john lewis - Kathryn Hodgkinson

john lewis - Kathryn Hodgkinson

for JOHN LEWIS AN Introduction Designed & Made works with the most talented designers and makers from the North of England and nurtures, represents...

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AN Introduction Designed & Made works with the most talented designers and makers from the North of England and nurtures, represents and promotes their work in new and imaginative ways. Working within our extensive networks, we create interesting collaborations and innovative partnerships to produce new commissions, sales of work and exhibitions. Our guiding principles are: - excellence in workmanship and in the use of materials - sustainability - celebration of the diversity of the design, contemporary applied arts and craft sector - support for innovation and experimentation - The development of new markets for this work We work with an open mind and are always looking for interesting new projects, partnerships and collaborators. We have existed for ten years as a publicly funded organisation; our key priority has been to develop the sector, with a secondary priority to develop the audience for craft and design. Our services have incorporated networking, exhibiting and selling opportunities, as well as providing access to professional development including mentoring the creation of new work.

Our strengths have been: - Establishing a strong network of talented designer / makers - Identifying excellence and developing high quality practitioners - Successful partnerships with key stakeholders - Offering opportunities for makers and designers to create new work that represents the chance to think outside of their usual practice - Showing work in context in non-gallery settings. As we move forward to a new era where the age of arts funding is coming to an end we propose using our specialist sector knowledge and established networks to reorientate the organisation as a successful commercial business. We view this as a positive development and we are excited about the opportunity that we see to offer both products to the market place and services to our sector. we propose blending astute commercialism with preexisting networks, at once nurturing and supporting the very people who will fuel the creativity and the success of the business. We will be unique.   Kathryn Hodgkinson / Director Designed & Made / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 3


Working With Us: OUR PROMISE


Our brand is built on the following attributes:

- We will access our established networks to bring you collections of diverse, eclectic and well made craft and design

Our Requirements:

- Uniqueness: exclusive, experimental and new designs produced in limited editions - Personality and Process: the stories behind the work, the importance and voice of the individual designers / makers - Regionality: we are a gateway to the best new work designed and made in the North of England

- We will ensure that where possible the work is unique and unavailable elsewhere - We will update and add to collections regularly and develop new work in response to market - We will offer you one clear point of ordering with realistic and achievable deadlines

- Collaboration: flagship partners with industry and culture - We bring you a strong brand with clear consistent graphics - Context: our work will also been shown in context - Eclectic: Designed & Made has never had a house style, our work is colorful, varied and eclectic underpinned with a consistent enquiry into processes, forms, materiality and quality.

- We will give each designer or maker a profile and a personality, offering work in small collections individual to each designer - For each designer or maker we propose to show one more expensive piece to endorse the value of the smaller work

Our sales tag will read; ‘...Designed & Made curate collections of new craft and design. We bring you original objects of intergrity with a personality and a story behind them. Buy less, buy better...’

4 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

- We have some display cabinets available for piloting the sale of work

- Craft and design that is handmade in Britain costs more to produce. Our pieces have integrity and we are selling the package (story / personality) not just the object. In order to do this successfully we need a good collaborative relationship which understands the process by which we supply you, ie. working with very small artisans who earn very little from what they do. We need clear agreements about purchasing, sample return and realistic lead times. - Less is more - when displaying work we would like to approach it like an exhibition, each work is labelled with the designers’ name - There is little stock kept on display to endorse the feeling of quality and exclusivity - We have a lot of designers working with mirrors, clocks and wall hooks. We really benefit from the availability of wall space to display the work in context. - We are keen to ensure that our brand is understood and protected in store with the parameters that we have outlined, eg. the inclusion of a postcard about the designer in each bag

The Marketplace for Designed & Made - Why We Believe in What We Do We do not need to look very far in the media for a clear sense of the current interest in British made products, recently David Milliband has outlined his commitment to the three words ‘Made in Britain’, we have seen Liberties conducting a very public campaign to recruit an oeuvre of new British makers and Mary Portas is also campaigning for small scale British artisan manufacturing. In short there is a lot of noise around British made products There is also a sense of an ‘anti-IKEA revolt’, that the age of throwaway consumerism and constant acquisition may have been tempered by the recession towards a more discerning buyer who will be aware of issues such as ‘the forever factor, ie. quality and heirloom potential’, individuality, exclusivity and socially responsible buying. People may be buying less, but indicators show that they are buying better quality.

- Outside of London, and consistent with last year, Edinburgh and Manchester are closely tied as the next most important luxury hubs in the UK. - British luxury remains popular with the international consumer, whether through tourism to the UK, or British brands overseas: in 2012 72% will have a presence outside the UK, and brands are looking to expand into fast growing markets such as East Asia and Africa. - In terms of British luxury abroad, 37% are already present in China, and a further 27% have made plans to enter the market. This interest is not just in the major (Tier 1) cities either: 67% of those looking at the country are investigating Tier 3 cities. - Despite the interest in the British luxury industry in China, the UK is falling behind its European peers in attracting the Chinese shopper. The biggest Chinese shopping windows, such as Chinese New Year and Golden Week, have no impact on sales for 71% of the sector.

and the London Olympics, 2012 puts the UK firmly in the global spotlight at a time when British brands are already enjoying a resurgence of popularity around the world. British luxury brands are optimistic about the impact of these events. The results of the study underline the positive outlook for the future of the British luxury industry as a whole.” James Lawson, Director at Ledbury Research, added: “In our third annual report we see the importance of the international market to the UK industry. Despite an uncertain economic picture in the short term, British luxury brands are upbeat about 2012, not only due to planned domestic celebrations, but also because of the brands’ growing international footprint. The report shows it’s no longer a case of concentrating on China, but looking across Asia, be it Korea, Vietnam or Indonesia, as well as the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.”...’ The Crafts Council’s most up to date research paper, ‘Craft in an Age of Change’ (2012) states:

Using a combination of our accrued experience of this sector and market research undertaken by key organsiations such as The Crafts Council, we can compile a positive picture of the specific market for contemporary craft and design.

- 50% of UK luxury brands are seeing more online-only clients – reaffirming the importance of the sales channel as an opportunity for global expansion for UK luxury brands of all sizes.

‘...Retailers reported that, on balance, their sales had been fairly steady over the last three years. Both retailers and makers were cautiously optimistic about the future at the time of the survey (June/July 2011)’

Walpole, a membership organisation supporting the luxury market sector have recently published the following summary on their website:

- 2012 is an especially important year for Britain and 63% of the British luxury brands believe the Olympics Games will positively impact their sales with 20% of respondents anticipating a double-digit rise in sales as a direct consequence. 58% of UK luxury brands believe that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations will have a positive impact on sales.

Despite a difficult current financial climate the Crafts Council ‘Consuming Crafts’ report of 2010 illustrates vibrancy within the market place for designed products and a growing market for craft items.

‘...Walpole has worked in collaboration with Ledbury Research, the market research firm that specialises in the luxury sector, to undertake the annual UK luxury benchmark study, an authoritative study of senior luxury executives in the UK. Now in its third year the report is the most comprehensive analysis of the UK luxury industry and covers the performance, expectations and issues facing leading luxury brands in the UK and internationally.

- The critical challenges facing the British luxury industry are reaching the next generation of consumers and effective e-business closely followed by recruiting talent. 42% of UK luxury brands surveyed believe that UK manufacturing is so important that it couldn’t be offshored.

Key Findings from the report Guy Salter, Deputy Chairman of Walpole commented: - The luxury industry is expected to grow a further 8.5% in 2012 and the overall industry is on target to achieve forecasts of £9.1 billion by 2015.

“The third annual Walpole & Ledbury Research UK Luxury Benchmark Study highlights a number of new and interesting trends in the British luxury sector. With the Diamond Jubilee

‘...In the past year, 40% of adults in England (16.9 million people) have purchased a craft object. A further 23% (9.6 million people) have considered purchasing a craft object but have not done so yet. Combined these active and potential purchasers indicate a total potential market of 26.5 million people, or 63% of all adults in England. A conservative estimate of the total value of these annual sales is £913m...’ According to the Crafts Council market demand is greatest in the area of contemporary and‘cutting edge’ craft where 93% of all prospective buyers have an interest in ‘cutting edge’ work. The Crafts Council Report ‘Making Value’ (2010) makes the / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 5

following statement: ‘...The past 15 years have been incredibly productive for the UK’s creativity and innovation, and craft has been a part of that success. The craft sector now makes a £3 billion contribution to the UK economy, and represents 13% of those employed in the UK’s creative industries. The total market buying original craft is 11.3 million people, far bigger than that for fine art. The value of sales of original craft doubled between 1994 and 2004. And however the world has changed, we believe that craft has a substantial part to play in the future...’ In ‘Stimulating Demand’ (2010, craft consultant Bridget Howarth that: ‘...This report contains good news for the sector and development of the contemporary craft market nationally and regionally. Culture and contemporary craft plays an important role in self-actualisation, and the expression of who we are and what we want to be. From research at the Henley Centre and explored through Taste Buds1, it is clear that rather than a poor relation in the cultural and creative industries, contemporary craft plugs directly into the way people want to live. And, during this recession, craft remains highly affordable...’ It goes on to identify why Craft and smaller batch production design are a growth economy: ‘...In the UK we are increasingly occupying a world that expects not only to get by, but also to be personally fulfilled by everything they do, at work, home and during leisure time. The Work Foundation34 illustrate that in 1986, 22% of the population choose personal fulfilment as their number one wish, from selected choices, by 2004 this had risen to 45% with the highest growth seen in those aged 62 – 72. They continue, ‘Ronald Inglehart (leading political scientist and academic) locates this transformation historically in the rising security and economic prosperity of the post-war period. As confidence in formal religion, politics and science – as sources of authority – declines, he argues, there is an expanding desire for participation and self-expression. This increased need for personal fulfillment has spilled over into the workplace and the goods that we buy, increasing 6 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

demand for meaningful, authentic, design-led products and experiences. People are gaining a sense of self from what they buy, in wanting meaningful experiences they are increasingly demanding and getting individualized products and experiences. Henley Centre’s Global Energies Reports echoes this in three of their twelve ‘global energies’ – Experiential Society, Project Me and Keeping it Real, where they identify a consumer that is keen to live life to the full driven by a need for selfimprovement and armed with a set of strategies for doing so. To ‘keep it real’ consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity and story. The increased access to knowledge on the internet means that mere facts have become ubiquitous. What matters more is context to knowledge and delivering them with emotional impact. This is related to what Henley Centre call authentiseeking – seeking the original in a massmarket world, a desire for experience of authenticity and perfect moments. This has created a space for earnest, small and enthusiastic brands like Innocent, Howies, Higgidy the Cool Camping range of books, organic brands such as Riverford, and an increasing desire to buy local, homemade, British and regional. These brands are authentic, have a story, are looking for purpose and meaning and openly invite consumers to come and engage in the world with them. This is good news for the sector and development of a contemporary craft market nationally and regionally. Culture and contemporary craft plays an important role in selfactualisation, and expression of who we are and who we want to be. At the level of makers and consumers, craft is able to deliver on personal fulfilment – we know through the Taste Buds research that ‘art’ delivers meaning, especially among the ‘sensualists’, a group that appears to be equally distributed among the regions. It delivers individuality (personal fulfilment) through smaller handmade pieces, each with individual variations and personally picked. Craft is authentic; there’s a story, behind how and why materials are chosen, inspiration for pieces made and motivations for doing so. Consumers can become engaged in the process of production, through conversation and understanding. Access to makers plays an important part in this. And consumers may well to go on to develop a skill or joy in a craft themselves. To support market growth the sector needs to be in a position

to deliver meaning, relevance and conversation to consumers. To be information processors in a knowledge economy, there needs to be a personal guide to the craft ecosystem: which the North East could pioneer. The development of hundreds of regional websites will make consumers lives more complicated in terms of time and experience. It needs to be driven from a single entity with a seamless platform at a regional level that allows consumers to tap into and explore a region more deeply. The democratisation through social media also means that concepts of subscription described in Making it to Market is widened to include ‘the buyer’ – through reviews, social networks and blogs...’ All of the above facts are good news for Designed & Made as they demonstrate that if the right products can be created and taken to market in an inspiring and efficient way, selling a greater amount of work will be viable

PRODUCTS we are proud to present to you a diverse range of original products from our designer makers. Processes range from slip casting to 3d printing, from screen printing to hand-carving, unique and skilled manufacture techniques and workflows as varied and innovative as the individuals who have refined them through years of painstaking research and development. / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 7

Michael Armstrong (afid design) Known for his elegant and simple approach, furniture designer maker, Michael is always striving to produce contemporary furniture that has an inbuilt longevity, and therefore an environmental quality, through not only the materials used and solid build, but also in the design itself. Furniture that is made using beautiful materials, solid craftsmanship, simple, functional design and a real attention to detail - ultimately, considered, wellproportioned furniture that will stand the test of time – pieces to invest in. Michael always uses FSC certified timber when producing his pieces and wherever possible will incorporate traditional, strong jointing techniques, such as mortise and tenon, bridle and dovetailing. Each product is hand finished to the highest standard to create beautiful, tactile pieces of furniture suitable for any environment.



a / JIMI 1 Coat Stand An elegant floor-standing coat stand produced in solid hardwood or lacquered MDF

b / JIMI 2 Coat Stand An elegant floor-standing coat stand produced in powder coated steel

c / ES Coffee Table (long version) A recent addition to the ES range, the ES coffee table is hand-made in oak or walnut and incorporates a simple offset lozenge detail creating a simple graphic element within the design. The edges of the tabletop have an understated radius along each edge and rounded off corners which lightens it’s aesthetic.

d / ES Coffee Table (square version) A recent addition to the ES range, the ES coffee table is hand-made in oak or walnut and incorporates a simple offset lozenge detail creating a simple graphic element within the design. The edges of the tabletop have an understated radius along each edge and rounded off corners which lightens it’s aesthetic.

Michael designs and makes his furniture in his workshop in the Mushroom Works, a group of creative spaces located within the cultural enclave of the Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle upon Tyne.

e / WOW Shelf The WOW shelf is a simple, functional wall hanging shelf that is inspired by the reaction to reading a good book! The letters are hand-made from solid wood with a contrasting lacquered back plate.

f / ES Bench The forms of the ES Bench are simple in nature incorporating radius details and simple graphic linear elements to give it an uncomplicated aesthetic. Each bench is hand-made from FSC certified hardwoods and finished to the highest quality.

g / V-68 Side Table (wood base) The timber V68 side table has a simple circular lacquered top incorporating linear surface decoration with elegant hardwood legs.

h / V-68 Side Table (steel base) The V68 Side table has a simple circular lacquered top incorporating linear surface decoration with elegant powder-coated steel legs.

e 8 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /






h / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 9

AMy levinson


Having mastered cardboard, paper design and flat pack amongst other design skills, Amy reinvents traditional and practical items. All of her design invites the new owner to get involved in the construction and decoration of the work, she is keen that the process inspires affection and helps to create objects that are loved and cherished. A winner of the BALTIC Award for Best Retail Product 2010 she will continue to furnish our lives with items that we can make our own and love.

A / Cardboard Pendulum Clock


As a development of Amy’s Cardboard Carriage Clock launched in 2009 she introduced the Cardboard Pendulum Clock. Like the carriage clock this wallmounted clock come flat pack and undecorated so the consumer can become involved in both the construction and decoration processes.

B / CARDBOARD CARRIAGE CLOCK The cardboard Carriage Clock was born from a desire to find new ways to be sustainable. This die cut clock arrives flat and unadorned, allowing the consumer to engage in both the construction and decoration processes in the hope of creating a

Amy Levinson is a product designer based in the North East of England. Amy utilizes product interaction as a form of sustainability by building an element of customization into her products. Amy designs product to inspire affection, by involving her consumers in the design process in the hope that they will create something which is unique to themselves which they will come to love and cherish, helping to increase product longevity.

product that they will ultimately grow to love and cherish.

B 10 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

A / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 11



Fusing simple, functional forms with a sense of humour, UK-based designer Bettina Nissen produces light-hearted home accessories and giftware in a diverse range of materials. With an eye for observation, Bettina extracts everyday symbols and routines, incorporating them into her designs. She always aims to create curious, thoughtful and quality products with a twist.

a / Shadow Coaster

Based in the North East of England, Bettina not only works with local fabricators but also utilises new technology to produce her designs in the most innovative ways. Born in Germany, Bettina Nissen earned her MA in Interior and Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design Halle Germany and studied at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen before relocating to the UK. Bettina’s designs have been exhibited internationally in New York, Milan, Berlin and the UK.


Inspired by the shadows on a coffee table, these 100% wool felt coasters are the ideal companion for cozy winter evenings sharing a warming cup of tea or hot chocolate. The Shadow Coasters are available in four colours (pink, purple, light grey and dark grey) and are suitable for mugs up to 8cm in diameter. Care instructions are included.

b / Blurbs Coathook These coat hooks can bring order - and comic book communication - to your life. Using Blurb’s archetypal speech-bubble shape, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. Simply leave a message on these quirky coat hooks with any dry-erase pen. Ideal for couples, families and children, Blurb coat hooks can make dealing with daily routines much more enjoyable.

c / Reframe Memoboard (A3) This ornate yet minimal memo board adds functional decoration to your home or office. Reframe is your personal canvas to decorate and celebrate. With magnets included, this fun design is perfect for keeping notes, grocery lists and invitations to hand. Using a dry erase pen, sketch your own artwork or cite a quote of the day, or simply jot down this week’s to do list. With this ‘frame’ you aren’t committed to one picture or painting. Tack your favourite photo or artwork to the center of Reframe, and replace when you fancy a change. Available in two sizes and three colours.

d / Make A Wish Rings The Make A Wish Ring interprets the moment of happiness when blowing out the candles on a cake. The iconic birthday cake candleholder is transformed into a piece of jewellery that serves as a keepsake of a special day. Buried in a cake as surprise or presented in its beautiful packaging Make A Wish Ring will turn anyone’s birthday into a memorable event. The Make A Wish Rings are fabricated using a new additive manufacturing technique better known as 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping, where a high power laser fuses small particles of nylon into a three dimensional object. The products are then hand dyed to achieve bright colors whilst keeping the soft, powder-like texture specific to the printing process. This technique allows the transformation from a generic mass-produced item into a unique and exclusive gift that will be worn with pride.

e / Reframe Bookend Feature your favourite read – or perhaps your flavour of the month – with this functional and distinctive bookend. Reframe celebrates any book by outlining its cover in a contemporary decorative style whilst maintaining order on your shelf. Available in three colours, the Reframe bookend is made from laser cut, powder coated steel.

d 12 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /




e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 13

CATH BALL (STITCHED CERAMICS) Combining ceramics and textiles by embossing porcelain with vintage lace and stitching it together into forms, Cath Ball is a young British designer maker based in Thursby, Cumbria just outside of the lake distinct.



A / Porcelain Lace Tiles / Coasters Texture is added to these tiles by rolling the clay into vintage lace. When the texture is just right the tiles are dipped by hand into a unique glaze mixed by Cath. Each tile is the same size but may vary in colour and thickness due to the handmade quality of the product. These these are available in white / clear, aqua green, baby blue and sand brown. A pacific lace texture can also be selected.

Each piece is hand crafted using fine white porcelain clay. The Stitched ceramics collection challenges conventional ceramics through the development of an innovative technique using clay as a fabric to stitch into. She uses a variety of techniques such as hand building, throwing and slip casting and draws inspiration from textiles using textures in fabrics, buttons and stitching to add decoration to the surface of the clay.

B / lace Bud / Vase / pot / mugs / plate / jug Cath creates unique ceramics vessels and crockery by combining clay and vintage textiles. Once she has captured the texture, she mixes unique glazes and wraps the clay as if it were actually fabric to create the form. Each product may vary in size and colour slightly due to the handmade quality of the work. Available in white / clear, aqua green, baby blue and sand brown. A pacific lace texture can also be selected.

c / Stitched Bowl This hand-stitched ceramic bowl uniquely combines both high fired porcelain ceramics and embroidery. Creating a single line of back stitching into the simplified bowl form gives the suggestion that the hard porcelain surface itself has been stitched into using a sewing machine. Coloured glazes are inspired by hues of sand and sea. This product is created by slip casting and is available in three sizes - mini, small and large.

d / Tea light This hand-built porcelain tea light holder has lace imprinted detail. It will accomodate a small tea light and when lit emits an orange glow. The clay is high fired to a 1260°c with a non-glazed surface which enhances the texture of the lace.

e / Stitched Vessel This hand-stitched ceramic vessel uniquely combines both high fired porcelain ceramics and embroidery. This product is thrown on the wheel using fine white porcelain clay making each one vary in size and shape.

f / Tall Stitched Vase The stitched decoration can be commissioned to fit in with current trends or patterns within client’s interior spaces, or with photographs and personal items as a reminder of precious memories.

d 14 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /






f / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 15



Cheryll Kung is a contemporary British designer-maker / illustrator specialising in handmade products. Her designs are drawn by hand then developed using traditional techniques such as screen printing, machine and hand embroidery.

CUSHIONS Inspired by urban surroundings such as street and market scenes of Hong Kong, Cheryll brings together an eclectic range of hand-drawn imagery that creates a unique collection of contemporary affordable pieces of artwork. Each cushion is presented with a limited edition picture postcard signed by the artist. These cushions are great on their own or sitting together as a statement piece for your living space.

16 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 17



Working from her studio in Stockton-on-Tees, Claire is a textiles and surface designer who works with a variety of materials, mixed media techniques and collage. She creates designs and embroidery for the fashion industry, produces products, lectures and works on private commissions.

A / DIY Bird Bunting Pack

Claire produces beautiful objects of a high quality that are contemporary, innovative handcrafted pieces, but with a vintage feel. She says of her practice; ‘... I surround myself with eclectic paraphernalia, which I find continually inspiring. I love to use natural, traditional fabrics; linens, cottons and silks, often vintage, which I infuse with new life and quirky detailing. My signature style is expressed through the use of soft muted tonal colours and tints, nostalgic inspirations, text and print and exquisite, unfussy, tiny details with luscious embroidery...’


For parties, birthdays, weddings, marquee’s, summer houses, or anywhere in the home, hang all year round for especially beautiful decoration... Make it yourself or with a group of friends to make your party extra special and fun. The sophisticated colour palette makes this bunting extra desirable.

B / DIY Paper Pennant Decoration A set of two delightful hummingbird hanging decorations for you to cut out and make... easy! Lovely to hang from chair backs or on old pine doors, linen cupboard knobs etc. Inspired by those lovely tourist souvenirs from ages ago.

C / Vintage Paper Rosette A decorative pin; attach to clothing, picture frames, dressing tables, hang on the wall, award to somebody... meticulously made from old books which would otherwise be thrown away.

D / Printed Linen Hanger Cover A clothes hanger cover to be used under or over a garment as a protective layer between hanger and garment or as a dust cover for shoulders. Made from Irish Linen, hand printed using antique blocks from the old textile mills of Manchester.

E / Zip Pocket Pouch Lined linen/cotton purse/pocket, ideal size for mobile phones and lipstick or lots of change. A handy protective case that is hand screen printed in two colours.

F / Cotton Drawstring Bag / Lingerie Laundry Bag Rucksack style small calico bag; for shoes, sleepovers, nightdresses, PE kits, lingerie laundry... Hand screen printed with bird designs.

G / Embroidered & Embellished Cushion 14” or 16” cushion cover with feather pad, made from natural Irish linen. Hand screen printed in two colours with a hand embroidered and embellished hummingbird. For a contemporary home with personality, this piece of homespun art is both functional and beautiful to look at.

H / Tea Towel A 100% cotton tea towel, hand printed with a lovely hand drawn illustration. Gift boxed, this would be a perfect little gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or for anyone who loves cakes…

I / Egg Cosy Hand printed Irish linen with a lovely warm lining, keep your breakfast eggs warm while you shower. It also has a little pocket on the back to hold your spoon.

J / Paper Sculpture Card An unusual, very special, 3D, any occasion card that doubles as a personal gift -it looks lovely mounted in a box frame. Laser cut and hand assembled from old upcycled books.

f 18 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /








j / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 19



Utilising technology to the full, Corinne Lewis’ key line of enquiry is to understand the interplay between scientific, mathematical and creative conceptual approaches.


Corinne is currently working within the school of Biology at Newcastle University.

20 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

Exposing the stunning array of colours and details that lay hidden within the lens of a microscope, this collection has been designed to provide a visual feast for the eyes. / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 21



Duality, movement and illusion are central in both DeeLyn’s jewellery and ceramic designs. These themes are explored with simplicity via the arrangement of repetitive geometric components and shapes, creating sculptural pieces with a bold architectural aesthetic.

A / Geo vase

22 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Geo pot


b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 23



Earthome is an ethically driven family business run by designer Joe Earley and his wife Sarah. Utilizing hand crafted solid timber, Joe and Sarah aim for all of their products to be manufactured fairly and responsibly, minimising the environmental impact wherever possible.

A / Bird on a Wire

The Earthome collection combines solid timber and fine craft skills with a lighthearted sense of humour and irresistible charm.


Bird on a wire coat rack is not only a coat rack it is also a piece of art inspired by birds on the horizon. Therefore, it can also be positioned on a wall in more areas of your house, not only the cloak room. It can be used as a coat rack or purely as decoration.

B / Bird Coat Hook Bird coat hook is not only a coat hook it is also a piece of art inspired by birds in flight. Therefore, it can also be positioned on a wall in more areas of your house, not only the cloak room. It can be used as a coat rack or purely as decoration.

We are sure that you will love Earthome’s furniture designs and gift accessories and appreciate the level of detail that they have gone to with the production cycle. You can feel content that in a small way you have helped towards making the world a fairer and more environmentally responsible place.

C / Chopping Board The Earthome bread board is part of a series of charming chopping boards. It is a really chunky solid natural product originally inspired by the environmental principle of using a timber merchants left over timber.

D / Door Mouse This quirky little door mouse will keep your door open for you if you ask nicely, though he is a little too handsome to spend all of his time on the floor.

E / Photo Ladder Waiting for you to add your touch this photo ladder is a blank canvas for you to make you own.

F / Golden Spiral clock Spiral clock is inspired by measurement. The size of the layers represents the hours and the height of the numbers represents the minutes. The attractive fossil-like form is based on the Golden Spiral discovered in ancient Greece, found in nature and also found in artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci.

G / Blossom Lamp Shade Blossom lamp shade is a retrospective take on a flower inspired lamp shade. The attractive petal inspired form also refers to the 1970’s BBC British sitcom ‘The Good Life’.

H / Man Drawer Man Drawer is paying homage to Michael McIntyre’s comedy sketch, it is part of a range of useful oak side tables .Man Drawer is made of solid oak and is the perfect size to be used for placing your personal items, for use as a telephone table or for using as a free standing fruit bowl.

I / House Sign Customise your own quirky cottage shaped house sign. We will add your house number in black vinyl lettering.

J / Personalised Time Capsule Time capsule can be personalised to show the time you have spent at your place of work, school, college or university. It can also be personalised as a ceremony box for a wedding or funeral. The perfect gift for someone moving on in their life or can be used to mark a particular moment in time. Fill it with photographs and personal items to remind you of those precious memories

f 24 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /








j / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 25



‘...I make things that want to be loved, used and to take on a life of their own like the objects that inspire them...’

A / Starburst collection This collection pays homage to the starburst designs of the art deco era with a

Ellen is a British freelance furniture, product and interior accessories designer based in Newcastle producing designs for manufacture, licence and commissions. She is concerned that attitudes towards products and furniture today are too disposable. Her focus is to create beautiful, contemporary designs with added value encouraging the user to form an attachment with her work.

contemporary twist, taking inspiration from the classic form with a simpler, more minimal aesthetic.

B / The mantle piece clock collection The mantle piece collection began as a mission to rejuvenate the carriage clock. The series emerged as result of a study into the changing form and aesthetic of the mantle pieces clock throughout the twentieth century. The clocks illustrate the passing of time and the transition from decorative to minimal tastes.

C / The milk series She designs and makes a range of products, interior accessories and furniture and is not defined by one process material or craft. Her work brings a contemporary twist to iconic products and furniture.

The Milk Series began as a response to an investigation into value; with the view to create furniture which embodies longevity. The construction of the stool makes reference to traditional craft techniques.


26 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /





c / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 27



Responding to notions of tradition and etiquette, Emma creates contemporary ceramics with a twist, subverting modern production techniques to create unique designs for the home.

A / Wallpiece A series of vases produced to fit in often under utilized areas. Pieces come in ½ size, designed to stand against the wall like a Victorian table, and ¼ and ¾ Vases that will sit in and around corner spaces.

b / Tilt This concept stems from a English custom wherein women would place their teaspoons in different places on their cup and saucer to signify to the host if they were finished drinking, required a re-fill or were still drinking. The product is an investigation into the possibilities of producing a rounded bottom teacup which rests upright when full of liquid, and on its handle when empty. This concept of balance is currently being expanded to create a whole tea set.


28 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 29



Playing with light, refraction / reflection, and influenced by texture, Gavin Marshall creates simple tactile glass pieces. His work have at once a surprising strength and delicacy; these are pieces for visual and practical enjoyment.

A / Eye Platter

They are created from re-cycled sheet glass in a kiln, with the glass heated just enough to take on the texture of the moulds whilst also maintaining its form.

This design was inspired by the arrival of the millennium bridge on the Tyne.

B / Bubble Wrap dish Glass bubble wrap, permitting lots of light to play through the bubbles.

C / Cheese Board A fancy way to treat your guests, cheese boards textured like the surface of the moon!

D / Grey Corrugated Utilsing everyday packaging to create a permanent piece that you wont be able to resist touching.

E / Three Another design inspired by packaging materials. Here, Gavin has used inflatable plastic cushion strips to create this fire-polished etched design


30 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /




e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 31



York-based designer Heather Alstead creates unique ranges of products that are designed to enhance the world around us, whilst also retaining a sense of humour.

A / Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Passionate about British design and home grown sourced materials, her work reflects her unique personal style, impeccable eye for detail, and enthusiasm for quality materials and well made products. Inspiration is taken from every aspect of her life, from classic British literature to subverting the well known.

Inspired by the classic tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the set of four hooks includes Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Baby Bear and a golden G, ready for when Goldilocks (or any other Guests!) stop by! Baby Bear is also available to buy individually so all your baby bears are catered for.

B / Hickory Dickory Clock Nursery rhyme inspired Hickory Dickory Clock, made using powder-coated mild steel with a gloss white finish. The clock has been hand assembled and features bespoke black metal hands with laser cut mouse detail which when the clock strikes one appears to run down, staying true to the rhyme!

There is more to her products than meets the eye, with hidden meanings and unique design details thoughtfully concealed throughout.

C / Castle Bookends Fairytale inspired castle shaped bookends made using laser cut mild steel with a matte off white finish. The bookends feature individually cut turrets, window and gate opening and are made exclusively using materials sourced from the UK.

D / Fairy Tale Bookends Fairytale inspired Once Upon A Time bookends, made using laser cut mild steel with a matte off white finish. The bookends feature the classic fairytale quotes ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘The End’ and include individually cut Prince, Princess and castle turret silhouettes.

E / Feel Fancy Mirrors 100% British from inspiration through to production. This mirror allows you to play dress up every day. This mirror is made from 3mm mirrored acrylic so no risk of bad luck!

32 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /





e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 33



Challenging standard approaches to design, Helena Seget’s passion lies in creating idiosyncratic pieces for interior spaces. Working purely in porcelain, her current portfolio includes shelves, floor tiles, tables, chairs in porcelain/wood mix, wall-art and ‘sustainable stationery’.

A / Porcelain Stationery


This porcelain facsimile of a page ripped from a notepad is not just a piece of artwork; it can actually be used as a memory jogger. Designed with sustainability in mind it can be written on with an ordinary pencil and the marks will wipe of easily – meaning it can be used time and time again. The Torn-out Notepad Page picked up a Special Judges Award at the prestigious

Trained in photography and ceramics, Helena followed careers in theatre costume design, teaching and advertising before setting up as a ceramic artist and designer. She lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she has a studio situated at the Ouseburn Valley, not far from the city’s centre.

MINO Ceramics Triennial in Japan last year. The festival receives up to 4,000 entries from over 50 countries. This year the same piece has been shortlisted for a prize at the UNICUM Ceramics Triennial in Slovenia. Material: The pads are made from Parian porcelain - the name Parian is derived from Paros, the Aegian Island famous for its beautiful white marble widely used for sculpture by the classical Greeks. Process: The intricate design demands handcrafting and each piece is made, from start to finish, by the artist. The pads are painstakingly sanded between firings, when the piece is particularly fragile. The final firing reaches 1240ºc, which makes the clay vitreous and robust. It is then polished with a diamond pad to give it a beautifully smooth finish. Notes: New Writing North commissioned a special edition, for presentation to the headline writers at last year’s Durham Book Festival. Comedian and writer Marcus Brigstocke and Observer writer Elizabeth Day were one of ten recipients. Day commented ‘...It is a thing of beauty and will sit on my desk for years to come...’

B / Undulating Shelves The shelves have been carefully constructed to give the illusion of hanging in midair as though without support. They are an alternative to the standard; able to hold curved objects. The smaller shelves are designed to be proportionate for displaying small objects. Made in slip cast earthenware, they can be produced in any colour imaginable. They come in small, medium and large. To hang the shelves, place flat head screws that stand proud of the wall. The screws should go directly into the holes at the back of the shelves. The holes in back of the shelves are designed to hook over the screw-heads, giving solid support.

b 34 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /






b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 35



Inspired by the bright colours and forms of the sea and nature, Jane Charles has been producing a wide range of glass perfume bottles, paperweights, bowls, vases and sculptural pieces since 1987. She expertly manipulates hot glass, capturing the fluidity and magic of the process in her products. Many of her pieces are extensively polished when cool to expose layers of colour and create additional dimensions to the work.

A / Urchin

Her practice includes one off sculptural pieces and editions of production ware, and has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally.

The Urchin range consists of small and medium bowls, a tall vase and a posy vase in a range of colours including blues greens, pinks and purples.

B / Reduction The Reduction range consists of small, medium and large bowls, winged vases and wingless vases. All are available in a range of blues, greens, pinks and purples.

C / Wingless This is a Wingless piece (see product B above for spec).


36 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



c / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 37

JANet HINCHCLIFFE mccutcheon


Janet Hinchliffe McCutcheon designs unique, handmade jewellery products from her studio at Platform Arts Studios Middlesbrough. Her jewellery makes a stylish fashion statement with tactile wearable pieces.

The jewellery is individually made with careful attention to detail producing products that are one of a kind and wholly bear the artists’ signature style and unique UK hallmark.

B / RIBBON JEWELLERY COLLECTION A unique collection for Designed & Made for John Lewis in two special colours,

The concept for the new ribbon collection is for jewellery that is soft and flexible to wear in a choice of seasonal colours. This is jewellery that is easy to wear and care for, durable, washable and colourfast. The sterling silver detail bears her personal hallmark with its ripple surface complementing the grosgrain ribbon. Janet’s other silver collection includes one off and limited edition designs in pure linear forms. These hallmarked pieces include rings, earrings and necklaces. This jewellery is to love, collect and contemplate.

plus timeless grey. All pieces in sterling silver are branded with the designers’ UK hallmark, orders for each product can be produced in multiples of ten.


Designs are exhibited internationally and pieces are sought after UK and overseas collectors.

A 38 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 39



Jessica Hogarth was born in 1988 and raised in Robin Hood’s Bay, a picturesque fishing village on the North Yorkshire coast. After a childhood spent roaming the village’s atmospheric narrow streets, famous for their smuggler past, Jessicca found these experiences becoming a key part of her art work at university.

A / Birds galore


This birds greetings card was inspired by a trip to Paris, seeing the many pigeons pecking at crumbs and wandering around the Carousel situated at the foot of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. The greetings card is blank and has been printed onto a matte 300gsm FSC board. The card is supplied with a 100% recycled envelope and individually cellophane wrapped. The product was designed and printed in the UK, with a finished card size of 120mm by 170mm.

Jessica’s designs begin as illustrations in black pen on paper before they are digitally scanned and enhanced with subtle colour schemes. Her final products are produced using both digital and hand printed methods making for a varied range. Jessica’s entire collection of prints and products are designed and manufactured in the UK, an industry she is keen to continue supporting. Her refined use of colour combined with playful illustrations make for a collection of quirky yet sophisticated designs.

B / Boating In The Tuleries This greetings card design was inspired by a Sunday morning spent in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Children can hire little wooden boats for a small fee and push them around a large pond with a little stick; a depiction of a traditional Sunday morning activity in Paris. This is a blank greetings card (see product A above for spec).

C / Boat Nostalgia This is a blank greetings card (see product A above for spec).

D / Coastal cottages Tea Towel This Coastal Cottages Tea towel has been screen printed onto a 100%cotton tea towel. The drawings emulate the higgledy piggledy nature of many of the UK’s coastal villages. The tea towel measures 48cm by 78 cm and has been designed and printed in the UK.

E / Coastal Cottages WALLPAPER This Coastal Cottages wallpaper has been inspired by the designer’s rural upbringing on the North East Coast of England. The quirky uneven shops and houses emulate the higgledy piggledy nature of many of the region’s coastal villages. The wallpaper has been has been designed and manufactured in the UK, and printed onto a non woven, uncoated matte paper, giving it a matte finish. The repeat is 52cm square and each roll is 10m long.

F / Life By The Sea Individual fishing boats and quirky buildings fill the dock, before the slipway leads down to the beach and sea. This is a blank greetings card (see product A above for spec).

G / Over The Rooftops This is a blank greetings card (see product A above for spec).

H / Take The Bike This is a blank greetings card (see product A above for spec).

I / Take The Bike Limited Edition This is a 4 colour hand pulled screen print in an edition of 50 prints. The print has been inspired by many a trip to Paris, and the bikes found all over the city. Each print has been numbered, titled and signed by me and has been printed onto high quality textured matte paper. The print is available mounted and has a finished size of 11’’ by 14’’ which fits a standard frame. Due to the nature of the process, slight mis-alignments and imperfections are not considered to make the product faulty.

g 40 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /







e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 41



Wanting to give up sugar in your tea? Try Aspinall’s Half Spoon, though Designed & Made thinks it’s a little too beautiful to actually use and just want to own it. Got a problem area on the domestic front that needs attention? Try wrapping it with Jonathan’s Clean Me Tape or watch the working day hours tick past on his 9-5 Clock. Young, with a fresh eye and full of humour, Jonathan injects a little joy and a lot of originality into the everyday.

A / Cityscape Bookends These bookends have been designed to give a functional and often passive product an elegant and quirky twist. Simply line up your book collection between each bookend to create your own unique urban landscape.

B / Branch Board Manufactured in the UK, these unique notice boards not only provide a functional space for pinning reminders, photographs, shopping lists and more, they also allow you to create a unique and decorative display within the home or office.

Jonathan has exhibited at various international design shows and events including Earls Court at London Design Week (2008-10),Stockholm Furniture Fair (2009), Milan Furniture Fair (2009), Newcastle’s Design Event at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (2010) and Tent London (2011).

Each Branch Board is easily attached to the wall using Velcro pads and comes with a pack of 10 oval leaf notelets.

C / Half teaspoon and Sugar bowl These beautifully hand crafted half teaspoons and sugar bowls have been designed to encourage people to cut down on their sugar intake, making them the perfect product for those who wish to diet in style.


42 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



c / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 43



Having originally trained as a fine artist, Judy started working in clay and never looked back. She is inspired by the textural possibilities of clay and glaze; the cratered, blistered surfaces, and the contrast between this and a smooth glassy surface, or scoured pot.

A / Candle Spheres


Throwing bowls which turn back on themselves and then are joined at the top is an interesting meditative activity. Control of the clay, the wheel and the hands all have to work together as they do in most throwing, but here the complex idea of inside / outside, surface and edge collide in one form. For these candle holders Judy inserts a small cylinder of clay at the bottom as she throws the piece, which she later hollows out to form the cup to hold the candle. At the last moment, before she seals

The pieces are thrown and then formed. The process of throwing is almost like meditation: literally centering the clay and oneself. Judy enjoys experimenting with raw materials devising new glazes to complement the forms and delighting in the kick of opening the kiln and discovering what the combination of heat and materials have created.

the piece up, Judy blows a long exhale into the top which gives it buoyancy; a bit of

All the pieces are individually made by hand. There is no mould, or template so each piece is an unique artefact. These differences are the individual finger print of the piece, no two are the same and as such they have a unique quality that cannot be found in factory made ware.

B / Ellipse Vase on Torus

her: the breath of life. The piece is air dred for sometimes 2 or 3 days before she hollows out the cup to hold the candle. At that point too, Judy creates a stable base and a small hole to allow the air to escape. When she makes the hole through the clay, there is an audible whisper as the air that was breathed in is released.

Judy has always fought against the tyranny of the symmetry of the wheel, of bowls with flat horizontal rims and solid even feet. With the development of this form, the ‘Torus’ or doughnut shape, Judy can create vases with satisfying curves and ellipses that end in smooth rounded bases. They can be placed at various angles on the torus and feel stable allowing seductive glimpses of their interiors contrasted against the texture of the exterior.

C / Lidded Sphere Pot This is a lidded sphere (see product A above for process).

D / Sphere Pot This is a sphere pot (see product A above for process).

A 44 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



c / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 45



Lianne begins with a debate regarding the notion of value and what a object must possess in order to be considered a valuable craft item. She often works with found objects where the idea of an object being valuable because of the original design is immediately challenged.

A / Insect Bottle (Small)

The idea of repetition is central to her practice as multiples of the same object are cast using industrial production processes on a domestic scale. Another layer of interest and value is added to the basic cast form with the addition of hand drawn images of insects, anatomical images and hand written quotations

Slipcast found plastic bottle with hand drawn images of insects. Whilst some are left anatomically correct, others are transformed into new creatures made up from many others. The tops of each piece have been left untouched reflecting the method of production used.

B / Insect Bottle (Medium) This is a medium sized Insect Bottle (see product A above for spec).


46 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 47



Megan Randall produces beautiful porcelain ware inspired by the willow pattern and illustrative drawings of the everyday.

a / Necklace

She is interested in the concept of the home and domesticity, her production ware is created in parallel to installation and commissioned work.

B / Insects Cups

Porcelain sections in relief and water jet cut sections of found plate on silver chain.

Bone china white ware with screen-printed blue decals.


48 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 49

MICHAEL SINEY As a designer, Michael’s aim is to make products that are engaging and dynamic. He’s never preoccupied with following trends or being fashionable, but rather in continuously challenging himself to create prominent and original designs and in perfecting the balance of his use of materials, processing methods and proportions, to achieve this. Michael’s style is strongly influenced by his passion for and use of bold geometric shapes, sharp angles and symmetry. Together with simple detailing, he creates dynamic objects that look and feel strong and enduring.



A / ACERO Made from a single piece of laser cut steel, Acero is an understated and unpretentious clock that reflects Michael’s simplistic approach to his work. The original unfinished version reveals machine marks and scratches that add value and uniqueness to each clock.

B / ACERITO Like its big brother Acero, Acerito is an understated and unpretentious clock made from a single piece of laser cut steel. Each clock reveals machine marks and scratches from the manu­facturing process that add value and uniqueness.

C / GODFATHER In short: Michael makes things he likes, and he hopes you like them too.

The Godfather and Godmother clocks are stripped down modern day takes on traditional grandfather clocks. Their design reflects today’s limited living spaces and therefore a need for an elegant and streamlined update to this iconic piece

D / TANK Constructed entirely from steel, Tank is a no nonsense lamp that is built to last. Michael’s use of strong geometric shapes is a beautiful contrast to the softness of the light it emanates.

E / NURA Nura is comprised of 7 laser cut steel components that slot together nicely to form a rigid and angular, attention grabbing centerpiece. Nura securely holds 5 standard, 20mm diameter candles.

F / GODMOTHER This is a Godmother clock (see product C above for detail).

d 50 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /




e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 51

MATTHEW & CLAIRE MARGETTS (PLYABLE) Matthew and Claire are architects. Matthew practices and preaches that the design process is as important as the product. Claire specializes in architecture in the education sector. This has given her considerable experience in designing stimulating and inspiring environments for school children.

PRODUCT RANGE A / Truble Noun. 1. A mobile coffee table, 2. [+ imagination] A ride-on toy, 3. A foot stool, 4. [+ imagination] A wooden truck, 5. . . ? , 6. . . ? [Plywood furniture designed for both grown-ups and children]

b / Trolley-Dolly Noun 1. A drinks trolley. 2. [+ imagination] A doll’s push-chair, 3. A note-book [or

For as long as they can remember they have enjoyed making things in wood. Much of the furniture they have made has been an installation – designed for and fitted to a specific location. Since having children Claire and Matthew have become fascinated by the way children interact with their environments and more specifically furniture. The way a simple table can be an island, a den, a battle-ground, a workbench, an operating table. As designer’s they feel strongly about materials, colour, proportion, honesty and integrity. We find most modern products ‘designed‘ for children unsatisfying at some level. Since 2006 we have been designing and making furniture that simultaneously can be enjoyed by adults and children. Furniture that is functional, but also adaptable and open to imaginative reinterpretation.

child] sized desk, 4. [+ imagination] A doll’s pram, 5. . . ? , 6. . . ? [Plywood furniture designed for both grown-ups and children]

c / Mod-Dol Noun 1. Individual ‘rooms’ that can be added together to make: i) a dolls house, ii) a castle, iii) a farm, iv) [+ imagination] dragon’s den, v) [+ imagination] a garage, vi) . . . ? [Supplied assembled but unvarnished for decoration / customization by the owner]

d / Concrete Beach Noun 1. Door-stop [indoor or outdoor], 2. Book-end, 3. [+ imagination] Portable goal post or wicket?, 4. Ornament, 5. . . ?


52 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



d / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 53



Monkeys swinging on pendulums, proud stags reflecting the world, horses galloping around coffee cups, deers dancing: young designer Polly Westergaard perfectly captures the playful side of the animal kingdom. Her work is not only animal-tastic, but she also creates elegant and ironic furniture, such as her Forgive sideboard which hints at sketch-like illustration, mimicking panels and door handles. Or her Klasse wing back chair; based on the traditional iconic British wing-back design, which has been used and adapted through centuries.

a / Stag Mirror

J / Animal Badge

This acrylic Stag mirror would sit proudly above any mantle-piece, replacing the

Titillate your favourite garments with these funky animals badges. The badges

conventional image of a hunted stag’s head which adorns the traditional stately

are made from acrylic and are fantastic accessories adding a touch of glamour

home. The mirror is a modern twist on a traditional idea, providing a quirky

and humour to any outfit, guaranteed to brighten up your day. The badges are

yet sophisticated design, fit to grace any home. Made from mirrored acrylic, a

available in 20 different designs.

shatterproof lightweight alternative to glass.

B / Stag Clock The stag clock uses the bold image of a stag as a play on the classic hunted stag’s head which adorns the traditional stately home. The clock is made from powder coated mild steel with gilt finished hands and pendulum movement.

The designs are heavily influenced by Polly’s heritage; both her Danish ancestry and her British roots. This fusion of cultural perspectives results in chic, contemporary, innovative pieces designed to evoke nostalgia and excite the child within.

c / Animalask Clock Animalaks clock available with a red, green, or pink set of hands and Monkey. How can an animal tell you the time? This clock uses the bold images of a variety of animals, with a cuckoo bird at 12 o’clock and a monkey swinging on the pendulum at 6, to offer children a fun and exciting way to learn to tell the time. Of course,

Designed & Made always smile when we encounter her work.  

there is nothing to stop adults loving the clock too! The clock is made from powder coated mild steel

D / Animalask Coat Rack Ask your favorite animal to look after your coat or scarf! Designed to engage the imagination of children and adults alike, this coat rack provides a fun yet contemporary solution to hanging up your jacket. Made from powder-coated mild steel and available in a variety of funky colours.

e / Animalask Coat hooks A solution to the perennial problem of coats slung over the backs of chairs, these individual coat hooks are made from powder-coated mild steel and available in a variety of eye catching colours.

f / Deer Mug A deer is not just for Christmas. These lovely Bone China mugs add a touch of elegant sophistication to your everyday cuppa.

g / Horse Mug The horse mug is great for those equine enthusiasts, with horses galloping round the rim of the mug. These mugs are made from high quality Bone China and are dishwasher safe.

h / Horse Espresso Cups These delightful horse espresso cups and saucers are great for those equestrian enthusiasts. The horses gallop elegantly around the cup and across the saucer, creating a stunning contemporary design. The cup and saucer are made in Britain from a high quality bone china, and are dishwasher safe.

i / Horse Rocker Saddle up or relax in the wonderful horse rocker. The nostalgic rocking horse, playing double act with the traditional rocking chair, captures the imagination of children and adults alike. This version is for Kids, but keep a look out for the adult alternative which is on its way. Made from Birch faced Plywood, with a red, green or yellow rope.

54 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /










j / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 55



RASKL is a design firm specialising in the design and production of highly personalised and individual furniture, as well as offering prototyping services to the furniture, interiors and construction industries. The company is owned and run by individuals who each share a long history of creative projects from their formative years. Predominantly working with hardwood, RASKL also have a wealth of experience working with glass, metals and plastics in their comprehensively equipped workshop.   RASKL approaches each design as an opportunity to conceive an original idea either in form or function, and the way a particular piece is made is often as interesting and innovative as the way it looks. This practice has led to an aesthetically very broad body of work.   The firm has so far produced hundreds of works ranging from smaller art pieces to full-scale room installations spanning their widely varying clientele, from the terraces of Newcastle to the penthouses of Monte Carlo.

A / AGRANDA BENCH RASKL is currently finalising this design which started as a hand-made hardwood bench. The initial range will include Oak, Rosewood, Arctic White and Heritage Blue, and a bespoke colorway could easily be developed for Designed & Made with John Lewis.

b / Sunbeam Jackie Parasols Sunbeam Jackie parasols are inspired by colourful and whimsical Ghanaian palanquins and parasols used to shield spectators and dignitaries from the sun at celebrations and events. RASKL have given these parasols a modern twist by redesigning the mechanism in folded polypropylene and using bamboo for added strength and sustainability. All parasols are fully waterproofed.

c / End-Grain Tableware RASKL’s range of tableware is at a final prototype stage. All items will be made from the same stock materials, including the salt and pepper mills, which will be significantly different in appearance to the facing images.

A 56 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



c / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 57



We are delighted to bring you Superfauna and their range of animal Trophy Heads which follow a very sophisticated and illustration-lead aesthetic.

A / Cardboard Stags Head (Large / Medium / Small) Brown micro flute cardboard stags head, easy to assemble.

B / Plastic Stags Head Formed in Newcastle in 2010, the company is comprised of two locally renowned designers, Amy Levinson and Daniel Rose of RASKL. Amy specialises in card, paper and flatpack design while RASKL designs and manufactures highly individual custom furniture. The pair met when they both exhibited with their respective companies at 100% Design . They continued to share ideas when they again both exhibited at Design Event MART 2010, between them winning two of the three available design awards (Amy winning Best Retail Product and Daniel winning Best Interior Product for his work with RASKL).This success encouraged the couple to persue discussions that had been raised over the course of the shows to work collaboratively on a range. The products share each of their expertise and allows them to overcome certain restrictions that they had identified within their own companies.

The deluxe plastic version of the Superfauna Stags head is made from PVC and available in 13 striking colours. Their 3D form is an interpretation of an original illustration as opposed to an anatomically correct model, using artistic license to emphasize key visual elements such as oversized, elaborate antlers to create a much more striking, sophisticated and fulfilling product than anything else available on the market.


58 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

b / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 59



‘...Susan Bradley successfully takes contemporary interior decoration to our balconies, patios and gardens with wit and beauty...’ Wayne Hemmingway

A / The Creep Shelf

Susan Bradley is a fresh British design talent. After an established career in the multi-media design industry, she has successfully turned her attention to three dimensional design. Since her design studio was established in 2004 Susan’s designs have won international acclaim being exhibited in London, Milan, Cologne, Rotterdam, Paris and Tokyo, and featuring in leading design, style, architecture and interiors media worldwide.


The Creep shelves appear to growing and creeping up the wall, making them a decorative feature in themselves. Ideal for CDs or to display special objects and photographs to maximum effect.

b / The Drip Shelf and Puddle table The Drip shelf and Puddle table are simple yet striking furniture pieces with a surreal humorous twist - just what is that puddling onto the floor and dripping down the wall? They aim to make an impact in any space. Launched at Milan design week 2006, and featured in Vogue.

c / letter racks Celebrating our capital city these stylish letter racks are brilliant for keeping all your

Susan creates original and innovative interior and exterior designs with a distinctive graphic quality. She is best known for her unique and award winning metal Outdoor Wallpaper and further collections of intricately cut metal designs. Used in interior and exterior spaces around the world, her designs are employed in both residential and contract situations. Her work encompasses metal wall art, furniture, interior and exterior accessories, products and lighting.

correspondence, invitations and even love letters close at hand. The perfect place to put the post once it’s dropped onto your doormat, or use in the office to keep your desk neat and tidy.

d / magnetic Memo Boards These stylish magnetic memo boards add a decorative flourish to your home, whilst being very practical. The bold fun designs are perfect for storing and displaying invitations, postcards, photos and other important memos. You can also use a drywipe pen to write messages and notes on them. Ideal for kitchens, hallways, study or kids bedrooms.

e / Bookends Celebrating much loved British design and architecture in the form of functional bookends. Like all our designs they are made in England. The range currently includes the K2 red phonebox, Anthony Gormleys wonderful Angel Of The North, the classic British Post box and Sixties icon the Mini

60 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /





e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 61



The Art Salon is a collaboration between designer-makers Rebecca Appleby and Sally Hargreaves. They both design and make a unique collection of handcrafted home accessories, art and contemporary design. Their passion lies in creating new exciting products that promote quality, style and originality.

A / Dot and doodle Teapot

The products created by this exciting design duo are easily recognized by their contemporary interpretation of traditional British object and imagery. The current collection features quirky drawings ranging from chintzy teapots to Staffordshire figurines.


B / Dot and doodle Cup and saucer C / Dot and doodle Vase D / Dot and doodle Jug

Rebecca studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has won several design awards. She regularly exhibits drawings, paintings and ceramics. Sally recently graduated from Batley School of Art and Design. They have come together and are now based in Redbrick Mill, Batley where they have a dedicated studio and retail space. 


62 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /


d / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 63

YVETTE HAWKINS (PAPERFAERIE) Imagine if books started to grow out of your wall... this was the starting point for some of Yvette’s work. Other pieces simply celebrate the book and make perfect presents for book lovers everywhere. Paperfaerie is an eco friendly design label selling limited edition artworks, home wares and artist books. All products are handmade by Yvette Hawkins in her studio in Gateshead, UK. All products use recycled or reclaimed materials and come packaged in sturdy recycled packaging. 



a / Cylinder Book Sculpture Book sculpture made from a recycled paperback novel. Ideal gift for book lovers everywhere who want something different on their shelf. Each sculpture comes with its own red ribbon bookmark and is posted in a custom-made box fit to size and is bubble wrapped.

b / Cone Book Sculpture This is a conical book sculpture (see product A above for details).

C / Two Fold Cylinder Book Sculpture This is a two fold cyilnder book sculpture (see product A above for details).

D / Wall Flower Book Sculpture (set of 5) Imagine if books started to grow out of your wall? That was the starting point for these sculptures which hang on a little nail and can be mounted in minutes. Each sculpture measures 14cm diameter and 4cm depth.

E / Manga Diamond Sculpture Who says diamonds need to be made of precious stones? This delicate paper diamond sculpture is made from a recylced Manga graphic novel. With dark edges that fill out the diamond shape, any convert to Japanese culture would love this piece on their shelf. This book is folded in the shape of a diamond and has three folds per page (yes every page). The sculpture measures 15cm diameter and is 10cm deep.

F / Lantern Book Sculpture This is a lantern book sculpture (see product A above for details).

64 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /





f / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 65

66 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /

SURFACE DESIGN Over the next few pages, we are delighted to present to you six illustrators and surface designers with whom we work. We have begun dialogues with manufacturers and have identified a specific retail opportunity - namely to develop new products with these practitioners across a range of printed homewares including cushions and soft furnishings, crockery and tea towels. A few of the designers already have products ready for market, these include wallpapers, textiles and rugs. / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 67

AMy dover


Combining the intense melancholy and nostalgia of the past with the primal nature of wild creatures, Newcastle-based artist Amy Dover explores the ephemeral essence of life and the oftentimes macabre and cruel hand of a dispassionate universe.

A / TEA CUP and saucer Taken from an original, finely detailed drawing of a honey bee and caringly printed on to vintage bone china. Original gold detailing around the top of the cup and saucer. Hand wash only.

B / Hankerchiefs Handmade 100% pure cotton hankerchiefs. Either ladybird or bee pattern, hand wash only.



68 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /




e / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 69

KATE USHER Kate Usher Studio specialises in textile and surface pattern for interior and gift products. As a forecasting panel member at both the International Colour Authority and Trend Bible Ltd, Kate uses her extensive trend research to inspire innovative themes and colour palettes each season, and applies them to her beautiful hand-drawn and digitally collaged patterns. Her work has been found on various applications, from handbags to kitchen textiles and crockery. The studio also have a range of luxury digital wallpapers for children. These are printed on high quality and ethically sourced non-woven papers. Bespoke wallpapers can also be created on request.

70 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 71



A recent graduate Mavis Glover has developed a strong range of surface designs for textile and wall paper. Her work is consistently informed by her passion for science and nature, in particular the biodiversity found in nature and how this had come about by evolution of the various species from primitive algae and protozoa to complex animals and amazingly beautiful flowering plants. . She carries out extensive research in museums and botanical gardens and hand draws or paints many of these organic shapes.

A / Angiosperm 1 Furnishing Fabric

them in circles they look like floral motifs have been combined with other fossilised,

This fabric features orchids and passionflowers, which are Angiosperms or

flower like remains. Textured layers have been added to this 53cm x 53cm block

flowering plants, painted in gouache along side of more scientific line drawings

repeat to further soften the overall look.

Featuring flowers from Darwin’s greenhouse amongst fossils shells and Brachiopods we welcome you to Mavis’s extraordinary natural world.

layered in a complex overlapping design to form a 34cm x 32cm block repeat for digital printing.

J / Insectivorous Plants Furnishing Fabric This fabric features an insectivorous Picher Plant, images are arranged to form of a

B / Angiosperm 4 Furnishing Fabric

34cm x 32cm block repeat for digital printing

This fabric features Camellia, Magnolia, a Bird of Paradise flower from Darwin’s greenhouse and a Crocodile flower which is on the endangered species list. These

K / Jellyfish Furnishing Fabric

flowering plants, painted in gouache have been placed along side of scientific

This fabric features line drawings in black ink of the undersides of jellyfish which

floral diagrams that represent the petal and sepal structures of these Angiosperms

have intricate radial symmetry and the resulting images were arranged in a cluster

layered in a complex overlapping design to form a 34cm x 64cm that produces a

to form a motif which was placed in a 34cm x 64cm block to produce a half drop

half drop repeat for digital printing.

effect repeat for digital printing

C / Bi-valve Mollusc Wallpaper

L / Jellyfish Wallpaper

This wallpaper was designed using detailed pen drawings of the fossil shell that

This wallpaper was designed using pen drawings of the undersides of Jellyfish.

Mavis came across in the Sedgewick museum in Cambridge. These heavily textured,

The symmetrical shapes have been arranged in overlapping layers forming a more

part fossilised remains of Molluscs formed wonderful motifs when placed in a

covered, striking 53cm x 53cm block repeat.

combination of solid coloured shapes along side of their line drawing counterparts.

M / Trilobite Wallpaper D / Brachiopod Wallpaper

This wallpaper was designed using detailed pen drawings of the amazing fossils of

Brachiopods formed another early branch in the Tree of Life. This design takes them

Trilobites. Geometric shapes such as circles and stripes have been added to form

as a motif, arranging the bold triangular image to form a diamond and the more

this 53cm x 53cm block repeat.

curved, delicate image to form a rosette.

E / Butterflies Furnishing Fabric This fabric features butterflies drawn at the Zoology museum in Cambridge along side of insects dating back over 25 million years. Colour was added later in Photoshop and the resulting images were arranged to form of a 34cm x 64cm long block repeat for digital printing

F / Diatom & Desmid Furnishing Fabric This fabric features detailed paintings of primitive, microscopic Algae and Protozoa along with present day seaweed. The original colours were changed in Photoshop and then the images were arranged in pleasing interlocking bands.

G / Echinoderm Wallpaper This wallpaper features a group of primitive marine animals with 5 fold, radial symmetry similar to Starfish and Sea urchins which are of the same family. At a glance they almost look floral in nature. The colours are subdued and restful but the scale of repeat, 53cm x 53cm, makes a bold statement. The alternative colourway has a very nautical feel.

H / Fossil Shell Wallpaper This wallpaper was designed using detailed pen drawings of the fossil shell of a Gastropod. Its complex spiral structure is shown in great detail and when placed in a bold geometric, octagonal shape, surrounded by other fossil shells, it sits well and creates an imposing effect.

I / Horseshoe Crab Wallpaper This wallpaper features a really primitive marine animal called a Horseshoe crab which is a type of Arachnid like scorpions and spiders. They have a helmet like shell that covers their whole body and are not very pretty to look at but by arranging 72 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /





e f g






m / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 73

SUSIE GREEN Suzy is an artist with a cross disciplinary approach, currently specialising in the production of silk scarves. Initially hand drawn, these items are a tongue in cheek yet tender interpretation of fashionable designs, marks and motifs. Inspired by artists such as Sonia Delauney (1885-1979) and Vavara Stepanova (1894-1958), Susie aims to fuse art with fashion and everyday life.

74 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 75

TRACY BIDWELL (BALLISTIC OWL) At college in Cleveland Tracy discovered a love for silk screen printing and interior fabrics. She loves the way that each print is unique and the different techniques you can use to create stunning final prints. Tracy experiments with dyes and pastes and embroidery.



a / Diatom A design based on microscopic structures. This design is silk screen printed, using pigments and foils. It is intended for interior fabrics, for example curtains or bed linen.

b / American Sweet-gum A design inspired by seed pods, taking a closer look at the detail and exaggerating

For inspiration she investigates tiny details observed from all manner of things around her. She blows them up so others can see the magic contained in these otherwise unseen elements.

it. Silk screen printed and could be translated onto heavier fabric for interior use.

c / Sycamore Flights Silk screen printed on devore silk georgette this design accentuates the gentle rotation and flight of the sycamore seed. The delicate fabric could lend itself to be used as window voile.

D / Japanese Wineberry Berries with a twist this design was mirror imaged and layered with woven circles that give it a contemporary look. Silk screen printed on spun silk using foils to add dimension.

e / Radiolarian Digitally printed onto cotton poplin this 1951 inspired design investigates microscopic cells. It is given a contemporary twist by using a soft grey and lime colour-way.

f / Beans Digital printed on cotton satin. This design could work well on bed linen or interior accessories. Vibrant and detailed the developing bean pods inspired this design.

g / Fern Rug The design for this rug was inspired by the fractals of fern leaves and Traceys love of geometric shapes and layering images.

h / Sycamore Flights Rug Design Using the sycamore print as inspiration the design has been translated into a design for a rug.

i / Open Seed This design came from one of my prints exploring open seed pods. It has been translated into a design for rugs and focuses on the inner detail of the pod.

Horseshoe Vetch (NOT PICTURED) Using a vetch seed pod as inspiration, this design plays with mirror images and has a vibrant feel.

e 76 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /







i / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 77

ZOE FRASER Taking street art and adding her own twist, Zoe starts with an initial mark and then allows the design to develop in an organic way. She is intrigued by the how the eye can be tricked into believing that they are seeing familiar objects in the designs. Upon closer inspection, there are hidden elements and new dimensions waiting to be discovered... Zoe’s work utilises strong symmetry, bold line and vibrant use of colour. She has begun to develop pattern for crockery and is keen to explore a wide variety of possibilities for combining these motifs with products so that they may be taken off the street and enjoyed at home everyday.

78 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 79

The purchase journey we have mocked up a branded example of how we feel styling, pos, labelling and packaging could function within store. the central consideration is enabling products to retain their sense of individuality, whilst remaining coherently represented within the wider designed & made brand architecture. we see the consumer experience following these three simple steps: - groups of products are displayed by theme, medium or size on minimal but contemporary plinths or tables and under the designed & made branded signage - each designer’s collection is accompanied by a free-standing pos postcard depicting an image of them in their studio or workshop setting and a short biography to reinforce the relationship between maker and product - purchases are wrapped in coloured tissue paper to match designed & made’s primary print palette, finished with an adhesive label to seal, and bagged with a copy of the maker’s postcard

80 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 81

82 / Designed & Made for John Lewis / / Designed & Made for John Lewis / 83

84 / Designed & Made for John Lewis /



we hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about the organisation, seeing the broad spectrum of products we have curated for you, and reading the stories of the talented individuals behind them.

please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

we appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal, and ask you to consider it as exactly that - an initial framwork for discussion and refinement. designed & made looks forward to working in partnership with john lewis.

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