Informatica PowerExchange for IDMS - Informatica Marketplace

Informatica PowerExchange for IDMS - Informatica Marketplace

Informatica PowerExchange for IDMS On-demand Access to Enterprise Data Informatica PowerExchange® for IDMS is part of Informatica’s extensive PowerExc...

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Informatica PowerExchange for IDMS On-demand Access to Enterprise Data Informatica PowerExchange® for IDMS is part of Informatica’s extensive PowerExchange family of universal data access and delivery products. By interfacing seamlessly with Informatica PowerCenter®, PowerExchange for IDMS enables any organization to deliver data managed in IDMS databases on z/OS to multiple strategic IT initiatives— from data marts to operational data stores, for data integration, consolidation, migration, and synchronization—as needed.


PowerExchange—for Integrating Applications and Data

• Enables business events—not technology—to drive integration processes through patented Change Data Capture Option

Many organizations have learned just how challenging it can be to unlock z/OS-based IDMS data for use throughout the organization.

• Provides reliable, once-only delivery with unmatched resilience to failure via tight PowerCenter integration and transactional IDMS access • Supports compliance initiatives during development and execution through strict enforcement of IDMS security constraints (via z/OS SAF) and data encryption • Enhances organizational agility, lowers costs and improves timeto-results by eliminating costly manual coding and reducing requirements for IDMS skills • Delivers high performance and robust operation, opening IDMS to the rest of the enterprise

Coding custom integration logic requires IDMS domain expertise and other scarce mainframe skills. Whenever integration requirements include access to data managed by packaged applications, passed via message-oriented middleware, or exposed as Web services, additional hard-to-find technical talent will be needed—increasing cost and risk. As data volumes grow beyond the point where batch windows can cope, more advanced solutions can be built on triggers, date stamps, or similar techniques—but using these methods is complex and can have unacceptable production impact. Add the recurring costs needed to maintain this logic—as the underlying IDMS database structures change, as the surrounding applications are enhanced, and as the supporting IT environment evolves—and the drawbacks of this approach become clear. PowerExchange for IDMS overcomes these obstacles. It lets PowerCenter read IDMS databases directly from z/OS. Its patented CDC Option supports high volume and low latency integration scenarios by capturing IDMS database updates as they occur and sending them to PowerCenter without depending on intermediate message queues or staging tables. Committed updates are delivered, in sequence, with the kind of reliability that can come only with an integrated platform. And there’s no code to develop, so integration interfaces can be developed faster and more reliably, whether they require access to message-oriented middleware, mainframe, midrange, or relational databases, service-oriented architecture and Web services, or packaged applications. One family of products, using one set of skills, accesses them all. The advantages of PowerExchange don’t stop there. Each member of the PowerExchange family automatically captures relevant metadata from its sources and targets and shares it with the rest of the Informatica platform. Proposed changes can be assessed rapidly and implemented with confidence, and the same metadata can help resolve questions of data lineage that often arise in audit and compliance exercises—one more advantage of the Informatica data integration platform. Greater agility. Better results. PowerExchange. For IDMS—and your organization.

PowerExchange for IDMS Key Features and Benefits Event-driven Integration with the Change Data Capture (CDC) Option

Reliable Data Synchronization, Replication—and More

Business events such as hiring a new employee or shipping a customer order can’t always wait for nightly windows. The CDC Option is a high-performance, noninvasive way to detect these events as soon as they happen, filter them for relevance, and deliver them to PowerCenter—in the proper sequence and without drop-outs or duplicates. Represented as trusted, committed database updates, business events can be pushed in real-time to PowerCenter, or condensed by PowerExchange and pulled by PowerCenter in batches whenever desired. PowerCenter can then enrich and transform the captured update, handing it off to PowerExchange to trickle-feed into an operational database or data warehouse, pass it to a packaged application, send it to a Web service, or deliver it to any other target in the PowerExchange family. IT infrastructure cost can be lowered by reducing data volumes and by using IFLs or commodity CPU capacity for data transformation instead of consuming high-priced MIPS.

PowerExchange and PowerCenter can support sophisticated data replication and synchronization requirements involving complex conflict resolution decisions. Data is captured just once, but it can be delivered to multiple heterogeneous databases with no queuing middleware or intermediate staging of data in files or databases. Moreover, as the range of integration projects broadens to include more sources and targets—from additional databases to comprehensive serviceoriented architectures (SOA) to packaged applications—total costs are kept lower because the same Informatica platform products and familiar skills support integration scenarios far beyond the capabilities of point synchronization or replication solutions.

Automated Capture of IDMS Metadata Informatica PowerExchange for IDMS automatically captures all available IDMS metadata from the IDMS database’s schema and delivers it to the Informatica repository, seamlessly integrating it with metadata from other PowerExchange data sources and targets to support the entire data integration life cycle. During development this metadata is used to guide IDMS access and conversion. As changes occur—whether in IDMS or in the sources and targets surrounding it—this metadata helps keep maintenance costs down by enabling fast, error-free impact assessment that is unavailable with handcoded integration techniques.

IDMS Integration Support Batch: the native IDMS interface is used for batch access. CDC Option: captures changes from the IDMS journals.

About the Informatica PowerExchange Family Informatica PowerExchange® is a family of universal data access and delivery products from Informatica. It gives Informatica PowerCenter® bi-directional access to popular ERP and CRM systems, relational and non-relational databases, mainframe and midrange systems, message queuing systems, Web services, and many other enterprise sources and targets. Seamless integration with PowerCenter and metadata-driven development support a drag-and-drop interface that eliminates hand-built integration code, delivers fast and reliable data movement, and supports enterprise-wide initiatives for data quality, internal audit, and regulatory compliance. The PowerExchange CDC Option delivers trusted database updates through PowerCenter to any PowerExchange target, supporting sophisticated right-time data integration strategies and batch-oriented techniques. PowerExchange truly is the foundation of any organization’s data integration strategy. For more information, please visit

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