June 2002 - Friedens United Church of Christ

June 2002 - Friedens United Church of Christ

A WORD FROM PASTOR CINDY February is African American History Month. As the Pastor of a racially-integrated congregation in St. Louis which celebrated...

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A WORD FROM PASTOR CINDY February is African American History Month. As the Pastor of a racially-integrated congregation in St. Louis which celebrated African American History Month every year, I came to appreciate how such history was indeed history for all of us. I learn and grow from the stories shared each year during African American History Month. The United Church of Christ has made its own distinguished contributions to this history, and I thought that I’d share some of them (information taken from “United Church of Christ Firsts”, www.ucc.org): 1773: 1st Published African American Poet: A member of Old South in Boston, Phillis Wheatley becomes the first published African American author. “Poems on Various Subjects” is a sensation, and Wheatley gains her freedom from slavery soon after. 1785: 1st Ordained African American Pastor: Lemuel Haynes is the first African American ordained by a Protestant denomination. He becomes a worldrenowned preacher and writer. 1839: Defining Moment For Abolitionist Movement: Enslaved Africans break their chains and seize control of the schooner Amistad. They are arrested and held in a Connecticut jail while the ship’s owners sue to have them returned as property. Congregationalists and other Christians organize a campaign to free the captives. The Supreme Court rules the captives are not property, and the Africans regain their freedom. 1846: First Integrated Anti-Slavery Society: The Amistad case is a spur to the conscience of Congregationalists who believe no human being should be a slave. In 1846 Lewis Tappan, one of the Amistad organizers, organizes the American Missionary Association—the first anti-slavery society in the U.S. with multiracial leadership. 1

1862-77: Colleges And Universities For Blacks In The South: The American Missionary Association starts six colleges: Dillard University, Fisk University, LeMoyne-Owen College, Huston-Tillotson College, Talladega College and Tougaloo College, all historically black colleges and universities that continue to offer excellence, access, and opportunity in higher education. It also founds Brick School, today part of the UCC’s Franklinton Center in North Carolina. 1959: Historic Ruling That Airwaves Are Public Property: Southern television stations impose a news blackout on the growing civil rights movement, and Martin Luther King Jr. asks the UCC to intervene. Everett Parker of the UCC’s Office of Communication organizes churches and wins in Federal court a ruling that the airwaves are public, not private property. The decision leads to hiring of persons of color in television studios and newsrooms. 1976: First African American Leader Of An Integrated Denomination: General Synod elects the Rev. Joseph H. Evans president of the United Church of Christ. He becomes the first African American leader of a racially integrated mainline church in the United States. In 2009, the UCC elected its second African American president, the Rev. Geoffrey A. Black, as General Minister and President, an office in which Rev. Black continues to serve. History for all of us! Thanks be to God! Peace, Pastor Cindy



-Board Highlights-

Attendance for January 1/6 1/13 1/20 1/27

Sunday School 0 29

Finance Board *Yvonne Kamm appointed viceChairman.

Worship 94 54 77

*Monthly validators will be listed in the Circuit Rider. The validator for February is Sandy Harbison. *Reviewed the constitution and Memorial Fund.

Memorial Service: Rev. Kenneth Mesle, Jan. 19, 2013.

*2012 Treasurer books will be audited in February.

Hospitalized: Roy McMillan Gladys Skeens Harold Smith Charles Gore Sharon Kohler

*Next meeting February 13, 7 p.m.

Newsletter articles are due on February 17th. You may:  bring your articles to the office  e-mail them to: [email protected]  fax the article: 667-6006

Please refer to the enclosed insert concerning our area Lenten services.


USHERS Feb. 3 Feb. 10

Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 24 Mar. 3

GREETERS Dave & Sandy Morton Fred & Wanda Keil Ron & Carol Klaustermeier Amy & Mike Schroeter (Ash Wednesday) Dennis Williams family Dave & Pat Edgar Mark & Kay Friedrich Rick & Sherry Smith Wayne & Julie Loehring Bill & Marla Brown Glen & Gale Stipes

Feb. 3 Feb. 10 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 24 Mar. 3

If you cannot be present on your day, please call Yvonne, 667-8409

Liturgists Feb. 3 Feb. 10 Feb. 13

Bill & Marla Brown

Bill Brown (Ash Wednesday)

Feb. 17 Feb. 24 Mar. 3

ALTAR FLOWERS Mary Ann Ambuehl 4

(Ash Wednesday)

February 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 11 12 13 15 16 17

20 27 28 29

Bryan Chasteen Wayne Ferguson Rebecca Fischer Misty Yount David Morton Bill Brown John Lally Marcella Lindsay Bonnie Talbott Ross Healea Mary Ann Ambuehl Joe Estes Stacy Matz Regan Rose Anita Jarvis Claudia Galaske Virginia Bailey Evan Bosaw Karen Kronk Kathy Patton Tona Walker Allie Price Debra Gebhart Linda Grotefendt Lyle Willimann

Women’s Retreat Saturday, February 23rd 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. $15.00 per person Get your ticket on Sunday mornings or call the office to reserve a spot for you and a friend. This will include two meals, snack, fun, laughter and a wonderful day enjoying friends and making new ones! Don’t be left out join in on the fun! This would make a great Valentine’s gift! (hint, hint) Women of all ages will enjoy this retreat!


SUNDAY SCHOOL ROTATION February Living as Care Takers 2/3 Music Donna & Audrey 2/10 Cooking Gale 2/17 Computers Claudia & Diane 2/24 Video Jane

Start the New Year off by joining one of our Sunday School Classes!

Festival of Faith for Middle School Youth Awesome Is Our God February 16-17, 2013 DuBois Center

We have a class for you, Preschool through adult. For more information pertaining to our classes please contact Stephanie Williams 667-7001.


We have eight youth attending! Friedens will be well represented at this conference event. Have fun Friedens kidz!

NEED A RIDE on Sunday mornings or to a church event? Give us a call 667-6535


This is a quote I came across on Facebook and found it to be very true:

Boots for DuBois Friedens Kidz are collecting money to buy boots for DuBois. If you would like to donate to this fund let one of the Sunday school kids or Stephanie know. If you have a pair of boots that are new or like new and would like to donate them we will gladly take them. Happy Trails!

“If we teach our kids to be smart, but not honest…if we push them to excel at sports but don’t instill morality and integrity in their souls…then we can’t complain when they fail us, because we failed them.” I also believe it takes a village to raise a child. By helping each other and with God by our side we will not fail our children. The Christian Education team at Friedens is eager to share God’s love with you and your family, please join us. Peace & Blessings, Stephanie

Do you enjoy young adults? We need help with our High School class. If you can give one hour on Sunday mornings once, twice or more a month they could use your help. We have a GREAT bunch of kids who are smart, fun and a pleasure to be around. Contact Stephanie Williams for more details.

Thank you to all who came and supported the youth at Trivia last month! Thanks to Doug & Debbie Brendel and to Fred Keil for all the work they did for this event. Thank you to Kristin Lally for being the chaperone for Winter Weekend. 7

Thelma and Jane provided refreshments and a delicious dessert of cake with fruit. Members started the task of sorting through photos, to eventually get them organized into photo albums.

Women’s Guild The first 2013 monthly meeting of the Women's Guild was held on Wednesday January 16, 2013 at 7:00pm, with 17 ladies present.

There is a time change for the next Women's Guild meeting on February 20, 2013 - it will be at 1:00pm. Sue Hoppes will do the devotions, and hostesses will be Stephanie Williams and Mary Ann Gaultney. The program activity will be coffee filter flowers. If anyone needs a ride, please contact Betty at 616-6427. Hope to see you there!

Virginia, current President of the Guild, opened the meeting with a prayer, and then Audrey lead Devotions. Since we are in the beginning of a new year, the devotion included a Burning Bowl Service. This was very symbolic - get rid of the negative and open the door to a positive year. Devotions ended with a couple more inspirational readings. The meeting continued with Committee reports and discussion. Quilters are busy as always, and will soon start the quilt for this year's raffle. World Day of Prayer will be on March 1, a couple members will attend the planning meeting in February. A committee was formed to discuss Fellowship Hall rental. A signup sheet went around for cakes for the Lenten service on February 27th. Updated phone tree sheets were handed out. Upcoming events include a pie making class on January 26th, and a Women's Retreat day is scheduled for February 23rd. 8

Items collected for Ministries Unlimited in January were:

Upcoming Opportunities:

4 bottles mouth rinse 2 tubes toothpaste 2 Purex laundry sheets 3 bottles body wash 1 body scrub 8 soaps 2 bottles shampoo and body wash 4 Blistex 1 Cupcake soap 1 package to-go tissues 1 razor 1 back scratcher 7 miscellaneous beauty products 4 lipsticks 5 body lotions 2 hand creams 1 acne body wash 1 Avon foot works 1 organic oil and masque 5 Christmas cups with hot cocoa 2 spaghetti sauce 2 gel cleaners 1 hamburger helper 12 cake mixes 6 Ramen noodle soup 2 canned vegetables 1 can black beans 1 box cereal 2 boxes Girl Scout cookies 2 boxes pudding 1 can beef stew

February 13 – Ash Wednesday February 16 – Shrimp Dinner February 23 – Women’s Retreat March 1 – World Day of Prayer March 2 – Day of Discipleship March 2 - Blood Drive – Fellowship Hall March 9 – Bowling night at Camelot Bowl in Collinsville

Would YOU like to make a difference? Are YOU at least 18 years old? Do YOU weigh at least 110 pounds? Do YOU like cookies and juice? We have an opportunity for YOU! Join us on Saturday, March 2, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for our blood drive.

Thank you for your donation! The items for February are: soup, chili, and canned pasta. 9

Dear Friedens Friends, Advent and Christmas greetings! Thank you for your gift of $5.00. Through your gifts of prayer; your gifts of care and concern; through your gifts of time and volunteer support; through your gifts of supplies and through your financial support, you are the gift of Christmas to us.

Dear Friedens Faith Family, Thank you so much for the lovely celebration of the 20th anniversary of my ordination. I was deeply moved by all that you did to celebrate with me. Thanks also for the Macy’s gift cards – I used them and my ordination gift money to buy a beautiful new red purse. Red – the color for the Holy Spirit. I’ll always remember Friedens when I use this purse!

With Gratitude and in Hope, Chris L. Cox, MSW, LCSW President & CEO Hoyleton Ministries

The envelope of (Campbell’s) labels has arrived. We’re shooting for musical instruments and I think you just made it happen. Thank you!

Christmas blessings and peace to you, Pastor Cindy

Brenda Crisp, Staff, and our children and families at UniPres Kindercottage

Dear Friends, Hitz Memorial Home would like to thank you for the donation of $3. Your generosity combined with thoughtful gifts of other friends, is a very important part of the Home’s commitment to excellence in long term care.

Dear Friedens Church, Your kind expression of sympathy and friendship will always remain in our memories. Thank you all for your prayers and support during our family’s loss.

Sincerely, Susan Tudor Administrator

Deb and the Una Mae Meyer family 10

Dear Friends, Dear Friends,

Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is as powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. Thank you on behalf of all the families your kindness touches. Please know how deeply we appreciate your generosity. Your time, energy and gifts are always welcome to make Ministries Unlimited a success. God bless your good heart for giving to others during this season of giving.

We have received your donation of $492.90. Thank you for your generous contribution! Your support and your foresight allow vital supplies – like Christian World Service Blankets and Kits, Emergency Cleanup Buckets, food packages and water – to be transported quickly to families in some of the hardest hit areas touched by Hurricane Sandy. Your donation will also help provide long-term recovery assistance that enables communities to rebuild and to mitigate future disasters.

By all accounts, the Christmas packing and distribution was a success. People walked away in awe with what they had been a part of, with a new commitment to their ongoing work; but challenged and invigorated to take on things they had not even contemplated or dreamed prior to this event.

May God bless you for your support, Rev. John L. McCullough President and CEO Church World Service

This is what Christmas is truly about – those of us who have been blessed by God, sharing with those who are in need. God’s blessings to you and yours. Betty Cothran Pantry Administrator


Dear Friends, I would like to thank you for your generous gift of $450. Our shared ministry at DuBois Center receives gifts of time, talent, and treasure from a significant number of churches, group and individuals. The funds raised provide approximately $16,000 in camp scholarship assistance enabling low income families to participate in DuBois Center summer camps and retreats, support our ministry internship program and benefit our camping and retreat experiences in a variety of ways. Our goal this year is to raise $75,000. Your financial gift is a vital piece of this support.

Dear Friends, On behalf of DuBois Center, thank you for your gifts of $65.75 for boots that we received through the Conference Office for October and November. Outdoor ministries can be a powerful tool and experience in nurturing growth in God’s children of all ages. These experiences offer occasions to move away from the chaos and busyness of everyday lives – to a place apart. Thank you for your gift and keeping our work in your thoughts and prayers. We are honored to be a partner in ministry with you.

Sincerely, Shirley G. Asmussen Director of Outdoor Ministries

Christmas blessings and best wishes for the coming year to you and your family. Sincerely, Priscilla Self Office Manager


Stewardship Message

God loves every one of us and gives each person gifts for building the Beloved Community. What are your gifts? How are you building the Beloved Community in your family? In your work place? In your church? Among your friends? Where you are in this moment?

Stewards of the Beloved Community He said therefore, "What is the kingdom of God like? And to what should I compare it? Luke 13:18 Years ago I participated in a meeting with members of COREM, the Council for Racial and Ethnic Ministries. COREM is composed of representatives from Pacific Islander and Asian American Ministries, Council for Hispanic Ministries, Council for American Indian Ministry, United Black Christians, and Ministers for Racial, Social, and Economic Justice. The meeting tables were arranged in a square in a tranquil sunny room in Hollywood, California. As the meeting hour approached, participants of diverse races and ethnicities began to arrive. The room was quickly enlivened by the joyous greetings and hugs of friends reuniting for this event.

A message by Doris Powell, author of Stewards in the Household of God: a Resource for Holistic Year-round Stewardship. February 2013

God is still speaking,

This resource is a free service and is made possible by your gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission.

As I looked at this happy scene unfolding, I saw a vision of what heaven might look like. The kingdom of God is like a gathering where all experience an extravagant welcome; a community graced with “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17). Martin Luther King, Jr. called this the Beloved Community.

Ministries Unlimited 2012 Christmas Season Number of boxes prepared - 202 Number of adults assisted - 398 Number of kids assisted - 342


Women’s Guild – 30 members were in attendance.

It Happened Here – 35 Years Ago

Parsonage Committee was instructed to check at the parsonage for some minor repairs and to have them taken care of.

At a meeting of church cabinet members (not the council) in November, several ideas were expressed about what we should work on in 1978. First, it was agreed that we are blessed with a number of good leaders in our congregation. It was agreed upon that there was a need for an expansion program. We agreed on a theme for the year: “Because We Care”. Here are some things that we need to think about – 1. Are my efforts, as a member, being used to give strength and unity to the church program? 2. Is my attendance in Sunday school and church consistent and supportive? 3. Is my financial support of the church God’s share of my life and wealth or a part of my leftovers? 4. Do people see me and hear me talking and acting as a road paver or a chuck hole in the guidance of my church? 5. More importantly, does God see me as a follower of His way or a bulldozer on my own? These are questions we all must ask of ourselves about our relationship with God and His church as we work for His ministry in 1978. (This is also true in 2013!)

The group voted to have Janet Willimann and LaVon Brueggemann buy material and make 15 aprolns which will be used when serving banquets and parties. Anyone who has old nylons or old toss pillows is asked to see that Marie Dollinger gets them. She is making pillows for the Rummage Sale. The ladies signed up to bring cakes for after the Lenten services. Six cakes will be needed for each service, 9 on Ash Wednesday. Memorial Committee – Met and voted to purchase a new stainless steel or silver plated bowl for the baptismal fount. They also voted to order two dozen name plates from Wicks Organ for the Memorial Board. Senior Youth Fellowship – Met and had discussion as to where they could go next month. It was finally decided to go to the Lazarium on January 20 and out to eat afterwards.


Couples Club – New officers were elected for the coming year. The Schauberts and the Wells had the dubious honor of being co-presidents and co-treasurers. Chet and Thelma Huston and Don and Joey McDowell (in absentia) were fortunate enough to become co-activity officers.

Also, that the memorial committee purchases a communion table. Annual Congregational Meeting – Bill Schaubert presented a capsule summary of the activities of the remodeling and expansion. Milton Klaus, Finance Committee cochairman, reported $8,088 in cash donations had been received as of January 16, with a total of $31,015.

Next month’s meeting will be a Valentine party on the 12th with a potluck. There will be a box for your Valentines - store bought, homemade, serious, or humorous.

Proposal #1 for use of the money received from the Beste estate was approved. This action will set up $52,957.55 collateral reserve for the Remodeling and Expansion Fund; set aside $5,240.92 for repair of stained glass windows, establish a $3,000 major emergency fund; invest $10,000 in a time deposit to be used for future land purchase for parking.

Special Council Meeting – The Council met and was informed by President Emmons that Friedens’ share of the Irene Beste estate was $71,198.47. After much discussion, the council agreed to present a ballot containing four proposals for use of the Beste estate at the annual congregational meeting to be held on January 15, 1978. Regular Council Meeting – Rev. Sabbert (Collinsville) is in the process of contacting the individual who now has possession of the St. John’s Evangelical Church and Cemetery records. The Worship Committee recommends that no one be denied baptismal rites after counseling from the pastor. 15

The truth comes so often in simple sentences. For example, isn’t it true that a person can give without real love or sympathy (maybe to impress others for example) but one simply cannot love without giving? In fact, one of the clues to how much a person loves is how much he or she gives in terms of time, talent, friendship, service, encouragement and prayers on behalf of others.

Volunteers Needed! Are you ready to make a difference? If so, Unity Hospice wants you! Volunteers are needed to visit terminally ill patients and/or perform office duties. There are no time requirements! Opportunities provided based on your schedule. Social or church groups, families, retirees, and students—all are welcome. Make a difference in the lives of others. Call today to sign up for an orientation. More information is available on the hallway bulletin board, or contact Brenda McGarvey, (618) 346-1111, [email protected]

A house is a home when it is infused with love, when there is acceptance that never wavers, and where there is always food for the mind, for the spirit, for the body and for those in need. Is your abode a house or a home?


March 1