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Into the Woods - Gilmore College

An Independent Public School An Independent Public School TERM 3 ISSUE 2 2015 llege The Newsletter of Gilmore Co Into the Woods This month, Gilmore...

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An Independent Public School An Independent Public School

TERM 3 ISSUE 2 2015

llege The Newsletter of Gilmore Co

Into the Woods This month, Gilmore College Arts students performed in their first musical. These students have been rehearsing since Term 2 after school and on weekends to learn lines, practice singing, dancing, creating props and costumes, learning lighting and sound. The students performed in front of a sold out audience, including Her Worship the Mayor Carol Adams, Director KIC Chris Oughten and Roger Cook ML. Thank you to all parents/caregivers, staff and friends who have supported us through this journey. Sophia D’Rozario Head of Learning Area The Arts


From The Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers

our students lit up the Koorliny Arts Centre Theatre with their effort, energy and confidence. I commend all of the students and staff on what was a thoroughly entertaining evening and single out in particular Ms Italiano and Ms Telkamp who directed the students to the finished product.

Welcome to our September edition of InTouch – our monthly window into life at Gilmore College. My second month in the College has certainly been a busy one. There are many positives to report and the articles contained within the newsletter make for a good snapshot.

Recently parents/carers of Year 7 and 9 students will have received their child’s NAPLAN report. The results show some pleasing improvements for many of our students and point to some excellent progress being made between Year 7 and 9 testing periods (2013-2015). College staff will continue to dissect and analyse these results as improving Literacy and Numeracy remains a priority of our Business Plan.

Late in August it was a privilege for me to attend the iScience presentation night where 4 students from our Year 10 cohort participated in a range of industry based activities to gain an insight into life working in industry. This was coordinated by the local KIC and run expertly by Debbie Hoey who many will know as the coordinator of training services for our Engineering program. The students spent 2 days at Murdoch University and a further four days on site at CSBP, ALCOA, CBH, BP and a range of other major employers. On the presentation night our students gave a great account of their participation in the program and Leila De Oro and Fen Estrella were awarded valuable scholarships to Murdoch’s Connoco-Phillips Science Summer School to be held in December.

On Friday 25 September, our Year 12 students will finish their secondary schooling with an afternoon tea in our staff room. It will be a great opportunity for us to celebrate their six years in our College from 2010 to 2015 as they commence that period known as “life after school”. We look forward to celebrating further at their Valedictory Breakfast and the evening Valedictory Ceremony on 27 October. My thanks to Mrs Leeds and Mr Groznica as well as our Principal Mrs Cook and the cast of teachers who have helped these students through difficult times, challenges and successes over their time in our community. To those students and undoubtedly their heavily invested parents and families who are about to undertake

On Tuesday 22 September, our Arts team, ably assisted by an army of staff and parents, helped our students present a very ambitious and successful performance of Steven Sondheim’s Musical “Into the Woods”. Everyone who attended (and it was a completely sold out performance) would agree that


ATAR examinations in November, I wish you the very best of luck with a reminder that luck is best made by carefully and thoroughly preparing when it comes to exams. During Term 4, our College Board will be continuing to look at ways to engage the school community. Our ongoing work with Creating Communities has led to an exciting event being scheduled for 10 November. We will be holding a “Dialogue Café” which is effectively an opportunity for parents, staff and community members to come together, share a three course meal prepared by our Hospitality students and talk about the positives the school has to offer, the direction that we are headed and areas for improvement in the mid to long term future.

Breakfast Club What an amazing first 6 weeks I have had at Gilmore College. Such a fantastic time meeting some of the students and I’ve especially enjoyed seeing everyone at Breakfast Club.

Early next Term an invitation will be sent to all parents and caregivers to attend, which contains more details. I certainly look forward to meeting as many parents as I can at the Dialogue Café as my personal contact with parents since arriving at the school earlier this Term has been nothing but positive.

Breakfast Club is not just about food, it’s also a place to hang out with mates and chat. Its a great place to connect with friends and have something to eat. We are open every day from 8–8:30am. I look forwarding to meeting more students at Breakfast Club or in Student Services.

My best wishes to all staff and students for a happy and safe Spring holiday. Please remember that Monday 12 October is a student free School Development Day with students set to return on Tuesday 13 October.

Thank you to Rotary Club and Woolworths Kwinana for supporting the breakfast club and a “BIG” thank you to the fantastic Student Volunteers – Jordan Harris and Brayden Kelly.

Rohan Smith Principal

If you would like to volunteer to help please come and see me. Linda Liddelow College Chaplain

Connect Connect is the Department of Education’s online environment which will provide teachers, students and parents with secure access to a collaborative online learning environment via the internet. The aim of Connect is to provide a secure internet service that will allow teachers to provide information about the teaching and learning activities occurring in the classroom directly to the parents of students in this class. Participation in Connect is optional for parents, if you would like to take part you will require internet access and a computer. No additional software is required. The Department of Education will issue you with a unique user name and password which will provide you with access to Connect. Initially, Connect will allow teacher’s to provide general class information to you about the teaching and learning activities that his/her class are undertaking. In the future, the service may be further developed to allow more flexible communication between parents and teachers, as well as providing personalised information about your child’s learning activities and progress. In order for you to take part in Connect, please see main Administration for a Connect Registration for Parents form. Once completed and returned you will then be confidentially issued with your unique user name and password as well as access details for Connect.


National Literacy Week 2015

Through The Door

For the National Literacy Week 2015, the English Learning Area organised two activities for our year groups.

Through the door, Through the door,

The Spelling Bee for Years 7-9 conducted by Mr Chinery and Ms Williams and a Poetry Competition themed around ‘The Open Door’ conducted by Mrs Rozario for Years 7-12.

What journey lies beyond?

Thank you to all the students who participated and made this event a success. Congratulations to all our winners.

Go through it while you’re young?

Marita Rozario Teacher English

Through the door, Through the door,

Through the door, Through the door, You better make it quick! Through the door, Through the door,

The Open Door It’s like you’re waiting for something You know is not going to happen. All these horrible things you have gone through, You don’t even know why you tried, But you did. In the hope, that something might happen…

The Open Door Look here upon the open door, The gate, ajar, to ancient lore, The knowledge within, held in chains, By money, greed, power and fame. The human lust for materiality, Destroys our inner prosperity, Against our strongest will, we watch, As our morals slip away from us.

Or your hair will go snip! Through the door, Through the door, What wonders will you sight? Through the door, Through the door, What horrors lurk at night? Through the door, Through the door, You might see purple trees!

Nothing , Nothing happened. The door is still closed. You still feel the hurt, the pain When will it get better? Will it ever get better? You ask yourself everyday It all makes you want to just stop And not want to think anymore How much do you have to endure ‘til it changes? How much hurt and pain till it finally gets better? But that’s not how it works Doesn’t matter what happens to you… It’s not going to get better… And I am done waiting, I am done being the idiot that waited for something…

The war within overtakes our life, Our hearts embrace the cold, hard knife, We’ve fought the dark since so long ago, Fallen in love with our blackest shadow. The open door before us shuts, We lie, regretting completely, our cuts, We pull, we cry, we thrash, we scream, The knowledge we crave washes downstream. Our self-worth begins to quickly wither, As a quick surrender beckons us “hither”, We accept the escape from reality, From life… escape from society.

For nothing, For an open door….

A sliver of light across the ground, A reminder of all that we had found, A battle for things we fought before, now bars us from the once open door.

By Nicole McCracken 9.2

By Zachary Sylvester 10.1


Through the door, Through the door, Look out for holly leaves! Through the door, Through the door, Take your sister or your brother. Through the door, Through the door, Or how ‘bout your father or your mother? Through the door, Through the door, Do you dare to venture? Through the door, Through the door, Will your worst fears get cha? Through the door, Through the door, Go through the open door!

By Maddie Ryan 7.1

Australian History Competition 2015

Australian Geography Competition

Once again Gilmore College students did very well in the Australian History Competition, competing against 23,000 students from across Australia.

Representatives from Years 7 to 12 took part in the 21st annual Australian Geography Competition at the end of Term 1 this year and the results are in.

We are very proud of the effort of all students who participated and want to acknowledge the following who gained a Credit or above:

Approximately 75,000 students from all around Australia entered the competition, organised by the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland.

High Distinction Keenan Parish Distinction Hunter Culbong

Credit Cody Shortland Zachariah Silvester

Geography is a vital subject that all young people should study. It helps students understand the world around them and how people and environments are interconnected.

Innocent Chikwama Head of Learning Area Humanities and Social Sciences

All students received a Certificate of Participation at our Whole College Assembly. Notable achievements include: Distinction Credit Year 8 Year 7 Ebony Drake Vusa Mate Kali Felstead Donell Nak Year 9 Callym Nugent Vince Gingoyon Gelianne Tallorin Year 11 Year 8 Aiden Williams Abigail Del Carmen Marionne Domingo Samuel French Oscar Reeves Russell Yambao Year 9 Kim Dela Calzada Blayde Dietsch Cooper Tilbury Alex Mathieson Year 10 Huynh Le Samson Palmer Zachariah Silvester Ivan Valenzuela Year 11 Ethan Chidlow

Statewide Student Parliament Legislative Council The 2015 Statewide Student Parliament was an incredibly enlightening experience as to what it means to be a parliamentarian. Not only did I learn valuable social skills, but during this time, I also made many friends. Friends made on extra-curricular activities like this are the kind that stay with you for a lifetime. I would like to thank Mr Chikwama for giving me the opportunity to attend this event. The 2015 Statewide Student Parliament was truly the highlight of my school year and I hope the next student that is able to participate has as good a time as I did. Zac Silvester Year 10 Member for South Metro Region

Congratulations to all participants. Jessica Bidwell Teacher Humanities and Social Sciences


Cross Country Event On Friday 21 August, we held an inaugural cross country championship on the ovals surrounding the College. The event was well supported by our students, with 50 students nominating and attending the event. Although the weather was cold and blustery, students competed in an impressive display of endurance and perseverance. Congratulations to all competitors and well done to the following students placing in the top 4 positions for each year group. Jeremy Ingram Head of Learning Area Health and Physical Education

Year 7 Girls 1. Laura Pene 2. Josephine Park 3. Taneesha Coyle 4. Aider Kittler

Year 8 Girls 1. Brianna Grey 2. Leah Carroll 3. Tara Garlett 4. Cammoren Lombaard

Year 7 Boys 1. Kobey Green Year 8 Boys 2. Sebastian Pietraiu 1. Alex Haywood3. Cory McDonald Darke 4. Shaun Pereyra 2. Michael Briggs 3. Morgan Bropho 4. Jared Wright

Year 9 Girls 1. Kaleisha Cook 2. Chloe Bold 3. Lea Cortes 4. Brianna Ewen Year 9 Boys 1. Tim Schneider 2. Bodie Murcott 3. Tristan Linsley

Year 10 Girls 1. Abbey Stidworthy 2. Tia Jones 3. Toni Thomas

Year 11 & 12 Girls 1. Lauren Dearlove 2. Brooke Coleman 3. Nomsa Wachipa

Year 10 Boys ear 11 & 12 Boys Y 1. Jesse Haji-Ahmed 1. Dale Viney 2. Jacob Guy 2. Mohsyn Jalal 3. Joel Sandqvist Mastor 3. Max Englesmann 4. Zac Millington

Volleyball Western Australia Schools’ Cup On 5 and 6 September Year 10 Student Clyn Mapano and I took 7 students to participate in Volleyball Western Australia’s Schools Cup. The team performed to a high standard all weekend, eventually finishing in second position narrowly losing to North Albany Senior High School in the Grand Final. It was a pleasure coaching such a well behaved group of students and I could not have been more proud in the way they represented the College over the course of the weekend. Craig Davies Youth Support Officer Milarie Dogello , Nicole Patterson, Richelyn Daniel, Ashley Dancel, Ivy Basnillo, Joan Manalo, Lea Cortes and Mr Davies


Year 7 Rugby League The Gilmore College Rugby League team competed in the Southern Schools 10 a side Carnival at Lark Hill Sporting Complex.

Results Gilmore v Rockingham 16-12 Gilmore v Rockingham 10-18

It was a perfect day for Rugby League and the boys were very excited to play in their first tournament for Gilmore College.

Gilmore v John Tonkin College 16-4 Gilmore v John Tonkin College 12-6 Gilmore v Mandurah Baptist 12-4 Gilmore v Mandurah Baptist 10-14

The first game was against Rockingham Senior High School. It was a tough game to start the Carnival and the boys demonstrated great composure and held on for an outstanding victory. Throughout the day the team played eight fifteen minute games against four other schools. This was a tough ask as we only had 12 players and the schedule only allowed for two breaks. We played each team twice and at the end of the tournament we were placed third.

Gilmore v Warnbro 6-14 Gilmore v Warnbro 6-22

The entire squad had a tremendous day as we only had 3-4 practice sessions and it was fantastic to see how hard the boys played for the team. They played each game with enthusiasm and fought to the last minute to ensure that Gilmore College was a force to be reckoned with. Some of the players to stand out were Manaia Tai who captained the side and lead by example. Some of his runs were brilliant. Josh Clarkin was massive on the day; he ran hard and tackled his heart out. Clayton Moore, Jorden Allan-Cordery, Kyle Mitchell and Hayden Storti had great games and gave 100% on attack and defence. The team worked out that if they could get Clayton the ball with some space it was going to be TRY TIME.

Special mention also goes to Hopa Henry and Mesiah Hughes who ran the warm ups and encouraged the boys during and after the games. The water attendants Tunisia Leef and Fatmata Sesay kept the boys hydrated; they even provided a special water shower for the boys at the end of the tournament to ensure that hydration levels were high and that cramping was kept to a minimum. The boys are to be congratulated for their effort.

Ben Caldera, Dylan Irula and Lennox Caraynidis were solid on defence and were always on hand for the off load. The super subs, Tahj Anderson and Gerome Jones injected some big tackling and looked impressive on attack. Liam Woodroffe played his heart out and displayed some great footwork. The boys are to be commended for the way they represented our school, their behaviour was impeccable and I hope they stick around for next year’s carnival. Some of the boys will be valuable assets for the Year 8 Carnival in Term 4.

Hamish Patterson Teacher Health and Physical Education


House Athletics Carnival 2015 After winning the shield for Best House at the Athletics Carnival for 4 years running, Amity were again favourites for this year’s title. Attendance was impressive, as was the atmosphere around the Gilmore College Athletics Track when events got under way. Scindian and Cygnet were heavily tipped to be the big improvers after a recruiting program had identified some top talent amongst our Year 7 students which were swiftly drafted into these Houses. Most year groups were well represented, however, the Year 11 and 12s impressed with their commitment to representing their House, as did the Year 9s and Year 7s. The 800m events were popular early in the program as was the following 200m events. In the 200m two were were broken with Cameron Ogle (Challenger) recording 24.04sec in the Year 11 and12 boys event and Clayton Moore (Scindian) recording 27.00sec in the Year 7 boys 200m. Congratulations. The jump pits were very busy all day with increased numbers participating trying to snatch victory for their Houses. Hopa Henry, Masiah Hughes and Sam McNally pulled off the Cygnet triple in the Year 10 boys long jump, recording 4.93m, 4.26m and 3.94m respectively. Shayla Maddocks won the Year 10 girls triple jump for Scindian with 7.34m whilst Teliah Coleman smashed the Year 7 girls Triple jump record with a jump of 7.20m. Participation in events throughout the day was very pleasing. The Year 7 girls long jump event had an amazing 32 participants (Teliah Coleman 3.26m) and the Year 11 and 12 girls long jump had 23 (Kaditja Beyan 3.83m). Mr Ballantyne had to run 3 heats of Year 7 boys 400m, not usually such a popular event. This was won by Clayton Moore in an impressive time of 1:01.35min

second places. The question was would this translate into a carnival winning effort?

The 100m races were amazing, with competition fierce in this very popular blue ribbon event. The Year 9 Girls event was won by Shanika Turoa in a time of 15.12sec. The Year 9 boys event was won by Tim Schneider in an impressive time of 12.60sec. Clayton Moore broke the Year 7 100m record in a time of 12.90sec. Congratulations to everyone who placed.

In the final calculations the results of the day were reasonably close, however as expected, Amity had won the day from Challenger. Cygnet were the big improvers in 2015 narrowly missing second place and having to settle for 3rd. Scindian rounded out the top 4 places and look to be the team to beat in 2016. Congratulations to all of our competitors and year champions for their efforts in making our athletics house carnival so successful.

The relays finished the day off. Many teams were entered with some houses putting in 2 teams for most relay events. Times were good, however, changeovers need work to make sure the baton changes are fluid and fast. A highlight for me was the final relay of the day where Cameron Ogle ran down a brave Dale Viney from Amity to snatch a win for Challenger. Amity would be considered the big winners from the relays recording 4 wins and 4

Jeremy Ingram Head of Learning Area Health and Physical Education


Results for Gilmore College House Athletics Carnival 2015: 1st: Amity 2nd: Challenger 3rd: Cygnet 4th: Scindian Year 7 Boys Year 7 Girls Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls Year 9 Boys Year 9 Girls Year 10 Boys Year 10 Girls Year 11/12 Boys Year 11/12 Girls

Champion Vusumuzi Mate Teneesha Coyle Michael Briggs Leah Carroll Tim Schneider Jayde Fabry-Roche Hopa Henry Madison Reid Cameron Ogle Kaditja Beyan

Runner-Up Clayton Moore Laura-Lee Pene Alex Haywood-Darke Bree-Anna Gray Bodie Murcott Shanika Turoa Jacob Mathieson Lexie Francis Samuel James Kiandra Tai & Elia Strickland

Student C. Moore T. Coleman S. Pereyra O. Lavulo C. Ogle M. Tai C. Moore H. Henry K. Vollmann

New Record 27.00sec 7.20m 1.30m 9.73m 24.04sec 8.16m 12.90m 14.71m 19.62m

2015 Record Breakers Event Name Year 7 Boys 200m Year 7 Girls Triple Year 7 Boys High Jump Year 11/12 Girls Shot Putt Year 11/12 Boys 200m Year 7 Boys Triple Jump Year 7 Boys 100m Year 10 Boys Shot Putt Year 7 Girls Discus


2016 Worldskills The State final for the VETis 2016 Worldskills Competition was held at Challenger Institute of Technology on Friday 18 September. The competition was open to students from all schools and the final included competitors from Gilmore College, CBC Fremantle, South Coast Baptist College and Pinjarra Senior High School. The Gilmore College representatives were Carlo Ignacio, Ryan Sampson, Darren Upoko, Thomas Pratt, Samuel James and Jake Chaplin-Ardagh who performed very well and were excellent ambassadors for the College. We thank staff at Challenger Institute of Technology for organising the competition and making the facility available along with Mr Brian Jenkins for giving up his time to help conduct the competition. At the conclusion of the competition Mr Jenkins paid tribute to all the students and congratulated them on their excellent work ethic and their safe work habits while competing. Results to be advised in our Term 4 Newsletter. Robert Guest Teacher - Design and Technology Technology and Enterprise

High Tea

This Term, the Year 10 Food and Enterprise students have been researching, devising and producing foods that can be eaten at a high tea event. They also learnt the finer details of how to organise an event, from decorations to menu’s to invitations. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, each student chose a recipe and independently produced a dish to be served to guests at their very own high tea. The students produced amazing foods that were thoroughly enjoyed by all. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them who put in a 100% effort leading up to and during the event. Rebecca Tennant Teacher - Home Economics Technology and Enterprise

Taylah Bagshaw, Nathaniel Bott, Steven Bott Harmony Bowles, Hayley Cook, Tiana Cook, Richelyn Daniel, Leila De Oro, Jiralyn Dela Pena, Travis Gamble, Maora Henry, Vercilla Salvia, Damien Te Hira, Skye Cooper, Ciara Regan


Years 8 and 9 River Cruise What a cruisy way to spend a Thursday. 160 Year 8 and 9 students, 6 teachers, 1 chef, 2 boat crew members, one giant glass boat… and of course the Swan River. Our morning started travelling by bus to the Barrack Street Jetty and our hidden gem the Crystal Swan. Fair to say that the students were rather impressed with its prowess and beauty. With a cautious walk across the gangway, big eyed and slightly intimidated, the students set off exploring its two decks and amazing views of the South of Perth. It didn’t take too long for them to feel at home - especially when they found out the soft drinks were unlimited.

We set off from Perth to slowly cruise our way down toward Fremantle but at our speed we were never going to make it. Hamburgers and chips served in small boxes were quite the hit, followed by fish and chips, and muffins for dessert. Once their bellies were full, it was time to hit the dance floor. When they became familiar with the DJ out came the requests. Seems there are some cute couples at Gilmore College, even if some of them are imaginary (who is Callum Hood?). After an amazing 3 hour tour of the Swan River, it was sadly time to say good-bye to our rather good looking captain and get on the road back to Gilmore. I have to say that all our students looked amazing and were so well behaved. They were a credit to Gilmore College in the way they conducted themselves and I am looking forward to taking them on the next Reward Excursion in Term 4. Emma-Louise Mills Year 8 Coordinator


step up in intensity training with a group of big burly country men, who were impressed with some of the talent from Kwinana they saw running around the track. A home cooked pasta dinner and some quiet time around the camp fire was the perfect way to wind down and reflect on everything they had done and seen during their short time in Kondinin. After cleaning up the cabins and packing the van next morning, there was still time to have a session of lawn bowls before hitting the road for the drive back to Perth. John Read came down for a cameo, and along with Shadow Man, taught the boys a thing or two about this mystical past time.

Shadow Man takes Wardongs on Tour of Home Country In June 2015, Gilmore Clontarf Academy Operations Officer, Mr Collard, aka Shadow Man, took a few of the senior Wardong boys on camp to his home country around Kondinin. Sadly, several of the Clontarf boys couldn’t make the trip because of last minute exams to finish off, while others had come down with a cold/flu that was doing the rounds and wreaking havoc in Kwinana. Regardless, being a proud Balladong man, Mr Collard had carefully organised a special homecoming tour to remember for the boys. There was some sightseeing, interesting local knowledge and historical tales on the road out to Kondinin, including a quick stop in Brookton and at the dog cemetery outside Corrigin. Once the boys had settled into the chalets at Kondinin Caravan Park and gotten their bearings, it was time to grab a shovel and wheelbarrow and do some hard yakka to help with the new community garden that was being set up in town. Come sundown, the Wardongs had certainly earned a big hearty dinner at Kondinin Hotel, before kicking back around the camp fire to sing along and enjoy some soulful tunes from Shadow Man and local guitar maestro John Reed (who’s day job happens to be the Shire of Kondinin CEO). The boys were still keeping beat and quietly singing to themselves when the time came to head to bed. After a restful night’s sleep, a glorious morning dawned for a full day of activities. The Wardongs were treated to a personal guided tour from the Shadow Man himself out at Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn, as well as the culturally significant Mulka’s Cave and surrounding bushland and hills at The Humps. It was fascinating to learn more about the Aboriginal history of the area, including how the Noongar people used to hunt and live off the land through innovative practices such as using the Gnamma holes. In the afternoon, the boys were introduced to a big roo dog called “Bullseye”, explored the beautiful landscape around the salt lakes trying to spot Yongas, plus got a demo from Shadow Man on how to find Bardie grubs. The end of a busy day was a training session under lights with the local footy team, the mighty KondininKulin Blues. The boys did a great job of handling the


The Gilmore Clontarf boys and staff extend their sincere thanks to the Kondinin community for the wonderful welcome and hospitality during our camp, in particular to respected Aboriginal elders Don and Sylvia Collard, Alan George and John Read at the Shire, Darren and Margi Pool at Kondinin Hotel, and the players from Kondinin-Kulin Blues. The boys felt genuinely valued and welcomed in your town, and we will certainly be back for more adventures sometime very soon.

Xavier Menage Director of Operations Gilmore Clontarf Academy

Parents and Community have their say

Parent and family support is a powerful driver for a child’s educational success. Parents and families that engage in their children’s education have a significant influence on their academic and social advancement. Similarly, the more engagement the wider community has in a child’s education the greater the post school options. With this in mind the College Board has identified building parent and community involvement as a key direction for Gilmore College.

Earlier this year the Board met with Andrew Watt from Creating Communities. This organisation has worked for 20 years with many schools across the State to build school, parent and community relations. Creating Communities uses a very collaborative and flexible approach which allows for a school and community led model that can flex and change to meet the needs of a specific community.

• • • • •

Where to from here The Board in conjunction with the Principal and other executive staff have identified 7 goals to build parent and community involvement.

We asked Creating Communities to survey a broad sample of parents/caregivers, College staff, feeder primary schools and community organisations that are involved with the College. We wanted to know what the College is doing well and in what ways we can improve.

1. Develop ways for parents/carers to be involved in their child’s education 2. Conduct a “dialogue café” with parents and stakeholders to seek ideas on how to improve relationships and communication. 3. Develop an improved College communications system 4. Seek better engagement with feeder primary schools 5. Enhance the College brand through a focus on “aspiration” 6. Relationship building with parents and stakeholders 7. Develop a communications and engagement strategy

What you told us In general, those surveyed identified the following positives about the college: • • • • • • • • •

Learning program and curriculum Pastoral care/student support Uniform standard The newsletter is a good form of communication Over half would recommend Gilmore College to a friend Strong and dedicated teachers Communication with feeder schools and parents Strong VET/practical-based courses Strong relationships with stakeholders and service providers.

Over the next year the College Board and staff will be working hard to improve in these areas and as a first activity, Gilmore College will be holding a social event for parents and carers during Term 4. The event will be an opportunity to work on ideas for a new approach to communicating and engaging with the community. As parents and carers of our most precious resource – our young people – you have key knowledge and experience to make Gilmore a great school. We look forward to working together.

A number of challenges and issues were identified, including: • • •

Quality and regularity of communication requires improvement A lack of opportunities for parents to engage with school The College needs to be more ‘welcoming’ or ‘inviting’ Some have poor previous experiences with the College Student behaviour and discipline Quality of teachers Many people are uninformed of special programs and initiatives The need for more personal contact (emails, phone call etc.) Almost half had not attended a College event in past 12 months A lack of parent interest in what is happening at the College.

Lack of parent time to engage with the College, particularly during school hours Poor College reputation and community perceptions The need for better communication between staff and parents

Mandy Grubb Community Engagement Committee Gilmore College


Health Centre News It has been a busy Term with winter flu’s and gasto, accidents and medical conditions. If your child has a medical condition it is essential that you complete a Medical Action Plan and it is returned to the College together with any emergency medications so that we have the best outcome for your child. We would also urge all parents/caregivers to take out ambulance cover as we will call an ambulance in an emergency and you could receive a bill of over $800. With teenagers anything can happen. Family cover for ambulance only is as little as $50 a year. Every child with a medical condition should have it along with those participating in sport, especially contact sports. Hopefully with the College ban on scooters and skateboards we will have a few less fractures to deal with. On a positive note we have had some great programs in school. Yesterday our local aboriginal health service – Moorditj Koort visited the college to complete health checks on 25 boys and 4 girls with our local male and female doctors. This is a wonderful free service and a good opportunity to have any health problems identified and sorted, plus the students get connected to a good local medical service.

Community Centres

School Holiday Program


September 2015

We were lucky enough to have our annual Health Expo run by the Year 11 and 12s. This year we heard lots of positive comments from teachers and students that it was the best one ever with lots of hands on activities. We were also lucky to have Mandy from Body Prep in Rockingham come and do boxing and fun exercise with the students. Exercise is great for physical and mental health. We hope lots of you signed up for her free classes.

September 2015

t Paren n patio partici ed for uir is req vities ti all ac

Finally the whole college participated in R U OK? day. During advocacy students did various activities to encourage them to start conversations with friends by asking the simple question “are you okay?”. The staff dressed in yellow and had a fun morning tea. By starting a conversation and listening to friends, family and co-workers you could potentially save a life.


Date Time



Ken Jackman Hall – No registration required Darius Wells Library and All ages Resource Centre




1pm to 3pm

Minute to Win It Challenge



10:30am to 1:30pm

Bertram Fun Day

William Bertram Community Centre

10am to 12pm

Drawing Lessons with Morris*

3:30pm to 4:30pm

Buttoned Up**

Ages 6 to 12 years Darius Wells Library and Registrations required Resource Centre Places are limited Ages 6 to 12 years John Wellard Community Registrations required Centre Places are limited



No registration required All ages

October 2015

Week Two



10am to 12pm

Making Dream Catchers* ˠ

Bring along a plate of food to share. No need to book, just come along! For more information, call 9439 2470. Ages 6 to 12 years. Registrations Darius Wells Library and required. Places are limited, Resource Centre maximum two children per adult. Ages 6 to 12 years. Registrations Darius Wells Library and required. Places are limited, Resource Centre maximum two children per adult.



1pm to 3pm

Games in the Square

Chisham Square – Darius Wells

10am to12pm Springtime Fun Tuesday

6 1pm to 3pm

Making Owl Cushions* ˠ OR

Andrea Diery and Beverly O’Halloran College Nurses

Frank Konecny Community Centre

No registration required All ages

* Drawing Lessons with Morris, Making Owl Cushions and Making Dream Catchers: children under the age of 6 years will not be permitted in the room during the activity. The crèche is available 9am to 3pm. Bookings essential, crèche fees apply. ** Buttoned Up at John Wellard Community Centre: children under the age of 6 years will not be permitted in the room during the activity. The crèche is available during the session. Bookings essential, crèche fees apply. ˠ Making Owl Cushions on the 6 October and Making Dream Catchers on 7 October: Children may only participate in one not both due to limited spaces.

Registrations: Call 9236 4320 or drop in to Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm – 2 Robbos Way, Kwinana. Registrations will not be accepted via email. DW0005


Link onto Life Do you struggle to manage your feelings and moods? Link onto Life is a therapeutic group that guides participants through learning healthy ways to manage emotions and introduces new coping skills for difficult life experiences. This is a twelve week program guided by Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) techniques and includes eight weeks of face to face group work, and four weeks of pre and post group activities.

Can Saver Plus assist you with school costs? Join Saver Plus and match your savings, dollar for dollar, up to $500 for educational costs including: • • • • •


14-17yo group

school uniforms and text books computers, laptops and tablets excursions and camps sports equipment, uniforms and lessons music tuition and instrument hire.

Tuesday 13 October 4pm-5.30pm (pre-group activities begin 29 September)

18-24yo group


Thursday 15 October

(pre group activities begin Thursday 1 October)

You may be eligible if you have a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, are at least 18 years old, have some regular income from work (you or your partner) and have a child at school or study yourself.


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headspace Rockingham

Unit 3, 18 Goddard Street, Rockingham

Contact Jacqui Brooker, your local Saver Plus Worker: (08) 9265 5585 / 0418 663 585 or [email protected]


Saver Plus was developed by ANZ and the Brotherhood of St Laurence and is delivered across Kwinana and Rockingham by The Smith Family. The program is funded by ANZ and the Australian Government.

Teach kids about safety issues – put sensible guidelines in place

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Potential Minuses

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Teach kids about safety issues – put sensible guidelines in place


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What to do before problems arise….. ¥ ¥ ¥

Potential Minuses

What to do before problems arise…..




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Do your research and talk about safety issues with the kids, family, friends Take an inventory of family usage – model healthy lifestyles Have lots of ‘real time’ activities – play games in the sun – sport, books, libraries, parks, bikes, trees, hobbies, music, pets, boardgames, bush walks, family, friends Hold family meetings - negotiate rules about technology; create computer-time rosters; schedule screen-free days; put mobiles away at night, teach digital etiquette like no phones at the dinner table, turn off WiFi at night Follow paediatric advice for developmentally appropriate screen exposure, including TV eg very little screen time under 2; 1 hr/day preschool to 8; 2 hrs/day children over 8; Allow boredom, encourage free play and creativity Keep digital technology in common areas Be firm and consistent with limits and guidelines


Do your research and talk about safety issues with the kids, family, friends Take an inventory of family usage – model healthy lifestyles Have lots of ‘real time’ activities – play games in the sun – sport, books, libraries, parks, bikes, trees, hobbies, music, pets, boardgames, bush walks, family, friends Hold family meetings - negotiate rules about technology; create computer-time rosters; schedule screen-free days; put mobiles away at night, teach digital etiquette like no phones at the dinner table, turn off WiFi at night Follow paediatric advice for developmentally appropriate screen exposure, including TV eg very little screen time under 2; 1 hr/day preschool to 8; 2 hrs/day children over 8; Allow boredom, encourage free play and creativity Keep digital technology in common areas Be firm and consistent with limits and guidelines Monitor content. Play their digital games with them, go net-surfing together Teach about cyber-safety – be strict with privacy settings, use blocks and passwords, protect personal details, log out of social networks, be aware of digital footprints Talk about cyber-bullying – how to seek help - how not to be a bully Look after the body - posture, frequent breaks, look into the distance, deep breaths, adequate sleep, sunshine, exercise, food and water Monitor social, academic, health, psychological wellbeing

Supporting Young Australians Scholarship Opportunity for Students The Young Australia League is offering scholarships to young people through a trust established in honour of its founder, J.J “Boss” Simons. Scholarships of up to $12,500 are available to successful applicants aged 12 to 25 years. To find out more go to www. Applications close 30 October.

Skoolbag Smartphone school to parent communication Gilmore College now has our own Skoolbag iPhone and Android App to help us communicate more effectively with our Parent/Student community. We are asking parents/students to install our Skoolbag School App. To install it, just search for our school name \"Gilmore College\" in either the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Parents/caregivers can download the Skoolbag Parent Instruction PDF by following the link: parentinstructions.pdf. Alternatively, copies are available from our Main Administration.

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