John Cameron - Johnson County Kansas

John Cameron - Johnson County Kansas

JOHN CAMERON PAPERS (2007.76) Date Span: 1953-2001 John Cameron was a real estate investor in Johnson County, Kansas. His collection consists of infor...

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JOHN CAMERON PAPERS (2007.76) Date Span: 1953-2001 John Cameron was a real estate investor in Johnson County, Kansas. His collection consists of information regarding a land development venture and a subsequent lawsuit filed against the City of Olathe concerning rezoning. There are fourteen series, the largest of which is comprised of lawsuit and research matter. Other series pertain to the land development, Inverness, such as rezoning, easements, land transactions and appraisal. Remaining series consist of printed matter relating the State of Kansas, Johnson County, and various local governments within Johnson County. ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Source: John Cameron Size: 3.5 linear feet Access: Open Processed by: Erica Flanagan, 2010, as part of an internship program at the Johnson County Museum and funded by the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund. Supervising Archivists: Russ Czaplewski and Kathy Daniels

ORGANIZATIONAL SKETCH 1984 80 acres sold to John Cameron (later Corporate Hills Development Corporation) from Charles and Pearlene Wise (Oct 19) 1985 Corporate Hills Development Corporation founded (Feb 12) 1985 Inverness Preliminary Development Plan (March 18; revised May 28 and July 12) 1985 Preliminary application filed for rezoning south half (21.6 acres), Agricultural to Commercial and Medium Density Residential (denied) (July 12) 1985 Olathe City Commission reduced the size of the Inverness project (Aug 14)1 1985 Mr. Cameron filed a petition for rezoning (Nov 12) 1985 Lawsuit filed against Olathe City Commission re: rezoning (Nov 20)2 1986 Lawsuit predicted to settled outside of court (July 3)3 1986 Settlement concluded; land rezoned. Lawsuit dismissed (case no. 85C9818) (July 8) 1986 Mr. Cameron sells property to Corporate Hills Development, Inc. (Oct 6) 1987 Amendment to agreement to provide more single-family R-1 development (March 24) 1988 Temporary Easement granted to clear land, preparing for construction (March 25) 1988 Corporate Hills Development Corporation dissolved (July) 1988 Corporate Hills Development Associates granted the Merritt Company (Dec 17) the exclusive right to sell property 1990 Market Value land appraisal conducted (June 11)


Pyle, George. “Olathe planners reduce size of housing project.” The Daily News, 14 August 1985, Page 20A. Lewis, Liz. “Suit Filed against Olathe commission.” Kansas City Star, 20 November 1985. 3 “Olathe ready to settle lawsuit.” Daily News, 3 July 1986. 2

COLLECTION DESCRIPTION The John Cameron Papers primarily document Mr. Cameron’s involvement with the Inverness land development project at 123rd Street and Blackbob Road in Olathe, KS, as owner of the company, Corporate Hills Development Corporation, and later Corporate Hills Development Associates. Each of the first seven series pertains to a distinct stage in the development of Inverness. Subsequent series relate to various studies, developments, and proceedings in Kansas, Johnson County, and a number of local governments. The collection is composed primarily of legal documents including certificates, agreements, contracts, etc., Planning Commission agendas and minutes, deposition transcripts, reports, correspondence, notes, and maps. The collection is arranged chronologically at the item level, alphabetically at the folder level, and according to subject matter at the series level. There are a total of fourteen series in the collection: Corporate Hills Development Corporation; 1985-1988; Wise-Corporate Hills Development Transaction, 1953-1988; Re-zoning, 1985-1994; Lawsuit and Supporting Research, 1976-1986; Easements / Right-of-Way, 1986-1993; Land Appraisal, 1988-1993; Inverness Development, Corporate Hills, 1984-1993; I-35 Interchanges, 1978-1992; Printed Matter – State of Kansas, 1985-1997; Printed Matter – Johnson County, 1983-1992; Printed Matter – Lenexa, 1986-1988; Printed Matter – Olathe, 1968-2001; Printed Matter – Overland Park, 1969-1999; Printed Matter – Other, 1983-1987. The first seven series pertain to the Inverness Land Development.


CORPORATE HILLS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, 1985-1994 This series contains materials relating to the creation of Corporate Hills Development Corporation by John Cameron. Included are Corporation by-laws, certificates for its incorporation and eventual dissolution, minutes, correspondence and agreements. WISE-CORPORATE HILLS DEVELOPMENT TRANSACTION, 1953-1988 This series contains legal documents pertaining to the sale of a tract of land at 123rd and Blackbob Rd. in Olathe, KS from Charles and Pearline Wise to John Cameron of Corporate Hills Development Corporation. RE-ZONING, 1985-1994 This series contains correspondence and legal documents regarding an application to rezone the tract of land from agricultural to commercial and medium density residential. It includes letter and petitions from surrounding residents in support of the re-zoning application.


LAWSUIT AND SUPPORTING RESEARCH, 1976-1986 This series contains material relating to the lawsuit filed against the City of Olathe in their denial of Corporate Hills’ re-zoning application. It includes petitions to the Olathe Planning Commission, transcripts of trial depositions, notes by John Cameron, minutes of the Planning Commission, legal documents, and court proceedings.


EASEMENTS / RIGHT-OF WAY, 1986-1993 This series contains legal documents and correspondence relating to easements on the tract of land at 123rd and Blackbob Rd. in Olathe, KS.


LAND APPRAISAL, 1988-1993 Included in this series are reports and correspondence pertaining to the appraisal of the tract of land at 123rd and Blackbob Rd. in Olathe, KS. The land was being appraised in anticipation of the Inverness land development.


INVERNESS DEVELOPMENT, CORPORATE HILLS, 1984-1993 This series contains material relating to the planning of Inverness Residential and Office Community, a development planned for 123rd and Blackbob Road. Included are correspondence, maps, legal documents, real estate contracts, and reports.


I-35 INTERCHANGES, 1978-1992 This series includes reports, plans, and studies pertaining to interchanges along Interstate 35 in Kansas. The two interchanges covered are located at I-35 & 119th, and I-35 & K150.


PRINTED MATTER - STATE OF KANSAS, 1985-1997 This series includes various studies or reports by or about the State of Kansas.


PRINTED MATTER - JOHNSON COUNTY, 1983-1992 This series includes various studies and reports by or about Johnson County, Kansas.


PRINTED MATTER - LENEXA, 1986-1988 This series contains two reports by or about the City of Lenexa, Kansas.


PRINTED MATTER - OLATHE, 1968-2001 This series contains various studies and reports by or about the City of Olathe, Kansas, including Comprehensive and Capital Improvement Plans.


PRINTED MATTER - OVERLAND PARK, 1969-1999 This series contains various studies, reports, and plans by or about the City of Overland Park, Kansas.


PRINTED MATTER – OTHER, 1983-1987 This series includes newspaper clippings regarding development in Johnson County, and various publications regarding development planning.

FOLDER TITLE LIST Box 1 Corporate Hills Development Corporation, 1985-1988 Agreement; Shareholders of Corporation; 31 January 1985 By-Laws of Corporation; 31 January 1985 Certificate; Articles of Incorporation; 12 February 1985 Certificate; Dissolution of Corporation; 1 July 1988 Correspondence; Cooke, Ballweg, Tuley & Moore Law Firm; 6 March 1985 Minutes; Meeting of Shareholders and Directors; 22 March 1988 Notice; Submission of Annual Report to KS Secretary of State; 12 Feb 1985 Wise-Corporate Hills Development Transaction, 1953-1988 Agreements; Release and Indemnity; October 1986-Sept 1988 Contract; Easement Conveyance, Harvey and Josephine Wise; 28 Jan 1953 Contract; Warranty Deed for tract of land; 6 Oct 1986 Correspondence; Cooke, Ballweg, Tuley & Moore Law Firm; Nov 1986-Feb 1987 Lease; Oil and Gas; 25 March 1982 Legal documents; sale and transfer of ownership of land; 1984 Letter to City of Olathe; request for sewer extension; 14 August 1979 Re-zoning, 1985-1994 Agreement; City of Olathe approval; 8 July 1986 Agreement; Re-zoning amendment; 2 November 1987 Application and schedule; Board of Zoning Appeals; 1986 Document; Draft Motion for reconsideration; ca. 1985 Letter received; City of Olathe; 25 March 1986 Letters received; Bleakley Investment Company; 2-18 March 1994 Letters received and petition; in support; March-August 1985 Letter sent; notice to Foxridge residents re: Public Hearing; 28 March 1985 Roster; Residents of Foxridge neighborhood; ca. 1985 Lawsuit and Supporting Research, 1976-1986 Agendas; Olathe City Planning Commission; 8 April 1985 to 8 July 1986 Certificate; Articles of Incorporation for Mid-America Properties; 23 Sept 1976 Documents and correspondence; Court Proceedings; Dec 1985-Feb 1986 Documents and correspondence; Court Proceedings; May 1986 Documents; Defendants’ reply and Plaintiff’s First Motion; n.d. Documents; Dismissal of lawsuit; 9 July 1986 Document; Land Tract Coordinates; N.d. Documents; Pretrial Order and Plaintiff Witness and Exhibit Lists; June 1986 Letters received; Ronald P. Wood; 18 March 1986-12 June 1986 Letters received; Crippin Incorporated; 4 June 1986 List; Exhibits used during petition hearings; ca. 1986 Maps; Plat plans; n.d. (reproductions)

Memos; City of Olathe re: zoning; Feb 1979-Oct 1980 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1977 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1978 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1979-82 Box 2 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1983 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1984 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 1985 Minutes; Olathe Planning Commission; 24 March 1986 Notes by John Cameron; N.d. Notes; Olathe Comprehensive Plans; 1981-86 Ordinances; Planning and Zoning; N.d. Petition; J. R. Stewart Construction vs. City of Olathe; N.d. Reproduction; Court Proceedings re: Zoning; 1978 Agreement; Property indenture; 12 July 1978 Agreement; Property indenture; 25 June 1980 Request; Summons and Petition; 8 Nov 1985 Transcript; Deposition of Arthur D. Chambers; 29 January 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Carol Estes; 29 January 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Fred Bohl; 27 February 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Harley Randall Graves; 29 February 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Herman Cline; 27 February 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Jerry Langdon; 1 February 1986 Box 3 Transcript; Deposition of Larry Eugene Huckleberry; 26 February 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Lois Taylor; 11 March 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Marylin Swartley; 26 February 1986 Transcript; Deposition of Steven P. Hansen; 1 February 1986 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe Planning Commission; 12 August 1985 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe City Commission; 17 September 1985 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe Planning Commission; 23 September 1985 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe City Commission; 5 November 1985 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe Planning Commission; 24 March 1986 Transcript; Public Hearing before the Olathe Planning Commission; 12 May 1986 Vote tallies; Olathe City Commission; N.d. Easements / Right-of-Way, 1986-1993 Agreements; Utility easement and easement conveyance; 1987 Correspondence; City of Olathe; 1987-1993 Correspondence; Kansas City Power & Light; 1986-1988 Contract; Commitment for Title Insurance; 13 July 1988 Contract; Temporary Construction Easement; 25 March 1988 [Reno Construction Co.]

Contract; Drainage Easement; December 1987 Contract; Dedication for Public Streets; 1 Nov 1988 Contract; Easement Conveyance; 30 April 1993 Contract; Utility Easement; 20 July 1976 Letter; Michael Schuering, Arthur Andersen & Co.; 17 Aug 1988 Land Appraisal, 1988-1993 Booklet; Appraisal by Don C. Peete and Associates, Inc.; 11 June 1990 Box 4 Letter; Kevin Nunnink; 22 December 1987 Report; Market Analysis and Development Recommendations; 20 Dec 1988 Report; Short Form Appraisal for Inverness Land Development; N.d. Report; Opinion of Value from Don C. Peete and Associates; 19 March 1993 [4 photos] Inverness Development, Corporate Hills, 1984-1993 Affidavit; John Cameron; 19 July 1992 Agreements; Exclusive Right to Sell; Dec1988-Feb 1993 Agreements; Sale of land; 1984-88 Amendments; Inverness Preliminary Development Plan; 1 July 1986 Commitment Form; Columbian National Title Insurance; 28 Aug 1987 Contract and related material; Restrictive Covenants; 6 November 1987 Correspondence and related materials; Commercial Ventures, Inc.; 29 Sept 1988 Correspondence; HNTB; 1986-90 Correspondence; re: Fire and Public Safety; August 1985 Letter from; City of Olathe; 31 January 1990 Letters from; Shaw, Weiss & DeNaples Engineers; 24 February 1987 Maps; Traffic and plat; 1985 Report; Inverness: a Residential and Office Community; N.d. (includes illustrations) Summary; presentation given to Olathe City Planning; 12 August 1985 I-35 Interchanges, 1978-1992 Aerial image and background info; 119th & I-35 Interchange; not dated Booklet; Traffic study for I-35 & K-150 Interchange, Olathe; 1978 Booklet; K-150 & I-35 Interchange Concept Plan; August 1988 Report; Enhancement Plan for 119th and I-35, Preliminary Draft; 24 Aug 1992 Report; Enhancement Plan for 119th and I-35; 8 December 1992 Report; Environmental Assessment for 119th and I-35; 14 April 1987 Printed Matter – State of Kansas, 1985-1997 Booklet; K-10 Corridor Study; September 1985 Booklet; Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program; January 1997 Report; Missouri and Kansas Comparison Tables; ca. 1986 Box 5

Printed Matter – Johnson County, 1983-1992 Booklet; Comprehensive Area-Wide Water and Sewer Plan for Johnson County; ca. 1972 Report; Office and Retail square footage for Development South of I-435; 1 July 1986 Zoning; Lenexa and Shawnee; 1983-92 Printed Matter – Lenexa, 1986-1988 Booklet; Lenexa General Obligation Bonds; 12 August 1986 Report; Recommendations for College Meadows Office Park in Lenexa; 5 Aug 1988 Printed Matter – Olathe, 1968-2001 Booklet; Burlington-Northern Development; August 1982 Booklet; Capital Improvements Plan, City of Olathe; 1988-1992 Booklet; Capital Improvements Program, City of Olathe; 1997-2001 Booklet; Olathe Major Thoroughfare Study; July 1968 Booklet; Olathe Profile Publication; 1991 Booklet; Station Location Analysis for Olathe Fire Department; September 1991 Box 6 Booklet; Traffic and Access Study at K-150 & Mur Len; May 1978 Document; Board of Ed. resolution providing access to public records; 5 Dec 1983 List; Developments and Industrial Sites; N.d. Report; 151st Street Corridor Study; 28 April 1986 Report; K-150 Corridor Study; N.d. Report; Comprehensive Plan; 1997 (1 of 2) Report; Comprehensive Plan; 1997 (2 of 2) Report; Technical Specifications for Public Improvement Projects; January 1990 Report; Technical Specifications for Public Improvement Projects; June 1994 Report; Technical Specifications for Public Improvement Projects; March 1999 Report; Recommendations for Proposed Retail Center in Olathe; 1 August 1988 Resolution; Council Policy Statement; 7 Sept 1993 Resolution; Street improvements in Olathe; 16 Jan 1990 Box 7 Printed Matter – Overland Park, 1969-1999 Booklet; Capital Improvements Program; 1986-1990 Booklet; Capital Improvements Program; 1989-1993 Booklet; Development Guide; not dated Booklet; Plan Implementation, Master Plan; October 1999 Booklet; Unified Development Ordinance; January 1993 Pamphlet; Overland Park Zoning Guide; February 1985 Report; Multifamily Land Use in Overland Park; 4 January 1986 Report; Citizen Task Force, Goals for Overland Park; January 1986 Report; Nonresidential Development along College Blvd.; 1969-85

Printed Matter – Other, 1983-1987 Newspaper Clippings; 1985-87 Certificate of Membership; Home Builder’s Association; July 1987 Booklet; HNTB Award-Winning Projects; 1983 Brochure; Urban Planning / Design and Landscape Architecture, HNTB Reports; Executive Hills Quarterly; 1983-85

OBJECTS Certificate of Survey; 24 September 1987 [2007.76.9] Map; Inverness Easement and Right-of-Way; N.d. [2007.76.10] Map; Inverness Preliminary Development Plan; March 1985 [2007.76.8] Map; Kansas Highway Traffic Flow Map; 1984 [2007.76.24] Map; Leawood Master Development Plan; July 1981 [2007.76.20] Map; Lenexa Comprehensive Plan; N.d. [2007.76.19] Map; Olathe Comprehensive Plan; N.d. [2007.76.12] Map; Olathe Comprehensive Plan; 1977-78 [2007.76.13] Map; Olathe Comprehensive Plan; 1982 [2007.76.14] Map; Olathe Comprehensive Plan; 1984 [2007.76.15] Map; Olathe Parks and Recreation Master Plan; 1981 [2007.76.16] Map; Olathe Points of Interest; 1990 ca. [2007.76.18] Map; Olathe Unified School District; 1986-87 [2007.76.17] Map; Overland Park Future Development Plan; August 1982 [2007.76.21] Map; Overland Park Future Development Plan; August 1984 [2007.76.22] Map; Proposed Blue River Lakes in Johnson County; 1976 ca. [2007.76.23] Map; Street System Improvement; N.d. [2007.76.11]