Kudo: An mixed martial arts form - International Journal of Physiology

Kudo: An mixed martial arts form - International Journal of Physiology

International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education 2016; 1(2): 130-132 ISSN: 2456-0057 IJPNPE 2016; 1(2): 130-132 © 2016 IJPESH ww...

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International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education 2016; 1(2): 130-132

ISSN: 2456-0057 IJPNPE 2016; 1(2): 130-132 © 2016 IJPESH www.journalofsports.com Received: 22-05-2016 Accepted: 23-06-2016 Priyanka P Arora Assistant Professor, K.S. School of Business Management Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India

Kudo: An mixed martial arts form Priyanka P Arora Abstract Daido Juku aka ‘Kudo’ is a pretty new Karate style. It's in the Budo tradition so it's not going the promotional way of big show events like MMA thus not getting that much of attention. The general public looks at Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) artists as belligerent lot of tattooed people fighting unnecessarily. People misunderstand them (Martial Arts Artists) as aggressive group and fail to understand the amount of efforts they put in. MMA calls for lot of discipline, dedication, determination and hard work. The training is rigorous, one gets hurt while training and learning; but one has to continue to get results! This paper is an endeavour to understand this form of sport looking at its origin, growth and current situation in India. It will give an insight so as to the overall development of an individual while pursuing Kudo. Keywords: Kudo, Budo, mixed martial arts, MMA, fitness

1. Introduction As Mixed Martial Arts gets more and more mainstream and becomes more popular, it moves farther and farther away from the Budo Spirit of martial arts. I feel that the general public will love the spectacles of fighting but not understand the deeper meaning of real Budo martial arts training. There are people who cross train and dabble in more than one martial arts style but not the way martial arts are taught and train today. Now we have the luxury of tremendous amount of information available when it comes to books, DVD and over the web. I honestly believe the modern day mixed martial artist/fighter is better trained physically and mentally. But unfortunately for much gain there is much loss! [1] The artists are often seen as supporting and creating violence whereas they put in hard work and it calls for lot of dedication to learn and follow this sport. One of the purposes of martial arts, especially BUDO (Judo, Karate-do, Kendo, Aikido, “Kudo” and so on) is to train the mind and body to become strong and utilize that strength for the improvement of our community. Also it is a useful method of cultivating the youth who will contribute to the society through the tough times and events in their life. Nowadays, education for the youth in the world is on the verge of decay. Budo is a vital “tool” to discipline them and a guide even in ourselves. The word “do” in Budo means “a way of life”. The value of “Budo” is often misunderstood which leads to bad impression that mere martial arts apt to give people as “violence without philosophy”. This has to be evaded! Choosing this philosophical word “KU” as the motto/idea, this Budo form is named, “KUDO”.

Correspondence Priyanka P Arora Assistant Professor, K.S. School of Business Management Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

2. Kudo: Defined and explained Kudo is a Japanese Cultural Budo sport comprising full contact punches, kicks, throwings, and submission techniques on the ground. It is a safe, scientific, modern, & practical combination of traditional & sports Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Muay Thai, & Kickboxing. Daido Juku is the Honbu for the martial art Kudo, was founded in 1981 by Takashi Azuma. Kudo has its origins in Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate), but it is not just a mixed fighting with emphasis on competition side. It is a life-long sport which can play a vital role at different stages of life. It is a system for youth education, method of self-defence and health maintenance for adults. Along with these elements, it also stresses the "Reigi" or respect and etiquette in its tradition. ~ 130 ~ 

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In this sense it is a "Modern Budo" that is already multiplied to more than 60 countries around the world [2]. There are several MMA styles which have gained less attention, and Kudo is one of them. Kudo is a martial arts style the combines all elements of Mixed Martial Arts. What makes Kudo unique is that the combatants fight with a heavy karate gi (traditional uniform)/judo gi and helmets. Besides, it also lays emphasis on the Budo Spirit as a major component of their training. The exam of Kudo is tough to clear as the artists are put to a fight. The one who wins the fight following all rules and scoring more points shall clear the exam & the opponent is declared failed. Black belt exam are extremely difficult as the fight becomes more difficult. 2.1 Kudo: The origin Takashi Azuma, founder of Kudo, originally a Kyokushin karate 1977 full contact karate champion, resigned from the Kyokushin organization to form Daido Juku in Sendai city, located in northern Honshū, Japan. Daido Juku literally translated means "School of the Great Way". It incorporates techniques which were not present at that time in full contact karate styles. Azuma, being a thirddegree black belt in Judo as well as a 4th-degree black belt in Kyokushin karate, recognized the potential for a hybrid martial art. These would not be restricted by the boundaries of a single style but would use techniques from various martial arts, namely, at the time of its creation in 1980, Judo and Karate. In the late 1980s and early 90s the style began to incorporate various techniques from other forms like Muay Thai, Boxing, Jujutsu, Sambo, Submission wrestling, and other martial arts, fine tuning each technique for use within the Kudo style. One of the fundamental goals of Kudo being the creation of a versatile and realistic fighting style without compromising safety, Azuma created a style which incorporated various offensive as well as defensive techniques which includes punches to the head, elbow strikes, head butts, judo throws, jiu-jitsu joint locks and other standup and ground fighting techniques. In 1981, Daido Juku made its public debut at the 1981 Hokutoki Karate Championships, also known as Hokutoki. Originally known as Kakuto Karate Daidojuku ("Combat Karate Daidojuku"), the name of the style was changed to recognize its unique and unorthodox techniques as a mixed martial art. In 2001 at an official press conference held for Daido Juku, founder Azuma Takashi and president of Daidojuku, N.P.O., renamed the mixed martial art Budō to Kudo. This renaming allowed Kudo the opportunity of becoming an official Japanese Cultural Budō sport under the same category as Judo, Aikido and Kendo. Kudo and Daido Juku are worldwide copyrights and all of its instructors and branch chiefs are certified under the Kudo International Federation, also known as K.I.F [3]. 3. Kudo: Scenario in India Kudo International Federation India (KIFI) is the governing body for Kudo in India. It was established on 19/10/2011 with the team of nine foundation members, under the aegis of Jukucho Takashi Azuma and Shihan Akshay Kumar (Bollywood Actor). The Kudo revolution was started in India by Shihan Mehul Vora president of KIFI, on the eve of the 3rd Akshay Kumar International Invitational Karate-Do Tournament. This was the first time ever a six member all Japan champion team gave demonstrations and taught students and instructors in

India [4]. KIFI, now, is present across India in 17 states i.e. Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, M.P., Assam, H.P., Andaman, Goa, Bihar, U.P, Maharashtra, etc. and 3 more associations i.e. Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Chhattisgarh are under construction. Shihan Akshay Kumar VI Dan Black Belt is the Hon. Chairman of KIFI and is very active in this sport. First national karate-do championship was conducted in his name in the year 2009. This followed for the next two years. He came up with a Kudo tournament in the year 2012. Henceforth, tournaments in the name of ‘Akshay Kumar Kudo tournament’ are organised every year. He has also invested money in this sport and has also proposed that martial arts should be made compulsory in schools. Aarav, son of Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, got his 1st degree black belt in Kudo in May, 2016 after 9 years of training. The fitness icon Akshay Kumar took along a special guest with him to grace his 7th International Kudo Championship – none other than young fitness buff - Tiger Shroff [5]. He did this to encourage the youth and also sponsored thousands of children to participate in the 7th International Kudo Championship. This championship was arranged in Surat, Gujarat in Nov, 2015. The same championship had been arranged in Oct, 2016 in Surat [6]. There were around 4500 participants from all over India and 851 participants from Gujarat alone in the year 2016. Despite the participations in such a huge number every year, the schedule of the fights is followed by every single minute! Every fighter precisely knows the date and time of his fight & does not keep on waiting for his turn to come. This in itself says it loud and clear about the discipline which exists all around in this sport. Mehul Vora, president of KIFI, is organising World Cup 2017 in Mumbai on 10, 11, 12 February 2017. Around 100 countries are going to participate in the same and India is one amongst them. 3.1 Kudo: A boon Kudo not only helps a person to stay fit physically, but also helps in mental fitness. It gives immense strength to an individual helping them learn how to channelize their mind, soul and body. Reflexive senses become stronger; judgement becomes more accurate because of the trainings and the fights. It gives confidence of surviving in adverse situations and can also work as self- defence tool. It inculcates great sense of discipline and ethics in an individual which can work at its best if started at early age. It also accompanies all benefits of Budo. Moreover, as Kudo is combination of different martial arts form, as discussed earlier, Kudo artist can with stand few other sports as well. Mr. Anil Joshi, a Kudo artist, is a GTU state level (Gujarat) Gold medallist in Boxing and Wrestling in the year 2016. The biggest advantage here is that Kudo player knows the movements & tactics and can participate easily in other championships like boxing and wrestling as well but vice versa is little more difficult. 4. Conclusion & Recommendations Kudo is great alternative for any martial artist who believes in being well rounded and being able to fight in all phases of the fight game. Though this sport has made its presence all across the country, the awareness is still lacking. It is yet not so famous MMA style and very few people know about it. Kudo needs little more coverage from the media and more number of workshops can be conducted in all the cities giving flavour

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of this art to as many as possible. It should be introduced at school level itself so that discipline can be inculcated from the initial stage. Also, overall learning and development of children happens. For girls, it will prove to be a great self-defence tool as well. As recommended by Mr. Pravin Jadav, President – KAA [7], it should be made a compulsory part in the police training for 1-2 years. It will help police personnel to develop good physical strength and shall also help them on duty. I believe in the near future, we should be able to see further presence of Kudo in varied areas, more general people and Mixed Martial Artist embracing some form of Kudo in their daily lives and in the form of championships. 5. Acknowledgement Sincere thanks to Mr. Pravin Jadav, President - Kudo Association Ahmedabad KAA, for allowing me to interview him and helping with facts and figures, knowhow on the sport, ideas and viewpoints. My thanks to him and his team & Shreyas foundation, for organizing a free workshop on ‘Self defence for Girls and women’ in Sep 2016 in Ahmedabad. This workshop proved to be worthy in creating awareness about the sport and was insightful. 7. References 1. Kudo, An alternative to Mixed Martial Arts?? http://www.fusionmma.com/kudo-mma. 2010. 2. Kudo / Daidojuku Founder & Grand Master Azuma Takshi, What Kudo means. http://www.ku-do.com/eng/kudo/index.html. 2011. update. 3. Kudo. http://www.kudoindia.org/kudo.htm. 2015. 4. Kudo International Federation India (KIFI). http://www.kudoindia.org/kifi.htm. 2015. 5. Akshay Kumar takes Tiger Shroff to his 7th Int’l Kudo Championship. http://bollyspice.com/akshay-kumartakes-tiger-shroff-to-his-7th-intl-kudo-championship/. 2015. 6. Akshay Kumar Kudo tournament. http://akshaykumarkaratetournament.com/index.htm. 2016. 7. Kudo Association Ahmedabad. https://allevents.in/org/kudo-association-ahmedabadkaa/4515858. 2016.

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