LANCASTER CITY QUIZ LEAGUE 3rd APRIL 2017 Tonight's quiz is

LANCASTER CITY QUIZ LEAGUE 3rd APRIL 2017 Tonight's quiz is

LANCASTER CITY QUIZ LEAGUE 3rd APRIL 2017 Tonight’s quiz is set by Railway Club “A”. All required answers are in bold and underlined. Round 1 – In th...

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Tonight’s quiz is set by Railway Club “A”. All required answers are in bold and underlined. Round 1 – In the Reign of…. Name the English or British monarch in whose reign the following events took place: 1a 1b 2a 2b 3a 3b 4a 4b Spare Spare

Answer Henry VIII Richard II James I Charles II William I George II Victoria George VI William IV George III

The Pilgrimage of Grace The Peasants’ Revolt The Gunpowder Plot The Great Fire of London The Harrying of the North The (second) Jacobite Rebellion The Great Exhibition The Festival of Britain The Abolition of Slavery The Gordon Riots

Round 2 – Come Dine with Me Given the name of a restaurant or pub and its location, name the celebrity chef associated with it 1a 1b 2a 2b

The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxford Fifteen, Islington, London River Cottage, Axminster

3a 3b 4a 4b Spare Spare

Yellows American Bar and Grill, Norwich The Seafood Restaurant, Padstow The Hand and Flowers, Marlow, Bucks Le Gavroche, London Plane Food, Heathrow Terminal 5 Murano, Mayfair, London


Answer Heston Blumenthal Raymond Blanc Jamie Oliver Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall Delia Smith Rick Stein Tom Kerridge Michel Roux Jnr Gordon Ramsay Angela Hartnett

Round 3 – Railways Answer Appleton’s (1879 edition)


When Michael Portillo presents the BBC series Great American Railroad Journeys, which guidebook to the railroads of the United States and Canada does he use?


Name the Lancaster-born entrepreneur (17921851), who devised a system of pre-printed card-type railways tickets which remained in use for over a century on Britain’s railways.

Thomas Edmondson


Lancaster’s first railway station opened in June 1840 and still stands at the junction of South Road and Ashton Road. It was the Northern terminus for which railway?

Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway (accept Lancaster and Preston railway)


In September 1846 Lancaster Castle station opened. It was the Southern terminus for which railway?

Lancaster and Carlisle Railway


Who was the Yorkshire engineer (1805-1860) who was responsible for planning and constructing what became the West Coast Main Line between Preston and Glasgow? A blue plaque at Lancaster station celebrates his life.

Joseph Locke


In March 1963 the Conservative government published a two volume report under the title The Reshaping of British Railways. This report is more commonly named after its author who was Chairman of the British Railways Board. Name him.

Richard Beeching


In February 2017 Northern Rail replaced the regular timetabled service on the Settle to Carlisle line with a steam service, the first for over 50 years. Name the locomotive involved.

60163 Tornado


When Scale hall station, on the former Green Ayre to Morecambe line, was dismantled in 1975 it found a new home in Morecambe. Where?

Morecambe Cricket Club


Spare Who was the Manchester printer and cartographer(1800-1853) who published the world’s first railway timetables in 1839?

George Bradshaw

Spare In 1963 the main spans of Carlisle Bridge were The Singing Bridge replaced in preparation for the electrification of the West Coast main Line. Thereafter, when a westerly wind blew up the Lune, the bridge gave out a low-pitched resonance which could be heard over large parts of Lancaster, By what name did the bridge become known?

Round 4 – Music Hall Favourites Name the Song. Bonus points for singing at the question master’s discretion! Answer Down at the Old Bull and Bush


The Australian singer Florrie Forde (18761940) famously recorded which 1903 song about a London pub? It became the theme music for the BBC series The Good Old days.


Which 1925 song tells the story of a young woman, Nelly, sat on the threshold of her home lamenting the loss of her lover Joe? It became Danny la Rue’s theme tune.

On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep


First introduced into the music hall by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922) this 1919 song tells of a London couple doing a moonlight flit. Because their vehicle is full, the wife follows on carrying the pet bird.

My Old Man (Said Follow the Van) also accept Don’t Dilly Dally on the Way


Written in 1892 this song was inspired by a real event in which a fraudster, Charles Wells, won a fortune at a casino on the French Riviera.

The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo


This 1934 song, made famous by Stanley Holloway, tells the story of the ghost of Anne Boleyn haunting the Tower of London.

With her Head tucked underneath her Arm


Which 1910 song tells of a man recently married, whose wife has already been married seven times, each time to a man with the same Christian name?

I’m ’Enery the Eighth, I am



This 1915 adaptation of an earlier song sees Burlington Bertie from the male impersonator Ella Shields (1879Bow 1952) dressed as a poor man from east London who has upper-class pretensions. It was the inspiration for Irving Berlin’s song A Couple of Swells


Written for Vesta Victoria (1874-1951) this 1906 (There was I) Waiting at song is sung by a bride-to-be who has given all the Church her money to her fiancé only to discover that he is already married. It was famously sung by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan at the TUC Annual Congress in 1978.

Spare Which 1924 song, written by the Scottish music hall artist Harry Lauder, was a tribute to Lauder’s son who was killed in the First World War? It has become the anthem for Birmingham City Football Club.

(Keep Right on to) The End of the Road

Spare Which World War I marching song, written in 1915, is usually sung as an adjunct to the earlier tune It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. Wilfred Owen’s anti-war poem Smile, Smile, Smile written in Sept 1918, was derived from it.

Pack up your Troubles (in your old kit-bag)

Round 5 – Grapples, Grunts and Grannies – The Heyday of British Wrestling Answer Brian Glover


Who was the Yorkshire actor, probably best known as a sports teacher in the 1969 film Kes, who fought professionally as the Frenchman Leon Arras, the Man from Paris?


Similarly, who was the Birmingham actor, best known as Brian “Bomber” Busbridge in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, who held both the British and European Heavyweight titles?

Pat Roach


Born William George Matthews, the South London bad boy was billed as The Man you Love to Hate. He became infamous for his trademark black trunks, close cropped black hair and his catchphrase “Not the Ears, Not the Ears”. Name him

Mick McManus



McManus had a fierce rivalry with a North London wrestler born Jack Gutteridge, whose showmanship earned him the name Mr TV. Name him

Jackie Pallo


The Morecambe-born fashion designer Wayne Hemingway is the son of which Canadian Mohawk chief who was a popular campaigner in British rings. He wore a feathered headdress and performed a regular war dance during his bouts. Name him.

Billy Two Rivers


Trained by the clown prince of wrestlers, Les Kellett, this Leeds wrestler, who was also a DJ, had over 100 fights, most of which he lost. He was quoted as saying “From start to finish I got a good hiding. I’ve broken every bone in my body. I loved it”. Name him.

Jimmy Savile


Name the mysterious Samurai warrior (really Peter Thornley from Stoke-on-Trent) who was sensationally unmasked by Big Daddy in December 1975.

Kendo Nagasaki


Gary Cooper from Doncaster took his ring name and unkempt appearance from a television wizard played by Geoffrey Bayldon. Give his ring name


Spare Which wrestler, born John Lagey, was originally Johnny Kwango a dancer in the Ballet Negres, the first all-black dance company in Europe? He wrestled professionally for nearly 40 years and became famous for his head-butt moves. Spare Who was ITV’s regular wrestling commentator whose transatlantic drawl led many to believe he was Canadian? He was, though, born in Cairo, the son of a finance minister in the British colonial government.

Kent Walton

Round 6 – Birds 1a 1b 2a

Which is Europe’s smallest bird? Which is the UK’s smallest falcon? Jackdaws, magpies, ravens and rooks are all species of which group of birds? 5

Answer Goldcrest Merlin Crows

2b 3a

The puffin is a small variety of which bird? Most birds, when they drink, must tilt their heads to swallow. 2 birds can suck up water while their heads are down. Name either 3b Which bird, once known as a seaswallow, sees 2 summers each year as it migrates from the far North of Europe, Asia and North America to the Antarctic coast? These are the longest known migrations in the animal kingdom 4a A yaffle is an old name for which kind of bird? 4b Which bird is also known as the Peewit or Green Plover? Spare Which bird has historically been called a goatsucker due to ancient folklore that they took milk from goats? Spare Which bird is also known as the halcyon bird, a harbinger of calmness and prosperity?

Auk Pigeons or Doves

Arctic Tern

Woodpecker Lapwing Nightjar


Round 7 – Breakfast means Breakfast – A round on early morning TV and radio 1a

In which year did the BBC launch Breakfast Time, the UK’s first national breakfast television programme? 1b Commercial TV started its service a fortnight after the BBC with which programme, a name it revived in 2014? 2a What is the name of Channel 5’s early morning show aimed at 2-7 year olds? 2b What is the name of the breakfast programme on Sky News? 3a What it the name of BBC Radio 4’s longrunning early morning news and current affairs programme? 3b What is the regular slot on the Today programme broadcast at around 7.45 which offers, quote: “reflections from a faith perspective on issues and people in the news”? 4a Which Lancaster-born presenter hosts BBC Radio Lancashire’s Breakfast Show? 4b Who hosts the Bay Breakfast on Lancaster’s independent local radio station The Bay? Spare Which weekday news and current affairs programme is broadcast on BBC2 and the BBC News Channel from 9am and bears the name of its presenter? Spare Who is the current host of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show?


Answer 1983

Good Morning Britain

Milkshake Sunrise Today (accept The Today Programme) Thought for the Day

Graham Liver Danny Matthews Victoria Derbyshire

Nick Grimshaw

Round 8 – General 1a


Which poet, who died in 1973, became a bestseller 21 years later when one of his poems, Funeral Blues, was recited in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral? Which Labour MP and former cabinet minister has published 3 volumes of memoirs which are named after Beatles’ songs?

Answer W.H. Auden

Alan Johnson (This Boy, Please Mr Postman, The Long and Winding Road) 2a Only 1 Roman Catholic has been US President. John F. Kennedy Name him. 2b Abraham Lincoln’s predecessor as US James Buchanan President is the only president never to marry. Name him. 3a Which country’s flag calls (in translation) for Brazil “Order and Progress”? 3b The flag of which country features a cedar Lebanon tree? 4a The name of which Japanese sports equipment ASICS manufacture is an acronym of a Latin phrase (Anima sana in corpore meaning “healthy mind in a healthy body”? sano) 4b What name is given to the “stripe” or “tick” used Swoosh as a brand logo by American sports goods manufacturer Nike? Spare Which model village on the Wirral was built by Port Sunlight Lever Brothers to accommodate workers in its soap factory? Spare In the 1964 film Dr Stangelove the US Merkin President (as played by Peter Sellers) has what (Merkin Muffley is the US President) first name? It is the name of a wig for covering the pubic area.