inside this issue - Angus Housing

inside this issue - Angus Housing

Straight Talking ANGUS HOUSING ASSOCIATION TENANTS NEWSLETTER ISSUE 60 | OCTOBER 2011 Rhona Ramsay’s Winning Garden Isobel Scott’s Winning Garden S...

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Rhona Ramsay’s Winning Garden

Isobel Scott’s Winning Garden


rman, Hazel Farquhar Gardening Competition Winners With Chai








DIRECTOR’S COMMENTS After nearly 16 successful years and having built nearly 1,000 houses, this issue of Straight Talking is sadly reporting that Angus Housing Association may no longer be able to build any more new houses. If it hadn’t been for our new build development programme, the vast majority of you as tenants reading this would not have the home you are living in. Our last development could be the houses we are currently building at Westfield, Carnoustie. So, why aren’t we going to be building anymore. Well, it’s not because there isn’t any need for new affordable rented homes. Shelter Scotland estimate that over 156,000 families are still on the waiting list in Scotland. At Angus Housing Association, we still have a huge waiting list which continues to grow every week. Unfortunately, however, the Scottish Government has decided to cut the budget for Housing Investment in half due to the current financial crisis.

More significantly, it is clear that the Grant Subsidy to build a new Housing Association property will, on average, be cut from around £65,000 per house to £40,000 per house. To continue building with this reduced level of subsidy, we would need to charge rents that tenants cannot afford or increase rents for our existing tenants to cross subsidise the new houses. These are not options that we are willing to consider. We still hope to come up with new ways of developing but new projects may be some time off. In the meantime, tenants can do something to help argue for more investment in Housing. Read the Article in this Newsletter on the Shelter Scotland End the Wait Campaign and send off the Freepost postcard enclosed with the Newsletter. This calls on the Scottish Government to fulfil its manifesto promise to build 6,000 social rented houses per year. Although, this still won’t be enough to solve Scotland’s housing problem, it would be a start. BRUCE FORBES DIRECTOR

CALLPAY - A NEW PAYMENT SERVICE We have been using allpay for a number of years now to provide payment cards to our tenants. Using allpay allows us to provide various payments methods which are convenient regardless of what hours a person works as payments can be made 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The easiest way to make payments is to let us take care of it for you by paying by Direct Debit. We can offer a Direct Debit service where you have full control. You can choose any day of the month the payments come out as well as choose from Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly payments. We

will even change your Direct Debits for you if there is a change in the amount you are due and give you 2 weeks’ notice before any payments are due so you stay in full control. For further information on setting up a Direct Debit please contact your Housing Officer. The Association has introduced a new service called Callpay which allows tenants to make a payment if you are on the phone or have to visit your Housing Officer for any reason. The Offices will still not take payments in cash however we can accept payment by card or cheque. If you are making a payment by phone then we can email your

receipt immediately or post it out if you do not have an email address. We do still accept the original methods where you can pay : • at any Post Office • any shop which displays the PayPoint logo • via the Internet (www.allpayments. net) • via an automated telephone service • (0844 557 8321)


GARDENING COMPETITION 2011 The judging for the 2011 garden awards took place on the 3 August 2011. The judges were Hazel Farquhar, Chairman of the Association, Rikki Craig, a local artist from Auchmithie and Geoff Cosgrove, Property Manager of Angus Housing Association. The standard of the gardens were once again very high, so much so that the judges had a very difficult time in reaching their decisions and agreed that there were two first prize winners. Both these gardens were spectacular in very different ways, therefore, it was felt that both should be recognised. Pictures of the winning gardens are featured on the front cover with the other entries pictured over. The awards presentation took place on the 14 September 2011 at the Duntrune Demonstration Garden at Dawson Park, Dundee on a glorious sunny day. Hazel presented the prizes to the successful tenants and this was followed by a buffet lunch in the pavilion at the centre. The award winners were as follows –

1st equal:

Isobel Scott, Arbroath Rhona Ramsay, Arbroath

3rd Prize:

Betty Foulkes, Dundee

4th Prize:

Joan Bissett, Brechin

The following tenants were commended for their gardens: Olga and Brian Moonie, Forfar; Winifred Moir, Arbroath; Sheila Henderson, Arbroath; Ruby McCallum, Arbroath; Isobella Waddell, Arbroath; Jacqueline Falconer, Arbroath; Mike McGettigan, Arbroath Finally, thanks to our sponsors whose contributions were very welcome and greatly appreciated: Derek McNulty Joiners, Arbroath; WH Dorward, Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Arbroath; Angus Decorators, Painters, Arbroath; WRB Gas, Heating Engineers, Dundee.


? g n i o D e W e r A How As an organisation we like to know if we deserve a hand shake or if we just need a shake! We are always striving to improve our performance. So, we set ourselves targets for what we want to achieve throughout the year. How did we do? See the Results table below. Performance 2010/11

Performance Quarter 1 2011/12


Rent Arrears as a percentage of the gross rental income




Processing Tenants Application Forms

2 Days

2 Days

6 Days

Maintenance Days

9.76 Days

12.52 Days

10 days

Housing Management Days

4.81 Days

5.19 Days

5 Days



Number of Days take to let a void property:

Rent loss from Void properties Void Loss


The Association is committed to improving and will continue to try to improve on the above figures in 2011.


Make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked when you go out and if you have an alarm, use it.

Tayside Police is once again appealing to members of the •

public to heed the home security and crime prevention advice given as part of the annual After Dark Campaign. Clocks change on Sunday 30 October and as winter sets in residents are being warned criminals start to capitalise on the shorter days.

Also make absolutely certain your home is secure before retiring for the night and After Dark also recommend that you even lock windows and doors when you are at home, as it only takes seconds for a thief to sneak – in or reach in and steal valuable property.

With the prolonged hours of darkness, comes the increased activity of opportunist thieves. After Dark is an annual operation run by Tayside Police, it is aimed at promoting home security and allowing people to feel safe in their own homes during the long winter nights.

In addition to taking all of this advice on board be good neighbours and look out for others living around, particularly the elderly and more vulnerable in the community. Ask neighbours if they need any help to make their homes safer and keep an eye out for them.

Top After Dark Crime Prevention Tips •

Leave a light on or set timer switches to make your house look occupied and less inviting to a prospective thief.

Make sure all sheds, garages and outhouses are secure and that all garden tools and ladders are locked away.

Remove items of value which are situated near windows and set the blinds to make sure thieves can’t window shop.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity in their community, or who has information that assist officers with any enquiries, should get in touch with Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222. Information can also be passed on anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800555111. Anyone who sees a crime in progres should Call 999 immediately.



Angus Housing Association is the first Housing Association in the area to achieve the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice – Housing Specific Competences.

The Housing Management and Corporate Department completed the Scottish Information and Advice Audit on the 23rd February 2011. Following the audit visit, it was concluded that the advice service provided by Angus Housing Association meets requirements of the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers (the Standards).

The auditor was impressed by the evident commitment of the staff team in Angus Housing Association and their understanding of the Standards. Linlay Anderson, Housing Manager also congratulated all staff involved. There will be a certificate on show in both the Arbroath and Dundee offices confirming that Angus Housing Association has been successfully audited against the Standards.

DEMOLITION OF STOCK A former Ministry of Defence (MOD) block at Benedict Road, Cliffburn, Arbroath was demolished earlier this month. This is part of an on-going strategy by Angus

Housing Association to be rid of these blocks and replace them with modern high energy homes. The Association now only has three remaining MOD blocks and is making every effort to take them out of its stock at the earliest opportunity. The blocks are generally seen as below the standard AHA would like to see all its rented property meet. Unfortunately the ending of Government subsidy means the likelihood of replacement housing being built on the Benedict Road site is now negligible. Recent changes to the subsidy levels and the amount of Grant available for Associations to build new homes means that it is highly unlikely Angus Housing Association will be looking to build any new homes for rent in the foreseeable future. The site at Benedict Road is likely to be grassed over until such time as funds are available to resume a house building programme.


THE SCOTTISH HOUSING REGULATOR WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Scotland has a new, independent housing regulator. From next April its role will be to safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and others who receive housing services from local authorities and housing associations. It will replace the existing regulator. Before taking on its role, the new Scottish Housing Regulator is consulting on its approach. It wants to hear the views of tenants, landlords and others with an interest in social housing. Kay Blair is the new Regulator’s Chair. Kay said: “The quality of housing and landlord services have a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives. We will regulate to protect tenants’ interests and to drive improvements in social housing. We will assess each landlord’s performance regularly. In doing so, we will take account of the views and experiences of its tenants. We will publish a range of information on landlords’ performance, including progress against the Scottish Government’s new Social Housing Charter. This will help tenants to hold their landlord to account. And we will take action where we find a landlord is failing to deliver for tenants.

The new Regulator would like to get wide feedback on its proposed approach. The consultation runs from early September. You can respond until late November. There will also be events across the country, open to tenants and others, to discuss the proposals. You can get a copy of the proposals and find out more about the events by visiting the new Regulator’s website, following the consultation on Twitter or contacting its office. You can find the details below. Website: Phone: 0141 271 3810 E-mail: [email protected] Twitter:

ALLOCATIONS & TRANSFERS Please note that the Allocation & Transfers Policies and Procedures were reviewed in March and as from the 1st July 2011, all tenants who have active Transfer Forms with the Association for alternative housing will be reassessed in line with the new Policy. Any applicants whose points change will be notified in writing.

Alternatively, you can also download a copy in PDF format from the website. If you have any queries with regards to the above you can contact either

Gemma Wyllie – Arbroath office 01241 879537 A copy of the new Allocations Policy is available free or of charge in both the Arbroath and Dundee offices. Heather Malloch – Dundee office 01382 501947


PLEASE CHECK YOUR BEKO FRIDGE FREEZER NOW COUNT ON US … If you would like support and information on:• Benefits you may be entitled to • Managing your money or paying your bills • Repaying debts • Budgeting and the costs of running a home • Accessing furnishings and kitchen appliances • Fuel bills

It has come to our attention that in a very small number of incidents, the defrost timer of BEKO frost free fridge freezers can fail and overheat, with the risk of causing a fire. BEKO is making a free of charge modification to all affected models. This modification takes approximately 30 minutes. If you own a BEKO fridge freezer, please carry out the following check. The BEKO frost free fridge freezer models affected were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. These have a serial number that begins with either 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06. This information can be found on a label inside the fridge. If your BEKO frost free fridge freezer has these serial numbers, please check on the BEKO website, to see if your model could be affected, or phone 0800 009 4837 if you don’t have access to the internet.

• Home Contents Insurance • Opening savings and bank accounts • Accessing low cost loans Our Financial Inclusion Tenancy Sustainment Service provides housing association tenants with a


free, confidential and impartial money advice service

Did you know… Tenants of Angus Housing Association can apply for an exchange with another Angus Housing Association tenant, a Council tenant, Housing Association or Co-op tenant anywhere in Britain.

For an appointment contact:

Tenancy Sustainment Service T: 01382 458515 E: [email protected] A: 7 – 11 Arbroath Road, Dundee DD4 6EW

Angus Housing has selected Housing Exchange as its web-based mutual exchange partner providing Angus Housing Association tenants with a simple, safe and effective way to exchange homes with other registered social landlords and council tenants. To use the online service visit and select Dundee in the “choose your Landlord” menu, as Angus Housing Association is listed in this category. For information about House Exchange or any enquiry about mutual exchanges please contact either Gemma Wyllie – 01241 879537 or Heather Malloch – 01382 501947


SHELTER – Help End the Wait


On 26th August, Shelter Scotland hit the streets of Dundee with their “Help End the Wait” Campaign.

December should see the completion of a further 14 new homes at the much praised Westfield site in Carnoustie.

The wait they are trying to end is the one that thousands of Scottish families still endure every day – the wait for a secure, affordable home of their own. Over 150,000 households are still on waiting lists for this basic need in Scotland. AHA Director, Bruce Forbes, went along on the day to meet the Shelter Staff and along with North East List MSP, Jenny Marra, and representatives of Dundee City Council, he sent off his postcard calling on the Scottish Government to keep its promise to build 6,000 new socially rented houses in Scotland each year.

For several years, Angus Housing Association has worked in partnership with DJ Laing Homes at this development to create a mix of homes for sale, homes for sale through shared equity and homes for rent. This current batch, the first to include a block of flats, is to be all for rent with properties ranging from one to three bedrooms. As with previous phases, the homes have excellent energy efficiency and incorporate the most modern of gas central heating systems. Unfortunately this may be the last phase Angus Housing Association will be involved with due to the lack of funding from the Scottish Government for any new build homes.

If you support this call, now is your chance to take part in this Campaign. A freepost postcard is enclosed along with your Newsletter. Just fill in your details and pop it in a postbox back to Shelter Scotland. Nearly all of our tenants that we house tell us that there is one thing wrong with our a l l o c at i o n s system – they have to wait too long for a house. Now that you have one of your own – Help End the Wait for those still in housing need.


SHELTERED HOUSING NEWS ABBOT STREET SUMMER EVENTS Friday 1 July - Abbot Street tenants and friends went on a bus trip to Cairnie Fruit Farm in Fife and then onto the ‘Best Chipper in Scotland’ in Anstruther where they enjoyed a lovely tea. They arrived home at 7pm and all had a great time.

Thursday 4 July - A clothing company from the Borders came to sell their clothes to the tenants in the Abbot Street Lounge. This proved to be a great success and the company are coming back in November.

Friday 23 September – Abbot Street tenants went on a bus trip to Peel Farm for a cuppie and a look around the gift shop and then onto Roundyhill Caravan Park for High Tea which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Monday 26 September - a few tenants went to the Legion for High Tea courtesy of Age Concern and then they enjoyed the annual concert in The Old and Abbey Church Hall on Friday 30 September. NEW Abbot Street has started a games afternoon in the lounge every Wednesday from 2pm. Everyone is welcome - 60p for a cup of tea and a cake

RUSSELL SQUARE SUMMER EVENT Wednesday 6 July - Russell Square tenants enjoyed a day trip to Glendoick Garden Centre. Unfortunately the weather was not on their side but they had a look around the Centre and then left for High Tea at The Pear Tree, Auchterhouse. They caught up with their friend George Marshall who always catered for any parties held in Russell Square before moving to Auchterhouse. The tenants were all made very welcome and enjoyed catching up with George; they look forward to seeing him again at Christmas.


WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR NEWSLETTER EMAILED? Are you interested in getting your newsletter emailed to you instead of posted? If so please go to our website and register. We aim to start emailing our newsletters to registered tenants for our December issue.



In conjunction with Guild Homes Forfar, Angus Housing Association has been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Award for its six new homes at the Lord Lyell Drive site at Kirriemuir.

Tenants are asked to note that any staff from public sector organisations (e.g. housing officers, social workers, health workers), who may visit your house in the course of their work, have a duty to report any concerns they might have about the protection of children, young people and adults in your household. This also includes those who may be visiting your home.

The award is from the Association of Police Officers and focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

If, during their time in your home, staff come across situations which give rise to concern, they are required to share their concerns with their line manager. This may lead to you being contacted to discuss the matter further. If it is felt that further investigation is necessary, the appropriate agency staff will be informed. The Local Authority and partner agencies such as the Police and Health Workers have a duty to ensure that children and young adults are free from harm and abuse.


SWAP SHOP REF NO. PROPERTY OFFERED ARBROATH M/E138 1 Bed Flat (Ground Fl) M/E138 1 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E161 1 Flat (1st Fl) M/E176 1 Flat M/E194 1 Sheltered Flat (1st Fl)

Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath

Elliot Street Elliot Street Marketgate Leonard Street West Abbey Street

M/E185 M/E201 M/E204 M/E216 M/E219 M/E224 M/E226 M/E232 M/E252 M/E 253 M/E169 M/E186 M/E196

Strathairlie Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Strathairlie Central Arbroath Cliffburn West End Arbroath Central Arbroath

M/E217 2 Flat (3rd Floor) M/E218 2 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E220 2 Flat (1st Floor) M/E221 2 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E222 2 House M/E225 2 Wheelchair Adapted Flat M/E242 2 Flat (3rd Floor) M/E 243 2 House M/E/249 2 House M/E254 2 Flat M/E107 3 Flat (1st Fl) M/E130 3 House M/E129 4 House M/E209 4 House AUCHMITHIE M/E016 3 Cottage M/E247 3 House M/E248 3 House BRECHIN M/E230 2 Flat (1st Floor) M/E234 2 House M/E231 2 House M/E251 3 House CARNOUSTIE M/E227 2 Flat (1st Floor) M/E235 2 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E189 2 Flat (2nd Floor) FRIOCKHEIM M/E172 1 Cottage M/E246 1 Flat (1st Floor) DUNDEE M/E127 1 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E199 1 Cottage M/E 241 M/E124 M/E141 M/E 156 M/E175 M/E187 M/E157 M/E197 M/E214 M/E 215 M/E223 FORFAR M/E212 M/E239


AREA REQUIRED Barnhill, Carnoustie, Cliffburn Barnhill, Carnoustie, Cliffburn Arbroath Any Area Brechin, Montrose, Hillside, Ferryden

Westhaven Gardens East Grimsby Marketgate Fergus Square Brechin Road East Grimsby Lordburn East Grimsby Grant Road Marketgate Prosen Drive Mount Zion Brae East Grimsby

2 Bed Cottage 2 Cottage 2 Flat 2 Any Type Considered 1 Any type consideredGeneral Needs 1 Cottage 1 or 2 Any type considered 1 Any type considered 1 Cottage 2 House 1 Flat 1 Any type considered 1 Any type considered 1 House/Cottage/Maisonette 2 Any type considered 3 House/Maisonette 3 House 2 House or spacious flat

Central Arbroath Cliffburn Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Cliffburn Central Arbroath Strathairlie Cliffburn Cliffburn Central Arbroath Central Arbroath Cliffburn Cliffburn Cliffburn

Marketgate Andrew Barton Street Westhaven Gardens Chalmers Street Largo Street Chalmers Street Westhaven Gradens Great Mcihael Road Lethnot Road Keptie Street Commerce Street Ness Drive Largo Street Ness Drive

2 House 2 House 3 House 2 House 2 House 1 Flat 3 House 2 Any type considered 3 House 2 House/Cottage/Maisonette 3 House 2 House 3 or 4 House 3 House

Central Arbroath Arbroath Arbroath Arbroath / Carnoustie / Broughty Ferry Arbroath Whitfield, St. Mary’s, Kirkton, Dundee Elms, Kirkton, Hospitalfied, Arbroath Auchmithe or Rural / Arbroath Carnoustie Arbroath only Arbroath/Carnoustie Arbroath Area surrounding Ladyloan Primary School - outskirts of Arbroath considered Arbroath - has to be ground fl oor entry Any considered Arbroath Arbroath Central Arbroath, Ladyloan area Central, Arbroath Arbroath only Carnoustie Arbroath Ladyloan/Central Arbroath Any area Central Arbroath Arbroath/Carnoustie Arbroath (not Ness Drive)

Auchmithie Auchmithie Auchmithie

Kirkbank Kirkbank Kirkbank

2 or 3 Cottage/House 3 House/Cottage 3 House/Maisonette

Arbroath or Dundee Forfar/Letham Arbroath / Dundee

Brechin Drumachlie Cookston Pitforthie

Middleton Park Dundas Park Provost Buchan Road Park View

2 House 2 House 1 Ground Fl Flat/Cottage 2 House/Cottage/Maisonette

Brechin / Montrose Forfar Brechin Forfar / Brechin

Central Carnoustie St Stephens Court Central Carnoustie Thistle Street

3 House/Cottage/Maisonette 2 House / Cottage

Central Carnoustie Woodside Terrace

3 House

Carnoustie / Arbroath Carnoustie / Monifieth / Other areas considered Carnoustie

Central Friockheim Westgate Central Friockheim Westgate

1 1st Floor Flat/Maisonette 2 House

Dundee/Carnoustie Arbroath - Cairnie, Lochlands, Central Area, Charles Ave, Elms, Kirkton, Grange Rd

Whitfield Mid-Craigie

Kilravock Gardens Mauchline Place East

2 Cottage 1 Cottage

1 Maisonette 2 Maisonette (Ground Fl) 2 House 2 House 2 House 2 Maisonette 3 House 3 House 3 Maisonette 3 House 3 House

Whitfield Whitfield Mid Craigie Whitfield Mid Craigie Barnhill Mid Craigie Whitfield Whitfield Mid-Craigie Mid-Craigie

Ormiston Crescent Luffness Walk Cleveland Circle Ormiston Crescent Bellisle Drive Fettercairn Drive Drumlanrig Drive Roseburn Gardens Ormiston Crescent Drumlanrig Drive Bellisle Drive

2 Any type considered 2 House 3 House 3 House 3 House 2 House/Cottage 4 House 4 House 3 House 4 House/Cottage 4 House

Any area considered Kirriemuir, Forfar, Friockheim, Auchmithie Dundee Whitfield, Dundee Mid Craigie and other areas considered Whitfield, Dundee Dundee Carnoustie Mid Craigie, Dundee Dundee Whitfield, Fintry, Douglas, Dundee Inchture / Invergowrie / Kirriemuir Dundee

2 House 2 Flat (1st Floor)

Central Forfar Central Forfar

Sir James Duncan Gardens 3 or 4 House/Flat Chapel Street 2 or 3 House/Cottage

Montrose and surrounding area Forfar/Arbroath/ will consider other areas in Angus


David Lawson Gardens

Any area considered


1 Flat (Ground Fl) 1 Flat (2nd Floor) 1 Flat (1st Floor) 1 Maisonette 1 Flat (1st Floor) 1 Flat 1 Flat (1st Floor) 1 Flat (2nd Floor) 1 Flat (3rd Floor) 2 Flat (1st Floor) 2 Flat (Ground Fl) 2 Flat (1st Fl) 2 Flat (Ground Fl)

KIRRIEMUIR M/E240 2 Cottage M/E213 2 House LETHAM M/E245 1 Flat (Ground Fl) MONTROSE M/E233 2 House M/E236 2 Flat(Ground Fl) M/E237 2 House M/E 250 2 Flat (Ground Fl) M/E238

3 Maisonette (2nd Floor)


Tannage Brae

1 or 2 Any type considered (Ground Floor) 3 House/Cottage/Maisonette

Any area considered

Central Letham

Jubilee Park

1 Flat (1st Floor)

Arbroath or Forfar

Condor/Charleton Central Montrose Condor/Charleton Central Montrose

Condor Crescent Victoria Street Condor Crescent Victoria Street

2 House/Flat 2 House 3 House/Cottage 2 House

Central Montrose Montrose Any area considered Borrowfield, Condor Cresc, and Central Montrose Central/Montrose Victoria Street 3 House/Cottage Montrose / Hillside If you are interested in any of the above please contact Gemma Wyllie at the Arbroath Office on: 01241 879537 P11


We have 2 very exciting competitions in this edition of the Newsletter!

HALLOWEEN COMPETITION Heather has lost her pumpkins Can you help her find them? There are pumpkins hidden throughout the newsletter. Try to find them all and either email Heather on [email protected] or send your entry to: Heather Malloch, Angus Housing Association Ltd, The Square, Ormiston Crescent, Whitfield, Dundee, DD4 0UD. Halloween treats will be given for all correct entries and an overall winner will be drawn from entries submitted.

How Many Pumpkins are there?: ...............

Address .....................................................

Age: ............................................................


Name ..........................................................


Would you like to appear on the front cover of our Christmas Edition of the Newsletter? Heather would like you to design a Christmas themed painting or drawing for the front cover of the Christmas Newsletter. The winner will have their painting/ drawing published and will appear with the winning design in the Christmas issue. The winner will also receive a prize. Send all entries to Heather Malloch, Angus Housing Association Ltd, The Square, Ormiston Crescent, Whitfield, Dundee, DD4 0UD and remember to include your name, address and age on the back.

HOW TO CONTACT US: 93 High Street Arbroath, DD11 1DP Telephone: 01241 879537 Fax: 01241 430355 E-mail: [email protected]

The Square, Ormiston Crescent Dundee, DD4 0UD Telephone: 01382 501947 Fax: 01382 504613 E-mail: [email protected]


9am — 4.30pm


9am — 4.30pm


9am — 4.30pm

Thursday Friday

10am — 4.30pm 9am — 4.00pm

EMERGENCY REPAIRS TELEPHONE NUMBER: 01382 434343 Please be aware you will be recharged if the repair if NOT AN EMERGENCY, or if the fault is with one of your appliances. Also if the call is cancelled but the contractor is en-route you will STILL BE recharged. P12 ANGUS HOUSING ASSOCIATION