John Lewis - Whitemeadow

John Lewis - Whitemeadow

Upholstered Bed Assembly Instructions Thank you for purchasing this upholstered bed frame, hand crafted in the UK. Please read the instructions carefu...

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Upholstered Bed Assembly Instructions Thank you for purchasing this upholstered bed frame, hand crafted in the UK. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure safe and satisfactory use of this bed. Pre-assembly preparation Necessary Tools Please check the pack contents before attempting assembly. See checklist below. This product is HEAVY, it should be assembled as near as possible to the point of use. TAKE CARE WHEN LIFTING to avoid personal injury and (or) damage to the product. This product takes approximately 30 MINUTES to assemble with 2 PEOPLE. The fittings pack contains SMALL ITEMS which should be KEPT AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREN.

Fittings and parts checklist A C D E F

6x Mounting brackets 2x 30mm Allen key bolts 5x Felt pads 4x 50mm Hex head bolts 4x Rubber washers


4x split rings


4x wing nuts


10x small washers


3x Hex head bolts (within slatted base) 3x large washers (within slatted base) 3x flat nuts (within slatted base)

1x Central beam


Safety Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4.

Never drag furniture when moving it, always lift it. Periodically check all fixings to ensure none have come loose and re-tighten where necessary. Please take care when handling or moving the furniture as careless handling may cause damage or injury. Furniture can be dangerous if incorrectly installed. Assembly should be carried out by a competent person. No liability will be accepted for damage or injury caused by incorrectly installed or assembled furniture.


Step by step assembly instructions Step One 1.

Lay both sections of the slatted base on the floor next to one another and assemble as shown in Fig 1. Once assembled, take care when handling to prevent damage to fitted bolts.

Fig 1



Step Two 1.

Packaged with the side panels you will find the bed feet. Lay the headboard and footboard flat. Screw each foot into the holes on the underside of the headboard and footboard. Screw the foot in as tight as possible. Please take note of which foot shape your bed has. A square foot will have screw holes to secure the leg into position. Ensure the screw hole points parallel to the headboard, facing inside the bed, not outside (See Fig 2)

Round foot

Square foot

Fig 2


Step Three 1.

2. 3.

With the feet on, lean the headboard against a wall with the aid of another person. Loosen the four bolts on the headboard slightly but not so the bolts come out fully. Lift one of the side rails off the floor and slide the bracket over the bolts on the headboard allowing it to drop into position (See Fig 3). Using the allen key provided, tighten the bolts to maximum tension. Repeat with the second side rail. Affix the footboard to both side rails using the same method so the bed frame is now freestanding

Fig 3

Step Four 1. 2. 3.

Select mattress height using the pre-fitted steel plates as a guide. (See Fig 4) Slot bracket (A) into the steel plates on the side rails, ensuring all four are positioned at the same height. Slot bracket (A) into the steel plates on the headboard and footboard. NOTE: THESE TWO BRACKETS MUST BE POSITIONED ONE SLOT LOWER THAN THE BRACKETS ON THE SIDE RAILS

Fig 4





Step Five 1.


Lay centre beam (B) onto the two brackets (A) positioned on the headboard and footboard. Use the allen key provided to secure in place from beneath with bolt (C) and washer (I) at both ends. (See Fig 5) TIGHTEN SECURELY. Stick 5x felt pads (D) on top of centre beam (B), evenly spaced.

Fig 5



Step Six 1.

2. 3.

Place 1x rubber washer (F) onto each of the 4 brackets (A) positioned on the side rails and lower the assembled slatted base into the bed frame. Align holes on the steel bed base with the holes on brackets (A). Insert bolt (E) with washer (I) from the top. Insert washers (G) and (I) and hand tighten with wing nut ‘H’ from the bottom (See Fig 6) TIGHTEN SECURELY. Once secured, your bed frame is now complete. With the assistance of another person, carefully lift your mattress on top of the wooden slats and enjoy!



Fig 6