La Città dei Bambini e delle Bambine

La Città dei Bambini e delle Bambine

CITTA' DI SAN GIORGIO A CREMANO LABORATORIO REGIONALE Città dei bambini e delle bambine 10 May 2017 XII Edition PLAY DAY: “GIOCOTONDO”: play in circl...

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Città dei bambini e delle bambine 10 May 2017 XII Edition PLAY DAY: “GIOCOTONDO”: play in circle. 1. The Municipality of San Giorgio a Cremano (Na) with the legal regulation of G.M. n. 295 of 8/22/2006 has set up "PLAY DAY" with the aim attract the interest of children about the game law citizenship, in the spirit of art. 31 of the International Convention on the rights of the child: "States members recognize the rights of the children to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age and to participate freely in cultural life and arts". In particular, the initiative, sponsored by the Regional Committee of the Campania region for Unicef takes place annually on the second Wednesday of the month of May. This year, the date is set for the 10 May; the 12th edition of the day of the game is called "GIOCOTONDO : we play in circle; "it is dedicated to the shape of the circle as a game or a toy. The Circle is seen by many as the universal symbol of balance and harmony and metaphorically it represents the eternal cycle of life, the perfect geometric figure, which you cannot perceive, a point of departure and arriva: there is no beginning and no end. Until a few years ago we used to see guys running after a circle or any wooden wheel or a spherical object that was derived from the circle. The mechanism of the carousel, of the yo-yo, the Frisbee, the tops is based on the spinning of vicious or tortuous laps with a rotation around an axis. But you can play in a circle with the body too. To assume the figure of the circle with bodies in space, while singing a nursery rhyme, is a ritual but also a very popular game, such as the round dance. Once people gathered in circle to discuss, to dance, to share thoughts and actions, to play ... "Playing in a circle" or "playing with the circle" may represent the archaic way of returning to nature, to the shape of the sun and the moon. To gather in circle means to know how to lose centrality, to be open to the values of each person, to accept each other unconditionally. 2. Within this project the Municipality of S. Giorgio a Cremano (Na), through the Regional Laboratory of children, promotes an initiative for the production of creative and original projects to be used for a communication campaign aimed at encouraging widespread awareness of the children's right to play. 3. The initiative is reserved to students of schools of all levels. The partecipation can include single individuals or groups, provided that they form part of the same class. 4. the original plans submitted by the children of their schools must contain a communication campaign action that will include all or one of the following elements: campaign slogan the logo for the demostration or explanatory brochures radio spot (minimum length 15 '' – maximum 30’’) television spot (minimum lenght 15’’ – maximum 180’’) Explanatory notes: - Slogan of the campaign: motto, invitation to be repeated in all the materials; identification of the project (it must be catching, funny, expressed by children and addressed to all citizens). - Logo design for poster or brochure and explanatory note: sketch on paper, made with any artistic technique also media including text and images. - Radio Spot: the text of a message to be transmitted on the radio; possibility to insert an audio recording. - TV Spot: the script recorded on DVD including text, images and music. the projects must have the following dimensions: A4 cm 21/ 29.7; they must be copied digitally in jpg format, size 500/500 pixels with 72 dpi resolution.

5. Participants in the initiative must notify their attendance by providing personal details (name, school, class and section) to be sent via e-mail ([email protected]) to the Secretariat of the Regional Laboratory City boys and girls within 3 February 2017. 6. The secretariat of the Regional Workshop will explain the purpose of the project and how to participate in all schools. 7. It is possible to take part in the initiative with just one project (made by one person or in group) with one or all the points described up to the 4th point. 8. The projects can be sent and delivered to the Secretary of the Regional Laboratory of children’s city VIA SAN MARTINO 4 Villa Falanga - 80046 San Giorgio a Cremano (Na), from 6 February 2017 to 18 February 2017 according to following modalities: a. The compaign slogans and / or the drawing of the logo of the posters must be sent [email protected] with an attachement (maximum 500 x 500 pixels of risolution 72 dpi, ONLY JPEG FILES) - the secretary of the International Regional Laboraty reserves the right to reduce the size of layout. b. The radio spot and / or the Tv spot must be delivered by hand or sent by mail to the Secretariat of the Regional Laboratory of children Town and girls - via S. Martino 4 Villa Falanga - San Giorgio a Cremano (NA) within 3 March 2017 (the postmark date proves validity).

9. The submitted projects will not be returned, and all will be part of a virtual exhibition on the special website started for the occasion: The slogans and the images will be displayed in a virtual gallery; visitors can choose a public drawing on the internet site for the twelfth game day edition scheduled for 10 May 2017. Anyone can vote for the drawing that seems more original and catching; you can vote only once . Voting for the selection of drawings will begin on 6 March 2017 and will end on 19 March 2017. The radio and TV spots will be selected by a jury and will be put on air during the event. 10. The participation in the initiative involves a permit or ‘pass’ to the City of San Giorgio a Cremano, for the adults in charge of children. T participating children will have the possibilities to use one or more of the projects for the production of an institutional communication campaign, reviewing the same project with the help of a professional firm assistant. Participation in the contest also implies the authorization to access the City of San Giorgio a Cremano to allow personal data tretments on behalf of the personnel involved in the event. It’s understood that the use of data is closely related to the initiative, excluding the use for any different purpose. 11.

The Participation in the initiative implies full acceptance of these regulations.

IL GIORNO DEL GIOCO 10 maggio 2017