June 14J 1974 - CaltechCampusPubs

June 14J 1974 - CaltechCampusPubs

Eightieth Annual Commencement June 14J 1974 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TE CHNOLOGY Eightieth Annual Commencement ...

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Eightieth Annual Commencement June 14J 1974



Eightieth Annual Commencement


Academic Procession Chief Marshal, William R. Cozart, Ph.D. Assistant Marshals

Jon Mathews, Ph.D.

Marshall Hall, J L, Ph.D.

Vito A. Vanoni, Ph.D.

Robert V. Langmuir, Ph.D.




R. Stanton Avery, LL.D . Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Caltech Convocation Brass and Percussion Choir William Nicholls, M.M., Director

Three pieces by Giovanni Gabrieli: 1.) Canzon Primi Toni. 2) Sonata pian' e forte. 3) Canzona per Sonare No . 1. "La Spiritata." AN INTROD UCTION TO COMMENCEMENT David C. Elliot, Ph.D. Secretary of the Faculty


Leslie J. Deutsch, Class of 1.976, Organ and The Brass and Percussion Choir Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin, D.D.


Wilshire Boulroard Temple, Los Angeles

COMMENCEM ENT ADDRESS "Unscientific Evidence" Richard P. Feynman, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Caltech



The Caltech Glee Club Olaf M. Frodsham, A.M., Director

CONFERRING OF DEGREES Harold Brown, Ph.D., D. Eng., LL.D. President, California Institute of Technology

PRESENT A TION OF CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES James J. Morgan, Ph.D. For the Degree of Bachelor of Science Dean of Students

For the Degree of Master of Science.

Stirling L. Huntley, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

For the Degree of Engineer .

Cornelius J. Pings, Ph.D . Dean of Graduate Studies

For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy . Dean Pings Robert L. Sinsheimer, Ph.D. Biology. Division Chairman

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. John D. Baldeschwieler, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Engineering and Applied Science.

Francis H. Clauser, Ph.D. Division Chairman

Geological and Planetary Sciences

Bruce M urray, Ph.D . Professor of Planetary Science

Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy

Jon Mathews, Ph.D. Executive Officer for Physics

CO N CLUDING REMARKS President Brown BENEDICTION Rabbi Magnin RECESSIONAL . The Brass and Percussion Choir and Organ

Academic Dress The costume of those in the academic procession has a specific symbolism which dates back to at least the 14th century. While there have been many changes in the details, the meaning of the various parts of the costume continues to be the same. Academic institutions in the United States adopted a code of academic dress in 1895 which has been revised from time to time. The dress of institutions in other countries varies considerably, but the basic elements are present in all academic costumes. GOWNS . The bachelor's gown h ilS long, pointed sleevesi the master's gO\-Vll has an oblong sleeve open at the wrists (or some older gowns may be open near the upper part

of the arm); the doctor's gown is fuller than the others with velvet panels full length on the front and three velvet crossbars on each sleeve in black or in the color distinctive of the subject to which the owner's degree pertains. The gowns are always black except for the doctor's, which in a few instances is of a color representing the institution which coruerred the degree. HOODS. The hood, draped over the shoulders and down the back, indicates the subject to which the degree pertains and the university that conferred the degree. The level of the degree is indicated by the size of the hood. The hood for the bachelor's degree is three feet long; for th e master's it is three-and-one-half feet long; and for the doctor's it is four feet long. The binding of the hood is of colored velvet designating the subject of the degree, and it is tvvo inches, three inches, and five inches ,vide for the bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees respectively. The colors associated with some of the subjects are as follows: Arts, Letters, Humanities, White Commerce, Accountancy, Business, Drab Economics, Copper Education, Light Blue Engineering, Orange Fine Arts, including Archi recture, Broton Law, Purple Medicine, Green

Pharmacy, Olive Green Philosophy, Dark Blue Public Administration, including Foreign Service, Peacock Blue Public Health, Salmon Pink Science, Golden Yellow Theology, Scarlet

The lining of the hood is of the color or colors of the institution conferring the degree. When h I/a colors are used, they are usually arranged in a single chevron. The li~ng of the doctor's hood is revealed more than in the master's, and much less is re-

vealed in the bachelor's hood. CAPS. In the United States, the black mortarboard is most commonly used. The tassel fastened .to the center of the cap is normally worn in the left front quadrant of the cap and is black although it may be of the color appropriate to the subject of the degree. The tassel for a doctor's cap may be of gold thread.


About the lviusic GIOVANNI GABRIEL! (c. 1557-1612) Canzo11 Primi Toni appeared in the Sacrae Symphoniae, a collection of some forty ecclesiastical compositions fOI . voice and/or instruments, published in Venice in 1.597. "Primi Toni refers to the first, or Dorian, church mode; the Italian instrumental canzona was based on the earlier Flemish or French chanson. Written for n'lQ separate choirs [cori spezzati; Gabrieli wrote for as many as five spatially separated vocal or instrumental choirs and organs in St. 1vlark's), Primi Toni offers a glimpse of baroque elaboration and ornamentation in the long trumpet themes. Sonata pian' e forte, also from Sacrae Symphoniae, is an instrmnental Venetian motet for a high and low choir; it illus tra tes the typical modal polyphony-dissonance followed by resolution. Pian' e forte is historically significant: it is the first piece in which the composer specified the ins trumentation--one choir consisting of a cornetto and three trombones, the other a viola and three trombones; it is also the first time dynamics were specified- hence the name. In 1608 Alessandro Raverij published Canzoni per sonare con ogni sorte di stromenti, containing 36 canzonas by a dozen Italian composers . Of the six by Gabriell, La Spiritata is considered the most interesting and innovative of its time. It was probably composed long before the publication date, perhaps in the late 1580's. It is written for four instrumental voices : canto, alto, tenore and basso, and features quickly repeating themes; in this arrangement, the organ is added in the 3/2 section for contrast. N

is composed of members of the Cal tech Wind Ensemble and the Caltech staff, plus members of the San Marino Dads' Band. The Processional features compositions by Melchior Franck, Jeremiall Clarke, Heruy Purcell, Dietrich Buxtehude, Aurelio Bonelli, and Edward Elgar. The Recessional pieces are by Sergei Prokofieff and Louis Lewandowski. THE CALTECH CONVOCATION BRASS Al\TO PERCUSSION CHOIR


1) Hodie Apparuit ..... . . . . . ... .• . •.•.. . . .. ..• . • .•.... .. .... Orlando di Lasso 2) Miserere Mei ...... •. • . • .•..... .. .• ...•. : .... . . • . • ......... Antonio Lotti

3) Behold Man . ...... • . • ... . .. ... ... • . •. . .•.. . . . .. .•....... . . .. . Ron Nelson


Candidates for Degrees BACHELOR OF SCIENCE John Steele AbboH III Bow Mar, Colorado Mathematics Ervin Adler Los Angeles, California Engineering and Applied Science lisa Michelle Anderson Manhattan Beach, California Independent Studies Program Phyllis Jean Anwyl Huntington Beach, California Biology Phillip John Arnold Downey, California Engineering and Applied Science Ronald Frederick Ayres Los Angeles, California Mathematics Richard louis Baker Th ousand Oaks, California Engineering and Applied Science James Francis BaHey, Jr. Los Altos, California Independent Studies Program Peter Wayne Beckman Stockton, California Economics Thomas W. Bell San Gabriel, California Chemistry Trudy Lynn Bergen Vaiencia, California Mathematics Neil Scott Berkey Cincinnati, Ohio Geology Stephen A. Bitondo Lakeside, California Chemistry Kim Christian Border Sunnymead, California Economics Dale Eric Bredesen Fort Lauderdale, Florida Biology-English Robert Bernard Bresler South San Francisco, California Engineering and Applied Science

Robert Bruce Brewington Seabrook, Texas Chemistry Gregory K. Brock Chehalis, Washington Chemistry Clifford Lawrence Brown Skokie, Jllinois Chemical Engineering Mark Adrian Bruni Salinas, California Applied Mathematics Leslie M. Brusseau Phoenix, Arizona Engineering and Applied Science John Alden Reimer Caldwell Astronomy John Patrick Cannady Lak"'1!ood, California Chemistry Joseph A. Carlsen Biology Donald R. Carrigan Garland, Texas Biology Valerian Anthony Catanzarite Rancho Palos Vetdes , California Independent Studies Program Robert Joseph Chansler, Jr. San Jose, California Mathematics Wai Kong Cheng Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Ying-Chee Chung Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science-Biology Barry Arthur Cipra Overland Park, Kansas Independent Studies Program William Edward Clevenger Rocky Ford, Colorado Chemical Engineering Andrew Fort Cockburn Cave Creek, Arizona Biology Richard Erie Cofield IV Livermore, Califonlia Applied Physics Robert Moorhouse Coleman, Jr. Nisqually, Washington Engineering and Applied Science

Mark Wayne Coles Yorba Linda, California Physics Alan James Coltri Granada Hills, California Engineering and Applied Science Students whose names appear in boldface type are being grad uated with honor in accordance with a vote of the faculty.


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-Continued Dennis B. Creamer Tulsa, Oklahoma Physics Kirby Grant Dahman Glendale, Missouri Mathematics Dale Brian Dalrymple Toledo, Ohio Engineering and Applied Science Debra Valorie Dison San Jose, California Biology Jay D. Doty Brewster, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Andrew Philip Dowsett Pacifica, California Independent Studies Program David Anderson Drake Ridgewood, New Jersey Engineering and Applied Science Robert vVilliam Durst Salem, Oregon Chemistry Charles William Easlon Redmond, Oregon Chemical Engineering Karen Sue Eaton Salina, Kansas Biology Mary E. Eichbauer Floral Park, New Yo rk English Mark W. Eltgroth Tujunga, California Physics Ke ith Alan Ex Sarasota, Florida Engineering and Applied Science Tom G. Farr Hawthorne, California Geology Louis D. Fielder Atherton, California Engineering and Applied Science Robert Burns Fisher III Stockton, California Mathematics Gary Alan Frankel Waco, Texas Biology Donald Gibson Franks Little Rock, Arkansas Mathematics Howard Bradley French Plainview, New York Astronomy Rene Charles Gandolfi Bayside, New York Biology John Marland Garth Poway, California Applied Physics Gene Robert Gindi New Orleans, Louisiana Applied Physics David Langdon Glackin St. Petersburg Beach, Florida Astronomy Christopher Allan Goldstein Los Angeles, California Mathematics Mark Andrew Grunwald St. Louis, Missouri Biology Eric Keith Gustafson Sacramento, California Physics Bruce Scott Hantover Engineering and Applied Science Christina Anne-Marie Harrington Los Angeles, California Biology Jeffrey John Harrow Houston, Texas Engineering and Applied Science Edward Monroe Hedgecock Pasadena, California Biology John G. Hehn, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana Applied Physics Thomas Herman Torrance, California Engineering and Applied Science David Da-i Ho Los Angeles, California Biology Frank Worden Hobbs, Jr. Salinas, California Chemistry Erik Royal Horsley La Canada, California Engineering and Applied Science Ron L. Hospelhorn Glendale, Arizona Physics Joyce Shih-chiao Hsiao Silver Spring, Maryland Chemistry James Will iam Hugg, Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Physics-Social Science Glenn Reginald lerley Florham Park, N,,-..o Jersey Applied Physics Carl Frank Imparato Stal1ton, California Engineering and Applied Science Bryan Creed Jack Tyler, Texas Economics Patrick Henry Jenkins Arlington Heights, Illinois Chemical Engineering John Hallock Jerman Malibu, California Applied Physics Gregory Allan Jirak Yuma, Arizona Mathematics Mark Richard Johnson Potomac, Maryland Mathematics Nelson Daniell Johnson Corona del Mar, California Biology Keith Richard Karasek Villa Park, Illinois Physics


BACHELOR OF SCIEN CE-Continued John Karl Kasmer Fresno, California Engineering and Applied Science David louis Kazan Mathematics-Biology loannis Nicolaos Kessides Prohoma, Thessaloniki , Greece Physics Robert Mariner Kieckhefer Barrington, Illinois Geophysics Alan Willis Kleinsasser Azusa, California Applied Physics Casimir C. Klimasauskas Altadena, California Mathematics Hon Hong Kwai Hong Kong Mathematics Betty Puifun Kwan Los Angeles, California Physics David Jeffrey Larwood Bakersfield, California Chemis try Kar-Shing Simon lee Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science James Robert Leger San Diego, California Applied Physics John lehmann Kitchener, Onta rio, Canada Biology Raymond H. Lem Torrance, California Mathematics-Chemistry lawrence Stuart Lichtmann Sepulveda, California Physics-English Anita Crafts Lighty Fullerton, California Biology Gloria Won Liu Longview, Washington Engineering and Applied Science Baruch Livneh Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel Engineering and Applied Science Kevin Kwok-Kam lo Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science James Matthew loddengaard Kabul, Afghanistan Biology Thanh luu Saigon, South Vietnam Engineering and Applied Science Richard Francis l yon EI Paso, Texas Engineering and Applied Science Rhonda lynne MacDonald New Bedford, Massachusetts Engineering and Applied Science Daniel George Marks South Gate, California Mathematics Michael John Marian i San Jose, California Biology Richard B. Martin Shawnee Mission, Kansas Engineering and Applied Science Steven Allen Matthews Carmichael, California Mathematics Patrick John McCrea San Leandro, California Physics Douglas Boyden McElroy Palos Verdes Pen insula, California Astronomy John Thomas Meador Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Engineering and Applied Science Donald Lee Miller Ket} Biscayne, Florida Biology Kenneth Alan Mills Chemistry-History William Richard Molzon Vineland, Ne1V Jersey Physics Bruce Gilbert Montgomery Minnetonka, Milmesota Engineering and Applied Science Steven Ray Moosman Walla Walla, W ashingto n Chemical Engineering John Adrian Morgan Downey, California Physics John Lewis Morton, Jr. Palo Alto, California Engineering and Applied Science Marion louise Movius Porterville, California Mathematics Robert Warren Murphree Chemistry David L. Musgrave Chemistry Stanley Kazuo Nakamoto Los Angeles, California Biology Gregory Alan Nelson Minnetonka, Minnesota Chemistry-Biology Mark James Nelson Downey, California Chemistry Albert Tung-Yiu Ng Hong Kong Physics Patrick lee Nolan Grass Vallet}, California Physics Carol Nottenburg Biology


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-Continued John Robert Odden Ann Arbor, Michigan Mathematics John Thomas O'Donnell Lexington, Kentucky Astronomy Robert Bruce Olshan Sepulveda, California Geology Daniel Packman Los Angeles, California Astronomy David Balfour Peisner Huntington Woods, Michigan Engineering aIld Applied Science

Patrick Perkins Redondo Beach, California Chemistry Darrell Lee Peterson Chico, California Physics Gary Scott Peterson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Chemistry James Graham Peterson Clarendon Hills, Illinois Applied Physics Robert Milton Pleva Indianapolis, Indiana Applied Physics Edward Burner Pontius Scottsdale, Arizona Biology Siu Joe Poon Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Stephen R. Poon Bacolod City, Philippines Engineering and Applied Science James William Posakony Ventura, California Biology James Edward Price Thousand Oaks, California Engineering and Applied Science Mark Keith Puryear Denver, Colorado Mathematics Gary Alan Rabins Monterey Park, California Engineering and Applied Science Ram Rao Bangalore, India Engineering and Applied Science Celia Patricia Rivera-Zarate Compton, California English D. Wilmer Rivers~


Alexandria, Virginia


Karen Verna Roberts Claremont, California Biology Haywood James Robinson Los Angeles, California Biology Charles Joseph Romeo, Jr. Augusta, Georgia Biology Thomas Peter SI. John Honolulu, Hawaii Biology laurie Ann Schalit Chatsworth, Califomia English Louis Kossuth Scheffer Rochester, New York Engineering and Applied Science Stephen Richard Schnetzer Lawrenceburg, Indiana Physics Michael Edward Schroeder Claremont, California Physics Robert Alan Scranton Huntington, New York Applied Physics Mei-Ling Shek Hong Kong Chemistry Virgil Bernard Shields Carson, California Physics Jacqueline Siegel Detroit, Michigan Biology Frederick John Sigworth Orinda, California Applied Physics Vanessa Roberta Skedzeleski Bartlesville, Oklahoma Biology John Carl Smith Brewster, New York Geophysics Hon Hing So Hong Kong Engineering and Applied Science Bruce Calvin Spalding Seattle, Washington Chemistry Robert Wendell Standley Lake Forest, Illinois Physics Douglas Anthony Stauber Redding, California Geology Paul Joseph Steinhardt Coral Gables, Florida Physics Richard Leroy Stephens Hanley Hills, Missouri Chemistry Gregory P. Stone Glem,..uille, California Chemical Engineering Kenneth Sanders Suslick Glencoe, Illinois Chemistry Edmund Charles Sutton Baltimore, Maryland Physics Paul Arthur Thomas Miami, Florida Biology W. Scott Thompson Scottsdale, Arizona Biology


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-Continued Patricia Ellen Tressel Los Angeles, California Physics William Douglas Trotter Bainbridge Island, Washington Biology Sheila Marie Young Rancho Palos Verdes, California Mathematics James Charles Vibber Monterel} Park, California Biology Lee Weigle Vibber Downey, California English Janet Christine Wainwright Anaheim, California Biology Kenneth lee Walker Lakew ood, Colorado Chemical Engineering Frederick Abbott Ware Omaha, Nebraska Applied Physics Steven James Warling Canoga Park, California Engineering and Applied Science Thomas Van Weaver

N ew Orleans, Louisiana


Richard Evan Weinberger Shorewood, Wisconsin English David Charles Wellman Olympia, Washington Independent Studies Program Robert Dean Wieting Downey, California Chemistry Frederick Douglas Williams, Jr. Los Angeles, California Economics Alexander Jonathan Wilson Kansas City, Missouri Mathematics-Engineering and Applied Science Michael U. Wimbrow Ch appaqua, New York Engineering and Applied Science Durwin Wright Compton, California Engineering and Applied Science Brian Stuart Yandell Orinda, California Mathematics Thomas Wai Yee Gardena, California Biology Michael Franz Yoder Albuquerque, N.-U) Mexico Mathematics John Gregory Zima Phoenix, A rizona PhYSics



(Applied Physics)

Christopher Scott Amenson

B.Sc., Hebrew University "972; M.5c. "974.


B.5 ., Michigan State University "97".

James Harold Atherton (Electrical Engineering) B.5., University of Illinois '972. Edward Lawrence Avol (Environmental Engineering Science) B.A., University of California, San Diego "973 . Gene Allan Aydinian (Geochemistry) B.5 ., University of Notre Dame "972 . Robert William Bachtel (Chemical Engineering) B.S., Syracuse University "973· Timothy Miller Benjamin (Geology) B.S., University of California, Davis '973 · Meletios Spyridon Berdelis (Aeronautics) B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo '973. Larry Arthur Bergman (Electrical Engineering) B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo :[973.

Scott Brande (Geology) B.S., University of Rochester '972. Robert Edward Breidenthal, Jr. (Aeronautics) B.S., Wichita State University '973 . Jean-Michel Paul Caillat (Civil Engineering) Baccalaureat, Lycee Enghien "967; Engineer, Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Hydraulique 1973 . Jean-Yves Chevalier (Mechanical Engineering) Diplome dflngenieuI, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Metiers 1.970.

John Joseph Cipar (Geophys ics) B.S, State University of ew York, Binghamton '970; M.A. '972. Wayne Dale Collins, Jr. (Social Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology "973· Robert Everett Criss (Geolo gy) B.S., Case·Western Reserve University '973. Walter Kamiel DeLogi (Electrical Engineering) Electrical Engineer, Ryksuniversiteit Gent "973 . Anthony R. Dobrovolskis (Planetary Science) B.S ., Illinois Institute of Technology "973· Albert Elhadef (Aeronautics) B.5c., Northwestern University '973. Gertrude Hill Fila (Aeronautics) B.5., Oklahoma A & M College '940. Chades Aubrey Foley (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Maryland "972 .

James Albert Fontana (Mathematics) B.S., Emory University '970. William Paul Fornaciari, Jr. (Applied Physics) B.A., Wesleyan University "970; S.M., University of Chicago "971David Lee Fox (Physics) B.A., University of Colorado "972. George Fox (Applied Physics) B.5., California Institute of Technology 1969; M.A., University of California, Los Angeles "97'. Gregory Gartrell, JI. (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology "973. John Charles Gord (Electrical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology '973. Lawrence Jerome Grubka (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., Michigan State University "972. Stanton Francis Gunderson (A1echanical Engineering) B.S., California Polytechnic State University, Pomona 2972 . 1.1.

MASTER OF SCIENCE- Continued Ernest Dwight Gustafson, Jr.

(Geophysics and Geology)

B.5., University of

Minnesota 1.972.

Jeffrey John Hamilton John Richard Harland

(Applied Physics) B.S., Cornell University 1973 · (Environmental Engineering Science) B.5c., Edinburgh

University 1972.

Jerry Michael Harris (Electrical Engineering) B.5., University of Mississippi 1973. Joel Norval Harrison (Mechanical Engineering) B.5., California Polytechnic State University, Pomona 1973 . Eddy Walter Hartenstein (Applied Mechanics) B.5., CaMornia Polytechnic State University, Pomona '1972 .

Philip David Hattis (Aeronautics) B.S., Northwestern University 1973 · James William Hugg, Jr. (Physics) B.5., California Institute of Technology 1974. John Neal Hurley (Chemistry) B.A., Williams College 1972. David Li-Shui Quek Hwang (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ~973. Robert Murray Jaffe (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 1972. Robert Edward Johnson (Engineering Science) B.S., State University of New York, Buffalo 1973 . Terrell Harvey Johnson (Physics ) B.s., Purdue University 1970. Kenneth Lee Jones (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Oklahoma State University 1972. Harold Jeffrey Katz (Physics) A.B., Harvard College 1973 . James Charles Kaufeld, Jr. (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Michigan State University 2973. David Alan King (Geology ) B.S., Wisconsin State University, River Falls 1972. Peter James Knox (Chemical Engineering) B.5 ., California State University, Long Beach 1973 . Keith Koenig (Aeronautics) B.S., Mississippi State University 1973. Randall Lynn Kubena (Applied Physics) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1973 · Sudarshan Kumar (Chemical Engineering) B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology 197 2 . Daniel Fung Lam (Physics) B.S., University of Maryland 1972. Ignatius Po-Cheung Lam (Civil Engineering) B.S ., Ohio State University 1973. Charles Adam Langston (Geophysics) B.S., Case Western Reserve University 1972. James Laurens Latimer (Electrical Engineering) B.S ., Rice University 1973 . Philippe Lebrun (Materials Science) Baccalaureat,Lycee Champollion 1968; Engineer, Ecole des tv1ines de Paris 1:973.

Jacques Bernard Lechat (Chemical Engineering) B.s. (Chern) University of Paris 1969; B.S. [Chern. Eng.) 1972. Vincent Wo-Sang Lee (Mathematics) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1973 . David Yee-Chan Leung (Engineering Science) B.S., University of California, Davis 1973. 12

MASTER OF SCIENCE-Continued Kenneth MacDougall Liechti (Aeronautics) B.sc., University of Glasgow "973. Kevin Kwok-Kam Lo (Applied Mechanics) B.5., California Institute of Technology "974· Kiran Ramanlal Magiawala (Aeronautics) B.E., Gujarat University "97"; M. Tech., . Indian Institute of Technology "973. Steven John Margaretic (Applied Physics) B.A., Occidental College "973; B.s., California Institute of Technology " 973 . Alain Andre Paul Martin (Environmental Engineering Science) Baccalaureat, College St. Joseph "967; Certificat, Universite de Lille "968; Diplome Ingenieur, Ecole Poly technique Federale "973. Rodney Tak Masumoto (Electrical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology "972. Douglas Colbourne Mason (Chemistry) B.s., California Institute of Technology "97 0 . Edward McGaffigan, Jr. (Physics) A.B., Harvard College "970. William Francis Michael, Jr. (Electrical Engineering) B.5 ., Northeastern University "973. Alan Rolf Mickelson (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Texas "973. Subir Kumar Mitra (Phy sics) B.S., St. Xavier's College, Calcutta "969; M.s. "972. Lawrence Henry Mohr (Chemistry) B.S., University of California, Berkeley "967 . Galina Dmitriyevna Moller (Biology) M.S., University of Moscow "968. Wesley Elwood Munsil (Engineering Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology "97". Willie Wing Lau Ng ( Electrical Engineering) B.S ., Case Western Reserve University "973 . Roy Edward Nicholas, JI. (Applied Physics) B.A., Houston Baptist College "973. Johnson Olufemi Olowolafe (Applied Physics) B.Sc., University of Ife "97"Eduardo Horacio Orces (Mechanical Engineering) B.5., California Institute of Technology "973 . Daniel B. Pearson III (Geochemistry) B.A., Rice University "97"; M.S. "972 . David Mort Pepper (Applied Physics) B.5., University of California, Los Angeles "97"Gordon Andrew Petersen (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology " 973. Judy Hope Pollack (Physics) B.S., Miami University "972. David Pollard (Aeronautics) B.A., Cambridge University "973. Charles Robert Quick, JI. (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Houston "973. Gregory Joseph Rose (Aeronautics) B.S., United States Naval Academy "973. Ernest Edward Ross (Mechanical Engineering) B.s ., California Polytechnic State Universi ty, Pomona 1.972. Sedigheh Salim (Chemical Engineering) B.S., Brigham Young University "973 . Eric William Schmidt (Environmental Engineering Science) B.5., University of Michigan "973.


MASTER OF SCIENCE-Continned David Sheby (Engineering Science) B.S., Pratt Institute "972. Vinod Shekher (Aeronautics) B. Tech ., Indian Institute of Technology "970. Stephen Avery Slutz (Physics) B.s ., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute "972. David Andrew Smith (Engineering Science) B.S ., California Institute of Technology "97 2 . Robert Schafer Smith (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., Michigan State University 1973 . Polihronis-Thomas Dimitrios Spanos (Civil Engineering) Diploma, National Technical University, Athens "973. Samuel Howard Stalberg (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., Columbia University 1973. James Michael Stana (Mechanical Engineering) B.S., University of Pittsburgh "973 . Arlan Duane Steinolfson (Aeronautics) B.s., North Dakota State University "973. Pieter Wilhehn Stoker (Mechanical Engineering) B.Sc., University of Pretoria 1972 . Gregory Paul Stone (Chemical Engineering) B.S., California Institute of Technology "974· Donald John Sullivan (Planetary Science) B.S ., Manhattan College "972 . Dean Dalton Taylor (Mechanical Engineering) B.A., University of Utah "972; B.S. "973Kee-Hau Tsang (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology "973. Kenneth Charles Underwood (Mathematics) B.S., Furman University "972. Chari Chtisto Veldman (Mechanical Engineering) B.5c., University of Pretoria "972. Pamela E. Wiedenbeck (Planetart) Science) B.S., University of Michigan "97". Rick Alan ""\Nilliams (Engineering Science) B.S., Northwestern University 1972 . Kenneth James Winston (Mathematics) B.S., California Institute of Technology "973· Jack Leroy Wise

(Aeronautics) B.s ., University of Michigan "973 . Vincent Sydney Wong (Electrical Engineering) B.S., Texas A & M University "973 . Alfred Po-hung Wu (Geophysics) B.s., Colorado School of Mines "972 . Michael Franz Yoder (Mathematics) B.s ., California Institute of Technology "974. Yanis Christos Yortsos (Chemical Engineering) Diploma, University of Athens "973 .

ENG INEER Hendrik Willem Marie Hoeijmakers University of Delft 197"-

(Aeronautical Engineer)

M.S., Technological

Hilary Max Irvine (Civil Engineer) B.E., University of Canterbury "970; M.E. "97"Frank Kendall III (Aeronautical Engineer) B.S., U.S. Military Academy "97"; M.S., California Institute of Technology "972 . Laurent Bernard Sidor (Aeronautical Engineer) B.E.S ., Johns Hopkins University 1969; M.s., California Institute of Technology "970.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DIVISION OF BIOLOGY Charles Ray Birdwell (Biochemistry) B.5., University of Chicago 1969. Thesis : Studies on the Infection of Animal Cells with Sindbis Virus: Adsorption, Cell Surface Modification, and Maturation. Ming Ta Chong (BiochemistnJ) M.B., Medical College of National Taiwan University :1968. Thesis: Investigation of Chromatin Bound Enzymes. Tommy Charles Douglas (Immunology) A.B., Princeton University 1969; M.S., California Institute of Technology "970. Thesis: The Theta Antigen of Mice and Its Analog in Rats. William Jack Driskell (Biology) B.5., University of Georgia 1967; M.5., California Ins titute of Teclmology 1968. Thesis: The Role of Tyrosine in the Sclerotization and Tanning of the Puparium of Drosophila Melanogaster. John Edward Geltosky (Biology) B.S., Memphis State University 1967 . Thesis : Studies on Some of the Enzymes Involved in the Synthesis and Use of Tyrosine in Drosophila. Lily Kung-Chung Yeh Jan (Biophysics and Physics) B.S., National Taiwan University :1968; M.5., California Institute of Technology :1970. Thesis: Investigations on Rhodopsin and Bacteriorhodopsin. I. Ultrastructural Localization of Rhodopsin in Vertebrate Retina. II. The Isomeric Configuration of the Bacteriorhodopsin Chromophore. Susan Leah Melvin (Immunology and Cell Biology) B.A., State University of New York, Buffalo :1968 . Thesis: Studies in Cellular Immunology. Ronald Leo Meyer (Biology) B.A., Don Bosco College :1967. Thesis : Factors Affecting Regeneration of the Retinotectal Projection. William Ignatius Murphy III (BiochemistnJ and Chemistry) B.5., Fordham University :1967. Thesis : Studies on the Mechanism and Products of Transcription of the Nuclear Genome in Animal Cells. Jeffrey Lewis Ram (Biochemistry and Neurophysiology) A .B., University of Pennsylvania 1967; M.S., California Institute of Technology :1971. Thesis: Effects of High K+ Media on Leucine Incorporation into Aplysia Nervous Tissue. Daniel Tawil Simmons (Biochemistry) B.S., Colorado College :1969. The,is: The Function and Replication of Sindbis Virus-Specific RNA's in Infected Cells. Jessica Tuchman (Biochemistry) B.A., Radcliffe College "967' Thesis : The Developmental Role of Membrane in the Cellular Slime Mold, Dictyostelium Discoideum. Anthony Joseph Zucarelli (Biophysics and Genetics) B.5., Cornell University 1966; M.S., Lorna Linda University 1968. Thesis: Formation of Parental Replicative Forms of ¢X:174: Synthesis of the First Complementary Strand.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Continued DIVISION OF CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Karl Ammon Bell (Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., Lehigh University "969; M.S., California Institute of Technology "970. Thesis: Aerosol Deposition in Models of a Human Lung Bifurcation. Theodore I. Benzer (Chemistnj and Biology) B.A., Brandeis University "970. Thesis: Investigations on the Tetrodotoxin Binding Component from Electrically Excitable Tissue.

Frank Wilhelm Bobrowicz (Chemistry) B.S., Seton Hall University 1969. Thesis: 1. Generalized Valence-Bond Description for Formation of the Low-Lying States of CH, 2. The GVBTWO SCF Program, 3. Evaluation of Spin-Eigenfunction Configuration Interaction Matrices, 4. The Strongly Orthogonal Generalized Valence-Bond Wavefunction. Wen Hsiung Chen (Chemical Engineering) Illinois Institute of Technology 1968.

B.s., Tunghai University 1963; M.S.,

Thesis: Estimation of Parameters in Partial Differential Equations, with Applications to Petroleum Reservoir Description.

Thomas Carl Clarke (Chemistry) B.A., Rice University 1969. Thesis: 1. Investigations on the Mechanism of Thermal Decomposition of l.-Pyrazolines. II. The Stereochemistry of Solvolytic Displacement and Intramolecular Nucleophilic Substitution by a Double Bond at a Vinyl Center. Charles Dane Cowman, Jr. (Chemistry) B.S ., Case Western Reserve University 1969. Thesis: An Investigation of the Electronic Structures of Transition Metal Complexes

By Si.'lgle Crystal Polarized Spectroscopy. Robert Gouldman Eagar, Jr. (Chemistry) B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute 1969. Thesis: I. Mechanism of Action of Coenzyme B12 . Hydrogen Transfer in the Isomerization of ,B-Methylaspartate to Glutamate. II. Kinetic Studies of 3-Fluoro-1,2-Propanediol, a New Substance for Dioldehydrase. III. Reaction of 5'-deoxyinosylcobalamen with Propanediol Dehydrase. IV. Adenosine Deaminase. James Bernard Ellern (Chemistry and Economics) B.S., University of Illinois 1962 . Thesis: I. Synthetic Studies on Vinylogous Amides and Related Compounds. II. Cobalt (II) Chloride Complexes of Tertiary Vinylogous Amides and Related Ligands. Gerald W. Feigenson (Chemistry and French) B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1968; M.s. 1969. Thesis: Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Studies of Lecithin Bilayers. Steven Neil Frank (Chemistry) B.S., Colorado State University 1969. Thesis: Investigations of the Binding of Some Azido-, Isocyano-, and Isothiocyanatochromium (III) and Azidocobalt (III) Complexes with Heavy Metal Ions and Mercury Electrodes. Gregory Lynn Geoffroy (Chemistry ) B.S., University of Louisville 1968. Thesis: An Investigation of the Photochemical and Excited State Properties of Selected Second and Third Row Transition Metal Complexes. Frank John Grunthaner (Chemistry) B.S., King's College 1966. Thesis: Electronic Structure, Surface Reactivity and Site Analysis of Transition Metal Complexes and MetaHoprattlrs by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Continued Amitava Gupta (Chemistry) B.Sc., Institute of Science 1967; M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology '969. Thesis: I. The Role of Exciplexes in Singlet and Triplet Quenchlng Processes. II. Cage Recombination of Radical Pairs from AB. and ACe. III. Magnetic Field Effects on Cis-Trans Isomerisations of Dienes. Robert Alan Holwerda (Chemistry) B.s., Stanford University 1969. Thesis: Kinetic Studies of the Reduction of Rhus vemicifera Laccase. Ming-Ta Hsu (ChemistnJ) B.S., National Taiwan University 1966; M.S. 1968. Thesis: I. Electron Microscope Heteroduplex Analysis of DNA Sequences in F-prime Factors. II. Electron Microscope Studies of A and Mu Prophages. III. An Electron Microscope Study of Sindbis Virus RNA. Michael W. Hunkapiller (Chemistry) B.S., Oklahoma Baptist University '970. Thesis: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the CatalytiC Mechanism of Proteolytic Enzymes. Joseph Francis Karnicky (Chemistry) B.S., Villanova University 1965. Thesis: Determination of the Argon Intermolecular Pair Potential from Distribution Functions Measured by X-Ray Diffraction from Fluid Argon. Conrad John Kowalski (Chemistry) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1968; M.S., California Institute of Technology '971Thesis: 1. Efforts Directed Towards the Total Synthesis of d, 1-Shionone. 2. Conversion of Estrone to Androst-4-en-J -one: A New Method for Activating the 9 and 10 Positions of Estrogenic Steroids for Substitution. Charles Anderson Langhoff (Chemistry) B.S., Tulane University 1969. Thesis: A Generalized Theory of Radiationless Transitions. George Benjamin Levin (Chemistry and Physics) B.S ., University of Michigan 196) ; M.S., George Washington University 1968. Thesis: The Generalized Valence Bond Description of the Pi Electron States of Conjugated Molecules. David Harris Live (ChemistnJ) B.A., University of PennsylVania '967. Thesis: The Interaction of Cations with Cyclic Polyethers. Terrance Brian McMahon (Chemistry) B.Sc., University of Alberta '969. Thesis: Trapped Ion Cyclotron Resonance Studies of Ion Molecule Reactions. James Gregory Nourse (Chemistry) B.S., Columbia University 1969. Thesis: I. Carbon-1) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Erythromycin Derivatives. II. Algebraic ChemiStry. Steven Diggs Reynolds (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Davis 1969. Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Photochemical Air Pollution. Robert Charles Rosenberg (Chemistry) B.A., Columbia University 1967. Thesis: Spectral and Magnetic Studies of Metallocarboxypeptidase A's. Guston Price Russ III (Chemistry) B.A., University of the South 1968. Thesis: Neutron Stratigraphy In the Lunar Regolith. Charles Frederick Schmidt, Jr. (Chemistry) B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 19 67. Thesis: Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation Studies in Liquids.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Contillued Albert Edward Schweizer, Jr. (Chemistn}) B.S., West Chester State College 1964; M.S., Rutgers University 1968. Thesis: Studies of Some Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms: Part I. The Isomerization of Metal Complexes in Solution. Part II. Reaction of Nitric Oxide with Cobalt Ammine Solutions. Part III. Kinetic Studies of Nitric Oxide Decomposition over a Cobalt Oxide Catalyst. Charles Harrington Seiter (Chemistn}) B.A., University of California, San Diego 19 69. Thesis: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Linewidth Studies of Model Membranes. Satish Chander Sharda (Chemical Eng ineering) B.S., Panjab University 1967; M.S., Montana State University 1968. Thesis: I. A New Elastic Potential Function for Rubbers. II. Thermoelastic Behavior of Rubbers. James Stanley Sherfinski (Chemistn}) B.A., University of Wisconsin 1969. Thesis: A Structural Analysis of Three Arabinosylpyrimidines. Lois Elaine Hodgson Smith (Chemistry) B.Sc., University of British Columbia 1968. Thesis: Studies on the Catalytic Mechanism of Lysozyme. Ronald Irving Trust (Chemistry) B.S., Drexel Institute of Technology 1969. Thesis: Approaches to the Synthesis of D, L-Alnusenone via Non-Enzymic, Biogenetic-Like Polyolefin Cyclizations.

DIVISION OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE Robert Dilworth Blevins (Applied Mechanics and Economics) B.S., Carnegie-Mellon . University 1970; M.S., California Institute of Technology '971. Thesis: Flow Induced Vibration of Bluff Structures. Norval Lagier Broome (Electrical Engineering) B.s., M.S., Purdue University 1966. Thesis: Transient Radiation from Coaxial Waveguide and Cylindrical Monopole Antennas.

Charles Brian Crouse (Civil Engineering) B.S., Case Institute of Technology 1968; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1969. Thesis: Engineering Studies of the San Fernando Earthquake. Robert Alexander Dukelow (Electrical Engine ering) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1969; M.S. 1970. Thesis: An Experimental Investigation of Very Low Frequency Semiconductor Noise. Donnie Carlton Fletcher (Engineering Science) B.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1965. Thesis: The Conservation Laws of Linearized Elas ticity Theory. Blair Allen Folsom (Mechanical Ellgineering and BIIsilless Economics) B.S., California State College, Long Beach 1967; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1968. Thesis: I. Two phase Flow in Vertical and Annular Fluidized Beds. II. Unsteady Disturbances in Axial Compressors.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Continued Jerry Howard Griffin

(Applied Mechanics)

B.S., M.s., University of South Florida


Thesis: Wave Front Analysis in the Scattering of a Plane Compressional Pulse by a Cylindrical Elastic Inclusion.

Atul Jain (Electrical Engineering) B.s., California Institute of Technology M.S. "970. Thesis: A Wavelength Diversity Technique for Smoothing of Speckle.


Doyle Dana Knight (Aeronautics and Applied Mathematics) B.A., Occidental College "97"; B.S ., California Institute of Technology 1971; M.S. "972. Thesis: "An Analytical Investigation of Turbulent Flow Over a Wavy Boundary. Eriabu Lugujjo (Electrical Engineering) B.Sc., Makarere University College 1969; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1971Thesis: 1. Backscattering and Channeling Effect Studies on Semiconductor-Metal Systems; II. Low Temperature Migration of Silicon Through Metal Films. Momtaz Nosshi Mansour (Engineering Science) B.Ae.E., Cairo University 1962; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1965. Thesis: On the Inverse Problem in Electrocardiography. Horacio Augusto M!ndez (Electrical Engineering) Ensign, illgentine Naval Academy "953; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1964; Engineer, Stanford University 1969. Thesis: Shielding Theory of Enclosures with Apertures . Thomas Lee Moeller (Applied Mechanics and Engineering Science) B.S., University of California, Los Angeles 1969; M.S., California Institute of Technology "97~' Th esis: The Dynamics of a Spinning Elastic Disk with Massive Load. Edward Payson Myers (Environmental Engineering Science) B.s., Oregon State University ~965 ; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1969. Thesis: The Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Carbon in Marine Sediments Affected by a Sewage Discharge. Richard Dana Pashley (Electrical Engineering) B.A., University of Colorado 1969; M.s., California Institute of Technology "970. , Thesis: Electrical Properties of Ion Implanted Layers in Silicon and Gallium Arsenide. Lee Louis Peterson (Environmental Engineering Science) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1964; M.S. 1966. Thesis : The Propagation of Sunlight and the Size Distribution of Suspended Particles in a Municipally Polluted Ocean Water. Andrea Prosperetti (Engineering Science) Laurea in Fisica, University of lvlilano 1968; M.S., California Institute of Technology "972. Thesis: Viscous and Nonlinear Effects in the Oscillations of Drops and Bubbles. Magdi Hanna Rizk (Aeronautics and Applied Mathematics) versity 1969; M.S., California Institute of Technology "970. Thesis: Nonsteady Fluid Mechanics of Vehicles in Tubes.

B.s., Columbia Uni-

Sasson Roger Somekh (Electrical Engineering) B.S., University of Tel-Aviv 1969; M.s., California Institute of Technology "970. Thesis: Theory, Fabrication and Performance of Some Integrated Optical Devices.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Continued Harold McDowell Stoll (Electrical Engineering) B.5., Stanford University 1968; M.s., California Institute of Technology 1969. Thesis: Proton-Implanted Optical Waveguides and Integrated Optical Detectors in Gallium Arsenide. Sachio Uehara (Aeronautics) B.S., University of Tokyo 1956; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1965. Thesis: Theoretical Investigation of Minimum Time Loop Maneuvers of Jet Aircraft. Christopher George Whipple (Engineering Science) B.S., Purdue Uuiversity "970 ; M.S., California Institute of Technology "97" . Thesis: Extension of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Theory with Applications .

DIVISION OF GEOLOGICAL AND PLANETARY SCIENCES Ralph Wilson Alewine III (Geophysics) B.S., Mississippi State University 1968; Sc.M., Brown University "970. Thesis: Application of Linear Inversion Theory Toward the Estimation of Seismic Source Parameters.

Gary Stephen Fuis (Geology and Geophysics) B.A., Cornell University 1966. Thesis: The Geology and Mechanics of Fonnation of the Fort Rock Dome, Yavapai COuntyl Arizona. Rex Vincent Gibbons (Geology) B.A., Memorial University of Newfoundland 1967; M.SC. 19 69· Thesis: Experimental Effects of High Shock Pressure on Materials of Geological and Geophysical Interest. Raymond Leonard Joosten (Geology) B.5., San Jose State College 1966. Thesis: Metasomatism and ~1agmatic Assimilation at a Gabbro-Limestone Contact, Christmas Mountains, Big Bend Region, Texas. Peter Leonard Lagus (Geophysics and Planetary Science) B.5., Washington University 1965; M.S., California Institute of Technology "971Thesis: The Equations of State of Hydrogen and Argon; Applications to the Jovian Interior.

Hsi-ping Liu (Geophysics and Applied Physics) B.5c., Tunghai University 1964; M.A., Dartmouth College 1968. Thesis: 1. Temperature Dependence of Single Crystal Spinel (MgAI204) Elastic Constants from 293K to 423K Measured by Light-Sound Scattering in the RarnanNath Region, 11. Effect of Anelasticity on Periods of Earth' s Free Oscillation (Toroidal Modes). Kenneth Raymond Ludwig (Geology and Geochemistry) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1965; M.S. 1967. Thesis: l. Precambrian Geology of the Central Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona; 11. Lead Isotope Heterogenei ty in Precambrian Igneous Feldspars. Jean-Bernard Minster (Geophysics) Ingenieur Civil, Ecole des Mines de Paris 1969; Diplome, Institut Francais du Petrole, 1969. Thesis: Elastodynamics of Failure in a Continuum.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOpHY-Continued DIVISION OF PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY John Harold Bieglng (Astronomy) A.B., Dartmouth College 1966; M.S., California Institute of Technology "969 ' Thesis: Aperture Synthesis Observations of OH Absorption in the Galactic Center. James Andrew Boa (Applied Mathematics) B.Sc., University of Toronto "970. Thesis: A Model Biochemical Reaction. Donald Campbell Brabston, Jr. (Applied Mathematics and Engineering Scieltce) B.s., Georgia Institute of Technology 1967; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1968 . Thesis: I. Numerical Solutions of Steady Viscous Flow Past Spheres and Gas Bubbles. II. Numerical Solution of Singular Endpoint Boundary Value Problems. James William Brown (Physics) B.S., Villanova University 1968. Thesis: A Satellite Measurement of Cosmic-Ray Abundances and Spectra in the Charge Range 2 ~ Z ~ 10. Keith Howard Burrell (Physics, Applied Mathematics, and History) B.S., Stanford University 1968; M.S., California Institute of Technology "970. Thesis: An Investigation of the Resonance Cone Structure in a ''''arm Anisotropic Plasma. Philip Sidney Callahan (Physics and Astronomy) B.S., Cornell University 1969; M.S., California Institute of Technology "971. Thesis: Observation of the Solar-Wind Turbulence Near the Sun. Paul Charles Clapham (Mathematics) B.Sc., University of British Columbia "970. Thesis: Steiner Triple Systems with Block-Transitive Automorphism Groups. Jack Clifton Comly, Jr. (Physics) B.S., California Institute of Technology 1966. Thesis: Optical Pulse Propagation In Media Exhibiting a Third Order Nonlinear Polarization.

Daniel Edwin Erickson (Mathematics and Economics) B.s., California Institute of Technology 1967; M.S., Stanford University 1968. Thesis: Counting Zeros of Polynomials Over Finite Fields. Lawrence Charles Ford (Mathematics) B.S., Portland State University 1968; M.S. "970 . Thesis: Generalized Multipliers on Locally Compact Abelian Groups. Paul Michael Harvey (Physics) B.A., Wesleyan University 1968. Thesis: Infrared and Microwave Variability of OHIIR S tars, and a One Millimeter Wavelength Detecting System for the 200-lnch Telescope. William Cary Huffman (Mathematics) B.S., University of New Mexico "970. Thesis: Eigenvalue Structure In Primitive Linear Groups. Robert Vernon Kline (Physics) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1967. Thesis: A Measurement of the Process p+d~He3+ Photon at Intermediate Energies. Clement Wing Hong Lam (Mathematics and Engineering Science) B.s., California Institute of Technology "97". Thesis: Rational g-Circulants Satisfying the Matrix Equation A' = dl + XJ.


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY-Continued David Li Lee (Physics and Economics) B.Se., McGill University '970. Thesis: Frameworks for Analyzing and Testing Theories of Gravity. Douglas Albert Leich (Physics) B.A., Colgate University '968. Thesis : Applications of a Nuclear Technique for Depth-Sensitive Hydrogen Anal)'sis: Trapped H in Lunar Samples and the Hydration of Terrestrial Obsidian. William Norman Lennard {Physics} B.A.Se., University of Toronto 1969. Thesis: Absolute Transition Probabilities for Ni I and the Solar Nickel Abundance. Alan Paige Lightman {Physics} A.B., Princeton University 1970; M.S., California Institute of Technology 1973. Thesis: r. Time-Dependent Accretion Disks Around Compact Objects; II. Theoretical Frameworks for Analyzing and Tes ting Gravitation Theories . Paul Kim Mazaika {Applied Mathematics} B.5., New York University '970. Thesis : On the Settling Speed of Dilute Arrays of Spheres. Jonathan David Melvin {Physics and Biology} B.A., M.A., Yale University 1968. Thesis : Energy loss of light Ions Channeling in Silicon. William James Metcalf {Physics} B.S ., University of California, los Angeles 1967. Thesis : The Recoil Proton Polarization in 7r - Photoproduction From Deuterium Between 450 and 950 MeV and a Partial Wave Analysis of 1'n~ ""-p in the Resonance Region . Howard Cary Morris {Mathematics} B.S., louisiana Polytechnic Institute 1969. Thesis : Two Pigeon Hole Principles and Unions of Convexly Disjoint Sets. Augustus Oemler, Jr. {Astronomy} A.B., Princeton University '969; M.S ., California Institute of Technology '970. Thesis: The Systematic Properties of Clusters of Galaxies. Bruce Kent Richard {Mathematics} B.5 ., Georgia Institute of Technology 1969. Thesis: Numerical Ranges and Commutation Properties of Hilbert Space Operators. David Bruce Shaffer {Astronomy} B.5., Carnegie-Mellon University 1968. Thesis: The Structure of Compact Radio Sources at 10.7 GHz. Stephen Alan Shectman {Astronomy} B.5., Yale University ~969. Thesis: Clusters of Galaxies and the Cosmic Light. Rafael Sorkin {Physics} A.B., Harvard University '966. Thesis : Development of Simplectic Methods for the Metrical and Electromagnetic Fields. Saul Amo Teukolsky {Phys ics} B.S., University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg '970 . Thesis: Perturbations of a Rotating Black Hole. Glenn John Veeder, Jr. {Astronomy} S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '9 68 . Thesis : Temperatures and Luminosities of M Type Dwarfs from Infrared Photometry. Andrew Benjamin White, Jr. {Applied Mathematics} B.A., University of Texas '969. Thesis : Numerical Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems. Ming lun Yu {Physics} E.Sc., University of Hong Kong 1966; M.Sc. '969 ; M.S ., California Institute of Technology '971Thesis : An Experimental Study of Nonequilibrium Superconductivity.


Pri~s and Awards GEORGE w. GREEN MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the undergraduate student who, in the opinion of the division chairmen, has shown outstanding ability and achievement in creative scholarship.

Kenneth Stephen Jancaitis FREDERIC W. HINRICHS, JR., MEMORIAL AWARD Awarded to the senior who, in the opinion of the undergraduate Deans, has made the greatest undergraduate contribution to the welfare of the student body and whose qualities of leadership, character, and responsibility have been outstanding. Recipient to be announced. DON SHEPARD AWARD Awarded to students who would find i t difficult, without additional financial help, to engage in extracurricular and cultural activities. The recipients are selected on the basis of their capacity to take advantage of and to profit from these activities rather than on the basis of their scholastic standing.

Claude Anderson Jose Cabezon Margaret Evans Kathleen Kong Gary Wakai DAVID JOSEPH MacPHERSON PRlZE IN ENGINEERING Awarded to the graduating senior in engineering who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship.

Siu Joe Poon DONALD S. CLARK AWARDS May be awarded to a sophomore and a junior in recognition of service to the campus community and good academic performance. Preference is given to stu · dents in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science and to those in chemical engineering.

Jonathan Marc Teich, sophomore Richard Steven Gru11er, junior HAREN LEE FISHER MEMORIAL AWARD IN JUNIOR PHYSICS Awarded to a junior physics major who demonstrates the greatest promise of future contributions in physics.

Joseph G. Polchinski


PRIZES AND AWARDS-Continued SIGMA XI AWARD Awarded to a senior selected for an outstanding piece of original scientific research.

David Langdon Glackin

THE MORGAN WARD AWARD Awarded for the best problems and solutions in mathematics submitted by a freshman or sophomore.

Christopher Henley, freshman MARY A. EARLE McKINNEY PRIZE IN ENGLISH The purpose of this prize is to cultivate proficiency in "'lriting, It may be awarded for essays submitted in connection with regular English classes or awarded on the basis of a special essay contest.

Dale Eric Bredesen Barry Arthur Cipra

JACK E. FROEHLICH MEMORIAL AWARP Awarded to a junior in the upper five percent of his class who shows outstanding promise for a creative professional career.

Roland Robert Lee

ERIC TEMPLE BELL UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATICS RESEARCH PRIZE Awarded to one or more juniors or seniors for outstanding original research -in mathematics .

David Dummit, junior

THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS MlillUFACTURES AND COMMERCE SILVER MEDAL Awarded to students \'·:ho are receiving their first degrees from the most important institr.ltions of learning in the United States. Winners are selected on the basis of outstanding academic records and Significant participation in student activities.

Designee: Kenneth Sanders Suslick