INDOOR SOCCER RULES AND REGULATIONS All games will be played in accordance with the Laws of The Game as issued by FIFA except as modified, superseded...

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All games will be played in accordance with the Laws of The Game as issued by FIFA except as modified, superseded, or supplemented by these “Rules and Regulations.” Rule 1: Team Roster and Registration All teams must be state affiliated clubs or rostered with NJYSA indoor passes by Tournament Committee beforehand. All players must have a valid player pass from their governing state organization or NJYSA indoor pass issued by MCCC league supervisors. An official state roster and one copy must be submitted by each team at time of registration. All player passes must be submitted for review at time of registration. All teams will be allowed a roster maximum of 18 players, guests included. Only 11 players may dress and play in any given game! Each “entered” team must have it’s own unique roster, guests included. A player may be rostered and compete for only one team per “age level”, during league play. All rosters will be frozen at time of final registration. All teams allowed a maximum of THREE GUEST PLAYERS! All player passes must be available upon request for inspection by the Site Manager or Referee prior to the start of each game. No pass, no play! Teams electing to use players via NJYSA indoor passes must advise the League Supervisor one week beforehand to allow for proper authentication. Individual indoor passes will be considered as “guests” for roster purposes. Out-of-state players seeking indoor passes must secure proper state authorization to play in New Jersey. All out-of-state teams must have proper permission to travel permits at time of registration. Rule 2: Age Determination All players must be rostered/registered in accordance with their current FIFA age bracket, or older. (Example: U10 or 93/ 94 bracket is for teams whose oldest player was born on or after August 1, 1994). Any teams fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified. Any game in which an ineligible player participated in will be forfeited.

2 Rule 3: Games •

Length: All games will be twenty-four (24) minutes long (twenty-six [26] minutes for U16 and up). Except in cases of serious injury or referee discretion, games will be on “running clock.” There will be no overtime. Players: Only 11 players may dress and play any given game. Each team will field five field players plus one goalkeeper (four field players plus one goalkeeper for U16 and up). A team must field at least five players to start a game. Substitution: Can take place at any time during a game, but the player leaving the playing area must touch hands with the entering player inside the “blue box” near the bench area before the substitute can enter play. Violation: Two (2) minute penalty to entering player. Field of Play: There are no touchlines and ball is only out when referee blows the whistle. The ball is in play off the east side and end walls in the yellow painted area. On the west side the ball is out of play if it enters the balcony. (Both scoreboards are out of play). Balls played behind and becoming caught in the goal posts/nets will be either goal kicks or corner kicks. Listen for the referee whistle. Goals will be 7’ x 12’ with nets. A goal area will be marked off in which the goalkeeper may handle the ball. Equipment: Indoor athletic shoes or sneakers must be worn by all players. No black soled shoes will be allowed. Teams are not allowed to bring in balls. Balls must only be used on the playing area. Restarts: ALL kick-offs, goal kicks and restarts are INDIRECT and are not limited to any distance. On all restarts, the opposition must stand at least five (5) yards from the ball. Penalty kicks will be taken eight (8) yards from the goal line. Everyone except the kicker and defending goalkeeper will stay behind the half-field line until the kick is taken. FIFA rules regarding rebounded penalty kicks will apply. Penalties, Fouls Rule Violations: I There is NO OFFSIDES! II Any violation will result in an indirect kick from the point of infraction. III Two (2) minute penalties will be given for the following player violations:  Kicking or attempting to kick a player  Tripping or attempting to trip a player  Pushing  Holding or attempting to hold a player  Violent or dangerous charging  Use of abusive and profane language  Slide tackling, from any direction by any player IV One (1) minute Penalty  Kicking the ball above the field of play (marked by a stripe).  Hitting the ceiling or any ceiling fixture with a kicked or thrown (goalkeeper) ball. * Unintentional “rebounds” off a player will not be considered a violation.

3 Penalties are served in the penalty box at mid-field. If a goal occurs while the “scored upon” team has more players in penalty box than the “scoring” team, players from “scored upon” team can return to the game. Obstructions, dangerous plays, and routine handling of the ball to prevent a goal scoring opportunity will result in a two-minute penalty. •

GoalKeeper: On all goalkeeper saves, the ball must be THROWN (not punted or kicked). The thrown ball MUST touch the floor, wall, or any other player BEFORE crossing the mid-field line. The goalkeeper may not place the ball on the floor to be kicked or dribbled by him/herself once possession has been established. Violation of the mid-field requirement will result in Indirect Kick by other team at mid-field closest to point of violation.

Violation of kick/dribble rule will result in Indirect Kick by other team from penalty kick spot. The “6-second rule” for goalkeepers will be enforced. Referee: The referee is part of the playing field. Coaches: Only two (2) rostered coaches allowed in bench area per team. Player/coaches are not permitted. Game Rosters: All passes must be submitted to the Game Coordinator before each session. Passes will be checked with rosters previously submitted. Passes may be picked up upon departure from each session. Use of ineligible players will result in team disqualification and forfeit of games. Game Time: All games will start on time. There is NO GRACE PERIOD! All teams should arrive at least one half hour prior to scheduled game time so rosters and player passes upon inspection can be submitted. NO PASS, NO PLAY! In an effort to stay on schedule, games may be started early when preceding game does not take place. NO SHOW - FORFEIT! Champions will be awarded on a point basis, (win, loss, tie). Goals against will be used to distinguish standing ties. Four teams in a division are needed in order to declare a champion.

• • •

Rule 4: Player/Coach Cautions and Disqualifications: The referee will indicate a player or coach caution with a yellow card. A yellow card is a two minute penalty. Two (2) yellow cards or a red card in any game results in ejection from the game with no substitution allowed. Players or coaches receiving a red card cannot play or participate in the next two (2) MCCC games. Fighting, violent play, and use of abusive or profane language will result in game and tournament suspension. Coaches receiving a red card maybe considered for suspension for entire league play. Players or coaches accumulating five (5) or more yellow cards cannot play or participate in the next two (2) MCCC games.


Coaches/managers are responsible for the conduct of their players, coaches, team parents and other team supporters at all times. Persistent unsportsmanlike conduct by any team or its supporters will subject the coach/manager to disciplinary action by MCCC league supervisors. Any player, coach or team supporter ejected due to fighting or threats or violence will be barred from further participation and their state association will be informed in writing of the incident. Rule 5: Protest No protests will be allowed. Rule 6: Practice/Warm Up Time The gym lobby is not a warm-up area. There is no practice time or warm-up time. Rule 7: Team Boxes Teams must occupy designated team boxes. Rule 8: Kick-off Referee shall designate a team for the kick-off


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