 4)Determining the Operating Funding Gap and 5) Deciding on future Fund Development. We will keep you updated on progress via the Ohio Country Bulletin.

Western Reserve Society

George Roger Clark Chapter

Robert J. Applegate, Jr.

Max M. Shenk

Brian R. Brown

Constitution Chapter

Mitchell W. Brown

Scott K. Boyd

Raymond D. Hoon

Travis S. Boyd

Raymond D. Hoon, Jr.

Ewings Chapter

William H. Shepardson

William R. Walker

Eugene J. Spiker

Firelands-Bicentennial Chapter

Cincinnati Chapter

Charles E. Rogers

Aaron L.. Davis

Gilbert A. Sanow II

William C. Rybolt

Brian J. Speck

If you wish to contribute to the reconstruction of Fort Laurens,

Ross P. Wharfield

Samuel G. Speck

Corey A. Ziegler

John Hancock Chapter

please send your tax deductible donation to:

James E. Ziegler

Ryan S. St. Aubin

Todd E. Zeigler

Thomas G. St. Aubin

Marty Zawacky, Treasurer

Gilbert A. Sanow II

Ebenezer Zane Chapter

Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation

William E. Ziegler

James G. Auber

P.O. Box 272

Benjamin Franklin Chapter

James H. Frey

Bolivar, Ohio 44612

Patrick L. Levitt

Paul R. Moore

Gary O. Tagg

Alex W. Rhodes

Richard Montgomery Chapter

Camp Charllotte Chapter

William D. Blaine

Robert E. Liggett

Ace J. Long

Robert P. Liggett

Brandon M. Long

Hocking valley Chapter

Gary E. Long

Charles S. Bundy

Ian P. Long

At-Large chapter

Jason B. Moore

Nicholas N. Entsminger


IN MEMORIUM William R. Branthoover passed away on October 25, 2014. He was a life member of NSSAR & WRSSAR.

Lafayette Chapter

Bill was Founding President of the Samuel

Franklin T. Barrett

Huntington Chapter, a past President of

OHSSAR (1983-1984) and a Hub Scott Laureate (1987).

Michael G. Bennett James R. Shaw


TAX FREE DONATIONS Each year, OHSSAR spends about $5,000 on its youth programs. Strangely enough, we also annually run over budget by about the same amount. We are asking members to consider a tax free donation to one or more of our youth programs. If you are interested, please send your check to: L.. Steven Hinson, OHSSAR Treasurer, 5863 Beech Street, Andover, OH 44003. Donors of at least $100 will receive a white rosette shield. Donors of $500 will receive a blue shield. Donors of $1,000 will receive a gold shield.

Larry F. Waltman

General Henry Knox Chapter

April 20, 2014

David Tod

At-Large Chapter

April 23, 2014

Keith B. Williams

Cincinnati Chapter

Jun 2014

Harry A. Scott

Western Reserve Society

July 25, 2014

Richard A. Epaves

Samuel Huntington Chapter

August 8, 2014

Thomas L. Kilpatrick

Samuel Huntington chapter

August 15, 2014

Charles W. Rosa

Samuel Huntington Chapter

August 25, 2014

Harry S. Scroggs

Firelands-Bicentennial Chapter

September 1, 2014

Joseph F. Carvin

Benjamin Franklin Chapter

September 4, 2014

Raymond L. Shore

Northeastern Ohio Chapter

September 30, 2014

James C. Helms

Hocking Valley Chapter

October 7, 2014

Norman B. Moran

Ebenezer Zane Chapter

October 7, 2014

Duane O. Boyer

Lafayette chapter

October 11, 2014

Charles T. Bingham, Jr.

Western Reserve Society

October 20, 2014

William R. Branthoover

Samuel Huntington Chapter

October 25, 2014


Around the State George Rogers Clark Chapter honored all veterans with a luncheon on November 8, 2014 in Springfield. Here OHSSAR Southeast District Chair Elwin Spray administers the oath of office to 2015 chapter officers (L to R) Treasurer, John Buffenbarger, Secretary Terry Whetstone and President Randy Young. Speaking (not pictured) was Command Master Sergeant Ottis LeMaster, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in the Ohio Air National Guard, who discussed “Militia, the Ohio National Guard and the 178th Wing Today.” The Ohio Air Guard currently conducts flight missions in the Middle East daily using unmanned vehicles.

(Upper left), (L to R) Paul Wilke, Ken Carpenter and Mike Gunn (Cincinnati Chapter OHSSAR), Wm. A. “Tony “Robinson (Vice President General CDSAR) and Anna Insprucker (Fort Hamilton Society CAR & John Reilly Chapter DAR) pose in Fountain Square, Cincinnati at the Military Order of the Purple Heart Ceremony on August 4, 2014. (Above) Color Guardsman John Franklin, Hugh Harris & Lee MacBride (WRSSAR), Troy Bailey, Dan Matheke, Steve Hinson & Don Taft (Northeastern Ohio Chapter) and Robert Parvin (Samuel Huntington Chapter) participated in the ceremony inducting new citizens at “Lawnfield,” President Garfield’s Mentor, OH Home, on September 12, 2014. (Left), John Hancock Chapter’s, Henry Stobbs, Jim Haas, Jim williams, Tom Putnam and Daniel Haas participated in the Hancock Historical Museum “Backstreet Festival” on August 16, 2014. Not pictured are Irene Putnam, Toby Haas and Bill Barberree. 5

Around the State

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, the Camp Charlotte Chapter OHSSAR celebrated the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Camp Charlotte Treaty, in 1774. Here Steven Kelley, Central District Secretary reads the Treaty aloud to the crowd.

CDSAR Secretary Steven Kelley holds the OHSSAR Gavel which was fashioned from the wood of the Logan Elm, near Circleville, OH, at the 240th anniversary of the Camp Charlotte Treaty. The tree died in 1964 and is commemorated by the above plaque. Camp Charlotte Chapter President Richard L. Hartinger (below) organized and acted as Master of Ceremonies for the Event.

Fifty eighth grade students from All Saints School of St. John Vianney, Wickliffe OH with their principal, Mr. Mke Fasciano attended the Citizenship ceremony at “Lawnfield” on Friday, September 12, 2014. They attended as part of their Civics Class and asked to participate. Two of the students presented American Flags to the new citizens. Troy Bailey of the Northeastern Chapter distributed flag etiquette pamphlets to the new citizens. Thirty new citizens took their oath of citizenship. 6

Spring Board of Management Meeting (Akron Stow Courtyard Marriott) Please make your reservations by January 15, 2015 IMPORTANT NOTE: After the above date, we will lose our block of rooms* Name_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter_________________________________________________________________________State__________________ *The individual should make a reservation at the Akron Stow Courtyard Marriott at (800) 321-2211; but send payment to the OHSSAR Treasurer, L. Stephen Hinson. Advise the Motel that you are with the Sons of the American Revolution. A block of rooms has been reserved for our organization. Lodging Courtyard Marriott $110.00


Please reserve ____ seats @ Courtyard Marriott $25.00 ea.


Dinner selection: _____ Chicken

______ Meatloaf

(please indicate number of each required)

Make check payable to “Treasurer, OHSSAR” and mail to:

Total $__________

L. Stephen Hinson 5863 Beech Street Andover, Ohio 44003

[email protected]

Schedule of Activities

Direction to the Akron Stow


Friday, February 6, 2015

Courtyard Marriott From Ohio Turnpike:

5:00—6:00 pm

Dinner at Courtyard Marriott

6.00 p.m.

Executive Committee meeting

Take exit 180 (Rt. 8) South to Steels Corners Rd.. Turn right on Steels Corners Rd. and left on Bridgewater Parkway. From I-77 (Akron and South):

At Courtyard Marriott


Take I-77 North to Rt. 8. Take Rt. 8 North to Steels Corners Rd. Turn left on Steels Corners Rd. and left on Bridgewater Parkway.

Saturday, February 7, 2014

7:00—8:00 am

Breakfast at Courtyard Marriot (on your own)

9:00—11:30 am

Board of Management Meeting at the Courtyard Marriott Lunch on your own


Ladies Auxiliary The Ladies Auxiliary welcomes new members and renewals. We do hope you will join us. Dues are $5.00 for the year and can be mailed to Betty Franklin, 338 Simon Road, Hudson, OH 44236.

If you know of a military person who is on active duty, please let Valerie Wilke ([email protected]) know so that she can add his/her name and address to the list for receiving packages of necessities and other items that they would appreciate. Thanks.

Ted and I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015.

Dates to Remember

Feb. 6 — 7, 2015— OHSSAR Winter BOM meeting, Akron Stow Courtyard Marriott, Stow, OH Feb. 28 — Mar 1, 2015 — NSSAR Spring Leadership Meeting Louisville, KY May 1— 3, 2015 — OHSSAR 126th Annual Conference, Hope Hotel, Wright Patterson AFB (Dayton) June 25 — July 1, 2015 — 125th NSSAR Congress, Louisville, KY July 24 — 25 — Summer Board of Management/Fort Laurens Annual Rededication, Bolivar, OH September 25 — 26 NSSAR Fall Leadership Meeting, Louisville, KY

Judy Minier

Return Service Requested Permit No. 101 Wheeling WV

Sons of the American Revolution Ohio Society (OHSSAR) Steven E. Frash, Secretary 12602 Township Road 166 NE, Roseville, OH 43777

U.S. Postage Paid Nonprofit Org