Leaps & Bounds - SPCA of Texas

Leaps & Bounds - SPCA of Texas

Annual Report 2002 Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas Responding to the community through your donations since 1938 Leaps & B...

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Annual Report 2002 Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas

Responding to the community through your donations since 1938

Leaps & Bounds: There has never been a year quite like it It has been another amazing year. After all, amazing things happen when you put something good in motion. We all have the belief that kindness and compassion to animals is the only way to change their uncharted fate. This work of love is made possible through the kindness and generosity of people like you who love and respect our furry, fellow animals. The SPCA of Texas has worked to make the world a safer, friendlier and healthier place for animals in need. We carry out incredible rescues, conduct in-depth investigations across the state, place thousands of animals with new human companions and perform countless routine and extraordinary medical procedures. We have taught children and adults alike to be caring friends, companions and caretakers of their pets, and the homeless animals entrusted to our care. Through the years we have made remarkable progress in the battle to save lives. Yet for all our accomplishments, there is more that needs to be done. But for the moment, we’ll revel in last year’s accomplishments.

A Network of Care Our reach is broad, touching the lives of thousands of people with therapeutic animal visits, delivery of pet food for the homebound, the skills of obedience training for incarcerated young men, workshops for humane law enforcement, social services and the Family Bar Association and foster care for the pets of homeless individuals. When you get down to

the basics, the SPCA is about connecting people with pets. We have a calling and our work is a miracle of love, truly a work of the soul. Together with you, our supporters, our volunteers, our staff and others we are connected to and bound by our passion for animals. Because Every Animal Deserves It When you truly believe in what you do, you’re always left with the feeling that you could do more. How do we safeguard the future for the animals? The root causes remain the same: pet overpopulation, too many stray animals, too many unwanted pets, too many illnesses that could have been prevented. And the cruelty, neglect, suffering and exploitation of the animals remains at the forefront. But most importantly, we need to change the way people think — that’s the real challenge. Reaching Out on all Fronts The answer is to take our MAV buses on the road, providing spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip services in the neighborhoods where we work and live. And, we need to place a pet behaviorist on staff so that our See LEAPS on page 15

SPCA of Texas, 362 S. Industrial Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207, 214-651-9611 8411 FM720, McKinney, TX 75070, 972-562-7297 4720 E. Lake Highlands, The Colony, TX 75056, 972-625-5545

Admitting and Surrender

Love Matches We saved 9,170 pet lives and gave them a second and third chance at life in caring, responsible homes — one of our most joyous accomplishments. The animals rely on the SPCA of Texas to represent their interests and provide them with happier, healthier lives. Our animal care centers are open 360 days of each year. With innovative design and renovations, the Dealey animal care center in Dallas has eliminated the chain link and stainless steel cages and replaced them with glass suites. Skylights and solar tubes bring in the natural light, and the bright colors are cheery and give it a daycare ambiance. Barking has been measurably reduced and the cats enjoy lounging on shelves and kitty furniture in the Krol cat condos. The new Phoebe Sherwood Perry animal care center, located in McKinney, is built with glass suites, high ceilings, lots of windows and cat condos of glass. The Colony animal care center has brought in the sunlight and is working on outside runs for the dogs and new housing for the kitties. What’s amazing, but still far from “good enough,” is that we had an overall 93% adoption rate of the eligible animals.

Annual Report


Additionally, the Brandenburg Seniors Program matched 101 pets with individuals over 60 years of age for free. We owe our matchmaking successes to the skill of our line staff and volunteer adoption counselors — a tribute to their dedication to our mission. We took care of 623 owner requests for euthanasia, and euthanized 3,498 for illness, 2,815 for behavior, 2,364 for other medical reasons and unfortunately 647 because of space confinement from a total of 21,949 admitted pets. Dallas was able to find homes for 6,293 pets, with a 96% eligible adoption rate; McKinney adopted 2,159 animals with an 87% eligible adoption rate and The Colony found homes for 718 animals, also at an 87% eligible adoption rate. We were able to reunite 1,386 lost pets and 570 animals back with their original human companions — always a joy. A total of 876 pets remained in our three animal care centers as we entered the year of 2003. Eligible: Adopted: Dogs Puppies Cats Kittens Other

9,817 3,452 1,868 1,623 2,150 77 9,170


Thousands of lost, abandoned and owner-released animals entered our doors. They received food, shelter, baths, vaccinations, some medical care and all were given love. Dallas received 12,013 animals, McKinney received 7,364 and The Colony received 2,759 animals last year. Many times we are asked what does the “other” category mean? The “other” category includes guinea pigs, emus, ostriches, donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, ducks, chickens, snakes, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, etc. Received: Dogs Puppies Cats Kittens Other

8,954 3,394 4,480 4,551 570 21,949

Those numbers make me stand up and take notice!

The Perry Injured Animal Rescue Ambulance Dallas pet-omedics performed 281 rescues, traveling 56,047 miles in 2002. In an effort to help the city’s injured stray animals, the SPCA of Texas launched the Perry Rescue Ambulance Service in February 2002 as an extension of its Rescue & Investigations department. The Rescue Ambulance Service is funded through a three-year grant from the Phoebe and Russell H. Perry Fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. The SPCA’s Rescue & Investigations department is specifically designed to investigate and rescue animals— including livestock and wildlife—that have been neglected or abused. However, because of lack of funding, actual pick-up and treatment of injured animals has always been limited at best, and when appropriate, referred to an animal control or a wildlife agency. The SPCA responds to calls in Dallas and Dallas County between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. As other funding becomes available, the SPCA hopes to expand to a 24-hour service. The number is (214) 651-PETS (7387). Field officers evaluate injured animals and transport them to one of the SPCA of Texas’ animal care centers, Highland Park Animal Clinic or an emergency clinic for treatment. Rescues 281 Dogs 152 Cats 86 Birds 33 Other 10 Types of Rescues: Hits by car: 84 Transport-Wildlife Rehab 42 Need Medical Attention 33 Perry Pet-o-medic sponsors 98 Pet-o-medic sponsors gifts: $3,448

Rescue & Cruelty Investigations Our rescue and investigations team in Dallas and our officers in McKinney and The Colony traveled throughout Texas investigating cruelty and neglect to pets and livestock. They also rescued animals in perilous conditions. Our departments work cooperatively with Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, and Volunteers in Disasters responding to natural or manmade disasters. Dallas performed 281 rescues and investigated 2,169 cases in 30 different counties, traveling 56,047 miles. Our McKinney team, which serves as animal control for 18 small cities and unincorporated Collin County, traveled 140,436 miles and was called in to rescue numerous wildlife and livestock including goats, armadillos, skunks (rabid), opossums, raccoons, bats, coyotes, ducks, squirrels, turtles,


pigeons, owls, prairie dogs, llamas, emus, nutria, pea fowl, beavers, hawks, rats, song birds, donkeys, horses, snakes, bunnies and deer as well as investigated 273 cruelty cases. R&I Sponsors provided $12,418 of the $160,731 operating budget. Calls: Dallas 3,989 McKinney 7,722 The Colony 2,419 Types of Animal: Feline 1,543 Canine 5,425 Equine 443 Bovine 330 Fowl 33 Other 506 Types of Calls: No food,water,shelter,care 1,588 Cruel Confinement 64 Petshop/Shelter/Breeder 36 Abuse/Abandoned/Shot/Poison 263 Medical Problems 218 Actual Rescues 281 Investigations: Dallas 2169 McKinney 273 The Colony 27 Counties 30 Invest. outside Dallas County 217 R&I sponsors 273 R&I Sponsor gifts: $12,418

Annual Report


Spay/Neuter Clinics To help control pet overpopulation, the SPCA requires all animals to be spayed or neutered before they can leave the animal care centers with their new human companions, which is part of their adoption package. To help stop the overpopulation of unwanted pets in the Metroplex, our Dallas Martin Spay/Neuter Clinic and McKinney

Spay/Neuter Clinic offer affordable surgeries to the public. The SPCA’s sense of responsibility extends beyond spay/neuter surgeries for SPCA animals and the general public, however. Both clinics offer out-patient veterinary care free for pets of homeless individuals, and affordable medical care for pets of low income/indigent and terminally ill individuals. Dallas performed 14,105 surgeries and McKinney performed 4,041. We have performed more than 114,000 spay/neuter

surgeries since the opening of our first clinic in 1976. For 2002, the Dallas clinic conducted 4,793 private surgeries, 615 other types of surgeries, and McKinney 1,760 surgeries. At our Dallas clinic, 193 feral cats were spay/neutered and medically treated. There were 419 SNIP sponsors who provided $12,744 for qualified patient spay/neuter surgeries. The Emergency Medical Fund (EMF) had 292 donors who provided $18,941 of the $25,674 spent for emergency triage and treatment. Surgeries completed: 18,146 Private surgeries: 6,275 SNIP Parents: 419 86 dog; 252 cat; 81 general Funding: $12,744 EMF cases: 292 Case Expenses: $25,674 EMF donations: $18,941

Moody Medical Annex/Sponsor a Foster Pet The Moody Medical Annex is a lifesaver! It began its fateful and wonderful life-saving mission in late 1999, when our make-shift treatment ward could no longer hold the number of animals needing treatment. Illnesses treated range from kennel cough, upper respiratory and eye infection to recovery from minor surgery. Most sick pets spend 10 days to two

weeks in the annex with medication and daily veterinary check-ups. Medications cost an average of $7 or more a day for each animal, which does not include staffing, the building maintenance or other related expenses. There were 697 animals treated in 2002. Of that number, 616 were treated and released, 19 remained in treatment at the new year, and 62 crossed

the Rainbow Bridge. Sponsor foster parents provided $97,236 of the $121,936 operating expense of the Annex. Thank you to the sponsor parents who give each month a life-saving gift to help these critters get well and have an additional chance of finding a loving home. We need more foster sponsor parents and heartworm treatment donors! Animals Treated: 697 404 dogs; 293 cats Sponsored Animals: 178 Sponsor Foster parents: 298 Gift amounts designated: 1,377 dog; 835 cat; 2,360 general Sponsor Foster donations: $97,236 Heartworm dogs: 94 Heartworm sponsors 251 Sponsor donations: $17,859

Annual Report



Volunteers Paws for applause and three cheers for the volunteers! Without the help of dedicated volunteers in all departments of the SPCA, many of our vital programs would not exist. The SPCA of Texas is committed to creating a rewarding experience for volunteers through expanded training and opportunities. In 2002, we launched a volunteer mentor program that matches new volunteers with a seasoned pro to act as their personal guide. A volunteer force of 721 individuals giving 41,787 hours helped us care for our animals last year, working as adoption counselors, TLC, docents, event coordinators and many other areas. In addition, community courtappointed service hours totalled 4,901. This year 315 new people signed up to volunteer! All of these wonderful people spread the message of adoption and affection for our homeless animals to the public, as well as provided comfort, love and kindness to the animals in our care. Volunteers: Volunteer Hours: Representing Labor:

721 41,787 $381,489 computed at minimum wage!

Offsite Adoptions Like everyone, our prospective adopters lead busy lives and often distance and time constraints present barriers for their opportunity to visit one of our animal care centers. So, our offsite teams take the animals to where the people work, live and are entertained. Offsite adoption activities and events account for over 25% of our adoptions. Our animals travel to trade shows, community festivals, street fairs, pet supply stores including PetCo and PETsMART, office buildings, businesses, The Galleria, NorthPark Center, Valley View and other malls. Offsite adoptions cover Dallas, Denton, Collin County and the mid-cities as well as Fort Worth. Our first visit to Neil Sperry’s All

Garden Show occurred in 2002. A second “first” was achieved at an office building in Fort Worth where all 20 animals were adopted — we came home with no furry critters! There were 703 cats and kittens adopted from PETsMART locations and 151 dogs and cats from PetCo stores. Also, the offsite adoption teams have a commitment to take the “less adoptable” — due to illness, depression or basic appearance — animals to the public. Thus, 170 large (50lbs+) dogs, 24 heartworm positive dogs, 76 animals 6+ years old (including several over the age of 10), 96 animals who had been at the animal care center 30 days or more and 41 animals that had been residents at the animal care center 60 days or more found new homes. Total animals adopted: 2,448 Dallas offsite events: 110 McKinney offsite events: 76 The Colony offsite events: 27 Animals adopted: 2,448

Adoption Transfer Program Offering a third chance at life, the SPCA of Texas works with animal care and control agencies across Texas to transfer animals scheduled for euthanasia in those facilities. The SPCA of Texas offered one more chance at finding a loving home.

Agencies participating: Animals transferred to: Dallas: 1,380 McKinney: 47 The Colony: 273

Let me just point out the great things that go on at the SPCA!

58 2,132

Annual Report


Education Through education outreach to schools, libraries, women and children’s shelters, tours of the animal care centers, exhibits, camps, workshops for law enforcement, the Family Bar Association, civic group presentations and services to hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers and Dallas County Youth Village, we promote kindness to all life. Our outreach is about winning hearts and minds, no matter what the age of the client. Our initiatives are fresh ideas, carefully designed for each program. We want our clients to be participants, rather than recipients. There were 29,974 clients who were educated or received social services in 2002 and 104 animals sheltered until their owners could find a new home. Programs include

PetED – Humane Education Outreach encompassing schools, libraries, recreation centers and churches; Safe Haven Domestic Women’s Outreach; Pet Haven Foster Relief, (a temporary foster care program for pets of individuals in transition); Critter Camp held in cooperation with the Dallas Zoo and The Dallas Aquarium; The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence (LINK) Educational Programs and Coalition; Compassion Connection Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy Visitation; Pet-O-Meals Food Assistance for homebound elderly and convalescent residents and related agencies; Pet Trekker Facility Tours; numerous workshops and presentations and participation at community fairs and events.

Look at all of the services and programs the SPCA provides. Annual Report


The Education department also collects items for daily use in the animal care centers and clinics. School groups, children who have birthday parties with all presents chosen from a SPCA Wish List, and other groups donated 4,864 items valued at $6,750 in 2002.

Clients (youth and adults) served: PetTrekker Tours: 1,807 on 72 tours Educational Workshops: 433 attendees with 7 clubs at 13 presentations Education Outreach: 8,079 with 288 outreach visits Bi-lingual youth: 1,875 Comm. Fairs/Events: 11,428 at 13 events Safe Haven: 1,216 at 4 facilities in 33 visits Pet Haven: 52 with 104 pets Pet-O-Meals: 30 with 82 pets and 3 agencies Critter Camp: 96 over 4 weeks LINK: 380 at 4 workshops Compassion Connection: 5,542 at 30 agencies with 263 visitations P.R.E.P. Project 86 boys with 43 dogs at 160 on-site sessions Public Speeches 1,075 at 22 presentations


Pack Members

Life Care for Pets Some Faithful Friends have chosen to enroll their pets in the Pet Survivor Life Care program. There are different plans available that provide for a pet’s care until we find them a perfect home. The Lynn T. and Russell E. Dealey Life Care Cottage provides a solution for many pet owners who want to make provisions for the care of their animal(s) in the event of their death. Located on the 32-acre Russell H. Perry Animal Care and Education Campus in McKinney, the life care program provides lifelong care for pets in the event they are left behind. A full-time caregiver will live in the home and provide for every need. There are 44 families that have enrolled over 80 animals in the life care program. The Pet Care Card allows you to plan for the unexpected future. You carry this special card like you do a donor card, and it instructs whoever finds you in the event of your death, that you have a pet(s), and that you need the SPCA of Texas notified to look after your furry friend and find it a new home. The Pet Care Card is free, and the peace of mind it brings is priceless. For more information, contact 214-651-9611, extension 110.

Without the hard work of our volunteers, friends, supporters and the kindness of people like you, we could not have raised the money needed to carry out our vital lifesaving work. There are more than 34,000 supporters of the SPCA of Texas! Our animal and people programs are funded through many avenues of giving. The annual eBay on-line auction earned bids of $8,298 and the annual invitation to “uninvite” supporters to a major function – this year the “No Cruise” arrived at port with $76,275. A wonderful donor and her friends held a special evening and silent auction at a beautiful home in Highland Park and donated almost $7,000 from the evening. Other miscellaneous mini-events benefiting the SPCA brought $7,800 for the critters. After two years of production, the “Love Unleashed: Stories of Heartbreak & Hope”

PET CARE CARD In the event of an emergency, please contact the SPCA of Texas at 1-888-ANIMALS, extension 110, so that my pet(s) does not suffer. Owner name Pet(s) names ❏Dog

fundraising documentary was a wrap with plans to studio edit and begin airtime on television in January 2003. There were many special gifts from individuals which included: $2,000 for awnings for the outside play area in Dallas as well as $500 for kennel renovation; $3,000 for large dog cots; $5,000 to make Hairy’s Room out of glass for senior dogs; $5,000 for the emergency medical fund; $15,000 for the Krol Cat Condos; $4,258 in memorial donations for Bradford Walk; $25,000 to install the Stein Cat House in McKinney; and $7,400 for two glass puppy suites in Dallas, just to name a few. Here’s a view of the unrestricted operating gifts and how just some of our programs performed in 2002:

Member/Supporters: $952,206 Corporate & Grants: $326,415 Brick, Tree & Cage Sponsors: $ 59,954 Miracle Makers: $ 95,733 Sponsored Programs: $162,646 Thrift Shop donations: $ 24,000 Memorial/Tribute: $ 78,267 Car Auction: $151,856 Misc./Other: $114,738 Capital Campaign: $ 98,547 Total $2,064,362


Home address


Annual Report


Internet/email @ www.spca.org

What an incredible journey the internet has brought the SPCA of Texas through, with different looks and capabilities over a seven-year time span. After securing the URL name www.spca.org in 1995, the SPCA has been managed by six different webmaster “group/vendors”. With age serving as no boundary, thousands of people now use the internet for information and resources. Therefore, the SPCA places cameos and stories for as many of our adoptable animals as possible on the website and on the PetFinder website. In order to serve as a resource center, we provide incredible behavior help and flyers, animal control and breed rescue group listings, humane law enforcement information, as well as details of our programs and services. As our internet traffic has increased over the seven-year period, we could not imagine that the website “hits” would ever surpass

two million a year. However, the traffic has increased and the website is now accessed over 3.8 million times a month. The user spends an average of ten minutes on-line at our website. Donations have increased 51% over the past two years, with 925 gifts made on-line in 2002 at an average of $54.80 each. We changed vendor providers to Convio, an “asp” in late September and 470 of the 925 donations were made October through December. The Paw Street e-Journal webletter is sent each month to almost 10,000 registered e-mail subscribers. The Paw Street eJournal Alert is an advisory that is sent when the SPCA of Texas has an emergency such as a fire, or a notice such as when the animal care center is out of dog biscuits for training, or when there is a special promotion or event date. E-mail addresses have been gathered through a promotion offering a free static-cling pet safety fire sticker if the user registers their e-mail address (found on the home page of the website). The user can then build their own profile and register their pets and receive notices of when vaccinations are due, etc. Website “hits” with user sessions unique sessions average time:

Annual Report


24,848,631 687,278 254,535 10 minutes

Many kind friends remember us in their Wills, leaving their legacy to live on and save the lives of homeless pets. Others have made deferred gifts, such as a bequest or life insurance plan. Faithful Friends number 283 who have formally notified us that they have named the SPCA of Texas as a beneficiary in a Will, trust, life insurance policy, mutual fund, annuity or IRA. There were 20 bequests received in 2002 at a total of $1,398,117. Bequests from various estates included: Irene Haskett, Alton Thompson, David Ivan Perry, Ralph Hartman, Nell Rehkopf, Mary Flynn, Helena Tate, Agnes Cole, Berneice Johnson, Lola Hitt, Samuel Quay, and Clara Mae Thompson. Our deepest thanks to these individuals for leaving a legacy of care for the animals. Could you be a Faithful Friend?

Look at what the SPCA is up to.


Media Coverage In order to keep our name, our message and thousands of loving available animals who pass through our doors as visible as possible, the SPCA relies on consistent media exposure. Through the SPCA’s communications program – including our website at www.spca.org, our Animal Talk newsletter and other sponsorship flyers and volunteer newsletters – we make a point of continuously presenting our message of adoptions and timely, topical, useful information about pet care and animal welfare. By working closely with the media, we promote and facilitate print, broadcast and website coverage of animal-related issues. Without the gracious support and sponsorship of our media representatives, the multitude of programs, services and promotions hosted by the SPCA of Texas would not be realized. The year of 2002 proved to be another benchmark, increasing our scheduled donated media spots on a weekly/monthly basis as well as increased the overall total amount and coverage by 30% over 2001. Our media team made great strides in reaching the Spanish-speaking media, which accounted for three of our 10 new regularly scheduled media placements. They coordinated the translation of 48 press releases and pet tips into Spanish and issued 89 press releases, media and photo advisories and calendar listings. We were anxious and more than excited to spread a little fur across print and the airwaves!

In addition to the 132 scheduled monthly media placements (1,584/year), SPCA spokespersons performed 257 additional unscheduled media interviews last year on a variety of topics. Continued coverage includes: WFAATV8 Tailwagger on Thursday afternoon and each Saturday morning; KTVT-TV11 Because We Care each Friday morning; KDFW-TV4 Paws 4 Pet each Monday and Friday morning and Ask the Vet each Wednesday morning; TXCNKnown coverage: Media Hits Per Day: Print Articles & Pubs: TV Coverage: Radio Coverage: Regional Exposure: National exposure: Other Internet Exposure: spca.org animals posted:


TV38 “Texas Now” each Friday afternoon and Ask the Vet the second Friday of each month; KUVN-TV23 Noti-Mascota Saturday afternoon; DCTV-TV27 daily; Channel 17 AT&T cable access daily; KEOM 88.5FM Pet Tips every Saturday and monthly forum with Warren Cox; KRLD 1080 AM Neil Sperry Pet of the Week segment each Saturday and Sunday; KLUV 98.7 FM each Monday; KMKI 620 AM each Tuesday; KDBN 93.3 FM on Tuesday; WBAP 820 AM each Saturday; Colony Courier-Leader each Tuesday; Latino Connection magazine each Wednesday; The Dallas Morning News Park Cities pet profile each Wednesday; Plano Star Courier Paws column and pet of the week each Thursday; Frisco Enterprise Paws column and pet of the week each Thursday; McKinney Messenger Paws column and pet of the week each Thursday; Neil Sperry’s Garden Webletter on Fridays; The Dallas Morning News Denton County Edition on Sunday; Latino Times bi-weekly; Dallas Voice bi-weekly; Texas Triangle “Pet of the Month;” Dallas Family Magazine monthly.

11 average (4,103) 435 in 76 publications reaching est. 42 million readers 668 reports/broadcasts 2,792 reports/broadcasts 3 11 208 placements on 18 other websites 3,003

Annual Report


Russell H. Perry Animal Care and Education Campus At last - A Better Place! It finally happened! On March 25, 2002, the cats and dogs were loaded into the MAVS (mobile adoption vehicle buses) and moved from the outdated Interchange Way facility to the new Phoebe Sherwood Perry Animal Care Center. The Perry Barn opened the same day with a few horses in residence. There was a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony and movein of 132 cats and dogs who came from 20 kennels and 18 cat cages into an 18,000 sq. ft. building which can house 351 cats and dogs. The brightly colored Krol Cat Condos opened with lots of toys for the kitties. Later in the year we had our first event, Arkfest, at the Perry campus. It was a day that opened with the Job Corp Color Guard and another ribbon cutting, paw paintings, story telling, face painting and KidArt, Equest demonstrations, dog wash flea dips, a blessing of the visitor’s animals and SPCA animals, a counselor’s corner and two incredible shows by Dallas Dog & Disc Club. The Perry campus is located at FM720 near Custer Road in McKinney, Texas. The center includes a lost and waiting area, a

Annual Report


spay/neuter and veterinary clinic and a station for humane law investigation officers who provide animal control for 18 cities and unincorporatedCollin County. This wonderful facility serves more than 200,000 households. Mrs. Phobe Perry donated $2,080,000 for the purchase of the land to make the Russell H. Perry Animal Care & Education Campus, and building of the Perry Barn and the Phoebe Sherwood Perry animal care center and spay/neuter clinic. The SPCA of Texas has a remaining mortgage of $855,000 that needs to be fulfilled. Naming opportunities are still available and donations welcome! With 32 acres at hand, the master plan is

far from complete. Upcoming projects include a dog park (for the public), a pet hotel and doggie daycare and a behavior modification and obedience training area. Nature trails should be finished in the next year. Future plans include an enlarged veterinary and teaching hospital, an education, social service and volunteer center, stables and an exotic animal holding facility. If you are interested in making a donation, leaving a legacy - (it could your pet’s legacy, i.e. Maxie’s Spa Get-away,) please call Lisa at 214-651-9611, extension 127. We’ve built the first phase of a better place: an atmosphere and place where people and animals can get acquainted indoors and outdoors.

I feel safe knowing the SPCA will find me a better place to live!

Foundation Blessings The SPCA of Texas relies on foundation gifts to continue the multitude of programs and services provided throughout the year. In 2002, local foundations expressed their support of the SPCA by donating money to various programs and services for some great causes. The Phoebe & Russell H. Perry Fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. awarded $100,000 for the second year of the SPCA's injured animal rescue ambulance service. PETsMART Charities awarded a grant for $19,391 for weekend operation of the Dallas Martin Spay/Neuter Clinic. The George & Fay Young Foundation awarded $15,000 for a floor scrubber and sanitizer for the Phoebe Sherwood Perry Animal Care Center on the campus in McKinney. Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation awarded $10,000 for our emergency medical fund in a great time of need. The Stemmons Foundation helped again by awarding $10,000 for our operating budget. The Snyder Foundation awarded a grant of $5,068 for cameras for the rescue & investigation department. PetCo Foundation awarded $4,800 for equipment for the spay/neuter clinic at the Collin County Perry Campus. The Robert E. & Evelyn McKee

Foundation awarded $2,500 to purchase a walk-on scale for the Spay/Neuter Clinic at the Phoebe Sherwood Perry Animal Care Center on the Campus in McKinney. The Fannie & Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation gave an operating grant of $2,500. The Vetter Foundation awarded $2,100 in renewing cage sponsorships. ExxonMobil awarded $2,000 again for a summer Education intern. The Murrell Foundation donated $1,500 for the offsite department to buy uniform cages, $1,200 to repair Sparky's knee in our clinic, as well as $1,075 for various needs. The Dennis R. Meals Charitable Foundation gave an operating grant of $1,500. The Dallas Foundation awarded $1,300 for the printing of behavior/obedience brochures for our adoption packets. The Brodsky Charitable Foundation donated $1,218 to sponsor two days of the rescue and investigation department. Other wonderful gifts included the HSD Charitable Trust, The Luck Family Foundation, Dallas Jewish Community Foundation, Duda Family Foundation, The Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation, The Pat & Dave Hurd Foundation, The McGee Foundation, The Harris K. & Lois G. Oppenheimer Foundation, The Howard Earl Rachofsky Foundation, The Stanley M. Truhlsen Family Foundation, Vanberg Family Foundation, The Walker Foundation, Wal-Mart Foundation, Rochester Area


Community Foundation, The Shuttee Foundation and the Dealey Foundation. Matching gifts from partnering companies and foundations were made by Aegon Transamerica Foundation, Allstate Giving Campaign, Citigroup Foundation, ExxonMobile Foundation, The Freddie Mac Foundation, The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, The Meadows Foundation, Pepsico Foundation, Inc., Pfizer Foundation, The Reebok Human Rights Foundation, Sun Microsystems Foundation, Tricon Foundation and Washington Mutual Foundation. Corporate gifts included ADC Foundation, Austin Community Foundation, SBC Foundation and United Way Capital Area. Our deepest gratitude to these foundations for investing in the programs, services and future of the SPCA of Texas.

Annual Report


Corporate Partners Corporate sponsors, supporters and employee groups make a dynamic impact on the programs and services the SPCA of Texas is able to provide for the community. Some of these sponsors and partners match their employees charitable gifts, some give monetarily, some donate inkind services or products and some contribute both — including volunteer help! Special promotion events with Akin, Gump Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP, Associated Builders & Contract of North Texas, annual Beta Theta Pi Chili Cookoff, Strasburger Price, Birch Telecom, Conference Call.com, Green with Envy annual party, Big D. Metalworks annual party, DFW A-1 Pallet, Inc., EEI Support Services, Inc., Eubanks Homes, KB Homes Dallas, ESI Phone Systems, Peter Ganis Motors, Haas Wheat & Partners, Inc., Halliburton, HKS, Inc., Jack Edson Realtors honorariums for new home owners by Ginny Vandenberg, Lifespan Communications, Inc., MBNA Information Services, Merial Co., Merrill Lynch, Pyramid Enterprises, Sabre, Inc., Target, Green Miracle of Ultimate Living International, Inc., World Com and others collected thousands of dollars in donations through promotions, parties, wishlist drives, etc. Grocery store partnerships with Albertsons, Kroger and Tom Thumb produced $37,772 for operations. A partnership with Nestle' Purina has provided food for all the animals at the Dealey Animal Care Center in Dallas and sponsorship of one of the MAV mobile

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adoption vehicles. The Combined Federal Campaign and the State Employee Charitable Campaign brought $15,607 to our operating coffers. Perky Poodle helped keep our most matted and homely pets perked into style to attract a new human companion. Stanley Korshak hosted Doggies & Diamonds benefit at their store in the Crescent Court Hotel and Mi Cocina opened a new restaurant in Plano and had proceeds from the first evening benefit the Collin County SPCA of Texas. Although we cannot list them all, major team partners who have made the year of 2002 our best ever include:

Bank of America Bank of America Foundation BBI Belden Wire & Cable Company Beta Theta Pi - SMU Bickel & Brewer Birch Telecom Bollinger & Yates Design, Inc. BP Amoco Matching Fund Programs Bright Works Janitorial Serv. Buddies II Builders Equipment and Supply C H S Merchandising Centex Construction Products Centex Corporation The Chase Manhattan Foundation Clark & Seay Classic Architectural Specialties Classic Cheverolet, Inc. The Clorox Company CNA Foundation Coleman Grandchildrens LP Colliers Baldwin-Texas Combined Federal Campaign Combs Produce Company Community Health Charities Compaq Computer Corporation Computer Associates International, Inc. ConferenceCall.Com Cook Enterprises, Inc. Courtyard by Marriott Dallas Fan Fares, Inc.

A & C Lawncare/Landscape Abbott Laboratories Action Aircraft Parts Aetna Foundation, Inc. AIG-NY Region Akerman Senterfitt Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. Albertson's General Offices Allstate Giving Campaign American Agencies General Agency, Inc. American Business Information Systems, Inc. AmeriCorp Anderson Automotive Toby Arnold & Associates, Inc. Associated Builders & Contract of N. Texas, Inc. Bally Bead Company


Corporate Partners Continued

Dallas Insurance Exchange II, Inc. Dalton Mailing Service Inc. Davis Creative Dawbert Press, Inc. DCMA Dallas Dehay & Elliston, L.L.P. DFW A-1 Pallet, Inc. Diversified Supply Company Doctor's Hospital Document Binding Company DogPhoto.com Dougherty Sprague Environmental, Inc. Ebby Halliday Realtors Ecolab EDS - Plano Jack Edson Realtors EEI Support Services, Inc.

Employees Credit Union Ericsson Network Systems, Inc. ESI Eubanks Homes, Inc. Fannie Mae Fidelity Investments Figari & Davenport, L.L.P. First Southwest Company Fish & Davis, P.C. Four Legs and A Tail Fox & Hounds Frampton Insurance Agency, Inc. The Freddie Mac Foundation Funtasia Too, Inc. Gaffney and Associates, Inc. Pete Ganis Motors Gartner, Inc.

GMAC-RFC Green with Envy Growth Partners, LTD Haas Wheat & Partners, Inc. Halliburton Don Harris Productions Hartline, Dacus, Dreyer, & Kern, L.L.P. Health Care Strategies Hewlett Packard/Richardson Hillcrest Financial Corp. Hillcrest Floors Hines Design, Inc. HKS, Inc. HLM Design Housewright Company Hunt Oil Company Iams/Eukanuba Innate Designs The Insurance Exchange Intermodal & Specialty Logistics Corp. Interstate Battery System of Dallas, Inc. Jimco Service Company Cheryl Johnson Real Estate Appraisals, Inc. Johnston & Tobey P.C. KB Home Dallas Kemper National Insurance Co. KIJO Properties Kimberly-Clark Corporation Cathy Kincaid Interiors King-O-Matic KJR & Associates, Inc. Kohls Department Store Stanley Korshak The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation The Kroger Company Laser Image, Inc. Lasseter Bus Company, Inc. Legal Services Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Levi Strauss Foundation

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Corporate Partners Continued Lifespan Communications, Inc. Ligne Roset Linda Marder - Bradley Lone Star Securities,Inc. Mabile Carter & Company Malouf Lynch Jackson & Swinson PC Marcia Oliver Sales, Inc. Marshal Security Systems MBNA Information Services Donald McEvoy, L.T.D. McGathy Promotions, Inc. Merial Company Merrill Lynch Metro Shield Roofing Company Metroplex Leak & Line Locators Microsoft Microsoft South Central District Moran & Ozbirn, P.C. National Financial Services, LLC National Music Marketing, Inc. Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. Neiman-Marcus/InCircle Prog. Nestle Purina Network Associates New Horizons Nokia OCO International, Inc. Oklahoma Exploration Co. Oracle Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc. The Peer Group Pepsico Foundation Inc. Perky Poodle PetCo PETsMART Polaire Publications Polo Ralph Lauren Provident Pyramid Enterprises R & B Freight Systems, Inc. RadioShack

Rapp Collins Marketing Re:Creations Record Express ReMax Renee Rouleau, Inc. Richardson Saw & Lawnmower Rodeo Plastic Bag & Film, Inc. Ron Stanley & Son Plumbing, Inc. Rosewood Corporation The Royal Soap Company The Law Office of Tim Rusk Sabre, Inc. Safeco Insurance Co. Safeco Land Title of Dallas & Affiliated Title Com Safeway, Inc. Salomon Grey Financial Savitz Research Solutions, Inc. Sewell Village Cadillac SG Design, Inc. Shaddock Development Company Smith Barney Smoger & Associates, P.C. Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Southwest Airlines Company Square One SRC Anesthesia & Pain Management, P.A. St. Paul Global Health Care St. Paul Hospice State Employee Charitable Camp Brenda Stephenson Interiors Sun Microsystems Foundation TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Target #947 - Love Field

Tenet Healthcare Foundation Texas Appraisal Service Texas Hematology/Oncology Center The Perry Company Thompson Metal Supplies Threedom Sales Ticket Finders U.S.A., Inc. Two Sisters Catering Ultima Travel, Inc. Ultimate Living International, Inc. United Way of Delaware, Inc. Video Post & Transfer, Inc. Jim Walls Company Waltham's Wheatland Chiropractic Center Williams Community Relations Willows at Home Woodland Graphics, Inc. World Com World Reach, Inc. Zahra Design

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Annual Report



L E A P S Continued from Page 1 adopters, our friends and the public have an immediate resource when they are in desperate need of help and counsel. These practical steps today will save the pets of tomorrow. Changing the way people think over the long-term means investing now in programs, information and education. But we can’t do any of that without financial support. We need Pet Partners — partners who will help sponsor the outreach programs that need to be created, partners who will make an investment in the future. Acting Together for Pets Making certain there is a happy life for every pet means working together with individuals and organizations to help us win hearts and minds. Our success depends on partnership at every level from the board room to the playground, with team efforts made by teachers, veterinarians, animal control and care agencies and, of course, responsible human companions of pets. We serve as an active resource center providing an array of programs and services that bring animals and people together to enrich each other’s lives. Every Pet a Wanted Pet Animals have so much to offer their human companions. Our pets connect us to our friends, to our family, to our neighborhoods. They are a precious spirit that connects with all of us humans. We need to inspire and inform the prospective adopters of tomorrow. Our job is to reduce the births of unplanned pets, promote the importance of vaccination for pets, make certain they stay in their new home with behavior counseling a phone call away,

and microchip and tag those pets so they can find their way back home in the event they are lost. Today and tomorrow, our priority is finding a home for every eligible pet and keeping that animal in the family. Please Help Us Spread the Word Most people are surprised that all of our funding is provided by individuals, corporations and foundations and that we are not an affiliate of a national association, receiving a percentage of their donations. You can help us dispel this myth! We are dependent on the people and world around us counting on those animal lovers to become a part of what we are building — a part of the SPCA community. A Brighter Tomorrow for All Pets Caring for animals does not come cheap. While 2002 was a record year for income, it was a record year for expenses, as well. But, we will not forget that last year was another year of fantastic progress and a huge success story. That progress is the “big picture.” We’d like to thank every single person who has supported our work. With your continued volunteer and financial support we can go on finding homes for the animals and reaching people with our incredible number of programs. Adoption is vital, but we cannot merely “adopt” our way out of the homeless animal problem. We must reduce the number of animals at risk and implement new safeguards. There are people who need animal therapy and related programs and pets who would not receive medical care without our affordable and free services. It’s a tough job and we need your help doing it. You can make


a difference by helping us bring pets and people together. Shared Values, Common Goals Your dreams for the homeless animals can come true. By supporting our efforts, together we can make this world a better place for the animals. Animals, like us, are living souls. They are not things. They are not objects. Neither are they human. Yet they mourn, they love, they dance and they suffer. As the SPCA of Texas looks to the future, making it a safer, happier, healthier world for pets everywhere is at the heart of all our efforts. With your support of our unwavering commitment, we will strive to help more animals than ever before. We’re not letting the grass grow under our feet! Much has been achieved, yet there remains so much more to do. Please help us do it. This is the commitment that binds us together and drives everything we do. Thank you for your kindness and may all good things be yours in return for your generosity toward the animals.

Annual Report



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2002 Revenues: $7,716,481 Ca

Receiving/Admitting/Surrendering of almost 20,000 animals each year who are stray, orphaned or surrendered. Love Match Adoptions to more than 9,000 loving homes. Puppy Pens, Cat Condos and VIPPooch Suites provide open and playful areas for animals to enjoy and adopters to socialize with a new pet. Offsite Satellite Adoptions each weekend and some weekdays at festivals, conventions and office buildings. Chardonnay Older& Wiser Club matches homebound human companions with animals that have been in the shelter for more than thirty days. Brandenburg Seniors for Seniors pairs 55+ year old citizens with 2+ year old animals for free. Lost & Waiting Kennels provide food and shelter for stray animals who are waiting to be reclaimed by their owners. Medical Clinics provide out-patient quality veterinary care for pets belonging to people who qualify for assistance. Moody Medical Annex holds up to 100 animals with minor and some major treatable illnesses. Cruelty Investigations provided anywhere in the State of Texas. Transfer Program brings more than 2,000 adoptable animals scheduled for euthanasia at other agencies to SPCAfacilities for a third chance at life.

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SPCA of Texas Programs and Services


Community Spay/Neuter Clinics are available for pets of the public as well as subsidized medical care for pets of individuals who are homeless, low income, served by needs-based public assistance programs or are terminally ill. Volunteers give thousands of hours, caring for animals, giving TLC, as docents, foster parents, behavior trainers, event assistants, adoption counselors, etc. Rescue Ambulance responds to reports of stray animals in distress or who are injured and need immediate medical attention. Pet Care Card allows owners to register their pets for our adoption program and keep an alert card in their wallet should the owner die or become incapacitated unexpectedly, providing a second chance for their beloved dogs or cats. Behavior Consultation offers solutions to owners who are in need of assistance regarding obedience and behavior issues with their pet. Pet Care Tips are provided through one-on-one, humane education, and media relations on topics such as health and veterinarian care, feeding, seasonal, travel, social interaction and behavioral help regarding all types of animals.

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2002 Expenses: $5,999,907 Administrative


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For the Community, For the Animals, For the Future



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*unaudited figures

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PetEd offers lessons on Pet Responsibility, Bite Prevention, 10 Acts of Humane Kindness, English, Geography, History and Math for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Safe Haven volunteers and their pets visit children and women living in a shelter due to domestic violence. Pet Haven provides short-term foster care for pets of individuals in transition. Compassion Connection offers animal assisted activities and therapy for patients in hospitals, retirement facilities, mental health group homes and rehabilitation centers. LINK Coalition of professionals study the “Link” between animal cruelty and domestic violence, holding workshops and an annual seminar. Pet-O-Meals provides free pet food for those animals belonging to individuals in transition and shelter agencies. Humane Education Coalition (HEC) of teachers promotes youth advocacy groups in area schools. Speakers Bureau provide presentations reaching more than 2,000 youth and adults in the each year. Community Festival & Conference Outreach Activities reach thousands of children each year. PREP (Patience, Responsibility, Empathy Partnership) Program with Dallas County Youth Village gives incarcerated male teens, aged 10-17 a chance to learn animal behavior and obedience and work with energetic dogs who need behavior modification before they can be placed in the adoption program. Internships are frequently offered to individuals interested in pursuing animal-related careers in Public Relations, Education and the Clinics.

The highlights presented here are an unaudited summary of our financial performance. Our full audited accounts are available upon request once they are completed for 2002. The SPCA of Texas is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization which does not receive funds from the city of Dallas, state or federal government. Additionally, we are not an affiliate or branch of any other national organization, such as the ASPCA or AHA. We rely solely upon the support of caring individuals, corporations and foundations to bring our programs to the public and to give the animals in our community the care they deserve. For a copy of our audited financials, call (214) 651-9611, extension 127.

Our Mission To offer refuge, medical care, nourishment and an opportunity for a second chance for life to unwanted animals; To protect animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance;

To foster a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals; and To encourage and promote responsible pet ownership.