INPULSED INTERVIEW Type Private Founded in - Nicholas Gill

INPULSED INTERVIEW Type Private Founded in - Nicholas Gill

INPULSED INTERVIEW Type Founded Headquarters Area Served Founders Key People Revenue CEO Employees Industry Type of site Advertising Registration Ava...

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Type Founded Headquarters Area Served Founders Key People Revenue CEO Employees Industry Type of site Advertising Registration Available in languages Launched Net Income Users Website Current Status

Private in London/Dublin (2014) London Worldwide United States Nicholas Gill Marcin Gardas Nicholas Gill CEO & Founder Marcin Gardas Co-Founder 15,000 Nicholas Gill 13 Internet Social Networking Service Required French, Spanish, English, Italian Work in progress March 2015 4.7 Million 56,000 Active

History Nicholas Gill started to think about InPulsed in 2013. With sheer determination and head down he commenced InPulsed on August 12th 2014. He wanted to attract many new fans with a different style of Social Networking. InPulsed is the new Social Networking Website that is elegant for any elegancy area such as an airport lounge. When we say airport lounge we mean ....while sitting in lovely surroundings you can be connected to your family, friends and work colleagues on a lovely sophisticated and elegant networking website. InPulsed enhances a new way to connect to your family, friends and work colleagues. It’s the new way forward in Social Networking Website. Founder Nicholas Gill wanted to create something that would involve the cutting edge of new technology in social networking.

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Thanks to Nicholas Gill’s determination and his Group, InPulsed goes out to the public on April 1 st 2015. InPulsed got 56,000 subscribers in the first few days. Nicholas Gill the founder of InPulsed and his Group want you to experience something different and yet unique in Social Networking. Corporate affairs Management InPulsed CEO is Nicholas Gill and Co founder is Marcin Gardas. InPulsed Headquarters is in London.

Revenue Most of InPulsed’s revenue comes from advertising. Number of advertisers 1.3 million Active advertisers with most of the gain from a mixture of small and large businesses. An active advertiser is on the InPulsed platform in the last month. Offices In late 2014 by Harrods Estates Luxury Property Agents in London. This fabulous property (3,728 sq ft / 346.38 sq m) is located on the fourth floor of this elegant purpose-built mansion block in central Knightsbridge. Meticulously refurbished to the highest specifications, the offices boast extremely generous proportions and benefits from three very large receptions rooms and five luxurious offices including two master suites. Hans Court is discreetly located on Hans Road, directly opposite Harrods consisting of a small number of large offices the block benefits from a charming lobby and communal parks, resident porters and security. User profile/personal timeline Users can create a personal profile with images and photos, contact information, they can list of personal interests, they can tell their memorable life events, what your employment status and other personal information. Users can communicate with their family, friends and colleagues through public messages or through private messages. There is a chat feature called Pulsed. Users can also poke other users. InPulsed sign up process includes a step for entering your email and a password and to tick the terms and conditions box you will receive an email that you have joined InPulsed. The basic functionality of InPulsed allows users (Workers and employers) to create profiles and connections to each other in an online social network which may represent realworld professional relationships. Photo and videos Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification.

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Pulsed Instant messaging which allows the users to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. Notes --In 2015 InPulsed earned 4.7Million in advertising revenue.

InPulsed Mobile App Founder Nicholas Gill and Co-Founder Marcin Gardas are working on the InPulsed Mobile App at the moment and it will be coming soon.

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