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Friday, june 4, 1999 Northrop Auditorium

ORDER OF EVENTS Music on the Plaza:

Allard Ensembles Dixieland-jazz Band

Prelude Concert:

Music by Roger Ruckert, Organist, and Allard Ensembles Brass Choir

6:30p.m. Academic Procession: 7:00p.m.

The procession includes representatives of the community, student organizations, alumni, and faculty. Contributions from all of these groups were essential to the education of the students whose accomplishments we celebrate this evening. The procession is led by:

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Darrell A. Frohrib, Mace Bearer Sasha Lenzen, IT Honors Student Group, Flag Bearer Aaron Ehle, Pi Tau Sigma, Flag Bearer Rupal Shroff, Society of Women Engineers, Flag Bearer The National Anthem:

Led by Ricky Murphy

Opening the ceremony:

H. Ted Davis, Dean


Robert Bruininks, Executive Vice President and Provost


George Taylor Distinguished Service Award

Larry L. Kinney, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering David Y. H. Pui, Department of Mechanical Engineering George Taylor Distinguished Research Award

Christopher j. Cramer, Department of Chemistry George Taylor/IT Alumni Society Distinguished Teaching Award

Paul j. Strykowski, Department of Mechanical Engineering George Taylor Career Development Award

Joseph A. Konstan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Paul A. Cartwright/IT Alumni Society Outstanding Student Service Award

Dorothea Czernik, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Horace T. Morse!U of M Alumni Association Award for Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Karl A. Smith, Department of Civil Engineering U of M Alumni Association and the University of Minnesota Award for Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education

Thomas R. Hoye, Department of Chemistry Ephraim M. Sparrow, Department of Mechanical Engineering IT Distinguished Professorship is conferred upon:

Gordon S. Beavers, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Arthur G. Erdman, Department of Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Achievement Award

John j. Baldwin, (Chemistry PhD 1960) Executive Vice President, Pharmacopeia Incorporated For the graduating students:

joseph B. Mueller Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Commencement Address:

Colonel Robert D. Cabana, USMC NASA Astronaut Lyndon B. johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Presentation of

Benjamin G. Sharpe, IT Director of Admissions


Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics Bachelor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Bachelor of Civil Engineering Bachelor of Computer Engineering Bachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Geological Engineering Bachelor of Science in Geology Bachelor of Science in Geophysics Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Physics Bachelor of Science in Statistics For the University:

The Honorable William E. Hogan II, Board of Regents

Closing the ceremony:

H. Ted Davis, Dean

Hail! Minnesota:

As Ricky Murphy steps to the microphone, the audience will rise and join him in singing the University's Alma Mater: Minnesota, Hail to thee! Hail to thee, our college dear! Thy light shall ever be A beacon bright and clear: Thy sons and daughters true Will proclaim thee near and far; They will guard thy fame And adore thy name; Thou shalt be their Northern Star.


Reception and Music on Northrop Plaza:

The Mace Bearer will lead the procession, followed by the stage participants and then the graduates. The audience is requested to remain seated until those in the academic procession have marched out.

Allard Ensembles Dixieland-Jazz Band

Robert D. Cabana Cabana was born january 23, 1949 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where his parents still reside. He married the former Nancy joan Shimer of Cortland, New York. They have three children: jeffrey, Christopher and Sarah. He graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1967. He received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the United States Naval Academy in 1971. After graduation, he received a commission in the United States Marine Corps and later earned his wings as a Naval Aviator. He graduated with distinction from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in 1980 and has logged over 6,000 hours in 33 different aircraft during his career. Selected by NASA in june 1985, Cabana completed initial astronaut training in July 1986, qualifying for assignment as a pilot on future Space Shuttle flight crews. His initial assignment was as the Astronaut Office Space Shuttle flight software coordina­ tor until November 1986. At that time he was assigned as the Deputy Chief of Aircraft Operations for the johnson Space Center where he served for 2 1/2 years. He then served as the lead astronaut in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL) where the Orbiter's flight software is tested prior to flight. He has served as a spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in Mission Control during Space Shuttle missions, has served as Chief of Astronaut Appearances, and Chief of the Astronaut Office. A veteran of four space flights, Cabana has logged over 1,010 hours in space. He served as pilot on STS-41 (October 6-10, 1990) and STS-53 (December 2-9, 1992), and was mission commander on STS-65 (July 8-23, 1994). Cabana also commanded the crew of STS-88, the first Space Shuttle mission to carry hardware to space for the assembly of the International Space Station (December 415, 1998). During that mission, Unity, the US built node, was mated with Zarya, the Russian built Functional Cargo Block (FCB). Two crewmembers performed three space walks to connect umbilicals and attach tools/hardware in the assembly and outfitting of the station. Additionally, the crew performed the initial activation and first ingress of the International Space Station, preparing it for future assembly missions and full time occupation. The crew also performed !MAX Cargo Bay Camera (ICBC) operations, and deployed two satellites; Mighty Sat 1 built by the USAF Phillips Laboratory and SAC-A the first successful launch of an Argentine satellite. The mission was accom­ plished in 185 orbits of the Earth in 283 hours and 18 minutes.

AEROSPACE ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS Patrick Roy Bergen with distinction

Cory Allen Boese with distinction

jeffrey joseph Bolt jim Patrick Chase jason P Chirko Sukjoo Choi Todd M Colten jenny Ann Cordina with high distinction

Amy Lynn Corneillie Dorothea Christina Czernik Mark C Dmytryszyn Eric john Edgar Emily Kaye Eelkema with high distinction

Koichi Fujimoto Matthew A Gast Mulugeta G Gebremeskel joseph Michael Gresser Jr Erik R Hokenson Masato Ishii Klayton Andrew lves Mariann jansen Jeffrey Dale johnson Thomas J jones with distinction

William john Klein Mark J Ledermann Mishawn Rebecca Mielke joseph Bernard Mueller summa cum laude

Douglas Chad Muerle jesse CurtisO' Neiii-Oine Michael johnOlson with high distinction

Philip Thomas Peterson Spencer Thomas Rasmussen Carl john Roos with distinction

Dean james Schlegel Scott Michael Schuh David M Skalicky with distinction

Ryan William Spice

john Ryan Steffen Scott David Vlaminck Troy Clinton Welker cum laude

Craig Alec Wightman Dennis David Ziegeweid

Princesa Victoria Van Buren summa cum laude

CHEMICAL E NGINEERING Linda Leigh Addis with high distinction

Kevin Michael Akiyoshi ASTOPHYSICS Brian J Andersson Bernard R Becker Mark Alan Edwardson Clayton josef Hogen with distinction

Sarah jane Horns julie Ann Schmidt Michael Thomas Schuster with high distinction

Benjamin Phillip Speakman cum laude

Christopher Michael Springob summa cum laude

jennifer Lynn Watkins Nicole Lynn Wiersgalla BIOSYSTEMS AND AGRICULT URAL ENGINEERING jennelle Lee Eisinger Matthew George Eisinger Katie Therese Hetchler with high distinction

johanna Lea Heyda Sheena Lakeisha Hodges with distinction

Corey joe Hower john Allan Kastanek Ted Kolla1·s MichaelOdell Larsen jessica Coribee Lilja Brock M Lundberg summa cum laude

Phillip Charles Marquardt Peter Nathaniel Ness with high distinction

Dustin jared Pease Elizabeth Anne Tilman with distinction

with distinction

Erin Marie Alrick Kent Douglas Anderson Paul jason Asleson Andrew George Bach with distinction

jeffrey Gerald Becker with distinction

Michael Daniel Begich Kevin Lewis Berghauer Eric J Bergstrom Eric J Bernier Stacey A Bickler Ryan james Bierwerth with distinction

Matthew D Bixby jonathan Eli Black Roberta Ann Bloss Erica Lynn Bradshaw Irina Eugenia Braginsky with high distinction

Richard Francis Brevik Paula Michelle Byrnes Brian Lyle Chacka Bo Hua Chao magna cum laude

Datmuon Henry Chau Sandy Saeyoung Choi Terrell R Clark Sharayla Ann Cleare Courtney Lynn Coyne Charles Clifton Croatt jeffrey Richard Dahlen Tri-Cuong Ba Dang jennifer jill De Steno Kelli Zimny Deasy Ngoc-Hanh Thi Dinh Elizabeth Marie Dirks with high distinction

Corey Andrew Drevlow with distinction

Brent jason Eells Jeffrey Michael Eggert with high distinction

Vitaliy G Epshteyn Stanley Carl Ewanika Michael john Fee Wayde C Fleener Jeff Patrick Francis Maryanne Soojin Frank Colin Gregory Gilligan Shelley Rae Gilliss Andrea Lynn Goedken joel Patrick Grosser Kelly jo Hall Deverie Dawn Hartness Heather Ann Hayes Michael joseph Hobday Jeffery Christopher Holton with distinction

joseph jo-san Huang Tom Tao Huang with distinction

Eric john Hukkanen with distinction

Kathryn Marie lhlow Rosanna Katherine lmholte with distinction

julie Ellen Jaeckel with high distinction

Alim Kassim Charles Gordon Keith llya A Khaykinson Grace ]in Kim Soon-ho Kim Andrew james Kinser Richard Lloyd Klosner Jeffrey Steven Knutsen with distinction

Patricia Schuette Koster with distinction

Kimberly Ann Kroiss Karla Marie Kruper Peter john Kuechle with distinction

Robert Francis Kulesa Arjun Kurup with distinction

Robert Christopher Lambert Thomas J Larsen Tam Thanh Le Robert Sung Lee Lorraine Elizabeth Lehner Wanshan Sandy Lei Christian A Lemche with distinction

jimmy Charles Leske Kristian Matthew Lund Matthew Ronald Lundgren S Anne Lutz Michael David Marsolek james Andrew Mattson Christopher K McBride Matthew A McGee Kelli jo Meinholz Heather Marie Menge Lisa Ann Meyer Christopher Alan Molitor Eric William Momsen with distinction

Maribeth Rae Mrozek with distinction

Matthew R Naegle Chee Ng Phi Ba Ngo Kim Thi Nguyen with distinction

Lena Thuy Nguyen with distinction

Phuong Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyen Thinh Phuc Nguyen Thu Anh Nguyen Uyen Quynh Nguyen Erin Maurine Nichols jarad Bohart Niemi Paul john Nowatzki summa cum laude

Brian LeeOldfield Pauline Phuong Pham Tri Dinh Pham Hoang Thi Phan Bryant John Pudil summa cum laude

jessica Bouchard Raby

Jamie Richard Rau Corey jay Risty Rebecca Lena Ross with distinction

jason Lee Rothbauer David Michael Sayers Thomas Adrian Saytes Michael J Schaefer Sharon Christine Shaw Gregory Alan Shipp Ryan Mitchell Smith jon Henry Sorensen Christopher J Stepnick Lisa Sukarto Agustinus Sutandi summa cum laude

Troy Tyler Svihl Dallas R Tebben Paulos Berhane Tesfe Andrew john Thyne Luong The Tran Thanh L Trinh with distinction

Canh Quang Truong Henry Kosasih Utomo Brandon Michael Vogel Alexei Mikhailovich Voloshin with distinction

Cathleen M Von Lehe Brian james Walker jonathan Albert Watkins Garrick Donald Wexler Elizabeth Ann Whalen with high distinction

Chun-hung Yu with distinction

Nur Zahari CHEMISTRY Vindya Priyadars Alahapperuma Brent B Barnstuble with high distinction

Elias P Bazakos summa cum laude

Eric J Bernier Amy Kay Beukelman summa cum laude

Andrew David Bruskiewicz Douglas Allan Bullinger Cindy Marie Carlson Brian Lyle Chacka Thomas Quayle Chastek summa cum laude

Clifford Herbert Cracauer Ill Charles Clifton Croatt Stefan Larry Debbert with distinction

Shane Jeffrey Degen with high distinction

Michael R Dieterle Mark C Dmytryszyn Christopher james Douglas summa cum laude

Christopher David Erickson Allison E Faber Abbey Elizabeth Fischer Abby Louise Fisher Nancy L Fleischer summa cum laude

Maryanne Soojin Frank Kathleen Louise Franklin Scott David Gandrud Amy Elizabeth Gasser with distinction

Colin Gregory Gilligan Golnaz Golbon Emily Suzanne Green with distinction

Zachary james Greskowiak Thomas james Gullerud Mark Duane Hadler Christopher Charles HeiI Eric john Hukkanen with distinction

Kathryn Marie lhlow Girish Srikrishnan lyer Michael David Jefferies magna cum laude

Lucas Paul Kary Alim Kassim Soon-ho Kim

Jeffrey Steven Knutsen with distinction

Megan Frances Kotek Kimberly Ann Kroiss jennifer Phuong Le Robert Sung Lee Wanshan Sandy Lei Nicole Alexandra Leverenz with distinction

Patrick Nathan Levy Bryan Frederick Lundberg with distinction

S Anne Lutz Michael Abraham Lynch Khurram Javed Malik summa cum laude

Michael David Marsolek David Sean Mathias Susan Marie McCarthy with high distinction

Olga Mikhailenko with distinction

Eric William Momsen

Anthony Eugene Scales Anthony Wayne Schmidt with high distinction

Gregory jude Schmidt Paul joseph Schwinghammer Jr jon Henry Sorensen johnny Richard Stocker Fasil Tadesse Paulos Berhane Tesfe Paul Michael Todd Michele Trach Suzanne Trach Thanh-Thuy Thi Truong john Robert Van Pilsum joshua Jay Van Veldhuizen Brandon Michael Vogel Eric Allan Voight summa cum laude

Melissa Sue Walker Christofer Eryn Whiting jerod Murray Wooldridge Andrew Carl Zuercher

with distinction

Kimberly Ann Morgan Robert Allan Nadeau Edgar David Nadurata An Trang Nguyen Hang Thu Nguyen Hong Thi Nguyen Lena Thuy Nguyen with distinction

Truong Vu Nguyen Karen JOlson with distinction

Timothy james Peters jacquelineOanh Pham Yen T Pham Matthew james Pinnow with distinction

Kelly A Plummer with high distinction

Kimmy Kin Poon Matthew Ronald Radmer Andrew james Reese Matthew L Runquist Thomas Adrian Saytes

CIVIL ENGINEERING Dave Anthony Abbruzzese Catherine Lee Abene Kristina J Anderson with distinction

Kyle R Anderson Michael Roy Anderson Diego Sebastian Arabbo Aaron M Archbold Travis William Arndt Kristin Davon Asher Lawrence Willi Bjorgan Ruth Darlene Bleske Matthew Anthony Blohowiak Stephen Anthony Bona Thomas Alan Borchert Bryan joseph Bourgoine Michael Henry Braucher Cory Ryan Brett Brett David Burfeind with distinction

Anna Seidl Buslee

Chad M Casey Matthew james Christensen Jeffrey Alan Christopherson Tim R Clyne with distinction

Eric Bruce Corwin cum laude

Andrew james Cosgrove with distinction

Sean Carlos Cotton with high distinction

joel Leon Coudron Andrew Radeliffe Cozier Tracee Anne Crum Natalie Marie Dickinson Bradley Peter Dinndorf Bryan J Dodds Scott Allan Drake Thomas john Druckrey RichardOmgba Ekobena Clayton Andrew Engel james L Erickson Mark Alan Erickson Carter R Farley Brent Nathan Feller Adam Moses Fitzpatrick Patrick Myung Flaherty with distinction

james P Flannigan Stacy Steven Froemming Kristine Anne Giga with distinction

Adam Ginkel Brian Danny Gjerde Dwight Ralph Gunnarson joseph William Haight jeffrey Scott Handeland Brian joseph Hilgardner Scott Ryan Hotchkin Paul Mark Hudalla Curtis Lee johnson Anita Loui Kaliszewski with high distinction

Matthew Paul Kind Neal Ray Knapik Andrew Thomas Komor cum laude

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Cha Lee Lori M Leitheiser with distinction

Vincent Garfield Lewis Richard Lee Licht Kristopher Michael Luneau David Lee Maki Marc L Malinoff jennifer Renee Matlock Anna Catherine Mauss jeremy A Meier Ryan Glenn Meissner Kristin Marie Miller with distinction

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Nels johnOjard David WayneOlson Matthew SOman with high distinction

Anthony Osei David M Parenteau Katherine E Paska Dwane Allen Paulsen with distinction

Carl Eric Penttila Ryan David Peterson Peter joseph Pfister Keophoxay Phanthavong jason Paul Quisberg james Matthew Rathke Gregory Williston Robinson jake Scott Saulsbury

Louis Frederick Scherschel summa cum laude

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Samantha Suzanne Spindler Mark Robert Statz Kevin Lowell Swehla Tina Lynn Sydow Franklin David Ticknor II Lu Chieng Tiong Trung Quoc Tran Craig Steven Vaughn Gary William Vidlock Shannon Troy Wegleitner jane Victoria Woods-Foley COMPUTER ENGINEERING Wayne Robert Bailey Yohana Barata jason Donald Cwik David Alan Frankson Christian jacob Hescott with distinction

Walid Ahmed Ibrahim Gene Yi Lee Chun Li Christopher Allen Lund magna cum laude

jennifer Lea Nansen Truong Khoa Nguyen Gary Phillip Paulak jonathan Paul Renneke Carbino Blaise Simien Nathan Thomas Woodcock Long Xiong COMPUTER SCIENCE jonathan Edward Anderson Michael Robert Andres Shadia Louise Atiyeh with high distinction

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joseph Richard Berens Daniel Thomas Berg Eric Harlan Bie jeffrey joseph Bolt jason William Braucht jared Brogni with distinction

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Hiu-man Cheung Derik A Copus Patrick Wayne Cummings with distinction

Khoa Dang Dang Moses R De jong Randy Allen De Ninno with distinction

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Tu Anh Phan Scott Linnell Price Eric john Rach jerahmie William Radder Don Andrew Rankila Sean Michael Reilly Erik Christopher Reynolds Edward Conrad Ross Kazi Salahuddin John George Shudy Ill Takasi Sibuya Michael john Siegler II Greg Simon Andrew William Slotto with distinction

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GEOPHYSICS Nathan J Groebner with distinction

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Tan Huynh

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Christopher Michael Springob summa cum laude

Nathan Dale Van Eps Nicole Lynn Wiersgalla STATISTICS Peter B Busse Mark T Haider with distinction

Carrie Anne Modell Tang Yang Song jon R Swan Troy Allen Whetherhult with distinction


PI TAU SIGMA (Mechanical Engineering)

ALPHA EPSILON (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)

Sheena Hodges Brock Lundberg Elizabeth Tilman Princesa Van Buren .Faculty Advisor: Professor Philip Goodrich

CHI EPSILON (Civil Engineering)

Andrew Cosgrove Sean Cotton Valentina Finazzo Patrick Flarerty Kristy Herman Paul jung Tricia Latour NelsOjard MatthewOman Katherine Paska Louis Scherschel Faculty Advisor: Professor Gerald johnson

ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering)

john Edgell Benjamin Fruland Ivan Jankovic Kris Knight Ryan Ligman jason Rothbauer Faculty Advisor: Professor james Holte

Frank Aguirre Eva Albrecht Shannon Anderson Stephanie Arnst jennifer Christie Reilly Dillon jeremy Ecker Mark Frederiksen Lara Greden Kevin Grotheim David Haas Malanny Halim Gary Heidger Matt Hillmar Kyle Irwin Mark Kiecker Kevin Kramer Jyue-Boon Lim Charles McClure Christopher McMullen Yuichi Mizuuchi Scott Nagel Trupti Naik AnnOlson Rochelle Poore Michael Schlough jon Szafranski Brian Tang Faculty Advisor: Professor Virgil Marple

TAU BETA PI (All Majors)

Linda L. Addis Chris Salek Marwane Berrada Rahul Bhasin Bo Chao Andrew james Cosgrove jackie Couillard

Corey Drevlow Nancy Fleischer Mark Frederiksen Lara Greden Sheena Hodges Ben Holmes Rosanna lmholte julie Jaeckel Kevin Kramer Greg Lauer Chris Lund Khurram Malik Maribeth Mozek Lena Thuy Nguyen DerekOberreit MattOman Adrienne Romach Rebecca Ross Lisa G. Sanders Mike Schlough jennifer Soderstrom Agustinus Sutandi Elizabeth Tilman Yudhi Yulius Faculty Advisors: Professor Ted Higman Professor Ray Hozalski Professor Alon McCormick

PLUMB BOB (Honorary IT Society)

Vijay Agarwal Mark Bushey Aaron Heckel Kristopher Luneau Sameer Neville Advisor: Gail Fraser IT Student Affairs

Graduation Photographs For your convenience, we have made arrangements with professional photographers to take a picture of each student as they cross the stage. This service will enable each student to have a photograph of their graduation. Family members and friends are encour­ aged to remain in their seats and enjoy the ceremony. However, photographs may be taken from the orches­ tra pit. Please do not block the ramp or the aisles. The graduates will need to proceed down the ramp and back to their seats in a timely manner. Thank you.

Degrees in the Institute of Technology are awarded with two types of honors. Degrees with distinction and high distinction are awarded automatically to students with Grade Point Averages exceeding 3.5 and 3.8, respectively. The cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude degrees are awarded upon application to students who meet certain Grade Point Average requirements and complete special work within the major. Students receiving the summa cum laude degrees have completed a senior thesis. This is not an official University of Minnesota Graduation List


Honorable Anthony R. Baraga, Side Lake Honorable Robert S. Bergland, Roseau Honorable Dallas Bohnsack, New Prague Honorable William E. Hogan II, Minnetonka Honorable Warren C. Larson, Bagley Honorable David R. Metzen, South St. Paul Honorable H. Bryan Neel Ill, Rochester Honorable Michael O'Keefe, Minneapolis Honorable William R. Peterson, Eagan Honorable jessica j. Phillips, Minneapolis Honorable Maureen K. Reed, Stillwater Honorable Patricia B. Spence, Rice