ineos namibia grads - Namibia Graduates

ineos namibia grads - Namibia Graduates

INEOS NAMIBIA GRADS Video Shooting Guide Introduction You are in training for the trip of a lifetime! We would like to capture your story and docume...

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INEOS NAMIBIA GRADS Video Shooting Guide


You are in training for the trip of a lifetime! We would like to capture your story and document it on film. You can help us by using your phone or action camera to capture your story.

Your Movies

We want you to help us document your training for the Namibia trip. This means filming yourself as you get ready for the African desert. Whilst we all know how to take a decent selfie, making a video can be a little more complex. The audience doesn't know what's going on, so try to narrate your footage where possible - how does it feel at 5am before you go for that training run, how does it feel to switch the burger for a smoothie, have you just set a new PB for 21km? Tell us about your efforts. Also, try to remember that all movies are better for having a story - a clear beginning, middle and end is always useful i.e: "I'm just about to set off for my first training marathon..." "I just passed x kilometres and I'm feeling great ..." "I've just finished and I'm exhausted but I made a good time etc etc..."

Top Tips To Create A Work Of Art •

Decide what you want to record and say before you start

Try a test shot first to make sure you can see and hear everything

If you get something wrong, stop and start again

Choosing The Right Equipment Smartphone (Android, iPhone)

Digital Camera

Ensure you have enough data space on your device!

Hold It Sideways! Make sure you film your movies so they are landscape.

Go Pro (Or equivalent action camera)

INEOS NAMIBIA GRADS Video Shooting Guide

Getting Lighting Right

If you are shooting indoors, lighting is very important, so use these tips to ensure you get the best looking shots

Ensure the subject is well lit and you can see them clearly

Shooting in front of a window can make your image too dark

Watch out for lighting behind the subject- it creates shadows

Framing Your Shot

Make sure the focus of your movie is clear

If filming someone else - frame for head and shoulders, especially if you need to hear them.

If filming yourself, try capture as much of the background as possible. If you decide to speak to camera, make sure it's not too windy or noisy.

Recording Sound Avoid recording where there is lots of background noise (e.g. busy road). Wind can also create noise on the microphones.

Ensure you / your subject speaks clearly and loudly.

If any loud noises interrupt your movie, stop and start again.

INEOS NAMIBIA GRADS Video Shooting Guide

Asking Questions If you are filming someone else, or they are filming you, and you would like to prompt them with a question, try to get them to answer in a full sentence:

“What did you have for breakfast this morning?”

“This morning I had toast for breakfast.”


Sending Your Movie To Us 1. Go to

If you experience issues using the web browser, upload the movie to your computer first. 2. Add your file. Please ensure that you label it with your name and a date i.e NeilArmstrong21.03.17.mpg 3. Click Transfer 4. Once uploaded, copy the link 5. Paste the link into your email and send to [email protected]

As we train towards the main event, and of course during the Namibia trip itself, we are hoping to stitch together your footage and ours to tell the amazing story of the graduate team's journey. We hope that these films will be something you can show your family and friends, and keep as a memento for life. Enjoy getting creative, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us ([email protected]) if you'd like further help and advice!

By sending your movie to us, you are handing over the copyright of your contributions to INEOS and agreeing that INEOS and associated third parties (our editors) may use, adapt, translate and edit your footage whole or in part.

Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your movies!