Last Burma Lunch Fairytale Thank You! - the Cuddington Village website

Last Burma Lunch Fairytale Thank You! - the Cuddington Village website

August/September - 2017 Fairytale Thank You! For memories of a magical fairytale day to remember, go to pages 6 &7. Cuddington Wins Best of the Best...

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August/September - 2017

Fairytale Thank You! For memories of a magical fairytale day to remember, go to pages 6 &7.

Cuddington Wins Best of the Best! Cuddington has triumphed once again in the Best Kept Village Competition, winning the Morris Cup which is awarded to villages with a population of between 500 and 1500. The runner-up was Castlethorpe, to the north of Milton Keynes. Not only that, but Cuddington is also to be presented with the Sword of Excellence, awarded to the best winner overall.

And special thanks of course go the Fairest-of-them-all, Jo Goodson, for her enthusiasm and hard work.

Last Burma Lunch

Richard Pushman, Chairman of the Best Kept Village Competition, comments: “Our popular Best Kept Village Competition highlights the great community activity that goes on in our lovely Buckinghamshire villages. It is a great way to recognise the contribution of many who give their time and effort to showcase and enhance their local environment. The Best Kept Village Competition is not just for ‘pretty’ villages – we want to see communities where everyone makes an effort to keep their surroundings well maintained. The competition is a good opportunity for villages to celebrate all the positive aspects of life in their village and we warmly congratulate this year’s winners for their superb effort.” (Continued on page 2)

On Sunday 9th July 160 people came to celebrate the last Burma Lunch. Many of you have supported the Burma Forces Welfare Association (BFWA) during its twenty five years through donations, charitable functions and attending Burma Lunches. The £1,000,000 raised by Sherry Scott gave some comfort to the old Burmese soldiers who fought alongside our own brave men against the Japanese during WW2. Most of the old soldiers lived and died in poverty. For her work in Burma, Sherry received the M.B.E. Pic: Courtesy of ‘The Bucks Herald’ She would like this opportunity to thank you all most sincerely, for your wonderful support. Guests at the 25th annual Burma Lunch held on the lawns of Tyringham Hall enjoyed sunny weather, cool Bucks Fizz, a Burma curry, lots of wine, Tyringham Hall desserts, cheese biscuits and coffee. Sherry gave her last report about the work being completed by the BFWA . After a raffle and auction it was dancing on the lawns music supplied my Mr. Music John Peppard. I'm sure the Burma Lunches will always be remembered as part of our Cuddington History. 1

Strong, Stable & Open for Business Since Easter the church tower has been covered in scaffolding. There is nothing structurally wrong: it still stands sound and secure as the highest point in the village as it has done for over 500 years. Behind the green netting and corrugated sheets stonemason Craig has been replacing sections of damaged stone and repointing. Over time the effects of weather and the use of cement mortar when the tower was last repointed, have caused flaking and damage to the stonework. I hope that soon you will be able to see the repairs and the example of good modern preservation practices using lime mortar with a brushed finish. It has been a pleasure to see a skilled craftsman working on the church. Those who used what we now regard as the “wrong kind of mortar” no doubt did so with good intentions. In this case it is of no great consequence, but perhaps it is a reminder that one generation can leave legacies which burden the next and can be costly for others to put right; there are several big issues challenging our society at present. Let’s hope we make good and unselfish choices for the next generations. Meanwhile, inside the church, all the events and services have continued as usual. There are activities for everyone and we welcome everyone all the time - just as Jesus did. At times it’s a place of energy and sound, but at others of quiet and stillness. The church is open every day from about 8.30 to 5.00 and it’s a great place to go with your joys and worries to think, read, listen to music, pray, meditate and be inspired. It’s also one of the coolest places in the village when the weather is really hot! So, if you haven’t done so why not spend some time in the church. James Stonham, Churchwarden.

Benefice Evening Services Many people welcome the opportunity to try different services, in different surroundings; and these are the evening services taking place in August and September. Sunday 6th August, 6.00 pm at St Peter and St Paul, Dinton – Evensong, led by Raymond Medhurst Sunday 3rd September, 6.00 pm at Hartwell House – Evensong, led by Raymond Medhurst, with Margot Hodson preaching. Sunday 10th September, 6.00 pm at St Peter and St Paul, Dinton – Evensong, led by Raymond Medhurst Sunday 10th September, 6.30 pm, at St Mary’s, Haddenham – Praise Service, led by Phil Groves Sunday 17th September, 6.30 pm, at St Mary’s, Haddenham – Wellspring, led by Nadine Rose, with Margot Hodson preaching.

BEST KEPT VILLAGE Cuddington Parish Council would like to say a very big “thank you” to all parishioners who took place in this year’s litter pick and tidying of the village. Not only did they tend to the usual spots – the war memorial, notice boards and bus shelters – but earlier in the year they worked to clear the verges along the main roads. Whilst not judged on this for the Best Kept Village Competition, it was much appreciated in controlling the litter that is thrown from windows of passing vehicles. The Winners’ presentation is due to take place on Saturday 16th September, when Sir Henry AubreyFletcher, Lord Lieutenant, will present us with the cup. Further details will be posted on the village website.


Bernard Hall Upgrade to Benefit Hard-of-Hearing The Bernard Hall Management Committee and the Village Picture House are delighted to announce that we are installing an induction loop system into the hall to make it easier for the hard of hearing during films and productions. The way the system works is as follows: the centre audio channel from our films and stage plays (which carries the actors’ speech) is fed into a special amplifier that drives an electrical current into a loop of cable fitted around the hall.

We believe this new induction loop equipment will be of real benefit to those who wear hearing aids. The equipment will also work at any events in the hall where microphones are used, such as the Annual Village Meeting, the Church Supper and some concerts. In a further move, the Picture House is looking at providing subtitles in some productions. A couple of the Sunshine Club matinée films have already been shown with subtitles and we will also screen subtitles at our showing of Moonlight on 7th September.

As the current flows through the cable it “broadcasts” the audio signal throughout the room. The signal is picked up by a small coil fitted inside most hearing aids and is amplified into However, the majority of films we show and our National high quality sound delivered directly to the ear of the hearing Theatre productions are not available with subtitles at the aid user. To receive the signal, switch your hearing aid to “T”. time we show them and the plan is for the induction loop system to assist those having difficulty hearing for most showings.

As with our major upgrade to the hall lighting and acoustics last summer, the majority of the new equipment will be paid for out of the proceeds from the Village Picture House. Please continue to support the cinema so that we can continue to maintain the hall and its facilities to a high standard. Markus Bolton Chairman, Bernard Hall Management Committee

Gentle Exercise for 60+

Cuddington v Chearsley Make sure you have 11.00 Sunday August 20th in your diary. Venue is Cuddington Playing Field. This is the day that Cuddington has challenged Chearsley to a boules competition! Whilst it will be a light-hearted event, with opportunities for anyone to play, no doubt there will be a bit of banter and good-humoured rivalry. Players can be any age from about 8 to 100. It will be open to people who have never played, as well as those who have enjoyed the game in the past. Experts would be more than welcome! Post-match refreshments are being planned. Anyone who would like some practice, or even tuition before the event, should come up to the boules pitch on a Sunday at 11.00, or indeed, the pitch can be used at any time you wish. To borrow some boules and the rake, contact Ken on 292921. Please come and help give these upstarts from Chearsley a good thrashing, even if you just want to watch!! 3

The autumn course starts on Thursday 21 September 2017 in The Bernard Hall: 10 – 11am. There has been an exercise class at this time in The Bernard Hall for getting on for a quarter of a century, since the days when Penny Odhams was the tutor. We should welcome two or three more members to join us to keep the course flourishing. It is a friendly group with an amiable and helpful tutor, Lynda.

The course name may have morphed into `Fun Fitness for the over fifties`. More information is available from Bucks County Council Adult Learning. For more information go to: 0845 045 4040

Poor Broadband Connection The Parish Council has received the following note from a resident living on Aylesbury Road, away from the village centre, asking for help to publicise a way of getting a decent internet connection. Anyone with similar issues should contact Voneus, in the first instance, to gauge the level of Some people may have noticed that the have been a number possible interest. ‘Us mortals at the other end of the village of plastic bags fly-tipped at the top of Dadbrook, near Kings suffer from appalling broadband connectivity, the average Cross. Close examination of the contents of the bags revealed probably being around 2Mb/s and frankly that’s just about that they all contained earth and garden material! The enough for 1 person to watch a youtube video. I understand mentality of such fly-tippers is difficult to understand, as it via Mr Thompson that the infant site school also has really would have been so easy and less intrusive in that spot, to poor internet speed. have spread the contents around and taken the plastic away. However, an unknown villager took the initiative and got rid However, help is at hand, there’s a company called Voneus of them, the day before the Parish Council was going to deal who are doing some work in Nether Winchendon to beam with them! Well done the anonymous rubbish clearer. high speed internet over the air using radiowave technology, which means we could achieve speeds upto 100Mb/s. In order for this technology to work houses need a small aerial connected to the chimney and that needs line of sight In general, dog owners do clear up after their animals. However, there are still some who bag up the waste and then to the transmitting antenna, which with trees and other natural objects get in the way isn’t as straightforward as we lob it into the verges or hedges to get rid of it. This is totally incomprehensible, especially in open countryside like the Frog would like. However this can be overcome by establishing relays, so for Lane bridleway. From collecting these up and disposing of them, it is clear that the perpetrator(s) is an owner of a small example, you would have aerial pointing to Nether Winchendon, in turn the crown points to another property medium dog, as the bag contents are modest! and it acts as a relay to me. I believe there’s a relay on the barn in Upper Winchendon.

Fly tipping

The perennial topic (Dog bags!!)

Vacancy for Parish Councillor 1st August (when AVDC is required to let us know that Parishioners of Cuddington have not requested to fill the vacancy by election – very unlikely!), the Parish Council has one vacancy for the office of Parish Councillor for the PARISH OF CUDDINGTON. The Parish Council will take steps to fill the vacancy by co-option.

Any person interested in becoming a Cuddington Parish Councillor should please apply, to: Venetia Davies, Clerk [email protected] The date of the next meeting is Monday 21st August and Monday 25th September

However relays cost more than the default aerial and to make it cost effective for Voneus they need to gauge the appetite for people to buy into their service, which btw is very attractively priced, £35 per month. My ask is, how do I get a message out there about Voneus for all to see (Village Voice etc), short of me putting flyers through people’s letter box and then I’ll just look like a travelling salesman. if there is an interest they simply email or call Voneus. I need 50-60 people interested for them to go ahead with a project. [email protected] 02030 264100 There’s no incentive for me other than to get our household fast internet, which BT are never likely to supply. John Spencer Meadow Cottages’ Tel: 07747016140 or email: [email protected]

Not a Slug in Sight! At The Savill Gardens Gardening Diary Dates: The parents & children of NicNacs past and present would like to THANK Sonia and Jo for conceiving, planning and running the St. Nicholas Church After School Club.

3rd September 11th September

Car sharing Visit to Adwell House Garden, where they will be holding the Rare Plant Sale Herbs for Healing talk by Davina Wynne Jones, daughter of Rosemary Verey, at Barnsley Herb Garden CGC 21st Anniversary

15th October


Sacred & Secular As previously announced in Village Voice, Sam Baker will be back at St Nicholas’ Church on Saturday 28th October, this time with his newly formed ensemble, the Stella Maris Trio. The concert, entitled “Sacred and Secular”, will contain a wide range of music from the 16th to the 20th centuries. In addition to accompanying soprano Victoria Armillotta and mezzo soprano Iryna Ilnytska, Sam will be playing both piano and organ solo pieces – from Bach to Debussy. Many of you who have attended Sam’s previous concerts will greatly appreciate the inclusion of these solo items. Victoria and Iryna will be singing some very familiar and much-loved pieces such as César Franck’s “Panis Angelicus” and “Voi che sapete” from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, so please make a note of the date and get your tickets from: Caroline Saker (01844 291825), Cuddington Stores online at Tickets are £12 each with under 16’s being free.

There will be refreshments and canapés during the interval and all proceeds will be going to the Motor Neurone Disease Association; the concert itself is being dedicated to Sarah Hayward, Caroline Saker’s sister, who sadly died of the disease earlier this year.

For more information about the Stella Maris Trio please visit their website -

The Nicholas Almond Charity Grants for 2017 The Nicholas Almond Cuddington Charity dates back to 1643. Nicholas Almond, who lived in Haddenham and died in 1643, left Cuddington a parcel of land called Poors Moor. His original intention was that the income from this land was to be used to give assistance to poor people living in Cuddington, with the purchase of food, coal, clothing etc., and also for some villagers to purchase apprenticeships.

Candidates must submit a signed, hand-written application (not by email), with details of the apprenticeship, university or college to be attended and the course/s to be followed, and giving us some idea of how the grant might be spent. Your letter of application together with confirmation that you are continuing your current course, or have been accepted to follow a course or apprenticeship must be submitted by 15th November, and you can expect a reply towards the end of December.

Over the centuries, inevitably the value of the land has diminished, with the income from the land becoming less. In the early 1950s it was decided that the income from the land was insufficient to continue with the original aims and that the We look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in money would be better used to help young people resident in applying for a grant. Cuddington with the cost of going into further education or taking up an apprenticeship. With best wishes from Jennifer Schram de Jong The Charity’s Trustees encourage any young person, who must be resident in Cuddington, and is going into or already in further education or wishing to take up an apprenticeship this Autumn, to apply for a grant. The grants are not large, but they can be helpful with some of the expenses incurred by students or apprentices, such as the purchase of books or equipment, or paying for a field trip, etc. The grant is usually paid in two halves and students who have already received one grant may be eligible to apply for the second half to be paid.

Please submit your hand-written application to: Mrs. Jennifer Schram de Jong, Trustee, Hon. Treasurer and Secretary, Nicholas Almond Charity Larden, Spicketts Lane, Cuddington, BUCKS HP18 0AY If you have any queries, contact me on: tel: 01844 291501 or at [email protected]


A FAIRYTALE FETE A wonderful fete on a wonderful day,

Just a few things left for me to say To a number of people I’m sure that you know, Pass on the message when you’ve read it below. If you flipped a burger in the sweltering heat, Set out the bric-a-brac tidy and neat. If you lifted tables from the Bernard Hall Or counted the money from each fete stall, If you were there at the end of the day, Sorting the rubbish left from the fray. If you did a stint on one of five tombolas, Worked on the hoopla handing out colas. Then you made it happen, this speech is for you Take a bow, pat your back, find some feel good too. If you hung the bunting, or helped to make it, Chose fruit in a machine with a crazy statistic. If it was you who printed our glorious programme, Took things to preloved for cash by the kilogram, If you finagled a deal from the XT brewery, Found us a prize, or sold second-hand jewellery, If you collected a bottle and knocked on a door, Gave out a programme, or maybe forty-four!

A huge thank you to everyone who produced cakes this year for the cake stall. We had a wonderful variety of very good cakes, all of which were properly wrapped and labelled. Thank you to everyone who baked! For the July meeting we visited Waterperry Gardens . We met for tea at 3.00pm and everyone was free to go round the gardens, garden centre, gift shops and gallery as they wished, before and/or after tea. It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon, despite the lack of sun and the odd shower. The next meeting is on Tuesday 12th September; the speaker, Marilyn Wright will talk about Shetland Lace Knitting. Visitors are welcome to join us. Our speaker is expected to start at approximately 3.00pm, following the W.I. business. 6


If you dressed in a costume, or decorated your stall, Righted the skittles, collected the coconut throwing ball, To all of you people you know who you are, You sold the clothes, you served at the bar. You worked hard, you sweated, You danced and you sang, Let your kids spend your money as fast as they can. Then all I can say for all that you’ve done, Is thank you, and thank you for being the one…. who polished the toys and mended the bikes, Mowed your front lawn so it would look nice! Grew the plants and sold them on, Baked a cake, made the coffee, passed the teas along, Ordered the road closures, license, insurance, Put together the programme – a feat of endurance! Got the grand draw together, sorted the auction, Compered the day, or tended those with exhaustion, If you sold trips up the tower or second hand books, If you helped the children find ducks with their hooks. Then this little ditty is written for you, And for you, and for you and for you and for you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Please do it all again - next year – won’t you?

Pics: courtesy of Chris Blumer & Chris Long

TENNIS CLUB " The Fairy Liquid Bar" The Tennis Club ran the bar at the Village Fete under the banner of "The Fairy Liquid Bar" although luckily the offerings were more palatable The weather certainly helped as we sold over 200 pints of XT bitter and Budvaar lager and 100 pints of Pimms. The Tennis Club AGM is on Thursday 21st Sept at 7.30pm at the Playing Fields Clubhouse. Why not come along and see what the Tennis Club has to offer and enjoy a social evening.


Great news for those whose hearing isn’t what it used to be! Over the summer break, the Bernard Hall is being fitted with an induction loop system that will transmit the vocal channel from our films and stage plays directly into most hearing aids. Violetta Valéry is a well-known courtesan in The new equipment will be ready for the start of our autumn Paris whose life appears to be glamorous. season on Thursday 31st August, when we’ll be showing the However, she’s suffering from a serious National Theatre’s production of Yerma illness and living on the money given to her (cert. 15). The award-winning Billie Piper stars by her male patrons. She meets and falls in as a young woman driven to the unthinkable love with a young man from a good family, by her desperate desire to have a child. Set in but tragic circumstances mean they’re torn contemporary London, Piper’s portrayal of a apart… woman in her thirties desperate to conceive builds with elemental force to a staggering, shocking, climax. “A shatteringly powerful reinvention of a familiar classic,” says The On Thursday 28th we’ll be showing Their Finest (cert. 12A) Independent. “Billie Piper makes a shattering Yerma in this starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin and Bill inspired reworking of Lorca,” says The Observer. Nighy. At the height of the Blitz, the War Ministry turns to propaganda films to boost One week later on 7th September we present the film that morale at home. Realising their films could won Best Picture of the Year at the Oscars: Moonlight use “a woman’s touch”, the Ministry hires (cert. 15). A timeless story of the search for Catrin Cole as a scriptwriter in charge of companionship, Moonlight chronicles the life writing the female dialogue. As bombs are of a young black man named Chiron as he dropping all around them, Catrin and rest of grows up gay in a rough Miami the colourful cast and crew work furiously to neighbourhood. From shy child to awkward make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation. “The kind adolescent to hardened adult, we follow of handsome, rousing, rigorous entertainment you can’t help Chiron’s journey through life as he struggles but play along with,” says The Telegraph. “Gemma Arterton to figure out his place in the world, aided and and Bill Nighy shine in a celebration of the golden age of abetted by his junkie mother, drug dealer mentor and best British cinema,” says Radio Times. friend Kevin. “A luminous coming-of-age honest-to-goodness cinematic landmark,” says The Telegraph. “This film is, without a doubt, the reason we go to the movies,” says Time Out. This film will be screened with subtitles.

Looking ahead to October, on the 5th we shall be screening the original 2015 NT Live broadcast of Hamlet (cert. 12A), with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. Then on the 19th our film will be Hidden Figures (cert. PG), the inspiring true story of three African-American women who played a pivotal role in the birth of NASA’s space programme.

Then on 14th September our film will be Deepwater Horizon (cert. 12A). When the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon explodes and creates the worst oil spill in U.S. history, a heroic Visit the web page for more details of all features: story of survival and sacrifice unfolds. A massive build-up in pressure in one of the drill pipes causes a catastrophic explosion, devastating the rig. As a desperate attempt to evacuate everyone begins, the worst consequences of the accident are still to come… “A terrifically tense and exciting real-life disaster movie ... nail-biting stuff,” says The Guardian. “A great testament to The Tour of Britain Stage 7 is coming through our area extraordinary courage and the heroism of ordinary men,” says on Saturday 9th September. Empire. The pelaton departs from Hemel Hempstead at 10.30am and will come hurtling through our area tackling BRILL HILL late-morning.

On Sunday 24th at 4pm we shall be delighted to screen our first opera, La Traviata (cert. 12A), captured live at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. American film-maker Sofia Coppola and Italian haute couture king Valentino Garavani combine their talents to create one of the most ambitious productions of Giuseppe Verdi’s classic opera to date.

For full details of the route go to http://


Dates for your Diary “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

August 21st August 28th August September 3rd September

Parish Council Meeting The Bernard Hall Sunshine Fashion Show at Tyringham Hall 2pm

12th September 18th September 21st September 25th September 25th September

Gardening Club visit to Adwell House Garden, Rare Plants Sale Sunshine Club, Playing Field Clubhouse 2pm BLING Ball, Tyringham Hall Gardening Club talk by Davina Wynne Jones, Herbs for Healing at the Barnsley Herb Garden WI Talk by Marilyn Wright on Shetland Lace Knitting Sunshine Club, Playing Field Clubhouse 2pm The Tennis Club AGM Playing Field Clubhouse 7:30pm Matinee Cinema Annie, Bernard Hall 1.30pm Parish Council Meeting The Bernard Hall

October 2nd October 15th October 16th October 30th October

Sunshine Club, Playing Field Clubhouse 2pm GCG 21st Anniversary Lunch Sunshine Club, Playing Field Clubhouse 2pm Sunshine Club, Playing Field Clubhouse 2pm

4th September 9th September 11th September

Garden Party & Fashion For a special summer treat, come to the Sunshine Club’s Garden Party & Fashion Show on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August at 2.00pm. Our local belles (young and not so young!!) will be modelling at this friendly, informal Fashion Show in the lovely gardens at Tyringham Hall and, afterwards, there will be the chance to buy from the range of affordably priced clothing. In case of rain, the show will go on under the shelter of gazebos!! All welcome – men included! Tickets which include cream tea and lots of fun are priced at £5 and are available from Liz 01844 299 150 or on the gate subject to availability. If anyone has nearly new clothes which they would like to donate for sale at this event, these can be dropped off at Tyringham Hall or we will be happy to collect (299 150).

Calling all equestrians! • Looking to establish a local equestrian group • To address issues such as: – Lack of off road bridleways – Creating possible permissive tracks locally – Chats about other equine issues

• If interested, please ring or contact Karen 290383 (The Old Thatch) or Tracy 761091 (The Cottage). • Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunshine Club Matinee Cinema Presents the musical ‘Annie’ at The Bernard Hall on Monday 25th September at 1.30 (doors open 1pm). A modern big screen version capturing the magic of the original Broadway show that won seven Tony Awards.

Annie, a happy foster child is tough enough to make her way on the streets of New York in 2014. Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they'd be back for her someday, it's been a hard life with her mean foster mother. Everything is about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in. He believes that he's her guardian angel but Annie's self-assured nature and bright, sun-will-come-out-tomorrow outlook on life just might mean it's the other way around… Big screen, comfortable upholstered seats. Tea and cake at the interval are included in the price £5/£4(conc). Tickets from Liz 01844 299 150 or on the door subject to availability. 9

What, no Sun?

It was great fun as always to be part of the village fete and the children both sang and danced beautifully and others amongst us enjoyed running the ‘Swat the Rat’ and the jam jar tombola!

We said a very special thank you and good-bye to Mrs Cynthia Siddall who has had children in the school over so many years and who represented parents in Year 6 on the Parents’ Forum. As a result of the fantastic concert and performance by Tony Hadley we have been able to raise £11,000 for school funds – a wonderful achievement! Our transition days were very successful, after finding their feet the year 2 pupils settled well into their year 3 roles for two days. In speaking to them, they felt reassured and couldn't wait to come back in September. But we have also been saying goodbye not just to our year 6 leavers but three members of staff. We are very sorry to be losing Mr Tomson, Mrs Baker and Mrs Place who are all going on to new posts. We are grateful to all of them and Mr Tomson’s 8 years as both Assistant and Deputy Headteacher have been hugely significant in helping the new combined school to develop so successfully over the two sites. At the Leavers Service Rev Dr Phil Groves led the worship with the year 6 children receiving a bible presented by Chris Blumer (Governor). I'm sure all that were there will agree that it was a very moving service enhanced by the year 6 final song and prayer. This group of children are very dear to me as we started together at the school seven years ago; my hope for them is that they achieve more than they believe they are capable of and hope that they will go into the world as a shining light for all is good.

With forlorn optimism, 20 stalwarts gathered on the Lower Green for the 2017 Sunrise Walk. The omens did not look promising. Grey cloud covered the sky and as they climbed up Barrack Hill, it was a misty landscape that unfolded. They looked expectantly eastwards as they enjoyed refreshments at the Observatory, but although the sky brightened, the desired golden disc did not put in an appearance. Despite this setback, the convivial walkers made the descent back to Cuddington determined to witness a complete sunrise next time!

Kim Price, Headteacher

Services at St Nicholas (Churchwardens: Helen Keeping 291635 and James Stonham 292221)

August & September 2017 6th & 3rd


13th Aug


10th Sept


20th & 17th 1000 HOLY COMMUNION 27th Sept


24th Sept


Opportunities for praying together in church are each Thursday at 9.00 am, and each Sunday at 9.10 am. There is a service at 5.30 pm every Sunday evening at Cuddington Methodist Chapel.

A free thank you drink for everyone! Followed by a review of this year, a presentation of the figures, cheques to be handed out, and a short time of discussion for things looking into the future. Requests for money are now being accepted by our treasurer: Kaley Potts at Wychen on Spurt Street. Please get your requests in before the 10st September.