Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

College Church Video Team Job Descriptions Executive Producer Oversee overall operations of the ministry. Serve as liaison to the Church Board, Pasto...

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College Church Video Team Job Descriptions Executive Producer

Oversee overall operations of the ministry. Serve as liaison to the Church Board, Pastoral Staff and broader church body. Foster an atmosphere of service and genuine ministry among team volunteers. Monitor ongoing use of equipment and supplies, directing and authorizing purchases to meet needs. • Recruit new volunteers and coordinate adequate training for them. • Design and modify workflows to meet changing delivery demands. • Research and recommend new equipment purchases as needed. Write and present formal proposals for larger purchases to the Finance Committee and/or Church Board. • • • •


• Oversee ongoing operations • Communicate with weekly directors to gauge success of each production and to gain awareness of any technical or personnel issues. • Communicate equipment needs to executive producer for purchase approval. • Oversee crew scheduling and communicate changing needs to secretary. Director/Production Team Leader

• Responsible for overall success of production for the services being covered. • Oversee pre-production setup, signal testing and camera configuration. • Communicate with pastoral staff to accommodate any last minute changes to service, or unique presentations. Must have a thorough understanding of studio equipment and signal path to troubleshoot equipment as needed during production. • During live production, the Director will run the switcher, call shots for camera crew, and cue control-room crew as needed. • Maintain contact with team members from week-to-week, including follow-up when crew members are missing. Audio Engineer for Video Production

• Collaborate with the in-house audio team to setup microphones according to the needs of the service as planned. • Configure and test audio mix board prior to service start. • Live mix the audio during recording for the TV broadcast and internet podcasting. • Communicate with in-house audio team during production to accommodate program changes as they happen. • Help maintain an atmosphere of ministry and service.

On-Air Graphics Technician

• Prepare on-air graphics prior to service, as planned or communicated prior to service start. These include lower-third graphics and end-of-program credits. Care should be given to ensuring proper name spelling. • Run graphics station during production, playing on-screen graphics as cued by Director. • Help maintain an atmosphere of ministry and service. Music Prompter

• Prior to production, get sheet music and song timings from musicians and performers. • During production, follow the sheet music and prompt Director of important music cues, i.e. instrument solos, time remaining to end-of-song, etc. • Help maintain an atmosphere of ministry and service. Podcast Engineer/Post Editor

• Must be comfortable operating computers. Familiarity with Mac-based audio and video editing software preferred. Eagerness to learn ideal. • Record live production on computer, utilizing GarageBand and Final Cut Pro. • Setup live streaming signal using QuickTime Broadcaster and QTSS. • Monitor and adjust input signal levels during recording. • Edit audio and video podcasts of the service, posting them to church’s website. • Help maintain an atmosphere of ministry and service. Camera Operator

• Be comfortable operating video cameras, and willing to learn the elements of good image composition for television. Visual creativity preferred. • Setup camera & tripod in preparation for the service. • As directed over headset radio, operate camera during services, providing Director with the good coverage of the service. • Break down camera setup at program completion. • Help maintain cleanliness and functionality of camera equipment through careful use and paying attention its condition during operation. Communicate this to Team Leader and Ministry Director. • Help maintain an atmosphere of ministry and service. Secretary

• • • •

Schedule crews on a rotating basis Post schedule to Google Calendars Send broadcast emails as communicated by Exec or Producer Monitor ministry expenditures and keep a running balance of ministry funds