Installation Instructions )Oc

Installation Instructions )Oc

Items Included Recommended Tools & Materials G D $ B F H E C K I J M L (A) Screw Driver (B) Adjustable Wrench (C) Marker (D) Tape Measure ...

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Items Included

Recommended Tools & Materials G


$ B









(A) Screw Driver (B) Adjustable Wrench (C) Marker (D) Tape Measure (E) Level (F) Drill (G) Toilet Flange (H) Wax Ring (I) T-bolts(2), nuts(2), washers(2) (J) Flexible Supply Tube (K) Wax Ring Seal Plate (L) Fixing Screws(2), Decorative Caps(2), Cap Base(2) (M) Flange Connecting Brackets(2)

CAUTION PRODUCT : IS FRAGILE Handle with care to avoid breakage and possible injury.



Note: Views in this illustration are for general representation and may not necessarily deŰQHWKHH[DFWFRQWRXUVRIWKHSURGXFW

Remove Old Toilet Shut off water supply line to toilet. Flush toilet and remove all water from the bowl and tank using a sponge. Disconnect the water supply from the tank. Remove the tank from bowl, use a screw driver and adjustable wrench or socket wrench. /RRVHQWRLOHWERZOűDQJHQXWVXQGHUEROWFDSV5HPRYHROGERZOE\FDUHIXOO\OLIWLQJLWRfIWKHűRRr. &OHDQűDQJHDQGSOXJGUDLQZLWKDUDJWRSUHYHQWVHZHUJDVIURPHVFDSLQJ5HSODFHRUUHSDLULIUHTXLUHG


Install Wax Ring Seal Plate and Connection Brackets T-Connection Bolts





Floor Outlet Flange


Install Water Closet Base Sealant or Plumber Putty Outlet Horn

Flange Connection Holes

A. Place two new T-bolts into the slot on the toilet űDQJH. B. Install the wax ring to the underside of the seal plate, then press the seal plate down evenly over the T-bolts and onto the űRRr űDQJH. C. Place the connection “L” brackets onto the T-bolts, then attach the washers and nuts to the T-bolt. D. Tighten the assembly snug.

T-Bolt Connection Nuts & Washer Connection Bracket for Attaching Toilet to Floor Flange T-Bolts

Flange Seal Plate Wax Ring Floor Outlet Flange

Seal Plate Assembly

E. Place toilet bowl upside down on clean surface. F. Install a bead of sealant or plumbers putty around the outside foot base. G. Now lift the bowl over the seal plate assembly and lower the bowl into place aligning the űDQJe connection holes with the connection brackets. H. Firmly push the toilet down seating the bowl horn into the rubber gasket of seal plate assembly. I. Set the bowl in place by gently rocking back and forth on the bowl rim. The “L” brackets should extend up through the slots on both sides of the outlet horn. J. With bowl ŰUPOy set, insert Ű[LQg screws into seat base, slide connection screw and base into the űDQJe connection holes and tighten on both sides of the bowl. K. Snap decorative cap over connection screw head. Decorative Cap


Connection Screw Base

4348/4349 REV 12/2015


Install Toilet Tank to Bowl L. Carefully remove the tank from the packaging and lay it on a clean and stable surface on the tank back. M. Check tank fittings and handles for tightness, then install the rubber coupling gasket onto the stem of the flushvalve. N. Connect the flexible supply tube to the fillvalve and snug the connection tight by hand. O. Insert the brass washer onto the tank connection bolts first, then insert the rubber gasket onto the tank connection bolts and slide them to the base head of the bolt. P. Now insert the connection bolt assemblies into the tank to bowl connection holes. Q. Gently lift the tank to the upright position and place it on Flexible the bowl making sure to align the flexible supply tube, Supply Tube flushvavle gasket and connection bolts with the proper hole locations on the bowl. Now set in place carefully holding the tank from tipping and holding in a downward force. R. Slide the brass washer first, then the connection nuts onto the end of the connection bolts located from around the back of the bowl. Tighten the bolts evenly and in equal pressure until a snug and water tight seal is made.

Chain Hook to be attached to trip lever Tank Connection Bolts (2)

Tank Flapper

Tank Connection Washer (2) Tank Connection Gasket (2)

Rubber Coupling Gasket

Bottom Tank Connection Washer(2) Nuts (2)


5 Connect the Water Supply S. Route the supply tube from behind the bowl and connect to the Water Shut-Off Valve. T. Open valve slowly and check for all leaks in connections and toilet. U. Use the thumb screw on the fill valve to adjust water lever to the waterline mark.

Water Shut-Off Vavle


WARNING: Do not use plumbers putty, pipe dope or any other sealant on the water supply connections to this tank. WARRANTY is void if any type of sealant is used on the water supply connection.


Install Tank Lid and Seat

V. Gently set the lid on the toilet tank. W. Your toilet comes packaged with a custom designed seat to match the contours and design. Please find enclosed in the toilet seat the directions for installation of this component.


Tank Replacement Part Information

The inside back of you tank is stamped with replacement part information. Please record and maintain this record for future maintenance and reliable service of your new toilet.

S - IN






Use of such products will: BL PEAC H DRO


1. Result in Damage to tank components and may cause flooding and property damage. 2. Void Tynan Plumbing Fixtures Limited Warranty



Care and Maintenance When cleaning your toilet, wash it with mild, soapy water, rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid detergents, disinfectants or cleaning products in aerosol cans. NEVER use abrasive scouring powders or abrasive pads on your toilet seat. Some bathroom chemicals and cosmetics may damage the seat’s finish. Caution: Product is Fragile. To avoid breakage and possible injury handle with care! Do not use abrasive powered or liquid cleaners which can damage the product surface. Over tightening of the lock nut or coupling nut could result in breakage and flooding. Do not use the cone washer with a plastic supply line. Do not use pipe dope or other silicon based materials to tighten supply coupling nut.

9 Troubleshoot




Fill Valve will not fill!

Water supply is closed?

Turn on water supply at angle stop valve.

Float valve is stuck?

Loosen fill valve nut and turn fill valve away from back of tank.

Drain Guards are stuck?

Clean drain guard of debris.

Adjustable Rod

Fill valve will not shut off! Water supply continues to run? Fill valve body

Float is stuck?

Float Cup


Loosen fill valve nut and turn fill valve away from back of tank.

Flapper is stuck open?

Check chain length and flush valve seat.

Flush valve nut is loose?

Check the flush valve is tightened into place.

Fill valve nut is loose?

Check hex nut on fill valve to assure it is tight.

Flapper is not seated properly?

Clean flush valve seat, replace flapper if necessary.

Water level is not set to proper height? Adjust the water level set screw to assure water is at the maximum level line.

Poor Flush! Triangle Gasket Plastic Seal Hexagon Seal

Turn off water and clean the inside fill valve.

Low water pressure? Rubber Seal

Make sure the minimum water pressure is above 35 PSI.

Obstruction in bowl?

Plunger the bowl and clean the drain line as necessary.

Short Flush?

Adjust the chain length of the flapper.

10 Service Records and Notes

Save this document for future reference.

Miseno Plumbing Fixtures Limited Warranty What is the Warranty Period?

What Will We Do to Correct Problems?

The warranty is for ten years from installation date or purchase of home on toilet bowl and tank. One year on ballcock, flush valve and trip lever.

We will repair or replace the product with the replacement model.

What Do you do to get Service or order replacement parts?

Who Is Covered? The warranty covers the original purchaser or first home owner.

You may contact the place of purchase or Miseno at [email protected]

What Does the Warranty Cover? The warranty covers the vitreous china product that is defective in materials or workmanship., Inc. 401 Otterson Drive, Suite 100 Chico, CA 95928 (800) 375-3403

What Does the Warranty Not Cover? Failures to fittings due to chlorine or other chemicals. Installation and labor costs you incurred for replacement. Repair costs and damage due to leaks from supply line failures. Products not installed per Miseno’s instructions. Product that were subject to abuse or misuse. Products that do not meet local building code requirements. Products with faulty maintenance.