january, 1969 - The History Center

january, 1969 - The History Center

Copied from an original at The History Center. www.TheHistoryCenterOnline.com JANUARY, 1969 2013:023 Copied from an original at The History Cente...

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Copied from an original at The History Center.




Copied from an original at The History Center.



rom the



E HAVE just completed a record year in sales for the company in 1968, and we are looking forward to another good year in 1969. Profits have not been as good as previous years, due primarily to higher manufacturing costs. Prices will continue to be very competitive in 1969, and business will be harder to obtain. Roughly, one-half of our total sales is in oilfield equipment. Trailers amount to approximately one-fourth of our sales, with the other onefourth consisting of gear units and mill supplies. We consistently have invested approximately one million dollars of our profits in new equipment and manufacturing tools each year, primarily for the machine and structural shop. We will continue to do this to keep our plant the most modern in the business; otherwise, we cannot expect to grow or even stay abreast of competition. This past year your company undertook its largest single expansion • in the investment and building of a new trailer manufacturing facility. This plant, now under construction on 400 acres of land purchased for future expansion on Highway 69, will be the largest trailer manufacturing plant west of the Mississippi River and the most modern in existence. The old trailer facility will be used for further expansion of our machine shop, material control, and other crowded departments. Movement of the float department to the new plant will begin later this month, and final transfer of the van section will take place in June. Administrative personnel should be in their new office by June 1, and van trailers should be coming off the new production line by July 1, 1969. It requires a team of 2000 good people working together to keep this company at its maximum efficiency of production, and each employee performs a certain task in helping to accomplish this goal. We are counting on you to do your part in 1969, and we are confident that you will continue to perform well as always. The management of Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company wishes for you and your family a most happy and prosperous New Year in 1969. R. L. POLA D 2

Copied from an original at The History Center.

R. E. MAXIE and his son pile their plates high with barbeque while the L. S. Neylands wait to be served by Buck Stringer. W. D. Thompson and Thedis Allen.



WIVES were included this year for the first time. At the serving table are. left to right, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Deal and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stringer.

Welding Shop RETIREES HONORED S. U N, Taylor Martin and Curtis Stephens, all 1968 retirees of the Welding and Stru ctural Shop, were honored with a barbeque dinn e r Dec. 7 at the School Audi, torium in Burke. Approximately 125 emp l oyees attended, including their wives and the retirees from previous years. This was the first yea r that wives were invited, and many of them remarked that they enjoyed themselves and hoped to be invited again next year. Master of Ceremonies W. F. Crager introduced the Hodges Group, who entertained with guitar music and songs. Morris Wayn e Hodges and Jim Hod ges, both Lufkin Foundry employees, are members of the band. Cheryl Crager, six-year-old dau ghter of the emcee, entertained the crowd by singing " How Great Thou Art." Food Chairman P. P. "B u c k " Strin ger provided plenty of barbeque beef, potato salad, beans, cokes and coffee. Members of the com mitt ee who raised funds and planned the party were James Oates, W. F. Crager, Buck Stringer, David Thompson, lckey Baird, J ames Carlile, Cecil Oates and Thedis Allen.


Right: ENTERTAINMENT was provided by the Hodges group.

LINING up for chow are, left to right, Grady Grimes, Mrs. Alvie Green, Alvie Green. Mrs. George Branton and George Branton. The servers are, left to right. W. D. Thompson, Thedis Allen and Cecil Oates.

CLOCKWISE around the table in and Mrs. Allen Clark, and R. E. the table in the background are Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steele

the foreground are Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Clark, Mr. Maxey and his wife and son. Clockwise around Mr. and Mrs. H. W . Costlow, Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Melvin Simms.

Copied from an original at The History Center.

Shop Talk E'VE HEARD of ki ll in g two birds with one stone bu t never with one bullet. Apparently it's possible thou gh, because JoHN A. McCARTY, Welding and Structural shop, returned from a deer hunt with two wild turkeys he had gotten with one shot. It seems that a fragment of the bullet hit a second turkey in the head. His four co-workers in the shop can verify the story if anyone is in doubt. However, they may be more interested in talking about the four deer they bagged. By the way, the deer kill ed by WAYNE HODGES fell in exactly the same spot near the same tree as last year's deer. Wayne took a lot of kiddin g when he tied his deer to that tree so it wouldn't get away before he field dressed it. We understand he had more faith in this year's deer. The other hunt e r s were DARWI ' MODISETTE, W. Z. HUTSO and GRADY GRIMES.



You !






c i rizENS ARREST. I 'LL GivE You rwo MiHvrES To TH Row THAT G uN OowlJ. MAKI NG



We are glad to hear that TIM ANDERSON is back to work after his twomonth stay at Veteran's Hospital in Houston. Tim is employed in the Foundry department, second shift. Congratu l ations to Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM CURL upon the birth of their daughter, Julie Lee. She weighed 7 pounds 21/ 2 ounces when she arrived. Her sister is Vida Fay, age four, and her father is employed in the Machine Shop.


~r~ ••.


We are sorry to hear that ] AMES ELLIOTT has been sick with the mumps. He works in the Machine Shop, first shift.

There's a new baby in the home of R. E. ASHWORTH. Congratulations to the new papa who works in Welding and Stru ctural, second shift.

Deepest sympathy is ex t e nd e d to BILL FoRD, Trailer Engineering, upon the death of his father.

Sympathy is ex t e nd e d to ]AMES STEED, Foundry department, first shift, whose father-in-law died.

BUD LOVETT is back at work in the Jig department following his five-day stay in the hospital.

Congratulations to newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. GARY MAY who were married Dec. 6. Gary works in the Trailer di vision, first shift.

Greetings to ]AMES and SHAILA CARLILE, who have been recuperating in the hospital and at home from their serious car accident in late November. James works in Welding and Structural and Shaila is employed in the Mill Supplies division .

ToM SHOEMAKER was missed by his co-workers in the Float departm ent while he underwent surgery on his leg. We extend sy mpath y to CALVIN HUGG, Trai l er divi s ion , first shift, whose mother died recently. The fellows in the Machine Shop certainly were surprised to see HARDY FREDREGILL back at work three days before his week of vacation was over. It seems that Hardy was going to hunt during his week off, but he spent his vacation in the ]P's office instead. Hardy, who belongs to a huntin g club, was stepping over a fence to retrieve a deer he had just shot. Suddenly, a man with a gun pointed at Hardy appeared and announced that he was making a citizen's arrest. Then Hardy noticed the sign which said, " 0 TRESPASS! G." With his 30.06 still in possession of the court, Hardy figures that there's no sense in his taking a vacation if he can' t go hunting.

CLOWNING in front of their seven deer are, left to right. John Laird. Roy Davis. James Weeks and James Stuckey.


Four employees of the Material Control Warehouse returned from a hunt-

Copied from an original at The History Center.

CIVIT AN Pre sid ent Ray Rus sell pre s en ts David Collie r with a club p en in recognition of David's hard work during the trick-or-treat candy s al e in October.

ing trip in West Texas with a little happier ending to their story than the result of Hardy's trip. Among them, they got seven deer during their twoday hunt near Mason. The hunters were JoH LAIRD, RoY DAVIS , J AMES WEEKS and J AMES STUCKEY. Sympathy is extended to STANLEY and ADA BECK upon the death in their family. Mrs. A. A. Beck, Stanley's mother, died Dec. 5 after a brief illness. Stanley works in the Industrial Engineering d e partm ent, and Ada, is a Trailer division employee. Congratulations to TOMMY PARKER and J ANICE LIESE, Lufkin High School seniors who were recently tapped for membership in National Honor Society. Both have maintained an average of at least 90 throughout high school. Their fathers are R ED PARKER, Material Control, and CARL LIESE, Trailer division. Mrs. Harold Weeks and FREDDIE B. FowLER were among five Lufkinites who won free telephone calls to servicemen relatives stationed overseas. Mrs. Weeks, whose husband works in the Gas Engine department, called their son, Sp / 4 Morris Weeks, who is stationed in Vietnam. Freddie called his son, Cpl. Ralph Fowler, who is with the Marines in Japan. Freddie works in the Trailer division, first shift. The program was sponsored by the Angelina County chapter of the Red Cross and the local Armed Forces recruiters. The calls were paid for by Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company, KTRE-TV and radio, Southland



"I DON'T think it's a n yone's b usiness if I w a nt to le a ve m y motor running while I w ork."

Paper Mills, Lufkin T el ep hon e Exchange and _Southland Fence Company. Way back in O c tob er- when the goblins were on their annual rampage - several Lufkin Foundry employees, who are members of local civic organizations, were selling Halloween candy. DAVID COLLIER, Inspection department, won an award for his efforts . He was named the leading trick-or-treat candy sa l esma n by members of the Lufkin Civitan Club and presented a Civitan pen by President RAY RUSSELL, a Traffic department employee. We congratulate David on winning this award. Sympathy is extended to WILLIAM HIGDON, Machine Shop, first shift, upon the death of his mother.

NORMAN GREEN usually gets pretty good mileage from his car, but one day a few weeks ago it burned a quar· ter of a tank of gas without moving an inch. It seems that Norman, who works in the Machine Shop, drove his car to work one morning and took the keys without turning off the igniti"on. The car was left running for five hours before Norman discovered it! WOODIE WALLACE, Foundry depart· ment, second shift, brought his four· point buck by the Photo Lab in O· vember. He said he shot it at 9 :30 a. m. on ov. 21 using a 30-30 rifle. The buck was about 50 steps away from Woodie, who was hunting near the Moffet community.

0. E. MORRIS was missed by his coworkers in the Machine Shop while he recuperated in the hospital from a fall. CLETUS RussELL and JACK BROOKS are co-grandfathers of the baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. LESLIE BROOKS. The new father works in the Engineering department. Cletus is an employee of the Assembly and Shipping department, and Jack works in the Pipe House. We extend sympathy to CLARENCE MILLIGAN, A ssemb l y and Shipping, second shift, whose father died re· cently. We hope JoHNNY CARROLL, Electrical department, has recuperated satisfactorily by now. On Nov. 11 he received first; second and third degree burns on his hand and spent nine days in the hospital.

WOODIE WALLACE: poses w ith his fourpoint buck.


Copied from an original at The History Center.



MUTT BARR presents Pete Largent w ith a deer rifle on behalf of the Machine Shop e mployees. Pete retire d at the end of the year.

}AMES E. "PETE" MOORE, retired Lathe Shop employee, is the subj ect of a cartoon found on these pages. He and his wife and two grandchildren were downtown shopping on e rainy afternoon when Mrs. Moore, who was driving, decided to go to a drive-in window to pay a bill. With the rain blinding her vision, she ran smack into a car when she drove back into the street. When P ete saw the policeman strolling up to the car, he decided he wanted no part of this. He scrambled to the back seat and found a safe hiding place under the laundry! Sympathy is extended to ROBERT BREVEL, Foundry d e partm e nt , first shift, and JOH NNY LONG, P e r so nnel Director, whose aunt was killed in a car wreck.

Already he has made two hunting trips to West Texas. Pete gave 39 years of loyal service to Lufkin Foundry. We wish him many healthy, happy years of retirement. DEE RUSSELL was missed by his fellow work e rs in the Ass e mbly and Shipping department while he underwent surgery. Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. JOHN H. JONES who were marri e d Dec. 20 in the bride's home. She is the former Catherine icholeson of Chester, Texas, and John is a Trailer division employee. HENRY FREDREGILL has returned to work since his ea r surger y in Longview. H e is employed in the Foundry department, first shift. We extend sympa thetic word s to D.

We are sorry to hea r that the wife of R. D. McCLENDON, Pattern Shop, has been in the hospital.

0. MCGAUGHEY, Foundry department,

PETE LARGENT retired at the end of the year, but the boys in the Machine Shop celebrated early by giving him a deer hunting rifle so he could get some hunting in before the season closed:

ERNEST LORD, P a ttern Shop, and his son, James, caught 196 white perch on Lake Sam Rayburn in D ece mb er. That's quite a few considering they used only six dozen shiners as bait.



first shift, whose father died recently.






MRS. JERRY M. BATE husband in Alaska

joining her

RONNIE SMITH had a minor operation in November. H e works in the Welding and Structural shop, first shift. FRANK MARTIN, Foundry department, bagged his very first deer this season, an 8-point buck he shot with a Remington 308 at 125 ya rds. RAYFORD DAVIS recently became a new uncle when his nephew, J effrey Lee, was born. Little J eff's parents are O'Neal and Carolyn Davis. Rayford is employed in the Assembly and Shipping d e partm e nt , first shift. We hope AHTHUR FISHER, Foundry department, first shift, has recuperated fully from his operation. Sympathy is extended to LEVI PATTON, Foundry department, second shift, upon the recent death in his family. KAREN BATE joined her husband in Ala s ka on Oct. 22, 1968. Second Lieutenant Jerry M. Bate is stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. Karen's father is A. D. MALLONEE, Engineering department. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. JoHN F. BOULWARE upon the birth of their son, J effrey Wallace. He weighed 7 pounds 131/2 ounces when he arrived a t 12:12 p.m. on Oct. 17. His father works in the Trailer division and his grandfather is T . F. Boulware, Foundry department. The son of ANDY WILLIAMS, Trailer division, first shift, has received another birthday card from former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He also


Copied from an original at The History Center.


8or; , I'm BOB CHERRY displays the I S-poin t d eer he tagge d while hunting with his fa th e r.

receives periodical notices con cerning Eisenhower's health. Andy, Jr. and the former president exchan ge cards on their common birthday every year. MAURI CE WILSO ' is back at work in the Trailer division following his military leave and tour of duty in Vietnam. Maurice, who achieved the rank of sergeant, was stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas, and Ft. Polk, Louisiana, where he attended Advanced Infantry Training school. He told us that one copy of THE FOUNDRY Rou 'DUP followed him completely around the world before it finally caught up with him in Lufkin. The po s tmark s read San Francisco, Vietnam and Ft. Polk. There's a new baby in the home of Mr. and Mrs. GENE NELSON. Congratulations to the new fath er, who works in the Trailer di vision, first shift.


J Ml?
rusf / e

We hear that ca ttle rustlin g is not altogether a thing of th e pa s t and it causes us to wonder if there might be a law against "worm rustling." It seems that SLIM ASKINS , Lathe Shop, who specializes in worm raising (some of which are too lar ge for the fish, we are told) solved a mystery that has confounded him for several seasons. He has been wondering where his worms stray durin g the s ummer months. He found that the critters had escaped and taken up residence in the yard of his n eighbor, who just happens to be Linda P erry, daughter of GHENT SMELLEY, Machine Shop foreman, first shift. Knowing Ghent to be a man of integrity, it was diffi c ult for Slim to imagine him enticing and schooling his grandson in the art of worm rustling at such a tender age. Slim said he could very well understand Ghent's sons, EDDIE or RICHARD, doing such a thing,



but not Ghent. We hear that Slim has relu ctantly given in to the persistence of WI NFOHD SCHULLER, Machine Shop, by selling the latter some of his choice breeding stock at $10 per dozen. It looks like Winford will be giving Slim some keen competition next spring. CHARLIE Doucuss, Plant Office, is somewha t disgruntled about the whole thin g, s in ce h e has been on Slim's waiting list for sometime. Slim asked Charlie to be patient, hoping that he doesn't get any ideas from Ghent. ROBERT McBRIDE, Engineerin g de· partment, captured the incident in a ca rtoon found on these pages. JIMMIE C. WATSO retired from the Traffic department on Nov. 24, 1968. He was employed at Lufkin Foundry on Jan. 22, 1951. We wish Jimmie many happ y, healthy years of retirement. Greetings to MAURICE KINDLE who has been missed while he recuperates from an extended illness. He is employed in the Trailer di v i s ion , fi rst shift. We are glad to see ZACK FENLEY back on the job following his heart attack in July. Zack is foreman of the Pipe House. We ex t e nd sy mpath y to J. D. WHITAKER, Welding and Structural, first shift, upon the recent death in his family. The 10- year -old son of BOBBIE CHERlW, Main Office, shot his first deer on Nov. 24, while hunting with his father, R. L. Cherry.

ADMIRING the Perfect Record Certificate pres ented to Lufkin Foundry by the National Safety Coun cil are, left to right, John Long, Carrel Watts and Chip Ballenger.

continued on page 15


Copied from an original at The History Center.


JOHN H. COLE, Lathe Shop, 7 years

DAWSON E. HOWEll, Trailer Division, 3 years


E. l. MILLS, Trailer Division, 12 years


HUBERT l. MORGA N Mill Supplies, 2 year I




FRANK S. RUDROW, Engineering Departmenl, 7 years

FRANKLIN KEGLER, Heat Treat Department, S years


LANFORD BALLI Trailer Division, 3

ARTHUR MOYE, foundry Department, 7 years ·


\ \

ifMillsERT'Supplies, G "." WEA-ni~RL v, 2 years !



Copied from an original at The History Center.



WILLIAM O(DHAM, Maintenance Department, 3 years i

ETHEL K. ENGLISH, Coffee Bar, 3 years •-

BALLA RD, ;ion, 3 years

E. V. REAGAN, Trailer Division, 3 years

BOBBY J. CLARK, Engineering Department, S years

»· •

DON E. SMITH, Engineering Department, 11 years


Copied from an original at The History Center.



PAUL RHODEN, Machine Shop, 7 years


\ J. W. WATSON, Trailer Division, 7 years

MILTON 0. DAVIS, Jig Depvtment, 7 years

\ FRANK E. GIBSON, Trailer Division, 12 years

CECIL l . HUNT, JR., Engineering Department, 3 years

\ 10


A. V. CHEATOM, Welding & Structural, 12 years


Copied from an original at The History Center.





' iiiiiii. F< JAMES A. RITCHIE, m i ;undry Department, 7 years 91


I AUDIE CHRISTIE, I Welding & Structural, 7 years





Foundry Department, 7 years

Foundry Department, 2 years


MAURICE KENDLE, Trailer Division, 7 years

llli.. 11

Copied from an original at The History Center.




\ ROY R. WRIGHT, Engineering Department, 2 years




•. ~ ~ CARROLL D. EASTEPP, Assembly & Shipping, 7 ye•rs "



MORRIS W. HODGES, Welding & Structural, 12 years

Copied from an original at The History Center.

,_ MARVIN MALNAR, \. Welding & Structural, 3 years



JACK HARTMAN, Trailer Division, 7 years




ELIZABETH A. McDONALD, Accounting Department, 2 years


--·-····------ ----- - - -Copied - -from ------an original at The History Center.



John Gregory David Jon es, Jr. Zac k Fenley A . J. Hunt N orman G. Amold Johnn)r C. Ross F1oyd Jones J. T . Lnl.e~· B. J. Matthe w s Darre l \\' . Powers Ja
Entpl,oyment Date D ec . 1 3, 1939 D ec. 17, 1941 D ec. 10, 1942 Dec. 12, 1944 Dec. 21, 1950 D e c . 7, 1950 D ec. 1 , 1953 Dec . 11, 1961 D ec. 12, 1961 Dec . 12, 1961 D ec. 14, 1961 D ec . 18, 1961 Dec. 9, 1963 Dec. 9, 1963 D ec. 18, 1964 Dec. 19, 1966 Dec. 4, 1967 Dec. 7, 1967

Y ears with Co. 29 27 26 24 18 18 15 7 7 7 7

7 5 5 4 2 1 1

WELDING & STRUCTURAL J oe Storey I. R. Baircl J . D . Modisette \V. D. T11ompson Dwern \V. Olive r Morris " ' · Hodges A . V . Cheatom H. \V. Schoubroek C . R. Ande rson Prentice Coleman Carl R. Barnes Oti s J e nkins F . C . Hamilton

Empl.oy ment Date D ec. 19, 1936 D ec. 27 , 1943 Dec. 5, 1950 D ec. 14, 1950 D ec. 6, 1955 Dec . 18, 1956 D e c . 21, 1956 Dec. 6, 1961 D ec. 13, 1961 Dec. 26, 1961 Dec . 4, 1961 Dec . 14 , 1964 D ec. 1 3, 1965

Yea-r s with Co . 32 25 18 18 13 12 12 7 7 7 7 4 3

Don E. S 1n.ith Fern Basey L~ 1 l e Carpe nter Frank Rudrow Jam es :i\l e wbourn Bobby J . Cla rk Eth e l E ngli s h E lizabe th M cDonald


Wils on Quinton Vl1alters

C. A . Thompson L. F . R e ad J . J . Gunte r E dward S mith J ohn V. Short E d g ar L. l\Iills J . \V. \\Tatson J . A. Hartman Raymond R e dd U. R. Ogburn

FOUNDRY DEPARTMENT Izia.h J o hnson Arthur L . Moye Carl D. Jones Jhn H . Pri ce

E 1n1>l,oy m ent D a te D ec. 20 , 194 7 D ec. 18, 1961 D ec. 27 , 1961 D ec. 31, 1964

Y ea.r s

witll Co . 21 7 7 4


B . L. Cate r E . H. Ridge w ay Tel e 0 . Uussell C. D . E a ,st e pp Billy J . R a mos

Date D ec. 9 , 1944 D ec. 2 , 1955 D ec. 11, 1961 D ec. 20, 1961 D ec. 13, 1966

Years with Co. 24 13 7

7 2

ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT F. l\I. Chas tain G . U. Brooks hire

Employ m ent Date D ec. 14, 1939 D ec. 12, 1967

Years with Co. 29 1


E mployment Date D ec. 1, 1965

Years with Co. 3

SECURITY GUARD J . T . l{e nclrick

E rnpLoy m ent Date D e c. 28, 1967

Years with Co. 1

MAIN OFFICE G . L. Vickrey Hobert Polancl Uiley W e bb Jim l\Iassingil l


En111Loy1uent Date D ec. 18, 1922 D ec. 1 , 1945 D ec. 2, 1946 D ec. 1, 1956

E mp J.oyment Date Dec. 17, 1953 D ec. 2 7, 1965

Years with Co. 46 23 22 12


5 3 2

Years \\ith Co. 15 3


John Schae ffe r :i\liorri s Brazie r John R . Loveland E . E. \ Villiams E. L . Agui lar E . L. \ Valls

Date Dec . 7, 1953 Dec. 2, 1957 Dec. 15, 1964 Dec. 28, 1964 Dec. 6, 1965 Dec. 13, 1966

Years with Co. 15 9 4 4 3 2

TRAILER DIVISION R . B. S mith 0. H . Huff O . R. Due A , L . F ull e r Frank U n.g lancl D e lbe rt S mit h Ot is A l e xande r ] j"rauk Gibson Jarnes A . Haney Billy H. Berry Don U . B loc k l\(aur-i c e J(endle J. C . 1\Iast e r s, Jr. Joe T . Owens B . R . S praclley R . L. Ray D. E . Howell l..A.111k ford Balla.rel

E . V. Reag-an

Bobby Basham Clifton Basham Eddie L . Watts D . J. Stanbery \ V. C. Day, Jr. 1\1. D. Rawlinson Scott nu.g land Jerry Lawson Bobby Ri ce E . O . Dias

A . G . B lack John Swn,ns on Jr. Irene Fritz W. U. Uoss Charles Davis

EinpLoy1nent Date Dec . 17, 1946 Dec . 7, 1949 Dec . 28, 1961 Dec. 10, 1964 D ec. 5 , 1966

Yea.rs with Co . 22 19 7 3 2


Date D ec. 11, 1961

Years with Co. 7

E mployme nt Date Jan . 9 , 1940 J a n. 8, 195 1 J ltn. 11, 195 1 Jan . 24, 1952 Jan . 19, 1953 Jan. 8, 1953 Jan . 30 , 1956 Jan. 28, 1957 Jan. 20, 1958 Jan . 3, 1962 Jan. 3, 1962 Jan. 2 3, 1962 Jan. 16, 1964 Jan . 22, 1965 Ja n . 4, 1965 Jan. 3, 1966 Jan. 4, 1966 Jan. 19, 1966 Jan. 24,1966 Jan. 5, 1967 Jan . 31, 1967 Jan. 22, 1968 Jan. 9, 1968 Jan. 11, 1968 Jan. 24, 1968 Jan. 29, 1968 Jan. 30, 1968 Jan. 31, 1968 Jan. 31, 1968

Years " ith Co . 29 18 18 17 16 16 13 12 11 7 7 7 5 4 4

3 3 3

3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

1 1 1



E1n 1>l;oy 1nent

Years with Co. 27 27 25 23 23 12 7 7 5 3

8 7


TRAILER DIVISION Employ ment Date D ec. 17, 1941 D ec. 31, 1941 D ec. 16, 1943 Dec . 6 , 1945 D ec. 7, 1945 D ec. 3, 1956 D ec. 4, 1961 D ec. 2 6, 1961 D ec. 3, 1963 D ec. 6, 1965

11 9

D ec. 2, 1957 D ec. 28, 1959 Dec. 9, 1960 D ec. 28 , 1961 D ec. 17, 1962 Dec . 10, 1963 Dec . 30, 1965 Dec . 20, 1966


Eddie Lowe B . E . Thornton J erry Call1onn Andie Chri s tie Hugh E . \Vise James M cKinney Marvin l\Ia lnar Joe J . Jones T. L . Hollings worth K e nneth G n~y James Tre va.than Ronni e Burns J. E. Lo " ing 1\1. S. W e lch F loy d D. L e wis

Emt>loyme nt Date Jan. 21, 1943 J a n. 5,1945 Jan. 8, 1962 Jan. 15, 1962 Jan. 14, 1965 Jan. 19,1965 Jun. 31, 1966 Jan. 31, 1966 Jan. 9 , 1967 Jan. 17, 1967 Jan. 23, 1967 Jan. 23, 1967 Jan. 15, 1968 Jan . 17, 1968 Jan. 23, 1968

Years with Co. 26 24 7 7 4 4

3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1


Gh e n t S mell ey Miltcm Campbe ll V . V . Largen t J. W . Chas tain E . ,V. Jun1p er Thom as Bre wer Leon Crain Otto S mith Henry D . Havarcl J a rnes L . Freeman R ay1nond F orney Cecil C. B er ry C . J<}. Uobertson L . L. D enman I. D . C urry .<\ rtlmr Ward Harold B. \\' eek s Henry B . 'l'uc k e r l\fa rlin Tullos Mingo l\Iol a n des 'I'ho1nas Bone H e nry J . \ Vh.itte n Charlie D e lnJosse Cl y cle E . S to k es lAlnnas Bryant Ji 1n1nie N . Horton C11arles P. Brooks John H . Col e H. C. Jac obs P a ul E. Rhoden Milton O . Davis Robe rt J . Uay \\falte r E s t es Hollis W . C li fton T . D . R eyn o lds B . H. W illi ford J . \ V. Sm..ithe rman P a ul Jac k s on Alle n J. Mora W . H . Oldham Ri c lu-.,rd ~lartin R . J . Clack, Jr. George Blake C. W . llliller n . M . l\IcC le ndon Mac A . llli t ch e ll J·am.es S: Lee Da\' itl L. Hodges

J. R .

CoSS lllWl

L loy
Date Jan. 19, 1936 Jan. 2 6, 1936 Jan .28,193 6 Jan. 1 , 1942 Jan . 14, 1942 Jan . 7, 1943 J a n . 11, 194:! Jan . 11 , 1943 Jan . 21, 1943 Jan. 27, 1944 Ja n . 4, 1945 Jan . 10, 1946 Jan . 8, 194 7 Jan . 9, 1947 Jan . 20 , 1947 Jan .21,1947 Jan. 21, 194 7 Jan. 15 , 1951 Jan. 13, 1953 Jan . 4, 1954 Jan . 1 2, 1954 Jan . 25, 1954 Ja n . 2 5, 1955 Jan. 9, 1956 J a n . 23, 1959 Ja.n. 26, 1959 Jan. 26, 1959 Jan. 2, 1962 Jan. 3, 1962 Jan. 8, 1962 Jan . 15, 1962 Jan. 16, 1962 Ja n . 18, 1962' Jan . 22, 1962 Jan. 22, 1962 Jan. 15, 1962 Jan . 9, J96:l Jan. 4, 1965 Jan . 28, 1965 Jan. 3, 1966 Jan . 3, 1966 Jan. 6, 1966 Jan. 18, 1966 Jun. 3, 1966 Jan. 25, 1967 Jan . 30, 1967 Ja n . 11, 1968 Jan . 3, 1968 Jan. 3, 1968 Ja.n. 1 5, 1968 J a n. 19, 1968 Jan. 23, 1968

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Years with Co. 33 33 33 27 27 26 26 26 26 25 24 23 22 22 22 22 22 18 16 15 15 15 14 13 10 10 10 7 7 7 7

C raft Fenl ey R a yforcl Harbuck J essie Doclcl Roy C ha1>pe ll Lonie ll Sowe ll J olm J o nes J . A. Ri tc hi e Ferctina nd Guillary l\fu.:xi e l\furray

Cah 1 iu Cooper C. D. " ' inthrop, Jr. Ve rn on John son P e rcy F is h e r \\'oocli e T h ac k er Zn.clius P ope l\I. J . Free E u gen e S t afford Ti 111

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Y ears with Co. 39 32 25 23 21 14 7 7 7 (;

5 4 2 2 2 1 1 1

ASSEMBLY & SHIPPING C leatus Russell Linwood Johnson Od is Joh ns on Ar vil Johnson H a r o l
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Date J a n. 14, 1947 Jan. 11, 1951 Jan. 13 , 1955 Jan . 18, 1955 Jan. 4,1962 Jan. 11, 1967

with Co. 22 18 14 14 7 2


7 7 7 7 7 6 4 4 3 3 3

Date Jan. 2 6, 1930 Jan. 18, 1937 J a n. 26, l.944 Jan . 3, 1946 Jan . 2, 1948 Jan. 3, 1955 J a n . 8 , 1962 J a n.15, 1962 J a n . 18, 1962 J •rn . 8, 1963 Jan. 9, 1964 Jan. 7, 19 65 J a n. 3, 1967 Jan . 18, 19 67 Jan. 18 , 1967 Jan . 11 , 1968 Jnn . 22, 19 68 Ja n. 23, 1968

V . J . Scarborough lli c h a rd Collm orgen Donalcl l\I. Bird

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Date Jan. 24, 1952 Jan. 3, 1956 Jan. 8, 1968

with Co. 17 13 1


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Date Jan. 22, 1968

with Co. 1

TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT Gu y Nerre n J\la-rc us Ball e nger Cl y cle E . St o k es

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Date J a n . 16, 1951 Jan. 20 , 1953 J a n . 9, 1956

with Co. 18 16 13

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PATTERN SHOP E n1pl.oyn1ent Date Jan.23,1945

Ernes t Lord

Yen-rs with Co. 24

MATERIAL CONTROL I .eo J . Roberts B . E. lllc Daniel Ca.rol yn Sherrer

EmpLoyment Date Jan. 13, 1966 Jan. 13, 1966 Jan. 22, 1968

Years with Co. 3 3 1

MILL SUPPLIES J. P. 'Vallers JMith Arnold H. L . lllorgan Albert " 'eatherly

Employment Date Jan. 2, 1952 Jan. 3, 1963 Jan. 3, 1967 Jan. 23, 1967

Years with Co. 17 6 2 2

SECURITY GUARD 1\1. A . 'Vatson Samuel B. Gamly

Employment Date Jan. 11, 1954 Jan. 1, 1968

Years with Co. 15 1

MAI N OFFICE \\rinnie Berry O. V. Largent Acacia lllclllullen lllary Fuller Al lllallonee Bobby Spells Jonell Ashby T,averne Basey gdward Dixon, Jr. Jackie Ford C. L . Hnnt, Jr. Roy R. \Vright

Empl-Oyrnent Date Jan. 16, 1939 Jan. 31, 1941 Jan. 16, 1956 Jan. 16, 1957 Jan. 1,1962 Jan. 4, 1965 Jan. 4, 1965 Jan. 11, 1965 Jan. 11, 1965 Jan.10,1966 Jan. 31, 1966 Jan. 3, 1967

Years with Co. 30 28 13 12 7 4 4 4 4 3 3 2

T RAILER SALES & SERVICE Glenn A. Foy, Jr. Joe D . Kendrick Henry ,V. Johns 111. D . Lopez Lonis lllathis D. ,V. Harrison K. P. Garnmill H. D. Cooksey

Empl-Oyment Date Jan. 10, 1949 Jan. 28, 1954 Jan. 10, 1962 Jan. 4,1965 Jan. 19, 1965 Jan. 19, 1966 Jan. 30, 1967 Jan.29,1968

Years with Co. 20 15 7 4 4 3 2 1

POSING at the Permian Basin Oil Show on O ct. 19 are several children of Lufkin 's Odessa bran ch employees. Left to right on the front row are Jan Hill, Rick Herndon, Penny Chappell, Mike Hill and Joy Hill. Left to right on the back row are Paul Champion, Paula Chappell and Kyle Champion.

SHOP TALK continued

The hunters were A. V. CHEATOM, JESSE PITTS and LONNIE TuBBEE.

Bob got the IS-point buck behind his grandfather's store in Alto.

BENNIE WALLACE, night supervisor in the Welding Shop, was missed during his recent siege of Hong Kong Au.

Happy Birthday to little Rayford Wright, Jr., who celebrated his third birthday on Dec. 7. His brother is Keith, who is five months old. Rayford Wright works in the Gear Cutter department, second shift, and the maternal grandfather, W. J. WILSON, is working foreman in the Machine Shop, second shift.

OIL FIELD SALES & SERVICE \V. T. Crowder, Jr. T. L. Bowers G. \V. Nichols Johnny Fincher Alice lllann Aiice \Vendt Guido Delgado C. 111. Peterson Ray Shearer Enrique Morales D. E. Richey Patsy Casida lllauro lllorales

Employment Date Jan. 1,1946 Jan. 16, 1947 Jan. 23, 1950 Jan .24, 1955 Jan. 1, 1959 Jan. 1,1959 Jan. 1,1965 Jan. 1 , 1966 Jan. 3,1966 Jan. 21, 1966 Jan.27,1966 Jan. 12, 1967 Jan. 23, 1968

RAYFORD COY WRIGHT, . . . three years old

Years with Co. 23 22 19 14 10 10 4 3 3 3 3 2 1


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. MIKE T ERRELL upon the birth of a daughter. Erma Lee weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces when she arrived. H e r brother's name is Travis Michael, and her father is employed in the Trailer division, first shift. Navy Seaman LARRY LUNSFORD recently has completed a tour of duty in Da Nang, Vietnam. He now is serving aboard the U.S.S. Noxubee and is returning to his home base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His wife is the former Sherry Berry and his daughter, Emily, is ten months old. Seaman Lunsford was employed in the Trailer division before entering the avy. His father, A. C. Lu SFORD, works in the Heat Treating department. Three employees of the Welding and Structural Shop returned from their annual deer hunt in Blanco County with nine ·deer ranging in size from 7to 11-points. Each man brought back two bucks and one doe .

Sympathy i s ex te nded to J OE WAL KER, Foundry department, first shift, upon the death in his family . Airman Frenso Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. T . WILSON, has been graduated from a U. S. Air Force technical school at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. Trained as a supply inventory specialist, he now is stationed at McChord AFB in Washington. His father works in the Machine Shop, third shift. We hope that PERRY McKNIGHT and G. W. KIRKLAND, both Welding and Structural employees, have fully recovered from their car accidents. Samson Wiener, director of Lufkin Foundry, and president of the Wiener Lumber Company in Dallas, was honored in November by the Construction Industry Committee of th e Dallasbased National Conference for Christians and Jews. Mr. Wiener was chosen as a person in construction for being a living example of Brotherhood in his own life, for broad community service and for leadership in the construction field. The Brotherhood Citation was presented to Mr . Wiener at a . banquet given in his honor. Attending the meetin g from Lufkin were Bos POLAND, WALTER TROUT and DICK WORTHAM. 15

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AT THE annual meeting of the Board of Directors in early De· cember, gold inscribed watches were pres.ented to_ the Com· pany's top executives who retired from active service last April, and who served as consultants through December 31. 1968. Here Bill Trout, son of Walter Trout, presents his father and his uncle. Ed Trout, with their watches

BILL LITTLE presents his father, Pete Little. with his watch. commemorating 41 years of service to Lufkin Foundry. Walter Trout had 43 years service while Ed Trout had 42 years. The three executives had a combined total of 126 years service to the company

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