key to our success - EMSB

key to our success - EMSB

V LUNTEER APPRECIATION NIGHT KEY TO OUR SUCCESS April 16, 2013 Plaza Volare, 6600 Cote-de-Liesse, Montreal 2 PROGRAMME 17:30-18:30 Registratio...

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KEY TO OUR SUCCESS April 16, 2013 Plaza Volare, 6600 Cote-de-Liesse, Montreal


PROGRAMME 17:30-18:30





Michael Cohen


Welcome & Introduction of the title sponsor La Capitale

Angela Mancini


Greetings from the Title Sponsor - La Capitale

Hoda Faltas

DINNER 20:00 20:10 20:20

Introductions Director General’s Address Introduction of Honorees


Presentation of gifts to volunteers with over 15 years of service

20:40 21:00 21:05

Presentation of the Volunteers of Distinction Award Special Presentations Drawing of Door prizes


Word of Thanks

Jamie Orchard Frank Taddeo Robert A. Stocker Jamie Orchard Frank Taddeo Angela Mancini & the Council of Commissioners

Jamie Orchard Frank Taddeo Pietro Mercuri

Mega Design International Uniforme scolaire et code vestimentaire School uniform and dress code 9420 Boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec, H2N 1N3 Tel: 514 384 0604 Fax: 514 384 2151 Email: [email protected] website:

Once again we thank all of you for volunteering This great success could only be achieved with your support


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your time. Thank you for caring. Most of all, thank you for believing that you can make a difference in our schools.

Like you, the Central Parents’ Committee is a group of volunteer parents that works hard to make all our schools better and stronger. We are your official representatives to the board and are here for you. Just as your schools lean on you, we urge you to lean on us. You have questions, we have answers (or at the very least we’ll figure out where to find them). Our meetings are always open or you can drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you. Together we can do great things for our board and most importantly, our children and on their behalf: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


URL: (click on parent info)

Anne Wade, Royal West Academy, Montreal West An EMSB volunteer for 11 years, Anne Wade is known for the abundance of great qualities she possesses, which contributes to the long reaching impact she has made from her service to Royal West Academy (RWA), such as intelligence, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, a teamwork approach, leadership and diligence. As a result, she has gained a great deal of respect there because of her efficiency at completing so many Anne Wade tasks and for being so motivating and caring for the well being of Royal West. Ms. Wade has selflessly devoted countless hours of her time to many school committees, programs and activities, including the RWA Foundation, which helped to realize the complete restoration of the school’s auditorium, and as a parent representative to the Governing Board. Her years of tireless dedication as a volunteer has also extended to the EMSB, where she served as a parent commissioner and a vice chair and has been instrumental behind the Balanced Literacy Initiative and the Green Committee.

Teresa Cocullo-Scotto, John F. Kennedy High School, Villeray Teresa Cocullo-Scotto has been volunteering her time to the EMSB for a decade at the elementary and high school level. For the past six years, she has been a member of John F. Kennedy Teresa Cocullo-Scotto High School’s Governing Board, and is currently serving as its chairperson. Ms. Cocullo-Scotto was also a member of the school’s Parent Participation Organization, a delegate to the Region 2 Parents’ Committee, and a delegate to the Central Parents’ Committee. She has also served on several committees on the board level, including the Educational Policies Committee.

Volunteers of Distinction

Ilgin Sartekin, LaurenHill Academy, Ville St. Laurent Ilgin Sartekin has devoted her time and efforts as an EMSB volunteer for over 10 years, first at Royal West Academy and Dunrae Gardens School, and then at LaurenHill Academy. Ms. Sartekin also has the distinction of volunteering at every event LaurenHill has held since she started there. She has served for many years as a member of the school’s Governing Board and as chairperson of the Home and School committee, Ilgin Sartekin and has served on the school’s Pre Prom Committee and chaired LaurenHill’s 20th Anniversary cocktail event. Ms. Sartekin ha also volunteered her time on the board level, serving as a member on both the Regional Parents’ Committee and the Central Parents’ Committee, as well as the Educational Policies Committee.

Volunteers with 5 to 9 years Abergel-Gludu, Nancy Adams, Debbie Adamyk Savoie, Lisa Aeschbacher, Daniela Agnello, Susanna Agnello, Antoinette Agostini, Connie Agostino Verrilo, Rosanna Albanese, Gina Albanese, Sylvia Albanese, Nadia Alibhai, Sayeeda Alleyne, Ayanna Amicone, Dora Andrianopoulou, Nia Annibale, Mary Anonucci-Castiglione, Betty Antonacci, Rosetta Antonucci Cristiano, Rina Appezzato, Mary Ashkenazy-Held, Naomi Assaf, Darlene Assaf, Steven Assil, Tara(neh) Athanasatos, Roula Audesse, Nicole Baas, Isabelle Babin, Gilles Bagot, Marva Baker, Mary Banton (Patterson), Jannifer Baragar, Heather


Barillaro, Pat Barrafato, Rosanna Bass-Mendel, Randy Bastien, Jennifer Battah, Kathleen Belanger, Dena Beldick, Sherman Bellini-Anastopoulos, Daniella Bennane, Wafaa Bennett, Lorraine Berger, Richard Bertoldi (Tussman), Elena Biagioni Manucci, Emily Bianchini (Vanslet), Mary Biondi, Chantal Bisson, Celine Biunno, Joe Black, Amelia Blond, Bonnie Boelen, Michelle Bonovoglia, Enza Bracci, Elisa Brennan, Kate

Brodeur, Paula Broomberg, Denise Brown, Lisa Bruemmer, Rene Bruna, Tina Brunner, Kelli Bucaro-D’Ambrosio, Grace Buccaro, Kathy Buchanan (Stewart), Valerie Buffone, Adam Bugden, James Buono, Pina Burnett, Gordon Cabos-Oliver, Corinne Cafaro, Mirella Caissy, Manon Calabrese, Susana Calandrino, Rosie Calce, Rosa Calitri, Natalina Camia, Elena Cammisa, Rosanna Campagna, Lynn Campisi, Terri Canuto-Sasso, Anna Cardinal, Christine Carfagnini, Antoinette Caron, Harvey Caron, Jessica Casey, Angela Caucci-Lepore, Gina Caughlin, Beverley Cecere, Gilda Cecere, Gloria Censi, Rita Chan-Paré, Frances Chatzidakis, Geogia Chazin, Neil Cheal, Alison Chemtov, Robin Chudobey, Donna Chung, Susie Chuprun, Keith Ciarla Santella, Pina Ciasletta, Elidé Cicero, Umberto Cimo, Laurie Clark, Marianne Clemente, Joe Clinker, Sue Coladonato-Kontakos, Maria Colapelle, Paola Colarusso, Nadia Comire, Noelle Comito, Franco Conti, Dina Corinthios (Bruemmer), Angela Côté, Johanne Côté, Wendy

Cousineau, Laura Cox, David Crisci, Rosalie Cullen, Kari Daddi, Jimmy D’Addona, Suzy D’Alessio-Di-Criscio, Maria Damas, Chantal D’angelo, Carmelina Dannenbaum, Elizabeth Daoust, Manon David, Jean F. Day, Lee Anne De Cotiis-Capellano, Carmela De Cotis, Maria De Luca, Anna De Petrillo, Rosa De Stefano, Rosella Del Re, Maria Del Re Mancinelli, Maria Delaney, Tracy Delis, Michael Delli Compagni, Antoinette DeMarco, Rita Denbow, Mitchell Dentakos, George Desnoyers, John Di Biase, Sandra Di Cristo, Teresa Di Fiori-Iacampo, Anna Di Fruscia, Elisa Di Labbio, Josie Di Lorio, Connie Di Lucia-Gentile, Lina Di Lullo (Fucito), Concetta Di Matteo, Ida Di Nezza, Fernanda Di Sarro, Linda Di Scala, Luigi Di Zanno, Angelina Dimitriadi, Helen Dionisi, Nadia Dolny, Terry-Lee Downey (Barnes), Christine Durley (Sabourin), Tara Dydyk-Trihas, Laura


Egan, Eamon Elvir Coulombe, Martha Emerson Milton, Diane Ennis, Blythe Farkas, Micheal Fedele-Vasile, Mary Fedenko, Nick Felice, Gerry Fenner, Joan Ferrara (Paliotti), Giovanna Ferraro, Joe Fischini, Nadia Fokoefs, Costa Forrester (Howard), Maureen France, Lori-Ann Franchellini-Martinez, Kimberley Frankel, Julie Fraschetti Mucci, Connie Frenna, Melina Friedlandsky, Debbie Fukuyama, Naomi Funnell, Susan Fuoco, James Furfaro Venuto, Maggie Ganz, Robert Garruto, Marie-Theresa Gaudio Zivojin, Patricia Gemmel, Tracie Gentile, Lia Giacobbe, Sergio Giammaria Rimanelli, Mary Gianari, Ana Paula Giobbi, Rosa Goblot, Sarah Goffredo, Givanni Goldman, Sondra Golman (Miller), Gail Gomez De La Serna, Rocio Goodman, Robin Goudreau, Robert Gouskos, Niki Gow, Ian Gow, James Grandilli Dimaria, Toni Grant, Katherine Gravel (Switzman), Sissi Gray, Debbie Gray (MacKenzie), Heather Greco, Sandra Greenberg, Ali Grenier, Jackie Gross (Halliday), Olga Guedes, Manuel Guerrera, Angela Guerriero, Suzanna Gullo, Teresa Gurreri, John Haber, Alexandra


Haggerty, Robert Hall, Karen Halliday, Tim Halperin, Brenda Haralambakos, Alexandra Hardy, Renée Hasiotis, Barbara Hawryluck, Dianne Hebert, Laurie Heerelal, Sera Herbert, Donna Hillenbrand (Rouben), Tina Hinds, Helena Hold, Sandra Holder, Sandra Hoyte, Vincent Hudson, Robert Hynna-Rebelo, Ann Iacino, Laura Iacobacci, Cristina Iacono, Maria Iacono Willey, Filippa Iacovino, Ellen Iantomassi, Mary Irodenko, Mary Jackson, Margaret Jailos, Hannu Jardine, Doreen Jasmin, Sylvie Jerkovic, Georgia

Jonas, Tom Jones, Jennifer Jones, Valerie Kaeser, Teresa Kalloo, Lara Kapicka, Jarosklava Karadakis, Joseph Karpel, Bettina SHELDON KIRSHNER Karras, Martha Kelly, Kirk 514.909.0429 Kemp, Caroline Kenny, Christine Khoury, Regina Kirkland, Shirley Kirsch, Richard Koll, Blanka Kon, Hena Marquis, Josée Kosik-Desmond, Irene Marra, Frank Kossatkine, Tania Marsh, Sandra Lisa Koussayé Termini, Suzanne Martello Ercole, Franca Koutisaris, Evelyn Martin, Eric Kowalew, Olga Martinez, Thelma Kubes, Carol Martinez-Bressi, Lourdes Kuepper, Sabina Martino, Luigi Kunigis, Karen Martucci, Gina Kyei-Boahen, Adelaide Masciotra Di Quinzio, Lolita Landberger, Les Maturi, Giulia Lapolla, Nadia McGilton, Colin Lapolla, Antonio McMillan, Johanne Latchman, Ron Medeiros, Ana Isabel Laurieri, Joe Medoff, Lori Lavasile, Lucia Melillo, Assunta Laviolette, Lorna Melino, Anna Lee, Jennifer Miceli, Lilla Lemieux, Linda Michetti, Brenda Lepine, Renée Million, Rebecca Leprohon, Vicky Mok, Miranda Ligris, Bessie Monaco, Tina Loupessis, Katerina Monereau, Anne Loureiro, Ana Paula Morella Natale, Maria Luciano, Tony Moscovitch, Tyra MacWhirtler, Trudy Motta De Cristofaro, Maria Maddalena, Linda Mucci, Rosina Magri Sciascia, Josie Mucciarone, Maria Maheu, Sue Mule, Guiseppina Maheu (Colsenet), Michele Muratori Zirpolo, Lara Maira, Marianna Nadeau, Nobuko Malek, Anisa Nagai, Yukari Malus-Abramowitz, Melanie Nardi, Valerie Mambro, Stephania Nascimento, Isilda Mandelos, Zoe Newman, Michael Maraventano, Lucy Newman, Brenda Marchetta, Ninetta Nguyen, Paul Renzoni Marcovecchio, Patrick Nguyen, Zoonie Marcovecchio, Lisa Nudo, Vikki Margaritis-Gentile, Ourania Oliveira, Maria Marino, Nancy O’Neill, Caroline Markopoulos, Fotini Orlando, Maryann


Palamara, Maria Pallet, Mary Palucci, Antoinette Palucci, Toni Papazois, Mary Papp, Andrea Paratheras, Fontini Paré, Paul Parente, Reena Parra, Maria Passarelli, Mauro Patel, Samantha Patras, Madeleine Patriarca, Victor Paul, Derek Pelliciotta, Gabriella Peloquin-Macdonald, Lise Pépin, Natalie Perez, Suzie Perez, Albert Perna, Franca Perrault, Danielle Peruz, Sandra Pesce, Gina Petraccione Di Dio, Rita Petrella, Anna Petrilli-Consalvo, Natalie Petrone Scopino, Gemma Petroni, Marco Philpott, Nicola Piccolo, Pino Piedimonte, Lisa Pierre, Cherylin Pietrantonio, Angela Pillote, Lorris Pizzuto, Maria Polifroni, Carmie Polisena, Sanrda Ponzo, Josie Popieraitis, Christopher Popovic, Jovanna Porubska, Jana Primeau, Mario Princz (Shaw), Vicky Prioriello, Barbara Prizio, Sandra Provost Meccia, Desolina Pugliese, Barbara Pugliese Guzevicius, Lucy Puterman, Rebecca Racine, Josée Radhakrishna, Tanya Rakowski, Elizabeth Ramia Khoury, Jeanine Randazzo, Rita Rappaport, Naomi Raskin, Joel Rasmussen, Michael


Rhéaume (McShanny), Jeanne Riccardi, Rosemary Rigas, George Rinaldi, Lida Rivet (Mann), Julie Rizzo, Pat Rizzo Liberatore, Mary Roll-Kirsch, Caryn Roscanu, Marius Ross, Julia Roth, Konstanze Rubinstein Marcus, Andrea Sabini (Pantis), Lori Sadouskas, Christina Salvador, Francisco Salvatore, Onorina Sandy, Egan Santalucia, Josie Santillo, Terri Santoianni, Rosanna Santullo, Angela Sara, Kathy Sarry, Kathy Sauro, Frank Savic, Misha Savvides, Sonia Scaini Domenicano, Elena Scalia, Josephine Scalia, Stella Scott-Davie, Rose Scrabbi, Maria-Louise Scuffell, Hilary Sehanovic, Mirela Seiffedine, Faysal Selvaggi-Mazza, Carmela Selwood, Lesley Sendel, Laurie Shamash, Valerie Shan, Vignes Sharp, John Shea, Phil Shea, Sandy Shemie, Carol Shen, Chung Fang


[email protected] T 514 730 3559 450 661 6667 F 450 661 6632

Votre confidentialité est notre priorité. Your confidentiality is our priority.

Shepherd, Andrea Shuklinsky, Dale Shuster, Myra Sierra Perilla, Angela Simandl, Jana Simonka, Gabriela Skoda (Donato), Theresa Slavin, Helen Slutsky-Chazin, Adriana Smith, Heidi Soares, Cynthia Branco Sodhi, Frances Sossin, Wayne Soumblis, Nia Spagnuolo (Baillie), Lidia Spelovich, Keith Spinello, Stella Stacey, Rosanna Stanczyk, Helen Starke, Emile Ste-Marie (Perron), Natalie Stone, Mary Strahl, Jen Stuhec (Giacobbe), Vicki Suess, Donna Sutherland, Blake Sweeney, Sharon Tarulli, Laura Tasse, Natalie Tavares, Maria Tavarozzi Collard, Magda Teemal-Boivin, Roxanne Teng, Jane Theng, Pilee Tilley, Kristin Tkalec, Lydia Toban, Robin Tobenstein, Heidi Tomalty, Terri Tougas, Lise Tourville, Tatiana Trager, Alyson Trecartin, Faye Tsatoumas, Georgia Tsonos, Susan Tzavaris, Stamatia Tzeckas, Anastasia Tzemopoulos, Nina Uribe, Francesco Ushinsky, Sophia Vacca, Paolo Vaccarello, Luana Valente, Anabela Valenza, Adelaide Valiante, Lina Van Moorset, Christine Vandersluys, Helga Varano, Vincenzo Varano, Pina

Lawrence S. Bergman M.N.A. for D’Arcy McGee Chair of the Committee on Health and Social Services

5800 Cavendish Blvd., #403 Cote Saint-Luc (Quebec) H4W 2T5 Tel. (514) 488-7028 Fax : (514) 488-1713

Vellopoulos, Nia Velmahos, Helen Vepakomma, Uday Verrillo, Tiziana Vicario, Patricia Vieira Sauro, Nelia Vila, Olga Villani, Claudia Vincelli, Nancy Vincelli, Maria Violo, Lucy Visona, Caty Vitale, Connie Vitetta-Fazio, Stephania Weatherston, Ann Weir, Anne Wells (Comeau), Carolyn Willis, Lucy Willis, Patricia Wilton, Katherine Wright, Lynn Wright, Arianne Yachnin-Rosenfeld, Lisa Yankowski, Judy Yap, Jok Tjie Zaharakis, Tony Zanchetta, Nadia Zappone, Antoinette Zasarsky, Heidi Zehntner, Simon


Volunteers with 10 to 14 years Abbas-Brochu, Arzine Adornato, Rosie Alexakis, Theodora Araugo, Maria Argondizzo, Antonio Baldassarre, Rosa Barrafato, Rita Barroso, Paola Bassett, Nancy Battah, Kimberly Bei, Magdalena Belan, Peter Bentrovato, Mario Bernetti, Benny Blount, Diane Borrello, Imogen Borrello-Raco, Vivian Borzone, Paola Boutounis, Pota Brini, Laurie Brochu, Donald Brock Wilcox, Debrah Campese, Josie Cansano Colizza, Ellie Cantin, Helene Carneiro, Maria Carpentier, Tina Carr, Ann Marie Centomo, Laura Cerrone-D’Amico, Anna Chatzidakis, Georgia Cioffi, Pina Clifton, Carol Coleto, Anna Colucci, Gina Conway, shannon Critchlow, Jane Dahdah, Joanne Dahdah, Nijad D’Alessio, Emily De Palma, Mary Deschamps, Renée Di Re, Pina Di Stefano, Ida Dimock, Deidre Drago, Marina Fairbrother, Susan Ferazza, Franca Ford, Peter Fox-Thomas, Debbie Fulleringer, Penny Giannakas, Gail Giraldi, Maria Grette, Glory Guerrieri, Laura Guitouni, Agnes Hamilton, Stacy


Hickey, Karen Issenman, Gail Jardine, Debbi Jones, Helene Kalavritinos-Boumerhi, Cathy Kaldis, Rula Kandis, Rula Kehyayan, Darlene Kilkenny, Carmel Knox, Andre LaBraca, Ida Lacey, Belaine Lage, Addie Lauzon, Serge Leboeuf, Brigitt Loerick, Heidi Mackay, Ann Madhai, Roshni Marra, Laura Martignetti, Carmela Matsushnita, Tatsy Mazza, Feliciano Mohnhaupt Langer, Corinna Nadeau, Odette Neuberger-J’bari, Karen Nicoladis, Agneta Nolan, Patricia Ogden (Miller), Heather Olsen, Donna Ortmanis, Kristine Palapiano, Anna Palotta, Faby Papini, Susan Papp, Andrea Paraskavopoulos, Eileen Pascale, Anna Pedersen (Rasmussen), Margo Piazza, Francesca Pompa, Marlene Pothier, Katie Presta, Julia Racco, Micheline Rapone, Antoinette Reis, Fil Roberts, Todd Roberts-Joseph, Avice Roman, Lydia Romeo, Joanne Rubin, Liana

Russo, Tina Rzesavskas (Michelin), Odette Saracino, Tina Saracino, Frank Sciascia, Pasquina Scotto, Teresa Setaro, Rosie Shapiro, Barbara Skagkos, Betty Skagos, Mary Spinali, Karen Strban, Rosemary Sutherland, Jody Swetland, Toni Sztych, Natalie Tanir, Oryal Thind, Gail Thind-Laye, Amrita Thurairajah, Shanthini Tonini Degano, Nives Tortorici, Pina Tortorici, Nina Tresgnach, Monique Tsapakis, Nektaria Tsarouhas, Peggy Turkenburg-Gervais, Patricia Van Louie (Wulfraat), Patsy Wade, Anne Watts, Kim Watts, James Waxman Ritchie, Susan Wiersma, Jon Yersh, Susan 

Volunteers with 15 to 19 years

Aberback, Heidi Algar, Frances Armstrong, Karen Barera, Maria Birbal, Savita Campeau, Lucie Canzano, Ellie Carosello, Colleen Chinappi-Reginato, Rita Corlett, Glennis Crisafi, Anna Maria Dagliesh, Heather Di Giovanni, Lina Di Rienzo-Pasquale, Antoinette Dranias-Giannarakis, Cathy Funaro, Pia Gasparini, Natalie Gentile, Rosa Guzzo, Rosario Guzzo, Rosa Heyman, Marsha Kennedy, Erin Langshaw, Janet Law, Kurtis Liberopoulos-Stark, Pat

Limperopoulos, Rea Messina, Grace Montuori, Marilyn Nitti, Mary Nucciarone, Felicia O’Connor, Anna Panetta, Chiara Reda, Frank Santoro-Petti, Frances Sartekin, Ilgin Squires, Gail Ugolini, Bruno Ugolini, Alessandra Van Den Hoogen, Connie Vinciquerra, Antonella Voutselas, Angela Wilson, Valerie Yarusch, Luba Zoubris, Bessie

Volunteers with 20 to 24 years Anzini, Fernande Berry, Irene Bertone, Angie Brotherwood, Sue Clarke, Jocelyn Colombo, Rosa Day, Cindy Dyda, Claudette Eckhart-Oner, Ingrid Falcone, Mary Koehnlein, Christine Livingstone, Hazel Maalouf, Laurie Macdonnell, Elizabeth Marien, Kate Markakis, Stilliani McMann-Paolucci, Rose McNally, Mary Ann Nakanacagi, Mary Newsome, Joan Pace, Luisa Trocard, Thora Volunteerswith 25 years and over Crispino, Angie Dafniotis, Theodore De Giorgio, Connie Federico, Berdadette Fenwick, Penny Guadagnino, Alba Hanely, Deborah Latimer, Carol Marrazza, Mario Vaudry, Mona


Attention! Principals, Grades 4, 5 & 6 Teachers

Are you looking for an innovative outdoor education program? Look no further than Scouts Canada’s Schools & Scouting program!

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For more information: (514) 334-3004 ext. 234 Email: [email protected]


WHAT STUDENTS SAY ABOUT SOS LEARN: “Awesome!” “You should definitely register because it is free, helpful, and fun!” “It is a very simple site to use.”

“SOS LEARN is a great tutoring website used to help you with anything in any subject, whenever you need it!”


th real teachers.

free online tutoring sessions wi Actual student responses from 2010 survey.

• • • • • • • • • •

Planning Committee Chair/ Brigida Sellato Program Book Executive Editor Communications Consultant

Program Book Chair/ Michael J. Cohen Emcee Marketing and Communications Specialist

Program Book Editor & Design Yibing Shen

Webmaster/Graphic artist

Program Book Coordinator Stuart Nulman

Executive Secretary, Communications Graphic Arts Technician Social Media Technician Commissioner Commissioner Parent Volunteer Parent Volunteer

Mona Kamel Andrea Di Tomaso Daniel Smajovits Liz Leaman Anne Williams Georgia Jerkovic Gail Giannakis

Sincere thanks to: • • • • • • • • • •

Jamie Orchard, Global TV Frank Taddeo, Comedian All the Elementary & High School Principals for their support Information Technology Services, Tech. & Sound Stuart Nulman, Donation of Books Patricia Abbott, EMSB Chorale Viky Keller, Volunteer Lina Di Giovanni, Décor en Folie Mario Bentrovato, Parent Jean Bourdon, Autobus Transco

Without the support of our generous sponsors through their donations and gifts the EMSB Volunteer Event would not be possible. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your continued support and commitment to this event.

Parent Volunteer Appreciation Night is funded by La Capitale Financial Group, corporate sponsors, advertisers and the EMSB. 15






St. Dorothy

Dante East Hill




Royal West

Dunrae Gadens

John F.

Pierre E Trude


Gerald McShane

St. Gabri






Our Lady of Pompe




CONGRATULATIONS! To all the parent volunteers of the EMSB

Your gift of time is priceless. Wishing you continued success. The Management and Staff of LOFT UNIFORMS



over 200 stores and a variety of Restaurants. A Myriad of Outdoor Activities available .


Portland, Maine


we love having you here ®


• Adjacent and walking distances to MAINE’S largest Shopping Mall. Short drive to the historic OLD PORT of Portland Beaches and quaint seaport shops and a countless variety of Restaurants.

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North Conway, New Hampshire




A celebration of


in glass paint

THE BIG BLUE HUG is glass art inspired by conversations about life’s little successes with an autistic boy WHO FOUND HIS VOICE THROUGH DRAWING. Inspirational, colourful, and unique, The Big Blue Hug fills any space with joy.




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