LAND SURVEYORS CHECK LIST: Please provide two (2) copies of legal description and "Right-of-Way Map for Sewer" (Plat) for each proposed easement. Incl...

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LAND SURVEYORS CHECK LIST: Please provide two (2) copies of legal description and "Right-of-Way Map for Sewer" (Plat) for each proposed easement. Include copy of complete recording or filing information for any lot, parcel or map mentioned in the description and a completed copy of this checklist. Refer to Section 8 of CCCSD Standard Specifications for Design and Construction. LEGAL DESCRIPTION

 

Include Title: Exhibit "A" - Sanitary Sewer Easement;

   

Description tied to at least two (2) found monuments of record;

  

A basis of bearing statement may be included as appropriate;

 

Wet stamp or seal with signature and date;

As a general rule Easement is described by centerline, sideline, or perimeter metes and bounds description, as appropriate; Character of monuments and references to recorded information if applicable; All easement lines having a relationship to other boundary lines are qualified as such; CCCSD job number, Easement CCCSD-assigned parcel number and the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the upper right hand corner; Area of description; Reference to accompanying plat (Exhibit "B"), by which reference made part of the Legal Description; Sheet Number and Number of Sheets

RIGHT-OF-WAY MAP FOR SEWER (PLAT) Map which contains sufficient information to allow for the interpretation of the written description, absent the description itself and the following minimum mapping requirements:

      

Include Title: Exhibit "B" - CCCSD Right-of-Way Map for Sewer; Use CCCSD Plat Template; The grantor's name(s), recording information and Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN); Ties to two (2) found monuments of record and basis of bearing, as appropriate; When possible adjacent roads are shown; Scale of map and orientation arrow pointing toward top of the sheet. CCCSD job number, easement parcel number & last name of grantor

CLOSURE REPORT Please provide a mathematical closure report for the description or alignment with closure error, as appropriate. Page 1 of 1