K I N G S T O N C I T Y S C H O O L D I S T R I C T - Kingston

K I N G S T O N C I T Y S C H O O L D I S T R I C T - Kingston

KINGSTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Cioni Administration Building Sixty-One Crown Street Kingston, New York 12401-3879 Phone: 845-943-3009 Fax: 845-943-3160...

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KINGSTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Cioni Administration Building Sixty-One Crown Street Kingston, New York 12401-3879 Phone: 845-943-3009 Fax: 845-943-3160 MATTHEW MCCOY President-Board of Education [email protected]

DR. PAUL J. PADALINO Superintendent of Schools [email protected]

Joint Visitation/Master Plan Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes of the April 15, 2013 Present Members: Dr. Padalino, N. Scherer, M. McCoy, D. Trippodo, T. Clapper, S. Hillje, R. Scrodanus, E. Parese, A. Olsen, S. Jordan, M. Higgins, J. Burruby, A. Manuel, A. Quadrini Not Present: K. Bell, M. Gruber, K. Uhl, E. Parese and J. Aberle Others Present: C. Ellsworth, D. Wall & Tim Ruland from BBL, The meeting began at 3:33 p.m. Update on UCCC project at Sophie Finn Dr. Padalino explained that there will be a resolution before the Board at the April 17th meeting proposing that the District be authorized to sell Sophie Finn to Ulster County for a fair market value rather than a lease. Grant Writer Update Ms. Scherer explained that they are continuing to seek information on any alternative uses for the closing buildings. Update on Closing/Closed Facilities and Bidding Process Dr. Padalino explained that there are interested parties in Cioni and Tillson but that the District must participate in a 30 day bidding process prior to accepting any offers. He went on to explain that Zena and Anna Devine will also be on the ballot for voter approval to authorize the sale. Update on Bids Summer 2013 Facilities Projects Ms. Scrodanus explained that there were 15 bids on the roofing projects and they had been pleasantly surprised to have the bids come in at just under 3.5 million vs. the 5.9 that was budgeted and S&L Roofing won the bids after the top bidders were interviewed. Concerns were discussed on debris in the classrooms and the schedule for when the work would be completed. Ms. Scrodanus stated that the roofs are scheduled to be replaced in the summer when the buildings are not occupied and Mr. Clapper will be coordinating the schools cleanup to follow the roofers in order to have the buildings ready for school to open. Boiler replacements and fire alarm work were also awarded and will take place over the summer as well. Bids for painting will be opened on April 19th.

Structural Engineer’s Report – MJM Mr. Hillje and Mr. Clapper met with the structural engineer earlier that day. Mr. Clapper believes that the consensus is that the roof is healthy and the structural report should confirm that, however the fasteners holding the slate on the roof have some issues. He believes that the recommendation will be to remove the slate, leave the substructure as long as it is intact and then replace it with a raised seam metal roof that is in keeping with the era of the building. Mr. Hillje reported that all of the wood on the building is rotted and needs to be replaced which may be causing some of the leaks in the building, and there are major cracks on the exterior walls and it will be at a significant cost to fix these issues. Unveiling New KHS 2nd Century Renovation Proposal Mr. Quadrini, KSQ & Mr. Wall, BBL presented three options, 1, 1A and 2 for the current high school location with approximate cost between 110 – 120 million. Committee members were all in agreement that they liked option 2. Discussions included swing space, the schedule for completion of each phase, bond costs, state aid, cost to taxpayers and the bidding process. Also discussed was including the replacements of the boilers, traps, steam tunnels, piping, ventilation and the asbestos at main. Ms. Scherer inquired whether committee members wanted to add a meeting in May to the schedule. Committee members were in agreement and Ms. Scherer would send an updated schedule. The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

It is the mission of the Kingston City School District to educate, inspire and graduate students who are excellent in scholarship and character and are empowered to reach their maximum potential as responsible and productive members of society.