JP Morgan Chase & Co. - Multidisciplinary Design Program

JP Morgan Chase & Co. - Multidisciplinary Design Program

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Platform Development: New Business Process Management Description of Project The JP Morgan Chase Commercia...

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JP Morgan Chase & Co. Platform Development: New Business Process Management Description of Project The JP Morgan Chase Commercial Card group provides products and services to corporations for Purchasing, Travel and Expense Management, and Business to Business payments to enable our clients to streamline payment processing, enhance spending controls, automate payment reconciliation and provide powerful data capture and reporting. These products are targeted to US Middle Market and Large Corporations through our Corporate and Investment Bank and Commercial Bank clients. Through acquisition, mergers and reorganization, the Commercial Card Division has seen significant changes over the past 10 years. The current business systems are non-ideal combination of manual processes and legacy systems from previous divisions.

The student team will design, develop, and validate a new, modern platform for the Commercial Card Division. The platform will be developed primarily using the open source jBPM Suite (Java Business Process Management). Students will be responsible for developing the base framework, U/I, and reporting function, while addressing communications to data storage and persistence (held in a different business system or within this application). The students will also develop and migrate at least one functional processes to the platform Students will evaluate and prioritize further business process for migration.

Phase I Deliverable Deliver approved design framework of the entire system built in jBPM that includes refined U/I and minimum viable functionality for reporting and communications. Include an approved wireframe that addresses data storage and persistence outside the system.

Complete business

process mapping of one function.

Include a Deliverable (Intermediate – Phase II) and Details Here: SUCCESS Implement an improved business process (more efficient and/or more effective) on the new platform. Additional functionality in reporting and refinement in UI Page 1 of 4

Include Stretch Goals and Details here: HIGH SUCCESS Integration of the data storage and persistence process connection to standard JPMC systems.

Location Project work will take place on campus during the semesters. The Commercial Card Division is based in Chicago and Elgin Illinois. Students will have multiple opportunities to visit the offices for contextual research/interviews and formal presentations. Students will be onsite in Chicago during their required summer internship.

Project Sponsor Mentor

Steven Benni Steve is a Lead Architect within the Consumer and Community Banking line of business for JP Morgan Chase & Co. Currently he is responsible for all architecture delivery for the Commercial Credit Card business where he has worked for 6 years delivering key initiatives for regulatory, compliance, new product development and technology roadmaps. In addition to his work in Commercial Card, Steve spends his time recruiting and developing talent for Global Technology through the Internship and Technology Analyst Programs. As a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Computer Science, he also leads recruiting strategy and execution on campus. Prior to joining JP Morgan Chase & Co, Steve worked in many technology roles from development, quality assurance, infrastructure, production support, and architecture while supporting a diverse range of industries including Manufacturing, Energy, Medical and more.

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Project Faculty Mentor Sugih Jamin Professor of Computer Science

Key Skills & Project Roles MDP Sponsored Projects are both a professional and academic learning experience for students. By participating in this program, students are actively preparing for graduate school and a professional career. As part of the experience, MDP expects professional behavior. To best prepare you for future professional opportunities, your experiences on this MDP team will be very broad. In addition to key technical skills that you will bring to the team, you will engage deeply in the self-directed learning of new and important concepts, demonstrate flexibility, collaboration, and cooperation, and develop strong professional communication skills. This also means that you will need to be able to work outside of your traditional area of study in the true multidisciplinary nature of our projects. You won’t always be able to anticipate how your skills and expertise will be used, so the MDP Sponsored Project will challenge you to grow and develop as a professional.

Project Roles General Programming (4 students) UI/UX Development (1 student)

Key Skills and/or Knowledge General Programming, Java

Business Process Mapping (1 student )

Financial and Business Domain Skills,

High quality intuitive HCI

Likely Majors Computer Science (CSE/CSLSA), Data Science School of Information (Human Computer Interaction), IOE(Human Factors), Art & Design (Graphics) BBA, IOE

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Desired Additional Knowledge, Skills and Experience: Object Oriented programming, jBPM Web Services, (SOAP / RESTful), Data modeling/SQL; general database knowledge, Value Stream Mapping, SIPOC mapping. Project Experience with: Java, Agile/Scrum development methods, Business Process Modeling or Mapping Project Experience, Interest in the financial / credit card industry.

Company Overview General Company overview here

Legal Requirements Citizenship and Right to Work Options (please select) Due to JP Morgan’s employment requirements, this project is open to US Citizens only.

Intellectual Property Agreements / Non-Disclosure Agreements All students will sign the standard MDP IP & NDA.

Internship Information Summer Internships (in Chicago) are required to participate on this team. US Citizenshp or Right to Work is required.

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