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CATEGORIES OF HURRICANES The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is utilized to determine the relative strengths of hurricanes that

may impact the United States coast. Since the 1990s, only wind speed has been used to categorize hurricanes. Category One Hurricane Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 74-95 miles per hour Damage Category: Minimal Approximate Pressure: Above 980 mb Approximate Storm Surge: 3-5 feet Examples: Hurricane Lili (2002) in Louisiana; 

Hurricane Gaston (2004) in South Carolina Category Two Hurricane Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 96-110 miles per hour Damage Category: Moderate Approximate Pressure: 979-965 mb Approximate Storm Surge: 6-8 feet Example: Hurricane Isabel (2003) in North Carolina 

Category Three Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 111-129 miles per hour Damage Category: Extensive Approximate Pressure: 964-945 mb Approximate Storm Surge: 9-12 feet Examples: Hurricane Katrina (2005) in Louisiana; Hurricane Jeanne (2004) in Florida; Hurricane Ivan (2004) in Alabama 

Category Four Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 130-156 miles per hour Damage Category: Extreme Approximate Pressure: 944-920 mb Approximate Storm Surge: 13-18 feet Example: Hurricane Charley (2004) in Florida; Hurricane Iniki (1992) in Hawaii; the Galveston. Category Five Hurricane 

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 157 miles per hour and higher 

Damage Category: Catastrophic Approximate Pressure: Below 920 mb Approximate Storm Surge: More than 18 feet Examples: Only three Category 5 hurricanes have struck the United States since records began: The Labor Day Hurricane (1935) in the Florida Keyes, Hurricane Camille (1969) near the mouth of the Mississippi River, and Hurricane Andrew (1992) in Florida 

There is no Category Six for hurricanes. While some have suggested such a category, since only three Category Five storms have struck the United States, Category Five would appear to be more than adequate. NAMES OF HURRICANES Have you ever wondered about the system used for naming hurricanes? Where did those names come from, anyway? Will we have to suffer through another "Hurricane Andrew"? The

system is not that complicated. Hurricanes used to be designated by a system of latitude-longitude, which was a great way for meteorologists to track them. However, once the public began receiving storm warnings and trying to keep track of a particular storm path, this got very confusing. A system of names to refer to them was much easier to track and remember.

In 1953, the National Weather Service picked up on the habit of Naval meteorologists of naming the storms after women. Ships were always referred to as female, and were often given women's names. In 1979, male names were inserted to alternate with the female names. There are actually six lists of names in use for storms in the Atlantic. These lists rotate, one each year; the list of this year's names will not be reused for six years. The names get recycled each

time the list comes up, with one exception: storms so devastating that reusing the name is inappropriate. In this case, the name is taken off the list and another name is used to replace it; there will not be another Hurricane Andrew, because Andrew has been replaced by Alex on the list. A storm must start as a Tropical Depression and move on to become a Tropical Storm before it is given a name. Once a storm is named, preparations for the possible hurricane

should be well under way. Here is the list of hurricane names for 2013: Andrea Barry Chantal Dorian Erin Fernand Gabrielle Humberto Ingrid Jerry Karen Lorenzo Melissa Nestor Olga

Pablo Rebekah Sebastien Tanya Van Wendy. One question I've heard a lot recently is "What happens if we run out of hurricane names?" If we're unlucky enough to deplete the year's supply of names we won't, contrary to popular opinion, simply start using names from next year's list. In that case, the National Hurricane Center

will turn to the Greek alphabet and we'll have Hurricanes Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc. HURRICANE NAMES FOR 2014; the same criteria is used to select thesenames. Arthur Bertha Cristobal Dolly Edouard Fay Gonzalo Hanna Isaias Josephine

Kyle Laura Marco Nana Omar Paulette Rene Sally Teddy Vicky Wilfred. A Picture of hurricane katrina just to give you the real picture of how these hurricanes really look like because some people have not actually gone through

this disaster in their areas like in Africa. This photo shows a satellite image of the destructive Hurricane Katrina as it makes its way over both the ocean and the coast of the USA.

Life after a hurricane is not easy especially for those who suffered last year in the hurricane sands had a story of their own to tell in the aftermath as they tried rebuild their lost livelihoods in New York and elsewhere.


Are you thinking of asking out a friend? Before you make your decision take a look at this article on dating a friend to help you decide what to do. IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO DATE A FRIEND?

It is down to your personal judgement whether you feel it is a good idea to ask a friend out. You need to be clear in your head whether you are asking them out because you feel romantically attracted to them, or if you are just lonely and you enjoy

spending time with them. It is normal to feel confused about you feelings, but you must be clear about them before you disclose them to other people. Discussing it with other friends could lead to your friend finding out, so it is best to make the decision yourself. If you are in a dilemma about asking out a friend, take some time to read the points outlined below. Advantages of dating a friend  You don't have to go through the process of meeting or approaching them for the first time.  You will know information about them already such as their likes and dislikes.

 You will know if they are truly single.  If you are in a group of friends you will all know each other and won't have the problem of your date and friends not getting along. Disadvantages of dating a friend  By trading in a friendship for a relationship you risk losing both if things don't work out between you.  Although you will know your date, you won't know them romantically. There is a lot to learn about them in that way.  If things don't work out between you, you risk dividing a group of friends.

 If your friend rejects you, it can become very awkward and end your friendship.  If your friend finds out about your feelings towards them before you have a chance to ask them out, there is a chance your friend could avoid you, having the opposite effect you want to achieve.  If a relationship doesn't work out but you manage to save some sort of friendship, it will never be the same as before.  Be prepared for mixed emotions from friends towards your new relationship. Some will be happy for you, but others may not feel so

enthusiastic for you and some could even be jealous. Dating a Friend – The Do's  Make sure you are certain you are romantically interested in your friend, otherwise you could lose a good friend.  Be clear and upfront about your feelings right from the start. This will help to reduce mixed signals and any confusion.  Tell mutual friends early on about you dating so they don't feel like you have kept secrets from them.  When you go on a date together, go somewhere new to you both that isn't associated with your

friendship. Avoid going to places you went with your group of friends.  Avoid group dates, at the beginning anyway. You want to spend quality time getting to know each other in a different way and having friends about is a major distraction.  Prior to asking a friend out, think seriously about the consequences of your actions.  Remember your group friends will be affected by your decision to ask out a friend. Dating a Friend – The Don'ts  Never date a friend because you are lonely or on the rebound. That is

not the basis to start a relationship on and will end in one or both of you getting hurt.  Don't believe you are a perfect match and will live happily ever after. It is possible, but don't assume that is the case as you could be set for disappointment.  If you know your friend isn't the type of person who wants a long term relationship, but you do, don't kid yourself into thinking they will change for you. They might act the same with you as they have with past partners, so don't be fooled into thinking it will be different this time.

 If you have an issue with the new relationship, don't talk to your mutual friends about it as it will only create awkwardness and embarrassment for your date, your friends and even you. Can a relationship work between friends? Some say the basis of a good relationship is friendship. Knowing each other well is a great start, while there is still room to learn new things about each other but in a romantic way. If both people are dedicated and serious about making things work, then there is no real reason why is shouldn't work out.

POETRY O love love love love love love love love Is My Love (an ode)

I love my love As love should love But you never love As my love should love me. you got your colourful wings and you fly but I am never invited left as a flower without butterfly

You are the wish You are the desire

Every one loves to fill with But my heart pangs in despair. Even if I close my eyes and shut my mind My heart knows you come in as a rain In the hearts of people but mine I find In the desert under unbearable wreathing pain. platonic love my magic heart- shaped black coral and your zenith rock solid beauty ignite our inflammable emerald passions but I am a cock castrated by promises given to another hen, a fear gripped

in the lion heart of mine to earn ignominious fame so I sing the song of love like a cage- bird though my rhythm stolen by the burden of life I descend every night to the roof of your fairy dreams though my wings are cut by the piping eyes of bigots, I hear the waves of the sound carry the urge of your mysterious mystic eyes though some jealous created a wall I smell your showering breath in the flowers though the gardener leads the bees after me some sharks make hindrance to

taste your smile in the still waters still I pray to make you free from the blistering spell of charms of our love to be happy to prance around and give me all the pain of cuts of neighbours tongues. Her... I can never get my mind off her, I wonder if she'd mind if i'd, make her my own, and never let her go, hug her tight, treat her right, act all polite, take her on a date, make sure i'm never late,

kiss her on her lips, talk about our kids, Make her feel like princess, living in a castle, hope that is not too much hassle, But i am so blessed, hope i can be the best, hold you tight, have your BR3A$t, on my chest, pass the test, NOW YOUR MINE! Poem by Jordan Moore


Review: The leaden 'Man of Steel' doesn't soar

It has been a black eye to Hollywood that throughout this, the unending and increasingly repetitive age of the superhero blockbuster, the comics' most iconic son has eluded its grasp like a bird or, if you will, a plane. 

Turkey riot police battle protesters Turkish police remove protesters from Istanbul's Taksim Square after another night of clashes, as the demonstrators regroup in nearby Gezi Park. Turkish riot police have used tear gas to disperse thousands of antigovernment demonstrators who gathered on Taksim Square in Istanbul, after a day of sporadic clashes.

Many protesters regrouped in nearby Gezi Park, where unrest continued into Wednesday morning. At dawn, bulldozers moved into Taksim Square to clear away debris, barricades and makeshift shelters. Protests began 13 days ago over the redevelopment of Gezi Park. They then widened, with demonstrators accusing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of becoming increasingly authoritarian and trying to impose conservative Islamic values on a secular state. Mr Erdogan has offered to hold talks with protest organisers on Wednesday but correspondents say it is unclear whether the meeting will still take place in light of the clashes.

Ciara got notice of a breach-ofcontract lawsuit Saturday night when she performed at Los Angeles' Pride festival while singing onstage, TMZ reports.

New novel shows that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gets the race thing.Her picture below.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had already absorbed a disproportionate share of worldly knowledge by the time she quit pre-med studies in her native Nigeria

and travelled to the United States with the ambition to become a writer, brimming with enthusiasm for ...

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