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LAW & ORDER INTRODUCTION The “Spiritual Stronghold” for May 2014 is “Local & National Government” and we invite Churches throughout Shropshire, Telfor...

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LAW & ORDER INTRODUCTION The “Spiritual Stronghold” for May 2014 is “Local & National Government” and we invite Churches throughout Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin to make this a focus for corporate prayer during services on Sunday 4th May 2014. Thursday 29th May 2014 is the National Day of Prayer for Police, so please put that day aside also to pray for the police. As well as the Corporate Prayer you will also find some “Points to Ponder” with additional information and topics for which to pray plus details of resources that you may wish to research.

INTRODUCTION This is a time of great change to the Probation Service. The Ministry of Justice are implementing the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda; a revolution in the way they manage offenders. New Community Rehabilitation Companies have been set up aimed at bringing down reoffending rates. These companies are out to tender and the market is open to a diverse range of new rehabilitation providers.

CORPORATE PRAYER “Heavenly Father, We love you and praise you. Thank you for all the hard work the police and probation services are doing to keep our streets safe. Lord, bless we pray all members of the Police Service, that they may honour their calling and serve those around them, upholding human rights and according equal respect to all. At this time of great change within the Ministry of Justice and restructure of the Probation Service, we pray that you will sustain staff as they separate into a National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies. Lord, we pray that deep and lasting change will come to the lives of the most prolific offenders, stuck in the trap of addiction, homelessness and multiple prison sentences. Key factors such as hope and motivation, having something to give, being believed in and having new social groups make all the difference. Help us as Christians who carry hope within us advocate for change through our prayer and action. We pray for victims of crime and that the increased levels of funding to the Police & Crime Commissioner will be used well to support them. Thank you for Street Pastors and how this work has made Telford and Shrewsbury safer and kinder places to be at night. Thank you for the unity across the churches as a result. In Your name we pray, Amen.” ZECHARIAH 48:4-5 (NIVUK) “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘Once again men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each of them with cane in hand because of their age. The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there.’”

HM PRISON STOKE HEATH Following the closure of HM Prison Shrewsbury in March 2013, the only prison in Shropshire is now HM Prison Stoke Heath. Built in 1964 it was for some time used as a Borstal and subsequently a Young Offenders Institution. It now houses male adults and Young Offenders of 18 years and above and is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service. The Prison has an ecumenical chaplaincy which offers spiritual guidance to those serving sentences. Please pray for the Chaplains and their ministry.      

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SPECIFIC PRAYER TOPICS & POINTS TO PONDER  Police Officers and staff - especially safety whilst on duty  Success in bringing offenders to justice and the victims of crimes  Support for those adjusting to changes to Policing and for our Police & Crime Commissioner - Bill Longmore  Those in custody or prison, far from their families and the impact on their families  An increasing number of men are serving sentences for domestic violence – pray truth and integrity within our institutions will work for the long-term benefit of the family  Those involved in the administration of justice including judges, magistrates, barristers, solicitors  According to the Ministry of Justice weekly briefing (25th April 2014) the total prison population in England & Wales was 86,263 - one of the highest rates of incarceration in the world Organisation  Street Pastors Yellow Ribbon UK Calla Prison Fellowship Willowdene Farm Rehabilitation Centre, Chorley

Caring for ExOffenders and Alpha in Prisons

West Mercia Police Police & Crime Commissioner



Caring, helping and listening in the night time economy of Telford and Shrewsbury Providing mentoring and practical support to prisoners being released back into Shropshire and Telford Confronting and disrupting human trafficking in all forms. Prison ministry to evangelise prisoners and restore families through faith based re-entry programme. Set up by John Hume (who was awarded an MBE last year) over 20 years ago, Willowdene, just outside of Bridgnorth, provides retraining and rehabilitation opportunities, pioneering an innovative model for promoting real and lasting change in those trapped in chaotic and offending behaviours. The vision of CFEO is to break the cycle of crime by reintegrating ex-offenders into society through the local church. Alpha in Prisons seeks to provide an opportunity for those in prison to attend an Alpha Course and to support the establishment of prison ministries in local churches West Mercia Police covers the whole of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin - the 4th largest geographical area in England & Wales! The role of the Police & Crime Commissioner - Bill Longmore - is to set policing priorities and oversee their £200m annual budget

If you are aware of other organisations that you feel could be included please email us: [email protected]

Many thanks to Pauline Mack, a member of the Shropshire Hope organising team for compiling this Prayer Bulletin.

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