it is our duty to report this important news

it is our duty to report this important news

b weekly All, it is our duty to report this important news to the Glorious Republic of Bloomingdale's. Gird your loins,* Anna Wintour has taken the...

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All, it is our duty to report this important news to the Glorious Republic of Bloomingdale's.

Gird your loins,* Anna Wintour has taken the ice bucket challenge! Many Bothans died An Ecca interrupted his vacation to bring us this information. The video, should you wish to view it, is linked below. *Lest you blush at "gird your loins," let us reassure you that in addition to being one of our favorite lines from The Devil Wears Prada, this phrase is just a fun way of saying "tie a knot in your toga so you're ready to run." Feel free to sprinkle it liberally into conversation in social settings. You're welcome!

Anyetymology, we are happy to report that Anna's bob survived the icy onslaught unharmed. Speaking of ultra-important and fashionable Bobs...

Short Hills Bob-B-Que Raises Funds and Fun for the United Way!

Something tells us the Eccas should start outsourcing our onerous photoshop tasks to SHM...

Karen Wiener, the Executive Assistant at Short Hills, reports from the scene: Bob Sanders, our one-time ASMO (now Regional Director of Operations for Metro) returned to SH to lead the grilling. Our rooftop Bob-B-Que was enjoyed by all... all tips for the chef were donated to the United Way campaign!

Bob Sanders and.Ron Baker (ASMO) grilling

Members of the Ops team fill up their plates for a great cause...

Here's the team basking in barbecue!

Thanks to Karen for your reportage (don't you just love that word?). Everybody, please keep those United Way fundraising updates coming!

New Mobile Site Take the World by Storm!

Manager of Mobile Enhancements Jessica Karr let us know that the new mobile site has been launched and is looking fabulous. A HUGE congratulations to the many teams who've worked tirelessly to birth this Bloomingdale's behemoth. The new site is being rolled out in phases, and since we're a bit tech-shy to regale you with the specifics, here's Jessica herself to fill you in: The mobile optimization of has been in the making for over a year with the collaboration and dedication of many cross-functional teams. Mobile Web 2.0 is on its own tech stack separate from desktop, which will enable us to release mobile first, mobile only features more rapidly than in the past. This first release includes the shop flow – home page down through product details pages and including search. We’ll be following on with H and I releases pre-holiday to provide even more feature migration like Store Locator and Signin. Remaining feature migration will continue into 2015. We are in a soft launch phase and will be incrementally ramping up over the course of next week, with plans to be at 50% on Thursday 8/21. Testing will be conducted for 6 days at the 50% level to ensure that key metrics are tracking in the right direction. Once we review the final report, we’ll turn traffic to 100% to the 2.0 experience. To ensure you get the experience, you can go to (for internal use only) with your mobile browser and select MOBILEWEB 2.0. Special thanks to the delivery teams (Mobile Web 2.0/MEW 1.0/WSSG), Performance, Site Merchandising, Creative/UX & Marketing teams, Site Operations, Analytics and to the many others who have helped get 2.0 ready for customers! For any questions or feedback, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]

Congratulations to everyone who has worked tirelessly to make our new mobile site a reality!

b.weekly's Social Studies Put the pedal to the metal, it's time for our weekly update from the Social Media team!

You probably don't see it, but every day some of our biggest fans (and, yes, unhappy customers) are buzzing about Bloomingdale's on social media. Our stores and merchandise are snapped for Instagram; mentions and messages pop up on Twitter and Facebook; we're repinned all day long on Pinterest. Keeping tabs on what our community is saying can be a lot of fun and recently we've put more energy into saying thank you to our evangelists. We noticed our fans were especially excited about our recent Fashionable Fundraiser which challenged shoppers to spin for a good cause, as you can see from some of their Instagram and Twitter photos above. Thanks too to our PR teams around the country for hosting this seriously fun event and encouraging customers to share their experience on social media.

of the Week! Carolyn Ernst: Have Lobster Roll, Will Travel Here's a fun story right out of our own Central HR backyard. Manager of Executive Recruitment Carolyn Ernst is no stranger to creatives- she recruits, interviews and hires them every day. Her love of travel is also well known around the office. So it should be no surprise that Carolyn's wanderlust and creative wordsmithing have combined in an article recently published on Yahoo Travel. "A Perfect Day in Maine" is a lovely read, which gives you the feeling of a mini-vacation while whetting your appetite for freshly steamed shellfish.

Photo by Carolyn Ernst, naturally. Care to take a quick mental trip up the East Coast? In our best Maine accent: Carolyn, you put the shining "stah" in "lobstah!" WOOHOO on your publication!

South Coast's Ready for Their Close-Up We couldn't resist sharing this photo of our friends in South Coast, who struck a pose in celebration of their Best of the Best "Store of the Year" win.

How can you not get inspired gazing upon all these beaming faces??? Congratulations to South Coast, the Store of the Year!

b.weekly's "Who Knew???" Rock Star Undercover Edition

How excited were we to get this email from Seasonal Accessories Planner Stephanie Schwartz? It turns out we've had a rock and roller on our Executive Committee all this time!

"We're with the band." We got the tip-off after Stephanie and a few other members of Suzy Shlensky's planning team went to see EVP of Merchandise Planning and MIO John Vitale play with the James Foote Band. It's a classic folk and rock cover band, and apparently Vitale shreds on the ukelele! WHO KNEW???!?! Any other hidden talents lurking in our midst? Report them at [email protected]

Style Gets Serious: Prep for Prep Visits the Flagship Manager of Diversity & Inclusion and Community Service Steven Bow serves as guest reporter for this story, which covers a Flagship VIV (Very Important Visit) from Prep for Prep, a fabulous local organization.

On August 11, Bloomingdale's hosted 45 Prep for Prep interns in the iconic Le Train Bleu Restaurant in the 59th Street Store for a seminar on "Style in the Workplace and Why it Matters." Marian Goodman, VP of Personal Shopping, and Bobbi Brown experts provided tips on style and make-up. The evening was kicked off by Nicole Cokley- Dunlap, OVP, Diversity & Inclusion and Community Service and Anne Keating, SVP, Public Relations, Special Events, and Corporate Philanthropy, along with members of the Central

HR team and Bloomingdale's Prep for Prep alumni. Bloomingdale's supports Prep for Prep by providing scholarships and professional development opportunities. Prep for Prep develops leaders through access to superior education and life-changing opportunities. Since 1978, Prep has identified New York City’s most promising students of color and prepared them for placement at independent schools in the city and boarding schools throughout the Northeast. Once placed, Prep offers support and opportunities to ensure the academic accomplishment and personal growth of each one of our students.

Final Week for United Way Campaign The 2014 United Way campaign ends on Friday, August 29th! So far, we're at 82% to our goal, with a participation rate of 46%. The great news is that the $500,000+ dollars pledged by our associates will go a long way toward making a difference in the communities where we live and work. The bad news is that 4,769 associates haven't responded. Even if you don't want to make a pledge, please take a moment to decline a pledge by logging into the portal. Make a pledge by clicking here:

Here's that link to pledge: https://thetimes/uw2014/donations/login.aspx?blm=1

Simba's Pick of the Litter: Copernicus Coes WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS PUPPY! OVP of Shortage Control- Omni Channel Jacoba Coes' furchild is one of Simba's fluffiest repeat offenders! According to Jacoba, "Copernicus says the dog days are made much more palatable when you nestle yourself in Bloomies feather pillows and rest your weary head on Hudson Park's finest thread count."


Hey Copernicus, Tyesha Byron says your Snausages are in the mail!

b.weekly's Pop Stars Love is Dead, Edition Infinity

First the Captain and Tenille, then Gwyneth and Chris, and now this: word on the street is that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are hurtling toward an uncoupling of heartbreaking proportions. If anybody needs us, we'll be in our basements for the next three days, making iMovie mashups of "Glitter" and "Wild N Out" to the tune of "Memories" by the one and only Barbra Streisand. (Don't try calling, we're not ready to talk about it.)

DVR Overload Alert: The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon Has Begun!

It's happening! At 10:30 this morning, the FXX network began its epic marathon showcasing every single adventure of the First Family of Springfield, State Unknown. In unrelated news, the Eccas have been stockpiling Red Bulls and Five Hour Energy drinks in the b.weekly HQ of the 919. No! Sleep! 'till Springfield!!!!

b.weekly's Hot Ticket "Coming to America" in Central Park TONIGHT!

We acknowledge that many of our b.weekliers only know Eddie Murphy as that actor from films like "Pluto Nash," "Dr. Doolittle 2" and who could ever forget his seminal role as every single goshdarn character in "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"? But guys, Eddie Murphy is and has been a true comic genius! If you're anywhere near NYC tonight, catch the free screening of John Landis' classic "Coming to America," a comedy that is as close to perfect as movies get. The screening starts at 8pm at the Nell Singer Lilac Walk, between Sheep Meadow and 72nd Street Cross Drive.

The Final Word: Blind Item Inspiration We can tell you, a Sales Professional can never have too many b's on his or her lapel. But can't things occasionally get a bit cluttered?

This intrepid multiple winner cleverly hired a jeweler to mount their b's on a gold bar.

Any guesses as to the identity of this superstar? Send us your guesses!

The b.weekly Team: Rebecca Miller and Stephen Vellecca b.weekly Headquarters, 919 3rd Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, New York 10022 (P) 212-884-6028 FEDNET TIELINE: 813-1-001-3345