June 14) 1991 - CaltechCampusPubs

June 14) 1991 - CaltechCampusPubs

Ninety - Seventh Annual Commencenunt June 14) 199 1 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Ninety-Seventh Annual...

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Ninety - Seventh Annual Commencenunt

June 14) 199 1





Ninety-Seventh Annual Commencement


Welcome to Caltech "There is much that is pleasant and much that is sad in the exercises of commencement. With the congratulations; a las, there is too often the good-by." These sentiments are as true for this year's graduates as they were for the students for whom the words were

written- the


men and 4 women who g raduated from Throop Polytechnic Institute

in :1897- Those graduates were part of one of the first classes to graduate from Caltech's forerunner. Taday's graduates are a part of Caltech 's yearlong cen tennial celebration. The California Institute of Technology developed from a loca l school of arts and crafts founded by the Honorable Amos G. Throop, a prominent Pasadena businessman. Throop offered what was at that time a unique curriculum, emphasizing vocational and technical training. The schooL located in part of the Green Hotel, opened its doors on November 1, 1891. Initially named Throop Univ ersity, it was later renamed Throop PolytechniC 1nstitute. It became the California Ins titute of Technology in 1921. Today, Cal tech is located on a 124-acre campus and operates seven off-campus astronomical, seismologicaL and marine biological facilities, as well as adnl.inistering the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Caltech has an enrollment of some 1,800 students"more than half of whom are in graduate studies. The faculty, consisting of about 275 professorial members and more than 425 research members, includes three Nobel laureates. Over the years, 21 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Cal tech faculty members and alumni. Thirty-three Caltech faculty members and alumni have received the National Medal of Science and three have won the National Medal of Technology, the nation's highest honors in science and technology . The Institute is honored today to have President George Bush as its commencement speaker. Howe ver, President Bush is not the first U.S. president to attend a Caltech function. There have been five others-William Taft came while in office; Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover visited after leaving the Oval Office; Richard Nixon came when he was vice president; and Ronald Reagan spoke at a Caltech event as governor of California. The visit that drew the most attention, as evidenced by the local newspapers, was Teddy Roosevelt's on March 21, 1911. He was touring southern Califo rnia and stopped in Pasadena to give a lecture as a part of Throop's community lecture program. His talk, "A Zoological Trip Through Africa," was given in a 200Q-Seat amphitheater at the Hotel Maryland. Five dollars got a front-row seat; for one dollar you could stand in the back. Although the auditorium was reported to be full, it was not sold out. Every minute of Roosevelt's visit was reported in detail in the local newspaper, the Pasadena Sta r, including instructions on which street corners various civic groups were supposed to meet in order to greet the former president's motorcade down Colorado Boulevard. During his tour of Pasadena, TR visited Throop Hall, where he had some kind words to say about Throop: "I believe that the most impo rtant work for us in America today, in the way of education, is to train our people vocationally." William Taft's visit was much less elaborate than Roosevelt's. On October 16, 1911/ Taft was being hurried to Los Angeles for an appo intment. He took time out to gi ve a brief speech to a group of students of Throop Polytechnic Institute who were assembled in Tournament Park. On the study o f technical subjects Taft told the students, "Your

The 7977 commellcemenl was held in fronl of th e Throop 's "new" bllilding, Gates

Labora tory of Cllernistry ,


Pars011s-Gates Hall of Adm inistration.

mental discipline will be jus t as good w hen derived from these practical subj ec ts as if yo u secured yo ur mental discipline the old-fashioned way ." Taft continued , "I have no doubt th at thi s will be a most successful in stitut ion and congratu late Pasadena upon having it wi thin her walls." Little did Taft kn ow that onl y two yea rs later Throop Polytechnic Ins titute would be renamed Throop Co llege of Tec hnology . By '921 the name chang ed again, this time to the California Institute of Technology, and the Board of Trustees set th e school's new course: to pursue scientific resea rches of the grea test importan ce and "to continue to cond uct tho rough cou rses in engineering and pure science, basing the wo rk of the se co urses on exceptionally strong instructi on in the fundamental sciences of ma thema ti cs , physics, and chemistry; broadeni ng and enrichi ng th e curriculum by a liberal am o un t of in struction in such subjects as English, history, and economics ; and vitalizing all th e work of th e In sti tute by th e infusion in ge nerous measure of the spirit of resea rch." Herbert Hoover came to ca mpus on March 14, 1936- three years after he had left the White House. The occasion was the dedicati on of two buildings, North Mudd and Arms Laboratories. In reflecting on Caltech, Hoover sa id , " In the expan sion of human understandi ng and the lift to the human mind comes th e adva ncement of ci vil iza tion." Richard Nixo n, on a five-day tou r of Ca lifo rnia, visi ted the campus in Februa ry 1958, while he was vice president. He gave a speech to stud ents and faculty in Tournament Park. Photographs show Nixon and Ca l tech President Lee DuBridge, talkin g to reporters a nd shaking hands with well -wishers. Ronald Reaga n is th e only pres iden t of the fi ve who did not se t foo t on campus. While gove rn or of Californ ia, he was the keyno te speaker at a ga la dinner at the Ambassado r Hotel in Los Ange les on November 8, 1967- the kickoff event o f Caltech's development campaign , "Science for Mankind. " The students, faculty , and staff of Cal tech are looking forward 10 welcoming President Bush in this, our centennial year.


The Commencement Ceremony These tribal rites have a very long history. They go back to the ceremony of initiation for new university teachers in mediaeval Europe. It was then customary for students, after an appropriate apprenticeship to learning and the presentation of a thesis as their

masterpiece, to be admitted to the Guild of Masters of Arts and granted the license to teach. In the ancient University of Bologna this ri ght was granted by authority of the Pope and in the name of the Holy Trinity. We do not this day claim such high authority.

As in any other guild, whether craft or merchant, the master 's status was crucia L In theory at least, it separated the men from the boys, the compe tent from the incompetent. On the way to his master 's degree, a student might collect a bachelor 's degree in recognition of the fact that he was half-trained, or partially equipped. The doctor's degree was somewhat different. Origina ll y indistinguishable from the master's, the doctor's gradually emerged by a process of escalation into a supermagisterial ro le-first of all in the higher faculties of theology, law, and medicine. It will come as no surprise that the lawyers had a particu lar and early yen for this special disti nction . These gradations and distinc tions are reflected in the quaint and colorful niceties of academic dress. Of particular interest is the cap or mortarboard. In the form of the biretta it was the peculiar sign of the master. Its use has now spread far beyond that highly select group to school girls and choir boys and even to the nursery school. Sic Iral1sil .... The gown, of course, is the basic livery of the schola r, wi th its clear marks of rank and status-the pointed sleeves of the bachelor, the oblong sleeves of the master, the full sleeves and velvet trimmings of the doctor. The doctors, too, may depart from basic black and break out into many colors- Harvard crimson or Yale blue or the sca rlet splash of Oxford. Color is the very essence of the hood: color in the main body to identify the un iversity; color perhaps in the binding to proclaim the subject of the degree-orange for engineering, gold for science, th e baser copper for economics, white for arts and letters ,

green for medicine, purple for law, scarlet for theology, and so on. Size is a further variable, as the hoods tend to lengthen from the three feet of the bachelor to the four of the doctor. So the birds are known by their plumage. With this color and symbolism, which is medi aeval though mutated, we stage our brief moment of pageantry, paying homage to that ancient community of scholars in

whose shadow we stand, and acknowledging our debt to the university as one of the great institutional constructs of the Middle Ages. While looking back, however, we also celebrate the achievements of this present generation of students and look forward to the future of these o ur younger colleagues, whom we now welcome to our midst. David C. Elliot Professor of Hislory, Emerilus


Academic Procession Chief Marshal, David B. Wales, Ph.D. Caltech Student Color Guard Assistant Marshals Arden L. Albee, Ph.D.

Christopher E. Brennen, D.Phil.

Judith R. Goodstein, Ph.D.

Robert W . Oliver, Ph.D.

Ward Whaling, Ph.D.

David S. Wood, Ph.D.

Fa culty Officers Steven E. Koonin, Ph.D .

Daniel ). Kevles, Ph.D.






Leslie ,. Deutsch , Ph.D.

TIle ea/tech Convocntions Brnss and Percllssion Ensemble William Bing, M.M., Condllctor


Ruben F. Mettler, Ph.D. Ciwirman of the Board of Trustees Califomia Institllte of Technology

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Caltech Glee Clubs, Cal tech Convocations Brass and Percussion Ensemble, and Organ Lynda Anders, Soloist


Dr. Marguerite Shuster Pastor, Knox Presbyterian Churcl •


. Pete Wilson

Governor of the State of California


. George Bush President of the United States



. The Caltech Glee Clubs Donald G. Caldwell, D.M.A., Condllctor

"Hallelujah" from Messiah George Frederick Handel The alldiellce w ill please rise during the singing of tile "Ha llelujah " cllOTIIS.


. Thomas E. Everhart, Ph.D. President Califomia Institut e of Technology


PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES For the Degree of Bachelor of Science. Christopher E. Brennen, D.Phil. Dean of Students

For the Degree of Master of Science

Gary A. Lorden, Ph.D . Vice President for Student Affairs

Arden L. Albee, Ph.D.

For the Degree of Engineer .

Dea" of Graduate Studies

For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Biology

. Dr. Albee John N. Abelson, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Fred C. Anson, Ph.D. Divisioll Chairman

Engineering and Applied Science

John H. Seinfeld, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Geological and Planetary Sciences


J. Stevenson, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Humani ties and Social Sciences

David M. Grether, Ph.D. Division C/lairman

Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.

. Gerry Neugebauer, Ph.D. Division Chairma'l


President Everhart


The Cal tech Glee Clubs


Dr. Shuster


The Cal tech Convoca tions Brass and Percussion Ensemble


. Dr. Deutsch



Candidates jar Degrees BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Pasadena, California Engineering and Applied Science San lose, California Physics Myron Dongh yo Ahn' Riverside , Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Keith Takumi Aka ma Los Angeles, California Biology Eric Ryan Anderson Deming, Was/ling/oil Engineering and Applied Science Imran Aziz Karachi , Pakistan Electrical Engineering Joseph Bach Haifa, Israel Engineering and App lied Science Francis Morgan Ballllr ~ Maplewood, Missou ri Physics Boyd Roger Bangerter' Da/lVille, Californ ia Electrical Engineering Brandon Max Baumert" LOl1g Bea ch. Calif o I'll in Chemica l Engineering Marc Wes ley Abel

La rry Eugene Ah le'

Golda Bernstein



Sabeer Bhatia" Bangalore, India

Applied Mathematics Electrical Engincering

Meeten Bhavsar'" Rallcho Cucamonga, California Electrical Engineering and Economics Brian Lee Biswell Olympia , Washin gton Engineering and Applied Science Seth Scott Bitrker" Scottsdale, Arizolla Mathematics Cha rles Leroy Blake Norwicll, COllnecticllt Physics

Brooklyn, New York Physics Los Ange les , California Physics Chris Jam es Campo Sall Jose, California Geophysics Ha rry J. Catrakis" Athens, Greece Engineerin g and Applied Science Alecia Jl1ei-Hsia Chen Providence, Rhode Island Engineering and App lied Science Leonard Peter Chen'" San /1/{1Il Capistrano, CaliforHia Electrica l Engineering Helen Hsin-I Cheng' Cyp ress, California Biology Larry Cheng' Cerritos, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Ajay Dinesh Ch heda Blairstown, New lersey Biology Sylvia Pui Chec Chin" HOIlOl u/lI , Hawaii Electrica l Engi neering Tien-Yee Chiu CO!lI1n b·ia, Maryland Mathematics Mike Truan Chou· Torral1ce, Cnliforllin Physics Jonathan Kwok-C hing Chow Hong Kong, Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Brett Dana Bochner'

Kenneth Lee Campman'

Science Charles Bryan Coo k

Deckerville, Micl.igan Engineering and Applied Science Santa Ana, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science

Allen Michael Corcorran

Students whose names are followed by an as terisk are being graduated with honor in accordance with a vote of the faculty.


BACHElOR OF SCIENCE - Continued David Ernest Coufal'

Colorado Sp rings, Colorado


Portland , Oregon Engineering and Applied Science Ruchira Sreemati Datta Pasadella , Califomia Mathematics Mark Norman Dailey

Michael William Deem.lf Mark Andrew Dinan"

Bernardsville, New Jersey Alexandria, Virgillia

Chemica l Engineering


Samuel Howard Dinkin Fresno, California Economics Lindsey Norman Dubb Belmont, Califomia Biology Alexander Vlad imi rovich Dukhovny San Francisco, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Pete Harry Dussin Portland, Oregon Engineering and App lied Science Michael Dean Ehlers' Lincoln, Nebraska Chemistry Gilad Israel Elbaz Pasadena , Califomia Engineering and Applied Science and Economics David Gary Emerson Strathmore, Califomia Electrica l Eng ineering Thomas Michael Fiola' Venice, Florida Physics Kim Dorian Flowers Portland, Oregon Engineering and Applied Science Amar Suryakant Gandhi' Rajkol, India Engineering and Applied Science Milind Mukund Gangal La Crescenta, Califomia Biology John Henry Gass· New Llano, Louisiana Electrical Engineering David Francis Geraghty' Iowa Cily, Iowa Engineering and Applied Science

Jeffrey Peter Hage n Shell Beach, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Cu rt Oliver I-lagenlocher Sanla Rosa, California Engineering and Applied Science David Carlos Hall Madrid, Spain Engineering and Applied Science Scott Raymond Harris Cosla Mesa, California Engineering and Applied Science Lau ra Juliet Hernandez' Sanla Monica, Califomia Biology and Engineering and Applied Science Wendell Tate Hicken' WI,iltier, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Jay Willard Higley Magna, Utah Applied Physics Matt Saul Himmelstein North Hollywood, California

Engineering and Applied


Jacqueline Marie Holmes Titusville, Florida Chemical Engineering Ga ry Roger Holt' Los Angeles, Califomia Biology

Gunnison, Colorado Biology and ChemiStry Fair Oaks, Califomia Independent Studies ProgralT' Mark Andrew Huie San Francisco, California Engineering and Applied Science Stephen Victor Hwan' San Carlos, California Electrical Engineering Michael Paul Ida Honolulu, Hawaii Physics and Applied Mathematics Yayoi Izumi' Tokyo, Japan Electrical Engineering

John Robert Hoskins Susan Rae Howard




New Delhi, Illdia Engineering and Applied Science Mesa , Arizona Engineering and Applied Science Jun-Young Edwin Jeon Los Angeles, Califo",ia Electrical Engineering Jennifer J. Joh Cllntsworth, California Electrical Engineering Eric Charles Johns on Palos Heights, Illinois Engineering and Applied Science Nikhil Ranjan Joshi Pn/o Alto, California Astronom y Steve Jun Franklill , Michigan Electrical Engineering Eric Michael Kassa n Los Al1geJes, Califomia Economics Hemant Vasant Keny La Palma, Califo",ia Biology Zulfiqar Hameed Khan' Lahore, Pakistall Electrical Engineering Thomas George Kiefer lf Torrance , California Physics Dong-Su Kim' Seolll, Korea Applied Phys ics Jinha Kim' Los Allgeles, Califontia Physics Adam Jack King Sarlla Barbara, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Dimitri Jay Kirill Dearborn, Michigall Physics Scott Robert Kister" Columbus , 01,io Engineering and Applied Science and Sandeep Jain

Gregory Alan James"


Melinda Ann Knox

Littleton, Massachllsetts

Biology and Engineering and Applied


Allen Ivar Knutson'

New York, New York Mathematics Garden Grove, California Applied Mathematics

Daniel Sung Woon Ko'

Lakewood, Co lorado Chemical Engineering Ga lveston, Texas Physics Michael Kwan'" San Francisco, California Chemical Engineering Janet Lai lf HOllg Kong, Hong KOrlS Chemical Engineering Ngocdiep Thi Le' FOllntain Valley, Califo",ia Biology Alice Chia-Ho Lee' Irvine, California Electrical Engineering Anita Ka-Ying Lee' Platteville, Wiscollsin Applied Ph ysics Kyung Woo Lee Seoul, Korea Engineering and Applied Science Zhaohong Li' Silanghai, China Engineering and Applied Science Ralph Shih-Ying Lin' Ranc/IO Palos Verdes , Califo",ia Biology Jeffrey Alan Koehler

Tanya Kristine Kurosky

Robert Edmund Lister

Ottawa, Kansas

Engineering and Applied Science

Waterloo, Olltario, Callada Biology Emily I-Ming Lo Metairie, LOllisiana Engineering and Applied Science Mitchel1 Edward Loescher Germantown , Tennessee Chemical Engineering and Eugene Stephen Lit'


EI Monte, California Engineering and Applied Science Cupertino, California Geochemistry

Yun Fong Loh' Dave Long




Billings, Montana Engineering and Applied Science Pasadella, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Quoc Thai An Luu Ontario, Califomia Appl ied Physics Thuan Phuong LUll East Hartford , COlillecticilt Engineering and Applied Science Mark Thomas Lyttle Atlmila, Georgia Engineering and Applied Science Bruce Clyde Macartney-Filga te Raleigh, North Carolilla Physics Raif Majeed Frederick, MarylGlld Physics Russell Alan Manning' Downers Grove, Illillois Eng ineering and Applied Science Mark Norman Markarian Manteca, California Engineering and Applied Science Robin Edward Luckey'

Kev in Erick luster"

J, Ben Masek

Reims, Frm1ce

Engineering and Applied Science

Steven Andrew McLaughlin' Bellevue, Washillg toll Economics and Biology Timothy Ian Melbourne La Cmlada, California Geophysics Evangelos Metaxides Tltcssalo71iki , Greece Engineering and Applied Science Celina Jadwiga Mikolajczak' Coro>lario, California Engineering and Applied Science Theodore John Mlynar POllnd Ridge, New York Electrical Engi neering Peter George Marcos Dallas, Pellnsylvania Engineering and Applied Science David Harris Morton Citrus Heights, California Physics Michael Paul Mossey' Cincinnati, Ohio Engineering and Applied Science Ashoke Aditya Mukherji' McMinnville, Ten>lessee Economics Christopher John Myers' Billillgs, Montana Electrical Engineering and History Sandor Zoltan Nagy' Concord, California Engineering and Applied Science Cass Keiji Nakasone Honollllll , Hawaii Engineering and Applied Science Eric C. Newman· S/laron, Massachusetts Electrical Engineering Jimmy King-Fung Ng FOllntain Valley, California Engineering and Applied Science Robert Joseph Padula Missioll Hills, Kansas Electrical Engineering Steven Leslie Palm' Escondido, California Engineering and Applied Science Daniel B. Pang Sall/ose, California Engineering and Applied Science Annetta Myrta Papadopoulos Albuq uerqlle, New Mexico Engineering and Applied Science David Joohyung Park Glenview, Illinois Engineering and Applied Science David Mason Peterson

Summit, New Jersey


Hoang Xuan Pham Fairballks, Alaska Engineering and Applied Science Christopher Jan Pluhar Nonoood, Massachllsetts Geology Harold Randolph Pollock Bayside, New York Engineering and Applied Science Michael Dean Pottenger Fair Oaks, California Engineeri ng and Applied Science Jack Lawrence Prater HOHston, Texas Physics Mitchell Mirko Pravica Des Plaines , [I/i110is Applied Phys ics Rajeev Jagga Ram

Bakersfield, California

Applied Physics


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE - Continued Carlos Ernesto Ramirez

Sandy, Utah

Jinend ra Kumar Ranka'

Poughkeepsie, New York

Joseph Kurth Reynolds'

Austin, Texas

Michael Richard Ricci A tul ya Risal

Applied Physics

Electrical Engineering

Westminster, California

Behzad Sad eg hi

Tehran, Iran

Pongsko rn Saipetch'

Engineering and Applied Science

East Allrora, New York

Erik Lee Russell


Mathematics Ph ysics

Bangkok, Thailand

Michael Sergey Samoilov' Lyle Nathan Scheer

Engineering and Applied Science

Chatswortl1, Califomia

Ka thmandu, Nepal

Michael Jos eph Rozak'

Electri cal Engineerin g


Mathematics and Ph ysics

Moscow , US SR

Engineering and App lied Science

Morristown, New Je rsey

Mark And rew Schmidt

Warsaw , Indiana

Erich Russell Schneider

Lancaster, California

Engineering and Applied Science

Keana Cecilia Kim Sco tt

Flushing, New York

Engi neeri ng and Applied Science

Samantha Andrews Seaward' Dylan Bernard Selegue'


Solana Beach, California



Sepulveda , California

Bangniore, India Electrical Eng in ee ring Montebello , Califomia Electrical Engineering Brian Remy Shim"" Al1alleim, Ca/iforHia Electrical Enginee ring Arthur Shmurun San Mateo , Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Michael Forrest Simpson'" Tampa , Florida Chemic al Eng ineering Suresh Shanmugam'"

Raymond Tei-Luen Shen'

Barry Cushing Stipe'

Phy sics

Bellingham, Washin gton

Kurt Jon a than Storm Collinswood, New Jersey Geology Alexandre Borges Sugiyama New York, New York Economics AtulSuklikar'

Bombay, India

Pa tri ck James Sullivan

Elec trical Engineering

Miami , Florida

William Joseph Swanson

Applied Mathematics

Hastin gs, Minnesota

Ha milton Roger Tang' Tempe , Arizona David Marc Taub

Woodland Hills , Califomia

Da vid Alan Townsend


Laguna Nigue l, Ca lifomia

Matthew Lamont Tyler' Edwa rd Case Vail'

Engineering and Applied Science

Applied Physics

Sal t Lake City, Utah

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Physics and Geophysics

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mark John Vaughan' Lomita, Califomia Elec trical Engineering Mark Wesley Vermies West Dun dee, Illi,lOis Eng inee ring and Applied Science " Elizabe th Augusta Warner" Willits, Califomia Alex Wein

New York, New York

Robert Bernard Welstand John Alan Wendel'

Chemistry and Geochemistry

Chemistry and Histo ry

Pinole, California

Mason City, Iowa

Electrical Engineering

Chem is try




Doraville, Georgia Mathematics Lo s Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science Peyjen Wu.... Taipei, Taiwan Electrical Engineering Su-Lin Wu' Los Angeles, Califomia Engineering and Applied Science Peter Scott Wyckoff" Sidney, Ohio ChemkaI Engineering Anna Maria Yeak ley EI Paso, Texas En gineering and Applied Science Julie Lee Yee Sacramel1 to, Cal ifonlia Mathematic::; Linda Tak Pui Ying' Hong Kong, Hong Kong Elec trical Engineering Peter Ying Fo rest Hills, New York Engineering and Applied Science and Economics Syed Hassan Yousaf La/lOre, Pakistan Electrica l Engineering Michael Youssefmi r"" Scot tsda le , Arizona Ph y~ ic::; and Mathematics Elizabeth Anne West

Allan Quon Wong


MASTER OF SCIENCE Barry Edward Ambrose (Electrical Engineering) M.5c., Trinity College, Dublin "990. Ariel David Anbar Dimitrios Antsos

B.E., University College Cork 1986;

(Geoclle/nistry) A.B., Harvard College "989. (Electrical Engineerillg) B.5., California Insti tute of Technology

"99 0 . Susan Aposto laki Athens 1989.

(B iology)

Prychio, Nationa l and Kapodistrian University of

Mohammad Azeem (Electrical Engilleering) California Tnstitute of Technology "990.

B.A., Reed College "990; B.5.,

Shawn Joseph Beard (Aeronal/tics) B.s., University of Washington "990. David Patrick Berners (E lectrical £lIgil1cer ill gj S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology "990. Antoine Boder (Aeronautics) Dip lomc d'Ingenicuf, Ecole Centra le des Arts et Manufactures 1990.

Louis John Boschell i (Citemical Engineering) Urbana-Champaign 1987.

B.5., UniverSity of JII inois at

(Aero nalltics) B.5., Universi ty of California, Berkeley 1989. (Chem ical Engineering) B.5., Oregon State Uni versity 1988. Laura l ynn Brockman (Biology) B.A., Universit y of Ca lifornia, Berkeley 1989. Todd Andrew Brun (Physics) A.B., Harvard College 1989. Jon Alan Brunetti (Electrical Engilleerillg) B.5., Co lorad o State University 1985. Yu Cao (Physics) B.5" Univers it y of Science and Technology of China 1989. Joseph E. Cates (Aerona lltics) B.5., Un iversity of A labama '990. Harr y J. Catrakis (Aero llallti cs) B.5., California Institute of Technology 1991. Benjamin In-ning Chang (Socia l Scic nce) B.A., National Taiwan Uni vers ity 1979; M.A., U ni versity of Oregon 1984. Chong Chen (Compl/tatioll alld Nellral Systems) B.S., Xiamen University 1982; M .S., University of Rhode Is land '985. Guangqing Chen (Pllysics) B.5. , Peking University 1989. Xiaodong Chen (C ivil Engineering) B.5., Tongji University 198); M.S., 1986. John Murray BOIVen

Richard Dean Braatz, Jr.

Celia Hui Ping Chia ng (Aero1!!l lltics) B.5., University of California, los Angeles 19 8 9. Jung-Chih Ch iao (Electrical Ellgineering) B.5. , Nationa l Taiwan University 1988. Howard Marc Choset (Mec1wl1icn/ Ellg;I1cerillg) 8.5.E. (Computer Science) , University o f Pennsy lvania 1990; B.S. (Economics), 1990.

Vassilis Christoph il os of Athens '990. Thomas Wright Cooley Institute 1988.

(Mecllmlicnl Engineerillg)

(Electrical Engineering)

Edward Timothy Croke III

(Applied Physics)

B.S. , ~ationa l Technical University B.5., Rensselae r Polytechnic

B.5., Cornell University 1986.

MASTER OF SCIENCE - Continued Kaustuv Mukul Das (Mathe matics) B.A., Vass", College 1989. Ramee! S. Dave (Phys ics) B.A., University of California, Berkeley "989. Jay Walter Dawson (Applied Physics) B.5., Carnegie-Mellon University 1988. Michael Peter De Lisio, Jf. (Electrical Engineering) B.S.E., The University of Michigan "990. Nei lay N. Dedhia (Chemical Engineering) B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1989. Robert Francis Denkewalter (E le ctrical Engineering) B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology "989; B.S. (Physics), 1989. Chariklia Economou (Chemical Engineering) Diploma, University of Patras 1988. Gamze Erten (Electrical Engi neering) B.S., Stanford University 1985. Hinrich Eylefs (Environme ntal EI1gillcerillg Sciel1ce) Dip lam, Technische Universitat Munchen "990. Wen-Hsiu Fan (Envirol1lnentai EI1gincering Science) Beijing University_ John Jay Feiler (Physics) S.B. (Chemistry), Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1986; S.B. (Mathematics), 1986. Michael Joseph Flanagan (Electrical Engineering) B.E., Stevens Institute of Technology "990. Alan Joel Frankel (Chemistry) B.5., Yale University 1988. William Everett Fulcher (App li ed Mechanics) B.5., Virginia Polytechnic Institute 1978; M.D. , University of California, San Diego 1987. Stewart Craik Gallocher (Applied Mechanics) M.Eng., University of Glasgow "989. Haiyan Gao (Physics) B.5., Tsinghua University 1988. Kelly Dee Goodwin

(Envil'011fllCnlni Ellgineerillg Sciellcej

19 88 . Vidyabhusan Gupta 19 8 9.

(Electrical Engineering)

B.S., University of Florida

B.5., University of California, Berkeley

(Env ironmental EI1g'il1eeril1g Science) B.5., Southern Methodist University 1990. David Ryan Haub (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology "990. Arni Hauksson (Meci1anical Engineering) B.S., University of Iceland "990. Kent Lewis Heady (Applied Physics) B.S. , Kansas State University 1988. Michael Patrick Hannigan

Scott Craig Heifetz (Aeronautics) B.S.E., The University of Michigan "990. Thomas Scott Hemphill (Computer Science) B.5., California Institute of Technology 19 87 . Harm Peter Hofstee (Compuler Science) B.5c., University of Groningen 1983; M.Sc., 19 88 . Gregory James Holk (Geology) B.S., Arizona State University "989. Danny Dwyane Howard (Aeronautics) B.S. , Mississippi State Universi ty 1990.




Zhen Hu (Physics) B.S., Fudan Un iversity '989. Mei-J iau Huang (Mechanical Engineering) B.5., Nationa l Taiwan University 1989John Michael Iannelli (Applied Ph!!sics) B.5., Rensselaer Polytechn ic Institu te '987. Katsumi Iijima (Electrical Engineering) B.E., Hokkaido University 1983; M.E., '985. Kosta !lie

(Electrical Engineerillg)

B.S., University of Beograd '990.

Mo hit Kumar Jain (Ma terials Sciellce) B.Tech., Indian Institllte of Technology, Kanpur 1989. Sameer Madhav Jalnapurkar (E le ctri cal Engineering) B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay ' 990.


B.S., Beijing University 1988. (Applied PI,ysics) B.S., Stanford University '989. Robert David Johnson (Chemical Engineering) B.S., Cornell University 1988. Wen Jiang

Craig Tsung-Wei Jin

(Physics ) B.A. , Magdalen Co llege, University of Oxford 1989. (Applied Physics) B.5., University of Colorado at Boulder 1989. Ke tan Padmakar Josh i (Electr ical Engineering) B.E. , University of Poona '990. Ararat Kapouytian (Electrica l Engineering) B.S., University of Southern Cal iforni a '990 . Daniel John Kennefick (Physics) B.5e., University College Co rk 1987; M.Sc., '989 . Shaun Kevin Kirby (Physics) B.5.E., Prin ceto n University '989' Atsuko Kobayashj Kirschvink (Environmental Engineering Science) B.E., Doshisha Uni versi ty 1976. David William Koerner (Planetary Science) B.5., Californ ia S tate University, Long Beach '989. Na tas a Kovacevic (Mathematics) B.S., University of Belgrade 1986. Ushma Kripl an i (PI,ysics ) B.5c. , St. Xavier's College 1986; M.5c., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 1988. Yan P. Kuhn De Ch izell e (Mecha nical Engineering) Inge ni eur, Ecole Poly techniqu e Lawrence Aston Jones Ka ren Rae Jonscher

De Lausanne 1988.

Ming-Chieh Lee

(Electrical Eng ineeri ng) B.S ., Natio nal Taiwan University 1988. (Social Scie nce) B.A., Uni versity of Southern California 1987. A lexa nde r Abraham Lesin (Mat l,emati cs) M.5. (Applied Mathematics), Moscow Institute of Gas and Oil 1987 ; M.5. (Computer Science), 1987. Peng Lia n (Social Science) B.5., Xiamen University 1984; M.A., '987 . Duo-min Lin (Engineering Science) B.5., University o f Science and Technol ogy of China 1986; M.E., 1988. Gary Hung-Hsin Lin (Meellanica l Eng ineering) B.S. , University of California, Irvi ne '99 0 . Chang Liu (Electrical Engineering) B.E., TSinghua University '990. Ji anqia ng Liu (Electrical Eng in eering) B.5., Nanjing University '983; M.S., 1986. Rongzhi Liu (Physics) B.5., University of Science and Technology of China 1986. Stacey Sookyoung Lee


MASTER OF SCIENCE -Continued Zhenhuan Liu (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., University of Science and Technology of China 1988. HOi-Kwong Lo (Physics) B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge Uni versity 1989. Phillip Michael lovalenti (Chemical Engineering ) B.S., University of Akron 1988. Michael Jay Malak (Physics) S.B., Massachusetts Insti tute of Technology 1989. Rona ld Richard Marquardt Technology 1989.

(Applied Physics)

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of

(Civil Engineering) Licenciatura, Universidad Naciona l Aut6noma de Mexico 1989. David Solomon Marx (E lectrical Engineering) B.S.E., University of Pennsylvania 19 86 . James lawrence Maxwell (Mecllallical Engineering) B.S., Brigham Young University 198 9. Mark Bradley Milam (Elec:rical Engineering) S.B. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1988. Robert Joseph Miles (Applied Physics) B.5., United States Naval Academy 1982 ; M.5 ., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1989. Jeffrey Franklin Morris (Chemical Engineerillg) B.Ch.E., Georgia Institute of Technology 1989. Bryon Alan Mueller (Physics) B.S., University of Minnesota 1989. Jones Maxime Murphy, Jr. (Physics) The City College of The City University of New York. Ricardo Martinez-Lagunes

Elizabeth Ann Nagy (Geology) B.A., University of Colorado 1989. Lim Nguyen (Electrical Engineerillg) S.B. (Electrical Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology 198) ; S.B. (MathematiCS) , 1984. Scott Robert Olson (Applied Physics) B.S., University of California, Irvine 1988. Kazuyuki Orita (Electrical Engineerillg) B.E., Kyoto University 1981; M.E., 1983. James Patrick Ostrowski (Mechanical Engineering) Sc.B ., Brown University 1990. Panayiotis Nikolaos Pantzicas (Chemical Eng;'leerillg) Diploma, University of Patras 1987. Michal leah Peri (Physics) B.A., University of California, San Diego 1986. Edward Elisha Pesulima (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Florida Atlantic University 1987; M.S., 1990. Pctr Pich (Applied Mechanics) In g., Ceske Vysoke Ueeni Technicke 1988. Deborah Jenne Primeau (Physics) B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1989. Alice Claire Quillen (Physics) A.B., Harvard College and Radcliffe College 1984. Roopa Ramamoorthi (Chemical Engineering) B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 1989. Kannan Rangaramanujam (Chemical Enginee ring) B.E., Birla Institute of Technology and Science 1988 ; M.S., Pennsylvania State University 1989. Sanjeev K. Rao (Pllysics) B.Sc., Regional College of Education 1986; M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1988.




(Physics) B,A" University of California, Berkeley 1989, (P hysics) B,s" University of Missouri-Columbia 1989,

Paul Shelton Ray

Daniel Seymour Reed

Anna M, Rhee (Mechanical Engineering) B,s" University of California, Berkeley 19 89, Patrick E. Riviere (Electrical El1gineeril1g) DiplOme d'Ingen ieuf, Ecole Superieure d'lngenieurs en Electrotechniquc et Electronique 1991.

Mark Sanford Robins

(Electrical Engineering I B,s" Cornell University 1990, (Physics) B,s" Yale University '988, (Applied Physics) B,s" State University of New York at Buffalo

Philip Jeffrey Rosenthal

Todd Michael Rossi 1986; M.5" '988, Joshua Roth (Astronomy) B,A" University of California, Berkeley 1984, Randal Anthony Salvatore (Electrical Engineering) B.5,E" The University of Michigan '990, linda salzhauer

(E lect rical Engineering)

A,B" Dartmouth College 1989,

(Electrical Engineering) B.5" Arizon a State University 1990, Kate scholbers (Physics) B.5c" McGill University 1989. Tim R, shippert (Physics) s,B" Massachusetts Institute of Technology '989, Deborah Rebecca shnek (Chemical Engineerin g) s, B" Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989, Ronald Lyn Siefert (Environmental Engineering Science) 8.Ch ,E" University of Umberto Santoni

Minnesota 1990.

Julia Dusk Smith (Physics) B,s" University of Arkansas 1989, Kelly 5, Smith (Env ironm ental Engineering Science) B.5 " Michigan State University 19 8 9, Paul Andrew Smith (Chemistry) A,B" Harvard College '981 , Xiaodong Song (Geophysics) B.5" University of Science and Technology of China 1986, Adam Diedrich Steltzner (App lied Mech"nics) B.5" University of California, Davis 1990 , Tab Allen Stephens (Materials Science) B.5" Texas A&M University 1990,

(Social Science) B,A" University of California, Berkeley 1989, (Geophysics) B,A " Trinity College, Cambridge University 1987, Toshiko Takata (Pla netary Science) B,S" Nagoya University 1985, Jorge Enrique Tierno (E le ctrical Erlgirzeeringj lng en iero Electricista, Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay 1989. Shubha Padmakar Tole (Biology) B.5<-, st. Xavier's College 1987, Mark Edward Tomusiak (Chemical Engineering) B.5" Uni vers ity of Saskatchewan 198 7, Grace Pei-Ying Tsang (Electrical Engineerillg) S,B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984, Kristin Erica Sza kal y Paul James Tackley



(Chemical Ellgilleerjllgj Diploma, Unive rsity of Patras 1.988. (Aeronantics) B.5c. , The University of Man itoba '990. Soph ie 1. Valcke (Env ironmelltal Engineerillg ScieJlce) B.l ng., University of Sherbrooke '990. Siddhartha Valluri (Aeronantics) B.Tech., Ind ia n in stitute of Tech nology, Kanpur '99 0 . Lara Louise Van Nostrand (Me chrwicn l Ellgil1eering) B.S., Polytechnic University '990. James Lee Vea l, Jr . (MecJulII icaJ Engineering) S.B., Massachuse tts Insti tute of Technology 1989. Peter K. Vedder (C ivil Engineering) B.5. (Civil Engi neering), Northwestern University '990; B.5. (App lied Mathematics), '990. Benoist Yvan Marie Vercheri n (Elec trical Ellgilleerin g) Dip lom e, Grenoble Universi ty Michael Tsapatsis

Richard M ikio Tsuyuki

1987; Dipiome d' Ingen ieuf, Ecole Superieure d' ingen ieurs en Elecrrotechnique et Elec tron ique '991.

Roger Anton Vreugdenhil

(Civil Engineering)

B.E., University of Canterbu ry '990.

Matthew Tho mas Wa ll ace (Electrical Engineering) B.5., United States Naval Academy 1984. Christopher Wi lli am Walter (Physics) B.A. , University of California, Santa Cru z '9 8 9.

(MeclJanicnl Engineering) Sc.B., Brown University 1990. (Applied Physics) B.E., University of Saskatch ewan 1989. Yiu-Fai Isaac Wong (Compu tatioll aJ1d Neural Systcll'lsj B.5., Ca lifo rnia Institute of Technology 1986; M.s., 1987. David Judson Wood (Geology) B.5.E., Princeton University 1986. Kazunori Yasuda (Electrical Ellgilleerillg) B.E., University of Tokyo 1984. Chris Yu Fai Yiu (E lectrical Ellg iJ1eerillg) B.S., Wayne State University 1989. Cecilia Nga i-Sze Yu (Electrical Ellgilleering) B.S., University of Californ ia, Berkeley 1990 . Zhe ng Zeng (E lectrical Ellgilleerillg) B.E., Tsinghua Univers ity 1988. Yongfang Zhang (Electrical Engilleerillg) B.S., Northwest University 1982; M.s., Huazhong University of Science and Technology 1984. Jian Zhu (Biology) B.S., Fudan University 1986. Ma rk Eugene Walter

Michael We i-Ching Wang

ENGINEER Guill aume Georges Gav illet (Mecirallical Ellgilleering) Diploma of Engineer, Ecole Nationa le Superieure d'Electrotechnique, d'Electronique, d'lnformatique et d'Hydrau lique 1988. Lad. Popovic

(Electrical £llgineerillg)

B.5., University of Belgrade 1986.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DIVISION OF BIOLOGY Elliot Charles Altman (Bio logy) B.5., Texas A&M University 1979; B.5., 1980, Thesis: Characterization of the SeeB Protein, a Chaperone that Facilitates Protein Secretion in Escherichia coli. John lincoln Bowman (Biology) B.S., University of Illinoi s at Urbana-Champaign 1986. Thesis: Molecular Genetics of Flower Development in Arabidopsis thalian a. Stephen Pau l DeWeerth (Complltatioll ,1IId Nel/ral Systems) 1985 ; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Analog Vls i Circuits for Sensorimotor Feedback.

B.A., Wartburg College

Michael Roy Emerling (Bio logy ) B.A., University of Ca lifornia, Berkeley 198), Thesis: Enzymatic Hydro lysis of ,he Amide Bond: Mutagenic Studies of the Mechanisms of a-Lytic Protease and ,8- Lacta ma se.

John Gregory Harris (Computation anri Neural Systems) Institute of Technology 198} ; M.5., 1986. Thesis: Analog Models for Early Vision.

S.B., Massachusetts

Paul Kenneth Herman (Molecu lar Biology and Biochemistry) B.5c., University of Manitoba 198X. Thesis: Protein Sorting in the Eukaryotic Secretory Pathway: An Essential Role for a Nove l Yeast Protein Kinase. Jan H£kan Hoh (Ce l/lllar Biology and Biophysics) B.S., Illinois State University 198}. Thesis: Studies on the Structure and Molecular Diversity of the Gap Junction, James Julius Knierim (Neurobiology) B.A ., Haverford College 198}. Thesis: Neural Responses to Texture Patterns in Area V1 of the Alert Monkey. Michael Alan l ochri. (Biology) B.A ., University of Colorado 198}. Thesis: Molecular Biology of G Protein Alpha Subunits from Bovine Photoreceptors and the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Nagesh Kalyana Mahanthappa (Nel/robiology) B,A. (C hemistry), University of Colorado 1985; B.A. (Biology), 1985. Thesis: Functional and Biochemical Studies on Neuronal Thy-x. Kenneth John McCormack (Ne urobiology) B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz 19 85. Thesis: Structure-Function Studies of Drosophila Slinker Potassium Channels. Jeffrey H. Miner (Mole",l"r Biology and Biochemistry) B.A., Northwestern University 1985. Thesis: Factors Regulating Skeletal Muscle Development: Cell Culture and Transgenic Mouse Studies. \4'hen mOre than one field of sw dy is listed. in the Division of Biology it indicates a dual major; in other divisions the first is the major and tlIe second and others are minors.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued Sean Stuart Molloy (Biology) B.A., Reed College ]984. Thesis: A Study of the Type II Ca 2 + I Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase in Hippocampal Neurons.

Richard Daniel Mooney


B.S., Yale University '981.

Thesis: The Development of Connectivity and the Nature of Synaptic Transmission between A vian Song COJl trol Nuclei.

Bruce Lowell Patton (Neurobiology) B.A. (Biology), Brandeis University 1984; B.A. (Chemistry),1985· Thesis: Autophosphorylation Sites of the Type II Ca 2 + I Ca lmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase: Identifica tion , Regulation of Kinase Ac tivit y, and Site-Specific

Antibodies. Mahendra S. Rao (Biology) M.B.B.S., Grant Medical College 1985. Thesis: Comparison of the Immunological, Biochemical and Biological Properties of Cholinerg ic Differentiation Factors and Their Possible Role In Vivo. Jane Suzanna Robinson


B.A., Trinity College 1983; M.5c., '984.

Thesis: Genetic, Molecular and Biochemical Studies o f Vac uo le Biogenesis and Maintenance in th e Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisine.

Michael Paul Strathmann


B.5., The University of Michigan 1985 .

Thesis: G Prote in Djversity.

Kang-Sheng Wang


B.5 ., National Chung-Hsing University 1978 ; M.S.,

University of California , Riversid e 1983. Thesis: Molecular Characterization of the Receptor for the Togavirus Sindbis Virus.

Matthew Alden Wilson (Co mputatiol1 al1d Neural Systems) B.5., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1983; M.5 ., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1986. Thesis: An An al ys is of Olfactory Coni ca l Behavior and Function Using Computer Simulation Techniques .

D IVISION OF CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING David Neil Blauch (Chemistry) B.5., Lebanon Valley College 1984. Thesis : Part 1. Improvements in the Rotation-Rate Step Experiment for the Evalua tion of Diffusion Coefficients at Rotating Disk Electrodes. Part II . Io n-Pair ing and

Electric Field Effects on Electron Ho pping in the Nafion-Tris(2,2'-Bipyridine) Osmium (3 + 12+) System. Roger Temor Bonnecaze (Chemical El1g illeeril1g) California Institute of Technology 1987.

B.S., Cornell University 1985; M.S.,

Thesis; Macroscopic Properties of Electrically Interacting Suspensions.

Clifford Russ ell Bowers (Chemistry) B.A., Bowdoin College 1985. Thesis: Parahydrogen and Synthesis Allow Dramatically Enhanced Nuclear Alignment.



B.A., Wesleyan University 1985.

Thesis: Photoionization Dynamics and Ion State Distributions in Single-Photon and Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ioni zation of Molecules.

John Charles Brewer


B.5c., University of Toronto 1985.

Thesis: Syntheses, Characterization and Reac tivity of lrall s- Dioxorhcnium (V) and

-(VI) Complexes.


Thomas Kyu-Young Chang

A.B., Columbia College 198).

Thesis: Gene Synthesis, Expression, and Mutagenesis of Azurin.

Ivan Lode Andre Maria Claeys (Che mical Engilleering alld Chemistry) M.S., Catholic University of Leu ven 1986; M.S., Cal ifornia Insti tute of Technology 1988. Thesis: Hydrodynamic Transport Propert ies of Suspens io ns of Non-Brownian Prolate

Spheroids. Steven Andrew Cuccaro (C hemistry) B.5. , Michigan State University 198). Thesis: Ab Init io Three-Dimensional Atom-Diatom Reaction Cross Sections Using Hyperspherical Coordinates and Variational Surface functions.

Marcos Dantus


B.A., M.A ., Brandeis University 1985.

Thesis: Femtosecond Transition-Swte Spectroscopy of Chemical Reactions.

Francis Josep h Doyle III

(Chemiml Engineering)

B.S.E., Princeton University '985'

Thesis: Robustness Properties of Non linea r Process Control and Impli cations for the

Design and Can trol of a Packed Bcd Reactor. Ramy Samir Farid (Chemistry) B.5. , Univers it y of Rochester 1986. Thesis : Electron Transfer in Rigid and Semi-Rigid Iridium dS_ d s Donor-SpacerAcceptor Complexes.

Eric Jay Gin sb urg (Chemistry) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1986. Thesis: Soluble Pol yacety lenes by the Ring -Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Substituted Cycloocratctraenes.

Roger A. Hart (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry) B.L University of New Mexico 1985. Thesis; Characteri zat ion of Vitreoscilln Hemoglobin Inclusion Bodies Produced in Escherichia co li. Diane Louise Hollenbaugh

(Chemist ry)

B.S., Un iversity of Washington 1985.

Thesis; Specificity Determinants of the Class A fj-Lactamase RTEM-1.

Robin Scott Horrell (C/lCmienl EI/gil/eeril/g ) California Inst i tute of Technology 1987.

B.5., University of Colorado 1985; M.S.,

Thesis; Aspects of Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Within an Air Basin.

David Da-Teh Huang (Chemical Engineering "nd Applied PI,ysics) B.5., National Cheng Kung University "983; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis; Aeroso l Coagulation and Nucleation.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Contilll/ed Karl Kensuke Mason Irikura


A.B., Harvard College 1984.

Thes is: Gas-Phase Chemistry of Organorransition Metal Ions.

Bradley Anson Jacobs


B.5 ., The College of William and Mary 1986.

Thes is: Preparation, Characte rizatio n, and [ntramolecular Electron Transfer in Pentaammineruthenium-Modified Der ivatives of Cytochrome hi' and Azurin.

Ch ris topher James Koh

(Chem ical Engineerillg)

B.5., Univers ity of California, Davis

'9 85. Thesis: Experimenta l and Theoret ica l Studies on Two-Phase Flows.

Jong Sung Koh (Chemistry) B.S., Seoul National Univers ity '979; M.S., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology '981. Thes is: Des ign of Novel Bases for Recognition of GC Base Pairs by OligonucleatideDirected Triple Helix Formation.

Michael John Kosi nsk i University 1985.

(Clwllical Ellgilleerillg alld Biology)

B.S ., Carnegie-Mellon

Thesis: Degradation Kinetics of an Abnormal ,a-Ga lactosidase in Escherichia coli.

Marc Robert Labgo ld (Chemistry) B.A., New York University 1986. Thes is: Novel Biological Ca talysts: Mutagenesis of RTEM ,B-Lactamase to Al ter Substrate and Catalyt ic Specificit y. Lionel Laroche (C hemical Ellgilleerillg) B.s., Academie de Paris, Lycee Renoir 1981; Diplome d'lngel1ieur, Ecole Poly technique 1986. Thesis; Homogeneous Azcorropic Dist illation: Entrainer Selection.

l ay H yung Lee (Chemical Ellgilleerillg) B.5., University of Washingtal11986 . Thesis: Robust Inferentia l Control: A Methodology for Control Structu re Selec ti on and Inferential Control System Design in the Presence of Model / Plant Mismatch. David M. Long (Chem istry) B.5. , The Pennsylvan ia State University 1986. Thesis: Structure and Mechanism of RTEM-1 ,B-Lactamase: The Ro le of lys ine


David Phill ip Mack (Chemistry) B.A., Wash ington Univers ity 1985. Thesis: Design and Chemical Synthesis of Seq uence Specific DNA Cleaving Metalloproteins. Janet Elizabeth Ne lson

(Che mistry)

B.A., Carleton College 1986.

Thes is: Sy n thet ic, Struct ura l, and Mechan istic Studies in Ea rl y Tra nsition Meta l and

Actinide Chemistry. Spyros N. Pandis (Chemical Erlgilleerillg) Diploma , University of Patras 1986; M.5., Ca lifornia Institute of Technology 1988. Thes is: Stud ies of Physicochem ica l Processes in Atmosp heric Particles and Acid

Deposition. Lawrence Weimin Peng (Chem istry) B.5., Purdue University '984. Thesis: Reactions in Small Clusters Studied by Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY -Colltillued Pamela Joy Shapiro (Chemistry) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985. Thesis: Part I. Scandium Hydride and Alkyl Complexes with a Linked Monocyclopel1tadienyl-Amido Ligand-Framework : Single Componen t Cata lys ts for the Polymerization 01 a-Olelins. Parr II. Hydrazido(I-) and 2 / 2-Dimethylhydra zido(t-) Der ivatives of Permethylscandocene. Preparation and Structural Charncterization of Their Products from Reactions with Acetonitrile. Bruce John Tufts (Ch emistry) B.s. , University 01 California, Davis "983. Thesis: Electrochemical and Surface Chemical Studies of n-GaAs Photoanodes. LeRo y Louis Whinnery, Jr. (Chem istry) B.A ., Ithaca College '985. Thesis: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Some Permethy1tantalocene A lkylidenes and Unusually Stable Metallaoxetanes.


Amir Atiya (ElectriCf11 £l1gineerillg) B.Sc., Cairo U ni ver~ ity 19t-b.; M.5c., 1985. M.S ., California Instillite 01 Technology 1986. Thesis: Learning Algor ithms for Neural Networks. Ga ng Bai (Appl ied Physi cs) B.s. , Yunan University '982; M.s. , '985, Thesis: I. Heteroepitaxy on Si. II. Ion Implantation in Si and HC'terostructurcs.

Robert Teran Beck (Civ il Ellgill(~eril1g find Geop"y~ir~) B.S., Brown University 1982 i M.s., '984. Thesis : Fundamental Problems in the Application of Structural Identification Procedures to Damage Detection. Timothy X Brown (Electricnl Ellg ineering) B.S ., The Pennsylvania State University '986 ; M.s., Ca lifornia Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Neural Network Design for Switching Network Control. Steven Morgan Burns (Computer Scie1lce) B.A. , Pomona College 1984; M.S., California Institute 01 Technology 1987. Thes is: Performance Ana lys is and Optimization o f Asynchronous Circliits . Edward Timothy Croke III (Applied Physics) B.s., Co rn ell University 1986; M.S. , Ca lifornia Institute of Technology 1991. Thesis: Growth and Characterization of Si-Based Electronic Materials for Novel Device Applications. Guy Dumas (Meellnnical Engillee ring) B.sc., Univ.rsitc Laval 1983 ; M.sc., '986. Thesis: Study of Spherical Coueltc Flow via 3-D Spectra l Simulations: Large and Narrow-Gap Flows and Their Transitions.

Lounette M. Dyer (Computer Science) B.5., Western Michigan University 1982; M.S., California Institute of Tech nol ogy '987. Thesi s: An Object-Oriented Rea l-Time Simulation of Music Performance Using Interactive Control.



Alexander Hewgill Elliott (Enviro111nerlfa/ Engineering Science) B.Sc., University of Auckland 1986; M.S., California Institute of Tec hnology 1988. Thesis: Transfer of Solutes into and out of Streambeds. Ruth Ann Erianson (Electrical Engineering) B.s., George Mason University 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1985. Thesis: Soft-Decision Decoding of a Family of Nonlinear Codes Using a Neural Network.

Eliot Fried

(Applied Mechanics) B.A., University of California, Berkeley 1981; M.S. , California Institute of Technology 1989. Thesis: Aspects of the Morphological Character and Stability of Two-Phase States in Non-Elliptic Solids.

Richard Joseph Gilbrech (Aero nautics and Planetary Science) B.S., Mississippi State University 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1985. Thesis: An Experimental Investigation of Chemically-Reacting, Gas-Phase Turbulent Jets. Rajiv Gupta (Computer Science) B.Tech., Indian Ins titute of Technology, Kharagpur 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Compiler Optimization of Data Storage.

Jeffery Lawrence Hall (Aeronautics (md Astronomy) B.A.Sc., University of Toronto 1984 ; M.s., California Institute of Techno logy 1985. Thesis: An Experimental In vest igation of Structure, Mixing and Combustion in Compressible Turbulent Shear Layers. Larry Glenn Hill (Aeronautics) B.s.Ae.E., The Universit y of Michigan 1983; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1984. Thesis: An Experimenta l Study of Evaporation Waves in a Superheated Liquid . Dana Hobson (Applied Matllelnaties) B.S., Har vey Mudd College 1985. Thesis: Point Vortex Models for Modon Dynamics. Raymond Scott Hudson (Electrical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1985; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1986. Thesis: Radar Imaging for Aircraft Identification and Planetary Astronomy. Michael Kevin Jackson (Applied Physics) B.Se., University of Alberta 2985; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Optical Studies of Semiconductor Heterostructures : Measurements of Tunneling Times, and Studies of Strained Superlattices. Lambros Solon Katafygiotis (Civil Engil1eering) Diploma, National Technica l University of Athens 1983; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2985. Thesis: Treatment of Mode l Uncertainties in Structural Dynamics.

)orge Adrian Kittl

(App lied l' /Iy sies) Licenciado, Universidad de Buenos Aires 1985; M.S" California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Growth and Characterization of Y-Ba-Cu-O High-Te Superconductor Thin Films.




Ravinder Dav id Koilpillai (Electrical Ellginecrillg) B.Tl'ch., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 1984; M.S ., California Institute of Tec hn o logy 1985. Thesis : Design Issues in Mu ltira tc Digital Filter Banks, Including Transl11ultiplexers. Kathleen Ann Kramer (Electrical Ellgineering) B.S., Loyola Marymount University 1986; M.S., California Institute of Technology '987. Thesis: Large Operand Division and an Asychronous Approach to Fault Detection.

Barry Robert Kreuger (Materials Science) B.5.E., University of Pennsylvania 1987; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1989. Thesis: Shock-Wave Processing of Powder Mixtures. Victor Leyva (App lied Physics) B.5., Ca lifornia Insti tute of Technology 1986; M.5.,1987· Thesis: Inves tigations of the Photo refractive Effect in Potassium Tantalum Niobate. Paul Lewis Miller (Applied Physics and Aerollalltics) B.S.E., Princeton University 1985 ; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: M ixing in High Schmidt Number Turbulent Je ts. James Henry Morehart (Mechallical Engi neering) B.S., University of Maryland 1986; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Species Produced in Fires Burning in Two-Layered and Homogeneous Vitiated Environments .

Vidyadhar Yogeshwar Mudkavi (Applied Mathematics) B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 198J; M.E., Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore '985. Thesis: Numerical Studies of Nonlinea r Axisym metric Waves on Vortex Filaments.

Andrew Howard Mutz (App lied Physics) B.S. (Mechanica l Engineering) , Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984; B.S . (Physics) , 1984 ; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1986. Thesis: Heterogeneous Shock Energy Deposition in Shock Wave Consolidation of Me tal Powders. Mark A. Neifeld (Electrical Engineering) B.E.E., Georgia In stitute of Technology 1985; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Optical Memory Disks in Optical Pattern Recognition Systems. Michael Ave ry Newkirk

(Applied Physics)

B.A., Williams College '983.

Thesis: Investigations of Semiconductor Laser Modulation Dynamics and Ficld

Fluctuations. Konstantinos Papadimitriou (Applied Mecha nics) Diploma , University of Patras 1984; M.5., Californi a Institute of Technology 1985 . Thesis: Stochastic Cha racter ization of Strong Gro un d Motion and Applications to Structural Response.

Suzanne Elizabeth Paulson (Enviro",nental Eng ineering Scie nce) B.A., Universi ty of Colorado at Boulder 198J; M.5., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1986; M.S., California Institu te of Technology '987' Thesis: Contributions of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Hydrocarbon s to photochemical Smog Formation.




B.s ., University of Washington '979 ; M.s. ,

California Institute of Tech no logy 1982. Thesis : Three-D im ensio nal Effects in Non lin ear Fracture Explored with

In terferome try. Thu Ph am (Applied Mathematics) B.s ., Th e University oJ Texas at Austin 1985; M.s. , Ca li forn ia Institute of Technology 1989. Thesis: N umerical Stud ies of Incompressible Richtmyer-Meshkov In s tability in a

Stratified Fluid. Yasantha N. Rajakarunana ya ke (App lied Physics) B.s.E. , Princeto n Uni versity 1985; M.s., California In stitute of Tech nology 1986. Thesis : Optical Properties of Si-Ge Supe rl attices and W ide Band Gap JI-VI Superl att ices. Steven N icholas Rogak

(Enviro nm enta l Ellgillcering Science)

B.A .Sc. , The Univers ity

of British Colum bia 1986; M.s ., Califo rn ia Institute of Technology '987. Thes is: Aerosol Dynamics of Agglomerates. Kenneth Rose (Electrical Engineeri ng) B.5. , Tel Aviv U niv ers ity 1986; M.s ., 1987. Thesis: Deterministic An nea ling, Clu stering, and Optimization.

Vi na y Padmakar Sathe (Elec trical Eng ineeril/g) B.Tech., Indian institute of Tec hno logy, Bombay 1986; M.s., California Institute o f Technology 1987. Thesis: Multirate Adaptive Filtering A lgori thm s : Ana lysis and A pplicat ions.

( _"I Robert Schulthei sz (Aero nnl/tics) B.s. , University of Mary land 1982; M.s., Californ ia Insti tute of Technology 198). Thesis : Compar ison of Experimental and Computat ional Crack-Tip Deformaticns Us in g Moire Interferometry and Finite Elements. Dav id La wrence Schweizer (Comp"ter Science) Californ ia institute of Technology 1986.

B.s., Yale College 1984 ; M.S.,

Thesis: Comb ina tor ial Design of Fau lt-Tolerant Commun icatio n Structures, w ith Applicatio ns to Non-B locking Swi tch es.

Michael James Scott (Environ mental EI1gil1eeril1g Sciellce Ilnd Geochem istry) Rice University 1985; M.s., Ca liforni a Insti tute of Technology 1986.


Thesis: Kinetics of Adsorption and Redox Processes on Iro n and Manganese Oxides:

Reactions of As(ill) and Se(IV) at Goethite and Birnessite Su rfaces . Sy R. Shimabukuro (Applied Mechanics) B.S., Uni vers ity of Hawaii at Manoa 1984; M.S., California Ins tilute of Technology 1985. Thesis : Stress Assisted Diffusion in Po ly mers. Massimo Anto nio S iv ilott i

(Co mputer Science)

B.5., Queen's University 198); M .S. ,

California Institule of Tec hn ology 1986. Thesis: W iring Cons iderations in Ana log V LS I Systems. w ith Application to

Field-Progra mm ab le Networks. Keyue Ma Smedley (E le ctri cal Ellgil/eering) B.s. , Zhejiang Un ivers ity 1982; M.s. , 1985; M.s., Californ ia Insti lute of Techno logy 1987. Thesis: Control A rt of Switch ing Conveners.




(Computer Science )

B.S. , Clarkson University 1984; M.S.,

California Institute of Technology 1987.

Thesis: Generative Modeling: An ApproclCh to High Level Shape Design for Computer Graphics and CAD . Jeffrey Aaron Stern (Applied Pllysics) B.5., Rensse laer Polytechnic Institute 198J. Thesis: Fabrication ann Testing of NbN / MgO / NbN Tunnel Junctions for Use as High-Frequency Heterodyne Detectors. Ichiro Sugioka


B.S., California Insti tute of Technology 198J; S.M.,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985-

Thesis: Particle Transport by Rapid Vaporization of Superheated Liquid. Phillip Takeo Tokumaru (Aeronalltics) BSE., University of Pennsylvania 1985; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1986. Thesis: Active Control of the Flow Past a Cy li nder Executing Rotary Motions . Alexander F. Vakakis (Applied Mechanics) Diploma, Un iversity of Patras 1984; M.5c., Imperial Co ll ege 1986. Thesis: Analysis and Identification of Linear and Nonlinear Normal Modes in Vib rating Systems. Ian Anton Waitz (Aeronautics) B.5., The Pennsy lvania State University 1986; M.S., George Washington University 1988.

Thesis: An Investigation of Contoured Wa ll Injectors for Hyperve locity Mixing Augmentation. Shih-Chen Wang (Environmental Engineering Science al1d Chelllical Engineerillg) B.S., National Taiwan University 1982; M.5., 1984. Thesis; Aerosol Formation and Growth in Atmospheric Organic / NO x Systems.

Scott William Wedge (Electrical Engineering) B.5., California State Polytechnic University 198J; M.5., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1986. Thesis: Computer-Aided Design of Low Noise Microwave Circuits .

(Mechanical Engiluering) B.5., University of California, Berkeley 1976; M.5., Massachusetts In stitute of Technology 1978.

An thony Stein Wexler

Thes is: In organic Components of Atmospheric Aerosols.

(Environmental El1gilleering Science and Chemistry) Mudd College 1974; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1984. Thesis: The Oxidation of Individually Levitated Char Particles.

Brian Alan Wong

Joseph Yang (Mechanical Engineering) 1986; M.5., 1987.

B.S., Harvey

B.5., California Institute of Technology

Thesis: An Ana lytical and Compu tational Investigation of Shock-Induced Vortica l Flows with Appl icati o ns to Supersonic Combustion.

Edward Tsu-Wei Yu

(Applied Physics)

A.B., Harvard College 1986; A.M., 1986.

Thesis: Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Heterostructures. l. Measurement of Band Offsets in Semiconductor Heterojunctions. 11. Theoretical and Experimen tal Swdies of Tunneling in Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Continued DIVISION OF GEOLOGICAL AND PLANETARY SCIENCES Yigal Erel (Geoch emistry and Environmental Engineering Science) B.sc., Hebrew University 1984 ; M.sc., 1985. Thesis: Transport of Natura l Lead and Cadmium in Rivers: Global Flux Implications. Mark Allen Fahnestock (Geology) B.s., University of Rochester 1984. Thesis: Hydrologic Control of Velocity in Two Alaskan Glaciers: Observation and Theory. Robert Wilson Graves (Geophysics ) B.S., University of California, Riverside 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1988. Thesis: Modeling Seismic Wave Propagation Using Paraxial Extrapolators.

Lorraine Joyce Hwang (Geophysi cs) B.A., University of California, Berkeley 1985 ; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1988. Thesis: Teleseismically Determined Source Parameters of Severa l large Collision-Zone Earthquakes. Philip Dean Ihinger (Geology) of Technology 1988.

B.s., Pomona College 198); M.S ., Ca lifornia Institute

Thesis: An Experimental Study of the Interaction of Wate r with Granitic Melt.

Walter Scott Kiefer (Planetary Science and Geophysics ) B.S ., Texas Christian University 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1986. Thesis: Models for the Formation of Highland Regions on Venus. Scott David King (Geophysics) B.A., The University of Chicago 1985. Thesis: The Interaction of Subducting Slabs and the 670 Ki lometer Discontinuity. Shawn Christian Larsen (Geophysics) M.S., Cornell University 1985.

B.S., California Institute of Technology 1982;

Thesis: Geodetic Measurement of Deformation in Southern California .

Julianne Ives Moses (Planetary Science and Geophysics) A.B., Cornell University 1985; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: I. Phase Transformations and the Spectral Reflectance of Solid Sulfur: Possible Metastable Sulfur Allotropes in la's Surface. II. Photochemistry and Aerosol Formation in Neptune's Atmosphere. David Alan Pickett (Geology) B.A., Rice University "982 ; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1984. Thesis: An Isotopic and Petrologic Study of an Exposure of the Deep Sierra Nevada Batholith, Tehachapi Mountains, Ca lifornia. Charles Martin Rubin (Geology) B.s., University of Montana "974; M.s., 1980. Thesis: Structural, Stratigraphic, and Geochronologic Analysis of the Alexander-Taku Terrane Boundary and the Overlapping Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Gravina Sequence, Southeast Alaska.

Philip John Shaller (Geology) A.B., Occidenta l College "983; M.s., Montana College 19 85. Thesis: Analysis and Implications of Large Martian and Terrestrial Landslides.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - Contilllled Francis H. Webb (Geology) B.A ., University of Ca li fornia , Santa Barbara 1984; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1989. Thesis: Geodetic Measurement of Deformation in the Offshore of Southern California.

DIVISION OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Richard T. Boylan (Social Science) Institute of Technology 1988.

B.A., Pitzer College 1986 ; M.S., California

Thesis: The Analysis of Repeated Games through Evolution and learning.

Shawn Everett Kantor (Social Science) B.A., University of Rochester 1987; M.S., California Insti tute of Technology 1988. Thesis: Property Rights and Dynamics of Institutional Change: The Closing of the Georgia Open Range, 1870-1900. Arthur William Lupia, Jr. (Social Science) B.A., University of Rochester 1986; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1988. Thesis: The Effect of Po liticallnformatioll on Direct Democracy Strategies and Outcomes.

Mark Allen O lson (Socia l Sciwce) B.A ., University of Arizona '977; M.S., 1980. Thesis: The Assignment Problem: Theory and Experiments.

DIVIS ION OF PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY Charles Glenn Boyd (Physics) B.s., State University of New York at Stony Brook 19 86 . Thesis: Aspects of Heavy Quark Physics. Martin A. Bucher (Physics) B.A. , Univers ity of Ca lifornia, Berkeley 1986; M.s., California Institute of Technology '990. Thesis: On the Theorv of Non-Ahelia n Vortices and Cosmic Strings. David Paul Carico (Phys ics) B.S., Uni versity of Ca lifornia, Berkeley 198); M.S., California In stitute of Technology 1988. Thesis ' Properties of Infrared-luminous Galaxies. Yih-Yuh Chen (Physics) B.S., National Taiwa n University "982. Thesis: Effects of Boundaries on Ray leigh-Be nard Convection. Paolo Severo Coppi (Physics) A.B., Harvard College '985. Thesis: Radiative Processes in Active Ga lactic N uclei. David A. Delatte (Mathematics) 1985; B.S. (Physics), "985'

B.s. (Mathematics), University of New Orleans

Thesis: Nons tatio nary Normal Forms for A nosoy Diffeomorphisms and Hyperbolic

Skew Products.




Dawei Dong (Phys ics and Biology) B.5., Peking University 1985. Thesis: Dynamic Properties of Neural Netwo rks. Matthew J. Gursky (Mathematics) B.S., The University of Michigan 1986. Thesis: Compactness of Conformal Metrics with Integra l Bounds on Curvature. Mingsheng Han (Astronomy) B.S ., Beijing Normal Univers ity 198J. Thesis: The I-Band Tully-Fisher Relation and Large-Scale Motions in the Universe. Sidney Chunping Kan (Phys ics) B.5. , Ch inese University of Hong Kong 1985. Thesis: Physics and Applications of Resonant Tu nneling Devices. James Morris Kaufman (Physics) B.A., University of Califo rnia, Berkeley 1982; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1984. Thesis: Frequencies and Amplitudes of High-D egree Solar Oscillations. Kihong Kim (Physics) B.S., Seoul National Un iversity 1985; M.5., California Institute of Technology '987. Thesis : Quantum Critical phenomena in Superfluids and Superconductors, Miloje s. Makivlc (Phys ics) B.5. , University of Belgrade 198J; M.S., California In stitu te of Technology 1987. Thesis: Monte Carlo Studies of Two-Dimensional Quantum Sp in Systems. Moya Michelle Mazorow (Mathematics) B.5., Californ ia State University, Northridge '985. Thesis: Extremal Problems in Codes, Fin ite Sets and Geometries. Jonathan Miller (Physics) B.S., Yale College 1982; Ph.D., Cambridge University 19 86 . Thesis: Statistical Mechanics of Two-Dimensional Euler Equations and Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Zhengwei Peng (Physics) B.Se., Peking University 1983 . Thesis: Quantum Study of the H" System. Alain Picard (As trorlOmy) B.5e., McGill University 1985. Thesis: The Large Scale Structure of the Universe. Eric Ja y Raiten (Phys ics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1986; M.5., California Institute of Technology 1988. Thesis: Applications of Current A lgebra in Conformal Field Theory. Richard J. Rand


B.A., University of Californ ia , Berkeley '985.

Thesis: The Relationship Between the Density Wave, Molecular Gas and Star Formation in M51 .

Gil Rivlis (Physics) B.Sc., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1986; M.S., Ca lifornia Institute of Technology 1987. Thesis: Two Topics in 2D Quantum Field Theory. John K. Salmon (Physics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '977; M.5., University of California, Berkeley '983. Thesis: Parallel Hierarchical N-Body Methods.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY - COlltirllled Tanchu Shih (Mat hematics) B.5., Uni versity of Hawaii at Manoa 1984. Thesis : Bounds of Fixed Point Ratios of Permutation Representations of GL,,(q) and Groups of Genus Zero. Eric John Soderstrom (Phys ics) B.A., University of Minnesota, Duluth 1982; M.S., Ca lifornia Insti tute of Technology 1985. Thesis: A Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles Produced in Pairs in the Decay of the Neu tral Intermediate Vec tor Boson Z. Roxanne Patricia Springer (P ll ysics) B.A., Rice University 1985. Thesis: QCD Effects in Weak Radiative ,a-Meson Decays. Karl Roald Stapelfeldt (Astronomy alld pralletanj Sciellce) B.S., Princeton University 19 84. Thesis : A Multiwavelength Observational Inves ti ga tion of Her big-Hare Objects and Their Exciting Stars. Henry Tsz-King Wong (Physics) B.A., Wadham College, Oxford Uni ve rsity 1984. Thesis: A Search for Double Beta Decay in 130Xe with a Time Projection Chamber. Tinju Yen (Physics) B.5 ., University of California, Los Angeles 1984; M.5., Califo rnia Institute of Technology '987. Thesis: Strings, Two-Dimensional Gravity, and Matrix Models. Chengbo Yue (Matlrema tics) B.S., Beijing University 1985; M.5., '987. Thesis: Rigidity of Three Measure Classes on the Ideal Boundary of Manifolds of Negative Curvature.

Xiao-Dong Zh ang (Ma th ematics) B.5., Zhangshan Uni ve rsity 1985; M.Phi!., The Chinese University of Hong Kong '987. Thesis: O n Spectral Properties of Positive Operators.


Priz:!s and Awards FREDERIC W. HINRICHS, JR ., MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the senior who, in the opinion of the und ergrad uate Deans, has made the greatest undergraduate contribution to the welfare of the student body and whose qualities of leadership, character, and responsibility have been outstanding.

Jack L. Prater THE MILTON AND FRANCIS CLAUSER DOCTORAL PRIZE Awarded to the Ph.D. candidate whose research is judged to exhibit the greatest degree of originality as evidenced

by its potenti
of human thought and endeavor as well as by the ingenuity with which it has been carried out.

Recipient to be announced at Commencement.

THE WILLIAM F. BALLHAUS PRIZE Award ed to aeronautics students for outstanding doctoral dissertations.

Guy Dumas

MABEL BECKMAN PRIZE Awarded to a woman student upon completion of her junior or senior year, in recognition of demonstrated academic and personal excellence, contributions to the Institute community, and outstanding qualities of character and leadership .

1990 Golda Bernstein '99' Elizabeth A. Warner ERIC TEMPLE BELL UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATiCS RESEARCH PRIZE Awarded to one or more juniors or seniors for outstanding origina l research in mathematics.

Allen 1. Knlltson ROLF BUHLER AWARD Awarded to an aeronautics student for outstanding academic achievement in the Master's program.

Harry'. Catrakis

Prizes and awards are listed only for those stlldents awarded degrees in '99', a11d include prizes and awards received by them in previous years.


PRIZES AND AWARDS-Continued FRITZ B. BURNS PRIZE IN GEOLOGY Awarded to a junior or senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and the greatest promise of future contributions in the fields represented by the D ivision of Geological and Planetary Sciences.

TimotllY I. Melbourne CALTECH PRIZE SCHOLARSHIPS AND CARNATION SCHOLARSHIPS Each year Cal tech awards these prizes for academic excellence. They are based so lely on merit (se lectio n is made on the basis of grades, faculty recommendations, and demonstrated research productivity) with no consideration given to need or any other nonacademic criteria. listed below are graduating seniors who have been recipi ents of these prizes.

Sa beer Bhatia Meeten Bllavsar Seth S. Bittker Kemle th L. Campman Harry I. Catrakis Leollard P. Cllen Helell Hsin-I Cheng Sylvia Pui Chee Chill Mike Truan Chou Michael W. Deem

Michael D. Ehlers Thomas M. Fiola David F. Geraghty Laura]. Hernalldez Gary R. Holt Dong-Sit Kim linha Kim lallet Lai Eugene S. Lit Russell A. Manning

Ashoke A. Mukherji Christopher j. Myers POllgskorn Saipetch Mic/IGel S. Samoilov Dylan B. Selegue Barry Cushing Stipe Matthew L. Tyler Mark j. Vaugllan Michael Youssefmir

RICHARD BRUCE CHAPMAN MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to a graduate student in hydrodynamics who has distinguished himself or herself in research in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science.

Alexallder H. Elliott DONALD S. CLARK MEMORIAL AWARDS May be awarded to a sophomore and a junior in recogmtIon of service to the campus community and good academ ic performance. Preference is given to students in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science and to those in Chemical Engineering.

'990 David F. Geraghty; Su-Lin Wu DEANS' CUP AND MASTERS' CUP Two awards, selected by the Deans and Masters respectively, presented to undergraduates whose concern for their fellow students has been demonstrated by persistent efforts to improve the quality of undergraduate life and by effective communicati('n with members of the facu lty and administration.

'990 lack L. Prater, Masters' Cup '99' Mark A. Dinan, Deans' Cup



Awarded to the graduating Ph.D. candidate in biology who has produced the outstanding ph.D. thesis for the past yea r. John L. Bowman HAR EN LEE FISHER MEMOR IAL AWARD IN JUNIOR PHYSICS Awarded to a junior physics major who demonstrates the greatest promise of future contributions in physics.

'990 Pongskorn Saipetch HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD Awarded either to th e eng in eering student with th e best aca demic record at the

end of the thi rd yea r of undergraduate study, or to the engineering student with the best first-year record in the grad uate progra m.

'990 Harry /. Catrakis JACK E. FROEHLlCH MEMORIAL AWARD Awa rded to a junior in the upper five percent of his o r her class who shows outstanding promise for a crea tive profeSSiona l career.

1990 Leonard P. Chen ARIE j . HAAGEN-SMIT MEMOR IA L AWARD Awarded to a sophomore or junior in biology or chemistry who has shown academic promise and who has made recogni zed contributions to Caltech.

1990 Michael W. Deem ARTUR MAGER PR IZE IN ENG INEERI NG Awarded to a senior in engi neering who has shown excell ence in scholarship and the promise of an -outstanding profeSSional career.


J. Catrakis

THE H ERBERT NEWBY McCOY AWARD Awarded to chemistry doctora l s tud ents for ou ts tanding contributions to the science of chemistry.

1990 Joh n C. Brewer


PRIZES AND AWARDS-Continued MARY A. EARL McK INN EY PRIZE IN LITER ATU RE The purpose of this prize is to cultivate proficiency in writing. It may be awarded for essays submitted in connection wi th regular literature classes or awarded on the basis of a special essay contest.

1989 Brandon M. Baumert 1990 Brett D. Boc/mer 1991 Michael D. Pottenger ROBERT L. NOLAND LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Awarded to s tudents who exhibit qualities of outstanding leadership, which are most often expressed as personal actions th a t have helped other people and that have inspired o thers to fulfill their capabilities.

William]. Swanson THE RODMAN W. PAUL HISTORY PRIZE Awarded to a graduati ng sen ior who has displayed unusual interest in and talent for history.

Christopher f. Myers; Alex Wei" HER BERT



Awarded to undergraduate s tudents for academi c excellence, preferably in mathema tics .

1989 Seth S. Bittker RICHARD P. SCHUSTER MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded to one or m Ofe juniors or seniors in chemis try or chemical engineering on th e basis of financial need and academic promise.

1990 Michael D. Ehlers 1991 Matthew L. Tyler ERNEST E. SECHLER MEMOR IAL AWARD IN AERONAUTICS Awarded to an aeronaut ics student who has made the most significant contribution to the teaching and research efforts of GALC IT (Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology). Preference is given to students working in structural mechanics .

1990 Richard D. Pfa ff

PRIZES AND AWARDS-Contin"ed DON SHEPARD AWARD Awarded to students who would find it difficult, without additiona l financial help, to engage in extracurricular and cultura l activities. The recipients are selected on the basis of their capacity to take advantage of and to profit from these activities rather than on the basis of their scholastic standing.

1987 1989 1990 1991

Gregory A. James Marc W. Abel Mark T. Lyttle; Christopher]. PI"har Sabeer Bhatia; Tien -Yee Chill

SIGMA XI AWARD Awarded to a se nior selected for an outstanding piece of original scientific research.

Michael W. Deem JOHN STAGER STEMPLE MEMORIAL PR IZE IN PHYSICS Awarded to a graduate student in physics for outstanding progress in research as demonstrated by an exce llent performance on the oral Ph.D. candidacy examination.

1989 JonatlJaIl Miller THE MORGAN WARD PRIZE Awarded for the best problems and solutions in mathematics submitted

freshman or sophomore.

1988 Allen I. Knutson 1989 Russell A. Manning


by a

CIT A LMA MATER by Manton Barnes (BS



In southern California with grace and splendor bound, Where the lofty mountain peaks look out tn lands beyond, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, glorious to see; We raise our voices proudly, hailing, hailing thee . Echo es ringing while we're singing over land and sea, The halls of fame resound thy name, noble CIT.