John Lewis - Honeywell Security

John Lewis - Honeywell Security

Case Study John Lewis Stores Secured by Honeywell and Orion deploying WIN-PAK® with Galaxy Dimension John Lewis opened its relocated store in Liverpo...

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Case Study

John Lewis Stores Secured by Honeywell and Orion deploying WIN-PAK® with Galaxy Dimension John Lewis opened its relocated store in Liverpool One in the summer of 2008. The £1bn regeneration of the heart of Liverpool’s shopping district has brought over 1.5 million people to a revitalised city centre to experience the shops, restaurants and beautiful green spaces on offer.

The Situation

The Solution

John Lewis Department Stores, one of the

The installation took place two months

UK’s leading retail groups, has invested in

before the store opened in May 2008.

Honeywell’s access control and intruder

Orion’s highly trained and skilled team of

detection security solution. Orion Security

engineers needed just three weeks to

Solutions - an Elite member of the

install the entire system.

The Honeywell WIN-PAK access control solution is managing three John Lewis department stores around the UK: Liverpool, Cambridge and Leicester. Each store has 18 access control doors, cashless vending and 200 alarm zones.

Honeywell Systems Integrator Programme – in collaboration with Dowling Blunt, a

Honeywell WIN-PAK access control

leading London based security

solution and Honeywell Galaxy Dimension

consultancy, installed the system in

intruder alarm system were chosen for the


project to create a more robust platform with increased functionality. Functions that

“Honeywell had a distinct advantage when

have traditionally been connected by

tendering for this project with the

physical relays and input devices are now

WIN-PAK® access control solution,” stated

controlled logically over a network.

Stephen Taylor, Orion Security.

Full-scale system management of single or multiple locations is possible, with the

This was a brand new installation owing

ability to move, control or share resources

to the fact that the entire Liverpool One

across multiple locations simply by logging

complex was a new build project. As with

on to a system.

any large retail organisation, John Lewis faces a myriad of security concerns

“From a specification point of view, the

including customer and staff protection,

important considerations are cost,

shrinkage, wastage and health & safety.

functionality, system scalability and

It is therefore vitally important to have an

integration capability,” confirmed Jeff Scott

intruder and access system that is able to

of Dowling Blunt Consultants. “Honeywell

react and control situations with optimum

ticks all of these boxes with WIN-PAK so


it was a logical decision to propose its installation. Orion is a first class installer

“The client was particularly interested in

and provides end-to-end design,

deploying a networked intruder and

installation and maintenance of security

access system with web access that had

systems, so they are a very good partner

the potential to be rolled out at other

to work with from our point of view.”

stores around the country,” added Taylor. “WIN-PAK fits the requirement perfectly.”

“The end-to-end service received from the consultants Dowling Blunt, the installers at Orion and the team at Honeywell exceeded my expectations,” stated Paul Newbury, Development Mager, Business Protection, John Lewis.

“It’s been a great investment as we are able to seamlessly expand the system in the existing sites or can add new sites without significant cost to the business.” Paul Newbury, Development Manager, Business Protection, John Lewis

The Benefits

Partner of Choice

The Products

The integrated access system provides

Orion Security Solutions is a specialist

WIN-PAK® Professional Edition

many benefits:

in the European retail sector and is the

Access Control System

nominated installer for John Lewis Cashless vending means that employees

Partnership in its new development

do not need to carry cash on their person

programme. Orion Security offers

whilst at work and are able to purchase

complete solutions in closed circuit

food in the canteen by using their access

television, intruder alarms, access control

cards. This reduces the likelihood of

and covert technologies. It designs, installs

internal shrinkage / till theft and is

and maintains integrated systems for

managed by the WIN-PAK system

some of the UK’s leading organisations

controlling and monitoring the creation of

both in the private and public sectors.

cards and permissions.

Orion is unique in providing a bespoke retail crime risk assessment, with

Alarm zones can be armed or disarmed when a card is read – this reduces false alarms and dynamically notifies security that the individual is in an access controlled zone. Cardholders can be

demographic crime information and a full Home Office approved architectural crime survey to design out crime. survey to

N1000 2 and 4 door control panels

design out crime.

managed over the three store locations via WIN-PAK. This is expandable and scalable if more sites need to be added, thus proving very cost effective for John Lewis. In the event of incidents, necessary

Dowling Blunt was formed in 1993 by

manual overrides like “lock and unlock

Mark Dowling and Stephen Blunt. The

doors”, “shunt/unshunt zones” and “input

strength of the company comes from its

points” can be managed from the

professional team of Specialist Engineers

WIN-PAK application.

and Designers, which enables Dowling Blunt to provide a design service of

This is an important feature in the event of a security breach or such incident. The

Mifare readers

superior quality. Although the Head Office is in London, dedicated Security

dynamic floor plans of the store layout

Consultants are based throughout the UK

provide the John Lewis Business

in main cities such as Newcastle,

Protection team with a graphical user

Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol. This

interface to view the alarm inputs and

enables its national clients to experience

access control doors and the usage /

the benefits of local support. Due to its

incidents associated. This enables the

commitment to service its client case has

operator to pinpoint where an incident

become substantial, including many blue

may occur in the store.

chip customers in retail, the public sector, education and financial organisations within the UK and Europe.

Galaxy Dimension Intruder Detection System

For additional information, please visit Honeywell Security Honeywell Systems Group Aston Fields Road Whitehouse Industrial Estate Runcorn Cheshire WA7 3DL Tel: 08448 000 235

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