Knowledge Enrichment Series on

Knowledge Enrichment Series on

Knowledge Enrichment Series on ‘History and Development of Modern China’ (8): China's Rural Economy: Transformation, Challenges and Prospects Speaker:...

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Knowledge Enrichment Series on ‘History and Development of Modern China’ (8): China's Rural Economy: Transformation, Challenges and Prospects Speaker: Date: Time: Venue:

Dr Charles C L Kwong, Associate Professor, School of Arts and Social Sciences, The Open University of Hong Kong 7 June 2010 (Monday) 3:00pm – 5:00pm WP01, West Block, Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, 19 Suffulk Content of the Seminar





China’s Rural Economy during the Pre-reform Era 1949-1978: A Brief Overview — Structure of collective farming (i.e. the commune system) — Disincentive effects of collective farming — Positive effects of collective farming Rural Economic Reform: Causes, Transformation, and Achievement — Causes: economic and political factors — Transformation: from collective to household farming i.e. household responsibility system) — Achievements: productivity growth and enhancement of living standard Rural Economic Reform: Bottlenecks and Challenges — ‘Three Rural Problems’ (Sannong Wenti) — Causes of Sannong Wenti — Rural-urban disparity — Hardship facing China’s peasants The Prospects of Rural Development: A Policy Discussion — Can recent government policy promote development in rural areas and improve peasants’ livelihood?